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Record Wave Of African Migrants Reach US-Mexico Border, Complain Of Bad Conditions

2019-06-17 | 🔗

Record Wave Of African Migrants Reach US-Mexico Border, Complain Of Bad Conditions. Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa have begun flying across the Atlantic to South and Central America to try and enter the US at the Southern Border.We are already at record levels of illegal immigration at our Southern border and now we see even more people flying half way around the world to travel through several countries to try and enter the US.While Trump has used emergency powers to being construction on a border wall, many mainstream publications such as the New York Times have called on Congress and Democrats to give Trump the funding he needs.Many questions arise in response to stories like these. Why won't Democrats provide funding for shelters, food, and personnel, and why are so many Africans skipping over safe countries to try and enter the US?While many far left and social justice activists decry the harsh conditions faced by these migrants we seem to see no clear path to securing the border, keeping these people safe, and disincentivizing these journeys.

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A story from PBS record number of african migrants coming to mexican border. It's a confusing story. If they're coming from Africa because of danger, and there Mexico there presumably safe, I doubt anyone's going to traverse the Atlantic Ocean to try and find them, so the danger is certainly been passed. Why are they then trying to come into the US? Furthermore, this is the first time I've covered the story there, video recently showing african migrants trying to enter the USS through the southern border. I thought a joke with a friend of mine who is not american about how instead trying to actually come here legally apparently going through the southern border? Is the easiest way to do it, because everyone's doing it now again a joke? I'm trying to get my friend here legally, as people should but we're actually seeing the story- and there are- other stories. So I'm going to read through the story from PBS, but also what may be really interesting to me.
Is that c n N's reporting that african migrants are denouncing the conditions at the Mexico border, which the question I want to ask is for one first: why are they coming this way? Why are they trying to undo the? U S to the mexican border from Africa? But, more importantly, why are they complain about the conditions in Mexico instead of just staying in Mexico? Why are they trying to understand the US is very, very nice. Mexico is not that bad, especially if they're coming from war torn or dangerous areas, something doesn't seem to make sense, perhaps The real goal is not asylum or refugee status, it's just economic benefit, so we'll start with PBS before we do head over to timcast dot com. Slash done if you'd like to support my work, there's a monthly donation option, a cryptocurrency option of physical address and, of course, like an comment on the video, because the engagement really helps share. Video and subscribe, because that helps even more. The story says: Portland me, undaunted by a day,
majors journey over thousands of miles, people fleeing economic hardship and human rights abuses in african countries are coming to the USS Mexico border in unprecedented numbers, surprising border patrol agents, more accustomed to spanish speaking, migrants, officials in Texas and even Maine. Are scrambling to absorb the sharp increase in african migrants, they're coming to Erica after flying across the Atlantic Ocean to South America and then embarking on an often harrowing overland journey in one recent week agents the border patrols Del Rio Sector, stop more than five hundred african migrants found walking in separate groups along the arid land after splashing across the Rio Grande children in to that is more double. The total of two hundred and eleven african migrants were detained by border patrol along the entire two thousand mile USA Mexico Border and the twenty eighteen fiscal year quote.
We're continuing to see a rise in apprehensions in immigrants from countries not normally encountered in our area said Raul, Ortiz, head of the: U S, border patrol Del Rio Sector, Princeton TX were mostly from the republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Angola Cameronians have also been traveling up through Mexico and into the US in larger number and seeking asylum at ports of entry. This is bad for a lot of reasons. It's bad because our economy is a fragile system. You'll hear a lot of argument: the left and the right. People will say that it can cause economic strife. It doesn't cause economic strife, people on the left, side, they pay more taxes. There are benefits the economy. Yes, there are certain, Sir Santa's, where immigrants are benefit to the economy, and there are certain circumstances where they're, not neither of those positions matter. What matters is the only way to prevent hardship and the only way to to guarantee a benefit is to a legal process to place migrants and right
jeez. That's why we have a legal process. I can only assume reason we're seeing record numbers of african migrants flying to Central America and then walking here is as they know, the southern border is porous and the Democrats are not funding securing it. Trump has repeatedly called on building a wall. We've now seen a record number of central and South Africa, I'm sorry Central south american migrants coming to the country, but now we have the strange circumstance of Africans flying here because, instead of applying legal process and then flying to the? U S, as would you to expect they know they can bypass all of these legal systems by going through Mexico. The question is first talk to the to the to the people saying that they should be welcome in the US. Have you been Mexico. You know that Mexico is really really nice and then America Americans go there to vacation. There are dangerous parts of Mexico, they're dangerous parts of the USS. If these people are just randomly allowed in the country, they will find themselves
in the more dangerous parts in the middle of the desert, getting sick or potentially in ghettos, with let without resources. If they enter the legal process, which, admittedly, can take a long time, they will get placed properly. Many people will be turned away because they're trying to manipulate the system and take advantage of our goodwill, but those who truly need the help will be given the help they need in a much better way than simp being left to wander in the desert, why is it so hard? But I got to say the main reason I want to cover this is that I'm actually rather shocked that it's come to this point. You would think that the border border patrol in in a previous statement saying this is a full blown emergency- would be enough to get some politicians to fund this instead of what we see this from the daily signal from just a few days ago, Vito looms for Democrats bill to block border Wall spending and fund abortions abroad. I have no idea why that second bit of the bill was included here, but we'll come back to this story and read it. I want to make the point that it seems like every day,
see an alarming story about, say the rise of african migrants flying excellent walk here. You want to know why that's happening, and you know we're going to do about it. We hear that the Democrats are obstructing they don't listen. I'm not talking necessarily by just building the wall. You don't have like the wall. I'm talking about funding facilities to provide medical care for migrants and refugees, I'm talking about providing resources so that there could be manpower to help accommodate the people who are coming. Certainly the border wall makes sense to a certain degree in terms of spending. I don't know, there's an argument there, but we seen in many countries upon the completion of border barriers. All it does incentivize is this mass migration which can result in people getting sick and dying. If they want to come to the US, they should probably fly. They should probably apply instead they're flying Central America, if you are being allowed into these central American
you're, already safe, you are, and Mexico has offered asylum to. Many of this is that the Micra Caravan, so why is this still happening and where are for the same reason? Why people to say we can't just let everybody in because you see what's happening. The argument has been consistently that if we don't secure order. Everyone will be incentivized to come, and some argue that's not true. These are people who have no choice. Fine, let's, let's work with that argument, you now have people flying from Africa. Certainly people are realizing. You know what screw it fly to Mexico, walk in and they're being and they're making to these borders, but then, strangely complaining about the conditions I understand you know we don't want
in bad conditions, but we literally can't just open the door to everybody to quote to Bernie Sanders, there are a lot of poor people in this world and we can't take care of them all that is a. I am paraphrasing Bernie Sanders if Bernie Sanders is on board with securing the border and and DIS incentivizing, this behavior as well as conservatives. I think we need to recognize that the Democrats as a whole are not doing their jobs and, admittedly, to an extent. Bernie Sanders is still in that camp. But even he says we need to do something about this. So sure you don't want to walk well, then come up with a plan to accommodate the people that are here to take care of them to make sure they don't die, but also to disincentivize people flying from Africa. Let's read a little bit more and then we'll take a look at some of the CNN report. They say a few days after the big groups of african immigrants were apprehended in Texas. Federal officials dropped off dozens of them in San ANT, Officials in the Texas City sent out a plea for french speaking. Volunteers for
translating work and, most importantly, making our guests feel welcome. Many people were many were bused to Portland Maine about as far as one can get from mexican border and still in the continental US word has spread among migrants at the city. Sixty seven thousand is a welcoming place. Somali refugees were resettled in Portland in the 1990s total of one hundred and seventy asylum seekers arrived in recent days. Hundreds more are expected in an influx city manager. John Jennings called on president at with one shelter already full. A basketball venue called the Portland Exposition Building was converted into an emergency shelter. We don't have places to bring these people, they can go to other countries. It's not about putting people in harm's way. It's about making sure they aren't in harm's way. If Portland me and other facilities are full letting in the US doesn't help them, it hurts them. What? Where is this
conversation among those who claim to care about these people? You can't just bring people in and say we don't have food or water or shelter, but by all means walk through the desert. Its absurdity, complete absurdity, Portland, Austria, Thursday. That rumors of some of the migrants are see. That's that rumors some of the migrants are carrying the ball. The virus are patently false and said that asylum seekers that, as asylum seeker they are in the United States illegally. That's true. On Thursday afternoon families in the expo chatted in french and Portuguese, as children kicked a soccer ball near rose of cuts. One of nine hundred and twenty six year old, Prince well described himself as a pro democracy activist and said he had fled his native country Congo because of political oppression. He went to neighboring, Angola then flew to Brazil. There he met a local woman and they had a baby. They named Heaven now, sixteen months old, she giggled as she played with her mother in the expo pombo said his journey from the Congo to America took three years. Why did he stay in Mexico?
listen, I've been to Mexico City, it's amazing people. I don't know people have in their minds. Mexico city is a modern, wealthy contemporary place. You go there. There's buildings. There's restaurant There's beer there studios, like I don't know people think Mexico is. I think you have a lot of people on the left, who absolutely are overtly racist, who imagine that all these minorities have no choice but to come to America, Dude, Mexico, a nice, okay, it really is, and and and- and I I man- I just can't- stand the the offensive stereotypes- you wanna help these people, you don't do it by incentivizing, more common, take dangerous journeys when they're all ready, safe to quote Bernie Sanders. There are a lot of poor people in this world. We can help them all. So I want to read you know necessarily through all of this, because PBS takes it's taking a rat rather like you know, informative approach to this, but I do want to move on to some other stories which I have here, some really she,
king things, they say the explosion, immigration to the US from Sub Saharan Africa coincide with a steep drop in the migration flow across the Mediterranean to Europe after European countries and two main embarkation points. Our turkey, a Libya, decided to crack down. On January first June, twelfth only twenty four thousand six hundred migrants arrive in Europe. I see compared to ninety nine thousand six hundred over the same period in twenty seventeen they're, basically saying that these people know they can get to Europe. So they're gonna come here come to our border. Well, this story is interesting. I don't want to necessarily play too much threat and you know because I I I I normally don't like playing videos. People file, claims against you, but it says there is a growing. There is growing unrest and desperation at a detention center in public to the Mexico, where migrants from countries outside of America's are denouncing what they say are poor living conditions. Why did you not stay in Angola?
Why are you now upset like? Listen? I don't want people to get hurt. I don't want them to be sick. I want to help them, but I do have to question the motives of individuals who have already made it to a better country, Brazil. Then risk their lives, an coming too dangerous conditions and then being upset at the conditions they found. What did they think was going to happen? I wonder So I do have another. Tidbit comes from CNN and it's why I want to highlight this: our migrants at the southern border, renting babies, to pose as families. Well, that's a pretty specific question to ask, but they do say ice says there is evidence. Some migrants coming into the US have use children to pose as a family. The agency has said it is uncommon for infants to be used for this purpose. Why not they're renting children is kind of a a loaded question, it's very specific, but that they see I'm gonna say.
Last month, border patrol agents apprehended a honduran man crossing the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas, with a six month old baby. According to a complaint in the Us District Court for the southern District of Texas ICE Homeland Security investigations interview them in after finding that he was using fraudulent documents. The complaint says, and he conceded that the child was not. His cases of fake families are popping up everywhere and children are being used, as pawns said, Kerr stunned Yeltsin back in March. She also idea just had uncovered child recycling rings in which children were used repeatedly in an attempt to be released into the US. I want to show you this video. This is a video published by K, Fox fourteen NEWS, El Paso TX. This video shows people emerging from a sewer in El Paso.
We don't necessarily know this is according to Fox. They say an anonymous viewer sent us this video of people coming out of the manhole in the middle of the road in S El Paso Saturday night see news happening, send us your photos. Videos here This video has been traveling around for quite a bit as it was published on the tenth of June. Now many people are saying this: video depicts illegal immigrants coming out of the sewers and then sneaking into the country. I don't know if that's true, that is unconfirmed, and it's a rumor, though we've heard that repeated far and wide. I wanted to highlight this video for a few reasons. Lower. Think about the migration crisis, we're talking about the escalation of african immigrants into the US, but we're also seeing unconfirmed reports. It may be at this point this may be confirmed. I'm not sure. I just want to make sure that I provide some kind of. I don't know, rationality to the story. It's entirely possible. People are sneak with the country through sewer systems and then climbing out into the cities, to avoid law enforcement. It's also possible that people actually live in the sewers and they're sneaking out now at night to go and get food or something like that,
New York, LAS Vegas and many other cities have people who live in the sewers and and abandoned train stations. So again, it's possible. This is confirmed, I'm not saying it wasn't, but let's do this. I want to. Lastly, just get into the store from the daily signal where they say that are Democrats are seeking to block border wall spending. I just give you a little bit of info on on this front, because I think it's important contacts in regards to a wave of people from Africa flying to Central America and then trying to enter the and and South America to enter the US to me seems reckless dangerous and we do everything in our power to dis incentivize. This and secure, however, would Bernie Sanders and I also have the Wall Street Journal in the New York Times. This is not my individual opinion. This is my opinion being for
and by what other outlets are saying, but what Bernie Sanders is saying it is not me saying, like I think you know this, that it's me saying. I have seen Bernie Sanders New York Times Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post all come out and explain these things an actively with their editorial board. Say Democrats need I'm bored with this and then I say: okay, we have a damn near you can you know consensus here where you've got these all these major papers and politicians saying do something about it, but for some reason Democrats, don't they say Democrats announced they would bring the house to the house floor for debate on Wednesday and appropriations bill to fund the Department of Defense, homeland security, state education, labor, energy and health and human services, but they did say so when you go to get an article, the White House issued a veto threat over a how, democratic spending bill that would increase funding for abortion abroad and band construction of a southern border wall? Now you can argue whether the border wall makes sense, but the issue
or is that everything every time. I see a story about this, an I look into it. The Democrats are currently doing it's in opposition to border security. They say uh.
The administration strongly objects to language in section eight, one, two, seven of the bill that would prohibit the use of FY, twenty, twenty or prior your defense appropriations to construct barriers for security infrastructure along the southern border. So, let's not just play the game of the wall. They're talking about security infrastructure which could be roads, it could be, it could be watch towers, it could be cameras, it could be anything related to infrastructure on border security and they are presumably going to restrict our defense spending to that end. So all I'm the video here I think, we've got we've. We've got to the got to the end and made the point. Let me know what you think about the wave record number of african migrants coming mexican border. We'll keep a conversation going in the comments below you can follow me on mines at ten cast a tune, more videos coming up at: U two dot com, slash him k,
news at six p dot m and I will see you all of them. If I told you that colleges have become worse than nursery schools, would you believe me you're, probably would recently Gibson Bakery one massive lawsuit against Oberlin, because Oberlin according to the jury, was Scylla, tating definition and helping protesters I and smear and target their business. The total determination from the jury,
forty four million dollars, which will probably be restricted or already has two hundred and thirty three million due to state limits. So let's just call it a thirty three million dollar maximum penalty under the law is being imposed against Oberlin, really quickly the gist of the story, the shopkeeper at Gibson's bakery caught some kid shoplifting. The kid happen to be black protesters claimed it was racial discrimination and profiling, and then pro Austin soon, but guess what Gibson won now the story has wrapped up, but we are seeing legal insurrection publish excerpts from the court case, which my God will blow your mind. I saw this twitter threat and I was absolutely impressed with some of the admissions from the, college about what's really going on at these universities. Let's start with the first tweet of which there are
and I will say, on the props to legal insurrection: isn't a great job covering this seriously. They tweeted this weekend going to be tweeting excerpts from our Gibson bakery v. Overland college trial coverage will take a while watch this thread. Let's start with administrator suggesting a campus worse than nursery school check, this out, Gibson's attorney Lee Placas ask Protzman what was the reason for cutting ties with the business they had worked with for more than a century. I kid you not Gibson Bakery, since one thousand eight hundred and eighty five, they cut him off. He pointed out emails from various administrators that the student might throw a tantrum on campus, specifically in the cafeteria, while eating dinner, and that might be a good reason. Get their cookies and bangles elsewhere. The concern was that the students were angry. Placas asked the fear. Was Angry students would throw food made by Gibson's on the floor and stomp on it. Yes, that was
one of the concerns proximate answered. Doesn't that sounds more like a nursery school than a college nurseries school students do throw food on the floor. Yes, Protzman added said adding. We are not the students. Parents, as the reason will, could not tell the students to quit, threatening to throw food on the floor and eat their dinner. Like nice, people do wow slips the regressive all students, literally our children, who have never grown up. My god am I happy I dropped out of high school. Let me tell you something my friends who dropped out of high school successful. I I'm I'm, I'm not exaggerating all successful. No, not I shouldn't say all, but a couple of my people are very well known professionals in their in their profession, making a lot of money and I'll tell you why,
from music to skateboarding or otherwise, these people left high school to do something they want to do and they made it. I have friends about a college and they're also doing fairly well, none of them are homeless, but guess what my friends to graduate college are in debt and struggling living with their parents and and and etcetera so and- and I and I well I'm glad I didn't go, because that is that, where you want to send your kids like, let this be a warning to parents. What do you think is happening? Your children are throwing food around and whining and crying my god that is insane check. This out, Overland College claimed administrators were at the protest to calm things down. Police disagreed, Ortiz question this opposition from Overland college at the schools, employees on the scene at the protest, including dean of students. Meredith Raimondo Undefined in the case were only that are common situation down. I didn't see anyone call a students at all or already said, didn't see. We have them instructing the students not to use curse words and didn't hear
then tell their students not to shout that Gibson is racist. The sidewalks were filled up and a lot of businesses closed in the early afternoon because they were afraid so here's what they were handing out a local reporter testified. Mondo, who is an administrator of the school of overland, tried to block him from taking photos of the protest and handed him a flyer accusing gibsons of racial profiling So someone from the Oberlin NEWS Tribune with a print circulation of less than a thousand testified, he was repeatedly blocked from taking photos of the protest. Sound familiar member that woman who's, who yelled at getting muscle to block the press yeah they don't like it when people expose them for what they really are, and this is what she apparently,
I handed out defamatory information, a long account of profiling discrimination. Sorry, that's not true. Oberlin college had no trespass lest keeping about four hundred locals off campus and it had a disproportionate number of african Americans on it sounds like the college. Was the racial profiler not give sense? I can I get this stuff to can't you can't you can't write this for a tv show right. It turns out, as I've explained over and over again, an as an of course. Most of you know this, and this is it sucks preaching to the choir. I get it, but listen did you know that I am a mix race person and you want to why I bring this up to stress the point that these People are racist and they have been racist to me as long as I've known them. I'm talking about like the regressive the best I could by Wall Street they were racist, they've always been racist, they are still racist and you know who hasn't been racist, regular people, I'm like not these range whackos of
these people are racists. Are there races associated with conservatives, yep, most conservatives and most liberals? I meet normal people, not racist, so you but extremists. These people are extremists and their racist and they hide behind anti racism, plain and simple, so that so they basically just reiterate what I just said: they had four hundred people who live locally on a no trespass list. And a large number of the community website about it, because there was a disproportionate number of african Americans on it, wow less I'm. On top of the protest. Tito reads: an email to her boss, laying out how she thought things could be fixed is what the jury read today. So can we draft a legal agreement clearly stating that once charges are dropped, the purchase orders with gibsons will resume I'm baffled by their combined audacity and arrogance to assume the position of the victim Romano testified. She didn't know if racial profile-
The accusations were true. This is big. Someone else testified that all right, Mondo, who is with the school, was handing out flyers. That said, it is true they do this, but then testified she didn't know. Well, I think you've just proven malice, I'm not I'm not a legal expert, but my understanding is that malice is the understanding that you knew. Something may not be true or you know it to be false when you share that information. So if she argued, I don't know if it was true or not, but I'm going to claim it as anyway, then I think they can prove so in this one. They say eight block as presented her with a paper that ask if you agree or disagree with the statement about assault agreed and to check the proper box from out Rimando, Hamden Hall of it, but then said her answer was I don't know so. Placas wrote, I don't know in the paper to sign her name as to that being her answer. They say uh going on that wasn't enough
as though, as he seems to have realized, he may have struck some gold here. He then pulled out Oberlin College's Senate resolution passed today after the shoplifting event and pulled out this gem from that quote. Gibsons has a history of racial profiling and discriminatory treatment of students and residents alike. Once again, Reimondo was asked if she agreed or disagreed that statement she again answered. I don't know and Placas brought the next group of papers up to her initial and goes on, but if she's going to claim and hand flyers to journalists, but then later say I don't know well you're going to lose your case. Former overland college security director was at protest and testified college admins not trying to calm things down and college admin tried to intimidate into not taking photos. Former nurse at college went to comfort David Gibson's. Wife was distraught at protests, as protests raged outside. Legal tweets wonder why the jury found actual malice
Internal emails are big part, including Romano's, unleash the students and f him, and there ya go internal emails of them saying, first of all, they work test. It was testified handing out fake news, it was testified that the woman didn't now if it was real or not, and then she said FM well there, it is so check out he closed with FM they've made their own bed. Now all these idiots complain about the college when Roger Copeland and Oberlin College, professor of theatre and Dance, wrote a letter to the campus newspaper soon after the protest ended, he criticized how the school was treating gives ends in the letter Joan sent a text message in caps, saying ALF, Roger Copeland asked him right. Mondo responded in a message, I let's say unleashed the students. If I wasn't convinced this needs to be put behind us, they knew, but the students were a weapon against those who wouldn't bend the knee. These people are psychotic
disgusting authoritarians who know exactly what they're doing man wow. This is incredible stuff I gotta say these I want to. I want to add one thing side. Note, Google, being sued for discrimination, they're moving into the discovery phase. Ok, the reason I, MRS everything, we're seeing from here, presumably came through discovery like private text messages. Wow, isn't it amazing when you lift the curtain and see how these people really act? No, we didn't anything wrong, we're fighting for truth and justice. No, they said unleash the students, even though they also believed it was a can to a nursery school where the children, the the infants, were threatening to throw food on the ground, and that's what the school was scared off. We cannot allow this kind of behavior seriously. I am so happy to hear that gives
one in this about a you know in this regard. So are they said it sometimes lawyers? Well, actually, let's go back in response to the after annihilation students check this out under was given these examples and others, and then ask a very simple question: when personal beliefs get involved in decision making, does that have an effect on trying to maintain professional responsibility and asked plaintiff's attorney up a plate of turn? It leave pockets. She was asked specifically about herself and the higher ups in the Overland college admin. Her answer was quite surprising. Their position is to not have a position. Several of the jurors shook their heads in surprise when they I've heard that from her wow, sometimes lawyers asked a question. Just make a point. You did these things too, he's the students for the school to be thought of as
creating minority students better write. The statement is absolutely false: Rimando answered, ah african american Bakery employee denied racism, said Raimondo orchestrating protest, an flyer distribution, she had a stack of them and while she was talking on the bullhorn, she handed out half of them to a student who then went and passed them out. That's her! Officially, acting in the capacity and inner inner professional capacity to target a small business and you lose, they should have been awarded more money, given the full forty four million. A message needs to be sent to these regressive authoritarians, who care nothing for justice and just want to watch the world burn. We have an army of jokers running around giggling and laughing. Is everything falls apart and that's what they want
This woman doesn't care about minorities. There was it was an african american bakery employee who lost presumably lost their job because they said they delayed people off. Let me tell you something: during Occupy Wall Street, there was an individual who's, rather prominent working for a major newspaper. I know this person decently well and we talked in private and this individual told me they were doing it to watch the world burn complete nihilism. They said life is boring, don't you want to shake things up a bit, and I said no. I want to make the world a better place. I want a star trek future. I want to travel the stars, and that means we need to make sure we can work together and advance our civilization, and they said no. None of that matters. It's nonsense. The world is boring. This purse
still extremely active with anti for today. That's what they told me. I was told by some other activists during Occupy Wall Street. They want to flip the pyramid upside down. Now in most people here that they're thinking you take the the bottom, you know all and put them on top of the roof on the bottom. But I asked in response to this: if you take a pyramid and flip it upside down, the brakes will crumble and it'll form. On the same pyramid, but someone from the bottom will be the new top and everyone else will fall down and they said exactly that's right, flipping the pm upside down. It doesn't put the put the the the proletariat above the bourgeoisie it just because of the payment to collapse and shape into a new, rigid and ugly looking pyramid with different people on top
and they told me that's what they wanted, and these are some pretty prominent activists who are still relatively active. Today. Student protesters initially entered bakery and harassed customers and staff. I asked them to leave and they wouldn't and they started pushing their cameras. In my face and yelling things at me, store employees had tires slashed, Lorna Gibson on husband, David. It isn't just a job for him and all of us it's been our life. It's been crucial for him in our family. Oberlin college promised full investigation of incident, but never did Reimondo suggested to Jones. They could dodge the medias questions, because our phrasing was unfortunate and they said they were indeed doing. An investor action. There's a lot here: senior college admin rejected community warning. The students are on the wrong side of the issue and they refused to listen to anything that doesn't fit their narrative. The towns people are furious. I find this misdirected rage very disturbing. Excuse me: that's a quote.
Talk as the lawyer said, it would have killed over one to say we got it wrong. Jones answered this was between the students and gives, and we don't speak for the students. I was neither wrong nor involved. Yeah. We already heard that one of the administrators got on the bullhorn and handed out flyers, and they said legal structure that completes day. Fourteen of thirteen days of witness testimony keep in mind as Oberlin College. Try
to spin this as them being responsible for student speech. That's not what the case is about. It was their own conduct and then uh, I would say, keep in mind brilliant trial strategy, by's Angus Placas. This is the lawyer start Gibson's bakery case by going directly after and destroying key overland college witnesses and defenses. As I noted on day one. Let's, I think, let's will go on, yes, makes a lot less miles along video marketing expert called by Gibsons pointed out college age. Consumers, decisions driven by desire to be perceived as fitting in Oberlin College, unsuccessfully tried to keep out police records, showing no racial profiling at Gibson's bakery forty arrested. Thirty two were white: six were african American and two were asian, pretty much matched cities. Racial makeup check that
out. You often hear about these people saying we want proportionality, right parity with with with with you know, the national level population distribution. That means you know at Google. They should have x money. You know, agents x, money white, what happens when when Gibson's bakery there, arrest record for shoplifting fits the the actual population diversity. I guess we're gonna call it, but for proportionality they call that racial profiling. When eighty percent of those arrested, Gibson's bakery were white, doesn't matter, six were black. Therefore, it's racial profiling, they're lying and they tried to keep that evidence out. These people are truly truly despicable is not justice. This is manipulation, authoritarianism and playing to people's good will to try and destroy an innocent family
culture of corruption. A large percentage of shoplifting arrests at Oberlin College we're calling a large percentage of shoplifting arrests were Oberlin college students. Eighty two point: five percent: what student Maccoll, the Oberlin College, culture of theft wow? What magazine not admitted in evidence but stats work on day? Seven, they didn't rest. They presented plaintiff's damages expert. The bakery market had already lost and will lose about five point: eight million dollars from the schools alleged out races at his David gives and takes the witness, stand and testify in emotional testimony. I realized very soon on how everything had been going in this that my dad was going to pass away, labelled as a racist think about that. I'm going through a current battle right now with one of my videos, videos being censored, I could not imagine what it's like to
under the boot of this horrifying mob. I mean, I will say: I've been targeted by many of these activists. I've been physically assaulted, they lie about me all day and night, but I'm a relatively powerful individual and I don't mean that to be egotistical. What I mean is I've got over one million followers across the board on Youtube alone, my three channels break over a million. I've got nearly three hundred and forty thousand on Twitter. An I recognize with that comes certain power that small families like this don't have. I do not feel the same stress and pressure from getting people tweeting at me and lying about me. I ignore it and people like Joe Rogan. He gets all the time too, ignores it. Not everybody. Does there a lot of people kind of late to it? If I was a regular, you know, like private figure, working on a job at a theater or something just like you know, a small like you know: low salary, ten dollars for dollar fifteen dollars, an hour job, small business, owner selling widget,
and you have the entire t of the social Justice community bearing down on you to destroy you. I could not imagine what that would be like. I can only imagine it's a nightmare, and so I don't want to read through the entire t of the testimony 'cause. There is a lot of tweaks here and I don't want to rehash the relitigate the whole case so I'll put a link this thread, so you guys can read on, but I want and by stressing this point which inspired me to talk about this video in the first place. When they said when they actually agreed nursery school students do throw food on the floor, that's what college it's it's a nursery school for children who never grew up what a God dam nightmare, get your kids out of the schools send them to go. Work, send them on a two week, camping trip for for the love of all that is holy. Take your kids out camping for a couple weeks and teach them what life is
in the wilderness, teach them what it truly means to survive. Don't put him in daycare for twenty six years and then cross your fingers and think they'll survive in the real world. I actually feel bad for these kids. I really do I work I've. I I've got some friends who went to school for two twenty six years now. I should touch it until they were twenty six years old. They had never at a real job. They don't know what it's like to have to survive in in dangerous territory. They're always like to have gangs in your neighborhood, deaf people died of overdoses, know, they've been pampered and protected, and the parents bulldozed everything out from in front of them, and what do they become babies? They have the mentality of toddlers, I'm not a edge rating. When I say this, when it's testified in court that the school actually views them in a similar way to nursery school students, the lawyer presented it the. Where was that students would throw food on the floor and stomp on it? Yes, it was a concern. Doesn't that
sounds more like a nursery school than a college? Nurse school students do throw food on the floor. Yes, bad parenting, man, I don't know, I don't know, what's going to save us, but I'll say this Millenia start having kids they're, not getting married and Genex Yrs that their kids and yes to an extent. The boom kids, like other millennials, are babies. They they never aged out of being toddlers who are throwing temper, tantrums and throwing food on the floor, and here we have it. I hope you enjoy it. You reap what you sow. I hope you enjoyed your report you, so overland at thirty three million dollars, I just want to see. I want to see a photograph of the Gibson family on an expensive luxury yacht with their feet up sipping Pina coladas, with a smile on their face. I want them to take that money. First, protect your business, that's what it's for, but I hope to God. They take a good slab of that money,
It will party on the rooftop looking over. You know a beautiful city with the skylights in the stars above him or the smile on their faces 'cause. They absolutely does. But no one deserves this nonsense from these fringe. Wacko mobs. Nobody, if you do something wrong justice, is coming. If you actually want to racially profile. Someone and be you know, discriminate against them in violation of civil rights law. Justice will come for you all the same, but if you like and you bend the knee as a school too whiny children who are throwing food on the floor and having temper, tantrums or like evergreen state. Then you will get your comeuppance I'll leave it there long video. But you know what amazing story stick around next segment will be coming up at one hundred pm. I will see you there. The ends don't justify the means, because you will never meet the end if you live your
life feeling that you are justified in doing on just things to find an on just future. You will only create and on just world yet how cache of is not going to be going Harvard, because when he was sixteen several years ago, he said very offensive things for which he apologized, I will say this harvard- is extremely extremely meticulous and and how they choose who they choose, and I can't say, I'm surprised that they have ascended the offer of Kyle Cash. Could shove. I'm I'm sorry, I'm not your name wrong over what he said. I just think it's really stupid teenager, say dumb things and you know look if you can't accept someone's apology and allow allow them to move on you force them to double down.
Any other direction. This is why I have adamantly defended the right to forgiveness, be it from a Buzzfeed writer or from someone like Joey salads. You know we're going to read this. You know. Well, let's write it. First I'll save my anecdote in my life lesson for afterwards. So I can see, what's going on from the daily wire, Harvard rescinds admission to conservative Kyle cache of over private racist remarks here at sixteen. Despite apology and evidence of growth, it's from Ben Shapiro, who is very clearly outraged- and I thought this would be the appropriate way to approach story, because Ben and you know cause a huge fan of Bandan. I think would be interesting to see Ben's personal opinions on the issue on Monday, parkland survivor and out spoke, the conservative caucus of announced that Harvard University has withdrawn his admission from the school over revelation of racist offensive, idiotic posts written on a private Google document with friends when he was sixteen years old
never mind that could have apologized publicly. For the comments never mind is public. Behavior has events, no racism whatsoever? What's the point apologizing? It's a dangerous world, you're trading. If you refuse to accept it, the appropriate response from Harvard in my opinion should have been. We want to encourage growth. We want to encourage people to turn away from this kind of behavior, and because of that, we will accept the apology and we want you know we can provide. You know he can provide a written statement where he denounced the things he said ball block and there you go, make a profound statement rejecting these ideas. What do you think happens to people when you say we Won't do anything with you period. I have ever seen anything like this. Your fracturing society, so Kyle tweeted this thread. He said Harvard rescinded my acceptance, three months after being admitted to Harvard class of twenty twenty. Three, however,
decided to rescind my admission over tax and Thomas made nearly two years ago months prior to the shooting. I have some thoughts. Here's what happened after a few weeks ago. I was made aware of agree just and callous comments classmates, and I made a privately years ago, when I was sixteen years old months before the shooting in an attempt to be as extreme as shocking as possible. I immediately apologized, so apparently he apologized immediately in private before this was public. I think that's, that's my understanding. However, a few us he says after issue this apology, speculative articles were written. My peers used the opportunity to attack me and my life was once again reduced to headline it sent sent it sent me into the what one of the darkest spirals of my life see when you apologize it's an admission of guilt and it'll be used against you. You know what you're gonna happen. The future deny
deny deny it, and I've talked before the smartest thing is. I never wrote that that wasn't me this is a smear, is a smear campaign. Why apologize? Why grow just deny it, and that's all that's happening, I'm the only one, I'm not the only one who brought this up. He says after the story broke, former peers and political opponents began contacting Harvard urging them to rescind Mean Harvard then sent the stating that they reserve the right to withdraw an offer of admission. They do actually they were a lot a lot. Apparently he responded. He responded with a full explanation, apology and requested a request for documents. I also sent an email to the Office of diversity and inclusion to seek guidance on how to right this wrong and work with them. Once I was on campus Harvard to send my admission with the following letter somewhat. Ironically, the office of Diversity inclusion at sent me this response. Regarding my apology, thank you for your email. We appreciate your thoughtful reflections and look forward to connecting with you upon your matriculation in
fall of twenty twenty. How sad that they were actually looking to connect with him on the issue, and it was an excellent opportunity to explain why you shouldn't do these things. That's what I was explained to people If you want someone to change their behavior, banning them in d, platforming does the opposite: we'll use our Carl Benjamin's a good example,
he said some mom, some silly words on you too, in in a specific context, I want. I don't care to bring up. He said he said ninety words so patron banned him. Now he can just keep using the naughty words all he wants, because you've already banned him, but I did a patron said: listen you're, bringing in twelve thousand dollars a month with us. We do not like using this language, it's bad for all of us. This is your warning. If, at any point from this from now on, a video emerges from this day forward with you using this kind of language in this way, we will remove you guess what would have happened if they would have said you know what you're right, I don't need to say these things is not worth it. I apologize. You start on actually said that was the fact that case we ban them already. Now you have no leverage whatsoever, but here's the thing the company's Harvard this,
I don't care about what was said. They don't care at all. If it wasn't for the press, this wouldn't even be an issue. It was activists highlighting this issue. It was a tiny group of individuals to make sure Kyle would not get access to Harvard, but then I think it's really funny. Is that here's, my understanding I could be wrong, and I'm not saying this to be disrespectful to David Hogg, my understanding that hog didn't qualify for Harvard at all, but God in because he provides some something else right. However, texan consideration and other aspects of a person's life outside of theirs there there as a tease and things like that, so it is believed for them. My understanding hog got in because he's famous our Kyle didn't get in because he was famous he got in because he scored really high, and so they took that away from him. Let's.
But, however Kyle says after receiving Harvards letter revoking my acceptance. I responded by asking for the opportunity to have an in person meeting to make my case face to face an work towards any possible path of reconciliation. Harvard responded by declining my meeting request. However, deciding that someone can't grow, especially after a life altering event like the shooting, is deeply concerning that institution. It should understand growth, it's Harvard, which is looks too, as the pinnacle of higher education. Despite its checkered past drive history, arts faculty has included slave owners, segregationists, bigots and anti Semites. If Harvard is adjusting the growth, is it possible and our past defines our future than Harvard is inherently racist institution, but I don't believe that
I believe that institutions and people grow. I've said it repeatedly in the end. This isn't about me its about whether we live in a society in which forgiveness is possible, or mistakes brand you as irredeemable as Harvard has decided for me. So what now? I'm figuring it out? I had given up huge scholarships in order to go to Harvard and the deadline for accepting other college offers has ended. I'm exploring all options as at this moment, so then then adds as far as Harvard qualifications they weren't based on activism. Can shove was ranked second in his class, with a weighted GPA of five point: three four: five and an unweighted GPA of three point: nine. He scored one thousand five hundred and fifty and his sa ts because she loves activism, has been impressive. Nonetheless, he has worked consistently across the aisle to bring
at school safety measures to protect other high schoolers, and that is terrible. Comments were written before the life changing event of what happened at parkland with his comments were originally surfaced by fellow students who oppose him politically and overt attempts to damage him. Could shove did the right thing and issued an immediate apology. He did the right thing. He absolutely did the right thing and is my respect for that and now you can see what happens when you do the right thing. Let no good deed goes unpunished. They don't care about what is right, they don't care about reconciliation or reflection. They care about weaponizing your guilt against you to destroy you.
Destroy their political opponents in a normal world that would have been enough to shove is eighteen and he wrote the comments when he was sixteen. He did commit crime. He didn't espouses gross publicly. His behavior sense has not mimicked any of the content or attitude of the comments. He also underwent a life changing trauma. The kind of trauma that is provided an unbreakable shield of protection from the media for all other parkland survivors help criticizing outspoken activist David Hogg, was considered an active extreme evil by the mainstream media, an act worthy of advertiser boycott not for cash. However, so I'm not going to read through all of the statements, though, because I think the point and the news affectively. You know what happened, but I want to read his closing statement. Provides you with a story of philosophy. Call Bishop acted like a dumb kid. Yes, I would actually say a little bit worse than a dumb kid. He was a dumb kid for sure, but it was particularly egregious he's remorseful and that I can respect denying him the chance to prove it.
For fine, and if the new standard is that anyone who's old comments are resurfaced, resurfaced for fun and games can have their life for which no one will survive. I look forward to tasking my reporters of digging up everything. I Everyone on the admissions Committee has ever said if these new rules so be it, but these are apparently the new rules. Could shove is not the first to feel the brunt? He certainly won't be. The last daily mail has substantial resources. Ask me how I know that, but of course we know they do right, there's a massive reach, one of the top podcasts in the world. They can wow to me really early in but I want to end with a story. I've often told on on this channel like three or four times. So you can understand my philosophy on forgiveness,.
I was in Manhattan and I held a cap for those that don't know cab drivers in Manhattan, hate driving to Brooklyn because they can't pick up fares in Brooklyn. They have different cars, there's green cabs for the other boroughs and yellow caps for Manhattan, but they can't reject a fair to any of these other locations. So often what they'll do is you'll flag them down. They'll crack the window, tiny bit and say where you going and as soon as you say, Brooklyn they speed off, which they're not allowed to do, but they'll do it. Well, this guy pulled up and I got in the car and he says where two and I gave him my address in Brooklyn an he was livid furious. Or did passive aggressively mumbling and swearing driving like the worst person, I've ever driven a cab with, and I was getting Pist, I'm like dude Don't get mad at me. This is the city you know, Rules two and it's anything though he just drove like a deck, and he was really. The whole time, grumbling nonstop finally made it to my apartment and
and say anything just looks away and you know make an angry face, and so I go into sweat my card and I gave him a one hundred percent tip. You may be one, and why would I give this angry mean person who was mean to me for no reason double the fare, putting double the money in his pocket very simple when he saw that amount of money I put in the tip his face. Changed heat come to me and said that. Thank you. So much blessings to you blessings to your family, and, I said: hey, don't worry about it. Man like have a good day, and I hope this gets you back to Manhattan without having to worry about picking up a fair there's. No, no, of course, of course, thank you so much. Thank you so much, it's really simple, like I was mean to me, is having a bad day. I don't want to have a bad day. I want. I want him to have a good day. I don't need revenge,
I don't need emotional satisfaction. I just need people to be less mean, and so I realized something. There are many people who deserve that big tip because they go out of their way to try and make sure you have a good day. This man was not one of those people, but what would happen if I stiffed him as penalty for being mean I'll? Tell you what will happen he'd make it back to Manhattan. Angry he'd pick up his next fair angry. He would be continually angry than pissing off his next fair. Who would then not give him any money either that person who's running in that camp with and leave angry, and the wave of anger would persist with everybody increasingly making each other angry like a virus. The guy in the back of that cab was late for a meeting now as angry cab. Drivers being mean to him and he gets mad when he gets out of the cabin he walked inside he's like well, then he redirect his anger says why this guy, I gotta deal with this late for my meeting this guys yelling at me, I'll tell you what happens now. I hope that cab driver is going to have a massive
and a big old smile like wow. What what a good day wow you know I base the free ride. I don't gotta worry bout going mad and he's going to put it next, fair, the guy and again in late for his meeting kind of grumbling and the driver is going to be like hey man. Let me take care of. You know. I understand you have a bad day, I'll get you where you need to go. Don't you worry about it, then that fair is going to say because really nice, you know it makes me feel better, and hopefully I can spread happiness and love like a virus instead of eight. So what was so to read right back to the story about my philosophy, why create more strife and anger? Why? Why do these activists try and do this because they want they want emotional vindication? They want their saved symbols to be to suffer. They want schadenfreude to me. That's evil
Certainly there's a catharsis in watching your political opponents in your enemies fail or suffer, but that's just a cycle of suffering and that's not a good good world to live in the ends will never justify the means. If you think you have a right to smear and if a man target and Attack Kyle, because you don't like his politics and you will do anything to stop him, the same will come for you. It always will, and the only thing that will happen is we will all live in a crappy world filled with crappy people doing crappy things while they look to the sky and cross their fingers that eventually they'll swim through the air and find their utopia you won't. This is life people don't agree with other all the time. There is no end. The only thing we have is today and what comes from our actions today, so you want to make an unjust world thinking. Eventually, when you're in power, you can make things better, you won't because you
you never have enough. No one does. The same is true for the tech giants and for every tyrant and dictator was ever existed. I don't want to be absolute. There's, probably some good, benevolent dictators at some point in history sure, but I'll leave it there. Thanks for hanging out next video to come up at four hundred pm Youtube dot com Jim Cast- and I will see you next door. Many of us keep an eye on what's going on with the because your Cortez, because she's anomalous, she's new, she has far left politics and she's rapidly rising in the ranks of the Democratic Party, with over four four million followers. What's going on with her is particularly newsworthy. Certainly many other Congress people who aren't as newsworthy so this is why I want to do a video about her latest poll, Ocasio Cortez devastated in new poll from inside her district, the story. The daily wire talks about how, though there has been a
waxing and waning of her favorability her on favorability. My understanding is now very high two to one, and so we also have an update here from the washing the Washington examiner again. This is it that you know: there's a ball conservative outlets we're going to be taking a critical approach to her polls, so I'll, definitely commenting on that before we get started and looking at why people don't like her anymore- I don't know if they ever did, but it's a guest accomplished on it. If you'd like to support my work, there's a monthly donation option a crypto option, a physical address and, of course, liking and commenting some of the best things you can do. Engagement really helps, as does sharingan subscribing from the daily wire a new poll from socialist rap Alexander, because you're Cortez's Fourteenth congressional district has found that among registered voters, the far left Congress woman is deeply unpopular, the door to door pull from stop the a o c pack yielded the following: a key results: they don't like her
She has a more than two to one ratio of unfavorable to favorable. In public opinion. They don't trust her only ten point. Seventy five percent thought she had their best interests in mind. In quashing the Amazon deal. Thirty two point: six said she didn't they don't want her. Thirty three point: forty four are ready to vote against her and only thirteen point. Three percent would vote for her, but let's just make sure we make it very clear. Stop the AOC pack clearly has an agenda when it comes to these polls- and you don't know necessarily what questions they were asked. We could potentially look at them, but I would also stressed the the there's an inversion that is true as well. Many of the polls done by groups that favor across your ties would invite them as well. So take all the grain of salt this.
He says the poll also found that a plurality of a college professors district did not agree with her decision to sabotage the Amazon deal, which would have brought tens of thousands of jobs and billions of dollars of in economic activity to district. The. My understanding is that Amazon would not have been in her district, but there would have been people living in the area because the court has has now tried to back pedal, claiming she had nothing to do with them as I'm pulling out, but I want to make sure I stress, Ocazia Cortez, headlined a protest in the financial district in New York to oppose and obstruct the Amazon deal very devastated in New York, who really needed the new revenue to repair their crumbling. Infrastructure like the MTA. The final analysis from the pole stated facing an electric, more earned with results than retweets, so Kaiser Cortez has problems in her backyard. Despite her online notoriety, an fandom in the national New Progressive movement, the citizens of New York District fourteen want a representative aligned with their values.
After surveying voters in two thousand two hundred and sixty one homes, the district, it's clear, Okazu Cortez is not the model for hope and change. She sold herself to be opportunity for a new voice is prevalent and the electorate is ready to take action in twenty twenty results. From the start, the AOC pack, pole are just the latest. Devastating numbers of Causal Cortez had to face over her job performance in marks in March said marks, because I mixed March in VOX, VOX, reported that quarterback Paul release on Thursday morning found that twenty three percent of Americans had a favorable view of Cortez. Well, thirty six had an unfavorable view. How, however, I want to make sure I stress there were polls in between that showing that her ratings, her favorability went up, so you can very easily pulled specific Paula. Specific pole from back then claim that you know she was doing really bad and she still is, but she did it. That's been a waxing awaiting. You know she's done something, people really liked it and then she's done bad things and people have retracted and it goes back and forth,
They say that in March the daily wire also reported the findings of the Siena College Poll of New Yorkers taken between March tenth and 14th, prompted Siena College pollster Steve, remember to say only twelve percent call her a hero. Thirty eight percent label, her a villain. Well, let's pop up this, your story from the Washington Examiner Opinion- and this goes more in depth on the on the pole, and so we actually have the questions asked and I wanted. I will take a look at the questions to see if there's any bias in and and the framing of the narrative, because this this pack clearly doesn't like because you're part as so you know, people with Paul pollsters love asking loaded questions because they want to publish story saying, like our polls are really bad, hoping that people would rather vote for a victor instead of a loser, and I think our polls are bad. Nobody wants to be in the out group. So here we have let's, let's, let's start with just with a little of profits of what the story is.
I say a new door to door survey found that she has a low at twenty one percent favorability rating. The survey of registered voters was conducted by the political action committee targeting her with a federal Election commission complaint. A previous survey. For the group found that residents were upset with the lawmakers opposition to Amazon. Just so, we know where they're going with it and they say the key findings. Forty Two percent are unfamiliar with AOC. Fifty one percent have an unfavorable view. Thirty three percent are ready to vote against. Her will take these questions. The first questions hi, my name is name, and I am a student just concerned about our community. Our congresswoman, Alexandria, Ocasio, Cortez was elected to represent us last year. Are you familiar with? Is Andrea Ocasio Cortez Familiar Unfamiliar refused, so we can see that fifty eight percent were familiar. They said that right, yes and four thousand and forty one point: seventy three
unfamiliar do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Cortez and okay, so it looks like the questions are legit. I'm satisfied with that. Do you port, allowing businesses like Amazon to move here and hire thousands of new jobs, support Amazon, thirty six percent, unsure fifty five and does not support Amazon, eight percent, Do you believe politicians like Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez had our communities best interest in mind when they forced Amazon out of queens, and your was fifty six percent. This seems the seems fairly legit. The only question now. These final two questions I would take issue with, but be if, if they ask him these or in in this order, then I think we're looking at some legitimate responses. So let me let me just explain I thought process on these questions when they say do you believe that God has had our best in the community's best interest in mind when they forced Amazon out of queens? That takes a very odd direct approach to what I would say is is a framing of an error.
Alexandria, Ocasio Cortez didn't necessarily force Amazon out of queens. I don't know how you can ask that question better She played a role in that. Perhaps you could say something like do you believe, Alexander, because you're part has had a community's best interest in mind when she led protests to refer to to block Amazon coming into queens, and I'm sure you have got a very similar response. So I'm not super happy with it. They said. Will you pledge to oppose Alexander concert? Has in our next election? Yes, thirty three percent said they would oppose. Fifty three percent were on shore. I don't like that question. That's that's a drug question. I would rather ask all in the next election. Would you support or would you oppose it because of what has and then you could have a PO oppose
support center. Let's read a little bit facing an electric, more concerned with the results and retweets okay. We read that already. I'm a backer said that he hopes potential opponents act on his survey results and take on because you Cortez she does not have a strong, can sit see outside her core support group. I would stress: neither did Joe Crowley listen because your quote so, let's, let's analyze this right, so look for those that are familiar because Cortez One using an exploit primary in most people just vote Democrat. They know this even Nancy Pelosi said a glass of water with a d on it would win in her or because of what has is destructive. People will just about for the Democrats, so most people as we can see, don't even know who she is, twenty seven
sent were unsure if they are favorable well done is really interesting. I wonder if five, if they framed, is quite if, if they did, they did the math in his questions, for only people who knew she was because look if forty one percent are unfamiliar. Why would twenty seven percent be on shore unless they only count? Those were familiar with her? I don't know. Hopefully they did it is I don't what I point out because Cortez one with something like sixteen or seventeen thousand votes in the district of seven hundred thousand people and only fit fifty percent were uh. Forty one percent were unfamiliar with her. I guess she is really really famous whether or not she can win in her next upcoming election, which is two thousand and twenty is to be seen in her initial primary run. She won because activists were activated and they didn't need that many votes to get rid of joke.
Ali and Joe Crowley. Nobody knew who he was. I know it was, but if nobody is going to vote for him, you know people that Num, it's entirely possible. More people didn't know who he was, but don't know anything about primaries. So they're like one but once the boat and the so casual Cortez got into an exploit the companies that you know she worked with to do this, they knew what they were doing. That was their strategy. Since then she's become very famous, which is probably going to get her a ton of support and she will be very difficult to defeat. Take that take that into consideration she's very famous and they're a lot more people who knows who who she is now today than they did you know a year ago, but we can see that if this poll is correct, her on favorability is really high and that's kinda scary, specially for New York district. I wonder if that could lead to a republican victory, serious question I'll leave it there stick around. I got more segments coming up in a few moments, and I will see you soon because we're so damn concerned about election meddling. We take our advice: '
from John Oliver british Guy. I think John might actually be a citizen, though so I'm not entirely sure only somewhat being facetious. I don't care where you're from you're allowed to have an opinion on whether or not we should impeach the president, but I do find it interesting that we see all of these late night hosts pushing for this rhetoric calling for the impeachment of the president- and I ask why 'cause, there's a potential for obstruction of justice into an investigation that basically exonerated the president. There was no evidence more conclusion, so here we have something interesting: a criminal investigation. Legally done special counsel, all that didn't find enough evidence for any kind of prosecution and now what now they want to impeach and over the potential for a Listen. I understand the left's argument when they say that Muller didn't file obstruction charges because he can't file charges against the president, but he did
say it Trump did anything wrong. He simply said: if we could exonerate him, you know we would have no, that's not what the law does the law look for evidence that he had enough. Then you make your way up to the point of beyond a reasonable doubt. We can, but somebody, but let's see what Mister John Oliver has to say before we do two things. The second Story- CNN pundit, wonders if news orgs would push impeachment boost ratings. I wonder why John Oliver is calling for impeachment ha ha ha, but got a time cast dot com. Slash done if you'd like to support my work, there's a Paypal option of Crypto option a physical address, but, of course, just like comment share and subscribe to help. The engagement from the daily beast, John Oliver makes the case for impeaching trump. Nobody is above the law last week tonight host, explains why the Democrats should start an impeachment inquiry enterprise in Trump. Yes, because they want President pence
let's read on on Sunday night, John Oliver dedicated the main story of last week tonight, which has published over fake news on numerous occasions to it laying out the case for impeaching. President Trump, though impeachment is a popular with the public. A majority of Americans currently do not support, wait. What okay, okay, I'm joined Americans currently do not so or impeachment proceedings, I'm one of them, as is house speaker, Nancy Poulos. He has. She pointed out time and time again. Oliver argued that most of the public aren't aware of the contents of the mother report. I read it. I read it. I've been cover stuff and I think you are wasting your time. You're spinning your wheels for Fringe minority of resistance, crazy people who just don't like the present orange man, bed and you're, not talking about we need to deal with. I made a video about african migrants in record numbers coming to the southern border. That is a crisis. The Wall Street Journal thought so New York Times thought so, and here's John Oliver twiddling his thumbs to preach to the resistance. Why? Well, let's see
and wonders perhaps it will increase our ratings. I wouldn't be surprised what a waste of all of our time look. Man if there was something done that was just overt in terms of obstruction like we knew Trump did, Wow of course knows above the law, but we're looking at right now is the nonsense from the resistance rating vultures that are pushing this narrative. Simply because Orange man bad sells, t shirts. It's it's sells advertisements. My word Okay, so he says it is true that many people don't fully understand what impeachment involves. So we thought tonight might be a good time to discuss what it is why it may be warranted, and The risks might be in carrying it out. I'll. Tell you what the risks are. A bunch of disaffected liberals saying you never offered us anything. You know gave me a reason to vote, for you can, I say,
I said, a lot I'd love to vote for some of these Democrats. In fact, I likely would vote for someone like Yang Yang's. I think Yang's, better a better time. I watch and I need a good do so. I like yeah, not all the Democrats, but many of them in Congress in the Senate and out on the potential candidates. What are you offering Elizabeth Warren wants to break a big to I really really like that, but I really really don't like Elizabeth Warren, so you got me at an impasse. Andrew Yang
wants to impose a value added tax on these big tech companies, so that portions of the revenue they generate can be distributed as a as a universal basic income program that would displace our standard welfare packages, which, in in in essence, could actually reduce arm our welfare spending is a complicated system now, but what I like about Yang is mostly that he's thought these things out, he's pro nuclear energy, for instance, he's pro free speech. I think it's a good guys willing to sit down Ben Shapiro on Fox NEWS, Dave Rubin that set to miss a lot. So I have tremendous respect for him, not perfect, so I definitely want to hear legitimate arguments and I want to see these debates what what what what what the rest of them was. John Oliver doing going out of t v and rolling his base. Listen, you don't John Oliver said nobody is above the law. We should impeach Trump. Might as well have just gone on tv and said Orange man bad for forty minutes straight, because it's all he's really saying you're, not telling me anything. Dude
you're, not you're, not telling me why I should or shouldn't vote for any of these people. They just want to get rid of Trump and MIKE Pence. The president- and I don't know what I don't know- but in patient would never even happened. That's the other thing trump will never be impeached. I look I'd be willing to bet a lot of money that Trump will not be in peach. I mean they don't have sent it right. So what are they going to do? It just seems nonsensical. I think the real goal of impeachment is to try and just on earth as much bad press as possible, but guess what didn't work in twenty? Sixteen work. Now I don't even want to read this nonsense from John Oliver. He says well impeachment in no way guarantees a presidents removal from office with no past presidents ever being removed to impeachment Oliver claimed that Trump had committed high crimes and misdemeanors Didi treasonable offense seriously. He pointed to the ten instances of possible obstruction
justice outlined in the report on my God. So here's what you want to say: no, we're not going to begin impeachment proceedings. Congress is now going to investigate possible obstruction and, of course, you know, the Democrats will form the Democrats and Republicans in the republican side ways of everyone. He says on including Trump repeat: orders to then White House counsel down again to fire Robert Muller. The person investigating him, which they don't mention, was because of fear of a conflict of interest which never actually moved beyond. That point might come on. If that weren't enough, the report out outline how Trump then pressured began to put out a statement denying that he tried to remove Miller and wanted began to write a letter to that effect for their records. Listen,
The problem is, is firing Muller obstruction, there's not even a minute of yes or no in that regard trump. Ultimately, it it well. What is it? It didn't happen? Okay, so you want a call instruction because troubles like I want the status and I was like okay. What what what I think happened? Man, I I I look, I what I get. I get really annoyed when arguing the veracity of Trump's policy positions were arguing, whether or not on a hypothetical may have been obstruction. We're arguing whether or not trump saying a sentence of like I want that. Guy fired, I'm not going to fire him, God, that's what we're arguing about. Do you wanna have a conversation about the migrant crisis, I'd love to do that a conversation about the economy manufacturing. You have an argument about Yang's idea of automation. You be I versus Trump's idea of I guess more protectionism and and and border restrictions and and terrace, and things like that. Both have their merits and there pitfalls some more than others, and I think it warrants a good debate. Instead,
John Oliver goes on tv and says Orange Man, bad orange men, so bad impeach orange men. I got it, he says when it comes to impeachment. There aren't just too even if Trump is not removed, which he probably won't be the process, it could shine a light on the contents of the mother report and that's the point they know they remove him. John Oliver said as much. They just want bad press y. Well in this story from Fox NEWS component wonders if news orgs would push impeachment to boost their ratings and there it is news. Outlets often bill themselves as gatekeepers of truth with slogans such as facts. First and Washington, Post's democracy dies in darkness is the market on a long time ago. Let's see endpoint of Brian's other suggestion on Sunday that money, clicks and ratings could influence their coverage to spot on Bryan without disagreements. But he's right here still to raise the question during a con. Person on the show reliable sources about whether or not the
just wants to see the President President Trump impeached, Washington, Post columnist, Margaret Sullivan, a guest on the show said, treatment is in the air but denied that the media had much to do with it. Bs John Oliver has nothing to gain politically from going this show in ranting and raving about what the Democrats should or shouldn't do other than ratings. Pandering. I swear I like bill, Bill Maher goes on his show. He says a lot of things that are offensive and called out. You know the Sj Ws, as it were, but look at MSNBC. We know it's about the ratings. We know it's not the clicks. We know it's, not the money. 'cause Rachel Maddow went on for years about russian conspiracies in the power being shut off in Fargo and it's mind numbing insane conspiracy. They call it the Trump bump and we all know and Brian Stelter pulls the mask on and says, but what about our money clicks and ratings? You know the media and uh I respect him for bringing this up. This is an excellent point, so
even respond to that news. Executives may want impeachment to occur, because it would be good for business that may be going on in the background or in corporate officers, but I don't think that journalists ever really even really think that way. I cannot there's two people. There are two kinds of people in media. Ninety percent of nine thousand and ninety nine percent of people fall into one of these two categories: overt activists. Who lie cheat and steal for political ends and the journalists, the actual ones who provide them safe, harbor and turn their heads and close their eyes and refuse to call them out. I know many of these people. I work for some of these common. I know the people in these big organizations, I'm a member of the Online NEWS Association and I spoke at one of their conferences, so I know a lot of these people. I know Brian Stelter is Brian, going to call out the activists who are lying. No, he brings them on the air Kevin Rich with their times. To talk about his anecdote about. I kid you not,
which teams are in the story where Kevin Ruse watched one Youtube, video and then presented a conspiracy theory. This is news providing safe harbor today To this end, I would call Kevin actress 'cause. I worked with him at fusion fusion, which is now called splinter. News is a woke, progressive digital media outlet put in there. So don't tell me it's not an activist and Brian cell. That gives him safe harbor. The New York Times gives them safe harbor, and this is what we end up with activists who want who want money, sociopath who want fame and the other people who just provided all safe, harbor they'll. Both of these people saying I'm not going to Fallout are people, because you know I like money now, that's where that's where we are today journalism, isn't it national, so I'll, leave it there. I you know we we, we final thought I don't think any of them care about impeachment. There Riley up Democrats to
make them lose their minds because they want to sell. I don't know laundry detergent or something I got one more story coming up for you in a few minutes stick around. I will see you there in an op ed from the wash ten examiner. The future of man and marriage is bleak and I agree, and perhaps there's a bit of a personal bias and why I am interested in stories like these, but, admittedly I think it is very news relevant to talk about the decline of marriage and men that are going to school there, not having relationships like that mountain, like men, are that the amount of mail Virginia skyrocketing. You have to wonder why this is why they're living at home. This is not good for society. Of course there is the you know: radical feminists were laughing about it because they view the world through a lens of patriarchy, but this will be bad for everyone.
I'm a firm believer in equality. I believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to succeed and we could- and that means a lot that really does. That means providing resources to impoverished communities. It yes, libraries, education, internet, very very uh social Democratie of you, you might say to me, of course it about kung other hand is absurd nonsense. That means nothing. You can't guarantee outcomes. They'll never be the same and now we're seeing a problem inequality. Do I see the the last coming out to the defense of men? They never do. Sometimes. There are some good people have called this out and I appreciate it, but always it's just negative: patriarchy, etcetera, etcetera and we are headed for a dark future without families. I don't care what your family structure is. I'm not talking about nuclear
hello, Norma families either I'm talking about people who can share resources to help raise children and provide a loving family environment, single parent households. Don't do as well. As you know, dual parent and again, I'm not talking about straight couples. This is a this is I was reading about this really interesting. They don't know yet. Okay, the studies are still ongoing. That's my understanding could be wrong. My understanding was that we know that fatherless households, the kids, two kids who grow up without fathers, tend to do really bad, more likely to drugs more likely to go to jail, but they they they haven't, been able to determine necessarily if same sex couples would be better or worse. So, for the time being, it is presumed- and this is coming from- like intellectual dark web types, that two parents is still a baby. A major benefit, and so I bring this up to point out families matter. Families are important for children and, more importantly, no not having kids, it's not even that
getting married and I'm like, like look who's talking. You know thirty, three single, no kids! You know my dad two kids by the time, you're twenty seven. Well, it's true. They have to say about the future of men, marriage, the Washington examiner, says with Father's day upon us. The time has come to address as a nation. What Heather Mcdonald noted earlier this year is the greatest social catastrophe of our time. Fatherlessness fatherlessness is the number one cause of nearly all social ills we face. We can't afford to ignore it any longer to be clear. Father absence is the more accurate term, since fatherlessness implies that men have become deadbeat dads, nothing could be further from the truth sure this faction exists at as do dead beat months, but the two most significant threats to a father's presence in the home are divorce and out of wedlock births. It's the breakdown of marriage, in other words, or the collapse of the family, that results in Father absent homes, whether you feel it's pain directly,
not in a fax you, families are the building blocks of civilization rights, Genevieve Wood at the daily signal. They are personal relationships, but they greatly shape and serve the public good family breakdown harm society as a whole. Indeed, it does and how exactly the family fall apart. When we stop valuing man and marriage, give me there was a time believe or not. When marriage was highly valued ever go the majority of Americans married, they even look forward to it. It was an honorable mark of adulthood to leave one's family of origin and build a. Family of ones own. You ever played the game of life. I believe it's by Milton Bradley. It's the game. At where you live a life- and you have kids, I do know
I believe there is a game of life where you can choose a single childless option for real, but think about what that what that means when the game was developed to them a normal course of life was college, no college, I'm getting married and having kids. Today, people are doing it, they're, not having it. I will also point out. One of the funny things about life is that there was never any obstruction of a same sex couple. In fact, many many times growing up playing life people would be like you know a you get. You have a pink and blue little character and you can put pink and blue whatever you want. The car, which means when you got married, you could have put two men and two women. Isn't that amazing, even in the game of life, like the possibility of same sex, marriage existed, but there was no possibility of single single childlessness, at least I'm pretty sure. That's the case right. I could be wrong, but I played like not too long ago. I'm pretty sure you get married and have kids
all three young then came feminism and with it not a Dennis Prager in his fireside chat on marriage and children versus career. The notion that a woman without a man is like a fish without a bicycle. This my was glamorizing not coined by Gloria Steinem in nineteen seventies and was quickly in insulated both in prior generation and those who followed Prager rightly defines America's new narrative, which is directly a directed specifically to women. You don't need a man, you need a career and then you'll be happy I don't entirely agree with a lot of this. The the the ideas put forth through Prager University in terms of you know, family and marriage. I do, however, a completely agree
that the new narrative we see from the left specifically targets women. Now there are issue and it targets of our women positively and negatively in the sense that they tell women. You can do this go do this. They want women to be more masculine and men to be less masculine. It's very, very weird. They say the most masculine traits are toxic. They really do. I understand that some people point out legitimate toxic masculinity like hey
using kind of situations where women has to what you know the pupil. The point you get the point I'm trying to make. There are some aspects of male behavior that are bad, we'll get it and the honest, good faith actors will point to that as toxic masculinity are absolutely is toxic femininity, how you define it well, a lot of people of different definitions, one one that I've heard is that your toxic masculinity is, is arrogance and aggressive in a sort of behavior to the point where you cause harm to others for self gain and toxic femininity is feigning the victim in order to make gains from those who seek to help right and but but but a lot of people of different applications. That's what women are being encouraged to do for the most part, at least in my life. Growing up is to be more, like men, think think about like any movie captain Marvel, for instance, they made a movie where it was good. It was better, it was. It was finally that a woman was becoming a warrior and causing damage to their enemies and saving lives. I'm not saying they should or shouldn't, but I'm
pointing out that the tradition, traditional gender roles were that women raised families, and I you know, and man what, on the you know, what often and and risk their lives and save lives and and and hunted, and things like that, so Captain Mara and and that's literally why we're at the point where we are captain Marvel is: is a woman in a more masculine role? I'm not saying you should be at the point. The point making us, where is the movie where the man is the mother is in the motherly. And the whole movie is about raising a good family. I'm not they don't exist, I'm making a point about what the big blockbuster is and what people really really want. When it comes to social justice, the left says women should be ceos, but we don't see the same level of activism in the press or otherwise of them. Saying men should be stay at home dads, it does exist, but it's disproportionate. Almost all of the feminism is about breaking the glass ceiling. What about men? Breaking the I don't know wooden cabin, I don't know what you call it, but for men there are a lot of guys
would love to be stay at home dad's and raise their kids teach them how to be successful or whatever, and society typically wants men at work and women at home, and that's the controversial stereotype. What do we have now? Men at work women at work, so who's in the home, nobody for real it still is disproportionate, disproportionately women for sure I'm not saying that's not really a bad thing, but we can't have a society that only prioritizes one aspect of life or acts like there aren't two parents to parental roles.
Whether or not you think women should be in the motherly role or the or the defendant and in the masculine is is not the point. The point is we have two parents, one look after kids, one goes and works today. It's just both parents working in hiring a caretaker, don't la it's! It's it's crazy. So this is. This is, in my opinion, the big problem of what we see from you know, regressive, left, wing activism. Is that it's not fighting for equality. It really isn't it's fighting to l, to diminish one gender, gender role and inflate another gender role in a certain in a certain degree right. This way, Meta criticized for being toxic. They say tone it down. Men should be more to the from inside. Yes, okay, that still leaves I'll put it this way, if there's a scale from negative to positive ten and negative tennis feminine positive time is masculine they're telling men to turn it down to A5 and women to tone it up to A5. You see what I mean like just know: feminine femininity at all.
There is there's been numerous like tv shows. You like family guy and Simpsons Simpsons have commented on this, where you know like Lois, Griffin or Marge Simpson,. Size by feminists for being housewives, and they say that's their choice and it should be in in my world going up and believing in true equality and liberty for all men and women have a choice as to what they truly want to do. But today I kid you not I spy. I speak with a ton of women who tell me they don't. What careers and not saying everyone most women? I know the overwhelming majority want careers. I'm saying there are women who want to be mom's who can't because they feel pressured by society to me that kind of sucks and I think what we should do to protect the family and to help improve society. It reduce crime. All of these things is encourage the family and encourage people to take the path they want. If you want to be at home with the kids Weather man or woman
You have that choice. We need more of that side of the argument and less you know all we ever hear is. I want to work at the top of the office and make a billion dollars. Ok great, even even within that argument. There's no one argues that women should be you know, cleaning, sewers and and and and you know, being garbage women. It's always about the big Cushy air conditioned office, jobs and that's fine, I'm not saying just because you prioritize one thing doesn't mean you ignore the other, but I think there's an imbalance in the argument and this, and this is not going to result in a quality, so I I know I want to read about family stuff, we'll just wrap up with with their final thoughts. They say it's been fifty Since feminist first began to make the claim that women don't need men and by every statistical measure, we are worse off because of it. How much longer are we willing to stay silent? Well, my opinion is a is lessons about men and more about parents and dedicated to child rearing, so it may be I'm wrong and sends the studies will prove that fathers and
others do provide a a very specific benefit. That's fine! I was reading some. You know I can't member exactly who's on the intellectual doc. What types talking about we don't actually know if there's a difference between two parents and a male and female parents right matters, but but you know all over into it and and if you guys know better than I do feel free to comment and set the and you know set the record straight- I'm not I'm, not a scientist in that. You know this regard, I'm not an expert just some thoughts. I have my personal opinions, but I think we can all agree that families are important and that that the current narrative we see from the left does nothing to balance out. But what families really need? Thanks for hanging out, I will see you all tomorrow at ten am on this channel flows, the podcast six, thirty pm Ash! That's right up I'll! See you next time.
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