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Project Veritas "Epstein Cover Up" Is Being COVERED UP By Media, They REFUSE To Admit The Scandal

2019-11-06 | 🔗

Project Veritas "Epstein Cover Up" Is Being COVERED UP By Media, They REFUSE To Admit The Scandal. Following a groundbreaking story from Project Veritas and James O'Keefe many news outlets ran the story. The Washington Post called the new Veritas leak "airtight."But while many outlets in the mainstream did cover it cable TV news was unaccountably absent.These networks for the most part had little to no coverage at all about the expose on Epstein. ABC News explicitly said they would not discuss the controversy.Instead what we can expect moving forward is more lies and smears from fake news about James O'Keefe.This story proves just why Project Veritas gets smeared so often. The media does not want to be held accountable and they certainly don't want to challenge the establishment. They are part of the establishment.It doesn't matter if you're far left, progressive, republican, conservative. From Bernie Sanders Supporters to Trump supporters, everyone recognizes the seriousness and importance of the latest Veritas leak. Yet for some reason mainstream media refused to cover the groundbreaking story.

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Yesterday morning, James O Keefe in project vertex released a ground breaking and viral story, quite possibly the biggest, story of the year. So far that ABC News had an interview had photographs had corroborating witnesses. They had the Jeffrey Epstein story three year. Ago. The video shows a frustrated and candid moment ABC knows Anchor Amy rollback talks about everything they had. She even said we had everything now Amy see news issued a statement that, in my opinion, is wholly inadequate for one they say. Oh, we couldn't corroborate the details. We ve never stopped investigating. While the details have been corroborated now, why hasn't ABC News published that interview sitting on for three plus years and also doesn't addressed statements made by any rollback where she says the official story about how Epstein life ended was she doesn't believe it? I got have to be careful about how I talk about this. They addressed nothing. They gave a generic statement
didn't address the fact that aims said we had everything and on Clinton is well now some people have brought up a very important point. Three years ago, that was the election. Perhaps bad news about Clinton could have hurt Hilary chance Maybe that's it. They were thinking I dont know, but, as we can see now Fox news reports, mainstream media largely ignores ABC Epstein scandal, Scant coverage is lampooned. Washington post was forced to acknowledge, I should say, forced, but I have two because they ve Dave disparaged, James or even the past that they were surprised. This video published by very toss itself, was newsworthy and made an expected, but also it was air tight and many people start asking the question: why is it that it was project very toss of all organisations that
to release this footage. Well, here's what you need to do. You need to go on Youtube and look up old daily show for it. With John Stewart Ass, he discussed what James O Keefe had been doing: Johnson Where did not smear or been little James, O Keefe, he made silly jokes referred to as the Ashton culture of conservatives, but but when it came to the substance of James O keeps exposes John Stewart criticised a corn and, and PR it seem like John- was rather air to today, James O Keefe, is smeared and lied about relentlessly to the point. Where is actually ones. Ro Lawsuits, what we ve learned and what we are seeing now this cover up- and I got a bunch of stories to show you the meat. Does not want to be held accountable. Even if it comes to Epstein, they will fight tooth and nail to make sure that no one knows they get this wrong, but, more importantly, at their more interested in protecting powerful elites. Then speaking
with two power. They had every opportunity to tell the story and only when they were finally forced to because Epstein was being arrested and was jailed only they were forced to do these stories come up, but I ask you a b c first, the for what will read the story and Fox NEWS principle out of really interesting points. The first question I have before challenge all the other outlets? Why hasn't ABC news air? The interview by now right, Epstein story for the most part kind of faded away for a while they could have published in August when NPR was asking about it, they certainly could have Robert all of those details, and certainly after the man was no longer alive that much less to worry about? They could have easily told this story more important when it comes to news. If you have a story that big you can always enter with a disclaimer that either. This is not you know, confirmed by multiple sources or that the state has denied at all
That lawyers have told us. The story is not true. However, according to witnesses, here's what they claimed there are ways to report a story of this magnitude. They did not do it and they didn't even do it yet that says to me the media wanted to cover this up. They they, have told the story we all know now, but now what we're seeing in my opinion is the media. They want to cover up what is being called a cover up itself, as exemplified by all these Alex, refusing to talk about it. Lets look. We're Fox NEWS has to say- and this is my blog to me- that I'm going to Fox NEWS too, for this story because no one else is doing it before you get started, makes you had overdue TIM cast outcomes lashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, there's motorway
you can give the most important thing you can do is share this video. As I stated yesterday, man, this story is being swept under the rug and don't take my word for it. I've got some actual journalists challenging the fact that a b c news refuses to acknowledge this. Ok, there is widespread left and right that this story is being something wrong. That means there is great risk to talking if you think I'm doing a good job, and you think the stories important please consider sharing the video A credible journalist statement challenging by saying that that Fox is not credible. In saying we ve got a journalist who is well respected, works for having posters challenging this. Even the Washington Post, about it? organizations refusing to acknowledge that there, carrying water. They are covering up for powerful elites. Let's read the story. Fox news reports, mainstream media outlets have largely ignored the project.
ABC News killed a story that would have exposed the now deceased Jeffrey Epstein three years ago, with some being themselves been recently embarrassed by project veritable and others still smarting from their own alleged me to cover ups. Think about it how they tried to cover up Lauer how'd. I tried to cover up Winston the other, the other issues. Should impose has had their spat with their toss? They wrote about it acknowledges it was airtight newsworthy credit where credit is due. I respect that Fox NEWS found no covered. On CNN Msnbc, see the S NEWS or NBC News from noon through midnight eastern on Tuesday, while the story was lighting up social media during that time. Fox news coverage scandal on five different programmes, including its entire prime time line up even the daily beast, which is a left leaning. You know really propellant and ass. My understanding
even they covered it and was mine blowing to me is that they cover it and did not smear very toss. Typically, what they'll do and avert our story comes out, they'll accuse James of all of the worst things in the book. Extreme smears lies misrepresentations in this. Hence the just said a right wing group. That's it! I think it's or to criticise, vartos for being biased, but that's fine. I think everybody has a bias and I think it's fair to criticise people when they do, but to act like he's. Not that veritable did not actually exposed corruption and went when they publish these videos its absurd. They try and claim that very toss. Deceptive, at its or lies, but they're doing. Basically, what many other news organisations do in fact, as another prominent UK organism basically the same thing recently now I could be going cells, wrong by believe that had something to do with opposing breaks it and made bricks. Look bad. So, all of a sudden, this undercover secret filming is ok, but not one James, O Keefe. Does it
let's be real. What we're seeing our seeing now, nobody covering the story, it says its says to me: look James O Keefe uncovered too big stories. The first is about Epstein. We get it, but, more importantly, now, with this cover up and the way they ve smeared James, O Keefe were learning. These media companies will not tell the truth there lying. We wish. We heard what she said in a private moment, Amy Roebuck said we had everything and when hot they say. Oh, we couldn't corroborate the details that strange, I'm pretty sure she said we had everything Pretty sure she said we had photographs come on there were no corroborating witnesses in the Cavenaugh case, in fact, that the other witnesses denied knowledge of it. ABC News What we're seeing here is exactly why
Smear project. Fair toss is James, O Keefe in various perfect. No, of course not is every story. They do the biggest bombshell animal novel. Of course not sometimes there quite small but they smear James, and I will tell you watching the work is done. The fact that he's publishing this kind of the media? This is why they don't like him. They dont to talk about it. Cnn, MSNBC, CBS, NBC News. They don't want to talk about it. They don't want to admit they do wrong, because when you talk about this cover up, it brings up the other ones met Lauer, it brings up wine steam and- and at least I can give credit to Rachel Madeline Chris Haze for calling out their own network over the Roman Pharaoh issue. There look. We can complain about the bad opinions of the other personalities, but that was very principle to them.
Challenge, their own network and that respectable Tucker Carlson's has thought about this too. He's not gonna rag on Rachel, metaphor opinions, so she has bad opinions, but when you you know so, in this instance, you have news organisations refusing to cover the story. I'm not going to speak as to why Personalities did not cover the story, but I have to say this: the video God. I think three point five million views on twitter within twelve hours. It got two million views roughly within twelve hours, it was simply one of the fastest viral videos in history, and I don't know for sure, but I know that getting seven or eight million views and twelve hours is massive. Here's the important takeaway, though Fox NEWS they make their point check this out James, If says well, Brien's Delta of CNN, you were forced to cover it, but you didn't have the balls to mention project vartos by name you label, thus an activist group.
F. Why there are more network insiders. One day you will be face to face, their heads will be held high, yours and shame, and here's a bronze others said he said in a video obtained, Vauxhall, Jane, coasting reports in a video obtained by a right pro Trump activist Group ABC any robot complains to a producer off air that she had convinced one of Epstein Victims, Virginia Roberts, to speak on the record about the allegations against abstain in another newsletter. They mentioned that it was CNN saying it was mostly the right when commentators that were upset, apparently Brian crew, dont know how to do journalism. One of the points I made earlier today was that I took the Youtube video from from James O Keefe and I searched for unread it and Europe.
And I found the Bernie Sanders subverted. The Donald Trump subverted the Libertarian some right. It is not just on the right. The left doesn't like the establishment and the joke going around. Is that, as I said, even a joke, if serious, nobody believes this story about what their claiming that happened. Epstein and the fact, ABC new spike. This story so did several others covering yesterday's video. Nobody believes it left or right to claim. It is a right wing talking point. No! It's because you ignored it, because the media is biased towards the left and they don't want to accept responsibility for protecting the elites. Could it be as simple as a store that implicated Clinton would hurt her, action chances of three years ago, ABC News that we're not gonna cover it. I dont know why, despite the story- but I think it's fair to say that their reason is absolutely false- that they can run footage from Kentucky. Nobody fact check that
that was the up to your standards. They owe it was from a show in Kentucky they claimed it was Middle EAST and it wasn't. I gotta be careful. I talk about this because this is. This is the kind of issue that gets these videos shut down on you too, but check this out. As I mentioned earlier, a respected journalist, half post contributor, New York magazine yeah sure Ali is widely respected, left and right because he's a good do he tells it like it is, and here in once again here is here, is usually tongue it like it is. You can tell that he's a big fat Levine's. I don't blame him. He's got a makes good points, but I d grass. He said a b c news dealt with a fire storm after project their task published a video of a robot talking about her Epstein story in a hot MIKE moment,
but a b c news tells me they don't plan to cover the controversy and will also not be addressing it on air. First, I will point out that yeah sure was able to mention project veritable without adding a caveat or a smear without saying it's a right wing activist group. No, he just said project ferret us, it's that simple and that's why people respect Yasser. Among other reasons, he says to its rather extraordinary at the news: division of one of the three broadcast. Networks is not going to address a major controversy involving a huge story by either having someone read a statement on air but, more importantly, with having one of its reporters cover. It, as a story not giving NBC News any credit for this, because what they should have done, but they covered the allegations in Runnin Pharaoh's book. The digital stories and in on air segments It appears that ABC News is trying to sweep this under the rug. This matter on air and by declining to covered
a new story. They have not denied the legitimacy of the video. That is one of the most important points they have not denied the legitimacy of the. In fact, any road accident was that it was a personal moment of frustration. I have a question for you. They said we did. The story, because, whenever details there's my question in the end of that video Amy Rollback says She Ascensional, I gotta, be careful you I do not want this video shot down essentially says, do I believe, the official report of what happened to Epstein. She says no, and then, when asked about the more conspiratorial, if he or she says, do I believe it a hundred percent. I knew she goes the moment. I cannot. I knew. Does this mean going around, and I can't say I can't say it because of the nature of this video I do not want to have an excuse to Youtube to strike this video down and its end. Its
got a stress. This point. I've had people mustn't me saying TIM. You can't self sensitive way. I just had a video completely blocked. So how about that no video or I do my best to share as much information as I can. Right thing to do as I can understand the frustration, but I want make sure we all know what these companies are doing I must then be c c d s. Why not? Well, One a couple more points to make. First, you are to stand down Ronan Pharaoh's per use. Your honor NBC killed its Weinstein's story. Pharaoh also mention that Hillary Clinton people tried to stop or were concerned, I gotta be careful about how we describe this and it was described by Buzzfeed has power protecting power? I believe that was a quote yeah. They tried to protect the powerful elites, even though they do wrong
It's crazy! Isn't it I'll make a few more points here might sort of its apologize to air quality of the Washington Post? I felt like this was very important to include shows you how someone like certain of it for all his faults, Smee relentlessly in the media almost immediately apologizes and retracts. His claim that the Washington Post did not cover the story on Project fair he says I would like to officially h. Unapologetic attraction is equitable, did indeed report about Epstein cover up Insya story. The air is mine alone we may stream media corporate media and independent personalities MIKE was wrong. He called out he had to apologize immediately you. Can you can hate my youth and criticism? All you want, I'm not your talk. What s character took four for the most part. Like you knows, politics Amerika about the fact that he immediately apologized or not ABC knows what they do. They deflected, even though we have video of Aimee robots
all these things they deflect from it and now as we're seeing from yeah sure it seems like their goal, is to sweep this under the rug. You all know the crazy. Thing to me about all this that I had to go to Fox NEWS of all places to get the story now. Obviously I follow project verities. So when I saw the tweets going out there in a launch this story, I was really interested, even though the Washington Post story as much as they did give credit divert us over this. The upstream They claimed his CNN story. Was I'm trying to remember that the quotas at something like did it have an impact on trying to remember, as if it didn't and that's crazy to me, the very tough video on CNN showed the president of the company intervening, but, more importantly, believing that fact based news from politico. It was a conspiracy theory that informs their whole network. You can see how the bias in media operates, but at least wimple did do the story and praised there.
Saying this one is airtight, there are met at the daily beast as well as that many islands did cover this, but why is it only Fox NEWS when, come to the major cable channels. Why is it only Fox news? story. I want to share with you that I think is particularly humorous. I've shared it several times because it's quite possibly the greatest example of the problems we are facing right now and media Reuters reported toper. Twenty fourth Watch Fox news. You likely think they use economy is great MSNBC viewers, not so much interesting. How could somebody who watch fox it watches Fox NEWS that the economy is good, but someone who watches MSNBC thing it's not good. Well, I did a simple Google search. I asked the question: is the economy good? Well, here's the Washington post. The economy is in good shape, but too big.
Lads hang over it here, the economic issues that will define the year they they say the economy's. Perhaps the presents best hope the trunk campaign clearly thinks it as a good economic area. We ve seen from forecast models for Trump economy is good troops as economy is greatest. Policies could place both a wrong, so maybe a little negative. Their trumps economy is working for minorities. The Atlantic claimed to tax cuts to work. Why more air traffic is good for us, it is a country has nothing to do with anything feds Evans than your times? U S economy in good place! So there's there's more stories. I did a Google search because I didn't want to pull up one source and just claim everyone thinks everything is great for most part, even the BBC says the economy is good, not the greatest. It's good, MSNBC viewers watch Fox NEWS,
about the cover up. You know what a b c news spiking the store, and I want to serve as a cover up. You know because it implies so much all. May try me that caviar now, even though doesn't matter because I understand how that the media likes to companies in a context. But if you watch Fox NEWS, you would be correct in assuming the economy is good. Is it the greatest know our own? Some people say that's a great some people say it's great, but most forecast models. Most news, it's good, ok, Fox NEWS is more in line with the with the average. What's going on, news. If you watch MSNBC, you probably didn't hear about this. You did not hear that ABC News tried to cover this up. You also don't know the economy is good or you think it's bad. That's fake news, you're, not you're, not getting the truth. I'm not gonna pretend like fire
news isn't a biased outlet. Fox news certainly has their opinion house there. Daytime news coverage tends to be fine, but take a look at CNN, CNN, Exe I was too by their toss, actually believe that fact based reporting from political was a conspiracy theory. If you watch these networks, you have a skewed view of reality and you're like the big problem. Why is the left entrenched in fake news, because the media is in it for the money there in it for the political power and they don't care about anything else, welfare. Snooze also has played games in the past with european people. Look, I don't care what you're biases all of these now play similar games, where it's like during your mama years. They'll complain about Obama Tromp years. Defend, though, defend Trump, it's a double standard across the board, but you know what I'm not gonna complain about the past our talk to about what's happening today. I can criticise Fox for the things I ve done in the past. Billow Riley sang Sun goes up on those
he can explain or whatever it is. You said you can, but Fox NEWS today is going to share with you formation. That is relevant and true. ABC News will cover up the story for years CNN, Amazon BC, etc will barely touch it if they will, if they would at all CNN we'll reference. Vox is reporting on it, not the actual story from verity. So let me make one thing clear: this up. The media wants to cover up the cover up for whatever reason, but I think it's simple. They don't wanna be held accountable. They want to keep making money. They want. You push their narrative and worldview and they don't want you to challenge those in power. They are establishment players and they defend the establishment and now here's the important part think about every smear you ve heard about project very toss and go prove it if you think. Project. Where does this line, then I want you to go and search for evidence they have. The problem is when very challenges big institutions even going back
ten years or so isn't a nine years to the Johns. We're daily show videos there's an interview with with O Keefe, where they mention actually, I believe this may have been ABC or it may have actually been ABC. They say that very tough views, the media as an a liberal establishment yup. So what do you think happens then, when O Keefe challenges them, but I'll leave you with one more important point: if James O Keefe is exposing CNN and Facebook and google- and you want to claim these institutions are not by asked. How could you then assert that James O Keefe as a conservative, for targeting this institution's? You see the logic logic here. I understand is a lot of reasons why MIKE Michaelmas Conservative, but just because he's challenging powerful institutions as make em a conservative. Does it unless you conceding that he's. Targeting organisations because their left, leaning now you can say he thinks there left, leaning but come on. He goes after big, powerful institutions like Google, Facebook, CNN, ABC News.
And then they smear him or ignore the story outright CNN, barely wanting to cover it. Yes, because these organizations are biased towards the left and whether on purpose or just through their perspective and the people they are, they help propel a left wing narrative. Well, listen then, the day at the end of the day, left and right are concerned about the upstream story, but the establishment left at least that's where the right now cause Trump wiped out the establishment of publicans the establishment. Leftist on for dear life and they will do everything to make sure the story doesn't make it so I'll leave leave their the media covering up the cover up. Let me know anything in the comments below stick around Mexicans coming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at six p m, and I will see you all there.
Elizabeth WAR and was shocked outraged that Facebook would not be fact checking political adds. The left in a collective screech said, Mark Zuckerberg, what are you doing? You're gonna, take the money and run you're gonna. Let Donald Trump lie well, being the bigger man, Jack Dorsey, see ya. Twitter announced worry, just gonna get rid of political adds altogether. And then we saw the collective cheering from the left and people like Elizabeth Warren sang Twitter is gonna. Do the right thing showing you whose boss Facebook, because they got a moral compass? Well, that's what they felt in the first place, and then they realize what it really meant, Elizabeth Warren slams Twitter for a policy that bans ads from groups fighting climate change, perhaps they hope
How many times did have to happen, and they dont realise when you police speech, they police your speech, they actually thought they think himself we're right. The facts are on our side and therefore, if we ban, you know hate speeches eyes only we will get to speak because the other there, the villains, right, sorry banning political speech for it and adds, I should say, banning political acts. It means everybody, it means you so is it really want it? they could talk about this before the rules as they were proposed would make it so that you can't run an ad about climate change, about health care, planned parenthood. For instance, we dont know what these solidified rules are going to look like. I can say what thing that was a foreign is not only a hypocrite. Being angry now that her side would be censored, which also strongly ignorant. First of all, did you not see this coming met its mind?
to me, but I can say, is over and over again first, they come for. Then they come for. You know that Paul right first they're going to ban conservatives for their naughty words and then they're going to start What have you because you challenge the establishment jackdaws these new rules on banning political adds is a disaster. It protects the establishment and protects the incumbent. If you are already in office, you have an opportunity to press conferences and you all you can you can leverage in the power of office to get your name what, if you're, what if you're challenging the incumbent and no one knows who you are you meet these platforms to reach people banning political adds, protects the establishment Do you know who else is in the establishment? Fossil fuel companies hey? Was that hard to understand. Guess what, if you want people to campaign for political cause like changing the laws that would impact fossil fuel companies regulation? Those are
let it go ads, you know it's not a political ahead on add for gas effects. Mobile wants to buy an advertisement and say go to your local Exxon station for premium gasoline drive your car, not political, not at all, so these companies can run adds that aren't political that our consumers, standard marketing and your political activism that you want a band is up now I will add other foreign its vacant.
Ok, this is not actually what's going, be happening. It's complicated, but I will say: Jack Dorsey Plan makes no sense if not just his planet. I think Jackson all right. Do you know how much I mean one by United that thing with Rogan and levies per disclaimer when I met jackdaws use, a very nice guy think he's genuinely interested in doing the right thing. I don't think he's evil, but I think there's so much they dont get. You cannot ban political adds, it is impossible and the and Warren should have realised. This will be substantially worse for you worse for you, because I think about it plan parenthood at can. You do and add for that. That's prohibits political, government funding all of its political. So it will obviously affect conservatives as well, but here's the thing who controls twitter like but look like a puppet master dangling as those Donald Trump, Donald Trump! He wants about anything and it's gonna go viral than is going to carry out their obsessed. But now you can't now your activists, Kent and
the cheers for this? Ok, we got it. Here's the story, here's what she tweeted, twitter is new, ad policy will allow fossil fuel companies to buy, adds defending themselves and spreading misleading info, but won't I organisations, fighting the climate crisis to buy, adds holding these companies accountable, we need accountability. It turns out, if you're a giant corporation with millions to spend misleading people on your record of accelerating the climate crisis as exactly what you can and probably will do. Oh no! Oh, oh! Oh! No. You cheered for this and now open it backfired. I'm I'm tired of being right about this. You know they call me a conservative because I said hey, you realize this is gonna. There's gonna backfire, really bad, because when x on, want to take up an ad saying, we're x on mobile and we're we're going be spending money. Oh investing in green technology or whenever yeah yeah. They can do that and then, if you
when I make an ad saying climate change, the serious problem and we must a lax or vote green new deal politics candidate now, but I will say that Jack. Dorsey has come out and said: it's not exactly what's happening. The rules aren't you know officially in place yet calm down and we're taking this feedback and play. But what's the alternative unify the script jack you gonna make it so that fossil fuel companies can to buy adds but climate change activists? Can you cannot police advertisements like this? It does it work. So, let's, let's do this
One was a spawning this tweet, Emily Atkins from New Republic, says under twitters new admirals environmental groups can't pay to spread pro climate change policy messages, but Exxon can pay to spread tweets, claiming a widespread political conspiracy against it and touting its pro climate credentials. The problem here is, I think, they're looking at existing adds. Ok, the political add ban on Twitter has not started yet and the rules have not been finalized. I could be wrong, but it seems what they ve done. Is they found existing ads and said, but I thought advertisements were banned not yet, the ads are running now they won't run later come down. But of course, now there certainly freak out realising, oh no. They announced they're gonna ban our political message on to bad. Did you not see this coming parenting up? Here's what I want one person tweeted
In response to those with worn this guy animal ceremony, as you said, this is one of the key issues, many myths about banning political ads on any platform you can't ban these adds that significantly inhibiting the ability of activists, labour groups and organizers to make their cases to Jack responded, that's not exactly right! Adam! We gave ourselves until the fifteenth to make sure we are dressing concerns like this thoughtfully more before then. I can respect that. But what's the alternative jack are you proposing that you will allow activists, labour groups and organizers to post adds, but not those you know not companies how this work right, it's impossible! It's it's! It's impossible! Cut! Stop! Stop! Trying to police speech! Ok, I'll! Tell you what's gonna happen, you get one climate change activists and injects as ok. Fine, we're gonna allow climate change activists to buy ads
ok what about climate change activists who are on the inverse of that? Are you gonna allow them to counter that back, o? Congratulations! You ve created a pack system for twitter advertisements. Now the politicians themselves can buy the ads. They talk about the politician, but than anybody can just like a play. What what? If? What? If you may add that said, support the green new deal? Is that political I'd say? Yes, it's not talking about Anybody, ok, you kids! You can't about the green new deal. Can I say we need to together as a community to support a plan, We can all agree on pool our resources for green investment technology like whereas the line where's I know you might say I don't. I can't define it, but I when it is when I see it, you're not gonna, build upon ox outside you. What if tat, comes out and says Warren your incorrect? That's not really how it works.
We're gonna, make sure activists have their say. Well, then you're not banning political adds at all, because the left and the right have their political activists. So what are you really doing I'll? Tell you what they're doing they made and up PR announcement to set themselves apart from Facebook because Mark Zuckerberg shockingly Can't really fact check a lot of these things to it to an extreme. The greed harden Overshort, especially when you have media companies with bias. So this all this all comes down to this add that Donald Trump took out. I think it was Trump about Joe Biden being cut we have more and more evidence coming out that suggests that may actually be the case. I want to get into already
else, but suffice to say one of the principal arguments from the left about Joe Biden not being corrupt is at the reason he wanted. The prosecutor remove pro quo were Joe Biden said: if you want a billion dollars fire, this guy was because the prosecutor was not investigating corruption, but, as it turns out after this prosecutor was fired, no charges were ever brought against the owner of Burma. So what's the argument that Joe Biden didn't do anything? Was the guy innocent? Did you get a prosecutor fired because the guy turn out to be so? It makes no sense anyway. I digress its competent story and have to walk through a ton of evidence and suffered from research and buying up in this way the address bar and the left. Trumps lying Biden has not corrupt. That's a conspiracy theory and Facebook was put in a difficult position where there, like. I understand you like Biden, and you think this is a lie, but we're not gonna go in fact check this trumps allowed to have an opinion on this case,
so then somebody else, some other democratic group bought ads on Facebook, where they claimed Republicans or supporting the green new deal and Facebook took it down hypocrisy. They said see you're, banning us, no one's objectively and obviously and absurdly false we know Republicans, aren't supporting o Cassio Cortez as Green new deal, but whether or not Joe Biden is corrupt is actually debated in public, so Mark Zuckerberg between a rock and a hard place and its response, you by political, add work anywhere near it. I think what Twitter wanted to do was let's capitalize on this and set ourselves apart by saying you know what we're gonna ban all political ads and they really didn't think about it. Well now, once again, it's really funny about this. I understand that you know Trump
did say something about it and an interim supporters were angry. It was just great great and all this is great news for tromp. Ok, first of all for those on the right who are the predominant supporters of free speech, open and great cetera? That's a fact, I hate to say, but it's true all sides, dot com which tracks bias and sort of maps out left versus right show. That free speech is a concern a visual while incredible, but you have the conservative saying yes free speech and the left concern. Mr Liese, saying no to it ban political who were happy. Oh, oh now we're getting banned. Why does it always happened like this? It's like, I think, Glenn Greenwell said this. If there is any group of people who have shown a complete, ability to learn what liberals advocating for censorship. Because they don't seem to realize you're. First on the chopping block man,
skeleton revolutionaries who upset the establishment. Let me tell you something: they hate Bernie Sanders, they hate Bernie Sanders and we all know it. Ok, even with burning as popular as he has the media downplays and they ignore him. I get it I feel for you. I was a big fan of Bernie for a while, and I and I think the media coverage of him today is still abysmal, nonstop critical of him for a lot of reasons, but we know the establishment hates until guess what, when you sell right. The censorship you're, the first person getting de ranking their ads ban will be it's gonna, be brokenly Sanders. Ok, what's gonna happen is Elizabeth Warren. Basically, this I, like many of my friends as Heller Clinton wearing a Bernie Sanders, mask ok he's gonna have technicalities, her adds, we'll get posted and twitter is gonna, be what will the thing about Warren's air and then Bernie?
his campaigns going about. Ok, we'll do something similar, oh no Bernie, that one was political. You see the thing about your add this way. You can have these rules this, where the constitution is very specific. Well, I wish it was a bit more specific, but they say free speech, repressed and this is why, even to even to this degree- I'm not an absolutist. I think incitement and things like that. I think there is a threshold where we say that's, not expression, but when it comes to you saying I want to express myself even if I'm wrong, what are we gonna? Do we can employ the ministry of to determine who is or is not allowed to make a political add. That makes literally no sense. You can't do it, you can't do it, because people lie and there's different person. Does someone might say is objective Lee Wrong to have the death penalty? and someone else to say is effectively wrong: do not have the death penalty with whose right now it really comes down to world put perspectives, and there are people. People who pay
Well, who will tell you some things are true when they're not true. What do you do about it? Honestly, I don't know I read the news. Reality. Actually is I do think it's funny. When you have some are like some intellectual document types have said. You know we have to agree that there is an objective. Reality will tell you this. There is an objective reality, but its it it it it. I await a certain point, so an uneasy way to explain this is, if I told you I have a rock, I am going to throw the rock with all my might at that standard window What would happen? Ninety nine percent of people would probably agree while the window will probably break a chance, the windows and break. Maybe you miss, maybe the rock bounced off the glass as the Gatt Grant above the glass with stronger
Maybe the rocks to smaller, but the point is: if a rocket window is gonna break right, that's a good thing. We get its objective reality, but when you get into politics objective, reality becomes extremely complicated and hard to figure out others say no it'll cost us jobs, it'll accelerate automation whose right, while the left is telling us that their objectives correct and the right is telling us generally, cracked and I'm sitting in the middle being, like I see both of your points, but we really can predict that many variables, that's what it really comes down to. Yes, the left you are correct. Certain elements of the minimum wage will work. Particularly imports. The cost of a computer made overseas will not change, and now more people who work in the donaldsons have better access to better technology that we import of country, but local costs will go up and job might be lost that may result in those low income workers now having zero dollars. It's really really difficult to figure out which one will be the one that actually happens so we're all try to make predictions hey. I think April
We will see in someone else's ex post, why equal z and then you buy an ad advocating both. Now we have the two scenarios. Book saying we're gonna stay out of this one you're trying to make grand predictions you're, you're, you're, you're, giving your opinion. Twitter, saying we're gonna get rid of all of it? Well I'll tell you what men big media companies are going to push for the most part, leftwing message, but Donald Trump is the one who commands twitter, so you you're getting rid of your ability to challenge the incumbents in the establishment and YAP the establishment loves it. Thank you woke leftists for supporting the establishment to the detriment of people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren she's not paying attention. I have no idea what you will if there is any group of people but hey if it it's a great quotes. Ahmed tripping it incorrectly. You know, Glenn gets me credit if there's any group of people,
that has shown an inability to learn more than any other group, it's the left advocating for censorship because it just keeps happening they ban you, sorry, you can talk about climate change anymore, surprise, surprise, who would have thought what use when you said to massive multi national billion dollar corporations. I want you to police speech, What police yours well. This is the world we have to look forward to, because these people can't learn stick around next item. It is coming up at one p m, each other coms lashed him cast news. It is which this channel? And I will see you all then here's the scenario that everyone fears your rushed to the hospital with some mortal wound and upon arriving. They determine that. You, you are a big it. Maybe they saw something on social media for some reason they determined that you are right sexist or making gestures of of the sort, and so they deny you treatment.
I think: that's what people are assuming when they hear the story, the Breitbart headlines, service to deny treatment for, just or sexist language gestures or behaviour, the stories kind of morph a little bit and I'm seeing we'll talk about it, so I think it's good to tone things down. Ok, the reality is, I will bear the Lee you guys. The national health service us up particular trust, a particular department. I suppose is SK we sang if you're abusive towards their staff. They will give you a warning and if you continue to be abusive towards their self? They will not treat you that to me, totally totally regional, but there is new ones in the discussion as right part brings up. There was instants, where a biological female requested a female practitioner and was presented with a trans woman who is not female and then things can get kind of murky, the fear that comes if you. If someone comes- and you say I would like a female doctor and they give you a Trans woman- and you say
I'm sorry, I would prefer a female as well as the line, I think is a fair point to be made and when I was What was really the story. I kind of got an inch I D. Imagine all hospital being run by the government in and having his government rules you being denied service. If there's no competition of us, nowhere else to go we're in trouble. But let's read this, talk about the new ones, because I gotta admit it's a bright Bart story. There not wrong, but I think it's fair to point out that the actual website pulled up man, let's be real. You can't walk up to somebody at the spittle and start screaming, profundities or insults, or or generally being races and making gestures. And things like that, I tell you what men thousand doctor- Actually no I mean if I was a doctor, I've tried treaty, no matter what like, if I send somebody on the ground and their bleeding out, I know first aid, and so if they art and sang a bunch of really offensive things I probably still trying to them, but I think I think that's true. For most
as well. They might say you're being Mean I know complaint or injury or something and you're. You know your lifetime danger sang a bunch of rude and offensive and abusive things now tell you to take that there's the door don't wanna hit. You did it you by the way out of three the story, this from bright Bart. A national health service. Trust has announced that it will withdraw treatment from patients it deems to be racist or sexist. Full. Stop! No, not true! Technically true. If you're abusing the staff, there first give your warning and the internet a yellow card and then a red card. Now this could lead to exploitation and it could lead to you know it could be a potential slippery slope, but will read this then I'll show you the that the actual with actually say the north bristol- and I just trust, announced, that patients will be subject to a sports style, disciplinary, yellow, yellow card and then final red card in which trade
It would be withdrawn as soon as is safe on its official website. The policy would cover not just threatening an offensive language but also racist and sexist language, gestures or behaviour more generally, as well as malicious allegations, a rat rather troubling. Have you given the annex, as has in the past, been entangled in a large scale, MAC Malpractice scandals which hospitals and staff have initially denied they say quote: we have staff from many different backgrounds from all over the world and we pride our Our commitment to equality, which is fundamental but which is which, which is a fundamental value of the energies, commented at Andrea, young chief executive for North Bristol Energy trust were sending a strong signal that any Furthermore, discrimination is completely unacceptable. We want staff to challenge and report it, and we want everyone to know that it will have consequences. How, the bar for deeming behaviour, discriminatory insufficiently offensive to withdraw treatment is not spelled out an explicit terms, but I don't.
That necessarily means we need to be alarmist about it. I will also add its in the. UK we have a private system, We also have a constitution, so I'm not sure, using a national health service. Pre sure you could say racist things. They couldn't do anything about it, because we have the first amendment there's a line, though right. So we have free speech. If you go out into the street and start yelling offensive things, the cops probably won't do anything. But if you start young them directly at a person over and over again- and they tell you to stop and you don't- you might get disorderly, doktor manipulated assault depending on the very you're. So so yes, you, if you, if you ever somebody's art, yelling. Thing like the moon is made of cheese. It's an unoccupied statement, but if your yelling at someone you won't stop and you'll leave them alone
capital title leave. Otherwise you can get to sort. You can charge a disorderly conduct so think about a hospital in the. U S is why you know in all operate this way. The UK is lost, I'm being hyperbolic here, but men after the dangler stuff, It's like. I don't know how Ricky Jervis exists with he's made some very offensive jokes recently and now. The bigger concern here is how snow flaky, while he's to be so in the actual event, let me recall that the rules I want. I want to walk this back a little bit because they do say about abuse, but I do think it's fair to point out how snowflake, either you as an actually arrested Adieu, because he made a silly youtube. Video games are taken. Ticketing is to take that into consideration when you read this and the contacts then becomes more worrying but again began on trying to be uncharted below low tepid. Here they say
late twenty seventeen at an age s patient, requested a female nurse to carry out a surgical smear complained when the hospital sent a person with an obviously male appearance, closed cropped, hair, a male facial appearance and voice large. Number of tat twos and facial stubble, who insisted my gender is not male, I'm a transsexual. It is not clear whether the patient could have fallen foul of the british policy had been in place and the nurse had chosen to take offence, and nor is it clear how far the trust assurance as I really dont I wanted, I wanna be reasonable, and so I dont think. Well, I thought that was a complicated store and I think it actually a kind of connecting so us up there was keep reading. They say that it is not clear how far the trusts
and says that will only withdraw treatment once clinically safe, extend and if patients could, for example, be denied diagnostic procedures or so called routine operation suggest hip replacement, for which many patients have to wait. Eight months are more so they say that they don't know. Nor is it clear how far the trust of Sharon says will withdraw treatment and of patients could, for example, be denied diagnostic procedures. We ought to what stent is safety. Is the question to our own interests clear here? One of the big challenges with the modern social justice push is that their just change the definition of racism or, like white privilege, their change? definition of safety, they're calling words violence. So if say something somebody to funded by new realize it. Could they then be like that's a warning? Don't talk again and then are you forced to just zip it and do nothing and hope they treat you or you might get some salty social justice authoritarian. Who tells you I have the power do, as I say, or else british state authorities have previously
somewhat overzealous and their enforcement of political correctness with foster parents caring for three quote: not indigenous white british children having them taken away by labour run rather Emma Borough Council on twelve, because they were members of UKIP wow Troutina director of children and young people services, Joyce Thacker, said she was concerned that UKIP was opposed, to mass migration and the active promotion of multiculturalism, meaning UKIP members could not meet the british children's cultural and ethnic needs It is another. I just trust for the area. The university hospitals has previously been criticized for during the removal of the british flag from security staff stab. Thus, after someone complained, the country's national better was offensive, and therein lies the big problem. To what degree will they take action? If what they're saying is offensive, so here we have an anti be that any just that Uk North Bristol, and it just trust they say
north bristle, hands, red card to racism, North Bristol Nature, and it just trust- has today launched a red card tourism campaign to protect all staff from any discrimination following a national trend, staff have reported that incidents of racism on wards have increased over the past year. The hospital will be enforcing its euro tolerance policy against abusive behaviour. Now, here's what I I want to say right. I think it's fair. I think it's fair. To say, will hold on hold on they're talking about if you're abusing the staff- and I gotta be honest, if you're, understand if you're having a psychotic break or some kind of like panic, attack and you're dying and you're, not saying a bunch of crazy things. I think most doctors would still treat you, but if we're talking about people who are coming for routine check ups or non life threatening procedures and they decided to start spewing racism at a staff member. I tell you what
like I said earlier, I walk of thousands of illegal look. If you come to my place of business and disrespect me in any way get out some not going to provide you with service, I'm here to do a job, we're gonna be but we do have to cooperate right. I need you to show me your arms, like an reset. The bankers, roms broken users. Viewing racists, sexist whatever due respect be respectful K. Yet people are trying to help you, but the issue then becomes what, where I actually and more concerned is what defines abuse the bigger problem, I think the context was should have been included in these articles from these prints right wing sites. Look man, on the surface. This is fine. Like seriously, you can't go into an american hospital and sort shouting racist things at somebody veil. Kick you out. The problem here is how delicate and dainty the UK has become That's what to me is more worrisome. Are they going to call it abuse? If you use a word that you didn't,
if you dont, say latina acts. Are they gonna get mad right and who determines what is or is in defensive, as we know most These, like Ashley W types, are our white, privileged college educated, young people who are offended on behalf of somebody else. So what happens if a play this game? This is why I think this actually does warrant a little bit of concern. Member that woman who posted rap lyrics and you got your arrested in charge in the UK, I know we all know the story of dangler, but a woman pose a rap lyrics, if someone say, is black who's the unworthy Antony now and culturally, normal way that we experience. I can music like this. Are the word? Could a doctor who's not black, be offended and say that's racist and deny treatment of that person in the? U s. We gotta first amendment
think we have to worry about something like that for the most part, but it is true that you can be a rested or kicked out for for a lot of reasons. The bigger concern all wrapped up here too, to reiterate for the third time now is the UK just to dainty? Are they too delicate and afraid and they're gonna call literally anything abuse. If you get a doctor, you uncomfortable with and say I'd prefer to her doktor. They say why is that is because he's white and you're, not or or your white and he's not or are they gonna conflate things are going to find. Racism is the challenge. There are a lot of things that I think we want to implement. However, the slippery slope exam and it's not so much about like a slippery slope as I do that it is faster and faster. It's about our you're walking in a direction where things could actually start getting, really really bad. That's why I'm not surprised when Republican say, don't even given inch, and its and its unfortunate. You know I want to see here's what I see hey. We can stand to do some left wing type things like a public option in our country, but the leftist screeching for the moment, things in
possible to the right over. There is like we're not budging, because we know if we give an inch, take a mile, You know we have social justice and then I'll send it becomes weird authoritarian insanity. So. Now you see this and I say on the surface or yeah, don't be racist, like look man, it is not your right to to say raises things in a hospital when someone's trying to You know it's complicated, I believe in the U S, it might actually be a right to an extent like you can insult a doctor and actually known to you, I'm so far, hospitals are mostly private, I think of it. A publicly funded hospital. You could probably say whatever you want so long as you're not cross in line into disorderly conduct, but it really really is complicated. There's no like there's no perfect line where we can see now. For the most part, I want to act like the left out and says like no line its nuanced. Knowing that we know where incitement lies, we know where.
However, we do have, orderly conduct and that's typically, what will take it off? so if you're in a hospital in your disruptive and some capacity, it might be endangering the safety of others. I don't think calling someone an insult would do that, but I think listen I'll, tell you one thing: men you'd have to be a special kind of stupid to need a doctor and then insult that doctor cannot tell you what if I was getting car fixed, and I started insulting and degrading the mechanic, don't be surprised if your car does, it gets fixed and might have some problems like Looker trusted. Something of yours to somebody else. Give them the respect. You gotta be friends which can cooperate right now. Imagine you got someone working on your actual bite I wish I would want to make sure that individual as comfortable possible. I want to make sure that individual is, is going to do a really really good job because, well, to be honest, I ve grown quite fun
living I'd like to remain the case. That being said, hey man, what the doctor, I'm like you do like. I trust you. You know I mean doctors are not always right. Some doctors mike it over funds of overly offended and it's hard to know right. So I cannot, the concern here, but all this up on the surface, nothing to worry about, but when you for those of us, have been paying attention to the news, I think you might actually have something to worry about, and this is the big big problem. How do you actually caught a fly rule saying? Don't abuse our staff that includes racism with without you know, all these stories about how absurd it's become with police going to people's houses because of social media posts like the UK is a really really weird place, and I gotta say then you
the context of Daniel another's combined with this, and this does seem kind of bed better. Now I don't live in the UK and am grateful for it because we have constitutional rights here and they don't to bed, but we're headed that direction. Hopefully we don't go too far. Let me also thank sick round next segments coming up at four p m: Youtube COM, slice cast news, and I will see you all anonymous. Are you to accomplish TIM cast at four p m and I'll see you there. Facing several lawsuits for blocking people on Twitter, Alexandria cause Yo Cortez has caved and unblock at least one individual dove hick and who I may be pronouncing your name wrong, the visual suit Eo C4 blocking them on Twitter recently, due to a lawsuit against Trump, it was determined public officials can not block people on Twitter, such a weird and specific ruling, but basically functions like this.
When you tweet, you are creating a space for people. The comment by blocking someone you are preventing their free speech because you're, an elected official, you can't do it the rolling first hit trump but would but was then pointed to a seat. She was supposed to testify yesterday, but because she gave in and Unblock dove. She has now avoid about that. That's my under dancing, so there's a lot to do this. There is there still a lot more of that story. Joey salads for one is still showing her as well as some other individuals who she has blocked. The latter not who is suing by no Joey is we'll see what happens, but she does have many more people blocked, and I believe this is a way for her to bypass the court case, which would have forced on block everyone so well. She's lost the battle, the war is still The story from exiles, a YO, see, settles lawsuit and apologises for blocking critic on Twitter. They report Elsie apologized for
walking a twitter account of a former Brooklyn assemblymen as she agreed to settle a first amendment lost to the New York Times reports, why it matters for the New York Daily NEWS or cause your Cortez was scheduled to testify in Brooklyn Federal Court, Tuesday in the case brought by dove hiccup in July days after a federal appeals court, many landmark ruling that President Trump violated the constitution in blocking critics on Twitter. I would like to stress sure you, the founding fathers, never expected. This live no idea. This is where we would, I'm not saying that their right or wrong undersigned. Could you imagine the founding fathers being like freedom of speech shall not be infringed and then the government being an thinking and this visit for electronic meares near speed of light communication services and microblogging platforms that you will not be about the black people.
Probably never saw this coming, but this is why I think the first amendment in the constitution is a break because we apply it as technology advances and we make it makes sense. Now. I think this ruling is kind of weird for the most part, because twitter is a private company, but you not far be it from me. Will leave is one of the court's cause. They apparently upheld it over and over again continue. The ruling set a precedent that Any elected official from from a local mayor to the president who blocks a constituent on twitter? None of not just the constituent could be found guilty of violating VI letting their constituents first moment rights. I believe, that's actually wrongful treated announcement, That is my decision to block of hidden from my twitter account. Mr Higgins has a first I'm right to express his views and should not be blocked for them. In retrospect, it was wrong and improper and does not reflect the values I cherish. I sincerely apologise for blocking Mr Higgins now
I could be wrong, but I, but I think this means on artificial, can block literally anybody, because what what does it matter? If you live in the area or not, if you're, constituent or not we're american citizens are met citizens have a first meant a right that a member people acting by within the as an employee or preventive other government can't written actually elements that will stop for this way. Imagine if a local police force from a town from three towns overcame to your house and shut protest. They can't do that. So this is interesting and imagine. Elsie can block any of these people what he sang pickin sent on twitter. The outcome was a great victory, not only for me, but for citizens and free speech everywhere they go on to say. Oh cosmic has treated in August that she had blocked fewer than twenty twitter counts for ongoing harassment. That's a lie. She blocks people for tweeting, that she was wrong. Like Joey salads was not harassing O Cassio Cortez Joyce else. You don't like the guy.
I always say this about people because I know invariably the left is gonna, be like tins. Defending Joey stop Joe is running for Congress. He was, he was arguing with AOL, see who was in Congress and she blocked him for it. That's not her Ok, politicians, saying you're wrong is not harassing you well, Joe, is on a politician yet, but he's going to be what they say. You tumor and New York, eleven republican Congressional Canada, Joey Cell You know twitted in July that he had also file they suit against the freshman lawmaker, effigy blocked him he treated on Monday. Hopefully this means she must unblock me as well. A fortunately for me, several lawyers to drop out of my lawsuit due to extreme controversial nature, now here's the thing she won't have to do anything, I'm I'm I'm
Europe as to why this that the suit ended, and I guess because Mister Hickman doesn't have jurisdiction beyond his own account by settling with him. She actually protected her ability to block other people sort of anatomy. Really disgusted by this, and this is one of the biggest criticisms I'll give day Yossi look. You can talk about policy all day and night. I can argue that the greens It makes no sense at all that stuff. That's fine, though gay we're talking about policy issues, we're gonna end up with this this is an issue where Elsie is defying a court precedent period. She is in violation of the constitution by blocking joy, sounds and others is violating the first amendment rights as per the courts, and this is a cheap shot to get a ticket to get around what she at which what you have to do, which would be unlocking of real sittings out here, is the tweet from
does. He says today was a great victory, not only for me but for citizens and free speech everywhere. However, the fight against Anti Semitism and its apologists continues and we need you. We need your help to achieve more such victories. He goes on to ask people to donate in this he expressed. I know it be better if I could play the whole thing, but its Youtube basically says that when a yo see compared the border and then the and the and the detention centres to world war to Germany, it was greatly offensive and it's an up at an apology. Essentially I guess what kind of implying I want to quote him, but it's kind of a defence, for you know what you can't compare What happened in World WAR to Germany to what's happened on the border? It is just absolutely ridiculous to compare people wilfully coming,
the? U S, knowing this place exists and having half the country complain about it, verses. What Germany did ok did there's just no comparison right, so I'm I completely agree with them and I believe AC was was wrong for doing what you didn't and that's why she blocking apparently but it was going to say I want to add that were still waiting for a sea to do the right thing and unblock the others. She's blocked, especially journalists, lives, Wheeler, real, so that Europe. And the hairy cherry among others, there can be no double standard. Bravo, I completely agree. Don't care about left, don't care about right as the point Trump has to unblock people. I heard that it is it's hard to know who's your which source it can be ripe. I've heard Travis Unblock everybody, I've heard he hasn't unblock everybody, but Trump needs to unblock.
Everybody you won't take it up with the court's you do gave up the time being. The president is set unblock people, your public officials and your accountable to the people, and if someone wants to tell you you're, dumb they're allowed to its what makes America right. You know that really really love about this country is that I can walk up to eight sea or trump, and I can give the middle finger technically You can't get in the face of somebody to have security details, but I can tell him to go through themselves. There you go. You can't arrest me Merrick S, great, isn't it cause? They are countries where you can so Oh, I understand twitter, it's silly, but you cannot block me. I have a right. To tell you whatever I want granted. I'm so little hyperbolic you can cite, we know the rules there are limits to russian, but there's a c is complaining about because I'll tell you what technically, based on her view of harassment, people actually do have a right socialist. Let's make one thing clear. Legal harassment is very different from,
She calls harassment if she's complain that Joey sounds Twitter. You know one of us that, of course, I somebody tweeted ABC Twenty four times per day, just we are saying you're the stupidest person on the planet, guess what too bad Europe politician. Americans are allowed to tell you that to your face, you can't stand the heat got to the kitchen and calls for trump or anybody else, I love this country. I get to. Tell you to go screw is amazing, isn't it so when they, when they play this game, it's it's. It's particularly offensive to me. Look is. This is a bit of victory in one aspect, but by not going to court she's, not testifying, and that would have been huge. Because you would have had them say. Why are you blocking these people? When you know you can't so she is in violation of to do one. One. Last quick shout out too, to a story that I thought was hilarious. Just went out the trouble with Tik Tok journalists should not be promoting apply. History of political censorship.
Is, it is a joke. You know about when I first saw the story from politico actually thought it was kind of a joke, because on Facebook straight up said their banning people based on their politics. That that's that's a fact that the way we all kind of like shrugged for the most part, because we know who they are targeting, but when it comes to expression, I believe we should go ahead of expression. So for this when time this together we complain about Tik, Tok Y know they got a problem with censorship, but so does literal everybody else. I get it, though their Chinese think about it. This way, let's say: there's a public form created my Donald Trump, a physical space and he and everybody CUP shows up, but then trumps has no, not you have to leave and the court say Trump. You can't do that. American citizens have a right to a public forum, but then the grounds keeper, the people who own the properties, aid and walk you out. Don't worry, no worry trump.
Got you and if you up that's acceptable, that is absurd to me. Ok, so be it ac or anyone else. Twitter should not have the right to shut you down. If that's the argument there making, then a private company superseding precedent and free speech rights, not you know a man. I understand it's complicated but think about if tromp decided only do every event on private on private space and then guaranteed that no one could ever come and engage in anyway. Now I get it, I bet that that idea actually is how it is tromp can go to a private building and not allow you in, and they will say it's a private building. The issue as the protesters who shall please places in protest, demand their right to do it. So you can't I'm all ten years. They try and go to trumps, private event and yell, and then try and defend
you know a sea or or anybody else from blocking people on twitter or demand that twitter have access to this. It's kind of a double standard, but I guess the big. The main difference comes from a small private event that happens only an hour and twitter. What you, which is literally like town square. It be, I guess it be more more kin to if that that this, the only available space was controlled by a private entity, and that's one regulation comes into break up the monopoly of it. So I think I think they're hypocrites I think, I'm you know what I'm looking at it. It's an issue of skate like where's, the red line. If somebody once have a private venue event like ok, can't comment, but if someone wants to use literally the only platform for microblogging communication, while now I've got a serious problem because of the monopoly power of it, in which case, perhaps then we say you, you cannot do this. You see the complicated issue and the new ones here, and that's why I think you know we'll talk about
what- and I also add that in public spaces and a lot of votes, the protesters sharp anyway so barrel, image think so I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. Nobody really predicted this. Everybody thought the Covington Catholics, the coming to Catholics. It wasn't gonna go anywhere and then, when it Dismissed for the most part, everyone kind of sad yup, but then a judge reinstated at least three of the claims and a lot of people still don't know this. When I So here is the story right now: Covington Catholics, Covington Catholic students, defamation suit against Warren, is dismissed. I will there are two people, notably Elizabeth Warren, who is being freed from her defamation suit, and it's kind of surprising to me. It's because she's a politician that she's protected and can defamed people. Well. Are you you have to explain that wants me. I don't know, but here's a funny thing saw the story, unread it and I clicked the comments and the
months from from everybody were alike. We all knew the suit when go anywhere insulting the kids, while leaving the fake news, because apparent these people don't read the news just the headline, so they didn't know. The whole story was like fake the beginning, but they still don't know. That the Covington lawsuit is back on. So I will do a quick refresher on that. I gotta start from last week, but first, let's rate about Elizabeth, foreign and how she would manage to escape accountability for defaming these kids Fox NEWS reports it can took a judge has drawn presidential candidates and about Senator Elizabeth, worn off from a libel lawsuit filed by eight Covington Catholic High school on the grounds of sovereign immunity, the lawsuit following August.
The war and, along with a new Mexico, congresswoman and ten other public figures, claiming they made tschumi defamatory comments about the students following their January and counter with native Americans in Washington DC. Only Warren and Wrap Deborah Helen were emigrate from that from Mexico were dismissed from the suit sovereign immunity, extends to agencies of United States or federal officers. Acting in their official capacities, was about eight see losing her legal battle. She settled she caved. She won the battle, but the war is still launch of a very effective way to prevent a sea for having unblock other people on Twitter. Here's thing
both cause yogurt hasn't Donald Trump have argued that, because their twitter accounts are their personal accounts, they can block. Where were they want? But the court's disagree. The courts have said these accounts are representing you and you speaking, politics is your politician and a story, so your personal account yeah, that's part of your governmental duties. While many people were angry, that Donald Trump was forced on block people and many people are angry that so, as I see it, a weird ruling I gotta admit this also extends an interesting protection to Donald Trump. Even but presumably I don't know this sovereign immunity extends tromp, but it says to agencies the United States or federal officers in their official capacities, so try a federal officer. Isn't it I mean he's in Asia? Is an agent of the United States died? Imagine if the president does that mean that now trunk can accuse anybody of anything. You can't swim. That would be,
weird, but that's it we're seeing right now about warring Warren defamed. These kids and she get two because even if she's, using a personal account, it's already been determined that as an official capacity as an agent of the federal government of three little at more actually before we I gotta give a shoutout TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, pay pal option Crypto auction physical address, but of course the best thing you can do is just as per unit. I share this video. As you know you to be ranks you get that you get the picture. If you really want to help me out, you can share the video, so I can contained in the work that I do, but us get back to the story. They save sovereign immunity? Is the doctrine of the? U S? Government or those acting on its behalf, may not be sued without its consent. That sounds crazy, but the war and had tweeted the native american man at the centre of the over blown runnin had endured hateful taunts Helen one of first native american woman, elected to Congress,
being harassed and marked by a group of Magua hat wearing teens, a viral clip picked up by mainstream media gave the impression that Covington Catholic student Nixon and wearing a red mud Muggah had at the time and is classmates we're taunting and mocking an elderly native american man falling the March for life rally. We conduct the full video of footing. The full video footage later revealed the covenant. Catholic students were harassed by a group of Black Hebrew, Israel lights before Nathan, Philips the native Can man and other knave american activists approach the servants, and I got to say it is one of the most infuriating things that this guy got in the face of these kids No all that righteous indignation they had reality was. It was Nathan Phillips who started at all who got this. This kid's face was mining his own business. He walked up to them. He invaded their space and they smeared the kids. Do they don't care about justice man they just want to win.
What concludes that? The challenge statements by war and Helen, whether one agrees that more funds unobjectionable are innovations intended to convey the politicians views on matters of public interest to their constituents as such, the statements were made within the scope of defendants, employment as elected representatives. Does that mean Donald Trump? Can it you, somebody of the most in saying the greatest thing, and you can't do anything about it. Apparently, so Bertelsmann did not exercised section over the other ten defendants in the soup, including see and an of oral Cathy Griffin ABC News. Reza Ozland, Adam Adeline, Princeton History, Professor Kevin M, crews, Sean King mother. Jones editor in Chief, Clara, Geoffrey and Rewire NEWS, editor Jody Jacobson. The case will continue in Canton County Circuit Court, where it was filed salmon is presently
followed defamation suit for tuna, fifty million dollars against the Washington Post, a federal judge in Kentucky dismissed the case in July, but reopened it Toby twenty Eightth, based on an amended complaint filed by salmon's legal team. So let me tell you, we are right now the law suits are still on. Ok very little has changed the should impose, was initially dismissed. They brought it back because they amended, but that's normal. I think a lot of people were surprised. It happened, but basically Yet here we are a super. All these things and the judge went through it and said you can't revise this. Here's the scope, the lawyers thence Edward. I pick these three move forward, so we have a statement from last week, but I think the complex is important, considering war and is now being let go attorney for Covington Catholic Teen reacts to reopening lawsuit against swap. Oh I'm gonna skip a lot of the that that the contractual off we already get- and I will get straight to the statement here- they say apparent, Foxen friends, with host angels. Your heart
Mercury said that when this case was initially dismissed by Bertelsmann, they had not provided all of the evidence that show that Philips had done what Philips had done in them. All that day make mercury said they believe. The video evidence shows that Nathan Let's presented a false, factual narrative when you describe what happened and the judge was persuaded by the additional additional video evidence. So it's not just at the initial suit was dismissed. It's that maybe they jump the gun. Maybe that's the lawyers for whatever reason that probably the evidence Ford or maybe it's their intent to drag this out, because I'll tell you there is a legal strategy of burying people in paper paperwork for long for a long period of time to force them to shell out money. You force them to lose its quite pop. Above all, they really want is an apology. Under this way, somebody weren't assume you and we're gonna we're not gonna. Stop and you're gonna have to respond to these suits and the paperwork, and you have to hire a lawyer deal with it. That's can be very expensive s. Wife
Some people make the mistake of settling, but it's really challenging did you will you might have to settle These news outlets will not because their credibility is on the line. However, if they get dragged through the calls it might become overbearing an expensive, I will say if anybody's got money- and this is gonna- be the major media companies, I don't think that Santa Monica have nearly as much money so we'll see what happens. They say the judge rule than demanded complaint submitted by salmon's attorneys alleged in greater detail. Then they arrive complaint that Phillips deliberately lie too concerning the events at issue and that Philips had an unsavory reputation which, for that its negligence or malice would have alerted defended to this fact. Yup. It was only a day, not even it was like what a day afterwards, we found out the dude lied about being a Vietnam.
That and then all the media companies work well well hold on. He was a vietnamese era that that's what he said. No somebody found the footage of him saying he was at the time that he lied he's alive. He started the problem and because the news me it doesn't do their job. Now you get this, so you know what men this lawsuit. I hope I hope these kids win, because someone needs to send a message to these companies. You can't just lie about people there so lazy, you noted, is they ve got nowhere. With it for so long there shocks now that any of these peasants circling their ivory tower would dare challenge them, but we will, two insulting smear, whoever we want. What are these potato SEC wearing individual? pitchforks doing outside? Might our either angry? And perhaps if the news companies are put on notice
that you will be sued when you lie and don't do your job, maybe they'll start doing their job again by then they have no incentive to tell the truth. No Epstein or they talk about a bunch of kids. It adds on the stairs at the wall of the Lincoln, the more who cares do your job and if you don't you get sued. So I hope something comes of this as positive forces these media companies to do their due diligence to fact check and not rush out the gate to print a story. It turns out to be false, Stick around. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. It's a story shrouded in about
ready and that a man and other men fought over a pop, buys chicken sandwich, and one of those men is now dead, but guess what the story is probably fake. It isn't embellishment meant to drive, clicks banking Buzz feed. A man was stabbed to death in a fight over a puppies chicken sandwich, no bomb, not true. I listen that's my opinion, but I've got evidence to back them up witness statements Perhaps police said the alternation began when one of the men cut the other in line first, I read you the Buzzfeed NEWS story and then show you another story that contradicts these claims, because somebody did actual journalism what it Buzzfeed do. Listen, I'm not here two impugn, the honor of every article ever written by Buzzfeed, but Busby in a fairly just took up, these statements, Edward on the police, have told us everything we need to know, and now we have the story. You may be asking yourself
why's him do the story about a poppies. Chicken sandwich thing is a stupid because it's not about publishing a sandwich. Its how the media plays these games and an example of the work I have to do every day to do to bring you to the best of my abilities, factual information. So let me tell you the premise: Buzzfeed reports, a story. I find the article I read it I say: love someone died over a chicken sandwich. That's crazy! Let me fact check this. Are its fake news and then I don't use it when you watch my videos, you will see me talk about an article or site an article on this channel. I don't usually do too much of the background like work, I'll, find a store of two irreparable source. Our role with it Everything is much more,
I find it. Several sources can farming those results and it still not guaranteed. This is an example of what I find a story and then counter that narrative, but because the story so sensation I thought I'd be funded debunk. They say a Marilyn men is dead after dispute over Popeye's chickens. And which has led to a fatal stabbing Monday night police, said the elder occasion at the oxen hill? Patient began when one of the men cut the other men in line to buy the sandwich Prince Georgia's county police departments, spokesperson, Jennifer Dolan, it Donaldson set at a press conference and that's all they needed right: the police enterprise, press conference, hey look at the government, says it it's true. What I've been a journalism would have been a buzzfeed being left in daylight. We want just trust the police statement open in this instance. The two men continued the argument outside the restaurant fighting industry until one step, the other arm of the detectives are hard at work on this one, but we have been able to determine print preliminarily that this is related to the release of the sandwich. Here at this restaurant, the victim, a local twenty eight year old man with declared
at an ear but nearby hospitals. Let's stop per second the police, don't say they were fighting over sandwich. Why Buzzfeed news run the headline because Buzzfeed Lou lesson, This headline travels around everyone's gonna be talk. What's a viral story and there are no laugh and be like, while people are grazing and then you read it nowhere, did they say they were fighting over a sandwich. What the police said was that it was preliminarily potentates, they said its preliminary, but this is related to the release of a sandwich. Could it be that don't know because of the these are the sandwich. Guy was going to meet up with another guy at the location and they weren't going to get the sandwich the senators nothing to do with it. It's just two guys gonna Why one? Guy died, nothing else is relevant here they were not. Fighting over a sandwich, there was no sandwich, no one ordered any food. Buzzfeed is using this headline to manipulate you into putting it. In this instance, it's obvious. Why use these examples you're sitting here?
the store saying. Oh yeah, hey, wait the cops and say that, but they titled the headline that way. Ok, that's not true! Well, it drives clicks and then on twitter and Facebook, people see the headline, don't worry the story and think they got information they needed assessed by does not get been arrested and police are asking that witnesses who were at the poppies location at the time of the stabbing, get in touch of any information They are also urging the suspect to come for the police force for you to get that angry over. Anything. For that have of anger to develop into this type of violence is a very sad and tragic day said Donovan, and that person needs turn themselves in poppies related chickens out in August. The menu item has been met with chaotic fanaticism, locations across the country quickly sold out and by the end of its first month accompany announced. It was temporarily pulling it from menus because it couldn't you up with demand. The sandwich returned to stores on Sunday once again prompting exe.
Long lines of people trying to get them before they run out. A spokesperson for Papa, said, safety of our guests and team is always a problem. Before us, whatever happened in Maryland last night, is a tragedy, and we are standing here about the sense of senseless act of violence. Our thoughts are with the victims. Families, friends. We, along with the franchise II, are fully cooperate with local authorities and If we working together more information, I bring you now to the more in that story. Thus, I am surprised it's the daily mail who is giving us the bigger picture of what really happened and guess what friends and family of the man who died said it was not over a chicken sandwich. They just happened to have been at a Popeye's. They refused, however, to explain what the fight was really about. So let me break this down for you, some guy down to an argument and the other guy.
Damn it happens, a lot this country, its tragic it sad I'd, buy feel for the family and I'm even more uneven angrier by this because now took up the dude posted. A thing Facebook this guy Darrell Psmith rip little cause Katy aft up they trying to get publicity out of this s. My car ain't die over no chicken sandwich aft up too many loses two where I dont know who's next, I'm from Chicago men and that's why I get really bothered by this they played this story out. They were fighting over a chicken sandwich from their snooty ivory tower when, in reality, this kind of violence plagues a lotta, neighborhoods man, it's a plague, neighborhoods like mine, no they're, not fighting over chicken sandwich as disgusting It gets clicks, it's an embellishment, it's a sensational story, the police said was related to the release of a savage. Does
mean that I'm not made it does. Girlfriend was like, let's go, get a sandwich and he was like mouths get a good five peace, Their guy showed up caught him in line that I knew a fight fight turn deadly. This cost of happens a lot dude I was in Chicago and I did not crawling meet me until you go and chase the police scanner. I saw lot of stories. Story. Where one incident we came upon, where somebody was upset and drug deal and fired randomly into a building killing people who live in apartment upstairs and nothing to do with it. Thousands of stories on other guy who's taken for somebody else. These things happen. Ok, this story was made. You know it's really funny you don't let little implement. Let me let me throw a brick at though after the winner right. Now, when does the news media care to talk about the violence plaguing minority communities? Do they talk about it when, in Chicago Gun, violence wreak havoc on my neighborhood and another
birds when people would run into buildings and in businesses where I live with guns and shoot up at the door of fire guns each other or want to fight broken in high school and people. At someone here gone and drew the gun and about had run screaming. I love it. I love out. Buzzfeed covers those stories, but you know what they do Where's the chicken sandwich story angle then they're gonna talk about the violence, you know a man I was going to say it. Buzzfeed is being racist. Let's play the game, shall we did Busby cover any of the violence affecting minority communities in Chicago in the past in the past week or so? No, but not a story about two black deeds fighting over a chicken sandwich. That's when you do the news. This is disgusting. Disgusting, disgusting. This is when they cover the violence, the violence that that that, when I was growing up in Chicago, this is the kind of stuff we deal with Now you ve got this dude cut this family saying they were fighting
chicken sandwich man, but that's the funny story that Busby gets to report. Isn't it these people are hypocrites and their disgusting, honest imagining these upper class. These These these privileged elite in New York City laughing over the idea that they got these guys were fighting over a chicken sandwich and they have the nerve to call us racists, Only time you cover this, I grew up in a disaffected ignored part of my city. They care about us. We ve bullet bullet holes in the hot dog, stand they do put bulletproof glass and that's the neighbourhood I get to grow up in and if they ever come to us and say we want to help you out only when they wanted our votes. Did the news media ever come? No, everybody knows they do this, and now you got this guy who died tragically for other occasion. We don't know what is it what what? What what what what it was about, but I tell you what man I know that As far as gloating and laughing about all the clicks, they're gonna get from claiming to black.
Fought over a chicken sandwich. Look man, the family said that wasn't true. The police never said this and that's the name they want to push and they want to use everybody else of being the racists. This is this disgusting, you know what man there's nothing I hate more. Then the establishment elites and how they pander down to the poor people throwing breadcrumbs out their window saying this is what you get you don't get a voice, so you know what I'll say: men social media has done incredible things to allow people who never got to speak up before to be allowed to speak up now, and I can understand the complaints that many people have about hate speech but too bad. You could to speak now. Welcome the party, ok, That also means other people get to speak too, and sometimes your fight. But I tell you what man Buzzfeed they're, not the worst, but they're they're, they're they're absently. On one side, battle and they had the nerve to take story about senseless violence.
Two blackbirds fighting over chicken sandwich. I want you to stop and think about that. I want you to stop and think about Buzzfeed, reading the story and it was the daily mail, typically called conservative, but actually told us wasn't true man? chicken sandwich. You know when I worked for these companies, I got to see the privilege these kids work for these media companies and the only reason it's it's, these upper class, kids, it's because you can't afford a live in New York City is low wages on his low salaries. Their parents pay their bills. They come from. Families can afford to do this and they crap all over the poor people who know these people can't fight of justice. They're, not. I know they're, not
experienced oppression, I've, I've, I've had cops breakin at my house violate my rights and it's not these upper class snooty wealthy venture capital is digital media companies that ever did anything for us and what you can expect they will laugh in your face
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