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Reddit Hit With MASSIVE Hack, Reeks Of Chinese PsyOp Day After Trump Bans TikTok And NUKES Tencent


The hack plastered weird Chinese pro Trump messages all over Reddit.Democrats and Republicans both agree that TikTok is dangerous and in various forms have banned its use in government but Trump dropped the hammer last night banning TikTok AND WeChat.The banning of WeCHat also seems to have hit Tencent which owns or has stakes in many US companies and could send shock waves across the internetCould this have been retaliation for Trump's action against Chinese companies?

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Earlier today, several different forums, so rights on one. The most popular social media websites read. It were hacked to display a weird second language, pro trunk message, littered with emerges and chinese characters and now one really knows who did it or why? But it affected inactive MA. The for various our budgets who got hacked, and This access was used to plaster pro trot messages across many different subjects. In my personal opinion, it looks accept some kind of sign up. It could very well be pro tromp anti trump. It could be pro Trump people in Hungary. I honestly have no idea, but we are seeing something interesting? There are many try. Supporters who are cheering for the display of approach. Our message, although there, Also many trump supporter saying it looks like a manipulation by chinese hackers and there are many people on Red it, who, quite literally, believe Donald Trump supporters put up chinese p
trot messages in order to encourage them to vote for Donald Trump. I've got Some images of to show you and go through this, but all of this is happening the day after Donald Trump signed to executive orders targeting Tik Tok, and we chat with a which, essentially, what is a ban giving his companies for five days to divest from their chinese connections. Otherwise, there out one of these executive orders the one percent in a week. Also mentions ten cent. This lead to widen red fears among many people, because tens and actually is buildings in many other american companies, including read it that's right, tension invested a hundred and fifty million dollars last year into read it, and now many people fear that executive order will interfere with things like we chat, read it Spotify, etc. Now Why does this clarified? This won't affect those companies, but nonetheless the
might be some kind of retaliation or response. So let's go through all the news men, what Trump just did with these executive orders was like a figurative economic, tactical nuke on China. Hurting them severely and there is good reason to do it. Giving our pride information to a foreign adversary like China, especially as tensions are rising. Does it seemed like a good idea and there are literally people on the left in this country defending China over this to me, it's absolutely in saying now All of this is coming after another big breaking story. From seen at just two days ago, you two band. Almost twenty six hundred chinese channels for influence operations, we're gonna go. All of this story is absolute Lee crazy and people are right now trying to figure out to recover these. Broken sub rights that have been flooded with weird programme Massachusetts read this before we get started had over the TIM cast outcomes last
If you'd like to support my work, there are many ways you can give the best thing you can do subscribe to this channel. But half the people who watch my videos, art subscribed, and I am very, very close to breaking one millions of sky members with your support. I can actually do that now be pretty cool. I guess, but you'll also get access to my video, so I'm out I'm absolutely happy and humbled and honoured at everybody who subscribe to my channel. So I really do appreciate it may create the like button. The notification I share the video. If you really like it the first image, As for you, what you ve been staring out for quite a bit, if you been watching it says I'm twenty twenty America, then there's a boy, of emerges and chinese characters. Then it says we support trump, as he is a ton of fun say we don't lie to you, the american people. We believe that we can call. A bygone as Bygones with no regret and no worry tromp MA America, twenty twenty five clear
whoever wrote this doesn't speak, English is the first language, let alone do they actually speak it well at all. But there are other images like this. This one comes specifically from the Donald Witches: it's it's an external forum that budded off of read it and credit its own clone of red. Because right it has been censoring Donald Trump supporters, conservatives and the Donald celebrated The reason why I find this particularly interesting as it pertains to the right it hack is that well China invested. I should say ten cent invested but come on. It's the Communist Party of China. Their companies are working at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party fifty million dollars? At one point, I believe I have the story right. It gets a hunch. And fifty million dollar investment from ten cent and use our posting means to mock the deal. But what makes me interested in
as I wonder, if that money in any way influences read it to oppose tromp as Trump targets, China. We have two executive orders, one targeting Tik Tok and on site. Is we chat and ten cent, as well as Tik Tok and bite dance? I want to read this for you be as people are freaking out, particularly about ten cent, because it makes this executor border makes it seem like right. It will have to basically shut, down or sell Spotify Illegal, agents, epic games I'll get that it doesn't seem to be the case, but first the great hack. I bring you now to sub Reddit drama. They say a coordinated, coordinated attack on read it a compromise accounts changed numerous subjects into pro tromp propaganda. This morning, admins are on it, and so our slowly being reverted to normal, there's, a guide to anathema Barbara, but they say this interesting, seeing reports that some compromised. Accounts did have to factor author authentication enabled make sure,
you have a unique password regardless. However, this has got through, they broke to factor which would suggest this is not some run of the mill kid, but someone who has a little bit more skilled, an average I'll admit breaking to factor, isn't the hardest thing in the world. But it's not that easy, thing either there certainly ways to do it and we may be. We may be getting to the point where to factor is just really easy to bypass for those not familiar read. It is a website where people post links the links get up. Voter downvoted. Most up votes, they go to the top. Most of you probably know the says so forgive me, but I have to explain the context What's really fascinating to me here is the message is clearly do come from American, so I dont know why anyone would think there actually proton messages, but on the surface, That's what they are. I mean: that's it we're callings, that's what they are now. The question is Was this intended to make it look like trump supporters? Are hacking sub rights to gain support
Was it designed to look like China? Was hacking this and pretending to support trump? Is it literally people in China who support trump? We don't know regardless, though it definitely seems to be of two you have been written by chinese someone who speaks chinese as the first language, whether or not whatever their intention is. I don't, oh, but a sigh up it sir. It does seem like it and what that means. The cycle cooperation is an influence campaign, something intended to manipulate you and, as I pointed out, I not is doing this. It's not a conspiracy theory. Seeing that says you to bear twenty six hundred chinese channels for info its operations cycle logic operations right, it's basically the same thing may be somewhat argh. It's a little different but they're, trying to influence your mind now check it out somebody drama. Heres a list of all of the sub rights that have been compromise like destiny, the games and our slash, Nauru toe, which is weird and Rupaul drag race podcast Pokemon Fur,
shot battles and I fell. All of these things were compromise now. Here's what I find really interesting is this comment. The top come. What one of the top common says. I wonder If anyone's like quote, I wasn't going to vote for trouble before, but how that his supporters hacked the accounts of the model of our slash, narrow toe? I will someone's It was only a matter of time before posters in concert in conservative, say they walked way from the left. After the brave hacking of twenty twenty Trump is the next HO cargo confirmed which has arrived Do the anime Naroda? Do these people act really believe that Donald Trump supporters are trying to get them to vote for Trump by hacking. All these credits to me, that seems frankly, absurd, but maybe it's working now you're gonna have people say: did you see what tromp supporters were doing? Yes, that's! Actually what you're gonna get out of this and we're already seeing things like it? Here's one honestly could Trump LUG America just let the rest of the I have something nice for five minutes: wow, here's another one,
so this is ending doubly to literal propaganda appear. In addition, these up, I expresses our call em downvoted, so this person who post that was getting upset. Another person says I have just come from roubles drag race. This has happened. There looks as if the major being hacked by pro trumpery is, I honestly can't tell if its pro trump idiot or an Anti Trump post like the image and better seem genuine, but there's Griffin seems like an s post feels like it's. An S post, probably end up being sent to do with fortune. The description is just terribly written, so it could be pro trumpets, but at the same time I can see proton person. I can't see programme for taking the time to translate into China we actually have a big large post that goes over. There's a big post, showing what was sad, I'm trying to sort through other adipose here, I'm not gonna readings, and I want to read the Pro China propaganda message, but its substantial. And they say things like you know, the Democrats are bad Trump as good a bunch of things like this saying that
you know Biden got dimension, Trot now: national Anthem It seems to be a fake, proud, Trump message that I'm on the surface. You could argue its protract, but I think that ex layer is that at some one sarcastically supporting trump. Now here's what saw coming into play. Why these matters first, let me just say we don't what it is or why they did it, but it happened and it's weird because it comes just after this from Donald Trump executive order on which yet he said, Annie transaction that is related to which it by any person or with respect to any property. Subject: the jurisdiction of the? U S with United States with tense and holdings limited. Or any subsidiary of an entity as identified by the Secretary of Commerce under section one of order. And they gonna say that it's the section one aces following actions are prohibited now,
My understanding, based on us in an article as well as statements from some of these companies, is that it specifically means we chat and nothing else. However, many people are starting to freak out because they are concerned, it will actually leak over into other companies. Take a look at this. The verge rights trumps we chat ban could touch everything from Spotify to legal legends. We chats ban may be a bigger deal than tick talks. Could it be that this hack was meant to make Donald Trump look bad in retaliation to the actions he's taking against these chinese companies? I don't know but I will say it's very interesting, chinese language, protract messages pop up and hack. All of these different accounts right after Donald Trump says we're gonna, banjo companies, the verge rights. Last. The Trump Administration issued a pair of stunning executive orders against chinese technology companies banning you
Wes transactions with the companies after a deadline of September twentieth, most of the immediate focus has been on Tik Tok, which was targeted through its parent company bite dance, but the second order could have far more unpredictable a far more on political impact. Targeting text up, we check which at and its parent company tens Tens and is one of the large tech largest tech companies in the world, and it spent the last few years buying stakes and video games, studios music companies in social media apps its bigger than by day and with significant ownership stakes and snap blizzard, Spotify and others. It's our more embedded in the global tech industry. Yester. His order made those connections much more dangerous, even if they fall outside it narrow legal consequences of the order as tens it responds and its business partners are forced to choose sides. The consequences could be far brought in the White House realises and far more,
damaging to the average consumer. First. I also want to point out. I do not trust the verge as a source. They're, probably gonna, be biased. In fact, the verge actually published a defence of China. I kid you not anywhere three. The executive order is intended to target. We chat, specifically an anonymous White Ass official told the allay our times. Of order is intended to target. We chat, specifically an anonymous White Ass official told the elite Elliot the porter sounding. However, we won't know until the forty five day. Grace period is up which transactions are actually prohibited. For instance, Whether it applies to money sent through we chat or whether it will lie to money transferred between ten cent subsidiaries. We are reviewing the decorative order to get a full understanding. A tenant representative told the New York Times
again, they say no, no, just with reach out to the wider sang it my no matter what their claiming it might matter. What's actually in the executive order, we check is the dominant shut up in China and ubiquitous tool for payments shopping and business transactions. Many companies, large and small, are run almost entirely through it. And and its immense footprint in China has led to some spillover over usage in the. U S analysed estimate. There are around one point five million? U S weak users compared to one billion in China, which had also deeply embedded in China's various systems of censorship and surveillance, and there are real sick. Thirty concerns for the minority of use outside of China. If all the order does his block Americans ability to use, we check the impact will be fairly limited, but even if President Trump means to limit the impact to which, at its not clear, he'll, be able
The orders language is broad. Invoking the international emergency economic powers act to prohibit quote any transaction that is related to reach at by any person or with respect to any property subject to the jurisdiction of it. It states with ten cent holdings or any subsidiary of that entity as it into five by secondary of commerce. That building is ours, they say, and we won't know how strict the Department of Commerce will be about enforcing that rule until the enforcement starts think about it if a company that has ten cent or a company that has a? U no relation to ten cent, tries to like a transaction in any way related to reach at or by by passing the ban to each other. They could say, shut em. All down think this way you have three parties a b and C Donald Trump says: no one can make any transaction to party a and any affiliate. You know of its subsidiaries, be or see what happens if company B,
wants to send a transaction accompany ace. What they do is they just send it to company see first, you see how they bypass that ban. Theoretically, thank you. You can't really track what what dollars go to what issue? I could argue that you look. I owe my buddy ten bucks for a Rio, he bought me the other day, but my body owes his stir ten bucks for the burrito. She bought him. So he says just give the ten bucks to my sister then legally I've not made a transaction between me and my body. It's to a third party see how this works. The general idea is these companies related Tenzin could easily bypass this restriction on weed through their own companies and the money. You won't know what dollar or what one is met. What is your name I write, in which case the ban may be broad
they may say straight up: read it can't give money to Spotify because are trying to bypass a week at Vienna Summit that it seems broad and maybe a bit extreme, but that is a potential. Although the government is the widest saying, we did intend that there are many p but more fans of, say, Abbot games, and things like this that are straight up like night, isn't, it seems they went to broad with this another in trouble they might get shot down because of the vagueness or the broadening of the order. Anyway, the main point. The reason I bring this up is that this is very far reaching. It could theoretically impact read it and then all of a sudden we see right it get hacked by this weird creepy, psychological, manipulation or sacra psychological operation by who knows who, with aid, seems like the person's Chinese? No idea could it be the chinese government it could be, but we don't
it's more likely. It's gonna, be one of these groups that China employs their technically private actors. Small hacking. You know, groups in China that have a sort of passive support, the governments of the government can say it was just criminals. It wasn't us kind of like a letter of Mark back in the age of piracy. In the you in the colonial era. We won't know how this will play out, but in forty five days we we'll find out- or I should say, we won't find out until the forty five days, they say much of the impact will also be out of trumps control. We don't know how banks and upstairs will respond to the order or how Tenzin itself is likely to retaliate any business with attendant ownership? Stake is potentially implicated since an abrupt departure of ten sent from the market could throw their financial situations into chaos in the midst of a global economic crisis, it's hard to say, purpose prices with the IMF, precisely what the impact will be, but the sheer scope of the company's investments shows how ugly things could get check this out ten,
owns one hundred percent of right games, the developer of legal legends Tenzin is the largest minority owner a fortnight and and You'll engine developer, Epic Games Tenzin owns one in eight, percent of super cell clash of clans tense. It publishes mobile versions of players unknown battleground in China and owned by percent of blue hole tense. It has single, they get stakes in various game cities like Bliss studios like blizzard, Booby, soft and platinum games, there's another ten cent messaging app called cute. You several hundred million users, although it pretty predates we chat and originated as an icy q style is instant messenger service for windows, tenant production, company distributor, tenant pictures. Is involved in major Hollywood productions like wonder, woman, venom, Terminator dark fate and the upcoming top gun maverick It also acts as a major film distributor within China and its minority stakes in a range of smaller production companies last year, tents and struck a one point: five billion
a five year deal with the NBA to stream. It's games and Chyna Snapchat owner snap sold twelve percent to zero dollars and ten cents in twenty seventeen Tencent owns fourteen percent of forty percent of cacao, which runs like a cow game platforms, this year tenant, wrote a ten percent stake in universal music group tents. It has I am stake Spotify with the two partnering intensive. Is it and they don't even mention read it? Could it be that Donald comes executive order was intentionally broad targeting be chat but was actually trying to slide through and strike at the heart of ten cent. The chinese company there's buying up tons of U S based companies or getting its influence in these companies, because Donald Trump doesn't like chinese influence in Amerika. Think about it. Universal music group, interesting top gun maverick They make changes to placate China. What the NBA, the NBA,
recently refused to condemn China in fact costs jerseys, wouldn't allow you on the NBA store to say the message. Free Hong Kong, very, very interesting, what's happening, my friends, we may be in information, age warfare? It has not happened before between two superpowers no I'm, not I don't want you have some people argue China is not yet a superpower we're not yet in a cold war but since the information age began with the expansion of the internet. We have not seen what warfare will really look like, and I think this may be. I mean honestly, look. We know. Economics plays a role in warfare. It would do happened in old war tune. It will happen again. Maybe we our just in the precursor stage, to a hot war. I am not entirely sure, but I can't tell you that China is engaging in a ton of crazy influence operations, as I have already shown you tube, adding these accounts? So you know it is not a conspiracy theory to say that China,
is using various tech platforms and social media platforms to engage in influence operations. Psychological operations in this country. Now it trunks trumps, ban of weak at and Tiktok have to say, depending on the scale to which their spying on users it's a good thing. It really is tiktok, how to run a hundred million users in the U S and they been accused of stealing information from these users in sending out of the Communist Party of China, we all need to understand and I warned about this. An IRA podcast I've warned about it before, but I will worn at warn you all again. If the Atkins you want your other acts are doing, it can know where your browsing or copy clipboard information it's gonna know allotted dirty dirty secrets about you, Maybe you gave it summer. You proved some functions on it without realising we'd like to access your messages. A lot of people We chat yeah by all means some people,
Chile set it up so that we as their default. Imagine every single private message and every naughty message, any potentially illegal message being late. To buy an adversary if a hot war did break out or because you ve become problematic for their country. That's true me. True of many other people, Donald Trump banning this is trying to shut down influence operations in this country as well as this fine. But the influence operations find also substantial. China was engaging in propagandistic efforts according to several articles through ticked through bite dance, not just tiktok, Tik Tok, because there is an ongoing genocide in their country of the weaker Muslims and they know the United States is probably the only country that could stop it. Hot war is, is, in my opinion, the potential is real,
it's there and I am not entirely sure whether or not we will do anything about these genocides. If we're gonna stand up for Hong Kong, if we're going to keep calling out, you know what's going on with these, with, with with China and all the stuff, but I'll tell you, then this article from the verge shows us just how deep the tendrils of China run in this country. Our resources were being extracted, our manufacturing had long since move away from the? U S to China, we then see unit unanimity. Some, I find it so fascinating. When you go to read it, every thing is an die, Donald Trump. Isn't that weird is weird come on? Why was read it banning all of this pro trump content? Why is everything now
he felt anti trump. Why does Tenzin have a hundred and fifty million dollars invested in, read it, and so many other companies that have done what China wants? Could it be that the far left intersection. Eighty nonsense is just another part of this size up so from China, according to seen at some of the channels banned by you, two were posting content about racial just at racial justice protest in the? U S: They dont go on to elaborate what that was about. We don't know, maybe it was promos against. I dont know we do know that other countries have tried to inflame the racial justice protests. Could it be that its destabilizing, our country and its hurting Donald Trump Black lives matter, saw a major boost following the George Floyd Incident, this hurt Donald Trump and Trump is going after China when trumped got an office for all his faults, he started repairing the economy, a lot of people dont want to acknowledge it, but the fact is as of right now we are in dire straits because of Co.
Before covered, however, where the best numbers of our lives manufacturing was turning. Unemployment is at an all time low. You see. Many politicians were selling us out to China with our factories. Overseas. We had poor people in middle class. People spending their money, giving it to China and the wealthy Americans were getting the profits of cheap labour. They were essentially getting a higher portion of the revenue in exchange for selling us out to a foreign adversary now. We can see that with that influence, China has been buying up american companies and Bacon now control what we can see, what we can think with their investment and read it, I wonder: do they influence the hate speech policies as it is? Is it any coincidence, then conservatives who are typically getting band and its more likely to be the conservative saying we need to reclaim our manufacturing and push back against chinese influence. These are the people who get banned. Not every single
person, but many of them. The NBA, won't speak up against China movies, like Cop gun maverick altered the images because of Chinese, because the Chinese cut a communist party was offended. Donald Trump is standing up to them. We may fall into this through cities trap, a war will break out between two superpowers and with the collapse of echo ties between the two countries. It becomes ever more likely that's why some people are arguing against what Trump is doing. They think it's better than America, Health is preferable to communism. Am I can tell you what to believe, but I'll tell you this for all of trumps faults. Joe Biden is incapable of being put
that have people like Donald Trump, who say no death, is preferable to communism. Am I can tell you what to believe birthday this for all of trumps faults? Joe Biden is incapable of being present as far as I'm concerned. He won't stand up to China. In fact, I believe is another one of his cronies has been in office for decades and has been selling us out to China. There may be a hot war, I don't know how you stop it, but I would rather live free. I would rather live free or die. I would rather let us die on my feet. Then live on my knees, and I know a lot of other Americans agree with that, and perhaps that's what separates us from. You know the other faction. What I want to call it left and right really doesn't make sense. Some people would say I'm right wing, but my policies are very liberal. I mean I'm pro public option, leaning towards pro universal health care, pro choice, progressive tax pro all of these policies, but here I am saying Donald Trump is the only viable option right now and whatever is going on with China needs to be stopped, otherwise
we won't have a future for this country. It's funny how people try to criticise me for saying that on the left, but these are the people who are sitting on right. It absorbing all this fake news and propaganda from a company that has major holdings from chinese influence and would ban speech that is offensive to certain ideas. These ideas that are just destructive that give us that led us to no future the ideas being put forward on Twitter and Facebook and Youtube these hate speech rules now understand that racism. You know, I'm not a fan of it, so I would engage in that gonna nonsense, but communism, that's a whole other ballgame. The far left in this country, supported by the Democrats, has no goal. It is a chaotic and destructive force. They abolish the police and then what nothing
And that's what scares me so listen! It's all tied together will see how this place out. I dont know of trumpets changed the order, but we will see in forty five days leave their necks segment is coming up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. Thanks, rang out, then I will you all then every morning, when I wake up, I think to myself I wonder, what's in the news this morning, that I will talk about for my early morning segment and oh of course it's going to be the far left black lives matter I ongoing in Portland, which the government seems to be unable to control. Last night, the mayor of Portland TED Wheeler, condemned the fort the black lives matter rioters for attempting to commit murder. You see what they had done the night before last was they set fire to the front and the back of a police station. I believe, both its trapping the police officers inside now. Fortunately, the fires did engulf the building and the officers did not die in the building is mostly safe, so they ve barricaded it up again. Well, perhaps the mayors,
oak too soon, or I guess too late, but whatever he spoke too soon, because that night, which was last night and even tried to do, but again it's getting worse there, not stopping at the police, are unable to do anything about it, and you know what man this is becoming a total pelasgic. These far leftists is, black lives matter. Riders once again went to arrive. Substantial neighbourhood van the lies in private property and now we have locals coming out in these neighborhoods, confronting them getting into fights with these people and their government that, in my opinion, they're going to keep coming. Back. So here we can see the Portland mayor finally speaking up, oh interesting dont, you want federal help now shouldn't these people be locked in jail, locked and present its going to keep happening. I wanna keep having to wake up and talk about the same stoop thing over and over again every single day, but its escalating, and that's why I'm here because I've been saying over and over again, it's only a matter of time before anti forego
Twill Residential House now the other day, some lady came out of her house and she was wearing a nazi armband and because of this, the afar leftists people like. More properly heard screaming at her and they physically attacked her on her property. Now, of course, I think its absolute detestable what this lady was wearing this, it's the stoop. I think she was trying to agitate the crowd. It's done whatever at the point, but I think it's really stupid case. You want to wear that stuff. I'll have nothing to do with it and I think you're really dumb for doing it. But I'll tell you what you want to be in your own property. You want to do your thing: fine go. How do things America do what you want to do? They should attack you on your property. The point is, though, I said this opens the door for the far left. Because now they have a justifiable reason in their minds as to why they're going to private property and if the meat. You won't call it out, and if people won't condemn what they're doing
I will now go to other properties because they ve been given Carte blanche and LO and behold what they do. They romped about the neighbourhood and locals, came out and confronted them. You know go from here once again. They are not telling these black lives matter. Fighters stop going to residential homes, their ignoring it. The Democrats act like it doesn't exist and now you ve got regular people trying to defend themselves and not this late entry, but other people coming. Because, because, but black lives matter, writers are coming under their property and their spray painting. Other nonsense in commenting call whatever you want, but listen. They are flying black lives matter flags there. That's what they're spray painting they are not, talking about anti for so that, if the greater organization, the Democrats Dominic dont, want to condemn what they're doing so, be it that's what it is and they support it. They act like it doesn't exist you know it. Maybe Jerry never was right. Remember when Natalie
regrets at all anti violence. That's a myth. You know what I can say to you. Mr now you're correct. There is no anti violence its black lives matter rioting. I know it's a bunch of white progressive, you know middle upper middle class, young people doing it but sure their flying the banner of black lives matter and none of the Democrats. We'll call it out and they bend the need to these people while they attack residencies, they support it and that's what it is it a part of the black lives matter. Movements are already this article from Fox NEWS, but we have another just terrifying article. This is from cagey W eight, the most horrific displays of hate that I've ever seen. Portland police describe front lines of protests. I can't I can't describe
to what this officer said was being yelled at the female officers, but he mentions that somebody in these these these black lives matter activists, writers. Whatever said they were going to take the female officers baton, and I think you can surmise you, can you can make assumptions us as to what they say they said to her about what they would do with that baton to her. And they said it repeatedly to other female officers. I've I've seen and heard these people screaming racial slurs. It's no wonder there I The olive is overtly white, supremacist and sexist, and they straight up admit it and the Democrats so now, bending the knee they ve given up they put on the little club as they stand, and that, in the end, this you know capital building whatever and they ve been. There need to an overt Lee white supremacist ideology where you have all of these books written by people showed up admit their racists.
Yet for some reason: that's a good thing for these people. I suppose that's what they like about, not me, but let's exactly what's going on check it out, the insurgents have set fire to the EAST precinct on fire. Now this last last night for us early morning, one o seven m at Amuse, I'm not sure was personas is if they don't have anything in there by open verify. Twitter user has a video and it shall it's a bunch of people suddenly, building on fire, we can see, hear things are getting much worse. Several hundred black clad rioters wearing helmets gas masks and shields just took over the streets in front of the EAST Police precinct in Portland. The Portland right have started is getting worse, there's more people than ever. They are literally trying to kill cops. They are trying to burn buildings. Doubt people inside and look at this mass of people
remember when all of these left these sad nodded the feds are gone yea I was alive. Where are those people now, whereas anybody can to condemn this, but that there was some far right guy who their interracial incident, where he discriminate against somebody the church the other day or something has been arrested. These people are trying to burn down a police department. You it's funny. There's a anti virus, never actually killed anybody. Yes, I know- and I ll save for the fifty billion time, because their terrible at what they do fine, but there still extremely dangerous. It's only a matter of time. If you dont want arresting these people for try to murder a bunch of police. The assembly has been declared illegal will come back to this threat, but I have this is the most important one from Andy. No residents in the area where a home is being vandalized, come out to confront anti for writers. I'm sorry, Andy! It's black lives matter. Now. Ok, they choose their name. A man carries a May weapon and tells them to get out
well, I I imagine it's only going to escalate from here because, like I said before, you give them a reason to come to a residential neighbour, the woman and her armband and now they're. Just there, and now they have the confrontation in general. Now they're gonna kill that guy with the melee weapon of being a white supremacist or whatever, and we're going to see more of what the Portland Mayor calls attempting to commit murder. Well, let's see exactly what this man had to say: Portland Mayor TED Wheeler Thursday evening condemned the action of writers who attended to set fire to a police precinct and blocked the exits while officers weren't I hope that I will. I believe I was wrong. I don't think there's a fire in the back. They blocked the exits and then try to torture. The building. When you come at all with an accelerant and an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people who have you, intentionally trapped inside. You are not demonstrating. You are attempting to commit murder. So, let's, let's about we call this the black lives matter attempted murderers.
Beyond rioting there. I just smashing up windows there actually trying to kill people dont. Think for a moment that you are that that you are, if you are participating in this activity, you are not being you are not being a prop for the election campaign for Donald Trump. Ok, I think he's is language, as it is a bit bad, but he sang you're gonna, be trumps, gonna use this and yeah, and he should guess what Wheeler Kate Brown You are unable to control what's going on, and then you know what I got to say: man, I don't necessarily blame them. I blame the people of Portland. I really do you know why, because you voted for these people and because they won't indict when it comes to grand juries, the judges cut. These people lose you vote for these p
You get these people appointed, and now you have a bunch of judges horse in their laughing saying cut him loose. Let him do their thing. We dont care there. You go you vote, for. This is what you get. I'm sorry, I feel bad for the people who didn't vote for it, but you live in Portland and their voting for this every step of the way- and this is what you can expect this stuff's not happening in smaller towns. When the black lives matter. Riders. Try going some small town in Ohio to seven hundred plus people came out. It was ten to one in opposition. You look at these small. What more rural areas and conservative areas the cops come out and say? No, you take a look at what, when its gnomish County North of Seattle and it s, lady jumps out with a rifle go peaceably somebody somewhere else and their life, but we're being peaceful. It's like yeah, because you know she's armed a right was declared Wednesday evening when agitators descended upon the Portland police. Bureaus is pressing. Building spray painted over security cameras and broke glass
a glass door, the two, by with a two by four lit a fire using at accelerant and through fireworks. Another objects at the officers that was Wednesday night night. Seventy were well into night, seventy one and you can see men its there has been no arrests. Things were escalating. You know it's really freaking me about. All of this is this: this right here, an older I tried to stop annual writers from continuing continuing their attack on the Portland EAST Precinct tonight she stood in the front and they dumped some white liquid all over her and curse. Her out, it looks like they splashed her with paint a little old lady look at his little body. Man she's gone more courage than everyone else in Portland I'll tell you this standing up to a violent mob of black plaid murderous terrorists. The police, are even doing it. The police aren't even standing up to them and she this. The only one dozen other video we're, not
little old lady comes the fireworks and which are trapped with the fires up and they try blocking her in this video. They, this woman's face their screaming at her and they splash or in the eyes with paint I'm assuming its paint, and he says the White liquid right. We don't exactly know what the liquid has. But I think, based on what splatter over the ground on the wall it looks like they threw paint in her face. Painters is toxic. You can't you don't wanna injustice, stuff, Anti FA literally attacked a little old lady trying to stand up for the police precinct. This video will be, I certainly hope so. Tromp was smart We, the video used by ever every Tropic Trump campaign, Trump Super Pack, trump advertisements by every republican running for com Yes, this is the image you need to show a little old lady, standing up to the mob. I'm impressed this woman is incredible. She came up, there, she's just stand there and she standing in front of them and they attacker, and she defies them
I tell you what I can only assume we're gonna see escalation from here. After attacking the Portland Police, EAST Precinct Anti for militants returned to the home of the woman. They tried to blind with lasers. Yesterday evangelize the property there now vandalism, residential homes locals, are trying to come out and stand up against them and there's no police. So what's gonna stop the next group from kicking or Dorin he says the woman's neighbours come out to protect their neighborhood after anti for riders began to trash it the woman who was blind with lasers, yesterday's holding a bad at the door. They they spray painted a Nazi lives here on her house, and I tell you what these people they are violent insane, bigoted these. If it listen, If there was anything you do, I understand why they call the far leftist fascists and I'll tell you why I think it's fair to say they are now. However, however, is a caveat here,
they're not on the surface fascists? Ok, fascism is a reference to traditional as I'm ultra nationalism and authoritarianism. These people tend to be ultra progressive But may I tell you that horse, you theory looks better and better every day, because now they come out. We see this man the most horrific displays of hate that I've ever seen. Three members of the Portland Police Bureau spoke to the media on Thursday afternoon to share personal experiences while working the front lines of important protests. People have gathered each night in downtown Portland for the past ten weeks. To protest. Police brutality. No, no! No! No! No! No! Shut! Your mouth fake news! It's about time! You actually did some research into who these people are and what they want, and they don't care about systemic racism and they don't care about police brutality.
They are trying to abolish the police. They are violent, authoritarian, communists, trying to burn down government institutions. They are not protesting. Anything read any book, read any account interview. Any of these people. Do your jobs, these people, don't I'm sick and tired of the news media there like well, they were holding it besides. A black lives matter. Therefore, this is what they believe shut up. You morons did you ever actually listen? What these people are talking about have ever actually read. Their books have ever actually lie but what the graffiti says when they threaten liberals, are producing anything there straight up, saying burn: all down, but has not protesting brutality. They don't care about that. They want to destroy the government. They have.
Edit. There is videos where they straight up saying they just want to get rid of the government. They want to create a new government. This is just it's just so long as we have a pathetic incompetent news media this. What they'll keep saying sergeant, Brent, Maxie, sergeant, sergeant, Derek Fox worth an officer, Rihanna Carriage, spoke about that, and carriage also talked about funding being cut from the gun. Violence reduction team in the early weeks of protests during rot, widespread calls for defining the police Portland City Council did just that they got rid of their gun VON production team. Now Portland has had the worst, the worst murder rate they have seen in three decades. They don't care air about lives of anybody or police brutality? They want to destroy or systems so they can show up your residential neighbourhoods, and you can do nothing to stop them. We ve already seen across this contracts had fifty billion times the judges, the d a
keep releasing these people, the Nypd caught a guy allege o allegedly was trying to cut the brake lines of police vans and a judge released him without bail. So the feds swooped in locked him up when there's no police, there would be no one to protect your homes and that's what they're doing so yeah Maybe these people are just accidental trump supporters and trying to go out and prove everything Trump is saying, is correct or there's the reality that everything Trump is saying about them is correct. The Democrats won't stand up against it
In fact they been their needs to it. The media, the major corporations, key chanting, black lives matter, while these groups go around screaming black lives matter and smashing up residential property, smashing up police precincts and stores, and businesses and the police are doing anything to stop it, I mean that's a bit unfair. The police are trying, but the court systems in these areas are just releasing all of them. In this video that I mentioned it, this cop talks about how they have said some of the most vile hateful things about abusing women
at dumped on keeping light because as a family, if I do family friendly here for the most part, meaning no Swearingin yet avoid certain descriptions of certain things- I've I've ever I receive emails periodically from people who actually play this when their working in their kids might listen. So I gotta keep the language down by telling you men. You do not want to hear what the sky was saying, but I'll just tell you what want one individual said he was going to take their does here. Is the crowd keyed Anna Scott he's this officer references that people showed up and attacked to turn their attention to two female officers, the crowd Keaton on them, saying some of the most vile things to them. Talking about assault talking about being objects for other officers. There was one individual. That said he was going to take the baton from one of the female officers. And ah, I think you understand why I can't say
the next Tibet Bit, it does take some type of psych psychological toll to sit there and listened to this hate for no other reason than where police officers, I would say it's down there and one of the lowest nights in my career. I think most of these people that are showing support need to stand up and speak out against it. I really think that's how we're going to get through this. You don't say to all the people of Portland. How dare you shame on you, this little old, lady and enough old lady who showed up, where are these strapping young men of Portland to come out and say, leave our town alone. Nowhere it's up to the old women to come out and stand defiant to these far left extremists, these little old Ladys. While what has this
country become. I don't know if I, if I saw a man, these people are attacking the police, they're trying to kill people in, and I believe it was in Tacoma, an avowed out, anti fa. Member of the John Brown Gun Club was firebombing an ice facility and firing weapon. A ghost rifle ghost are at law enforcement and he lost his life. They have tried. They are true buying, and why is it that it's only little old lady standing up and pushing back where I don't come in now? I understand that in Portland you did have a period with a proud boys were standing up against them. The police seem to be an effective. Well many. The proud boys are going to prison for gang violence. We see, others is playing up, the police will arrest people like the proud boys and about Emma. I have no defence of the proud boys of the fact that
When they were confronting anti fa, it wasn't little old Ladys who had to do it, but the police on what will arrest them. So you know what you gonna do anti. Is free to Rome around. No one is no one is allowed to oppose them. The police can by some of them and I'll be released almost immediately, Portland has become a disaster zone as far as I'm concerned, you know why you know I'm saying this: they like to go. You know that the look the fighting and protesting is only in a small twelve block radius downtown surrounding the fat? You know the downtown area Portland Hunter, forty five square miles, then started going to residential neighbourhoods and attacking houses and vandalism, homes taught and now the only people standing up against them, our little old Ladys. So yeah do you wanna go here. How long will it take until they shop to your residential neighborhood in Portland? These people are so stupid. The people
put the people important or like they're just by the court house, they're, not even anywhere near my house, you pay so dumb because I'll say it I'll say it again. If you think they'll pass over your house, you are wrong, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually they will be at your door. You see they vote to abolish the police, they get rid of the police, they want community policing, they say what they're going to start doing is this. They will attack you at your home for things you do in private they like now right now, their violent mobs roaming around and a bit disorganized once the police are gone and they formalised this as the morality police you
Oh, then, have door to door canvassing, that's when they come to your door and they threaten you and tell you to take off those clothes that garmented offensive your appropriating culture. Otherwise we will arrest you. It could be worse than that. My fear is that if they keep coming to these residential neighborhoods in attacking this house, the police, knowing they can do nothing, will arrest these people, don't believe me, I've referenced it before Dan Dicks. You can watch videos, the stuff happens. The time Dan Dicks Independent journalist was in here is a Kanda. I know, and a bunch of black lives matter extremists far leftist were screaming at him. The police arrested him because it is easier to arrest the victim than to deal with a violent mob. Why is the police aren't standing in front of their own precinct and arresting these people? Why did it beef, wise it be fallen upon this little old lady to be the one to defy the mob? The police are ineffective and that's why I'm telling you it? There will come a time when
police say we can deal with the mob. All of these residents are getting angry, just arrest the lady in her home and then will be done with it. That's when you get the morality police coming for you now, of course, you will be, as you know, is stupid. As his lady who wants the where a nazi armband that was really stupid and she's agitating, fine, I get its Amerika you I make a point, but I still think why a thing is really dumb and I find it detestable. But of course, as a lot of things, people disagree with. I personally would go to your house and you can whoever she wants interim property. They have now got their reason if the police come in and
they. They eventually come after this woman, because you know she's agitating the crowd, that's what they'll say: they'll say she's inciting on purpose: they'll, say MA! Am you u, inside of this crowd another targeting this this neighbourhood and that's? Why, in the charter with somebody Gillis nonsense as they did Dan decks? Oh, what you're being attacked while you're under arrest that way Caesar and although go away or they'll, do nothing and the far left us will keep showing up and eventually, someone's house will be burned down in Minneapolis during that the about a month after the riots in the rubble of a burned down I they found a corpse how long until it happens here they ve already killed people having insularity like anti via the far left, never killed anybody.
Oh, who burned down that pawnshop with a person inside thirty people are dead in your George Floyd Riots. When you mean that it kill anybody, they ve killed. Thirty plus people have been shooting at cops. They ve been shooting people in their vehicles. What comes next, they burn a police station with people inside of it outside what can happen. The next video will come up at one p m and I ll talk about something related or something political and then, tomorrow, at ten, a m once again with night seventy two of the riots- it will just be worse than it was last night, so there you go next agonal bs, Pierre Mothers Channel, and I will see you all than thanks for hang it up. Our community is terrified, angry and frightened upper West side, residence fury as homeless, junkies and of and sex offenders are moved. Two three luxury hotels and turn the area into a spectacle of public urination cat calling and brazen drug use. Man You know, I've been talking a bit about New York over the past few days
really does seem, like the Democrats are doing everything in their power to burn the city to the ground, the I would we talk about two tons of stuff. I mean they set up, checkpoints right, the covert checkpoints fourteen day corps Tina, ten thousand dollar fines for those at break. It will guarantee No tourism revenue gone. What happens next businesses are shutting down crime skyrocket in the Upper EAST side. This meant hand by the way crime is up to you. During eighty six percent and now following this tropical storm. The power is out loud dude. I don't know say, but this city is- is basically in flames. Man, the policies of these democratic over the past. Several months has terrified me, and I mean that, quite literally, I can't tell you after watching. Do you know what I'm sure most of you feel similarly there story was was nuts to me, the homeless, people, the crime
there's another story I wanna get into, but in New Jersey Crazy, they're gonna be releasing. You know something like twenty percent of prisoners We got another story based out of, I believe it Alexandria, Virginia area. The men Queues of abusing a woman they argued covered. It was to risk. Four man in jail, so they released him. You ain't did first thing he does. He goes right to the woman to accuse them and he puts a bullet in your head. And then, when they chased him down, he puts bought himself these polish, these men. This has gone beyond crazy. Let's read the story that aren't I, Look man a general idea. I gases that New York has become just while Foxen New York. City power outage, puts many men, patent neighborhoods in the dark that some people are not describe. It was released hundreds of homeless people have put up in luxury hotels and enhance upper west side by the city as part of its efforts to prevent covered nineteen outbreaks in shelters
are terrifying residence by urinating, sleeping and taking drugs in the street? in July. It emerged at a hundred and thirty. Nine of the city's iconic hotels, which had been forced closed for months, had agreed to taken here. Most people for a hundred and seventy five dollars per person per night. As part of this, game by the city, to try and avoid an outbreak of covert nineteen homeless shelters. The city has not least, a list of hotels, but a source told them Europe. The scheme will run until October. The hotels on the list are the Bela Clear, the Lucerne and the bell, nor on the upper West side this week, residents of the night road complained online about the people who are being I was in those hotels who they say: our terrorizing the area policed horses also told the new powers that many of them are sex offenders. This sounds like some kind of freaky experiment. I'll, tell you what I ve been talking about this a bit this, this lefty utopian idea
I've just taking homeless people and putting them in vacant homes and doesn't work. Now you can see exactly what happens there. I mean the city has become a ghost town there avenue has gone. There are to be laying off twenty thousand employees, New York City is becoming a night nightmare. Does Toby and Wasteland now the powers out Lenny nor indeed that now the power is out. I lived in New York when Sandy hit and on the lower east died, I remember going there after the flooding mass flooding hit, the island businesses were shuddered and the powers out for, for I believe it was like weeks and it it was. It was crazy. You'd go to a bodega right, is little corner stores and maybe to dude standing at the front guarding it like weapons of some sort and lines and though let in one person at a time all the food at spoiled. So they were, like you know the stuff in their fridge writers, don't touch the dairy, don't touch the meets
The canned goods are all right. Some things. The phrases are all right. You know maybe like gator rate or somethin I don't want to explain it when you see the crime skyrocketing, my twitter, eighty six percent, the policies are destroying this town men. If New York's wealthy residents fled months ago, taking their disposal income and their tax dollars with them, and there are Here's the may never come back yet build a blog. You, the other day, told us call them fair weather friends. I should raise their taxes more. The blog when Cuomo enforcing checkpoints, to stop tourists from thirty five covet hotspots from entering the city without quarantining for fourteen days to man? While these photos, man is a crazy, a facebook group in which residents have shared pictures of manure, wow dude, alright, we're leaving family friendly territory. I'm sorry we gotta do it a Facebook group in which residents have aired pictures of men, urinating masturbating
and laying sprawled out on sidewalks near the hotels has been set up their wow, and then there are other complaints on twitter are immunity is terrified. One organizer said Doktor Mega Martin told the post. The homeless were moved from dorm style accommodation around the city to hotels, so they can be housed. One or to or one or two to a room in order to protect them from covered nineteen more effectively Department of Homeless services, Commissioner Stephen banks at Thursday, in order to defuse that ticking time bomb We implemented a massive emergency relocation of human beings from those congregate shelters throughout the city. More than ten thousand about eight weeks, however, go residents fear the situation around. The three hotels could be spiralling out of control. The hotels in the upper West side are three: out of a hundred and thirty nine in the city, housing, homeless, people according to a sore cited by the post, from the hotel Association of New York City Venus.
It is costing hundreds of millions of dollars according to the source, with FEMA, covering seventy five percent and the other twenty five percent being paid for by the city. Officials have reportedly confirm this breakdown, according the post source, the contact contract to accommodate the who was in hotels, is set to run run through until October, but is expected to be renewed. One local community board member told the website. The dates so is handling the distribution of the funds have not been transparent with the local government about the details of the skin. And locals have been given little to no input or notice the board member who goes to stay anonymous so that they had been too The city was Pang hotels, a hundred and seventy five dollars per day per person or three hundred, fifty dollars a day for housing to people in a room He's hotels are really nice man, I'm cool. Yes, why? If these people are being give
and these really nice rooms they would go and sleep on the Stoops or sleep outside one thing they dont tell you wanna talk about the stuff is many homeless people want to be homeless. I know I worked in the nonprofit sector dealing literally. I worked for a homeless, shelter out a director. You do the math, the board members had of the post, it's a lot of money adding it feels like the nineteen seventies. Everyone who can move out is moving out and there it is New York City is being destroyed and its being destroyed on purpose now not sing it being distorted purpose in the sense that there are like trying to of course, everyone out I'm tellin you. They know what they're doing these these people who live here. Now that they are bringing back this this long. On era of crime and homelessness and mafia also rule? They know what they're doing? Why you, You know somebody somebody commented on the podcast the other day, the IRA podcast saying, maybe they're trying to force people out of New York because they're scared of some kind of attack, I guess
He got war, huddle, no man, but I cannot believe basin We think we ve seen so far that that they're trying to help the city, I dont believe it they're doing everything to reverse course pudding. Homeless, people up in luxury, hotels, the rich people flee faster, look man, I'm not fan of of wealth in equal, The income disparities on pretty lefty on these issues, but come on you need. The taxes to me seems deliberate included in so all of us really local residents have reported. Seeing fights have been verbal abuse to harass, seen people spitting despite the ongoing pandemic and have also been sea, have also seen people looking for or using drugs. Nearly three hundred homeless, drug and alcohol attics have reportedly lit report. Been living at the Lucerne alone since last week.
One homeless man Angel Ortiz, sixty tonne, the post, whatever drug you can imagine, is being done there. Look at us back to nineteen seventies concern at New York City could be headed back in time to the bad or days when it was dubbed fear city. I'm telling you man, these leftist are reactionaries. They don't like the progress we ve made there don't like the civil rights law, they are repealing in California and they want to repeal across the board. They don't like the reforms that came to me that made it a safe and clean place to live. They are trying three whinever clock in every single capacity, and I dont know why I can't read minds, but there are literally doing it New York, while men look at these photos from back in the day cops with dogs on trains were feeding everywhere people being for us. I mean it's basically like that. I'm not going to read about the back in time stuff. Riding no neutron bomb. You get. The point this to me was was shocking. I'm trying to keep a family from
but they got photos of people put their hands hands down their pants in front of these places. And now what do we got? Storm hits hours out. I'm not gonna blame the Democrats for this one. You can't make the weather but are alike. Do as when you add all of these failed policies. What you get you following a storm and this chaos you set the city up to fail, the storm hits and it's like a bomb was dropped, the businesses are gone, the riots wiped them out the protests ice pose are still allowed. You ve got homeless. People being up in the upper. Why side you ve got crime up two hundred eighty six percent of the upper side, two hundred nine percent as a whole in the city and everybody can is fleeing and for life of me I don't know Why they're doing it, but it just seems like it's on purpose man: how about Seattle? The policies of these Democrats, men
polish, the police. Those who survived the chaos in Seattle aren't so sure I am so sick of all of this. I am frustrated to no end. How any news outlets said it was peaceful protests in Seattle was a summer of love, and now how dare New York Times say those who survived that's right, because people work old and now what do we learn about? What's going on in Seattle, the business is that we're trapped by these far left extremists are, talking about how they are being shaken down about how they were being barricaded in their own buildings about how they provide idea, and sometimes the Chaz police. Wouldn't let him in this is what the Democrats are doing. I'm sorry, it's just a ACT, San Diego doesn't have. These problems is run by Republican. Many of these republican states. Then allow this shut it down or didn't lockdown for covered in the first place. We cannot allow this the New York Times
What is it like when a city abandons a neighbourhood and the police vanish business owner? describe a harrowing experience of calling for help and being left all alone. I telling you man. New York Times is writing it up as if they we're. Always there always there to tell you how bad really now, I'm sorry, man, the dynamic, that's in these cities are doing this on purpose the mayor it could, be a summer of love, dont send in the police. How many people had to die for your stupid? You know pr opportunity on tv. Several people died. How many people suffer many times. Fazl con was being told by the news, media and his own mayor at the pro test in his home town were peaceful with a block party atmosphere, but that was not what he saw through the windows of his Seattle coffee shop. He sought encampments, we're taking the sidewalks. He saw roving ends of masked protesters, smashing windows and young white men.
Wielding guns would harangue Customers, as well as Mr Cot, a game and of middle eastern descent, who moved here from taxes, so we could more comfortably be out to get into his coffee shop. He sometimes had to seek the permission of self appointed armed guards to cross a border they had erected. They barricaded us all in here Mr Cox said, and they were sitting in long chairs with guns for twenty three day he's in June about six blue, the owners of Capital Capitol Hill neighborhood. Where is suing the by left wing demonstrators and declared police free protesters held it they liberation from police, oppression from white supremacy and a catalyst for a national movement in the wake of killing of George Floyd. Yes, we understand what happened. Some even call called for abolishing the police, yet most of them did Now a group of local business owners, including a locksmith, the owner of a tattoo parlor mechanic, the owners of a mexican restaurant, and Mr Cot is suing the city, the loss of clay,
at Seattle, unprecedented decision to abandon and What was off an entire city- neighbourhood, libyan unchecked by them please answer by fire and emergency health services and accessible to the public enormous property damage in lost revenue. I am telling you right now. They did this on purpose there doing it in New York and they will bring it where you live mark my words in Portland, the far less the black lives matter. Writers are going to residential neighborhoods. When these people in the chair March to Mayor Jenny, darkens house, what did she do she snap their fingers, send in the police and swept it all up, and it was done just like that, allowed this to happen. The people who died the crime, the suffering of the community and what Two things happening in New York. You think they don't know what's going on with the city, they are watching our cities, barn and they don't care, and you know it part of me. Part of me says: well you report you so to all of these people who were we
and over and over again about what was gonna come when you elect people like this, and now you ve gotten it and we can see the same thing with social media. We can seize the same thing with the federal government. You know what man a lot of people trying to think they try to act like I'm somehow waking up to what's going. I know you are incorrect, they try cling. I remember going back to the days of Gamer Gate, the gamer gate. People saw something affecting their community and then one other point. Started recognising and talking, but, as I see your waking up, your being read pelt wrong that it's not what's how what's happening as the plague is spreading and it's getting worse and its sweeping across this country. Burning down our cities and it
vandalized in the hot, the private businesses and people's homes, and it's getting to the point where it's in our government and our institutions it spreading that's what's happening. I of course recognise the insanity absurdity of what was happening during Gamer Gate, and it's not so much that I thought you know that it wasn't a big deal. It was that or I should say that you know. Look I recognize what these people are. I guess insane. The issue was: how widespread was it, and perhaps it was wrong of many people, but listen to ignore if your community has impacted by the psychosis that spreading cross country you are, of course at like this is crazy. You know we gotta do something about it. We saw this brought one sign and the evergreen fiasco and the students locked on the school. He said this will will spread once these people's our graduating alot, people didn't see it affect their areas? So no, I will not put on a Muggah beanie. I am not going to happily be supporting president Trump. If the election were half were to happen,
Dad, I probably would be voting form yes, but it is with. Is a big grudging, move that the real issue at play here? Is this insane is getting so insanely dangerous and spreading so far away Quite literally watched Seattle and now the entirety of New York is low, early being raised one of our great cities. This is it listen. You can mock the people in New York voted for these people. You can mock the city folk in the urban liberal. But this country is made strong by our great cities. Our economy is bolstered by our great cities and for all things may disagree on. We need them to succeed. I've seen myself pushed out of these cities over the past several years because of the absolutely absurd and broken policies of these politicians, and now the cities are completely destroyed. When you look at what's going on in New York, Seattle, particularly New York,.
Did anybody need to draw up a bomb on the city they didn't welcome to the information warfare in the infirmary you shouldn't age, you can destroy a city with bad information, and the people will vote for someone who will got it and burn it to the ground now now, Cuomo wants the ritual to come back. They need the money, but economy is being ripped, shreds the blog always making everything worse and now people are fleeing more as homeless. People are occupying their hotels and doing the unspeakable. In city streets, it seems worse than has been in a really really long time. And with all the destruction of the businesses with the businesses that were that were ripped to shreds in Seattle. You'd think somebody drop the bomb on this place, but were in great depression, tat
boy- and I have to wonder when I see these Democrats like build a blog YO mock the rich, calling him fair, weather friends as they fleet. Is he doing it on purpose? I think so. That's what it feels like it feels like it's all intentional I don't know what we can expect moving forward. Man, I don't know, if they're doing on purpose, because they're trying as hard as possible to destroy trumps chances whatever you want to think but I'll tell you this, I'm in New Jersey and there going to be releasing twenty percent of prison inmates. It seems like it's just absolutely absurd an attack on on us in LOS Angeles, the mayor, as announced, he's gonna cut off the water and power to those who practise their first them right to peaceably assemble. Now, of course, he said parties, I don't care what you call it. People have a right to hold gatherings period. It is a first amendment constitutionally protected right,
Violet your rights, the cities are burning, New York is burning, Seattle, businesses are suffering democratic politicians and mayors have supported this, and now Portland has been on fire for seventy one days figuratively and they just keep lying in the media. Hopefully what we're seeing is just a fringe minority and the people in media and social media are a fringe minority. That's what I am hoping and the regular people will stand up. Wake up and vote every single one of these people out. They need to be voted out. And then you to be voted out soon. Fortunately, November is coming but man we ve got mail and voter troubles we ve got election interference, got social media bias in a bit shoot links are apparently now and on Twitter on even know what's going on, and we can see what will happen if these people, when let this be a warning to each and every one of you about what happens when these people run your
I'm curious as to what these people in New York and Seattle are they going to vote vote Democrat now? Are they going to keep voting for the same people? I'd be willing to bet? They are, I really mean it but maybe as we come to the general election? It's not about the left. It's about the fact in cities like Seattle, New York, you do have Republicans in fact, and ale sees district about twenty percent of it are a Every single one of those people voted this the district would turn red. I kid you not because its less than twenty percent of votes for a Cortez, I am not exist. In, if even some of the Democrats defect and join with them, a plurality of the Republicans than Europe blackens will win that district and it's not because I like Republican Party, I am saying this. In fact, I don't, but it's because with the Democrats have done is above and beyond what a sane, rational, liberal person should accept, and if they keep voting for
well, then I'm sorry, but you deserve what you get. This. Is your wife? Stop calling your warning. The cities have been burned to the ground by the politicians you voted for or because you did vote at all it's time to get up, stand up, speak up and go in vote and vote these people out and save your city too. Many people have left we'll see how this plays out I'll leave it there. Next time it's coming up at four p dot m over at Timcast net, and I will see you then I think Bernie Sanders is a liar. I think he knows it Actually, what he's doing any wants to manipulate poor people who don't understand economics at a certain level, because it sounds like Candy Keynes in rainbows falling in the sky and his beautiful utopia, where he says the billionaires shouldn't, we making money during a pandemic, that's right, Bernie. They shouldn't sure I guess took it up. Senator
Saunders proposes a one time tax that would cost basis. Forty two point: eight billion dollars mosque. Twenty seven point: five billion dollars; no, it wouldn't it makes no sense. They don't have the money Barneys lying. What he's really trying to do is stripped the hard assets in liquid assets away from these billionaires because taxing them, this money means literally nothing when they have no cash to spend they'd be forced us. EL hard assets or liquid assets to get the cash to pay the tax bill. Then, when the economy, sit down and they lose the money they gained in this. Ok, let me slowed down, explain to you what Bernie Sanders is doing here. Let me read his proposal for you. First can we see reports top tech leaders? Another billionaires would be forced to hand over billions of dollars in wealth they ve gained during the corona virus pandemic, under a new bill introduced by Bernie Sanders at Marcie and cursed Angela Brand and they're all lying or there really dumb. The make billionaires
That act would impose a one time, sixty percent tax on wealth gains made by billionaires between March eighteen, twenty and January first, when twenty one, the funds would be used to pay for out of the pocket: healthcare expenses for all Americans for a year as of August fit the bill, would tax, seven hundred and thirty one billion dollars and wealth accumulated by foreign sixty seven billion years since March Eighteenth, according to a press release if passed, the bill would tax billions on wealth accumulated through the end of the year. However, you see here is the dirty dirty game. The Democrats are playing, they destroyed the economy, they locked everything down, tromp opposed it. Now we can be fairly covered was the culprit for the most part, this resulted in people turning to other services, you know. If you want to watch movies, you got Netflix, you can't go to the movies anymore, but if you want to buy products, you can't go shot because it's dangerous many shops to close down you gotta use Amazon. All of us.
A bunch of these billionaires who had stock in Amazon? Other companies saw their net worth dramatically increase, because this is the only companies available. Any smart person recognised if you can only shop on Amazon. Amazon stock will start going up so of course basis, for instance, ceases network increase. They now want to tax this. What they're not telling you is that basis, didn't do anything and he didn't make any money. It's it's a manipulation of imaginary numbers. I'll, tell you what I'll give you a simple solution, a simple version of this. Let's say I have we rock it, a shiny rock and it's worth one hundred dollars. Then all of a sudden is a lockdown. The business is shut down and you can't find the rocks anymore. Now everyone, everyone is becoming desperate to buy these rocks, so the value of my rock goes up with ten dollars, Bernie comes around in says. You shouldn't have made a thousand dollars on Iraq during a pandemic. I didn't I just
I have one rock bro, it's just sit in the closet. I didn't do anything, but the rock is more valuable. So people claim I worth more money. Now he was media to dish out money. I don't have an didn't make. It makes no sense what what what that, what they would do that well, then sell your rock sell your rock and then pay the bill, but then I won't have my rock. I didn't I just alone right. It's, my rock, I didn't do anything. My rock became valuable? It's not my portmanteau, not my fault, that these people are trying to become billionaires and exploiting people to make money, and all of these left his ass. He posts in these dumb means are saying things like Bernie gets it man these billions are making a profit while we're suffering. Now,
oh they're, not these our wealth gains. Bernie is trying to manipulate an emergency to seize the assets of wealthy people. It's all a trick. They say if passed, it would actually tax them to the end of the year under the bill. Tack and other business titans, who have seen their wealth shoot up during the pandemic, would take huge charges, Amazon, one Art, for example, have both seen their stock grow, as Americans increasingly relied on their services. They didn't do anything. You see the Democrats instituted these policies which jammed up that the stock value of companies that we're still open and the people holding on our being told. We want to pass a bill to take that. Take your asses from you now that we ve artificially inflated you're networks you. This Amazon in Walmart see their stock, go up what happens in the lockdown ends, and these Democrats now say everything's back to normal,
All of a sudden. What are we going to see Amazon drop down? So if I have a hundred eight hundred stock in a company, they insular policy that forces the stock value up, then they tell me I'm forced to sell it to pass a bill. I do, then the stock goes back down and now have even less stock and even less money. It is a trick what, proposing makes no sense, and I have to imagine these people know exactly what they are talking about. They understand what they're doing they understand, how their policies work and that's Bernie for you, but I bring you now to the next wilted, but here you see Donald Trump. He gets right. Well, Trump calls a yo see a real beauty. Now, that's not what I'm talking about. He says she knows nothing about economics, as he slams Democrats, green new deal once again its the same lie. These people want a whisper sweet nothing's into your ears. We can have everything for free. The government can pay for. We ve got attacks. The rich
when you tax the rich? Eventually, there are no rich and there's no one left to tax now I've. I personally don't like the idea of wealth inequality in income disparities. I don't like the idea that billionaires get to dictate. For the rest, the people like when the
We base our dumped almost two billion dollars and the far left social justice lunacy I dont like it. I would like to see wealth inequality, go down substantially, there's a lot of ways and go about doing it. Fine, whatever, but the point is, I think income disparity is bad. Let's rootlets reduce the amount of power billionaires have over the rest of us. The green new deal is not that plan, but I'll tell you what it seems like. The real goal of people like a YO, see Gillette, brand and and and Marcie or whatever Bernie Sanders is to trick Americans into making them jealous about people who have access to resources. Money does not grant you access in the short term, perhaps but taking money from rich people and spending it won't change. Anything money is essentially, you know if you think, about its access to resources, but if money is flooding
The system then, that the value of that currency in flights you need more of it, to buy something and now or I should say, the cost in flight inflation results in people needing more dollars and now all you're left with people who aren't rich. So that's what I think they're real plan is, I don't agree with how they go about things I don't agree with a yo see and these these plans that want to give money to people who don't work and their acts we'll goal is socialism their actual goal is sweeping away power from wealthy individuals. As much as I can criticise people like Mackenzie Basis doing doing these things, I don't like the idea that you would use manipulation and forced to take the assets from other people, while Donald Trump had some choice. Words for a sea on this- and I will call a real beauty. How President Trot yesterday called EO see a real beauty who knows nothing about the economy? The president's comments came down.
Speech in the battle round state of Ohio, where he accused Democrat leaders of inflicting a socialist take over on the. U S, economy, known as the horrendous green new deal, and yes, he is correct. The green new deal is a proposed plan to tackle climate change, which was initially tabled by a cause, your Cortez who minors and economics at College and Senator Edward J Marcie. Massachusetts Trot said in his speech yesterday. The green new deal was conceived by a young woman Elsie a YO, see us three. I say I was yet a real beauty. Isn't it that sure thing she knows as much about the environment: do we have any children. Here, as that young chow failed over there. I think he knows more and she said certainly knows nothing about the economy. He added trot being pretty funny. Tromp suggested that the puzzle which aims to win the. U S offer fossil fuels could result in the american economy regressing similarly to Venezuela, theirs
Well, that was a very wealthy country. Twenty years ago, one of the wealthiest per capita one of the wealthiest tremendous oil reserves. Everything now they dont have food. They dont have water, they dont have medicine, they don't have anything same thing could happen tromp is right. These people are lying to you telling you can have it all. All that's the sweet sweet nothing's. They whisper into your ear, The reality is things aren't so easy people have to do work and that's the real challenge and making any economy or any system work. Anybody was gonna, come to you an offer up some pie in the sky solution there, full of it.
Hard work it's a real thing I had someone tell me earlier scarcity doesn't exist. I actually favour a lot of. I think the way describe it as basic universal coverage. We can't have hard universal healthcare. It doesn't make sense because some treatments are rare and scarcity is a thing, but I think we can expand services so that basic coverage is taken care of like. If you break your hand, if you need things like insulin, it would be expensive that to me makes more sense, but there still an economic argument there. The idea that we could give everybody the cure for every disease is ridiculous and they try to act like no one really means that. Ok, no, they actually tell me this scarcity is fake.
All fake them. The machine is just trying to strip resources from the poor. The only thing they have is they don't know what they're talking about, or they will lie to you to seize power and once they get power, it is impossible for them to actually enact the solutions they claim. They will bring about free healthcare for everyone. No certain things. We can grant expanding medicated Medicare whenever we can grant some things to some people, but universal. We urge the way we see in other countries, not so much may be some baseline low to your care for sure. Probably not it's just not that easy. I'm in favour of it. I am in favour of exploring thing. I had to do it, but these people, instead of telling you the truth and sang it costs money, require sacrifice. We'll just lie: we can tax the rich. No, it doesn't work that way, because eventually you have no rich. All Barneys plan is stripping wealth away from rich people who, who did nothing? Ok,
you had a rock in the rock is worth more money. They will take your rock awaits it, it does it make sense anyway, you get the point, I will leave it. There got a couple more segments coming up in just a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. This story is gonna, probably get me in trouble on you too, but I don't care, it's a very serious store that needs to be talked about, and it's going to boil your blood, I'm not kidding. Men are given the gist of it. The disgusting accused criminal who was arrested in charge was arrested for abusing a woman because of covert. They argued he should be released and they released him and he went to the victim may put a bullet in her head. This is this is this: is that one of the most disgusting hers thick failures of law enforcement, and I am sick and tired of seeing things like this- is not the only one we ve seen similar stories like this over bail or form in New York City
where they say: ok, ok, we're gonna. You know it's you're not supposed to get out on bail reform if you're a violent defender, but they have lower charges. Or sad we're gonna release you on certain terms, because the right thing to do this guy went to the victim and he ended her, and this is one of the most disgusting thanks now I knock out. There's Bower form stories similar, but here's a guy who got released because of the corona virus pandemic. It's ridiculous to let these criminals out may be. Some people perhaps may be nonviolent defenders. I don't know, but at a certain point you gotta draw the line right, I'm in a rage. The story Youtube's planet could be too happy about it, but let's go for it released from jail at the height of the pandemic. Virginia suspect allegedly killed his accuser. The incident in Karla I gotta stop here. This is not family friendly. Ok, you ve been warned the infinite.
Call it a mean. Guesses apartment last October was violent and it was not consensual. She testified in Alexandria, district court. In December, the man she accused was indicted on charges, including rape, strangulation and abduction, and jailed without bond in Alexandria. You see, they said. We understand the skies violent you're, not being let go. Oh, but now we have an excuse. I then the current iris pandemic hit Abraham E blotches lawyers argued that the virus was a danger to both inmates and their attorneys and that blotchy should be freed waiting trial. On April, ninth over the objections of Alexandria Prosecutor Circuit Court Judge Nolan Dawkins, released by such a bulky on twenty five as in dollars bond with the condition that he only leave as Maryland home to meet with lawyers or pre trial service officials. On July twenty knife, twenty knife, Alexandria, police, say blotchy. Thirty. Four,
returns to Alexandria and shot and killed Dominguez outside her apartment in the cities West, and why did they let him go? They knew they knew why they shouldn't that's, why he wasn't let on bond and under the guise of corona virus, fears, they let him out, and they knew this would happen. I'm stress it they initially held him without bond for good reason. I would assume, but no covert too dangerous, let him out of violent criminal when police couldn't find about eight, but both about Archie. After the slaying they issued a video news release asking for the public's health in locating him declaring them armed and dangerous. Then, what morning, federal marshals and Alex.
Andrea Police, spotted Malagigi, imprints Georgia's county and pursued him, causing blotchy to crash authority said when the police went to arrest of watching they found he had apparently shot himself. He was reported to be engrave condition Thursday. He decided to end at all but Watch is released from jail and the slaying of Dominguez represent a tragic side effect of the pandemic as the crowd of ours erupted in America, civil liberties- It's called for the release of large numbers of prisoners from jails and presence in order to keep them from being infected and possibly dying unnecessary in necessarily can fought on necessarily confined spaces over they met in Alexandria, blotches lawyers said in their motion for bond that social distancing and proper disinfecting measures are impossible. Law incarcerated, simply put the risk of contracting Covin. Nineteen in jail is exceedingly obvious. The lawyers
Manuel Leyva and Frank. Silverado also noted the risk for themselves in the jail saying that lawyers seeking a contact visit would also expose themselves to contaminate kept contented in air and services. Labor and Salvato also claimed that Alexandria Jail Heading Post, severe restrictions on visitation since Covid nineteen outbreak that all that all contact visits, meaning no glass of separation between visitor or worse the lawyers could only have video conference sessions lasting thirty minutes. Maximum a trial date was set for blotchy, and his lawyer said he was being effectively deprived of legal counsel. Alexandria, Alexandria, jail officials responded that they do allow contact visits for attorneys. Upon request, I never commented several requests. We've also provided video conferences in jail,
stuff- and I am just- I am just so angry- I often think about these moments where something is tragic happens. If you ve ever watched a video of a horrific injury, they have subsided sub right, it's called there's one Sabra called hold my feeding tube, where you can see people get severely injured there. There are moments like when I was watching the NBA guy who stood for the national anthem, hunting, Jonathan Isaac name. It's the right of an individual to have a good lawyer. So I'm not a surly gonna blame the lawyers per se. I am, I am upset with the court systems. I am very upset the Democrats for pushing the stuff- and I am just I am just so angry. I haven't think about these moments where something is tragic, happens and enough. You ever watched a video of a heavy injury. They have submitted subjects call is there's one Sabra called hold my feeding tube, where you can see people get severe
The injured there there are moments like when I was watching the NBA guy who stood for the national anthem, putting Jonathan Isaac s name and right before that, a jump to make some to make a shot. He falls down and I see that I think to myself a split second a split second sooner he could have just not made that move and he would not have tore his acl. He has seriously injured when I think about this that one moment where the judge could have said yes or no the fork in the road that resulted in the death of a rape victim by her assailant who decided to go and enter the judge was sitting there. One word could have changed everything no, and that would be it and this woman would still be alive. Yet we see this across the board. We see it
states like New Jersey, New York, the decisions made over and over again by these failed and these moronic officials. At a certain point, you saying no right what was the reason this man was held without bond in the first place, shouldn't that play a fee actor and whether or not you're going to let him out or for any reason there are threats inside jails and
even entertain the question, the morality of keeping someone locked up when it comes to Kelvin? Does the state have a right to keep throwing a confined space as a plate? You know when there's a pandemic. I think the answer is nuance. Obviously, in this instance, this guy should not have been let out innocent until proven guilty. I know, but the system is not perfect, we have it in place the way we do for a reason- and this is exactly that reason- why you don't just let anybody out for any reason, birch noted the jail implemented, increased cleaning and house in early march, and there were no cases of cove at at at at the jail during their clients, incarceration, Alexandria, Alexandria, Commonwealth attorney, Bridle Porter, said labour and so on, filed their motion in April eighth and Clarks at the hearing for the next day. So prosecutors did not file a writ response.
Porto noted that under Virginia along those charged with certain violent crimes, such as rape are presumed to be a danger and are not eligible for bond. We strenuously argued that the presumption against bond Porter said had not been overcome, given the facts of the case and the violent nature of the alleged offences. He declined to prop provide details on the attack because both the rape and murder cases against, by which you are our pending and he still alive- I guess- judged darkens retired in June, after serving twelve years at a circuit court judge and fourteen years before that, on the German, Domestic relations court did not respond to erect request for comment. Judges typically are prohibited from commenting on pending cases. Very little information is available about Dominguez, who police said was a native Venezuela and did not have family in this country a go find me. A cat was launched after she was killed to help pay for her funeral, but the organizer did not respond to messages seeking comment. Domingo lived on South Green not drive that
on square at marks. Under apartments Alexandria police said they received a report of gunshots on July, twenty knife, pretty nice and at six twenty, I am, they found Dominguez Outsider apartment dead of multiple. She multiple wounds to the upper body. Police obtained a murder warrant from a week or two days later, but could not find him in the act over Dominguez, called police and alleged. She had been assaulted by vote by each out opportune, but which it was charged with six felonies Da Mckenna read. These is disgusting. He was held without bond and opponent. Preliminary hearing before Exonerate General Detrick Court Chief Justice judge dialed paddock in December, they dismissed, ok only released ETA. The preliminary hearing before Alexandria, General District Court chief judge, Donald, am Haddock and December prosecutors dismiss Miss, dismissed the rape and malicious wounding charges and had found probable cause to send the case to a grand jury. He did not request to allow
by which it opposed bond. The grand jury indicted by which he had five charges, rape, sodomy strangulation, abduction and burglary. A trial date was set from four March thirtieth and labour and solve autos bond motions indicates they were preparing for trial until the court's shut down in March, due to the core a virus and trials were postponed. The two individuals involved were boyfriend. Girl from the lawyers wrote, and there is a substantial defence here. Ok I'll tell you what innocent until proven guilty as possible. This man was falsely, accused and was being held and then got revenge against Owen, falsely kissing him sure this. These are major tough, tough issues to navigate men, and if that was the case, then justices is a difficult thing. It really is, but now the summit is dead, so, regardless the shouldn't have happened, and I did because they want. They think they visit this the game they play with violent offenders,
There is no perfect solution and I often like to err on the side of freedom instead of security, but there's gotta be a line. I suppose you Know- and this was certainly it and they crossed it. They said let the sky out, and so he went, he got his revenge, for whatever reason I guess saw, you know they say was released from jail. May eleventh, I still alive and see how it will see out plays out. I got one more silent coming up in a few minutes and I will see while shortly I love this exchange here between our or, I should say, comment from Kimberly Classic who's running as a house candidate in Maryland, seventh district to hotel Jesus. I think that are both great followed by the way on Twitter, Hotel, Jesus tweets. The hate for Trump is so real that by
You can say anything about black people and get away with it, and I saw that now is like yup and I'm not gonna pretend to know what you know takes their experiences hotel Jesus in Kimberly, Wolf being Black Kimberly says. I would like to nominate this as the most factual tweet of twenty twenty, and I agree and then someone responded, sang Ya'Ll, keeping me saying right now: no bs, listen! I don't care who you are where you come from, what you believe your gender, whatever your invitation Joe Biden, says insanely racist things, all the time and gets freebies all the time. Donald Trump TK comes out with a photograph. Where he's like. I love. You know. Mexican food look enemy attack, all bowl and everyone's like trumps, racist. How dare you was the picture of a meeting of taco ball. Joe Biden,
says. Insanely raises things several times and he gets a free be from the pundits now I know, listen the levels in the same thing about Trump but come on man trot comes out, needs as I'm doing more for the black community than anybody else may be, since Abraham Lincoln and I wrote my eyes and online. But what is the EU incestuous him bragging about himself? Have an ego Joe Biden faces backlash for comparing diversity in african american latino communities? President Tromp seized on the comments as a very insulting statement. Thank you. Abc news for those then see what Joe Biden Saddam's most of you dead. He basic Joe Biden said that he thought black people with notable exceptions according to Joe Biden. How are or are not very diverse, not very diverse for no reason he said this is no reason for me to say this and it's not true in any capacity it is. The stew
but this thing I have ever heard- and it shows you just a racist, Joe Biden is you know what men I see the story right You know- I don't remember, I remember any outrage at all either when Joe Biden said, people don't distinguish between chinese and other agents. Here's a kid tweet from Vince Cochlea, called cozily colonies. Biden says: Trump is wrong: to hold China accountable for krona virus, because Americans canvassing between a south korean and someone from Beijing, the patronising view of voters aside, not sure what that has to do with the c c p or anything. I kid you not Joe Biden literally said only a couple weeks ago. That Americans can't tell the differ between asian people is that you, Joe Biden, showed us that the people I know now, I know, there's a fat there's. A downside is a king of the hill joke in there, when on the dude moves in whose laotian- and they all think he's Chinese, because the media that the South taxes whatever Ireland taxes, people,
had never seen other Asians before so they assume that he must be chinese. I guess that's the joke Joe Biden is so insanely wrong about all of this, but they can't accept it. So yeah hotel jesus- you are right, they hate tromp, so much that Joe Biden can say anything he wants about black people and get away with it. But what about every everything Elsie said limit limitless. Let me share with you some knowledge. Ok, some knowledge here about this. These issues I used to work for an American airlines company. Let me give you a lesson on diversity, Joe Biden and I were to the man a black man was, it was a big. It was a big a team working froze American Eagle Airlines and in one of
one of the zone rooms. They have a team of a thing. It's like ten or so people, and one of the guys happen to be black. He was from Haiti, he was not. He did not have the same political opinions as people from other countries. There are people in this country came from Nigeria. There, people in this country, from who came from Kenya and their people who were born in this country who had ancestors were slaves. All of these people are unique individuals. They come from different cultures that, if different backgrounds, they were different clothes. They have different name, Joe Biden apparent. Doesn't understand this concept because Joe Biden is racist. Let me say the same thing, Joe Biden when it comes to people from Asia, they're all different people, and they look very very different.
Maybe you ve, never seen an asian person Joe or a person from South EAST Asia compared to EAST Asia, or how about you can't had tell you what men they can't tell the emphasis on from south korean front some from Beijing. I do not believe that to be true. I don't think it's true that there are many people who can't like the joke from fronting the hill that I understand, but you would be. I dont think you would be surprised to find this. You would, you would be surprised if it turned out to be Joe Biden was telling you that your button was correct. To be honest, Joe Biden former vice president, has sought to clean up comments. He made comparing diversity in african American and let you know, communities during an interview release Thursday. He was asked about his view towards normalizing relations with Cuba and pivoted into an expert. And on his belief on the differences of opinion between the two communities. What do you mean the two communities, for no reason he was being interviewed by
I believe by hispanic woman and for some reason he decides just mention that, there's that black man in America is all the same or something this is seen by many people as overtly racist. I personally think it is too, but this is what they want to vote for it. He says and by the way, what you all now, but most people don't know, unlike the african american community, with notable exceptions, the latino communities and incredibly diverse community with incredibly different attitudes about different things. You go to Florida and you find very different attitudes, blah blah blah. Have you guys in the video of the nigerian woman who is yelling about why tromp is good, why America is good. There's a bunch of these video
Have you seen the video of? I don't know all of the black Trump supporters? Have you seen any of the prominent of which there are many black trump supporters? You I can't sullens you got. Terence Williams had had twins there, not a monolith, their regular people, people of different opinions, look how Congo West calls it out. I am sick of this man, Joe Biden. This is why the far left probably is willing to vote for an, even though they don't like him first policy for most of US policy, so that their economic, racist, the far left in this country, have adopted overtly racist ideologies. They prop up people who are self professed racists, since when did these become the people that we put upon pedestals and accept is running for president, then I know I understand you go back in time, you'll find a bunch of races to president, but we're supposed to be moving beyond this. The fact that want to elect a guy who is who is and who it his era, is the pre civil rights era who wants to bring back these views in this
and tell it to me as NUTS Donald Trump as his faults, but Donald Trump is not whatever. This is Donald Trump has you know he says silly things and dumb things a tweet, stupid things, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I totally thing so and for all the things at all. Like a bottom, I look at Joe Biden with disgust. Absolute does not discussed. He is an establishment, crony corrupt, racist. All of these things and what is Donald Trump he's got offensive diction. He is unprepared ill prepared unprofessional. All of these things that I would criticise there are many policies he's done in the past, not mostly due to you know, involving foreign policy have been very critical of when he did them and has improved. In my opinion,
so for me, I look at tromp with someone is, unlike I dont, like his behavior, but you know he's a pizza president. I disagree with, among other things, that it look at Joe Biden, and I see this guy who has a history of racist policies, a history of racist statements and to this day makes more recent statements. His reign doesn't work. You fall asleep on tv, he can't speak straight, any any Anne and he makes his repeated gifts and what they still just say, vote form. Why that sickens me for so many reasons, man, you know I'll, tell you what you let at the very least, if you think trumps, a bad men and all its stuff, ok. Well, at least you can have the bowl run through the China Shop for a little longer and and and and stamp out, the establishment and people like Joe Biden. But if you would prop up a person like Joe Biden who come by
and the worst of his racism with the establishment, crony corruption, you're gonna, make everything worse at at the very least, Donald Trump is the bowl rampaging around the ivory tower and when he's done at the end of his next term, you can vote for somebody else and these crony corrupt establishment types. These former, you know a lead us. They will be gone hopefully, and then you can have your ear, your new Your new, progressive, whatever it's too bad, Bernie Sanders adopted the cult ideology of this weird far left wide supremacy. Whatever you want to call it intersection sectionalism, because now I'm I'm worried that we're gonna end up with populist right. You know, which I understand and somewhat disagree with, but agree with more than the white supremacist left, and that's what we're headed for
two thousand eight hundred and twenty four you're going to have a trunk, Junior or Nikki Haley or something I don't know, you're going to have a right wing populist candidate and I'm going to be a like. I disagree with a bit lot of this, and then I'm are looked. My left an ominous see these weird. You know Robin De Angelo White supremacist lunacy who ought wanted, destroy things, burn it down and are overly racist, and they would be that. That's what it that's why this bide sufficient phase them. That's why you can say it and get away with it, because these people accept it not all of them. Many of them just don't know, and I think it's fair. I wish they did, but this what we could do we get to look forward to right now. You know I want everything to go back to normal and have a system function again about how you what for the past several years under Donald Trump, the economy has improved greatly and you can't deny it now we're in dire straits, and we need some
maybe economy work, it's not Joe Biden, he's gonna do all the worst things imaginable. So what do we left with a guy? You can say the stupidest things in the world, the most racist things the world back to back within two weeks and they just keep giving him a pass. I take particular offence to the the comment about Asians, obviously on part asian, and I get frustrated that the left treats Asians with thought such uttered staying in a line because we break their stereotype, not objectively honest, I'm, I'm I'm a quarter asian, I'm a quarter korean a little bit. Japanese amok uptown, like I'm one hundred centre like that, but I have family members and I get impacted by this personally when enact these insane policies, it hurts both both sides of my family, the mixed race asian side as well as the white. You know the white portion of my family, everything there doing his detriment to my family and that the future of my kids and the people.
Care about, so this that this I take particular offence to because as much as people called this out, the left will never acknowledged this. At the very least, you'll see some news outlets cover the you know the comments about the black community, the left their embracing racism, whole heartedly. That's why I'm staying away from him I'll leave their next segment will be tomorrow at ten, a m on this channel. Thanks rang it up, and I will see you all next time.
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