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Police Morale TANKING, Officers Find RAZOR In Food, NYPD Report Bleach Like Substance In Shakes


Across the country police are already resigning and now several reports emerge of police finding their food tampered with.Cops in the LA area found a razor blade in their food, National Guardsmen in SC say they found broken glass in their pizza, and in NYC several officers reported some kind of cleaner in their shakes, though in the instance of the NYPD they have ruled there to be "no criminality" in the story.These may all be coincidences but regardless police morale is in the gutter and it may result in something called the Ferguson EffectThis is where demoralized police do not take certain actions over a fear of backlash from the press or potential criminal charges against them if the situation goes bad. This results in a spike of crimes in major cities.While Democrats and the far left debate if they will defund the police or abolish the police, Trump is pushing police reform including a registry of bad police.#FarLeft#Trump#Democrats

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Last night we heard that three Nypd officers had ingested bleach shake shack when they ordered milkshakes were now hearing and updated. There's no criminality involved that essentially, what's being said, the enjoy, Sting of the cleaner may have been accidental. Now, a lot of people don't believe it actually considering several other stories that have popped up in the past week or so in Alhambra. Which is essentially the LOS Angeles area. Some police officers found a metal blade in their food. Some national guardsmen ordered pizza and claim they found broken glass cooked into the dough. Suffice it to say there is a major attack on police in a variety of ways, particularly targeting their budgets, but when you All these stories together, it paints a picture of people really hating the police and taking direct action against them in very horrifying ways. Now again, we don't know there actually poison a check. They claim that wasn't the case. A lot of people,
don't believe it concerning what's happening, we're seeing certain divisions in police at various police departments, shuddered new, York is reassigning six hundred officers, for instance, budgets, are being reduced, the movement to defend the people peace or abolish the police is truck and along many apple, swell will literally abolish their police and replace it with something different now because of this, the obvious, is happening. Something called the Ferguson effect, Our role is tanking across the board resignations across the country police for certain large number quitting their departments. Now, then, whereas we are seeing all these, nations are official resignations and its possible even worse than we realise cause. Some cops may have just walked off the job, but the Ferguson fact, this is when morale tanks and suppose lay in cities where police are accused of his as excessive for
They no longer want to actually enforce certain laws or use certain techniques or training which results in crime in fact, during the nation wide rights, notably in New York. Many people complain the and why Pity was just standing around doing nothing while people looted buildings- and I talked about this- the reason from it's kind of obvious if they stop the looters before they loot, then videos emerge showing the police just beating down on people and getting into fight of people which will respond to make it look like police brutality. If they do, nothing in the leper writers just write about and loot they get attacked, oh, it's a lose lose. So why actually get involved you might as well just let them loot there is, in my opinion, an aspect of the Far EAST and effect now some people dispute this. This. It's not true, but I think that silly. I think it's plain to see that when you tell police, if you do a certain thing, you will not be protected, they won't do it.
Take the Arctic, for instance, Buffalo you saw that video where the old man got pushed down in his head. It's pretty contentious. It will argue about what really happened, but regardless some fifty seven officers quit the emergency response That the policing inside this was in solidarity with these two officers were being charged, but two officers spoke to a lot less. I know it's because they were told by the EU they would have no legal protection if something happened. That is the Ferguson effect. Why would any cop stick their neck out being asked to enter a dangerous situation if they know they will just get in trouble? it go south. Now I want to start these stories by showing you what is absolutely damaging to morality. Poisoning in the sabotage. Where have you worked all it of cops food and what happened in his joy since then, show you what's happening and have a police are responding. Before we get started. However, the story from Katy Allay had overt suits him cast.
Calm slashed on it. If you like to support my work, their several wage and give it the best you can do share this video. I do have a p o box as well, which during this video helps me overcome the algorithmic manipulation that Youtube employs actually prop up mainstream media and they hold back channels like mine, too the honest. I think it's actually getting better, but I don't wanna be too excited yet it seems like you to actually be improving, the algorithm, actually promoting individual Youtube is now, but until we EL for sure you can help out by sharing. If you just want to watch the video the numbering into subscribe, hit, the like button hit the notification Bell and that's revenues. Katy a life I've, says police, find metal blade in food from Alhambra restaurant, a group of San Marino police officers found him oh blade in their food. After picking it up, from it, I'll a restaurant on Thursday, but the incident was believed to be accidental official, said light was found inside a meal prepared by Baja Cali fish tacos members of the Senate. No, please permit had found
They take out order at the restaurant earlier in the day, according to Lieutenant Eddie Ellis all day of the elaborate police department unify uniformed officers, I think it's as unformed think uniformed offers officers picked up the order and brought it back to the police station while one of the officers was eating her food, a metal cutting blade, approximately one point five inches in length was found out: Hombre police, big investing in an incident as a possible case of food tampering, but soon returned There does not appear to be any malicious intent involved. Now I want to stop their right where the story in New York at shake Jack- and I say this to its very possible that some times just get in food. Sometimes cleaner is found in food. Now your ears, Here's the issue I take with with these stories and I'm sorry man. I think the simple solution doesn't support accidents in this regard as well, opinion. They are real. I don't really know anything else. I'm not going
by genuine anything wrong, but I'm going to reserve judgment till we know all of these different police now your guard, finding glass and their pizza cops. Finding razor blades New York Police Department ingesting cleaner. How did a cleaner get in the car? Jack Jack. I will I will talk about this haggling over the story. We have all these stories entirely possible. It is coincidental to be fair because we don't no, and unless we have evidence, I can't assert anything, but I do think that that you know when the please come out and say: oh, it was all tat was all an accident. I'm sorry, unless you can prove it and show me how this accidentally happened he's gonna say I dont know that's the best. I can do the naturally the other people are saying. Not. I don't buy it, especially at a time when saying, abolish the police. You have multiple instances. It's not just about finding food check this out at one restaurant in Philadelphia they refused to serve
lease quote. I am, I realize I am not being a good businessmen, says owner and oppose who happens to be an ex felling? I am being an activist, and this is a battleground. So if you want to serve cop, that's your prerogative, but guess what at another step a restaurant chain closes locations after employees refuse to fill orders for police officers. They while no one was fired last night and if they want it everyone's job remains intact. We understood and emotions are high. Is it Ohio based restaurant, so come on? I'm sorry I see a story about people saying no cops allowed. My restaurant, I see a store, for the employees are refusing to fulfil this. Then I see a razor blade found in a cops food. We see this. We too as see national guardsmen, found glass baked into pizza. They ordered, while on DC deployment, mind do all of the sources I use are all certified by news guard. Okay, this is posting cleared. I come certified, is Katy L, a five certified,
This is NBC today certified and we have this story from fully mag. These are certified new sources of supply, organization and determines these are real stories. I'm bringing this up because it is not a conspiracy. This is happening now, whether or not it's all intentional is a different. Question, but it brings me to what's going on with the Nypd having their bleach or cleaner put in their drinks, no criminality shake czech workers and why PD says after three cups, sickened by drinking shakes, take checks at the statement. Our team is working hard to the full picture in the meantime, were relieved to hear the officers are all ok. Now, first and foremost, I would argue the simple solution is how many police departments to have across the country. How many police you have how many burger joints is entirely possible. That seriously was an accident and they all were, except for the ones where they're like no cops allowed. That's obvious there saying there activists, but as it is possible that
looking for these things, because we have a confirmation vice. Yes, keep that in mind and don't let things get your head, you you have to be. Careful that because you're now looking for some kind of action against, but Is you now see every story as action against police? Now these could be accidents, but I do have questions nonetheless, note let me read the story unexplained and explain to you why I kind of don't believe this was an accident now understand the official statement and I Billy dont think I'd really really weird, if there's a conspiracy between Shake Shack and the high ranking, and why pity to be like nothing happened and allow allow their capacity poisoned now, I think, of their cause, replacing they'd be like Yahoo, our cops or poison, because actually, I believe that in the New York police, Benevolent Association literally said it was intentional and then came back and said now it turns out to be an accident. So and this and I'll bring up uninteresting point. You're gonna you're, like the your police department, is found. There was no criminality,
I shall check employees in the matter of three police officers getting sick and taken to a hospital Monday night after drinking milk checks. Restaurant in Manhattan Officers were released from the hospital overnight. According to them, I pity, after a thorough invest. The by the Nypd Manhattan, South investigators has been determined. There was no criminality by shake checks, employees and why peaty chief detectives rod me Harrison said Tuesday morning shake check, responded the statement, our team, as well your in the full picture in the meantime, were relieved to hear the officers. Ok, then Nypd did not say what may have caused the beverages to second the officers earlier she checks at it was disturbed by the incident and working with officials to find out what happened. We are horrified by them. Ports of police officers injured at our two under Broadway Shack in Manhattan. The popular chain twitted Monday night we are working with police in there and their investigation right now. The police, Evelyn Association, a police union, said the second option. There had been a protest detail and visited a lower Manhattan location of the Berger chain around eight thirty p m, and that's it that's all. We have ok,
What does that mean? No criminality? but they have come out and said that There was no cleaner or bleach put in their drinks if there were sent and they found there wasn't. Wouldn't they have said that, could it be that these three cups Simply overreacted, because of all these stories, tasted, something and then guy themselves sick just by thinking? Oh no, oh! No! What if I ate something it was all psychosomatic with to the hospital turned me. Nothing happened or, as I've read in some or is it actually did get sick? They did go to the hospital and I'm not can't assume the police just made up their illness. Then how did cleaner get in this and how is it not criminal? I gotta say: I don't know, but I really do think it's important the enemy PD experts ain't, exactly what happened here and if it embarrasses the police,
so be it? We cannot have this going on answered if it was true that there was cleaner of some sort in their drinks. Some people have reported that it wasn't intentional. If that's the case, then how did disposable cups get cleaner in them could have come from the factory or something honestly don't know now the left is arguing, that these police just made the whole thing up. I don't believe it was made out because the police went to the hospital, but maybe these three cops worse, staging a false flag. Lou, you know, The problem here is no matter which way you try to spin it there's a weird conspiracy. What's the conspiracy that the cops didn't really get? Second faked it like the left, believes all of these progressive the cops worth were lying about it. I dont believe as a conspiracy among the and white pity to convince people that their being poisoned could it be that the employees at Shake Shack did put cleaner in us,
I don't think, there's a conspiracy between the police and the shade check to cover up someone poisoning cops, in which case could it just be that there are some disposable cups and they were far but then why did only three cops get sick? No matter how? spinet. Something doesn't add up here, so that's the best I can put it I draw no conclusion: none what's so, if you have to decide, if you like an hour tell what's gonna happen. We're gonna have all these left. I got him he's a conspiracy theories, but what you want me to say: there's literally conclusion? Other than cops got sick. No crime was committed and we have no idea what happened. None whatsoever. How did they get sick? Don't know so I ll leave it for you you did side and you can combat below. Let me know what you think But you look all these other stories. Glass found me gotta, be honest man when the storm of the National Guard finding glass in their pizza, I was, I know I'm not going near that one. I don't buy it, but the store we have since been updated and that's it. They found glass, ok,
Some comments on a razor blade. Is this just us now looking for these stories like how often do cops fine stuff in their food, maybe a lot maybe we don't talk about it and maybe now we're focusing on it and maybe it's a real problem. Maybe we should talk about it. Otherwise we will get to entertain. We likely well a summary of the blue. Flew you at the blue flu is lovely. When all the cops just seemingly come now at a bad case, are the costs and they call in sick and then there are no cops. It happens relatively often it's a clever way for police to go strike without formerly going on strike, there's something else too called the Ferguson effect. But let me show you this now. You may have seen the video I did a few days ago. I got a ton of views about police across the country, resigning, yes,
are CNN now aggregating many of these stories police officers across the? U S have quit their jobs in recent days. Here is where there have been resignations. They say Minneapolis Atlanta, South Florida Buffalo. These are just the places they that they are not talking about, But at is the big update now there's some conflicting information. They say the Atlantic police Foundation reported night teen off, Sars had resigned since the star of social justice protests. The inflation since retracted that an incorrect number they are now saying it is eight, however, as they stayed in a minute many in Minneapolis the number they have our just formal resignations, which also so let me do what they say about Minneapolis seed and reporting. At least Officers resigned from department, since protest sparked by Floyd's death in late May flooded the city streets more than half a dozen officers or are in the process of leaving the number of officers who are
the longer the department doesn't include the foreman who are involved in Floyd's death and here's a quote theirs thing that leads us to believe that at this point. The numbers are so great that it's going to be problematic and that's according to police spokesman, John Elder Polly, our peoples, Dick to leave unemployment. For a myriad of reasons, the empty is no exception. Members of the payment condemn the actions of children. Now they are as stated in this house to them. I believe a start tribute in Minneapolis that there may have and several officers who is gone and they think so so I'll put, it simply- in my younger days, I had many jobs, were simply just stopped showing up, and they don't know that quit or where you ve gone, and then, after a couple days there like, as they don't work here anymore, centrality possible. Many cops have already done. This the latest update here is that in Atlanta we have seen a confirmed number eight police office
where's resigning. There was also another story of a cop a ten year. A veteran of the will of the fourth, I believe, may have been an oh hi or New Hampshire and entirely sure. I covers a couple days ago. Just abruptly quit put a video centres. Crusade against police. I'm up whether many of these stories about finding weird stuff in their food are specifically about targeting police. You have to understand. The cops probably feel that it is I just want to try and tell people when they talk about. You know facts, don't care about your feelings, I'm what you are correct, facts, facts literally, don't care about your feelings. However, we as humans need to consider how people feel because they react accordingly. All right back should be the basis for which we make plans, but sometimes the fact is people react emotionally. Stances and we need to figure out how we can solve that problem. So yes managing people's emotions,
does matter and its unfortunate to that. Sometimes their emotions are not rooted. In fact, if the police right now for whatever reason feel like their under attack and they stop policing we're gonna be in trouble. If they stage a blue blue, flew we're gonna be in in, and there have been many people calling, for the police. To do this go look at twitter. Man is not a high profile people saying maybe it's time the cops come now. Some blue flew, and so people can remember exactly why they need the police. We do need the policeman. I really do like the idea of police reform. We got Trop signing an executive order, it may They do some positive things. We are hearing some pretty good ideas across the board, one and things that actually rise to me is a lot of departments are actually entertaining now, a kind of oh shawl worker response, team or civil guard type unit. That does.
And do lethal force that doesn't make arrests and responds to cause pertaining to public nuisance. Disorderly conduct homelessness, things like that, so that its having cops show up who need to deal with criminals. People who are may be in need of help we'll get some one and it could be a safer, better situation, How are we going to strive? It actually makes sense, not has been a couple. Big changes are one of the big stories that and why pity reassigned. Roughly six hundred plainclothes officers, closing a chapter on stop and frisk actually think stoppin frisk is really really bad Those are unfamiliar, essentially a New York City policy on gun control. It literally his. I know it's weird, but what they do is they go and they frisk people they stop them. They frisk I'm looking for guns and they predominantly target minority areas. Now Bloomberg said he did it specifically for racial profiling reasons,
not exaggerating he did at at and others argue it simply about where the crime as genetic thing Bloomberg argued, but regardless the left views it as racist, and I think the right should view it as as overt gun, control of China Frisk people down and regards of this, and why pity is is closeness. After reassigning officers, but this is resulting across the board in moral, the lowering of morale allay p. He has brought out of cash and can't pay officers. Overtime. Morale is at rock bottom covered. Nineteen and protests have depleted the budget so yeah. Maybe the police aren't gonna start shown up man this story from that, I believe, is Kansas City. They say, Casey, police chief says protests have shaken officers, morale is Kansas, Kennedy, Missouri Notch got understand, men is actually intentional on. The part of many The far left activists, regular Americans are probably concern about police reform. I know I am one hundred percent. I see a lot.
Arguments. They say that nine nine unarmed black men were killed by police in the past year. The Wall Street Journal published a story saying it's a myth: systemic racism and the police department, things like the myth- and I don't necessarily agree with that assessment, but I do agree that Number of unarmed black man is extremely low and a lot of other activists but where are the top over this? I also think it's fair, say: I don't care what that number is. If there is a number it's a problem, so that number, we're one I'd still be like don't care men, we got it. We got to figure out why this one person got killed. If it's nine as nine people, we gotta figure out why they got killed and you know what, if we can instil reforms that will protect the police, boost their morale. All save on budgets and help our communities role. We can always do things better right, yes, and we should say so. I like the idea, the civil, Are we don't gotta, send out police into situations where there may be some one who is ill, sick, homeless, or you know, people too
are you, with each other and at a neighbourly disturbances? Something we're gonna send cops in harm's way. We can send out community social work, all kinds of things. And there will be an overlap between the two, but it does make sense. There's been a lot of stuff, worries of like homeless people. Someone calls the cops on him and then bad stuff happens there's a video environment, a homeless guy, yellow the cops a few and they they shoot him. Perhaps they didn't need to send out cops in its ships that situation now, I'm not gonna prone to know that we know what situation requires, what level of force, but I do think it's fair to say cops shouldn't, be responding to petty nonsense. They should be the people who run into save our lives right. I think I'd like firefighters, firefighters show up for sometimes a petty things. They'll do
ambulance, assessed, and sometimes personally, I'm like. Why wonder why they do that, but in its policy, known really cares because are not enforcing anything but cattle, but fire fighters and police are both the people who run into the danger to save our lives. A lot of people view police negatively for a lot of reasons and of a bias against them for getting pulled over what there was once a form Truckers are the only time I ever see cops when me over. Well, maybe we need to figure out a way to separate the people who are going to run into the danger situation, guns a blazing to save our lives and the people who write us tickets for minor infractions and break up neighbourly disputes. Things like that. Maybe that will actually solving these problems. I'm not, I know, for sure what I can say as we ve got a problem with police morale, police force nations and we ve got a problem with you know the perception of police many people view them as using overt excess, excessive force into many circumstances, and I've been on the shore
under that stick with cops. Arresting me for false reasons. We're on our plan have also been saved by cops in Philadelphia. In the past week. There was a concern: that a blue flew would start to emerge because there is talk of this stuff happening and it's happened before policing and suggests works slow down after and why pities officer is fired and air garners death and the air and Eric garners death. I think, was on the guy was sullen, where the call Lucy's he was so in single cigarettes. Are the cops, a bunch of copyright to stop him and one goes up behind him. Grab some by the neck. Aragon runs up dying. Why did this happen? Ok, that shouldn't have to happen. But I guess what is that? One of the things that I repeat what I want to talk about, but I ll talk about it- is that in a lot of these videos I see the people resist. They refuse to be arrested. Were detained or the hands behind their backs. Recently, in New Mexico protestors,
calm rioters, there were utterly wanna call em they're trying to tear down the statue. One guy gets shot. He was beating on some. Do love developments here. Maybe I'll do an updated on six p m, long story short. There's some militia members fights break out Some do runs away. Some far leftist chase after from their beating M peoples on a weapon. He shoots one of the act weren't one of the far leftists when the police show up all of the men. Including many militiamen who apparently are saying they're, not involved, the man with the weapon immediately land their stomachs and put their hands behind their back before any copies and approaches them. I think this shows you a huge difference in cultural issues as to why we might see these these. These, like stories like Eric Garner. There was a video of a man being shot by cops and he was pulling up his baggy pants the cop panicked and shot him there are cultural issues that play a role in. Why cops do certain things are not so that every single person has been shot was was not complying under sang in some of these stories. We see whether its
Personal black personal, a teenager, taken consideration how they behave. Without being said, you have the story of like Brianna. Lives like sleeping in her bed. You have stories people who are literally in our homes and a no knock aid happens, and these guys don't know whose break into their house and yeah we're the story. I believe it was fine. Ok, deal illegal gone owner and he has pulled out or in the cop panics and shoots him several times so it, and it's not always just about someone you know resisting wherever by unaware make. It is clear. However, that being said, I think we can do for reform as I've made that point efforts have many many times, but I do want to make sure I highlight cause we're we're gone pretty long. The Ferguson effect of Run Wikipedia the Ferguson effect is the theory that increased distrust of police following twenty fourteen shooting of Michael Brown had led to an increased cry, right. Sometimes an increase, murdering the mechanism usually suggested is that police have less vigorous enforcement in situations that might lead to a backlash, though other mechanisms, arson
tested, the term was coined by Doyle SAM doubts in the third, the chief of the Saint Louis Police, to account for an income, murder rate. In some. U S, cities following the Ferguson Unrest Data suggests that violent crime was elevated and rose more in cities where concern about police violence was greatest. This is disputed. Personally, I think it's obvious, like we? We literally saw journalists in New York saying why won't the police stop the looting. I'm worried about this. Look man. I've had bad issues of police. I tweeted Earlier that I was wrongly out falsely arrested, because I was accused of theft and when, when the security guards found, I did nothing. I did nothing wrong. They they falsified their report to the police. They lied to the cops and caught the cops just went along with it. You know why, because we were old, hey man, we got to work with these guys, we're gonna do it. They say there was nothing on us. We had stopped,
Nothing is me my brother and we shall get arrested for a way to go to trial and in the end we were told by the judge not to sue it's a bad hair day. How about I let you off. If you agree to sue, that's crazy man. I've cops ripe, try, planting stuff. In my car, I've had I've been arrested for skateboarding on trumped up charges. I've dealt with this stuff and I still recognize you know what men there are: human beings working these police departments. Ok, the human beings behave like human beings. Sometimes they don't want to deal with petty bs and they behave in appropriately. Sometimes it results in I'm full arrests. I would like to see this change somehow and I would like to see bad cops be held to account also recognise a lotta cops are just showing up to work and you ve got to take that into consideration. When you start Melvin
two or more or whatever. If a cop is going to violate your rights, you have a legal system to remedy this, but fighting with them won't stop it you'll make it worse, I'll, actually give them dustification. So don't do it. I once filmed a journalist being wrongfully arrest in the cops lied. He got. The charges dismissed, be, my footage of the journalist, unfortunately, the cop got to lie under oath and other on their police report and they got away with it. That makes me angry very, very angry, but I still recognise that you need police, I want police, formed. I wanted that cop who lied under oath to have their badge taken away for lying under oath. I mean come on. That's a crime right and get away with it and get away with it too much. That just means we need for for man. We are a country of rough We have made so many amazing and tremendous reforms. That's all we ve ever done since the end
captain of his country. We have reformed our constitution over and over and over again I mean the bill of rights. The first ten amendments, we're like we'd better at these things have to change this, Then we have laws popping up over and over again Supreme Court just ruled in favour of algae BT rights. Lotta people are mad about it, but there you go its reform. We do violent revolutions to make these changes, and some people say to me that police must be about no, they shouldn't. We have. We routinely solve these problems. Just sitting down in talking about it. What you are doing is making things worse with all of this. The forests, in effect will be bad you will regret it? Let me show you how this out Seattle, business owner says: police never responded to a burglary at his shop in the chop zone. The cap- Oh hell, organised protest or occupied protest wherever it means the other car so I M going to show up so now is People are having their businesses vandalized or here's a funny one. The guy who went to cap Well Armed got his rifle and full kits, stolen and eagles
but I was at someone's house outside of that, that the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, the chop, he called the police There's another video of a man who went just outside the zone in Seattle and I've written up cause the no cop co up, they say and he got jumped by some that they they allege proud boys and patriot prayer gonna guys had is focused on what do you do? We called the police It is mine blowing to me that even these people were like I call police had reported it you're out their protesting against the cops. Do do not realise how absurd this listen police are human beings, their people just like you, and they will probably behave in very much the same way but there in somewhat different circumstances, if they're not going to be held to account than they are then will believe that there will be no accountable for their actions and we'll get away with it and there have been bad cups. We need reform that way. We protect the good cops that way. We keep our neighbourhood safer and we have accountability for the bad cops. It's just that simple. We will boost policemen,
now. Listen, it's very simple to say: reform reform can mean anything what I'm simply saying is: don't walk into a police department insult all these I must tell them that the worst people in the world- and then you have stories of weird trash being found in their food? Now it results in the people who are supposed to protecting you stopping because you want, because you don't like what they're doing I'll tell you what you will like last: What's going on it and in the capital, Hills em now look you're stopping it stolen anywhere, aright his his wet, and his kit could have been stolen anywhere and you have called the police, but he's litter, lay down their defining a protest trying to call for the abolition of police and then citizens toughest on what does he do? We calls for the police go watch what happens in the jazz when people are vandalism, property and buildings, the fire department won't shot. The cops won't show up and They have armed vigilantes roaming, the streets of the occupied protests are organised protest and they can't figure out. Who did? why or do anything about it. So maybe
only to realise that when the cops are gone, crime will go up and you will not like it. We need reform, but I to the cops. This weird stuff in their food. I dont what you say about it. Maybe it's all accidental, but I want everyone to remain safe. I want to have all the violence to chill out people to realise we live in a very great country and Yaller making crazy worse. By going around doing the stuff we can get reform. Andrew Cuomo said you, ve won, tell us what you want. They just escalate It's like. Ok. Now you can have what you want get as I got a dogged using a car. They dont know what to do once they ve caught it yeah. The Joker said that in the dark night, it's kind of apt, in my opinion, so I guess we we we may get these reforms are starting to see. Some of it may that's a good thing, but I fear that many, these activists don't actually want reform. They want revolution, and that is what scary we don't need revolution. We
need to fix. Some of these problems then carry on, but I live there. The next time it will become an up at six p m over at Youtube outcome. Slashed him cast news thanks, Frank up, then I will see you them yesterday. Some far left activists got a lesson in what happens, when people without guns, try to fight people with guns and one of these far left aunt. If a type individuals got shot, I believe possibly several times. The gist of the stories are not bear. The lead is that a group of far left us we're trying to tear down a statue. A militia not called as they call themselves the New Mexico Civil Guard showed up to defend the statue when scuffles broke out things got heated, Eventually, the New Mexico Civil Guard started to back off and the far left us through a rope or of the statue untried, pulling it down One man who is presumed to be a member of the militia was in a scuffle with the far left extreme
who then started hitting em and beating on bidding item. He may have peppers great. Somebody may have pepper spray hard to know exactly what happens, but following this first scuffle, what happens next you're. A man in a blue shark begins to retreat from the crowd to run away several people than chase after him. Yelling As I get him one guy yell something like we are going to kill you, people to people seen on video beating this man who draws his weapon. You can see it and, and it's a guy thing is, I think it's anyone, a skateboard and the the the the guy in the blue shirt is being beaten, then fired several shots. And an and who was wearing black is then lying on the ground as medics comet freedom. The next go up all police, I believe it's the police come in and they arrest the New Mexico Civil Guard the militia. Now it's interesting to me and worries
in fact that the I believe local politicians have come out against the local militia saying that they were hung with guns to interpret the crowd in that presents a very, very serious problem. The police warned enforcing protecting public property that these protesters had the intent to destroy to make an offensive maneuver, albeit against property and the Mexico Civil Guard him out to defend that property. There's a big difference between defence, an offence you wanna see, attach a steady. Taken down. You can vote on it. We are now laws when our nation of angry random, mobs of a small group of people deciding they get to determine what's best for us. Unfortunately, for the people in New Mexico, the police are not enforcing these laws and they're not put protect in your property. So this gives way to right wing groups to stand up and defend the property where the state won't.
Not as an endorsement of anything there doing I'm saying it's a natural consequence. Somebody will rise up to try and uphold the law if the police won't do it. So there's just of things. I want to read the story for you and we ve got some updates. Some people are trying to argue that the man who shot was antagonize in the crowd there, for its justified that they were beating him. I'm sorry, man, listen, they chased after him. That's it! That's it, no matter what he did up until he could have in sold their mothers and smacked Moran inflict barriers and threatened their lives, but is soon as he ran away and they chased after him, they became the aggressors and they lose in it. As far as I entire legal standing, but I'm I a lawyer, so lawyer see how things plant, but a lot of people. I do see sang look man if, if someone's running I knew you were going to kill you and then several peoples are beating on you, I'm pretty sure. That's clear, cut self defense, linear time says man is shot at protest over statue of New Mexico Conquistadores to statues of one day on Yahoo
have been removed, are being removed ever long summer intentions bring native Americans and Hispanics over Spain's conquest of New Mexico gunfire broke out better protest Monday night now working to demand. The removal of a statue of one day on ya take the despotic Conquistadores New Mexico, whose image has become the latest target in demonstrations across the country aimed at writing a history of racial injustice. Owen. Don't you love just how the New York Times frames everything as dozens of People gathered around the statue of undoubted New Mexico, sixteenth century colonial governor shouting matches are shouting matches erupt it over proposals to take it down and a man was shot, prompting police officers and right dear to Russian. Perhaps the police officers should have been there in the first place to stop a mob of lunatics from tearing down public property. Ok, look I'll, be us, I don't know of the inner workings of this local jurisdiction. I believe in Albuquerque. Maybe the mob
For some reason, with sanction to do it, I have no idea but look, but that doesn't even matter no matter who was right or wrong, but the statue does it matter. If, if that, if the guy was right or wrong but if the process is right or wrong to leave it in matters that they chased after a guy and started? Beating him? Not let us read, the man was identified, was taken away in an ambulance and the police took into custody. Several members of a right militia who addressed in camouflage and caring military style rifles, it was not clear whether any of them had fired the shots. Witnesses said the gunman was a white man and a blue tee shirts. I believe we do have an update here. They say police used chemical irritants and flash bangs to protect officers and attain individual individuals involved in the shooting. The Albuquerque Police Department said Anne, is released. The individuals were disarmed and taken into custody for questioning not arrested. Chief Michael Greer, our gear of the Albuquerque police departments have on Twitter
that authorities were investigating reports that vigilante groups instigated the violence. This is true. He said the department will be holding them accountable to the fullest extent of a law, including federal hate group, designation and prosecution, Do you know where this goes law enforcement man? Do we have serious problems in this country, our local law enforcement? sit idly by and does nothing as mob our going around destroying statues. They tore down a statue of Thomas Jefferson there not just targeting Conky stores, and these cops are doing nothing about it. I'm not saying it's right for any one to shop with gardens and defend this property, I'm saying it will get, it will keep happening, it will get worse and they will turn on you in South Philadelphia, I think, like a hundred plus, maybe hundreds of men shut up with mostly with nothing but some with baseball bats and guarding a statue of Christopher Columbus from far left, it's going to keep happening. It's going to ask
yours. He more militias show up the. They have anything to say, but the man jobs are allowed to do this. Are you? Are you nuts? Maybe if the police? would actually stop this. It's really funny to sit back. You know watching this from afar, as the police and our government do literally nothing as violent mobs, destroy our cities riot and tear down statues, and it just keeps getting worse and then big. They display they do not. Blame the them, the militias that are saying hey how about you, don't go around destroying things while nuisance It's like somebody got shot right so determining whose at fault will be important and basin the videos I've seen that have gone viral. It really does look like the crowd, chased the man and then he shot them. There's no that that's it sorry end of story. We have a law, we have certain expectation that people can flee and you can't chased them. Let me show you this update run well,
they say the victim was a critical but stable condition I mean, I think it took several rounds of barely four rounds were shot. The protests Ternata pandemic pandemonium after the shooting and protest screamed and dull for cover, as police officers attempt to secure the scene, the police used chemical irritants and stung grenades to protect officers and attain individuals We are aware that already thanks for rewriting it near times I was hours later Mayor Tin Keller announced that the only statute would be removed until the appropriate civic institutions could a term and how to proceed. The shooting tonight was a tragic outrageous and ex unacceptable act of violence that has no place in our city. The mayor on Twitter, our diverse community, will not be deterred by accident to divide or silence us. Perhaps the mayor D actually watch the video our hearts go out to the victim, his family and witnesses whose lives were needlessly threatened tonight. The sculpture
has now become an urgent matter of public safety. The victim was it the guy being beaten by several people, one with escape board but Wakeham in the face, or is he talking about the guy who chased after him with his friends yelling we're going to kill you interesting question. Rent the protest over the statue, came in the same data. Political leaders and Albuquerque announced a sweeping The organization of policing in the city, shifting funds away from its scandal, plagued police department, create new community Safety Department, a new to create a new one, The initiative will give nine when one dispatchers the option of a community safety response aimed at de escalating situations. Rather than involving police officers or fire fighters, the new department is expected to respond to calls related to homelessness, addiction and mental health. That's amazing! Isn't that what I was talking about all these past several days, like some kind of civil guard that doesn't handle firefights overt criminality, civil guard that can deal with lower level issues. Hey there. We go man
Police officers were not seen during the early portions of Monday nights protest over the statue, which marked a new phase in debate over racial inequities that began with the death of George Floyd. Yet here we get it as producers across the country have targeted a variety of symbols of racial injustice, including statues of Christopher Columbus. The protests in Mexico are evolving to target symbols of colonial atrocities, and Thomas Jefferson in Portland earlier in the day, authorities in the northern town of L, L call they removed a different statue of on yadda, whose brutal rule as provincial governor put into motion centuries of spanish role in the region. Let me just cite some notes:
whose freaky the New York Times recently had a revolt where the woke far Leftists one and now the framing of all their stories is very, very obvious. They shouldn't be telling us what was this date. They whose brutal rule as provincial governor print, emotion, centuries of spanish role in the region, this brutal rule- maybe it's true, but you gotta understand its framing and it's not a sorry to the story. Right now. You can just say that he was a colonial leader, many the people. The protesters feel that colonial leaders, yadda yadda yadda the New York Times is taking, is preventing us framing devices.
From the left wing perspective, just like, we saw with the Capitol Hill Autonomous own or occupied protests, rivers were calling you now the agitation against honouring or not a reflects attention that is long fashion to native Americans in a Spanish over Spain's conquest more than for centuries ago, with protests this year over police violence, unleashing a broader questioning of race relations in this part of the west. Only experience governor was marked by a violent repression, considered severe, even the standards of its time, he killed eight hundred indigenous people in the account pueblo and ordered his man. Ok, listen! I got a question. Why is that our times giving us a history lesson on their perspective over this guy is that's going to influence your view of who was writer who was wrong, especially after you read the message the mayor, I'm not gonna sit here and argue with you the merits of this colonial leader. What he did or didn't do I dont care that has nothing to do with the factual news. Events that are happening today of whether or not a fight that broke out was justified in order to de escalate pen,
conflict. We can ignore our personal framing or our subjective. Framing of what the story should be. I mean we could vary. Easily start talking about the native Americans, savagery or whatever else that they now want to claim that taken a left wing perspective on this. That is no mere on the story that I find particularly worrisome as we move forward, but I dont saddened. I'd tell you so don't say I didn't tell you. This was gonna happen. When I said I did a segment on the New York Times being purged, we are seeing now think eight or nine major media institutions having their lead. Chip purged, even ABC News. What this means now is that all of the stories you're going to see will always make sure to frame the left as the Heroes Bologna break something down for you. A group of people, without the will
people just on their own of their own ideology, went to destroy public property nights, minors, Dana's public property right. The statue there's a petition calling for its removal, but no one's made any decisions. While we are not a dictatorship or funding lost fanaticism, government where zealots can go round destroying things are okay with it. We are a country where If you want to make changes, we have to agree to them and sometimes we lose out because we are in the minority, but we elect representatives who then go and make decisions on certain issues. A city council meeting, we might say hey, you know what we all vote in favour willingness. Some people might get mad say, no doubt remove it, but you know what we voted. It's me, it's gonna happen. Ok, government, can't! You know these systems are perfect, but we do we do our best than your times is now framing a group of fanatics with a zealous ideology, their framing them, as the good guys were victimize
by the right wing militia defending the evil colonial brutal dictator, whatever framing, is irrelevant situation where I could break down very, The blame. A bunch of guys showed up to defend a statue that was public property. A bunch of leftists came to tear down that statue fight broke out, they chase after one of the right wing guys they beat him he shot in self defense. That's all it meant. That's all you need to know now, of course, I buy framing I'll call him followed extremists, but let's be honest I'm not gonna. Do I'm not gonna break down the histories? Try and tell you who was the good like you know a well what was right or what was wrong and morality, but I absolutely will break down as it pertains to the rule of law. You can't show up and destroy things that is illegal. And that's the framing indeed understand. Well, apparently, they issued some long statement, which is, in my opinion, terrifying. The governors office send a statement. So I read you the same for the mayor already the governor.
Although we are still learning more about the situation, I am a whore horrified and disgusted beyond words by the reports of violence. At a protest Monday night now, Bucky the heavily on individuals who flaunted themselves at the protest CALL themselves. A civil guard were there for one reason: to menace protesters too, and an unsanctioned show of unregulated force to many people of New Mexico with weaponry with an implicit front of violence is on its face unacceptable. That violence is not indeed occur. That vines didn't, the car is unspeakable. I am monitoring the situation. My administration is in touch with local officials, the individual who was injured is in my prayers and I'm thinking of their family and friends. Let me let me clear: there is actually no space into Mexico for any violent would be militia seeking to Tirana. Terrorize knew me against and there is no space for violence of any kind on our streets and in our communities or for any sort of escalation of reckless violent rhetoric, no matter who strikes first
the instigators this evening will be rooted out. They will be investigated and they will be held accountable to the fullest extent of a lot. No, they won't morality. Policing is here, and I hope you been paying attention in New York. They are dropping the charges on protesters involved in the blacklist. Our protests, while telling churches don't allowed to sing, then allowed to show up they can't go and pray. They well did the gate shut to a jewish playground. That's what's happening with morality, policing in Fort worth. They announced that writing charges will be dropped when Tucker Karlsson covered this on his show for it
worth's police came out and said: Tucker Carson is lying. We never said that they actually did now. There's some semantic debates over what they really meant, but for the and made reference to looting and writing and vandalism at the charges are being dropped in Fort worth amounts. It s, not true, never happened. They did Fort Worth issued a statement saying, riding charges would be dropped. No one took that to mean the charge specifically of rioting. People thought that meant riding in the sense that the various crimes associated with the riot in Fort worth in New York. There dropping the charges for ideological reasons in New Mexico, whether you like the rightly militia or not, it is your you're alive The open carry same as the people. In Chad in Seattle, you are allowed to open carry so they showed to it.
But statue, open carrying and they tell people not to destroy property, yet there being vilified as bad guys, you know why, because we are, we are now facing ideological duff and perhaps there is nothing we can do about it, it's too pervasive, there's theirs No wait at SARA separate the ideology from the governor this point and it's going to tear us apart from the inside out. There was a story the other day. That's three cops: are there? Isn't I'm not used about leading with this is because it's it's, this investigation on donor clarifying the three cops in New York initially were claimed to have been intentionally poisoned intentionally poisoned with bleach, thereby milkshake from Shake shack. There was cleaner in it. They got sick and into the hospital they're trying to recover. Everybody saw
and immediately assume those an intentional attack on the police? Because we know where things are going? I mean police are residing in huge numbers. Departments are being shuddered there. I say this is not. I don't think we're we're witnessing a real reform. I like what New York New Mexico saying that they're gonna create a new community unit that responds to non criminal issues, and I think that's actually really really smart.
Maybe that's what we need to happen, but what were seen with a lot of departments the refunding the complete abolishing the Minneapolis Police Department to be replaced by something else, if the dismantling of our country they're tearing down Thomas Jefferson now you know where this goes, some way. Tweeted lets. You know, let's, let's stop pretending that we don't think you know that this does not end with the burning of the constitution or the declaration of independence independence. Otherwise, absolutely they tore down Thomas Jefferson. I know where this is going. Listen every country on this planet was in some effect. Conquered by someone else is merely to be happy about it. It means we just stop doing it, but
can't then go and try and reverse everything and start destroying property, because you don't like the fact that you live somewhere. Where someone else hundreds of years ago, I mean, for five hundred years ago, came and took it over if we were to reverse everything. How far back do we go? Who do we eventually give everything back to it? It just it's an endless cycle that makes no sense. In my opinion, it's meant to destabilize us and it was happening. We are being be stabilized with these protests in with these riots, and you are going to see lines drawn in the sand when people show up legally open carrying and a bunch of far left protesters, try to destroy property and the guys who didn't break the law or the criminals. That's amazing! Isn't it the way the mayor and the governor have framed this
they are blaming the people who showed up in every legal capacity to which they were allowed. The mob that showed up was there to commit a crime they chased after the guy and freedom and the guys who got chased after and beaten, who worked many a crime or the bad guys. Now again, like I said you can you can argue that you don't like the of the ideology of them? That's one but change the facts. What is happening, I think, is, I guess, logical reason is losing the fight it doesn't matter. If you're on their ideological side, you you are you're, ok, not protect. You, though, defend you, and this can only end with one thing and I said it over and over again, and I think it's hilarious. How many people told me I could never happen, could never happen civil war in this country. That is several years ago. I think we're dangerously close, and I think it's escalating. I think it'll get worse and I repeatedly said if you think it's bad now wait until twenty twenty things are in a line up with his election coming up. You know, I think I think this stuff is helping Trump and it may help and when
but I've talked to a lot of you, no hard core trump supporters and I know there's a lot of people who will defend a matter what, but I'm I'm hearing from a lot of people, the silent they think is too weak. Now there is not really doing anything that he's caving in the protests that isn't standing up for for justice and there's no real out. Maybe that's it. Maybe there's nothing. Chop can really do, but what what's the alternative jobs you didn't, I don't know it's gonna happen men, I really don't. I do. I do still lean towards Trump winning, but I'm seeing a lot of doubt from high profile, conservative individuals and former Trump supporters. Yes right, former Trump supporters are not getting. People say that they want even vote this point. There are unhappy with with what he's daughter I didn't you ve got people like an Coulter repeatedly coming out slamming trump. I guess we'll see, though man I'll leave it with Alima this, regardless of what you think of morality, when people without guns try to fight people with guns, the outcome is obvious: Oliver, their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see well then.
Perhaps you ve noticed there have been widespread riots affecting this entire country over the past several weeks. Now it's mostly simmer down, but we still have seen some lower level clashes in writing. Statues are being torn down the other day a man was shot in a confrontation with a right winger who was trying to defend the statue. I know right, wingers kind of a weird way to describe it, but you ve got the far left to destroy and tear down statues, which they are doing rather effectively. Some right wing militia people show up fight, breaks out, dude runs Anti fulfil leftist chase after aims are beating him. He defends himself things again pretty crazy. Well, if you thought it. Simply and that these people are protesting and we just need to give them what they want. If you thought that warrants gonna and you would be completely wrong, I'll tell you what they want. They want to put you in re education camps, not all of them, not every single protests are just the high profile leftists of social.
Media with their little fancy check marks. Here we have a man who goes by the name, Palmer report. Any basically says we should rehabilitate any conservatives who are willing to try. We should pay for them to undergo therapy and re training for they can understand the world around them, but first we must get them out of positions of influence because their infringing on the rights of others allowing a region having this guy says First, I want to show you this article from the Washington Times gear team. The rich Sanders staffer says he's ready for armed pollution- and they said Republicans- must be sent to re education camps. Not every single the person on the left is calling for this problem. Is you have high profile people on the left, calling for this Should I sit back and make the assumption they don't want to round people up and put them in camps. No, there tell
then you they want to do it, and this individual worked for a high profile presidential. Campaign and when this story broke, that a presidential campaigns staff were calling for armed insurrection and putting people in re education camps. Where was the New York Times? Where was the hype? while wall to Wall NEWS coverage, say extremists are breaking into, May dream politics. Nowhere to be seen a store was a little better coverage, mostly from conservative outlets. Yet If you were to go to this Palmer port fella he's going to do Oh you that we must rehabilitate the conservatives now it's a little bit differ from saying, put him in camps or region, what he actually sad, Glenn Green Walled calls it. One of the most unhinged- ranch. You will ever read from a large verified account on this website. Really, something to me now, you may be asking yourself: what could conservatives have possibly done to warrant mandatory red
patient camps and rehabilitation. Why would this man polymer whatever is out O. Yet who is why would he say I can Relatives were infringing on the rights of others. Dear you're gonna be shocked by this Kay the crime committed by the conservative man. I cannot believe he thought he would get away with this. Dare he where a t shirt? That's it. You aren t shirt for one American NEWS, That's really yet one America is wearing a one, America NEWS, T shirt, that's why This is due to San conservatives must be rehabilitated, because one Erica NEWS with a model. Rightly small viewer ship is offensive because tromp likes it. I guess I'm sorry man, these people of absolutely lost the plot. Look. We have a lot of stuff going on right check out this. This cover from then your post, sick, hypocrisy. This is fine
This is dangerous. On one side you have tens of thousands of Black Lodge a protest and those ip lemon drink. We know what what what the governor is doing lean over there. Supporting what about to show you this? In the past, twenty four arrest, Jamila, Gmail, Chelsea handle or an Jessica chastising have shared and and I'm a video, a vicious anti semite Louis Farrakhan discussing racism. Let's Hicks, ordinary powerful, they will return. They and followers. It's a rebel generic time somewhere, throw them out there? This guy says maybe one reason why we shouldn't downplay or dismiss concerns about bad ideas among marginalized or powerless. People is because elites might someday, find them attractive or useful and both of them yet because we are now seeing fringe lunatic high profile leftists on twitter, with verification, badges calling for the rehabilitation of conservatives, the removal of them from influence and power the?
unhinged rents? I gotta tell you, I'm gonna be out of jail view. I actually was freaked out when I saw this this video from Farrakhan from nineties, where he but The opening question is him. Basically, I could be wrong about this, but it sounds like you saying. The races must be kept separate or something that affect it's scary, stuff and Chelsea Handler defends him, saying that his is anti semitic. Views are rooted in his oppression. I dont care care why he wants to do what what what does view our home care, whereas views com, from a given the fact that this is a man who is highly influential being propped up, and he is an overt anti semite who calls for really really insane things, but he's bring propped up this stuff truly, truly, is very well. Let's take a look at the story, really quick, the Philadelphia, inquire, Oklahoma State, our Bee Chubby Hubbard, calls out MIKE Gandhi, for wearing. Oh Anne shirt, teammates show support, I say last week
Marvin Wells and that a group of Florida state players who refuse to work out after a miscommunication in a message from head coach MIKE Norville, Texas, Wide receiver Breton Eagles, vowed not too plain other snap until a school fix its racist. On Monday Obama, state running back and Heisman candidate, Chubby Hubbard posted on Twitter, his disapproval of a photo showing head coach, my Gandhi wearing a one America NEWS Network, T, shirt and said he will not be doing anything without Loma State until things changed away on an is described as a far right. Cable news network has been praised by the President by President Al Trump Tom you, the photo appeared insensitive to Herbert. He said after Humberts tweet.
Current and former Oglala state players began to back him star, linebacker Aman, Ogg bombed bank. The mega was one of the first teammates to show support. Oddball Monica was a twenty nineteen second team, all big twelve selection by conference coaches and is regarded as one of the best offenders on the team. He says I and with him fifty fifth year, senior Turban Jenkins also treated the offensive lines, support as an ally We stand in support of job. It's not just the current players, the coma state. Former all American running back just as health and twelve nineteen second team, all big twelve quarterback age, a green shared posts on twitter as well. Oh, yes, you, athletics and university need major change. One hundred percent Support Brother Oklahoma State has yet to issue a comment. Well, because these men there, where his t shirt, look if you I say you not gonna work for some one, because you dont, like their view, you're you're, not gonna, work with someone over their views and such like that I get it. You are free to call for change. You really are look.
This guy might Gandhi WAR, one american user. I really think this is getting in saying where people are like how dare you watch a certain news outlet? Ok, whatever men, but a your lot to do it and you know might happen. They might side with you to my tiny side against you, I'm not a big fan of council culture, culture, war, type issues worth I do the guy's ring a t. Shirt play football, Cape separate all this stuff from from the game and let's just carry on but you know what our respect their right to call out what they would. They don't personally want to be involved with fine, but you know what maybe you should just choose leave and set of choosing other people can express themselves. There lies the big problem, authoritarianism you are wearing a short. I refuse. You must do something for me when I encounter people who do things I dont like, There are? Certain circumstances were also acknowledged, and you can't do that. You gotta stop that, and there are certain circumstance.
Well I'll, be alike. I'm out. Typically, I defer to the I'm out. That's me ass, a libertarian thing right. It's more freedom, based issue. When I'm went on playing a game and people like we want to do a game this, where we want to play this game with this rollback. Now, let's go, you do think about a month. I do it, I'm not gonna force you to change, I'm sure, but I am done Now, let's see how we view irrational left response. Palmer report said we shouldn't be cold hearted about this, but having a conservative, as police officer, for instance, isn't much different from having a clan. Whereas a police officer, it's just not something, but a civilised society can ever ever tolerate Bro You do realise that there are police who live in blue cities who vote for democratic politicians like do not under then that a lot of these police, our Union Public Union, guys who vote for Democrats who support public unions
we should rehabilitate any conservatives who are willing to try. We should pay for them to undergo therapy and retraining, so they can her stand the world around them, but first we must get, must get them out of positions of influence because they are infringing the rights of others. Conservatism means you don't believe in equality. It means you want all for yourself and you're willing to destroy other groups of people to take it out for yourself, that's not a crime against the law, but it's a crime against humanity. We must have knowledge as much conservatives cannot be teachers, police officers, doctors, lawyers, coaches or bosses. Poor bosses. You literally think they can when a company, it's constitutionally unfair to others who are subjected to the conservative deranged judgment. Conservatives can do me a work until they're ready to join the human race. And therein lies the shocking problem of today's culture war. No, my free
We are not talking about the far right extremists coming in with their militias in their white saw promise area versus the liberals, just trying to defend the good natured world and defend equality. Quite literally, this man is talking about conserving, It's not the far right he's talking about regular Americans who work regular jobs, maybe workin affair, we may be work in an office in the country, I can say you know. I think we got some issues of immigration and therefore not so he's talking about no, what we really avenues. Culture war is the fringe, far left extremists who work for high profile, presidential campaigns, calling for re education camps versus civil libertarian, you know what I mean by that our people who are like live and let live. Now this phrase I've been using as a recent was part of a thread from a very wiser than your time. Talking about the conflict between the under forty walks and the over forty,
libertarians. These are people who thank you know you do you're thing I'll do my thing will go in vote will sort things out free speech, free expression, open inquiry. I have my political Indians, but I will ride. I don't agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it now is something that was. Held by liberals and conservatives alike for a long time and something changed The new generation of the left has gone completely insane and don't take my word for it because met tell ye, be illiberal journalist for the rolling stones has basically the same thing. Right now, they have become what what did he say? Oh, oh, oh, a roving band of Twitter Robespierre is going from discipline to discipline destroying reputations and getting people fired. They go one step beyond this man. Listen conservatives, unfortunately, are doing anything now. I know I know they vote their families. They have jobs, but let's be real anti fa and the far left out in the streets all the time for the past almost a month like twenty
plus days. The far left has been out the street screaming and making demands and guess what people are listening, how many conservatives have been protesting very few now? I know I know I'll be fair. You got an uphill battle cancer, it is you got. People like this were verified, calling for your re education and twitter allows it but any good. But the conservatives who stand up and fight back on Twitter, many of them often get banned yup. Maybe you still have to keep standing up. I know you have kids, your families, not everybody, but a lot of you and you ll want to risk your families, I think the bigger concern, as you might be worried about losing your job today, but think about the world you leave behind for your kids anyway, man. How many, how many people do, I know I have said to me: they want what they would have kids anymore because of how insane things are in that I want to leave them this world. Well, I think the problem is you're not
fighting for a better world. The left is fighting for the world. They want and guess what their winning it because they go out in the streets. They throw bricks, do crazy things and they force people to bend to their will. This is why you get this New York Post front, page, sick, hypocrisy. This is fine as dangerous. That's right. They say. Liberals, media cheer protests but say outdoor restaurants bars are covered. Risks more than that, this aid going to church is a covert risk. This You can't sing in church man. That's crazy! I remember back in the day when they were like as a threat to religious liberty and the left with the liberals. We're like oh calm, down the slippery slope as going to happen bomb here we are. You got now twitter allowing these things to happen, banning people on the right, Facebook and Youtube, as well as what you get man, I'm lucky to be at least where I'm right now on on Youtube, but I've. I've legit, look, look
a couple days ago, I do. I do segments at six p m there shorter than this that the so at ten a m. I do a twenty minute segment at one p m a twenty minute segment at four p m on my main channel Red TIM cast out. Not I do at twenty to twenty five minutes segment and then I do three I'm ten or eleven minutes segment at six couple days ago, someone at Youtube flags, all of them as hate speech, and I had to try and escalate this and it's suppressed and knock down. All of the video views I had to I had to reach out to Google and say: hey somebody's flagging, my videos. Beach and they weren't. It was just kind of this stuff, I'm saying right now: hey lights live and let live us respect the protesters in Santa we believe in, and they said it was hate speech. No, in fact, it was one of the videos was me condemning black face. They said it was hate speech. They don't like my opinions that are like the fact that I'm resisting, and so fortunately somewhat it- did get overturned and
often the view slowly came back, but it really really negatively impact of the channel, and this happens all the time. I'm on the razors edge man. They ve banned a ton of people. Now, I think, is a lot more people to the right of me who are more likely get banned first, but its common. Then it really is Don't like you, you got it. You gotta look back ten years to see where they were in terms of hate, speech and stuff back that they ve been increasingly change definitions and now it's made all the way to the Supreme Court they sat and twenty ten look. Biological sex is different from gender right because gender social contract than the definitions changed now
exclaimed the exact same thing and the Supreme Court ruled well. Gender identity is attached as ex. Therefore, they change the definitions. Therefore, the laws change. It's exactly what I said was gonna happen. If you been following my content for a long time, you may have heard me say this a year ago, instead of trying to change the law, they are trying to change the definition of words, so the laws inherently mean something different. The Supreme Court just did this right now. I actually, I agree with the conclusion. I agree with the conclusion of the Supreme Court about debt.
About gender identity discrimination. So, like that, I just I disagree with how it was brought about. So for the most part, it's like it out. It is a rock and a hard place like well. You know I do agree should merely discriminate, but he went on. I don't above intention about that. I'm simply highlighting that what we are seeing today expected to be ten times worse in the next several years, and you know what what do I hear from most conservatives ya know their part prepping hiding out there now. Protest, not speaking up in a kind of bonds me up now, I don't know put progressing as the right idea. I don't know what you can do and I am not at this point I gotta say: maybe there's nothing you can do regular Americans who believe in freedom are at a disadvantage. These people have lied, they ve cheated, they ve stolen and brought them great advantages. They ve made tons of money off this. Look. What they're doing right now this is cheating. Ok, I'm explained to have cheating works. You ve got Donald Trump. As present Donald Trump wants to hold a rally and Tulsa. They say it's racist,
wouldn't also because of that they took the Tulsa masker. Then he says well what we're gonna do until so. What we do want to do- and I said well the dates- also racist with its duties: ok, I'll, move it then they say covered whereby covert. Oh, no, you can't, as it does a pen dammit. Are you kidding me there's, there's tens of thousands of people shoulder to shoulder in New York City, marching and protesting, and they ve been doing it everyday for nineteen days and other coming out and sang Donald Trump shouldn't. Do this to mistake? Is any people sick guess what happens so Trump says. Maybe then we'll do it outside and guess what they said they said Trump is caving because he's weak and he's wrong. And now it's gonna be too hot and people will pass out from heat stroke. There was little really nothing. You can do to appease them because they are cheating and they say you should be reallocated while concerns least. Maybe you find yourself in a similar position, I being rather moderate individual. Not super conservative actually used to be fairly liberal until these people. What insane, I still think
most behind very liberal, I literally was arguing with got atoms on twitter about dammit racism and how he doesn't understand it nets, fine, whatever they do a second about it. Systemic racism is a complicated thing. It's real, but you're, not gonna, get a rigid definition from many of these leftist because they have no do they're talking about so I'm not gonna get it all of that, however, but that the general Dear? Is it has to do with systems put in place from the past. Some people call it legacy. Racism are somewhat that legacy problems, but we can talk about that in the future. The point is, I am fairly liberal I met a documentary about systemic and institutional racism, and I can explain it rather articulately, I suppose. So. If their conservatives were interested in disagree, we can have a conversation about it. Unfortunately, for many people, the left there just lying, there are no they're talking about they. They they, they won't tell you. They won't talk about this, that they have this massive protests. It's also
I also fascinated me when I see one personable tweet in the same way, in ten minutes the same span of a few minutes, they'll say how could trumped do this is getting people sick and opposed to vary the protests like this is fantastic is awesome. What do you do when their cheating, I dunno man? But I tell you what, if you sit back and do nothing, they will keep cheating It will take your jobs from you. They will tell you. Your shirt is racist. Therefore, you must be fired and then, while this is happening, this is Dramatic escalation of council culture there saying put put him in camps, put him in re education camps. Ok, it's not just this one staffer for Bernie Sanders, who said Republicans Navy put revocation camps. It's also now high profile verified twitter accounts. This is every single person on the left, but I will tell you this need to be taken seriously because you may have noticed high profile. Celebrities are propping up Louis Farrakhan and over aunt I sum
Why? Because, as this individual said, people in power will adopt them because their useful to them, how did we end up in a world where high profile leftist comedians are propping up overt anti semitism, whilst beyond me men? Let me tell you some people often ask and forgive me for using the analogy: how is it that people in Nazi Germany just went along with everything because they didn't know what they were going along with. I think it's a fair point. They saw somebody saying on the fix things: you're oppressed, you're, a victim. It's not your fault. The problem was the French in the end and the reparation for the French of a world war. One is not fair that debt wasn't our fault there. There there are pressing our people across the border to literally the things that he was preaching in world war. Two in Germany and these people were like sounds good to me. Now. You have people hearing similar things. Now, listen you took place but telling all stuff, I'm right there with you-
When I say, George Floyd should not have been killed a one hundred percent- let's, let's make sure people's constitutional rights are defended. You even want to argue that re Shard, Brooks demanded Atlanta should not have been killed. I will absolutely entertain your position. I disagree. I think you should have been killed for sure, but is a very complicated circumstances. Be honest in Atlanta the dude fought grabbed the weapon ran and fired into the cup. So we got a tough situation how to fix this. But if you want to come back and promote fair come now now we got some serious problems. That's that's that's. Why over the line, and these are high profile people propping up and guess what I'll tell you how people just go along with it all, followers are like, while I didn't know wow, that's so great, not realizing. I asked a good friend of mine, very much lefty, and I said: do you know what this means, and I said no? Why? Whose Farrakhan, I said, that's exactly it! That's why, when they post all of this stuff, propping up be celebrities who entertaining this than they do at mindlessly, not realising they are promoting
insane stuff. Meanwhile, while their promoting Farrakhan, you have other by Roma people calling for re education of conservatives. If the people They are going to stand by and let these mobs tear down public property, a violation of the law and then blame the right wing groups who simply said don't break the law. I think we know where we're headed if New York, Fort worth are gonna say. Protesters for black lives matter are are going to have a charges dropped yet church goers are allowed to go to church. I think we know where we're heading then I do I. I wish there was some some way. I hope there are some way everything summer everything consumer down, but really does feel Akerana one way. Traffic gotta be honest. They won't. They won't recognize the cheating. They will tell you, you are wrong and they will do the exact same time. Now. I can't speak further Trump supporters or, if that I can only speak for the more libertarian minded individuals, former liberals a politically,
was because I don't have anything to do with any of the violence manners one I wouldn't want to carry on and maybe something you can do. Man. I know that one thing you can do is start speaking up and maybe that could bring about change. Maybe these companies will be forced to back down. Listen, I don't want there to be any any civil breakdown or violence or anyone around like that. I don't want it to happen, but don't needs to happen first to prevent it. I think people knew such speaking up at their jobs and they say, but what have I got fired? How will I feed my kids bro? You won't get fired if literally every person stood up and did it in every person's had shut up no, but then they can't fire. You because I ll be everybody, but people are scared.
Won't say anything so what they do, they send private messages to people saying man is again crazy, huh yeah, they send private messages to high profile personalities who call this stuff out. That's not enough! You gotta tweet them yourself. You had a stand up for yourself, because no one else will do it. The left is doing it. Why are you I'm not saying I'm saying the opposite of getting violent? Do not go on do that with it. What these people I am talking about, the people go on twitter and screech. You know, like benches, stymie, start speaking up for what you believe in I'll leave their necks segments coming up at four p m over at TIM cast dot net, and I will see you all then, ladies and gentlemen, the inquisition continues, and this may be one of the most shocking stories I have foreseen NBC News activists, in collaboration with black lives matter activists, contacted Google and got right I have all news: publishers Band, including zero hedge, but more importantly, the Federalist, now listen
regardless of whatever the companies are. This is, saying that Google would do this at the behest of Missy NEWS. Now there are arguments we made about zero hedge, the Federalist, maybe but the Federalist Just your run of the mill conservative site with one of the most prominent conservative writers, Molly Hemingway as well as many other, very prominent concern. Writers, Google has Just remove them from their add programme because left wing activists. Working for NBC News contacted them over to articles got them banned from Google adds as his head man. I'm can tell you right now. There will come a time very? Very soon, all of my channels will be banned outright I am not exaggerating an you needed take this seriously and one that depends on what to do, but outside this my workload is insane
and I have made taken some precautions to prepare for the the the inevitable when Google com. Me off the same as they ve caught off many many other content creators, it's hard to know happening or why. I think it's very obvious that some you know, look there's activists There have been gaining ground in media there purged the high ranking individuals who run the New York Times and many other news outlets and the next threat or in is, is independent companies, The Federalist has funding through other means. I also have funding somewhat through other means. If I get say moved from the partner programme may, if they outright ban the channel. Well, there you go. I do have other sponsors I'll, just say this right now you ve noticed him cast dotcom, Slash donate, and there are several ways that you can help support me directly. I'm just saying this in the event that look man they just
Nbc news has lied about me in the past. They ve made things up. I wanted, as a matter of time before they create a whole slew of fate. Stories to smear me in a guy accusations against me to try and get me shut down its working. Your times in revolt, several other organisations, are in revolt? The Wall Street Journal, apparently at a hundred fifty employees in revolt as well, and there a conservative, leaning paper? The inquisition is here and, wrong thinkers will be purged and I dont know what what what can be done to stop it. Donald Trump Republicans had years to deal with this. They did nothing. They literally did nothing. Donald Trump created some forum where you could send in have some complaints, and now Google one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful corporation, the planet is shutting down their competition.
Nbc New sad to Google, please ban our competition done just like that check out the story. Google has banned. Too far right websites. I know I'm sorry. I look out o noble autumn. As your heads I can tell you, the Federalist is run of the mill conservative from its advertising platform. After research revealed, the Tec giant was profiting from articles pushing unsubstantiated claims about the black lives matter. Protests, that's factually false. Sir, or I can tell the Federalist Ran article saying the media was lying about violent rights and looting now to what extent they made those claims. I didn't read the article from the Federalist and there have been this is where I have called the federal up Federalist out for being wrong as well. The media was lying, though
there were people in Minnesota, claiming that it was white supremacists that were engaged in the protests and then later those same politicians came out and sad oops. We were wrong, so why is the federalists being banned? Now, let me tell you: what did they do right now? There is an attack against me personally to accuse me of being a concern Missy theorist, they ve been trying for a very long time, simply because I read news articles where other journalists entertained the possibility that covered had been released from a lab accidentally- and this came from a report from South Beijing University, because that report came out- and I commented at saying wow what, if that's true, Heinz eight now Para so so now that we know it likely wasn't the case they are now trying to. In old video, in which I
commented on current news and current publications. The claim that I was publishing fake news and pushing conspiracies that's what they're trying to do news changes stories develop. There are dates. If I make a video operators content and then a week later, the story is different into developing occurs and I update it. They go back and the old continent, that's what they do. Perhaps the only that can really be done is to delay every single video a month after you publish it or a week after you publish it because they're coming for you, a Google spokesman said an email it took action for determining the besides violet its policies on content related to erase. We have strict publisher policies that govern the content, adds can run on. An explicitly prohibit derogatory content that promotes hatred, intolerance, violence or discrimination based on race monetizing. The spokesperson wrote when a paper or site violates our policies. We take action in this case.
We removed ball sites ability to monetize with Google interesting. What did the Federalist do? Maybe they did I I've? Never in it. The far less is that, as far as I know, is just a prominent conservative website, docile I agree with everything a right, but I can't imagine the fat less store even zero hedge. For that matter, writing like hate speech. I mention this in an earlier segment. I recently at someone flag. My videos has hate speech. Yeah, you reverse that because it was wrong because I literally have said almost every single video, much respect the blacklist matter protests. I just don't like the riding in the looting at what Why do they say nope? Doesn't matter you're conflicting it doesn't. And are even when I say it's not the same thing doesn't matter, you know a man, it doesn't matter wrong. Thinkers will be purged. I think everyone can tell exactly where this is headed. Google block the federalist from its advertising platform. Other NBC News Verification unit brought the project to its attention. Zero had
had already been demonetized prior to and be seen as an inquiry. Google said: Zere hygiene. The Federalist did not respond to request for comments. Let me show you something: here's a tweet David revives, has enemy of the people and BBC journalist celebrates report in the operation. Scumbags, this odd activist says, knew from NBC Vc. Thanks to F, fake news and ccd hate for their hard work. Can collaboration black lives matter. Ideological activists highlighting articles they didn't like got their business rival, purged think about it. I mean this. This has to be some kind of empty see why nation. Google is banning a news publisher at the behest of another news publisher, because they wrote things they disagreed with as someone determine what is true or what is it true men? I don't know my son of excited
completely objective journalism and action right here, they only been hiding it anymore, which, to be honest, I respect they have the power and wants to flaunt it failure here- is on the GEO P and on tromp man. You know I I I kind of agree with certain which now, obviously, what these people are doing, I think, is horrifying fascistic authoritarianism, but he's got a point. No one will stop them. Not a single republican congratulate Republicans remember what I said in twenty eight team Republicans were too stupid to do anything to stop this. I stand by it. I don't mean the voters. I mean the politicians. They were too stupid to do any thing to stop this enjoy losing. In November, men were less than five months out. They're gonna ban everybody there. Ban me. They ve already banned tons of other creators. They ve already that they ve purge down from the partner programme Strip away the revenue.
They are now quite literally banning private businesses from using their platform, for which is a monopoly on. Did you know that Facebook and Google basically can roll, almost all of the advertising revenue in media period, Tucker Carl, then, is losing his advertisers and now the federal just lost their advertisers, all their alternatives for sure but their worthless. So you know: what's gonna happen, I'll tell you. Oh sure, there are other companies that sell adds. I am going to name them only leave them out of it, but they exist. There's this. There is a lot actually, but Google pays the most, because Google owns the space. So now these leftist sites boys, for instance, where they believe in saying things will get premium, add space and make substantially more money man. This is kind of what the left was complain about net. You try only the favouring of certain websites, giving you know, giving them ah throttled approach to your ideological opponents.
Conservative sites will make a fraction of the revenue of the progressive sites. The progressive sites will make mad cash and they'll use that advertising, expand and control the space. Congratulations Republicans you're too stupid to stop it, and now it's probably too late I'm not out. You know four for a while, I was saying I thought Trump would win for a lot of reasons. I am not so conference. The more, I really do mean it. I thought with all the rather than going on, but when I see but like sort of which- and I see the dirt. There are a handful of other high profile trump supporter supporting women. Two thousand, and sixteen telling me telling me they're not going to vote for him. I'm like wow. Why would you gonna? Do you know for biogas? So that's why I've absent put we been reticent to be like I don't know, I don't know if the guy I'm leading towards itself the chaos I'll. Tell you what right now, man, I think we're just doomed. So so what's gonna happen like I honestly can't, let me show you this long green.
That NBC has and uses the power to have cited ideologically dislikes, ideologically kicked off. Google adzes Estonian, its particularly chilling since NBC Msnbc, was the what one of the worst purveyors of deranged conspiracy theories of the last four years, and you know what the intercept You also recently had a council culture outrage every one of your own reporters lady, ladies and gentlemen, mostly gentlemen. To be honest, I think it's too late. Now we know how many, how many commentators have been saying this will happen. Why do you think oh Rogan left Youtube and took an exclusive deal with Spotify because he does wanna get kicked off. He wants a guarantee to the money he makes and now he's got it. Smart move, man, cuz, Google. What band am I bet I mean? I don't know how else to expect and I'll tell you this start time. Countdown You know I give it a couple months before I am purge from the partner programme completely
You know they recent lease verified. All my channels on wrote. Them means some people's had wound. Him got verified my secondary channels. The IRA podcast has been growing exponentially. It's been ridiculous, but I've were wrong thing. This man we are absolutely wrong thinkers. I imagine it's only a matter of time, Now I will say one more thing, my theory Why they have allowed me to exist thus far, some illiberal, I literally m I've actually are, you'd, that systemic racism is a real thing. I've just complained: the left is kind of ruining at because they dont have not explain it properly. I have argued that there are actual historical disadvantages and I have argued for social justice, just not authoritarian application of. I think they leave me here, because once they complete, purge conservatives they will need some kind of right wing me being liberal and they being far left. I didn't hear editorials. Will you
whose me, as there are new replacement for what the right is. So they can We conservative in the community's names, because, even though my policies are literally left of centre, they want that to be the new right. Here's the wax imagine you have a wheel right near the far left in the far right. Then you have left and right than the centre left and centre right and then the centre and I'm centre left if the whole we'll rotates over the far left become centre, left and centre left becomes far right. You see what the game there planners. I thought for a long time. That's why they Tal right people like me, they need someone to replace darker Carlson's, whose actually said actually more liberal than Tucker Karlsson, but can still attract. Similar viewers will see how things play out. You were warned. You are all worn and I don't blame you guys were hanging out. I mean the politicians, TED crews, probably never get a vulgar, reelected epidemic, I governors who are lying and and running this double standard will probably keeping reelect.
It and Donald Trump probably lose, because they are literally banning conservative media. Now they are stripping your revenue in your resources, away from you. Does anyone know anything about it? No, you know what man That's why keep saying you do take my van down by the river escaped born fish in a dog, because, if I, if I won't stand up for themselves on it like anyone else to do it, for you see, woman excitement coming up coming up in a few minutes and then whoever knows who knows, however long as last I'll see you shortly in May. Previous segment, I talked about how left wing activists who have infiltrated news media have gotten their competition banned from Google for nothing the store. I just put it up. Basically lifting activists told all that the Federalist, a conservative site where liars, and so they got banned from the Google ad platform? The challenge in the region to bring this up is the next story. Texas police Department occur
just Tucker Karlsson of stoking confusion and bitterness with absolutely inaccurate report about cops, dropping charges against rioters following day of Fort worth protests. I bring you now our broken reality. I dont know how or why this is happening. Maybe there's no grand conspiracy, it's just a reality is shattered. No one knows what's true anymore, but there are still people who hold power because of that they just dictate. Sometimes some things are true. Sometimes some things are right. Now we have tens of thousands of people protesting for black lives matter, which I have no problem with that to be honest, protest for sure, but then we have the mayor and the governor of New York threatening church services. Ok, now that I've problem with. If you can have a first amendments for everybody right, if you want to protest for everybody right, this story of Karlsson is fascinating. Fort worth Texas Text, Texas, police, up
it says Tiger Karlsson- lied Betty stoked confusion with an inaccurate report that they are dropping charges against rioters. Here's NPR for worth police drop, riding charges against protesters ha what's true, any more men. I wonder if Dick I wonder if its intentional, or maybe people have just finally snapped and now there's dimension. People I mean. I amount as an insult I mean literally, like their brains aren't working properly. Seeing too who parallel realities, and they have no one to rectify it. How is it that the Fort worth police, apartment literally put out a statement on Twitter Chief Cross to draw all charges for writing that resulted from protest in Fort worth each individual. Been. If, by letter at their charges, have been The letter literally says Fort worth Police arrest several dozen people for writing during protest since that time the protests in the city have been peaceful, blah, blah blah were dropping the charges and now Tucker Karlsson,
When he was on a show and says that people were riding while the charges brought against them Fort worth comes out and says they lied. So I I dare you to try and tell me, was actually happening as our Simon? I really really don't if I can't which of these stories is true or why, then, how am I supposed to be real news? How is anyone is the daily mail, fake news, no CNN report, the exact same thing: I'm just using the daily mail, we're not anti Npr line note bear between from Fort Worth, so there you have it Any one of these people write the story saying that Fort worth was was contradicting themselves. I reported in the past that Fort worth was robbing riding charges against protesters and now they're calling it a lie. There is possibly an explanation as to why this is but it's semantic debate. And this is where the problem arises. Words have whilst all meaning, while your mind, we ve for vendetta. Then he say what
retain their meaning they don't and when words become meaningless, we can't communicate everything falls apart. Take a look at what they said. Last night Karlsson told viewers on May thirty. First, a crowd of black lives matter. Demonstrators blocked a bridge in downtown fort worth. When police arrived disperse them, they threw rocks and bottles of each three police officers were injured. The mob then went on to loot and vandalized businesses dozen. The rioters were arrested for this. Ten days later, the city's police chief ADD Cross said he was dead, being all charges against them and Unite Fort worth. Police had tweeted chief cross to draw all charges for writing that resulted from protests in Fort Worth each individual be notified by letter. However, it clarified the tweet soon after by adding you want, who protested and was arrested for vandalism, criminal mischief, theft, etc. Do not fall under this separate cases in charges. Dropping of charges is solely for the charge of riding. And there is the semantic break. What
is riding really mean oh there to clarify. Perhaps they should have done it had their initial statement. They meant specifically, if your charge sad, Hiding now I understand what the trying to say, but I criticise, took Karlsson when the mistake was theirs when they had to follow up and issue a clarification that most people didn't report. In fact, I dont believe and PR actually report at any clarifications. So if I was to see a story from an are one of the pre eminent news outlets in this country. Buddy. All these people listen to and deemed trustworthy. Why I believe that anything else was incorrect of this. They just say, as far as I can tell that their dropping the rioting charges Online, the ration across a statement was mixed with some accusing the pool Supervision of Free pass, they don't I think they mention at all an update note in New York. The Manhattan district attorney Vance years had frightened
office would drop illegal assembly, disorderly conduct cases stemming from demonstrations. The city has not followed suit. I think the Senator Brian Cavenaugh, to urge me loud applause, Yoda, Follow Bolabola. So if Turkey, Karlsson, Red and pr. And then he got the story wrong whose fault is it maybe nobody's? But means no. One really knows it's happening anymore and then means you will see. Activist organisations exploit this to go to Google and say see is the proof, they're lying and then get people band and Google seems to be following suit So I guess it's only a matter of time before those who control the the the modern institutions purge all of their ideological opponents and there's nothing, anyone can do to stop it. I wish I don't think so. However, I dont believe these conservatives will simply roll up into a ball and die they're going to find other means to get access to resources. I think, eventually you draw things are getting really dangerous. There are people in this country that are predominantly conservative. What happens when
they just stop using services, because conservative alternatives pop pop up. What happens if not even hardcore conservative start using other platforms and a lot of people of our news. Ducked up, go doktor, go becoming very popular, but Doktor GO is a search engine and Google is a massive network of services. What happens when conservatives are promoting something else and create uk a parallel economy. All of a sudden, then what does Google collapse? Maybe hopefully you know I know I know you know the hand that feeds me for the, but for the most part, is Google, but if it, if we're walking towards the complete, not collapse of our society, because good
all is arbitrarily just shutting down political rivals of ideologues. Then it's only a matter of time before alternatives pop up. If the ideologues of Google and Facebook Twitter, otherwise maintain a substantial amount of power, because leftists won't use conservative platforms, you end up with parallel economies back it's bad. That gets really bad because not now an independent financing for infrastructure, meaning these people can go out each other not worry about losing their jobs, it means there. Increasingly say worse and worse things. You know Google could have done very simply rate of that reached out of but our left unsaid, these violate our rules. Here's what we want change, guess what the federals piloted, unlike we can or cannot mean well make some changes. Instead, the ban hammer comes So when you see a lot of these people, band conservatives, for instance,
they. They then lose all control over the individual's ideas. If twitter, I think I think it's one thing social media companies and actively tried to do social pressure to force people to bend certain ideologies say You know, if you say this, Hashtag will ban you. A lot of people say you all, do anyone get banned? A lot of other say Ok, I won't say that hashtag take, for instance, me there's a certain name, I can't say, and I have agreed. Worth saying that aim, I won't be banned, and I think it's the right thing to do. If I did decide to say some name, you wouldn't learn about this or the other segments, extremely important, but even I have a line I got em I got I got really really close to basically just shutting everything down when they told me if I said this name that I would my videos would be would be removed, bandaged remove any video. I mentioned a certain name,
and so I decided it's probably a better idea to avoid saying the one name, because people can still find it in other ways, this whack and still keep you informed about what's happening, but there will come a time where they're going to say to me ten. You can't say this thing and ominous. I know and that's all becoming really really soon. Now many of these conservative sites have strayed upset this. Where I draw the line, so Google just bands them outright that, though, I'm I'm I'm penetration off. The point to bring up here is that we have broken reality and if no one can make a note, can really understand what's happening, then there's no accurate way to actually solve our problems. Are that there's no actual way to solve our problems? Who should be president, no idea because I don't know what's going on because the media lies nonstop all day every day, everyone's wrong. I think the whole system is just shattered, And there's no truth anymore. Maybe that was the goal. I have no idea, maybe Some people wanted to be that way. Maybe their nefarious actors
or maybe it's just e g, the advent of social media breaking down our ability to understand the world, because we don't have any thought leadership anymore. We used to have one big tower, a novelist beaming down to the masses in Chicago. I mean this quite literally from this year's tower now. Willis Tower broadcasting signals for television very few channels for which to get your news and information and with the with the creation of the internet. You. How have so many different subcultures that believe completely different things when this reaches the mainstream? You now have people who don't know what's real anymore, I and Pr Npr says Tiger Karlsson is right. Daily males, Mr Karlsson, is wrong fort worth, as is wrong, but NPR says he's right, so moderate Solomon, whose right knows wrong. Nobody, everybody never any, but I have no idea so I'll. Tell you what lamborghinis up. I think what will happen next
Is there going to take old videos of mine where I used Certified news guard sources, but the story is changed and there an essay hears TIM doing a video, that's fake news and they will retroactively raw. You know basically, Sir, give me strikes. Oh you violated the rules on fake news, because you said this thing and I've already we go to Google about this, and I have said if I can't tell what real, because the news is slipping back and forth constantly. How am I supposed to be You know in line with the rules and this I just don't worry about it, keep doing your thing. Yeah, ok, great S, not it! I know November is coming soon. If you like what I do, you gotTa Tim cast out an odd outcome. Slashed TIM cast outcome, Slash, donate and support my work. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time and I really do think. That's the case couple months, maybe we'll see applies out. I got one more Simon coming up in just a few minutes and I will see, while shortly in esteem,
that is going viral- the black lives. Better foundation raised millions, but it's not affiliated with the blue lives matter movement and I actually than its. Kind of wrong, but the stories interesting it's going. Around of people saying that a black lives matter, fundraiser was actually a scam. I dont believe fair to say I don't think Buzzfeed says it either, but the stories from Buzzfeed NEWS they say employees of apple, Google and Microsoft have raised millions of dollars for the black lives matter foundation. Thinking it's the internet racial justice movement seeking to end police brutality that couldn't be further from the truth. Now I think it could be further from the truth. That far from the truth, it actually is someone on activist using the brand black lives matter, but I guess the The controversy is that there is a legitimate branded lives matter of written? Let women with the news for you on bread now, what's really going on in where people's money is actually going a overseas. By do when Elinor Elliot.
Searched for black eyes matter and go find me, the popular Online fun online, fundraising platform, she didn't too much research on the first verified foundation that popped up inspired to help the cause. Eighteen year old, Georgetown, university sophomore and her archipelagos phantoms rays, Nearly one thousand one hundred dollars for they thought was the global move. To bring racial justice and define the police. It wasn't until she was contacted Buzzfeed news and the student law and her group had been collecting money for a completely on affiliated cause monopoly. That's true! black lives matter. I guess that there's a legitimate brand. I swung what little of us as we, what what what british them they say, the black lives Matter Foundation, a Santa Clarice California, based animal organisation that has one paid employees and lists a ups stores the address as a very different goal? According to its founder, bringing the community and police
Mr together, the phantoms were the only ones to mistakenly support the black lives matter foundation. In the wake of George Floyd's killing corporate, nations, including apple Google and Microsoft, raised four million dollars for the sound like foundation and almost livered, the money, hundreds of grassroots fun. Razors also directed more money, and attention quote, I don't have anything to do with the black. Lives matter global network. I never met them, never spoke to them. I dont know them. I have no relationship with them. Robert Re Barnes, the founder of the black lives Matter Foundation, told Buzzfeed NEWS and a lengthy interview. Our whole thing is having unity with the police department. I mean that sounds all right. While black lives matter has morphed from a twenty thirteen hashtag falling acquittal of trade on Martens killer into an international movement. It's early lack of
relies leadership or formal hierarchy left opportunities for copycats like Barnes Foundation. Now, why is Barnes copycat? That's what I can't understand. What what? what anybody could form a foundation and call what they want and if you dont doing research and new blindly just donated to the book to any group. Then how is that a copycat? It makes no sense based on estimates from Buzzfeed NEWS donors raise at least four point three five million dollars for the blacklist matter foundation. In the first weeks of June, though the bulk of that was frozen before could be dispersed. In some cases, companies, including go find me were unaware. The foundation had no official sure the wider movement and froze funds only after being contacted by Buzzfeed NEWS. How does this makes sense? Black lives? are started as a hashtag, its my understanding is that if sir, but he chooses to donate to a group, then why can't they and understanding to is the guy
This is actually a black man who believes in the idea and he's running a foundation to work towards his goal of making black. Lives matter. I suppose this is the power of the media. Suppress anyone who opposes them. They want the all this money to go to a specific group, not the general activist cause, and that is insane and a statement to bust Busby NEWS. A black lives matter, spokesperson, confirmed. The groups are indeed to completely separate organisations and that Barnes foundation has nothing to do with us. The Santa clearly to group is improved. Curly using our name, the spokesperson said we intend to call them out and follow up. But how and why are they not lovely user name? I mean if you want a final lawsuit. Fine took us out, but Barnes a sixty seven year old, music producer in L A funded his organization and its name quote? No one The concept barn said adding that is a black.
Man. His life had been tainted by painful experience with the police, including the twentieth eleven death of his ex husband of his wife's Ex husband, sorry, a legit. At the hands of the LAPD, though the social movement entered the national consciousness during the Ferguson demonstration August, when fourteen he claimed black lies. There had actually stolen his name and idea and cast the global movement as an opaque organization that hasn't been transparent about how it uses a donut Hence Barnes registered his foundation and may twenty fifteen. It appears there a lot of scamming going on, but how could it have to do with me? Barnes asked I plenty of motivation to create the blacklist better foundation and the people who are doing who are doing because matter, weren't interested in a foundation, they never created now all of a sudden, they're interested in it. So this guy, great. An organization and twenty fifteen raised millions of dollars. Buzzfeed context, co funding and get go funding.
His found money frozen. That is insane further honest. Eight further obscuring situation is the movements official name. Black lives matter, global network foundation ink which wasn't registered in the state of Delaware until twenty seventeen while Barnes owns and operates the blacklist better foundation, a five or one c, three non preferential: California, because the official movement is a nonprofit erases money, you, re charity arm called thousand currents bar The organization has benefited from the brand confusion, as people have conflated the two donated money to his charity. Vehicle fund me Paypal or ploy donation matching platforms. They took my name and put this ink, Beheaded barn said they took my name. I own that name. I've been stolen, anything from them. They have stolen from me. They have lied and enable the prophet using my name. Barnes refused help us we news how much is foundation had raised today. He hasn't done anything with donations, thus far, but insisted
intends to use those funds to create his prototypes for community community and police bonding as a twenty seventeen, this, the twin seventeen the year of the most recent publicly available tax filings Barnes, is black lives. Better. Nation has raised more than three hundred thousand innovations, a figure that has grown with the actual movement events rise and notoriety? A national shift in public opinion on system racism and a rush to terrible giving this spring. I guess up right now and say something then Ryan, MAC and Brown a sex. I got no beef, but they are not black individuals. Re Barnes apparently They are targeting his foundation that he started before the official global network. Getting his donation suspended, I gotta say: Buzzfeed ought to know what you're trying to pull here, but I can understand why you might not like what he is doing, but that's not your decision to make to go after his funding when this, this to me, reeks of overt racism on Busby noses part here today.
Although the names are similar. Organisations have very different stances on police relations, while the. Lives matter. Movement has advocated for the National DE funding of the police and reinvestment of money into black community resources. What what does that movement represent, and just because they have morphed into something larger over the past several years? Does it mean come in and just take something away from someone who started in twenty fifteen they say Barnes is Foundation, wants to help bring the police in committee. Closer together in an effort to save lives quote today, we Think most people would agree that, regardless of race, something must be done to heal the rifts between some communities and the police. With your we had beheld them foundation. Have the very ideas to jump to do. Just that reads: a black lives Matter Foundation Mission statement posted to banality. It charity platform used by Apple, Google and other companies to encourage employment employee giving. So if this guy, I started this years ago before there was any talk about abolishing police and he set his gun.
It was to actually solve this problem by bringing please closer together. How is he not the legitimate organization? I'm sorry you and have to back it up he may raise couple hundred thousand dollars. What are you done with it honestly? Don't know what does it matter? You'll have a right to come in and accused him of being the fraud. This is nuts to me in the statement that quotes from both Harry Potter. Wait what Harry Potter and former as Iraq, Obama Barnes presents a vision for community organised programmes or c o p events that would bring peace, officers and members of certain neighborhoods together for an annual buffeted and other gatherings. He also describes a programme that we distribute bulletins featuring positive news about police for display. Local businesses quote crime exists now, forever continue. So we desperately need the services of the police, however, we need the services of good Police Barnes Rights, the foundation we need its officers that will respect all life equally applied deadly force only, absolutely necessary.
This may sound a little crazy, but what happened to warning shots and shooting on an shooting on conflicts. Aspects in the leg now he's wrong about that for sure, in terms of, Our police can respond, but it sounds to me like this guy's been working on this for a long time and all of a sudden, A new movement emerged with different people, asserting their leaders, claiming they have a right to take the name and credit organization. The strange thing to me that Buzzfeed immediately sides against him instead of running an hour, What were they say? A new organization is claiming the rights, the name when an old origin already exists there, painting it like he's somehow. Using the money from them. Barnes acknowledged Busby, and his organization as it has a very different mission and the blacklist matter. Movement currently changing the country. We don't want to be enemies of the police. We will let the movement do that. The major producers that we wanted to the point where we have pro
rams and that's where the change will happen. That's where we come in, I mean I gotta say I agree with this guy. It can't be done overnight. The idea is to go slow barn, set of work, calling his programme a blueprint for how we can work with a police Santa clearly too, however, does not have a police department. The city are the foundation, is based contract, the l, a county, sheriffs apartment and a spokesman, told Buzzfeed NEWS than had ever heard of Barnes Oars organization Santa clarity. City manager was also not aware of the foundation that aware the foundation existed, the foundations twin seventeen tax filing. Its most recently available shows that it took in more than torrents eighty nine thousand in contributions, while spending agent thousand on expenses, including twenty four thousand dollars, or Barnes salary. Besides, if, five thousand one hundred eighty, our cash grant to something called the family. It will development centre in Carson, California, there are no other disbursements or indications. The foundation has worked on. It stated goal of fostering, better community relationships with the police Buzzfeed NEWS,
unable to reach a centre for comment? I gotta stop right. There, man listen. I worked for several unprofited VON raised this guy getting a salary of twenty four thousand dollars off of raising in one year threaded K, that's legit, I'm sorry it's legit! He could have paid himself three thousand dollars and said he was doing community outreach, he's paying himself almost nothing. So I'm not soup concerned about this sounds like Buzzfeed is going after adieu. Who's got a legit foundation and raising money in doing what he thinks it should do with it. People are donating to it because of the name. Probably yeah well so what he said nobody did a foundation, so we started one he's got a legit five or one c three. This seems to me like people who want power who are going after somebody who started his own company and is doing as thing because he's not a part of their power structure. He's not one of these elites possible. Here. Blowing it for sure by italian man living in that it in the allay our Santa Claus, a salary at twenty four
thousand dollars is not thing, nothing a couple grand per month. That's nothing literally, nothing! This guy's, not rich. Here's they say, spokesperson for the California attorney General Office, acknowledged Buzzfeed is a request for comment, would not provide a statement despite the or the I was better foundation was still listed, online hostility on online donation platforms, which have only way We started to untangle the problems presented by similar name. Go find me, stopped all active campaigns. Social the foundation early. This is nuts while froze threatened. Forty thousand dollars, which included more than a thousand. This is crazy to me. While I go find me spokespersons the companies, the companies is Paypal's giving fund to allow people to select charities. They say we were with all campaign organizers to make sure the money goes to the right place to support the black lives matter. Movement. The gulf on me spokesperson, said from twenty two to twenty nineteen the platform spent. Fourteen hundred in donations to the blacklist Matter Foundation go find me, so
will refund that money if the donors did not intend for those funds to go to the Santa Clara based Organisation, I mean look. Buyer beware: man. So, let's see how like I'm not gonna, let us have it! Then they finish off. Cassie Foller, fledglings chief impact officers had the coming attempted to reach the foundation, but never heard back, given our concern for donor confusion, the lack of response from the non profit we proactively placed a week. Running label on the nonprofit page and twenty seventeen alerting donors that there are multiple organizations of the same name as a result, only three donors appear to have created campaigns for the blacklist Matter Foundation this year. Raising sport dollars. Barn Seti sympathises with a black with black eyes matter supporters, who unwittingly send money to his organization thinking they were donut. To the global movement. But he says they rare occurrence arguing that people really do want to support this organisation and its programmes, which he finally feels ready to bring to fruition. Timing is everything he said. I have nothing to hide. I am for
real. This is part of my heart. I even what a song called hands up, don't shoot, maybe I'll release it now uptake companies banality raised four million dollars between May thirty. First engine fifth, initially benefit Founder Brian Deed Day, lot Anville Sated appeared extended to June seventh. Ok, fine. This sounds like media Bali, to me sounds like the media bawling, an old black man who started a foundation in five years ago and now they're mad, that they want their their own foundation and they want to maintain those power structures. This is, strange framing to me. It's not a failure of the black lives matter matter. Movement. It quite literally, is defined the movement who is a part of it who controls at who owns it? I'm sorry! Nobody just because prominent activists are being abolished. The police doesn't mean this guy's any lesser. In fact, I think this guy is better because he's trying to actually solve these problems, not just destroy police departments.
What a weird story: man, I'm tired of the media. Bullion now leave their necks segments common up tomorrow. At ten, a m and I'll see you all, then.
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