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Ocasio-Cortez Flashes Far Right Hand Sign, Does She Deserve Context?

2019-06-09 | 🔗

Ocasio-Cortez Flashes Far Right Hand Sign, Does She Deserve Context? Ocasio-Cortez just flashed the Ok sign and of course no one cares. Why? We all know, especially Ocasio-Cortez, what the hand sign means right?Conservatives and Trump supporters have been accused of the worst for making the gesture. Innocent people playing the circle game have been banned and fired all because they didn't know that trolls had staged a hoax.But why would the far left and social justice activists now decide to ignore Ocasio-Cortez making the gesture? They pull out every stop to accuse people of being wrong or evil but when it comes to the new aristocrats they are allowed to break the rules.

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Context doesn't matter, we thought it over and over again member one can't count Dracula made that video of his pug and they said context doesn't matter. You were offensive. Your trouble now I understand the UK is a different
country than the? U S, men who s! There have been many instances of in the in the past few years, where people who have made the ok hand gesture have been accused of being fringe all right whatever and often the context is disregarded. You may have noticed the thumbnail of this video. I found this article is actually an interesting Boccaccio Cortez pushes to make it easier to study shrewd and other psychedelic drugs. I thought that was actually really awesome, and there are a lot of things in the past few weeks that I absolutely agree with Abkhazia Cortez on most notably she's, teaming up with TED crews, to stop politicians from then becoming lobbyists get stuff. Not all that, however, I saw this picture and I found I wondered what it will cause you. What I mean by this, and I thought it
silly to even point out because we're the bigger issues is that there's a double standard and we know it why even bother bringing it up you'll get accused of bring it up in bad faith and no one everyone was I out. We know she doesn't mean anything by because o cause Yogurt has a progressive and then I thought about it will hold on there are many circumstances where the context was irrelevant: and they still said it doesn't matter because trolls use it the idea being that even if you're just trying to troll somebody or you're making it because scuba, diving or because you're playing the circle game, the context doesn't matter. I've got a bunch of examples of this here. We can see this sport of Abkhazia, catastrophe Associated Press, presumably, What recently doing the ok hand gesture, while talking doesn't cosmic or does not know what she's insinuating by doing that. Why
that someone would assume she's doesn't mean anything by it. There have been other people who did things not meeting anything bite or simply trying to support the president and I've been accused of being the worst! So that's what I want to look through now, but I've got some other examples that I definitely want to highlight its not the first time she does. This puts it. It may be one of the first time she's done this following the hoax saw or make it its clear is an old photo before it gets however, its him cast accomplished on it. If you'd like to support my work, there are new, ways you can do it very important as I as I broach these controversial issues and people can demonetized, but of course the best thing you can do to support. My work is like and comment share and subscribe. There's an older photo from because yogurt as during the ok and gesture I made a very about in the past. Many people have commented on it. Making the joke that, because she's doing this, she is alright. However, this is from twenty thirteen and the context didn't mean anything back. Then however, since then we have seen claims like this.
The southern Poverty law center. They didn't say much about what this is a disgrace. Of Cassandra, fair bags and much of it, and it says Cassandra, fair banks and MIKE started, which make ok hand gesture in the White House. This is from April of twenty seventeen. You may remember this because it resulted in a lawsuit, in which case Cassandra Fairbanks lost our rapporteur by the name of Emma Roller who worked for. I believe it was splinter news, the time full disclosure I worked for what became winter news fusion she claimed this was to people doing a white power hand gesture, Why was the context irrelevant? How do you look at this and say that's what it is and not look at all costs for tat and save the exact same thing? Is it because your biased in favour because your quotas and against Cassandra, fair banks. I think that's a fair answer, because I dont know what
he's talking about in this photo. I dont know the context, so why would I give her the benefits, the benefit of the doubt, if I wouldn't give it to other people, this story than popped up around the same time from the independent, ultimately, which had issue several corrections it remove? the photo and they changed it- to accused two members of all right accused of making white supremacist hand signs, but that it is an issue an update. The article originally indicated that the anti defamation we had characterize the gesture under discussion as a racist Hansen. The reason they did is because I am a roller. The woman who posted this later that she went on to prove her claim was true by showing a picture which are ready. From Fourchan outermost got its very weird and then showing a link to the end of anti defamation League for an entirely different hand. Gesture this misled people who just gave a cursory glance tweet
into believing Cassandra actually did this, and it was true and the independent then published fake news now there's. Some conduct will go through. Ultimately, this ended up with a lawsuit in which no one really cared and Cassandra lost. I believe the reason Cassandra lost, in my opinion was a poor argument, framing from the lawyer, though no lawyer, so I dont want to accuse them of do no good or bad job. In my opinion, they missed some really important context, which shows that there is potential malice, malice, not in the sense that she was not in the legal sense that what's she knew what she was posting was false and the evidence for it is the second time,
from the eighty and innovation league which was just factually Andrew. I'm not getting into all this. That's just my opinion as we move forward. Well, let's talk about context. Remember this is the story from Vocs no, a former cabinet clerk didn't flash a White Power Hansen he's really happen and proper to vocs for writing this article in twenty a pointing out. Simply because this woman of color, who has her hand in this way, are somewhat because
she has her hands. Why does not mean she's making unhand gesture, but the thing is people were absolutely saying she did. Eugene Goo, MD, very anti trump personality, says cabinets. Former Laughlin Zena Bash is flashing, a white power sign behind him. During his Senate confirmation hearing, they literally want to bring white supremacy to the Supreme Court. What a national outrage and a disgrace to the rule of law, if you didn't do, who is very high profile, has a very large falling. Apparently you blocked me. That must be recent realistic. I block messages. Is tweets overtime maybe walking for a while if you Jingo is going to claim this is a white power hand gesture? Why can I not then say that's the exact same thing cause you were tested in fact,
you can argue based on Eugene. Do that if he thinks simply resting your hand in a strange position, is enough to symbol. Your desires o cause your Cortez overtly. Making the gesture in a speech speaks a thousand times speaks to several orders of magnitude greater than the exit. Now we talk about the ramifications. What is it? What is it really mean that someone does this? Are we offended by it we sought them down? Well, that's absolutely what happened when we saw this in the stores you ve probably heard. I think it's important bring up Chicago Cubs, ban a fan who has seen making a white power gesture. They absolutely said it is. It is CNN absolutely it is no context erratic, The fact is this: guy made the symbol: we dont know what it means, giving a lot of things. It could mean ok, be the circle game, it could be a trolling gesture to say how got your lives, but CNN says he did this
period. Ok, bye, CNN standard or cause your Cortez in a Forbes article is seen flashing, a white power symbol. Why The funny thing is an BC news actually blurred this. So I ask you: why was this blurred? Why was cause your court? Has a symbol not blurred course: CNN didn't blurred either. So, yes, I know there are different companies but the issue I'm seeing is that you that this may be one of the best examples of the double standard, We all know the sky. Is it doesnt matter? They want to say he did this and they made it a definitive and he was banned from Wrigley for doing it. But it's the circle game of course
Its literally called here we have a common pranks around like a pdf and the circle game. As you can see, you make me ok, gesture on the lag or below the waste and get someone to look at it. You can see that typically, this is made pointing appointed down. However, it doesn't matter, the context was irrelevant. This is a white power gesture. And it s really funny than when it when it reaches into the world of video games, because now I'm gonna kind of I think I've made my point very simply with Cause Yokota, as she did make a white power hand gesture, because the New York CNN and I'm busy of already claimed to be this, there's a title. Uk Cubs Ban fan flashed white power symbol on air behind black reporter. Ok end of story, that's what it is. We're done, its control anymore. It's. Folks, the news has said it is an cause. Your Cortez did this period we're not talking about the
once you did a long time ago in the contacts with different we're talking about today. Over watch is a video game. What what? What we're going to get into the banning of symbols and words as we expand into our are increasing increasingly censorious society over watch two months ago over watches a team should look in your team, you put a character, the characters have different abilities and you go in the first person shooter, where you got against other people and try to complete an objective. They say that they banned the ok symbol. Why? Because some people made the gesture while there was alive interview, happening fence, may the gesture, some people said that the fans were throwing it up to say it's. Ok like ok, we did it. Ok, I literally means people. When will be ok, we got it, but because of the controversy they removed it. The story from Deity Sports says Blizzard reportedly tells over watch league fans to not use ok, gesture due to association as a white power symbol. So it's verbal.
Ok, the point I want to make an hour's outside of whether or not you agree with the context we ve under a point where people have been banned. Fans have been banned, it's been blurred on top and it is associated with white power, and it was even used by the the guy in New Zealand, though, that the mass extremist guy, the other mosque extremist guy in Christchurch is used by him. Ok, the association is now solidified by the press. Why would cause your Cortez make that gesture? But let's talk about what goes beyond this is now. I wonder too much longer on this issue What we are seeing now is, there was a claim, the other day that people were talking about a certain monster in world of Warcraft a video game also by, but by blizzard the characters are called, not guys and, a g, a US and because it sounds too much like one word, people were getting banned, but people were making jokes my understanding,
Some people pointed out. They were saying like shoot that now got and because they kept saying it we're spamming, it was deemed that they are trying to broach the racial connotations of what it sound. But are we really now going to enter a world where things that are to similar to other things are being banned? The answer would be yes, apparently so the ok gesture is verboten, resting Lee what you're saying here on the screen and for those listening, this character from over watch named Zen Yadda, then Yadda can be seen meditating. However, that's the ok sign and context is irrelevant. Now you may think but then Yadda was designed before the hopes came up possibly. But I like to point this out as well. This is the over watch logo over Watch is a very popular videogame. You can see that there is a circle with a little with with two lines going to the middle kind of looks like a crude drawing of two hands.
Or something, but essentially you have a triangle in the middle and a circle around it with some flare. Well, here we have the symbol, what can I do about ones, this is a symbol of generation, identity and identity. Green group in the UK, the symbol is almost basically the same thing if you can be banned for saying things and you can't sell assurance as figs, because to close are we going to come to the point now where the over watch logo must be changed? I highlight this because I'm not the one who brought it up is that we been a recurring theme for a while when people have actually called out blizzard after the ok, Hansel and other time saying your symbol is is, is true similar to identity, terrorism. Your characters are making the hey hand gesture which you banned from your game. In fact, there was even
another story about how a character in mortal combat on other video game. Johnny cage played the circle game. When you looked down at his pants or something in the carrier, selection screen or like modification screen, he makes the ok gesture and then it's a camera pans back and punishes the camera. That's the circle game. If you see it, you get hit, apparently they removed it or they slightly altered it because of the associations. So the point I'm I'm ultimately trying to bring up with his whole videos. No obviously cause our task is not flashing of my power hand gesture, but I guess my opinion is irrelevant, as is yours, as is everyone else's, because here then has already said it's true, NBC has already, Lord the logo, video games, are bad the symbol, and if all of this is true, why should we give the benefit of the doubt to Abkhazia protest when she does this I'll? Tell you why? Because this is perfect evidence of a double standard, they will apply the standard to the peasants, but not the,
Mr Crafts, an argument made by Well Chamberlain of human events dealing with Carlos Maza controversy, he's but why is it that Carlos can attack and insult someone like prouder but crowd or can't say anything back to him, and he said it's because calls Maza is the new aristocrat aristocrats are allowed to insult other aristocrats. Aristocrats are allowed to insult peasants, but peasants are not allowed to insult aristocrats. It only flows in one direction. So what do we see? Vocs not backed by NBC to the tune of two hundred million dollars employ can say whatever you want and its fine, he can call Tucker Karlsson, all the worst names the book, but Heavens absolutely not. You can not criticise him back. Admittedly, I think craters language broached align sure, but why is calls Malta and the right to say throw milkshakes at
these people bought. You can't criticise me, that's the real issue. It's not it's not so much about calls Maza, producing commentaries that he said do this. He told his fancy. Do it surprise? Surprise. Few days are a few weeks later in the UK, people were throwing milkshakes at elderly peasants and amusing peasants facetiously. Why is it that cause operators will get away with doing this, where Cubs fan will be banned permanently from ITALY field? Very simple, Oh cause, your quarters is the new aristocrat. The cubs fan is at present the since aren't allowed and that any aristocrats are do you think we'll see anyone criticise Cortez for this, of course now, and that's kind of why I wanted to highlight this, why should we take context? Incidents
into consideration with her when we won't for literally anyone else, including a law clerk for a Supreme Court of Justice for Bright Cavanaugh, I will add, vocs did no, she didn't do it. I appreciate that there are some sanity there come from box, but the activists and while the activists now called Cortez, we're doing the same thing. No because she's an aristocrat and she is allowed to do whenever she wants with impunity, and if you criticise or I'll call you a big. It, though call you sexist, etc. Let's be real. None of these symbols are white power. None of them. That's not what means it never did even worse, used by the worst of the worst there not flashing it to mean white power there. Just trying to trigger you and make you angry was cause. You were tat trying to troll or make angry no, of course not. But why should context matter? Why should she get the benefit of context and no one else? Let me know its thinking that in the end, in the comments below really surprised? I was able to make a video this long about it, but I saw the photo and I got five- its interest
It just shows you the blight double standard, the absolute double standard, the absolute double standard, I'm stressing that for a reason, because I can assure you people will criticise me for even bring it up, but why can we ban a Cubs fan for playing the circle game? Why can we accuse police officers of being white supremacist? Why can we remove it from games or ban fans, but Cortez is still allowed to use it. Why is court has allowed to make the symbol and no one, what else is not a robot. When women comical elements vacant bookkeeper conversation gone, I've got more segments coming up later. The next one will be a Youtube com slashed him cast using at six p m. I will see you all their thanks. Franco. This kind of a follow up to the video on my main channel yesterday. But there is an interesting thing about the storing the New York Times for those that didn't catch. The video we have the store
the New York Times about someone being rather becoming a radical. That's how that's how many times is framed. It is a really interesting thing in this story. However, if it, was the same narrative that you see all the time from the mainstream media that Youtube radicalized people to a far right, and you can see they ve got Jimmy, camel and felt the frank when some intellectuals from days of old, which makes no sense just because these videos appeared in this individual challenging the individual Caleb Kane is no one of consequence see what they ve done here. Is they found a random person who was not all right claim? They were all right and then showed videos from his history inside. Oh, no, look! Here's interesting if you re frame this story because New York Times during this, in my opinion on purpose, It's a story about a guy who was never all right, as he says in the story, but a traditional conservative was radicalized to the left by you too.
Interestingly, the narrative they presented inverted when the store We actually says a conservative became left. We have data tube to back this. All up this chart. I often show where you can see that the left, its substance, lay more views and their some new ones. I want to clarify, because Hassan Piker had some criticism about saying me camel appearing as political left is actually A simple will go into greater detail later, but these are channels that recommend into and out of the political sphere and Jimmy Camel is anti Trump. It doesn't mean he is there's a lot of channels in here that are barely political, but still we'll be right still will be left simply because you don't like that, you know something's Jimmy Camel. Does a lot of you know. Entertainment comedy doesn't change the fact that his political content is aligned with the left. No, it's not as much though there is no honest, but let's go. We want to look at the story. I do have some other updates here. I want to make some clarifications because I thought this clear in my video on the main channel, but this what what you're saying
as you, slow scroll down, images start to disappear and The idea is that, as you get pulled into a far right universe, watching thousands of videos, yadda yadda yadda, because their claim Youtube radicalized, you, which is absolutely fix its fake there's. No getting to back this up the very least you only data we have shows the inverse. True as you scroll down, eventually your left with only one image. I was brainwashed now, here's what I want to clarify that I thought it was clear. My main channel video. This is a rat. It's random! You get different results every time you scroll down, it's not always the same people! Well in that in this instance, if it it was, maybe they they fixed it, because I felt the Franco complained. Yes, I think I think we may have changed it now. What
random anymore, felt. The Franco was upset because there were several instances where would only pull up Phil, but I think now they ve started its only giving these Stephan Manu in terms of french radical or whenever which still presents problems, because I mean that's that still harming summons reputation whatever I'm not a big fan of loan you anyway so, but what is it was interesting is that he claims he was pulled into this unit. That's right, I was brainwashed. It's it's! This guy killed. Kane is no one of consequence, in my opinion, based on what this guy's trying to do. I think there's been a wave of people who are former right trying to come out and be like. Oh no, and then they just jump on the bandwagon of what the mainstream media sang and has become pretty lucrative. So I also say this: I find it funny that many people on the left are like they're all right, drifters and then, when you quite literally have people who are either former all right or claim to be. There now flipping
sang, whatever the left, who sang and other anomaly bundle after like a well good for them like do they were drifters, then why? Wouldn't they be? Drifters now so I don't know this guy is, but my understanding He started like you to channel specifically about like how he was you know, D radicalized from the all right, so you know, and an important to point out is like Dave Reuben and Philip, the Franco. Oh please, but I'm gonna, I'm gonna have a follow up on what's going out with felt the Franco because, like clockwork, the activists are absolutely come form so here that I want to do Mr Kane, it never bought into the far right smoke extreme views like Holocaust denial or the need for aid at not no state. He said still far right ideology light into his daily life. He began referring to himself as a trap. Come that's not fought. Her fate That means literally traditional conservative commit to old fashioned
and our norms. Ok, he didn't evangelical christian woman and he fought with his liberal friends and there it is in this story near the end. They say that he found to a far right whatever it's it's a stories called something like that. Making a you too, radical, traditional conservatives are not radicals here, but he never bought into their beliefs, thoughts, break this down the narrative of Youtube radicalizing people to the right. According to the New York Times, which dont over and over again they keep lying about. This Heaven routes the writer of this story where right, I think he ease it. It's a very clever framing the way that journalists to do the stuff where he talked to from Youtube and said: there's a conversation about how Youtube is doing this. How do you respond to that? And you know things like this and that's fair, too journalists should ask about. You know what, when people are talking about it, The problem I have is that for one I know Kevin personally, I work them at fusion and I believe his intentions to be militias.
I often say that I dont like to assume intent this. This refers to groups, I am not familiar with, but I did work with Kevin roofs and there are some things behind the scenes that I may or may not published at some point, the future, where I archive jet logs and converse missions where I believe he is an activist he's an activist such a nice, but not sure keeps his language very careful, I believe I know- is an eye Levi knows intentions basin. What he explained to me personally, so that's a different circumstance. Whether or not you know you are making assumption. That's just my opinion having worker them in the past so on, but I, but I make makes it will come of this building where the point is I think he's framing this and omitted information on purpose going back to where I mentioned you did it, you did the interview with somewhat Youtube. He could have very easily done few simple searches and actually look at data to find it's just not true it. Just absolutely not true.
And what and the reason why I think again that his intentions outside of my poor, my personally knowing him, I think his intentions are malicious to a certain degree. Is that in the story, this paragraph, which explains it all, he found a guy watch Youtube videos and became a traditional conservative but rejected the most extreme views. Why did he then framed this article as though it's a guy becoming a radical that that's not even opinion like you. In what capacity would someone call a traditional conservative, a radical, no international conservatives are not radicals. Radical would be the people opposing the tradition right given used even use radical to describe the farmer, that's fine, if this country is based on a status quo and traditional, servants fond of status quo. They are not the radicals, so it's a frame
device he's doing, and then he even says near the end. He could have put this in the beginning and this- and this is a point we made about the idea of objectivity in journalism and I think that's fair, but we do know based on look. This is one data point? What you're saying off or for those that are losing the Pike S? It's it's a graph showing the flowing of right to left on Youtube left right, and we can see that the right and the centre I found was before, but bear with me give way more of their views to the left. So if you are a conservative watching conservative videos, it is more likely conservatives our recommendations, Videos centrist, I recommend centres, videos and liberals get liberal videos, but the laughed gives way less recommendations to the centre and the right, the right and the centre given. Way more recommendations towards the left. We can clearly see recommendations flow. Lest I don't think, that's a conspiracy. I think it's because the mainstream media account
that is its criticism. That's inadvertently concerns, and I think you do go on purpose. I think there are some things you is doing on purpose, getting rid of borderline content, which will you not be detrimental to many right when generals, but I think ultimate what it does is Jimmy Camel he'll do a segments antitrust, Stephen Colbert Antitrust is all of their content and I don't know, but they make recommendations to political, less so to address briefly Hassan Bikers criticism that Jimmy Kimmel shouldn't beyond here. The issue isn't necessarily that Jimmy Kamal produces the overtly leftwing political content it's that who he recommends to is going to be either the same sphere of doing jokes against the president
or to CNN the daily show, the view etc. The view is not so bad. Honestly, I think along their opinions are bad, but they do try to have you know they do have conservatives whether you like them or not, but let's do this. What I really want to get too is for one like clockwork the New York Times than props up certain left wing channels that they really like now. What I can take issue with you know the New York Times framing a traditional conservatives, a radical and claiming it some some radicalization process, but then actually flipping the narrative and saying actually, it'll be radicalized, nobody's, never added in the first place. The point is that they invariably recommend people like H, farmer, guy and counterparts- are not a farmer guys in this, but I do want to stress. I have absolutely no issue with H bomber guy, in consequence actual into really really funny, and I really liked
the content? I wanna make sure that's clear, so my criticism is not at Contra actually recommend Contra, because you shouldn't just beginning all your news from one place and contractors a fantastic job of making undertaken content with salient points, though I disagree and many of them, as I'm sure Contra disagrees with me as do other other channels, but I think ultimately the important thing is good faith versus bad faith content. Certainly the left and the right has their share, but the issue I take as at the New York Times, Craig an article that is framed as though you to force people to the right, but then absolutely proves you tube flows to the left. And they have a graph proving this. Ok, whereas I pass it up or did they get rid of it? I think they got rid of it. Not ok, yeah early in the story So here we have like his time line. I guess they shall Graphical timeline. I'm not super concerned with then a fairly when I really want to find as this right here. So let s take a look at this here,
are a number of political videos. Kane watched each month. We can see that he watched right wing content Stephanie. A new social justice warriors global warming, how can etc. If it matters, I I don't know exactly where I would fall in the spectrum. I unconsidered centrist channel because I have repeatedly said: global warming has serious crisis and we need government compromise to solve it. I would typically referred to as Chernobyl use as social justice activist. I try to avoid loaded language, not a big fan of seven Manu, no disrespect, just not a big fan, but anyway the point is here's what we can actually see. He watched right wing content
All of a sudden, you start watching the intellectual dark web, Joe Rogan, and they Reuben. Congratulations, Dave Reuben! You helped D radicalized this guy for real tabling this early on. We can see it's mostly rightwing content. He does watch some of the purple which they consider intellectual dark where but all of a sudden, he sets watching a little bit. You know less rightwing content, maintaining the intellectual dark, what stuff, but more leftwing content. What precipitated his shift into leftwing content, why? I would have to argue it's the purple line because the purple, it is in the middle. So by watching I can. I can make this assessment based on what they are actually saying. The timeline shows right wing content, intellectual dark web content and then left wing channels. So what can we say here? Dave Reuben, you beautiful, beautiful, Gina.
You healthy radicalized, this this terrible man, I'm being facetious. There's absolutely reasons are criticised. Dave you does a talk. Show some people don't like there's an adversarial dont care is a talk, show host it's fine, the point as they like to smear people like Dave and felt the fray, in reality, the timeline actually presented by the New York Times shows that in all regional actuality, the intellectual darkly precipitated the de radicalization of an individual. Now, of course, I dont think is ended. It was actually a radical because they even said they never bought any these things there just a conservative. What we find Here's the intellectual dark web has converted conservatives into a liberal conservatives, you mad, and then I started watching leftwing channel Bravo Youtube. Bravo, Youtube Youtube is a pipeline de radicalizing people, so why did they keep attacking you too? Maybe it's because it's about money and it's not really about what you tube does as a business, because not only
we have more data to prove and an anecdote, a level this individuals. History shows how we became left wing watching these channels, how he D, radicalized himself, and then he made you made some videos like. I am no longer in this. You know political space or whatever they show you exactly how it happened: intellectual darker, two left and that's it- exactly what you expect to see when we look at the actual data, why New York Times which a frame it that way, why would you, then? You know bread pudding and involve people in the story about Youtube radicalization because to framing device and attacks. A political opponent the data we ve had here from this this website- and I guess you can't see the
the Europe of the Euro. I shall it's out of your own description. We can see that. That's literally, what happens you watch ripening videos. You are centrist videos, you watch leftwing videos. You can absolutely go from right to left. You can absolutely gotta left from left to right, but look how small the left to right line is it's like half the size of the right and the right has half the views of the left, so the left is recommending until the right is is recommending more than twice the amount to the to the left. With only half the views, that is a massive, disproportionate shift? Personally, I dont care make good arguments, make good content. It's fine! I'm not gonna, sit here and complain that somebody watched a Youtube, video and then became a progressive or liberal, but of course that's what they do. It's really annoying and frustrating me how they they keep framing this way framing this way when, when they dont do the research
This is what you know. I would absolutely always defer to never. It happens. Razor, never tribute to malice that which is easily explained by incompetence and I've, and I would point to Kevin routes in this capacity as well so common. Actually, sent me a message the other day saying that the New York story, was, was random. Randomly generated image set. And I said yes, I said in my video that not now it's definitely not random. Now definitely just makes you look. It learn something that second volume, I say yes, it changes for different people, and I pointed out that fill the Franco got different results and I thought It was clear. I also said in the video I'm not saying he did is intentionally it may this to be an accident. I am not saying he's intertwined his moustache, you know planning all of this. I want to make sure it s clear the reason I think have invested it on purpose
is because I know him personally any said things to me in the past and I'm like. I know what these guys all about. I guess he doesn't like that, but I think he's about actor and I think I think he's done some pretty shady things, especially to get a job with the New York Times, but we won't talk about that At any rate, this is a rather somewhat still tepid story, but of course the framing is all that really matters. I was brainwashed. The making of a u too radical based on the time when he presented. Is he saying that this guy's a radical left us now? Is that the premise of the story- the guy, was never all right. Why frame it? That way? I don't know anyway, I can. I could rant on this familiar and publish, and so I want to make sure I clarify as it pertains to you know this this graph, which are frequently show It is not necessarily that every single channel makes left wing political content or right wing
Some of these channels are about crypto currency and libertarianism. So right wing doesn't capture exactly what they are. We can see that, like the quartering is considered right wing and is over here, but then we have people like you know what what's a good person of these people? Are there some odd libertarian channels that don't talk at all about social justice or gaming? Why the quartering a gaming channel with gaming commentaries as it is right wing? Well, that's an argument we made, but the researcher. I think that a decent job breaking down. Why there's left in? Why? There's right, why unconsidered centrist why others are considered left and if you want to complain that Jimmy Kimmel shouldn't be on the list? That's fine, but Jimmy Kimmel does feed to many political shows and he does have these Johannes channel. It's not so much an issue that Jimmy Kimmel per.
As you know, our political content, in so far as it is that he's in this sphere recommending to these channels. These try to explain it is the into the next question asked by Hassan Piker was economically that guy's, a young Turks, wise and beauty pie. Here you have answered your own question. Beauty pie isn't in here because he doesn't recommend to these channels. Okay, this is a recommendation track system tracking politics when I, the researcher. Why wasn't p2p in this? If he essentially said I could be wrong, so forgive me a mark if I get this wrong by Madison was that people would be so far away from the group, because there's no recommendations going, you know back to these people. So he can't necessarily shrink the graph and put it taught that super far away in reality, Jimmy Kimmel is right next to the political sphere, recommending to Trevor ok and MSNBC and CNN overtly political shows and coal bear is a political
actor, whether or not it shows overtly political today compared to what the cold airport was in the past sure we can differentiate shows, but he often often opens with attacking the president, as does Jimmy Kimmel. So, yes, he's in the political space, I'll, leave it there. I don't know it just a rambling rent video, because under so sick and tired of this nonsense and I'm seeing other journey, suppose it is a lie. As a journalist who posted, a quote from the story. Let me see if I can find the quote: there's a spectrum on Youtube between the calm section, the Walter Cronkite Carl Sagan, part and crazy town where the x stuff is, if I'm Youtube, I want you to watch more, I'm always going to steer you toward crazy town. Take that quote, take their timeline and take the data. How'd you and what their basically saying is that Youtube radicalizing people to the far left think about the people that get propped up by the sea of Youtube, etc. James, Charles there was a period where most of the top creators and insultingly true were you know
Terry and found a nest or algae BT. You I don't know, certainly want to lump analogy meeting here with the far left is not the same, but there is more of an overlap there than the right to the point. Is you to have a solution? Is pushing people to the left the end and there's no job does no question about it. I don't know rent ran. I don't know this. Video was thanks, rang out I'll, see you guys the next segment, one p m on this channel pleasant upon gas. It will beginning soon I will see their California is the future the liberal elite wants for you. Let me just start off by saying a few things: typhoid outbreak potential for bubonic plague homelessness crisis. I lived in LOS Angeles. I worked with the with a homeless shelter and several nonprofits trying to help the poor eventually left. For a few reasons, I think telephone he has just it's, not a height, but nothing everybody growing up was like allies the place to be especially escape borders. I wanted to go there and I found the pledges actually really gross.
And that there are some nice areas, alchemy wrong. I know people live in outlandish nice areas, but man Ella has serious problems right, Certainly there's been a lot of news about the disease outbreaks and the question is two why it's happening when you have a super majority in the state? It's it's quite for Democrats by confusing you'd. Think it's not so much about democratic Republican, but if you have one party, you think they would just pushed through the policies they want. In reality. It doesn't matter if you're in the same party people disagree. So now they have a democratic super majority. Now that, if not divide is no damage is liberal versus progressive or modern rubber, and so no, they still can't get things done. I believe they failed to passing housing bell to deal with homelessness crisis and its getting worse and worse. I thought
story from a few days ago, Town Hall, California, is the future. The liberal elite wants, for you, too conservative opinion by thought of instinct to read through an and provide some comments on before we do that TIM S accomplished on it. If you'd like to support my work, these are trying times people are getting democratizing DE platforms, so I could definitely use your support to help me out in case I get demands something you could be that safety not greatly appreciate or just like comment share, subscribe, engage. It really helps LE three. I will add. I want to do a video on this, because the first line is funny. California has more from Paradise into a garbage state run by garbage people for their own garbage benefit and amid submitted the garbage parties literal once the Sierra Nevada mountains symbolise the state now towering heaps of trash and human waste welcomes what the Democrats want for all of America just watch your step literally. I dont want to sit here and
I make no conclusively tell you, while this happening, we can point to a few factors. The state is predominantly run other big cities by Democrats, LOS Angeles into democratic super majority. You can then argue its democratic policies. I think a good portion of what's going wrong, as is its corruption, people who will play your emotions claiming to be a democratic. So you give your vote up, but they dont actually care about you you're for a lot of politicians. Not all. I think there are some good progressives and liberals and conservatives, but there are a lot of people who just want to play the game to make money so politics. Ultimately, I don't care what your party is. I think it's nonsense that I'm kind of a centrist not because I'm offences are but because I think the right and left have equally good points in different areas need to be listened to. However, we have a mainstream that is propping up the regressive left and destroying their own part.
Which is a big issue I think we need to deal with, but in terms of California, I'm not going to tell you why by all means there can be a lot of people say the liberal policies. I am not entirely convinced. I think corruption is a huge factor for big city like this. I think whether in and out of things, though New York has more homeless. According to a report I Runnin Forbes, in which case I dont think the weather's couldn't homelessness problem, but they do have serious Paul policy problems for whatever reason there not cleaning up the you know the rats they're not claim that the trash that Jim with the homeless a democratic super majority could not pass a bill to deal with the homelessness crisis. That is it then that there is a problem of the Democrats, not necessarily the policy they did or didn't enact it just that they as a party are not are not succeeding. That's a fair, but I know a lot of people will point the policies you it's hard to argue against that debate. To be honest, it is because there's no Republicans in LOS Angeles, that our like setting the policy at a super majority will have less freedom. If it were not,
for the climate, something liberals in charge. If it were not for the climate, something liberals in charge, My state have nothing to do with as much as they think they do. It would likely be a nearly empty desert once again but the sun shines. The beach beckons in the palm trees sway over a population of morons who keep electing Prague fascist to run the place which they are doing right into the ground. That's true and I will point out, I believe one of the challenges that California faces is no conservative. Push back and big cities say, MR for most big cities. I think you really do need a market challenge in politics all. But this way, if you have a damn products for majority. Nobody cares they'll just run and win sure their primary and things like that. But the locations, Democrat you'll win local calls YO protested. But what do you think that happens like? What would you think would happen if you had actual conservatives challenging the Democrats in these places they would absolutely be desperately trying to fight to make sure they get elected and do the right thing for the city and for the people of the city, the county, the state etc. Where one
Its people flocked to make their dreams come true. You now pay multiple multiples for a. U hollow for you all heading out, then, having in multiples the great California Middleclass made up of the normal people, whose hard work and ingenuity made it the golden state. Even though Hollywood types got, the publicity is fleeing the places where they can afford to live and when the governments doesn't take them we're in stop here, because I decided to little background into this man's opinion as to whether or not this is a factual is essential our people fleeing California. Well, they are this from the Orange County register. I do. Cursory search and found in September, they said, California is the great role model for America, particularly if you read the eastern press. Yet few boosters I've had to confront the fact that the state is continuing to hemorrhage people at a higher rate, with particular losses among the family formation. H, demographic critical to California s future: woe full stop! Wow, that's really interesting,
California futures in jeopardy, because young people are leaving, and then I thought about that now, like do it, I was in my early to mid twenties when I left California, why did I leave California? I didn't like it that there is a lot of filthy place: our costs were really high. It's just it's! It's there's the lot wrong, there's fun things to do for you. The weather's nice but ultimately find a kind of boring, and I felt I never never went into actual so popular and others that that the city of LOS Angeles, actually kind of small and L a county is people refer to in terms of alleged massive. I stayed pretty pretty much out by out West and avoided the city, and I wasn't like western what terms like Santa Monica. That is more expensive, but the city was,
like filthy. I never went there so much things. The worst city I've ever been to anything. It was just and I've got skid row, you ve, got trash problems, homelessness, problems and I work directly with the homelessness problem, and I was just like at some point. Why am I here? This is not like it's not a place where I'm gonna do better. It's it's They create. This lie that you succeed in California, and I was a young excited wanting to go skating play music and then I was like this is not the place to be omitted Virginia, and then I was just before. Occupy Wall Street happened now I've just beneath coastal time on from Chicago, so yeah, why? You know it's a problem, not nuttin. I left, because California was it was. I was away when I left, because it can offer me anything. It was it. There was no reason to be their wasting money and doing nothing in it ended in a dirty boring place for other people yeah. She's not a it's too expensive, so people start fleeing whose to be the next generation to help. You know, create the economy and the cities of of California is another story. This one from a few months-
More californians are considering fleeing the state as they blame sky high costs survey finds. How did we get to a point where California is this way where they have trash in the streets? There's feces everywhere? It's a democratic majority, and this is a challenge for me. There's a lot of you. I often hear this As you know, people on the left will say just because socialism didn't work. This time doesn't mean it won't work again, and I think really silly argument, because, basically, like every circumstance, save for like one socialism, salted and like people being killed and just the complete and total collapse of their economies. So I think that provides enough evidence to suggest we shouldn't implement these kinds of command economy systems that haven't worked at all right. You eat out that they say the definition of insanity is putting around in a fire, and then you, you know when you get burned you do it again, like you can't learn. That's not,
this other legitimate definition but ass, I think that's like an old saying so I'm kind of like well at this point. How many times do you trying to say you know we? Should we shouldn't do that anymore? I personally believe we need a mixed because we can t have companies running wild, otherwise ended with Google Facebook doing this nonsense. They're doing What socialism certainly has won a foul health when you're, not socialist, but it is very, you know, moving very, very heavily in the direction but cause California is not like. If you look at something like the scandinavian states with which our capitalistic welfare states compared to California, which is not even as well as its capitalistic, it doesn't have as much welfare. Is a scandinavian states? I think you see that it's not so much about social Democrat policies, social dumping. Being more like Bernie Sanders, not odd God. Bernie Sanders, not a socialist and social Democrat like that, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc. They have a cap thus the system you can open a business. You can say what you want, which pay a lot of taxes: California, taxes.
Nowhere near as high Scandinavia's, and so they haven't even gone far enough left where we can claim their directly similar to Scandinavia is so. Why are they failing? And this is where I did default back to. I blame the Democrats in so. First of all, is it about the democratic policy? I don't think so. Perhaps the application of the policy in their area based on their economy, their resources, farming, because the economy of California is very different from Sweden, Sweden, exports weapons California, exports, alfalfa and Kalen things like this, so the economies are different, which means the policies what necessarily work the same way but a lot of people in California point to the scandinavian countries in say: let's do this. Ok, we're hold on you're, not even that far left yet, and you ve already screw everything up this is why I think it's the fault of the Democrats and not necessarily the policies which may or may not work in certain areas, one of them since I am also rather centrist. I lean on the left is because you can't claim that the same
policy in Norway will work in the United States for small Norway has substantially less people than the? U s. You can maybe claim that California, with thirty million people, can withstand a similar kind of policy position. Accept the economy of California dramatically different if Sweden can export weapons to pay for the cost of their welfare programme, California isn't doing that. The export and import are very different. California exports, culture and movies, which makes a lot of money it's very different, which means it needs unique policy. I'm not gonna point the policies, I'm gonna point the politicians who can get the job done and guess what these cities are run by democratic super majorities. It is the individual Democrats fault. Of course conservatives will say no liberal policy period. We find out that opinion, because, unless economic upon of Dayton facts to prove its, not in my opinion it starts at the corruption of the politicians. I think they don't care, I think they think
claim to care, so they can convince you to vote for them. They claim to be about social justice and welfare and helping the homeless and all that and I'm not gonna. Do it and there's another important point out to bring about derailed offer. What hurts like there was writing about what the, the interesting with a lot of people who like point to me and say that I am supporting the bad guys by supporting Chelsea Gabardine Andrew Yang, and I absolutely reject that. I think the problem with the Democrats is the corruption its people, like Hillary Clinton, is people like Joe Biden and Barack Obama and and Kirsten Angela Brand and his people, who don't care and Cabal Harris. When I see yeah, go on the Sunday special with bankruptcy. Europe go on Fox news. Go on the river report. I think to myself. That somebody who actually wants to bring Americans together and solve our problems. When I see tee
see. Gabert do the same thing, long form conversation about her principles and positions with with Joe Rogan undergoing a Fox news several times and standing up to our critics. Unlike that someone who actually has principles. The problem with the Democrats is the corruption, its people who claim person jailer branch, our interaction. Eighty, oh please, you know like, I believe you care about any that Koala Harris acting like you, too, fat of hair pop up come on these people, a plastic people they are made of plants Bernie Sanders I used to like, but Bernie and at some points are to embrace the plastic political stance and he broke my heart. I was, I tell the story. I was walking home from the office in New York when I worked for fusion and fusion is totally woke, and I was fervently ranting to my friend about how it's finally time we get someone like Bernie Sanders. He's a social Democrat.
I still like the guy he's, not the worst, but he's embracing a lot of this nonsense. Politics like saying why people don't like to be poor, many endorsed Hillary Clinton. You no proper good good on him for still defending the ideas of border security when he said in someone s about open borders and absolutely not, but I think Bernhard playing Politics- and I do not like that Yang and Gabert, I think sure, they're playing politics to an extent, but not too that degree both have cannot against identity politics. Some people have criticised Gabert because such as preparations. Well, it's a conversation too. Sure I get. It criticise her police, she deserves it, but the reason I like Gabert is she staunchly anti WAR and Yang has a big list of salute, so it's funny way. I've I've really derailed on this, because California breaks my heart pisses me off as a representation of the corruption within the Democrats, at least at the local level. San Francisco is riddled with fees.
Whilst Angeles is full of trash heaps and disease, and now it makes all Democrats in all left liberal policy look really really bad. This is the problem I have with even people like, oh cause, your Cortez. I think climate change is an issue. I really do because of a lot of scientists pointing to these things, and the problem is Cortez comes out waving. Her her end is nigh sign and the media biologists on Twitter are saying than another chill please, ok, ultimately, what the science shows that the best of my missing. I am not one of these people that is actually not as previously insane is Al Gore. Cassio Cortez would have you believe. No there's not gonna be tornadoes women. Through Washington, DC and twelve years until the world. This is gonna, be on fire, something is going to damage to the planet. We can find economic solutions. We are not facing the end of the world in ten years like they keep
the actual scientists will many of them will be actually call about, but then you see bill Nigh lighting, a global firing screaming and it's like do who'd do these people are damaging progress there damaging progress. I don't blame via the necessarily the conservatives who are doing what conservatives always do and there lot of moderate and can see. There's lots of conservatives and moderates who are rather open and interested in conversation. The same is true for liberals, but the liberals are allowing the inmates to run the asylum so wish you cause you Cortez saying you know we ve got twelve years until the world ends and you're like what and then she later comes on says it was a joke. Unlike ok, ok, listen, you're, make things worse. You know, so I anywhere, I started ranting Democrats, but I thought
story, and, unlike I guess, I guess, that's kind of the point of what Kurt is saying. It's the future to the liberal elite wants for you and bothers me, because what do I say to them? What do I say to the conservative who argues? Look at California and that's what you'll get with Democrats, because I think there are some good Democrats and I would rather have Yang than Trump personally I'm willing to sit down and talk with someone about trumpets. Trop has done some really great things. He peed she's got Mexico to now in force border security, so so Trump has Paulson things off economies. Doing great, I'm not gonna die. This things I just be foreign policy is a big issue for me and tossing Gabert is a staunch anti interventionist. Tromp was supposed to be here
and then even pissed off love trump supporters, because you know tromp is due in Saudi Arabia, Yemen stuff he missile strike in Syria, commander raids, Yemen's are really big deal. I don't think the United States should be doing these things and in going and ranges, countries and and participating in these wars. I understand the complexities of geopolitical geopolitics in foreign countries. It's complicated. It is but here's the thing in California turns into a pile of feces San Francisco, particularly when LOS Angeles has the risk of disease when there are p we'll storming the border at Santa drew near Santiago where the Democrats and an end this really really hard because a lot of are single issue. Voters and they're going to look at the Democrats as a whole and say I don't no man curse right. How many people are going to look at California be like? I do not want it I'm not going up. They're gonna eschew any person along the Democrats. We got it. We got a recognised, the shades of gray within politics and
me, I've always been slightly to the left, and so I found some people, the Democrats and that I think our principled, trustworthy and Yang really does take decay. I mean look, he went on Reuben, you wanna venture Piero, tremendous respect, no, no prerequisites, no talking points that blew my mind and gave it to the same thing with broken, but Yang, told Reuben. Dave runs right right in the beginning, their interview he's like there were no talking points, no stipulations. They said you can talk about whenever you want asked whatever you want and youngest was. It was on board, that's the kind of principled real com, station. We need- and I think you know I found what we're gonna do interesting as a lot of conservatives, you know, will tweet to mean response, saying that they don't like Yanks policies in certain areas, but they do have respect form. And of course, then you get the media, smearing tolls e government and worrying as the all too right. Democrats yup because they want this, and so I can't argue with what they say. This is what kept this little the liberal elite wants for you.
I want to marry me, I'm sorry. I won't disagree, Andrew Yang until together, another liberal elites there there, the outsiders, fighting fighting to get in and it's it's Kampala Harris its Corey Booker its Joe Biden there. The RO elites, I don't think Bernie Sanders as but Bernie Sanders endorsed Hillary Clinton. So I mean cause you're Cortez. My understanding is that she endorsed with worn. So anyway, you know what I'm random rambling now, but just some thoughts I am looking at. That is that the collapse of california- and I think in the end, my final thought to clarify reiterate- is that California is run by the corrupt. They don't care that they didn't care about you there. They don't they don't believe what they're saying and everything is. Owing to its falling, is falling apart. So when someone brings up what I say to them, well, I guess you're right. It's not so much! This article doesn't states their policies necessarily its talking and others is not getting it done, that they can do it you're not doing it
I got a video camera for in the main channel, starting at four p m youtube com slashed him cast. Yes, that is a different channel. I have two channels by three actually, but that's right. At the and I'll see you in the next time. It was only a matter of time, I said this in my video yesterday that what they're going to do, associate felt the Franco with the alt right and then the activists would move in and I opinion, based on the Mena working with the right a small extent, unknowing impersonal conversations we have had. I believe there is malicious intent, I'm not saying he's trying as much as evil. I'm saying you knows what he's doing those that he's omitting certain people, including certain people and causing harm to the reputation of felt the Franco. He doesn't care He's miss framing the argument and in fact the funniest thing about his story and on unfair and others is that historic, debunks itself, but here's the important bit felt the Franco treated this.
A body on the east coast. Just add this to me: they put the making of a to a radical collage on the front page of the Sunday edition of the times, now it appears I'm also part of a stew of emotional content. I'm gonna ditch the internet I see a Monday. I kid you not. The New York Times ran a front page story about one guy and a Youtube videos. He watched think about how psychotic, that is. Why would they this. Why, interestingly, the story is so the stories about one guy who washed Youtube videos and the actual story is that a guy watched you too. Was a conservative. He said he rejected the far right viewpoints and then watch the intellectual dark, Weblike Dave Reuben. Then he watched leftwing content and since the all right. How is that a story about radicalization the? making other you too radical how the sites algorithm played into the hands of the far right, but you literally
the story about the guy, rejected the alt right and never believe their opinions. Weird. Why would come? rules at the New York Times frame of mind, We one way and debunk the story in the actual article. Could it be that most people don't read with a very and more than half of people, the headline that half of the remaining will read halfway through and very few will finish it because when you finish it, he became a liberal mega video denouncing the all right. Why would you do this? Why would you publisher page story about one guy watching you too, who didn't even hold it rather extreme views really weird, isn't it really really so I dont have a temple that, but I will say, if you want to support me, TIM cast outcome. Slash donate with the attacks on you too, but it's really important that I promote you can support me through TIM Cast, icon flashed on it in case I did demonetized something just like comment share. Unsubscribe though it's that engage, it really helps. But here so here's the point you point out.
Yesterday my video, I said activists will take this and they will run full speed. They are needed on marketing. Welcome too felt the Franco's Wikipedia Talk section, four thousand unfamiliar the talk section is where people argue whether or not something should be included. The article shortly after my videos published, we saw this section appear on Wikipedia. I feel that would be in the best interests of the public to have. Mr De Franco listens, having ties to the alt right and yes, some bad people, I'm not gonna, say sphere of influence on Youtube. What this would effectively do is ensure Anyone who Google's his name will take his words: the grain of salt. As a pole, to the suddenly brainwashed, as opposed to be only brainwashed by extremist groups that are associated channel and persona. Some responded, no source. Although it looks like a smear campaign in the works, I will revert any edits from your ip
someone inside if the New York Times at air didn't exist, would you believe it? And finally, I guess this is what we are talking about- any link between from felt the Franco, When I first saw this I said troll obvious trawl, Somebody was was following the news throughout the day, because a lot of people are talking about it and then put this in here as a troll or an acceleration like. Ok, let's just go for it now. I do not believe I should say I did not believe this was included in and felt talk page trying to seed the information by an actual protest or activism like that. Nothing is. Until I saw this welcome to gamer gauzy, their various sub it's an communities I track for various new stories, one of which is gamer gauzy, with self identified ass, J W members. That would make the call,
selves our gamer. Gaza is a social justice about it right now. I believe me. Let me open a new tab to be sure. I believe the top comment, the top posts right now so so concerning white fragility is a pinned post. You can see the pen and the highest up voted post right now on a social justice separated Philip. The Franco upset at the end, Whitey correctly that the at that the near times correctly identified him as a major player in the alt right radicalization pipeline on ironically, I said this was going to happen. Ok, you look at the Wikipedia and again the forcing a thought was about buying it. I did not think the activists were comp would come for him immediately after the story was posted. I assumed it would be. Slowly over time, then slowly bring up insinuations that use associate with these groups and that this was probably trawl. Just thinking it's funny, someone didn't. But the source in your time. So the conversation at least has started, and someone said it looks
a smear campaign is in the works, and it is one of us, One said the article doesn't even call filling out writer just that he was in Keynes watch history. Someone needs to learn all the facts and observe both sides before making a judgment call I saw is outraged. We basically there's some car. Senor saying. Well, you just an enlightened centrist, some, but some people, this person, ok, the post, came from a moderator. They say New Maud same great oppression, the user is whose user, Kate, gallery and occasional calorie doesn't look like em up. We ve made me I will make sure that they are or aren't moderator. So the moderator is ok, they're, not a modern. That's that's important because I didn't know if that meant there were actually a moderate. Maybe they are getting it. But the point is this: isn't on ironic thread talking about, I felt a Franco.
Play is both sides defending the right wing, serious here's. What we're the individual says. He he also play. He also that their quoting somebody He also both sides alot of asked that makes the aggressor and targets immorally equivalent. Only when the aggressor is left and the victim is right when its reverse, he does both heat up. He doesn't both sides at all. He downplays with the right did and place of how the left deserved it. This inside the Franco, serves as the centrist gateway, drugged, massaging, bigotry. He pretends to be left wing, but somehow All his coverage manages to make the right look somewhat good and victimized and the left look somewhat bat an unreasonable, and here and here in their sprinkles massaging and anti feminist Andy S w many rents. The whole purpose is just to get you used to the ideas to ease you into the right, and you too, but take care of the rest by recommending more and more right wing stuff. As you watch him, they go on to say that he's an open libertarian in this threat,
felt the Franco's interviewed Gary Johnson. In the past he has said he was a libertarian in the past, and that is far right by many mainstream, our political. You know assumptions or or perspectives. So look. Does it mean After that? There are seventy seven comments. Talking about how Philip the Franco is part of the pipeline? Yes, but I dont want to act like it's the end of the world. I wouldn't. Let me explain to the significance of this in order to smear someone as all right, they half the plant seed I do not believe there is an overt conspiracy. I believe it's a bunch of people waiting, starting line and their way for someone to do something, so they can jump forward? I do not believe Kevin ruses in cahoots with anybody of any kind of conspiracy. Having rules. The writer of the original article, probably just all this as an opportunity to get collects? It's it's a fascinating. Scary story that that you know all people going
Eliza what story debunked itself at the end of the story, the guy never went far right and denounced them by watching Youtube videos, but it makes us threat about how to understand other doing this and other playing in the far right strategy making oval mainstream allies, not true data prose, not true. I've talked about a million times. I don't get it anymore, but it's not true This guy clearly is just latching onto someplace, baked nonsense and I was ass, the very simple Why? What I'm saying is very likely to be true. Why would they New York Times right, a story about one guy who watched you tube is an anecdote. There is no data and the story debunked itself. It makes no sense it is it's a bit absurd nonsense. The New York Times,
such a story, but an expos a on border crossing in an ice. Someone actually matters really weird cabin writ, really weird that it is an anecdote about one individual. If that's the best, the front page of the New York Times can pull off in terms of the story. You know it's bunk, they didn't look at any research, they didn't look at any data. They pulled up one random gains at Sea this guy. He watched these channels. Oh wait. He became a liberal debunking your own narrative but publishing as if it proves your narrative. If you do story for months. I've been working to fight for a few months and that's the best you can do you ve you ve debunked yourself. Congratulations I will be surprised, Hank Green, saying it's a good article. Two what're you talking about Hank. Why would a front page story about one guy on you to be a good article, thankfully case nice, that comes in with its badly done very confusing
little consideration for how the association of being in a collage would be interpreted, especially considering the headline directly beneath the photos and its maliciously framed. In my opinion, it talks about how you tubers, like Natalie our pipeline away from radicalization, and this person ultimately came to denounce the all right. It's just smearing Youtube for no reason, here's could happen. This is poor, The process where these dominoes fall over but activists know full well the power in slowly playing this game filled. The Franco pushes back You can now say, without fear of libel, felt the frank is associated with the far right, because ones that really mean you'll then see as Wikipedia because there, already beginning the arguments within the same day. Surprise alchemy about whether or not you should or should be, of course, are taking the negative he shouldn't be. But someone will eventually try men. Maybe I'm nothing a definite happened. I will say something like while I think the premise
it's silly. We should talk about the pipeline and I felt the Franco dies. You know get recommendations and Youtube, etc. The New York Times written about it its newsworthy they'll, say and then also something will appear on Phelps page thing felt the Franco A recent controversy felt the Franco was associated with all right. You tubers, though he denied it and was outraged a month or two months later, a story will be written. This called sight o genesis. It was something that was written a comic, my Ex Casey David, familiar where he said once it appears on Wikipedia some other journalist will take it and and twisted like a game. A telephone, so first they'll say felt. The Franco was recently associate with the alt right in a New York Times. Article triggering outrage for many commentators, Next, Yossi August MOTO article felt the Franco Comma, who recently associated with the all right come up. Then you'll see another article later filled the final comma associate and associate of the Alps
then eventually I'll say fuck the Franco, who is routinely criticised as being all right and there you have it now. Some people we'll call him all right. They're doing already and sure enough. That gives grounds to the New York Times to any other site, Philip, a Franco, Coma and all right Youtube. Her then you look at the actual definition of adult. Right is white nationalist, a matter that opinion and the New York Times cannot say. Listen. There were a ton of stories. References in this way. Ok, it's it's. We don't make it up Wikipedia. Talking about it are journalists saw this file the sources there are tons of news articles, calling him all right or associated with it. If he'd, if he you know he can denied all, he wants an that's how the game is played. So there you go Phil whether your
be angry, whatever they are now starting. The argument on your Wikipedia page there saying to smear campaign shore. What does that mean? You believe the New York Times is part of a conspiracy to smear Philip, the Franco, that's crazy. This can't be true. Whoever This is clearly a conspiracy theorist, because the New York Times is not engaging in a smear campaign. Can't you bigots on understand that felt the Franco was correctly identified as being a major player in the all right radicalization pipeline. Welcome to the new future fill, you are now officially associated with the all right by these people. Of course, we saying people note, that's not true, and you have to choose what videos you watch, I'm not gonna prattled too much. I will leave a story there, because I've talked a lot about this, but there you go, fill the Franco. Alright I'll see you in the next segment coming up
Yesterday, at pride in Washington DC, there was a scare some people heard bangs many people ran and people start saying that they believe those an active shooter when this happened I really wonder tweet something about how you know you to keep your wits about. You not run in a random direction, but I thought you know what I'm not miss anything. I'm gonna retweet law enforcement matrix in their hands, and I can amplify the message of capital, city, police and and law enforcement to protect those in case. Something is happening now I personally believe it was a false alarm. I have seen some tweets from people saying they didn't see anything I didn't think it was happening and so was a very different circumstances, but it is better to err on the side of safety than risk the harm of others. So I stayed out of it and major law enforcement was paved click clear. The way
like so so, whether its twitter, whether you on the road when you got law enforcement, trying to make sure that people say if you give them the way so when they are tweeting, I said my platform, your platform. I will. I will retweet you to make sure you can keep people safe, but as it turns out, it was not a real shooting. And nothing with what we do know what occurred. Someone apparently got arrested. They did have a weapon, but there was no shooting. It was a false alarm, and so one of the story, as I do, and I want I want to go through this, but I want to talk about being on the ground and urban conflict and how I I'm really worried that our culture and society is because being overly sensitive and terrified, and it can be a bad thing. While it always tell you if people start, you know if you care bangs, when you do, I will stress that there are,
serious considerations in terms of how to keep yourself safe when these, when you know when there's bangs and people are running, first, go to him, casta com slashed on it. If you would like to support my work, there are multiple ways of pay. Pal address, provoke currency physical address, but of cautious like comment. Subscribed, engagement really really helps us. Let's get into this missed from NBC mistaken reports of a shooting at the capital. Pride parade in Washington DC sparked panic, amongst had among attendees. Several people were hurt in the ass people, flood Deasey, police chief, Peter Newsome, confirms to use for that. A shooting did not occur. The Dupont Circle Festival on Saturday that there was no active in the area. There is no evidence at all that any shots were fired. Deasey, police, commander, Gill, Yermil Rivera told her paws on Saturday. Numerous people told news for that. They heard gunshots, but police maintain. There was no evidence of a shooting
unclear what people heard, but police say they are reviewing video in an effort to determine what the sound was. We had officers close by and at this point there is no evidence of any gunshots, but seven, twenty p m at nearly three hours into the prayed police began to respond or ports of a man with a gun is often rented the area fleeing parade attendees that there was a man with a gun who fired shots, no evidence to support this officers I did the location where the individual is located at that point. They stop that individual and they recovered a gun. Close by police have confirmed news for that are gone, was recovery, backpack, backpacking, Dupont Circle, but so the gun was never brandished or threats made. A man was charged with possessing a handgun. Deasey police confirms that question one person and the weapon recovered is being processed. When asked
how officers identified at the mouth of the gun. Rovera set its currently a matter of investigation. A woman was also arrested for allegedly assaulting an officer. Its core unclear of suspects knew each other. So there's a video here and I ll try and play where. Apparently I believe this shows and ones are running and random directions. Yet so we can see people start jogging and that's not yet, but let's, let's so, for those that are listening, we were playing a video from NBC here's to have frozen. I guess ok, great. There has been a sickening on securing on you too, where all the sun is a stamp peat and much running full speed because they hear this noise and looks like here. We go, people start running known. Essentially I don't, I don't think so. Yeah, ok, people are definitely running. Some people aren't so That's that's that's kind of it. There's other videos show a stampede and people to get hurt. So so, let's talk about this right. Well, let's relocate further deputy mayor for public Safety, Kevin Donoghue confirmed there was no active shooter. The cap.
Private ended early after the incident, but organizer says all other events will continue as planned with extra security precautions. Policing They were unaware of any threats or hate language, targeted the parade, but encourage anyone with information to contact the police took line, and they include the phone number I saw the story, I read it and I pulled up the news comments section, because there is an interesting conversation about it. Let me see if I can fix this because its area, someone said it was absolute TK ass people running into restaurants and stores, locking themselves in the bathrooms and getting behind counters, while screening a scene straight out of a movie higher mob swarming the streets running and screaming someone's at all. For no reason, people need to show our response to be fair. If someone comes at you, sprinting intelligence is an active shoot at a large event, you'd, probably at least be the slightest bit of panicked and the moment it's just a snowball effect spread like wildfire. I have
and in many active urban conflicts not full on war with a case, but I've been gang territory with gunfire. I've been in riots, many many riots and yes, evolution like in Egypt, I was in Venezuela and there were a bunch of young people protesting on a street corner in the intersection. All of a sudden, the whole group of around five hundred people started screaming. And running full speed away from where we knew Venezuelan National Guard were before this happened. I was standing about one block, so, let's, let's let suit North North myself, the National Guard were self. The protests were to them
We were on the same level the same line like looking at the protesters but to the west. So I note to my right: I could see national guard in front of me. I could see the protesters. I told the crew. We are going to back away about one block away from the police and the and the protesters and, if anything happens, we run perpendicular to wear the crowd is running. We do not want to run with them, because if they are being attacked or chased by Guard, we want to leave think about it like this Indiana Jones, the boulders coming after him. You see this all the time and you know cartoon stuff or someone's being chased by a bolder, a fallen tree. They don't turn to the right. We exist in three dimensions. You actually have to dimensions when a bolder ass, Jason, you so here's another these complex. Everyone runs in the same direction, but the important thing to consider sound
echoes and most people don't know where the gunshots our coming from? I could you not? I have been in situations where everyone starts running toward the danger here. Is I can Tell you what to do in this situation, but I can say, as for one, I will not be ups like soup eyes, or are you not it's silly to criticise someone who does run when there's reports of sugar, not all bangs our guns, and it's not smart- to ignore some bangs when I was in Ferguson I was with someone and all of a sudden we heard bangs and every protesters hit the deck because they know what to do if the deck figure outwards coming from run away from it. But I think it's because a lot of these communities, like Ferguson, are used to gun violence Chicago for these are used to gun violence instead, what I've been in Chicago? I was in Ferguson. That's the behavior. I see from the. Community one gunshots quoth. They immediately hit the ground. They look around, try forgotten on before moving one I've.
In other urban environments and protests with or actually recent example, everyone just runs and random directions because they don't know how to deal with an actual crisis. I was in Ferguson, I was with a an actual conflict reporter and there was ABC News guy who was nearby we're gunshots actual gunshots. I'm already on the ground. I looked at my right conflict reporter produce on working with on the ground to chuckled. I'm like yup. Do knows what he's doing. I looked in my life. And there is the guy from ABC just like looking around confusing goes this fireworks and I was like dude Do you see fireworks anywhere now am I do see people with guns and he was like yeah, I'm like one I would you assume its fireworks. I gotta say man, I'm not gonna, be upset with people and easy for running. In being scared, I will say that's my advice to you: is immediately running full speed in a random direction. Isn't always the best thing to do. I don't know to tell you I don't know, there's a higher
tonnage of safety and security. By running randomly, I will say, though, you can run to the danger. What I do personally is, I immediately take cover down and try and figure out who is running where and whose doing? What? Because who knows what it is, it could be a bunch of both stampeding to the street and if you are in the street there behind you, it could be a person with a gun. The point, as you don't want to run. If you don't, you want to run away to dead ground or to cover dead ground, meaning you down hill or up up up on something else too, where they can't get line of sight. The problem with people doing locking themselves and bathrooms itself. Is that you ve trapped yourself? Ok, you can cover ground, probably equally to the other person However, if someone is, if you aren't situation again, I don't wanna do not take my advice. Do not take my advice,
I will only tell you what I would do. I've been in situations where I ve been shot. It in Ferguson hit the floor and got behind a big piece of like as some kind of control box. This video of advice, news, that's what I did I immediately try to figure out how I could reduce my exposure. I dont know the shots are coming from so I'll I'll get behind. Whatever I can and into the ground to minimize the risk of getting it. There was a The third or fourth time I got behind some traffic control Box laid down and there's video of it and then waited until we knew what it has are coming from and they stopped. We didn't know where they were coming from. There was no point to run. You would expose yourself and you dont, who is doing what, in my opinion as it sets out that's right, did the police then ran up and yelled laid down and there's video of it and then waited until we knew what it has are coming from and they stopped, we didn't know where they were coming from. There was no point to run
would expose yourself? And you don't know who is doing what, in my opinion, as well as better out that's right? Did the police then ran up and yet get out get out of here, get out of here. That's when I got up. They gave me the clear- and I said best thing I can do is run for it and I did longer store end of inhaling onto your gas and displaced the option of my lungs and then passed out, and some do poured want some. Some young king comes out of this poor water. My face triggering a gasping reflection revived me, essentially epic, like crazy, crazy story, but I guess the point is I saw this and I felt, like you know it man, you can see a few things in the video. A lot of people are running. A lot of people are doing. Nothing keep your wits about you all. Ways, no matter where you are no your exits and have more than one. There was a video that, when viral awhile ago of something happened in a club everyone's watching a banquet, apparently like. I can't really meant what happens. You might member the video about me, but the Iphone
runs. Forced me to the exit, the guy foaming walks to the backstage exit and walk at the backdoor. Nonchalantly, I believe, was a fire. He goes around at the front of the building and you can see everyone's jammed and the door unable to move they all share. Each other and got stuck in the door because I didn't know the exits most people exit through the same place. They came in from big mistake, always know your exits have more than one went, no matter what building I go into. I know my plan for getting out might seem paranoid, but when you work in conflict journalism, you know it's not like I'm doing much too much these days. I'm trying to avoid causes become too
because of my my profile. But you you understand. The importance and if your concern about the possibility of someone could shoot you, which I dont think as it is, I like that is high likelihood know where you're going when and why so in this and this you know a situation, I would say personally, I wouldn't run into a building, and and for this reason, if there is one person with a weapon, they are going to be doing what their thing and and they're not gonna, build a run as fast as I can, while they're holding that weapon, it could be a handgun and they can run pretty fast, but in that case I can run pretty fast as well. Basically, the point is, I can clear, more distance and get to safety. You never know if you pick the wrong building and someone goes in it and let's go in for people new building now have trapped yourself that that's just what I would do. Don't take my advice. Don't do it that's just the way I see it so anyway. I leave it there. I just really want to talk about this because you know everyone's running and screaming and nothing happened, but I can't blame things been crazy. I got one more store coming from
for a few minutes. I will see you shortly. I don't think you'll get it Milo. Ye monopolise is an expert level is a master level troll. He knows how to get press attention. He knows what he's doing in the sense that he can get himself front and center. I would be willing to bet that might well yeah. So here's the story, Milo, you novelist, named Marshall, force straight pride parades, I think it's actually really hilarious. I laughed all lot when I read the story tat if a couple days old. I wasn't into ever known about video about it, but man is it Cohen Viral one hundred thousand shares on this one store on the help The only ones wrote about it, so I ll tell you what, when I heard that Molly Annapolis is a homosexual men? Who, I believe, is here married two to a man. Yes when I heard he was going to be the marshal for the straight pride parade. I started laughing my ass off because mile knows what he's doing it's just a big troll too big, it's a big silly thing:
now. If you want to have a straight pride parade live and let live. I really dont care but for some reason, there's outrage, so you will do its work about my love, is a Brad Pitt controversy, but I want to start with the store from if it has got the backlash over proposed straight pride, why? Why would there be a backlash? It's so weird that, like you, would have gay pride cool junk Jem. Do it like I've, been a bunch of gay pride events. I work for non profit, fighting for algae BT rights, absolute ivy, I was one of the top fundraiser was organization. Absolutely somebody wants him straight dont care tat. I would Check it out, I have a hot dog or something maybe awesome, juice and Jesse. What's up and see what you are talking about. It's not a negative thing, no one's being mean to anybody else's vulgarest. But of course, there's backlash sizeable do before I get started going to get
the council s donate. If you'd like to support my work, there are multiple ways you can do. It pay pal crypto physical address, but of course, one of the best things you can do just like comment on the video, because the engagement hell subscribe. If you haven't already and share the video because Youtube says, while you're awesome, when people do that so the first origin, CBS days before Boston Pride Parade fills the streets celebrating the algae, bbq community and other parade proposal is causing an. Roar on social media, John Hugo is the present of a group calling itself. We're happy fun. America. Its goal is to create a straight bride brain. He says we want people to We are aware that there is not only one side of things, there's a lot of people that are on comfortable the lot of things that are going on in our country and are afraid to speak up. Come on. I dont know what it's so they say the mayor sadness come I dont know what this straight primary is all about. I know that we have a pride parades,
today and that's what I'm going to Martin, but why I understand what we would only mean about. You know I look of this way. If, if there was somebody was a conservative in somebody is a liberal and they both made like humorous jobs at me, like let's Trevor Noah, Trevor, Noah and Stephen prouder both made jobs at me. My politics I'd laugh and be like sporting good, Sir understand, criticism and humor. I'm not gonna be mad that one criticised me now the others criticising the automobile. I well. You know these things, Somebody says I like chocolate cake and somebody else's. I like vanilla about God. I don't care now you're people saying things like: oh, but there's historic, there's just systemic oppression and historical marginalization. I agree absolutely. I dont see. I've illustrate pry parade rejects that are refutes, that it's a totally different thing with different people in act I will stress is actually really cool in that my An obvious who was gay is going
led a straight pride parade. I feel it. That's kind of you can make that a coming together situation, how bad ass would it be if there was a straight private and a gay part of it and they came together and then everyone had a human pride of. Why did why do we separate ourselves? This reminds me of that mean on Twitter, where they're like people since all time, there's a viral tweet right now. If you tweet, I like vanilla people be exercising you hate, chocolate like no so, I believe this is meant to be kind of a troll. That's just my opinion can be wrong. They could be serious, but either way I don't care you wanna. Have you have let you have a good time? Do it please, like fun, awesome. If they go around saying like hateful things, what other people will the okay well done, then you do have your free speech, but then I will criticise you. I won't try and stop it. You have a right to speech in all that, but this is positive,
you're with Miley Annapolis, a game in leading it they're not going to be saying hateful things like gay people, they're putting confronted senator straight people are putting on a parade and are putting a gay man in the front of it too. To talk about how there's you know of about how they feel to me. That's. Actually major win for progressives. Why do they have to be so mad all the time? But everything think about this thing about it nineteen sixties. Think about the nineteen thirty. If a bunch of heterosexual families marched and at a gay man leading them That would be a major win for progressives. Of course, they have to be angry that its there's there's, because if its, if you do something If you do something that is different to what they're doing there met you for doing it right wing pro a tour Milo. You, Annapolis has been named the Grand Marshall for Boston Straight pride parades organs. There's announced Friday, the former bright bar editor as the parades.
And martial after they originally used actor, Brad Pitt, name and lightness for the event, the head of super happy Font, America, a group it advocates on behalf of the Strait community community, told the Boston Harold. That pit was not super happy about the group using it in unlikeness without his consent? I really like movies and his lawyer sent us a letter asking us to take his stuff down, but you know you're allowed to do Satire John Hugo President of Super Happy Fund America told the newspaper. While I think that statement spells out it's a joke, the price events is city recal, and that look that's a fair opinion. If he is going to claim that they put Brad Pitt, frighten centre for satirical reasons, then why should we take your parade seriously as a straight if you want to have a fun joke and have a good time with people. No problem, if you want to call straight pride and put a game in front I think they're making a more progressive statement here. But, of course, they're gonna
man, I don't like Milo, they think is a bad guy. It was really fascinated tweet from on roaming, millennial, Lauren, challenges of international roaming anymore, Somebody criticise somebody criticized conservatives Fort for acknowledging gay rights and more intense respond. Was yes, they exist and they are entitled to their rights and all that and my- and I saw that, unlike why opera Yes, it's getting mad at conservatives for defending the guy. Community. There was a period where Republican said no to gay marriage, we're that it's done supreme, court ruling, and now you have conservatives actual conservative saying well, you note live and let live up. You know victory victory while criticising that if they want to make a joke satirical event, but my own front sounds like a win for the game the organization later named, monopolise was openly gay at its Grand Marshall offence. I might take
legally be sequined and perfectly coiffeur friend of Dorothys, but I've spent my entire career, advocating the rights of America's most brutally repressed identity, straight people, so I know a thing or two about discrimination monopolised said in a statement released by the word to joke wise everybody mad. I think it's funny. I think it does nothing to diminish or belittle the pride event pride their event and they ve been increasingly getting more recognition. Major corporations support them and its awesome. It really is you know when I was younger it wasn't it wasn't so much the same. It was there is controversy, but now you ve done it and burger king is on your.
You know in a socially acceptable by everybody. This is a good. This is a good thing. The fact that it can be fought poked five under this way, the fact that you're, not lessen the straight pride people can make fun of gay pride means that you ve become so mainstream that it is reasonably acceptable to to mock. That's a good good thing. I think what we should see from this is the algae b to community coming out and celebrating and partying with the straight private. Think about what that really means. It means each and every one of these great pride people are going to be having a good time, ensuring, alongside their algae, beating you, brothers and sisters, cousins, mothers, fathers, etc. That's that that now beat like where the cools things ever, I think, and it would just be a beacon of like a love pride. You know like doesn't matter who you love is not about. Allies is not about one group or other group. It's about the fact that the traditional
heterosexual community is gonna, stand side by side, not as others, not as allies. As literally the same group. People who love one another that to me would be. It would be amazing, and that's that that's all me what I really really want to see in this world. You don't I mean it's like it doesn't matter who you are. I don't care if you want to wear a banana costume, I don't care. If you want to do drugs, I really don't just don't gimme the kids. Ok, there's a line. If you want to know you do your thing, is your life and the only one you ve got and you should be happy and so on on the other people attack each other based on stupid things like the color of their skin or the way their hair looks at their eyes or whips country there from I've. Only. I think, there's a reason why we have nations and borders, but I do believe in tourism understand the rules in the law and its competent, I'm a liberal, I'm not a libertarian, but what I'd love to see is we're seeing it a gay man
is being made of the grand marshal of straight bride. How is that not an epoch win for just humans in general? In fact, whatever the joke is they're trying to make It proves an amazing point about where we are today in society, with a gay man being made to lead straight prides about think about that straight pride is put in gay men in front. I think it's incredible. I really really do so that they may have to go on to talk about some of the other controversial staffing and whatever you novelist sure he's controversial, but so what he's not antigay? This is like this so you know whatever our Boston Straight, prevent purportedly aims to cellar heterosexuality, a city that said to have one of the largest algae bbq communities in the nation,
I know it's a little ironic to have a gay conservative, as our icon Hugo told the Boston Harold. No, I think it's, I think it shows acceptance, intolerance right, maybe maybe one just lost their got their minds and we're just headed towards chaos. They sprang up I'll, see you tomorrow on this channel at ten, a m.
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