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Mystery Illness or Sonic Weapon? US Evacuations Ordered

2018-06-07 | 🔗
The US has ordered evacuations in China following mysterious illness affecting consulate workers. But some think this is actually an attack, some kind of new super weapon meant to disable people with concussion like symptoms. Is this a natural phenomenon, an accident, or is this a new weapon being used against US interests?

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In twenty, sixteen: u diplomats and staff in Cuba experienced a mysterious illness associated with this was a feeling of pressure and some kind of change sound. Now many people were accusing Cuba of committing some kind of sonic attack against US interests, but also nothing was definitively proven and everyone was left scratching their heads, the US thought, Cuba might have done this, but we couldn't prove it. So this and just being a mystery. And recently the mystery has returned, because now. The USA is evacuating people in China, because The same type of incident is occurring Sirius sound, a feeling of pressure and strange.
Symptoms associated with it. So what could be causing this, and is it really a sonic attack against the United States, before we get started head over to Youtube dot com, Slash TIM cast news and click subscribe. This is the where my live streams will be from now on. There will be a little button up here. You can click to subscribe if you want to support my work but a on dot com, Slash Comcast and click become a patron in many different tiers to choose from most, notably, is tier one at ten dollars per month. You get. Two behind the scenes, photos and videos and bonus content went available! So please consider forty, my work with whatever amount you feel comfortable today, the US has evacuated. Pull employees from chinese consulate over mysterious illness. The USA
State Department has sent a number of individuals from the USS Consulate in Guangzhou China back to the USS after screening so they may have been affected by mysterious health problems. Similar to what diplomats experienced in Cuba two weeks ago the agency said one government employee and lunch experienced vague, but normal sensations of sound and pressure similar to the unexplained incidents. Sometimes described as sonic attacks that recently sick and staffers in Cuba on Wednesday the State Department, spokesperson, Heather Nauert, said that employees were sent to the US for further evaluation and a comprehensive assessment of their symptoms and findings, a department. Spokesperson said: the agency was not specifying the exact number of people evacuated, saying it was due to medical privacy concerns and the. As of now. Twenty four government employees or family members who worked in Cuba had confirmed symptoms similar to those noted following concussion for minor traumatic, brain injury. The Ganzhou employ
He was found to have similar symptoms on May 16th and another story, NPR from May 23rd echoes of Cuba USA, Loisy in China, hit with sensations of sound and pressure. Secretary of State Pompeii was set on Wednesday that medical indications are very similar, an entirely consistent with symptoms reported by Americans working at the USA Embassy in Cuba. We have medical teams that are moving to be on the ground there. We are working to figure out what took place in both the Van and now in China as well? The story almost of conspiracy theories, sonic weapons, mysterious illnesses, but what's fascinating about this, is that there is acknowledgment that something real is happening, and we don't know what after Cuba. Many people said that maybe it was just mass hysteria that people started talking about mysterious illness and then everyone suddenly became a hypochondriac and started rinsing symptoms too. But how do you China, this story from pro public
the sound and the fury inside the mystery of the Havana embassy. More than a year, after american diplomats began to suffer strange. Concussion like symptoms in Cuba are you investigation is no closer to determining how they were hurt or by whom and the FBI and CIA are at odds over the case. A Propublica investigation reveals the many layers to the mystery and the political maneuvering that is reshaping us. Cuba relations in the story. They say in The January after more than eight months of analysis, the bureau ruled out its initial had assist the Americans were targeted with some time of sonic device that left the FBI without a weapon, a perpetrator or a motive and still struggling to understand how the diplomats could have been hurt or fallen ill intelligence officials, for their part, have continued to me size of pattern. They see as anything but coincidental the first for Americans to report being struck by the phenomenon, including the fit. Looking man in
These were all CIA officers working under diplomatic cover, as were two others affected later. The CIA and other agencies involved in investigation also have yet to concur with the FBI's conclusion about sonic technology. This is what I found so particularly interesting. The first four people affected by the illness in Cuba were CIA agents who are undercover. So if you pinging US intelligence and you hear that some random employees are getting sick. You don't think too much of it, but when working in the cia- and you hear that it's not random employees. It's specifically your undercover agents, it. Just like it sounds like your agents are under attack. Despite many unanswered questions. Trump administration officials have repeatedly blamed Raul Castro's government for failing to protect their diplomats. If not actually- early last fall, the State Department withdrew more than half of the diplomatic staff assigned to Havana, while ordering proportional number of Cubans to leave Washington the department
so warns you as citizens, they could be at risk of attack if they visit the island. I still believe that the cuban government some and within the cuban government, can bring this to an end secretary of State Rex, Tillerson said last month. But what exactly was the sound researchers have put this together, which many people who are affected by the illness believed to be most what the sound was so viewer discretion advised we don't know if this sound is causing the illness I can say the sound, is very annoying so make sure you turn the volume down, because I'm about to play the noise. What's interesting about that sound is that it's only a recreation of what is actually audible to the human ear. It's possible that there are lower frequencies and higher frequencies that we can't hear, and because, But we creation it's not the actual sonic attack. It's possible
individuals were afflicted with this mysterious illness, we're hearing ultra low frequencies or ultra high frequencies. So what is it, chances that we have seen two incidents over the past couple of years, where people have been afflicted by a mysterious illness and I've heard that sound Ryan Littlefield is a cyber security analyst who published this story about two years ago. The psycho acoustic effect of infrasonic Sonic an ultrasonic freak these within non lethal military warfare techniques exploring the this of audio to influence humans physically and psychologically as a means of nonlethal warfare methods throughout both the twentieth? twenty century in the store he says throughout the twentieth and 21st century there's been a fast amount of research collected and interest gained in the use of nonlethal weapons which intended to immobilize repair targets without causing permanent or severe damage to the human body. As technologies have developed
the parents that military bodies within the world seek to create weapons resulting in wars without death. However, it is in the creation of new weapons that many issues arise, which perhaps may be a reason. There is little evidence for the development of non lethal weapons. It's apparent that some concepts of using infrasound may violate disarmament treaties, for example the nineteen ninety nine European Committee stated global ban on all research and development. Whether Terry or Civilian, which seeks to- apply knowledge of the chemical electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain to the development of human beings, including a ban on actual or possible deployment of such systems. Thus this may result in military bodies taking a critical view before the acceptance of research to be made. However, it important to understand at this point in the study that this does not just encompassed in Sound but also applies to ultrasonic sound too the article goes on it.
Is the alleged properties that infrasound, when applied correctly, to Hume, they have allowed for the field to be of interest within military application in table one we can see a notable number of applications that infrasound could possibly or has been applied for infrasound may affect, elaborates, Vertigo imbalance, targets, control british use in Northern Ireland. It says very low frequency noise. Disorientation vomiting fits bowel spasm. An uncontrollable defecation in enemy the list goes on to include many sound sources, the effects and their targets. But is it really possible, or is this just a conspiracy theory, a simple Google search of sonic nausea brings up, this device, and they claim by simply attaching a nine volt battery to this device? You can inflict nausea Appanna person and Eve,
more interesting Lee from dot com, two thousand and seven navy researching vomit beam. You never know what's going to land in your mailbox last night, I found a weapon that shoots an invisible wall, penetrating beam that makes people so dizzy. They fell over. It can make them puke too, but I'll get to that in a moment invoke an ink one of dozens of he's expected to showcase their wares at the forum says it'll, be there today, play. It's nonlethal standoff weapon for military and law enforcement personnel that could ultimately work through. There's another non metallic structures, this this is essentially was called an l led incapacitator or light emitting diode incapacitator, it's uh, designed like a flashlight, it emits an extremely bright rapid, well focused series of differently colored random pulses before they humanize can for This skin on one frequency, another free, he comes in causing intracranial pressure, which results in cluster, headaches, nausea, vomiting, disorientation, irritability and visual impairment to the target the non lethal weapon is
and it as a means of protection by law enforcement officials such as police and border patrols, the light It is capable of rendering opponents temporarily blind so that they can be subdued more easily. And there are videos depicting very similar devices. So this is well known technique for disabling people, non lethal means. So is it possible that the attacks seeing are coming from some kind of new directed energy weapon, admittedly not something I tend to cover that often on this channel. But technology is a huge factor in the work that I do so when I, about foreign policy that was being impacted by mysterious illnesses. The first thing I thought was sonic attacks, light weapons and directed energy weapons, but what Thank we know these devices exist. Many people claim they I gotta be honest. I've never seen one work, but we do know that there are laser weapons that blind people and things of the sort. So is it possible that these
really are attacks on US interests on foreign soil, or is it mass hysteria, people are just hearing some bugs and then thinking they're going to get sick. Let me know in the comments below, and we will keep the conversation going. I always love a good mystery, but what do you think? What are your thoughts you can follow me on or at TIM, Castan stay tuned for new videos every day. At four hundred pm, thank you, you're watching and I'll, see you all next time.
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