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Ocasio Cortez Just BACKSTABBED The Democratic Party And They're Furious, Fueling Calls To REMOVE AOC

2020-01-10 | 🔗

Ocasio Cortez Just BACKSTABBED The Democratic Party And They're Furious, Fueling Calls To REMOVE AOC. Ocasio Cortez has consistently refused to play ball with the Democratic party. One of the first things she did after getting elected was join a protest outside of nancy Pelosi's office.Since then she has helped fund insurgent candidates to upend the Democrats and push in far leftists and progressives. The latest news comes as Fox News reports AOC is refusing to pay her dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee which helps Democrats seeking election or reelection.Instead AOC has announced fundraisers for candidates who will unseat incumbent Democrats.This fight has been ongoing and it seems that there is no end in sight. There is however a tiny chance Democrats actually remove her. In an op-ed with CNN they called for AOC to leave the Democratic party and other democrats are planning to primary her or even erase her congressional district outright.

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Now. I know it's been going on for quite some time, but I think it's fair to say, Alexandria, cause. You're Cortez is declaring war on the democratic party. The latest story from five news, a Yossi right stems by refusing to pay party dues and bank rolling colleagues opponents. It is no secret that are causing Cortez is very famous and is raising a ton of money now. Normally some of this money would go to the democratic Congressional Campaign Committee too. Other House Democrats, win a yo see, is refusing to contribute in fact saying she's going to actually fund challenges to these Democrats. One of the first things ABC does. When you get elected, not protest, Republicans, she joined a protest, Nancy Policies Office, a Democrat, swear to say there are not two political parties in this country right now. There are three: you have the progressives. You have the Democrats and Republicans and the progressives are taking over the Democratic Party and trying to shut out the establishment. Now
dependent on what a frame it. I could actually say that a yo see as a progressive force, challenging the crony establishment and taking these people out of power. These do nothing Democrats or, you could say, she's a hypocrite and a bully, because in the past She's demanded that other Democrats vote in certain ways, but she's threatening to prime read them anyway. So what are you suppose to do other than just bow and let her take over, regardless of your view of her, is, I think, it's fair to say there is a strong case to be made. She is the future of the Democratic Party because she takes nope. Nurse she demands allegiance and she uses her purpose, a space in the public eye against her opponents in the Democratic Party to bring in more you no other progressives. However, the Democrats are taking this lying down. They threatened to primary. I appeal to win because they have substantial resources. There also threaten
to remove her congressional district outright. So perhaps at the end of this year show and even have a seat to run for, while her Detrick may be gone, she can still run in whatever she and whenever it is different genes are being in, but its fits fair to say the Democrats are at war and a yo see keeps showing her hand. She doesn't want to be done. Crack. She doesn't like the Democrats, yet still they do what she wants. You know they push for him. Because you see says it is a scandal that they won't impeach the president, so Nancy plus it comes out and has fine we're gonna impedes the president. What is aims you do it afterwards, I'm totally over it. This is boring, and here we are now. Jeff Andrew, and she says you better vote for impeachment. I can't tell which way if issues come undergoing, but I can tell you this CNN round of story, saying a Yossi should leave the Democratic Party, and I gotta say that make a good case. Why is she even a Democrat? Joe Biden spent a demo
that for decades, Nancy, plus each action where they ve all been they're doing the same thing? Why bother being a democratic? That's the case. You know what I say this for all The things I dont like about a yo, see, I really don't like these crony establishment. MC rats? I've been in office for thirty years, then blame tromp whenever something goes wrong when trumps barely been in office at all, something seems rotten in the kitchen, so you know what I'm not afraid of ale scene or policies, but I'm gonna sit back. Ok. The same is true for tromp tearing through the ivory tower The same is true for I see you know what you get what you deserve for the longest time. He's Democrats have not done right by us, the american people. They are not going out talking about kitchen table issues about economics, immigration, healthcare, their complaining about Trop. So be it if you won't, do your job don't be surprised when a more extreme figure comes in to swim, you out now they're serious problems. You know everything they complain about Trump being all the worse yet will Elsie is little Trump. Ok, I get it there, not the same one for one
embody a similar principle on up ending force. Waging war on the party now Trot came in like a bull storm through and took every Bernie Sanders and Elsie are now pushing through on the Democrats side and not happy about it shares. What to do. I believe that a yo see and Bernie Sanders have been a bit hypocritical. I think it's fair to say and I'll show you why, but I want to talk about the democratic Party. The war going on what dams are saying and what else is doing? Let's get started with the story from Fox NEWS. Before. We do, however, go to TIM Guest outcome, Slash donate. If you would like to support my work but, more importantly, I have a new show coming at Youtube: com slashed cast iron I'll, make sure go and subscribe, you can see the link, I hope in the right side of my main channel and as seriously subscribe and the next week or so We should have things on a role and I've got some big guests planned and there's gonna be a lot more fun stories less serious news, but more far, more interesting stuff on we'll talk about inter dimensional travel, and when we talk about you know less polluting
stories that are still making the news subtle be silly, but fun check it out. You did that comes liked him. Yes, I shall read the story from Fox NEWS in an exclusive report. They say Alexandria Consecrate has has already topped the fund raising charts inner short time in Congress, but the liberal darling won't donate a scent of her millions to Democrats House Campaign Organization, a position that has ankle. Some of our colleagues foxes learned instead because Recrudescence building our own fund raising operation for fellow progressive candidates to bypass the official democratic party infrastructure, already she's actively in primary challengers to oust certain democratic colleagues quote some tea times. The question comes: do you want to be a majority or do you want to be in a minority? Rapid Gregory, Meeks of New York told Fox NEWS when asked about a Yossi stance, and do you want to be part of a team democratic congressional? Can
pain. Committee chairman cherry boost, our downplayed. Abkhazia protects its decision to shun dues and pointed to the record breaking fund raising numbers. The committee had notched without her, that's always up to the individual members. So I guess I don't think it one way or another boost our sad when asked about counterpart has a stance we are raising record amounts of money from our members, Do you see see see declines to comment further on the matter of a cause you court has introduce. Another Democrat was less diplomatic, Deadbeat Cortez should pay. Her bills complain the democratic source she's, always whining about people pay their fair share- and here she is leaving her friends- the belt stop full stop. This is very, very different from socialism right we're talking about crony Democrats who complain about tromp, left and right aren't getting the job done. Many of these people who campaigned on actually bringing no simmering down the pickle divide and instead jumped
the impeachment bandwagon. So I'm not going to shut it ear. All these people not get money for a mayo see. However, I do want to point out something based on motives. Behaviour in principle Oh cause you're Cortez doesn't like these Democrats. Well, it's a shame, but she's not willing to provide any of her cash to them Now I understand that the same thing is governed by thing gets a fair criticism. I do imagine no cause you Cortez as an actual national leader when she says we have raised all of this money through taxes to fund Ex programme, but I dont like them- I'm gonna give money to who I like when it comes to socialism, yet to recognise their in me. A lot of people you don't like and they're gonna get a piece of the pie as well. This to me, is a bad sign about her motivations and what you know and she liked many other socialists happened to do once they gain power. They shut out the ideas in the people. They don't like. Often in very how do I say lethal
ways now, of course, I dont think a Yossi would ever be in the position. You know I don't think America's ever gonna end up in a situation like that, I'm just saying today. To turn things down to be less hyperbolic. Look after recognised if you're all about the community, you have to provide for the community members you do not like either to me this seems quite hypocritical, also point out that you know a Yossi and I've tried downplaying being socially but I see a card carrying member of the d essay. The democratic socialist Socialists of Amerika Wait a little bit more, but then I want to point out how I see it actually ran a story. Sang a yossi should leave the Democratic Party, a pint of agree. I've also got some story about dark money fondling into the Bernie campaign, o surprise surprise. They say their gripe is that our colleague has hasn't given any money to the d c c c, the party with the sole job of electing Democrats to the house. Records obtained by Fox NEWS for the New York Democrat has failed to pay any opportunity thousand dollars induce her goose egg of accounts
mission is no accident occurs. If it has says she has beef with the Democrat with DC and she'll withhold our money in protest of the Democratic Party won't back insurgent progressive primary candidates like herself in the name of protecting incumbents. She said for me personally: I'm not paying Dietrich produce. She said for a myriad of reasons. One I don't agree. The policy round blacklisting groups at progressive candidates, she's, referring to a d c c c effort to sideline vendors who assist, who assist, jurists two members of Congress. I think we need to evolve as a party and make room for that hey. Actually, they are pretty that's a pretty fair criticism. The Democrats are actively trying to stop progressives from coming into the party using the primary method. A yo see wants to fund challenges Democrats Democrats, don't like it. I could understand both sides of the issue, but Elsie is actively waging war on the Democrats and, like I said men on principle, I like the idea they ve sit. They ve been sitting so happily in their ivory tower asking for the keys, the cat.
And getting nothing done for thirty years and now blaming for all of the problems we need. I am exaggerating. I know they blame it for a lot of problems when he's been in office for only a few years. Certainly there are things to blame trump for four one. Payment for the good economy. I guess there's some other things involved, and you know people being sent from Mexico to Guatemala, things that you might find a moral shore criticized the guy. The point is you'll see is waging war on Democrats and while it can be a good thing, these policies are not that perfect either and at a certain point you might actually are you all she's, not a Democrat? Why should she be allowed to come in and do this? Well, we can have this system unfortunate, can have a system where the Democrats can sit around doing nothing collecting all this money? Eventually you if you refuse to do right by the american people. This is what you get so you know what I like what you see is doing, but I do think it can be attained. Critical. So so, obviously there they're ready they say this backing the Democratic Party line of conjugal
lead online fund razors for at least two progressives who are trying to defeat sitting democratic members of Congress. I want to go through all I wanna keep the focus more on cause your quarters and her clash. The Democrats all just now to the story from Salon not come exonerate cosmic or tat quote any other country, Joe Biden, and I would not be in the same party Democrats can be too big of a tent. She said christened the parties. Alleged acquiescence of moderates I disagree. I actually do like to an extent the two party system. What I dont like is the corporate control and these these pop you know her. You're politicians for thirty forty years, who aren't getting the job done, who use their position to keep everyone out? That's a problem to parties, not a problem. I'll explain. First, check out this story for see and an opinion Yossi should leave the Democratic Party. Well, if she did, you would lose she only one, because she primary her upon
meeting. She got like sixteen. Seventeen thousand votes in a district of seventy seven hundred fifty thousand people. She did not win by any legitimate legitimate means what she did technically, but I mean like ethical means: our system is broke, a joke with a lot of really great things about it, but the idea that we have private organizations, running elections and ABC use and exploit to get elected. To me, it's sad Let's see what this from a Europe has to say she writes, isn't an opinion peace by the way they say Ok, so Cortez was not entirely wrong, when she said in any other country, Joe Biden, and I would not be the same party in an interview with near magazine in this country. However, The two party system ensures a wide range of views within a political level and particularly within the democratic one exemplified by Biden and agencies. Contrasting views in the interview ABC represents parts of them
some queens complaint. We are not allowed to talk about anything wrong. The democratic party does yet you're, not, I am certainly not. Nonetheless, she went on to complain that Democrats can be too big of a tent and that they let anybody who anybody who the cat dragged in call them, a progressive there's, no standard, perhaps ABC would be happier leaving from other party than then let her set that that let her set the standards while under the democratic umbrella, she seems to have made her mission to fight the democratic establishment. In particular, she has worked with a group called justice Democrats. You know supporting progressives, it's no coincidence The far left Democrats, including agencies, three colleagues in the squad, were elected in very safe liberal districts, but the Democrats now control the house not because of handful of radicals, because forty
Mostly moderate Democrats took seeds from a publicans and there you go. The democratic party was able to impeach Donald Trump because they have a wide range of views, because people like Jeff Van drew in republican districts, one on moderate valley Ok, look. The two parties system is problematic for a lot of reasons. It's their private organisations. They do. What they want, and then they affect public institutions- I don't like it. However, I feel happy but complaining saying it's not fair. Listen. We have a democratic primary right right right now, with a ton of its money, are dropping out and their pushing continually to the far left. The problem is not the two party system. The problem is the far left activists to control who gets elected, pushing out the moderates, that's creating chaos. So you can blame the two party system short, because if we had a multi party system or choice voting. That is, you choose and a rank we like, and if the president, when you vote, goes the next, you know next choice you made, I do
the idea. Then we would have a variety of parties and a variety of individuals, but as far as I can tell right now, Americans for the most part, agree on a lot of core issue. We saw if, if you watch the segment I did earlier this morning, we can that Democrats are taking towards conservative now and America ticked closer towards conservative there's been a trend towards liberalism. Now people are less likely to identify, as as as liberal, that means the Democratic Party is going to bring in these moderates and give power to the party. This means that far left eo see, who completely disagree, he's with moderate Jeff Band Route, not republican, Jeff Andrew will be in the same party and be aligned on interests. There are some that positive to this, but let me show you something from the hill or cause Yo Cortez calls out Democrats for refusing to impeach tromp. Well, what are you supposed to do?
right, that's the big story. She said it was a bigger national scandal. Isn't the president's lawbreaking behaviour? Is the Democratic Party refused? to impeach him for years after this, when they, when that, when I started moving forward, is that I'm so over impeachment? They didn't even under impeaching tromp on any substantive issues and as far as concerned, there was no does the date that the fact is, there's no statutory crimes. So call it lawbreaking within a donut, Jim for it, I think it's not. The recent bring this up as an cosmic does demands allegiance. That's what all about she demands allegiance from you. She does not respect opposing views and she will not provide as it in a team men two other organizations, also I'm sorry to other candidates, people she might disagree with thing but what that means for her in principle, it means that if he was in power. She would operate in much the same way. I do not trust people who who want power and who do these things? You know what men I understand,
rock and a hard place get. We cannot sit around with Nancy Policy as the leader of the damage that the Democratic Party, essentially and these other eighty year old, you know octogenarian candidates who have been in office for forty years and are doing nothing at the same time. You'll see there's a bully. She is absolutely a bully. Jeff Andrew was forced out of a party not because of a Yossi, because a Democrat said to him. We will primary you. Unless you bend Veni, listen, there's power and having a wide range of views in one party. That's why to poison basically happens. You can a line on certain values and their some dangerous aspects to it as well, but Jeff Andrew just joined them publicans because of these threats. You need to respect the diversity of opinions within your party. A Yossi should recognise everybody pictures in and they don't all agree. There are blue dog Democrats in southern states. There are red state Democrats who are not even agree with everything, but at least you have them on your team and they will agree with me,
More often than not. Certainly the same is true for four Republicans, but who sees not a team player she's hip she will slam you unless you abide by her rules, but she won't play by yours. She isn't your team. She is taking over your team. Ok and again it's it's! It's I'm conflicted emotionally because I, like the idea of the Democrats getting come up and I like the idea these progressives challenging, is crony Chiesa. The castle Democrats, who are doing anything, but I dont, like the people who are doing it, is a big challenge. For people like me, who have historically been democratic or lean left, and I'm looking at the party having these cry We ivory tower our elites. Getting not down, makes me smile and then who is doing it makes me frown. So let me let me do this. You get the point you see these games. Let me show you this other store. I might do a longer segment on this for the sixty four to six p m schedule. Dark money has both Barneys campaign from the start, and I want to get into all the details.
Suffice to say, Bernie started a five or one C4 nonprofit, its collective tons of money, it's not necessarily a superpower. Maybe you could say it is, but Bernie Sanders does the exact same thing as everybody else, YO seeing other people they're all doing the exact same thing. They complain about the recent. All this out and not take take trump for his dark mine trumps, a billionaire he brags being a billion or he brags, about raising money. What am I supposed to do? Trump admits it because peace, proud of it hey. I guess trumpets also resolve grassroots money, so was Bernie Sanders, but Bernie, Sanders and EVA complaining about money in politics when their literally doing it? What I get it you ve gotta play the game, the win and if they don't take advantage of what they can, they'll lose so maybe Bernie should be more up front about all the things he's doing. Maybe Yo see should actually comment on the fact that she accepted for maximum contra
from a billion are nothing to a fair argument to say that individuals can make maximum contributions. So what am I going to drag everybody for this, but the average person can't make a maximum, contribution. Ok, if Tom style is you're, giving ABC maximum contributions. I think it's fair to criticise her for this, because it's not it's. It's like the average Americans, not gonna, pony up twenty two hundred bucks to their candidate and and that's it happened. So listen. I think it was right of Bernie Sanders to slam Michael Bloomberg for its advocates, but I gotta say if you're mad at Bloomberg. For doing what is legally allowed to do if Ale seas, legally, you now be allotted taken billionaire money. Again it was an individual contributions. Things further point out: I'm not! I think it's in what'd. You say that this new wants here and K. What Michael Bloomberg is doing is ridiculously bad for democracy. For our democratic institutions, I know republic, but as something it's a progressive
four Bernie to criticise. You know dark money. Well, taking dark, you know by using five at once he forces. Well, I just I just dont trust any of these people. Ok, so in the end, whom I supposed to trust well I'll, tell you this Donald Trump takes Mark dark, you know, has a dark has dark money that works save as anybody else. These are nonprofits I bring and money, but trumpets an overt braggart of a millionaire and people love him for it. Bernie Sanders and ABC criticise Buddha judge for taking money from billionaires they do the same thing. What am I supposed to say- and I should say Trump is being honest about being a millionaire and how he made his money and his bragging about it. People like it. What am I supposed to criticise people like it? Bernie Sanders comes out the millionaires dark money and then does it and you will see the millionaires that our money and then she does it. That's a hypocritical! So I got I
yes, you know, I don't know I made my point clear enough or if you, if you got what I'm trying to say, it's it's it's it's it's really just about what I perceive as overt hypocrisy. You know there are subtle differences, but I think it's important to point out that right now the Democratic Party is basically the Already of you know Orangemen bad are: there was a story in the New York David Brook sorting out that in your time, sang the at the Anti Trump Group echoed chamber has become stupid, because literally everything trump does is bad. That's all their campaigning on. Well, I don't know it's gonna happen, but I can tell you this There's a war going on the Democratic party conflict has not playing by the rules. She is waging a symmetrical warfare. She D and that they do what she wants and then uses her money to go against them. I think he's gonna win. I think so, and I think it's fair.
That company twenty four she might. She might be a contender over for the presidency. You laugh now man, you laugh now, but but seriously, she's got a ton of followers she's raising record money, it's important to say America is not becoming progressive, you'll hear it from people and even people iris like you. I think Jimmy doors talked about he's a good dude. He says you know. I could be wrong with this, so forgive me give em a misquoted. You ve talked about Erika is actually a progressive nation being held hostage by sailing electoral college. Republicans now the case according to gallop. We are a centre right country and we are further in that direction. So, while ABC may up in the Democratic Party, it's not gonna change. What America thinks so I'll tell you what I think you'll see might when she's gonna bolster that leftist activists base take of the Democratic Party and the Republicans will double in size because of it, because regular Americans muttered Americans will join the Republicans when they see ails you take over. So the Democrats right to resist, but you know what your report you so the whole systems, cracked and broken it's about time. You got some real change, so
I know I know uncritical of Bernie an uncritical of agency and that's just how I feel I think I'm justified in doing so. I think the left in this country is fractured and broken and the white is gloating about it there. You know you're on core ideas there bragging about from being a billionaire their bragging about the operations, the Middle EAST will only to say they like what they are doing and they're doing it. Ok, the damn on the other hand, are falling apart in a million different ways. So here we are still around Mexicans. Coming up at six p m at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast news, it is different channel and I'll see you all their low. My progressive leftist all Its gaze upon the data and despair among called became slightly more conservative over the past year, reversing to an extent a trend where the Democratic Party, America in general is becoming more and more liberal. The new data from gallop shows that's actual Lee begun reversing, and I have a lot of. I can speculate as to why I don't
necessarily believe the country is becoming more conservative, as the data might suggest. I think, what's happening as people no longer identify as liberal, because the left has gone completely off the rails. What do you think would happen if we took a sane average demo? edit voter placed them in front of a tv and play the democratic debate where they all raise their hands to give government healthier to non citizens, they're gonna say well, I don't identify with them so that Ask you. Are you a lever, almost eight, while the liberals want to give you know healthcare non citizens? That's not me, I'm more moderate and thus we can really see moderates and conservatives kind of take up. Conservatives definitely take up and liberal ticks down. This, along with other data. From a year ago, conservatives greatly number liberals in Nineteen- U S states, is also very data when you now look to a year in the future and the country has become were concerned of the reason why I think this is so important.
When they checked track that their twenty eighteen data on states is that last year, a month before this came out about conservative states, We saw that the country had remained steady right. Democrat stayed where more moderate stayed where they were our conservative state, where they were liberals conservatism moderates and today the new report from gallop shows is actually taking downward for liberals. So let's read this and I want talk to you about. Why and what it thinks gonna happen, and I really want to lay to the media because the double standard has come so insanely palpable. I think one of the other reasons are one of the reasons that draw bring people away from the left is that it's become so Painfully obvious. The media's biased of other show you right now. I will bear it out. I mean the seriously this historic and Washington Post, Reps, Stefanik, tweets, altered, photo of policy and GEO P, fundraising appeal and the headline
might make you think she's pushing fake knows it's literally. Just a campaign add the same is basically anyone's ever done and if you're a regular sane liberal voter and you see this you're probably going This is insane what what how do they think we're stupid. Well, the answer is, in my opinion. I believe that the average journalist today is less intelligent than the average person. Don't ask me how or why they have to do with being you know, most these people go to college, they get institutionalized, they dont experienced the real world, they live in a bubble. Away from sane, regular human beings, the top of an ivory tower and can't tell what's happening, and then they start pumping out media like this, and when, when regular Americans who have been Democrats or liberals, their whole life see it, they say. That's not me so basically here, but I think happens, what is mean to be liberal. Well, I guess liberal and conservative kind of more represent a tribe nowadays and so forth.
All who are you know, longstanding liberals, they're, probably looking at the leaders of the Democratic Party as the liberals they're, not, but that's why they call them and thinking I don't align with them. I align more so near the direction which really happening as I've you all the different graphs. The left has gone so far, left that, if you re liberal, you are closer to Europe, looking than you are too democrat at this point. That's why people are now saying they're, not liberals. I hate we're liberals accepted their leftists. There is a big difference, but let's read the story. Now gallop says the? U S remained centre right, ideological implementing, but the graph actually shows liberals going down. Conservatives going up and I think that's very significant. I got more data for you, but before we get started had over two TIM cast comes lush donate. If you would like to support my work sign up, you know it's a subscriber thing. You can crypto physical address, etc. Also, though, I have a new show coming very, very soon equipment and everything will be here in less than a week and it's going to.
More stories, a lot of the universe. It can be very somewhat. I'm redesigning the whole sets can be epic Youtube com, slashed ass. I oral it's gonna, be a longer form podcast alot of guests, so it'll be a supplemental to everything they already do check it out. Let's get back the news gallop report, as Americans continued to lean more democratic than republican in their party preferences and twenty nineteen, the ideological balance of the country remained centre right with these seven percent of Americans on average identifying s conservative during the year, thirty five as moderate, and twenty four as liberal and here You can see so moderates remained steady over the last year. At thirty five percent conservatives went up, two percent and liberals went down two percent. What this means is that, well I I can speculate a million different things, but it would seem the simple answer. As many people who consider themselves moderate problem became conservatives. Many people who consider themselves liberal now consider themselves
rights, but it's also entirely possible. There was an entire party flit. We saw Bernier bust voters right twelve, the eighty percent of burnt Sandra supporters voted for Donald Trump that someone might say their liberal now saying there conservative skipping over moderate entirely. I I I I I would like to lay more towards, I think we're seeing people who claim to be liberal now claim to conservative because moderates themselves as moderates. For a reason reason why I dont consider myself, you know far leftist, not I consider myself a liberating that's fair, but I think or seniors morbid tribal reaction of what it means to be liberal, liberal is supposed to be kind of based in liberty right. It's somewhat progressive its freedom. Conservative tensed is supposed to be about tradition, but now we're seeing the conservative party become much more
liberal, classically, liberal and we're seeing the Democratic Party become much more authoritarian, far left, but because people still say liberal and conservative or the two parties I'd be willing to bet. You have read all Democrats saying I'm not liberal anymore when they really really are or its also fairness. You know what maybe look. Well, it's conservative. Now, maybe what used to be damaged? is literally now conservative because everything's moved over. I guess less, Tenue they say, but twenty nineteen finding are based on combined data from twenty one gallop telephone survey conducted throughout the year, encompassing over twenty nine thousand interviews. You ass adults the percentage identifying us. Conservative in twenty nineteen was up two points from thirty five percent, measured in twenty eighteen, while the percentage liberal was down to point twenty
while these changes are statistically significant sum to point, changes in the past were short lived, so will be important to see whether these trends can take. It continue and twenty twenty it will, but up I'll make a prediction medicine. I was wrong about twenty eighteen. I thought trumps. Innovation cannot, I thought the Republicans we're gonna sweep everything potential super majority and it's because of the insanity, but I was wrong. Trump. Didn't come out at least according to the New York Times most Trop voters stayed home or I should say most I say a large portion of Trump voter stayed home and that's one of them and struck, was really adamant about campaigning sang consider it might. My name on the ballot, but it didn't work trumps. Voters like tromp, of these people are not Republicans. Some are independent somewhere I'm about, or so they don't care to shop for the MID terms- and this was taken advantage of by Democrats who showed up in droves and reclaim the house and use that to impeach Donald Trump with no statutory crime, they still have been handed over. The articles it is, it is
you're absurdity, but now because of impeachment because of trumps name on the ballot, I believe twenty twenty the end of the year November. We are going to see a massive sweep away. Don't get me wrong. I was wrong about twenty eighteen. I have my reasoning, but I add one more thing before we go on. Look I've been over and over again. The Democrats are hurting themselves. They're gonna, keep losing and there's more data right now showing that I'd. My general assessment is correct. I don't think I'm right all the time, but I've been warning the damage. And the left its literally. What I do all day, rounding a raven how insane they ve gotten. Well, what happens? If you don't listen. Conservative goes up. Liberal goes down. That's right see. You also regard it as a conservative Republicans remain mostly conservative party. While the country as a whole, maybe centre right. That is not the case for Republicans who over finally identify s, conservative conservatism,
average seventy three percent among Republicans and twenty nineteen maintaining the peak level recorded last year and previously in twenty twelve, most other Republicans, twenty one percent of the party identified as moderate, while four percent were self identified, liberals so way way way their people who are registered Republicans, who actually consider themselves liberal. That is all no serious bad news for Democrats, though the number isn't really significant and the amount of moderates have gone down. We can see since twenty fifteen point. Fifteen Republicans have secured a little bit more conservative, but I'm not sober super concerned about what's going on their public and party negative or for Republicans right. Let's reed a large majority of Republicans have consistently labelled themselves. Conservative and gallop pulling over the life of this trend. Although proportion the proportion is inched up from about six in ten during early ninety nine, two over seven and ten. More recently, the shift may relate the decrease in the percentage identifying as republican over the same period and the corresponding increase and political independence, identification people
once might have been liberal or moderate. Republicans may increasingly identify as politically independent instead. Now this is interesting, liberal all identification levels off among Democrats. Now, I'm really interested you don't want why? Why galloping framing in this way? They title the article, the? U S remained centre right when clearly we're seeing a shift towards conservatism and even the Democratic Party has become more conservative over the past two years. They deliver this democratic that they say it levelled off levelled off. Ok, that's fine, but you can take ticks towards conservative democratic partisans are more ideologically diverse than Republicans with forty nine percent identifying as liberal thirty six as moderate and fourteen percent as conservative that's problem is probably a big boost of never from prison there. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party has about doubled in size over the past quarter century, rising from twenty five,
sent to fifty one percent and twenty Tina the slip to forty nine percent of twenty nineteen suggests that trend may be slowing or levelling off at least temporarily. It could also be suggesting its reversing, but you know what will see, because I didn't it's fair point out. There have been downturns, you know from twenty tend to eleven. It did take downward before going back up so entirely possible that that things change we saw an increase in conservatism at the same time now here's the important part, moderates outnumber. Conservatives among independence is really important for Democrats because independent voters, lean conservative into This typically mere the country as a whole, but in this case, are more centrist than centre right, a large plurality, identify as politically moderate, whereas thirty percent call themselves conservatives and only slightly fewer. Our liberal in depth its political views, Antoinette nineteen are nearly identical to those from twenty eighteen and our Jenny in line with a long term pattern
conservatism was a bit higher among this group during your bombers in twenty nineteen among independent voters the amount identifying, as liberal has gone down. Conservative has gone up over the past year. And moderate has stayed relatively stable, politically independent voters. People like me, I lean slightly to the left, I'm probably more of an independent liberal, and I keep shrieking, and this is why I, scream that have my lungs and complain day on the internet, about how blue Party that I know it's a bit, it's a bit of annoying even to might even to me, but at a certain and I think it's fair to say. The data shows that I'm right dependence, our skewing slightly more conservative. What did you do dear, and why did you do it? Well, I think it's fair to point out that the economy is doing better and better and I think people are starting to realise the media is full of it, and that means You know the average person who watches the nuisance as they're lying. I you know, I think it's fair to point out that twenty nineteen was
here we learn, but all these hoaxes, you know like Russia, gate and people, probably like a smack interface moment, whether they're, saying, like you know, look the media said over and over again tromp in Russia and then boom. The hammer drops fake news for three years. What do you think that's going to the average per for three years bashing, our own over. How is insane narrative and the economy skyrocketing. I pointed out the second to last night at four p m. That I was speaking to a saleswoman who told me she made more money, said more money Lastra than I ever have. I said, yeah the economy's great. Isn't it and that's what people are going to vote for? Donald Trump? when you combine these things, what you get you get. Insane media pushing up insane nonsense. You get record economies and people are concerned whose as to why the tv keeps saying the same thing when everything is going great you what's going on now with you, no middle eastern tensions, eighty four specific, but the reaction from the Democrats, is mind. Numbing, I mean look. I am an ant war person very much so I've
always been left. Leaning very staunchly anti war and I'm looking at them Coming from these leftist and I'm just shocked, I'm just it's insane, so I'm not surprised, and I would be willing to bet the trend will continue people who identifies liberal are gonna, keep taking downward so long as the Democrats stay on this course of action and of course they are because their addicted and if the fault of the media, let me show you a few more things. I think it's really important point out data tracking from pointing gallop published February. When a second point, nineteen conservatives greatly outnumber liberal in nineteen. U S states! This is significant because some of these states are considered in play or swing states. We can see this oh hi, oh, for instance, or conservative than average Ohio is gonna, be a very, very important state. We conceive, you know for the most part, this tracks normally with
We would expect, I mean a lot of the blue states are blue. All other rights are right, but there are a few very important swing, states that are slightly leaning, conservative and that's gonna. Be good news for Trump. The reason I point this out is because this data kind of tracks, in line with what we expect from a presidential election, but with more people now a two percent swing, think about this. A two percent sing swing within the Democratic Party and within the independent voters and among Republicans in general as a whole in this country, a two percent swing from liberal the conservative. That's has to me, you know if Trump one in twenty sixteen, you gotta two percent bump in general, voter mentality that, in general, general voter identity, that's gonna be huge from let alone the fact economy, is doing ridiculously well. Now there is something else. I really want to briefly mention a couple. Thanks move on, I wanna get to the economy. I talk about what we can expect. This is a charcoal
medical polarisation in american public going up to twenty fourteen from Pew, and it shows that for the most part the Republicans have barely moved right. A lot of people have highlighted that some highly now, just as we have removed throat to make this point? This is just more data to show the Democrats have moved far left. Republicans have take only slightly to the right showing that when the left says the right is far right. Conservatives are going crazy, none of the NATO, its them on a train off into the wilderness and the consumer Those are the moderates. Our sit right there confused and, as your train goes further, better and faster further and further laughed. You leave people behind who now say I'm not on the liberal side, anymore, they're gonna, say Their conservative negative vote that way. Another important piece of data from last year that generation sees the first generation in nearly a hundred years to slightly tick, more conservative, and I think this may have to do with birthrates, but look into the other more important reason. I think a big factor. We have the store
Maybe today you s, employer suspected who have added a hundred and sixty thousand jobs in December. There's no denying it economies great. In fact the economy, so good Taco Bell recently announced they're gonna pay six figures to theirs. To their managers and they provide all noise with paid benefits. We saw from the story. I think it was MRS insider that even shake check is now offering a four day work week. All of these things the left claim they wanted higher wages, benefits for day workweek less our more pay its being accomplished under Trump. So what do you think the average person is going to say now I'll be fair? Listen, this all make. That's most liberals are not going to simply be like I'm conservative now and just gonna jump off the bandwagon, but some will two percent. These people are looking. Rather, and they're. Looking at this psychotic story, look at this wretch to tweets, altered photo of policy literally justice of filter on policy. It's what they ve always done is the Washington Post. I story now saying
do you know we're publicans running doctored footage because they used a red filter and they put splatter is on it and I used it and they say they use manipulation. Tactics to to make it seem evil. Would we then political adds have always been. But let me let me exemplify this where you take us out The Washington Free Beacon shows how Nancy Policy and many other people literally do the same thing. At a certain point, the average person is going to say This is insane the Washington, ran a story, the paper that the democracy dies in darkness, maple story, claiming she published an altered, photo and literally everyone does this. All the time there's going to be a certain amount of people who think stop, calling me stupid, navvies, liberal, picks up the Washington, post or click. The link sees the story and says what is this? What was wrong with these people gather knots, absolutely not
but let me wrap up with a couple more success stories to explain. Things are going so well, and people are starting to take notice. This story from August Thirtieth, twenty nineteen from the foundation for economic education check this out, The poorest twenty percent of Americans are richer on average than most european nations. The privilege. Living in the? U S affords poor people more material resources than the averages for most of the world's richest nations. Most people probably don't see this story from Effie they're. Probably You know sitting around all these democrats talking about how things are going great. The issue isn't so much whether they know it, so they feel it. When these people go to the store and they have their. You know: wide: screened, TVS, discounted raids and air conditioning refrigerators. They got gas, their wages are going up their jobs better than ever. There is massive competition in the low skilled labour market, because unemployment is so low. People notice, ok,
they don't notice. For the same reasons, we do you person is gonna watch. My video see all of us and say well is a really good reason to you. No vote conservative orbit republicanism like that the average person can feel it s going to be. Like a pair of my car and pained mortgage, I got my my kids, you know the bills are being paid, my wages are up, it's been a great year and I want to rock the boat. That's what you're feeling now I ll tell you this: I'm not Senor telling you all this saying you should or should not vote for anybody, but I will tell you this. The Democrats on their current course, chasing after the Woke Twitter ADI are driving them. Lives off the cliff while the rest of us stare confused and the country becomes more conservative, not in my opinion, because they actually hold conservative values, but because what the left now represents is is I mean it's? It's no one knows what it is. It's it's indiscernible! It's something strange and confusing to the average person
the average liberal that my friends, my family, I talked to them and I say: do you identify with any one of these candidates? Are absolutely not you know, Bernie. Sanders several last year, six month or so ago said we can't have when borders, then several months later had talking about bringing in fifty thousand climate refugees, it's a flip flop, their chasing each other off the quit their constantly trying to one up each other to win the activist vote, so they can, when the primary, but because of the internet era. This what's really fastened, and I should like to read a book about this because of the speed of information to stay ahead in the polls. You have to move faster than ever back in the day, the one upmanship among political parties happened during debates for the most part, somebody would go into based age and say I think we need health care for all Americans and then someone else, someone else and and say well, need to make sure we take care of. Everyone was here even if they're, not american, the debate once no one hears when these people for seven months, so they don't have to consider one up another person until their backing
late stage, but our in the era of social media, where everything is rapid response, so PETE Buddha Judge tweets out something about detentions. Is that everyone's shocked by an order a win over the Woke Twitter Roddy, we're gonna, see can that come up and tweet something even more extreme to build, I'm better than him vote. For me, I more of an activist because of rapid response media, where everything is just instant, instant, instant. No one cares. No one cares about the debates anymore, because Martineau is Canada, think and their one upon each other every single day in a desperate bid to win over the activists they're going insane. So as the train speeds off towards the left, it starts going faster and faster and faster, because there was no one there all went up in each other, especially with its large field and people start jumping off the train crashing into the ground, confused and politically homeless. People like me, and I've been, I jump off a long time ago, but now we can see the data from gallop that a lot more people are jumping off. Nobody wants to be no
No one knows what that is any more. So when asked, are you a liberal or conservative, they say most people, I don't know, but a lot of people. Only no liberal, conservative and they're gonna go and assume if you support the economy, if you read nice, the wealth and grandeur of Amerika? Will you certainly not a liberal because a trash it all day and night? If you think we should have you no controls and immigration, like most Americans do, you're, not a liberal, because their talk about given away healthcare. If you think we got a problem, if California is disastrous, you're certain I live, because liberals control that state voter, in three red to blue swing. Districts oppose impeachment, wrap it up here, it's a failed. It's a failed plan in ours, talking to some family and they sat at their lifelong Democrats. There will always be a Democrat, and I said, and how do you and they are in there. They were complaining like we do talk more about Republicans Michael billions of Russian. Do it in a fight with anything democrats know how do you feel about them. Saying X, Y Inzana that under debate today, this policy, I think it's insane
So if you're still claiming to be part of democratic party, while rock nothing, how insane they ve gotten, don't get mad at me. Ok, I don't consider myself to be, but I do like tools he gathered and Andrew Yang, and I don't care about the word Democrat or not. I care about the principles of the individual now trumps, the incumbent, I'm not he's not my first choice. It's gonna be tall Sea or Yang, an avenue we Democrats, ok, but they're. The ones who are the least crazy, the most sane and, more importantly, the big issue. For me, I m really impressive, Andrew Yang, because he sees based on that afford thinking solutions, Bernie, Sanders, Elsie know its regret. Policy from a hundred years ago? Yes, we need this policy, a hunter, years ago, it worked in a work again tonight, not an eminent eminent Nicholson, Andrew Young man, I'm not saying
he's, gonna think so the point is, I think it's absurd to take offence at me criticising the Democrats, because you so strongly to fight with a part of its gone completely nuts, and that's what I asked. I said: you're you're mad at me for criticising the fact that the Democrats won't campaign on that they're. Not getting up on stage and talking about health care, and they're not talking about. You know the border they're talking about impeachment you're mad at me that all they ever say is Orangemen bad and they in and out, and my family agreed with me you're right. That is annoying great. So if they want to stand up and talk about important issues that are affecting the american people, they have every opportunity to do so, but they will not do it and thus, as they ride the Orange man, bad train off the cliff by all means keep identifying with this party that is losing support, keep going out. Ok
and I will keep criticising them because they're nuts, if lost their minds, I don't know what they're doing man. You know. The moderate corporatist type Democrats do not represent the average person. The party, the democratic parties becoming slightly more conservative while the progressives are convinced their path. The victory is bringing to the far left and it is not the case. So I want to tell you man, you have what what will see what happens. Look I'm entirely open to being wrong for the data, so today backs up what I've been saying for the past couple years. Whether or not this holds true to twenty. Twenty is an entirely different story and it could have to do with trumps actions pertaining to you, no middle eastern tensions and thing like things like that. So and I will see what happens, lot of people who believe that were in a state that that we're facing recession, a lot of people are getting closer to panic mode by just one. I can tell the media is, is truck alongside everything's fantastic, given mind did the same thing to designate so, while the economy, is running fantastically. You know it's really really hard to predict and where the longest economic expansion in? U S, history
I do not entirely possible in a couple months: bad happens. We just don't know, what's gonna happen, but for the time being the Democrats are losing support their switch. Their flipping conservative, the countries will be conservative trump is winning his approval. Waiting is up amid every that's going on. The latest poll shows approval, writing is holding steady slightly in the highest ever been our italian, then. The damn Rats are just a name, not a represents nothing there fractured between the far left, the motto The moderates are out of touch and another talking about Joe Biden can't speak straight. Nancy policy has no idea. He's doing, is campaigning on Orangemen bad. No one cares and then you have the far left that their proposing thing, literally make no sense don't be surprised when people no longer identify as liberals and even within the Democratic Party, more likely to devise conservative stick around neck segments coming up at one p m at Youtube. Com slashed him cast news is separate. Channel and I will see you all there are: U S, Pentagon, official and intelligent
official and a official Canadian, a rocky official canadian intelligence shot down Ukraine, airline video emerged obtained by the New York Times. I was also how social media showed what appeared to be an anti aircraft. Striking something in the sky Beilin CAT. Didn't analysis of Google MAPS, satellite data and the image, and it appears to sink up with exactly where the plane went down it is, in my opinion, beyond a reasonable doubt. At this point, we all thought this was the case, IRAN stake only shot down this plain into tragedies unfortunate, but now it appears IRAN is trying to cover everything up has, cover up begun daily Mail says: IRAN clears debris from playing crisis with bulldozers before in this the gaiters even arrived after condemning big. U S lie they shot the jet down and insisting to IRAN will handle the Black Box data. Not only are they not
bending over the Black Box data there are certainly have do, but they should they ve already cleared the area. Investigators are furious, Canada's partake really angry, because there were canadian citizens on their Ukraine is angry. This is this numerous thing IRAN can do, but I will tell you, Another day there may be an open window from this tragedy and the closer to open a window. In that the more IRAN digs its heels in and makes things worse. The more the world will be united against them and all the things they ve been doing this is You know that they recently came out and tried claiming that the plan was on fire. And tried turning around, and I find that absolutely disgusting. The plane wasn't trying to turn around there's there's map data showing the plane took off in a straight line and crashed into different angle. It wasn't turning around. It was shot down and went down in a firewall, and it was IRAN's fault. Then I want to accept it. They're, the ones who fired into Iraq limit limits, and then ok,
A lot of people are claiming tromp had no authority to do strikes. Romania in Iraq well I agree that technically there was a your stretch, but unfortunately, thanks to Congress back into in one dozen too. There are two seven authorizations for use of military force, one against terrorists and one for use in Iraq. Now think it's fair to point out. I think MRS Rand pulse at this that their help are you trying to claim that the Eu M? After that was to be used against- and I was saying can now be used against- anybody is wrong. The problem is, there is still the two thousand one, a You M, F against terrorists. Soon and he was named a terrorist, my understanding by Barack Obama, so, yes, tromp, was acting within what Congress voted for, and I blame Congress and to an extent trunk. The problem is Trump, is new to political office. Ok, tromp has only been in for three years. He wasn't in politics before this, so why can criticise his actions today and I think this dramatic escalation. Look you to act like there are not two parties involved
is is is wrong. United States in IRAN are both involved in this. Iran is the one who screwed up and is now trying to cover things up, and they should be blamed for this, but I am Wouldn't say that so long as we're here, we will continue to see escalation, so I can criticise, trot for the agency's take but I can also say it's time to get out glad he listened to Tucker Karlsson added. At an end, I turn things down. It's fine Sula manual bad guy, the Middle EAST stabilized and now from left to right. The populace petition is time to leave. Ok, I'm going to say you know what both sides are freaking out. What's everybody shut up, I'm going to I'm freaking out. Let's everybody shut up, I'm gonna, I'm gonna, give everybody pass right now and say: if we can leave in Libya Obama, I went out to get you nobleman Heller want to take action against get we had absolutely. No business there and no congressional of authorization for Obama to do that, and now you ve got to
really weird argument or saying trumpet no congressional authority. Do it technically. Yes, because, like I said the that your map against Saddam Hussein makes not made no sense and technically that doesn't want you, I'm after apply to Sula, mainly because he was named substantially afterwards, when I see the problem of Congress or rising these blanket a U maps but needs authorization for use of military force and what and in two thousand one with this authorization was everybody. I'm pretty. Is your Bernie Sanders voted for it. Ok, so this needs to be repealed, and we need to take serious action against the blanket afford given the executive branch, but to act like like Brok, Obama afforded to going to Libya country we'd, never agreed to go into is anywhere comparable to drop is insane, and I am critical of what of the escalation and to extend trumps Bishop and almost say this on trying to similar body down. Ok, let's stop truck and blame around. Let's stop pointing at Trump and pillows,
in all the stuff- and, let's just say, ok, how about we all agree? We just leave now, let's read the story, IRAN's trying to cover things up, I'm not happy about. What's going on but at least now we might see the world unified against what IRAN is doing. The daily mail reports, if has bulldoze the crash site where a passenger set came down. Peasant reject came down two days ago, sparking fears of a cover up ever Tehran denied the West Big lie in quotes better anti missile shot down the plane, never mind that we actually have videos of check this out. It's a video, that's been uploaded, I'm not gonna play it, but you can see Balin CAT outlines the angle, the building. They did a pathetic job. Analyzing this you can see where the airport took off. Where was filmed where the crash was, and you can see fragments of what looks like anti aircraft missile. Iran is playing stupid games. This point the I say this
stupid as they are at least the world might come out against them, and this might make real change as a debris the Boeing. Seventy seven had been removed in the crash site near to IRAN before ukrainian investigators and even arrived, leaving the site at the mercy of scavengers. IRAN says. It is opening the planes black boxes today, but as indicate It will not allow the: U S, government to analyze their contents, fine get in an independent third party, not too late. They bulldozed the site. I think it's also funny that the United States has done similar things in the past, but we'll leave that from other another segment, washing and its allies believe the plane was shot down, I too iranian surface to air missiles which were launched undetected by satellite just minutes after the airliner took off this aligns with the video we saw published now when this video game alot of people said why, were they filming there's a big question? There's not that's actually simply answered the individual claimed they heard what sounded like gunfire started filming and then they captured it.
That makes complete sense, the? U S said they heard that they believe there are two missiles fired, one, maybe or had another hour filming, and you can see that happening It all lines up. They say washington its allies, believe the plane was shot down by two missiles. Footage which emerge last night showed the UK. International airlines, jet exploding in mid air after was hit killing off one hundred seventy six people on board. It is feared that the iranian forces may have mistaken the passenger plane from it. We met when all this just introduce Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have all pointed the finger at IRAN as a chorus of western countries rejected IRAN's explanation of a technical failure and NATO also backed the shoot down theory. Today, So now we got NATO onboard IRAN accused the: U S of waging psychological warfare and inventing a big lie as it denied the claims. If that were true, they will you have come in with bulldozers and gotten rid of all the evidence as the Americas. Has bounds. U S, airlines flying or
IRAN just hours before the crash, potentially having american lives from the misdirected shoot down, I gotta say somethin men. I read that apparently thirty three planes had taken off before this one, but I'll tell you what I'm a gives them advice if you are, country that is actively firing missiles over the border skip the flight. I know it might hindsight: is twenty twenty but I'll tell you what men I have been in countries that have been endanger situations and we're very careful about how we choose our flights. Ok, I can't believe they are people who you know it. You noted, as its optimism bias. The world is not a safe place. These things can happen. If you are in the airport- and you get worse that more than a dozen missiles ballistic missiles have been fighting to another country skip the flight waded out. Let things simmer down, and you know what maybe you'll be stuck for a day, but a lot of people lost their lives and I can't I can't believe, I'm not trying to blame them onto saying. Take us into consideration. Ok,
I'm, I'm surprised, maybe someone willing to get the commercial airliner, especially after what happened in Ukraine, member that commercial airliner was shot down, looks like it may have been separatists. So we got a bunch of photos here. They're, all common. It is given up the breed. We ve got what what looks like a photo of a flight recorder do not open. It says we ve got pictures here of what appear to be part of a. Aircraft missile. They say supposedly near the site, now actually I couldn't verify these biogas everyone's using I'm. So you know it is what it is we have now. We also have a map of where approximate extent of aircraft aircraft the breeze were found and the location of the actual plane crash it wasn't it wasn't turning around it just got hit and then veered right and crashed and we can see this. I don't know if this is this. Is this? Is this not an o one for one met? Barely people are mad at your dough. That's real, but what is visiting the crash like today, CBS
reporter Elizabeth Palmer's, at virtually all pieces of the plane, had been removed with no security around the site and scavengers now covering the right remaining debris. This is look man if there, but an international response to this item really really disappointed, not that I'm happy with what America's do not that I'm saying and intervention in any capacity what of Russia, China other countries don't come on with sanctions or demand independent investigations or something. This is insane it both Those of us in the crash out, we know this Ukraine's hesitant. Castigated have been granted permission to look for missile fragments, but they nowhere in sight by the time the debris was removed. This is a cover up man and it. It's stupid, we're in the age of social media, everyone seeing the photos we're not in one of the we're, not in time here like in the seventies of the Gulf of Tonkin, where we had only press reports to go off, we now have videos coming up We have, we actually have more than one video, I wonder, do they showed the plane crashes in other video shown? What appears to be the hit? We have pictures coming up, a fragments and with IRAN,
all those in the area are right. You know what We are not in this era, where it is so see this stage, these false flags for intervention means, and while I am absolutely critical of the lies that got us into one the first and am citing straight up. Let's get out, I think it's fair to point out. We Sera situation where IRAN overzealous: listen, ok, your son! what, if your generals into a foreign country that the U S is currently in it shouldn't be theirs active military conflict and your do gets taken out I understand. I do not like the escalation, but I also think there's a big difference between us in aging and anti terror activities for a long period of time again, which I've been very critical of, were therefore underlies, but is a big difference me. What the This is doing in Iraq and IRAN firing missiles into Iraq. Ok, it's it's! It's it mind numbing to me that were still there. After all of this
but to act like you know, the left is saying is in like what happened in Libya is absurd, and policy defended that saying you know, o Obama's Anita, for this. It's a NATO operation, none and you know men, There is already an eight there's two active Avon effort for Iraq. They need to be repealed, stop pushing executive boards is congresses, fault and one of the Democrats done since they got an unknown by. Finding war resolution because they're lying to you, they dont care about any of this. The establishment Democrats want this as much as any other party, at least three looking are being honest about it, praise the action. Ok, I think it's wrong. I think we need leave and stop the escalation, but at least there being honest, the Democrats, Libya said, Obama can do this now. They pay a non binding resolution. You have
Georgie the House repeal the aid you M F, o they're not going to do that now, for they love. What's going on, it's all a stupid political game, absolutely stupid political game. But let me let me stop dragging you know politics in America right now and we point the finger back in IRAN and I apologise for that. I want to see left and right come together. I condemn this. I personally want to see a legitimate investigation. They ve already they ve already tainted at all. So maybe we won't get one right but this is this- is a step over the line, but beyond what could be considered the line at all, I mean that that this was this was IRAN's overzealous response, they're stupid symbolic, our pride, you know if they did, they fired missiles, they missed they hit nothing. No My understanding is no, we lost their lives, is conflicting reports with a general and the general idea being pushed right. We're around right now by Trump, is tat. It was a symbolic retaliation, to maintain their honour and, in this, in their hair, trigger fear
bandit I've taken out their own citizens and citizens of many other nations and now they're trying to cover it up and lie, and I gotta go it is. It is deeply offensive and I got to say it is it is running around you, sick, mother efforts. You did this accept responsibility. It was your own people. You know what you jump. The gun you air trigger fear. Whatever I dont care, it's your halt, neither covering it up. I want to see I want to see You know I mean I don't know justice for these people Let me end by saying for second time: if you're in an act of war zone, do not fly ok seek shelter, stay safe, wait for things to calm down. It was only hours after these metals have been fired, people are boarding, commercial airlines and, and- and this is what happens men so my heart goes out to the families and friends too, to everybody who knew these people and I'm I'm sick and by what it, by what IRAN is doing. I'll see you all at four p m, you D come slashed him cast my main channel. Thanks, rang out
bowing, knew the seven three seven max was a bad plain and they actively covered it up. Two planes crashed and several hundred people lost their lives. We more journalism calling out corporate visits, we more journalists to be taken in these companies looking for sources and, admittedly, we need more people within these companies to blow the whistle on this stuff. Listen man these! This is the story. Hundreds of damning emails he'll. Boeing employees knew about seven three, seven MAX issues and even marked the FDA A when they appeared to cover up problems. I think we got a cultural problem in, I think ego Narcissism selfishness is taking over, and so you have people who straight up say I will not put my family on one of these planes, not telling anyone and then what happens. People died, plane, crash and it makes me really really angry, but they knew that you could have been one of you. People to stand up and say this is
going on, but nobody wants to risk their jobs where we get instead, people losing their lives. We whatever the air journalism, though digging into stuff, and find this up not seeing every journalist is obligated to actually find these stories ever know what's going on, but so many people says with stupid things. These days, video controversies, look if effective and against. I understand, but if you're a journalist trying to do serious work and you're writing about stupid, cold nonsense and the orange man we'd get serious problems, but I blame the companies to read the story hundreds of damning internal emails have revealed that Boeing employs, knew about problems with the now grounded, seven, three, seven max and even mocked the Federal Aviation administration when they appeared to get away with cover Those issues are bowing released. The trove of internal messages on Thursday that raise serious questions about its about its development of simulators and seventy seven max that was grounded in March effort to fatal crashes in the mess
just which were handed over to Congress and the F a Boeing employees talked about misleading regulators about problems with simulators quote. I still haven't been forgiven by God for covering up what I did last year. One employee says a twenty eighteen message: one employee also to calling they wouldn't let their family ride on a seven three seven max. But you know what that person has. No problem You and your family and some families lost their lives. Would you put your family on a MAC simulator trained aircraft? I wouldn't want employees into another colleague the colleague responded no April. Twenty seventeen exchange of into messages to employees expressed complaints about the max following rough. Those two issues with the planes flight management computer. This airplane is designed by clowns who, in turn are supervised by monkeys. One employer wrote in one message: stated November, twenty fifteen, which appears to shovel on lobbying methods used when facing demand
from regulators a Boeing, employee notes, regulators were likely want. Simulator training for a particular type of cockpit alert. We are going to push back very hard on this and will likely need support at the highest levels when it comes time for the final negotiations, rights in the messages. Employees also complained about Boeing senior management, the company's selection of low cost suppliers and wasting money names of the employees who wrote the emails and text messages were rejected. Boeing who, and into damage control said it was considering disciplinary action. Disciplinary action against some employ he's over the basic message. Exchanges quote: some of these women patients relate to the development and qualification of Boeing's mess max simulators and twenty seventeen and twenty eighteen. These communications, contain provocative language and uncertain since, as raised questions about Boeing's interaction with the effort in connection with the simulator qualification process. A statement from the company said
having carefully reviewed the issue, we are confident that all of Boeing's maximum leaders are functioning effectively. The qualification activities, reference in these communities since occurred early in service life of these simulators. Since that time, both internal and external subject matter, experts have repeatedly tested and qualified this simulators at issue. Why don't we know about the stuff? Why dont people stand up your project verity says be brave and I'll. Tell you this. Don't look at me. That's obvious. I say to them, but their will. Few organisations actually digging into corporate malfeasance and they have my respect because of it. I wish these people went on the record and told journalists like veritable what was going on. And you still can- I don't know where you work or what you do, but if you recognize something illegal or some wrong doing, please worn somebody talk to journalists or otherwise post something online. Tell people what's happening. Many people today this day and age are narcissistic. You know it's all about me. It's all about
man, don't bother me I want to get by out. I want to do my thing time and time again that what we tend to see you know when it comes to history you know. It was actually the minority of this country who supported the Revolutionary war and the biggest faction. You had anti opposite independence. That support for the biggest group was leave me alone. I dont care and that still as a fact today when it comes to voting, while, if you dont vote, No, I'm not gonna blame exciting about, but it's not so much about that. I understand that there can be problems the system, but you can stand up and call something out. You can speak out about these problems. Man looked like this, I say these communications do not reflect the company, we all need to be, and they are completely unacceptable that side. We remain confident in the regulatory process for qualifying assimilated. No, not at all. The max have been granted worldwide since March after two crashes that killed three hundred. Forty six people Boeing is still working to update software's other systems on the plane to convince regulators to let a flag
I'm never going on. One of these plans are you nuts. I want to find a Boeing ever again The work has taken much longer than expected and, as a spokesman said the agency found no new safety risks, risks that have not been already and a viable blob. Ok, we get it meant that in homage this, you know that sang good times make soft people soft people make hard times heart that a strong, strong men make good times good times, make weak men. Weak men make bad times bad times, makes strongman somethin like that, I'm getting it wrong. You know what we have been in such a long period of just nonstop, decadence and gluttony, that we now have people who would actively cover up failures in planes. You are putting people's lives, risk and this at a cost lives, and I look to I want to do it: the millennial generation, a generation of young people who they care about themselves, who complain about how What more and I think, one of the big fat-
this is why so many millennials are socialists is because their jealous entitled whiny babies that wouldn't stand up and say this is bad. They wouldn't do it now. I don't owe the age of the people working at Boeing. Probably little older, I don't know but we are headed towards. You know, hopefully reverses right. You know, as I pointed out in my main site at ten, a m the you is becoming more conservative. I guess it's a good thing, but I feel like we're. Actually going to see more arrogant, despicable, ignorant, selfish humans. George Carlin said he doesn't vote right and he said the problem. Isn't the politicians it's the public? If you have a selfish ignorant public, you gets selfish, ignorant politicians. If you have a selfish, ignorant public, you get corrupt regulation regulatory process, you get people covering up bad planes and bowing knew about it. The employees knew about it and they let it go. Who cares?
But on me they say I think these people whose who knew about it, I think the people who covered it up should face criminal penalties, some responsibility, Look at the young people today there are only over socialist. They live in, the summit. I some stories regret we're gonna turn us into everyone's entitled when I worked for vice, give that you have the Williamsburg neighborhood in New York City Williams, was the hipster neighbourhood? Oh, I don't know it's going on there anymore and property going down because there, the alternating, but all that has one lived. There was really expensive. Yet people making like thirty thousand dollars year, spending fifty to sixty percent of their take home income. Paying rent to live in this upscale neighbour and then getting angry about it and they couldn't afford healthcare and they deserve all of these things. And I would say to them. Dude I live in bushwhack, where I spent a quarter of my income on rent and sleep on a couch, and I save all My money actually know when I moved bushwhack, I was amount apartment, but I was, I was in volumes works event a couch, so I don't want to spend fifty percent of income
It's really funny when I hear people talk about how they can afford their bills. My question are: what are you spending on your bills? How do we, how did we this culture, where we now just have self self pleasure ring on China. Be careful, my language event, family friendly. People who actively new and wouldn't put their own family on this, but had no problem sending you when your family, your kids, to their debts? Three hundred and forty six people, because of the sheer selfishness and refusal. You know what I don't know tell you men, but this is one of the like most mind coming and frustrating stories bowing employs, knew about the MAX issues and marked the FDA when they covered up the problems. God hasn't forgiven. You about tell you what, depending on your religion, he well, but I think what we need to say, and I hope this message resonates. I'm gonna go at the very top dude. If you work for accompanying they're, doing stuff like this, so dude. If you work for accompanying they're, doing stuff, like this, send a good They will shine a light on this and I-
and they will shine a light on this and ABC News. You send this to them. Tell you exactly what happens these corporate your ears? Hearing, here's Argos Boeing Employ Tax ABC Nbc says we gotta. Big story: the boss comes and says now we're gonna scrap this one. Yet Epstein can't do it, but you look to people like very toss. You looked at dependent smaller organisations, and they will carry this out and do the right thing. The New York Times ran a fake story about Trop supporter regretting his decision. Local news called him out, do never voted which are in the first place man. This kind of gives me very little hope for the future, so maybe Maybe I need to do a better segments move in the next few minutes to tend to lighten up the mood, but do we had two plane crash
and these people knew was going on and I hope we actually get some retribution by, but I fear that criminal penalty and civil penalty will not be enough to turn. This kind of behaviour is the real problems and our core. We are selfish, ignorant society where people are so entitled they care not for their neighbours and this week You know, I think. Probably one of the reasons you'll see me call. The Democrats is for fur Unifil softly in line with this, yet conservatives rally around cause in community and there they have concerns about their community. And the left just socialists who are entitled to demand more out of the political alignment of these people are not Saint everybody on the rights perfect, but we ve got, we ve got it. We got a twisted selfish, ignorant culture growing. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, I'll see while shortly, why did you do it chick fillet? Why did you Ben
need to people who are still going to war with you. It's funny chick village, a sandwich shop. I don't care who they donate to. What was really funny was there? the longest time chick Philyres, donated to a few organisations that we're christian, like a army, the left protested them saying they were bigots, Well, eventually, chick belay bent the knee bowing down. Please don't please don't protest, meaning you are all poor baby, stick fillet! You know what I honestly don't care. I really don't. It was fun for me to see them. Conservatives living with Charlie Cork, chick delays, trade. Us I don't care, it's a sandwich, restaurant. I don't care what they don't do it. So I do care about they Bethany to the outrage mob and guess what do you think the outrage bob? The leftist have come out and said now that you have done the right thing: we're gonna, pull back and just be totally cool with you, of course, not
of course, not. First of all, after chick filet, the ceo now says he regrets discrediting faith based organisation after he came out inside we're not gonna donated for a variety of reasons. Salvation army was like wait. What we just we help the homeless man. We done one of that. One of the left us do, they said good. Now we demand you actually donate to our organizations. There you go check fillet. There was nothing you could have done. Here's my favorite part, here's? The news from today lawsuit against San Antonio for banning Chick flight airport moving forward or what was that chick fully was banned from airport did? Did the airport say now that you on the right thing: we're gonna! Let you open your shop? No, no, of course not. You earned nothing, but the eyes of those who want supported now say this: if you're conservative, whose really mad at chick fillet because they stop donating, come on man have some standards are right. We all compliant none I hold on hold on you, don't get angry at. We all complained about the left, targeting chick filet. If you're some
and who is defending chick fillet and demanding, they do continue donating for these reasons, and then they turn their back on you you're We must accept that when I mean essays everybody who claimed who cares to chicken shop? getting mad because they cancelled its called standards. Man me, I really dont care. What I care about is the principle and the spineless if you really want to donate to like honourable clown cause. I'm not gonna complain about it. Nobody talks about when these are talk about, I'm certainly not going to care, which it believes doing. In fact, I'm telling you this right now as soon as undone recording a chick filet whenever I do these stories? I always do but listen to what has been under fire. Their shops were one shot at shut down because the protests, the constant protests- and they finally said- maybe if we just give in far left and give them what they want, we'll leave us alone and they didn't, and anyone with an with with with a morsel of brain matter, could have told you this would happen here.
Story from the blaze. Surprise, chick fellow CEO Dan Cathy says he regrets discrediting faith based organisations after cutting terrible donations, and now we can see quite litter. A day later they have to sue and airport, because there's being pushed out. You accomplished nothing chick fillet. Do not apologise, do not bend Lenny. You will regret it. Lets read the laser. What's she Palacio Dan Cathy's Eddie, regrets discrediting faith based organisations in November. Chick announced that it would no longer be donating too Russian army and other operations that some people consider to be anti algae, BT, Q. One of the details: in a letter to the American Family Association, TIM Wildman, Cathy, expressed regrets of chick fillet, pulling funding from a variety of faith based organisations. Wildman had written Cathy with its concerns about yanking funding, the christian groups, one of Wildman questions read, will
for lay publicly state that it does not believe the Salvation Army and F C a that citing this, the Christians associations on an hour hate groups because of the ministry believe about sexuality, marriage and family by December. A petition that govern more than a hundred thousand signatures prompted Wildman to write a strong letter to Cathy about reconsidering the company's new given struck, Kathy responded of water by saying that he'd inadvertently discredited several outstanding organizations and insisted that the company never intended to make a statement or support a political or social agenda that the latter wanted to draw praise. We get it, but now that you want, you know, look I want to read story. This from new sports. Antonio, all lost against a city of San for banning a popular fastened. Restaurant at the airport is moving forward. District judge, David Canal, us ruled Friday against the city's motion to dismiss the lawsuit. Not only is the city actively blocking chick fillet from opening a restaurant in public space which there
legally allowed to do, because our doing it for religious reasons for for ideological and religious reasons, there actively trying to stop them from fighting back their training at the lawsuit dismissed, while they're losing chick fillet. If you want to open a restaurant, this is how you do it. You fight back and refuse to ban the knee San Antonio City. San Antonio City Council voted on March. Twenty one to remove chick fillet from this Antonio International Airport, F of the popular fast food chain came under fire for donating some one point: eight million to groups that discriminate against the algae, BT, Q, community, six council members voted in favour of the agreement while, for others voiced their opposition quote we disappointed with the outcome of the hearing and will even You are our legal options. Going forward said. First assistant city attorney lives prevents you. We made
in the city did nothing wrong and certainly did not violate any law, and we will continue to vigorously defend the city's interest since funny they say it's an anti algae bt too few group, the ceo, says I never intended to make a message. Listen, you did. You did chick they they said we're going to focus our donations now on organisations that help the homeless and those in need and Salvation Army was like right. Your buddy, you were down into us in the first place. If that's what you're looking to support, why aren't you supporting anymore? Now, I'm not a fan of any these organizations. I know very little about the FDA or, if they or whatever, nor do I care chick fillet is playing politics and they failed because they lack a spine, and you know what you reap, what you so good good. I'm slogan eat there, because I don't care, I'm not gonna. Let politics get in the way of a tasty chicken sandwich, although Why here Popeye's is better the Tony Pham Senatorial Family Association for loss of summer under the
new law known as these save chick for label that prohibits the government from discriminate against. Anyone who donate to affiliates with or supports a religious organisation quote any vendor that attempts to occupy the space should be on notice, said plaintive, Patrick, though the cities efforts to replace trick violate state law, and we are soon to stop this from happening any better that tries to replace The light could soon be facing an injunction that prevents them from operating. I mean I'm pretty sure this violates the first amendment. The city can't chicken restaurant that because they ve donated at some point towards organization we're banning you, the city of San Antonio approve the food beverage and retail prime concession agreement with parities with parodies lot, lug logger dear at the San Antonio International Airport, but the agreement excluded flight with this decision. The city council reaffirmed the work our city has done to become a champion of equality version, and there it is
San Antonio is a city full of compassion, and we do not have room and our public facilities for a business with a legacy of anti algae BT. Cuban Haber full stop that right. There is based religious affiliation and is a violation. As far as I can tell the constitution, everyone has a place here, and everyone should feel welcome when they walk through our airport. Look for the announcement of a suitable replacement by parodies chick fillet. Chicken restaurant chick filet does not actively discriminate the owners. Might the corporate might make this met might make donations to organisations might then discriminate, but that is such an insane leap. Their accusing chick fully wrong doing and chick fillet, pull them in spite of the back and handed it straight to the Woke leftist, who will not back down who
immediately, say bow more you're, not Boeing, hard enough. You know what men they deserve it. They really really do chick related. The vote banning the restaurant from the airport was disappointing and the company hope for more dialogue with the city, Texas, attorney General Captain father request marked when seeking calendars Records of council member meetings regarding the contract and any internal communications? Among the city employs about the inclusion exclusion of chick fillet from the concessionaire contract? The decision to discriminate against any vendor based on religious beliefs associated with the company and its owners, flies in the face the constitution attacked us law here here packs and said in a release. I look or to reviewing the city of San Antonio records explaining why the city Council targeted this respected restaurant chain, exclusion from the city's cut concessionaire contract from the international airport, taxes Centre, TED Crew, Called Saint Antonios decision to ban fillet from the airport, ridiculous and not Texas,
controversial seven year. Agreement will generate at least two point, one million, and I will tell you this. You know they say the left says. You know we support the first amendment. You, no freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom from consequence, quite literally right now they bandit chicken shop. Who'd has not discriminated who done it into a nonprofit who may have or may not totally unrelated discredited. The point is this: restaurant has done nothing and it is being banned due to affiliation with a nonprofit that holds values. They don't like This not only flies in the face of the first amendment put common decency. We can't punish businesses because they ve donated on prompt they dont into other businesses, nonprofits or businesses who operate. As you know, it imagine that the insane period has an that's going on I'll say this.
Or shame chick filet and I've. I don't think I'm alone, when I say for shame, you were warned you could have asked ten. You could ask any anyone any one person you couldn't ass, any one person, then we have told you. If you do this, it will backfire, it will backfire, they will never support you and you will come to agree this decision and guess what chick related you report So and you deserve it, you bend over backwards for these people, and this is what you get. I got one more Simon. Coming up in a few minutes. Stick around. I will see you will shortly. This is actually a really great article, and I am grateful that Anti Tromp personality David Brooks has finally come out and accepted it trump. Has made us all stupid, the decline of disk worse in the anti Trump ECHO Chamber, rather good, sir much respect for them. Finally, coming out in saying it and unity talks about. First of all, the deeds basically gone pro war, so you know what gets hold on a second,
here's thing. I think I might have a bunch of stories pulled up for you, but absolutely provide excellent proof of what he sang the anti Trump ECHO chamber basically hates literally everything trump does no matter what any write about it. I want to read a little from this, and I want to show you a bunch of examples of how literally no matter what Trop does it's wrong, notably troops as I'm pulling troops out of Syria you're wrong Trump, don't pull our troops out Trump says I need to defend our embassy and retaliatory those who attack us you're wrong trump. Don't don't target people we! You know what men trumped does something it's wrong: every single time. Yes, you're all becoming stupid. You see, my position is more of an billions. I say trumps bad, not that bad. I say trumpeted good here that bad here I actual like to assess what the man is doing and determine whether That is good or bad. Tromp wants to pull out of Syria here here. Good doing trump want some italian Iraq. I don't think it's a good
It's going to escalate, you see how, in a safe world, people with principles and integrity understand, not everything is bad and some things can be good. When you have a group of people who literally say every single thing trump does is bad eventually, I say I dont believe you anymore, because you literally think everything is bad. You complained about the man getting telescopes of ice cream and then ran multiple segments because its salt shaker was bigger than someone else assault shaker. I'm sorry, I can't take you seriously anymore, but you see how this gets me worked up, because I actively trying to navigate this and because My position tends to be their knots. They think everything is bad and it's not TIM Pool is right wing and there it is, and there it is. Ok. Donald Trump is impulse, driven, ignorant, narcissistic and intellectually dishonest. So you think that those of us in the Anti trust cap would go out of our way to show we're not like him that we are. We are judicious in. Formed mature and reasonable, but the events of the past few weeks have shown the anti Trump ECHO chamber
is becoming a mirror image of Trump himself overwrought on calibrated and incapable of having an intelligent conversation about any complex policy problem. I gotta stop right now, Mirror image can be confusing because it means a similar thing in the reverse or it means a copy of, and I tweeted earlier about vice and people like Mirror image. Don't you mean the same unlike while I was like it was. I regret that I look Openness is a mere image that the phrase typically refers to something seem identical but has actually in reverse structure. So I could I couldn't you can argue this right. There the the mirror image of Trump. They do the exact same thing. He does an exact same way, but in the other direction he gonna talk about why we should go after the middle lesions. The man. You know it's dark eyed. Only to read all this. We need to do the right thing by Bulgaria. We get it now, let's get to the point about him admitting rural stupid, but in the end, tromp echo chamber. That's not our most people were thinking led by Bernie,
Saunders and Warren. They avoided the hard complex problem of how to set boundaries around militias. Instead, they pontificated on the easy question not actual in that sure we have a massive invasion of IRAN. Nobody said that, but after they talk about a great cry when it from ECHO Chamber, we're on the bridge war. Trop is leading us to more wars when the precipice of chaos isn't that the calibrated which of risk and reward. It was the fear stoking apocalyptic language by I being so. Overwrought exaggerated the echo chamber drowned out any practical conversation about how stabilize the Middle EAST, so we could have another right, This course of Donald Trump is a monster gee. I wonder why your watch me is it perhaps because we all want to avoid that that would you go on twitter all they do. Ok, here's what I want you to do after you watch this video Google search man gobbles at Turkey's Turkey's gobble,
back. You gotta watch this video and you will immediately understand exactly what this is true both outside and he goes. We shouldn't have trip to the Middle EAST what what is left out and then trumped goes. Ok, we're going to keep our true. The Middle EAST and what's left of asthma, this watch the video you laugh tromp set up. Going out of Syria, they all complain. How could trump do this job then says: ok, we'll keep our soldiers in there to protect or oil infrastructure, and they all complained. Putting you walked. Elements opposed to accurately assess what is happening in the political world when literate everything is bad, so tromp what you want. You there's one thing you can do and I'll have. You saw my segment earlier on chick fillet. Ceo regrets, cancelling these regions, and that shows us exactly what you need to do better than ie, no matter what no matter what they say, tromp needs to resign. The all
they could do about tell you this. If Trump border resign, they would be like Tropez no spine. He can't even stand up for his own office The fund is actions, and here we goes leaving like a coward, there's nothing. You can do so here. I am right. I want to figure out how to vote would vote for I look over the laughed and what do I see a bunch of Turkey's gobbling backdrop? I looked at servants- and I see a bunch of people wearing suits drinking beers and wearing markets. But, having agreed arguments saying things like him, we to this end on one night- I don't want- I want to do that- I don't want I don't like that idea so, where my options to vote for the gobbling, Turkey's or vote for the gas, its agree with Ultimately, I guess there's among the turkeys as a couple people standing up waving and a kind of like those people, but for the most part the left has become a flock of gobbling Turkey's what you call a group of Turkey's goblet, Mccormick goblet. This is trumps ultimate victory. Every argument on every topic is now all about him. Hating Trump together has become the ultimate bonding attack,
in grabbing and profit maximizing mechanism for those of us in Anti Trump world, so you get a series of exaggerated fervors. The Mulder report impeachment the steel dossier at led, ultimately nowhere most of the weeks most. This week's arguments of the Middle EAST wasn't really about the Middle EAST, It was all narcissistic worry about ourselves. This guy Brooks Man taken at home. Bravo Democrats defend terrorist Republicans or war. Mongers actual Iranian are just bit players and our imperialistic soap opera, the passive recipients of our greatness or perfidy. The world is more complicated than this cartoon lover. Tromp- has use military force less than any other presidents. Jimmy Carter when it comes to foreign policy has not like recent republicans. He is, as my colleague ROS do thought, put it do hat, Ajax ionian figure wanting to get America out afford entanglements, while lobbying a few long distance attacks to ensure the crazy foreigners the killing one another and not Us- and this is the final paradox:
for all the storm and rang that surrounds Trump populist. Republicans and Democrats are gravitating, tore the same foreign policy. We're in the middle of a clash of civilizations, the Middle EAST is so screwed up. We should just get out we're too stupid, ineffective racist imperialistic to do any good there anyway. Yes, please leave stop spending money, we fight viciously about Trump underneath a populist, left right curtain is descending around America separating us from the Middle EAST, China and even Europe. The real high risk move is the one both parties are making together and if we ignore the world, it will ignore us it well maybe once the inflammatory one is finally gone from the scene. We can have intelligent conversation about that. No, it's! Your fault, not trumps, we are having an intelligent conversation. In other people, in this fashion, whatever it is, the politically homeless. Actual dark web, the you know, Anti S, committees, some of them and conservative entrap supporters are all sitting here talking about stuff, while you guys gobble Turkey's at tromp when he gobbles back. Let me now show you
amazing stories. Chris Matthews compares soon Elvis Presley impressed Princess Diana, maybe maybe, if Obama there's something to be a terrorist, and you find yourself comparing him too Princess Diana. You need to stop and please reflect at least David Brooks did here's my usual. My favorites trump is wrong. The Pollack troops from Syria he's right that United States is over extended, trying to be a bit fair. Yes, Trump is wrong, to pull our troops out of Syria, but trumpet sending more to Saudi Arabia. They won't make up for backing out of sight. Yeah unfailingly sent up to IRAN. I know they're two different circumstances, and I know reasons to say we should be in one place and not any other, but I just think it's kind of funny that the service is always the same thing tropic settling. Saudi Arabia, how dairy drop us taking troops out of the Middle EAST? How dirty work!
There's more young thing, I'm an end. There do what's this story. Why it's wrong to refer to the cult of trumpets when I love, they basically say guys, you gotta, stop refer to transport. Is a cult right yeah. It's really really funny that you have active Trump supporters complain about his military actions. People like us under fair banks, dragged by the troops are for transporters for it. Yet there over here, gobbling like Turkey's claiming that everybody on the topside agrees literal everything he does. Certainly, there are some people who do, but the left is literally made of people who believe insane things and no matter what trumped up it's bad, I'm sorry, if you if you are in a group of people and you're, quite literally, like sending trip to the Middle EAST is wrong, but pulling trips to the Middle EAST is wrong. I think maybe you know, act on what you're doing when you're saying Suleiman is like princess die. I'm sorry Trump may have a collective like base, but is not the majority, and certainly there are people who think Orangemen not that bad,
but it's not the majority, and certainly there are people who think Orangemen not that bad, and I wouldn't have conversations that people think the oars in referencing. The idea of the colt I'm going to now kind of drive away from everything. Just about the orange man. For a second and talk about the general left, No, the green new deal doesn't aims to end air travel as Florida. Rick Scott says this: is nuts Rick's got tweeted? What what is it? You said this. The Democrats, green new deal includes cloak quote working towards ending air travel pull it affected its false and then literally includes this quote. From the green new deal ethic. You saying that we want to get rid of forty thousand airplanes. We aren't, you can get rid of fighting it, causing airplanes that fast. Our goal is to build at high speed rail in scale where air travel stops becoming necessary, there's another another part of the whole. You know that the left is this. Is, is nuts I'm sorry, I'm sorry this! You might find yourself a left. I consider myself to be, but I'll tell you this this faction this this
is full of and fly I'm sorry, but here's. Why showed us how to make a point now about how everything progress is wrong? because the reality is everything they do is wrong. First of all, they literally Suddenly I think you may want to work towards getting rid of aeroplanes and build high speed. Rail and pull it affects has its false. When you climate shore, here's my fate h as to begins evicting activists from protest. I cover this a couple days ago, you literally have environmental activists saying no high speed rail. While you have other my mental activists saying we need high speed rail there's no right answer. Please pay attention to this. There is no right answer.
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