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Regular People RISE UP To Resist Far left Surge, This Could Backfire On Democrats And Help Trump


Across the US regular people are rising up to resist the far left surge.A soccer player refusing to kneel, Back The Blue protests, and counter protests to far left events have all started popping up.IN some places people who are not even overtly political have been defending statues and refusing to back down to far left demands.Yet strangely Democrats from all different jurisdictions seem to back the far left on every issue. They insult the right wing protests, insult the regular folk demanding law and order, and push the far leftist narrative.This could be bad news for Democrats if the surge in far left absurdity lights up areas of the country that normally don't vote. This is what helped Trump win in 2016 and could win it for him again in 2020Once side says defund the police the other side says defend the police#Democrats#Trump#Republicans

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Today is the day that the Chaz, the chop, whatever you call it, has officially died. The mayor seemingly finding her spine, ordered the police to clear the protest camp out, and it came shortly after the actually shut up to our house, and you got really really angry. So we can see you with it. We can see what is politicians really think right. They don't mind where The protesters, the riders and extremists are destroying your neighborhood, but soon Did you go to their house? It's over and we're seeing something really happening right now across the country statues. Are actually being torn down, not by extremists anymore, but by the government How is that? How is it houses happening right? There is in. Virginia Stonewall Jackson coming down, we have Christopher Columbus being removed and in some parts, in some of these stories. The city I also note that the local communities are saying do not tear them down, but mayors, their executive. Her saying we dont care when I do it anyway, in Philadelphia, several locals showed up to defend a statue of Christopher Club,
so the city, basically sad because of the violence we're going to tear it down anyway, as that makes sense in response to what appears to be a massive mainstream wave of support for black lives matter. Regular people are rising up and pushing these people but it also is many counter groups and it can actually get a little scary because look extremists that want to counter black lives matter will certainly come out and they'll counter protest as well. But for the most part it looks like we're, saying some regular people, as well as many conservative standing up and saying no to the far left push a cup of about a week or so ago. I did a segment on IRA Podcast, where I ranted sang people to stand up for themselves. Some people asked what they could do and I said the only thing you really need to do right now: the Bessie, possibly do is just stand up for yourself in voice your opinion. While many people have taken a little bit further than that by having peaceful protests and going out waving, flags
some of these and up as counter protest on both sides, where what some groups will say, defend or defend the police than to fund the police cup comes up with a new clashes and that's bad. We want that to happen. This could possibly escalate. For the time being, I wanna talk to you about regular people and counter protesters rising up to push back against what appears to be a pop, the popular message. The reason is, you know, there's a viral photo going around a soccer player standing up for the national anthem, while all the other players, Neil fidgeting, because only a few years ago inverted. All the players would stand and one player was kneeling now it seems, like most people have just adopted this religion, their literally getting on bent knee for this non theistic. Religion notice, intersection autism, but some people are still standing defiant and saying no and that's what I wanna highlight today, because some of these people just regular people, notably this first story now. Of course, I mentioned the chess is gone
But this story, when extremely viral man, star tearing down Seattle, chops on flipping tables and throwing barriers, and this was just about a week ago the sky was fed up a regular person, just saying no, and he took it a little bit further than I what I guess you shut, but actually flip tables over. But it shows you that, although you may, you may feel like you're the only one who thinks what you do. I say this not the case. I think most Americans do not like what's happening, do not support this and will see how things play out. But the reason I feel this way is for one. We are now seeing the rise of counter protests, but also take a look at panties ratings in the first quarter of this year and took her Carlson's ratings in quarter two. At a time when cable tv news is supposed to dying, Hannity and now to go. Karlsson have set, have made history, historical ratings records across and getting round for,
point, three three million on average is the highest in cable tv history for news programme. What does that mean? Well, it means a lot of people are paying attention and tuning in and a lot of them are in the key, a graphic and not saying this necessarily bread, but for me as well my view Worship is skyrocketing. It seems like many people, our final having enough of all of this and sandy, and they say they want to be active. There engaged they're paying attention, so let's get started and actually see what's going on before we do. However, TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways, you can give us a p o box. If you want to send some stuff my way, but the best they can do just share this video on competing with all these big mainstream media network. That will tell you everyone thinks one way and although Oh Fox news integration particularly is getting all these ratings are not necessarily agree everything he says I am sure many of you don't either, but he's just one channel sole,
he's doing well. There are many many many other channels that have a counter narrative supporting all of this and they dominate. If you wanna help mean you think I do a good job. Sharing the video really does but let's job over to the story right, ear, tags out, I'm not show you a series of stories of what appear to be like regular people. Counter protesters first photos back. The blue rally in Fredericksburg. Hundreds of people turned out at her camp Park for the Black back, the blue rally in Fredericksburg on June. Twenty Eightth demonstrators were escorted by a failings of bikers, as they marched through downtown to the Fredericksburg Police Department. Uncommon boulevard. Take a look at this photo it not a one sided issue. It is not just the far left in the mainstream media. There are many people who do not support what is happening. I nor how many of these people will vote. I wonder how many of these People are remaining silent still because they're scared of violence and cancel culture- how many people are willing to stand up and be defiant to be the?
only person refuse, thing to meal for the national anthem? That's what I wonder. We can see photos like I don't think, I'm not here to say that their necessarily right or wrong just to show that there are many people. We got your six, they say to the police right now. Please, across his country, are being demoralized, I think cops and smaller towns or do a fairly good job, but we do have problems of the big city cops noted the unconstitutional enforcement, we saw when all these governors were saying, shut down your business and still are. While I can certainly respect trying to restrict Cove hidden in the spread, knowledge stuff. We the constitution, men and their certain things. You can I can't do. In fact I saw one argument recently in my local community using the next door app actually where their top about New Jersey and Governor Murphy in New Jersey, Murphy has sought, the governor has supported black lives matter protests and, I believe, is actually joined.
But also told everyone else that you can't do certain things: weddings, funerals, schools etc. While locals are complaining, how is it over for you to go in protest and tell me what I can't I can't do. Supporters of Murphy have said well listen. His explanation is that the first amendment says you know you have a right to protest, but so it so he can't stop protest, but he can restrict. You know people having other. Gatherings to slow the spread. The only issue was the first time it doesn't specify what you can assemble about it, just as the right to peaceably assemble shall not be infringed ourselves. Summits are something that affect the government on China, make a law infringing the right or wherever the point as you have a right to peaceably assemble for whatever reason peaceably noted like right now, obviously can't break the law. But if you want to talk about your ever at our cartoon or comic book character. That is, as far as I can tell protected same as anything else, so we can see this year, but let me show you some videos in this video going viral crypts gang stops, anti vote,
the alarm looters from looting and kicks them out of long beach? While I can't say you have a guy who is pushing these people and sang say something says something shoving about? We can see regular people are standing up to these far left extremists. Now this video is not recent, it's actually from earlier in the month, and this man, as far as I can tell, is not here, an actual crap the true story is, as far as as far as I know, there's a regular guides lives there and that's a bigger story. Now, of course, this account tweeted out. There was a crypt gang member just because when blue, I suppose- maybe I don't know- I don't see evidence to suggest that the real the real case, but I think it's better to say a local, a resident, a local individual, is saying no and get out, and we have more stories like this one up Patriots. All over America are starting to stand up. This is a video which looks like I believe, from Self Philadelphia where people are ya this is not Seattle. Interesting these,
I don't believe, are overtly political, but some of them do start chanting for more years and other peoples are chanting. Usa, they're saying this get gets a body or you can bring this to our neighbourhood. I think what we saw in Saint Louis, with a couple with guns, I think what we are seeing here and all these things I ve shown you is that regular people do not want this and will not stand for it. One of the scary things about the rise of the far left is that they seem to be unopposed and that because of this, it seems to be the most people agree with their new religious beliefs. They don't conservatives in regular people, moderates and actual money. Let actually many liberals aren't say anything. So these big com He's just say: ok, I guess it's something about the other night right. If you have these, these far left activists who have an email on email list and they send an email saying: hey everybody, email, Verizon and tell them to to cancel their ads on Facebook rising
they get inundated with thousands of emails in their like. While people must care about this, it's an illusion. It's a thousand activists or less sometimes more, and if regular people aren't telling Verizon stop don't do this will then, of course, these company he's gonna adhere to whatever the extremists want and that's how you end up with extreme minority rule. Of course this could backfire on the Democrats very varied to extreme degree. You know look at these videos check as one protesters rally to save and why sees museum of Natural histories Teddy Roosevelt Statue as de La Zone Andrew Cuomo, back its removal. This to me is not take a look at the story. Christopher Columbus, statue removed outside Columbus City Hall? What's whites, It's your city hall, you're sitting named Columbus. Why you too can down the statue of the guy yeah.
Because fringe minority groups are vocal and loud and that's all the politicians incorporation see. They allow. That's why it so important that people speak up and oppose this. I'm not talking about every single counter protester, because some of them are really are brought kind of nasty people with stupid, stupid ideas, but up most Americans. You want to go on the fourth of July, limited up right now. Look at my video from yesterday this channel. The Democrats have
this march to the good name of the fourth of July? No culture? No society is perfect. You can look back in time and find every one has done things wrong, which shows you that were always improving ourselves. The core of cancel culture itself is targeting the past and destroying people will now they're trying to literally cancel America going back in time, pointing to the worst of the worst, ignoring all of our great accomplishments and then tearing it all down. Important thing I mentioned before about Christopher Columbus fourteen ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue. They say right, that's hundreds of years,
apart from the founding fathers of this country or the birth of the United States. There just lumping all into the same bucket, and they want to just erase everything and start over year zero. They wanted to begin a new, regular people like their history. They believe in what we have accomplished in his country. What we fought for? No this if they erase the history this country, they also raise the accomplishments of defeating the authoritarian, Jeff, winning the cold war How do you define it actually defeating the fascists? So I can understand, got an issue with the history of people. Like Columbus destroying history makes very little sense, and you know it's interesting is that even Joe Biden actually agreed. He recently spoke out and said that you take the confederate statues. I guess put him in a museum, but there s one should stay, including Columbus. He's right. I respect
Now I certainly don't think he's gonna win this argument because bind us come off his strong, but I agree. I don't see a reason for the confederate statues to be up. That's my opinion, but I also don't think that people should take them down by force, and I certainly don't think that local governments, local mayors, should ignore City council, unjust, tear these things now that that appears to be you know what we're actually sing, but overhear protesters are are actually rallying now to defend the Teddy Roosevelt statue. It's right here, you can see. There's a native American is a black man behind him and ass. They they mention the city want to get rid of it. Protest there's our showing up to actually defend it. They say: Allenby Fodder, the museums President told the publication of the removal was more about the statues, hierarchical composition. Reflection on Roosevelt am I going to read it too much dealer deviated detail here. I just want to show you that region
but people are rising up now only get to the wish that the scary thing that I think we're seeing is briefly mention with Christopher Columbus right at the city. Just removes it was their vote. Did the people speak up? Is this what a community actually wants, or we dealing with a fringe ideology, infecting the minds of certain executives, we're taking upon themselves to remove things and no one is doing anything to stop it. It is not the way our country works, that you can just snap your fingers and determine what you want. Take a look at this story. Boise mayor condemns violence and intimidation at downtown rally, blames counter protesters for clashes. Boise police said they broke up, multiple fights at the event, but did not make any arrests. The reason why the story is interesting twofold, they say in I've. I've read a bunch of stories about what happened in Boise in the past couple days.
They say there were some. You know pretty far right: nazi people there, some pretty bad debts flying some pretty nasty symbols The question I have as they highlight this as this as as though it you know, represents the entirety of the group. I don't that's fair to say, but also don't know, because I wasn't the event, so I will just say out right: we as well as everyone else, should condemn that fringe ideology and the symbols that what you know their that that they represent but we'd all which also point out the same thing for Anti VA. When they, where you know communist flag or soviet flag masks and fly similar symbols. Can we not condemn the same thing? We do we should we should we need to so. Yes, you will see extremists on all sides of this and that shouldn't take away from a regular Americans are trying to say, And this story, however, I noticed some- very, very interesting. The mayor spoke out against the counter protest.
Norman? Let me read you what you said and I'll tell you why fight it fascinating mayor, Mclean of Boise, said last night our community witnessed, and many of our residents experienced physical violence and intimidation by counter protesters during a black lives matter. Protest at City Hall, interesting that she would speak out about speak out against this. Now, I'm not, speak to her as an individual? I'm just highlighting hurt the direction for which she is pointing, because we just went through weeks of riots and looting and fires, just destruction and chaos in fear and terror. And what did we get democratic mayors? governors defending the riots, now not explicitly saying hey great rights, but I call them peaceful protests. These protesters are peaceful, they must be protected, they cheered for them. They marched with them and even though many of these people got violent
and even though we literally just saw, do get arrested for attempted murder in Provo shooting a driver for seemingly no reason they still come out and say the counter protesters are the bad guys they were and timid aiding us well I'd love to see, mayors and politicians. Anybody come out and claim that anti fraud is intimidate having regular Americans, they don't do it. No, instead, actually agree with and say, tear down all the statues which brings me to the next story. This this photograph, which I find fascinating Rachel Hill, defence standing for the national anthem as the rest of the Chicago Red Stars, kneeled wow, look at this photo. She decided to stand up for what she believed in she still wearing assured that reads: black lives matter. I find fascinating that you can actually support the idea that we need accountability for police reform, but also defend the amount
can flag and stand up for and say no. It is shocking to me that we have now conflated disrespect for America, the fourth of July. What this country represents with calls for reform and civil rights wait no hold on. First of all, if you want to deal with lag. Do it with my blessing? That's America, man. First amendment yonnondio for many do thing. I will humbly disagree with. You say this. I think you're wrong I think the fact that you are kneeling for the flag simultaneously shows just how great that flag is, and so it is burning it. It's almost ironic or paradoxical that an act of defiance against symbols of this country. You are signifying just how true
Lee Great this country really is. Have you see what's going on in Hong Kong? Recently China is taking over. They pass new national security laws and other cracking down on residence of Hong Kong. I only imagine what these people must be going through, so my sympathies to them, and just by saying this, China has probably already banned from the country. I've been very critical of China for a lot of reasons, but think about it. Right now. We're here reports that in China, I'm sorry in Hong Kong. Many of these activists and journalists are going silent, signed. They can't talk anymore. They can't speak up because China is a thought tearing regime taking over and think about. We have think about what we have here in Amerika.
The right to death or create the flag itself. I loved one hundred percent. I love it and I am critical of those, including Donald Trump. When he said you know, we should have a law making an illegal or can someone who said something similar? No, we absolutely should not. We absolutely should not destroying the flag is the greatest symbol of the freedom that flag represents, and so while I would never do it, because I truly respect the freedom represented by that flag. I look at the act of defiance with I with a smile on my face, saying you know, you're defiant says to me: we
really are living in where the greatest countries, if not the greatest on the planet, with my family history, you know most of you realize this. Civil rights did not come easy and we won and things are better than they have ever been for every one and that's a fact, needs violent people say wait to abolish poverty and of my poverty is relative. Do we want to raise the standard of living for everyone absolutely and we will and we will fight to do so- civil rights absolutely and we will continue to find new ways to accommodate people and expand civil rights like we ve always done. We are a country reform and when I see these people Neil, I just struggled myself- I'm not mad about it. I love it. I absolutely love it. Callin caper Nick too like that. I don't like the idea of disrespect and the flag, but I like what it represents. Isn't it amazing, but the reason I highlight this is that this woman was actually defying mainstream pop culture by just respecting the flag and sheets the, at last, she received resulted in
Having to issue a statement about it is that when I stood for the national anthem before them I'll go right stars most recent gang. This was a decision that did not come easily or without profound fought. Why are you kidding me? You know what I was little. I was told that you're gonna stand for the pledge of allegiance. You could sit down and not say it because in school that make it
so it will. They would negative about. Everyone would do it, so I would be like out. I do it now just had done and nobody wants anything nobody cared. It was like a stupid child. This act of defiance ever boot stand up to the flag and they say the pledge of allegiance and then sometimes I'd be like. I don't have to exhaust all that and have to no one set a thing to me. It is not hard at all. For me to say the flag is awesome. The country is great, and I will I will stand for national anthem, analyses that song the funds on missing, but not by the way to hear now that it way it was. It was difficult for her to do this. I am glad that she did might tremendous respect to her for doing so. I believe a name is Rachel Hill, but why should it be this way if we want to maintain the respect and dignity for that flag in the freedom it represents than we want to allow people to either stand or meal for it? She doesn't say before the game. I was completely torn on what to do. I spoke with friends and family and teammates of all races, religions, it back.
With the help of guidance. I chose to stand because of what the flag inherently means to my military family members and me, but I one hundred percent support my peers remarkable this is this is one of the greatest messages I've heard so far. My tremendous respect to Rachel Hill, who decided to defend this country but also support curve, her teammates supporting black lives matter. I love peaceful protest movement when the black eyes matter. Protest started for George Floyd people laid down their hands behind their back on a bridge. That was awesome. That's great. I do think it's cringe IE and I have concerns about the manipulation of many of these fringe fanatics work who are taking over in their authoritarianism. But I love the right to protest and for of religion, but now it seems like we might actually start losing this unless people stand up- and that was the point of this video- maybe
the most pressing breaking news ever, but I have to say I am inspired by peaceful protest. Whoever may protest for it, I'm inspired by the people who would counter protest so long as they do it peacefully, and I will remind you: peaceful protest works vial doesn't the reason why peaceful protesters are standing up in defiance of entities far left us is because the violence they represent, the destruction of damage The reason why people in south failure shown up inside this ain't, Seattle by regular people are standing up is because of the violence of the far left. It is back fired on them and now they will experience what happens when regular Americans say enough. Perhaps we are heading towards another tremendous Donald Trump victory.
I can't tell you for sure I don't know, but I wonder I want. I want to stress the point I made about this woman standing up because of teeth to see that some one had to contemplate, negotiate and speak. It advice over whether or not they should be standing for this flag to me as shocking. I think it's great if you want to protest it, but we should never feel scared to stand up for what we believe in, but we're getting there, and that is scary. I can only imagine. I can only hope that Regular Americans today still love this country, respect for what it is and understand why that flag is something really great white represents really great things, and if that's true and deep down people really do believe in America, then maybe we will see something profound on election day, but I gotta be honest. The Republicans, though, represent anything in my opinion and there's been a major backlash against them. Republicans are speaking up foreign. Why that there
up with our public and party conservative commentators are saying, republican leadership doesn't even makes sense, that's an oxymoron big. They both can't exist. So Oh, you may be critical of the Democrats for literally getting on bet me for the far left non theistic religion of intersection, Elysium and I'll be critical of a soccer players to what do you have to vote, for, I guess just the health, I've never been a big fan of the man in terms of politics in terms of terms of his comedy. You know his entertainment is a funny guy. I can respect that. You got it, you got it bad luck if you've never seen a Trump rally, you don't understand, the dude is a comedian. He really really is. He said he does stand up Betts and they are funny. One of the things he said at the last rallies like I ran around for political are a public office. One time became pray. The United States and its hungarian. It is it's a joke, of course, when he ran forty, one with a man was what is doing in terms of entertaining
but what is he doing beyond just the economy? Most people who voted form accorded the pause. It seems really respect him on the economy and I've given giving given him credit for that. But beyond that, what have we seen now? He certainly taking actions against those who are desperate statues and it does have the authority that the state has no authority over the states the way he may have claimed at one point doesn't it was not much else he can do for now. It seems like Trump may be doing just enough to make people feel like he's fighting for them right now, but things are, are pretty chaotic, I can't imagine Joe Biden will be their choice,
but the Dnc is about a month and a half away, maybe a little bit longer. Maybe Joe Biden isn't the nominee in the end. Maybe it's Andrew Cuomo and that's been speculative for a long time. Would people support him? I don't know he seems kind of like a bee player. Donald Trump got that x, factor right and he's got a hard core base of support that will not flinch around forty percent of I believe of this country will not flinch, or at least the voters, and that means Trump only needs to convince a small amount of people in key areas to actually, when I think, Donald Trump Winning can be good. If he proves he's going to stand up against the fanaticism, the violence and defend the rights granted to us well are inalienable rights but protected under the constitution, but I'm not convince here. The Republicans
I will do anything for the most part, at least for now. I guess we only wait and see. The alternative, unfortunately feels very, very much so worse, at least for now. Regular people are starting to speak up and stand up, and perhaps that means there is a larger base of support for this country than than you know, then, for opposing it.
But I guess will only on which we see as it is right and that's what I say as per usual, there's a lot that can happen from now until then, but hopefully what you ve taken away from this is that it's not one sided. There are people standing up in saying no to this, regardless of what use you see from politicians and from the mainstream media is major corporations with the ratings explosion for people liked over Carlsson and from channels like mine. There are people who are not necessarily conservative were standing on. The saying this is too much and we need something else. You can't keep doing this. I guess it will come to fruition. Whatever comes I got in November, maybe sooner than that, the fourth of July, as is only a few days away, and I will certainly be selling I guess we'll see what we'll see how it plays out I'll, be there next time it's coming up at six p, DOT M Youtube, dot, com, Timcast news, and I will see you all then it would seem that Mayor Jenny, Durkan of Seattle, has located her spine. It's raining
in order to have the police. Finally clear out the Chaz you see, that's what you needed they tried. Having like, can you clean up crews, I guess the other day in the activists rioters I want to call on just came back in put everything back. It didn't work well now. The police are actually as as I'm recording this sweeping through the area. It's all coming down. Finally, you'd think after multiple shootings in a couple people dead, they would have gotten the message. Apparently it took five people be shot and actually more shootings than that for them to finally bring the policeman. But I must tell you the absurdity. The irony that is Chaz is just so beyond parity K. Do you know why there. Finally issuing this order. Let me show you what they said. The Seattle police Department made this statement. Due to ongoing violence and public safety issues in the EAST Precinct Cal Innocent park area. May your journey
organisms an executive order to vacate the area Seattle police will be in the area. The small enforcing the mayor's order. Do you know what ongoing violence there referring to is- I'm gonna tell you. You probably heard this I talked about the other day, but there was a vehicle. It was shot up a Sixteen year old and fourteen year old were both hit. The sixteen year old died, the people who shot these individuals was the Chaz Security force. Let me just break down for you city of Seattle has decided that the Chaz police fire on to blackmail, teenagers killing one was a threat to public safety and are quite literally, polishing the Chaz because of Chaz police brutality. I get ok that the did the Chad Security force. They don't call him the police, but come on that she has security people
are there local police telling people what to do when they do it searching people looking for criminals and thieves, tangible, it's, the police oh, yes, it's up its own police force marching around with bigger gun. Then regular cops use. What were they thinking, what they think we're gonna happen? Now you have a sixteen year old blackmail dead. Killed by Chaz is security. Yeah, I'm sorry, but let's police brutality can we get a defined the Chaz police? Can we get a black lives matter for what happened here. You see. Maybe these people are now going to realise that run a society is not. So simple, but it's not like the cops are going around laughing about how they do want to just murder people. There are some cops. Somalia has been leaked, we ve heard crazy people say crazy, which I gotta realise men, serial killers and criminals and murderers exist, and they want to info
the system they want to use this, they want to gain power in their bad people. That's not most cops. That's not even like a fraction of a percentage, a fraction of a fraction of a percent people to want to believe it that's just reality, so we have the story on. Let me read you about what's going on in the shop, but we also have a New York and New York City. I could you not. These people just do not learn. If there is any group of people completely unable to learn its the Democratic Party, I'm sorry man and it s not a court me, I'm its? It has to do with free speech, and I think one Greenwood set at the Lisbon over in New York. They voted to strip a billion dollars from the end. My pity, you think that's gonna play Kate the, extremists, so they got an occupation going to New York City. The police try to clear out. They clashed with the with the insurrectionists wherever column and the police lost. That's that's why I understand or another preventative leaving us too many people. They were able to shut it down and they they better. I mean
help help LAPD learns from. What's happening in Seattle, what what did happen in Seattle, but AOL is now saying now we're not talking about a billion dollars, we're talking about defending the police. So there you go. Apparently they never learned that these people are asking for a little morsel, but are asking for a single slice of cake. It's like that. It's like that gag, where what they they point to the cheesecake and you're like ok, so you cut a slice and then they take the whole. Rather, the cheese can leave you at the little slice. There are asking for a little bit they're asking for everything to be destroyed and shut down and closed. You see would happen Provo the other day. Two days ago. Three days go now. I'm digs Rancho card shot. Somebody is one is what are these people that that that's why I can't call them protesters men, because at a certain point, when you have this level of violence and extremism, you cannot just sit back and While I didn't do it, I just form the shield for someone else to do it, not as work that way at a certain point,
when you got an avalanche, we stop the avalanche and if your ride, along with it one of those snowflakes contributing then You don't get it just fain you're, like ignorance or you know, get to pretend like you, you, you burn oversight mobility. The only reason these things are happening is because the people are going out to form these massive groups and respecting what they call a diversity of tactics. Unexplained some to diversity of tactics is something they say so that the extra best, can be justified in taking extremist actions and no one will stop them. I'm not getting. These would explain. It is you'll, see a bunch of me we'll happy and dancing in the street. You now blocking traffic and they don't you someone uh swearing, all black smashing windows and people dancing in the street won't interfere because you have to respect the diversity of tactic, which basically means they have no plan at all, and it's just chaotic. But what it really means is he's. Extremists have convinced
that the regular hippy dippy dancing people to do nothing while they take extreme action. So let me ask you activist sued, you know in the chair as in New York in these other cities that are engaging in its behaviour when the guy in Provo ran up to that are unjust. Shot the driver the driver was slowing down, had no idea that the group was there. I was that what what tactic is that? What was your plan just tell somebody? Ok, so I'll tell you what, if you sit by I thought, not an silences consent that did you say right. If you remained silent as your allies in this fight are killing p or trying to kill people, then you know what your consenting to it, your allowing it to happen at a certain point, you say enough:
you walk away. Now these people in New York is people in Seattle, like, while I didn't do it, the only exists because you form the framework for it to exist. If the people in chess who are peaceful, got up and walked away, the gun violence would have stopped a long time ago. So you can, pretend you bear no responsibility, there's dabbling in Seattle. Right now from Como NEWS, Seattle, police work, but he's chop area Wednesday morning ordering all protesters to clear the area after Jenny darken issued an executive order, at least thirteen protesters have been arrested for failing to leave so far Seattle police at Anyone who remains in the area or returns the area is subject to arrest. It's about time. I was watching a live stream different just before. Recording US officers gave the order to disperse the area at five, a dot m and gave protesters eight minutes to comply informing. Then they could safely exit the the reason to the self. A lot of chaos
you hear many voices sad Deborah Common who was sleeping in a tent in the zone, but then I heard on the microphone it's either going to be the police or the National Guard. That's when I started so ok he's talking to get up wow there actually too, remembering the National Garda. What's read their official statement here from the City of Seattle, they say: executive order, twenty twenty awake to provide the city department direction and a coordinated city response. With respect to observing report life, safety, public health and property issues in and around the EAST precinct Cow and Cal Edison park the premises negative order, its direct departments to coordinate the city's response to observing reported life safety. Ok, you said that you said that, whereas the killing of George Floyd by a police officer Minneapolis, has generated anger and outrage across the United States resulting in mass demonstrations and whereas the city supports the people's right to lawful assembly guaranteed by the Constitution of United States of America and the constitution of the state of law, Kingdom due to current state of emergency and the governor stay home stay healthy order. The city was on
able to issue a parade and or demonstration permits to groups who wish to lawfully assemble to voice their opinions, whoa whoa, whoa whoa. What excuse me mayor darken. We might have a summer of love. What do you mean? You are now trying to play the excuse that they didn't have a permit when you supported what they were doing disgusting man, you not look. I live in Seattle, but I think the people of Seattle need to vote this send out. Hopefully that still remains a course of action for us in this country that when you have bad leadership, you get rid of but I gotta say I M kind of worry these. These people gonna get reelected seriously, But why should the city recognizes the praise and demonstrations will travel upon public streets, yet he got up, whereas is at it. They they just ok here is there? Is there more so than so? What what? What what's? What's? What's? What's the or what
Today. City departments have more than a reasonably accommodated protesters by offering services and shelter the city is spent weeks on voluntary efforts to urge people to leave colonists and park giving the emerging circumstances and recent shootings, and I think I think, take time know how to actually our messages. So I wonder if I guess, ok whatever here we go. So its multiple elegant read the whole thing. I believe you can get the point. I love how she's now play this game like well. We couldn't actually issue a permit shut up. Did so What what will see how this roles out there there currently clearing the parklike literally right now is on recording this video so battalion of watching it. You might check and see that it's all been completely wiped out. I gotta be ass, they're, saying that if you return to the area will be arrested what's to stop them from just making another one now think it's fair to say, there's no coordination, so these activists have or wherever
dream is sincere action. As I know you, common of your own com, it's it's hard to figure out what word there is enough for their what what they are, but on these people only took this area because of the protests and because of the police, once a police laughed, they immediately ran and incentive barricades, there's no good strong organism. Can for them, for the larger crowd. Neither is organization within certain cells that have no plan these things out right, but these groups are relatively small they're, not to be able, in my opinion, to rally all of the dozens of people. They would need to actually occupy another area, so there This very well maybe the end of chairs, and I think the police are gonna, reclaim the department which they're doing now and then they're, probably going to control the aged arrest. Anybody you try doing any the stuff. I guess I can say it's about time, but over in New York City, we're in New York. City has only just begun: New York City votes to cod
a billion dollars from the Nypd budget after cops clash with the protesters outside City Hall Autonomous own for a seventh day as demonstrators say, the move is not enough. That's right! go to the billion dollars. They asked for now. Isn't enough. You see how it works. All these activists come out and say we want to defending the police and they are protesting, making it a ban to pull a billion dollars from a six billion dollar budget. Now they ve done it now the producer like, while we want more now, don't you get it it'll, never be an in Seattle, they were demanding fifty percent reduction in the saddle pitting us how much much smaller than New York City. That's. What's the craziest thing about how policing works in New York has, I think, there's us. It was less estimate of the high and forty thousand and why pity personnel, including support staff when it comes to active and why Pd Ivan only like eight thousand, you know that are then are out on the streets and any one moment and it may. It may be a bit more mantelish here, but the numbers around there. I think, because we do what we do
about this on IRA Podcast O a little while ago think about what happens if ten thousand people show up and take an autonomous zone, they're, not gonna, building at the police. Cleared out? It's not gonna happen, they can start making arrests, but if there are too many people they put up barricades and their fighting with cops. The cops kin Don't you think about it? Will you do I mean that? come with Al Rads and stuff, but tell you this man, twenty thousand people, you a city of New York with the Metro has like thirteen million people. Manhattan island alone is like two point: five million you get a tiny, tiny fraction of that twenty thousand in the police can do anything about it. If they really want occupies, is an extreme minority, can control the city because the police won't be able to do anything about authority. Do national guard perhaps, but even then,
you got to many people in New York, so you can't do anything about it. This, where things are getting dangerous and and crazy, because I often talk about morality, policing and morality. You in force bent of law in general. So like a higher level government level and what happens when The police are completely overwhelmed, literally nothing. Anyone can do well than the the way to get where the mob is to placate them, and if they say we want, then why pity completely disbanded defended than what do you do? If twenty thousand people can overwhelm the entire Nypd, a thirty thousand were also overwhelm national guard. What that would ever have to come in with Insurrection ACT, military and it's gonna get brutal. It is gonna, get very brutal. I understand, as you scale things up in terms of law enforcement, you get better technology and equipment, but what I was a fifty thousand people come out. It is it it is a sit. It is an island of two point: five million,
Two point five, but if you have from all the different metro, even from other parts of the country showing up in fighting it, it would overwhelmed now, of course, I'm not saying you are actually get fifty thousand, but we ve seen bigger protests in this. We absolutely have so I've I've actually gone approach protests in New York, where that massive massive protests down broadway- and it was like three hundred thousand people mind do most of these people are not fervent zealous occupier types. There were just regular, lefties, warlike waving signs and in wanting to go home or go to Japan Layer, some have buried up, they wanted locking you know, arms together and barricade themselves in. But what happens if this? I the algae spreads and it is what happens when all these organizations incorporation start promoting this ideology and what happens when these regular people do become activated to the far left and then do link arms.
I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility that you get massive amounts of people. Shutting things down. The point is New York City will be placed between a rock and what will be situated between a rock and a hard. Whether like too many people there overwhelming our resources. What do we do? I mean Occupy Wall Street, for instance only a couple thousand people, my and the police had a seriously difficult time shutting down. They didn't know what to do, because they are afraid of making a worse and they did and more people showed up in their massive protests, but typically it was only a couple thousand people and the police struggle to actually get rid of it. They eventually came and surrounded the whole area. Unjust, wiped everything out, arrested, tons of people, but people kept trying to come back and the protests persisted frock another month or two. I could you not eventually they'll people started to leave, so it could just be o o, or of attrition and the police, will always when that one out, but they could be overwhelmed in the short term. So as we have gone, I regret some photos here of the clashes ACT and Anna
and actually, as I'm recording this as well, there are videos popping up of the police in New York clashing with the protesters or the insurrectionists revenue column, and I believe them. I pity, retreated because you got a lot of people and they couldn't do they can do anything. So you can see, look at us their refusing to allow- and here you go this July fourth crossed out, and it says, was it as June tenth eighteen, sixty five where's the shirts aid, because carriers has, because my people more than say my something, wasn't free until seventeen seventy them. He six that I don't know that says anyway. The point as these people have a fringe ideology. The Democrats are have been bending the need for the most part to these peoples had of standing up to them. Now, of course, than White PDF is run me as a democrat city, but for the most part, the top level. These politicians aren't telling them to stop to shut up to back off so
regular. Americans have no choice if the Democratic Party is going to keep entertaining things like crossing out July, fourth, vandalized being justice and George Washington will, then what do you think regular? regular Americans are gonna. Do do you think this wave of young people who don't have jobs? and I I mean that not to be condescending because many of them lost their jobs think they represent the deep, the productive working class of this country. They don't. Let me explain something: to buy a lot of the jobs in New York City
a lot of them are service jobs. Where I mean this with all due respect, your mostly just providing a service to another person who also the job providing a service, a seventh service sector economy. So what this New York City actually produce swell you do have large, I would say, coordinating intelligence hubs for major business as their headquarters, their offices. They do plantings and strategy, and then that goes out of their factories outside these areas, but this can all be done remotely now, so New York City is beginning to make a lot less sense, as communications technology improves. A lot of the jobs in New York are nonsensical. That really do mean it, but that's coming from me who worked in media, I know people in New York City Hall getting paid fifty sixty thousand dollars a year to write list. Nicholls, like you know, here's top ten pictures of cats that did it backs, let on the I'm a dead serious. Could you imagine this? Could you imagine living in a suburb rural area and you work in a local diner and you make twelve.
Bucks an hour on average with tips and these people in New York City get fifty sixty gay per year to just sit here, maybe I'll write about Brad Pitt, Angelina, Jolie or something I mean it's probably a really old library reference and a potential that stuff or I what What's the new with new thing, the writing about shame, Dawson Shane Dawson and ended his initiative. Gentle? Could you imagine some one's job is to just gossip and they get paid double or triple what you get paid doing actual work. Think about the people who work in Iraq. Quarry economic people get paid work in Iraq where or construct I tell you this man. There are people who get paid more than you in construction to literally Roy about Jake, Paul and Shame Dawson and the sword. The big problems we have. There are tons of jobs where people are desperate to write, garbled nonsense because it just have to write some thing there sit around like what do I write about? I don't know.
Dear Alex Jones. I guess, and then they write all well stones by in and then you go and they get a million views in the views so ads. And regular people see those Adam don't buy stuff and so its becoming like this cycle of non productivity. Its is so weird people get paid tons of money to do basically nothing to buy things. They don't need. That's that's New York for you, so maybe there's a business positive everything were Singa, maybe This these issues photo people linking arms. Maybe, as cities become uncomfortable an expensive and then and the jobs can be done remotely, nobody wants to live there. More, you know I'm looking at a lot of small town, because I'm definitely getting out of Jersey and there are a lot of really small towns and I've always had an affair of voting to buy against more rural areas, because you know you don't have Foma the fear of missing out, but now I think I learn what an important lesson having moved other group in Chicago. You know so I didn't grauben of executive and a big city that
good time, and that was always looking for more something to do. People to hang out with things to accomplish, and I lived in New York for a few years, and then I realized you know you actually don't need to be in a city. It's it's! It's a it's a myth. It's it's like this false idea. People have no how to live there, but you don't need to so. I left and I slowly started, moving further and further away now, making the suburbs and now my next move is to go out to the middle of nowhere. What I've learned as I've been scouting out smaller towns like really small towns of only a few hundred people or a few thousand people. If it's a lot going on, there's a lot of fun stuff happening a lot of stuff being built and you don't need to live in a massive mega dino. Metropolis mega propolis, whatever big city in order to accomplish things, especially with the internet, may this is good for us. Maybe people start getting out of these overcrowded sour milk cities. I say that because I think New York, Smilax arm of just really does mean especially Manhattan, its ideal
the walk and also you'll notice, something like you know, just draining down the street you'll die. What is that it smells like sour milk? Really does people are stacked on top of each other, the can grow their own food are locked in cubicles doesn't seem like a fun time, so I got up. Maybe that's. What's gonna happen from all of this chaos? People are just the proximity to my They can't handle it and I'll start moving out spreading out and will see for one thing: cities are major hubs of pollution, and if people start moving out of cities and getting little looked smaller plots of land are, they actually grow their own food? we can start seeing a real, a real adjournment. Culture shift not stupid historical, cultural relations, thou stuff without statues, but an actual culture shift in things like instead of having grass you grow for much doubles I tell you this, I be willing about a lot of these young people would be fulfilled if they just had a garden totally mean it. You got the back yard, you going your front yard, reverie, on your vegetables and also your life, was like like that. I've got p pod, there's theirs. I can eat that that so cool
something you grew and you nurtured. That's your mission, that's your goal! If you don't have that eleven concrete blocks. Second, but each other rubbing smells like sour milk, so they have no purpose. Their purpose is to go outside and screw what things I don't understand. They don't know. Are the police are funded in June there funded, don't even know it the police. Do you don't know What happens in one police plaza? All they know is bad all capture bad, so they go out. They found their mission. Will eventually people get tired of it, because there are people in cities who produce who work and they don't wanna, be bogged down by this and have the opportunity to go somewhere else. May that's what'll happen? Maybe all this ends when people finally spread back out to rural areas and just stop living in these awful places may be the police become de funded because they don't need them to be funded to the tune of six billion dollars. When many people actually leave the city, maybe many the cops leap meant met. Many of the police will leave the city by think this will leave us
the shambles I think they need the taxes of these individuals to fund this. Setting that they leave buildings is earnest, our fallen apart and collapsing. It's gonna be an interesting next, ten years I'll tell you: what's? Twenty twenty will see how things play out, but for now it looks like we get an occupation in New York City, so we can think about the future. We can think about what people can't can't do, but for now this is happening, the occupation and she has may be crushed. Finally, after five people got shot and the Chaz police killed a sixteen year old blackmail while,
four or five men, but maybe something will emerge in New York like we saw ten years ago, almost almost ten nine years ago, with occupy Wall Street that seems to be what's happening now very similar. Will it succeeded, will accomplish anything honestly have no idea, I think. Actually it's going to make people vote for Donald Trump really do mean it. You see a lot of these people in there there was a there's, a meme going around. Where I can't remember, I can remember exactly which, when it was, but someone said, that's the phase of a person who just realized they have to vote for Donald Trump. Oh, I remember what is now there's it's a video from Pittsburgh, where Some people pull up to their business and they put black lives matter signs all over the window. This being shattered on facebooks may Chateau Renaud. This guy gets out of his car. He has no idea who wanted to restore its inability looked around, and so we just pulls the sign down and then all of a sudden two guys like foaming him screaming at him saying. Why are you telling our signs down and his? it's my building and their yelling at Hong Kong with big it, because a signs a black eyes met and the guys like. I have no idea what you're talking about then some
when comes up and she's like what's going on our store and their yelling screaming bigots they're, calling your Karen and then the men nobody just stand there confused and one of the comments was that's the look, but that's the look of someone who just realized their voting for Donald Trump. These are people who live in blue areas or being hounded and harassed and their confused because they have no idea what you're protesting about they dont did not. Everybody is paying attention So what happens when you take a bunch of people who don't pay attention and you're on time and our screaming at them about your cause? There are to be, I know, and not surprisingly, well, for Donald Trump from Italian. I have a lot of people. I want to believe it lotteries far left us. Why can't pull the conservative I tell you what man, if you only knew what was happening behind the scenes, the messages I get from people these aren't. I have so many people who are like liberals who message and just want to things? I got me all right up and trigger last week, when I said stand up for yourself. Is that someone
the people who message me, many of them high profile and well known and their lefty. They don't Biddle, engage in the social justice insanity, but they also don't speak up against it unless they're in private, like oh, I can't risk at I'm like. No, you can risk it. Ok, if you're wealthy, if you're famous Europe, if you're a celebrity and you're sent back watching me. I appreciate the messages, but it's like you have every opportunity to stand up and say: nope, not playing this game. Look man! I respect you know people, civil rights and liberties. I don't like the police brutality, but this stuff is going too far. Ok, it's time for people to actually speak up for themselves, I'll leave their necks time coming up at one p m, and this gentle- and I will see you all then, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like they got em now this preliminary people are innocent until proven guilty, but an arrest has been made attempted act. They did murder among many other charges, for a man who shot the driver of suv. This guy has tried, make some justification for why he ran up to an suv and shot the driver, but listen this guy,
is now, I think, officially confirmed. We can say the second black lives matter, extremist shooter, but there have been other shootings at other riots. The thing the reason I'm I'm I'm specifically mentioning just these to the other one being Louisville, is because a lot of the shootings we saw during the riot Roderick, the riots could have been random looters people- we don't know, but I it's fair to say it from an umbrella perspective there have been many now black lives matter: identity, extremists who have been shooting and injuring people, the cop who got ambushed for instance- and we also have some news about the Boolooroo boys. Apparently, Facebook is purging and taking down a bunch of Facebook pages pertaining to Bubu boys, but it is the first going to highlight on a range of the story and to ensure you what's going out disguised he's being arrested now far left extremist shot, the driver and of an ass. You ve had been talk about this quite a bit, but it looks like they may have caught the guy as well as a rest and other woman, but
I can't I'm sorry. I can't help it there's a thread on right at talking about the Bootblue boys and civil war, and there are a lot of city people adamant that the cities will survive in the event of a full on civil. You know so a civil conflict It is shockingly insane absolutely detached from reality, I want to show you what these people say. Will our talk about but we're seeing weird things happen. You know just just the rapid escalation alot The things that have happened recently, I could not have predicted- would happen this fast, especially with this I'm trying to listen to I'm going to say, look, look. You wanna talk about civil war, civil unrest that people wanted a mock me. Say tat. Your you're at over hyping danger, pessimistic, may may be, and then we keep getting more more stories sky, this this as you ve, was driving on the street, and these these extremists try blocking em they're, not protesters man they're, not protesters. Okay, if you
who are out with a guy who just shot some one and you keep going. You are an extremist right. Let limit! Let me start over. Forget items you see on the screen is, as you ve was driving down, the street tried to turn and get away from the crowd they ran up to block the car adieu took it has got shot the driver, what but next according to witnesses and police, is that people just kept doing their thing. So what does that make you not a protester if you are out and somebody in your group draws a weapon and shoot and an innocent person driving their vehicle and you just say how great and you keep going about that person. You you're a group of violent extremists. Now this guy apparently has faced a poster and justify, but that's the we're seeing I could not have predicted this You know, I thought things are many a bet. I didn't think it can happen. This fast comma means quite literally,
I think it's fair to say. We all knew something. Crazy is gonna happen in twenty twenty, but this is crazy than I've ever seen it right. We got mass banning Facebook and out now banning all these different accounts groups of people that are- encouraging or calling for civil war. No, that's not what I'm telling you men play stupid games when stupid prizes. You really don't you know these look! A lot of these people left right up. I don't care what you what your position is, if you think you why this. You are wrong and I encourage you to actually experienced the world what we do, his law and order, and maybe it's just wishful thinking but a return to normal, see real debate, rigorous debate, conversations reform. Instead, you got somebody, people just won't, take it the extreme and- and I feel like we felt, left right. I've been saying for a while that we are, we are on the edge, we're we're on the precipice we are facing. You know looking down towards oblivion. Maybe we fell off the cliff and that's something I said the past
and the reason why all this is happening so fast that were no longer Roland downhill. We just went boom straight off the edge, and so now a terminal. Velocity could not be faster, so here's a story. Talk about the sheer absurdity they city focusing the thing: the Citys, the city's gather, the city's men. Only just ironic get out of the cities. I believe that what what what what role will rid the stories- let's just our readers News- First Fox thirteen salt said. He says a man has been arrested in connection with the shooting during a protest Monday night in Provo, according to Provo police, thirty, three year old, Jesse Taggart of SALT, city was arrested on charges of attempted, aggravated murder. Aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, riding threatening use of a weapon in a fight or quarrel, criminal mischief and firing a weapon, your highway police retired shot the driver of Anne S, young university avenue as protesters crowded around the vehicle driver sustained a non life threatening gunshot wound Taggart? Reportedly then five,
another shot at the rear of the vehicle as it sped away from the scene. In addition, twenty seven year old, Samantha Darling of Ogden was arrested for obstruction of justice in writing. Details wrong answer were not released. Police are still thus getting Monday nights events and have asked anyone with information on individuals who damaged vehicles to contact detective, Nick Patterson innocent until proven guilty. I think it's fair to say, but according to far left watch, this protest was organized on Facebook. Another reason by this is significant, is that Facebook is now going to be meeting with a bunch of big corporate, a big big nonprofits, an activist groups to ban hate speech. Facebook has in the past band right wing, extremist groups. What about this? will they now ban all far left black lives matter d The police or an or organizations or or a vat plantings? Probably not, and that's where things spiral out of control, you ve got a tacit approval from these big tech by forms they're not
take this down the Provo protests. That result an issue was organised by on Facebook by Anti thought there does and police brutality pro blue counter protest. I don't know what this means. Oh, I think this may this this may be visa. The other event, They say fall of extremists who have been ripping people from their cars and assaulting them have now escalated to shooting drivers. It is not a protest, it isn't insurgency. So there were supposedly some counter protest. I don't know this is if what maybe, what what is this? Let me read, it sometimes have to pick up a gun to put the gun down. This is Malcolm X, quoted the SALT Lake City, Anti FA coalition, included in their facebook event for a protest at the profile police department on June twenty ninth. Additionally, they started the participants to where all black wear masks and wept active. I you're. Ok, I think they were coming to counter protest pro police individuals, whatever I'm not one hundred percent sure but check this out as one of the big developments on. So
for media Facebook bans hundreds of profiles trying to incite second civil war. In the. U S. Participants in the Bogota Movement have been tied to several violent attacks over the past few months. In the U S, yes, but I dont believe its context, Julie, accurate to say there trying to incite seconds of a war. I would say there is a lot of group that use Bogle means that just believe it's happening, no matter what that these are just people who think it can happen. There are some people who wanted to happen for sure, but that includes the left, and this is this: where things get get murky, some of these Bootblue that there's a guy who was arrested for shooting two cops, I believe, killing one of them and he wrote Boogie lud or something they say, this guy was a right wing extremists, but let us bring it down for second want civil war, hates cops who is at overlap with not conservatives and the right it overlaps with anti fond far left you can. You can argue there
our common, I really really don't, but if you that that that the anti of a people absolutely what conflict with government and the Buddha Lou allow these Bootblue boys or have your column have down supporting many of these protests, so I dont think it's fair to call them. Right wing or whenever an and they're not necessarily doing it, but a lot of people are. I do not explain who these people are other than anti government. Like us, better protests and a government to write well, there you go so it looks like you. Ve got to know that Enemy of my enemy is my friend, I think on. What's this and see what's happening amount to some of the reactions from people who seem to think that they have. Mind numbing how stupid and arrogant these people are and ominous sky new says. Facebook is banned three hundred and fifteen accounts which which it said, belong to boot.
Loose participants in an extremist movement in the. U S which believes a second civil war is inevitable or desirable. At least ten individuals are fitted with a movement have been accused of serious crimes the past year. They include a: U S, airforce sergeant, charge of murdering a police officer in California, using the George Floyd protests cover facebooks at the acts of real world violence and are in donations into them, are what let us identify and debt and designate this distinct network within the general movement. Ok, great! Ok! What's up what about anti fa, you gonna ban anti for now what about the federal I was who shot the driver or the dude in Louisville, who find a crowd killing a photographer were black lives matter activist you see how they run protection, they I'm not here, they'll say what well. You know in that particular instance. Those people were outliers. What about these? You had a half mile handful of incidents with crazy people and now
You are calm, outliers, one at you or you want to ban the whole movement. They targeted. This network ok target the network of Anti far they won't and that's why things will get worse because Facebook will not do. Wit. They say the name comes rom breakin to electric boot. Breakin breakin to electric Google, it we get it in the, These are the mobile, a movement. The event is an american civil war, but it spends have been present at multiple demonstrations. Fervour, George Floyd, the use of means, and the adoption of the hawaiian floral picture is a tactic used by the far right to attract and recruit young men according to analyse to study extremist movements. That is the stupidest thing. I've ever heard it's a meme, its amorphous, it's just something that people find funny and they do is what that that they don't men. It's really hard to break these things down and try to explain to people when their mind is wrapped up in this ridiculous, fake academic view of what's really
none. Why did people wave a certain flag like near the pakistani flag? Whatever it's just a meme? It's just a mean. It is a symbol of tribe as the best way to put it. Why do these people? of unicorns with guns or or I'll cook, monster or floral shirts, which means its litter. Someone did something. Someone else thought it was funny and did it too, and then they put it on because it's a tribal signifier, that's it! You got outta vent. You see someone with the flag and you're like oh, it's a glue or something on a flag. Our somewhat that face up to the network it prescribed was actively promoting violence. That's that's crazy
that's, that's that's nuts. I guess that I guess I'll be there excuse like well, although there have been armed extremists who shot to these events and beat people and destroy property and have now been shooting people and one in since killing somebody they aren't calling for it. Yet this is one of the big issue that the that I mean is actually arguably good thing. The disorganisation of the right right wing groups do not have the same. Organizational capacity has left wing groups in many ways, but of course there are certain rightwing militias that are very, very organised, but they're not insurrectionists for the most part when it comes to activism,
and extremism and riots. The left has been active in organizing for a long time, a very, very clever tactics. When the reasons you don't hear a lot about their extremism as they purposefully try to blunt their attacks, so they can create death by a thousand cuts. It's gonna like, if you have one moment of extreme terror everybody hears about an freaks out. Overreacts, that's bad forever. Movement is engaging in it because the system becomes reactive to you and short of its defences. What antifraud does is more akin to death by a thousand cuts. The first blunt bludgeoning is not that shocking. So no one talks about it and no defences are our device. So you over time you have the slow growth of the far left until they have critical mass and then they unleash not a single slice, but a thousand cuts to take the system down in a way that people want realize it. So look I m. We get the point, MRS at Facebook removed through innovating accounts there actively promoting this. What
is it so the company added it had previously or move over eight hundred posts linked to the Google movement, which has called for violence so long as violent movements operate in the physical world, they will seek to exploit digital platforms in the company, which is currently facing a boycott from advertisers who allegedly profiting by allowing such hate group sums platform coelacanth Inga. But here we go baby. First, violence wrong. In my opinion, one hundred
we did. We want to strive for US society of non violence. The veil, like you and tell you that violent protests, violent actions are the only way. That's not true. Peaceful protest works and that's why we are in what we are facing. Fourth, generational warfare: there is no better example or exemplification of violence. Failing than fourth generational warfare. Fourth and fifth, generational warfare described is basically like subverting the hearts and minds and using a Morpheus unnamed groups right so enforce international warfare. You dont want an easily identifiable group, so you have anti fa, it was not a thing. They say it's sub groups that operate. You know through cells to push their ideology. When you get into wait, went forth in physics, blending its informational warfare and there in the point, is You actually lose support when violence erupts, because regular people get scared by it. They they aim to win limit, looks like it much more simply make much more simple
back in the day in order to seize territory and control of resources you taken by force, you'd walk up. People would be like you know, no livery or die or whatever. So then you get into a fight and send some day you know and subdue Europe, your rivals today You can get a group of people to hand over all their resources by just convincing them to do it through mass communications. One of the tactics is making your opponent look like evil Minos, violent thugs or whatever, and so regular people get scared and then begs help is one of the things I have pointed out about my jokingly sang the Democrats want trumped, win or anti fuss helping Trump in that the more antifraud does these things and commit violence and looting, and you know whatever the more people will run to Trump, because violence doesn't work, it's good for Donald Trump and Republicans that anti for acts, a fool, it's bad. Well, I would say it's bad for Republicans over, but the Google, a movement isn't right wing, so it doesn't really reflect on conservatives. Especially
they say law and order. Lock these people up to in fact bill bars taskforce announced they would go after Bootblue boys same as Anti fa. So in the end the more people get violent, the more it hurts their own cause and bolsters the other side, and that may be the big vat. Big advantage of conservatives come member, but I want a job over the to read it because I saw this on our slash news. Faced with bands, hundreds of profiles trying to incited seconds of war of their comments were quite hilarious. How many of those accounts were russian trolls and how many were there all right allies, it's getting difficult to tell the difference. Betwixt, the two anymore. These people are very dumb. First of all, dressed up. First comment: the Google Lou people were supporting the George Floyd Protests, you daft moron, so now, not all right? Here's the is the next one. The civil war was start was started by the moneyed classes, looking to preserve,
slavery, their wealth was based on without an S tongue of money. You ain't getting a war, that's just wrong. Once again, I've said over and over again, people's view of civil war is so hyper focused on american history, they ve never looked at other countries, Spain, Curiously, go look at the Spanish Civil war man. I've watched many a documentary talking about and read many articles, I'm not going to be an expert, but that's more akin to what we are seeing say the least you're never going to see a one hundred and forty one comparison. Technology changes, ideology, ideology, has changed, tactics, changed warfare and evolves into different generations, but people in America view the American Civil WAR as what civil war is, and so they're like think there could be a civil war because we wouldn't have any states fighting each other and it's like that, has nothing to do with it. Go read history they die, They sure do know I'll. Tell you this. I don't know I've read a ton, I will tell you. I am very full of doubt, but I see
Certain signs that if an interesting is the next one now this one, I think, might actually be a little bit at for everyone pulling the idea of widespread violence than your future. I don't think you understand just how angry and primed people are leading up to these elections when the claims of cheating interference and making start coming out, as both likely presidential candidates have already claimed get a site is going to do. I don't believe it will be outside the rim of pop outside of the realm of possibility that there will be a wave of protest in writing and violence across the country, as things get chaotic in the way of November elections. The news agencies will spinnet into future and no one is going to have a clear picture of what is truly going on, and people are liable to just react and lash out blindly completely agree. Very, very astute comment, think they know it. All sides will accuse each other of cheating and then,
chaos. Complete chaos. Do you get when you got to understand about the Boogaloo people is that they think it's inevitable, they're, not saying not. Not every single one of these people on Facebook are saying they want it to happen. Many are, but many of them just believe it but no matter what and now you're seeing calls for people to accelerate things. Man have we gone off the clip? Are we just approaching terminal velocity? I hope not, but I fear we are now the now listen, the Google who think is one of the city. But, as things ever, you may tell me that these leftists also don't believe as a civil war coming there literally calling it a revolution. There is not some there's one specific far right group sang this. Everybody in the political basement, setting it even comedians like bill. More has been saying it. So wait! Wait. What do you think when you get all of these people, professors, comedians activists Regular people on the left and the right all saying they think something enough in that inevitable, as company is coming, what you expect man now
of this year. We go. This means, as a nation will never be. Can better than the worst of us. It's time to clean up house on these violent, bigots, you're either for America or you'll, be labored, labelled a danger to it. These people are just so dumb, they dont re. They have not yet the talking up. I d love to speak up and that's fine as America right go for it, but let me tell you Donald Trump. As the duly elected president, he has been facing accusations of cheating, of foreign collusion from the Democrats. The entire time has been president. They went through three years of investigator, whether he was a secret agent of Russia. They have been cleaning out right. Trump is not America and me. On the other side, Compass claiming Obamagate Obama, spied Obama cheated Savard the election. It doesn't matter where you fall but what matters is that both sides at the highest levels of government
are accusing the other side of subverting America of treason. Now, of course, the Democrats are a bit more muffled in this, like Obama and stuff. Now the high profile, Democrats and intelligence officials have accused of the worst of the worst trump is outright said over and over again, like treason and stuff, like that, like criminal and We'll see that plays out, here's one, why don't we just cut the coastal cities off at the red states? Do whatever they want? I'm sure they will be very successful. Slash s sarcasm. Why just the coastal cities in almost every state the big city subsidize the rural areas who have their hands out while complaining about the big cities very, very amazing, and they go on a basically talk about. Most of these farms are actually just,
exporting food and the big cities are importing their food. We don't need the red states. Ok, I'll, tell you what men these people really dont understand anything about their country. It would take only a small handful of people to shut down interstate highways to subject to two and that the truck rots small handful small ikey. You need law enforcement agencies to maintain this, to maintain law and order. But I'll tell you if you ve, never driven across the country, you realize large stretches of our country are just a say: it's a two lane highway on all sides. We got two lines go one way to the other with with passing lane and your rightly wherever. How easy would it be for for just one one person a shut down one way to people's had on its extremely extremely dangerous. Ok now these people live in cities seem to think that,
cramming maximum population density, like thirty thousand people per square miles and ridiculous amount of people, they seem to think that they can bring in enough food and water for all of these people. If they come, cities off. Somebody made a really funny comment. This is always such an s. Take for some reason gets up voted on this website. If you truly think that big cities who could last this country with other rural areas. While you are sadly mistaken, let's The New York City does when they have no water, because the bulk of their water comes from one hundred miles north of the city or how the big cities do without the farming that occurs in the rural areas. Do you want to actually think these big cities could last the rest of the country are hilariously misguided. This person says the Nypd has about thirty five thousand uniformed officers with all the necessary equipment to come and take what they need. No, they don't you moron.
They really don't get it. The unwise pity can't deal with a bunch of young people linking arms in a park. Thirty five thousand includes support staff like middle aged women, filing paperwork and Steepling papers together. It's not it's not talking about every single officer on the ground. Not could be wrong about that fine. Members may be off, but not every single uniform officer is going to be capable of waging war fair. That bit morbid LEO be Sixty year old guy singing office, who is a uniformed officer, is not gonna, be rushing up to the water. The water main tends to stop an armed insurgency. These are a real, sweet face, and why no one should be talking about how they you know what man. This is. What makes me angry these people posting on this date there there complaining that the Google boys right
these people are saying these people. They are they hate America? We should do something about them. What does he say this person literally posts caught off the coastal cities in the red states? Can do they want? Do you understand what you are saying, you're being sarcastic because they won't survive? You are saying this Dame things as the people, your complaining about. That's if they dont understand. That's what makes me scared the most. We do not want that. You do not want this. Nobody should want this. We should want to be able to live peacefully, have conversations and hope lawn order prevails to beat one hundred percent. But when you have a post about Facebook, removing the Bootblue boys, because they're calling for violence or something and the response once is to actually accelerate. They don't realize they don't realize it, and this is why keeps happening. Why is that? also cities, every city, every state, blah blah blah the jokes. The comments just cut him off, they say It's the same thing being sad by the people you're complaining about. So in boy,
Both sides are like man. These people are so crazy. Why do we just cut him off and let him go do their thing? What do you think? Ah man we're in trouble man, I'm not I'm not coming, as regards article that sad b B, beware of the fourth of July, and that scary there it's that that you ve got the mayor of decent Stay home, trumps, doing his rally and now you ve actually got the intercept like a public, a unilateral publication, calling a racist called the fourth July racist. You got, the Democrats literally treated it out there is, there is no cohesive, prove worldview and what's happened anymore and even among the tribal faction
No one really knows for sure. So I can I tell you this man get out of the cities and aunts and and dont engaging the stuff. Don't joke about. It's not funny itself. When it is cut these people off. I will call these people for being dumped. That's exactly what they are. They they think it's silly to say and actually engage in, I'm I'm I'm originally their men, hopefully, hopefully to not hope. Hopefully, all this is just extreme election year, hopefully after whoever wins, the president's everybody shuts up and calms down things get better, but I'm not confident men I live there. Next segments coming up at four p m over at TIM, cast dot net, and I will see you all them. You know in the past week or so. I've had a lot of talk saying that I think tromp is on track to lose, but there are still reasons to believe is on track to win the night on the IRA podcast. We talked a bit about this that the Poles may. Actually still be wrong because they can't accurately capture white men who are not college, to get it in and white women as well. But there are other reasons I think it's fair to point out. Tromp may be on track,
to win, because sometimes the experts are wrong. I have a couple stories for the segment for I want to show you how to highlight this before we actually read the first story. So let me rephrase this, though examiner rights are we being set up for another stunning Trump win and I wonder if this later, but they basically mention that it's not the first time we have seen a bombastic president that everybody seems date but for some reason, still winds and the asylum system, some historical references to say trot may very well win, but I saw this article from an activist website, called left voice. They said if there is to be any future for the: U S left, we must break with Sanders and the Democrats, and as soon as I saw that headlong from just the other day said. While that will be the end of the Democratic Party, and maybe that's what the far left really wants now they could take over the Democrats, but one of the means its pop
from conservatives as oh, you want to get rid of names that our racist well, what about the Democratic Party ha twenty, because the left is like. Ok, the I absolutely we hate the Democrats, this, what you gotta realize they say, liberals get the bullet to they don't like liberals, they don't like me, they think liberals or right wing. They really do and they say classical liberal when they want to qualify them. But here they are straight up, saying that in a new party to endorse workers, rights.
And socialism. I could you not what would happen if Donald Trump really did just have thirty five percent of the vote, but the far left and the Democrats Splittin half now you ve got thirty percent, far left thirty percent Democrat thirty five percent Trump and, of course, a little bit five percent or so in third parties, spread up in different ways. Trump would then, when, even though he doesn't have a majority, a simple plurality and Donald Trump didn't get the majority the popular vote last time he still one because the electoral vote. What would happen if this at this this this call to action, actually works but may readily, but about, about what they say first and then on to talk about the historical context about why Trump may be winning they say: the political ral reality in the. U S has changed dramatically in the past three months: generations activists are leading marches against racism in demanding to change everything rejecting de facto. The politics of the two party system
and providing new momentum for the left which really funny about this is like The generation z are totally conformist. It's like the decree, biased and cool thing. Ever look now care, I think it's hilarious when Genji mocks money, because I to mock millennials, but that's like anti conformity I mean I I guess in not conforming with history. They decided to conform. And they ve now joined in their parents browser really amazing. I gotta be honest, like seeing Genji people, not every single person in Genji, mind you, but I was a video shown, and I saw a bunch of Genji, like young people marching in life. Dancing and singing with cops and stuff- and I like it its traditionally been at the younger generation, rebelled against the older one. How strong instead, it is the younger generation is teaming up and fall,
bring in line unable to think for themselves. I suppose others there's this argument, some good things there. I guess it's good that young people are being you know, I s relatively obedient, unjust, obeying their parents, but it's funny. You know. Typically, the kids rebelled against the adults. Now they're just joined in its so weird eyes, they say, but a sector of socialists insist on looping back to the politics of moderate reform. In particular, Jacobin magazine keeps Outing articles praising Bernie Sanders like a broken record, while sand. This in turn is campaigning for Joe Biden. I actually agree with that state. How does that make sense when you're? So they? Ultimately it's right here, as are the dsl, is a big tent organization with various current. But reform, as is dominant among its leadership, the events unfolding since the beginning twenty bring renewed relevance to Revolutionary ideas and begged for a reassessment of the Bernie Turn D,
essays relationship with the Democratic Party and the urgent need for an independent party of the working class that fights for socialism. Well, ok, they're gonna back away. They want to create an independent party. You will happen if all of the burmese people didn't vote for Joe Biden Trump would win easily, am that's a good thing for Donald Trump. You know I find really really funny cause. I, for I have friends who are left. I have friends, will write my lefty friends post. These means, if you don't vote, your voting for Donald Trump and I like that. I look over the right wing person. If you dont vote your voting for Joe Biden like oh yeah, ok, so I dont vote. I voted for both of em awesome I'll, keep that mine. Maybe I will vote for both of how does that make sense? I mean that figure. Did we not literally, it doesn't make sense everyone's just saying: if you dont vote you but now shut up and to be honest, its most of the latter's as it that's, not really a lotta conservatives or saying that, but maybe just maybe they'll trouble when, for other reasons
are we being set up for another stunning trump win, the washing examiner says with five months until the election things couldn't look any worse for the President United States. His approval, writing is down forty percent people getting tired of his antics and the insult He hurled his opponents, the media increasingly conference that come November. The voters will elect a new chief executive. This might sound like June twenty twenty, but I'm actually referring to June nineteen. Forty eight, when President Harry Truman, a Democrat, was running to keep his job against Republican Thomas Dewey similarities between forty eight and twenty are striking. Like present Tromp Truman, often ruffled feathers with his salty language at one point Truman even described do is a fascist, a term not taken lightly just three years after world WAR, two just as its trump communities.
I ve driven as desperate and unhinged. They mocked him for more than eight thousand empty chairs. At a speech he gave in Nebraska precision the coverage of trumps recent speech in Tulsa Oklahoma. Almost everyone thought Truman would lose including the president's mother in law, a news, weak pole reported fifty out of fifty politicos per day being a Dewey victory, and then your member, the famous picture where he holds up the newspaper, do we defeat striven. Of course he did not, and that's really funny, because that's what happened. In twenty? Sixteen member the magazine got printed. Hillary Clinton president became a collectors item, but on November third of nineteen, forty The world woke up to the stunning news that Truman had one experts were left struggling to make sense of how they got it so wrong. Today we are seeing Paul Interpol, showing trump trailing former. Vice president Joe Biden, an echo chamber of Cable news and social media is a growing consensus that trumpets headed for a humiliating defeat. Other pundits right,
or are we moving towards another stunning win by the beleaguered incumbent? Could history be repeating itself? Maybe- or maybe it's just you know it's- maybe maybe not so much repeating itself, but this is the way the system works. People become com, I sent they think they know, and they underestimate a disenfranchised voter body, Donald Trump, famously lit up voters that didn't vote. He lit up areas that didn't vote play is that had never really actually swung in favour of one side or all of a sudden turned red, and that was asking to be remarkable. Now I can't tell you, if we're on track for historical moment like a repeat of history, but I do often site what happened in the UK before Donald Trump one Rex at one- and everyone was thinking like rex- it could never happen and then did then Donald Trump was who set for alike.
And they said yeah. Well, it's not gonna happen again, no one! No, no one's going to offer trump and then they did and drop one. I wonder now if they didn't see it coming right. So I went to the polls four December thirteenth in the UK, when the conservatives had the greatest victory like a hundred years and the pole sad that they weren't gonna make it that they would make some gains, but ultimately would not get the coalition they needed to actually win its parliamentary seats but different. The general idea was they that that that the left, the liberals would form a coalition stopping the conservative from passing their agenda on pushing through Rex No, no, not people in the UK when they went conservative, but everyone thought I was gonna happen. The politicos were wrong. Once again, are we tracking to follow suit with with the UK and how they ve done it? And could the catalyst be the far left backing away from Boston? I think that's what's gonna be I don't think this matter so much historical stuffy em, maybe the political wrong, maybe they're missing something, maybe
The really missing is one of two things. White working class voters are wrong, EL, the more than I have ever been places that normally don't vote might come out in droves through better this way, New York City, and why fourteen? Where cause your Cortez, is where she represents twenty percent of this district votes republican about a low but less if every single Republican came out voted a yo see would have lost in twenty and a Republican who didn't even have a website would be representing in New York. Now that people are being activated what you think happens in November in New York. Fourteen now think it's very.
Likely, as I've said over and over again as much as the left. As one admit it Ios he's gonna win because its deep plus twenty nine district, but I believe she only that of getting around a hundred and fifty or so thousand votes in the general election and, if she's, really just so sure, she's gonna win, makes me wonder. If democrats dont really show up- and maybe they will because of Trump to vote, then republicans- maybe they finally shop and vote this this visitation of their missing there Many republican voters have been passive for a long time may be activated one of the ways I described in the IRA podcast last night. We had like thirty, almost thirty thousand lie viewers, but we only had like thirteen thousand likes on the video, even though we asked for- and I said that the issue is- and I can point out that, if every single person who liked the video hit the like button, you too would recommend me to every single person on the platform. Basically, I am,
Big am exaggerating, but likes really do help. So, even though you know we're asking most, people would be like I love the show, but they wouldn't do it and that's why you lose so. Maybe Donald Trump wins because people many people now think it's up to me. Don't think someone over for you and don't think you can sit idly by us put it that way as true for by announcing just for Trump forbidden as well by Think Trump could win, because his base wants to vote. I just wanna go and make that impressed that button, maybe that something that can't be predicted, because you just don't understand what light a fire under somebody, the other main issue highlighted. Maybe the left has a firelit under them as well, and they demand a new part
because the Democrats dont represent them. It's possible the Democratic Party Party, finally fizzles out right now. According to gallop, progressive and moderate Democrats are flipping and the progressives have taken over as the as a prolonged plurality of the democratic Party. If many of them even just ten percent defect, Trump wins, you will see how that plays out. I got a couple more Simons coming up for you in a few minutes it around, and I will see you I'll shortly. This story that I breathe We mentioned in my main channel segment over at him cast dot net. If you wanna check it out, go do it for Europe, but for which no love this one the sheer absurdity of the year twenty twenty knows no bounds. Will they choose? in the cities name. Next workers remove twenty two foot: Christopher Columbus statue, from Columbus, Ohio after mayor claimed Monument was symbol of patriarchy oppression and divisiveness. What's wrong with these people,
oh man, well at least I say that we live in interesting times is outside of how boring everything was, but I'm I'm sorry, I've gotta, what's your cities. Name is Columbus. That's why you had a statue. You took it down, ok change, the name woke Seville let's call it works. Ville Ohio from now on. That's ominous awoke, Saville. Here's a story from the daily mail, but I got more for years. I have this. There actually try. Take down the Mount Rushmore Gather sang it's it's. It's racist, its was built a native land and ah man. Here we go right about we do this about. I got idea everybody who is involved in college I, the North North America and South America and Australia, New Zealand GO home ever body involved in colonizing. You can all leave out. What's that No one alive today was involved in doing it. Ok, I got other problem here. You know because
if you were to actually the argument that colonizers must must be removed de colonise, first of all, I have. I am not a car I was born here, so I personally am native to America, but I am not as its understood to be you don't native Americans at work, but that that the point here, as you would be telling emigrants to leave because there there that they're, the ones you know coming here and settling? So maybe you ought to be careful about how you phrase things its where the story on Wednesday morning, workers by three hours, removing the monument which has stood, side City Hall for sixty five years and was a gift from the city of Genoa, ITALY, the birthplace of Columbus, Bessie, so Grossman, it's really disgusting stuff. This is this: is business pathetic hard at work? Could you imagine them tearing down there of liberty. Hard ass were seen, we get it there, it is theirs photo they just get rid of it that they vote for this.
Here again, there's order to remove the statue has caused outrage. Regularly among members of the same italian community who say they are flabbergasted by the move. It comes as many statues of historical figures have been taken down. We have just guaranteed every single one of these people in your town votes for Donald Trump. I tell you that I tell you what was an Joe Joe Biden did say: Columbus should stay, but people aren't gonna. Look at that weak statement from bite. Are. We looking at the rhetoric and tromp sang, stop doing this and he's been saying it and they're gonna, be I please can we are a statue back and I tell you what trample bring back? I don't know he can have the authority, but Trump if he had, the authority would definitely said put it back, but your city, without without
your vote or approval has just taken down your cities. Namesake statue, how stupid is all of this man? You look even criticise Christopher Columbus, a lot of things talk about history, but it that these things are part of history. They exist calm down the confederate such as I get. Those are actually relatively new and dont represent things that you like. We as the victors, Ute the union people that the union side we the union like, so we don't like it. You know I mean anyway announcing his intention to remove a statue last week in their stated for many people in our community. The statue represents patriarchy oppression and divisiveness. That is, I represent our great city. We will no longer live in. The shadow of our ugly past now is right time to replace the statue with artwork. That demonstrates our enduring fight to end racism and celebrate the themes of diversity
and inclusion. You may as well put up a giant statue whatever religious icon, you want, as you just said, all of the same thing. This is what happens when you don't have us up. Creation of church and state. We don't it's time to good night as fraud. It is interest factionalism is a religion? Ok, if they want to put up a statue of Buddha. I have an issue with that too, this is a is historical figure. Not an ideal you call one but about a pause, real, quick taking to shout to today's Sponsor Bio Trust. Very simply, Bio Trust is a college and supplement its vital protein. Your body needs and helps with your ligaments, your skin, your nails, etc. Check out health with TIM dot com or in the description below you'll, see the link and you can get fifty one percent off while supplies last full disclosure. I actually do use about trust I'm a writer I showed this last night. I did a promo, it's got cat bites all over the top of the very funny. By the way, the barely two cats like
what logout olive with Yama thirty four year old skateboard and are very concerned about my niece. I'm definitely grateful that I can get something up a product like this, which will help keep my knees, my joints, skin, etc. Healthy. If you'll learn more check out health with timber come again fifty one percent off while supplies last, but let's get back the story by replacing the statue we're moving one more barrier to meaningful and lasting change to end systemic racism, yeah sure. According to Fox eight, the mayor has asked the Columbus ART Commission to launch a community driven process. We get it stallion born explore, became a symbol for America. Yadda Joseph container seconds rage in italian American, told Fox eight. There was a lot of pride in the statue there. Definitely there is definitely far too much pride to just throw it away. I mean you need to ask us our opinion. You can't just speak for us or not speak at all, what some a little flabbergasted, a little surprised by also on Thursday Columbus statue was removed in Atlanta
City, New Jersey, amid fears that would be vandalized such such stupid man, you know: what's gonna keep happening, They just tearing down history, they absolutely are. I have no problem with voting to remove these things and putting the museums. I have a serious problem with executives just doing it and people being like what what are you doing, man part of our community. You wanna know where cut work. Where goes next about this New York Times? How Mount Rushmore became out Rushmore South Dakota Landmark has drawn criticism, although landed, occupies the main sculptor behind it and a legacy of the man it memorialize is here we go. You ready Mount Rushmore. They want to destroy that one next I might have in getting so trot said he wanted to have a fourth July celebration there, whether Democrats tweet out that Trump had a rally glorifying white supremacy at Mount Rushmore Hell. They they deleted it because they realized
not a popular opinion, but the New York times- and I tell you, everybody, I'm warning you and I'm warning you now is the great lady, the paper of record when the most prominent newspapers in the world, if not the most prominent newspaper in the war although all being overrun by a fringe religion called intersection, Elysium and as they take over, they will tell you the things that make up your memories, your history, your your vacations, your heritage will be nothing illegal, He'll turn you into a villain. They will erase your history and then we will be doomed to repeat it smell Rushmore. It was sculpted, it was built to actually kind of small ever been there. I better because mob, Ah, you see these photos and looks really really big, but when you actually,
Oh, it's like the building where you want to go and look at its gave containing it's actually magnano. It looks bigger and photos because they get closer economic and zoom in and stuff. But it's it's! It's big. Don't get me wrong. It's really really really big what they wanted a rather stuff and ears. I have warned the far left I do not believe in the lot. Well, no, not a famous, I believe, is a strong possibility. They will lose and what happening is the rise of far right nationalism and are not talking about far right. The way the left calls it. I'm talking about luxuriate, far right like hard core nationalism. I'm talking about me no strip ending immigration. Things like this. Thanks, I don't agree with, but the reason why think that'll happen as you have overwhelming majority of his country being white. Now a large portion of them have have taken on the new religion of interest,
journalism, but you also have non woke minorities, many of whom are christian, many of whom, like this country to you, don't need to be white to recognise what this country represents an. Why it's a good thing and that's a fact. I mean you got a lot of people across of all different races and backgrounds, and even immigrants who love what America symbolizes and these people are going to agree with the woke insanity. So what happens? Well, as they call to tear down things like Mount Rushmore, you will see people shocked and forced into the fray and they're going to offer people who defend their memories. As I explained in the past, you videos and I think it's important struck the memories of people. You happened in the back seat of his of our station wagon with your parents, and you say a where we going, unlike our going to: u know uncle sullen so's for a barbecue for the fourth of July,
and you don't really know a whole lot about why you are celebrating your little kid. What you do remember have not had dug liberality mustard on a maybe remember, habitat burger with some pickles and Minos. Some french fries and some vegetables in some barbecue again. You remember the fun you that with your family, it doesn't matter what you're rice was You're born, I was grown up. I went to barbecue gatherings, fourteen July festivals and there were people from different backgrounds, and sometimes there were corporate events and sometimes they were family events, but they were fun Emma Jane. Remember being there with my family and other telling you that those good memories than a stallion, the things you loved his child must be destroyed. Think about how they do movies today nostalgia marketing. This is a very important factor in what what I think of Munich comes to play next or could or could come into play. So many companies try to play on turnest algae by releasing new versions of really old things they want. You know, maybe maybe
they do new star wars. They want you to remember that feeling you had as a kid, so they can sell it back to you and it's what they ve been doing for a long time. It works. It really does work. They bring back really old things that have no business being brought back, making see the re making the princess right. Now I love them. When I was a kid I think it was made before I was born. To be honest, doesn't it doesn't need to be made, but they want they want it because you, I remember this. Software did an episode about it is called member berries. Are all the bears like member this member that now I think they were more critical of people who are desperate to cling onto nostalgia.
And that's and that's fair. I mean, I think, of nostalgia. Marketing can be absurd, but think about that idea of how nostalgia plays into people's desires that longing for it for a time that no longer exists. That feeling of home that you lost a long time ago, when you moved out in your parents, moved down the house's gone your apartments gone, and I think about the things that that remind you have good times, not Rushmore fourth of July and how they are threatening to destroy those things. And it's like the last little piece of your age. You know your youth, your childhood, your formative years, that you look back on fondly, not everybody there trying to burn that. Down too, I was I was reading, something once about the feeling of home and how you never get it back. It's not maybe not true for everybody, but was interesting, because I certainly understood this feeling. There is a feeling that you had when you were growing up the place that you called home, but at a certain point you moved out, you moved on your parents moved and at home was gone and it will never come back.
He'll never come back because whatever was made, that feeling was a collection of things that occurred at that time. It was your parents were there, it was your siblings or maybe, or an only child. It was the food you ADA was stores. You went to his friends, you had and everybody's changed, and now we chase after that feeling of the home we used to have, but it's never coming back. So we try to recreate it, but we don't get it. Maybe some of us. We know you have kids, you try to recreate a for your kids, but that feeling is hard to find. Maybe some people have figured out how to find again, but I was reading an article about that feeling. Well part of that feeling is our. Is our history and the things that we hold dear now? Not all of us, our staunch conservatives them actually fairly centre left, I took, I think, was from Jonathan Heights website the conservatism tasks and lo and behold I am slightly conservative, but mostly not centre left as it were, and that's because I recognise the importance of our history and traditions and the things that made us who we are today. But I certainly recognise.
We need to figure out better ways of doing things that mean some bad things must go. Not everything for our past must be protected. I think many Americans, including liberals, have a little bit of that inside of them. They understand the value and and and they have reverence fer, you know certain things they grow up Rio seeing they understand it were standing on the shoulders of giants
and now we're seeing lunatics want to burn it all to the ground. I believe that is a step too far and that of the Democrats deleted that tweet and that's why I think this may result in a massive backlash and trump could win better than his. You know people could expect jargon. Overshort the media in the polls tell us, Trump will lose, but if everybody right now, who is scared that that little feeling they have that gives him a smile? I put a smile on their face. They're gonna. Take that away from you. They might get angry an angry, irrational, emotional reaction, maybe not even a rational, being told that what you remember fondly is bad and evil. I imagine will certainly trigger people put this way. Think about these woke individuals who are adamant that racism is everywhere and how angry they get when
say otherwise the people who actually hate Donald Trump. They got how angry they get when you say otherwise, now think about the people who love America and don't care about politics and how angry they will get when I woke people say otherwise, maybe that will lead to a massive trump victory. We'll see our place out? I got one more second coming for you in a few minutes, and I will she I will see, will shortly. The au that is going sort of viral shows one of the actual residents of Seattle who is trapped in the Chaz, explaining what it was really like, and he said I don't want to get killed by these anti for people. Whoa whoa whoa but the Democrats that anti five imaginary then, who was it? Who, riddled and suv with bullets killing us sixteen year old in cold blood yeah, it was the far left us, the antivirus antifraud associated individuals of the Chaz, the Chaz police, who fired
nickel and we don't know why. I see no evidence to suggest a sixteen year old, did anything wrong and and deserve to die in any way, but they did it. They kill them and the and on the audio recording wow. Apparently I mean this is some gruesome stuff. Barely after these, these anti for people at the Chaz fired on this vehicle it crashed and the sixty year old kid was out, was lying there dying. So One said oh you're still alive or something like that and then asked what they wanted to get pistol whipped. I read, and I don't I can confirm this- that is hard to beat, beat this this unarmed kid who was dying that he had killed. These are horrifying stories. Men and the police had the evidence was scrubbed that one of the vehicle they took, what they could. This is what happens when you think the response to this is to the sentiment. I don't wanna get killed by his aunt of a people, the sky, sad. He felt he was a hostage they had taken over. He was upset. He was left in the dark.
He's an easy to use any somebody who owns property there- and he says quote, I have to tell you that being a long time resident here, owner and very standing the political message that was trying to be conveyed? This whole situation has just been totally out of hand. This guy said it was it's just not slow. Let me just remember it I'm just incredibly discouraged that residents and businesses here, people that have lived here and paid taxes forever, and everything continues to call more. If there's no leadership, there's no communication, and that was just incredibly dejected, discouraging it's been terrible. It's been loud at night. During the day, these people seem to be relatively calm, but I've been down here. Every day and I've seen a lot of weird stuff, a lot of assault, weapons, alot of anger of drugs and drinking. So it hasn't been a very positive thing. This is the world. Is the country that these lunatics want for you and what did the Democrats do? I'm sorry meant it must be said. I don't care about your tribe chemotherapy
Look it's republican sock too, but the Democrat sat back. It's a bunch of armed extremists took over a portion of the city, killed several people and did nothing. It was only after five shootings did the mayor actually say. Maybe we should close things down and didn't actually do anything. She didn't do nothing. You know it finally got her. To send in the police. The protesters went to her house? Oh now, all of a sudden you going to stand up and do something. I kid you not governor easily. Could call the National Guard, and now people are dead. Us sixteen year, old black youth was shot with Sarah hundred rounds of corn, the one witness the vehicle using was riddled because a pair only he joy writing now, of course, several of the extremists as is also he was, he was firing at us. Well, unfortunately, not for you, nobody found any evidence. That was true. There's no weapon, no, shall case it's nothing proving he was firing at anyone,
Some weaknesses have come out and said he was joy, writing and so the end. The extremists unloaded on this car and then mocked him as a kid lay dying and the democratic mayor and the governor. Let it happen, then I cannot believe. I'm literally telling you this right now the democratic politicians of Washington allowed arm domestic terrorists to overrun a portion of their city, taking it over with weapons where's with several people were killed. There you have it. Several people were killed it with. They were listen this this kid was killed by the Chaz people. So what do you think people are seeing? What do you think there thinking when they see this happen, that there's that they're they're saying for one is and if people are real,
to lock and load baby. We got big up there in the gun, front, gun sales surge up. One hundred and forty five percent in June smashing all time record, while the second amendment has never been stronger. I wonder what these people are gonna vote for, come of do. You think that all of these first time- buyers, war, liberals are now going to run Ellie behind Joe Biden who brought- beta workers. Yes, I'm coming for your guns. I don't think so. I think many of these people may have a cognitive dissonance in their brains, but I think many of these people have been in a sense shown alight what it really means. When you can't call the police what it really means when they say defined the police. The Democrats allowed this to happen in Seattle, so now you're going to have to convince me that the Americans, who have watched
sap and who are now buying guns in all time record highs month after month after month, record record record these people there just doing it because they feel when we felt like you know all accepted my second member rights, no, I think they watched what happened in Seattle. I think these people realised what the left really wants for them and they probably realized. I do not want to be trapped in a building like a hostage while these dudes walk around with rifles, and I can do nothing to stop it and there's no police, no one will come, and so are they doing. They buy and guns baby media reports. According to FBI data. More than three point: nine million background checks were processed The bureau's and I see ass database in June a record for the month the number of checks as an indicator. How many guns are sold, the correlation isn't precise list dealers are required to run a check in the database. Every time they make a sale checks are also process when individual seek allow since to carry a firearm sales?
have been driven by american seeking hand guns in the midst of a crowd of the kind of ours pandemic and uprisings across the country. The bow in hand sales has been particularly notable in recent months, Jurgen Brower, chief economist for small arms and a Linux and forecasting setting June browsers firm, estimated that gun purchasers acquired two point: three million firearms for the month, an increase of a hundred and forty five point. Three. Percent compared to June twenty nineteen. The figure includes a one hundred and seventy seven point: five percent increase in hand, gun sales and, on one hundred fourteen point, three percent increase in long gun sales. Why would people one hand guns? this is the sort of thing it because I got to be honest. I went on bought guns recently in New Jersey. You gotta apply for a permit for a handgun
and so I went through all do not notions. I did and trust me I I must tell you what I bought, but I bought more than one which means in New Jersey. You noticed eight units in the rules, one handgun and I was thinking about applying for permits for handguns. I thought to myself what I would you really want it for. I guess, because you can conceal it right, wouldn't it be Ino in the in the event of home defence, there are good handguns american friend of an expert on this, but would it make a lot of sense just to have long guns or shot guns for home? The fence perhaps, but that there is an obvious up, is that it seems like people are buying more than one hand gun. I guess people one end on from the funds on the public. I know which one works better, but my opinion I was like you get a handgun, you get long guns, you get what you think makes sense for home defence and I've seen many people advise shot guns. So I'm curious as to what the point of the hand guns are the point: is there a lot of people buying weapons of this on a lot?
tat are politically and practically from this. The one practical consideration, I would say, is a lot of people get weapons, walk into, not use them like we saw in Saint Louis. That can be worrying, but the political applicant, the political consideration is that these, People I can't imagine, are now going to vote for gun control. Legislation the people, are saying ban at all. Now these people want a go, buy it. So they can vote for the people who are protege. Does this mean Democrats will now have a sort of doubting pro second amendment stances because regular people now on guns, first time, buyers? Yes, it does a lot of people who never guns before now on them. So when they come in, they say we want to put restrictions on. You wanna take your weapon away. They're gonna be alive of people who say no to this. People who normally wouldn't have people who will now go up, go out and vote for a publican is a gun sales routinely hit.
And is nigh. I've talked about some kind of civil war. I guess, but to act like I know, what's gonna happen known on an eye by speculate, I think violence, an escalation is likely. I don't know what will happen will be November. Will it be in three days for the fourth of July I don't a total of nineteen million one hundred eighty thousand background checks were process during the first six months of twenty twenty putting the country, practice at a new record this year, yeah, unless all in sending out just chaos ensues. I read a lot articles men and am stunned by how many people are predicting like the end is I thought about some kind of civil war. I guess, but they act like I know, what's going to happen, no, not speculate. I think violence in escalation is likely. I don't know what'll happen will be November. Will it be in three days for the fourth of July? I don't know, but I have seen some people say. Beware, the fourth of July, in that to me, is freaking. You know, there's going to be a lunar eclipse on the phone.
The July come on. What's up with that, almost like somebody's mass and with us right. How could all this be happening covered is is owed by black lives matter, but spread by anti lockdown protesters. How does that make sense? It really doesn't. Then they tell us, can't ever for the July. We got locked out, but we can protest and I'm thinking this is nuts, neither sane rush, moors gotta go and then I'm hearing on the fourth of July is it's called a full buck. Moon is apparently going to be like the darkest man seems crazy. Doesn't it I've been talking to some or some other pundits personalities? You know about what's going on because of the commentary apart from some of them, and a lot of them are making jokes about us being in a simulation and unlike the reactor, this kind of like looking around, like it's weird
What's goin on man, it's almost gettin biblical, you not, I mean I'm, I'm I'm not suggesting any conspiracies or weird things like that or religious stuff. What you tell me, there's gonna, be a new. Add a lunar eclipse on the fourth of July, while all this is going down. One hundred and forty five percent increase in gun sales. What what is all this is really weird times, man to say the least, out of here by the other either see you guys tomorrow. At ten, a m or tonight live eight p m over at him. You two becomes liked him guest. I refer the IRA podcast. I do with my body Adam and Friend Lydia, so I will see you then. If you hang out banks for hang it up.
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