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Patreon News Gets Worse, User's Payout FROZEN Without Notice

2018-12-25 | 🔗

Patreon News Keeps Getting Worse, User's Money FROZEN for 'suspicious activity"Following news about a user having his account suspended "in secret" a story in the New York Times emerged with statements from Jack Conte and their head of Trust and Safety. The statements seem to be directly antagonistic toward the community, specifically Sword and Scale, Dave Rubin, Me, and Sargon of Akkad.They imply that Sargon broke the rules on their platform and Conte implies many of us are simply trying to generate support for a cause of some sort.But all this is only made worse by the original story of a man who had his patreon account suspended without notice. He only found out because patreon had not paid him in about a month.

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When Twitter, Facebook or Google do something wrong, who do you call? Is there a customer service number you can get in touch with to try and solve these problems? There isn't because are just too many years on the platform, and often these errors. These takes these mistreatments go unnoticed because the individual doesn't have the ability to generate an outcry and get any attention, but this can't be excused in the issue of patron patron, is now entering the territory where they're becoming so big there in the acting their users, but we're not talking about trying to post a funny picture of a cat or send words to another person, we're talking about people's access to resources, their money, the thing they need to survive in the long term. If twitter doesn't respond to you over some issues, yeah well get over it. I mean it kind of sucks, but for the most part, you're going to be fine. When patreons stop sending you money- and you don't know why now you're in trouble- and this is bad news for patriotic- and it's bad news for the rest of us in what may be the worst possible timing ever
story has emerged about a hacker and researcher who got suspended from patrion without notice. And he only realized it when he noticed money wasn't being sent to him anymore. Patron was allowing people to still sign up, but they weren't giving him his money and they never told him, Look at Patriot need to suspend someone's account in this instance. It was over suspicious activity. I understand that, but it's becoming a problem when they don't notify the user. And I will also admit that trust and safety team members calling creators to talk to them is a really good thing Jack county was willing to dm me about these issues, and I can appreciate that but they're entering the space, where there are no longer dealing with the creators to make matters worse in a story from the New York Times yesterday. There is a comment from Jacqueline Heart: they have trust and safety and county. That belittle an and, in my opinion, insult the creators. So today, let's take a look at this late,
story about the man who was suspended. What's going on patrion, I want to talk about why patron needs to behave very differently from these other social media companies less they become valueless. Just dangerous for people to use before we get started? Please head over to timcast dot com, slash donate! If you want to support my work, a monthly donation option. I take cryptocurrency either physical address and there address a show where you can buy t shirts that I've actually designed myself yesterday around noon. We saw this tweet from Scott Helme, who was a hacker researcher builder of things he founded security headers, an reporter e he treated so Patrion suspended my account. They did this in secret they have not notified me. I simply notice that they stop sending me money. They have a stop collecting money, though they're just keeping it no account of the case no email. I just have this tiny little message hidden in the account section on the site. Your creator balance is on hold, while our trust and safety team review your account. He continues
What an awful way to treat people they can still send me their crappy newsletter, but letting me know that have been suspended on my money won't be arriving right before the holidays that some next level s. He then posted this image that's as suspicious activity on your account and that, because of this activity, they've suspended payouts, everything continues as normal, but he's not gonna see was money. Yes, I don't know how they detected the suspicious activity, but it was enough for them to take action, but not enough for them. To tell me this is station came between eighteen and forty seven days ago, based on my missed payouts. No review has taken place in that time so patron. When can I expect this review to take place. How do I find out why I was suspended? When will I receive my money shortly after this? He got a notification that someone actually pledged a dollar to him, a new patron. Unfortunately, he couldn't actually receive the money because his account is suspended. He said this is seriously bad, but just a couple hours ago, Scott tweeted, it's a Christmas miracle with no explanation and no apology. Patrion have said
can have the money that others donated to me, and this is where and interest conundrum arises this last phrase. He says I can have of the money that others donated to me Patriot, isn't giving anybody money. Patrion just facilitates a transaction from one person to another and you pay them a fee to do so, but aside from suspending someone's relations without notice, which, in my opinion, is an egregious offense against the individual, because we're talking about payment, it's uh so bad when you realize that they're injecting their politics in between the user and you now look don't get me wrong. Patrion probably has no choice but to spend a certain people when it comes to legal issues and that the rules they have to abide by with our payment processors that I understand what this means they have to go above and beyond and be held to a higher standard to make sure people are notified when their money is being frozen. Patrie on must have come petition. They cannot end up dominating the space. For one reason we are essentially
giving ourselves a supervisor we work for our. I was to make content and you who decides to donate to us to support that content, have nothing to do with patreon but patron has rules and they're injecting those rules in between you and your customer, and I understand that that exists for most most services, even patron has to abide by rules with master card, but because Patronus downstream from the payment process. They're going to enforce rules are much stricter level than other companies. Would we've essentially in a position where without meaningful competition, we have to ask permission to an extent, I'm being a bit hyperbolic of patriot, to say or do certain things, as we saw in the conversation with Matt, Christiansen and Jacqueline
She said, if you ever want to reach out and ask us if, if something is okay, you can do so, but why do I need to ask them? I don't work for them. In fact, Patrie on works. For me, I pay them a feat to guarantee that this job is taken care of. Isn't that rather absurd? Could you imagine if you hire a contractor and I would like to pay you a fee to fix my door and he says: ok I'll only do it if you agree to say certain words I be like. Well, that's kind. Weird I mean honestly, I can agree to that's no problem, but what if they said, they would take your money, never finish your door if retroactively they found out ten months ago, you said a bad word, it seems rather ridiculous. Doesn't it hey not our boss. They work for us so becomes rather pay. Medic when you realize that this individual Scott Helm had his money frozen by a company, had hired to do a job. This is where we're heading. If there is no competition with Patrie on and they are forced to do better for their clients, but it actually does get worse now I did come
this in my life yesterday, but I think it's important to be included in this video. I want to provide something bit more succinct. The New York Time says: Patrion bars, antifeminist for racist speech inciting revolt. In the times a section reads: Mister Benjamin did not respond to attempts to engage in the reform process. Miss Hart said, but this kind of moves the goal posts if it was an appeal. They asked Sargon to explain why it wasn't hate speech not to apologize for reform his behavior, which they could have done, but she goes on. His first wants to us when we told him about the reform process was to NIT pick and say I was being anti Miss Hart said you cannot say those words on our platform. It doesn't matter who you're directing them that This is just untrue and it seems to me that she is willfully misleading the New York Times and it shows the duplicitous nature of Patris on staff
in a conversation with Matt Christiansen Jack on heart, acknowledged that Sargon did not say these words on their platform? Jack Conte said the same thing to me, but now to say to the New York Times. You can't say those words on our platform is to imply that Sargon did, when in fact he didn't it's also to imply that those words don't exist on a platform they do in many of the top podcasts. I wonder why that is, but it actually gets much much worse. The story continues. Those quit patron in solidarity with mister. Benjamin may have other motives behind their sudden outrage. Mister County said as content Peter is using the site, grow, more famous and their income more significant. The five percent cut that patron takes other nations may have begun to seem cumbersome. He sat other large craters are joining the rebellion and they link to
Gordon scale, the fifth largest podcast, who was announced their intention to leave the platform as soon as possible. He said it. You can use a press. The bottle like this to drum up your community and rile people up and get them to support it. Because Mr Conte said we welcome competition. Jack County is actually arguing that those of us who have lost thousands of dollars per month did it on purpose, because we were upset about losing five percent. No people started canceling their page image to me and I reacted by trying to find alternatives. So I didn't lose that support but for the most part, considering what happened subscribe star I am down, but then to imply that the outrage is to generate support for a cause. Is also rather absurd losing money. By doing this, do you think I want to tell people that they're all Is that exist when they just cancel on me now, I'm desperately trying to make sure that those support me can continue to do so. Seeing Jack Conte statement, saying Jacqueline Heart statement says to me that patron actually does
don't care. Look at what happened with Scott Helme. His money was frozen, his account suspended and he was never notified. That is inexcusable. We're talking about people money here, but patrion will say one thing to us another thing to the times in their own defense. When you see what they say they are times, it sounds like they really just don't care about creators understand how day dress that becomes patron, cannot ever become like Facebook. Now, admittedly, it may just result in the end of patriot gets to a point where people aren't getting paid out, they'll stop using the service, but if no competition can actually come to existence because they all keep getting shot down and what choice will people have? I don't want to pay to round to be my supervisor to What I can or can't do, but I want focus on some alternatives right now, most notably Esther, which was created by now me WU in response to well her being the platforms now multiple times in a also the story for the New York Times now? He was that's right, folks, only white dudes being affected by the platforming, no one else.
For the record. My you tube channel is only slightly smaller than sargans and much larger than most of the ones run by the White gets getting quoted in the media. Naomi will. What was using Subscribe star before most other people and when activists got mad that sock on others were using it. They basically got the whole service shut down it negatively, impacting now we will who just makes technology content she tweeted. The pro d platforming camp is on interested in the issue of collateral damage from their campaigns, so refuses to signal boost fundraising for after Rocco a patron alternative for the marginalized people that an advert league DE funded Astor, not co, is a patron alternative being set up by Naomi Watts. It reads: are you a woman, Lgbtq, plus and or person of color or ally? We want you, make a profile built a fan base with your exclusive content
make money. We provide a supportive community and transparent fees, whether you have one hundred thousand fans or one hundred fans we're here to help you succeed. Now is my understanding that s there is not functional as of right. Now and now you is running a go fund me to raise twenty thousand dollars to get the service up and running. We also have this statement. Yes, from Jordan Peterson who said this is a very instructive thread: Repatriation Rubin Report and I will make a joint announcement between X, MSN New year's day still working out multiple possible solutions. There is also bit backer dot, Io the crypto, fueled, patrion alternative and there's a reason why I highlight these specifically for one Naomi WU was collateral damage from these far left activists. She is now trying to set up an Lgbtq plus friendly version of patrium. Jordan, peers and everybody who are particularly prominent and I'm in aspen about an alternative and will be making another announcement soon and bit back or not. I is important because the crypto currency, based version of patron, unfortunately, for maker support for
I believe that you had a service and for Subscribe STAR payment processors will likely shut you down if there is a service that is going to function like a patrion service, it's going to have to do exchanges with crypto currency to avoid getting shut down if it wants to, and that means the technology will have to advance to a point where the average person can just subscribe with one click same as patriots sign up. You subscribe. Use your credit card and that money does a transaction via a cryptocurrency. However, the challenge still exists in converting
Us dollars and FIAT currency into crypto currency. So my advice to all of you right now. If you haven't done so already, I recommend you start googling how crypto works, how you can start looking at some of the services potentially acquire some bit coin, be careful! It's volatile. I wanna make one more point about the Clinton made in another via my second channel, the value of the coin. It doesn't matter what crypto currency does is allows you to instantly exchange value over the internet in a secure way. If you use, if you buy the coin twenty dollars of the big one and send it to me, and then I immediately convert to U S d, I get that twenty dollars back granted there some small fees, but for the most part I don't have to worry about volatility. So what's It's really powerful, but Crypto is that you're just instantly sending value from one person to another, regardless of the current cost of bitcoin. So anything in the comments below will keep the conversation going. I mean, as any of this information surprising to you. Do you think that Peterson and a verb and will come up with a viable alternative or that s there will function? Let me know will keep the conversation going. You can follow me on Twitter,
Stay tuned to new videos every day at four hundred pm, and I have more videos on my second channel Youtube: dot com, Slash TIM cast news starting at six hundred pm. Thanks for hanging out, I'll, see you on the phone.
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