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Professor Warns CIVIL WAR May Be Next Step Of Civil Unrest As Cops Quit While Antifa Escalates


A Professor warned 10 years ago that we would face widespread civil unrest in 2020.This prompted some interesting articles but most people did not take him seriously.Now they areAs the US faces mass civil unrest journalists have asked what he thinks is next. His answer is rather direPeter Turchin believes we may be facing a civil war.As Antifa sets up more autonomous zones like Seattle's CHAZ police quickly move into shut them down. But protests are still ongoing and now armed groups are standing up to fight back.Trump supporters are starting to get upset  that Republicans aren't doing anything about the crisis and the Democrats are just bending the knee, literally, to the far left.People won't stand for this and they are starting to take things into their own hands.

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Just about a decade ago, a scientist and researcher predicted that the U S would face wide ride civil unrest in the year twenty, twenty and now it would seem he was completely correct. The funny thing a bunch of articles popped up asking him why he thought this and they didn't really a whole lot of attention, but now the list are starting. A circle back there. Asking him look based on the fact that you were correct in twenty ten twenty twelve. What do you think is next in this widespread civil unrest, and he said very possibly so war. Now I have heard me talk about this if you follow my content several times in the past few years, but I'm not just making this up. It didn't occur to me one day to say who I know all claims civil wars coming. My response in my predictions are based on other people, researchers, it's based on national security experts and comedians,
even people like bill, more, have warned of civil war. Recently, Dave Chapels Especial called eight forty six talking about I lives matter and many of these unarmed black people lost their lives and he made reference to people who got strongly violent and fought back against the system. This necessarily a call to civil war, but certainly high profile. Individuals across this country and in many other countries have entertained the The possibility of a civil war in United States. Now I'm gonna stop for the people. Don't normally watch. My content will probably saying this is ridiculous. There will be a severe can happen, so I had to conversation many many times, and I will tell you this. Perhaps you are right now we can see the future. Maybe this guy is wrong. This research inside maybe he's just the one guy out of all the predictions made, who just got lucky and now we're acting like is more important than he is. But I would tell you this based on what I've seen the potential is extremely high, at least from what I've been watching their a bunch of
different aspects to what a civil war could be. It's not just about the street violence, the widespread civil unrest, as it does a lot, do with social media, the x pension and deep and of polarization the political tribes that are forming, but there's all other realms in this place. Go battle that people aren't paying attention to. Well, Certainly. We are now seeing regular people wake up to the widespread violence, people in South Philly in Ohio, standing up and I back against these leftist protesters. You also have Issues in the government met TAT. Ye be wrote in October. I believe those October that we are in a permanent coup, and maybe it's not. Permanent one. Maybe it's an ongoing information civil war at the highest levels of government. You can call it Obama gate you can caught Russia Gate. There are no accusing tromp of trying to collude with China Certainly, there are high level politicians war at such odds, their accusing each other of crimes, and this rift goes all the way down to the street.
Level, where people are smashing up windows and now we're seeing groups like bikers for Trump and other just local community groups, showing up with bats, to push getting dangerously close to what a civil war really is. Don't explain this to you for people that aren't familiar it be. If you think, a civil war is what we had in the United States that can one thousand eight hundred you're you're actually incorrect. That's what we call the civil war. Our civil war, but in many different countries civil war looks more like random bouts of violence across the country until certain start seizing territory and then emerges the ideological factions. Take a look at what's going on with the Chaz Well, not necessarily the worst thing in the world for now You are seeing armed groups take territorial climates, theirs, This is when you start to see armed factions form in urban centres. We ve seen it before throughout history. Pay attend,
You also see now and attempt to form autonomous zones and other cities Nashville Asheville, Chicago and Portland, though the police are putting a stop to that. If this continues We very well may see the rise of far left factions rising up and seizing territory, and then it s the es. I would recommend you go in red into the history of the spanish civil war. I think you'll have some interesting insights if you read that suck as I have. But what comes next through all through all of this violence and people is the morality police would have talked about as well. There was one thing is if there was one thing that really said to me. I believe civil war is extremely likely. It would be the v, the district attorney in Atlanta, announcing charges against off Sir Gareth Ralph and they re Shard Brooks shooting, because we
who actually watch the footage if you're paying attention you would see. This was a tragedy but far from felony murder, but it appears the DNA is lying, at least as far as I can tell- and maybe he's not, but I think he is is where things get scary, the DEA is a certain that this officer killed a man in cold blood who is not aggressive at all and then kicked him when he was down. I find that shocking and absolutely hard to believe I know many people of the other idea. Logical persuasion would absolutely believe it. If you have two conflicting news stories, which one do you deem to be true, I honestly don't know as the simple the people the right who typically defined the police are already saying. This is ridiculous. He can't be charged a phoney murder and I have been a fall in a dream: that, though, not a conservative, the left absolutely will begin propping up the story. Saying see, look at this! and high profile celebrities have already called this justice that is being charged if the world views have shattered to this degree,
and we are seeing armed leftist factions, take territory and cities, call it silly, but they are trying their hardest and they are guarding the these groups that there there there, guarding these areas with guns and doing I checks, and things like that stands to reason. At the very least, this train is headed in that direction. I dont know what it will look like, I dont know if what the likelihood is, but I am telling you we are closed. Than we have ever been. We just had in Atlanta, a blue, flew cops, calling out we're gonna, see we're gonna, see how close we get to this, but limit limit. Let me start before I just keep running site. This is particularly long when it. I want to show you a lot of these. A lot of bits of evidence that I think can can lead, I want to show you stories that suggest we're had in that direction, but also to show you a few that actually might be a bit hopeful that things may may not get that bad. But I have to I am in agreement with this researcher here and I think his final prediction about what might come in our country
I'm sorry, but I've been saying this for three years and I am watching what I said happen happen now. I think the next step may actually be a trump reelect followed by the rapid militarization of police, expanding of budgets and potentially the insurrection it again. I don't know the probability of that. Is it's just what I think is going to happen because of the far left because of their expansion because of the rioting and they haven't stopped the media just isn't covering it for the most part anymore. Now that the worst of the worst has stopped for sure, but there still writing Atlanta. They burn down a building and there still vandalism happening across the country and now we're seeing counter groups rise up. This is where you should be alarmed when regular people are pulled into the fray and I'll throw this it s kind of an aside, a kind of a joke, they're saying no foot pulse. Doktor values that nobody gave it, but it's actually read the story from Time magazine
before we get started, however, had over the TIM cast outcomes lashed on it? If you'd like to support my work, this many ways can give there's also a p o box. You can set things, but the best thing you can do just share this video. If you think that this video is important, if you think what I'm saying makes sense, and you think I do a good job sharing me. Sharing the video helps other people hear this and it helps go. My channel, admittedly, Youtube props up mainstream media. I can't compete with that, but if you think I deserve it, your share really does help. Otherwise just subscribe hit the like button Notification Bell. Let's read for. I magazine they said this researcher predicted. Twenty twenty would be mayhem, here's what he says comes next, not every took Peter Turkey seriously a decade ago when he said why spread civil unrest would sweep through the: U S and twenty twenty they had. No. Reason to believe I wasn't crazy, says torch and sixty three year old researcher who teaches cultural evolution at the University of Connecticut.
In twenty ten, after analyzing historical cycles of instability, Turkey made a prediction that was published at the time. In the journal, nature Amerika will suffer a p. Rid of major social upheaval beginning around twenty twenty somewhere skeptical Trojan says because people do not understand that I was making scientific predictions not prophecies. Then twenty twenty came amid a global pandemic, which has so far killed more than a hundred. Sixteen thousand people in the- U S, and result in a record unemployment rates NASH. Oh unrest erupted at the end of May over the death of George Floyd. Does, of cities were placed under curfews as marches protesting, police brutality and racism, blocked highways, bridges and city streets. Videos circulated Heavy handed policing, pepper, sprang of peaceful protestors and journalists shoving of martyrs to the ground by officers. Some protests ended in violence with police cars, torched and shops eluded, the National Guard was deployed in several states. While he feels validated, Turkey is horrified to be right
as a scientist I feel vindicated, but on the other, and I'm an american and have to live through these hard times ever spent, in the last twenty years studying crises in Amerika and the structural defects that helped caused them. Trojan says many signs showed the? U S was spiralling toward upheaval in this decade, the nation. He says, he'll experience stretches of turmoil about every fifty years between one thousand eight hundred and seventy during heightened tensions of the reconstruction era and one thousand nine hundred and seventy in the aftermath Martin Luther King Jr assassination, when women and many minority groups were fighting for equality amid protests against the ongoing Vietnam WAR Church and looked at you, don't analyzing peaceful and violent anti government demonstrations that involved at least a hundred people between seventeen, eighty and twenty ten using a computer model. He also factored in economic patterns including the declining wages, wealth inequality exploding, national debt and of social pressures that affect national stability from the same time period. The models
social and economic turmoil in the- U S would come to a boiling point in the years around twenty twenty church and wrote in his twenty twenty ten paper. Worse conditions, goods. He'll becoming turgid, says societal crises which our triggered when pent up pressure is seek. An outlet can typically last for five to fifteen years. The underlying routes of unrest are not probably properly addressed. Turbulent events are easily set up again in South Africa, for example, what you're one of the world's most unequal countries. According to the World Bank, intense protests in anger over race and wealth, inequality still wrinkle the country twenty six years after a part had ended. Residents, burn tyres in almost daily protest. According to the AP. Since flaw its death on May twenty fifth conversation around systemic racism and police brutality against black men and women have spread across the net And the globe local officials some cities, including New Yorker. Many s have announced plans to either De Fund or dismantle their police departments, while federal law makers are pushing to reform police and other ways include
Banning chokehold and creating a national registry of misconduct now open Give you some an interesting but of information which could be good or bad as we're seeing this action undertaken. Important data needs to be highlighted roughly eight and ten voters. Eighty one to fourteen percent say they oppose eliminating the current police department in their community and replacing it with a new one. The reason that a significant is because government actors and politicians are due wing it anyway, most people like their police departments. So why would these governments make these dramatic changes? The problem my opinion comes when you have an angry mob and an idea Ology emerging that can't be placated. These people will not back down. They have a world view that is, in my opinion, completely wrong, but they are violent and destructive with You start to see the government pander to these groups because they can't control them and there's too
many of them to just simply start arresting people, and they do have constitutional rights to have their views and to speak their minds, but the ideas are spreading and these people are violent. So what happens? The police start bending over and bending the me for these my group's that's what we saw in Atlanta when they charged this cop with felony murder. The cop in Georgia now faces the death penalty. Potentially and that is insane based on the video footage. If you watched it, we are getting to a point where regular people will push back and what happens the government, but balls, you then get ideological groups who want to see a revolution facing against reactionaries and that little is reference to those resisting the revolution or counter revolutionaries fighting back but the politicians are weak, willed, spineless, look, let's be honest. The Democrats literally bent Veni
democratic leadership, and are we seeing Republican speak up and speak out against this? Mostly no, I know some may be, but mostly now and now, high profile trump supporters are coming out rather angry. Dang. What are they doing? Nothing is not enough. Well, let's get to the more important for other, more important up, important factor on top of this church and says the code but nineteen pandemic has further worsened the well being of large swathes of the american population. A leading, driver of national instability and could make the public less likely to trust government institutions. As millions of Americans remain jobless. Torch says there will be other triggers. After this he worries tensions quote may escalate all the way to a civil war on fortunately says things are not as bad as they can be. Institutions are failing When we no longer trust are our politicians, we are being told,
me here in New Jersey that I can't go to a restaurant for a bite to eat, but protesters can march in the streets shoulder to shoulder we are seeing. At the exact same time on CNN them saying no protest no no rally for double trumpet. Yes, protest. I mixed up they are saying, look at these good, a noble protesters for our ideology, supporting ideas. We like good for them, but then If Europe wants to have a rally for his side and they say how dare he, how dare he and they tried suing him to stop him. I now bring you to one of the worst and most damning bits of information that I think we all saw coming. Doktor found. She said the? U S: government held off promoting face asks, because it new shortages were so bad that even doctors couldn't get enough They say doctor. I thought you said Friday. The reason the public was advised not to wear masks at the beginning of the crown of ours pandemic was that there were too few to go around. Let me read
frame that for you in a way, that's probably easier to understand the guy from its new masks could help you. The government knew that masks would help prevent the spread of covert and the government. Fouche particularly lied to you be, as they want to make sure that they got their masks. First, it's right here. Business insider vouchers in an interview with a financial new site, the St Thou g- the? U S cover foremost infectious disease expert was asked The change in government advice on wearing masks many more confused. Why are we getting collecting information on this. Well now we know vouchers we needed them more than you and you know what to an extent I get it. I respect it governments gotta carry on right, the government survive. What is where you been was I to realize you can't trust the government and its scary. An unfortunate mean to a certain degree. You can but think about this at this at this,
point it early on when they were saying, don't wear masks. I was being told by Youtube by Facebook that if countered the official narrative of the World Health Organisation, the CDC my videos would be banned. And now we know it was a lie. This is about Covin but in talking about a civil war, you to understand that people have lost faith in government. We are being told by Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. You can't go out to have a bite to eat, Andrew Cuomo, saying that he won't don't make me come down there, because people in Manhattan we're having a drink with their bodies and what say about the tens of thousands of people protesting for black lives matter. Nothing I'll, tell you what a the block Geocentric sent a crew down to weld shut, the gates of a playground in a jewish community trust is eroding, and what do we get man? I tell you what we got,
Police officers across the country of quit their jobs, Atlanta officer, charged with murder and racial, Brooks shooting doing his job about this one Donald Trump now supporting the officer in the rush hour duckshooting. These are all just little bits of grains of sand to make up the heap that need out you at the analogy. You know I love to use. Tromp has taken his side right. Racial Brooks was kicked stepped up, by officers as he was on the ground, a corner, the d, a completely at odds with what, though you ve got to narratives emerging hundreds of armed counter protesters confront black lives matter rally in Ohio, armed rooftop. Gunmen, spotted and arrested. These things are just popping up across the board and we can't trust our institution, so people dont know what to believe and they show up and they resist fight back. Take a look at this tweet from yeah sure Ali, a well respected journalist.
For New York magazine in having imposed in a tweet from CBS News. They say: deputies kill, half brother of black man found hanged in park. There's been a series of stories about black men being found hanged and, of course, the law believes its white supremacist or something and then see runs this story saying that Mps kill the hat we're half brother of the man found hanged. If you just read the title, most people will think at the police are just killing more innocent, unarmed black men. Yeah surely points out saying that it's important The story says the deputies claim. This man opened fire on them. Why, is the media propping up these wise? It framing things this way the media is out of control. Individuals don't know who to trust and the government lied to us, you have everything mixed neatly into this pot the over reaction of government desperate to appease the mob. In the debate that the Atlanta shooting case, people fearful because their neighbors are under attack, rising up
and themselves mainstream media framing things in such a way to exacerbate the problem and a government that lied and will likely lie again and don't forget vouchers is on trumps taskforce, so there's there's Chris them to go round for every side of this, but you mix all these things together and what you get in stability and fear think this results in chaos. Chaos like this parliament's own established outside Portland Mayors apartment, just like the Chaz. More and more of this is starting to happen now, of course, to be fair. The police quickly crushed this, but they keep trying and it's only a matter of time before we start to see what we saw and say the spanish civil war, we start to see. Leftist groups take urban centres, gain control of them. When you looked to the Chaz in in Seattle, the capital autonomous on a change that aimed to chop but mean allows private practice protect themselves, the mayor called it a summer of love, the governor told Trump
Mind your own business. If these groups start forming altogether shouted to Stephen prouder, he put out of irritating asked this question. If armed leftist groups, can seize territory in your town. Would it be? on reasonable, then too, to see right, wing groups armed taking it back? That's where things get really scary. And that's when we talk about civil war. This is the reason why I highlighted things. I did why I pointed out to the DNA in Atlanta, because I want you to consider this they have already said in New York, and I know today many times for, though that there are concerns that watches my content, but I have to give the context for those that are new viewers in New York. If you protest for black lives matter no charges, they said this. You can go to church, though you can't sing in fort worth. If you been arrested for riding for black lives matter, no charges, they will be dropped. Selective enforcement, if you're a cop, doing your job and a convicted Phelan, I'm on probation, who you caught drunk
driving, resists attacks, you takes you and your partner down steals your taser fires at you and you defend yourself. Felony murder. You could get the death penalty, that is, morality policing, so I bring you now to the to the fore I have armed gunman on rooftops in Philadelphia and other places. Armed leftist taking territory in cities in Portland, now smell and Asheville and Chicago, probably others trying to take more areas in citys now I know it may be silly small, but their armed and the setting up, checkpoints and checking ideas and as reports the transition people down, we ve seen them dragging a preacher through the streets. What happens when a right wing group comes of guns and says, move this? Is America and you can't take our streets and they fight? Each other. Add that, together with the morality policing and what you get, the right wing groups are concerned
at least smeared insulted derided and when they actually stand up and try and fight back, the media will do the same thing. Then you will see a complete breakdown. That's when everything falls apart. No one trust the media. The right will be fellow fide and people will get angry about it and they'll probably stand up now. I dont know for sure it's possible because of what we see in safer in Philadelphia, where not super political people defend statues from being torn down by the left will see more of this and it may not result in any kind of real civil conflict on not confident, though you know, I'm in the past couple of weeks as I've met before as well. We ve seen a massive activation of people into the political space on the left and the right I'm hearing from many conservative and moderate channels, independent channels at their viewer ship. Through the roof. And I M also seeing many of my might my left wing liberal friends posting insane things on social media people who are never political and at me
when it comes down to some one showing up and take back the chairs to stop the occupation in Portland or Chicago or national or actual or anywhere else, that a fight breaks out. And people have already chosen their ideological tribes. They don't trust the government. The left doesn't like Trump and now that the conservatives don't trust the police, because they are enforcing unconstitutional locked, orders democratic governors are giving out are giving us a double standard protests, good trump rally, bad restaurant bad, but protest God. No one knows what to believe anymore and that's it. What happens if this officer in Atlanta who was just doing his job, is put on death row? Do you think Americans or cops or anybody will stand for it? I think a lot of won't, but let's move beyond this because likely the charges won't stick what happens if a right wing individual steps up and says you will not take my streets and fire fighting Susan, they win
and then this person gets put on death row. What happens then, when our government is morality, policing and telling you as a Christian, as a practitioner of Judaism or Islam, that your rights are second to black lives matter, what happens? when our governors tell us on the fourth of July. Are you may not celebrate your nation, yet we watch people in Portland tear down a statue of Thomas Jefferson, I think people are gonna stand for that, but come on. Men were what to three. We so way from the fourth of July, the celebration of the birth of a nation, our nation and independent nation and they're telling us. The locked on orders extend well beyond this, and you can't go out new groups. Donald Trump can have as rally I am worried that they actually trying to stop fourth of July celebrations and what that means
could be a really really. I don't know a spark, a very special day to America, they're tearing down Thomas Jefferson in play they're, renaming schools, Washington and Jefferson to something else. Americans, patriots who love this country are, quite literally watching it be erased. Or their eyes, and now, with the morality placing I've mentioned. I agree with this researcher this individual, this man, this scientists. Let me let me actually peterkin his name. But it may lead to civil war. The cove id thing broke our economy and it shocked people the Riots act, I did people and now we're getting the truth. The government lied to us about covered alleys of Foxier sang I'll. Take my word for it I'm just reading the news on the left loved to claim that, because I read the news, it must be a conspiracy theories about you said it not me, medicines I reported it don't look at me, I'm telling you what they said. The very least people. Don't trust the government,
and now with the mayor of Seattle and the governor supporting the far left occupation at gunpoint. Essentially, I have to wonder What regular Americans are gonna think as they watched their statues of their heroes, be torn down and what happens on the fourth of July Maybe a civil war. Maybe the civil war would happen tell way later and trumps term. I have no idea. All I know is this guy said it, and you know what this guy was right ten years ago, here's it's funny about all this three years ago, when I said I fear there could be a civil war, because I was reading a story from I think the New York magazine. That said this, not my opinion, might might begin after reading it to be fair. We didn't know that unrest was coming and twenty twenty, this guy did and after All of these people were saying he's experts in these interviews, civil wars possible in America last year, Bill MAR said civil wars possible and last year, when that tell you be wrote about living through
a coup, their insane their random and that we are We are in this period of counting heads a permanent coup. Americans might soon wish they just waited to vote there, where the trump Matt TB didn't know there would be widespread civil unrest and twenty twenty, this researcher dead. I'm sorry man, you may think it's absurd. You may think it can ever happen here, but you would be wrong it may be. The probability is still low and everything's being sensationalist entirely pos All that to a hammer everything looks like a nail, perhaps because I've expected this. I am now looking for evidence to back this up
but I tell you what men I didn't make up that nation, wide protocol riots and looting was happening across country, thirty plus cities. I didn't make up that their their morality, policing. These things are all happening. Maybe they're isolated incidents- shore, fine whatever, but you choose you decide for yourself. What you think is gonna happen me I'll. Tell you what, after everything, I've seen after everything, I've seen gun sales. You know that across the board, guns have been picked clean from all of these stores. You no body armor has been picked clean from many money stores. After all, these things with every all these exports warning with comedians Bill MAR Dave Chapelle And now you have the scientists himself who predicted the unrest sang. It may be a full on civil war, say what you want to say: men think we're gonna think I can't tell you
I believe, but I can tell you that it was only a week or so ago, a couple weeks ago that a bunch of far leftist shut up the Cassandra Fair Banks house with fireworks and guns banging on our windows. Maybe it's all hyperbolic, maybe it's all exaggerated to hammer everything was taken ill thought it I'll tell you what you do whatever you want, but I remind you that right now people are buying guns and record numbers, including liberals, people who used to be four gun control, their buying body armor in massive numbers so. I can only assume what people are planning for and in the end, maybe it's all just a self fulfilling prophecy. But I guess we can only wait and see. The ground. Next time is coming up at six p: DOT M at Youtube, dot, com, Timcast news: it is a different channel and I will see you all then men, there a lot of rumours going around about what happened. Last night in atlanta- but I think it's fair to say it is confirmed- a blue flew occurred if enough, Emily
Blue flu is when the police all call in sick or don't respond to cause it's usually when they call it separately, don't shot because I can't go on strike. There was so reports at the police were saying they wouldn't respond to any calls unless it was officer down. So there's a bunch of p, on Twitter saying these. All these different zones in Atlanta knock are not responding. The scanners are dead silence. A lot of it was rumour what they they did have to admit We do have an unusually high number of Collins yea I shut up, but you know what you know. I don't blame, but that the politicians from for having to lie about it because we live in If it came out in there like. Yes, all of our cops have called in sick in protest of the charge of the guns. When I was our next question, it would be Bedlam in Atlanta. Well, maybe that's the point. You need the police Now. Those are from it with what what what's going on, we gotta get serious here for a minute. We are seeing an escalation so rapid that I almost can't be,
and you know look I pride myself on having a tendency to be correct, not all the time, but I shall take fifty one percent. You know to forty nine, which means a tendency. I've got nothing's wrong, but it does seem like the things I've talk, but of the past. Several years are slowly starting to happen. It doesn't mean the final conclusion will be correct, but listen about a week or so ago. Maybe, two weeks ago I was talking my friends, and I said that look. There are docks in people Thunder going to stop at your house. Has then you're going to see the mob did any charges against people in there and a hand people over to you know the far left Antifa then they're going to start making up ridiculous charges against him to appease the mob. This is when the constitution shatter when more morality policing arises. I can't believe it in the course of two weeks, We ve gone from literally people, darting conservative shrunk to their houses, with guns, shooting at an that's Cassandra, fair banks to that them handing over Derek Chauvelin to Keith Alice. And a special prosecutor and far left us,
and now the cop involve. Then the racial Brooks shooting, which was a tragedy unfortunate incident, but was probably a clean act of self defence. There threatening him with the death multi, and the de appears to be long. As far as I can tell you claiming that after the sky officer, Ralph shot ratio, The first thing he did was onwards kicking him. That seems in saying to me when you watch the body camera footage of what happened in Atlanta with racial Brooks. You see a car. When professional police officer You see a man who's in in the process of committing a serious offence, drunk driving whose area on probation it some people said is a misdemeanor, maybe because of a second defence because a probation into more, more serious charge but raise our brooks was probably gonna go to prison and he had yet some violent felonies under is above, which was on probation for the cop tries to arrest him. He beats the crap out of these two cups
it was the weapon runs, turns and fires it and that's when Ralph returns fire and according to the official statement from the police, you gotta believe it. The first than it did was tried to administer. First aid to save Mister Brooks there is accorded the daily mail footage where officer. Ralph is saying: keep breathing keep reading for me. You know, don't die things like that. Now the DA's trying to claim that after they killed him- and there was no. These knows no aggression from Mister Brooks ever they killed him. He ran up and kicked him and his partner stepped on him. I just don't believe it so I'll. Tell you what man? If you know I've talked about civil war, not stuff, but I have. Ever been more bullish on it, then than when I saw what the D A in Atlanta sad about this cup, and that was it that was like crossing the Rubicon baby because they gotta think about this issue, look at the actual reporting. If you look at the actual videos, you have a better understood
ending and make it and have a clearer view of what happened it was. A tragedy is unfortunate. Whenever someone Lucy was, it loses their life. This. What happens rush hour Brooks was committing a crime. He was drunk driving and he got caught, and that means the cops. To a rest em now that they think they could have been like. Ok, we're not you go but think about this. You find someone drunk driving, you can be well we'll just what? What? What would you you work? We caught you with your engine running in your car, your litter they driving drunk, but we'll just trust you not to do it now, the calves, the cops can't make that decision. In my opinion, look if you cut someone in there car keys out of the ignition or whatever the cops can still trying to armed with a deal wife to try to sleep it off, but that's messed up, that's real messed up and maybe a Jew I will let you off, maybe not the cops in that nets since they find him parked in saying look man, I'm just drunk and try not to drive a good cop is be a guy body appreciated men in this instance they caught the guy doing it since I remember when I bring you went because you were literally driving drunk the dude fight, some according the police statement from the second officer
he had a knock him of the ground, giving them a concussion. Then he ran off stole his weapon and fight at him. Nothing about this man in the real in in in outside of policing. If somebody pointed a weapon at you, no matter what it was and you shot them. You would have clear self defense clear, though, that the he ain't. Atlanta wants to give the death penalty. Ok I'm sorry, I'm sorry, it's little little hyperbolic heat that that the officer better these charges could get the death Are you nuts and actually charged with it, but is also a life in prison charge? And this is insane and that's why I've never been more bullish on and on a serious civil war. Would you gotta understand whenever I say this in about I'm not talking about a forming of ranks between them north and the south and they marched towards each other and guerrilla warfare. That's what a civil war looks like a rapid and, historically the. U S of war something very, very different? It's gonna be something like skirmishes and city and cities and we're going to that point.
When I saw the DE eight put out a video claiming that it was a callous cold blooded, murder. I knew right away. The left will see this video and they will nor anything else and say both there. It is you're already seeing celebrities tweet the stuff out, saying justice. They have no idea what happened. I'm seeing high profile, sunlit left as people I know sang this poor man was sleeping in his car and the cops kill them. It is not true. So what can be done? If you want to live in blind ignorance and be a zealot, a violent zealot, you can just believe the sweet sweet lies and join the mob, but I think the right of the average person, especially those were watching me, don't want to believe the lies. You all know. The truth is the truth, as it was a tragedy, but it was not of a George Floyd situation. How do you now stop the left from writing from burning things down? You can't they will believe the lies, and that's where the fracture happens, that I don't think it could be mended. I think we are on track to complete distrust
what I mean like the end of the world with out of the country. I just means I'm thing is going to spark off and there's gonna be worse violence, and it's going to cause very serious troubles for people could be that Trump invokes the insurrection act and incomes things down, but now it looks. Let's talk with the blue. Flew let's get whatever night Atlanta mayor refuses to say how many cops failed to show up for their evening. Chef ever scores call out sick in protest after officer get Ralph was charged with murder rate. Our brooks This is the other side of that coin. But you gotta understand that the left wants this to happen. They want to disband and defend the police. So when the cops stop showing up and they are cheering for it, they want the sea. Come to collapse because from the ashes of the old they will build a new there. That there is. There is a group of extremists activist. I know who these people are, or I should say I know some of them are from Occupy Wall Street. We expect expressed this point of view. Obviously, right now, I think
That's a lot of high profile people in the press and if you were the one other names I gotta do follow Andy no on Twitter because he is the one who documents everything these people are doing. In other things, they say is the other side of that coin, though you get violent riots and then you charge the police with murder and the police walk off my respect to the cops who did and the cops who didn't. I'm actually rather shocked, but it's a tough it's. It's a rock and a hard place. You know. Look I live in a small town, a suburb and we have a very small police department and I have had nothing but positive interactions. With every single cop where I live, I could not Imagine these cops walking out and saying I will not protect my town because the towns very small and most a lotta people know these guys are in their their friendly guys when had a problem, my house, they were here in a minute and they were very, very helpful and I thank them immensely, forgetting here as fast as they did. Small town policing is very different from big city,
So I can't imagine these guys walkin off the job, because everybody here likes them, but you look in Atlanta. They don't have that they don't have those that that at Saint Community support their out and then what happens the opportunists take hold. This is this. Is this? Is this where things are getting dark? You know the far left will exploit the demoralization of police. That's why they like it. So what I said the other day was look man. Every single and every single cop in Atlanta should walk off. You know why the conservatives want them to do it to stand up for themselves and the left one thing to do, because they don't like the cops they want to abolish them when, when I think the only people who would be freaking out of them I'd incorporate Democrat type people. You know the main stream upper class corporate dams, we're gonna be. Like what we need are our police in a while. Alternatively, joining the protests to condemn them, they're the ones there they hypocrites Can it be scared, want there's, no problem, but to be honest, those people desire private sector
They are the ones who say you. Should we not have guns and they'll higher the people to stand four thousand guns I'll take a look at the story they save me Our key shall Lance bottoms attempted to reassure residence at the city streets would would would not be any less safe despite fewer cops on patrol, because I think they might miss than not yours would be. Officers were seen to be failing to respond to calls in three other departments: six zones with Sir people. Monitoring the police, Ghana reporting near radio silence. I turned on the scanner, and I heard nothing. Raising man listen during all of these mate Please major incidents over the past ten years of variety of them, like needle doner, incidentally, by Wall Street, we listen to police scanners and it shadow chatter, cherry here, all the stuff. You turn these on nothing departed sources claim that scores of officers refusing to work last night between the department later try to walk back claims? That coverage is affected on twitter?
they say earlier, suggestions that multiple officers were meet zone had walked off the job or inaccurate. The department has expired, a higher than usual number of call out with the incoming shift. We have enough resources. Maintain operations and remain able to respond to incidents. Well, The rumour was that Atlanta was calling nearby departments asking for help and they all said no, bravo Cops in Atlanta and the surrounding areas there no way. Do you just look at you, you put it in front of the wheat. You use charge now felony murder the possibility of the death penalty for defending himself. Now. It's all you you do what you want to do all right and they should. I explained this other night and on another shot, an arrow podcast man. Look I've had a bunch of really bad experiences cops, but I don't think you should, for I don't think you should be, should put the cop up for the line, I'm up for the death penalty
That's great! I don't think they're really going to get the death penalty, but this is scary man. The escalation is so fast that we're going to see it we're going to see the death penalty soon, they're going to find a cop and it's going to be a questionable shooting and instead of saying strip him of his powers, give him give him a misdemeanor or something they're going to say off with his head, That's where we're heading men, you thought the twitter Robespierre is were bad. Wait till you get the literal one sang off with their head and guess what I'm warning you now Marie already policing is here in New York in Fort Worth in Atlanta. It is easier to one person who is innocent to these people, then too deal with a mob destroying buildings. A will choose like like Don those falling over look to the past and you can see it when over and over and over again when the mob become
uncontrollable. They say just give them what they want and it never never makes things better, but they'll do it, because humans are predictable and humans don't learn from history. Unfortunately, some do many, don't so you'll It like we're. Seeing now the DNA apparently in Atlanta up for reelection unease worried. So we need something to run on top and locked up on lot: tough against police brutality. I say now he's straight up saying I would rather just have this cop face execution. Then, actually you stand up for the for the rule of law. It's easier to deal with killing one person than fighting thousands, hundreds or tens of thousands, so they'll. Do it now, here's the other problem is Rolfe will not be convicted on this Annie jury will look at this and be alike. What was I supposed to do? Do points a taser at youth but points it right back at you and fires it, and you got a third of a second to decide. Do I let him just keep firing? He already gave my
our american caution. According to his perspective, do I just say: let him go to take hostages he's violently belligerent he's firing at me, as soon as that weapon pointed at his face, he went for his gun and then fires, and then he returns fire. I don't see how you could scoured murder aren't even say to this house manslaughter in there in any normal circumstance. If someone was was pointing eleven June, shooting you probably justified in self defence. So why would this copy an indifferent in fact, typically cops because they ve expectations and institutions? We have there there it's lenient against them. Big fan of that all the time. It's a little bit more. Take us out. We have some tweets. It is the greatest of seed to cry. In Wrigley Villain voiced on Chicago now they were huge and covering the Justice Mallette Hoax. They responded to the tweet from may lead to police department, claiming with as a number of call out. They said funny, I just listen to an Atlantic, The sir and dispatcher spent fourteen minutes giving a long list of code twelve, which means no report was taken by.
They didn't have any one to send a man. Responding here is a clip where a dispatcher is told that any twenty, nine meaning a fee In progress where there's nobody getting severely jacked up or weapons will be auto code, twelve straight up saying, if, if you get a call about a fight wrecking up na no one's going to respond to that while men and end the cop actually hasn't clip where there's But he getting severely jacked up our weapons. My question is: who are these cops? Who stayed on the job? Are you in same. Do you have a measure? Did you not hear the deed I say that if you defend yourself, you will face potentially the death penalty. I can't imagine anyone dominance to put themselves in a position of operator this way, let's say you're, not a cop or your regular person, and someone says: hey bro, look that that guy's got a weapon in history.
People. Can you go there and stop that by the way? If you heard a moment arrest, you heard about a prison and will execute you. What no your asking me to go, confront decked out with weapons, and if I have to try and stop him blue, flew sort of each said Ella. While we can really listen to the police scanners and zone, six is radio silence and zone five. As close to that, This twits had a social officers. They were down hundreds of spots before this mess blue, flew sort of each said Ella. While we can really listen to the police scanners and zone, six is radio, silence and zone five. As close to that. Earlier us ass, a tweet there there's a lot happening in our cities and our officers are receiving the brunt of it. Quite frankly, mayor key shall Lance bottoms, told CNN bottom set at the city has promised a pay raised, will end as officers, but that she expects that are officers will keep their commitment to our communities. I'm sorry, man, look
What about my local cops and I see no reason for them right now to walk off the job or walk away, but I haven't thinking getting you like white. Why don't? We see all of the different cops? Just a blue flew man across the board. I thought about it. It makes no sense for small town department, because we know and we like them, we got there they got our back and we're all a small town and we go to the barbecues and everybody's got a friendly. We all know each other, because I still tens of thousands of people here, but for the most part you walk into the apartment there cordial. They know you, that's a smaller towns, suburban living
some people have like other Elsie, argued that's what city policing should be like it's like, but the population density of your cities, the crime rates, it's all so different, not only wrong. I believe in police reform on one hundred percent. For that, because I think there's things we can do that and they can better equip and protect police that can restore confidence in police and can actually restore caught like restoring confidence of the people, knowing that, if there are bad cops, there will be accountability We cannot simply say that this questions about qualified immunity. We cannot simply say that all cops are immune because then bad cops take advantage of that. But I don't know how that manifests and and what the right way to go about that as in Iraq, pretend to have all the answers. What I do know is it's time to sit down and have a conversation about what we can do to men that divide, to say to the police like what would make you feel better and maybe there's no answer to be honest because you know we see the videos of cops getting shot the end, and although doesn't happen all the time, its actual extremely rare,
you're asking someone to under the situations where you look it with Russia Brooks and they get attacked and steal his weapon. So what what working expect? But I do want to say this- I want to ask why, to all these lead to cops, you stayed on the job you that that that they have not look. You're community didn't turn their back on you. They did something worse. They came right up to your face and they spat in it. They told, like I can't imagine any by any any sane person and irregular personal watch. That video would conclude the charges brought against this cop are justified and it for me. I quit on the spot. I just walk right had quit straight up, I would just walk out back later. Not coming back, you don't got my back. I don't got yours, but this is the same question as like you know. We see a lot of.
Stories about questionable shootings, and I feared for my life and people can complain about this. The racial brooks is, in my opinion, clear cut. The dude was eight was drunk violent, had violent felony charges was on probation, beat two cops up: through weapon and pointed right at the guy, and, unlike our I, you get more clear cut them that in self defense I really really don't and then apparently boarding to the daily mail. They tried to save his life. They didn't want to kill him, it's a tragedy, but you are needed that penalty for it. I'm I'm shocked at their lent, a cop that are just ok with this really, maybe maybe there that desperate for cash or something maybe there needs to be a girl. A fund set up some kind of financial pool to make sure that, if cops are forced off the job because of these things, that they can, Have you know some? Some cash from it, maybe maybe a foundation of some sort, and I think you know a kind of its a bipartisan thing. Listen if the left wants to disband the police, I got the easiest way to do it lets create attempt.
Very fun where you know the cops will be supported and can leave. And then there you go. You went congratulations left. We don't despondent addressed, we don't is vandal, don't have to the cap Can you walk away and then for the cop that one, a blue flu or stand for themselves and walk out will have some kind of support? I'm not saying to do anything, I'm saying. Maybe that's what needs to happen before these cops can actually walk out. Cost too. Many are scared that you know there that they have to feed their families are. Whenever I see the mayor admitted that morale within the police department, a police force was low, but would not reveal how many officers had called out Wednesday night Wednesday evening shift bottoms attended to reassure the city's residents department could cope and that some officers had agreed to work overtime, she's alive, because if he came out and said our cops didn't show up chaos in the streets. So maybe it's true that very few cops actually state on. Maybe only a couple dispatcher does something: maybe what we heard the scanners, the little chatter. There was
was simply cops. You know in the office administrative or maybe there were days- an amount is as we do. Of officers to cover us through the night. Why? How is it possible our street would be any less safe. Is the number of officers who called out, but it is my hope again that officers will remember that That means they made when they held up their hand and they were sworn as police officers. I'm a throw that right back at you, whereby the commitment that the community makes to the police that we have your back- you have ours baked if that's gone, the contract is broke, Look at us. They say: Fulton County District attorney, Paul Howard announced eleven charges against Gear Wolf, who was fire after he shot racial books twice in the back, we'll faces eleven charges, including felony murder. Five counts of aggravated. For council violation of oath of office and one count of criminal damage to property. What's that's insane men, Devon, Brosnan, the other officer,
Shooting faces an aggravated assault charge for standing on books in the parking lot. Both officers lawyers has had there not guilty interesting. Why would Brosnan stand on a man who has just shot? The left will tell you, it was cruelty, was careless or maybe it's because they needed to restrain the man and they don't know the scope of injury, and they are also told they can't meal on him. There's no answer. I know men all. You can do you dont know those guys are given free system. That is a matter that I got your back. I also don't believe that they said da we are Ralph kicked the guy when he was down on a blue side and show me the video aright at that. I gotta say, show me the video and now more and more than happy to expect to look at the evidence, but the evidence has been presented. I'll. Tell you this right now. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is out aged, because it's a women even completed our investigation and Digest jumped on charges? Lineaments happened yet, so I think these guys will definitely get off for sure
apparently the days lying about the cooperation from with with Brosnan or ever so we'll see what happens, but I'm sorry man this to me is a red line. A cop being charged with felony murder and all these aggravated assault charges watch the video watched, a body, camera footage and you're gonna be like while men will. We even have cops after this. Maybe but I'll tell you what, if these cops ever try to enforce the law, how easy will it be just accused the department of both brutality and careless and just when and just straight up when how often now will there be police in cities or saying? I can't stop that criminal, because I will get in trouble. We sought before will see it again, I leave it. There is a lot more going on right now got a lot of stories lined up. I will see you all at one p m on this channel. Thanks sprang up out ladies and gentlemen fret, not though
There have been many stories of injustice in the past few weeks that may have left you without hope. I bring to two preliminary stories that show justice may actually be serve now, don't get too excited because they haven't been resolved, but there is some recently good news if you're into variegated and law and order. The first is that a woman who fire bombed a vehicle was tracked down by the cops, the FBI. They found her because she had a tattoo, and because the shirt she was wearing was uniquely made and ships to her. They were. It was very easy for them. Naturally, track down. Who this woman was find her and she has been, I believe, has been arrested now. The other story is that the men in New Mexico who is chased after by the far left and was being beaten, fired, has gone in self defence has had its charges,
dropped. If you're not familiar story, there there's some argument about whether he started the fight or whatever he was fighting with people. The statue, you can see some people touching him in pushing people off tarred to know who is the aggressor, but he did run away. They chased him. One yelled, something about killing. Somebody somewhat one. These guys. In all black runs up in grabs. His skateboard hits him with it. He draws his gun. One two three four guy goes down critically injured. Now they initially charged the guy was aggravated. Battery, but apparently in a photo you can see the other guy might be. Holding a weapon, a knife and apparently the I believe it was the These were the prosecutor will read the story said they were covered these weapons, so they can't charge that guy right now to figure out what is going on. Let's get started with this first story: F B, I tracked down white woman who set cop cars alight by tracing custom, t shirt she wore at Philadelphia demonstration to at sea which led them to her linkedin and push bark accounts. You wanna some crazy.
They got her right. That's the Good NEWS. What about to tell you that vice magazine vice media, wanted to advise you on how to avoid getting caught when destroying things? Amazing? Isn't it please take the necessary precautions to protect your identity before you go to a protest a tattoo and ass, he short led cops to arrest a woman while they say she's accused. Ok, that's fair innocent until proven guilty, but I gotta say if they did arrest the right person. I mean there's videos and photos of her throat the molotov cocktails. So let's read the story from off from a daily mail. They say a white woman believed to have set fire to cop costing a protest in Philadelphia has been arrested after investigators traced, her short to an Etsy page, ultimately leading to the women's social media accounts Lore Elizabeth Blumenthal. Thirty
Bree faces to council felony arson before her role in setting a place to Philadelphia Department vehicles following peaceful protests on May thirtieth. Ok, please stop you can't say peaceful protest and burning police vehicles in the same sentence. Maybe you want They it was peaceful up until that point. I think at that point the whole. Instead it becomes a violent right. I just the way I see it. Fbi agents use instagram posts of the burned cars along with five hundred photos from various photographers to identify the wording on roman women start keep the immigrants deport the racists, the FBI agents explained in his affidavit vice reports agents. SK at the shirt, was custom made and sold on Etsy and found that a user x x, x, x, envy had posted a review about purchasing the shirt. The url belonging to the Etsy was Alley CAT lore the page listed Philadelphia as being where the user lived. Now how to point something?
I am not one to drag people on their appearances. I am not one to drag people, for you know, look thing things. It can essentially change and are more interested in top level ideas. Can we talk about the idea of why she would do this? This image right here, agents used Blumenthal, Etsy page to find her linked in page. This is her. I dont know when this is her, but something happened to her at its horrifying can take a look at image and I want to scroll down and show you who this person is in what she looks like today. She's gotten matted net dread, lots of some sort. She looks kind of unkempt filthy, Mc Nutt, Jasmine taking care of her hygiene. She is overweight. She is not the same person is it's actually kind of shocking and its and look I'm
not saying this to to derive her based on you know her appearance or anything, but a point out some kind of degradation of of just general hygiene and funds occurs to these people. I don't order as it could be. You know the body positivity stuff There's this I mean that goes around about when people go to college. Now again, this photo, maybe ten thirty, years old or more, maybe it's for which the late teenager I have no idea, but we have in this habit. It is people once they get wrapped up in this cult ideology, which makes them daggers extremists. They from being normal looking people who cut their hair, who clean there close to frumpy. You know just what, with the right word like they're, not taking care of them, so any more like they really are falling apart
the reason I bring this up as its reminds me of drug addiction, and I have to wonder if there's something related to that in what's wrong with these people, they become lost and addicted to something where they no longer take care of themselves and they degrade. I was talking to a high profile. I left a feminist about how, when you go to the orange seed or Publican convention, you'll find people are typically their fit, not all of them, but you'll see taller, more fit man and thinner, more fit women and the inverse is true for the DMZ, the democratic Party, I'm not gonna. Tell you why that is, but I can tell you I have noticed this trend among the far left that they tend to fall apart whatever. That means, I think it's very, very interesting to point out now- maybe she's just older, but come on. How do you? How do I don't know? I don't know man I'll just leave it. There
they're gonna save the F B. I then Google to allocate lore and found a user named law, Elizabeth on Postmark agents that looked up law, Elizabeth Philadelphia and found a linked in page or woman who works as a massage therapist for accompanying the Philadelphia area. Authorities then used videos and the companies video counts. For then, if I tattoos that matched Blumenthal to the woman at the protest authorities, found a phone number on the website and then use it to identify the woman's address and the envy photo. While this occurred at sea provided purchasing records following a subpoena and confirm that accepts envy, purchased a short
subpoena also revealed that the items were sent to a law Elizabeth in Philadelphia. Here we can see our saying fast shipping thanks very much Paul had snicker that women's lawyer expressed concern about prosecutors, charging her in a federal court instead of leaving local authorities to deal with the case. The techniques utilized by the FBI are gonna, be scrutinised during the course of my pretrial investigation of this case. He said, lacklustre protesters and other demonstrators have convened in a city to protest, the killing of George Floyd Ahmed Armoury and run a tailor while decrying police brutality and racism in the United States on May thirtieth when the arson occurred. The reason why I brought up our appearance again absolutely not to two critique her or de Ruyter, because he doesn't look well, but it's to point out. Maybe mental unwillingness brought on by perhaps drug abuse brought on by perhaps some cut other kind.
Of mental issue. We ve talked about this before how these contests prey upon this type of mind. The impressionable scared lost and fractured mind. I wonder if what we are seeing is a mentally unwell woman who has been exploited by extremists to do the dirty work to do the things they don't wanna get caught doing and she does this and then she gets arrested arms. I ought to know I think, we're we're looking at a lot of people, we see a lot of these people on the street. Many of them are homeless. This squatters. These are people who are not. These are people who are in need of some kind of help and therapy, and I mean that with the utmost sincerity in respect like their unwell people who are angry and confused and they're not, you know it could be, there's a correlation between not eating right, not taking care of yourself not exercising and degrading into a poor mental state. Where you do something like this,
I'm sorry, I'm going to say it. If you're someone who goes out with molotov cocktails firebombing vehicles, you are unwell like period, you are unwell, photos and video taken at the scene, show a woman using a burning piece of wood from a police barricade and throwing it on the rear window of up a PPP Sudan that was already and fire, though it takes the burning wood and then uses it on a at ass. You read that was not on fire cope with yours, attorney's office, fully support the first amendment right of the people to assemble peaceably and to petition their government but torturing a police car has nothing to do with peaceful protest or any legitimate message, it is a violent and despicable act that will be prosecuted in this district to the fullest extent of along said: U S attorney Mc Swain in a press release. I find it absolutely fascinating her lawyers responses, oh, but the feds shouldn't. Do it shut up that that its federal law enforcement, when you get it, we need to do you. Tortuga police,
work, pretty shows a federal crime. Anybody who engaged in such acts can stand by to put your hands behind your back and back and had to federal prison. We are coming for you law and order. Baby, hopefully stays true Blumenthal face up to eight eighty years in prison up, oh, if convicted, followed by three years of supervised Eighty two is that without a marine there right, I thought I was eight while eighty she faced a fine of up to half a million dollars. The release, notes that civil unrest followed the peaceful protest and resulted in widespread looting, burglary, arson, destruction of property and other violent acts. Look, I think, she's just not! Well. I gotta be honest. I just she has not well that's a sad story, men, but let's jump over to a still a tragedy. I mean gotta, be honest man, I don't like hearing people lose their lives. I don't care sorry. Just me.
So there are many of us shoutout to fill from all that remains against. I shouted out his tweet the other day. He said that the death penalty was immoral. It was wrong and I want hundred percent agree and he in nailed it with a tweet, saying I don't trust the government to fix a pot whole. I'm not gonna trust them too, to you know, accurately and liked to end the right person's life. Put it that way. The weather was explained, it is listen. Innocent people do die on death row and it is better than a hundred guilty. Persons escaped than one innocent suffer Benjamin Franklin, black stones formulae. And ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffer as a serious compromise and a serious challenge. But I lean towards liberty. I will not endorse a state that will end someone's life because they cannot be sure and that's I'll tell you what men these more these morality questions is ethic ethics, questions to rock and a hard place, because if you let those
those out they victimize other innocent people. I get it now more innocent people are suffering its very, very, very difficult to figure this out, but at least I can say from a principle standpoint. I can't be the person endorsing that system. More the point with the story. I am said that this person, this far left us whatever there you know issues are not shot several times. I there there. You know anybody who I'm not, I'm not a fan of people laughing and cheering for the stuff. I don't laugh and cheer for war and eleven cheer for violence, Cason destruction. I want to see creation. I wanna see protection. I want to see what we would deem to be. You know virtuous light the creation, the expansion, the love that you the cherishing, but I also recognise there are dark that there is. There is darkness, there is evil. They are bad people, this anti for guy. This far leftist attacked a man swore
Skateboard animal was beaten by three people and this guy fired in self defense. Perhaps integrate apparently now they're dropping the charges against them because they agree with us another still investigating he still may be charged later on. But for now they're saying it looks like these guys had weapons and we don't know exactly you know, who's at fault. For the most part, it may be justified. Defence. Based on what I saw, I can, I would conclude personally: it was justified self defence it. I am sad to see someone takes several boy
That's what I'm also sad to see this guy swinging Skateboard Adam. I don't like any of the conflict turrible and I wish it would de escalate because I'm scared about what comes after this, but I tell you what men I will defend your right to defend yourself, you, you should not be forced to just lay down and take a faithful escape board where a guy's potentially holding a knife. Whatever you have a right to defend yourself, I'm not gonna blame you for it. I'm just upset had to come to this, and I think most most good people were out will recognise. Death and destruction is, is is awful even for bad people. It's right up to this way right: the death penalty. I understand that there are some cases coming up right now in federal court having to deal with or inveterate without all crimes haven't do with child abuse and a lot of people saying good. I totally here you if I was one hundred percent sure and was proven better reasonable doubt that this person did this. That's a high standard for me. Then I hear you while you on and this person's life. I still think it sad that we have to kill people that we would have to do so
that now again I defer to I revert back to the I don't trust the state to get it right and if, with one innocent person, man, I'm I'm sorry, I can endorse it. But look at you you're free to have your positions. You can argue. I've had some good conservative arguments for the death penalty in China, and I mean that just not for me not for me. Rotors reports, a New Mexico prosecutor on Wednesday dropped a shooting charge against an Albuquerque man suspected of shooting a protester and called for further investigations. After allegations, the protester was armed at the time he was shot but Burner Lila. Burn LEO County district attorney, Raoul Torres said he had serious concerns and initial police investigation into the Monday shooting did not identify who owned multiple weapons collected at the scene, including knives, nor interview key bystanders and police or has dropped, and initial aggravated battery with a deadly weapon charge against even Bachar thirty one after image,
is emerged online, showing protesters Scott Williams, thirty nine holding what was rumored to be a knife before he was allegedly shot by backup, Torricelli expected back to claim self defence. In defense case it looked like a knife: man, I'm sorry, it looked like he was holding a black blade and when he falls you see him drop something if they recovered a weapon at the scene, stands to reason. Bokkis saw weapon and went. Oh, no wonder why do you defended himself quote. There have been rumours on social media about what transpired in the final seconds before this, and we are actively looking into. I was, and whether or not this was justified tourist hold an online press briefing. The reason is not facing that charge. Right now is because this investigation is not complete. Videos show backup account or protests counter, protester at a demonstration to remove a conquest statue tussling with demonstrators before pulling out a handgun and shooting several times
for us that, under New Mexico LAW, a person cannot claim self defence if they are the first aggressor? Now this is an important factor. Bacco was running away? Will they argue that he started the fight and then ran away or will they? What will the The defence argue if that's the case that he may have instigated a fight, but as soon as he ran away, he had that the fight was over and they started a new fight. I dont believe you can claim they were acting in defence I chasing after him. Sorry there's also video showing that a woman was grabbing him. First, the woman so he threw a woman down but of oh? It appeared that she was getting in his face and block human pressing, her body against is sorry. It looks like the whole thing for him. A self defense Torah said
Ok, we are that tourists at his office had put a call for information on allegations. Williams was armed right now. I have no evidence to suggest that he was in any way arms tore said the fact that we haven't charged it. The shooting charge today doesn't mean it will not be charged Torres filed for new charges against Bach offer, unlawful carrying a firearm and battery for allegedly assaulting three women before the shooting boxes. Lawyer, Jason, but Bolas said he would plead not guilty to all charges. The other key journal reported, but less did not immediate response to a request for further comment now- and I have already shown you vice media said: please make sure you're protecting your identity when you go in protest centrist and this woman, the initial and with the Maldives. She wasn't protest in this vote,
lent insurrection, she's, torturing, police vehicles, she's throwing firebomb. She could kill people, so federal crime, she's being charged the FBI tractor down. Why, as vice telling people giving them advice on what to do to avoid being arrested by the police when they commit arson, I think we're dead were, I think, we're heading for really dark times now. This is you know. Look these. These stories are, are net negatives innocence, but perhaps there's hope, you're right now. In Atlanta I covered this and you probably the news. The district attorney in Atlanta is charging officer, Garret Rolfe, who shot Raymond Racial, Brooks with felony murder. Charges he's for a potentially faces the death penalty over this
it's insane. It's absolutely insane. It feels like the rule of law is breaking down. Like I mentioned several times, you may have heard at New York won't prosecute protesters, but you can't go to Church Fort Worth, has dropped, riding charges against people who are rioting at these events, that's morality, policing and the DNA is going to put some one potentially on death row charging them with a very, very serious crime for doing their job and defending themselves. When someone fired a weapon. That's scary: that's morality, policing, that's the dark times, but this should be even those kind of negative. Is our dear crazy stories still a limit of hope why it's too stories showing this woman who thought she could get away with with with violently attacking mean of public property in the police she's been arrested?
eighty years in prison and a man who was defending himself against a lawless mob now has its charges dropped? The stories may change, maybe the woman with a Malta's gets off. Maybe they argue, some technicality and the feds are forcing the charges and you get away with it will see. Maybe they investigate and then ultimately, Herman. This guy, who defended himself, is at fault and they actually end up recharging him. We will see, but I think there is theirs. There's dark times had thought Stephen crowd, or you may have seen he put a video earlier, just a rap on a cell phone, and he mentioned civil war. I agree with him- and I shall mention this, as has been mentioned- a lot more lightly because it what's been going on. It's not going to look like the american civil wars is. This is this? Is it a bias? Americans have looked to other historical civil wars, they pop up randomly it's going to result in a street battling DC. Someone storming the widest some ridiculous nonsense and they and the protests have already tried tearing down that the protocol, the security barricades and they torched one of that one of the buildings
at the White House, one of the checkpoint buildings. I guess civil war is not going to be armed factions marching in fields. It's gonna, be a group of insurrection, Aries storming the gates of some building and its when they have institutional support from people the government and people and government are already saying insane. Thanks, they're calling chop a trader, we are closer than we ve ever been, but now with the prosecution from the dna, and at last I think this is this. Is this is passing we frost the Rubicon. This is the red line claiming that this officer kill the non aggressive man who was sleeping in his car is now going to create an army of fervent zealots
dont know the truth and dont care. That's why I like these stories. The excitement I'm going to over at at four p, a professor warned, I believe, was ten years ago that he was tracking what was happening in and is now saying what may come. Next is a civil war something I've talked about before, but I want to give you a little taste of positivity before we go into the darkness. This segment talked about lawn order being upheld. The neck segment coming up at TIM cast dot net go check; it out is about the breakdown of law and order. So it'll get a little Have I will see you over there at four p m again TIM cast out. Not thanks, rang out and thou, see them. Consider this an addendum to my main channel segment, evident check it out, but a TIM cast out not goes up it. For every day I talked about a perfect you're saying that he believes the next step. After all, the civil unrest, it will add, could be civil war and I think they're set mess up to tee off for some kind of civil unrest.
Sort of I'm not trying to assert that there is a grand conspiracy, I like that just that whether intentional you're, not pieces are being laid that will lead in that direction will get more than eighty gritty on this one exclusive Fulton County D is accused of setting Atlanta up for new rounds of rioting, because a severe charges against the cop who killed rate our Brooks will never stand up in court. Vice not come clean out, make sure you protect your identity when protesting on a story about how the feds tracked down and arsonists and anti FA individual, why would they be trying to help people get away with us now we're hearing that the
gate in Fulton County, where they charged a cop just doing his job with murder may be setting them up for more rights. And then we have this story, popular mechanics, blasted for guide and how to topple a statue. Why would a news I'll, try? Nics teach people how to commit acts of vandalism and destruction when most people don't agree with statutes being pulled out in the first place, because the pieces are all being lined up and I think it's intentional. I think each of these individuals have idealistic aims, but it is setting us up for massive conflict there straight up telling us we are teaching people. We want things to get worse because it lets. Let's take a look at his first story of daily mail. They say the executive director of the Peace Officers Association, Georgia has:
accused Fulton District attorney, Paul Howard of setting up the city of Atlanta for another riot by bringing severe charges against the cop who shot dead racial brooks that will never stand up in court. Former officer get Rolfe has until six p m on Thursday evening. Turn himself in after Howard took the unprecedented step of issuing arrest warrants for Rolfe and Officer Devon Devon Brosnan. Before any indictments we're roslyn twenty six had the same deadline but turned himself in around one thousand. One hundred and thirty, a dot m Rolf has been charged on eleven counts, the first of which is felony murder. So we do know, that's not going to talk too much about it. In an exclusive interview with daily mail, p, o h, executive director John, Words has slammed the by jumping ahead of the GB,
is ongoing investigation and bringing charges that he believes owe more to the politics and flavour of the day. Then an objective decision based on the totality of the facts. They say no one, no use of Force- is ever pretty in the court's courts. Don't judge use of force on whether it's right or wrong, they judged on whether it was reasonable, its complex, its contextual, and it takes time for investigators to see through all the witnesses, all the evidence, all the totality of the facts and circumstances, and then they have to be objective not feeling before thinking when they are making decision that affect so many people's lives. That has to be based on evidence, not the politics or the flavour of the day and or Edwards was forty two years of law enforcement experience, including thirty four, as a special agent in charge of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said he never in his entire career, witnessed Adee, jumping ahead of investigators or bringing warrants on ahead of India.
Whence he said. Let's say this case that Paul how're has spawned goes to trial. Twelve good men and women. Now look at this and say: there's no way. I'm convicting on that Paul Howard has just successfully set the city up for another riot. Why? Why do it re election because Election is before an actual. Try whatever take place, is this and really willing to sacrifice his city for low but a power? Yes, these people are scumbags. They are evil They are setting things up their setting
things up because they don't care about what happens next there setting things up, because it's gonna get them a little bit of a power in the short term. Now many these people are zealots their ideologues, but I think this guy. This de he's wants to be like look how tough I am on police brutality, they'll get reelected. This guy will get off that the charges what will fall through and the city will burn. They say if Howard, who is up for reelection, hope to take the heat out of the controversial shooting by bringing swift charges as he had promised. He has been sorely disappear. I did as Edwards Woods. Words come amid a growing backlash against the myriad of charges, protesters gathered at the sight of the shooting the now burned out when Wendy's on Wednesday afternoon, blocking the intersection of university Avenue and prior road. Somehow bull horns, others openly to spit displayed firearms, but even as they chanted, we got him. The gb I was taken,
unprecedented step. Additional public statement distancing themselves in a office in charges in a statement posts on Facebook within an hour of the day. Prescott France. The bureau said it had neither been warned warned of nor consulted on the charges and that, though, then made significant progress. Investigation was far from complete. They said, despite today's occurrence, the GB, I will complete its mission of completing an impartial and thorough investigation. We will submit the file once completed the fault in county debt or to turn his office. The kick back has gathered momentum as Trump who had previously described the shooting, as disturbing has now backed Rolfe telling John Henry, you can't resist a police officer you have a disagreement. You take it up after the fact and trumps right. Sometimes, bag cops life, but you're, not gonna win by resisting and you're, not gonna win, especially if you steal their weapon in firing at them. All this can do. In my opinion, is led to more right.
But the Good NEWS for the rioters is they will be well equipped with good information on how to actually do it because the media has been teaching them and advising them vice saying may, sure you properly, you know, cover up you're, you're, you're, tattoos and stuff like this. Why are you giving advice, stir rioters vice as some sort of terrible company men. I feel bad for the founders of the company you know. If it were me, I would be ashamed of what they ve become, but popular mechanics I and so surprising, a guide on how to topple a statue. Then your post report popular mechanics magazine has come under fire after publishing a detailed guide on toppling monuments. Bring that sucker down without any one getting hurt. The article posted Monday encourages readers promising the best advice on how to topple a statue using science. Author,
James Stout says is article is inspired by the world. What attacks on problematic monuments? I just can't stand these people problematic. Well, that's problematic that statue as bad shut up moron tied to the legacy of racism, I'm going protests. Should you happen to find yourself near a statue that you decide you a longer like we ask scientist for the best, safest ways to get into the ground without any one getting hurt, except, of course, for the inanimate racist who's been dead for a century anyway, The article says mechanical engineers got. Holland, then advised how, without seventy, strong friends, protesters could pull down most statues with four by for recovery straps around the head or the neck. Holland also suggested using a butane or propane torch to heed of the statue. Sang you'll be there for fifteen to twenty minutes. But it's a lot easier. Ok, so now, the next time someone gets a statue drop on their head. Can they see
popular mechanics say: hey, they told us to do it. They said here's how you do it. I certainly hope someone tries failing that. There's also chemical approach with a detailed guides to melting the damn thing using thermite stout rights, saying it has the fun bone. Of producing a high pitched squeal. When someone dies, because you told them to go play with thermite, that's insane, I hope they sue. You hold your responsible. One could imagine it sounding something like the sound of a confederate. A confederate general would make if their feet were on fire. Chris Harrison a chemistry professor at San, Diego State University, told the magazine. The article quickly sparked outrage online with many saying they ve ended their subscriptions. The liberals gradually destroyed it with way too much too much popular and wait to little mechanics one of those cancelling an army veteran.
Dell entreated. We have finally got insane popular mechanics goes full on revolutionary. Another person wrote, pushing anarchy, you're done popular mechanics, popular mechanics goes full Taliban, Christina Summers wrote saying she always of the magazine was about building things, not bringing them down yeah, it's ISIS, they destroy art and monuments and statues. But now our mainstream institutions are setting us up for chaos and destruction. There's no cohesive system- you don't I think, is happening- is that we are seeing a return to baseline kind of. There is no common culture. There is no common narrative, no common truth and you ve got a bunch of random people, doing random things
that's it. Maybe there will be a you know now these these ran this randomness and not look the reason. I say this is because everyone seems to argue about what the factions really are left right. You know tromp aunt, I tromp, libertarian, authoritarian, globalist, nationalist and in reality it just a bunch of different peoples in a bunch of different things, and if you have a slight overlap with one group, you're, probably along with them, mainstream Democrats will end up tacitly approving of these things. Just because it's the left and moderates and politically homeless. Former former liberals now find themselves standing side by side. Tromp supporters even other, probably agree on very little outside of veto, civil libertarianism, the right to free speech, protecting our etc. This, what you're, gonna get and you're more of it and we're gonna see riots and the rights will devolve and if we end up with more riots which we will,
Then we ve already seen regular people and conservatives come out to defend against these rights. Now what happens when in a few months more riots kick off and then the right shows up and fights break up. I think that's when we can start talking seriously about some kind of civil war. For now you have the far left, just romping around destroying things and creating a shield for people who just want destruction. The people who want to watch the world burn not even ideologues. Just people go and smashed up for fun there there providing shields for that. Well, there's gotta be regular. People stand up against it. The police will probably vilify them, because this easier target- the railways as you have these boots
blue guys literally saying they want to kill police, and yet the media says that's right wing never mind that anti for literally spray paints kill cops all over the place. Certainly the people who have done it now must be right wing. They say none of it makes sense, but you know what happens then, when the right try to defend themselves. Will, though, the bad guys that's outworks, so the media will plant and then things will get truly spicy. I guess, but that's just is to couple stories whether lining things up stick around. I got a couple more segments in just a few minutes and I will see you all short now story is particularly strange. Donald Trump ran and add about anti far and used this symbol. The upside down red triangle and the left immediately said. Ah, the mask slipped tromp has used nazi iconography. This is where I gotta is aware. We really really weird story, apparently the trunk campaign. Many. You are saying it's just meant to be like a yield sign like his other symbols, the trunk tee
it is now saying that anti file uses the symbol and it's just a symbol of anti far. That's technically true. What so I'll give you my my first type when I first saw this I've never seen that upside down triangle before never, and I've averred. All of these protests over the past several years, I've out on the run Occupy Walter, as at Berkeley. I was at a bunch of these riots and protests. I've never seen aunt. If I use that symbol, they have the weird little Lags they have the three arrows lackadaisical pitchfork that strike through now have not seen this upon seeing it. I did some digging and I found yes, there are some groups that have used it for a long time. I dont know what specifically anti for thing or just a symbol: credit by one person, but the story, very, very strange because it appears the Nazis did literally use that to label dissidents in in prison. So particularly my understanding as if they were protecting jewish people, they would make them where an upside down right triangle, but three the story and try and break this down. Because I tell you
It's weird, there's a left wing conspiracy theory going around right now that I find kind of various the wash impose says: in an online salvo against anti via the press are present trumps re election campaign displayed a meal King, the Nazis, once used to designate political prisoners in concentration camps are red. Inverted triangle was first use a nineteen. Third eastward, and if I communists, I was applied as well. Social Democrats, Liberals Freemasons, another member, of opposition parties, the badge forced undoing, political prisoners by contrast, featured a yellow trying. Overlaid by a red wrangle in response to queries from the Washington post. Facebook on Thursday deactivated adds that included the inverted red triangle, First and foremost, the media has now accused trump of using Nazi symbols and by their our actions, gotten facebook to ban trumps ads.
Oh man can of worms? This opens up. I tell you what it doesn't matter. If you find the symbol offensive, the fact is, it is just an upside down triangle. That's it and face because now banned a trump add at the behest of the Washington Post. The Anti Defamation League does not least the symbol as a negative simple. Now let me tell you the left wing conspiracy theory. They are now claiming that what Trump is doing is essentially crop dusting Nazi iconography there idea being that tromp. Can you something seemingly innocuous? My red upside down triangle, so they he gets really close to using nazi symbols, but not quite that way when the media, invariably overreacts forcing Facebook to ban him. He can scream bias and then take a look at these other symbols. Just road signs an exclamation point, slow
They will come back and say this is ridiculous. It was just a yield sign. It's the regular yield sign, and so many other companies use are on our side on red triangle. Not only that There is literally an upside down red triangle emerging. Why would that be considered offensive because they claim it's a dog whistle to let everybody on the right? Now, I'm sorry! If this is a dog whistle, it was a dog whistle to the left. That's it to be honest, The left is to new, at that symbol was used to go after communists and an opposition parties most people, don't others most people right, don't know this. I didn't even know this. The left knew this. The left saw this the left overreacted and then got Facebook to ban the the ad and yes, Facebook did.
So now the Trump team is coming out in saying that antifraud does use the symbol. So I have no idea what's going on, but I can tell you this man, maybe that's the plan based on a silly conspiracy but the trunk campaign hours. They can play silly games, control the laughed and left freaks out, and now they look insane they come. They look absolutely insane. Look man I did some digging and what did I find yes took out his image. This is from August twenty seven point: six anti fa router and they have an upside unread wrangle. It took me thirty seconds to find this. I found a bug. Blogger things where there have been anti for groups years ago, using this simple. I mean it's literally anti for direct and even upside down red triangle. Will you may say about that so when trumped says they use this, they do they literally do three little bit more.
Facebook says we remove these posts and ads for violating our policy against organised hate, said, Annie, Stone, a Facebook spokesman, our power see prohibits using a band hate group symbol to identify political prisoners, the context that condemns or discusses the symbol. Ok, This is on Facebook right now. This anti for Utrecht is on Facebook. Ok, I get it. Is it's not as high profile as the president's campaign, but hey Facebook peasant remove this. My question is: will they that's gonna be interesting, wanted I think that they won't for the most part, they say the ads on the president's page alone, which we entering Wednesday gained as many as nine nine hundred fifty thousand impressions by Thursday morning, identical it's on pensions, paged gate as much as I have half a million TIM Martov spokesmen for the truck campaign said the rat. Triangles and anti for symbol, pointing to example, I found cases and water bottles branded with the insignia more common emblem for the Anti fascist movement includes two flags: one read one black enclosed in a circle:
although certain symbols, the Nazis deployed, have been reclaimed, including the pink triangle use in concentration camps. The red triangle has not been recast in a similar way said. Jacob S ETA a historian of Modern Germany at the Barenboim Barenboim said Academy in Berlin. Ok, I have a more recent statement here: Facebook removes Trump adds that use nazi symbol, despite campaigns, defence, the Washington examiner is literally calling it a nazi symbol, but I don't think that's fair, because the Nazis didn't use it for, for the Nazi Party, It was used triangle, along with several other colored, triangles I gotta say it's not on a common naughty symbol: either it's just a really here the story ears from I put it out that I've never seen any for use. And immediately it was chaos. The law saying trumps Nazi, the right saying it's late
really a triangle yield signs is ridiculous and that maybe that's it absolute chaos. There's no way for us to know exactly why or water but apparently we have it, we have a noose women who statement here, Facebook matching they removed it. This is what team Trump pointed out. Here's an anti for symbol upset on triangle and they say it's not in the eighty else. Hate symbols database, that's actually good point and because not a question why it would be wrong, oft seriously. Why would facebook Demas ahead symbol, ones literally triangle? The truck campaign defended it. They say the inverted red triangles a symbol used by Anti fa, so it was in, who, in an ad about anti thought, we would note that facebooks though, has an inverted red triangle, emerging use, which looks exactly the same, so it's curious that they would tie get only this ad. The image is also not included in the anti defamation leagues database of symbols of hate, but it is ironic that it took a trump add to force the media
implicitly concede that anti fraud is a heretic hook up. Bravo, perhaps that was the goal find an obscure symbol used by some groups, trick them into. Claiming it, was hate, so there what now label Anti thought. I hate group because, while the Nazis don't exist anymore, despite I've been an atm database. The group noted such triangles are practically identical to that used by the Nazi regime to classify political prisoners in concentration camps? and what of the truck campaign used to starve David, the Nazis used a star of David to label prisoners as well. I ought to say, I think the whole thing is we, an eye and a question why it is that the trunk campaign used this specific symbol that clearly appears to have been made by them as an appear on the website for at all. Which means someone had to choose that symbol, and apparently the truck team made the graphic and upload it to use it. Here the sciences slow the traffic sign here,
there's one of an exclamation point there meaningless, don't know what the conspiracy is man, but that's the only thing income about you. You can come up with other than, it's true. That Anti does use these symbols and not widespread, though and I have not seen this so you got I guess you know what you can make up your mind bullets. Let's do this Can't tell you how or why, but I can't tell you the consequences, because I can't you how or why. I believe the Trump campaign can now point out overt political bias, its literally just a triangle. That's it That is it any meaning beyond that that you ascribed to it. Is you not tromp or anyone else? It's not lessen any data bases its been somewhat used. Anti for a lot of triangles and stars were used by nazis. So you really can't draw conclusions other than the media contacted Facebook and sad ban. This ad and Facebook said yes
and these big tech companies are walking right into this Anti trust off man. Construct cannot argue that there favouring Joe Biden and punishing him for things that aren't even documented, because here's what matters you go to a judge and say: did the trunk companions, eight symbol, No, there is nowhere anywhere that, as this is a hate symbol at Facebook, took them down for an arbitrary attack. Based on the media's assertions, not facts: will there you go man Trump, our being banned because the media's had so what I want, First, all this. I thought it was very weird that the trunk campaign would choose to do this, but I can't assert what trumps intent was on this. The left sent claims he's trying to use this to prove as a bias against him. That's their conspiracy theory, while the other concerns she theory be that tromp was was do it on purpose to trigger a dyke
that that tromp literally the Nazi, I guess Dan is just nuts: are people are getting it up, so had aroused what will irregular person think about this? It's just a triangle: man. We live in strange times a day that many well leave it there. Next segments coming up in a few minutes and I'll see you all short. Taco Bell is racist and more to be shut down, says twitter, big, a guy wanted to wear black lives matter mask to work and his boss said you: can where political messages to work- and he said well, I'm standing up for what I believe in and so she was like doing. Apparently he got. Fired or something I don't they, they're bringing him back another letting people wear masks and we live, and surely the stupidest timeline my runs, but Life is not boring. Remember when I said life was boring, yeah well, things are certainly getting weird and exciting. I'll tell you what this guy wanted to stand up. Forty believed in, and you know what respect one hundred percent- why? How many people won't
how many people are threatened with being fired and they say please, please, just don't fire me I'll, do whatever you say you got his people right now, they're digging up their histories and there are now threatening to fire him and will our saying I'll just do what I have to do it. I won't speak up, how many conservatives work for Google and won't speak up. They speak anonymously. How right, linked and remember that story, yellow, then had had an anonymous chat for their summit. I can sum seminar on racial justice, and these people spoke of anatomy. Silly about how they really feel it devolved when all lives matter rally apparently, but these people couldn't stay and up and actually define themselves their names attached, why's that because you'll get fired while check out this guy right here they told him that he cannot work. If he's went mask any said, so what and the fire and guess what he one? That's why they win, and that's why you lose because too many p,
just sit back and say: well, I'm gonna keep my mouth shut and not speak up for what I believe in what, if you were a masks had free speech where they do not tell you what fate Taco Bell, the stupidest thing to be concerned about, to be honest, has just said you can wear these mask. So, ok, if you find yourself somewhat when you watch in New York or talk about, why don't you get a master says? Speech free expression, civil liberty, civil rights, the constitution whatever, and if its but you can't wear it say. Yes, I can. You know why that would be discrimination. It'll be discrimination based on maybe race, we'll take it up. The Supreme Court recently ruled that discrimination based on sex, includes your orientation and your identity, the reason being that discriminate based Your ear orientation identity, their inherently discriminating because of your sex, and that is forbidden. The argument goes as such
If you are in love with a man, there's no problem. If Europe right just generally but if they find out your mail and in love with a man not have a problem, therefore, sex discrimination right. Ok, if this guy who's black where's political Europe, a poet a symbol on his mask and they say that's ok. Well, then certain anyone who is not like could do the same thing right and if they say you can Well, then, you could argue that they are treating you different. It based on your rice, because I have already said that people supporting you know of this. On rice are allowed to do it, not an argument for loss announcing. It actually win, but you should be allowed to speak your mind now. If talk about going to say so you open the floodgates were gone to have equality under the law or nothing at all, and if right now, these people are able to They also stand up what I believe in and when will then my respect to them for fighting and winning yacht yet
right now, men, the left, is getting things done, not no way you might like it, but must be real they're. Getting all these policies pushed through thirty funding cops cops are quitting they're. Getting ever we think they want their being taught you can't where political messages, and then he says oh well and twitter comes after them and they bend the need. The left is getting everything they want, and you know what, if you don't speak up and defend yourself, you won't get anything and then and don't be surprised, squeaky we'll gets the grease man although this aid I'll give you the ugly the footnotes on this one and then on to talk about the absurdity of today, Enzo Skinner record at a moment when he was fired from the moment. He was five cockle Shell in Ohio Skinner who has worked with a company for eight years, he was terminated for refusing to remove his black lives matter mask during a shift. A woman believe to be, as manager tells him that he can't bring politics into the building and that she doesn't the problem with the company? Does in a statement talk about claim, they believe black lives matter adding. We were disappointed to learn about the incident that took place a fatal from talk.
Our report met with Skinner following the incident but its unclear if you'll be going job back or if he even wants his job. Ok, we don't know he's getting a job at messages of the story. They said you can bring politics here, I want to what he wins, Taco Belsize. You can do it now. That's great! few war, something for your ideology. That was offensive. Guess what Taco Bell GPS? Oh, you know why nobody is going to stand up for you, how many people took to twitter and scream. Like benches, until twitter. Fine on unanswerable, talk about finally said: oh ho, men, men. This was a huge mistake, its with don't let us you know we have nothing to do with it. We had no idea these guys get his job. Everybody can, where these masks look at every major corporations. That puts a message ups and black lives matter. They don't put about Egypt sang support, the troops do they mean they use to other doing it now know what? If, what, if we're about blue lives matter, are they? up anything right now, while police are being attacked, left and right because of the actions of a few are is Netflix Instagram NA,
they're not putting up anything as blue lives matter everything their putting up says black lives matter. Why? Because the left is willing to screech. Stand up and demand that they get what they want. It's funny Because they ve been holding up, sign, saying silent silences consent and they ve been marked for em off them, for it but now we're seeing some conservative personality say: silence is consent to I don't call it consent. I called abstaining from the boat. That's the way, explain it. It was a hundred people. And ten of them scream and demand. We want special privileges, Ninety say leave me out of it. Well, that's nice. Any votes night. Ninety abstaining and ten votes in favour of that policy. Congratulations that policy wins so long. As you don't say anything to switch gonna get and I'll. Tell you absurd. It's really gonna get men. Nothing is safe. Uncle bends announce its evolving its brand after Quaker announced it will scrap, scrap aunt, Jane
I'm a name and a bed to end racial bias. You don't really messed up about this. I took it up. I don't care if these companies want to change their muskets the care of Taco Bell wants to allow someone who wear black eyes met him ass. I gotta be honest. You when I'm gonna go my burrito, my seven layer burrito the. Lastly, I'm thinking about is whether not someone's wearing of face mess. If, if, if Netflix puts you know, black eyes met on the front of their of their of screen, whenever you know I don't care about that either. Madame I'm adieu my thing I am concerned about the far left exploitation of this and the Ricky, weird policies that are being passed through in the name of black eyes matter for sure. But if I got I go bone. I see a guy, we're not mask you think I'm gonna care, I'm not going to here I'm an I want sentiment West's. I wanna Carmen Blonde Panada, and I want my seven layer burrito when really order those things actually the crunch rap Supreme. To be honest, I don't care man there really really don't so. Our seeing all of these companies purge these brand mascots.
Right and it's kind of weird, because their purging all the black ones, like no these common after Mr Clean, like this tall white ball, do nobody cares, while barely MR clean. Not racist, the brawny guy I They actually went after him and replace the brawny. This is really really fun. Joe a meme popped up. You know the brawny guy like a rugged lumbered, Jack wearing a flannel shirt as accidents like your her? They were placed them out of their replace them, but put on some of the bound bounty roles. The paper towels three women so is like a white woman, a fair complexion woman, then a black woman. And then the meme emerged saying you needed Rob you needed three women to do the job of one man ha funny job right, but look like I'm. Carefully want to change these things, but I do think it's a strange that aunt Jemima Right, it's a lot of people. I see a lot of posts going around in support of Aunt Joanna because she was an american success story. She was born a slave. She what the character
was based off of an old stereotype, but she became wealthy and successful off of being the representative, the brand, the name of Anjou, my most pancake mix and syrup. Because of this, she was able to use that money to support civil rights. And that was in the like nineteen twenty has. She died a thing like nineteen, nineteen, thirty or some like that. So a lot of It will looked her as actually success to see this this this this icon on the pancakes lasting hundreds of years represented how far that you know she had come and how far she cheap, Jim. You know pushed this civil rights movement. Personally, I get it, I mean it was literally base of an old Rachel stereotype and if a company doesn't think it's gonna help themselves pancakes than fine get rid of it, but not the going rate. Uncle Ben I'm not. Think about Uncle Ben man. What do they say? The product carry the image of a black rice farmers since nineteen forty six, what's wrong with the? What what is it? How is it racist to have your your farmer? Be black in saying to me now that,
I'm not another cross, the line on telling you what MRS butter words there talking about gettin how stupid is everything I don't care if they want to change MRS Butter man. I guess the complaint was that MRS butter words into the pact, the corn syrup garbage. They wanted a supposed to be a grandmother or something, but because of the color of the. Up in the bottle the MRS Barbara it happens to be- I guess, a black woman. So It's these people are losing their minds. I bring you now to one of the best of the funniest things ever seen this video, going viral. Someone said. I can't, believe, as happened at the bedside devotee F, and there is a man he's he's at like a walk up cafe and it's got blue. Lives matter sign in the window. The woman is wearing a mask. The man is not Woman is Tellingham, no mask no service,
the guy says something about I'm protesting, so I dont need a mask and she says you're not protein protesting says yes, I am I'm plot protesting for black lives matter, so I dont need a mask and their boat. Standing there holding their phones up filming each other house. Stupid is literally everything its black mirror man. We're banning carton, cartoon characters off. We know boxes because they did. He says I guess like Uncle Ben whatever man Mr Clean he's. I MR clean Call the white do let him stay, but not uncle Ben is out of Gaul uncle bands. Yeah. Can you know they should do that? place. Uncle ban would like a spider. Man, think the right from Marvel. There you go. Everybody loves Uncle Ben right, the and Jim I'm a thing uncle bends stuff ultimately dont care. I roll my eyes, but I'll tell you what man we are really getting into sheer absurdity. Nothing makes sense The sky starts chanting all lives matter there, both filming each other and I'll. Tell you.
But really doesn't make sense Omar. What are you doing body Omar, but are tweeting at me Take a look, a moron filming, a business to harass them over a racial solidarity poster and an employee. They filming a racist able to protect herself in case things escalate. Why are they both so stupid? yes, Omar. They are both so stupid, that's just it. I dont care are right. This is the most shockingly absurd circumstance. The woman could have just walked away from the guy. Ok he's outside trying to get a cup of coffee. She could say bye, bye and turn around said she starts yelling with him and they both film each other and they're, both gonna upload them proving just house stupid everything and everyone has become and I'm sorry man Omar, You ve entered the fray yourself by jumping in to the stupidity of the circumstance he wasn't trying to harass them over black lives matter? He was trying by coffee without a mask, and he tried using blacklist matter as an excuse to not have to wear a mask now. I think he stooped
why is she engaging with a man and this guy, behind him is yelling too, I tell you, you could not body leave sorry by walk away and a story. But that's it every day that that that's it today, everything they racist moment. Everyone is racist. Everything must be film everything Taco Bell is racist, apparently, and an Jamaica's racist and uncle better racist, Mister Collins, not racist again this guy, wonder by coffee, he's definitely racist, but she's racist, because she's actually not black and she would support. I'm saying black eyes matter, but then he says all lives matter, and I tell you what man, what what are we doing We get to a point where the absurdity reaches such a scale that everyone just stops and sits down stairs blankly at the wall, confused as to what even happened anymore, whose the funding who, what ideas are you defending? What is this? What are you trying to get Why are you yelling all lives? Better, do even carries one coffee. Why? uncle bone breakfast, the world may never know I assure you things well
will become more and more hugs. I'll be enjoyed hanging out for this segment? Undone, I'm really! I'm I'm going. Skateboarding. Ok have a nice day see you see you almanac segmented tomorrow at ten, a m videos.
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