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New York Muslim Community Patrol Faces BACKLASH From Locals

2019-02-07 | 🔗

Muslim Community Patrol Faces BACKLASH From Locals. Some feel that this group may appear too much like NYPD while even local muslims are concerned that this group could cause a major backlash against their community if they are seen doing something wrong.The fears are not without merit. A few years ago a jewish group called Shomrim was criticized for being "judge and jury" after beating a man they say was committing a crime.But while many conservatives and republicans are concerned that this may be a sharia law police force the group says they are just a "community watch on steroids." They also aren't the only group with the Asian patrol and Jewish patrol groups having existed for years.

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Recently, many people in New York were shocked to discover that what they thought was a New York Police Department vehicle was actually something called. The muslim country patrol many conservatives. Online were concerned that this was an independent. Sharia police force that was forming because there's fear that these groups operating other countries and other cities. Now it's not exactly true, but that does Mean Lobo still aren't, sat near times recently rent a story about how many neighbours consider them a nuisance. But the context of this actually goes a bit. However, when you realise this is not the first group there's a jewish group and even an asian community patrols today, Let's take a look at what's going on this Muslim committee patrols and the other instances where similar things have happened over the past several years before we get started, make sure you had over to you to dot com, Slash sub, verse, videos. We are rolling out a new kind of boring news- shall I say, boring because it's gonna be pretty straight news, but this is port. Of our digital newsroom roll out we're going
building out a public and private newsroom unmindful complementary to sign up and follow me their minds, dot com slashed him casting, and if you want to support these videos and support my work, you can simply just share this video and helps by the message from the New York Times. Muslims form community patrol some neighbours say no thanks. The self funded group sees itself as a neighborhood watch, but there was alarm after its cars were spot in Brooklyn. Without warning or explanation is one of the most important bits of context in the story, the outfit the man is wearing is almost identical to an end. Why PD outfit? The vehicle is designed to look just like the unwise PD as many people concerned that they're trying to impersonate officers. But let's, where the story and see what people I D say, the story starts with a man named Mr Ali, who was among the first thirty members of the all volunteer muslim community patrol and service, is preparing to great and neighbourhoods in Brooklyn, with the goal of growing its fleet of two cars to five by the end of the month and eventually exe. Landing citywide. The group recently held a training led by off duty officers from the police departments. Seventy second precinct,
It's like a neighborhood watch but on steroids, said Nora by the groups. Thirty one year old. Vice president who lives and Sunset Park, as word of the new patrol, has begun to spread the backlash swift, even among some members of the muslim community, who have criticised the lack of information and even question the need for the patrol like the shop? that patrols, largely hasidic neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol that operates mainly in sunset park. The new group believe to be the first of its kind in the country, hopes function as extra sets of eyes and ears for the police. The unarmed civilian patrol will offer translation services. Its members are fluent in any. Seven languages explained cultural nuances report, suspicious activity, respond to traffic accidents and even help and searches for the missing. The patrol has the support of Brooklands Borough President Eric L, atoms and assistant chief Brian J Conroy, the commanding officer
patrol borough, Brooklyn Self. The story goes on to mention that they didn't expect the vitriol unleashed when a photo of their new double parked patrol cars on Fifth Avenue in Bay Ridge turned up December. Twenty first on Facebook and later on, Instagram hostility spread after The far right canadian website rebel media posted a snippet on Youtube, the ugly My comments, included accusations at the group was a stocking here. For Sharia LAW and, worse, I expected some sort of wait. What is that, but not wait? What the hell is that Mr Rama set The big difference some in the Muslim Committee were equally startled, but for a different reason. The car. Resemblance to end. Why c p d cruisers stoked anxieties, rather than allayed them. So may I remind the adult education and women's empowerment manager at the Arab American Association of New York, based in Bay Ridge, said a single messed up from the patrol could reflect poorly on the cities entire muslim community. She said more outrage to community leaders was essential before patrols began operating until then she offered this message. We don't want you
here our community in January, Pga media report on the story and got a statement from the Nypd. They said this is an animal pity vehicle sergeant. Just Comic Rory told Pga media, then why PD did not outfit or label this vehicle. This group is not officially sanctioned by the and why pity- and they are object to law. One of the questions I have is not about any conspiracies or concerns over Sharia LAW is whether or not this could be construed as impersonating, an officer from a distance there wearing police uniforms from a distance that vehicles in and why pity vehicle if someone's and encountering some kind of danger and runs towards them, but it turns out not to be an officer that could be really dangerous for everybody involved. Now it's true what their wearing is not officially and my pity uniform the vehicles are not and why PD vehicles as the police, farmers even said, but a certain point. You have to question whether or not their true. To imitate the police, which I think it's clear they are, and that's that's probably got across the line at some point-
Now a lot of people are concerned there going to be enforcing Sharia LAW and what that, I think, that's relatively unfounded, although they did give a statement about stopping people, whore, smoking, weed or things of that nature, and that leads me to believe they might actually go one step further than the police, though they can't arrest people or do anything about it. I D think there's much to worry about, especially when you consider that for the past few years there has been basically the. Same thing in the jewish community and the asian trinity. Now before I talk about those, I want to point out, I am critical of any identity. Carrion patrol group, if you want to form a community watch, I think Antarctica, but when I talk about city wide and muslim, only that's kind of disconcerting. Why can't we just have Kennedy watch for everybody. I'm concerned that if we have jewish patrol asian patrol muslim patrol people, might they might get odds with each other and it could actually make things worse. We keep in mind these people have been trained minors, any they'd been trained by the unwise Peter,
and their functioning. As a committee watch group back and twenty sixteen, we saw this story: Brooklands private jewish patrols, wield power, some call them bullies and you can see in the photo something very similar. This looks, slight and Nypd Mobile Command Centre at even says, Mobile Command Centre Crown Heights division, but its has shown room on it and it looks like there's Hebrew on this but you can see the emblem. It does appear that this was done first in the jewish community, not the muslim community, the story from twenty sixteen starts the call went out as a code. One hunt A sex crime, a man was masturbating in a grey Sunday near some children on a street in rural park, responding the radio alert several members of the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol Hasidic Watch, grew popped into their vehicles and headed towards the scene arriving in their uniforms and skullcaps. They surrounded the Sunday, but the driver tried to fleet then they chased him down and tackle them. The man pulled a gun for of patrolman, known as some room for the Hebrew for guards were injured in the melee
the data follow. They were hailed as heroes by a parade of politicians that was in September twenty tonnes, but within three years as the case of the gunman David Floors, Minnesota Court, a very different narrative, When Mr Flores went on trial, his lawyer argued that he had not exposed himself, but instead had been preemptively attacked and fired has gone only in self defence and all recording entered into evidence featured a nine one. One call from a witness reporting: the shamrock repeatedly kicked, Mr Flores, after dragging him from his car when the jury reached a verdict, it acquitted the defendant of the assault tempted, murder and the underlying lewdness allegation. He was convicted only of a gun possession charge as the jurors left, some of them were so upset. They stopped to hug the defend its mother. The shamrock can't decide if they're going to be the judge. Jury in execution are in the middle of the street. One of jurists told the data news in twenty fourteen, we saw this story of Brooklyn. Asian Safety Patrol has Nypd go ahead. A team about fifteen eighty american residents calling them so
The Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol have started watching the streets of Sunset Park with Walkie talkie uniforms and two Nypd style patrol cars. The civilian observation patrol is similar to sham room, a volunteer jewish watch group in communities such as borough park and what Burke. This story also mentions that they don't have the authority to stop and detain people, but they all nine one one or the presents DES sergeant if they witnessed a crime or spot someone acting suspiciously and why pity officers can then come and stop question and first people when warrant. It is important to understand the context behind the Muslim community patrol, because this has been going on for a long time. It apparently started with shamrock- maybe not even start with them, but they were doing it for years. We then saw asian patrol which actually has and White PD styled Cars Only recently we ve seen the launch of Muslim Committee patrol, so I dont think would be fair to criticise. The muslim community for doing this when the asian and jewish community have done it
Well. But, as I mentioned at some point, I think it is worrisome when the patrols that are being organised, our identity based, we should probably just have community watch. We should probably have New York Citizen Patrol, but one of the reasons that people have said the Muslim Committee patrol is justified as because of an increase in hate crimes. But I think the appropriate response is just to demand more of the police departments to get them more active and involved in community policing. I get kind of worried when I see asian jewish Muslim. What's next I mean everyone's Mozart forming their own community patrols. How long until we have conservative community patrol or feminist community patrol. Maybe we just need local neighbourhood watch groups to protect all people of all face all identities and to say that you look if you, if you live in New York, if you're an american we're here for each other, not only those who represent our values or part of
our group, but I feel like the rise of an anti terrorism on the left and in mainstream America is exemplified by what we see here: the jewish community doing this for years, the asian country and now the muslim community. That's the bigger issue, in my opinion, don't think, there's gonna be any Sharia law enforcement. I think that's silly to think when a couple guys with two cars are driving around. But what does concern me: is the identity and split the concern over a muslim group or a jewish group instead of just our communities and at the same time its you gotta point out these guys their dressing like cops and at some point there going to call someone problems, as we saw in the story from the shamrock. Some guy may have exposing himself or doing something looting in the car, and it turned out that the jury mode, we saw the shamrock as the bad guys. Vigilante justice ends poorly,
You don't wanna much people running around claim me police. We want a police force that we can hold accountable, eliminating the comments below locate the conversation going. I know there's a lot of people who are really really concerned about this. They believe that you know it's gonna turn into a real patrol thing, but I think that is, I think, that's an exaggeration, because, while it may result in problems for short, while I think it probably will- I don't think it's fair too. Like their goal, is specifically to enforce religious ideology, Morceau just to police our communities and try and keep them safe and do things that other groups have done as well again on critical of it. I think it's a bad move, but I dont think it has been a lot of people think what you come up: Halloa mutually bookkeeping, Patient going, you follow me on mines at minds, dot, com slashed him gas station, new videos, everyday four p m and I have more videos on my second channel Youtube com slashed him gas new start at six p m thanks rang out, and I will
you all next time.
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