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National Guard Activated As Rioting Reignites Across US, Democratic Politician Attacked By Far Left


In Wisconsin and in DC rioters either did or tried to tear down statues.In the instance of Wisconsin they tore down the statue of an abolitionist and brutally beat a Democratic state senator. In DC they have been trying to set up the "black house autonomous zone."As Democrats literally bend the knee to the far left they gain more and more ground and destroy memorials and shutter police departments. Republicans seem to be MIA as all of this is going except of course for Trump who has vowed to charge anyone who destroys a statue.#FarLeft#Democrats#Trump

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Maybe you thought the rioting and the protests had stopped because it hasn't really dominated the new cycle. But I assure you it's not stopped at all. Maybe it's toned down a bit. Maybe there's mass looting like we saw the beginning of the month, but the protests in many places have not stopped the other day, they were riots in Wisconsin Democratic, they'd senator was brutally beaten, was Action is now activating its national guard in DC, thereby ongoing riots attempting to air down historical monuments on federal property, the army has now activated four hundred guard troops to protect monuments in Washington DC and over in Portland. Four consecutive weeks of protests have not stopped. These are still going on. People are still Terry down statues. It has not stopped, but the news is slowly being dominated by talk about corona virus. Again, that seems to be the big push that all these
Well are making by telling you now the system is broken. I am not confident in how we pull out of this, and if we are able, if we are able to pull This tailspin everything seems to be falling apart. Nothing makes sense, people don't even know, That's true anymore, Shall we be Wang masks? Should we not wear So I guess now we're rang masks right are the lock down you're hurting we dont know r r r large gatherings, good or bad. We honestly, don't know is The media line will that we do know. The answer is yes this, how bad it's getting. We know for a fact that contact tracers were not asking about George Floyd Protest and other media is using it to claim the protests are not increasing at kovan. This is why I believe we are headed on a it's a one way track man, it's a one. Wait track. Will there be a civil war? Honestly I it's I I don't want to make the pretty hard. Yes prediction:
but I'm hearing from so many people that, yes, we are on that track. Some people come and say tat your much too pessimistic dude, I'm just listen to the experts on this one and maybe these conversations are hurting or I have no idea all I can do, is tell you what I see and how I feel about it. I'll. Tell you what man it's freaking me out. The media cannot go on lying there. Pop is insane. They told us that, though that opposed the lock down were spreading covered and they were killing Grandma now they're telling us they won't actually track that the Georgian George Floyd protests they're telling us because of that there no optic because of the George Floyd protests enough. The system, doesn't make sense. Anymore Their rioting, you The writing. It was content. A man entered a restaurant with a megaphone and a baseball bat, and he was preaching about how Jesus
was actually white, among other things, frightening people, so the police arrested him. Because of this two or three hundred people showed up. And started destroying things tearing down statues and they beat up. It was constant state senator a Democrat. They tore down a statue of an abolitionist, nothing makes sense and when they did, what do we hear from it? it's. Some media outlets This is an australian outlet who said anti racism, protesters mistakenly topple statue of U S, Andrey Anti Slavery leader had I'll Calhoun statue removed after sixteen hours this right now guys. Ladies and gentlemen, I should say It doesn't seem like anyone's really winning adjusting like everything's falling apart. Because I can show you some stories where this statute are coming down, but they're they're taking them down and if the protests I can't do it the city just does it for them? I'm not talking about
Slaveowners, I'm talkin about historical figures in general. These statues welcome down whether are not people are screaming against it. In Philadelphia, where people came out in protest against the against us, they actually still took down. Statues, but what about the other side, as they call for a ban pushing police we're getting the same, that worries working the problems they face, Seattle chance, in chaos. Multiple businesses enough, island suit against the city and Minneapolis would have called the despair the police, a massive homeless camp, has emerged so How can a city or pretend one side is winning necessarily does seem like the left is gaining way more ground. Censoring speech banning books and movies, etc. But the reality is maybe are winning. Maybe the goal of the chaos is part of what they want, because our system is breaking down the images over, all of our founding fathers, even abolitionists, being torn from their bases and people in media are too stupid to realise their doing. The saying they're tearing slaveowners. No, I'm so
the abolitionist were the opposite, but they're tearing them down to massive homeless camps idols jazz, all just chaos, and the left has been creating. Maybe this they want. Maybe there's no real goal. Maybe they're just burning everything down well, we recently heard from a black lives matter leader that if the system doesn't give them what they want, they burned down and make a new one. So maybe they're not talking literally, although sometimes they are maybe that's their goal. They want to abolish police, not because they believe in reform or fixing the problem they want to do Roy. It launches could start with the news. Forty branding, let's talk about, what's going on with the National Guard deployment in now two different jurisdictions last night, before we get started had over the TIM guest outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, this money wage and give a got a p o box right at the bottom. Send me stuff. I really appreciate it. But the best thing you can do is actually share this video, and for this one look I know it's hard to break echo chamber bubbles.
But many people may not might not realise the national guard- has now been deployed in two different areas. Again, this it's just not. It made maybe slow down a little bit, but the riots are picking back up. People are still protesting, and now we have National Guard deployments, it is still happening and it's not leading with a lot of news. Chinese, because these news outlets are chasing after a hot new cycle, whatever the big wave as they want to serve that wave and right now the resurgence of covetous is hot. Look a lot clicks, so they're not talking about the right any more. What are these people continue to do so unless people stand up and pointed out, so please consider sharing if you'd like support my channel. Otherwise it is subscribe. Button like button, then Notification Bell, but freedom from PBS Wisconsin's governor activate the National Guard on Wednesday to protect state properties after a night of violence that included the toppling of two. Statues outside the state capitol, one of which commemorated,
abolitionist civil war. He wrote this makes me so incredibly agri protesters also attacked a state senator through Molotov cocktail into a government building and attempted to break into the capital Tuesday night, only to be repelled by peppers Right from police station inside the violence broke out as a group of two hundred to three hundred people, protests of the arrest of a black man, shouted at restaurant customers to a megaphone while carrying a baseball bat. You can't even enforce your own laws when Donald Trump tweeted, that that you will not allow an autonomous, sound set up in Dc Twitter took his tweet while they sensor TAT, they push, they put a block over it, stopping people from engaging with it in a certain capacity and making it harder to see. Unless you clicked,
Button Trump in no way broke the rules by saying we will enforce the law, but that's the game. It doesn't matter. If you enforce the law, you tell the mob to stop, they will come for you because they have infiltrated social or they have developed social me. I own it and that's were at Governor Tony Everest, who toward the damage and that the violence was in stark contrast to earlier peaceful protests said he was activating the National Guard to make your people can exercise their first amendment rights, while ensuring the safety of members of the public and the state buildings and infrastructure. If your goal was to advance social justice and policing reforms in the state of Israel, and making sure stomach? Racism is a thing of the past. You failed Republicans law makers and other others faulted. Everson citizens Democratic Mayer for not moving more quickly on Tuesday to quell the violence. Mob has become very bold, said: Madison, aldermen Paul Skidmore. They see you can get away with a little and they inch forward more and more
downtown metals. Medicine is a battle zone right now and I fear for my city and they beat up. They beat up a democratic states under so it is up to the end, and this once I want to show you the next story. They say Robert Bowen owns just a clothing store that was looted during the first night of protests are bowing. Who was white as or not as windows. Like many other merchants, he said he didn't, what to expect in the coming days. Everyone probably a little frustrated merchants feel they dont have support from the cops they feel threatened and food, like their livelihoods, are in jeopardy and they don't trust the government, this scratches the surface of what our black friends and colleagues go through on a daily basis. Band that me you pathetic pathetic man they destroy your business and you can't call it out. Can you no, no you're on their side right bend your knees live on your knees. This country is full of pathetic people. I decide, but it's true, my respect to
the people who are standing up for themselves calling out what needs to be called out and defending our constitutional rights, but to many of too many people in this country have become comfortable complacent, and so even though their businesses are being burned to the ground in their windows shattered, they still bend than me. They dropped their knees and they cry and they beg please I'll, do whatever you want the fat cowards. The army is activated four hundred guard. To protect monuments in Washington DC. They say in tears, Jerry David Bernhardt Subject requested the guardsmen, to bolster the National park police. The guardsmen were power but in an armoury awaiting directions for when and where they will be used, some guards men who were mobilized weeks ago had transition back to supporting efforts to fight the krona virus pandemic, but will now returned to the civil disturbance mission. The troops may carry face yield for personal protection, but did not have tear gas or pepper spray. As of Wednesday afternoon Clapper said clap,
five percent. U S. Marshals were similarly told Wednesday. They should prepare to help protect national monuments across the country. According to an email directive, avowed viewed by Washington Post demonstrators in Washington and other cities have targeted. Judges and monuments in recent weeks that we understand drop sad to see that protestors will be met with serious force. He also threaten them with ten years in prison. They say. The are at one point more than one thousand two hundred DC guardsmen were mobilized in response to civil unrest in the capital, several states contribute forces for a high water mark of more than five thousand the weekend of June Sixth, the National Guard. I struggled to reconcile its image. Bob lie on care about them. What's that that's the gist of the National Guard story. In Portland. I think the headline gives you most of what you need to know. They ve not stopped protesting, but to be fair, its Portland Portland as a wacky and weird place. So I think you understand. Portland is but a highlight this just to show you that the protests in general have not stopped they're, not
crazy as they were, they certainly are occupying the Chaz, but they haven't stopped in medicine. Wisconsin, they tore down, an abolitionist and what is the Media do well. At least this one outlet sings their praises. It was an accident. Where, where, where are all these lefty publications, to condemn the tearing down of abolitionist, I follow many of them. I don't see it. I follow money, these personalities mums the word now I talk about. Listen. I've routinely said the confederate statues should come down and be placed in me and him in a museum, and we should put a plaque in its plan. Explaining what we did and why that's my personal opinion, so I am in agreement with taking these things down. I am not an agreed with tearing down abolitionists and civil war heroes, so the people who have
come out from the left and sad tear down the confederates. Where are they now they're tearing down the abolitionists? That was the lie. They claim they just want to get rid of negative things, bad things like slavery, that's not true! They are trying to destroy that's it, I'm gonna tell you what they wanted to where they want to destroy things. Many of them, destroy american history period, regardless of what it was, but many of them just want to destroy. Well but even when you stand up here for your statues, you still lose fill it of your announces plan to remove Columbus statue after repeated violence at Marconi Plaza, they win. That's it. Armed locals came out to defend the statue and the left, still came out so the city sided with the left. There was no vote there, just getting rid of Christopher Columbus. That's not democracy! That's me,
rule? Why would anyone want to live in these places? I'm not gonna live, invalidates, Philadelphia, New Jersey is is, is is horrifying. The governors here are horrifying and our constitutional rights are being destroyed, their being trampled on and the rule of law is a w over. At this point, like I mentioned morality, policing is here. There are rusting some people are not others there telling some people that you can go in protest and they're lying in the press. Welcome to fundamentalist fanaticism, rule listen. We are entering now this period where we can see the double standard in law enforcement. You thought it was bad when they censored you just on social media. Congratulations! The police in these big cities, spineless cowards, have no problem enforcing unconstitutional edict against you and they will and they will take down your statues because there's nothing anyone is is able to do to stop them. They one! Maybe if Europe
Wilkins when everything in November. This might stop. I don't know for sure. Maybe if conservatives actually got out and moderates and started protesting peacefully, this might stop. I dont know for sure. What I can tell you is, the left is the only one doing it and their winning everything. Now we're going to see something very interesting: they argued for a long time that social media companies that we're censoring people were just private platforms. The the people who run these platforms were lying to Congress and due to the house in the Senate, and we know for a fact, they're lying makes a project where Tussle Lee whistleblowers and and what happens now, over and over again nothing changes soon. I believe, will start seeing the government overtly sensor. They already. You are right I tell you, you can't go to church there violating the first amendment, then, when the blacklist manner protesters gladness, it's ok, they're violating the first amendment. Now the left just shut up, shut up and say nothing at all. You wanna talk about my private platform.
Talk about actually suspending the civil rights of particular ideological groups. Conservative, moderate Americans, where everyone column nationalists. You aren't, you have all had you're right, suspended Christians, Jews. All of your rights have been suspended. They'll wild shut, your parks, I'll tell you, can go to church of how you can go to funerals. You can't get a wedding, but black lives matter and now we're hearing that mayor build a blog. You is going to paint black lives matter in five trumped. Our trouble tell us something something like that: Poland up, if the fact check the fact that what was worthwhile factor that does on that one. It's also a violation of the first amendment, the gun when does now openly endorsing a political ideology while suppressing the rights of other people. Well welcome to the fundamentalist government that's it we're now under fanaticism rule as a change. I honestly don't know, vote get out and vote.
Because this is your. This is your moment. You have to get out and vote and send a message, but it's more than that. You gotta give us speak up. You ve, I defend yourself, you can't just sit back and laugh along with the mob, and they do look. You can argue. The left is getting some comments in Minneapolis, which vowed not to call the police. After George Floyd's death are struggling with a massive homeless camp. I dont think the left is losing. I think the chaos, the calamity. The collapse is all a part of what they want. I've heard them say this: I have I have embedded with these people from the from the ashes of the old. We will build a new, that's what they think lighted. All burned down and then, after things destroyed, they can start to fight over the rubble, but at least they'll be on top that's what they're doing over in the chest? Seattle, businesses are not filing a lawsuit, but guess what
in this lawsuit. The Chaz businesses defend the protests, just like We saw with the store over a medicine. These weaken, pathetic people will complain about their businesses but defend the protesters. Now, I'm sorry good, I'm glad, I'm glad ok, if you dont have a spine, if you can't stand up for yourself than why should I do it for you? If, more business was ransacked and loaded. I want law enforcement to protect you. I want them to figure out who did it, but if you come out and raise the protesters, praise them saying these poor people, that's ok! Well, thence consent, they say silences can is consent. I don't like that, it's not ok, but you are abstaining from the vote. But I'll tell you what these Seattle businesses that defended the protesters they consented to everything that happened around them. Sorry, you did you straight up said: we don't want. We like their message. We, like the protests where dismayed that the police, weren't here? No, no! No! No! No! Full stop if the protesters as you
the call them smashed out your windows and then you come outside and clap making good job. Ok, so Youtube vine. You consented when was being smashed out, am I suppose too bad for you know I'm a guy. Now this is the best. Is the funny part The Seattle businesses filing a lawsuit, complaining the police, abandoned them and and now there's no foot traffic and their struggling in their failing dude. In the first paragraph of the lawsuit, I say we do not want to prevent a counter message. We like with a protest- there's are saying. We respect their protest and participation full stop. Undone, if I'm a judge, I throw it out, you just consented you want to issue praise for these people than what you complaining about. Don't complain to me if you like what they're doing I'm not if it's the most annoying thing. If it's like you want to
and to be the cool parent who don't don't get mad at me? I'm not the one who sang you can't go to your friends out. That's your mom know dude. You did this. Ok! You don't want to be looked at as the nasty naysayers, because you know one council culture to come out for you don't talk to come for you, try and take your job and hurt your business. You deserve your business if you want to praise the mob. Congratulations though this is, this is it this is what happens so now. It's effectively anything Pro America bad and that's what s going to happen, indeed see tromp has full control, so will see what happens, but he is being odd. He Donald Trump. Under fire, because you to go to Mount Rushmore. How silly is this now there were,
there it dry season and there could be a fire started by fireworks. But you know a man, South Dakota isn't a pretty good job. Donald Trump can do what he wants: a rotten Mount Rushmore. This is America, but they certainly would like to change that. Here's a story that I can't get in the full details, but a cup police officers were fired after they were accidentally recorded and they sat exe dreamily, horrifying things, really really racist and horrifying things. But what I'm trying to highlight just two years, one thing they said a civil war is coming, that's what they said in their conversation and they talked about how they were to do really really horrified. The things. So I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna redo internet story because, ah I'm I'm all up all save it for probably rancid Maybe we'll talk about it tonight. An IRA podcast. But I only want to highlight, within this conversation of these two poor. Finally, racist police officers- they leave that a civil war is coming and that's the issue.
The media is line. The protests is our engaging and destruction of our history. American history, the police officers. Pro comedians professors, they're all saying the same thing: civil war You ve got this booger Lou boys thing. These people were apparently talking about a coming civil war and I'm not. I showed you this but check this out the city that and why see and Y see cover. The media is lying and spitting in our faces. I mean I I you this, but check this out the city and why see and y see, covered nineteen contact razors, not asking about George Floyd protests. Participation, despite fears of new virus wave that so that's it. They're lying in our faces politico today, New York, city, airports and no protests related I'll text. You in Covid nineteen, that's how the game is played, so they'll tell you we have to have mailing.
Why will my opinion has always been that they want to increase voter turnout and by making it easier, devout they'll win recently. I received a male in ballot for someone who doesn't live in my house, I dont know I I received a letter from me requesting an application from Alan Ballot, So how is it? The person who doesn't live here got one no idea in Patterson New Jersey, mass voter fraud. They want to cancel the election. Ok, so right now, they're saying because of covert, we need melon voting and has already been a lot of problems popping up. They were male in voting, because people could get sick. Then they go out in protest. We watched them protest, they tell us, we can't go to church. We can't go up our businesses, we can go to
funerals, we can't more in the loss of loved ones or we can see the birth of a new children, but then allow the protests they'll then rigged. The game the game was rigged from the get go man. They will then tell you straight up: we're not going to test whether protests had anything to do with us that way a week later, they can say no evidence the protest at anything to do with it. You see you see, the clever warning here, as reports no protests related optics, now it's fair to say that They haven't seen a major spike in New York City and that's the argument they use. It could be that the numbers or have dropped dramatically, if not for these protests, but they will lie to you and here's. What I can conclude the National Guard has been deployed. The protests have stopped they're not going to stop. I think they're going to continue, and I think they're gonna continue well on two November. If people wouldn't show up to Donald Trump rally because of a fear of covert or because of riots. Then maybe melon ballots are the right way to go. Maybe that's going to help them out.
And maybe what we're seeing is actually somehow a net benefit to trump The ongoing riots, the mistrust of media, it's going to be a big boon for Donald Trump If, as long as you have these riots, you will see more, will shift to the Republican Party to law and order candidate. Specifically that's dead, we ve seen over and over again it's good NEWS for Donald Trump. What's not good news that people are scared to show up because of the riots, so the Democrats, push from EL imbalance this could be all in all a net positive for Trump. More people are scared of the riots and want to vote for a law order. Candidate, too scared to go out and vote are given mail in ballots and that's why I think, there's a good reason Donald Trump might actually win from November, but my confidence I don't. I know the media lies, I'm I'm showing you right now the media and the politicians lying, but maybe Maybe it's all wrong again. I honestly just don't know. I really really don't. I know that there still tearing down statues and nothing is being done about it.
Will the National Guard came out in two places, so maybe that will be a good start, Donald Trump sad he's anywhere for these people. So may that's a good start, but honestly, just camp. I can't I can't be sure about what's gonna happen. Of course, you'll see the laughs, try and take the titles of videos than their speculation and argue they know exactly what my opinion is asserting they dont than a watch, my content, but me Maybe things will be ok. Maybe this is just getting bad because we were couple months off from an election and even even under Trump things have been crazy, but who knows? Who knows? Maybe we shouldn't be too pessimistic? Maybe things will be ok because those you know there's a chance. I do think the only way to stop the destruction of our culture and our rights is if the Republicans win an undoubted everything a confident, though I view the Republicans very, very, very negatively. There are the only reason I say this is because the Democrats are complicit they ve been beneath the only hope, I guess, publicans, but I'll be honest with you.
I don't see a good reason actually bought for them because they ve done nothing will see how things play out. Probably the National Guard deployment stops the destruction of statues Bali with their next segments, coming up at six p m, and I will see you all that our that's it you do not comes. Steam cast news at six p m. I see them so it would seem that this is the end of jazz low. Businesses are filing a lawsuit against the city because the police have effectively abandoned them at a funny thing about this lawsuit is that there still for some reason, bandy Neither the protesters saying we were not speaking out against the protesters. We're just upset with the city. Funny, because we were told over and over again that there really love the domestic terrorism this story from the daily beast. Local businesses love the domestic terrorism in Seattle. Actually, what the store, Actually, as is the obvious business as willing to go on record praising the unrest, because
the other. Businesses know that if they speak out against it, they'll have their way. Smashed. This is your new reality. If you want to challenge what these people are doing, they will target you, so you don't speak up well. I think that a bit cowardly and the people who are following this lawsuit are also my opinion very cowardly, because then Only thing that happens is the businesses that, like what's going on well, say it's great, and then the media will write all these articles saying it's great and then no one has any idea that you are suffering well. If you don't say up yourself. Don't expect other people to step up for you. So here's the story, capital, he'll businesses, Sue Seattle over handling of chop zone. Dozens of Businesses claimed in the suit. These policies have effectively authorized the actions of the job participants, call our king five reports. A collect and of saddle zero businesses. Property owners and residence is suing the city over its tolerance of an occupied protests on saying officials have been complicit in
giving them of their rights to their property. The plaintiffs, including had to parlour and an auto repair shop emphasis, in the lawsuit filed Wednesday that they were not. Trying to undermine the anti police, brutality or black lives matter messaging of the Capitol Hill occupied protest? In other words, please don't smasher windows, but we need to do something now. You know it man, I get it. But you need to stand up to the people who are doing this to you. It's such a pathetic static move to be like this. These fault that we won't defend ourselves. The city should have done a force, so he could cower in the corner. Maybe if you Oh god, you're stores and sad f off people would actually start lesson Nominal read you the story, but I want to show you this clip your posted by Mr Ian milestone in this video fervour. Obvious reasons I can't live thing, we see a man who has had enough, he quite literally begins flipping. The tables is an excellent therefore there you can see him about you flip one of the jazz tables he's
having barricades lifting Mothershead, throwing them into that into the tents and the gazebo ass, he said enough he says: f, your time to go home and he flipped several of their tables over. Well, there you go man. This is somebody who is willing to stand up to the mob, to their faces, destroy the barricades and to flip the tables sets a vaccine Since some excellent metaphor, I guess analogy it's just the very symbolic if you know that the agenda you know by the foot of the tables right, of course, you do it, you don't google, it is. Are they so this loss. It is about the constitutional and other legal rights of plaintiff by deaths, businesses. Employees, and residents in and around chop, which in over run by the city of sandals, unprecedented decision to abandon and clothes. An entire city neighbourhood, living unchecked by the police on served by fire and emergency health services and inaccurate the public at large this. This decision has subjected businesses,
employees and residents to that neighbourhood to extensive property damage, public safety dangers and an inability to use and access their properties are the poor? Are the poor cowards trying to act like the proud esters have no responsibility but then clearly pointing out it's the protesters. Doing it all. Look I understand why they are suing the city I get it. I get it right. This, the city should have come in and cleared out the protests. Jenny darken, isn't it is an insane individual who allow this to go on for too long. Now you have four shootings in three days. That's on you. A lot of people wondered why that would be. That all of homage to the second, I want to stress business owners. You spoke up and said nothing when they were putting out propaganda to act like that was a favourable thing that everybody liked. The public opinion was positive for the chess. You said nothing, they still, In the end, the story from the daily beast, one of you that the author of which frequently lies they say
Few unnamed businesses were apparently on upset his they write. Hopefully circulated their own talking points about Chaz. We ve heard anecdotally or ports of citizens and businesses being asked to pay a fee to operate within this area. Assistant chief police Deanna, let said, and on Wednesday. This is the crime of extortion. If anyone has been subjected to this, we need We need them to call nine one one. They then, I want to say, without evidence not only that's not true local. A business owner Gay Gilmore told the day. He, but some businesses till the daily beast. Some businesses are actually opening to protesters for the first time and energy is the other play this game, not only that's not true local business owner says how would want? local business owner now, if other people have been victimized, unless you want to talk to literally every single one, if people are too, the police, it's happening and so their hearing reports, but they need an official confirmation by nine when one call or police report, then
It stands to reason, probably happening you see, I'm not gonna. Make you something to put making this up. I like to see. Evidence is actually happening, but I think the simple solution here in the plausible solution or what's likely, is that out of the fifty six or so businesses, one of them had problems. At least one of them can tell people. People complain about it. The cops hear about it. Hey bring it to us, so they find one business owner who doesn't know. There's other businesses are doing, isn't talking to them. And this one business owner, oh no, no, no! No! It's not happening as they say, not always a true bubble, block rumours that Have actually been ties, door taxed by autonomous zone are absurd, said Gilmore who owns the optimism, burrowing company, with her husband. No one is doing that here. I have no idea where that idea came from and I'm in kind lots of businesses, war in the air and in the neighbourhood of lots of businesses, what lots? Four five, six, seven, eight nine! If certainly not fifty six as it
That's how many people I buy dimension. That's fifty six years we have fifty's Sorry, it's a fifty six pay, your cows wrong. It wasn't fifty six people it's out. It is our hope, his visit, we have, we have it. So we have hunter capital, we have liquor and wine as our joint, that's, ok! This is a lot. This is more than a dozen how many many people on this complaint this huge. So it's not it's a fifty six page, But anyway, you got my point. You get this propaganda coming out, arguing this. The few concrete claims of disk for it, stem from Seattle, Post intelligence or article that site unnamed businesses worried about safety and reports of at least one person carrying a gun on the scene and the gonna say why, Washington, is an open, carry state. Although Seattle banned weapons in an emergency order on May Thirtieth, blah blah the Santos I'm stress the extortion, rumours to a fringe canadian blog that focus is almost pathologically on overheated. There's about left as activists blah blah blah out. Ok, look! Ok! I think it's fair to say we very little evidence of the extortion claims? I think,
fair to say that it's a highly contentious area there have been shootings and people are quite upset about it. I think it's absurd for the daily beast to write of actually lie the visit? Local businesses love domestic terrorism? Actually, that's not news. You found, we ve got a couple people to backup, your claims that it actually all good and everybody loves it when in reality there suing when in reality, deeds are literally flipping table. So please spare me the bs, but that's what the left US media does I'll. Tell you what men so long as people are not willing to stand up for themselves. This is what you will get and you'll be confused by it. You'll be seen your whole wondering why it is the media says the bad things happening to you are actually good. As one of explaining other day right, Andrew Cuomo, governor of New York, looks out his window figurative figurative. We course uneasy roving bands destroying everything and then these regular everyone else is just sitting around given a thumbs up with a smile on their face. Any goes, but that's what people want right
the people say. They're shaking with a in the thumbs up are too scared to speak out, because the mob will come and throw a brick through their windows or in one instance. They threw a fire up by explosive of some kind from a firework commercial read through someone's window. Nobody won't speak up. Okay, well, listen If you refuse to live on your feet, then that are out I'm sorry if you feel two to stand on your feet, then don't be surprised. You, live on your knees? Okay, if you won't take the risk required to defend your freedom, and to make the demands you need to make to live peacefully, then don't be surprised when the authoritarian mob. Put you on your knees and abuse you and beat you that I have very little respect for the people filing this lawsuit, because the opening thing in it, as they say, the right of free speech to peaceably assemble, are enshrined in our constitution. I can't even read this fake this this waste of a page people are expressing their rights bubble. Blonde specifically plan to support the free speech rights of many of those. We have gathered in the Capitol Hill, the jobs zone. Ok, you know
I would say vows, judge, ok, dismissed, I'm sorry, you can't support the protests. So you do not do not want to undermine them and then get upset that the city has responded. Based on your view, sorry, sorry, businesses, I can respect that they their unhappy. I can also respect that they're scared. Now, I'm done with cowards, done. If you refuse to stand up for yourself, don't expect someone else to do it. Don't try to use an administrative process to deal with the fact that you don't like what these people are doing. How about you say we wholeheartedly condemn the people who have wreaked havoc on our community. They have described it. Vandalized our businesses, they have heard our loved ones. They have damaged our homes, they have shot. Each I'm on multiple occasions enough of four times, and the police need to come in and take this area back. Instead, they go we actually really like. Whenever one is doing, we love the free speech. We are just man.
That the city also likes. What they're doing it also respects free speech, doesn't work that way, we'll see what happens, but I think they seriously undermine themselves. Look at this. The losses does not seek to undermine chop participants message or prevent a counter message. Rather this losses. About the constitutional and other legal rights of plaintiffs businesses employees and residents in and around shop which have been over, run by the city of scandals, unprecedented decision to a ban, In close off an entire city neighbourhood leaving it unchecked by the police on served by fire an emergency health services and accessible to the poor, look at large. How dare you What I'm sorry, I'm as I am on the side of a jazz people right now, I am one hundred sent. You know why. How could they come out and say we support the Chaz protestors. Who literally set up barricades and blocked off streets and then actually right, it's the city that did it you pathetic cow words, go outside your business and say g t F,
go to the other businesses and start tearing down the barricades I'll, tell you what man there still done? Did it this guy right here, you can see grabbing the barricades. This do tat enough he's taken him and he's throwing them. He says: go the F home time for years. Go the UN summit that this guy, this guy respect. Just like They did where they grabbed barricades and set up an street without the right or authority he without the rights or authority removed those barricades. Now, dare I say I could argue he has the right to do so, because the law supports him. He gets the barricades industry, you can't shut down my neighborhood. You can't shut down my business, so he walks up flip some tables throws the barricades is enough and just watch no like will you do a man like what's up By doing it because the only reason people tolerate it was because they fear you now. You know what obviously not real, on the side of the chinese people to an extent.
I actually em. You have a right to free speech and all that stuff, no respect that, but you don't have a right to do what they're doing I don't live there, Ok, so I'm not gonna show up and I'm not gonna flipped tables and throw barricades, but I must not gonna sit sit back as these people try and claim that they can simultaneously support with the protesters, have done barricading off their businesses and then blame the city for it. I think you're all to blame every single one of you that the mayor won't take action. I don't know why So. How can I mentioned earlier? Some people think she was trying to bait trot, but I want to know about all that right, but it does seem like she. These this thing happens, and then you have the governor and the mayor. Basically doing nothing. Donald Trump says: take of it? They say no and a lot of people think that it was bait that Donald Trump with them sweep and with the military, the insurrection ACT and they would all go no troops a dictator or now- and you didn't do it isn't Your city, man, you do you want a now, businesses are complaining their mad at me,
I think the mayors in trouble. I think she people can be really really matter over this, but think about how pathetic spineless Americans have become, and I really mean it, I'm sorry, man look! I love this country, this constitution, the founding fathers, and there are a lot of great American still today fighting and an end to be fair on both sides. Listen, you could disagree with the left. You can disagree the jazz people, but think about the brazen that that the attitude the odd man, the presumption these people showed up and seized this territory. How many conservatives have done anything like that? Now? Listen. I understand, because conservatives like this country, they didn't want to go out and take over city blocks,
not specifically talking about taking over a city, boycotting that's ridiculous and stupid. I don't mind occupations, thou protests in parks and stuff like that, but shutting down you know getting an autonomous own in getting the cops out. Look if you want to set up a block party festival, I'm actually really really. Ok with that too. So long as the cops, the fire department are still, you know, active in the area, but think about what moderates and conservatives have done for the most part. Have they in any way stood up at all to things like this? To guard statues for the most part no some have, but compared to the left, it is my growth, Scott back. Forty thousand people, showed up in Boston to protest that eyewash eve I think his name was they called him a Nazi. Forty thousand, I think that's enough a massive aerial crowded. They followed cops. That's how you I'm in UK, insult the left. All you want. You calm soy, boys and frail and pathetic. I think these are are apt in many ways a lot easier.
If a guys are scrawny and whiny and having temper tantrums than ever worked a day in their life and their from uppity suburbs. But I'll tell you what that temper tantrum well. It's also demand the entitlement and you can see these are bad things, but they are winning there. I mean they are these business owners think they're gonna win with a lawsuit, but let explain something to Seattle business owners. Do you think that if this did he actually does lose? That will change anything with the Chaz no they're, not all of a sudden gonna send the cops and because they already gave up the protests. Years of chairs the writers D, the insurrectionists call him. They ve taken your territory and you have done nothing to defend it. So so listen when the police back off. When the city says we're not going anywhere near it, you don't get to complain that you like what they're doing what you want the city to come back now, there's possibility is yours too, at the very least move. The barricades staff
now it from your businesses, put up sign, sang, get out, you are destroying what I have belt and all that stuff. If you'll have the spine to actually do it, don't expect anyone else. To do this. As you know, a man. This is a perfect example of of what's wrong. With with the left in general, the chess is leftist entitled they say we are going to I can attain own and take this over, because we don't care about anyone else, but ourselves. They say there taken back from the city with are actually doing, is taking it from the people who live there, because the city is a community. It's not like you stole the terror. From the mayor or the police themselves. The police department is paid for by the city by the people by the community by the taxpayer, so you took it back in the spring, painted the people department you realize cops. Are civilians like you, your taxes fund, this at the military, maybe the distinctions fault- mean a falling away because of the way Lotta cops act, fine shore, but listen these people, in these businesses are. In my opinion,
the same in many ways as the champions or you know what everyone com that that the chances any sort of our people are for internet too, as they call the chop, knots gestures but think about the lawsuit here. These people seem to think that they too are entitled to everything. I'm responsible for nothing. The business owners are complaining to the city for abandoning them look, look what they said, close off an entire city neighbourhood leave it unchecked by the police on fired emergency all services in accessible to the public. At large, that was Chaz they're, the ones who blocked it off, not the police, it's not the police who put up the barricades. So why don't you see them Oh, you can't, because I have no money. Why don't you condemn them? Oh you're scared, because your wine, you little coward, yeah, ok, you're city sucks the mayor's refusing to do anything about it, the Chaz taking what they want and businesses are not complying with the city, you got, you got
but an administrative mexican standoff everybody's, pointing at each other refusing to accept responsibility to stand up to the crowd and say no, On June, eighth, the city of Seattle abruptly deserted the Seattle Police Departments EAST Precinct on the corner of twelve avenue in east. Yes, because the police had received twelve thousand complaints from residence about you, guess maybe you should have got out and defended your neighborhood. Maybe you should have linked arms and stood in front of US protesters inside go home, not in my neighborhood, but Didn't do it because you didn't care because always someone else's responsibility or the police, should have done it. I shouldn't have to do anything to defend my neighborhood and my livelihood but extend. I can respect the arrogance here. You know we ve lived in such comfort for so long that everything is taken for granted. Every everyone thinks that they're just entitled to everything that they want to fight for anything will tell you what these protesters are fighting for, what they want,
They won and now you're complaining. Well, why weren't you supporting the police widened you come out with blue lives matter signs. Why didn't you come out and defend those police officers, because you just want to have your cake and eat it to you. Don't want to get involved, but you want everything given to you. I want to speak out against the lunatics taking over the space. What you want the police to protect you while the police are being attacked and demonized, you won't speak up in support of them. They leave and now you're mad, they left? It is truly the wine east and most pathetic thing. I have seen now I'll I'll, ok, fine, the local businesses are. Finally speaking up and now action needs to be taken. I get it. I got that then then go do it. When the city a bend, the precinct a number of individuals who had been in the area took control of the barriers and use them to block off streets and then some weeks after the city abandon these precinct, Choppers Offensive occupy occupied public street sidewalks parks, blah blah the I did well. Ok, you know what I'm going do this we get it. The prom
the owners, businesses and residence in the area suffer ever increasing proper. They damage and economic loss every day that chop exists in the neighborhood because of the city's active support, encouragement and endorsement of the occupation and particular Jenny. Darken has provided the chopper dispense with not just tangible resources, but also de facto stamp approval, her tweets interviews, another statements have made it clear. The city is fully aware of. What's happening has no plan or I'm fine for remedying the ongoing harm and in fact view the occupy. Capital is something akin to a perpetual block party. They do. You know why, because you didn't go outside, I'd say no, so all the city knew was that people liked what was happening. It was find it was a summer of love. Well, now people have been shot several times, multiple shootings in a few days, and when are you going to actually condemn these protesters, what they say in the very first page, the rights of free speech. We do not seek to undermine chop
participates message or prevent a counter message, while their messages you of their messages, there de colonizing Seattle so they're, your morons or your cowards de colonise? That's what they're talking about doing their taking autonomous own, not because they want to block party there doing it, because they're they're tearing down statues and histories of United States they're doing it because they think we're on indigenous land. That's what they. Day when they get back from you, that's their message. There seizing your resources or you don't undermine them. Ok well, then shut up and bend and let them do their thing or you can say The whole heartedly condemn these people. I get it. Sometimes people are lacking a swan. Well I'll tell you what at least you you finally finally stood up and follow the loss it about back and respect. Ok, but I'll tell you what this to me, this lawsuit weeks of of stinky stinky entitlement that I dont have to speak for myself. I
have to actually go out and challenge these people. I'm not gonna flip any tables, I'm just gonna complain of the city. Won't do it for me. They should go into it. I shouldn't have to speak up. It should be assumed that everybody knows how I feel people know how you feel until you expressed herself. So how about you go out and defend your businesses and tell these people to leave like this do dead. This due to my new hero. Does my here of the day that the table flipping man of Chaz chop flipping the tables this dude rocks? You know why he's is taking action to stand up for what he believes in in the face of violence and a mob therein, multiple shootings, this place, this guy inhabitant in care. He says enough and he pulls the barricades, throw some flip the tables, because he is willing to stand up in the face of danger and say this is what I need. This is what I believe now listen. I will give some respect the champions, the chances Danny's or whatever the antivirus Danny's, whatever these are people who took what they want
and to an extent, I can respect that. No one stood in their way. They followed the cops the cops gave up and this the space became there's a they stood up what they believed in now. I think it's stupid and I think it needs to stop and think people of Seattle. Dancing about it, but out of any group involved, there is only one that, actually said we're going to fight for what we believe in, and it was the chances Danny's now this guy too, This is a guy like because actually mean I got to know what is hold deal is, but I dont, like with agendas, are doing I respect they have the strength to do it, but I think they're bad now, this guy, he has the strength to do it and he's good it in her
body. He avoided you know he lifted the barrier or out of the way of the person. I think this guy may make the right now is the right message flip over some tables, and you can argue, but its property damage in all that stuff. It's it's people who are occupying occupying public property without the right to do so, that's very different from a brick their window and this guy stuff from self. So I think the Chaz will now start to go away now that we realise there is dozens, a dozen or so businesses speaking out. Finally, out of the messages conflicted in pathetic I'll leave their next video coming up at one p, dot M on this channel, and I will see you all then. You know this raw latest release from project ferrets us. I I just can't get my self, to get emotional about. I I see story and I feel nothing, it's an incredibly massive and amazing piece of journalism, but what I As we now have a facebook whistleblower coming out, showing one straight up: no
questions asked, they are literally manipulating the election period. People on video, our saying outright. We will ban, serve for things as simple as Wang, Imago hat to favour the left its right up election interference on a massive scale. And the reason why I can't I see the storing, unlike well good work, James Good, we're project grant us unimpressed, but we know we know we ve known. We know what is anyone gonna do about it. I dont know we'll talk whose hold another hearing. Perhaps will that don't think? No, of course not while Josh Holly Papa the Bell perhaps well that don't think probably not nothing will happen. I tell you guys, we know that these social media platforms are out right, biased right now, carpet, Dong, dumb the means is being sued over over fair use, parents to sue Trump and mean Chris
caught by doktor over manipulated video toddlers. It would seriously a fair use, satirical peace. That's all broken the system. Is you a video. It's called an edit. It's a normal thing. They'll ban you! Fourth, Facebook, you can't they certain names? You are all. Already living under the boat and tromp can do nothing to stop it. I'm sorry Trump and my It is a symbolic victory at this point now the economy did really really well, but that's not changing the cultural revolution. That's not stopping state he's from coming down: it's not stopping water, putting in Seattle or these other places or Minneapolis or let's not stopping anything So that's what I said of the past several days I mean come November. You can go the voting booth and you can pull the lever for trump possible. I refer public, hence, but I dont think everything's gonna change. I really really don't here's. What I think come to be completely honest. I think Trump can win. I think he's down. I really do
did you do the people who are too high for a long time. I thought it was going to be a landslide, but a lot of reasons to suggest that bias. Will you if you are a trump voter? I think what needs to happen right now has nothing to do. Trump Trump is a symbolic victory. Ok, there's a lot of liberalism, a lot of important things. I think job has done some things. I'd I'd be critical of particularly foreign policy, though he's been a lot better than Obama. In many ways, I think the Republicans need the house and they need the Senate. That's the important factor here, of course, with that you'll, probably in the presidency, too, and I find myself you know so eyes to see that? I'm saying that, because I think I was six months, with supporting Democrats, actually recently donated to Michel Crusoe Correira, but now kind of the last straw for me and I recently donated to another republican twelve for the first time ever. I've done into a publican I consider myself fairly moderate, but I do think that I often favour the left and
in the past few months, I started drifted away because it it seems like they're there I'll, be no moderate Democrat who will actually stand up against the culture mob that that right, on the left is destroying our the liberties and our culture they're tearing down statues abolitionists their censoring p, on Facebook for having the wrong opinions, and these are. This is the antithesis of what it means to be free and what it means to be an american right want limit. Let me show you the story. I do want to bury the unit Alina Project on the spot of artists writers, huge another facebook whistleblower interference on a global level. In elections they say another report demonstrating rapid censorship of conservative content by Facebook caught it moderators and an interim the latest insider of experience. It first hand was released today, but the non profit media company project VERITAS simultaneously a story has been released by activists showing that Ben Shapiro and the daily wire are the one who wanted biggest publishers on Facebook and that's true, but it's just Ben Shapiro, it's important point
while Ben Shapiro does a really really good job there, a lot of people who have been part of the platform for their opinions, so it's his gentle, avoid you dont want to pretend that conservatives are just outright gone because the left easily rebuttal robots this with Ben Shapiro. The point I am making is that conservatives are doing very very well on the platform better than the laughed in some respects, but it's the individuals who are being perched- and this is clever- whether intentional or not, What I think it is the moderators are biased, as we ve discovered now because of his logic veritable release, and this is huge. I mean I'm Emma. I want to downplay this from very toss. You have a guy on. Akard, showing his face with his name saint, showing video. You recorded that here in the company, probably when the biggest stories about us ever done, showing outright election manipulation and interference by people who are saying in saying things so check this out over their website.
But when bench appear out, does well. It's because he's smart about how he publishes stories. He avoids breaking the rules, but he still gets. To its, ass, his opinion, certain ways I will. I would argue that it similar to how I function on Youtube. I've been doing very, very well on Youtube. However, there are certain constraints, which means- smaller individuals are purged. Smaller news outlets, our purged, the people who are, enough to navigate this properly will succeed, but it's in spite of the algorithms, in spite of what's happening, The only way I see this ending, in my opinion, is if the rope blackens. Take the house. And the Senate and then and then they will need them as it and see, I must have a super majority. They need everything because then they can pass to thirty reform such into thirty reform, which it which would basically make it so that, as according to the d o J, it would help a little bit not perfectly, but it would help in the sense that these companies wouldn't be able to ban someone unless their posts was unlawful. Now,
a bunch of solutions proposed by people, there is an effort to get people on parlay, which I use now somewhat will see our place out its belt parlor, p, r, L, e r and a lot of Conservatives and Trump supporters have moved there because of the censorship, I'm not sure that's gonna do any other than seed ground, to the left on twitter, but also It's silly. Why? Emboldened and empower twitter trump needs to get off twitter and use parlay, because it would force the media to promote parlay, but if the Republicans can take all three branches meaning you need literally every one you now to vote. Literally every single person there's no sitting down. This will be the fight of your lives than they can pay. Two thirty reform and restore a balanced political discourse on social media right now the people who run it are progressive, so they love. There being pressured by companies to force these rules and they can shrugging say oh well, we have to do. It is work. It's bad! You fight that
publicans conservatives and and moderate sore, leading to the right you are facing. Such an extreme an appeal battle right now, I'm not in time We convinced Trump is going to win or the Republicans are gonna win and I'm hearing from a lot of people they think they are. Slowly well, but I tell you this right now: men, when you can't even express your opinion in public on a public platform Seriously, even an opinion about immigration, how do you expect to win If you can't share your ideas with your friends, your family, how do you expect to win? And I can understand that the desire to ban fake news and there's a lot of really bunk garbage fake news websites, many of them on the left. But what happens right now is that you have very few conservative outlets that are prominent. And the left has up has taken over the left wing culture that, if they taken over the mainstream media, so the cultural left has now owns than your time times and their even gaining ground in the Wall Street Journal its effect beyond the Washington Post down
platforms in their outing. Anyone who dares oppose them think about it with me. Natasha release. Right, not lately limit is where you quote. I was being them interfering interfering on a global level in elections, I saw blue. The exception that just talk. Conservatives or favoured liberals- and you know why deleting on average, three hundred posts or action in three interposed today said Arizona based facial content, moderator, Rhine Hartwick. If you magnified by. However many content moderators there on a global scale, that's a lot of stuff. It's getting taken down where is the second Facebook Whistleblower project vartos debut this week, to report the behaviour earlier this week, recordings cap faced with content moderators bragging about deleting some comments supporting Donald Trump and conservative causes it Louis. Someone is wearing a mug tat. I am going to delete them for terrorism, it's happening. You have I am in social media manipulation and we ve known this. You have bias in our journalistic institutions- and we ve known this- and what is anyone done about nothing
The problem is, in my opinion, the left Is these are diehards men? These aggressive are willing to put every thing on the line for get fired from their jobs and do whatever it takes to win and because of it they do that's it. They're gonna, win the way I have explained. The pastoral videos is that when he's polishes look out the window and they see a bunch of people marching to the street with signs they go. Ok, do they see anybody else? No, so they go well. There you go, there are active base, that's we pander to. Perhaps conservatives need to actually engaged and peaceful protest moderates as well. Maybe protect statue peacefully and I'm gonna, and I mean this peaceful protest works. They will tell you what does it because their law, They don't want you to use it. The example I gave you tonight Andy know he's a journalist Many of you know him he's a gauge son of vietnamese emigrants and anti would be the crap out of him and he didn't fight back. He just
got beaten and the media had no choice, they are struggling to took two how'd. You show the american people, a gay childhood, grants being beaten and make him the bad guy. They tried they really did, but in work, this created a backlash and they were panicking. The far left was was frantic, so I tell people right now there no conservative standing up for free speech, defending statues very very few and when they do they shall with weapons or shields like the Guy New Mexico and right away that dude New Mexico wanted to find that statue he got on with? What what any left us does tight himself to it. I was thinking about As you know, the left is is clever. Their organised there better and to the conservatives in the right just sit back and think that we can. You know that that we did not the government handle things out. I consider myself to be offer them. Moderate. I was always always consider myself to be actually liberal policy, wise, my views align with early rock Obama and Democrats, ten or so years
ago. Now I don't even know what matters anymore, because no one's talk political policy, it's the culture war, that's it! The left, talking of Universal Healthcare, moderate you're talking about public options can serve us talking about private, none of it matters to me because its nebulous its it. Is it? What is it really accomplish? I know there are some points Problems with Obamacare. We wicked we could use some reform in that regard. I think police reform ex lotta sense, I'm from choice, but if any one really arguing these positions, no the left is art is gone. Full ultra war and silencing and shutting down any arguments are there's no argument anymore. How are we support no the accurate solution as if these social media, Companies are banning people for their opinions, and what conservatives Don T actually stop it. To be honest, I think the answer is nothing I mean it. How many conservative news outlets are there that actually do journalism five. Once I mean a small handful almost
every single mainstream media outlet is left, biased, their basin, big cities and their left by us how many conservatives have gone out linked arms and defended property in statues. I dont think very my small handful. Just almost none now there have been conservatives who have gone out in into ah to rally and they ve been beaten by Anti fa. Guess what eventually the narrative shall started cracking insanity, disco. When there was a trump supporting rallying edification beat people who didn't have weapons and invite backs got beaten the media. Actually came out against anti thought. This is what the left understands better than the right. The left has been organizing for a long time with impunity and so They ve learned how to you know, manipulate people and gain this, and it works, and then so conservatives just sit back and think you know well, all vote now take care of it. It doesn't because Donald Trump can't do anything about it. He can issue an executive order in a desperate attempt to try and do something and nothing happens. The deal Jake,
You guidelines and nothing happens so I'll, tell you this matter hilarious, conserving in my opinion, who argue that this is about a company can do they want, they deserve to become extinct. Their ideas deserve to go extinct, they deserve. You know why, if you will not stand up for what you believe and then it will go away period. So I look a story like this right. Look, I bet there's. There's too, each year from it actually go through, but I want to highlight this. Because it is a hard core evidence, they straight up, say in the screenshot from their policy. That hates me each is allowed. If its targeting white men there, you go there's straight up telling their facebook staff. This is twenty nineteen that if you target white man you're good, this is twenty nineteen. This is over one year ago, according to time stamp, that's all
has been going on, you think you're gonna win, you think trumps gonna win, I'm sorry! Man, listen, I think Trump can when I think the Republicans in the houses- and it can take it, but it will be the first. Of your lives. How long has this been going on and what conservative position did anything about it? and I will laugh as hard as I can laugh when TED crews lose his re election. To some Democrat I mean Texas, getting close what, when these were his conservative senators republican senator start losing their reelection? It did Democrats and I set it flips- I'm gonna laugh about it. I am because they ve they should have known They should have known what was going on and what have they done? I don't know talked about it. I guess maybe they can't do anything that are now to tell you operate this way if you are of the opinion that Republicans really do want to fight for years free speech but are being held back, then you need to make. Sure you and every single person you know, goes and pulls the lever for that Republican. So
house and undecided, are controlled by them and they actually vote to put in place reforms to stop these companies from from censoring people and from taking over public discourse. I am of the opinion that they don't surely care because we ve gotten lip service for many of them are then that's it. Nothing else So why should I? Why should I be convinced that any one of these people actually, Cares about what's happening or smart enough to do anything about it. It was twenty! Eighteen, when I said republicans- and I mean the politicians are to stew- bed to actually addressed us to an end. To save their own careers to save their own party to save their own ideas. They don't care. Many republican politicians came out and we're looking the roots of polluters and rioters and protestors decent amount. Actually, how many people came? Out and championed about Bobby small at when he was, was engaging in this Nous pokes or whatever, to be fair
Obama Wallace does his real name to be a bit more respectful he never actually, sir. The new someone told them any free doubt, and I can I can respect while you was freaking out, but how many people jumped on that same as Covington at all take full responsibility for jumping on the Nypd Shaggy extorting getting that wrong. But but my question, but the point of China bring up as every day when the left does something. The right is over eager to jump on board and sighed with their cultural outrage, not everything moment, but a lot of these as you will see, conservatives being like. Oh my, how could this have happened? when are we going to see more, just Tom Patent and tromp come out and say tearing down the statues was what was his horse. Where, where or any of the Republicans to say anything so now, the Republicans, in my opinion, do nothing. I have no idea what they're doing
keys used to the castle, politicians, man now a small handful that I do respect their people like Matt Gates, in my opinion, Josh Holly, to a bit had group. I call them out specifically because they are the ones who act would actually spoken up, but where are to lead this fight. Ever stop speaking about it. I don't know man, the Democrats just Benny there there they're on bent knee to the outrage mob destroying our history and culture, and these big tat come These have been lying over and over again, nothing happens. Just just nothing happens. The government has become toothless, and the cultural institutions have become overrun, so I dont know, in my opinion, like to know, in my view what any of these people could really do, but its laid out right here in front of your faces project vartos, probably dropped the biggest story they ve ever dropped. In my opinion, you ve got video footage going back a year, proving they have
to a double standard in the rules that its politically biased they are all saying the stuff it is. It is look when I saw this the first story from their. I was like you know what men excellent excellent work to James and the project. Verities team really really excellent, undercover journalism and we all this. How many of you are gonna, be surprised, I'm willing to bet that the entry? then this video is actually relatively low because we know this week, I need to see another video, another insight or coming on improving it to us. We I've seen it my videos have been taken down and on the milk toast but said our guy. All I do is talk about the article Youtube took down some of my videos and guess what I made a big think about it and then nothing changes. Rand Paul gave a speech on the Senate floor about a CIA employee having nothing to do with Ukraine. It was a
who was posted by C Span and Youtube deleted. The video that's where we're at every day, the ink, the increment their incremental stripping of our freedoms, are right. Knowledge is being taken away by a massive multi national private corporation and where the Democrats, but more private company they say and where there are people, Hence, while there are many republican voters who are scream of their lungs, there are many of them. Politicians who will passively put out a statement. Ask a question a margin. Robert. I then that's it I'll, tell you what Mark Zuckerberg set doesn't happen. Perjury charge come up, do it do so? The thing you, let me the guy poking sticks and command, do something you do something. I think it's hilarious when people post, unlike republican forms, our conservative or transforms you know, whereas the charge is arresting some people already and it's like you feel Euro Ophelia you'd, think Mark Zuckerberg, saying we don't do this sector
the same. We don't do this and they literally do it. There's no argument: they do it now, will lie, but there's no argument: it's there. It's how many times have you, times. Does James O Keefe need to open up silver Platter. Observer so a platter wearing no fancy white gloves, showing it and shoving it in the faces of the Republicans too big there. It is, they're lying to you for them to find really be like? Maybe we should actually do something where's the OJ can mark Zuckerberg Jack Dorsey, which I got in here. People lie under oath. Why shouldn't? name them specifically doll. I walked out back as I know who actually it s about under oath, but Zuckerberg Dorsey, son, DARPA Chinese other people are gonna, testifying front of Congress and say it's not happening what are you going to have to do something these massive multi, national private corporations arse
gripping away our ability to speak and public their steering our elections and they are lying to our politicians and no one does a thin I've been Watchin re runs out of the outer limits from the nineties. I love that show that was a bomb in the middle of one right now, where its slow the year is about twenty two something and north american states have merged into what they call the corporation, and I find it hilariously cliche this I find this dopey a novel of the corporation controlling everything. Government being on rights being stripped and it's funny because we have a constitution and honest off now, I'm sorry man listen not only have they been lying to our politicians who seem to be toothless and ineffective in Cancun. Done. We ve got the governors of certain blue states and and some red states enacting unconstitutional edict and the police with a smile on their face, just walk all over the constitution to dump on it and left the whole time. Yet
la police reform. There's a police reform in Colorado that says that if a police officer violates your civil rights, their liable for the twenty five thousand dollars and I'm clap, and you know why because when these police officers went to the gym near my home and arrested a guy for if it, identify himself because he went to the gym. I'm like pay up boys you're. Both bottom overhead violation of civil rights? If you violate the constitution, you will be responsible how many cops with a smile on their face to dump. Constitution when these, when these governor said do it and they did so look man we're watching all this happen, and that is this. I'm not confident and his wife made the jokes about the van down by the river. I think it's fair to cut size me when I when, when people say all you do is talk and complain for sure one hundred percent amok, I'm not gonna, go on protest, but to be honest for the most part it it's that Miss notes use two straight up. No excuse! You know what, let's all sit back and complaining
not until nothing gets done. The politicians aren't doing anything. So why should I bother voting? May It may be that maybe this is the one shot this November to actually get out and vote and try and see if these people actually pass reforms to protect democratic institutions and our right to speech our right to two assembly in all these things, maybe that's our one opportunity, because you can talk about defining the police and the placed barman. I agree that's true, but I have no respect for these cops, enforced, unconstitutional edicts from governors Is there any punishment for this? No, they they they stepped all over the constitution. They took a dump on it and nothing happened to them. They tear down statues, nobody arrested, they they break into a private condominiums and was cotton. Nothing happened, nothing. They are still writing to this day across the country. Media is now
the focus on it all that much because people are kind of over it yeah we get it still happening Portland Day, twenty seven. What else is new jobs may be falling apart, but what what am I supposed to expect? You you do tell me you know over and over again that should vote for Trump people tell me not to vote for tromp, that's obvious. They hate him. I'm asking. Why should I bother voting for the man, so we too great economy. I can respect that. That's a good reason a new wars. It's also a really really good reason for me, but we're talking about that. Lapse of our rights in this and these issues. What can I expect to get from voting for Donald Trump Helms? jokes, he'll go to rallies and say off color things. I don't care about that effect. I don't like it I want someone to stand up the mobile. They tore down. Thomas Jefferson and I want to Nepal, this fist on the table and say you will not
destroy our statues. Guess what Emmanuel Mccrone that it? France of all countries, he said you will not tear down our statues and that's what we get where our leaders men. I guess we don't have any We have bickering nonsense in a war. Leaders are right now it's black lives matter and Antifa, and you might not want to hear it, but it's true: the only people willing to stand up and slammed there fell on the table and take what they want has been the far left. That's it now I dont like them. I think they're inside but there are the only ones who have actually went out and made demands and took the democratically patients got on their knees for them. The Republicans said nothing, and here we are men. So project Berytus every single day. I just imagine a nice dapper. Looking well well, dressed. Ah James O Keefe National TOP hat walking up to you,
gloves on a silver platter and he opens up in the air. It is more evidence of censorship and political bias and election meddling, and ever what goes on there. It is thank you for showing us that you can take it away now and we're gonna go back to our conversation about nonsense. The people the people understand this, but the politicians don't and so the deserve to lose. But then what happens? Is the acceleration When the Democrats take over. These people are on their knees for the Woke mob, the I can say about the Republicans, at least about bending their knees, and there are a few that are standing up one one or two Democrats I believe stood up, but for the most part the democratic establishment has just got on their knees. So look man, I'm sorry I'll pessimistic. It's been its bits, not been a fun past couple of months for anybody. The next videos coming up at four p m. The national guard has been called in. The riots haven't ceased. Let's talk about it, a struggle which really going on
I'll see you all. Four of right TIM cast dot net. Thanks, rang out o Chaz. We hardly knew you u existed for just about two weeks and now it seems the end has come be capitol. Hill autonomous zone has basically collapsed and in its wake, is just a bunch of God age that nobody wants to be responsible for cleaning up. According to they'll, alot of protesters have left sales autonomous own leaders. Leader says in fact, a leader of sales autonomous protest Sunset Wednesday, a lot of protesters of all left the area. Following a call days earlier from the mayor for protesters to clear out you capital, Capitol Hill occupied protest in a statement posted Twitter on Wednesday Very few people remain in the protest down and that the chop project has now concluded. The statement was signed. And by the Capitol Hill occupied Protest Solidarity Committee who nobody, nobody was in charge. There's no leader, there's no committee, the bunch, a random.
People who signed a paper. Hats are released. We got the statement here and all Let me read this first and I will come back to this because they treated at this. I love how they start this. Dear comrades, in the struggle of the law two weeks we have achieved what no one thought possible. We successfully built a cell governing community and invent city leaders to enact meaningful police reform, including substantial budget cuts to the speedy. Let me add my take on this over the last two weeks. We achieved what no one thought possible. We went through all the stages of a communist. This Tokyo everything fell apart. Multiple do get people got shot, Uncle started. Complaining, alas, it was filed, tables got flipped everyone's mad. The garbage is still there the end now or to see what looks like When capitalism comes into clean up the mess of communism last night Solidarity Committee received notice from some of our trusted partners that persons and arc were in danger. We immediate
implemented. Our emergency relocation plan successfully evacuating most of the park. Thankfully no, inter materialised, However? We are now left with the reality that very few people remain in our beloved chop. This morning, census finds fewer than two dozen clustered near the east precinct. Eleven additional people are at the space needle, last night's Bula March had seventy participants a number we expect Turkey to continue to drop. It is time we You have to the next phase of our organizing and move from direct action to virtual activism, meaning nothing my do We call on everyone to continue the struggle through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and snapped. Yet we have held city officials, a cow. Double and can continue to do so in my in in a way that is safe for everyone. You know a lot of people were saying this was bait. They wanted tromp to invoke the insurrection act, comment, sweep everybody out and take over and then they would screen
Tromp was a dictator shutting down their summer of love, but I think, regardless of whether you think that this is just a massive net negative on local government, it makes the protesters look bad, makes the governor look bad, makes the mayor look bad. It makes basically all of them except Trump, looked at some. So maybe that's the argument and Trump didn't take debate. In the end, it falls apart kind of kind of obvious. What's gonna happen, good timing to tromp refused to come in several shootings. Happen and then there, like, ok, ok, ok, I'll clean as one up the chop project is now concluded. We, while we expect a very small handful of hold out, may try to remain in the chop no further. Organizing will be occurring to support this presence, and the number on site will be too small to be more than it more than an unknown it's for pedestrians, rather than a zone of blockade. We have been briefed that full rehearsing of of a speedy east prison staff into the station, well car no later than early next week and will be brief,
needed by removal of barriers and the reopening of streets to traffic. Who is this who sang this I'm but it's just some random person whose taken it upon themselves to sweep things up if people stay and remained than why would this group have any authority over the matter? If the big problem, the left, has they claim. There are leaderless movement, but the leaders are just hidden and they can make these things just that they can just do it. If there were people still there, you do not represent them. All they do is tell the press the process it and then it's a fact and then other Don Leftist won't show up, because the leaders told them not to fall how leaderless movements work. I say thank you to everyone for your support of the last two weeks. Congratulations on your victories, what victories them ultimately built that the guy who died in the people got shot. You should feel proud, let's let this momentum die. Please remember
to continue supporting the kind of revolutionary change we just created by voting for Joe Biden as President of United States in November and J and clay as governor of Washington and despite our occasional differences, we believe Jenny, Darken has stepped up and shown the leadership that will help us he'll. We urged to vote to real in twenty twenty one. Do no way. No way, I don't buy it. This was random. The chasse thing was totally random whatever this statement is I'm willing to bet it's some light campaign manager for Democrats straight up and now they're, just co opt in this by pretending to be official, but these people are as dumb as dumb can be bleak. Is support the revolution by voting for Joe Biden. Who's been enough, as for like five decades and gotten nothing done. Yes, that's the revolution, Joe Biden as the Revolution I don't know who this chop official is, but I he's gotta say that was one of the good
he things. I have ever read that Joe Biden is the revolution you mean the sleepy, the sleepy, perverted old man who stuck in his basement. That's you evolution. You know what I have no faith in the left wing. Anything at this point. They have become completely and not. I did their back there, their workers doing I might be willing to bet they work. The democratic party there not representing actual protesters walk, I mentioned- are still there, but it has mostly over they say According to Raz, the protests of jazz, have targets on their backs, and that is an issue. A lot of peaceful protesters are being harmed. So sad, that's where we're at in America, as result, Simone told CNN that a lot of people are gonna leave, and a lot of people have already left the Chop committee said
statement. It expects a very small handful of hold out to remain Seattle. Mayor Jenny, Jerkin said Monday. The city's police department would return to be abandoned EAST precinct after a week weakened during which three people were shot in the autonomous Gdps ran. That's feature you got would Joe Biden. She said the protests would still be allowed, but authorities would try to scale back evening activities by asking them to voluntarily leave rather than use force it's time for people to go home. It is time for us to restore Capitol Hill. So it can be a vibrant part of the community. Darken said a corner the saddle times the impacts on the businesses and residence in the community are now too much. Thousands of protesters have occupied the Erin Capital, Hell blah blah blah take us out. They have their own, the media. They say I it's been DIS established as of June. Twenty fourth disputed. They say no, the chess Chaz Danny's refuse to back down. Type, consensus decision making by daily meeting of protesters leader.
Rather Simone, I, I'm gonna tell you what men to the to the businesses of Chaz. I have no sympathy whatsoever. Do your row, your suing, the city sang they'd and step up. I don't care, you could have come out and spoke up at any point. You know what we are talking about this on the IRA. Podcast. Let me tell you something: I want to repeat this point, because I really love this on my deck. Ok, my backyard as birds nest under the birds found out, they can go, undermine support, beams and but nest, and they their little baby eggs right there in that nest, and apparently the cat found it. You guys may know of our cat buckle while he found at the little baby. Birds were right down to the wood, and so he crawl out there and he would stare at em inches away but blocked. He couldn't get to him. While the parents, both the mother and the Father Robins, went nuts, they flew up on
the DEC on the beam and they were screaming and it all the time they would scream at me and the cat noticeably story. But it means something to me. These robins knew they would die. I could I, the VP, powerful apex, alpha predator of the earth human being with his small, but fierce cat ally could end that Robin in a moment's notice, but the Robin stood. Violent screaming at us and yelling and calling for help and the craziest thing happened. Little birds are not Mamma S, village, it little Brown whereas I ve no idea. If they are sorry, swooping clause so my face and then landed. Start screaming to like they were still coming. Let me I like: woe: dude these robins his little birds knew what was at stake, but they were willing to sacrifice everything for their babies. These people in Seattle couldn't even stand up for them,
Selves. You see the point here that that I would be so inspired by this little bird is little bird saying I will die for what I believe in and was it about believing as my children. I will do anything for them these people, these businesses, couldn't stand up to a bunch of ragamuffins. I get it. It was dangerous before getting shot stand up for yourself. Man stop sitting idly by and letting people trounce all over where you live other demanding the city I was them unspecified damages. Ok, sure I can respect that to an extent the Chaz is falling apart, its disputed, but it's basically gone at this point. You had every opportunity to get up and speak up and go outside and tell them to leave, but you didn't do it why was it not that important to you, because you just wanted to be comfortable when everything done for you you're that entitled look man, people live
but when I read on the left in the millennials for being entitled little whiny babies who think everything should be handed to them, but perhaps many people me to look in the mirror as well, and I mean Everybody's deserving of this criticism do not expect the police to Sweden and save. You didn't expect Donald Trump to Sweden and save you with, We refuse to speak up for yourself when you, we'll lose your rights. It's that simple when sue the city, ok, fine, the cops shouldn't have bowed out you're supposed to rely on them, but hey you can't just sit there. Thinking least will always be there for me, but it city living right. That's why these people oppose a second amendment, because it big. Someone will always be there. Take care of things for them. Wake you waking. The riots should have shown you otherwise, and many people learn their lesson. I certainly learned my lesson. I just bought a ton of guns, a bunch of em
and I'm happy. So maybe that's the last thing you so taken from this guy did, but I can't expect anyone to be there for me and I must take responsibility for myself now. I did this in the past. When I quit my job, and maybe I should have taken this responsibly little earlier and got on gotten some firearms pet myself, but these people won't do it makes one everyone else to do the work for them. Sorry, man, your rights are not free freedom, isn't free the chances gone gates falling apart that gone completely. I guess some the people who live there have voiced their concern, and the next two days the police will return. So what happens next in this country, two thousand and twenty- has been a heck of a wild ride. I got a couple more things coming up in just a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly Donald Trump is not messing around and I thank him a b, the only person in politics- and I mean this actually standing up to the mob. Ok, this affair, Tom Cotton, is to Tom cotton sad. We cannot allow these data to be torn down, but Donald Trump husband has been spent
fire on the stuff. Now I gotta say I'm a little appointed Hank Newsome. I've actually- praise it many times. We disagree on certain issues I think he's a overall. It is is probably the good dude what he is, the guy who went to the there was a Trump rally and they invited him up on the stage to speak and he did and everyone cheered or him because in the end we have these conversations. You realize what kind of after the same things, maybe in different ways. We want to make our lives better. We want. We want our children's lives to be better at when he mentioned that he's just anti bad cop, not anti cop, because I too agree with now the conversation I really liked it. I've also seen him. You now talk about about some of his ideas that actually really respect, but I'm, happy about what he said here. He said something the effect of if they dont give us what we aren't we will burn the system down and make our own tromp responded, saying it's treason, sedition and insurrection, while its literally not treason treason, is providing aid to an enemy of United States but you're
caught sedition or insurrection yeah. Maybe you have no right to threaten people with burning down anything you war. Dare I say this is getting on the border of terrorism? Listen, I like Hank, ok, but this is a step too far when you have mass riots across the country. Then someone a leader of the black lives matter, movement, gets on tv and says you give us what we want. But we will burn it all down as a threat. I'm sorry man, we can operate this way, Tell you what you threaten me. I shut down negotiations immediately, dont you bring it into my house. I want to make sure you guys get taken care of. I want to make sure that you have your rights. I want to hold these cops accountable, but you threaten me You threaten my house, my family, my friends, my clearly my city, my state, my country, not we're done we're done you're out. I won't tolerate that me personally. No, so I am very disappointed that he would say something like this. You're, not gonna, burn down anything, absolutely not working at work,
we're gonna talk about these problems, and I am someone who is like let's fixer much victimised police reform. I, like some of these reforms, are implementing Notably in Colorado, they said that if you have a cop vi, late- someone civil rights there was there liable for the twenty five thousand dollars. Oh bring it on. You wanna illegally search me in my vehicle, I'm internet Cameron, as I could go for twenty five k: payday, not don't violate people's rights. What's that, hold on a minute. Didn't all these copses violate constitutional rights under the governor governors mandates, oh man, what they? you want to come and shut. My business down was taken to court. Baby. Second use twenty five k right, plus legal fees anyway, three the story you download comes out about they say Height Newsome spoke to Fox NEWS and Wednesday night. I was asked about his job third interview with daily mail in the interview with male with the daily mail. He said the black raw, our group is mobilizing its base and aims to develop highly tree
military arm to challenge police brutality had on Newsome, was asked about how those comments about those comments on foxes. Here's what he said if this country doesn't give What we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it not sorry brought a threat began. Do that and I could Speaking figuratively, I could meet me speaking literally. It's a matter of interpretation are right, If you want to put their way, I'm gonna go and interpret that as a terrorist act statement. Not I'm I'm not gonna sit here and accept these statements. Look man, I respect for. You hang for a lot of things you said and done in the past. I think you ve done some good things, but this is crossing a line. Now I am just get on the internet complaining first and foremost, and I'm all so very forgiving, trusting and tolerant. So I'm just hoping that Hank will step back from this and say we're not gonna burn things down. Ok, If you want to say you want to burn down, then say: I'm I'm, I'm speaking metaphorically, like
now go and work in a vote. Working to make these changes were in a vote. You outward to take your jobs and we ve been appoint. People get the job done. I respect that you could say we will engage in such a mass civil disobedience. You will not be able to move. I can respect that to you want your own agenda, the system, you are blocked the roads. I believe that is the appropriate line now you get arrested for it. It's one of those challenging things talking about civil disobedience, because some of these things you can do cross the line into criminal territory, but very petty you're. The cops arrest you they are charged with any knowledge ago. You block roadway, they they take you out there. They sent me on your way and then I find respectable. You cause disruption, you get attention and we know statistically, it works because it generates positive conversations. You get the attention you're looking for its called civil disobedience now the violent stuff, the gun stuff, the going around and beaten people stuff, no eternal statues, absolutely not do not threaten me. I will not negotiate Trump on Thursday head back.
Calling his marks treason sedition, an insurrection. Racial tension has exploded. We know why there was do this. Hundreds of thousands of protesters have taken to the streets from cities coastal coast calling for police reforms, but the protest, largely peaceful have sometimes turned violent with looting and arson. We can see a bunch of these photos, the protests have also target monument, see ok, so so so so we get, it would check it out. Trump is not just Talking about. What's going on with you know, Hellenism statement Trump personally ordered the state. You have Confederate soldier Albert piked be put back up in DC after was torn down my protesters ungenteel while limits I some, I believe these confederate statues should come down. Every single one of them, and it may be that every single one I don't know what that without contest could be. Maybe there's a good one like or this one that actually Minos is important for certain reasons. Many these statues, I don't care, for. I don't care for the confederacy.
I think that we are the union and we are the descendants of those who won whether you are from the south from the north. The union won, and let me tell you something: they talk about reparations. We are the union Ok, the confederacy lost by all means you operations. You know what I say this on. One hundred percent in favour of operation by all means, go to the confederacy, ask them for what they owe you and then what back and wait and see. If you get a response, the union soldiers, the abolitionist, fought and won the south was defeated. You're not getting operation from the people who already sacrificed their lives. It makes no sense so I'll tell you what the confederacy edge is in my opinion should come down. However, I don't believe violent mobs be going and tearing them down and they complained, but till we ve tried to ought to have them removed, but Nobody will ever vote to remove them. Yeah welcome to our them credit institution works? If you vote and everyone Says-
the statue, then you keep the statue, so I'd like to see the statues come down, but you know what I am happy that Donald Trump put it back one hundred percent as much as I think, they're gross statues I dont like then the history of them, in my opinion, doesn't make a whole lot of sense a modified, but you know what you do not have the right to destroy statues without due process without talking the people without voting on these things, and they but we shouldn't have to walk past statues of slavery and things like this. I agree with you. I dont like these things, put him in a museum I mean it was set up. A museum show people what happened wide happened and we can put a plaque in its place and say this site commemorates, you know that the union victory over the south of a block, their wants to the staff of the confederate soldier that was removed by vote by the community who said acts, wines ABC it will not be ruled by the mob we will not bear
the need to those who simply want to destroy without giving reason I'll tell you this bait recently claimed for tearing down is just not real because there also tearing down abolitionists nine other, not all the same people, its various states and cities. But you know what Donald Trump did the right thing on this one if the baby wants to destroy things ever tougher tension When you put the baby and time out, you think you won by tearing down the statue. Now you violated our our norms. You violated the rule of law I am standing near saying I will advocate for the removal of the statue, but not when you come with ropes and tear it down without talking to the people without educating the people without asking the people what they You are not the Supreme Moral Authority on any of this. Now I again, I will agree on principle about the statues coming down. But I do not have the right to assert my moral authority over anyone else, but these people are authoritarian. They have decided that the moral,
priority is theirs and they can do whatever they want. So I see this trump. Personally ordered the statute to be put back good. Good like that, and let this be a lesson, this whole segment to people who had threatened us with terrorism. That is not how we get things done. All you want to do is destabilize and destroy. I'm not have Hank. I think, for the most part, still like the guy, I do and I'm very tolerant of of of people. I'm talking about race or gender, I'm talking about people in their character. I want to see Hank do I want to see him walk these things back and say we believe in peaceful discourse. We believe in to defend ourselves- and I thank him and they're going to have their with their own people trained in armed, I'm totally for it. One hundred percent you're the right to bear arms in this country of a second amendment, and you know what, if I want my right, that means you get your rights all the same. So if you want to have your people marching on,
here here. That's the way the constitution works, and you know what I'm gonna respect that. But if you want to then come out and say you burn down. Our cities are system our statues. Nowhere does it say you can ok now some might argue that in some quotes they say why, when a government becomes destructive to these ends is the right of the people to abolish, replace, etc. You know the quote, but I'll tell you what man it's not. It is not structure of this country is a it's the shining city on the hill, it as a beacon of of of goodness and freedom and civil liberties and rights, and I know that first hand coming from my family and what my family with, so I will not sit here after the struggles that people have have fought and have you come and destroy everything, because let me remind you, Once again, you are standing on the ground of the victors. The union, one the people you're mad at lost.
Got a smack down hard and people on the north. This the union side, sacrificed their lives. Let me tell you something else: you are standing on the ground of the victory of the civil rights movement, loving, V, Virginia and all of those those policies and rules that came afterwards that allowed my family district to strive to succeed where they were, how back oppressed and attacked, and I know my experience and I could be the same as people like Hank, but these these white progressive, suburban. I people who want to destroy the system that allowed my
family to finally finally make it. I will not stand for it. Your terrorist threats will not stand and I will not negotiate. Let's get back to this. It lets it was less gonna table set down, and I got news for you if you can't convince people to vote to remove these statues than you have not done a good enough job, communicating and convincing people. We are not a country where you can. You can gain your political power of the barrel of a gun. Perhaps we used to be, but guess what you are standing on the ground controlled by the Victor's. The people who shot those things down to one or two years ago. Three years ago, colonization, all those things- are really hate right, guess what an idea was born that all people are equal, not initially, but over time. The court's ruling guess what today Victory is already in your hands, so dont burnt down because you're mad you want more. Now we keep fighting for it to make things better. These people want to send his back to the dark.
It is, and I won't stand for it. I got one more Simon coming up in a few minutes. I will see, while shortly speculation is emerging about a pie. Simple massive loss it against Facebook, because Facebook had I believe this one is a contractor. She was less than employer Facebook, but she out right said in a project vera toss secret, recording no one's, got us out something about no defending white people or something like that. She was talking about how they can ban or remove or fire whenever based on race. So long as the person is white nuggets. What arguably that's illegal facebook is a public accommodation. You can't ban some one based on their race, specifically. Here is the first in a James, O Keefe noted senior human resources, business partner, Facebook, Leslie Brat Facebook, Leslie Brown quoted in today's release, saying that no one has the white man's back anymore has changed her linked profile,
who for association to Facebook, and we can see in this clip it less at Facebook and then a day later. U S, tech solutions. James O Keefe says Senior, your business partner, Leslie Brown, has been fired after project verities released a video with her saying that that she she believed they weren't getting the backs of white men or that no one was Facebook says comments made, are not consistent with our policies. Reviewing training and oversight is huge. This I'm an on camera and the many employees may have opened up Facebook to antitrust activities to major lawsuits seriously. Massive lawsuits think about it. There, organizations that aren't allowed to advertise based on certain certain political positions. Facebook argue there's no political bias. Now we have even more proof. There is now, of course, earlier. I said that I dont think anything come of this, because James O Keefe, with his
The joke I made is that he keeps walking with a very fine tuxedo top hat with a silver platter wearing white gloves any he pulls the top off the platter and theirs or and more evidence at Facebook is plain dirty games that twitter that you, too, that all these companies are playing dirty and nothing changes. So why should I expect? Why should expect anything else to happen? They fired somebody. Ok, now what they'll claim? Oh, it was her speaking for herself, and once we found out how evil she was, we got rid of her. Maybe Are we willing to go on the record and now spill the whole all the beans? I think that would be the appropriate response for to come out just say up: here's what happened because primitive. Is she just basically made a very racist statement about white people in, like you might think it's against what
people now it really does sound like she's defending white people, saying that no one has their back anymore. It sounds like she's kind of upset about it. The way she framed it perhaps her best, but at this point is to just come out and spill all the beans as to what her company was doing and about the censorship but, like I said men nothing's going to happen, I really do not believe policy wise company why is anything? Will change has been years now? How long does it need to happen? How long is on how much evidence do you need from James O Keefe would legit people on the record sang it over and over and over again before someone actually does something it won't. It won't change Sorry, three years ago, four years ago, how long have we been saying? I believe the initial story can Antoine Seventeen, that these platforms are biased against conservatives. Neither biased against conservative ideas or does targets moderates, but there also biased against the Anti WAR left for sure it's just more conservative are getting poorer than anti war. Leftists boat happens,
I've been going on for years, and we warned you over and over again wait till twenty twenty and it will get worse and it has its only got worse and nothing has been done. Out at how many times do I have a scream from the heavens until some of these politicians actually do something bad. There is one thing happening, though there seems to be a mass exodus to a website called parlay, spelled p r, l e r and functions, kind of like twitter. It's got a much bigger. If you you get more characters that sought to eighty, as I think that a thousand characters. You can actually right low blog posts. We see a major influx of users after I believe, was Katy Hopkins got banned permanently from twitter. They then band carpet Duncombe, who is now in parliament, and we are seeing a bunch of people previously banned now popping back up, notably people like saga of a cod.
Who was banned from all these other platforms and Laura Loomed was as well and now they have huge followings their able to recover their audience. Dare I say I think parlay may have actually won the alternative platform battle. So far now look there was gab. I think one of gaps problems early on is that the first people to get banned were the right, so they all jumped over to gab. Creating apply up a place that wasn't particularly mainstream and conservatives didn't want to be because surprise, surprise, conservatives aren't there not very racist. Are they unites? Us is not a very races country. As it, and these are not very because some people obviously are notably the lot and also its fair point out. A lot of people on the left are very races. I'll, tell you what we're seeing this action, but I've got bad news from view on parlay like clock
work? The machine churns? This is the same. The same thing has happened over and over again for every single alternative platform. You get mainstream big tack, bands of people they jumped to an alternative platform, the media than accuses that platform of being far and white nationalist. Then you get Google and DNS and all his other us US services. Freezing things shutting them down and they stop working. The bulwark says the far right establishes autonomous zone safe space, app parlay, ah now parliament around for quite some time, and a lot of people have used it for quite some time, so they have an established anything but think about. Look, look, look, look out. They frame of the far right, MRS regular conservatives. It is literally free speech crisis. Of lakes seeking a space to vent about their triggered feelings, you see what they do. First, they tell you it as a private platform. If you dont, like
go find your go. Make your own platform, its America writes a private business, so they do then they chased them their call them far right insult them and then been little em for doing exactly what they suggested. Conservatives do that's the way the game is played. I suppose the bulwarks as twitter will soon fade into a little cry room for the leftist babies when need to from words. User Snyder Arched tweeted Wednesday night, a man an exodus of right wing, twitter users too, competitor, social app, called parlay The irony seems lost on him and others while literally reach Reading from a dominant public forum, many users seem to believe that they are on the offensive against Jack. The co found the founder of Twitter against a conspiracy of anti conservative bias, implemented via shadow bans and rigged algorithms accept. We have evidence over and over again proven its true nature, the funny thing among parlay and among minds and among bit shoot and I'm not.
On parlay, because I want to leave twitter now, I'm there because there's an audience there of specific people who are also on Twitter. Let me on shock the mind of this writer Anna Yellowest, who obviously just try to be selling and funny, but let me just tell you this comes becomes a surprise, but I actually use Youtube and Twitter Y know. I know: could this be so but on Youtube and twitter. How is it? But what's this? What's this right there you're my phases, as at TIM cast what could possibly mean? Oh my I'm on more than one social media platform wow, who could have ever thought of some devious and brilliant subversive strategy, To use more than one social media platform, somebody tiresome of other cod is not on twitter. But you my lot you might like following the man. Well, you
Now follow him on a blogging platform called parlay. While you simultaneously use twitter, it's really that easy. Isn't it parlay is not the same as Facebook or twitter theirs, Ladys but they're all somewhat different and I can use both. So no, I dont think anybody is sticking to Jack Dorsey. Major brands use twitter, the procedures twitter, but I will tell you this: if Donald Trump right now was smart, if his campaign was smart, they would get Donald Trump do go on parlay right now: they won't do it, they won't do it now, maybe something they know. I don't, and I think it is fair to point out maybe they're trying to use the whole censorship and biased thing to their advantage, claiming that their victims, I dunno, but if Donald Trump, on parlay right now and if any posted something exclusive like here, something we
when I'm doing every single media will be forced to cover it. They would embed the post, their screen shot it and then all of a sudden everybody would know what parlay was, and it would be that SIMPLE Donald Trump need only snap his fingers, you know Twitter was actually doing bad before Donald Trump came along and then Donald Trump Jumpin and created this political discourse because he was there because whose bombastic it because he was powerful people followed peoples are signing up like crazy tromp made twitter, wealthy and other censoring em. All tromp pass to do is go to parlay, but why only do it? I don't know he could have gone to any one of these platforms, perhaps now Parlez
right place is right right. The right place to bleed to beat, I believe, the Trump campaign is there. The Trump team, I believe, Brad PAR scale, is manager, TED crews, I believe, signed up and many other high profile individuals, but Donald Trump needs to introduce a little market. Competition into the mix. Donald Trump should come on a parlay and he should address the nation specifically through this platform, and the media can ignore it perhaps, but then he can just mention on Twitter, that's where he is well. They built into it to ignore that nicely, don't believe so I dont believe it could. They might try, they dont want to give parlay the power trump should do it. So I'll tell you what, if you know the president or somebody Anna staff, ask him: why not doing It makes no sense to me. I know that Danske have you known, Brad PAR scale are savvy dude, they know social media. Why not again? Maybe they know something I doubt, but I'm really curious, why they don't just have trouble in any one of these platforms post something bomb asked Dick and then watch the media cry and scream
and then parlay ends up with fifty million users overnight. Look at all the people follow Trump on Twitter. What if he was only posting parlay, they have to follow in their right. They wanted it, but I have no idea, but look I'll. Tell you this James, O Keefe likely will pull up more and more evidence all day night and a kind of feel bad Henry James. I do you know why, because you have done so much to prove these companies do this. Almost like everyone, just collapse and pat on the back and and walks away, nothing happens. Maybe it's just me. That's what it feels like any well leave at their necks segments coming up tomorrow at ten, a m and I'll see you all them.
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