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Ocasio Cortez And Far Left Are Sabotaging Democrats Reelections On Purpose, Democrats Falling Apart

2019-09-18 | 🔗

Ocasio Cortez And Far Left Are Sabotaging Democrats Reelections On Purpose, Democrats Falling Apart. AOC recently endorsed a primary challenger to a sitting House Democrat which is what we all expected based on her past statements. But you'd think the Democrats would rally behind those most likely to win reelection.AOC has protested Nancy Pelosi and repeatedly obstructed Democrats plans, even voting in line with republicans in some instances, though for different reasons.The far left Democrats plan is to "shred the establishment" and to attack it to its core, at least that how TYT host Cenk Uygur described it in 2016.Moderate and centrist Democrats did the best in 2018, yet they seem to think they can work with the far left in good faith. Kyrsten Sinema is currently under threat of censure for only voting against Trump 81% of the time. Apparently overwhelmingly supporting Democrats is not enough, they want total submission.The result won't be what the far left thinks. Moderates stand the best chance of winning but if the far left democrats disrupt and sabotage incumbent Democrats then they will only weaken their party. Republicans and Trump will keep winning while the left is busy dealing with the far left.

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The democratic party is going to be purged and destroyed, at least that's my preliminary prediction. We can see how Nancy Pelosi tries to cosy up to the far left squad, desperate to hold things together and try and pushed back Republicans. Unfortunately, it does Work- and you know why doesn't work or cause your quarters and the other far left. Oh have no intention of acting in good faith and working with the democratic path and we ve got more than enough evidence to show it. This first story o cause. Or TAT endorses progressive primary challenger to house democratic lawmaker. You would think a Democrat would endorse a Democrat in a flip, a bull district find a Republican, see endorse the Democrat and hope the Democrat can win and you can expand that the trial,
That is the democratic Party. That's not what they are doing. Their intention is to destroy the Democratic Party and don't take my word for it. This is coming from Genk Euchre of the young Turks we're going to shred the democratic establishment it will get into the story. But it's not just this. Even Kirsten Cinema is being slammed in three with censure because she only voted with the Democrats. Eighty one percent of the time I could you not will read the story to the intention of the far left is to purge or destroy the Democratic party they're not going to take it over they're not going to gain power They are going to destroy it, and this is what two things I've been so angry about. There is no principled left anymore there, the desperate moderates, We want to stay in power, the corporate tests and the far left that seeks to eliminate them. When it comes, two to actual policy. What we have we have Donald Trump laying down is plans changing roles, appropriating funds. We have a meeting
that's obsessed with its tweets and we have a democratic party embroiled in a civil war. What will come of this? In my opinion, Donald Trump RE election and the collapse of the Democratic Party? maybe by twenty twenty four twenty twenty eight will see a new democratic party emerging new coalition form, but the data is shown us have highlighted this over and over again, the Democrats are arts are splitting between the far left and the centre, and the far left is younger and more vibrant and seeking to destroy the establishment, as I've just shown you if there is a lot to do, I wanna go through these stories. Talk about what's going on with AOL, Carson Cinema person said about, but I can show you that's not going to work for them. The far left is not going to win. This Americans dont like them, we have another story? A Yossi. Vulnerable to a primary challenge: survey, fines. So even if they cause enough damage to shred the democratic establishment in the end, they will not succeed.
This may be, in my opinion, the complete frat fracturing and at least for a long time, the end of the Democratic Party or Please I don't I describe it, I won't say, will be wiped out completely. I think it's too strong of an establishment, but I think they're going to be crippled for a long time and struggle to have any kind of coalition or vote. Let's get started with this fort story from before we do at over its him cast outcome slashed on it. If you would like to support my work, there is our multiple You can donate pay pal, crypto, physical, edged with best thing you can do is share this video may notice. I'm highlighting a sea and then story on purpose, but I want to stress Youtube: we'll prop up the big channels and de Rank independent. Commentary. If think, what I'm saying is important, then please
set are sharing this video wherever you can, because one thing you tube, can't de rank and that's your ability to share a link. So, if you like the content, please, your blood red from CNN O cause your Cortez of of New York on Tuesday, through her support behind a progressive primary challenge, to read down Le Pen's, give Illinois lawmaker, who is considered to be one of the most conservative house, Democrats O Casual, Has called Mary Newman challenging the congressmen and twenty twenty after unsuccessfully challenging him and the twenty Eightth Midterm primary quote a grassroots fighter for working families. In a statement on Twitter. It's going to take a straw, a bigger, stronger democratic party, one, that's return.
To our f, the our roots and fights for working people to change our future and twenty twenty she treated adding. We can't afford deep blue seats, fighting against healthcare and equal rights. We need Mary for Congress, but here's the thing. I think the problem of the Democrats as we have wrong centrists, Joe Biden, is not these centrist. We want he's a remnant of the old guard and neither was Hillary Clinton. These far left us try to claim that moderate policies don't work, because Well, look at Hillary Clinton, she lost, but Hillary Clinton was a old men, sex, corporatist internationalist there's so much wrong with what Hillary Clinton represented. Bernie Sanders. The time was being a bit more moderate he's now endorsed the far left establishment. There's there's like two establishments that cultural and
political on the left and burn he's gone full swing into debt and a terrier nonsense, calling for a moratorium on deportations, he's lost. It is on a moderate position. That is an extreme position all get into all of that. Oh I've got some wonderful data to show you how nuts the Democrats have done. But the point is these: are not the candidates that we as moderates and left leaning individuals are looking for. Not a Yossi and not Joe Biden, which means you know someone like me. Who is very much in favour of tolls. He gathered, who has been more moderate on key social and cultural issues. There they're they're keeping her out, and so it's very likely that actually not let me say this way, you have progressives, you have moderates, you have establishment and we're not unified. Ok, I'm looking for a democrat someone like Dulcy. They don't like her. Oh cause, your grotesque looking for a Bernie or Warren, perhaps, and then you, the establishment. Looking for Abiden there's no unity here, it's falling apart and EO sees attacks
I'm a credit party are just evidence that it's only going to get worse. They say, and endorsement from a cosmic or tat was quickly established herself as a progressive icon, currently in her first term in Congress and as a ass, a form social media could give a boost to any candidate the New York Dammit, also recently endorsed democratic, Senator, add Marquis of Massachusetts and his twenty twenty reelection bed. Is viewed by many liberal Democrats as an as out of step with his party have voted against the affordable care act. The only congressional Democrats to identify as anti abortion rights and did not endorse. Then, President Barack Obama's reelection, but that in twenty twenty one, twenty two, twenty twelve and twenty, They're going to say that Newman, in contrast, is running on a progressive platform, including supporting the green new deal and Medicare for all she's, backed by Justice Democrats. The progressive organization that support it cause your Cortez when she ran successful primary challenge to veteran House democratic, democratic lawmaker, Joe Crowley. Now here's the important point: I'm not gonna, get into two
ass. You get it you'll see is endorsing someone to challenge a Democrat. Why might this be taken over the story from point? Sixteen Genk Hugo we're going to shred the democratic establishment. He says quote: we just elected a madman and incompetent monster as president of United States. He said I did see this coming, but it gives me no job The reason I kept telling the Democratic Party that there was an iceberg had is not that I wanted to hit it is I what I wanted to avoid it? But here's usually says the who's responsible. The losers are the Dnc and Hillary Clinton and her entire staff. That's was responsible We were right and they were wrong. We said pick Bernie Sanders what a lead over tromp, but in their incompetence and corruption. They said no, more importantly, the end You go said. The democratic establishment in away like the republican establishment needs to go down. We are going to shred the democratic establishment, we're going to attack it at its core because
They do one more election like this, where they support corporatist politicians. They will destroy this country and we're not going to let them do it. We're going to take over the democratic party. Euchre said they have endangered the entire world with their incompetence. So I believe, junk is sincere. I believe his intention is to take over the Democratic party. Now he will as our aid from Justice Democrats. I believe that the organization, because of what he got cancelled, someone found old posts or something he made that we're offensive and they booted from the organization which I think is patently absurd, but gent doesn't understand. One thing: the result of civil conflict in any capacity is is, is massive collateral most of all sides, you can stop the establishment, but at the cost of democratic victory,
Why Democrats were so long have embraced the establishment they don't want to lose? So I think it's fair to be upset and say something needs to be changed, but perhaps now that you have progressive Democrats, you should use the power they feel that their influence to go after Republicans and not Tom threats, but they're not done. Is you the real vendetta? These people have is not against Republicans and to an extent. I can understand that to me. The Republicans are indeed gene and in business as usual. In many ways, Mitch Mcconnell held up the Obama as potential appointed Supreme Court Billy was merit Garland, and I think that was wrong. A blue is absolutely wrong is also how the legislation I get it, though this is how politics operates. You can look back at quotes from Democrats Republicans and see they play the game. Donald Trump is very different, but he's playing it. Smart alot of people want to act like he's dumb, you can criticise and for bad behaviour and for bad policy, but when it comes to political strategy, its work,
king for him. Regardless of that, though, the Democrats are fighting each other, and here I am on one side of that fight. Now, they'll call me conservative, they'll, say TIM: why are you coming after Democrats in the left so often and I'm going to break down exactly why by highlighting Obama positions to prove too? eight on the record once and for all what everybody whose it was a moderate, regular American already knows, and as long as they're paying attention the positions adopted by Democrats today are so out of sync with a bomb they act like he's. A republican we'll take a look at this story before we move into that also from yesterday era, Don't a progressive seek to censure democratic, Senator Kirsten Cinema. Why? Because she only Freeze, Democrats, eighty one percent of the time. I could you not. They say Cinema built a moderate political brand during her three terms in the House of Representatives, Which has extended to her early days in the Senate according to five thirty eight truck tracker, she has opposed
Tromp was set at eighty one percent of the time in the house. She supported trumps agenda. Fifty four percent of the time. She's actually moved more progressive since joining the Senate. They say well said This political centre has earned her republican support it as grated on progressives. Some of whom silently protest, heard during a state fundraising dinner in Downtown Phoenix Democratic State Committeeman well consider the resolution on Saturday at the Arizona, democratic parties quarterly meeting. So let me make this point cinema. I believe she flip deceit issued a Democrat. Ok, she has done something great for the Democrats, voting against Trump. Eighty one, though the time is better than ever a public you got in Arizona. So what do they do? It's not enough bend the knee to the far left, or else
forget about the censure her out, o thou actually do what you can see they're coming for her someone who actually won them a democratic Senate seat Ets to me completely absurd. Here's the thing as I stated it's not going to play well for them, they're not going to come out on top they're, not taking over the party there, destroying it when they that their their engaging in conflict against the people have a chance to win because they don't realize. Although there are many people polled who might say yet it's a good idea. That's a good idea. They dont vote or they dont vote for you, the regular person. That's who you need to win to today, elections, the left, leaning, moderates and even the right, leaning moderates who are willing to move over the Democrat if you're, offering them a real position. Instead, the far left is targeting Democrats and here's. What we see from the new post the sea is vulnerable to primary challenge. Survey finds now. Admittedly, this survey comes from.
Stop the EO see pack, let's absolutely call call them out for political bias. There isn't a thoroughly mean their data is wrong, the framing maybe, but let's reed they say. The survey commission by the decidedly Anti Yossi stop. The Yossi Political Action Committee found that forty seven percent of Democrats in the Fourteenth Irrational District view her favourably and twenty nine percent unfavourably with twenty four percent on short ass. If they supported cause report, has efforts to ruin the Amazon deal that would have created jobs. Thirty seven points said, yes, thirty, five percent said no with twenty eight percent on shore. It's a very loaded question: take all despise into consideration, I'm going to call it out, but let me just remove data anger directed at no cause for tests over Amazon's decision to back out of a deal for I headquarters and campus and long island city has created an opening for a to run again, sir, as anti jobs, and and he business said Dan Backdoor founder of stop the eight stop the hypocrisy.
They're going to say this. However, respondents warm outlive gloomy backup. Voters were asked if they believe a yo see spends more time focusing on social media than helping new Yorkers and are the results found that forty such said. Elsie is helping her district more twenty two percent, such is focusing on social media. More thirty, eight percent were unsure. Respondents were mixed on what they would support a primary challenger to a sea. Twenty six percent said will likely or somewhat likely forty three percent said unlikely or somewhat unlikely, now to make sure that this right is my understanding. Is there talking to Democrats specifically what this fines is, that twenty six percent of those poured, which I believe, they're Democrats again? Yes, democratic homes, the district twenty six percent Democrat are willing to support a challenger. Now, here's the important part about their bias. That's not a big number game, so they're saying she's vulnerable to a primary challenge, its true there isn't
isn't amount, but its forty three percent that support her, that that would not are unlikely to support a challenger. So she does have the bigger faction of Democrats. Her side. That's why I want to highlight this, although that the pact is biased, there still saying more people support, I oppose her. The point is going to war. Democrats will result. Twenty six percent is not negligible. That is a decent amount of people who want to see a change, and you may see Republicans flipping and supporting a democratic primary challenger just to get ails. You think about this. There are republicans who live in this district. I believe her district dislike de plus thirty, but that still since you have twenty or more per cent of the people who live. There is Republicans who might actually come, now and say they maybe be more willing to vote Democrat if it gets rid of a see. That's my speculation take afforded. All I really want to highlight is that a is contentious, although she does have a lot of support or district
I don't make. It seem like she's on the verge of being isolated, like that, just that she is not a guaranteed favourite and ass. She continues to declare worn Democrats. She will generate enemies in the Democratic Party. That's obvious, but let's move on. Let's talk about why it's all just a big bad idea, phase to act to from the New York Times make cone the upshot in September. Tenth moderate Democrats fared best in twenty eight Teen North Carolina election is also a chance to think about what kind of candidate might do best against present a trump, not only the red too much in this. The headline is enough: relay the gentle, the gist of it I frequently highlight a study pulled from the economist, showing the Democrats. I've been spreading out further and further left with no cohesive look with no unity as an economist pull the story in question. Talks about how progressive demo rats overwhelmingly failed. I believe a number
like seventy nine progressives, ran and something like eight one. Then we see it again from the New York Times the moderates are the ones who did best. Do you think you can win against Donald Trump, with the parties fractured as it is fortunately you can't ok, Bernie Sanders is crazy. Bernie Joe Biden is. Is you know all Joe gas. You know that the gas king you ve got. Third, percent or so of people? Twenty eight who, like binding the progressive one vote for binding and the moderates are, are probably not going to vote for Bernie. Now it's possible here's the thing if a progressive, if an emanation moderates might by their tongue and vote for the far left, I'm gonna have to go out, and that is not the case, though something I believe that to be the case, I want to show you why first, here's a story from the Wall Street Journal Bernie Sanders touts immigration plans, but his record is complicated. Vermont senator wants to pause deportations, but, This also argue that too much immigration could hurt american workers. What could this mean? Perhaps burn
Saunders has changed his opinion see only a few months ago. There are too many poor people in the world. We can at the moment, I'd be Bernie Sanders had a revelation understanding. You know what we can't be deporting these people, or maybe it's completely separate issue. Maybe he sang stop where we're at now know what people can come in, but one can deport people a moratorium on deportation is extreme. It's well beyond what any regular person would probably want to support. Not tell you what it has nothing to do with american workers. S do with criminals. Deportations often involve people have committed crimes. If Bernie Sanders saying don't deport anyone pause all deportations here. Taking one of the most extreme stances on immigration. We have ever seen and what about Obama check out the story? Now, let's talk on articles, the Obama stuff, I will talk about why they will likely lose and how and here's evidence they ve lost it August thirteenth Ten Obama signs six hundred million dollar bill to boost. U S. Border security is the same.
A strong, no, not really, but a thousand new What a patrol agents they called Brok Obama, the porter in chief at my understanding that Obama deport substantially more people than tromp? I did have a story from the wall. Street journal unfortunately kept crashing and it said it What was going on and on being tough on immigration? Why is you people? less people than Obama did to the question, but they're calling trumped the extreme one about this September. Ninth Obama offers compromises to get healthcare bill, past could you not? He was embracing ideas forward by Republicans respectable granted. This is ten years I knew? I was much much less involved by follows. A bit Obama promised universal health care. He then compromised and we got Obamacare not perfect lot of problems, but here's an oversight Brok. Obama ran on universal health care and that I understand the Democrats today. What did they say.
How many people raise their hand when asked if they will provide taxpayer funded healthcare for non citizens? It was all all of them and it was so shocking dividend, sea, ice, what why they did it. They changed the wars and said no more asking people to raise their hands because they looked knots Castro, says. Decriminalize border crossings, because you're not just stop all deportation altogether, combined those two. What you think you get? What it Obama run on strong borders, universal health care for american citizens. Buddy did compromise. Let's talk about. I can demand meant what do go bomber run on or actually what did Obama was abominable? Did Obama, support or others pulled up? So definitely factory man this one, but I did
through a few different articles about his positions and Obama, was pretty pretty much on the left on the gun on the gun, control issue, and he said local restrictions makes sense, but we must protect to eight ok Obama compromised. He was a rather moderate left, leaning individual in a lot of ways, and he was pretty far left on many issues, but he did compromise. Ok- and I wasn't even a big fan of the guy because of its foreign policy stuff, and where are we today, bade O o Rourke dominating social media because he is calling for a complete confiscation of ours? Now here's the thing he can call it mandatory by back. We know that means it's confiscation with a smile, urinate you're, an ant somebody at a check. It doesn't matter your your man, you're mandating. They give up something. They have a legal right to possess. He is then called
undue? Ah, the credit card firms to stop legal transactions that is so extreme compared to wear Obama was so. Let's talk about. What's frustrating Obama compromise, a lot of ways that many Democrats didn't like, but he still the most popular democratic president's ever at least in this generation. Why are they attacking him and why aren't they embracing his positions? The reality is Donald Trump pulled Republican slightly to the left. That's from New York Times data based on statements made by Republicans. That's all we can see the fact now. Donald Trump has been a bit more extreme rhetorically in a lot of ways, but he's deported less people. He supported gay marriage before big entering office more than any other republican among things better than Democrats into saying better than Mitt Romney was an Mccain. So yes, absolutely!
to a slot a tiny degree. Donald Trump has moved their public and slightly to the centre, and that is coming from New York Times Data which I shut up. I've shown so many times that I would put up. So I often show the same thing again for a lot of people watch my videos or see repeated data, but it's important because someone might not believe me but go fetch me. The Democrats have moved so far left now. Obama is far right and it's it's it's just that provable. Ok Obama, boosting aboard security, Bernie Culver Border security checks, humor did they all did now. What about a compromise with Republicans and embraced ideas floated by Republicans now what health care for non citizens? so I'll, tell you what's going on a yo see is not going to bring about a great rate resurgence in the Obama era, normal Genk Huger. Nor will these progressives going after Kirsten Cinema,
first in cinema, seems to be close on the Obama track. So let me just make this really clear for everybody people say ten, you don't talk about the Republicans enough. You don't talk about Mitch, Mcconnell enough, o dude. I do not like Mitch Mcconnell come on, but what We do politician like today news at eleven, not sorry it happens all the time, but I tell you this there's a relativity thing going on one of the big stories that are happening and, more importantly, what do I care about? Ok, I don't care that Trump tweeted about people being what I don't care are hidden. They do have I don't care trumped up. People were soaking, I don't get it from peace, a sharp and other matters to me. What matters to me is the complete destruction. And the cannibal possession of the Democratic Party by people who were angry. Hillary Clinton, They are willing to sacrifice everything, but maybe maybe maybe Jack is right- maybe There needs to be a long term investment. I will say this, I believe in the long term they will just cripple the Democrats for the next decade or so, but perhaps something
well come out of it. Perhaps there will be a stronger populist, rational base that says. Cancel culture is bad. These extreme positions are bad. Mass confiscation of people's legal property is bad. Giving healthcare to non citizens is bad. May that's gonna happen. Maybe there's no way shock to the system to get rid of the corporate tests, the crony, the crony establishment Democrats, bring in more moderate sane, rational middle of the road types that will lean against the Republicans present: principled, opposite opposition to a publican policy and actually speak to regular Americans. I'll tell you. This is not a cause. Your quarters is not Bernie, it is not bade. Oh, it was o bomber, that's why he won twice and that's why Trump one crumple probably went again. Young people don't like his attitude. Tromp is a mirror image to Obama. When it comes to too, you know candour and an in character policy wise though they are not to dissimilar there their different. So let me wrong, but on basing this relative to the Democrats are today
If you are compare Trump and oh bombers, ain't it as an eight you'd, be alike, wow Trump is more moderate than every other Democrat. That's what you say today. The Democrats have veered so off so off the rails. They think trumpets far right when all data point to the fact. Actually moved slightly to the left, and that- and you know what it's probably because you got it probably part of a strategy to attract left, leaning independence so that he could, when you meet that coalition Obama know, it and Obama want a second term and he compromised he compromised on a lot. So I'll tell you what, when Bernie says, moratorium on deportation people are gonna be like do. When Badal comes out and says you know, we're gonna take your right. I can't say the words that he says as you too monogamy wrong I'd love to, but I can't
and I would make us things like that, then get don't be surprised that people are gonna, say what and they're not going to vote for the people. I've talked about the Democrats either not voting. They want to vote for tropical, not voting, because the Democrats have lost it when you go after Kirsten Cinema, because she's only voting with you eighty one percent of the time That's enough, you ve lost it, but I can say it a million times in I'll say two million times more, as the stories continued to pour in and it's almost like everything I said was happening. You know a year ago is continuing to happen. These are all news Greece is all stories from yesterday and today there is I set a month. So I said two months ago, three months ago, every time I say, they're getting more extreme their embracing ridiculous policies there destroying the party they continue to do it. Thank you for this stick around for the next segment at Youtube. Com slashed him cast new starting at six p m. Thanks, rang out I'll, see you all their at Buck democratic mega donor.
Has finally been arrested for running a drug house and for injecting people with methamphetamine. How did it get to the point now where I think what one the third a person who has overdosed from drugs, I believe being injected at guys house, and they are just now finally arresting this guy you'd think after the first time, they say, hey Sultans, weird here, somebody overdosed in this. Do its house. Perhaps we should investigate now maybe they did not know what they were doing, but then it happened again and then, finally to time, it's like ok, ok, will arrest. The guy. People have been complaining for a long time that this dude has been running drugs out of his house or whatever and people are getting hurt, and only now. What years later there actually arresting this guy's here's a story from the New York Times at buck. Democratic donor is charged with operating drug house
a third man suffered a methamphetamine overdose at LOS Angeles home of the long time activist this week site, I just to wonder why you have many people overdosing and their only now being like yeah we're going to charge him with running a drug house, not the first time, not the first time. He just keeps doing it. It makes me wonder about how long enforcement worked in this country. When you have a high profile guy like this, well, I'm sorry, apparently the deeds rich. Now we get it right, Well, that's read the news. Many times before get started, however, had ordered some guest outcomes, less done it. If you would like to support my work, there are multiple ways you can give. The best thing you can do is share this video. You just gonna be ranked this video. They d independent little commentary, but the count de rank your willingness to share it. If you think I do a good job, so please consider it, but what revenues. Your chimes rights at buck, a democratic donor and activist whose West Hollywood apartment was the scene of to methamphetamine overdose deaths in overdose destined twin. Seventeen was arrested, On Tuesday, after investigators set a third man
suffered an overdose in his home last week. So it's a weight. They arrested him when, like Tuesday and the guy overdose last week, while even a delay on that now, I have to be fair. Asked me fair, a lot of will think that the cops can just storm in and lock somebody up, but it may just be that since the first overdue they ve been investigating and trying to get evidence to prove beyond a region. No doubt that this guy was doing something wrong and maybe just took that long. Maybe they do does a good job of quitting it restricts. I can't I don't think so, because there are photos of people going in and out of his house, and you could probably prove their on drugs but gag far be it from me to tell lawn forth with a shudder should be doing they say. Mr Buck was not face. Charges for the earlier overdoses, but was set up to a rotten full death was it was charged on Tuesday with battery causing serious injury.
Administering methamphetamine and maintaining a drug house he faced up to five years and eight months in prison. Is that all is that at that? And you know what man If he's facing five years and he's super rich, I bet you he's going to plead down and he's going to get probation or some kind of slap on the wrist. This is, you know, democratic mega donor, it's hard for me to say right now, with a straight face. I don't think there's corrupt democratic Party, or at least in certain elements of it. You see a story like this. You hear stories about people who commit petty fences and the south side of Chicago get locked up for ten years gang offences locked up, not only that gun offences. I know people in Chicago who get big a mandatory minimum for having drugs or having a weapon, and here we have a dude who is implicated in what am I pinioned? Could erupt multiple deaths or overdose sums are not that's a couple deaths I think and overdoses, and that's it five
while three people, but I guess, if they're only charging him for the one person the others can be held against them the charges. Relate only to the most recent incident there. It is on September eleventh when the law- Angela District Attorney's office as Mr Buck injected a thirty seven year old man with methamphetamine in Mr Bucks, home the man who was identified survived the overdose family. The two men who died in his apartment, Timothy Dean, fifty five died in January. Well I'll get more. Twenty six died in July to seventeen have accused. Mr Brok, who is white of praying upon black gay men, teaching mixing the mother of MR more set in the wrongful death lawsuit that Mr Brok has had a quote well documented history of isolating black men for predatory encounters censored word. I can't read you too, and crowds of
Oh testers have gathered outside his home this year to demand justice for the men, and this is all they get. Twenty isn't it you can have. You can have the worst case and you know I'm not gonna go Do it there a bunch of stories where we wonder why just and justice wasn't delivered gay. When it comes to issues like black lives matter and I wonder now why, when you have black community divests coming out and saying this managed targeting them. He has taught- getting these young men, they are getting hurt, nothing gets done for years. It's mine Boeing is really I got I gotta admit. While I dont want to jump to conclusions, I'm not much of a conspiracy person I do you no kind of side. I the circumstances when a wealthy democratic donor continually gets away with doing draw turning to drug house and even these people come and go and they overdose to different people. Protesters shrug demanding justice, nothing happens, nothing then. Finally, it's like, I
As you know, some cop was like we really don't want to go after these Democrats, but man after three people. What do we do? Yeah? That's! That's not some! You, I'm just saying quote. I remain deeply concern for the safety of people whose life circumstances may have may make them more vulnerable to criminal predators. Jackie lazy, the LOS Angeles County district attorney, said in his statement. With this new evidence, I authorized the file of criminal charges against at buck. Now I want to stress. I dont want to blame the cops or law in force in this assembly, because if there is something areas going on. We not necessarily know where it's coming from and and and whites happening since barely possible that the DEA just saying we have to have a rock solid case because the dude wealthy and he's got connections, and if they dont have hard evidence, they could lose everything and they didn't get away with everything. So now you know I do
it gets trying to. I don't wanna lay accusations against anybody for not doing their job, because we don't know took to be honest, we just don't know and it would be, it will become a mean if it turns out law. Enforcement has been desperately trying to go to the sky, but he's got political connections which presumably does and they were- and there are having trouble with it. So assuming that actually want to get this guy. You know, I don't know, I don't know you know I just unjust, imagining being that law enforcement officer and really you know, you really want to be misguided justice, but you can't because of his political power and wealth and then all of a sudden, some guy pops up on Youtube ragged on you for it I dont know how or why? I know a lot of people believe there's no there's like looking the other way going on. So I don't know where it's coming from, but I will stress, you'd think this guy, who have been arrested a long time ago. Three people now overdosing men, fortunately the third guy survived. So is that that that's great news, but at least
They got this guy arrested a lawyer for Mr Buck Seymour I answer could not be reached on Tuesday previously denied that Mr Bucket any role in the two debts. You just lets people into it into his house to do math. I guess Mr Buck with schedule. To be arranged on Wednesday, with prosecutors, recommending for million dollars, bail, yeah what you can probably pay the long time activist has given more than a hundred and sixteen thousand dollars to democratic candidates and groups over the past decade, or so definitely not that much money. To be honest, the democratic Congressional Campaign Committee told foxes in January don't. I did Mister bucks contributions to the Un Aid Elio Educational Fund, a national bipartisan latino group, while representative TAT Lou of California said he would donut eighty thousand dollars in and contributions to civil rights organisations also good on them, grant them. Admittedly, you know what I understand a hundred sixteen thousand dollars a lot of money, but over a decade that mean he's donating sixteen thousand dollars a year, which is a lot of money to the person.
But I'm on business off the fact that, due to wealthy, it's not like you spending millions of doubt met maybe, but this aid and groups I've bits neat and sound like the big of a donor. To be honest, I've seen way bigger organizations, but perhaps as an individual. That must be a lot. Mr Buck first wrote a prominent, and nineteen eighties when he led the meet me, come recall, committee and effort to remove from office governor Evan an medium of Arizona medium. Mr Mitchum Bologna process Newcomb would later be impeached, accused of fraud and perjury. Mr Brok was also a prominent member of algae BT, political circles, you considered, I suspect and Mr Morris death, but the police could not prove beyond reasonable doubt. That's us that suspect buck furnished drugs to gamble, more or less suspect but possessed drugs are couldn't court documents obtained by the. The LOS Angeles Times after MR deeds. Death in January, Lieutenant Derek Alfred of the L, a county sheriff Department, told Katy, allay TV a local television station, but it was
suspicious that this has happened twice now, so we're going to conduct a thorough investigation determine if it is criminal in nature, while I gotta hand it to you, Mr Buck, you you kept going it's you think after the police came out and said, we want to investigate this, we're looking reverence you'd stop you'd be like hey gotcha. She'd on us, you Kebby, injecting, I think that a mean in the house and then he kept doing the wrongful death lawsuit so that Mr Bucket introduced MR more to the drug wow, I have become at it also is a quote. Mr Morris had in a journal that he'd become addicted to drugs and the worst one at that at buck is the one to thank. He gave me my first injection MR more added in the journal if it didn't hurt, so bad, I myself but wow but I'll. Let advocate do it for now and how was he not charged? That's that's. That's that's amazing! Well,
he's charge now? So you know uh stress this point. You know it doesn't sound like he's that big of a donor failing to give a hundred sixteen canyon, he's a consistent donor over the past decade, but keep in mind so where that might mean he's making like four five max contribution. Per year. If that you would, yes, you know, is a lot of money for the average person, but I'm thinking like disguise Multi millionaire was probably donating hundreds of thousands per year to various groups hundred Kay hundreds of one. Sixteen gaze, I do like ten k a year for a decade it's a lot of money, but I think you know, I think the bigger question is: why did he keep doing it? After the police announced they were, they were gonna, go after him and why couldn't go after him with this journal, where you had a statement from one of victims, but only with that stick around next segment will be coming up at one p m and this channel- and I will see you owe them
well. I couldn't believe it when I saw the headline bank robber wearing day of dead man may be charged with cultural appropriation, and I saw that and thought to mice of cultural preparation. Isn't a crime and very well would be protected by the first amendment. How is this story, true, the First thing I saw was a screenshot I assumed somebody was making a joke a joke about how insane California is so I did a Google search, as I often do, try to dig into the storing figure. The source of this misinformation was because people were claiming the story was real and there it is it's. It's real thereupon, Yahoo in fact, green check mark from NEWS Guard NEWS Guard, giving the o k does not publish false content. So then I see this story and they claim the Santa Monica Police Department has stated he will be cheap.
Cultural appropriation. We can see in the story that even have a link to the Santa Monica Police Department, Facebook page with oppressors peace and they say in the press, release use of a day of the day. Mass bigger robbery can be a separate offence or an enhancement. They go on to say that you ve, Elated the rights of the indigenous, the only problem, historians, fake This is one of the most obvious and ridiculous. Worries I have ever seen trust in the media is at an all I'm low and you want to know why, because of this now my understanding and spend a whilst I could be wrong there at least so lay the one who wrote this at one point, I believe rough fake news about me. I could be wrong. Maybe somebody else there was something pretty aiming to care member which story was maybe the White House summit. Yet. That was the wider summit, where they claim that I was
King the suffrage conspiracy of which I have repeatedly said, is likely not not real. That people think that suffrage was murdered and I have always maintained it is likely not true what they like doing is This clip where I was referring to a Fox news report saying I didn't believe it was true giving it a sixty percent chance, or so you know a chance of being sure something. What I was saying was Fox NEWS definitively said He did a thing and I was like on all about that man. You know I'd put it around like sixty percent, because Fox NEWS doesn't repeatedly publish false content there certified by news door, but the story was just too out there. For me the same with this story, I fact check everything I dig it and even when I see a story report, it is true I'm going to dig into it and figure out what's really going on and what happened while the people over at Yahoo publish fake news- and this is fake news- didn't fact check anything. What they found was a website called the Santa Maria
observer. The Santa Monica Observer receives a red exclamation point from news guard saying they do repeatedly publish false content. Now, here's the funny thing and the inherent flaw with something like news guard when it limitless explain something alone. We both come. I am saying to him- you use news guard, but they repeatedly are are giving a green checkmark to fake news. Like we see right here. Let me just make sure I can clarify for the record. As far as I can tell, there is no crime. Cultural appropriation is an now. Let's go one step further, I actually all the Santa Monica Watch Commander and and asked for a comment, and I to explain what cultural appropriation was, because the watch commander seemed a bit confused.
Don't blame him. It's an absurd question to ask his I'm not I'd network or look pcs has on the effect of you know we're looking for a bank robber, we're not charging him with cultural or preparation or anything, and I said basically, according to the sea if it was a vice, your stating its violation of indigenous rights. In this case the suspect sought for violating the rights of indigenous peoples and for bank robbery and the cop laughed is such an absurd thing to read: how did this get published on Yahoo and here's a problem it still up? If I could just so, I too, I tweeted about this from yesterday. I tweeted about it this morning. Getting a comet probing the wrong. They have not lived, not fix that there's no one to contact at Yahoo. This was written by someone who is minors works for Yahoo. Congratulations and they smear us you to DE ranks.
Independent, portable commentary, they knock my channel, but- and here I am fact- checking a story. I was even certified as green by news gardener. Let me be fair: news Guard certifies the organization, not the individual stories, but this is how people launder fake go to a fake news website or run it yourself. Who knows right, absurd and obscene garbage. It's obviously not real common people. Then NEWS guard will say, is a fake news website, but so what ya? whose sites them over us. That's an archive, sorry, Yahoo, site, Over and over again, I saved an archive, origin of this on purpose, because I was waiting for the point at which they would actually delete the story. They didn't it still up everything they do citing the Santa Monica observer. This is not just a problem of fake news, but this is evidence. This is the perfect window into how our media system functions
Yahoo news. Did zero fact checking found a random article from a fake website. Just cited it over and over again, and they didn't even call the watch commander. They said A representative for the Santa Monica Police Department did not respond to Yahoo lifestyles. Request for comment, digit, try calling them. You see what they do it on purpose. If yes meets on her, They know the stories bunk. The story is ridiculous and makes no sense and they want to get there collects. They want to get stories like this. For me, they know it all work, they notice generate traffic and Yahoo has not been doing too well in case you haven't been aware sort of they do send an email out right the story and publish insight. They didn't respond. I've gotten requests for comment within, like twenty men somebody publishing a story once or something like that, and many other people have as well. They will send a request for comment to. Like I don't know a friend mine and be like. We couldn't get in touch with them. They did the same thing with
even crowd her story not too long ago. Were they each out through his like sales desk or something instead of actually, calling him work due to our messaging him personally, and this is what we see, but here's the best part they actually got a state from well Spargo on this. Take us out a spokesperson from where, Wells Fargo, tells Yahoo lifestyle quote. We are working with long for and are unable to provide more details, as this is an ongoing criminal investigation, Wells, Fargo values and promotes diversity and inclusion. All aspects of business at all levels. We do not tolerate racism, culture, appropriation or discriminate of any kind. Well, I'd like to believe that quote is real. The whole story is built on a lie and I'm going to have to assume.
None of it is real. Yahoo is fake news, and this is the media. You can see this right. It is a thing. I look at the story and the first thing I thought was there's no way this could be like there's no way. There's got past there, this has to be real right and then start researching statutes in California. Did they actually make cultural appropriation illegal? How would that get past the first amendment, if you have a right to freedom of expression, you can wear whenever you want, and so I ended up finding out So what we want is doing is going back to the store and saying. Ok, we hold on is their source on. This is clearly not a legal, and we have this the Santa Monica Observer and when I opened it up here? We see the news guard fake news warning, so it does it so so look to go back to the comments made about news guard. I use this because there are third parties Checking agency ice are I'm sorry, a rating agency for news outlets ice
still have de facto everything, but the green checkmark is just be first layer of resisting my personal bias, If I used sites that had our red exclamation point- and I do in rare circumstances like project Berytus, for instance, could I can verify their work? if I were to use the observer as a source when it's gotta run exclamation point. The first thing we have people would say. You ignored a third party rage rating agency, clearly Europe or biased. I won't do that in the absence of project tat. Those are very special circumstances in which you can Julie, see the recording and see what people are saying. The mediators doesn't like them. I get it so there are rare circumstances, warm unwilling to use a red exclamation point from news guard granted, I'm still very, very careful even with project territory, but I do think very us, for the most part does have a fine job. You know. One of the points I made the past is that, on the undercover journalism they do is on a par with what you know Channel four in the UK. Does it's just that people? Don't like the politics of it?
That's the point when James O Keefe goes after the media. Of course, they're gonna be unhappy with him. So in this case, though, the observer is fake news. Yahoo re publishes the fake news laundering it into a green checkmark. That doesn't mean the stories are true I factual check these stories every single day. I will use the New York Times the green checkmark and I will call them out for fake news every single day. The point is a check against my bias. You can't accuse me of being biased if I'm using a third party, which I do not work with. Two to certify whether these these organisations are legit or not. I gotta admit stories. Hilarious. If it were true they say a spoke from Santa Monica police Barman didn't respond. However, quote use of a day of the dead mask during a robbery can be a separate offence. I read and they say this from a press. Release per the observer is interesting. This you know what men I looked up. The press release. Let me see if I,
if I have this right, ok, so here's the actual press release from Santa Monica DOT Gov. Nowhere does it mention any of this let this be a reminder to you. It doesn't matter who it is, four times the Washington, Post or Yahoo. I get a young without the bastion of great journalism. They dont fact check. They dont employ facts. Checkers I believe the New York Times does, but I think my next story, may be specifically calling out effect checker. Who is overtly race s best besides the point something else? In this instance, this writer is reporter prick that this is what Do you want to know why trusted media down look at this story? What would you think happens when you get a bunch of conservatives sharing the story shot that this could be true in their like it's from Yahoo, like we trust that we believe this is just like he's, got an editorial process. Why? Why do we believe it will? Most of us don't anymore, here's the problem
Youtube DE ranks. My content, I am not exaggerating David Pachmann, a progressive pulled up the data, a video about it, showing that he gets de ranked I've of data. I de ranked and CNN Msnbc Fox NEWS, etc. Vague propped up. Why would Yahoo be considered more credible than me. What I'm the one who has to go into the weeds and pull out the fake trash, I'm the one who has to dig into and they say d, write, Temple independent commentary. Independent journalism is not as credible as a corporation who s money. That's the question. I've always wanted to ask every time you talk about whether or not something is credible or not. They ask you how much money dears does your business have and how much does it pay? It's it's journalists, they don't ask about ethics, don't ask about character. They don't ask about whether or not you employ fact checkers. They just say if you're a big corporation, it must be true. That is ridiculous and I've.
But this my entire career being an independent individuals on the ground working only for myself. You know in between I work for vice infusion for a few years over well, mainly in the past eight or so years. I've worked for about three and a half to four years for big companies. So just a bit of the majority of the world, I've done has been completely independent and it's been the same thing every single time. They put me on the sides. They they say, you're, you're, independent, because you dont have a big corporation behind you. We don't trust what you do, but we have to entertain it here. We are amending article after the New York Times. Next right I've been via the near times, but their partisan bias is so absurd and obvious and they have another employ and melt down. So stick around next time, we're coming at Fort, coming up at four p m youtube com slashed him cast, there's a different channel from this one.
And I will see you all their the story about eleven O, Mars marriage and potentially marrying her brother is a really weird story. Indeed emerged from an anonymous blog post on some form, and since then many people have started digging into it. A lot of strange, circumstantial bits of evidence such as the guy she married claiming her daughter is his niece, which would imply their brother and sister, the general store, What's the mainstream media won't really tell you is that the allegation is an alien Omar Married, her brother to expedite a visa to the? U S so that he could school or do something here what they repeatedly try to say, as it makes no sense her to marry her brother, because her brother, could come here as a sibling, yes, but doing a simple Google search reveals that sibling request. Can take up to ten years, but marriage requests are almost immediate, so depends
you can bring. Someone here is a spouse very very quickly within months as a sibling. It could take a very very long time for obvious reasons. You know it's like what priority is more important: the parents to your children or potential or a relative, so naturally, spouses get priority. At least that's what I've read all that matters Is that the core of the crux of that the core of the allegation is a tail head, Omar for some reason stage, a false marriage to benefit someone else weather out there brothers? I think it's actually kind of jumping the gun It seems that a new bit of circumstantial evidence has emerged. Ilyin, Omar, presumably panics, deleting the evidence and then issuing one of the most ridiculous statements. I've ever seen in an attempt to explain why her father,
the man she says your father has the same. Last name is the guy she married, which would also imply it's her brother, those stories confusing, there's no definitive evidence, but I think at this point we're seeing the smoke and wondering where the fire is. I don't know what the fuck there was started by is a really her brother, no, but something is going on. That's weird and should probably be investigated with this much evidence floating around a story from pluralist. Nineteen ninety seven document appears to shatter o Mars explanation for why her husband indebted the same name. That's right, she's at this is ridiculous. Let's just read the story, Ilene Omar has denied that you deleted a tweet as part of an effort to hide her alleged marriage to her brother, but the Congress laments alternative explanation seems to be contradicting contradicted by the evidence. The Minnesota Democrat removed a twenty thirteen post from twitter
out early Tuesday morning, the previous evening- shake shake Tahiti amount idea. Who goes by the name of peace, resurfaced the tweet and noted that it apparently reveal that Mars. Father has the same name as her ex husband. He deemed the tweet proof. Long standing allegations that Omar second husband, a british citizen, named I'm at night said, tell me, is her brother and that she married him to help him fraudulently gain a. U S. Green card to expedite expedite is the key phrase, when you look at the actual story from the real reporters they're, not accusing her of trying to get him to the? U S, black, a blanket statement, because they know you can do a sibling request. There saying the allegation is to expedite move here, look at and of its true under science, the allegation, so here's the tweet from a mom talking to you- and I and I did look into this- and that is very interesting- so he's
Your father is nurse said not nor Omar, Mohammed so your ill honneur said and you married mad nurse said you marriage for proper, most Ameri you don't know that in most muslim countries, the sir- is actually the father's name. He then says resign and links to tweet from Ellen Omar, which reads Happy Father day to my elbow nurse, said I am forever grateful to allow for giving you the best far and we can't see what else you said because the Instagram Post has been deleted, she did daily between as well. The tweet has been archived and I can confirm it does exist not only actually limbs even to pull this off so this sweet. Yet this is this website called political whoops explore the tweets. They didn't want you to see We can see this tweet familiar Omar, happy fathers date,
my a boner said. I am forever grateful to Allah for giving me the best father deleted after three hundred and twenty six weeks weeks at five hundred and twenty three a dot m on September, 19th September. Yes, it exists, it's real. It's tracked, you can't get rid of it. She called some guy named nurse said her so it's radon in almost weekly twas preserved. Okay. So so we saw that are. A somali american immigrant was born in Somalia before taking refuge in United States with their family in the nineteen nineties, according to the Saint Cloud Times, Somalia. Children are usually given their fathers first name as a middle name and their fathers fathers first name as a last name. However, later on Tuesday New York Post reporter Jonathan Lovett Levin Levine, they missed the living things. I promise Today's statement from Omar spokesperson saying that she had not deleted the fathers day tweet, for that is forty disturbing
the hateful reasons that are being implied by conspiracy theorists rather, the unnamed spokesperson claimed the tweet had to be taken down because it attracted to many vile replies. Let's talk about conspiracy theories now, I'm sorry ill hand. Nurse said I'm getting by the way where our and upset or debt was nurse at the conspiracy. This point is that all of these social media posts in all of these statements by you, aren't in fact you admitting this guy's, your brother, undisguised, your dad. That's the conspiracy, the concern that the conspiracy is that your marriage, you're you're, married your brother. I mean it as a conspiracy, the conspiracy theory, point. The simple solution is that you're covering it up, so I did some looking and it turns out don't for me, if I mom so who understands the arabic meaning system, or the muzzle naming system says at night. I defer to him, but I did Google it just to be sure. I did in fact checking sure enough. There are numerous post where you can see. People talk about the past. Four lineal naming system that would make it
Omar ill hand, nor set absolutely so. Let's ride spokesperson also said that nurse and is not the name of Omar Father, but rather a nickname he has had. Since childhood, no mention was made of what almost father rate fathers. Real name is, if not nor said, John Levine tweeted, a spokes, person for reptilian Omar. Sends me the following statement on her deleted tweet from twenty thirteen. You ve got a read this. You have here this to believe that I could you not. It says, wrap Omar and her family are subject to constant threats when people right vile things on post about people, she loves, including posting disturbing doctored images of her father. She takes them down nurse, said, means happy light and it's been her dad name, since he was a kid. He has a public page with the same name. She deleting it for the disturbing and aid for reasons that are being implied by conspiracy. Theorists and legitimate media outlets shouldn't be spreading conspiracy theories. Well, I can't tell you what the contextual meaning of north
as I can tell you, that's not what Google says I dont know what good got going on with translate. I can only assume it's not correct, but at least according to air definition of what nor said, nor Siad aside means in Arabic. It means free membership, which I have to assume is totally incorrect. Must free free membership is a no contextual statement. I also decided to look up Babo and I what does a corpus anything? Actually? Let's do this, maybe she's speaking Somali is this is Somalia in here. There, the Somali in Somalia about means security. Ok, let's see what nor cited means. It doesn't mean anything So I don't know, I don't know saying you know about security to mix, contextual sentence, like your father provides you with security, but maybe I'm translate ignore the Trans livestock has not to speak the language, so I'm spy wrong, but it gets better. It gets even worse,
Sceptics pointed out that a woman who is allegedly Omar sister late, Oh me, listen to her others name as nor said, tell me on a ninety. Ninety seven marriage certificate. Andy note its if it is just a nickname. Why did Ellen Omar Sister list that as her father's name on a legal, Eric document in ninety. Ninety seven also one person who Mamma has publicly recognised as her sibling. In? U S, Sarah, nor has identity, I'd ultimate, nor said as her father, according to screenshots, published in twenty six by alpha news now the problem with screenshots that can be doctored and a lot of journalists have tried to verify this and you just you, you can't it's very difficult, but I think Suffice it to say so. Sovereign nor with nor said I love my father. Ok sorrow, nor is Ellen Omar sister. That's effect, they have different last names. What does that mean? I don't know, but I can say that if this is her sister and I did
Looking at it ass, I found and she says nor status or father then will actually. This doesn't disprove. That nurse said is a nickname, but it would also column question, why she married a guy who's old name The same? Is our debts nickname come on? That's just crazy. With the campaign financed violations with the weird circumstances, the weird address has listed the fact the dude called. Oh oh Mars, kids, his nieces and nephews or whatever. As at what point do we just do the circumstantial evidence is point to Ellen Omar married her brother, it's a conspiracy theory, its elegance, enough to see here, walk away? Look, let's be rational! So far, we have only proven weird circumstances like her. Dad has the same name as the guy she married or guy she says, was: are dead now she's claiming submit I'm just seems really strange to me. It is much more like If she says the guy's name is neuroscience, is now not a nickname. I she says she has a facebook. Page of the same name doesn't
Brown would, you think, approves ill hand. It proves his name is nor said Facebook doesn't allow nicknames. You use your real name, so no you're, not hiding from anything. At this point, I think it warrants and investigation. Now. What do you do? You got refugees tart approve our criminal men, but I'm surprised anyone supports this. One at this point is an anti Semites far as I'm concerned, and it looks like I meet, you deleted the tweet that I'm done. I'm going up walk away from this one. While I still have some seventy left, I am not making any definitive statements. I'm not saying she married her brother. I am not. Saying anything other than it's all. Very weird. Ok. Ok, stick around a couple more science to calm in a few minutes, and I will see you short The Toronto star published an up at that claims. You ready chick Phil.
A is ideologically opposed to my existence. I actually think you're talking about an individual with strong ties to the top of chick filet, but no oh the chicken restaurant itself doesn't care at all. Have a simple solution for those of you who don't want to support chick filet dough bought, don't go up there don't buy chicken, sandwiches, literally chicken sandwich job, you don't say nobody marginal protests in the guy from Burger King awaited donation. What other government documented debate? a or or Wendy's look we get it. Chick filet is closed on Sundays, but to shop pro test of a chicken restaurant go in protest, Organization itself, which opposes gay marriage. Instead, you show to the church: Restaurant and people think you're nuts, it's just a chicken Russia
nothing is happening in the building. That will hurt you, I'm sorry, take it back. Gotta walked back too much fried food bad thing, but let's be serious, you go inside there they're gonna say: how do you do? Would you like a chicken sandwich? That's it no one and not the chicken restaurant, its is opposed. Your dear to you is ideologically opposed to your existence. It seems like a handful of individuals might be, and I have no problem for you. Boycotting chick fillet not eating their because of it me. I dont care because I dont track the political donations of Ray restaurant. I go to you ever go like us, our family, restaurant in, like Staten, Island, Staten, Island, Republicans, Trump supporters. You may be inadvertently supporting somebody who Don't it's the same organizations so don't eat there. You can't other people from eating their if they want to do it better to do it, but in the end, its just waffle, fries chickens
and that sources so good. Isn't it, though that was an organ. Chick as I no idea what it is, but men at super gets really sweet by slot a sugar, but under the foods, pretty good, I always I always do it, because it's just so insane, you know you could have really look up organizations that are actively doing things that harm you politically I mean, like you, no harm your ideology or you know what you gonna do with your life if they oppose same sex marriage and you want to get married well, that's a bad thing for you and I fully commend you. If you go up and you stand, to those organisations and say hey. I like what you're doing I disagree. In fact, you could also raise money to counter the money they raise, but you don't you showed me, the chick chicken, restaurant, ok, well, it's red what this person has to say. They write this best weakened. I saw something that made me unexpected. Unexpectedly queasy, a young woman, sloping soda out of a fast food cup and upset me because it was a chick filet cup. All that is not satire. That's real
this is a real story. Somebody actually said that they got queen from seeing someone drink out of a styrofoam cup. Do you but be walking around with sign like say you know mixed race, high school drop about from the south side of Chicago. Are bad people in shouldn't exists, and I would laugh at you can walk around you know protesting whatever it is about me and I left no babies, then the baby's Venus and I'd be like this guy doesn't like my I've done. I don't care, I get it, it's it's different because something more about you bet suppliers making about being. A mixed rice. If somebody was on protests that I've set down with the all right and talk to them about this, where they ve told me, I didn't exist to my face and then they get crazy. I just said you you're wrong and we argued about this a person walking down the street giving queasy from someone drink a cop we're doing.
Why have we hold up? That's Canada, ok, Canada, you're in trouble delays and anti algae BT, cue to organisation, no chick related chicken restaurant, and it just so happens at one guy who is like a high level dude. I don't. Even if he's a friend. They say he is a popular don't aids to a certain organization? You know why you know you're insane. Does more than oppose same sex marriage, not just because the founder publicly oppose same sex marriage. He believed in a biblical definition of marriage. Ok, so that the Euro, which doesn't exist, but because companies are our donated to charities that oppress and marginalized queer people, especially queer youth? Ok, I would ask please go protest, every single business ever all the time, because many of them support this. It's not just check fillet. Now. We know chick valet's overtly christian their closed on Sundays, but still
It's what you know: it's selective young queer people are unusually vulnerable here we go he's. Jumping is jumping so far. Listen now talking about young queer people vulnerable, especially queried the it's just it's ok is strong. Banning it he's setting up the weakest possible thing, a knock down. The armed struggle to find support in their own communities and even in their own families. I get it man and I agree. It's tough and I and you have my support outside of you- protesting a chicken restaurant. Ok, I actually used to fund rays on behalf of the human rights campaign, which is the h, Arcy algae Bt Rights organist I was sitting down on phone calls. Listen then talk about campaign plans and what they want to do, and we went out too ride events and we raised money on their behalf, but protesting a chicken restaurant is ineffective, a waste. Time and it makes you sound nuts. You want to do something get rid of Whole article and right, please donate to the agency that do that going out.
What does a chicken restaurant is the opposite of productive UK Literally gone source of donations for an organ, station that supports gay rights or algae BT, cue to rights. They are not miserable because their queer there, the world because the stigmatization of queerness by family, church and society has left them lonely and ostracised their miserable because p, It will not accept and love them and because the people they should be able to turn to our often most likely to harass harm and abuse them. Well, nobody should harass harm interviews. Anybody, but I have I have to say this: the world is not all candy keynesian lollipops skittles in rainbows the world is a harsh beast that will be you down. Other people are cut throat. You don't know who you can trust. Sometimes people do good things. I think. Usually people try to do the right thing, but sometimes interests conflict and people don't like other people. It happens I think I wish there wasn't it. I wish people said: hey man, you do you're, that's what I do. I say you want to go around Jessica clouds
One bananas, you got my blessing, just don't throw the bananas and other people, so I can't. I can't tell you that we will ever end people being mean it's gonna happen. You're gonna have to get over it. People won't like you, that's a fact. Algae BT, cue to activists, protested chick phthalates opening on Friday, but we're happy to cross the protest line yeah because your yes, because you're, not ok, you you have every right to love. We love and express yourself. Are you express yourself? but you have to understand when you protest, a chicken restaurant people will think you're nuts, you're not protesting the organisations that are oppressing you, you're protesting the chicken restaurant. Because somebody who works the chicken restaurant at a high level done it's a lot of money to groups you dont like I get it, but seriously fought reduce it. A little bit. Ok, go to organizations some also try to tell the protesters that they weren't bad people already I'll. Do you think I'm
we're phobic. I have gave friends one mantle You voted for Trudeau, smirking guy honeymoon, large sunglasses insisted Donald, is just as bad. It is come on. I've devoted much of my life to add waiting for media that allows queer kids to see themselves represented it simple. To me as someone you see what they ve done and the what disgusts me. They ve changed it to clear kids. Now we're not talking about cheerful. We're not sure what the organizations in what they believe we're talking about a want, someone think of the children. That is a manipulation technique to shift the argument on to some vulnerable to manipulate your emotions and take advantage of our good will children we're not getting married. You talk about this guy using same sex. Marriage, fine, but we shift the argument now to be like, but think of the children of the kids. Undone I'm done with the manipulative bs. I am here for the rights of everyone. Every one
limiting the pursuit of happiness, a matter who you love and what you want to do, how you addressed, I get it, but this is manipulation to target a private business that you dont, like you're, not targeting anybody's, actively protesting you you're, targeting a chicken restaurant and then try to deflect and act like chick filet has anything to do with kids. So, let's play the game from chick way to the founder of Czech fly to the organisations that he's donated to to the organizations actions which may eventually harm kids to your definitive statement that children are being harmed because of a chick restaurant spare me ok, they make chicken, they turn a profit. And most of the business. It is our franchises that that they, the folks at chick filet, took a different lesson. I am from them, and they'll use your money to increase the suffering of queer kids. You see the game they play. This is evil and Kate manipulation. Kids are not a part of this equation
or are you can't, say ten steps down the line, the art given. Is your protest, hey Chicken restaurant because problem but you can restaurant go to the pocket of a founder who disagrees of same sex, marriage and donors to organizations which also oppose aims. Marriage which in turn, stigmatizes queer behaviour, making queer kids feel vulnerable or all from someone someone to chicken sandwich, I'm just so sick of it be honest: dont protest, chicken restaurant, it doesn't make sense. Go in protest, every other restaurants. Don't that's donated to religious groups. I don't see it. There are going ever chick fillet because chick fillet, wasn There was one time like seven years ago. It's just absurd nonsense. One more time in coming up with a few men stick around, and I will see you shortly. I save this for the last time into the day, because I'm sick and tired of talking about the New York Times and publishing fake news, but once again here we are. The Cavanaugh story is an ending, but I'm going to start with the New York Times racist reporter
because I'm really tired of talking about the Cavanaugh smear this, where's, my daily wire, trumped junior blast, the New York Times after more bigoted tweets revealed. I can show you the tweets. I can't our rapporteur for the New York Times. Let me see if I can run honest enough to see your name, because if I show you what would you tweeted if I should, We want this woman, she treated. I am going to get in trouble on Youtube, so maybe it maybe it's homophobic and racial blurs as well as animal towards other racial groups dating back several years ago, even a year or two ago. Another day. Big it exposed the New York Times. Are they even going to do anything to address the rapid hatred at their paper? The answer is no. I can't I can't show what you say. Her name is Gina Cheryl loose. She recently issued tweet, where she said
deleted a series of tweets going back a decade. I'm sorry if I was a funding anybody up here. It comes recently. I got. The New York Times was out for Anti Semitism, and I you know what you're probably gonna see the tweets. I'm gonna go through this. Ok, because I want to talk about how the media defends hate and acts like they're, the ones putting gets. It is manipulation and is one of the most frustrating things ever so here we have Robin Programming, Robin programmes how Fox NEWS twisted the Cavanaugh scandal into a way to attack the New York Times. This is one of the women who wrote the story that smeared but Cavenaugh. Recently, she's now, sharing a story from vocs claiming Fox NEWS is twisted. Scandal to attack the times now they minute information on purpose. They are like liars. They are cheaters.
Our smear merchants, it's what they do and here's the story. Let me explain some into their claiming that foxes twisting the Cavanaugh scandal B. Cause they set over the past twenty four hours, Fox NEWS hosting importers have described changes to New York Times that the change near it has made to Robin Poker, Ben and Kate Kelly story as a correction, at least a dozen times. This super caught illustrates how the network is framing things, Africa framing. What is a correction? What does correction mean? Does it mean you ve fixed something Does it mean you applied something to something else, to alter it in a way that is more likely. True. Correction is relatively subjective, because what they're doing sang a correction is literally when you make a false statement and change it to wake erect statement. Now there is their lives by omission and if the New York Times
added and editors, note to correct the record. You understand correct the record, that's what they do So our I was gonna go through this big long thing, but I just stopped- and I said I do not want to go through this anymore. The maid The story I want to highlight is that it time for Porter posted up. Are you not just do not just to go through it? get em again trouble whatever their there. There is a homo phobic seller, I'm gonna get in trouble for showing this. This is the New York Times. Ok- and I know this video will be de ranked into oblivion, because I just showed that I could you not. I can't show that on Youtube but I think it's important and I won't take that risk to show you a New York Times fact checker using homophobic Earth and there are other ones it gets worse. I think that's too much. I really do I'm sorry. I can't show you the rest. Goes through a series of slurs. This is the New York Times and when Someone calls them out, they smear ff, Fox news and train
He frame the argument because they were called out for being trash. Don't forget the Washington Post, stunned that story smearing cabin on the first place, both do this move on will pull up some more tweets and I'm gonna get in trouble here. John Cardio says: stop lying Gina, you are posting racist tweets As recently as this July and the ones who showed his showing writer I get at it safe. Why cause he's cheese, ragged white people? She said, something of I'm ready for her just snitch and blame and the blame to fall on the white women, but we know that won't happen. That was just a month or two ago The recent which that, as I have deleted, offensive tweets from when I was in college near a decade ago. I am truly sorry. No apparently she deleted other tweets are right. I think we're we're in trouble. Ok, we're good, Arthur shorts tweeting. Anyone else noticing a pattern with New York Times staff why, on August way, Second Tom Right Pearson,
He said I have deleted tweets from a decade ago that our offensive. I am deeply sorry. A series of anti semitic tweets then we see this month later Gina. I have deleted the funds. Tweets from when I was in college nearly a decade ago. I am truly sorry the same thing alma us almost basically the same tweets. The only problem is that's not true. She was twinning offensive things I m not long ago. I can't I can't I can't go through everything. Can't and it ends frustrating here's. The story from the RAP New York Times senior editor Tom right, Pierce, Anti, apologizes and elites past offensive tweets then hear time. Staff are overtly. Racist, bigoted and there being caught their response when your times was to slam and smear Trump supporters. For taking this up, the council your rules warrant created by tromp supporters. It was created by woke outrage. They point out you ve done a long time ago, and they get you in trouble for one of the best points brought up recently, at least in my opinion, is that NATO O Rourke has a criminal.
Currently there is like do you. I run autonomy that something that effect. That was not even that long ago relative to overseeing about Cavanaugh. The worst claims. What Cavanaugh are that he may have you no expose himself at a party and someone pushed him into a woman or that thirty years ago, he pushed around the bad and groped her, and then she ran away. Those have no evidence, no corroboration, no records, there's been no proof; no one could prove any of it money, the stories or recanted, but to them on the left is a fact, and this is the problem when I call this out, they say why won't you talk the Republicans ok, show me much Mcconnell, falsely accusing somebody of of assault. I dont see it. Instead, beta rocks crimes which are documented free pass. Nobody cared bright, cabinets, alleged crimes of which, in when someone says, there's no victims and there's been a sample size, recanted good enough good enough. The New York Times then tries to pass the buck there.
Published fake news, listen there's more than one way to publish fake news. Ok, if you published something and amid a key detail, the victim doesn't Amber it and won't go on the record and their friends say they have not that she has no recollection of it happening. You think they'd be enough. Leland Keyser front, of course, Christine body for getting to be enough, no I believe in your times, as always on purpose, they have racist reporters. They have racist articles, and they try and blame conservatives for calling them out. What's really frustrating I must say it is that I can't show you is not screwed up. That's the problem. We face your on Youtube as independent little commentators, big story. Tromp junior blast near times us after more beggar tweets, are revealed
I've shown one and I'm probably already, and I get in trouble for it I'll have to blow it. I'm gonna have to blow it. I'm not exaggerating the slur. I can't say it will get me a channel strike just for showing it I am. I am I am you know what I'm going to learn, not skirt. If I get a struck against right, then your time Senate, if the New York Times can say it, I should have to criticise them, for it, Youtube is propping up big corporate channels and de ranking channels at money. Here we say it all the time, and this is the problem, the New York Times hired Sarah John and an avowed and overt racist avowed and overt they ve hired numerous people with histories where they ve tweeted race. Stand, homophobic things and there now find people finding out about now. Where was the voting process? This effect checker? Only now do they care, listen. I dont care of people made offensive comments in the past, but I do care than your times is continuing to continually
racing. These racists they are times is not twitter. It's not. Facebook is a private company that is choosing to platform these people. The argument from the left is that Twitter, you to Facebook, our private companies, yes, but their monopolies You don't need they are targeted at the higher. If you want to say these things near times is choosing to have these people on board. Now these people, the litter, tweets and apologize fine, I get it. I think, cancel culture is bad and let me, move on those are the rules they made the New York Times has done the same thing, calling out people writing stories about past tweets even recently, mainstreaming
as all the time now that's being voted against them their freaking out. Well, if you want to write fake news to smear Brett Cavanaugh, and then you get called out for it, you can't turn around and then blame conservatives for calling at your lies and that's they're doing this is the rapporteur for the New York Times tweeting out vocs defending their fake news, defend the bigots, defend the racism and the homophobic sellers. Do it? How can you do. Funds are fake news, you write that has to be corrected. Then then then publish a defence from other left, an organization saying: oh, it's not really it's not really. Correction is no. I can't I struggled this video. You gotta, be honest. I really want to do something breaking down the things they were saying and showing you what Jean I share a loose said, and I can only I known you that one thing it's already gonna get me in trouble because you
Tube, as this is a particular place where we can't call out the powers that be so think about that structure. The New York Times can employ these people they can write. News that can change the new cycle and when I try I am calling for doing it. Youtube would take me down. That's the power they hold. That's true privilege, that's the New York Times getting away with, with with messing with making everything works, but I'll end with one more point, at least The book by mauling Molly Hemingway just on trial, which cause the fake news, is doing remarkably better than the education of Red Cavanaugh, the New York Times fake news nonsense. So, Whatever man I apologize if this fails kind of all over the place, but I'm on trying to highlight these things near times does, and I know that if I show it I'll get in trouble, if I'm just like I'm, I'm stuck, I'm stuck just there. It is
nexcycle be to Martin, I am DOT M podcast. Six hundred and thirty I'll see you then.
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