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Ratings Collapse And Layoffs Are Making The Media Go Crazy

2019-05-28 | 🔗

Ratings Collapse And Layoffs Are Making The Media Go Crazy. Media ratings are failing and as these companies become more desperate for views so they can make money they turn to far left activists to push ragebait content and nonsense.Vox recently published a video claiming that Fox news is in control of the political narrative. The only problem? You can easily fact check some of their claims to see they are not true. They claimed that Hillary's email server was a non issue but Fox News pushed it so everyone else followed. Except it was the New York Times and the AP that pushed that story not Fox News.CNN recently rushed to the defense of the democrats and nancy pelosi over a video they thought made her look bad. Why would they do that? It seems they are in desperate need for news and something that will enrage people. It worked. Delete Facebook started trending among outraged leftists.It's no surprise to hear that just the other day another story emerged about CNN layoffs coming

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One of the things I've been warning about as media slowly collapses is as they lose their view. Worship. They will become increasingly desperate, thrashing about trying to stay afloat. The news stories with crazier in crazier, they will hire more and more activists because it's cheaper and it's going to get particularly bad. If you thought the smears we're back, two years ago, three years ago, wait till you see what comes next, because another story CNN as expecting, or lay offs see. It was only a couple weeks ago that brine stouter, the media Order of sea and answer nano laughs aren't coming trust me spokesperson for CNN, shoot nose down it's a media, it's it's a biotech voluntary by out meaning. If you leave the company, they'll pay you out, then what happened, but we go were announced and now hear it again, more lay offs announced at CNN. Well so this story, local news Giant gatehouse media is laying off journalists across the. U S in cuts their seat. Yo is calling immaterial as these common
lay more and more people off. They turned to cheaper and cheaper individuals to higher. They turn to people who can generate click bait and age by articles that will make them some money and the activists emerge. We then see complete, nonsensical and insane stories like this from vocs you're watching Fox news? You just don't know it where they can, they they actually state things like Hilary email scandal only became news because Fox willed it so, which is an insane conspiracy. Theory that says one important thing to me vocs and the other progressive digital mete out like it. In the minority and the fringe, but from their bubble they think everything is fine. Right and a right wing conspiracy. So the only reason anyone would talk about Hilary emails is because Fox NEWS will that so, but guess what fact check? That's absolutely
not true- and this is weird conspiracy- nonsense coming from vocs and there's a good reason why they are going our failing just like everybody else, and even they know it now before we go any further make sure you check out TIM cast Calm, Slash donated we'd like to support my work. There's a monthly donation option, crypto currency, a physical address, but, of course, just share this video like and comment because the engagement really really helps go and look at a story. I covered a couple weeks ago, Disney put more than four hundred million dollars and device media. Now it says that investment is worthless. I now familiar story: investors, they overvalued a high flying digital publisher and and wait VI is not immune to the same phenomenon. Even they recognize it saying we dont yet know the value that Comcast, which put a collective six hundred million dollars into vocs media and buzz of the past few years, now thinks those two publishers are worth
but it's a reasonable bet that Comcast thinks they are worth less than it thought in twenty fifteen. What happens when the highest rated cable Channel Fox NEWS talks about something while they're probably talking about it for a few reasons, because other people are talking about it, Fox doesn't just make up what's newsworthy, nor does the New Europe I'm or the Associated Press or any outlet vocs like any other outlet, is trying to figure out what their audience cares about and cover stories. They think will have a positive impact. Sometimes there is a profit motive, accompany thanks, hey if we
right. Some insane conspiracy nonsense about Fox NEWS, controlling politics, people on the left, well, click it and, as vocs becomes desperate for reviews, that's my opinion of what they are doing, because a simple fact check proves their thesis is one hundred percent false. So why would they publish it? Then I think it's for money, but that's what we end up seeing in this story. They talk about how you they say, You are watching Fox NEWS because foxes manipulating all journalism. They actually say in this video that journalism, journalists are pressure and scared of appearing as biased. Conservatives so and conservative say something they just go and run with it, which is one hundred percent. Not true and Covington should be evidence to anybody. That's not true a video of a kid smirking and it got national attention. That's it. I was a kid smirking, no fact: checking no journalism
They jumped on board the other day. A man named, I believe, in Bremmer, published a fake quote from Donald Trump. It went with journalists commenting on it and virtue signalling to the resistance about out anti trump. They were as well was there. Any journalism were fact checking. No, there wasn't, but I as as Carlos Maza says: journalists are pressured by the conservatives to talk about their talking points just sounds completely absurd and to point out how insane this video is. He, actually shows himself in the video it's in the sun no, but I'm trying to find it in the clear he shows himself bleeding the eyes and ears talking about this in what may be more fringe. Insanity. Conspiracy, nonsense, well, it'll, be the thumbnails all also. Therefore, now here's what they say We tend to assume that if a story is being covered by major news networks, it's because journals have decided that the stories important that's the case, but thanks.
That's news, that's not always true Fox was specifically created to treat right wing. Pseudo scandals as major news stories, whether its press Obama saluting Marine while holding a Lahti Latte or Hillary Clinton TK. Thing during a campaign speech Fox news- looks for opportune. He's to smear democratic politicians and mobilise its audience to vote republican big. As you all know, CNN didn't just run to the defence of Nancy Policy over one fake video joking there, an Amazon BC didn't prattle on for two and a half years about Russia get conspiracy. Nonsense were at one point: Rachel Meadow actually entertain the idea that Russia would shut off the electricity to forego in the winter or that it was possible shorts possible. But this is this is crazy conspiracy, nonsense from the laughed waving their arms talking about how tromp may be working for Russia and Annette actually I believe it was in New York Mag, arguing that they believed Donald Trump did work for Vladimir.
You want to tell me that Fox NEWS is manipulating. You know the politic, the political sphere, I'm gonna call you a conspiracy theorist, but let's break the stem. In reality, everybody wants to talk about the hot. Take the hot button issue. They want to talk about. What's gonna get them traffic for the most part, some people are focused on more certain issues more so than others. Some people say TIM. Why do you always talk about things like this? It's what I see and what I think is important, because really always they decide what they think is important. I think it's very important that the media has a Are you hard left bias and they do and I'll prove it? I have more sources and I think it's important when they publish we're conspiracy, nonsense? Nonsense, that's easily proven false the same It's true for most people, I
don't necessarily thing all of the people at vocs are wilfully lying to you. I think they're, just not that smart and are really bet if their jobs he makes mention of the Clinton email server and in the story actually insinuates the story didn't matter. It was just that Fox NEWS talked about it, but that's not true. Story was broken by the New York Times and the Associated Press. Why did anyone Talk about it because two of the most but people press organizations in the country said here's breaking news There was no conservative pressure to do this. That's what happened so, what talking in this video is actually just a regurgitation of an article. By Matthew Iglesias, vocs back in October, is another example of what happens to desperate and collapsing media because their effectively collapsing, they need content. They need something.
So they did back into their old archives and rehash old ideas that are easily disproven. Let's look at this. He says: Benghazi. The Clinton mail server rat Ilan, almost mention of nine eleven ended up being taken seriously by mainstream news outlets. Very simply, twitter outrage, hold it in the Ilan Omar Thing and they even recognize So why would they act? Like Fox NEWS played a role? We can go to the Washington Post and look at this story. They say since Clinton's private email account was brought to light a year ago New York Times report followed by an Associated press report, revealing the existence of the server The matter has been a source of non stop national news. So who am? I gonna believe the Washington Post or Vocs VOX is you quit
whether Nevada, succeeding at this point is questionable, even vocs, as they think they're going to be worth less based on the current evaluations of other companies, the Washington Post back, in which the data on this article, twenty six tee, talked about how the story was actually brought to light and became a national news story because of the New York Times and the Associated Press, but VOX is pushing fringe insane nonsense. The videos actually much more unhinged than that, I'm not go through everything he says we talked about how journalists are gate. Keeping you know they get. Journalists prevent certain stories from reaching frightened centre. He then goes on to show a series of Fox NEWS hosts talking about various political issues. The thing as many of the issues brought up by vocs were simply twitter outrage stories. In fact, I covered much of these stories before Fox NEWS. Even did
for instance, Covington when Covington happened. I had a video out less than twenty four hours after the incident debunking the Narrative Fox NEWS story for a couple of days later Fox NEWS is not driving them. What's happening is that, in my opinion, two things I mentioned: they want to make money right, so they need clickable content Benny to convince you that fox, news is manipulating you and all of the world around you. As a conspiracy run by the Fox NEWS, GEO P network when, in reality, VOX is just ever dwindling and becoming more and more fringe, some of the people who still exist in this tiny fringe sphere. They think every outside of it is part of this grand conspiracy and being manipulated by the political operators. The GNP, just not true, as I showed you at the Washington Post, it was too reputable papers driving the story. And we can even see it in the actual Wikipedia where they say the New York Times. Article broke the story. They talk about how the New York Times did it. This way,
easily searchable when I saw this from box. I said: here's what I do I'll Google search how the story about Hillary Clinton, email came to be in the public and it wasn't Fox news. Would Fox news talk about it? Of course, now, as I mentioned, the video from box is a regurgitation of an old article from Matthew Iglesias. They do bring up. Some interim points, but they talk about how the GEO P does get a lot of positive, that they, their poles, are impacted by the coverage from Fox NEWS He goes on to say that the issue actually is without Fox. News would actually happen. Is the GEO people change, their policies to fit the rest of the mainstream. Quite simply, an interesting point brought up by VOX is that without Fox NEWS There would only be liberal, biased media and Matthew Glacis actual brings us up. He does mention
as original article that news media swings to the left in singly, and one thing I should have pointed out: they called the hack gap as if conservatives are hacking mainstream culture by commenting on issues that other people talk about its absurd. But let's talk about the bias in these media companies and why listen, how many conservative networks are there not very many there's white like Fox NEWS, which is the top ready, cable news channel and then there's one America NEWS which is relatively new and much less fewer ship, but the rest are overwhelmingly democrat and liberal and don't take my word. For it. I'm gonna show you numerous sources. The media bubble is worse than you think we crunch the date on where journalists work how fast changing the results should worry? You story on the fact that most journalist live in blue areas see the bubbles. We also have this objective papers, networks stuffed with democratic donating, employ
is it is a fact that in numerous studies we find most employees that major papers and publications donate to Democrats. Now you may think that a site dedicated to expel combating liberal media bias is biased themselves and I'll go ahead and agree with you, so will jump over to ballot O Peter, who says ballot Also, if you three other analyses, the centre responsive politics found at sixty five percent of contributions from those identified as journalists went to Democrats and the joint and cycle Allison by MSNBC, found that eighty seven percent of the one in forty three donors who made contributions from two for doesn't eight gave to Democrats or liberal cause the media Research centre found that ninety four percent of donors, affiliate with five news outlets, also contributed to Democrats between two dozen eight and two thousand. Sixteen. If that
doesn't prove a little liberal bias. I don't know what else does so. Let's talk about the insane conspiracies of a vote. And again I want to stress he actually it's kind of funny like I guess you know, Carl's is making a joke. He shows himself like when blood out of his ear and the thumb nail him crying blood. I think they're they're losing the plot cure a little bit, but let's talk about the actual gatekeepers, it is video. He mentions the importance of journalists gate, keeping he actual It does say. Let me fights having to find that the second Well, I had an earlier, but you you, you may have seen it he's. A journalists are gatekeepers and it's an important thing. They do. Social media companies have been become the new gatekeepers for a while. Now and we have this story, for
in sixteen gives modem is motorways is not a conservative estimate, former Facebook workers, we routinely suppressed conservative news about this from Jack Dorsey. The company was too aggressive in banning some accounts. We know that. The media outlets are biased. We know that social media employees are biased, so why is it then? That VOX is going to make this weird claim that is easily proven false desperation. I again my two points for making this video desperation, complete desperation, the need money, then he'd clicks they rehash old stories but, more importantly, they are part of a french dwindling bubble that is not mainstream. When you look at the victories across Europe for
when nationalism, when illegal breaks, it Donald Trump, its clear that the left has lost Middle America, an average Americans and are now part of some strange group. It doesn't know. What's going on the best example, the predictions for twenty sixteen: how do they not see trunk coming? Very simply, they are not part of the mainstream anymore. They are becoming ever increasing their becoming fringe and getting crazier and crazier. We can talk about their policies, which swing so far. Left doesn't make sense for moderate Democrats anymore. Why so? Many people have become conservative avoided for Trump, because the meat isn't speak to them. These people believe that the ivory towers of New York represent the opinion of Middle America and they don't but worse still, as they can't capture actual people. To watch their content, they become more and more desperate and grasp at straws, and that's where it gets truly truly crazy. Let's talk about what these companies become and how they truly are
gatekeepers and how they truly do have more power to manipulate, then vocs would lead on they'll claim. Fox news is controlling the narrative or how about CNN, bringing on Zack a senior VP from Facebook to talk about they should remove a video of Nancy policy. They don't like. What's think about this, have you heard the news as a video of Nancy policy? It slowed down to seventy five percent, so she's slurring, it's kind of obvious to many people. I can hear the audio artifact and you can hear that its main screw with but still it is slow down and many people believe it's a real video CNN, and many other Alice have started lobbying Facebook saying we want you to remove this well facebook. Is it going to go that far they didn't remember, because it isn't break any rules. This is the internet people regularly manipulate videos and makes a typical videos and means mocking and insulting politicians
Why is CNN so upset over one video of Nancy policy? While you could argue, look there just covering what they think is important? I would then, why they don't think it's important that for years, super Deluxe made at its of personalities. Politicians include Tromp, that we're misleading and nobody cared did Facebook take down those videos, of course not, but they certainly paint politicians in a bad light by stripping contacts out of was being said. Why is this one, the one a target? Well CNN is becoming more and more desperate. As I mentioned millions of many many times this point, but as I brought up very early on in a story CNN laying people off more lay offs are common, while CNN Sienna needs to build an audience so they're going full on partisan, legitimate costa. What is Jim Economy Grandstand, Annie, Org that the president of the donors, CNN, is doubling down ongoing the activists route, and this is absurd,
back that a major news outlets would complain to a vip at Facebook about a single meme video just a bit. It did it. Do they not note the internet is, but I'll tell you what gets really bad, because the truth is This is how the swing actually goes is Fox news controlling the narrative now is and uncontrolled an air of course not as MSNBC know, they're not, but the Tec Giants do play. Serious role and they are terrified of bad press, but typically not from conservatives. Look at the activists Tucker Internal shown. How many advertisers he's lost so far has not happened CNN Msnbc has, NBC pay the price for two and a half years, a fringe conspiracy, nonsense. They have not I'll tell you what happens. The lobbying effort works, Because you tube actually removed this video
key policy. Facebook did go onto de rank it but twitter. Let let it stand why the video broke. No rules you're allowed to do this, so I ask you when the outlets- CNN, MSNBC, Slight Buzzfeed, when they repeatedly reach out to big brands. Targeting individuals on the right, getting them deep, laugh, formed and fired, who are the real gatekeepers and who really controls speech and the narrative? It's not MSNBC. It's not Fox news, its activists at certain media outlets, Russia, rang big media companies and those media companies bend to the pressure. So
it does happen. Does Fox NEWS about Fox there's probably gets some wins can serve as get some when sometimes, but you two removed a single video twitter. Fortunately, let it stand, but that's this. This is the end results. What vocs published is nonsense and there are a very decently prominent site there, one of the top ranked Seitz Wald- and I didn't know what number four hundred Alexa so they're they're, really really well traffic and they're funded by Comcast, but they're going to tell you that Fox NEWS, one of the only conservative channels has more. Power over the political space and it really does for one they are losing their power. They still have some power, they can sell. You know control things, but their views aren't really that mainstream anymore. They are becoming the fringe weird. I was that no one cares about so they're going to convince you save one else was crazy, but you know what a leave their final thoughts rap. Everything up now
Oh Fox NEWS did not drive these narratives. What Matthew, glasses a saying is clearly fringe, biased nonsense. This guy Matthew, Iglesias tweeted, not that long ago, that they that progressive media convinced people their taxes were being increased on pay and I'm trying to remember the stores. Forgive me if I get it wrong, I want us. I want to make sure I make that clear. But he said it was good messaging that people wrongly believed they gotta that their their tax increased. In fact, in fact, people dead get attacks caught under Trump, but he said it was good. It was good messaging on the part of progressives, meaning they misled you and that's what they do and as they become less and less relevant, they needed do whatever they can t get, whoever they can to watch Rachel, madhouse, writing skyrocketed with Russia Gate and they collapsed afterwards. She chased the fringe conspiracy, nonsense in desperation, that's not paying offer her. That's not gonna pay off for vocs, but VOX is due.
Many way, though probably be around, for I will see what happens, but I ll leave it there. Thanks reckoned up, harmful. Oh, let me know if you think about all of this is what it is, the media's the media's collapsing and are becoming increasingly desperate, more lay offs and there you go common below thanks, rang out sick round more segments to calm on my second channel Youtube com slashed him. S news, and I will see you all their. Let me tell you what the big problem today politically is. We have a choice, in socialist regressive. I don't terrorism and conservatives, and what think regular people are gonna pick when presented with those two options. If you're going to ask me if I had to make a choice- and I dont right now- it's not that bad yet, but it's they're like if there are seriously only to people and one was a socialist regressive identity area. Another guy was conservative and I had to choose. I definitely would choose the conservative right now we're not there. Yet we still have some people who are actually
you got running, but that's why. I am very much opposed to the violations of speech on very much opposed to the rest of left, I mean it's not somewhat like this. What a reason why I am opposed to them, but I am in the story from the college fix you. Firstly, its legal warning for enforcing speech rules against conservatives, but not socialists,. The main culture work talking points we see are perceptual feminists and everyone who opposes them, and so that puts moderate, liberal types like me against them In this sense, I brought up the beginning, but in the story of the reason I bring it up, is that there were socialists tabling and they were, I do with no problem and the consumer. But when they tabled later, were threatened and shut down until they go. Free speech zone So this is the inherent problem there is institutional, biased in favour of what I perceived to be a regressive. I a religion and non theistic religion, essentially
conservatives war closer to the main stream can't table and talk about what is absolutely mainstream conversation so that to me worrisome now before we get started with the story, may trigger TIM, the council has done it. If you'd like to support my work, there is a monthly donation option of crypto currency option of physical address but, of course, share the video comment and like because the engagement really help. So, let's check out this story from the college fix the campus speech policies at Transylvania, universe, they're, getting unwanted national attention at a time of transition for Kentucky is oldest university. The foundation for individual rights and education as fire there, and also more precision by the way warned him russian earlier this month, that its policies promoting viewpoint based decision making and enact prior restraints on student speech, in violation of its other promises,
students, the private university has a single free speech zone and students must fill out paperwork and get approval before using it up. Personally, I disagree with the idea of a free speech zone. I've, for I have a permits called the first amendment and you people on the left say the same thing. People on the right should be saying the same thing completely I've I believe, we're not upset. We have a right to peaceably aside, the constitution doesn't say where or when so they sat free speaks, it's not an? I got here if I weren't, following gather and I will talk about something- can stop me special and a public university. The precipitating event for fires solvent was the administrations shut down of a young Americans for freedom? Free speech tabling event is talk about ironic. A day after allowed the young democratic Socialists of America to table for their own cause. So let's hear it would happen British socialist table no problem concerns table for free, speech and have their free speech
restricted as quite literally like seeing a fire truck being set on fire by a university jeez. That's jury, chairman of Transylvania, as young Americans, or is it yet young American for freedom? Chapter pull the college fix that there is, the only conservative libertarian group on campus, it is I do hope a number of engaging events, but most fall short due to the extreme bureaucracy and placed the university eyes. He said The trends university has a number of anti free speech policies which discourage the free speech of all students. Administration has to know literally every written word on signs and literature on campus and every man, since you are trying to spread so they can make sure they know exactly what you are doing and one this is. Why free speech is so important. Look what's happening right now: the ideological bias, let's say your favorite color is blue and my favorite color is green. Then the rule is put in place saying you
You're not allowed to discuss your favorite color. Ok, we all agreed as a rule. I show up- and I don't preaching about like green, is the best. No one comes to shut me down a bunch of people here have conversations tomorrow, you shops and Blue is better and they immediately come and say nano. You know how to speak. That's how the forty. The system will use the rules selectively to allow their ideology to grow and what often seem to understand the laughed because passive liberals from which our pay attention, but their aggressive left us to oppose freeze. You don't seem to understand that as soon as you enact these policies it yet yes, Europe. To use the rules for thee, but not for me to your advantage. Assuming you can maintain that position of authority shore but eventually someone else will come in and they'll say we're gonna do the exact same thing you did restrict. The left and only allow the right and they can cause
In sum, you know technicality, they can say, oh knows, because of acts, wire z and then what they'll do is plain and simple. The people who run the system will allow those they like to speak those they don't like not to weaken its exactly what we see on Twitter and Facebook so think about it. If you're a conservative you're trying to speak about something that is like The recent events in the beginning Wayne closer to the main stream, then the fringe regressive psychosis, they'll shut you down. They will shut you down if you say that you have an issue with biological males, completing its biological females shut you down, but if you say ridiculous things on twitter. Just like talking about weird, though there was one tweet like that you know you, don't you know the it's like down why people on their shuffles deck pulls out card acts. There was one How someone don't t shirts to a community center run run by the by some black individuals and they blamed
people saying we don't need t shirts, and now we have garbage dispose of, and it's like that's the kind of sanity. That's not against the rules under saying this to stop that goes raising on the left. A lot of what they do, they are allowed to break the rules. Like the easiest. Ample Sarah John for years, just going on right tirades totally. Ok, that's that's fine! Twitter runs a system and claims no, no we're not biased, see. We took this people down and they banned the Crass Einstein's. If you know that at the end I trump personalities and then say see we ban people, that's the game they play, but all they do is let one per cent of their side through the cracks. And their ideology has a massive advantage. This is why free speech is a right, because we don't want authority, figures and massive. You know unaccountable systems or people to restrict the free exchange of information that is regressive, not progressive. These people are trying to bring us back to the dark age
when we weren't allowed to learn things, and it's perfectly exemplify What happens in this university conservatives? have a free speech table and it was shut. There was there. They had to move into, showed them and go to a free speech on meanwhile, the socialist stroke. I say the ministration has to know literally ever I support this. Body sides with young Americans for freedom against universities, restrictions on free speech according to the results of a survey that day distributed nine tenths students, hold negative sentiments toward the policies. The survey response rate was just over ten percent, a hundred and three students out of the universities, nine hundred and eighty nine free speech is an issue. Important students, jury set and the fact that this administration so blatantly tried to restrict it? That has really Angered alot of students faculty alumni in donors. Administration refused to talk to the fixed before graduation on Saturday. Even to answer questions about potential policy revisions, as opposed to the young Americans for freedom incident.
Self? This is one university and it's it's like a duck, he's oldest son, the biggest in the country, but I think that you know I think it's important, because how many times how many stories do we see about the biased universities until it becomes completely apparent like this? Is this blatant that you know rules for thee and not for me how many stories about various universities, bias, title, nine etc. Do we have here until we realized tat these people, the staff, the faculty are very regressive, and it's why I think You know you you'll, hear more nuanced from the circles. Suckle squared hoax people like Peter Promotion, James Linsey, who accurately doubtless on the right is not perfect. The left is, is being at universities being damaged by grievance studies and that's dangerous anti science, but What is it happening to a lot of people as when they see this? They line themselves with more than just free speech, and so it's all make a point rising.
These people are like that say things like terms on the left or how is to actually liberal while a block, because not about tribe, I dont care about your tribe. I dont care if you're following the Congo line, because everyone else's dancing around. I have things I believe based on my research, and I would point to the to the crazy rule. Breaking you know the people who claim to you know enforce the rules, but then defend their own side to break the rules on call them out. I don't care, I got, I got, I got no tribe and I don't care what I've principles and their things that I believe him. So I think the dangerous things about what the left does in terms of this. Is there a lot of people? I know We will see a story like this and they will. I believe in free speech, therefore know they'll go in move. Em saw it most. People have the right. More importantly, though, it's not like most people joining you're becoming right where conservative, because these problems are doing it for tribal reasons. Also because when you do this, you guarantee the
really ideas people can hear in. Unlike actual conversation, not these specific universities institutions is going to be from on. Let me clarify and limit the left doesn't like. Interviews the left doesn't like sitting down having conversations to a certain degree right, I don't say, Nobody but their enough people who won't do it and so happens. Is you have conservatives who always want to talk? always want to challenge ideas, and then what you see the censorship you have people say, but I believe in free speech, they're gonna go and talk to these individuals they're gonna hear more ideas and it's going to be a powerful recruiting tool for the right, you count restrict people's freedom. People don't like that, and when you do your giving field side so. The good example is the video I made the other day. My main channel about how the anti Trump artist gets banned from Facebook. That's the censorship they called for enough facebooks him in for and then you have Lawrence
This documentary, which had censored and effects and it's hard to thousands of views so anyway, drill linear others up as the point of trying to make is. It's not surprising that we see another story about universities, shutting down conservatives or restricting them in some way being anti speech but allowing socialists and democratic socialists to skirt the rules, because that's everything we see our social media. So, ultimately, I think thing is going to back fought backfire. It's bad! What, but, regardless of whether or not it does we defend free speech and the right to express our ideas and talk to each other plain and simple. I ll leave it there ass. The corona got more seconds coming later in the day for those in the pot gas it'll be starting shortly, and I will see you in the next segment. I'm currently of the opinion that most of the people running in the democratic primary are doing it to sell books and just to build some brand recognition, but they dont think there actually going to win in this story from
b c knows: look over here: democratic candidates, struggle for recognition and outsize field, some in tenders are having a tough time. Busting out experts say that's what happens There are too many choices or for those of you that watching on Youtube, take a look at this image. What is this: what you there's two twenty one people here, and this is not even I don't play this even every one who's running and the funny thing is most of them- a curtain, deliverance, polio, on percent or zero percent like we do and I Thus, I guess you know some of these people thought they might actually have. Chance announced they were going to run and then fizzled out. What do you do you just bail out about the race immediately? well there's what does thereby adding is Richard of Jeddah. Who is from West Virginia. He was one of the first people announced, and then he was also like one of the first people say: he's he's not going to run
well I'll. Tell you one thing: that's really funny we pop over to five thirty eight democratic presidential primary poles. They include Hillary Clinton on this list for some reason, which is scary, but they do Joe Biden like basically by an owns the field, every Paul nonstop, its than Biden Bernie Sanders and then even allows it Warren dominates. So here's what do? I would take a look at this story that look look at this look at this caption on this photo seriously: twenty Twond democratic presidential candidates. I am not going to. This list, never gonna happen Arbela before we get started, and I critique this: big field of no name randomize Bertram cast So I started if you like, to support my work. There is a month limitation, optional, crypto currency option a physical address, but of course you can just.
Share the video like a comment engaging with the veto really helps. Well, let's see what NBC News has too has to say about the fact that there's a bunch of random people running that like we're, never gonna win, and I want to point something out. You know here's what we're gonna do. Bernie Sanders, Sorrowthe Bernie Sanders I think our Bernie Sanders has a real chance. Absolutely people, love Bernie, he's been consistent in its policy positions. For the most part. I I I was a big fan of on several years ago, but you know he's a legitimate contender Kemal Harris is another, as establishment figure, I think, is a legit contender, Elizabeth Warren, yes, but she's probably fizzled Corey Booker, I think, doesn't have the staying power now, sir, about the rest of the people who have absolutely no chance, even the people that have actual supported, who I dont think will win boat, but here's the thing club, which are eight salad com, curse Angela Brand has gone hard core far left and it's not working. I don't know who this guy it has been. Our work has zero policies, policy gabert. Absolutely
represent principles, good person, I'm supporting our and, of course the establishment will never never allow it. But you know what it is. What it is. I don't know this guy. I know this guy, because you as an ex while well, he recently said that you'd like apologizing for being a white men, basically like you, did say that, but he talked about how as a white man, he has blind spots and you know yadda, yadda, yadda, don't know this guy, don't know this tone know this. Guy, there's PETE booted judge beat, but a judge actually looks like some dude, I know I dont think mitigation chance to win. Don't know him down I'm under Yang. Andrea out, I don't think he's gonna is is going away? What can I say, but I definitely I'm still, I definitely supporting Yang, because he's he's really really thought out of his plans. He's engaged with conservatives and liberals. I think it's really good job of of being, like he's a principled guy who has real yes, and that speaks a lot like you, I'm bench appear out show in, and that was a really really great conversation where Yang presented a bunch of his ideas. Ben agree with some and push
back and others that I think show some of the vulnerabilities and Yanks positions and that and that's the way it should be. It's brilliant, no idea with lady is, or this guy and that's Joe Biden, whose probably gonna be the nominee and won't when there's a reason why he didn't when we do not use it. President. You now sure, let's see what NBC News has say outside the handful of best known Kennedy, the rest, the TWAIN, democratic field risks melting together into an indistinguishable blob in the summary wow, okay and busy candidates. Captain jumping into the largest presidential primary fuel in history, because voters captain posters they wanted fresher faces and gave no one a commanding led, like the one Hillary Clinton enjoyed, adding to the twenty sixteen primary but former vice. President, Joe Biden, stronger than expected start suggests. Voters might not have wanted so many options and maybe more comfortable picking a familiar face after all short. But you know what they're doing it they're doing it, because they're gonna sell a book afterwards. Now for real they're gonna write like migration,
neither but they're getting press. I dont know these people are the John PIC and loopholes in there somewhere. I don't even know that is Mayor weighing my some who galleries and an open Buddha judges is because he's running and that's the thing booted such is the mayor of Self Bend in Vienna. I think he's still is and that's it the mayor of a small town in Indiana, not event like an embryo itself, Endlich and even a not even the biggest city. I don't think and its bits its might as well be Chicago. I mean it's not that close, but still, and now he's nationally famous now he's got crowds forming so you're just gonna happen. I think what's these people know they're, not gonna, win launching and want to make money. A bunch of them want to go in we can build their profile, it's going to help in lower level elections. This is just them getting press. I doubt they actually want to be president, and you know what we If only have one of these like random, no name, people actually gets the nomination. The race
is still wide open front. Runners, Biden and Bernie Sanders together have less than half the vote. That leaves the rest. The pack praying for a break out moment needing to capture the and you have increasingly distracted Americans by competing not only with one another and present dropped, but also with Netflix and candy crush and everything else trying to monetize our time show democratic primary voters, might be suffering what social scientists call choice overload, which can turn much of the field into background noise, but on the other, why are there so many Democrats? Well, let's take a look at this lesson. Looking at this photographic Solaris, but the ideology between these people is very, very, very different. The Democrats, in my opinion, don't have a cohesive like group anymore. As far as I'm concerned, most of these people have completely opposing views on many different issues. Shore there
mostly to the left, but I think what we see as the democratic fractured completely Hilary like you know, I think, about twenty sixteen, who was running in the primary Hillary Clinton and then How do you remember anyone else, Bernie Sanders there were like what to other dudes who, like dropped out right away. There was basically no one there. Margarets had there was no rising star personality, there was no charismatic leader, and for that matter, Rock Obama was arising star very, very quickly. Hillary Clinton old Guard couldn't do it now. What do they have a bunch of random people and programmes are spread. So then there is no unified party. I do not see them winning not have no way. I mean that unless I'm, including the economy and trumps approval going. They say very short psychologist who wrote the best selling book the paradox of choice? Why more or less said research from the world the world of consumer goods?
those how buyers become overwhelmed by having too many options and often gravitate towards brands. They know best glancing right over the rest, absolutely Joe Biden has been taken There was a funny. There was a study I read about once where they told people too thought a questionnaire, and I said this is a study. If you complete it, you get a free t, shirt. But the real study was one group got a green t. Shirt on other group was given a choice between a yellow or a green teacher. Here's the interesting thing that the people afterwards when they are given that, given the Green T, shirt raided raided there, their prize as like, they were happier with it. Then those who had the choice, because when given a choice between yellower, green afterwards. How people second guess themselves and felt like maybe they should have chosen the other one being given? No choice, resulted in happy or people, that's kind of scary. His insects choice makes people unhappy
instead of choosing the base of policies or past performance which are hard to evaluate people making on the basis of something that is easy to evaluate, like familiarity, shorts, told and she knows. So. Yes, I'm guessing that Biden benefits from such a large field while shorts caution, the research does not come from the world of politics. Some shots. Social scientists have argued. This dynamic, help, explain trumps victory in the crowded twenty sixteen GNP field also Trump dominated the press. He manipulated the press and at work very, very well for him. They say is easy to see why democrat primary voters would be over well, by a field that large that remains largely unknown to them seriously. You think democratic voters are gonna with their each headed and read their policy positions no way, never gonna happen. There's gonna be a bunch of low to your people, the democratic primary it doesn't matter. If there's fifty candidates are met,
Joe Biden gets a little bit more than everybody else, and he will no matter how many Kennedy they add. Joe Biden will likely always get more votes than any of the other candidates. Maybe Bernie Sanders and appoint as if you fifty candidates in they each get. You know five votes or something or five percent or one that doesn't make sense. But the point is you get it if most people, even even only ten out of a hundred vote, Fur Joe Biden, that ten votes will be higher than the rest of the field of dynamic and as you have. Voting for president is like voting for a parent. You want somebody who's strong, you want somebody who you can complain to and will be sympathetic. Garcetti said I think Joe is somebody that people feel has been part of their family. I don't know anything about Joe Biden. And the answer that I can, because I heard his name, but you There's no one programme of work area when it but are user jokingly, conflated wrapped him Ryan of Ohio with South molten of Massachusetts to forwarding?
Two forty something white men running underdog presidential bids. Molten responded with self deprecating humor; no, dare This is New York City, mayor, swallow well, Mamma, said intentionally mixing up New York mayor, build applause, YO and wrap Ex while well and the other funny thing said, the Yos pulling it like zero percent. So we get it I conclude by saying that debate become the moment for Kennedy to break out it'll be a little like Hollywood squares, but I just feel like voters are to watch this thing with fresh eyes. Still no one really knows. He added with a laugh recalling his unsuccessful first congressional wrong, yet area. Ok, here's to happen! The debates are gonna happen. And I'll tell you this here's my advice to you. Democrats. If you want to come out on top, You mean screen time the way you get that be a bad person, the reasons tromp was able to dominate the press and win in the GNP. Primaries is because he's a boisterous, loud man.
And you certainly insults you would give people labels who do you think they want a point there. I'm right, you think see it and cares. Cnn wants ratings and money. All the networks to be entertaining tromp is enter. Taking a lot of people, don't like him. A lot of people like him, but traumas, a very poor- having figure so those that love em are gonna watch em and those at hate him aren't gonna watch him the network's gonna be like who should we put on prime time for the debates, And when the biggest factors will be, how much money can we make? So if you're a Democrat, candidate. I need to do is do something wrong. We weird that gives you a ton of attention without outright destroying your campaign and they will put the camera on you again. That's why trumpet amount, be alike, I'm calling for acts? I'm doing why. I am saying this because by doing that, he's priming the debates lesson it before the debate. A Democrat comes out and says, I think, actually happens. A crazy plan then come time for debates they're gonna take
You need to interview you on the things you ve said long story short. The point of this video before wrap up for and move on is that I really doubt half these people want to be present now. I think they want to me. The money they want to run for reelection and it's the best opportunity to advertise themselves and they can call them a presidential candidate or something in the future. Bravo, anyway, all their I follow goes about, to talk about the absurd number of Democrats but drastic around more seconds to come, and I will see you all shortly. I gotta go whole stories in this segment, but I love talking about survival. The real world wilderness, because at first I am no mountain man. I am no survival expert, but I have been and what can I do understand how harsh the real world is, and I felt there
out of millennials. That need to understand this, and so I got a couple things talk about this story about a woman, a yoke instructor, she fell. Twenty feet broke her leg and for seventeen gaze was lost in the wilderness in Hawaii. Her skin was rotting, full disclosure you ve, never pay to talk about harsh realities and and and and the real world then don't watch this video gent eat moths from my shake moths. Insects to survive and dragged from a dirty stream
ass, yet she did whatever shoot she was doing what it took to survive. The other store I wanna talk about is this is often the daily mail. It's kind of a breakdown of the harsh realities of Mount Everest and the tourists who don't have training but want to go on is ridiculous adventures. Now here's the main point. As I talk about these stories, this woman to me is respectable. This is heroic. I have tremendous respect, not describe it for what this woman did to survive and and how she survived through this, and I mean it's it's horrifying. It is, but the world is is the real world, it's just so dangerous and harsh and its unfair, its cruel, but something has happened. We live in this beautiful bubble: beautiful beautiful bubble, with police with fire service.
With ambulances, and so I think about issues pertaining to the left and the Rhine perspectives on these issues, and the first thing I ll bring up. Actually, the personal bring up is, if you want to support my worked him casta complex, donate face, you can run it through Paypal, monthly, crypto, currency, physical address, but seriously just liking, commenting and subscribing during the video really really helps. The first thing I want to say is we constantly hear stories about these young willing types who go to extremely dangerous places like the other boat, a Morocco yet really dangerous, they'll go to Congo and we'll get kidnapped, martyrs, tortured, etc. Horrifying horrifying realities, because people don't realize when you grow up in the beautiful urban bubble of America with with safety, Violent crime is on the clients, been repeated them a decline. It's our, I should say nonstop on the decline, these young people don't to understand how hard the world really is and then you see these people claiming you know all of these things are
right. You know I've what we are now having to human right reality here. So I tell people look at this woman in the wilderness for seventeen days and I'll. Tell you what you have a right to hear she can speak, she spread a move, she spread alive and do what she wants, but guess what there was no food there was. There was just bugs shoe. Injured, you talk. What would you have access to what your rights are? Was there anyone there to provide or health care services in the wilderness? Absolutely not the only, isn't she survived is because she willed it so and did what she had to do at a certain point. She said I could you not I'm going to eat a moth. How many people do you know? Young people would never put a bug near their mouth. I always laughed you not always left watching, fear factor when they're like you got it the intestines of goat and there, like so grow somewhat you kid granted there. Some way
organs of weird animals, but unlike you're talking about eating food dude, what's grow even eyeballs. Like ok Series, hey man, we are so conditioned to the comforts and consistency of modern life that you need actually understand what would you have a right to, and I think when we, look at stories like this. The woman, whose Lawson, though, in the wilderness, wielded the stories of the people who die, climbing Mt Everest tourists who are not trained and not prepared or the stories about people, have gone his adventures into dangerous places and get killed by dangerous people and makes me realize a lot of the political values held by young people and then some old people are based on a lack of understanding about the world and that's an interesting point to bring up about right. The second amendment and firearms, and things like that
I was what I told a friend who had a friend tell me: nobody ever needs to have a fire on. There's no reason for it. Surprise, surprise this as a friend who grew up in LOS Angeles for the most part, a big city with many many police officers, in fact, as military bases, not that far off so short thinking about this, you ran home. Something happens you break your leg, you yell at the top of your lungs you're in LOS Angeles, if you phone break your leg, you yell, someone's gonna, hear you and run to your help. Aren't at runt once you're aid now imagine you're in a rural area, you're sixty miles one main highway. You're in a fly overstate you're not offer major interstate, you ve fallen break your leg, you yell, there's no one, and that is going to give you a dramatically different perspective on what rights you have dramatically different perspective on what you need to survive so early.
The story from avarice reflect what the every story in the store they talk about, a man who became the eleventh person to die in Everest. Just ten days after struggling past H, Rafik JAM of mountaineers trying to climb Mt Everest. There's a new, time story. Look at us can't tense littered all over the place and where the most dangerous places on the planet things like is like a ten percent mortality rate hours benefit. This photo outta this. This photos making the rounds a line of people trying to the summit is only getting more and more dangerous, but one of the biggest issues with this story for one the one thing I will make sure you understand. Eleven people died, climbing this the sharp US, we're talking about how some of them do need not upon their shoes. These are people This story is very similar, in my opinion, to those who
go to Morocco and end up getting beheaded or something this is not a game is not a joke, but there are people who live in their comfort in their luxury out of shape, and they think I have money I wanna go to ever someone. I want an innocent courtroom, someone who scale the mountain saying. Why is it that form for the iron man for incentive to qualify? they don't want you doing these arduous physical? You know strenuous events unless you can actually qualify for, but avarice people just show up and think they're gonna get ferry to the top. And what happens I don't make it you can't breathe up there. I think people are living off their further men let me tell you another story: ok, I remember reading a story about family, those on the beach and a black wolf came out of the woods and so they rushed out. I don't exactly where this was was a year of our story. Maybe it's apocryphal, but was a black wolf and they re into the into the what the ocean and climb up on a rock shivering,
freezing as the Wolf paces back and forth, not going in the water I read that story was like a devastating ordeal for this family with somebody like you can look up the actual story, both a devastating ordeal for the family were terrified and they were there and I've had with their media, and I thought about what life would have been like up honoured years ago when people didn't have the luxuries of the modern world. We walk. What rabble rousing walk around Wang flimsy thin layers when we actually war thick hides when people actually carried weapons? Often, where that young women would it what a man and his family be able to fend off and survive a wolf attack, or would they huddling fear store in another expert. One story like that, combined with what we are seeing in terms of people going articles, adventures says to me that this photo represents people truly, not understanding mortality and just how unfair
the world really is in this story? They talk about the sheer selfishness of people. This is the important point that that someone this quoted they're saying that when they were climbing down summit. They saw people collapsing wheezing because they are running out of oxygen and you can't breathe and everyone immediately grips their oxygen to themselves instead of helping others. One person says I thought about helping other people in the realized. I was jeopardizing my life by helping these people. This is what the world really is. Fortunately, humans are smart. Humans are clever, we ve invented things to make sure we can survive
together and cities are representation of how comfortable things have become a kid you not. I can experience food from every continent within like two miles of my house. How amazing is that I can look into this little black rectangle, the microphone on it. That's what looks like can't see him and talk to you guys all over the world about what I think the luxuries we have. You have no right to technology, and cereals and all of these things, you don't you have no right to someone helping you, and so what happens when you live in a city and you are used to seeing police. You are used to sing ambulances. You start people share that all of us, a human right I'll, tell you what. Why don't you go go off the grid go asked. The girl and then tell me what rights you have when you ve fallen break your leg. Tell me what It's you have when someone's comes some craze lunatic with a hatchet comes
going towards your car, and you have no way to defend yourself. It's the it's, the epitome of arrogance that remains people. So let's army explain something about my personal politics: ideology. I've lived in cities. I under stand the mentality about you know. Second, the second amendment there cops you know within it within a few minutes. It's probably you know that there will probably too late for any serious incident, but there's people around you can hear you and I can help you and you're concerned about accidentally charge and things like that of also live in rural areas without police, and so I I've always try to make sure that I understood the true laws of nature and what isn't isn't allowed. There are a lot of people who say who would say to you Healthcare as a human right: absolute We not, I certainly think any modern society we should do the best we can to provide healthcare to our citizenry and I do not agree with a profit motive, backing healthcare that doesn't,
you have a right to anyone else's services or the resources required to produce the outcome you want. You have no right to it, your rights, probably for the most part. I'm sure there's no one here in something to call me up think about what you can do when, on the peak of Mount Everest, you even have a right to access there's two thin. You had a bring your own and if somebody else's gasping, wheezing, they're, gonna grip, it tight, r, R m. Sorry, if your gasping and raising what we heard this story, people are going to share their auctioning with you, because you're even have a right to the air you breathe no right to it, there's an argument to be made, for you know the expanding population keeping water claimed in the environment clean, but to act like you have a right to anything other than what you can do to me as mine blowing. And I think what we see from this these stories. I know I don't really read them- are anything but this story from this woman, I think, represents truly the nature of this
the only reason you're not crawling towards a stream with broken flags and eating maws is because your standing on the shoulders of giants, the people who came before us who planted a tree, whose shade they knew they would never sitting so that you can live in luxury, Unfortunately, many people lose sight of this and then start talking about how all of these wonderful things built by other people to make your life better. Our your rights, no they're your privileges, and you should thank your ancestors in your history ever single day. I was thinking about the moral foundations and one of the things that they have enough for my region of knights research sanctity, and think that's our utter nonsense. It is right one but liberal only really have care harm care. Fairness and conservatives follow all five moral foundations. In the war foundations to us. They ask you a question about finding an old flag that your grandpa flew. You know during the war, something they say like this,
woman finds no flag and use it as a rag. To me, I said those Absolutely not. Ok, apparently, that's more associated with conservative morals than liberal morals, because liberals would say it s an old flag. Who cares and that's, I think, dangerous, and I think this kind of describes my personal ideology I believe heavily in and fairness and taking care of people and protecting people when you can but also recognise reality, and I recognise the importance of knowing where we ve come from, so that when you look at a situation like this woman who eight months drank dirty water, she did which had to do respectable. Again. You realize that that flag, that dirty old flag you found is a representation of all of the hard work and sacrifice of those who came before you so that you can sit back and your lounge share eating a honey bun. The local market you bought for four fifty cent strength
your eyesight coffee, your I smoke. A Chino Watching game of thrones that comfort and luxury and your climate, controlled environment came from everyone before you and your only ever allowed to have it, because the sacrifice of others that people who laid down their lives and to make an echo make it even more silly. We can talk about those who fought in war to defend our rights, those who stood up to the government to fight for civil rights. We could also talk about the people who are the wrong mushroom, and now you can enjoy a nice you're talking mushroom, salad or mushrooms on your pizza, everything you have comes from those before you and its impact. We're not to lose sight of just how harsh and cruel the world can really be. So I shall end by saying this: go for a hike go off in the middle of nowhere, but prepare yourself, download survival guide and recognise the only real rights you have. Our your responsibility to make yourself survive
that doesn't mean I am a staunch conservative doesn't believe in helping people by no means. I believe we all have a responsibility to help our our fellow men, but no one has a right to my aid, because, when you're on top of Mount Everest and your gasping for air, you can't expect anyone to give you any of theirs. They tell you want an airplane, secure your own oxygen mask before securing that of of those next to you, and that lesson is true for everywhere in life so when you are in the middle of nowhere when, in a city, no matter what you need to realize. The inherent truth of the world is that you have no right to anything from anyone. Unless you do it, you're health- and I guess I sound and well with one final thought- that's true for any kind of success. Ever you have to earn. It asked Anne S, it's yours, no one will ever give it to you anyway, I saw these stories and I just I really do love talking about the issue of survival in the real world and in all itself, so they re not hang out
when I got a couple more stories coming for. You come up for use in a few seconds. I will see you shortly Mark J, Parry The american enterprise institution may be the king of equality. And I am saying now the little smirk on my face, because what market Perry has been doing very very often as well. Some other people is filing I don't mind: complaints against programmes for women. Interestingly, and I ve interviewed mark about this before is a very interesting following- makes a very good points. The issue of puddle nine from me for not familiar tunnel. Is often used in certain that, where a man is falsely accused by women of impropriety of some sort and initially tunnel. Mine is supposed to make sure there's no sexism, universities and its use in many instances to say that for woman doesn't get justice, that's discrimination against her. What is happening is We see the rise of a lot of programmes where it's like women,
to code at the university or women's dance, and things like this Walmart Parrys opinion. And I could be wrong. I want but words in his mouth and standing based on the fact that the tunnel, nine complaints is that making programmes only for women violence title mind as well, because its gender discriminatory so there's, apparently some updates that posted by the american enterprises do this a oh see our opens investigations against Georgia into Institute of Technology and Florida Institute of Technology. He writes Margaret following my requests for review the Atlanta As for civil rights, Osiers open investigations against the following universities, for offering promoting sponsoring and hosting programmes at, I allege violate Tuttle lines: prohibition on discrimination- he says the first Georgia Institute, Technology is being investigated by the Atlanta Aussi our for these ten discriminatory single gender
female only no males allowed programmes so before I read any anymore to this good. It's him cast accomplished on it. If you want support my work, as a monthly donation option. Crypto currency physical address sharing them. Lighting and commenting does all lot to help the video, because the engagement is really really got on Youtube and subscribe. If you haven't you like to so it s, first George attacks Engineering Career Conference conference, easy is, is an annual discriminatory single gender girl. Only princess no boys allowed programme for Junior Senor girls, only in high school, She is designed to give high school girls only information about them. To engineering disciplines offered. It George attack to help them decide if they like to study engineering in college.
This is one of the big challenges we see in the equality debate. Men's rights activists typically point out things like this and they would be at an end. There would be correct to point out a girls only programme is sexist period and it's a violation of the law. Civil rights. As you know, a sexist crimination, not like only against women who are for some reason, men's rights activists, get heavily criticized for bringing these things up or challenging notion these notions, which is weird because that please do not actually fighting for equality there fighting for exclusivity. At the very least. Now you might hear from some people, you know a moray, and I shall be whenever that its female superiority or thing what exclusivity. You can argue that if you want, but at least here among the exclusivity, they say George attacks student, exploring engineering C program is an annual this.
Criminal tory single gender girls. Only no boys aloud. He gets very specific. It's very analytical programme for fashion freshmen software, high school female students see targets when huh freshmen sophomore Highschool female students. Only we have demonstrated aptitude and interests instead, fields, joy, Could you tax technology, engineering and computing tech camp? Once again, you got the drift he he talks of annual single. You know: yadda yadda, yadda, already Some of these nice does here because I want to get to the bottom line up there. He asked they ve got an engineering. Let's do this. They ve got the junior tech camp. George attack has the engineering career conference. They ve got the eminent mentoring. George attack Us Helen Grandma outside engineer award. They have the women and engineering faculty awards women. Engineering, corporate open house. He then go was to Florida International universities. I want to point out this is a list of programmes that presumably
do violate title. Nine in providing exclusive like gender exclusive programmes and that's what we ought to do that so up, look! It's simple market Perry is calling out this double standard Flora, International University is being investigated by the Atlantic. Ocean are for the following Florida, tech, girls and engineering, mathematics and science. Gems camp isn't, he says, It's an annual programme takes place every July. Eligibility for that exclusionary is restricted to female students. Only in great nine, through nine for twelve and boys in great nine to twelve are excluded from this programme. Therefore, in violation of tunnel nine, this exclusionary girl only fit educational programmes, as does openly discriminate based on gender. Now, here we have a quick legal view of tat. One time among protects people from discrimination based on sex education programmes or activities that receive federal financial assistance, penalised states, no person,
in the United States, share on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in be denied the benefits of or be so directed to discrimination under any educational education programme or activity, receiving federal finance assistance, mark rights in all cases above it seems clear that some students on the basis of sex are excluded from participation in the programmes sees me are denied the benefits of those programmes and see are subjected to discrimination in all of those single gender girl. Only programmes, the complaints request, any of the following forms of relief deemed proper by the aussi are one. The abolition of the gender discriminatory single gender female only know may also have programmes above within a reasonable period of time to the conversion of the he goes on right. They converge of the single gender girl new programmes above into gender, neutral, gender, inclusive, gender blind programmes within a reasonable period of time, three
The creation of comparable single gender all male programmes to offset the current agenda- favouritism, poor female. And gender discrimination against males in the programmes above in violation of tunnel night. Now here's is an interesting point if they opened up to. Everybody, that's probably the best solution for one reason and why interview mark Perry? It's been a while, but I'm pretty sure he bought the point about transgender individuals that these programmes aren't just discriminate against males. They are discriminated against, transgender endeavours. The or or gender non binary individuals. In the end, these instead, there saying girl only well that what about a non binary individual? Would the programme restriction on binary individual? What about a biological mailed? Anything as feed so Margaret Parrys actually approaching this not from amends rights, point of view, but from a double standard, social justice point of view. He brings up a really interesting point which in the end, will actually
create. In my opinion, number two is the most amicable, amicable solution, but it does bring up a good point with number three and I think the abolition of these people It's a bad idea is probably a lot of you know. Young women using these programmes who, like these programmes, who, like being with only women, is an interesting conundrum. If women want to have a programme only from entering a lot be allowed to do it if men, one of a programme only for mentioning beloved, do it- and this is one of the challenges publicly undertone mine, probably not but shouldn't they be free to it. A tough question. It really is, but that's why I think Another good solution is an alternative, a man's only version of all of these things, but he says in the bottom. The bottom line is very disappointing. As much as we hear from America's universities about their pious virtue, signalling commitments to diversity, equity, inclusion and there are zero tolerance, tolerance for any type of discrimination based on gender. That there are, Nonetheless, so many universities that so openly practice gender uniformity, gender inequity engender exclusion in pro
like the one another above and so openly discriminate based. Gender in violation of tunnel mine. Now that my for. Every resulted in seven universities being investigated for violating tunnel nines prohibitions on discrimination. He says Michigan Wayne, State, Clemson Brown, Rucker get and fit with several dozen more complaints under review by, let's hope, the hypocritical double standard for selectively enforcing federal, rights line higher education will be success. We challenge and resolved question or q documents. From the fact that its clearly illegal under what moral code and under what set of ethical principles of fairness, justice and equity, has become so acceptable to promote fund, and so so much. Gender favouritism, biased preferences prejudice and discrimination and its good points and other related point. We made as many b will argue that women need these programmes because they
marginalized margin, but I tell you good, sir or man that is not true anymore. Men are now the minority in colleges. Therefore, what we are seeing here is the majority gender in universities and colleges receiving programmes to benefit them, as they are already the majority group. Men have become the marginalized group at universities on all of them, but many of them in which based on the logic of the social justice groups, the exceptional feminists. They should absolutely call for these programmes to be shut down and absolutely be calling for programmes to increase the amount of males and men men general into these universities. So no, in fact, you could successfully argue under the rules of international feminism. These programmes should be completely abolished, as he says in point one
because they favour the majority. Meanwhile, man are dropping out they're, not even going. They are the marginalized groups, so anyway, We'll see what happens you know, although cover some of this stuff every so often, I thought it was this in our seeing more of these updates, and it brings donations in question about double standards which you can comment to only that they will get out of one more segment coming up. Actually pot, possibly some big news to stick around this time. It will be up in a few minutes was in the past. It is an appeal, shortly I consider this to be an outstanding victory for the free speech for free speech advocates now: Victor, maybe not the right way to frame it, but this is a major move and the left actual intersection elapse, stepping up and saying no, what we don't think there's bias against conservatives, but there is a problem of people being banned in these platforms and the t s
the terms of service are not being handed correctly regardless of your political affiliation. I look at it this way. You got a bunch of people standing for free speech. You got the moderates. Liberal types you ve got conservatives, but now you're either getting might my word the intersection of feminists writing out from with the e F, I feel, like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, saying, They don't it's all focusing its out. There's more conservative bias. They point out that the bans on their side good. You know what. How many stories have I done like the other day about people on the left getting censored and we call it the backfire. It's a backlash. Censorship will always be used against you. Well guess what? Fortunately, they eventually do or not all of them, but at least the EU us now coming out are producing what looks like some kind of
some kind of our support platform showing you the various censorship and calling it out and an organizational level now before it read. But before we read into this interesting new, TIM cast com, slash, don't it if you'd like to support my work as a month later: nation, optional, crypto, currency, I've, inefficient, gladness, but, of course, the video like comment: subscribed engagement really really helps, but let's get back to the story of the ethos has announced. Today we are launching tossed out a new generation of yet US longstanding work and tracking and documenting the ways that terms of service and speech: moderating rules are unevenly and unthinkingly applied to people buy online services, as a result of this because his post are deleted and accounts band, harming those for whom the internet is an irreplaceable forum to express ideas can enter the others and find support bought on. I commend you e f F, I dont care, which politics are
I don't care if you think there is a recent bias. If everybody can stand up into front defend free speech, we will win and protect free speech tossed out. Ten years in the vein of online censorship that Org, which, if have launched and twenty fourteen to collect reports for users in an effort to encourage social media companies to operate with greater transparency and accountability as they regulate speech now I disagree. They should regulate speech, but I do appreciate the pressure from the F F tossed out. Wealth highlight the myriad of ways that all kinds of people are negatively affected by these rules and their uneven enforcement. Let me clarify Alessio some speeches, regulated that you know sought. You can actually say things that are against the loss or put it that way. I'm just talking about the expression of ideas, the F rights. Last week the White House launch a tool for people too. Poor incidents of censorship on social media following the president's
allegations of a bias against conservatives and how these companies apply their rules. In reality, commercial content, moderation, practices native negatively affect all kinds of people. That's true, especially people who already face marginalization We ve seen everything from black women flagged for sharing their experiences of racism to sex educators, whose content is deemed to risque tossed out, will show that try to censor social media scale ends up a moving legal protected speech should be allowed on platforms. Oh my god, I there's a good day. This is fantastic legal, protect speech should be allowed on platforms, I've. It feels it is of a certain part of my heart warms up. When I see like you know the intersection, all types F F, coming out in agreement is a victory when everyone is AIDS, a victory tossed out state. You today is the result of brainstorming. Well, what's the official launch of this may twentieth last week? Is it
They say that they do today is the result of brainstorming research, design and writing work that began in late twenty team, atherstone uptake and take downs resulting from increased public and government pressure As well as the rise in automatic tools, a diverse group of entries are being published today, including a twitter account, parenting baino, a work being deemed as confusing or deceptive a gallery focus. Printing awareness of diversity of women's bodies, a blacklist matter, themed concert in an archive aimed documenting human rights violations, These examples are the ones added in the future and the ones in the future make clear the need for companies to embrace the Santa Clara principles all by AIDS. This is awesome. We helped create them. Suppose to establish a human rights framework for all, Speech moderation require transparency, about counter removal and specify appeals process to help you just get their content back on line. We call on companies to make that commitment now, rather than later. So, let's pull us up and go through it
Maybe it's not perfect will see. People were line, internet platforms to share experiences and build communities, and not everyone has alternative to speak out or stay in touch when it tat company centres or bans them rules need to be clear. Processes need to be transparent and appeals needs. Testable. Well, let's go over the Santa Clara principles, they say the prince. Rules on transparency and accountability of content, moderation, Prince practices as a culmination. One of the series of the ILO out with their bullet points. I don't wanna, go through very go here. The principles one companies should publish the number of posts remove than accounts permanently or temporarily suspended due to violations of their content. Guidelines to companies should provide notice to each user was kind of has taken down or account is suspended about the reason for the removal. Three appeal companies should provide a meaningful opportunity for timely appeal
that he content removal or causes pension. So I don't think this is all encompassing, but let's up these are good to good start. It's not perfect, but Threed appeal. Companies should provide a meaning, locker trinity for timely appeal. They say human review by a person or a panel of persons that was not included in the initial decision, an opportunity to present additional information that will be considered in the review notification of the results of the review and a statement of the reasoning sufficient to allow the user to understand the decision in the long term. Independent external review process may also be an important component for users to be able to seek redress is not perfect to me, the Santa Clara principles looks like kind of a protocol constitution. We need something something better. We need free speech guarantees, but I do. I do think it's absolutely fantastic to hear that the EP has said
Where do I want to find this more time? Legal, legal speech? Here we go legal, protected speech that should be allowed on the platforms. Did you know that hate speech is legal and protected? It absolutely is under the first amendment it is illegal, protected speech. This is absolutely incredible. Incredible. Now big, they show this tossed out has a series of examples of people who are wrongly band. We have seen. Actually, let me clarify something the Thus, while they may imply at the beginning that say there is a can they put censorship on quality in reference to bias against conservatives, they gonna, say in reality, it affects everybody. Well that that is true. It does affect ever everybody what it is so true that conservatives are more likely to be impact for one simple reason:
What every argument is support or oppose the Trans Rights Activist movement. These companies have rules against Miss gendering. That is something that is specific to a progressive ideology. That meant that many liberal, but even hold I've, taught us many many times, but it shows you there absolutely is a buys the rule against conservatives, but that doesn't matter right now It doesn't matter so long as the F, F and other organizations are willing to call out censorship. Ants and speak about protected legal speech being alone platforms, I'm gonna, say eight. I don't care if you, those of their set theirs by us or not by all means, let's defend legal, protected speech that should be allowed in these platforms right now. I will the if it doesn't seem to get into the detail on hate speech, so maybe they're trying to dance the issue, because certainly marijuana left are our pro banning hate speech, but so long you can an inch take it. Take it absolutely a lot
People always say things like this will say I also want to ban right of Alessandro Cause. Your Cortez came out recently condemning the big tat giants, saying I don't care where the surveillance is coming from. I oppose it. She basically said it is a matter of the government or five texts. We should allow this massive surveillance system and, unlike Bravo, alot of people were quick to say. Oh, oh now you come crawling. Now conservatives have been challenging this for a while, but you keep saying private platform private platform, and here it here's your team. My ideology, my principles, my behaviour, if some what steps up and anyway, benefits what I want. I am not going to attack it. Criticised I'm going to shake their hand. The people who work at the F F some of these we'll have actually called for banning hate speech, and now here we are today. Finally, they
must have realised the air of their ways when many of their friends and many of their activists were unfairly banned by arbitrary rules. So there late to the party, I dont care, her here at the party. Are they standing inside dancing around now they're hanging out close the door, though not as involved someone else? Well take it. I will take it and I hope you consider it too. We should encourage good behaviour if the e, F, F and other leftwing activists wanna come out and say you know what fine legal speech we protected I want to go for it. I consider myself on the left. I always have but doesn't mean I'm part of any. Try. I don't care for the left or the right tribes care from my principles, and it was always said that the saying was. I don't agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it that used to be a liberal talking point it was. It was something we agreed on. Serves to, but the liberals for awhile have just abandoned it, but at least now at least now they recognise the error of letting me. To private companies. Will tell you what, if anyone ever
comes to you again and says, but my private platform say how about IA fast, DOT, Org tossed out effect that Org Slash tossed out, send them that and say, but my private platforms, because now there there that that the left is is joined. The fight- not perfect, but whenever I ll take it thanks rang out I'll leave it there. I will see you all and the next episode the next segment tomorrow at ten a m, you didn't come slashed him guest or for those I don't know it's on Itunes. Spotify, and if you're looking at the park, S Leave review its proceeded. They sprang out I'll, see you on the.
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