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MSNBC Host FORCED To Retract A New Trump-Russia Conspiracy, I Thought RussiaGate WAS OVER!!

2019-08-29 | 🔗

MSNBC Host FORCED To Retract Absurd Trump-Russia Conspiracy, I Thought RussiaGate WAS OVER!! Lawrence O'donnell published a poorly sourced and absurd conspiracy about about Russians signing off on Deutsche Bank loans for him. The only problem? The source apparently didn't even see any documents and no one else could vet the story. Yet for some reason MSNBC published the overt fake news, got 38k retweets and then a day later retracted and apologized.It's no wonder most people don't trust the press, they assume the media is pushing a far left agenda or are actively trying to obstruct Donald Trump from doing his job. At worst it is to try and stop his 2020 reelection.Democrats in the past have not gotten this level of absurd media coverage, Obama certainly didn't. But even after Russiagate is over the media still runs with these outlandish and fake conspiracies about the president.

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I can't believe after all these years we are seeing another one of these fake news. Russia Gate conspiracy stories. You know the price he's been doing for the longest time, mostly in the height of the Russiagate conspiracy theory published the bombshell report and the next day retracting it over and over again. In fact, I have a story from the intercept where they go through the top ten times. The media has published fake news about Russia and Trump and then had to retract it, and what do we get now? Lawrence O'Donnell apparently had a source air quotes here, who didn't see any documents but assured him Trump was getting his loan signed off by the Russians and actually reported it, and then he had to retract it. But you know they say that lie travels halfway around the world before the truth, straps on his boots, peep we'll hear the lie and they never over. Here the retraction tweeted, a source, close
close to Deutsche Bank, says Trump's tax returns show he pays very little income tax and, more importantly, that is loans. Have russian co signers. If true, that explains, every kind word trump has ever said about Russia and Putin, the last word ten thousand pm. Actually, no, it doesn't. Just because someone's friends with the russian or work with them doesn't mean they're working for the government. That's conspiracy, level insanity. How is it MSN Msnbc is going to put out this at this insane fake news about Russia after molar already disproved the conspiracy. You can tell why I'm so frustrated this fake news over and over again. Because of what point can we sit down and say we're over Russia? It's done. It's fake, well, surprise Rise Lawrence O'Donnell had to apologize. Last night, I made an error in judgment by reporting an item, but the press finances that didn't go through our rigorous, fair location and standards process. I shouldn't reported it and I was wrong to discuss it on the air.
That's the issue on my show tonight, my guess what the retraction eight thousand retweets the lie: thirty, eight thousand retweets. What do you think this is doing to the american psyche? And we see all of these reports about Trump's approval rating being low? Is it possible it slow because the press keeps lying because they'll put out a negative story and and whisper their attraction? I think fairly possible and I think it's possible the polls are lying to. Why would I Msnbc Nbc, put up a fake story like this? In fact, it's really crazy about this Lawrence O'Donnell even admits. If they actually did their standard editorial process, it now would have gotten out. Why did he then skip that process? Well, I'll tell you what we see the tweets. Let's read the story, interestingly enough from NBC News who also didn't verify, invent the claims and noting is a conflict of interest here, but wanna hear what they have to say. So I also I also want to go through some polls about the press, and I want to show you another story where the wall
in a post is actually tried to smear another conservative and then retracted. Again, it's it's what they do. It's it's! It's like they're, showing division purpose. So, let's read this story, however: before we get started, go to youtube dot com, slash, I cast IRL a new channel which will feature on the ground, reporting, travel, blog, fun and silliness, but for the most part I'm going to be in the van I'm going to meet you know. People across the country go to the borders, do some actual field reporting. I am on that as of right now, this new channel with one video, has almost thirty four thousand subscribers, which means, I think we get started with the field reporting it's going to do fantastic, and then I can actually bring you that truth from the ground and bypass the fake news about what's really happening at least the best of my abilities. However, I still will be doing the same content. I do every single day. The van is allowing me to do all of it, so I'm aiming for daily content, we'll see. Well, let's get back to the news on. Let's
NBC News has to say about MSNBC's terrible reporting for M S. N B C's Lawrence O'Donnell says he should not have reported unverified claim on air about trump loans. The last word host acknowledged that issue. We have discussed the information provided by a single unnamed source. We going to didn't meet our standards. How did law Lawrence O'Donnell get to bypass the the standard of practice? But what do you do this? You have special privilege where he goes to his Boston says. By the way, this story we're not gonna vet, I'm just gonna, say it on tv or is it possible? They do it on purpose to make money. Let me tell you something: when you had a fake news story, you get a million clicks, you make money, you sold those add spaces and guess what, when you retract the next day, you don't have to give the money back. Maybe that's why MSNBC is allowed to bypass standards because they know drive ratings and they also know the retr
action itself will drive ratings to. In my opinion, they do it on purpose. They report. There's the headline organization to report it. The last word host opened his show Wednesday night by saying he repeated statements from a single source that worked ready for reporting and probably never will be. That's that's me adding that and that he did not go to the network's regular verification standards process before repeating it, and that quote. Had it gone through that process, I would not have been permitted to report it tonight. We're retract the story. We don't know whether the information is accurate, but the fact is we do know it wasn't ready for broadcast, and for that I apologize. Let me add how many people heard that, but it's true here the retraction and go no, but it's still probably true. I mean they have some evidence right. So they know a lot of people won't hear the attraction and a lot of people will hear their attraction plug their ears and say nope nope. I don't want to believe it's fake. I want to believe it's real. They know it. They have to know it. Look I'll stress that point again. How do you
bypass your own standards? What did Lawrence I doing do in that office where he was like by the way, we're not going to fact check this one we're gonna to area that seems weird, but they keep doing it. They always do this not going to. We get it right. They add NBC News, has not viewed the Deutsche Bank records and has not been able to vera by what the source told O'Donnell. Apparently this guy never saw the documents their source never saw the documents, so how it is here say: ah guy heard from other guy that something in a piece of paper a source for you know that most news organizations require three sources. Three sources before you can report, so this to me seems deliberate. I can't say it is, but you know what they keep doing it and- and it's it's like you know, fool me once shame on shame on you. Fool me twice. Shame on me: you're you're, not gonna! Fool me a third time right. Well, that'll trump responded the story from the hill. They highlight Trump's tweets where he said
crazy, Lawrence O'Donnell, who has been calling me wrong from even before. I announced my run for the presidency even being previously force by NBC to apologize, which he did while crying was a really crying or is just being a troll here for things he said about me and the apprentice was again forced to apologize this time for the ridiculous claim of all the most ridiculous claim of all that: Russia, Russia, Russia or Russian Oligarchs CO signed a loan documents for me, a guarantee totally fall as virtually everything else. He and much of the rest of the lame stream media has that about me for years, apologize well I'll, tell you what lame stream media is a bit of a boomer term, but I forgive you trump because in this instance I think you're right look. I have this story from the intercept from January, beyond buzz the ten worst most embarrassing US media failures on the Trump Russia story. Now the
except it's a fairly progressive outlet. I disagree with them a lot of things. We agree on a lot of things, though, like anti war stuff, and we have great a lot of things like the Trump Russia conspiracy theory was just that. A conspiracy theory, but in January Glenn Greenwald, put together this list of all of these stories that they published and later retracted. But again people hear this and they think it's real. That's why we have this unhinged Russiagate conspiracy group. Look Rachel Maddow. Whatever your opinion is to. He looks like he's on the verge of tears. When Mueller came out saying the russian gate was not true. There was a with the open man laughing saying, she's crying while she wasn't crying, but her eyes were watering and she was choking up. That's what they've invested in this. But when you see all of these stories, you can't you yeah, I mean honestly. I can't help but feel sorry for these people and you're inundated with lies all day. I mean you can't help, but believe it look at this. One RT have
and took over C c span. Totally fake, never happened. Russian hackers invaded the US electrical grid. My vermonters heat during the Winter Washington Post, never happened hold on there's more. How about a deranged anonymous group is claiming that a bunch of media outlets that declares mainstream political sites on the left and right as russian propaganda and the Washington Post touted as one slash two its report to claim massive Kremlin infiltration. Well, let's move on to this quickly. They say: Anthony Scaramucci is involved in a russian hedge fund. That's fake news, but it's funny because which apparently is coming after Trump. Now then we have Russia attacked US diplomats using a sue first, sophisticated sonic, microwave Weapon, NBC and MSNBC reported that one it's unverified. We don't know what's happened, interesting story though, but come on tone it down guys about this. One trump created a
secret internet server to covertly communicate with a russian bank slate fake news. Then we have Paul before visiting Julian Assange three times X. Nobody noticed and that's been refuted and tonight and there's no evidence. It's fake news. What number three CNN lied about? Lanny Davis Bing its source because landed this came out and said: hey I retract. My statements and CNN was like nope nope nope we're not going to attract Robert Muller, asked internal emails and witnesses, witness interviews proving Trump directed Cohen, to lie to Congress, and then what do we get molar himself, refuting that story and the big one one of the best ways they claim that Donald Trump Junior was offered advanced access to the Wiki
email archive. You know why they MIS read the date on the email. That's it they were like wait a minute. How did he have? How do you have these documents before it was published? He didn't you read the date wrong, but they publish all of these stories a day later they were tracked, and so it's no surprise, then that nobody trusts the press more. So here's the thing I've got this poll from Rest Musa in talking about how people don't trust media. Before I show this, though, because this is the pertinent to transition, I would say I want to highlight this story here from the Washington Post. Washington Post wishes retracts attempt to link conservative author to white nationalism. It's not just trump, they all do this. They write fake stories, fake research because all about Paula, I gotta admit it's terrifying. You know the other day I made a video about this research that came out claiming that sounds like mine were feeding into the alt right. They were trying to prove the radicalization nonsense, but it's not true. You know why what they did was they
arbitrarily decided? What channels were intellectual, dark, web, ultralight or alt right, and it made no sense. They branded some straight news channels with no opinions and no political discourse as all taillight. So what they did is they found comments and then claimed? Oh, is happening. They comment on TIM's, video, vents, Sargon and then the alt right, not true what they were really doing, commenting on random videos and then they lined up the channels to make it look that way. That's the game they play. They try to link a conservative to white nationalism yeah because we're embracing this, this twisted far left agenda where they claim everything is you know, white nationalism? That's not true it's insane, but it's no Sir Prize. We see this after everything. I've shown you. I can't I'm I'm gonna assume you're, not surprised, in fact I'll say this: the headline and thumbnail the video you probably like yep. What else is new but check this out from s highlighting a tweet from Joe Concho said more than thirty five thousand retweets and eighty one thousand likes on this tweet boasting a single source report
read source hasn't seen the documents that serve as the basis of the allegation. Msnbc declined to comment on this Fort NBC News has not verified it. Well then, we have this poll, I how it was before, but it it it does bear repeating. Do you trust the political news you are getting? No fifty four percent? Yes, thirty, two percent, so yeah most people, don't believe it check this out, though, when they write or talk about President Trump, our most reporters trying to help the President passes agenda block the president from past agenda, or are they simply interested in reporting the news in an unbiased manner? Fifty one percent block the president from passing his agenda. Now. Here's the thing rest Musa IN is called the conservative. They are accused of being biased in their approval
meetings of the president. They put him over fifty percent on numerous occasions. No other pull does that they say clearly a rest mucin is biased. You know what perhaps perhaps all the other outlets are biased. Perhaps the other outlets aren't biased, but people have been lied to so much. They believe the fake news about the press or imagine that these news outlets are not correcting for the fact that people were eating fake news and rescues, and maybe, if the a p you know so the process, as do you support trump or not, they might say not, but what, if rest reasons as series of fake stories like these? Are you aware of them and then, when people finally get the correct view saying? Oh those stories were fake. How do you feel about Trump's presidency? They might say yes or it's entirely possible risk prison is totally biased, in which case I'll tell you what as a moderate, I don't know who to trust check this out. This one's hilarious read well,
listen! Who is a correspondent at the hill tweeted this? What tv new source? Do you trust the most Fox news? Twenty four percent PBS and NPR thirteen CNN ten, Ms Nbc seven, and it goes down from there. I'm surprised C span has to because C span is like raw footage of the congressional floor, but in trustingly Fox news is both the most trusted and the lease trusted. According to this poll, he highlighted it's really here. We can see this. What tv your commentary source, you trust the most Fox news. Twenty three point: five percent: what tv news or commentary source? Do you trust the least and there's fox news? Thirty, nine percent, now there's three hundred and ninety four people, and that one and two hundred and thirty five it looks like so the issue I I understand Fox NEWS is gonna, take trump side and a lot of issues. I know fox and friends is going to run, but you know content, that's more conservative! Do I trusted them. You know
I gotta be honest on some issues. Yes, but mostly known. I also know that CNN is jokingly, referred to as the Orange man bad channel. So am I going to trust them? No, I'm not and actually limit. Let me clarify what about the people here and why the numbers are it's because they they they served. A thousand people solve the thousand two hundred thirty five to the very they. They trust Fox NEWS, but I'm in the middle I want you know who to vote, for, I can see, lies on every side, and so what do I do? I understand they. Don't trust Fox news, but look when it comes to far left violence and things about free speech. Fox news is going to get it right. Why? Because I fact checked all this stuff. It comes to Trump they're, more likely to get it right, then say CNN or MSNBC, especially after this Lawrence O'Donnell story, but I know that a bias exists, so the problem I'm facing is that Fox NEWS is closer to reality than CNN
N B c r. I mean Fox's had issue retractions, I'm not a big fan of their political pundits for a lot for their opinions. I think Tucker does a decent job with a lot of things. I disagree with him on and, and notably I've had no problem going on my channel and saying I disagree with Tucker Carlson on this. This, and this is fine. I think people stand there could be respectable in rational discourse. But what do you do when you distrust Fox news? And you only get your news from CNN or MSNBC and they just pump you full of fake news. I think it it's it's driving a serious problem in this country, because it's not just about one of the stories are fake. It's about the increase in the partisan divide. Not only do people distrust the press because they're lying to them with fake news, it's beyond the fake news, it's four political agenda, so even when they tell you the truth, it's framed in such a way to manipulate you, and I have an example edit, a video talking about NBC. They claimed Trump made a racist comment,
and this country is ours and not theirs and was a reference to the squad. You know because you're Cortez and they said it, echoes you, the racist remarks he's made in the past about them the only problem he wasn't talking about race. He was talking about class Trump issued a statement that said this is a country for all Americans of every zip code, not the coastal elites and liberal mega donors, our country, not theirs. What he was saying was it's a country for the Working class Americans, not the super wealthy, who are trying to sway politics in big cities. What did NBC News do? Try to it. Sound like trump was actually making a racist comment. Saying ours was about being white, that's how they framed it, and I read the story and I was I was angered by it. I can't say I'm shocked, though so when you the story like that, where you know they're trying to drag the president, is it anyway for that reason, finds this they're trying to block the president from passing's agenda? I agree with that. I don't trust
there. You know the New York Times recently a transcript leaked where they said what we focus on Russia now with a focus on Trump's racism, because it's not about the news. It's about the agenda, so you end up with huge lists. You end up with stories. You know like like Glenn Greenwald and here's a funny thing: Glenn Greenwald story. There are ten more stories. Okay, there were twenty. He gave his top ten, but they're honorable mentions that's how insane it is for years. They have been playing the same game. We see it outside of Trump as well, and you know I know you guys who watch Youtube videos you see it affect us youtubers now, they'll they'll lie and published twisted and factually incorrect information. They'll mill, Miss frame it they're trying their hardest to go our channels deleted, and you know I was dealing with it. You know I mentioned the story the other day where they put up fake research where they try and claimed as a pipeline to the alt right. They keep doing it, and then we see you to actually ban channels they try to. They try to climb it serve, is a white nationalist and that's the game. They're playing there try
to spin the wheel and push everything the far left, but I'll tell you what man, the fake news, the license Mir's aren't doing what they think that with what they think it to do. It's not creating more leftists. It's just fracturing our society. I think in the end, when they push this, it's going to result in truly terrifying violence and extreme actions. You know talking to some of the other day and they said it's never been in this country that people were protesting each other, their friends and neighbors. I mean like in small towns, go out standing across street from someone they know they go to church with, or they bought pizza with and they're holding up signs protesting each other. How does it get to that point? Where I you know, I I've talked about the idea of a civil war, all that stuff- and I don't wanna, be you know overly dramatic, because I don't, I don't think it's going to be like you know, big factions marching our stress that point, but when you have neighbor protesting neighbor, what do you think's gonna happen? I know it's driving it, it's not the pro didn't. You know he contributes for sure, but was driving. It is fake news, fake news right here daily caller fake New
NBC Msnbc. We know it, they do it all the time. So you know what I don't know the cure. Is I really don't and you get the people the in the media on the left. Saying Trump is attacking the press and it's like come on man. I read story so much every day. It's always just the same narrative, I'm going to end with one final point: Washington, Post NEWS has a roach problem. Has nothing to do with anything, but I like highlight a memo says it's a news, room problem and not happening on other floors, this from the Washington Washingtonian Washingtonian, whatever the watch in a post as as roaches, I guess a roach problem and that's about it, but I will say: metaphorically figuratively and literally these outlets all have a roach problem, not trying to drag every journalist as a bug, and I try to be insulting, but we
did just see what happens with the New York Times and the bed bug things. If you saw that story, the point is there are some really bad people at these outlets? There's some really bad people and we know it, and so what do you get? You have actual bugs maybe should clean up, but we also have a news problem, so I'm highlighting this just to be kind of silly, so I'll leave it there. Thanks for hanging out stick around next time, it will be coming up at Youtube: dot com, Slash TIM cast news at six: p: dot m. I don't I don't know the solution. Thio the fakeness problem is you know, I really don't I'm going to keep talking about it and I'm going to keep trying to highlight it. So I appreciate you guys hanging out, stick around next segment coming soon and I will see you then, a couple years ago I was in Berkeley and I've been to Berkeley and Oakland several times and I noticed a strange phenomenon. Many of the businesses have far left protest signs in their windows and at first glance I just assumed most of these businesses support far left protesters and far left ideology,
but it wasn't until I went to one establishment that had a sign in their window where I was talking, bartender there's a bar, you go and the bar it was. It was a restaurant with a bar and the the the bartender set. What you know we are in the political conversation and they did not sound far left. In fact, they sounded quite moderate, and you know of liberal- and I said so then, what's with the sign in the window, and they said, if we don't put that up, will destroy our went. The list Listal smashed the windows, the loot and rob the store. We you know, can you never now and I was like whoa really, there were a bunch of stores, all of them, and some of them were just like a nail salon from asian immigrants and I'm like oh yeah, that makes sense the violent riots that happened in Oakland, they're terrified someone come and smash their windows in France, there was a drink during. I think it was France think it was Germany, Hamburg, there is a photo of all of these forefront smashed out, save one with a far
laughs, a protest sign in the window. So let's get to the what we'll get back to this okay? Well, let's get to the brass tacks here last night, I should say this morning about four hours ago I was greeted at my home by a strange person who tried breaking in in this see on the screen. Here. Is this right here? Is the individual and I'll play for you? The video now and I have some sounds and everything which I don't know if it's going to play properly here, but you can see them walk about doing. I have no idea what they're doing so. This is for twenty seven a m this morning and they, you know, put some stuff in their bag and they just kind of Billy around, but I've got more footage. They then walk up to my porch, and now you can see them right here walking up onto my porch after this something interesting happens. Now, I'm actually quite angry at the porch.
It wasn't on that's a whole other issue. So what what? What what's interesting? Is this person walks onto my porch and then does nothing at least that's what I thought at first, because in this video which I'm going to have to I'm going have to drop in a clip over the top because not playing the audio, you can hear them and actually break now. I did then have the police come to my house, which you can see here from other surveillance footage at five ten. The police actually got here a little bit earlier than that, but you know they came out. They talk us, and so let me tell you what happened and I do have some some. I don't know all enhanced footage for a better view. Tell me a story. Let me tell you story I'll, tell you why I talked about that thing. In the beginning, this was not
chance encounter this person coming to my house. This was not a random person, they told the police, they knew who I was, but here's the thing around four twenty seven as it were uh am. I woke up because I heard a weird noise. Now is it I heard I heard a thump and uh all of a sudden. I wake up, and I'm thinking to myself that I just hear a noise and what what people don't seem to understand is that the the mindset you have when your alert and awake throughout the day is dramatically different to end your sleep and just wake up, plus optimism bias right. There was one story about: I've got a security guard at a bank, so a bunch of guys running with masks on, and he didn't do anything ask him why later and he said I couldn't believe it was actually happening. Also, here's what happens. I wake up about four, twenty seven, as the security camera shows, because I heard a noise and I'm groggy confused. I've just been pulled out of a deep sleep and I have no idea what's happening. My brain is not functioning yet, and
I heard this noise. My lights were on now. My lights are voice activated because I have that that the Amazon Device- and my first thought was- must be a critter I don't know, but where my law it's on well, the reality is my lights, for whatever reason aren't functioning properly, they like turn on randomly. It's really annoying. I think I know why, but it's like they're supposed to be set on a timer to wake up with the sun. It's a really frustrating thing: they're, actually really cool by the way boy. Do they not work? So, in the middle of the light night the lights are on. I hear this noise and I wake up and I think it's nothing, maybe the I have no idea so then I yell out to my Amazon device, eternal lights off and it fails so I yell again and it fails yell one slash three time and finally, I get the lights to dim down to one percent. Because boy do these things love giving me the is this about a minute? A couple minutes after that I hear knocking and now
I realize there actually is someone at my house. This is weird it's four hundred and thirty. It's pitch black outside. I open up my security cameras and I can't see a damn thing. So I'm frustrated. Why is the porch light off it's on typically? For this reason they are special bulbs that you know so whatever I guess we need motion detectors, but so I'm frustrated by this and who is at my house at four hundred and thirty knocking there's no cars in the road. I'm like is one of my neighbors like meeting up cup sugar is like what is. This is really weird, so I I'm not gonna get up and go to the go to the front door. When this strange strange person knocking and I'll tell you why I'll tell you I talked about what happened to beginning now. We,
this guy is so so, and that's gonna be a follow up. We we, we have information on this person. So far there have been threats towards the event we're putting on the Saturday. I don't think or know if this has anything to do with it. However, due to the nature of the local issues, that haven't happened because I live here and the anti for p people who have been harassing and threatening his businesses. I took this very very seriously who, in their right mine, shows up to a house at four and thirty in the morning walking and it's my neighbors and nobody, I know, would have sent me a text and said: hey. I need to stop by is an emergency and if it wasn't emergence, they be yelling, my name, but this is different. So I texted my brother because I don't know the my brother he's got a Youtube channel as well and he's actually here more than I am because I've been doing the traveling on the subway stuff, I'm like hey, someone's, knocking on the door and he basically respond
exactly as I did, who in their right mind would show up at four hundred and thirty a dot m pitch black and come knock on our door. So at least they're knocking right. Well, look, look they tried breaking in and I'll get to that. So we ignored it. I'm not going to go down and try and figure out that my house of four thirty in the morning, but then we started hearing noise in the back like someone may have been trying to break in. So at that point I said I'm calling the cops right now. The cops are about one block away from me. So uh well a little bit more than that. But I'm you know exaggerating, but they're close the cops were close. So I all the Police- and I say, look and I don't know I'm overreacting, but someone at my house at four hundred and thirty, I heard a noise is there knocking on the door and we're concerned about potential threats, and we have no idea why this person is here now look at first, we kind of ignored it, but then we heard a noise in the back door and we think maybe they're knocking to see if anyone's home. Maybe it's you know they want to knock first before breaking in or it could be somebody who is potentially threatening me or the uh,
and I was like I I it's really it's awkward for me to say, but I I thought you know I said I've. I've come to guys before. Let you know that I have like a you tube channel that people might. You know, tramples on like this. The cops I get worry about it. We'll swing will swing by work. It's interesting, I'm on the phone with dispatch or communications or whatever, and he says, did you just meet the officers and I said no, and he says you're not with the officers right now. I said no, I'm and then I can hear the other cop on the radio saying something about being with the color. That's not you and I'm like I'm in my house. There's. Nobody here, like the cops haven't pulled up, turns out the cops found. The guy was about a block away and they stopped him and they searched him. The dude claimed he was a big fan, news, anchor, extraordinaire TIM Pool and that he walked here from Philadelphia, which is about
ten or twenty miles away. Uh. He took a bus from D c and then walk to your across the bridge which, to the best of my understanding, is not a pedestrian bridge, walk to my house at four thirty in the morning and then, as as, we believe at the time, knocked on the door to try and share an important story that freaked me out, and I said that you know so that so the cops into coming to my house. That's what you see in in this in this other video, the cops showed up and I'm extremely grateful. Then they got here really quick. They were really nice guys and you know they were and they made some of allusions to the second amendment which I will take very seriously and like drug. I am not a a gun, control freak. You know I mean I I'm I'm fairly moderate, so I've I've. We we've had discussion about home for home defense and were wessely for it. So I talked to the cops and they told me: hey we stopped the guy. We searched him. He was unarmed. He claimed to have been a big fan who want to share a story with you, and I said I don't buy it. A four hundred and thirty
am visit, is an intimidation. It's it's about intimidation and we're doing this event. I I don't buy it. Well, here's the thing and I'm actually about to go to the police departments to follow up after they left off. As I was talking to cops, I pulled up the camera footage and I said you know what man like we. It has infrared on it, but it's just it's not that good and the porch light was off the one night. It's it's not supposed to be off. I guess someone at the switch. It's really annoying boy, my frustrated about that, but you know the light on. You can see everything perfectly in the cop was like well you you should.
Yeah, I think the guy for my house is back if you could send police tow to be great yeah they're on the front porch. I think it's the same guy from this morning. I have no idea about no, this is so I'm not gonna answer the door,
that's one guys that might be the same guy. I really don't know, but considering I don't know if you're the same guy I talked to this morning or what but yeah all right. Thank you, but. And there you go so I'll. Just say this: I don't this person is, I don't know what they think they're doing. They just showed back up.
The noise I heard in this video sounds like someone trying to pop the latch on my door. It was after the cops left that I went through the surveillance, footage and heard that noise and realized what woke me up. Somebody was trying to push on the door and pop it open and that's the sound I hear and the cops stop the guy and apparently just showed back up, do not come to my house. Do not come to my house, especially not right. Now, as I was filming this, they came back a summa. Presumably I don't know it was. We have security cameras and there was somebody who looked similar. I called the cops cops are on their way. I guess the person just ran off again, I'm not playing any games. In the middle of the night, somebody walked up on my porch made no sounds because when you try and open my door actually
noise, but then they made a noise that sounded like they were trying to pop the latch and push on the door at the same time and they stood there for several minutes. Doing nothing and I don't know what they were doing and then started knocking. I don't care. If they, you know they actually are a fan or what their plan is or what they're what they're doing. But this is either at the best case scenario, someone's deranged and show up to my house, um someone's I don't know who, in their right mind, would think it's appropriate to come to my house. Well, there you go. As I was filming this video explaining what happened, the person came- and I don't know if you heard- I don't know if you can hear the dog barking and I checked the camera and there it was. I just called the cops. The the most inappropriate thing you could ever possibly do is come to my house. I know this guy is I'm not gonna find out either the cops are gonna deal with it. He was worn not to come back and I have video
footage audio. That sounds like he tried sneaking into my house, and I don't know what he's doing now. So you know what. The cops are gonna be on a second and then we'll deal with that and I'm gonna blow this because I don't know, I'm crazy, I guess, but I think it's important to to to to show every that's happening right now, our with people who are trying to dig up my information- and this is nuts- this is absolutely nuts. So am I saying this? You show up to my house one slash four in the morning again, I don't care who you are and don't be surprised when home defense becomes an issue. If you know what I mean and I think a lot of people can understand why that's an important thing for most vigils in their home. I live in a sleepy middle of nowhere town kind of not really middle of nowhere right. I'm in the suburbs. But I'm in an area where all of our neighbors, we know each other and no one is
take kindly to someone showing up at four thirty in the morning and trying to pop my door open, and I don't know why you did that either. So you know what this is not a fan. This is freaky, it's really freaky. Some people think it. You know, there's there's speculation that person's far left. I don't think that's true um. I don't know why they're doing it. I just know that somebody got my address and it's showing up to my house. So now the involved there you go. That's what happened now. Look all all stress. This point normally be noticed in the mornings I'll. Do it a segment talking about news, but I'm dealing with the police now because of this, and so this is what I have to do and I also think it's important to make sure everybody knows. This is what happened and why I, in the event things escalate, because I you know I I feel like. If I, if I say absolutely nothing,
then what ends up happening is if this person comes back in the middle of the night and you know, pulls a weapon and doesn't think crazy, no one will have any idea well now there it is. Can you believe that I don't even know to say I'm sitting right here right now, recording this video and all of sudden the dude comes back. I get it man you want to you whatever, whatever it is, you got going on, but this is the the the cops are pulling up so I'll. Let you I'll get I'll. Keep you updated. Stick around next. Next, just be at one p, dot m I like doing segments about how dangerous the world could be periodically, and I think it's important to be vigilant and strong and not let your guard down now. As many of you may know. Earlier this morning I made a video about someone coming to my house at four hundred and thirty in the morning and I believe they were trying to get into my house silently. I could be wrong. I don't want to have an optimism bias right
if you're not familiar with. That means. It's that you assume negative things can't happen to you and people have this. I don't have a pessimism bias and that's where you assume negative things are more likely to happen to you much to my house at a time where were put an event and there's threats, and you know I just recently had a conversation with some police officers several times. Then it's a terrible idea to shop it to someone's house at four hundred and thirty in the morning, no matter who you are or why, and I will stress, you're you're lucky if you walk away from something like that, trying to pop someone's door handle go in their house or do anything at four hundred in the morning, especially at a heightened moment like this, and I will is there certain things about my neighborhood that make it even more alarming. Somebody would show up no car, no lights, an story turn twenty seven is knife to death by a man who targeted her at random. While she was walking a dog in Washington DC.
You know there's a lot of things about left, leaning, politics that can only exist in a secure state and I'm well aware of. I'm also well aware that a lot of my political views, which are rather moderate, are only possible because the United States is so safe and I call it hard mode. You know my politics are on the left, libertarian side, which means cooperative markets, leaning towards you know, I'm not far left. I think that an libertarian meaning you can't force some to do it. So here's the easiest way to explain to people do. I believe taxation is a good thing. I absolutely do do. I believe the government should be able to mandate and show up at your house, gunpoint, arrest you and lock you up, because you don't pay to absolutely not, but I do lean towards uh operative system where we can agree to pitch in to it. You know some kind of system, and so at that that's makes me. You know slightly to the left that I believe these programs can work. I want to highlight the story and talk about this one for a few reasons, based on what happened this morning, I think it's important to talk about how the world is dangerous and because we've made this place so safe.
You now have people acting like they. They can walk around and you know in the middle of the night without protection, they don't need your second amendment and things like that. Now I've never been anti. Second amendment absolutely not, but I am fairly moderate right, I'm open to listen to conversations about ways we can. I don't know, I don't know it's difficult. You know because there's the argument of: why would you restrict legal in lawful gun owner who are? Are you know it's? It's like you get that the likelihood that a legal gun owner commits a crime like you know what we see in the past. Is you have a better chance when lottery, so it doesn't make sense these? These are a lot of a loss. Proposal gets all of his van and I'm not for those things. I'll tell you this waking up to that. You know that that sound I'll tell you what the first thing I was looking for is like what can I? What can I? What can I have, and even some law enforcement alluded to the second amendment as it may, the people and- and so I believe, you know defense spot on like Dave Chapelle did. This is a lot. Let me not not, you know, beat around
sorry. This is a woman who is twenty seven. She was killed at random in D C, we're walking a dog and then- and that's that's the book of the story right. I like this for a couple reasons: random, that's the key word random. This is somebody who is walking a dog a twenty seven year old woman really stepped walking a dog in DC and it was a random attack. Her name was surgery, Mcgill rest in peace, I'm sorry to our friends and family. It's a tragic story, and I mean in no way to be disrespectful to or anything like that. I'm thing that as tragic as this was there there can be something you know helpful to other people. I hear how often you know, mostly from the left that teach you know you know, teach and not to rape or whatever, and it's like listen man. I can, I know all of you guys know it, but I really want to just talk about this. There is sometimes people are crazy. You know, sometimes people don't think straight. You don't know what their intentions are.
So you know for me having someone shot to my house in the morning, I'm not going to make an assumption about who you are or what you want, or I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I will make that assumption. I'm not going to assume optimism, I'm going to assume pessimism. Why? Because you see stories like this, this woman's walking her dog and she sees a man, and she probably says you know what I think nothing of it. Next thing you know he's pulled out a knife and he's ended her life io. I want to talk about this too, because I think it's a really important thing to talk about in you know in DC and the and the violence and stuff and- and it also out out of the world is dangerous. I need to be prepared to pat yourself at all times I'll finish up this point by saying it would be wise. Take a self defense course: it's it's crazy to me that a lot of places a lot of cities make it illegal to have any kind of self defense weapon. I can it's. It's kind of nuts, like even pepper, sprayed some pet places illegal. That's not even necessarily that effective, but self defense classes. You know, because when you have this optimism, bias never happen to you. That's you it does, but I wanna make another make another two
there's a reason why I wanted to talk about this this for one. Obviously, the video I did it this morning was freaky somebody showing up to my house while there's a terrible, terrible idea, and after I filmed the video I ended up talking to some of the police and stuff, and apparently the person left a note which I didn't read the cops took it evidence. I suppose the other thing, though, is I want to talk about conspiracy theories, and I think this is an interesting story to say when you have like an op Termism bias or pessimism bias, you're, making an assumption about what could or couldn't happen and with DC. We go back to the story about Seth, which NBC News hilariously tried to smear me. When I went to the White House summit as someone who push the conspiracy simply because I said I give it a less than one hundred percent chance. Fox news was correct. Fox news reported that it was basically true, and I said I didn't believe it
and they claim that was pushing it. Well, no, I've never believed it was true and I've never pushed it. I've always actually provided healthy skepticism, especially when we didn't have a lot of details. I want to highlight the story, because this woman was an intern. She worked on. You know, policy issues, there's no conspiracy here, these things that this is the real world. People are dangerous. You know you don't don't be fearful of of every human, but just recognize. As it happens, the danger is, is real and it's rare, but it's real south Rich was killed in what they believe. I I mine sings a botched robbery, a lot of people believe it was political and they believe that he leaked information to Wikileaks. I'm not going to play any of that game. You know why, because the simple solution is the world is dangerous. The world is not a perfect skittles and candy canes rainbows unicorns. You can be walking your dog in DC and someone could just kill you for no
reason, and it's it's sad. You know I'm really really sad. They say that it wasn't a robbery. They said that he didn't try to take anything. A sexual assault literally just killed her, for no reason could be true for someone like Seth Rich, but when you add the political story of the guy worked for the Dnc. All of a sudden. Everyone wants to ascribe some kind of like ulterior motive to the assailants when in reality, I think we only to realize that we've taken our safety for granted. I feel like one of the only reasons you have a left left wing a far left that detests police is because they're safe, it's it's it's true, it's because they don't have to call to to shop at the high at four in in the morning, and if you don't know what that's like, you know, wake up at four in the morning and call the police and be like. Thank you for coming here, because I don't know you know what I should or could do. I don't know what this person's presented, it's those officers who are prepared for the worst, and if you don't
understand you know that that fear of danger, because you've never encountered it well then you're gonna find yourself believing the world of skittles and lollipops, and that in my and let your guard down, I don't think we should build a world where we have people you a found AR fifteens and swords and armor all the time. But I also don't think we disarm ourselves. I mean that figuratively and literally I mean you know mentally this summer, selves as well as the police and our security. You know. I pressed to a certain extent and- and you know firearms simply because we started experiencing things last, I feel, like that's an optimism, bias a lot of people who will be able. I have people who said to me. Why would anyone ever need a firearm? Why would
the one and I'm like clearly, you live in a wealthy area with, with you know, with low crime and lope. You live in there with low poverty and you've never had a scare you've. Never had someone. Try breaking in your house. You've never come home to see your house ransacked. You've never had strange people following you, you know, you've been safe and that's because we've made this country very, very safe and I'm is gone down and now people are taking it for granted now they're talking about how the cops are bad and all that stuff. It's like look. There are some bad cops and there's there's there's a bad culture in in many departments, but on average the local guys in my neighborhood good dudes. They laugh and they came over and they said, don't worry you know we got. You will take care of everything and I appreciate it and that's being taken for granted get rid of the cops you know get rid of your defense and then wait for that one, crazy person who for no reason decides to and a young woman's life, and what are you going to do and the point is, is- is further and a lot by people who are pro gun pro to when,
when you have what was it saying it's when the cops will be there in minutes seconds matter or something like that yeah I'm sitting here in my room with someone you know knocking on the door at four hundred and thirty in the morning after we've been getting threats about the event and I'm thinking what are my options exit? You no answer the door, not a good idea, not a good idea. Four. Thirty. In the morning no cars the person walked here. So what am I supposed to do? Well, I don't want to get off trouble, but he said something like you know. If it were me, I'd answer the door with that. You know it with it without with some home defense, to say the least, and I laughed and I was like I hear you man, I hear you absolutely agree absolutely I because even the cops now even the cops know and here's the thing you know a lot of people will say, there's a risk of accents. Now you can be responsible and if some happened, where somebody was trying to break into my house- and I had a weapon, you know, like Dave Chappelle said Birdshot Buckshot Birdshot Buck Buck Buck
and you me a warning. You know the click clack. Is that warning and then, when the police arrive, you put it down and you call the place, hey I'm you know I'm coming out and they'll say: hey come on out and we're good to go so anyway, this kind of like an addendum to the video. Earlier this morning I was reading the news, and I saw this story- and I like talking about this. I do stories every so often that show you. The world is not safe, even in our own country, for the videos I've done talking about the world is a dangerous place, highlight foreign countries seriously like Tajikistan and we and we as Americans, roll our eyes and say well, of course, dizzy. Kazan's not say if you've got like you know, ISIS nearby. Well, here's a story for you about Washington, D C, one of the wealthiest district's, I guess in the country- and it was a young woman who thought that she could just go, walk her dog and a crazy person for seemingly no reason just cited to under life, and I
I wonder if there was something she could have done. That would have prevented this. Let's be real in a lot of circumstances. A gun is ineffective against a knife. This is a fact. You know people might make the job, but, like you brought a knife to a gun fight and it's like actually got so. You know, watch the videos. I watch the videos on this. You know where you can see that it was mythbusters. Actually, I think did this and they said what's better in close range. In reality, a knife is because drawing a weapon, you know and firing it takes longer than you know. I think they they said that you could close the gap of twenty feet and and hit someone with a fatal shot with a knife. You know him with it with a knife before
they have a chance to fire around twenty feet and that's what people understand is when, when you see these cops and they're like close to somebody in the church shootings out the guy has everyone says he had no reason to do it. It's like man, you don't understand the training. I would prefer you know less lethal weapons for a lot of cops for sure, like I don't think people need to die because the type things got tense, but even in this, even if she had a gun in DC, this guy walked up to her and she would not have been able to defend to defend herself with it before. He told her, you know so that the point I'm trying to make is it's not so much whether or not you have a weapon for defense. It's whether or not you're alert. You understand the danger and you don't. You know you don't take that you don't take your safety and security for granted. You don't just get used to everything being safe and find all the time I never. I guess I guess because for me I grew up on the Southside of Chicago. I've never been. I've never felt like I'm ridiculously safe all the time.
So when you know I'm walking down the street, I'm watching shadows, that's that's Chicago, and so I know I know the danger. You know I I think that I think growing up in a difficult place with real threat. It's makes you more moderate. I wanna a conservative 'cause. I think you know there's different aspects like family tradition and things like that. They'll make a conservative, but growing up in a blue city makes me maybe very liberal and then experiencing hardship, homelessness and the threats of I'll. It's made me realize a lot of these things. These people espouse on the far left about you banning guns or whatever, and not all of them. A lot of far left people want guns. It comes from a point, comes from a place of privilege and I'll say it. It's true, though. It's wealthy people who live in an area with no crime at little poverty, and they never have to worry about anything, and they say I don't need to
fire. Why would anybody else and I, admittedly don't live in a bad area? I'm stuck in a normal. You know middle class suburb, but yeah when you let you know, would you be people face real danger and this look this this story is not a good example of an instance where you would you would, you know, could be protected by a weapon. This story is the perfect example of some there's, some things that just it's just not safe and to the people who think that everything's gonna be a utopia and everything was fine. I I I I I try to remind you, no matter what policies you pass, no matter what weapons you back and no matter what you do. A crazy person will do a crazy thing and look I get it. This is one woman and I'm so sorry to hear her passing. You know this is brutal. At least it wasn't fifteen people with a with a gun, but the same time. How you deal with crazy people is is is an entirely different question and it's
hard it's it's like. I ask you: what's what we're gonna do to the? U K? Doesn't ban knives ridiculous? It's absolutely can't do that. People need not just a tool, but not only that I've seen people take a padlock and tied to a a and swing and black people with it and that it kill you too. So it's you know. I guess that I guess the point is I'll, wrap it up here, because I don't make it too long is yeah. I've been thinking about the dangers of the world, especially since the video this morning and ah the world is dangerous and some things are out of your control. Stop thinking, control! You can control everything and start really sizing that you can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails. So, in the event a crazy person comes storming at you. If you've prepared your ship, you can weather that storm, but if you take it for granted and assume the storm will never come, you will capsize thanks dragon app. Next, second will be at four hundred pm Youtube dot. I'm Slash TIM cast different channel. I will see you all there. Is it a quality if one
marginalized group starts attacking another marginalized group and then asserting whether or not one group is more privileged than the other? I actually have idea- and this is a very can using story as it pertains to intersectional feminism from the review. Only rate relief, shelter, defunded, then vandalized saying that they run on the windows, turf go home, you are not welcome, kill kilter if power rights activists are vandalizing a rape center. What do you do? I I I you know I I genuinely have no idea how to even address this in the context of the left. Do they will they agree with any of this? Well, they say the woman's. Only rape center, keeping out trans women is bigoted or will they say, vandalising a rape center is bigoted. I don't know, I don't know I'll. Tell you what, let's in the story, figure out what's going on and we'll talk a little bit about the argument. We often hear from gender critical feminists now I know
they're intersectional feminists, who don't like using that phrasing, but I'm not going to use a derogatory term for somebody. So I get for those are from their gender critical feminists are biological females who believe that Trans rights activists, typically biological males, are invading their territory. I think this is an example of that, but I do an first story that we can go over if we get to it about a biological, male, switching to the women's team and then potentially being on track to show gather their records. So, let's read this story before we get started head over to Youtube dot com. Slash TIM cast: I r L is a new chance with on the ground reporting soon to be. I have one video explaining and already thirty five thousand subs. That's really really awesome. I really appreciate it. It's going to be field reporting, travel, log, etcetera and I'm going to start building that because the van is about to be done, and so the road trips are going to start soon and if you want to see more content like that, but let's read the news from the National review, despite boycott threat and a slaughtered rat nailed to its front door,
this canadian women's shelter soldiers on this week, staff of the Vancouver rape relief and women's shelter in British Columbia, found messages such as kill, turfs, F, turf, San. What else trans women or women scrawled across their windows and walls they say turf- is trans, exclusionary, radical feminists? It is generally derogatory term for feminists who do not believe certain things about transgenderism. This is not the first time something something like this happen. Three you get three weeks ago, a woman seeking the shelter services was alarmed to find a dead rat nailed to the front door. You know it's really hard for me about the story. Is it's it's. I think it's fair to point out. The woman's shelter is the victim in all this being vandalized attacked by kind of fanatical group of people who are nailing that let's do your doors, but of course the left perspective is going to be. This is a supremacist. You know, I'm not I'm I say white, but you know it's it's it's turfs and they don't like them. But let's, let's read
the women who come out support groups are rape, victims and battered women, says Hilla Kerner the spokeswoman, who has worked at the shell for fourteen years. One of them said to me: haven't we suffered enough? So I guess my question is of all the places to attack and vandalize why a rape crisis center and you can talk about White Feminism, the context of like the media or whatever, and you can criticize terms and other institutions like schools and track meets, and you know, sporting events, but a rape crisis center spoke to me by phone explaining that, though, the staff of the shelter called the non emergency law enforcement line to report the vandalism. They think it is unlikely, or rather mission impossible, that they'll find the culprit. In any case, they have bigger and more important things to do about so just operating there. Twenty four hour crisis line and helping to shelter, women, scaping domestic violence in prostitution. Indeed, it is straw, king that, unlike many trans activists, Kerner draws a distinction between language and behavior, saying we deal with real violence and physical violence. So I don't want to blur
a real threat on women's lives and dangerous to him. Safety with abusive and intimidating language, not the same level of threatened violence. Now I got to say something: no matter what I do, no matter what I say, I get one side of this coming after me when I defend you, know, trans right and say: transgender individuals deserve rights and respect, etc, etc. But I do I do understand that biological women need to be protected. In certain circumstances, too, I get flack from biological females from gender, critical, feminine saying that I'm being a misogynist by not giving them the space they demand and side with them in removing trans individuals. I really look. It's it impossible. It's an impossible thing to navigate. You know I get messages all the time where they're like I'm a massage yes or I'm a Trans missile, Genest Iranian I've. Do you get up get and that's the problem with with intersectional feminism as it is today. You know what we're seeing is a fracturing of a fracturing of a fracturing of all of
these tribes into smaller and smaller categories, and then they start attacking each other. You know what conservatives don't do that. Maybe it's because conservatives are less likely to form groups the more individualistic, so their overarching group is simple right and it's just that they're conservative and then you look on the intersectional side and you have sex positive, feminist sex, negative feminists, gender, critical feminists, intersectional, feminists and they're all fighting each other all the time, little bit more. The mission VR. This mission is inspired by feminist philosophy, specifically by the belief that women, meaning the female sex, are born into an oppressed class. This is why there pier support groups and housing programs are reserved for those who are born female and who therefore have share but experience beyond sex based services VR. The staff are generally happy to assist people of both sexes and all gender identities, insofar as they can, for instance, Colonel recalls, an instance. When someone called and said they were Trans transgender woman, which means they were born male and we made sure they were safe,
see our work in isolation. Kerner says they so consider themselves anti capitalist, and you know what an anti colonialist the organization has an unusual structure that there is oh hierarchy and when decisions need to be made, everyone gets one vote. I asked kerner if she considers the organization progressive, very, very progressive, but not progressive enough for the city of Vancouver. It would seem in March of this year and Cooper City, councilors, withdrew funding from V r r WS, despite the fact that the grant in the question approximately thirty thousand dollars, went toward public education and outreach service is they were open to both sexes, regardless of identity previously follow up previously, following pressure from Trans activists at the two thousand and sixteen British Columbia Federal Federation of Labor Conference, the p c f ET and its affiliated unions pulled all its funding from V r r W S again on the basis that it live. But it's services to biological females lesson
when you have biological males competing against biological females. Guess who's going to win! There's a professor on on Twitter and he's got a tweet going viral because he said something like when you actually look at the data. You can see that in strength and power men have like a thirty percent advantage. Someone responds with do you have to go to school this you have a phd. Have you published a peer reviewed journal? If not then Sdf you and here's his response is yes. Yes, yes, yes and yes, so this this. This is the big problem. Is it's people who don't really understand? What's going on, arguing that by logical males should be in biological female spaces? Now look man! I went this. This is such a rude, very difficult piece of it. It's it's like walking on thin ice. I have no idea where the where the safe ground as and I wanted to highlight this, because I think it's it's absolutely detest double- that someone would nail a dead rat to the wall of a crisis, a crisis and I do think biological females
they space to feel comfortable away from biological males. You know one of the points I when talking about the bathroom debate is that I think it's it's unfair, that there may a biological female with a real trauma are real trigger. Maybe she was abused and she wants to go to space where she knows there will be biological males then get an argument that bathrooms should just be generic and open to everybody. Now this doesn't include single use bathrooms and the real solution here, but as of now, a lot of the laws are just making it so that anybody can go anywhere and then you have real women who biological women, biological females feeling unsafe. Well, when you do this, this is exactly the problem. It's it's. You know, there's there's another canadian individual, I'm not going to bring up. These are the stereotypes that ever three one is trying to avoid when we're talking about protecting the rights of of Trans people, the last thing they need is for dead rats to be nailed to a building to get funding strip from
place, because what this shelter is doing is good. It's also extremely confusing in that their anti capitalist, anti colonialist socialists. Whatever and they're being called bigots and supremacists, and all that other stuff, the other story which I'm not going to get too much into, is you know, look yeah. I want to avoid any kind of transphobia, but here's the problem. You have two very angry groups of people, I'm not talking about all feminists, an all trans I'm talking about. There is a group of angry individuals on both sides and, if you don't take their side, they declare war on you and I refuse to accept it. I believe it is absolutely wrong for biological males to be competing against biological females. I believe it's wrong because we created the special class four biological females who are who are at a disadvantage against biological males. I think it makes absolute sense to have a space dedicated to biological females. That is,
is a protecting, and that is a protection of the class. We are creating a space specifically for a marginalized group. A trans woman is different from a biological female one hundred percent. I'm not saying I'm not going to give the whole transwomen thing. I'm saying literally, some born male is different from someone born female, so perhaps there is to be a trance space and a female space is that is that difficult? So you know I'll be straight with you guys. I saw the story and I felt like it helps absolutely had to be highlighted in discussed, because it's showing sing a rift in the culture war right. It's something we all know kill. Terfs is an extreme statement, but we know this fighting goes on all the time and I think this is extreme, but boy if I like normally I can talk straight, have no problems, but this is such dangerous territory. I'm going to I'm going to end this video,
hey incoming, no matter what I do what's, but it's got to be talked about. It does there's there's gotta, be a there's, got to be a solution this and I'm on the side of. Maybe we need a special location for shelters for Trans people and one for biological female, so they can feel safe. I have no idea everything so damn confusing I'm done stick around. I got another second coming up in a few minutes and I'll see you shortly. I have a series of stories from pluralist, which I find actually quite funny, because each story they link to another story and it- and it builds up this perfect line. This progression of how fake news drives everyone insane, and I thought it would be fun to out walk this. This link path. The first story- Trump did not sorry. Cnn pundit suggests Trump wants to nuke nuke hurricanes, because African, yes may have heard the story. That Trump was talking about nuking hurricanes as they formed disrupt the storm and the idea doesn't work,
Trump's denied it and now April Ryan is, I believe, it's April Ryan is Otis, yeah uh, no wait! Who is this camera not April Ryan, Zamp, Camerota well, will read. This will get the name right. So will read this, but apparently someone from CNN is claiming Trump only constant to these, because they're coming from Africa, I could you not eve. Blowing up a hurricane is racist. Let's read. They say CNN political, so it was April. Nine April run on Monday sought to racialize or reason report that Donald Trump suggested nuking hurricanes nude. They host Alyson Camerota started by reading aloud from a then breaking Axios report. That Trump had repeatedly urged officials to explore using nuclear bombs to stop hurricanes from the United States Camerota red during one hurricane for the White House. Trump said I got it, I got it. Why don't we nuke them according to one source? Who was there? They start forming off the coast of Africa as they're moving across the Atlantic. We drop a bomb
side, the eye of the hurricane, and it disrupts it. Why can't we do that? The source added paraphrasing the president's remarks? Well, first, that doesn't work, but next they they go straight to Africa. Now, before we read this, I'm going to do this go over to youtube dot com. Slash TIM cast IRL! It is a new channel subscribe. Not only is it a good backup or you can go in the event that you tube decides to destroy my channels because politics split season is coming up, I'm gonna be doing on the ground, reporting, travel blogging and I'm to be driving around America meeting good old Americans eating Granny's apple pie, and we don't talk about life and politics and the economy and stuff subscribe to this channel youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast iron. Well, it is a new channel Scott one video- and you can see my explanation for why. But let's get back to the new story. After some chatter on the CNN panel about Trump, not being science based Ryan cut in saying this, is the president of the state saying something about that and he brought in Africa he's called Africa
as whole nation Africa is a continent and what part of Africa are you talking about Sub Saharan Africa, where there are mostly black people? This is just crazy. This is a ripple effect that could happen for land sea for people. If he did something like this for this man to think this, this is the leader of the free world wide anything he does and says, impacts people impacts the globe. There need to be someone who vets what he says, because it is dangerous in a look trump's denied it, someone claimed he did it others. You know some people believe that Trump was trying to weed out some leakers trump didn't realize he maybe made a joke, maybe Trump just kidding like I wouldn't the dang things right and one took it seriously, or maybe he didn't really say that all I don't know who cares? Why is it news? And then you see what happens? Let me explain you: this cycle of insanity trump makes an off the cuff comment. Potentially somebody leaks to the press c and then picks it up and then does a story where they allude to racism. And then you
personalities criticized the the the the fake racism and the cycle continues all because Trump's at some private meeting, something about dropping a bomb on a storm, and maybe didn't even do that, and here we are. Why am I even doing this? I don't I don't I don't I don't. You know what it's funny I'll talk about it, but man. What is what is stupid political cycle? I guess in this dumb. Whatever, let's read, they say they mentioned the Trump Asshole countries thing. But let's do this right here we can see feminist, outraged by Trump's, sexist gesture, two millennia Melania in viral video help when we get another pluralist story and what's really really funny about this, I do want to read the story and talk about Trump derangement syndrome, but it's really funny ' 'cause. Then it links to another story. Now, before I tell that story is, I want to stress when you hear that Trump is hurricane, that is king for patting his leg to be like hey, let's go, you know,
you start to wonder what effect this will have on people. What will people do when they hear nothing but orange man bad over and over and over again well they'll step themselves? That's what they'll do we have woman repeatedly stabs herself, because she's tired of Trump being president? Well thanks media for talking about and yeah? I know I'm including myself in this cause, I'm talking about it too, but there you go. That's the final result. A woman stabbed herself because Trump is president all of the fake press and all of the smears and all the lies has driven someone insane. Well that story. It is a rehashing of an old story, but I want to I want to walk towards this Trump derangement syndrome finale and will start with this a feminist outraged by Trump's sexes, gesture. You know he did you know truck did I can eat pet is like that? That's all it! It's know what men trump could sneeze and I'll scream bigot, so you those that are ah what listen to the podcast check this out. We can see Trump standing by the car and he pats his thought
just like on the side and then Milani gets just walks over and they start walking. That's it that's it. That's literally. All that happened contingent of social media users slammed President Donald Trump for purportedly making a misogynist gesture towards his wife Melania Trump earlier this month. In a video shared widely to Twitter on Wednesday Comedy James Felton highlighted Trump appearing to tap his thigh, while waiting for Millenia the footage came from the president's visit to El Paso Texas, where a mass shooting took place in early August, and so we treated Donald Trump quote. Nobody respects women more than me also Donald Trump. Here girl come here. Girl pets lag come here, wife as a good girl, he'll wife. The problem is Trump, didn't do anything. He literally did nothing. He just went like if you can hear that, but he just it's just like you like hey over here, like you know like my pop up, you know if what? If what? If only that, what if you like waving like that, is that the point is no matter what trump
does he could sneeze and they'll right? That is a misogynist. He can make a comment about how like the NBC did where he says, is not a country of coastal elites, it's a country for everyone and they call him racist for it. This was really thanks. I've been taught you know. I was talking to someone the other day and I was like look man. We live in a country where you have two overarching factions, like those who think Trump is a great person and those who think he's like pure evil incarnate and I'm like what happened to regular all sane people who are just like not a big fan of the guy. I think it's kind of gross, but he's not racist and say just for doing these things, man and funny dynamic. Where you know I get people who watch who are trump supporters who are like? I get you don't like him, but you're right he's not being sexist by petting on his leg, but here's what happens? People are susceptible to media right, so they read the tweets and then some several commenters replied to the clip expressing their
disdain for the president, I'm well there. He is a crass vulgar misogynist, but I still found the clip shocking. Oh no, he patted his leg is the country we live in, and this is why I think the Democrats are doomed man. I tried talking to people having the same conversation about what we need in terms of like a left in this country and they've lost the plot there, Kate, going to the woke insane leftists, who think Trump adding his leg is an overt misogynistic gesture was what he literally did nothing like nothing. You know, I think the reason these people super sensitive is I've never experienced hardship. We experience some real adversity and you'll. Just like. Oh, I don't care. Any padded is like who cares, has no bear on me or anybody else, but some people, some people just straight, lose it and it's a story from back in June, women repeatedly stabs herself, because she's tired of Trump being president of Florida and stab yourself in the stomach multiple times over the weekend, because she,
tired of living in a president, Donald Trump's in President Donald Trump's, America Police, said so. This is police old story, but this is this is the end result of what you expect when people have Trump derangement syndrome and in the story it brings us to the final conclusion of the arc through pluralist, I gotta admit it was really funny when I open the store- and I saw the link and I'm like oh now- they're calling Trump's sexist and the next, I think, is a woman stabs herself multiple times, and there is the bottom trump derangement syndrome. This is what is happening in this country. When everything trump does is wrong. People don't see the video they hear. Someone say hear that Trump was like doing like sexist gestures to Milani alike, just making weird face stuff, better and they're gonna be like whoa. I was at a bar, I heard someone go: did you hear that Trump declared himself? The king of, is real and claimed? He was the second coming and I'm like? Oh my god. No, that's not what happened while I can see he criticized the president for quoting that dude who said he was like they love him, like
king of Israel or, like the second coming, the dude was just kissing Trump's, you know blowing smoke up his, but the guy was trying to praise the president and the President quoted him. The president declare himself to be the king of Israel, but that's what people do to game of telephone. So someone else here is that they think oh he's declaring himself king now and then they stab themselves multiple times in the stomach. We live in the Trump derangement World, the pilots, pluralist rights last year, therapists indicated a rise and what they unofficially diagnosed as Trump anxiety disorder. A toy seventeen, a clinical psychologist, Jennifer Panning, who is credited with originally coining. The term describes the sims of Trump anxiety disorder as worrying about the state of the country, feeling, helpless and out of control and spending too much time on social media get out to the world. Look I'm on I'm on social media all the time I read the stuff, but I understand you know if you need a little bit of levity, but I think a lot of people don't they're, not
social media. That's the problem! It's not so much that the people who have trump derangement in Durham are on social media. It's that they're, not fact checking these things. So you hear a story about Trump on him. Hurricane and CNN turns it into a racist incident. You have a story about about Trump, being: okay, let's, let's get out here and padding his thigh and they turn it into him. Saying his wife is like a dog or something, and then somebody who doesn't see the video hears it and goes insane. So there you go. There's your progression, Trump engines and stick around. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly, but a year ago I was talking to a friend of mine and he veit all the time, and I said to him: I think you shouldn't vape and he said add. Well, I think vaping is fun and that's like a tip conversation. I mean it was more nuanced than that. We're having a conversation about vaping and smoking and pot, and I
my concern is you know, like long term studying but like in the end, do you really need to do it? I understand a lot of people. Do it because I like the flavors or I have no idea. I don't. I don't know why people do that stuff. I don't smoke, never smoked, and he said you. Oh it's fine. You know I like doing it and the guy at the shop told me was totally safe and I started laughing and I was like wait guide. The shop told you it was safe. Is it yes, so it fine? I'm, like your dealer, told you that your nerd you're vaping, like, of course, to tell save dude you sort of cell product now look, I think, where we are right now. It does seem that vaping is safer than smoking cigarettes. However, we are getting a string of press about vaping, related illnesses and even a vaping related death. Now my general understanding of this is that there's some vape
use, or whatever, whatever you call it, that's gone out that tried to use some kind of an additive to kind of inflate. The amount of you know wait just whatever you call it. I don't. I don't wait. All it tried to an in flight. How much you had by like you, filler, and this resulted in an immune response in a lot of people which gives like pneumonia like symptoms and apparently someone died, drove it same dude. I was writing a story about someone who was on an artificial lung like not the one where they breathe, for you, one where they actually pump blood out of your body into a machine to fix the blood and put it back and I'm like yeah only stop payment. But but I'll say this, I'm not doctor read the news for selfie forgot for yourself. I think you know I know like San Francisco. I think band vaping or something I think pot should be legal. I think people choose what they want to do and we should do the best we can to make people make sure people are informed and that's kind of what I do right now. I'll tell you a fact. So here's what I did. I pulled up all sides.
It's a really interesting issue. Vaping. How do people feel about you know? People on the right are typically more Michael to say we shouldn't legalize pot people on the left side. We should legalize pot, I'm all for legalizing pot, and I want to see how it's addressed, because I gotta be honest. I don't know anything about vaping. I don't want to you it's unsafe, because there's one string of you know outbreaks or whatever, but at least in one area, Milwaukee urges residents to stop vaping. Now, before we jump into the story had over to Youtube dot com TIM cast IRL, a new channel is going to feature on the ground reporting at traveling subscribe. It's it's also like a backup channel. I always try to make sure I'm diversifying the content. I do because you never know when you're going to come and just destroy your channel like they've done to so many people, but this will be in on the ground channel. It's gonna be a lot of traveling, even grandma's pie in the middle, the country talking about how they feel how the economy, all that good stuff, get away from the big national opinions and and talk to real Americans Youtube dot com. Slash TIM cast:
let's read the news. All sides reports, the city of Milwaukee, warned residents to stop vaping in the midst of an outbreak of lung disease. This week, all of those suffering from lung complications in Milwaukee admitted to being chronic users of either thc vaporizers or e cigarettes last week, and only man became the first vaping related death after lung complications from regularly using a thc vaporizer Illinois has most vape related illnesses in the country. Some right, leaning, media sources quickly blamed marijuana and its widespread use, even going as far as far as suggesting that legalization would worsen the problem. I disagreed, I'm going to say some left, leaning media voiced, promoted some left media voices promoted the contrary reporting because marijuana, not legalized, research, quality control and proper testing are made more difficult, and I agree with that assessment. I did you know, I'd look, you know, you guys know me, but here's the thing
if it's really funny when people talk about prohibiting, know, pot or drugs or beer, and it's like we know, prohibition doesn't work, we know competition results in black markets. You can say the same thing for firearms, banning it isn't going to stop people who want to get it from getting it now. Admittedly, if you ban, you know, thc vaporizers and pot you'll see a lot less law abiding citizens using it, but you will see a dramatic increase in criminal use because a lot of people who weren't criminals before will be criminals now, so I tend to be look, I'm very very. You know pro freedom on this one. I think that if some, but he wants to choose to pour something down their lungs look man if somebody wants to eat at Ipod. It's your decision. I mean, admittedly, with the tide, pod. I'd, probably try and stop you. You know I mean, but the government shut, your house put a gun to your head and say no tide pods for you, it's a challenge. It is because we don't want people hurting themselves, but we also should
to be you know: shouldn't have a system where we can force people to live the way we think they should live a spell. So when it comes to vaporizers when it comes to pot when it comes to drugs, things that actually don't immediately kill you, but could be bad for you if abused and that's a lot of drugs, especially opiates right on the crisis. We have three stories and I actually wanted to pull the centrist version, because we've heard what they're saying about the right that right wing saying: hey, that's going going to get worse. If we legalize pot the left. No, we should. But let's read the central, it's read the full story from use it. Today, it's going to be very generic, but they say Milwaukee is allowed comes as federal officials say, there are more than two hundred potential cases of lung disease linked to e cigarettes or e cigarette reported in twenty two states. There are sixteen confirmed cases in Wisconsin with fifteen other is under investigation. State health officials said we can
and you to learn more about the health effects associate with e cigarettes. Milwaukee health commissioner Jeanette Kulik, said a statement as the public health authority for the city. The Mh Di is committed to protecting the public from the dangers of second and exposure. I guess never mind, there's not a whole lot there. So, let's check out with the conservatives have to say the city urged people immediately to immediately contact their doctor. If they experience, I have the following symptoms: anorexia, cough diarrhea, fatigue, fever, chest pain or shortness of breath, but I suppose now we can jump the daily mail which they say is right wing and see what their opinion as if they have one at all. Now, interestingly, the daily mail tons of love their stories up. You do a ton of content, so we'll dive down past the basics, because we are you know, as they say, they're trying, they're trying officials revealed last week that in Illinois, patient had died, died from a serious lung disease that was contracted after vaping. I think this is the thing that I was reading about and it wasn't autoimmune disease
going to learn which specific vaping products were used in that case, as well as other and whether they were being used as intended or mixed with other substances. So far, federal and state investigators have not linked the as to any specific product, but they have said some patients reported vaping with cannabis. Liquid's electronic cigarettes have been described as less dangerous. I a less dangerous alternative to regular cigarettes, but health officials have been worried about children using them. Most of the concern has focused on nicotine, with which health officials say is harmful, developing brains and might make children more likely to take up cigarettes also if they just keep vaping nonstop. However, some vaping products have been found to contain other, potentially harmful substances, looting, flavoring chemicals and oils used for vaping marijuana. A number of the people who got sick had vape products containing thc the high inducing ingredient in marijuana seed. The official said they do not yet have a breakdown of how many of the sick people vape Thc Florida college
didn't chance. Amerada eighteen revealed earlier this month that he suffered a collapsed lung due to the chemicals in his mint Juul pods, and then we see a bunch of products, but I guess they're not really getting into the bulk of the argument. I suppose there's some stuff but um. They basically just keep repeating the same thing. Strangely enough. So let's skip all of this and let's just talk about legalization of drugs. You know what man I don't know. If it's a left position, alright position. I have no idea. I know it's a libertarian position that we should legalize all drugs all of them. I tend to be in favor of that. So so let me know if you disagree, but here's what I think it's I I definitely side with the left perspective from all sides that by having these things be, illegal people will get them anyway, if they choose to and then you'll have a black market behind it. One of the the biggest things that's fueling. The cartels in Mexico is that we have a black market, but when you
legalize these drugs you put 'em in highly controlled facilities, you can regulate and tax, and you can educate and refine. So you'll end up with these really trashy drugs that are really really bad for people and you can refine it into something special, but not only that if they say it was also the legalized heroin which is shocking right. I know that libertarians have argued whether or not you should be able to see like anyone's going to buy it even kids, but think about this. What? If? What? If the flow of the legalization involved facilities where they provided you with heroin in a controlled circumstance, and they wouldn't let you use a certain house, no matter what your symptoms were and could initiate a with a detox process if they saw the people, were, you know heavily addicted? I don't know if it's the right thing to do. I don't, but I definitely think of the war on drugs, a failed failed operation, just locking love in prison because I got it addicted to a drug makes literally no sense, especially now is were facing this opioid crisis. There are people who are hooked on drugs because they were on their
unemployed, they got hurt or they got hurt lost their job got. The drugs became addicted and now get it from the so in a solution of this, and you don't, like Dave, Chapelle made a bunch of points out like the crack epidemic, and this is a big problem I have with private prisons and the present system as it is, I do not believe drug use should be a a a a improv on offense that could, if you in prison to to me that makes no sense now. I think you know selling it to kids and, like you know, a bunch of other things relate to that sure sure what are some in choosing to use something, be it vaping, marijuana whatever they need. His help need someone to help guide them in a direction. That's going to make them productive and feel fulfilled without using a substance to do it. You lock up in jail, you're, not doing anything for you're, taking somebody who's, only real problem with substance, abuse, nonviolent offenses and putting them in a place where they they can't live in Phi. Like I, I just think you know across the board. I think prison is just bad and I think you take people like you know. The argument is as similarly
the censorship you take people who smoke pot and you put him in prison with bank robber. So why would you do that? That's a culture want to develop. What we need to do is figure out how can make sure people are healthy. If we, if we, if we keep everything illegal, we prohibit it. Then you'll have a lot of criminals and you have a black market and you'll have people doing dirty gross drugs and spreading disease, and I think that's a bad idea. So look far be it for me to be the Expn, but I will, I will add one final thing. Admittedly, like this past, these past few segments have been very difficult, with everything's been going on throughout the day. So for that I apologize, but you know what it is. What it is thanks for hanging out stick around next time will be tomorrow at one thousand am podcast at six hundred and thirty pm, and I will see you next time, hopefully yeah.
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