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Punk Legend Goes FULL MAGA Leaving Leftists SHOCKED And Angry, Leftists DEFECT And Join Trump Train


Johnny Rotten says of course he is voting Trump.The Punk Rock Legend had previously voted Obama twice and Clinton in 2016 but says that Joe Biden is awful and can't be the man in charge thus he is voting Trump 2020But many others feel the same wayWe hear over and over about leftists defecting and joining the Trump Train for a variety of issues.Naturally leftists are shocked and angry over Rotten announcing his support for Trump but this just seems obvious. Joe Biden is not a viable candidate for president.Democrats may come to wish they nominated someone else but its too late now.

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Punk rock legend, Johnny Rotten of the sex pistols was recently seen wearing a make Amerika great again shirt and twitter erupted with leftists freaking out saying. How could this have happened? A punk rock icon being for Trump? How could someone from an irish working class background actually support shroud, it's not Johnny, who changed its. You take it from someone who worked at vice magazine at a time when they were anything but politically correct and now look where vices absolutely politically correct, and I talk to some of my former vice colleagues about the change and they said you guys change to became right wing, and I said I still I'm still a fan of George Carlin and John Stewart. and hold all of the same for the most part political positions. I am a gun owner now that I did back then, and then they said you're right. Maybe it is us that
changed, maybe it's you all on the left, who just drove off a cliff and now you're surprise to find that the guy who was constantly antagonizing. The establishment is still antagonizing the establishment, but there is something else here, perhaps a sign that regular people are not on board with this far left lunacy and this weird cult of intersection, Eleni it be, perhaps that tromp is actually winning the poles are broken again. Maybe that's really what I want to what I want to get into. You know why, because of a video from Brigitte as you may you may know, Bridget she's, a calmness upon castor and she's politically homeless right. I guess, used to be a liberal kind of like me, but now doesn't know what she's gonna. Do you posted a video where a Trump parade was March? Four minutes? pass an intersection in LOS Angeles loss
Captain Joe S had a Trump parade. There have been a bunch of tromp parades throughout the country recently and boat parades and made. He that sentiment that we're seeing says more than what a pole could ever say. I mean come on allay. Is blue is blue can get where the transit borders coming from now? Ok, perhaps these two Supporters are just a few and far between one third of the state that actually our conservative marching around or me be there are people like Johnny Rotten, regular people who don't like the establishment and never did saying straight up Trump? Is the counter culture? Not you have ever stop to think about this. These punk rock left us to claim still be punk having all of their opinions align perfectly with every major corporation? What is punk rock about that? Now? Listen! I'm thirty! Four! On that.
Pretend to know what the ancient law of Punk Rock Legend says. I grew up with a bunch of far left friends playing punk, rock music and I'll. Tell you what it meant to me Maybe it mean the same thing to you, and maybe this isn't what it actually meant, but it was young p, all who are spitting in the face of of social norms and the establishment of major corporations the star. the moral authoritarian and the reason we war? The clothes we did was because we purposefully did not want to fit in. We wanted to throw your face and say we know where the clothes you do, we dont dress like you do Hence why you'll never see me wearing a suit? Hence I went to the White House wearing this a beanie and a t shirt. I was only person and all these conservatives were laughing TIM Pool- didn't wear a suit to the White House. Up, that's TIM, you bet you, but I didn't wear a suit. I grow punk rock
I care not for your your social constructs for the most part, I think about. You know, I believe, in India, You will freedom, it's why I've always been rather left leaning. That's why I absolutely do not care that Johnny Rotten is a trump supporter and wide problem. No surprise to both of you that I'm actually going to vote for Trump, you know why middle eastern peace deals withdrawing our troops, end of story, Rand, Paul tweet about it. But let's talk about what's really going on cuz, it got all this data that said, Trump is going to lose. Five hundred and thirty eight says Everyday Trump's chances of window down down down. Take that for what it is. I don't know if it's real or nobody not, but I'll, tell you right now that data says Trump is going to lose in the Democrats. Are gonna sweet that could be reality. Don't kid yourself into thinking? You ve got this in the bag. Now I know the Poles
all messed up last time, but I'm telling you this right. Now, you better be prepared to crawl over that broken glass, figurative leap to go and vote for Donald Trump. If you want him to win, but there is an interesting article from Town Hall explaining why Donald Trump is actually on track to win and bought. Why bite? actually losing. I bring this up because I saw Johnny Rotten sang yup button for Trump and there was a Trump parade in LOS Angeles. It isn't that crazy, isn't something going on something's happening. Let's read the story but before we get started. Head over to TIM cast outcomes lashed, don't it if you'd like to support my work. There are many ways you can give us a p o box, but the best thing can do, is share this video. Maybe there are a lot of people, you know that are scared to speak up apart from the Cato Institutes, shows that most people are afraid to speak their opinions. In fact, only the far left feels comfortable sharing their opinion. maybe these people need to realise that, whether you like or don't like Trump, we exist, conversations is real. I insult Trump periodic
Leon on my podcast and on Twitter and Trump supporters. Just say I humbly disagree or they call me names and I dont care we're all adults. Tromp supporters don't try to destroy my life over me saying here's what I dont like about Trump, that's all I'm asking for so maybe if you think there are people that are dare to speak up. Sharing this video might help them realise that iconic punk rock legends are speaking up, and people in LOS Angeles, are speaking up. Here's the story. I went over it like subscribe Notification Bell. You get the eagle from the daily wire I conic sex pistol, singer Johnny Rotten, of course, on voting for Trump honey rotten famously sang God, save the queen back in the hay day of punk in the late nineteenth seventies, but in twenty twenty hissing and God save the planet. In keeping with the crazy times of this year. even the singer of pretty vacant is weighing on the presidential election rotten, whose real
it was John Leyden holds three citizen ships? U S british and irish, and it told the BBC he's definitely voting for President Trump in November third election. Yes, of course, on voting for Trump he's at an interview he's an individual thinker I'll give him for a start, he's not the boss, he's not the most lovable fellow on gods earth, but I cannot see the position as offering me anything by way of a solution, apparently light and Johnny Rotten, backed Barack Obama in his life. two elections and Hillary Clinton in twenty. Sixteen budgetary supports Trop, because the economy I'd be death as a brush not to he said He's the only sensible choice. Now that Biden is up he's incapable of being the man at the helm, yup, and that's it for me to lend its support. Hillary Clinton, but you are. This- is significant. First of all, as a punk rock Legend straight up
I am voting for tromp and that's that's kind of crazy. Alot of conservatives have been saying you know. Cans conservatism is the new counter culture and they ve been marked by the left, but you're lost Johnny rotten leftists. I don't know That means, but it shows us somebody who didn't support up Donald Trump and twenty. Sixteen, let me tell you it may be meaningless, but I'll I did not vote for trumpet twenty. Sixteen and from only sixteen to twenty eighteen, I was laughing, I would never vote for the guy and you will never, and here we are because things changed. You can't did better and better the media insane. The Democrats failed us in twenty eighteen, the kitchen table issue we're thrown off the kitchen table in and and in their stead impeachment scandal. Twenty fifth amendment they wouldn't shut up and down truck. Did these peace agreements any worked on middle eastern peace, and I sat at its withdrawing our troops and, I said all right: you know a man with the riots with Joe Biden, man. I think trumps got a lot of problems, but what about? What am I supposed to do
like I'll, take the good economy, man I'll, take the Middle eastern peace, tough and Anne and John the rotten saying something similar about the economy. This is these are two people me and run who did not support trump and twenty? Sixteen doesn't mean trumps. Gonna win. I don't know, but I tell you this, but people voted for prompt and twenty sixteen have not turned their backs on him. Trop delivered in his promises, many of them and is basis, fired up and marching through the streets. So if you're, adding more people to trot mixed Let it stand of it it doesn't. It sent a reason, trumps on track for a victory now listen. I know I know that may be wishful thinking, wishful thinking, because for me I'm, like you, you, you put Joe Biden back in that office and you can see more war and that's all always been a big deal from Alsace. Talking about when I was a kid now, spunk rock I was, I was a teenager, coming into the war years of of the Bush administration, Halliburton, big military contracts, spending all this money overseas and then being betrayed by these liberal who abandoned the Anti war movement as soon as their guy one and Obama
on a carried on the exact same garbage. That's been, though, that as the legacy of America, spouse Donald Trump started doing the same thing and I left I said. Of course he talks about peace. Here. He is firing missiles that Syria he was criticized Hillary Clinton because she was going to start a war with Russia hears tromp firing missiles that Syria, what is left to say he's only doing it goes Putin allowed him to do it or shot. Well, I was mad about the missile strikes, I'm mad about the drones flagstoned commando rates, but now we ve got at least as far as I can see, some improvement and Joe Biden is not going to keep up that true.
So maybe it's a longshot, but you know what I'll take what I can get, what trump here's a five thirty eight says out of twenty two possibilities: only three have a Trump victory. They currently have trumpet fourteen percent chance of winning, maybe yeah. Who am I to doubt the ivory tower elites who know better than I a humble mixed race, high school dropout from the south side of Chicago? While I don't know much about them? fancy Learnin Box, MR need silver, but I do know about them. Fancy parades happening in LOS Angeles visit tweet from Bridget fantasy. She said? Sorry, I'm late PAMELA piracy, but now and in the vote
oh she says there is a Trump parade in LOS Angeles. Tromp might want to come to California. I dont think California is gonna flip, but if you ve got people in L, a marching for tromp is Beverly a Trump parade in Beverly Hills. Oh wow yeah, not the first time we ve seen it either at is crazy maybe there's a lot of people are finally realising they can speak up. Maybe a lot of people who realise that the actual counterculture is opposing the mainstream corporations. Well, like I said about them, fancy learnin book Mr Nate Silver, but I can show you this from loud wire. Twitter lose, That's over Johnny Rotten wearing a magua shirt and there's one thing. I want to show you it's this. This tweet people just found out Johnny Rotten trumped up and our losing their minds and the IMF It is a tattooed woman, angry pointing a sign that says you were not punk rock you're not
unless your social views align perfectly with every major corporation. Ok, maybe that's punk. I guess, because you know the people who are in punk don't just stop being punk, because I've won power right Apparently the founder of bad religion is come out saying you must support all of these movements and all these pencroft people have just become the establishment. So I guess technically theirs bill punk in their ideologies, but to me uncle is always about being and a ram bunches. Youth defying mainstream establishment. Thinking and my position doesn't change based on whether or not mine, my views are more popular or art. Neither do there's that's why punk rock has become mainstream, so I'm not gonna, pretend that you know being conservative is punk in the a sense of what punk was supposed to be that I understand the. Let me tell you, I believe, in free speech,
So when you see Johnny, Rawdon or said vicious wearing extremely offensive symbols, that was the point then we're trying to offend you kind of like many trolls today there trying to be fancy. They are trying to challenge the status quo, throw in your face that I get, It's kind of why I have this kind of milk, toast punk rock thing going on where I'll show the way thou swearing beneath and the t shirt you know cause a mock unaware suit, You don't want anything funny. I got invited to the up the Clinton Foundation, black tie gala, that's right and I told them I would go if I can wear a t, shirt and a hoodie, and they said no- and I said then I'm not going true story I got that invite a long time. It goes back to act by Wall Street. Look it up put on a suit. You nuts never happened well. Well, let's talk about whether not Donald Trump is gonna win. Whether or not this punk rock thing is logical Thus, if these left us really do make up the mainstream establishment that it stands to reason outside of the poles as a good reason
the belief Biden, will win because people hate Donald Trump, but this article from Town Hall says Proof Biden is not winning and it's an opinion peace. But it gives some reason to believe that outside of its establishment, worldview, Donald Trump is winning and is probably winning. By a lot I mean there was a Porsche: from the sun to express Democracy Institute together. That Donald Trump was up by one point and winning other battleground states. It is showed you Bridget fantasies tweets where prompt supporters are parading around LOS Angeles of all places. But let's read this is a lot of really good points to be made. Town hall, this is from Wayne Alan Route. He says back and twenty. Sixteen I played Paul Revere accept my amount announcement. The truck victory is coming. The Trump victory is coming. I made over fifteen hunt, the tv and radio appearances to deliver. The message at the poles were all wrong. I told Donald Trump supporters again and again to ignore the fake news in the fake poles, tens of thousands of truck voters emailed me. The thank me for giving them hope and
seemed lost hundreds of conservative, radio and tv house. Thank me for keeping up the spirits of the Trump Army. When trot, voters were at their darkest and lowest points for better or for worse, that's at best talent in life, seeing through the faulty math lies fraud and propaganda posters in the mainstream media. In order to keep truck vote, excited motivated, focused and in the game. I was right in twenty. Sixteen, I will be right again November. Third, now point this out, I suppose the idea, in in their attempts to correct themselves. The poles only got worse or it could be at the main stream universe, and how they handle they're, they're, they're, pulling doesn't make sense anymore and their missing tons of new voters, the polling could be broken even worse than it wasn't they sustain? Because, if trends in media can our can are continuing cord cutting its essentially, then I would say the poles are.
continually being disrupted, and they don't know how to fix it in the short amount of time, but really says. Despite all the faulty faulty poles showing a double digit loss, I believe Trump is on his way to a landslide electoral victory, slightly bigger than twenty sixteen, and I can prove it first, as election looks like a carbon copy of twenty. Sixteen every pull back then showed Trump headed for disaster, but I d secret weapon. I called it the taxable My body drove a taxi in Vegas. Every person who got in her taxi was told I'm doing. Nepal is Europe's confidential your name so tell me who you voting for the results, overwhelmingly for Trump, I knew that and what was about to happen today. I would call the truckers pole, but it's not just my trucker fans, my fans who drive cross country there are these all of them report the same phenomenon in Middle America. There are thousands and thousands of trouble on signs, but where the Biden signs there are almost none to be found, nominate, stop right. There, an offer rebuttal, enthusiasm for Trump may be high, and there
as for bite, it may be low, but Anti Trump enthusiasm is also very, very high, on par with trump enthusiasm. Keep that mind, however, I do want to add. I know a couple of tv personalities and I'm gonna put political commentary. Individuals who had in working out of Europe for some time, and this was in seventeen I was talking to them and they said they knew tromp was going to win and I asked them how DE in Europe. All the news was saying: the polls show Trump losing Trump is losing everyone hates tromp. While the interviews we're tromp is bad and then they flew back to the United States. and landed, and a rural of a more rural area, not completely a smaller city with like suburbs, and only thing they saw was Trump signs everywhere and they that's the moment we realised the media was wrong. Tromp was definitely going to win everywhere. They had travelled there our trump signs and no signs for Hillary Clinton and we're seeing the same thing. Now I mean people are putting up Biden signs. Some people are putting up here.
signs of a little Biden in the eye. but maybe Harris is the key, but I think Harrison likeable. I think Joe Biden seems inept, and now you ve got people, like me and Johnny Rotten who did not support trump and twenty sixteen saying they will now. What does that mean? Maybe a trump victory. He says folks understand this What Paul say doesn't matter what people say to pollsters doesn't matter. matters is only the votes of people in a few key, battleground states, in particular Florida and Ohio, Michigan. I was content Pennsylvania. My fans tell me these There are one hundred percent trump country. small towns and our suburbs. You can't find any support for Biden I can attest to this.
I recently I still actually live in the South Jersey area, we're just currently setting up the new studio, so my residence is still actually sell. Jersey, there's a blue blue district. In its like it's a pretty blue, it's like almost plus ten blue. I wanna talk to Trump every one. I talked to Trump. I was talking to some people. Ah who worked at lockup, let some some local professionals. I don't give up too much too much information because retain their privacy and They told me they had voted Democrat even in twenty. Sixteen. They were voting trump now asked why? They said they didn't know what to believe The media lies too much, so they ve had a great economy. the past several years and are gonna vote for tromp, because they just think the media won't shut up. It's all fake news and that's not truck creating that. That's them repeated being lied to and finally getting angry about it. I mean you can't it was doing so well who would believe these people are three more he's as the media quotes. Stop any pull that shows trump losing by double digits, but I know
I heard a word about the democracy Institutes and express pool from this week showed Trump beating Biden, forty six to forty five and winning almost all battleground states by healthy margin that pull did not over sample Regrets by a mile as most other poles do and only pulled likely voters according to gallop based on voter enthusiasm we will not see historic voter turnout and I some people have disagreed with that, and there good reason believe so maybe the poles are wrong, but if gallop is right and there won't be historic, voter turnout then it sounds like that sounds like troms gonna win, because a demo that's not going to muster the amount of people they need to defeat tromp, especially from space, is growing. He says, or the pole watch released this week that shows Trump winning nationally in battleground states and the electoral college trump. Dominates on the two issues that matter most the economy and law and order or
her that in the real, clear politics, battleground average trumpet slightly ahead of where he was this time and twenty sixteen on his way to victory over Hilary most most importantly, a new Gallup Poll report fifty six percent of people say they are better off now under Trump than they were for years ago, under Obama and Biden. Every expert knows what clinches elections it's the economy stupid I'll, be right. There, you don't get to tell me in the entire, pose a threat that poles are irrelevant. And meaningless. It doesn't matter, what they say and then quite literally site a pole from gallop. Ok, I'm not interested to be fair. I guess you can argue that a gallop pull on how people are feeling is very, very different from who there, in a vote for and a fifty six plan, people, say there better off now. It may be that those fifty six percent of people are gonna vote for trot because they want to maintain the status quo. I mean even after covered. The pole said this. If the poles are wrong in that they over sample Democrats will, then this Gallup poll actually shows that Europe is doing even better than we realize.
He says they may not tell pollsters they are, but when they, when they walk in the voting with their all voting, Trump of Americans aren't yet convinced Trump is great for our economy. On October, twenty nine five days for the election, the third quarter, gross domestic product will be released. The elect a fat estimates. It will be thirty. Four point: six percent economic growth the highest in the history of Amerika. If that's true, Tromp is going a landslide a few days before the election. Thirty four percent aright game set match checkmate, still not convinced, since the primaries were born in nineteen. Twelve no incumbent has lost the general election after receiving seventy five percent or more of the votes from their party in the primaries, tromp received ninety four percent of all cast in the twenty twenty republican primaries and even though Trump
is running essentially unopposed in many of these states. He had record voter turnout. People came out to vote for job, and I didn't have to do it. You know what you are. There came out to regions, a lot of people came out of the primary for tromp you wouldn't have to because it fell good. It's that it's that a few men to the establishment. I think another reason is that people are desperate to make sure Donald Trump wins terrified of what happens of actually loses. There will be no demoralize asian of Trump voters. They will figuratively crawl over broken glass to vote for him and vote in person. They say by the way, our I'm sorry, one more fact because of fear of covert team Biden, it is hardly not any doors, but Trump volunteers have knocked over twenty million in battleground states, Twelvemonth two zero, you don't think that chain just things on election day by the way Biden envy he nominee commonly Harris had an event. In Arizona. Eight people showed up
the liberal media them to be shocked, odd and another third again, Trump is about to win and electoral landslide again, and this modern day Paul revere is right on the money. Again, maybe maybe is wrong it just as opinion. I'm going tell you this, you haven't one until you won. What I will say is there some other personalities that put out electoral predictions and build it, and many of these people are putting their predictions now, in their very very similar, the predicted betting pools I was Joe Biden Donald Trump on a similar trajectory in the bedding odds, the pollsters, I think they're wrong and I think they're wrong. Not because look, I think, they're wrong. I think trumps gonna win, but I think I ultimately dont know what's gonna happen, you're, not just my guts killing. I really did think troubles gonna win, but I just couldn't get over my bias that the system was rigged now considering the fact that Trump one, I think what a trump voters who may have been demoralized and twenty. Sixteen will cannot realizing tromp actually can win and trot.
Actually needs your support. If he's going to win, I think I think Trump Gonna win the main reason. I think the poles are broken has more to do with the chain in our society. How the internet is revolutionizing. The game interesting Lee Tucker Carlson's got the biggest cable tv news, show history at a time when ratings, which must be collapsing, Donald Trump, has saved twitter. Annie save. Cable news media, but your watch me here on Youtube and is a very, very different way of absorbing and sharing information and maybe you are sharing information. That means People who share it with also aren't getting their information from CNN and oh, when the pollsters do their poles, who are they reaching out to other regions too you someone who was only recently made politically active because of the internet, because someone reached out you or the law.
standing politico, who watches CNN or Fox NEWS all day. I think Donald Trump has turned the lights on for many different areas of this country in a manner of speaking, meaning that these people are start. To light up as voters where they normally work. Inactive pollsters, don't pull these people and I think more and or people are waking up due to the threat of critical race theory. Cancel culture and stuff far left insanity. Regular people who don't want conflict are being forced into the fray by the riots and now they're going on buying weapons, and I don't think these people going to vote for a far left insurgency. I think that there are no vote to be left alone and that vote is about four Donald Trump. Now, of course, of course, I could be wrong. Many people do not like Donald Trump. Now let me wrap this all back up with what I was saying and what the stories really about John lie down: Leyden Johnny, run trump support leaves leaves dropping
John lot. Instructs report leaves sex, bristles fans feeling rotten. That's a very, very funny plan words, but let me show you this one tweet from at Conor ten year old. Me is absolutely gutted that this is what his hero turned into John Leyden about us punk as a game of golf, big, effing poseur. Maybe it's you you're. The poseur you're, the one who's lining up behind Oreo, cookies and Coca COLA to professor you're allegiance to this corporate mantra. You're, not punk rock, at least I guess you are in the sense of I don't know whatever punk was supposed to be back, then maybe punk was always about weird leftist politics. I don't think so I mean it wasn't. When I was a kid I didn't cry. seventies. I grew up in that in the early nineties, and so punk was very different back then, but was about skateboarding and running from you know. Like we go skating, the cops had come out. We by IRAN, cheese it and we do know we were
rebels, we did not fit in with a mainstream, now skateboarding fairly mainstream, and there are people who still don't like it, but these people saying that they grew up in their hero turned with other got it. This I gripped, listen the punk rock, and I M not got it in the least bit by Johnny ROD and supporting tromp. I get it and he support Clinton last time and how many people do think feel the exact same way. He does that to me as a bigger indicator that tromp is on track to win. Maybe try, Does not. However, I guess we'll just have to, as I often say, wait and see. but if you have an already, you can vote, you could well early, you can go votes, and a new should you absolutely should. I would like to see record voter turn up. I don't care we vote for if you won't bite and so be it. If you want Joe Jorgensen, please vote for the person you believe his best. Never for the lesser of two evils, because then you're wasting your vote vote for who you believe in and who you want and don't take my word for it dont vote for trouble,
as I said here, the reasons why I, what cause I don't like the wars in the Middle EAST and I want peace, that's a good reason for me. What's the reason for you, if you agree with me, then sure you can vote for Trump. If you don't like trompe these bad for the office and please don't vote your conscience and you will never waste your vote vote bite in or tromp because you hate the other guys just bah, I guess so a lot of people that are voting for trot because they're scared of the far left- and I get it I do, but it that's I guess you could say that Trump is actively fighting them and tromp is banning credit race theory. So p is the best bet: there's. Only one man now there s going to be up to you and that's why we're seeing protest, rallies and marches in people speaking up a leader. Their necks migrants coming up six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. It is my second channel and I will see you all that's at six p m and I'll the? U other. Yesterday in Denver, a truck supporter was gunned down shot in the face. Initial report suggested that the endeavours,
who fired the lethal shot was anti fought or associate with anti fuck. This does not appear to be the case, but the individual is a left. Us Nellie break this down, there's a lot to go through some people are highlighting a tattoo. The man has claiming this proves that he's anti thought. It doesn't give me a minute to go through all the evidence. What what we collected so far. Now it seems this man is in custody. It appears that he's been charged with first degree. Murder. The left is trying to argue that the trunk supporter attacked him first. Therefore, this man with the gun was justified is a lot to break down what we can say right now, the individual who killed trot supporter at this right wing rally was a security guard hired by a local news outlets, and this secured Guard has a long history of leftist activism. Posts on Facebook, saying left is best criticising the right. Posting images and praise for left wing Youtube
This guy's, very obviously a left us and there are photos of importers, aiding and occupy protests that doesn't mean he's overtly associated with anti far, but there is still a kind of passive connection, not Billy, I'm not gonna. Tell you that this guy was organ I think our active with an any anti for groups. We can't prove that the tattoo he has is not an but even tat you- and I will show you all of this, but let's let's, let's first go to the news and breakdown exactly what happened? But let me just say outright this news, the organization. Nine news should have added their armed security guards. They sent an armed leftist to a Trump rally. What did you think was going to happen? now. I know a lot of people want the sky to be anti far, but listen he's not, and I think this is worse I mean look. I was an armed security guard. The transporter appears to have slapped him in the face knocking his head off
still, no justification for him then later pulling got ensuring this man the face killing him, but this says to me is that this is a regular, progressive guy. This is not some active. Far left. if a guy who's going to planning meetings to overthrow capitalism. Now this is just Bernie Guy, and this is a burning shooting a truck supporter in the face I don't know I'm going to read the news because we're get it's gone, crazy man would ever post one dead after guy fire at downtown Denver, rallies, private security guard on TK
interact by nine news in custody. Will the Denver Post show us the history of this man proving he's a leftist? Of course they want, and under these outlets, our it's very difficult to find information on this, but I've actually gone to this man's facebook page can confirmed his tattoos figured out where the tattoos come from, what they mean. Yes, he's leftist. This may not be politically motivated it until I put this way just to make sure I prefaces in the beginning, if you ve got a guy, who is a virtually aunt, I trump Pro left left is best he's of is a political tribal. Lest you give him a weapon and say now go to a Trump rally. What do you think is going to happen? Then
says a Denver Post staff member witness to fatal confrontation. This story was updated after authorities called into question the accuracy of that journalists report concerning the affiliation of the shooter Denver Post said the man who fired the shots was a left wing demonstrator. Now, of course, antifraud is using vat to prove too aim. That people like me and other journalists are lying in tricking you this. They disgusting and duplicitous technique that it works out in their favour, Denver, Post screwed this one up miserably, they said out right, left wing demonstrator, kills trumped up right wing demonstrator and, of course, than whenever one pick up the story. The laughed then got the update, sang it wasn't true and I am that we are all lying now. Congratulations, Denver, post fake news. One person has died,
and another man who nine news confirmed was a private security guard contracted by them is in custody aroused enough is in custody. Nine is reported that one Their employees and a contractor for the television station were taken into custody. It was later confirmed. The guard was contracted through Pinkerton that, as that that it has been the practice of nine news for a number of months to hire private security What company staff at protests, police, initially sad, two people were taken into custody, but later said, one of them was not involved in the incident they treated. The suspect was a private security guard with no affiliation with anti fuck. Now, that's not completely true. The guy was not actively organizing with Antiphon. He did follow, I think one account that uses the anti by hashtag, not biggest deal in the world, but he's a leftist. The incident occurred after a man participating in what was building a patriot rally, sprayed Mason, another man that man
then shot the other other individual, a handgun near the courtyard outside of debt, the Denver ART Museum according to a Denver post journalist who witnessed the incident in a news conference after the incident division chief, Joe Montoya, sad police, could not confirm the shooter or victims affiliations, but the incident started as a verbal altercation. Two guns were found the scene he said as well as the mace. Can I just I don't understand how we're in this era, where it took me just a bit of it, search and I'm an unending, a fortune found all the stuff out immediately to figure out the skies and avowed leftist. Each AP posted on Facebook, Hashtag left is best pictures of him at occupy, rallies, marching with with activists holding up signs criticising the police. I've got his entire twitter history and Arco. Twitter accounts all this stuff. When asked whether I news report my choice,
I cannot confirm any connection. Only saying the department was still interviewing witnesses. One of those witnesses was a Denver post. Photojournalist were hopeful that as soon as possible. We get the factual information out as to what led to this who the individual involved work? We are hopeful that the info, nation will will help kind of calm the waters a little bit the rally- civic centre on Saturday came less than a month before a presidential election. This we know the right wing protesters led by John taken, an El Paso County resident gathered in the park amphitheatre and occasionally chanted patriotic songs and how the banners, why on a keen on. As a member of the biker gang sons of silence decided to attend the right wing rally after seeing Dickens about posted on line, he arrived after police had closed off the amphitheatre, but stayed with other rightly protestors. You notice that he wasn't attending the event to start trouble, but you would defend himself. He was if he was attacked. Claimed violence on the left. If you dont come out, listen and talk and speak than they win, the left wing group, which organizers called be Elam Anti for soup drive
held up flags and signs railing against Nazis and white supremacist as they gathered in the middle. The park several hundred feet from the barricade it off amphitheatre an hour in the police had fired would appear to be pepper. Balls ever people from the leftist group started rattling a barrier headed into the apathy, one protest are burned, a thin blue line flag and one of the officers. Now the soup drive off the bat postal they put up, showed suit cans being through. Through the air as a reference to them, throwing beans at police officer federal law enforcement in Portland and Donald Trump, calling out that they were throwing tunic hands and soup cans. So they had this image where you can see cans, you know floating through the air with rainbows coming off the back of him. The soup, DR idea, appealed to Isabella De Francesca, who said she came out because you liked the idea to help loan I'm folks she brought pasta but said she was apprehensive about what see what she seen online and in in anticipation of the events which are Johnson
Thompson, we're walking by the amphitheatre when they passed the rally America by and large. If you look at the media, thinks that most of America is forty funding, the police, and it is the hard liberal left that want and wants to write in the streets, and I personally don't believe the numbers bear that out Johnson said by once you have done Denver such it under the counter protest, nobody is judge. Jury executioner, no need to go forward and backward. She said she said she said why terms this group's represent moving backwards Ok, so let let but let me let me go through some of the information we have under this guy's. First, we have this here it appears that he was charged with first remote industry from in miles strong. I did go to the Denver inmate websites and tried looking up the stuff, but it appears gone it it it come up for me anymore, so I am not entirely sure taken all the grain of salt. This is what many people are saying appeared on. The Denver Corrections website, Matthew Dull, off, wanted charged with first degree. Murder yesterday
and brought the downtown detention centre. Now we have this viral thread from Taylor Hansen, Taylor,. And is the founder of baby lives matter who says yesterday, indent our conservative was executed by met dull off Denver police claim. He has no connections to anti up, but that's not what the evident says: threat, exposing the truth behind the murder. He may have some connection and if he is not anti fine and again, I wanna go through this. He says here: maddest picture to occupy Wall Street, yet a very extensive passive activism and speaking out against corporations and the police he's been heavily involved in occupied which later pushed members to anti fraud. That is true, but not every occupy person went on to become active, fact many occupy activists are truck supporters right now. I've met many of them. I know many occupy people. I was there at Occupy Wall Street when it started, and there are many people who work in
I learned about the transpacific partnership, free trade agreements and an elite ism, and they said Bernie and when Bernie didn't when they said Trump, that's where we're at now. It doesn't mean they are anti, while in fact, during Occupy Wall Street, we call them black block anarchists. They weren't, they were probably anti, was probably about a phrase fort revolutionary com etc, but they were actually troublemakers that most of the occupiers did not like, because the violence muddy their message and made them look bad. Now. However, many of these same occupy people who stayed through to their tribe have fully embraced anti for tactics thou. Screw. It doesn't mean this guy was antibiotics, important context. We can see that he's got protests. on his facebook page matters are registered Democrat, not Democrat, but a socialist. His love for Bernie runs deep, deep enough to have a youtube. Playlists dedicated him. Yes, it's true.
As you see past posts from his facebook, show signs of early radicalization, Anti Trump and anti cop rhetoric. He openly supports black lives matter. Yes, this is a black lives matter. Leftist, not anti, for there is a difference. I've tried I've tried, stressing this difference for quite some time. Let me explain if you miss my segments on this anti fuzz, typically Anti capitalist, typically revolutionary calmly communist and it's a wide mix. They tend to use authoritarian tactics of large groups, beating people and is a mission and threatening them, but as of light violence we ve seen across this country is only somewhat antiphon. It's mostly black lives matter. That's why this is so important, openly supporting black lives Bernie Sanders leftist? Okay, so don't limit? Let me show you some pussy made ran into a trot supported with a Trump button told them I like I like as racists, but nothing to say, I'm not voting for either if being
did so. This is twenty. Sixteen he's basically saying of black eyes matter day with the tears, are doing an organ taking over a federal building, but remember them. of bombing, so this is going back. Twenty sixteen! He was posting in support of black lives matter here, as wearing a Bernie shirt at a what appears to some kind of leftist rally or or political event, the difference between Anti fund black lives matter, then of anti but comes out goes to a college and says how many of you want to overthrow capitalism, a bunch of em, gonna be like what why some of Amerika? Yes, of course, if you go to college cabinet, say how many you wanna and racism, we're gonna go yea and they're gonna join you thus many of the people, are coming on. Writing are doing so in the name of black lives. Matter pulled this from his twitter. Far from his twitter following, he is a far left us with public ties to occupy as well as Ding Ding Ding Anti far. He also has
Space invaders tattoo, a common logo used among anti via the tattoo he has, is not anti, for I can prove it. I will show you, but let me first show you is twitter. Following he's got one one twitter account: it's mostly occupy. Ok, bye, Seattle occupy Anti, for he has not been posting a twitter in the past several years. That's why I think it's important to say he's not particularly active most of his posts on line are about animals. I do not believe this guy is a eight. Is a common tribalism like politically active person right now. He is a b l and left us. The general strike account that he follows: has hashtag antifraud in it? That's that's not relevant. In my opinion, he mostly follows occupied, though the occupying do use anti for imagery and do as of right now supports are, for the most part, the general idea of twenty four: does they they they? They embraced something called it supporting a diversity of
ethics or something, and what this means is that if they go out and and protest and annual shows up in droves bricks, you have to respect that their throwing bricks, I would be willing to bet this. Guy is in support of Attica for sure, but himself. No, I think what we have here is a failure on the part of the security company and the news out to vat who they were sending armed to riots first, show the space invader to image. These are comments. Curse, Rosa Anti for space invaders against fascism, their space invaders again, racism is a very, very common thing. However, see this these images going around claiming that the two halves of the space invader is of the anti for tattoo. They say on this page will find current stickers
the following stickers from the space invader series- are all linked to principle versions and shape. I blah blah if you'll notice his space invader tattoo does not have writing above it. The anti for version does a space invaders against and then under is right. I said I had a high resolution version of this photo. I couldn't find it after. I saw it last night and I probably should have saved it, but I was able to pull up some photos and you can see what looks like three letters. dot, followed by several letters and the first thing I saw when I saw this image was ass. You be sob and I I think most of what does sub mean and what does that have to do with space invaders? I wanted guys Facebook Profile and I found out it is not an anti for tattoo. This is met the aid. And this is one of his one of the images he posted on his facebook page- saw but dot mission with the space Vader symbol met the alien matters
alien seems to be his dj name and the space invader is just a reference to aliens space. It bears a very popular common symbol, and if you look, it does look like it says, saw but dot mission with Spain, invader TAT two under his arm sub dot mission. We here we can see it's it's. The is website moving people through sound, not hype. Subdued mission agency, they ve artist, roster, our dot mission does not appear to be anti fa. Okay. This is the most important point. However, what do we have here? The guy's relatively active leftist he's got recent posts on his facebook that are publicly well. I can't see his private posts are not friends with him or anything like that on Facebook, but you can see in one of its public posts. He's got an image. An individual from a leftist Youtube show, and he says ash tag left as best the post was made an memoriam, I suppose, but railways
for a love of a prominent leftwing personality who died recently- and I am not- I'm not saying this to insinuate anything having to do with those personalities or their show has anything to do with what happened here. I do not believe this guy killed the tromp supporter because he was a tribalism seeking some kind of revenge or wanting some conflict or war, but I will tell you: will let me bring it out? Listen. There are photos of the transporter slapping him in the face his hat its knocked off, then their space between the two men, the Trump supporter. I guess the guys are gone. The transporter is therefore both holding their weapons up. The. That would be a Lamb guy, the leftist guy you can see in the photo the gun has already discharged. This is it's crazy about the photo going around? It is one of it. If I could a lightning strike in terms of how precise this photo was. The foot of the photojournalist while got that photo. You can actually see the transport sprang mace and you can.
see the man with the with the gun discharging at the exact moment of discharge. And the Trump supporter was already shot. It's crazy. It would seem that this security guard for the journalist was for some reason and altercation broke out. The trump supporter smacked him in the face. Knocking his hat off, backed away this guy fired. I believe this guy will be will be convicted on, though, probably plea down, maybe maybe or lesser charge, but does it there's no business after fancier, we but through a bunch of rules, laws and president last night ass, the story was breaking the China figure out. What this could be you do not have the right to shoot someone in the face if they are about to spray you with pepper spray that just doesn't fly.
There is potentially an argument that he didn't know it the guy was holding, but that's, unlike that's, likely, not to hold water, because the dubious holding the mace, the entire time in his hand and his hand is covered in it. There's no way that guy wouldn't have noticed that what was in his hand, was peppers break. There was a decent amount of disk, between the two men, and so what we have here is this individual. Had the ability to retreat and chose not to instead chose to discharges weapon in the face of the man who smacked em. Now the bigger sure this guy was a leftist Bernie Sanders supporting Occupy Wall Street anti tromp anti cop probing Elam leftist. He me not be super politically active. He may just be a a passive leftist and that he doesn't go out for all these protests. He was hired by security company who needs to vat therapy. Bob and a news organization that did not vat who they were hiring. They gave a gun to a leftist and sent him to a Trump rally. Now, I'm not saying the guy who shot the truck
supporter was maliciously trying to hunt down Trump supporters. What I'm saying is you got, a guy who already is scared and angry at the top supporters. You give him a gun, he already hates these people, he's already scared about scared of them, worried about them very likely sees a ton of anti trot propaganda. Just the other day, I covered a segment about Keith Oberman. Former msnbc geek you and ESPN personality Resistance, Democrat saying that truck supporting man gets need to be removed from society, so this guy, who clearly watch leftist online content may have seen things like this. Still, I'm not saying that he bull that you know he was going out there with the entire the harm anybody. What I'm saying is that he was set. You was sent out. He had a clear and obvious bias, which meant.
He's he's likely going to agitate he's likely going to view these people with with disdain or contempt which will likely escalate tensions. Now we can talk about influence and social media cause. You ve got left us trying to claim that simply by talking about I am contributing whatever look to a certain degree. Anybody any conversation will inform other people on things can happen. That's that's true. Accept I routinely condemn violence. Tell people not to go out, engage in conflict, criticized the proud boys for going to Portland and tell everyone to have your own events and speak up, at at at at. I think that, a month ago I said, stay home and make money, I think I might sort of it. You said that don't go out, don't engage in these events. They literally just killed a guy
I say I say they. The general sense like this adieu came out, get somebody you dont want to be active in the stuff. Now what about Keefe Oberman? Who calls for PETE these terms that the maggots to be removed, he's dehumanizing, he's escalating and will congratulations Keith someone just removed one of those so aquatic. What maggots? As you call them now, might my stance is always do not engage in violence? Do not confront these people stay away from them as the best we can do. So what what? What? What? What? What what can be said? While I tell you what I don't, I don't know our care who who this leftist guy was. I was watching in terms of leftist content. I think that's it relevant? I know I know who he was watching and at a prominent leftist. I don't think it's that leftists fault just because you wanna talk about how you dont, like tromp, and you dont, like white supremacy,
Proud boys doesn't mean your ever gonna be responsible for what lunatics go out and do in the streets. Same is true for for anybody, but I would, I would absolutely reiterate and state, do not engage in its conflict. You want to hold a rally you can like might my advice? Do it and don't bring, may stop bring paintball guns, stand back, stand down otherwise it's just gonna get worse. Now, of course, many people are adamant. The sky was anti far. I guess. If you want to say that in the general sense of use, nebulous term of leftist fine by a he's, not he's not flying the flag. He's he's a nice me Bernie Sanders Black lives matter, supporting leftist, the motivation, for the killing was probably just a slap in the face and shot the guy in the face. But he had his prejudices.
This is a huge failure on the part of the news, org or organization, and that the security company and I'll leave their we'll see. Plays out and excitement coming up at one p m and this channel- and I will see you all them last night for left exe Bree mists flying the black lives matter, flag, work quickly, ambushed by Portland Police, from every direction, shutting them down, Nearly every single one of these extremists arrested on the spot in minutes, mass arrests at Small North Portland protest. Could this be the end, of the ongoing Portland riots. Well, we ve seen lulls in the past, of course, as you know, these individual these officers have been deputize at federal level. Perhaps I think what sets this moment apart from the for a moment at the cop swooped in before anything happen, arrested every single one of em. Now, how are the cops able to do this? You may ask it: speak
as a black lives matter, activists snitch on them to the police, and so the cops were able to form a pin. Sir move bowl side swoop in it was swift and amazing, and this is the kind of police tactics that naturally stop them from coming out, because, even though the d a may keep releasing them and dropping the charges, the cops if their able to stop these these these rights before they even start Well then, it just gonna be a routine night. A couple hours worked for the copy swoop in Europe on Youtube. You grab all these people from the truck, no rights, no fires, no protests and people probably getting arise, probably getting tired of being arrested so often also estimate sum up there, on what happened with the Denver incident, the shooting there the studio and I want to go over. We ve gotten up people talking about noon formation, and our talk about other media is playing this and will clarify some his boss. Read the story: first, mass arrests that small North Portland protest according to
set the protest, nearly every demonstrator. What's arrested with little to no warning, they say Portland Oregon, a small crowd gathered outside of the Portland Police Bureaus North Precinct near North EAST Martin, Luther King Jr Boulevard and northeast killings, or ST according to independent journalists, reporting from the small protest police only gave one warning before beginning a mass arrests, the arrest, according to freelance journalist. Just now, some of the arrests Orestes were marked medics, pies amount of the copse justice does. After one morning, the staff, the streets, potent police, rapid response arrived and conducted mass arrests PPP did not declared unlawful us there wasn't even an assembly on other freelance journals. Unless a bizarre posted video toward twitter account of police dispersing press despite it being unlawful, to do so due to a temporary restraining order in place, the officer could be heard saying I don't care
What that T arose says wow lawlessness. Man, Look, I know you might not like anti far and these courts or are irksome Kennedy. I won't charge these people, but if no one is willing to abide by any rules, then where do we go Sergio almost our porter with the organ public broadcasting. With organ public broadcasting said the protest lasted only minutes and all every demonstrated rested almost goes on to say that police warned protesters to get out of the street where they did not have a permit to be walking. No unlawful assembly was declared. This is the one hundred and twenty third day of protest in Portland or hundred thirty fettes. Being I what your criteria is. The protests began because of George Floyd. We know this demonstrators marched in protest of police brutality against the black community. That is a law. There is the lie and that's what we're gonna be breaking down for
you see the reason these people got rounded up very very quickly was because they are not in fact protesting for black lives matter. They do not actually care about. Eight detainees are any of this These are anti far a revolutionary communists who are flying the black lives matter flag to trick people into supporting them. How popular is communism. I mean it's got its adherents, but it's not particularly how popular as black lives matter. I think their nets or is around you know. Nine are so per cent mean they have more than more support than opposition. I think total support according to sex, for black lives matter is around forty eight forty, nine percent, the plurality, not the majority, but that's a lot of people to pull from. So if they come out, nay say who wants to go? You know, enact revolutionary com
some people don't come, you may have seen these and videos these Rev com, guys they wear boots and uniforms in they march and they go left right left and their their communists. Nobody wants be a part of your your cookie revolutionary communism? Black lives matter, however, as popular in Vienna thousand the NBA on billboards, it attracts people. Well, they claim to be protesting for them. In fact, they aren't and you end up seeing this Rico Angelo De Vera, you, sly dog. I know about the direct action and Alberta tonight at eight p m March, starting at nine p m. How can the black community no about a Beale M event when it's a secret, like I said, don't use blackmail this matter as a disguise for your activism. Bravo, one hundred percent! Bravo,
I know it's supersecret, but can't help at things up for the white leftist community brought about what look man. These white left this progressive, wealthy people, their hypocrites, of the highest order there racist and they are pretending to support black lives matter, because Anti fault is less palette of a palpable palatable. Whatever This person riot Barbie, says who says the black community didn't know about it likes. This is pretty aft up. To put so many people in danger cry more if he says there acting like this is only a white people thing tonight. The person who told me and asked me too only tell trusted. Friends is definitely a p, o c organizer who works with and respects the by pot community, and there were definitely bypass out there. So I really doubt that ok, cop Rico, is completely right blocked. The narc did the secret event use the wrong, tags. So here's a tweet from my veto on another on Twitter Portland
and he would try to illegally assemble last night only to find themselves immediately. Ambushed by police turns out anti of a journalist, free freak was mad. The event was organised by white people and leaked the plans out of spite more a dozen were arrested. Oh yeah, and here we can in my strong tweeting, this is every add. Even who got arrested in Portland last night during their black lives matter March, that was cut short, a few minutes in by police who give them nope no time to respond. They are all white I'm sorry didn't that the other person just respond. two Rico saying that they were definitely people of color involved in the organizing. This protest turns They're all white, in which case towns, like Rico, was correct and I applaud Rico. I absolutely do first of all anti cop. So if you want to report to the police, there's gonna be a crime or unlawful activity feel free to do so, whereas the far left us are like, if you tell the police, someone could die there
that viral video. From a CBS, whereas some deeds were shoplifting, and the store manager called the police, didn't press charges. You said ask gonna leave and never come back. They gave back the merchandise they stole and someone film them saying by calling the police you could have killed shut up. You lunatics the cops, aren't gonna shop and just randomly kill. Some body at so insane. There are bad moments. There are instances People are saying you know mentally ill and the police have killed them. I know about that, but come on a routine shoplifting is people you're insane. But that's why I E. I agree with Rico. I'm I'm glad to see that a black lives matter activist is pointing out. All of these. You know middle to upper class white people from Portland pretending to be anti racist. Are staging these ridiculous pro communist anti capitalist marches and trying to eat
whose black lives matter for political gain, stop disguising your activism with black lives matter. There all look out of people get arrested. That's all white, all a bunch of why people somewhat crazier. Well, here's the any reaction. We see from a ton of different people. Some people are saying Ella, while they never told black lives matter to begin with police chief If someone saying police chief awards Rico kid, the city for its help in removing dirty disease, carrying rodents from the streets, ha ha ha email. Strong says this: we got a whole bunch of anti for arrest in Portland last night that Enrico actually tipped off the police about them. They were mad that anti fraud is a white organization using black lives as an excuse to commit violence. Oh I want to. I want to give a standing ovation Rico. This guy sided with the cops dont, be like this trader, o trader to you, anti fa black lives matters fighting for someone else s e bay. Last night there were mass arrests, this person who claims to be
reporter tweeted us out deliberately placing individuals at risk. Shame on him and others that do this. Look at this effing snitch says some black lives matter account we have a snitch who caused mass arrests at a non publicly planned protest. May they wrought in hell snatches gets dish as the fact that you are unapologetic blah blah blah. You know what men. you talk or the legality of the arrest. I'm down ever conversation I mean. Should these people have been arrested before anything happened. I think the problem is that you can't charged with anything because you you can't say that just because there's a hundred and twenty three nights of ongoing riots that these in their were the ones who committed the crime before, however, they may try and go for, like Rico or conspiracy, or something like that and I think that's the move it's gotta be made. I gotta be honest agenda. These people show up there
bearing all black. They know what they're doing there. No, it think they know what they are involved in and I'll put it. This way some have argued during J, it was called J. Twenty was the protest when trunk got in Figurated apparently was originally set for Hillary Clinton, but Trump once Aviano. They went on protested anyway, but they are they rioted. They smashed things up. When these people all got arrested. They get charged with conspiracy. Now the court's basically found that just because someone's wearing black hoodie in sweat, pants or a mask, you can't claim they can spire. To be involved in the crime and you can't prove it committed at creating a very difficult circumstances for the for the date for the prosecution. However, I would like to posit. I would like to propose an idea, That may be justifies actually charging all of these people with conspiracy. Maybe it's true someone said: hey we're gonna, have a protest. It's gonna be against racism, it'll be peaceful Owen, where a black black hoodie. Why? Just where a blackened and that person had no idea what's going on?
having been to a protest, shows up. Wasn't a black audience says: ok, I'm here like what happening or now they're throwing bricks and molotov. What do I do I'll stay here? I guess you don't argue that person wasn't conspiring and wasn't involve. I understand what you're trying to say it could be some dopey more on a useful idiot, but let's try that with any other crime. Someone says: hey, you want to come to our big hang out at the bank tomorrow, make sure you wear a mask and a black hoodie and they go okay. Now, what original put right Regional person have an understanding of why someone would shop wearing a hoodie in a mask to a bank, if You then show up and as other group of theirs it with a group of people who shot at the same time, and then you walk in the bank and then one of your call, Ports wearing the same thing demands money, guess what you're gonna be charged as an accomplice, and essentially conspiring to commit a felony, because you Dorothy, the same outfit and our assisting so high,
here's what I see as being which may act so so that the challenge with conspiracy is proving they knew what they were doing and they were involved. You can I urge them as an accomplice or something I would imagine, I'm not a prosecutor away, so I have no idea, but it imagine you could get down something not necessarily conspiracy, but something akin to aiding and abetting the rest of these people and maybe the problem we see with like with what happened in Washington DC went on in August was that they went for too harsh of charges. Conspiracy, instead of accomplice, because if someone smash the one, that's a fire and you're wearing the same thing to protect them from police, your aiding and abetting I guess the challenges they would need to target the specific people who started the fires so not tightly short. But let's move on from examining a bit. I wanted to give you an update on the store I did from this morning as more info
she's coming out. It's really really important brown talk about how the media's playing this and how the left is desperately trying to defend this guy, this off our leftist. So for those that are familiar there was actually I have a story here. Patriot muster. Protester is seen in confrontation with another demonstrated before appearing to slap tv, crew, private security guard who then shot him dad every fired mace. We have some updates and some clarifications first, in a series of photos that show from amazing photographs from a great photographer, really really great stuff shows what happened. It looks like the security guard was trying to grab the kind of mace from the patriot from the Trump supporter, the Trump support than slaps him in the face. knocking his hat off, but tromp supporter then takes two steps back as he's doing this, you see security guard grab his gun in the next seen. The gun is all already this in the export of the gun is already discharged and the Mason,
being discharged at that point is very likely that transport had already been shot in the face. Emulator guided what that says now that we have, as it looks like the Trump supporter, was being attacked and was seat, was trying to retreat. we also have a statement from the journalist herself at the photos who said a man came up ahead during our yelling at the top supporter, so who was this guy if state, they said initially that the Denver policy actually said this was a left wing demonstrator show you this image. we'll summer is a tribal list. Partisan. Ah you know your age com, a journalist, more, I would say, is more of an active belligerent in the culture war. If you would like to- say that I'm in a similar sense and absolutely he's A neutral arbiter of fact, he saw but who tries to run cover for anti for another extremists. He said: here's how this information spreads someone is got a rally in Denver, various right wing
personalities instantly claim Anti, but did it and rack up thousands of parties, the police say this aspect wasn't connected antiviral that gets a fraction of the attention. Will that's half true I don't understand why and anti for aligned. Leftist would all of a sudden just believe the police but sure the police had they couldn't corroborate any affiliation while it took the internet only a few managed to do so turns out. This guy is a leftist. I wouldn't call him anti fought, but a fancy for is just an idea. Well, then, he literally as he's not someone the shooter without someone going around waving anti flags, but in every other aspect. He would align perfectly with anti up wearing a mask wearing black, showing up shooting a trump supporter. Ok, fine and you know responded saying your tweet is disinformation. I didn't instantly claimed those anti up. Shared what was in the Denver Post report, which was written by a Jew most on the ground. The report was later updated after police statement
on track to the journalist reporting. I added that in my throat. So this is how the left launderers information when the story first broke. I took a screen shot of the post. Millennial were Andy no rights for even though this is important the Denver post definitively stated that it was a left wing. demonstrator. The Denver Post said a left wing. Demonstrators shot a right wing demo traitor. Andy now, in the postman, you'll still said a legit anti fa that to me as a sign of good journalistic ethics. They did not independently corroborate, so they didn't take the Denver post at their word and added a lead late around. They went on to say it was a private security guard with no affiliation, because the Denver police didn't Julie. Do and investigation they just But I say that our security guard- it wasn't protester well upon doing some basic sleuthing. It turns out. The guy is take a look
the tattoo for the Denver, shooter likely, says sob dot mission. You can see this clearly the letters then some kind of breakin potentially appear, followed by another word? We can see this a flyer from the shooters Facebook page it's as electronic tuesdays with met the alien sob dot mission, the potential for moving people through sound. Not type and these space invaders logo. Thus it would seem the image the tattoo. What does rest says sub dot mission with the space invaders Logo, a lot of people trying to claim at space it This is an anti for symbol. It's not that's like saying the ok symbol is a white supremacist symbol. Spain invader is just a very, very, very popular videogame. It's very prominent in St Art space invaders prominence three artists just because,
but is a space and better tattoo doesn't make them antivirus. Just because someone gives an ok hands. I does not mean there flashing white power. This is likely just sub dot mission, but sob mission supports the riots. Ok, please just bear with me sub that mission tweeted, we stand with you, Denver donate to the Denver Sound system protest June. Third, twenty twenty. What was happening in happening in Denver, on June third, the George Floyd Riots, as we ve, even seen from the first story I covered about the protests in Portland, started at the end of May. The protest ignited. May twenty eighth now depending on what your number is sure. Fine. They say a hundred twenty fifth honoured thirtieth. What I mean twenty eight wishing to start the protests happened. This post from submission in support
of someone raising, presumably raising their fiscal is cut off, but she's wearing a mask, and it says, is that support the protest. There are other protests, other post from submission, saying they are accepting money to bail people out. They absolutely supported the riots. This guy was sent on the ground to a Trump rally and he was overtly a leftist and that's just beyond the irresponsible we ve got some more I'll, show you, in one video you can hear someone? Yes, it was a white supremacist right in the dome, F, yeah and people are sharing. This is the kind of stuff that nightmares are made of. I tell you what these people, sharing, as that man lay dying at our peril this is the guy and this- and this is one of the just the sad stories men miles strong, he wasn't a white supremacist, he loved his country. I have not independently verified. This is just a tweet from me and miles. of two men smiling and it looks
like the guy on the right of the screen, with the twisted hat. Is that they say he's the guy. I don't know for sure, but on other guy's name is what's got just what's going around, but either way man when our I remember when Charlottesville happened and that no nearly brought me to tears horrifying moment, I'm just sick of the violence and the same thing This guy right here, there's the ie and has, closing the guy was like making cowboy hats, he was profile by the Denver post. Why was he shot in the face for what could he had mace? That dude should have retreated he's been charge of first degree, murder, and I hope that you know I'll that these people get. I hope there there's justice site. I do in whatever form that takes. Maybe your plea down whatever, but he had no reason, should the sky in the face over to your get over over mace? That's insane, I say it you know, I I I I want to say. I can't believe that we ve made to this point. But
absolutely house, and this- and this photo is really really said- I'm assuming its the guy they Naga again and again in an independently verify I'll. Tell you what worries me Joe Biden says: the only way he can lose in November is third chicanery at at the polls and accuses trump of putting people with rifles in pulling places pressing fears that neither side will accept an election defeat now run exactly right tromp says you know we won't lose unless they cheat binding as we won't lose unless they cheat, both sides are gonna to each other of cheating and us, there's a landslide, I'm not even since then a landslide things well well simmer down, I think that even if Biden wins You're gonna have a lot of people left and right like? I was saying earlier the protests on J twenty four for Trump we're supposed to be for Hilary. You think they're gonna
gonna just stop writing of Joe Biden winds. Why does Joe Biden Control Anti Fun now their protest him to what they're gonna hope that he bends the need? They may take that Donald Trump Dil absolutely riot and I'm wondering about what the right will do, because we have already seen up with his way now that we ve the scene, we ve seen rightwing militias going out. Armed, we haven't seen them. Do anything particularly crazy. They try to claim the crazy guys in Michigan we're right wing militias, but they were anti governmental extremists. Who are you know, training. You know whatever their anti government. Some of them have the constitution, some of them liked it some them hated tromp. Some of them were club probe this matter. It was just an unexpected group of anti government individuals, but what about the real right wing we're, but the real militias Other people say to me that the real militias in this country, you won't know about they dont broadcast their own go on social media, they dont march around their opera They have communication lines, they have food ready, they have camps ready, they know what they're doing I would
or what they're gonna do if Biden wins. I have no idea, maybe nothing Maybe life will just carry on yes well, I will see in less than one month next segments coming up at four p m over Youtube com. Slash TIM cast, it is my main channel which is different from this one. Thank sprang up and I will see you all them as an adult to my main segment over at youtube dot com. Slash TIM cast. I wanted to highlight some of the stores and get to, notably this thousands of Cubans and Latinos for Trump hold. They massive anti Communist Caravan in Miami to liberate the? U S from socialist ideology as NBC pull fines. Florida hispanic community is split between the two nominees. The funny thing about this I was told that Anti communism was white, supremacist, so are these Latinos for Trump White Supremacists. Well, I'd be willing to bet the left wing.
Yes, they are because apparently race as I do that anymore and whiteness mean something nebulous. I think the whole idea, like the reason the left is embraced in this concept of whiteness, is because they realize the racism card isn't working anymore the Democrats relied on the idea of racism to get votes and now that it's just not really that power. Careful anymore because look Nina they kind of one. They have to change it. So now Why is it about the color of your skin, a concept called whiteness and thus thousands of Cubans and let tee knows who don't like communism, will probably be called white supremacist? Let's read the story, they say Thousands of Cubans, Venezuelans and other conservative Latinos leaned in Miami to attend an anti communist caravan flying flags and support of trump. The parade called the Anti Communist Caravan of freedom and democracy can be
did the MAGIC city casino on Saturday morning, various reports as to make somewhere between twenty thousand to thirty thousand cars in attendance for the caravan demonstrators had flags were Trump Trump's re election along with cuban flags and other country flags. Several Well supported huge blow up of Trump of trumps, face waving signs that slammed suppose it increase of communist ideology in the country. Now, on the surface, it just like one of the one of these old trump parades, peaceful protest and a peaceful protest on right. But this one special, this one's anti communist, the railways, is significant the far left has been increasingly embracing communists socialist and far left ideology. Many of the people that are in Lord or that have emigrated to this country have emigrated. This country come from places like Venezuela or cure
where socialism far leftism communism have destroyed their way of life and caused them to flee. Now. Imagine if you would you're in a despotic nightmare to stop here and you flee and escape only to come to a country where they are starting to show signs of a nightmarish, nightmarish, despotic, disturbing, emerging yeah. You'd. Probably protest against that too. So my respect to these people for standing up for America, they say say no to socialism and communism. One sign add while a number of protesters express similar. Some awesome similar sentiments in Spanish, a number of cars had passengers holding Latinos for Trump signs as they sped along Several cars also had thin blue line flags support of law enforcement. In some cases, vehicles appeared packed with people inside who are excited to take part in
festivities and NBC merest pull the fora vote. Florida of Florida. Voter sorry released last month found Latinos an estate about evenly divided between former vice President Joe Biden, and a major change from the same Poland. Twenty sixteen. When Democrat Hillary Clinton led drop by fifty nine percent to thirty six percent. Donald Trump cannot lose at least Florida I've done the numbers, maybe the numbers are all wrong. I have no idea, what's gonna happen, but I'll just say it anyway. How can we possibly lose? There was a a chart called swing. The election by uneasy, where you could change slider bars to two like increase the amount of votes from certain demographics. If Donald Brought received, I think it was something like eighteen percent more from from Spain
borders in the. U S, he would when, if nothing else changed if he gets, I think three percent more of the black boat and five percent of spanish about he wins. You can tell me in Florida Hillary Clinton led Trump by fifty nine percent to thirty six and now tromp has even to the playing field. Come on. Man tell me trumps gonna lose. I won't believe it sorry didn't show me all the poles in the world. We can see their these people love drop. This layer is but a Monmouth University Paul also conducted last month and bite and well ahead of time, This is why the poles don't mean anything. Why should I believe any one of these calls for or against Trump, and that's why I'm always critical of even polls that make trumped look good like theirs is Paul going around from gallop. That says people are say there better off now than four years ago. I'm like. I know it's great for Trump. Why should I believe it there's other signs that Trump is going to win and massive pray parades of hispanic voters isn't the only sign, but let me tell you this: if you're gonna come out with a Monmouth pull saying that Trump is doing worse
then Bent Biden and and and worse now than than in twenty. Sixteen, I'm sorry, I don't believe it. You mean to tell me that, for four years of record low unemployment rates for all of these different communities, trumpet worse, not I, especially with the rise of the former within four years of insane, far left. Bs and you think these these cuban and Venezuelans are going to be like damn. Ok with this, I won't do anything, and you may tell me that what these massive rallies people driving their car to the streets in its help me at Trop is doing worse. We didn't have this back in twenty sixteen twenty fifteen Norman. I tell you what I'm saying: I'm seeing people are sick, thing up and rising up and they are going to vote for Trump. but I got I got to be honest, I gotta be honest, going to show you this opinion.
he's from town. All you see in my main channel segment, as I mentioned, this is an addendum. They said trot is gonna, win adheres. Why well, town Hall, being the fair and balanced outlet says signs that Trump isn't going to win on November? Third, This is from Kevin Mccullough and you really need to hear this one tromp supporters, it's a strong. stern wake up call, he goes on to say, is a foregone conclusion and must be faced. Republicans have worried. Democrats have gloated, libertarians depends reformers if all waiting, we must acknowledge Trump is
just not capable of winning this November. Third, I know I know you're thanked him. How can this be sexually really simple? He says. Democrats have finally found that perhaps they finally found their silver bullet. Russia, hoax, impeachment, lockdown economic, evaporated, economic policies, debate blobs covered contractions, not always as which are yet none of this has worked. Not even Nancy, plus he's prayers for the president's health could keep him the hospital for more than three days, and he says so. No Donald Trump just doesn't have what it takes, to just win on November. Third, wait a minute just when ha what? Ah, because he's going to absolutely rush election that day, a Trump landslide and there's the joke. Swear, bearing with me town hall, very hilarious they put at another
her story saying you know this time: tromp can't win at its because he's going to land slide, there's a difference. Now. Ok, it's the same thing: they're, making a joke will Donald Trump Landslide. That's a bold question part me seems to think it may actually be the case and it's because I think, Maybe the poles just are broken completely broken. Look when you tell me a poor has trunk down in Florida with hispanic owners from where he was but they're putting on parades further having come on. Dude Trump then have parade it's from latino community. Last time I mean- maybe he did whenever I try to see him and I covered a ton of these tromp rallies. I was in Fort Lauderdale Florida for a Trump rally and I talk to a lot of people, but there were no massive parades for the man. Now you are come out. These pulsating tromp is doing worse than ever. Some people think the poles
an attempt to demoralize the trunk base, but they don't understand many of these trump voters who went on for the first time are doing it to feel good Why anti for smashes windows and robs about not because they have a goal in mind? It's me because to them smashing a Starbucks window feels good Starbucks is a symbol of something they hate and they don't know what they hate or why they might claim to, but they really down there just angry, and so they see a Starbucks and they throw brick and for a brief moment it feels good all at Starbucks Window all make me some angry will now it's broken and we win. Of course it solves nothing. changes. Nothing, it's just a symbol. The same is true for transporters. Donald Trump is a symbol, but is a different kind of some is a symbol of somebody coming to tell the establishment to F off and so guess what you
can smack of around you can punch in the got you can mark, but little and break the truck voters, and all it does is embolden them every single time. You put it a pole, saying they're, stupid, slack, jawed yokels they get angrier and it makes them want to go out and vote more. It makes me want to go out and vote. I am sick of the lies, I am sick of the absurdity of the elite ism of the condescension, and so when people go on November third to vote, they will they're going to punch, that voting machine for Donald Trump. They are not but they're, not gonna, tap, beans, arms, r, r and D Donald Trump, as a d for Donald, but actually are for a public. But I'm gonna, walk in and say: what's this one? I guess I'll do Donald Trump, no they're gonna go in all of that rage and they are going to figure it out. We throw a breakthrough that window by tapping Donald Trump. It's gonna feel good
maybe just for a moment so Michael more said, the biggest a few in the history of the world. He predicted trumps VIC, and then he went on to say these people will be happy for a short while an eventual they'll realise the mistake they made and he was wrong about that. Now. These people went in the big a few slammed it down and got the best economy in generations the best number of our lives, says Jim Kramer, how many general, how many humming generations, are currently alive today. For so yes in generations, the people voted for Tromp were happy. They voted for Trump and they're going to go to the voting booth. Again with that big o f, you took establishment, no matter what you say that's what they don't get no amount of of fake news stories, no amount of smears, no amount of insults he's got understand. They say that there is high enthusiasm for Donald Trump S. True, they say, there's low enthusiasm for Joe Biden, but let me tell you the truth: theirs
there's enthusiasm for Donald Trump, and there is a kind of some enthusiasm for Joe Biden, but for the left there she will enthusiasm is against Trump and for the right much of their enthuse yes m is to send a flying a few to the establishment and that's it it could be tromp. It could be anybody so long as they're going to put the establishment in their place, even for just one brief moment tell the establishment to to screw off saw that matters. So I ask you: there's enthusiasm for Trump. There's info ism against tromp, but have these pollsters polled enthusiasm against the machine and the establishment now, and that's what they're not factoring in how many people are going to go to the voting both there.
caring about tromp and just saying I am sick of all of these people in Congress. Every single one of them save ramble, ran Paul's all right here to free best dose. It gave a school bus not running again so there's megatons our eye, Holly's. Ok, most of these people in Congress everybody hates most of its people in government. They just don't like, and you know what they found their path to an f. You and it'll be the biggest you got twenty. Sixteen was big. Twenty twenty might be bigger, but let's be honest, I don't know it can happen. Trump could lose said. Oh no, don't take my word, for it will see what happens. I got a couple more segments and just a few minutes stick around, and I will see you all shortly. This is the end of California as we know it, but it's going to shape the fabric of this country for decades to come. Bill MAR slams. California, super high taxes sites, Joe Rogan Ben Shapiro, as part of states. Exodus quote,
I feel like I'm living in ITALY in the nineteen. Seventy just something more tells RAP Adam chef liberal bill more you're, so close, I was once a big an of bill more watching real time all the time fine showed watch. I still think bills, pretty great. I get Lloyd by his trumped arrangements syndrome. It's crazy to me that he big and be saying these things and just not realise what is really getting at. Not consider myself to be liberal in me our traditional sense of american politics. Of our generation, what does that mean? I am not a classical liberal. Sorry, a lotta people keep saying it. It's not true I've never been a classical liberal, I'm not one. Now I agree with many tenants of classical liberalism. but I am actually a social liberal was I mean I actually like the idea of governments, social programmes. I actually think we can pass laws to fix in inequality in this country. Links by what that means.
I do not believe that these racist, it you know, policies being put forth by the intersection of left, are going to solve things a social liberal, as I believe in things like the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen. Sixty four hey, you shouldn't be able to discriminate based on these factors. That means I believe that, if a if there is a bakery and a couple comes in, you give them a cake You service them now to get specific on that, I know people gonna compliant, I'm not saying that you have to provide a specific message that was the real complaint about the bakery and that whole loss. It was that Baker! Sad! I will give you any cake we have available, but I won't right that message at a speech issue and that's an inch still conversation, anyone that- and you know what I understand I do gonna think you don't need to you know just because you are you're writing something on a cake or I personally wouldn't take it as my speech, but I gotta be honest, If someone came into my show and said,
I demand you. Let me say certainly offensive things. I say no, like I'm not going but you come in and say certain things that would be harmful to what I believe in, and I think the left would agree with that. The social liberal. I think you know that rights of nineteen. Sixty four is a good thing and I am horrified by the five Democrats are trying to repeal California Civil Rights ACT, but anyway, more to the point Joe Bilbil, MAR, is supposed to be right there with me on this, but he's so obsessed and in his hate for Donald Trump. He can. Figure out. What's going on around him, Joe Rogan, it's not a conservative men Shapiro is we got by partisan accidents from California dude now bill marking point out, cancel culture is insane, and here he is saying I don't know what I'm getting for my taxes and people are leaving yeah dude it's because the policies have failed. Just because I think we can have social programmes doesn't mean. I think that the current systems working than it does at a certain point. We have to like
get rid of these programmes and fry again or change what we are doing. We can't just do this same thing over and over again I tell you this right now at this point in the next couple of years. Considering the failures of the Democrats, you know what I'm gonna defer to Republicans yet right. You know why, because I can recognize I'm wrong that simple. I still believe that there are many things you know about my my views. My philosophies, my idea, ology that are correct, but considering the damage we ve seen from from New York to California and what these Democrat governors are doing. I tell you what I recently moved out of well, I still live in the New Jersey area, but I'm in the process of moving out and setting up there. Studio, which is why we ve been for me in the delegation for quite some time. But I do still live in the South Jersey area for the time being, and I I feel like if I move to a red state an end now right area, I shouldn't bring those policies with me. I shouldn t check it out. Let me just show you quit, but it s before I get into what
really going on. Is a german interviews. Adam chef, Myanmar, acknowledged that local issues were not the congressman's domain said he still felt. The need to be a little bit complain, there's an exodus. He said. California, businesses are leaving the state in droves and in twenty a teen and nineteen, which were economic boom years. Seven hundred and sixty five commercial facilities left thirteen thousand between two. Does it doesn't nine? Twenty? Sixteen look. I came on your nineteen eighty three, I found paradise I of california- I do. I dont- want to leave, but I feel like I'm living in ITALY in the seventies or something super high taxes potholes in the road fires. I dont know what I'm getting for my super high taxes. Familiar not getting. you're getting Adam chef complaining about from, but I guess that plays in your trouble arrangement, syndromes, oclock, congratulations,
the HIV Star Circle back to the idea of the exodus telling chef people talk about this. A lot now and people are leaving like in my industry, Joe Rogan left bench appear out. You'll unmask talks about leaving what do you say about that as a California rap? Well, I think we have to make every effort to make this a more business friendly state ship responded, and I don't think, there's anything incompatible with being progressive and also wanting to make sure this place is a place of businesses can survive and through our police dude now I'm buying it Rogan hosted a pocket podcast German experienced left the golden state in August Texas. Last month, Ban Shapiro went to Nashville. Ok, then Shapiro go to Nashville, purifying girondin gonna text.
Naw man, you know, there's a phoney comic, its Joe Rogan leaving California and he's carrying a suitcase. Its liberal policies is walking in the Texas, and here we go baby from California matters. How California experts are helping turn Texas into a battleground state, helping turn Texas they're happy, bout. It people are fleeing California, because our failed policies and then voting for the same fiscal policies in texas- and this is Why I defer to the locals when I You know, as I begin my move, I'm not gonna come to a red deer state or city or whenever and then be like. No, I demand the Mai, socially liberal policy, aiming to be like now, mom, I'm gonna stay out of this one cause. You know a place where I came from I Didn'T- do all that well and I'm not going to contribute so our voice. My concern
over certain issues, but I'm gonna mostly hang back and look I'm in a place. If I'm in a place, it's really nice, I'm gonna, leave it to him, you know I mean apparently bench appear made. A joke he said something like have have them all rushing to California and then, once the leftist have left California, all the conservatives can can flood in then turn California read, which would be kind of funny. I tell you what it's true taxes has turned into a battleground state, because people from California are moving to Texas and it happened to El Dorado was well and that's gonna be bad, not because I that Republicans are all you know wonderment correct, but that I think we need a balance. We need a real conversation around. We know what is the right way to to move the country and a debate over ideas. We're not gonna get that if we just have hordes of leftists flood in and then vote, then flip estate, the state needs to figure out for itself one of the biggest pro
I see what this and an unlucky understand some that this between states there are no borders, and so that's one of the biggest problem, is that people will immediately come into a new area and dramatically inflows how that area functions without having been their understanding it. So let's take a look at like the frack fields of North Dakota, whatever for the most Art is just an example of an area with a very specific industry. There are left us to hate. The frank fields may say: really really bad and their huge mind you I'm proud another, still there, but it is a big issue several years ago, if you moved there is a leftist and then voted to ban fracking. You would just wipe out the town, and you wouldn't know anything about the town. You wouldn't know the frack fields do for those towns and you'd be be but frank. Fracking is bad. Therefore, you over people would ban and then there would be nothing and it would fall apart. That seems like a really bad idea to come in
one area where you don't know what the local industry is. You dont know where the economy is at what what strengthens the economy and what the GDP is and you're gonna call these votes on how taxes should be spent and then guess what the place you move to become as bad as a place you came from, which is why I think a series, problem now say that, in my opinion, a marketable gamma about moving taxes, I had a lot of people say: come on come on down a Texas come a Dallas are often cause so much but they all you got Joe Rogaine, you got crowd. Are you guideline back and I'm like I'm not doing it? First of all, I'm not gonna, bring my policies down anywhere. I go so it's not really relevant. For the most part, I could go to taxes in that regard, but I'm gonna go to Texas. because all the California people are going there and then taxes gonna turn Blue, the move to a blue area. What does all these problems just have? More problems rise, I'm gonna sit back and got already area in mind my own business, at least for the time being
until these cities in these states have a correction and get rid of the lunatics that have run them into the ground. There was an exodus from California bill more liberal is complaining about taxes. Something is not working, you only to wake up, I'm not seeing Republicans are doing it complete, correctly, but I'm telling you whatever is going on sultans happen in pretty good and their public and areas and really bad in the cities. None of the left immediately says yeah, but the cities are what generate generates that you all all the money, not me, or we can work remotely and if that's the case, we're gonna watch these cities crumble, but in these people get to leave and gonna work remote and bring their policies with them. Now tell you what, ultimately, I don't care if you people for calmly Harris or whatever one of Oda taxes and have a good time and and and vote how they want. I think that's just how this country works. I personally won't do it and I want to move to an area that will do something like that. I don't know what the answers out
solutions. Are I know that spending middle massive amount having a massive tax, but I get nothing. aims to make literally no sense. So you know I do like. The idea that we will have people from cities moving into red areas. For one reason, though, that people can come together, the one thing I really like about this cow matters thing. I don't like the idea, flipping the states politics, you don't understand But I do like the idea that you will at least have a look at goes to waste. The people from California will common provide their perspectives to people in Texas The people from rural areas will get to see a perspective from people from city areas, and hopefully the good remains so, for instance, this this photo. If these people come a Texas, I think they can share from very powerful insights and be a massive benefit to Texas for one knew what there is no economic boosts. New demands are really really good things. Turning into a swing state can be bad because I think a lot of people cannot understand the gdp of the economy functions in these areas, but also think so.
long as we can make sure there is a rational argument and this that the state, maintain what's helping make it grow, it will be major boon for this country. Why? Well? Let me also of these people. Usc medicine, conall, heirs of people not to meet some tat, just conservatives and share some ideas with them as well. I think that's just a big net positive and that's what diversity was supposed to be diversity of opinion. That is a really really good thing, but if you only get a massive influx of people in there's no conversation in that state flips. Well, now it's just being burnt down I'm up for that, but leave their necks seconds coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly.
Comedy is dying. I guess the internet is doing bad things to wet political tribalism is as well. I recently made a tweet and I know people on Twitter don't owe a jokes hour, but I just love it now. I then there was a point where I made it. Open in the left went crazy thinking. It was real I would like all men. What do I do? This is a joke. Obviously, unlike they still get in there like now, you're backtracking and unlike offer, these people are too stupid. Now I revel in it. I made a joke about gratitude. The left when insane and out now- and now I just think it's funny, because these people are not well bill, Bur, whose Larry S by the way, did an amazing model opening sat for Saturday night live. He made some pro woke, jokes about you, know black eyes matter, dragged white feminists, dragged cancel culture and made a joke about pride month being amount
flung. The funny thing is, even though what he did try to play both sides. At my opinion, it's not the right that wants to cancel him. You know what you know, what I think like one of the biggest fat, one of the biggest it providers in the tribal in the culture war as people with sense of humour and people without so I hear a joke from billboard, And he is like you: have a walk. Movement was supposed to be about people of color getting their opportunities which they were. No desire for a long time and aren't getting them and, unlike I get it. I get it. You know weakness, but I'm not gonna dragged bilberries funny and he says, and then white feminists come with their golgi bags and there, like I'm so oppressed than I left. Ok, I get it he's begging. This thing. Words like woke is about people of color, and these white women are saw offensive and I I can't roll my eyes and a lot of these reports is that these are real ideas put forth by the Woke left, but It was a well delivered, sat and I'm not getting better shape because he met a joke about something you gonna make jokes about, cancel
your what are funny, he goes on to say, you know I see all these people around me and I have no idea what's going on in someone's as its pride month and unlike any talks are like coming out of the matrix tank tops. You know gay men everywhere. And I put isn't a month a little long and he's like white and black history month on only get February its weight, as it was a really really funny set. The funny thing is there trying to cancel import bill bar, in my opinion, was trying to make us at that kind of wood work for both sides cancel culture is bad. You know what this is really about: people of color, it doesn't matter you. You tried a pen to the left, their common for you anyway, and that's pathetic. I got no be with silver. I don't got I'll be with anybody who makes what jokes or whatever, and you know, there's criticisms of around four everybody myself included. I think we're all adults. We can have a good, laugh and move on the left won't do it I'll, probably get cancelled for this comedian. Billboard triggers woke internet war
here's with hilarious ass. I now monologue pokes bonnet, cancel culture, gay pride and defends John weighing up actually defended, though that you know woken up to a degree then defended John Wayne. They tracked they try to cancel John Wayne. Apparently he's been dead for a long time and hears it. We get just in Kirkland. That was the worst, Ass, an old monologue I've seen in years our grow up do know it wasn't billboards doing exactly what you'd think he was going to make you uncomfortable and I think, killing the stage of love to see it. I did but apparently a bunch of people got really offended that he made these jokes isn't he said he said he after or man why the city was so full of people and was told it was temporary at their Town for June's gay pride month, at which point at clicked and Bilbil S, head tank, tops zero percent body fat, two guys kissing, and you know that. So that's a little long, don't you think? for a group of people who are never enslaved, verge joked as the audience chuckled nerve,
personally, I love it is funny says how did they get all of June dude black people were actually enslaved, they get February, they get twenty eight days of overcast, whether the Sunday, then it for in the afternoon everybody's shivering. Nobody wants to go on. The parade is actually really fine. How about Look I'm about July Bilbil asked pointing out these are equator people give them the sun for thirty one days there is gay black people, they could celebrate from June First July, when he first sixty one days of celebrating. His monologue social media lit up with criticism. Vulture critic, Jen, Cheney, tweeted. There is no real time for that bill, borough monologue but I'll tell you. What now is not it wait? There is no real time for not. Everyone was quick to slumber, though Bilbil makes valid points about cancel culture. Trying to cancel everything in sight then delivers jokes, designed to prove that exact point and twitter took the bait. Comedy is not for you, it's about you,
build work. My word Bilbil has been a comedians. Is ninety two unleaded acting rules and shows including breaking bad? The heat date night councils upon cast billboards Monday morning, podcast he's known for his rage, filled comedy that has no time for pc culture. I think this meant ethnic. He goes on to make fun of people who wear masks so he spoke infinite. Everybody well deserved good, show Remember owing to a Joe Rogan show in Philly, and it was amazing luck you ought to Joe Rugen podcast gives you think. It's good conversation seriously, go to one of his shows that dude knows how to how to make people I am not exaggerating. Two shows mental, my life, where I thought I was like probably gonna asphyxiated, because I couldn't stop laughing and it was Jonathan Pie, I and Andrew Doyle's that you know it's. A Jonathan Pie show an android at attaining Mcgrath and Joe Rogan.
Jos show was amazing because he made fun of tromp supporters and Hilary supporters and every one laughed about it. Everybody had a good time. He also make jokes about cats yelling at birds, which was particularly funny, especially if you have cats and that's what I like to see. If you're a comedian, you're gonna make fun of everybody, God make whatever so bill. Birds like making fun of people who want where mask is, God is a girl. You family, I don't care. If you run of em, and you can have kids. It was great. It's a joke. Billboard obviously doesn't want to kill your family. There was one camera. Hood wasn't moment record your base where he was complaining. How we can't have peanuts on an airline anymore, because people are larger, can die and the joke is he doesn't really want people to die? It's just a joke. That's supposed to be shocking, that's the humour in it.
He's gone. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you now my passive attempted humor. Look. I consider myself to be a comedian. I dont know if I'm funny or nor do I care, I dont right jokes. I don't do that for living. I don't try to write jokes. Sometimes I maybe you know in my exuberance my exasperation. People might laugh sometimes I say things that might funny but don't write any this down. I just talk about no script gay. Well, I saw a tweet teen climate Change ACT, discredit, tune, Borg, endorses Biden, and I ITALY laughed because who cares? What does this mean our carriage endorsed Biden? You ve got british people on Youtube, endorsing Donald Trump. You ve got Canadians endorsing Donald Trump or by an I don't care. So I jokingly tweeted
this is foreign into a foreign election interference of the highest order. Sweden must answer for this collusion. Ok, most people on the right understood the joke. It was it sarcastic it would I've. Maybe facetious is the right way to put it. Listen, Gretta, Tune Burke, coming I'm saying Joe Biden. The butter president is not interference at all. It's not and its Sweden must answer for this collusion. Gretta tune Borg doesn't act on behalf of the swedish government. I can't believe people didn't get this now. I can believe it. I can absolutely believe it, but I'm love in it like this. This one dude went off. You was light years out gum. Why do you keep doing this to yourself him, and I just I will
up in the morning and I'm getting these notifications from people who like leave gretta alone, you know this is not interference, would listen man, Russia for went out for what it's worth at least tried to like by ads and manipulate people in this country, and they run to news outlets. Artie and Sputnik. Gretta tune Burg is not interfering of the highest order just in Georgia to bite and she doesn't work for the swedish government. So why would Sweden have to answer for collusion? Ok, they keep people not understand these things, get a tune. Burger does not work with Joe, but even they are not colluding to steal. No, I I look man if you are too stupid to realize this and you're going to start screaming and complaining. Let me just tell you what this is: it's an iq test, I'm going to take all the tweets laughing at it and all the tweets
tracked by it and then separate by political, tribe and graph it out. You know why the conservatives aren't going to be angry. Some of them, probably like you're right TIM because they don't understand it either, but the left look at us. This guy might be Williams. Why do you keep doing this to yourself him? Ladies and gentlemen? I believe I have of us. Fucking announcement in response to my and what I thought was a very obvious joke might be Williams has why do you keep doing this to yourself MIKE what were at work who are you Manchester England? I say good, sir: this is not becoming of a gentleman. That's actually, however, responded to him I was like. Let me translate my retorts to british English. For you, these posts are not becoming of a gentleman sir. I bid you good day because that's like the job of the british. You know now really yell at you. I guess not getting what you mean to tell me this
took it seriously, I'm actually kind of impressed. They did it's an iq test later this Ryan talking about endorsements the Taliban Endorse Donald Trump. I don't care, I don't care about. Gretta tune, Birkenau care about Donald Trump, getting endorsed by the tail. And so what Donald Trump is pulling trip them against any wants the and the war in Afghanistan. So what here's one so much for their free swedish New Trevor. I that's a joke. Swiss neutrality anyway, here where's dad billboards, hilarious Europeans, hilarious, grow up. People laugh a little bit. If you took this seriously? Well, I just don't care what you did it seriously and then got angry about it are tweeting at me. I just little. I just revel in it. Ok, please by all means left keep quote tweeting this it's an iq test and you failed it and I don't care what you think you're making me laugh.
I hope you provide many laughed too many more people when they're like dude. Are you really that dumb? I had a friend, Tommy TIM people believe these things You post, you need to make sure you label them. As jokes, because you're, a journalist dude, I have rights of posts, silly nonsense all day every day. Ok, I can do whatever I want. If people cannot tell the difference well, then you know what too bad. I don't care if, if, if a random person can poem our budget nonsense- and you don't care about that. Then I can poach might pose my garbage Johnson's. Oh all here they come with with great power. Comes great responsibility. Tim with great follower count comes responsibility, yes, sure somewhat, but if somewhat ten followers with a death threat, I'd be this it is equally as matters. If somebody with a million followers did it, and if someone and followers. Our million followers posted a stupid joke. I would just be like it's a joke. Welcomes the internet friends
this your first time. Yes, sometimes people are joking, try and read through things, but you know when you don't want people dont have a sense of humor. This is what you get leave their next segments coming. tomorrow at ten. A m thanks, rang out, have a laugh. Please and I'll see you next time.
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