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Republican Announces Resolution To END Impeachment, Shut Down Pelosi's Obstruction Strategy

2020-01-03 | 🔗

Republican Announces Resolution To END Impeachment, Shut Down Pelosi's Obstruction Strategy. Senator Josh Hawley has announced the "nuclear option" of amending the Senate rules to allow them to dismiss the impeachment of Donald Trump without a trial due to "lack of prosecution."Hawley is specifically targeting Nancy Pelosi's obstruction strategy of with holding the articles of impeachment against Trump. There is actually precedent in federal law for just that.But one thing Hawley isn't counting on is that Trump actually wants a trial and Republicans want to put on a show to provide support for Trump's innocence. This could help protect other vulnerable Republican senators as well.Meanwhile Democrats are upping the ante arguing that newly leaked emails prove Trump ordered the hold on Ukraine and that there were questions over the legality of the hold. This is not really new information though and just adds more evidence to the fact that this is a political impeachment based on an "orange man bad" narrative instead of serious legal concerns.

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While the holiday season is finally over, and that means impeachment is back on the menu or at least the new cycle, and I for one am can tired of talking about it. But of course it's gonna be a major issue, so Tuesday, is on the horizon there now going to start figure. They're gonna be doing our articles of impeachment, but if you're is tired of people, I am. I have good news Republicans Josh Holly, says he's going to introduce a resolution on Monday to dismiss the impeachment charges against trumpet most interestingly for lack of prosecution. He actually wants to update the rules. Basically saying the policy. If you're gonna hold this up will weaken just dismiss it outright. There are but a few arguments about whether or not tromp has actually even been impeached, which is creating this kind of weird impasse which many people Our cheering Nancy Policy, implementing this great strategy of keeping trump and impeachment limbo. I, however, think the best arguments so far comes from Noah Feldman. Who is actually the Democrats witness when he said if Trump has already been impeached that, according to the constitution, so
can act. Ok, but the real argument he says is that because they're not transmitting the article there not send their managers for prosecution tromp has not in fact been impeached. So Holly wants to end this by saying, if you're not gonna prosecute, you had done its bogus. China s use has exposed the damsel, read the story, but there's a few interesting point there's a reason why I support the hot air column on this, its conservative commentary, while they point out My opinion accurately Trump wants the Senate trial for variety. Reasons he wants to use it to defend vulnerable Republicans, but Trump also wants like its trump man. He wants to get up on that stand. You now aeronautical actually do it, but he wants to tell his story and he wanted to defend himself too. Tromp takes these things really really. Personally, you look at why he was one to investigate bite in the first place again, just in my opinion, I think he's
angry over the whole. Russia gate smear nonsense. You knows it's fake. We now know the whole thing was basically fake and so trumps like I want to figure out who did this and why tromp takes it very personally. At the same time, however, as we move on from this, I got another another big breaking story. Democrats are upping the anti on impeachment they're saying because of newly viewed unread acted emails, we must get more witnesses, yes, there actually doubling down. This is in line with their calls for, like you know, a second peach meant or new articles, but I think there are some problems in this narrative as well, because, if they're trying to claim that Trump was covering up the potential illegal, Lydia withholding aid at the problem. Is they didn't charge trunk with withholding aid? Gay I've heard from some Democrats. Leftist saying you know it's a trumpet and have a legal authority to withhold the aid. Will then, why wasn't that included in the impeachment charges? You can't complain about trump potentially covering up that. He knew he could, with all the
there were concerns he couldn't when you then actually bothered charge and what that anyway, ok. But let's get started and read about what's going on just with Josh Ali Baba, are we do had ordered some cast outcomes lashed on it. If you'd like to support my work as a pay, pal option, crypto out and a physical address, but of course the best you can do share this video for watching on Facebook. That's a new thing, I'm doing click that share and really really does our philosophy on Youtube. You know you tube is now heavily impacting independent political commentary too, in a rather absurd degree and this the result in me now launching an entirely new show, it's gonna be generalist content. It's got a mixed. I'm doing more to counteract the negative impact, but I will tell you this. As most of you know, the best thing you can do to counteract Youtube's attack on me. Another independence Political commentators just share this video wherever you can. If you think I do a good job and you think I'm deserving of continuing to do this job
read from hot air. They first point out that Holly is trying to get that twenty twenty four public, a nomination, I'm kind of thinking- will be Don Junior, but they say this You ve been running for the twenty twenty four nominations of the day was sworn in as a senator, aiming to win over trumps based by picking fights with populist enemies like big tech. This move won't hurt his chances up completely agree. He sat on Twitter Dems. Important was urgent. Now they don't want to have a trial because they have no evidence in real world if prosecution doesn't proceed with a case, it gets dismissed. So on Monday, I will introduce measure to dismiss this bogus impeachment for lack of prosecution. This is a major stick it to Nancy policy. He sang you wanna play this game. I'll, just dismiss it outright flock prosecution. He goes.
This will expose damn circus brought. It is a fake impeachment abuse of the constitution based on no evidence if dams won't pursue the trial. Bogus article should be dismissed and Donald Trump should be fully cleared out and truthfully cleared. My proposal will take the form of motion to update Senate impeachment rules to account for this unprecedented attempt to obstruct Senate trial stay tuned. He goes on to say hey dams. This is the guy who got you into this jammed by recommending you withhold the articles in the Senate now he's literally making up constitutional provisions. Constitution says nothing about filing articles in Senate or otherwise giving house power over trial. So he's referencing Lawrence tribe, try who says this loony ideas, I am going to get the whole debate between the two. It was not to say, constitution, says house, has power to impeach Senate has sole power to try impeachment cases for the first time in history, Democrats trying to obstruct and impeachment trial
shut update its rules to dismiss these bogus articles, if how stems refuse to try their case, although one more for YA trumps, not of statutory crime. Ok, I get it and- and we ve already seen liberals push back saying all but Tropic Ferko, sorry, man, tromp, didn't commit any single crimes. I don't want your ear affecting them, for and that in the on going to that an export. I do want to wait a little bit about this as to why Republicans actually disagree with Holly on this issue, but for the most part acknowledge spotters, jump right now. I want to save the segment on humor and the new email, so Read this farce and talk about trumps. You know, reasoning was aunt, they say: Rules currently require the chamber to hold a trial once the president is impeached the camel himself has cited them as reason for as a reason for why he can't simply tossed the articles of impeachment in the trash once policy delivers them in reality, he would want to hold a trial anyway for the simple reason that it helps vulnerable republican incumbents, like Corey, gardener, Martha Mc Sally and Susan.
Collins to show voters back home at their taking this case seriously. There taken the case against Trump seriously before they inevitably vote to acquit they're gone, we try to soften the political blow doing the same prayerful shtick about their deliberations as Pelosi did for hers. We need to make voters on the other side any angrier than their destined to be by appearing arrogant and contemptuous of the Democrats allegations against droplets Avis. I hate the postern hate, the games We know the Republicans are gonna quit drop in fact, there's even some democratic senators, whom I do it, because there also potentially vulnerable as well, and there are Democrats. That are blue in majority red states as well. So I think trumps, look! This is the transfer. Is that going to be convicted on this guy? So I think it's silly that they're playing a game, pretending,
be objective and you ve got all these Democrats now saying much. Mcconnell is already violated as his oath of the Senate by saying he'll work with Trump come on. Man. Are we really gonna play these games? We know exactly what the game is now. First of all, it was the Democrats who defected Oppose impeachment? Not the other way around. We know Republicans are going with this one and I'm willing to bet they're gonna, be Democrats, senators who'd effect, not Republicans, occasionally only to play a game. We don't you trial file, for another trial. Anyway, it's a show trial, let's be honest, but here's that they say hall. He doesn't care about that, though, in reference to whether you have people try to defend their seats. His It is in our essay fish in Missouri, and he s eye and the White House he'll be as contemptuous of the house effort as he can be in order to make an impression on trumped fans, even though his proposed resolution to change the rules would obviously be an uncomfortable vote for gardener. Mc Sally, Ann Collins. The base wants to see Pelosi punished for imports
the president and for her dopey delay strategy in refusing to send over the articles. What better way to do that then, to change it rules, to empower the Senate to dismiss impeachment if it isn't brought in a timely manner federal court courts allowed in criminal cases. Why should impeachment be different? It's really good point. My hot air, as others are great Argo, but but by the way two problems that first Trump wants a trial. I completely agree: that's the only bit of leverage Pelosi has over Mcconnell interlaced strategy. Mitch kit did while process Allah, Holly's idea, because Trump doesn't want him to the present frost that aside, hasn't had an opportunity to engage on the merits of the democratic case and now he's about to get it Gardner at all can and will site that too, when they inevitably vote against hollers resolution and Trot Vance are complaining about it. The president deserves to be heard. Why does Holly want to deny him that operate? are they gonna say that it's too soon for the nuclear option? That Holly has in mind, but I gotta say
this I actually kind of agree with only listen man. I'm not saying this because about whether you like Trump or not. I know I've told that all the time, but it's true it's about process in an impeachment. My understanding, based literally everything, I've read from the report. Into the democratic arguments. They need to appoint prosecution managers and announced the impeachment and they're holding it up and Democrats have brag about it. They bragged about how its frustrating applicants Holly, says you're its lack of prosecution. They do it in federal courts. Let's do it. I dont think hall. Wrong on that one. I don't think they should use the process for political game. That goes for Republicans too. No, there are complaining about the early early hearings. I can understand why they wore when when she was doing the you know the basement hearings, because the Democrats were leaking information to make trot looked at a context. I understand all that, but now we ve got the Democrats who have our
the door attacking the process, quite literally, using process to obstruct the impeachment trial, because they know they're going to lose, listen man when the people of this country vote, that's what you get I'll throw some shade to Mcconnell over over. You know, appointees. He says he's arguing basically the Senate and the executive branch, we're different parties, So we should have an election to see whether people stand. I don't I don't care for that. Now, I'm sorry dude presidents, the President Obama was in office. He should have got his appointee pushed put. Put about that's how the games have implied, and now people always try to change the rules, the benefit their side, I'm a planet. I dont like what policy is doing its job. The system the Senate is controlled by Republicans. The american people have already spoken stop playing games. Both sides have done it. Both sides try to put their argument. What makes sense in this instance were undone. I like Holly's idea, should but I got more for you because of course, Democrats aren't backing down. Humor sets new Unread acted
Male show need for impeachment witnesses. I disagree man, you know what listen a big stories going around about newly unrelated emails, their base Really saying that it provides evidence, Tromp was trying to cover things up because he rejected part of emails where the deep when of justice, was basically saying hey, you know we can't do this right, so sure where's coming out. I don't want. I am going to read through this, for the most part are given a jest aright. They say you know humor is basically saying the American all his is literally saying is a quote. The american people deserve a fair trial that gets the truth, not a rigged process that enables cover up Senator minority leader trucks. Humour in New York. Democrats said Thursday came the referring to a report from the liberal group. Just security Is it reveals an email and August thirty from Michael Duty, Duffy the associate director of national security programmes at the Office of Management and budget to demand a gun in which Duffy calls blade security ate a clear direction from Trump? Let me just stop you're right there
One of the first bombshells was there are like newly released emails, prove Donald Trump ordered the hold on Ukraine and, unlike what and what does that mean? So what Did you accused him of withholding aid? Of course, I thought that was like cannon in like the impeachment saga net Trump wanted to withhold aid from Ukraine, maybe even set it because they weren't convinced Zalewski. The new president of Ukraine on the level. Now like the email show. It came from the president and it's like what what what else is new? Well tell you that the president himself has responded, I will read, is responsive for move on Trump tweeted, a quote from Christopher four of the Federalist saying there is nothing new in these emails at any we must at all that's been discovered. It's exactly what we knew before, which set the White House and political figures want to cut off aid. Tromp want do question aid to a number of different places that he thought were wasteful and the career staff as they always do. Pushed back
a million excuses as to why they could not possibly stop spending. U S taxpayers money. There was a back and forth legal arguments and the White House decision was followed and then it was withdrawn. The Democrats argument for impeachment has not got and stronger over the last few weeks. As Senator Josh Holly, just said he's going to enter a motion to dismiss the impeachment trial because never actually been brought to trial. So here's the thing. We, I don't. I don't know what we're learning from these animals. I gotta be honest right we're the story, an analysis from the Washington Post, new cover questions in trumps, Ukraine, scandal and thereby certainly sang opens with one of the GEO Peace main arguments is that Trumpery, is the aid, and there was no quid pro quo. What goes on immense, the story from just security. They say they were able to view onwards, The emails in which the Office of Management and budget budget and the Defence Department discussed the withholding of military aid. The big new take away is that there was a
difficult concern within the Pentagon about the legality and sustainability of the hold, despite that, according to one email from top O Amby official, Michael Duffy. On August thirtieth, there was clear direction from protests to continue the hold. Ok, that may be very damning. This may be the smoking gun. Donald Trump himself ordered the hold it would be if they actually charge term with a crime. It would be if they actually said withholding aid is, isn't it you don't have a legal authority. Do it is an illegal action? They don't. We know trumpeted it. So it look. Listen! I'm going to act like trumps. You know, and and and and duration are walking away Scot Free here, but the worst thing we have from the story- I gotta say at least in my opinion- is also some stuff. Listen. What we have here is that tromp in their pocket of justice, redirected things for obvious reasons. That's their main argument, but not arguing truck commit a crime there not arguing anything. But beyond
I what were these emails rejected? We can't seem to say why also that's what you're ending up on you in an article in patient Arkell, the pavement. Certain information was rejected when it didn't that didn't need to be, or you don't understand why it was listen. All of this thing has been one big political posturing from both. And I gotta say man there's nothing here. Of course, that means I'm buying I suppose, but literally don't say anything I think I fall into that camp of independence or warlike. I don't know what you're beating him for he's not coming to too many crimes. Ok, this has been the principal point every important before him, there's been a legit crimes, Bill Clinton was perjury and, I believe, actual obstruction of justice. Tromp is like they're going out for the process you know what men they accuse Republicans of going after process and they say like when laws not on your side attack the process. When the present on your side cite the law. There, we're doing the same thing. The law
on their side. Trump did not commit crimes. What are they doing while you do he rejected papers in for dubious reasons and Kate? Listen, let me show you some things out: Natasha Bertrand reports in one or through a tweet, an entire draft letter from the deputy deputy defence secretary to the attic bitter. The warning that quote, we have repeatedly advised Olympia officials that pauses beyond August nineteen, twenty nineteen jeopardize the departments of Billy to oblige you S, USA, I funding prudently and fully- and this was blacked out by the d o j. So, what's ok, and the aid was released. On September, eleventh, we ve known this isn't we see story. One is as follows. I miss you start from a month ago, what November fourteen, nearly almost two months ago, a month and a half ago, we knew when the eight was released. It's not a secret. It was real east nearly a month after they were concerned. Why is anyone bringing up that this information was known? They didn't actually even before the present, for withholding the aid, the only real then? Listen the only
it matters whether or not were concerned about the date that instead it means it was illegal. They said it would hurt their ability to obligate the funding potential Molly, so I don't know was rejected. Ok great trumps do delegation to protected it. I tell you this man. There have been many circumstances where it seems. Tromp has kind of overstepped thing which results in this weapon ASEAN by the left trunk shouldn't have on the call with Zaleski. He should have just had the d o J and the approach go through those motions and bring those things up simply because he stepped forward and took action there now using it against him. Now this they were concerned about. You know pausing it beyond the nineteenth. Well, they lit we did- and the Democrats haven't said trumpeted anything wrong by doing it other than going against foreign policy to call them an abuse of power, not a crime, Why does it matter if something was rejected? I honestly have no idea all
and really say, is like all. While the government was reacting information, I shouldn't have what else is new? It's what they ve always done. Listen man! I frequently find myself in the position of stop making me defend Trump but lit literally right here, it's such a weak weak play. Ok, man I don't look at me and I don't know Holly's bill pollution will actually Passover be dismissed. I don't think so. You know the helstone I was just about to impeach em again now then going on right now seems like legitimate use of of our politicians. Time like legitimate concerns over anything other than people not liking, each other that the Democrats abuse process in the exact same way the accuser, publicans of doing another, a puppet, hence our once again. You know Holly's hang on to change the rules. I what's the trouble you anything wrong, then why are we playing this game? It's simple! The Democrats, one the house to have the power to do so, and it's about policy we got serious issues going on the Middle EAST. We got serious issues going on in China and here I am well I gotta admit I chose to the story about colleagues, I thought was interesting, but here we are
for the time being spent you know that These emails prove Trump D D, O J were DEC. Things they shouldn't have and did you accuse tramp of like a woman, I made that point But here's what I love you I love to take a look at this here is I will actually out of sight this real, Quick Washington, Post, the GEO Peace Favorite, new Trump impeachment defense, he isn't even accused of a crime right is is not but wow. Look. Let me show you this. Then, vanity, Fair, says: damning new email show Trump knew he was breaking the law on Ukraine. Oki knew he was breaking the law come on, know it all dubious the left wing outlets are going to frame it. This way this is hyperbolic. It's not the case K. It is not as if it was there would be headlines across the board. Everybody would be screeching. It's not I'm sorry, this tourism yesterday or about this one talking points memo explosive new emails and
I'll of evidence that tromp personally ordered Ukraine aid freeze even talking points memo, isn't playing that line, that truck knew it was breaking the law because its hyperbolic and its stretching it beyond recognition. They knew they were legal concerns. Was it completely ill No, no! It was a process dispute once again Trump. They say legal authority to do. Is it a crime premise? I dont do it, who is the one who actually helped the Ngos can be held responsible? I dont know came in late. I sum. There is a system in place, ok, they're checks and balances. Tromp should not have without the aid. Is it unimpeachable affair? Honestly, I don't know, but I tell you this Democrats aren't actually charging him with doing anything illegal. So I think the answer is, I got the lean towards. No, it was inappropriate. Trumped should not be doing this. The argument from the right is that it's just me. No, once again, Dublin officials saying like a million one excuses as to why they should do so. A trump want to do and I'll explain to you why? But first I'd like to show you
the actual news headlines? The NBC says this newly least emails provide details in White House pause of Ukraine aid. That's it that's the headline, that's where we are in this from December. Twenty. Second, ok I'll tell you this they're saying it proves knows it was illegal and look. I would look we're NBC, says and embassies embassy, nurses, biased, but here's the ear the actual headline exclusive unregarded Ukraine documents reveal extent of Pentagon's legal concerns. That's it just securities, Cape Breton wrote the story of publishers legal concerns, it doesn't mean trot, knew he was breaking the law. It means they were asking whether or not the law would permit or not, and there were concerns that it would ORD. Wouldn't there we go. I love it. I love it but limits. I sum you want act like the pausing of eighty. Ukraine is big deal your line, I'm sorry Trump cuts. Eight central american countries as migrant crisis deepens. What's that March, thirtieth, twenty nineteen? Why would you
be cutting aid to foreign countries. What's this New York Times, Whitehouse lifts mysterious hold on military aid to Lebanon, the trumpet ministration, Now a hundred five million dollars an aid package to flow after freezing with fund without explanation December. Second, are they paging tromp for withholding eight eleven on no did anyone bring it up? No, they bring up aid to Central America know. That's why I dont believe they actually care about tromp withholding aid to Ukraine. They are just using fr impeachment, because, like Nancy Plus, you said we ve been working on this for two and a half years. I am so sick of it. So anyway, you get the point. Let me make it clear. Withholding aid to everybody he's these. NATO, you got pony up the bill. I get that. I see the gain Tropic playing he's tide of spending american money on foreign. Countries that don't do anything in return and there was there. There was some debate between Scotland. They basically said Trump is pulling back on the on the de facto american empire.
Yeah yeah. He is ok, fine! You know what man I'm not a big fan of the majority of the aid we send out. However, I'm a liberal, not a libertarian so I'm untie I'm ok with a lot of the aid we do, and I understand why we do have some. Which are present in certain places on the very anti intervention person the Middle EAST is a massive mistake, but I recognise your lot of military base a lot of places and I understand the strategic importance of NATO. So so, assuming right point is: listen man, we gotta
real about. What's going on, because a new play these games and you single out Ukraine while ignoring letter, while ignoring the into all the other countries that trumpets target with withholding aid or pulling back support of it, makes me feel like you're. Just pretending like Ukraine is the scandal because biting his name was mentioned a what's that when it came to Lebanon, he didn't ask Lebanon to look into their corruption. About Joe Biden knows, Ukraine and biting was involved by son, did have the job trope mentioned at boom. There is our opportunity to teach him if the impatient with really about the withholding of aid. They highlight Lebanon there not at all. If it was really about the legal concerns of withholding aid, they would have included it in the articles of impeachment, but tromp has only been accused of this nebulous opinion of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress, for which they never tried to alleviate bygones. Imports of spare me, however I'll admit one thing While I am somewhat tired of talking about impeachment, I did choose to do this story because I do think stuff. It's the rather interesting and you know I had some.
Say about its? Oh look worse, you would have come Monday with Josh Holly's resolution to dismiss the charges. I think it'll be voted against because there's vulnerable vulnerable republicans, who will with the all rolling majority of democratic say no, we need a fair trial, but I tell you this right. Now: men As I know, I said about the level of one final note and remember this. They say that Republicans we're going after the process during the chef hearings. Well, what do you think Nancy policies really abusing right now is abusing process? Ok file. Articles bring out your men, Yours prosecute the case. Let a miracle move on I'll tell you? What can it really be hurt by this and its Bernie Sanders its Elizabeth worn if the democratic? I'm accredit senators, we're running for president worker. He pulled away from the campaign trail just for Super Tuesday and Trump will benefit from it. In the end he playing your games. I don't know the point is that's how I feel all wrap it up. Stick around next segments coming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at six p m. It is a different channel and thou see there.
There is a lot to go through before we get to the twitter trends of world WAR Three and Franz Ferdinand. Let me start by saying no Donald Trump did not just start world war. Three chill out woke Twitter Roddy type. Who are ranting and raving world or three? I'm sorry, that's just not the case, and I want to show you some data to back up. This claim is not the first time the US has been involved in you know: escalation of war and conflict. It. Certainly one of the biggest as a serious deal only go back in time a little bit gimme, some simple context: the! U S dated airstrip you know committed an air strike against some iranian military types. In response pro iranian motor types then stop trying to storm the. U S embassy in Baghdad, tromp, immediately call in marine reinforcements paratroopers come in awe sprays come down; they they secure the building. Everybody apparently is safe,
in response to this trop, sad IRAN? For attacking you know our embassy we're going to retaliate? Iran then gets bold and says you can't do anything. Troops as hold my beer launches drawn from the Baghdad Airport, takes out What many people say is the number two in command of IRAN, where their top generals, That is a serious, serious escalation. Let's not downplay the severity of this, but is this world war? Three I'm gonna have to say this because I do not. I could be wrong, but most likely no, so lately, not ok. I want to show you some better. We got the story from BBC First Franz Ferdinand in World WAR, three hour trending. Why is it it's because, bull say this. Guy's name is GSM Sola money they he's like the number two in IRAN and he orchestra alone, the militia actions around you know of the Middle EAST in an old story going better twenty thirteen the New Yorker said September, twenty three twenty thirteen that he was directing
Sods WAR in syria- are this guy who's been involved? A lot of the military conflict outside of IRAN. Many people, the? U S! You know me in an interview in Fox NEWS. They they say, he's a terror leader here. Dangerous, he's he's responsible the deaths of many Americans there's. This guy is So now we are seeing World war three trend, Franz Ferdinand threatened the lead singer, apparently of the band Franz Ferdinand was shocked to find out. But the I'm. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I spent a lot of people want to think this is start of world war. Three eight! I just can't be the case, I'm I'm sorry! Well, it can be ok. I gotta tell I got it. I gotta com download, but I'm all excited you can tell. I really. I really can't stand this war stuff America as addicted the war. Ok, what happened in Baghdad could have radically happen to any of our embassies anywhere. But it's all This long cycle of retaliation, the? U S, involvement in the least going back to like the mujahideen in Russia just it's a never ending cycle of hate and violence and retaliation and it's gonna keep escalating, because I can't go back in time. Therefore,
Russia goes in afghanistan- the- U S and supplying weapons. We then create this group of you know individuals who then retaliate against you states and its it's an overriding cycle men. So you get people saying you know: should we ever tell you it against IRAN and they say you you're the conservative sang it was right for trying to do because this guy's a bad guy in these origins, attacking Baghdad. Ok, ok, I got to slow down The point is, while this was a serious escalation, it's on the floor. It's the last and I'm gonna private, you first of all well many people and in its true. It's mostly people on the left saying this is world war. Three a lot of conservatives are lie. Are praising Trump for doing this. The fact of the matter is right. Now black water is trending substantially higher than world war. Three I know I know on the trend list. World war. Three is number one. The number one trend in United States right now is world war, three followed by some. So seldom any followed by worldwide
we again dear IRAN, Friday, motivation, world war, three again, but to look at this first of all rose Mcgowan is trending Mantelish your. Why her all those probably trending in nation to what's going on with it with IRAN, but black twitter is, with six hundred and seventy seven thousand tweets. So please, I think escalation is really really bad. Ok, I think Trump was absolutely wrong to do this, because if it leads to war, there is, if it is, it's already being weapon ized, ok, first of all by the democratic it's a trump was wrong and do this it's it's a serious diversion from what oh bomber was trying to do. Try to get IRAN on board. But let me just say something like able We move on some other stories. I dont quite understand how you have. Many people arguing that World WAR three is coming when they. When you have made me the left, claiming the Donald Trump works for Vladimir Putin. Ok have trouble works for potent. Then why would world WAR three start? Ok, hump Trump took out one of them.
Guys in IRAN, but Trumpets office. I'm attainment simultaneously being accused of you know, being of working for four four potent pony optimistic, giving him whatever he wants. You Nancy Policy, All roads lead to Russia. Ok, if that was the case, why would he be going after one of Russia's allies or China? So it doesn't make sense. Ok, the fact is its middle eastern conflict Trump Look: men Congress has the power to declare war on. I dont want I'm trying to avoid. Going on the massive war round, but I do want to make sure I had some issues- the bigger issue here for me, is the over reaction. But let me tell you some Donald Trump was warned: ok, take a look at this story from back June. Twenty first they are the dear dear times, reports urged to launch an attack. Tromp, listen to the sceptics who said it would be a costly mistake. I want to believe this is true. I really do they say he heard
Miss generals and diplomats lawmakers waited and so did his advisers. But among the voices that rang powerfully for President Trump was that of one of his favorite Fox NEWS host Tucker Karlsson. While national security advisers were urging a military strike against IRAN. Mr Karas, in recent days I told us or drop that response to Tehran. Provocations with force was crazy. The hawks did not have the president's best interests at heart, he said, and if research, got into a war with IRAN. He could kiss his chances of re election good by a lot of believe it I really do Tucker. I want to believe it, but this country is addicted to war. The powers that be love, the machine money, that's generated from it, the dominance the America get. Over oil, the oil industry. We want to build that pipeline. We got the conflict in Ukraine, we know with Russia. U S, it's it's it's it's extremely complicated. I want to believe it really.
Who at the american people truly will vote against someone based on their propensity for war. But it's just not the case. I mean look, George W Bush one reelection and he brought us into the Middle EAST and it was a disaster and we had massive major global protest. I do not believe I do not believe for a second, but I say with but here's the thing we're in a new era: trumpets not Bush. Bush was an elite when the air of the populist Bernie Sanders is very, very popular on the left, though, the left is fractured between old school on that and you know the old school, moderate corporate type Democrats in the Bernie Sanders Type Democrats there's a fracturing but Bernie, raised. You know thirty five million dollars and quarter for an trump raced. Forty five soap, somebody does trail tromp, but that That is the populace. Some are more popular like that's kind of funny, but yes, that makes sense. So here's the thing I want to believe it. I really do because this war is a disaster.
Expensive. I mean, I have to say this war to the constant work, but here's the thing man, it isn't every possible who can see this in the The era of populist president's this may backfire horribly on tromp if this escalates into a full blown war. Now there are some people in Washington, Post article. It says this, and so I am I'm gonna give some some air to Tucker Carlson's. You know statement would trumped start a war to boost its twenty twenty chances and others tweet drops out in order. Get elected Obama will start a war with IRAN speck in twenty eleven So the general argument people had is like. Oh, you know, trumps, I'm trying to re elect he's gonna start a war. I don't think that's the case. You know First of all, I dont think trumpets it there. You know toiling his moustache like planning these wars. I think John Bolton literally does that, but I don't, I don't think I think this was you know they tried to give trumpet Benghazi. I hate afraid that light
but the left was saying that what is happening in Baghdad was like trumps, Benghazi, but it really really wasn't. Ok, Trumpery reacted. Immediate. Brought in marine secured the facility it's under guard now and I think Trump got mad. That By doing this, they are trying to put him in opposition, and so we snap his finger and a drone strike took out one of the top iranian dudes that could potentially listen to war, pension I really don't think. So. Let me show you why so I take us out. This is trend, o gate K, trundle Gate archives, the top trends. You know whatever, and I did a general starting to do such location. What you're saying here's the hashtag w w I and we can see that role. Three was trending back and twenty seventeen for about a day and then started an excellent, our trending, which twenty ok, ok, maybe saying so what Woodworth restarted one other time very briefly announced went running like crazy in United States
Ok, we consider today World WAR, three has trending in a lot of different places, but wait how about this the work, the phrase World war threat, not just Hashtag will this was trending across the? U S, October, twenty fifth, twenty sixteen k and I went like the World war. Three trends every so Often, then, a couple months later it was trending and then it was just because trumped got elected people are saying World war. Three, probably Hillary Clinton, and then I was turning and twenty eighteen and if you do a search for just the hashtag world war, three you can see that you know twenty seventeen ones, and so it is trending more so now that has in the past, but it's not the first time people have screeched that world WAR three is here, I'm sorry, it's just not the case.
Will there be an escalation and Anne and regional conflict you betcha. Could this bring us into war with IRAN potentially but listen? What you gotta understand is that a war with IRAN would envy. Of us going there they're not come in here. Ok, so While we have you no military base, and personalities middle eastern countries, and we shouldn't the we're going to see is regional conflict. I don't understand. I commend the universe and then, if you believe that Trump is an adversary of prudent, I do not believe that guy. But if you do then shore world worker is possible, The left seems to believe that trouble literally works for potent in which case world or through pity, not possible and Kate. The reality is, I think, trump has been trying to com engines down with Russia. For just this reason. Ok, you take a look in the past and Hillary Clinton was very bullish on conflict with with Russia
talking about a no fly zone in Syria and in a lot of other issues, Tromp comes in and also to inform cause of prudent he's sharing intelligible. Aren't, you know, sort attacks and like I think it was Saint Petersburg and prudent thanks him, for the media really wants us to be at odds with Russia, but tromp has been trying to similar things down now they that they can. The Democrats, you know, like Nancy, lousy all roads lead due to Russia. Did Russia's powerful, most powerful in the world. They are. They got Biddle by and hypersonic missile, that's a new and out, and indeed they shut off Arthur, hypersonic missiles, so yeah. If we are going to be engaging in conflict and middle, We need to make sure that tensions with Russia have similar down. So here's the thing, John Bonham used to work for tromp that dude really quickly one, war. He was talk, eaten one thing. We're said like we're, gonna be celebrating in Tehran and twenty nineteen o whenever why you got fired but now we can see tromp has taken an action for one. What without congressional approval he took out a foreign military leader,
I know what I know the conservatives have been posting, why in the Democrats ever call it Obama I'll, be out I'm right here, man, I'm not gonna. Look what what what I'm sorry we were phrase like, I think I'm smokers at the Democrats never called Obama. He was sending drowns, take on american citizens or otherwise you're absolutely right when, two percent, and I was right there and I'll be here. Right. Now the same thing about Donald Trump: this is a dangerous. Escalation. But it's not talk of thirty two come on. You know I gotta This is the last thing I really want to talk about, but on its inescapable and I'm I'm pretty sure, Youtube is gonna out Gimme a ban hammer because you need to talk about the stuff you're. Really not it's. It's. It's conflict its crisis. The fact is this: do that trunk targeted was a really really bad dude. The fact is truck should not be targeting foreign military leaders. Congress has to approve of these things, yeah well that across one Congress. Maybe maybe that's that's just how the system works because ever play the game.
Civilization. When you choose the government of the republic, they stop you from starting wars and stuff like that. There's a reason for that. Tromp is A dictator, ok- and I must say that like in the left, is arguably think Trump is like the worse, the worth Trump as the first president to do this certainly won't be the last I mean I'd HOPI. Would you be the last, but we? see what Obama did nobody cared trumped? Does it not runs up in arms? I can respect that argument from conservatives. It still doesn't justify such striking a foreign military leader without congressional approval. Sorry, there's gotta be limitations, and if you don't like the Democrats in Congress to bad ok, it's not a country of kings, its it. The fact is that, while Trump and the Republicans can control the Supreme Court, the Senate and executive branch, the house went to the Democrats and they can prevent him from doing that
like this so Trump. What did it? Don't like it didn't like it? When Obama did it didn't like it when George W Bush did? The Eu Imf has been long, longstanding problematic in his blanket ability, because the conflict, the Middle EAST, it never ends, and it's not good. So I ll tell you what I'd like to believe. I really would that this is bad news for you. But I don't think so. I really don't think so when Trump fired missiles in Syria, the media started clap and insurance, which is that this is trumps presidential moment. So, when troubles after IRAN there's gotta be some file outrage, But this is what the war machine is always wanted. It was inevitable that inflict who, in the U S and IRAN, have been long law a long time coming and Trump resisted initially and now this could bring us that conflict. No, it's not worth though I do want to have a shoutout thou to judge Napoletano Fox. This judge predicts Trump, will start a war with IRAN and meet with Putin, moral logo and twenty twenty ok judge. Nepal, tunnels an awesome dude. I really I really like this guy
This was this was before Trump. It was announced that the drone strikes on the iranian general. This was a day before judged Palatine US predicted trumpets out of war with IRAN, and I think he's right, because we ve seen the site- it's not even about Trump, it's not about Trump is what we want to see and understand the executive branch. The also the president is bigger than one person and their aspects of it that just beyond the elections or Trump can come in and start slinging around domestic policy in both of the economy. But there is a war machine in play. It's not even about There are anybody wants, or does it want to happen to affect the dominoes have been laid out and someone's gonna Flickr or they ve been for a long time ago. So, like I said when, when when these middle pro militia people come to that Baghdad Embassy and start, you stop and the doors and try to start a fire and they did and they try to take out some american lives.
Is because of a longstanding conflict, the cycle of violence and vengeance. It's not gonna. Stop now tell you this oak, the? U S is gonna win it. You know it's it's. It's gotta be costly. What people need to understand about IRAN? Is it not Afghanistan, ok, this is not Iraq. This is a massive nation that has developed with a powerful military. This will not be like people expect it to be It's not going to be one of these things where we go in and you know well, I don't have to anything else, but it'll be devastating. It really will. But let me highlight this as a reason. Why pulled up judges this article on judge noticed that he said Trump will meet with Putin, Mara Logo and start a war with IRAN. If there's gonna be world war, three and judges correct. It bodes that it becomes a moral logo almost to negotiate the end of world war three. Thus it would be this the shortest World WAR ever shop starts. It in January ends in November, with a nice winter get away with, let em your potent now, I'm sorry, you can't you
can't claim that tromp is always going to be made with Putin Netteke, as does resort hotel in Florida. Whilst multinational starting world war. Three! Are they everybody's calm down, absolutes calm down Bomba highlight a tweet for Mister Jenks Huger backing June. Twenty first, around the same time that took her Karlsson. We, I will say in like don't do this man, genocide of Real Donald Trump keeps us out of a war with IRAN. Then he will be. He will have been a better president than George W Bush. Now, of course, many of the present I've got really angry by this I just want to mention: there's a parentheses there. Let's get over, he says and doesn't end democracy before he leaves office, calm down, trumps lock onto and democracy. Sorry. Nobody was there to call it Obama when I was Screechin, but all the same stuff, the NBA, the EU enough. I was covering all stuff, like the Obama sending drones. Countries were not at war with Americans since we're losing their lives under Obama's direction. Ok, so please everybody calm down! This is not
out of line with what America has always done and should always be criticised for so. Here's the maple to make! What why why? Why highlight this? Even Genk Huger can point out that Donald Trump can be a better President Bush, if he just resists starting a war with IRAN. It may be too late, but I necessarily believe this will result in a war with IRAN. I really am not caught on that continent. I don't believe it. I dont, like I said earlier men we would have to go to now it's true. We ve been sending soldiers. I think Marines to Kuwait, so we're staring down the barrel of certain dangerous and you gotta keep me. To that, while tromp, maybe you know, inviting Putin defunct. You know tat to Morrow Logo that the judge thanks and others conversations. I again, I don't think it's because drop works were putting things because troubleshooting Ds De escalate things, but China is still there. Ok, China, IRAN,
are still body body, so there are still some serious risk at the same time. Men. Let me tell you this, while I dont believe or looking at the barrel of world war. Three, I do want to point out where the twenties and gay what happened a hundred years ago, not just that I mean this is this could be Wordsworth reality be fair oaks. I've, I'm leading towards our brains are calm down, but it's possible when you look at what China's doing with the weaker Muslims, when you what China is doing. When you see what you know that the conflict in the? U S in IRAN, it may be somewhat starts a greater a greater world conflict, but my conundrum here is about for one. I don't like the: U S, taking his actions going after military leaders that approval exports, be Congress is a lot of limitations. I don't come to in the first place, whether Congress about sport or not because Congress votes for war, but I can tell you this man, we got problem, you look at what China doing? Ok, even CNN runs a segment talking about what China has been doing. They then, like disagree, in religious sites somewhat that and our pulled up so yet affected me this one, but I.
Serious concern that we may be entering the fray of a greater greater conflict. While a lot of people are saying World WAR three, I want everyone to kind of calm down about it, so you get the point. A leave it there sit around next segment will be at one p m at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast news and I'll see you all them Yesterday, on my main channel, which has Youtube com slashed him cast, my main segment talked about blue states, Lou seeing residence at alarming numbers. We have a kind of update to the story and I want to follow up with. We have different ideas as to why this is happening, but daily mail reports, high taxes are driving. People of New York, more people are leaving the state than any other with nearly one point: four million residents moving away since twenty ten. They say this data revealed states. Population decreased for fourth consecutive year, just one of ten states which has seen a declining population between twenty eight and twenty nineteen New York City though Illinois is losing residents and that's a huge. You know Blue state Chicago Massive and you also
California, seeing a massive increase in what's called net domestic migration, meaning people who live in California are leaving California for other parts of the United States, while California did grow a little bit. I believe run for up what point four percent, I'm gonna make a bold claim. I believe that its fair to say, failed, liberal policies from these progressive bastions. You know cities and states. Our driving people away from them, and this means Democrats will be seeding political power now. I know I did talk about this a bit on my main channel today, but I'm gonna. It's it's an addendum. I've got to talk about these issues, men, because a lot of people are saying I taxes. Let me just stop right. There. High taxes are a contributing factor. They are not the only factor. I believe There'S- that, I believe is fair to say it is progressive laws, I know I know now would be told by the left that I'm being biased, but I tell you this man, my past It is always as lesson has a lot to go through
minimum wage was assembly bill. Five in california- and I want to kind of breakdown a lot of things I said in the past in one segment talking about how their these budgets will lose political power and, let's start with high taxes, Then I want to talk about these new laws and why I dont think its necessarily taxes. It's the laws before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work that several edging give the best thing you can do share this, video because there's a lot of people who don't wanna, hear what I have to say, but I'm gonna say it anyway, and you can help shatter some echoed chamber bubbles, although most people don't care anyway, I mean people who believe that checking of the minimum wage is a good idea will always believe it. Even though its an archaic solution from hundred plus years ago, that- doesn't necessarily apply today. Ask Andrew Yang about that, and even though progressed in California, arse are our screeching about assembly bill five, which is physically ended the economy for the most part, people to change their minds, ok we just let me just do this first high taxes, major factor collar
are you in New York have some of the highest taxes in the country, most of the blue states or yours. You, where you see people leave or arms most the highest tax rates are blue emotional, lowest act. Text states are red pine to make sense, doesn't it So, let's read a little bit from here and I want to walk you through these points explained to you. This will result, in my opinion, in Democrats and progressives, losing a lot of political power for a variety of since I want to rehash the population stuff. We can see this graph here. We're domestic migration has gone down. I'm sorry, thousands of residents leaving showing that migration is is, is lower than migration into the state is lower than migration. Out of the state, like I said, California gained a little Illinois New York lost, they say, New York has lost nearly one point: four million residents to the rest of the body to the rest of the country, since twenty ten and largely as a result of its outflow, the empire state subtle population, barely budget during the decade, a corner than Europe, Andrew Como officer that Trump the GEO be were responsible. He says
he's right wing cheerleaders failed to mention that it was the Washington Republicans, asinine salt cap, who these taxes under Yorkers at that at this time, not the state they say under Cuomo Middle Class texts were cut historic lows. Business taxes were lowered, manufacturing texts were eliminated, property tax will permanently kept on. Employment was cut in half a record number of private sector. Jobs were credit limit, just stop right. There, you wanna, take credit for unemployment. The whole country is seeing low unemployment. You can't blame tromp for your high taxes. Okay, so let me tell you this first address the issue of taxes. California has the highest with thirteen point three. And New York with eight point. Eight too, we could see most of the highest tax. This states includes DC, are blue states and most of the lowest tax taxed our red states. Granted you ve got it. Would you got what you got? You got Washington and the lowest tax dates, so
You know, that's a blue state, but then you know over another side. You do have some red states with like I offer. I believe I was red with some of the high income taxes, but I want to focus on the big blues, once that are losing residents and the problem of taxes. First, New York City has it own income tax, and you know this so sure New York might only be eight point eight, but tat on the three percent three to four percent about I'm rounding up. Forgive me for estimating that you're gonna pay when you live in the city with the high population density. So it's no surprise. People are leaving talk about population density in a second. So you add that in and what you end up with New York has basically the same tax rate as California little bit lower. Now you so so. Let's talk about taxes and I'll get into the bad laws. Heard in California and New York. I know I know I'm I'm trying to I'm trying to get keep us all in a nice little neat package for you guys. First in Raising taxes does not guarantee an increase in tax revenue. I know I've told you I told you all
told you all this story, many many times, I'm gonna tell you again, because his party alot of people who haven't seen this this haven't heard me say it I knew somebody was a contractor and came back and it was this wasn't cook county Can we raise their sales tax? There was a whole how about this? This could be like apocryphal or just like an example. But when I was told was that home depot had shut down moved a few miles away to reopen a new store in do page county. Ok, that's just to the west of the country- and I was talking about that was a contractor. I said why would they do that, like that pride custom, hundreds of thousands of millions of dollars just to create like shut down your building? Building new want a few miles. Why there's we told me contract Do big orders, ok and they come in and if you're going to spend, several hundred thousand dollars in the year, and you do it and cook county where you're paying point one percent more that's a ton of violets thousands of dollars. You're losing that means means is,
directors who have to Britain call things in my truck anyway, are more than willingness the half an hour to toe materials when they do a project if it means going to a different county home Depot this and they knew they would lose customers because of the increasing tax cost, and so- They left they went to a different county where the costs were lower and apparently worked people you got you gotta, consider this. This meant that Cook county was now losing tax When these blue states think they're gonna raised that the tax rate to make more money, it is not always the case because you could produce trade volume. Ok, something like this way.
If there's one dollar and every time someone trace it, a government to pretend that the government, a percentage you could have a really low tax rate, but the trade goes back and forth a hundred times and they extract more money that way when they, when they check of the tax rate, people trade less, because they can't afford things or they don't want to pay a high tax rate. And then you're volume goes down Now make another point: yes, high taxes do contribute to people living because listen man right now, if you, if you're in city. What are you doing in New York city? Why do you need to be in New York city? What job are you doing? You're on manufacturing, something you're, probably working at up, invest far more illegal farm or, writing blogs about Brad Pitt Junk for some was the cool website. You can do that. By email? So now the opportunity for a jobs is expanding. The digital economy allows people to just do it. Out of these jobs. I mean there people wire assistance in India, ok, so now you can work from anyone
so now there's an incentive to leave your thinking yourself. Why am I paying thirteen sent in New York City when it can move. New Jersey and pay less and work remotely for my company. In some circumstances, you can I lived in New York City for a long time I eventually the Jersey side, because I work for myself- and there was no point in paying taxes for New York City and paying ridiculous rent New Jersey was cheaper. I never really went to the city anyways what eventually moved a softer, as you are basically the Philly area now, but that was it for me, I'm one of these, but who left New York thinking it costs too much. Why bother? I don't need to be in New York to do this job, so I left now here's and ends up happening the structure of New York, the infrastructure of LOS Angeles and other places, granted less action. Starting a slight net gain even other losing one of residents, their gaining more because if I think immigration and and and and domestic migration,
They are seeing a massive net migration out anyway, the point as states like Illinois States like Michigan at New York. They lose residents, but the infrastructure costs. Same. The cost, a million dollars to run your cities, water system than the tax burden of a million dollars spread among all residents. As more people not only have the ability to leave, but our driven out These high taxes than the tax burden for the infrastructure is spread among all residents, to put it simply a million. People funding a million dollar system each pay dollar per year. Five hundred thousand people support million dollar system. Are gonna pay two dollars per year, so the more people leave the more your costs go up for these utilities. The high taxes are not helping, but again it's also the digital economy. But now, let's talk about the real issue: failed from massive laws. I know bring it on left colony, biased all that stuff. But I tell you this is a reason why I like Andrew Yang Andrew youngest, pointed out
increasing the minimum wage which will not solve these problems. Bravo good, sir! Now, I'm not convinced that the freedom dividend is proposing is going to solve all these problems either, but he made a good point of the above them and on which it changes. Fact that housewives, rents don't have access to the economy. I they're married doesn't change the fact that there are some people who lose their excess, resources through no fault of their own, is particularly complicated and again, I dont think giving every two thousand dollar solves the problem, because that brings me to the first held progressive LAW, New York cities, fifteen dollar, minimum wage increase. Let's talk about it. There are some good ass that's terminal wage increase, I agree with, but a lot of things wrong with it. The second failed policy issue I will talk about which is causing an exodus from these states. Is California Assembly Bill, five, which is shut down the greek economy? First, if you give, if you give everyone
the lowest skill level of job production or service, a wage increase. Every thing above that has to go up. Everything has to go up, so let's say it costs five thousand materials to make a widget It is an arbitrary object and you're paying ten dollars an hour and they can produce one which it per hour. That means your cost for the way it is five dollars for materials, ten thousand labour every hour, you're spending, fifteen dollars Let's say you then increase that person's wage by five dollars, guess what another which cost twenty dollars, so you have to increase the cost of the widget everybody above that terror. Choirs that service or production want to increase their costs accordingly, because the increase in cost in the materials increasing the amount of money racing that the amount of money people get paid doesn't change the value of their labour. That's just the way it works. So what s happening a bunch. So a new law,
and you worry first is gonna- make it so that all workers in New York City get a fifteen. What was that I thought Andrew Quarrel was blaming Donald Trump, but we lower taxes. So what? If your lower taxes, if you'd just increase the cost of all labour all businesses by fifty percent. Now, for most people they're paying more than ten thousand our, so the cost increases, probably only thirty or so per cent I tell you this man, businesses have already shot down. First, let me praise minimum wages and why could work in New York? The cost of many goods are imported from other areas of the kind free those goods, don't change, because the minimum wage in those areas doesn't go up. Ok only affects the residence of New York, creating their access, and you know it lowers the amount of wealth. The hired pirate bracket will get and increases the amount of wealth. The lower bracket will get but the cost of living in New York is mostly mostly dependent upon the labour in New York City bus driver
as Borri sties supermarket stalkers all that stuff faces. They call we gotta pull the food the front. I stated that when I was six sixteen so for the most part, this will not work. Guess what happen. As businesses close and taxes remain high people will leave. This is a failed policy com. Woken brag about lowering taxes all he wants, but if you just jacked up the cost of basically everything in the city and whilst I believe the state by twenty to thirty percent people get to build? The cost of living just shot weigh up sorry, not going to solve the problems you have. It is an archaic solution. Is what this problem with the modern, progressive. Ok, my policies are lean left Alexander Yang, but guess what minimum wages or an old solution to old problems, there's no guaranteed. They will work when we have a digital economy allowing people to leave. Ok, you don't get it. We are indifferent era
do you want to raise taxes. People can transfer their money, the Bitcoin intended overseas and two seconds they can easily travelling to foreign countries. It didn't used to be that way. Raising taxes People talk about how we have a ninety percent income tax bracket. Yes, it made sense what was very difficult to move money. Now you can snap your fingers and send your monies to China now that if so easy taxes are harder to to implement, because people can now compete with all other countries, the point as the Digital how new technology requires new solutions and progressives keep saying I wanna be the pot If the new deal like you know sdr whatever it's like do those a hundred years ago, we can't just solve these problems by looking at a passing as they did then we'll do it not know. We have different problems, ok? So while I certainly think this can work in some capacities and to a certain extent, it it'll be great for external enow for for imports. Mother comes
freeze its going to massively drive up the cost of living in New York City and let me just bring it on home again. I, like Andrew Yang, forming afford thinker by dont, think he's one honourable. Correct California Assembly Bill five and what this does it basically shut down the gig economy, Goober drivers and glance. Writers among other people, are being shut down and is a progressive law. It was backed by the unions and even you have all of these writers who were drivers freaking out, saying you are cutting off our access to resources. They don't care. So now you we have created a new technology. Ok, you right from anywhere. You can work runaway can use goober and be your own ass. So what of California do shut it down? What does it look? Look men? They complain about Trump implementing. You know old solutions. To new problems there literally doing the same thing. This in my opinion, is going to force. Basically every single writer out of California, I'm not gonna. Do ok. If you're a writer in California,
these websites are always in Iraq and a higher you if you're Ann Arbor driver you already in trouble, and it's because of unions and progressives and Democrats not because of the Republicans. Ok, I I'm not saying republican policy, would work any better. I'm saying we're looking at these states that are so massive exodus. The first factor is likely the ability to work remotely. The next is failed policies, high taxes combined with an inability to work, and what do you think you get so again? California, lot of good things. Don't for moderate people live there, there's still seeing slow growth that some of the slowest, but they are seeing some of the highest net domestic migration. Let me tell you, I'm in You pass a law telling people they can't work. What are they supposed to do so? I mentioned this before it is a website called patch. They do hyper local whose for different areas they ve already said they're, not gonna, hire people in California. This not only means freelance doesn't California are out of work? It also means California will
not be getting local news. They are quite literally implementing policies that are harming themselves, not dimension. California got a massive homeless crisis already so now they pass a law making it harder do a job. What do you think's could have, These people, who are no longer allowed to work vocs. Dotcom veal, Ex laid off hundreds of people in California. Because of this all these freelance writers they write. You know this is this. Is this what I'm talking about failed policy? You look at these blue states. They are on track and they can't course correct. This is what left tends to do and it's why people don't even call me centrist anymore. They still gonna call me centric, but tell you this. I show you the graph with Republicans go go up and the Democrats go for. Left I'm in the sun, I'm actually we're. Obama was not even you know. Twenty ten years ago, I wasn't even a centrist as a liberal now, because the gap is so wide and arms
what kind of world Mama was, I'm not even sure, didn't centre anymore, because the left has gone so far. The left, the problem is when it comes to government programmes. Do they work? The answer is yes, they do ok, and I will stand by that, however, at what at what point does the left stop and think and purge these programmes when they become cumbersome or fail in the private sector, businesses work and then have sometimes after ten years a business goes on because to become obsolete, private sector works. Does that mean that private business does not work because they failed ten years? Let another private business worked perfectly servant. Providing a service times changed, the business goes under, they could have adapted. Well, didn't blockbuster was huge. So you this I look at govern programmes, the same weight. Government programmes do work. They can provide relief and help people and honest. I am a strong supporter of many of them. The problem is they dont fail. The government just doubles down and keeps going so the minimum wage, for a variety of reasons. It's a hundred years later, things are changing.
They do just keep on keeping on. Don't stop, don't reflect, keep going. That's the problem of government and the left tend to be proponent of these laws that aren't necessarily helping tell you what man you report you so because in California, what happens they pass this law because the you The UN's wanted it, and now all of these workers are gonna, be without work. California is gonna, see itself facing a much bigger homeless crisis. All of these things are tied together with this. Why are people even California, its grouse man, sandwiches those got human waste all over the streets. What do you expect? Ok, so I'll tell you what as much as all of us want to hear it. Yes, high taxes and failed policy are hurting your political power, but that's the political marketplace. Men as people flee these blue states into red area. That's not going to change the make up for the most part, though the Republicans will still dominate. Have your publican areas and these these bigger city,
we'll lose congressional seats, that's what it seems like make may actually happen. I think the internet is playing the biggest role providing relief, but if the laugh doesn't learn to course correct and figure out when they ve too far, eventually they would just lose their power and then the system will correct itself. Naturally, of course, it might cause me Your swing to Republicans, which I am sure many of the cultural leftist still want to hear, but hey money talks, BS walks. Ok, if you're gonna cock increase the cost of basically everything in Jack up the cost of living in New York City gone leave if you're gonna, if you're gonna pass laws- and you can't work in California for an economy, people gonna leave and then you will have less votes. Welcome the political marketplace anyway. There you go stick around next, like metal becoming up at you. Today comes lashed,
cast. That's my main channel. That's gonna be some restructuring going on. I am preparing a new show. This channels, gotta have an entirely new hour and a half of content every day. I am doubling my workload, I'm crazy wholesale works, but Look around Mexicans coming up that you did becomes liked him cast well all relevant. I might be moving every segment from this jump to the main channel. Then I'm planning to do a lot I shall, with with user commentary like you, you can comment on what I have been doing: lives dreams because of the way things are structured, and if you knew how it's going to be for the most part, most part no hard politics can be more cultural politics. Things like this right, I'm not gonna talk about what you know, Trump is doing or Bernie says it's gonna literally be like policy, but it's gonna be a lot of like cultural political issues. Talk about movies. It's the goals to make two shows. I ain't overtly political and then a more cultural, and I don't have a lot of guys.
On this channel, so this one will become more of like a generalist, podcast political issues, science and probably like cool, just cool, interesting, weird stuff- that I think you know. I don't have talked too much like I do I do that. You have all videos here sometimes, and I know you don't do that well by love doing it anyway. So let's stay tuned for that work on my home studios being done as we speak and we are going to be like what's so. The whole basement is finished as of like next couple hours, but then we got it. We have to set up the backdrops in cameras and technical equipment. Things like that. So its common, I'm excited, but I shall be doing alive, show and it's gonna be semi produce so having a lineup of stories that our relevant, but the main political, big breaking news will be. My main channel and this ship will be more stuff like analysis, I'm in a wage and like my personal opinions, and unlike movie reviews and like cool, interesting stuff space, international trade, all religion, just kind of general and
go to have new guests as many times as possible, so I'll be alike, booking gas. Bringing out researchers and scientists. One thing I really want to do. Who is there's only a handful of intellectual dark when people and I want to find more academics, you no harm lesser known and talk about, though some of their research, so yeah Oliver theirs to grant gotta go. Did you do that comes liked him cast and I'll see you at four p m. Rose Mc Gowan, tweeted apologies to IRAN in one of the weirdest tweet saying: please don't kill us we're being held hostage virtuous signalling gone. Ok limits, I some I am as Anti war as they come in fact, upon at the most anti war purse,. Because a lot of these people oppose war, even when, like you probably should I just think what foreign interventions a waste of money- we should be in the Middle EAST very complicated, but men bottle after so many tromp over. What's going on IRAN that they lose their minds and you end up seeing tweet
like this from rose Mcgowan? She said you ready for this one, dear IRAN, the USA has disrespected your country, your flag, your people, fifty two percent of us humbly apologize. We want peace with your nation, we are being held hostage by a terrorist regime. We do not know how to escape. Please do not kill us. Whoa whoa food hold on man. I criticized trumps decision. Did the strike in Baghdad. I do want to clarify two, though, could be wrong. I couldn't wrong that I may be wrong now, but I scientists on people, and I think, under the current authorization for use of military force, a you enough trump doing it. Strike against a known enemy U S in a country. In which he was authorized to engage in conflict Iraq. I think he technically was operating on a approval already, but the problem is that this is an iranian official, so it so it is complicated, and I do another segment coming up after this too, to break down. Why the convicts missing before
First, we want to do. Is I want to show you the absurdity of the virtues signal when you have idea what's going on, so you tweet something insane like this let me readable, but first daily Mail says Rosemont GO entreated an apology to IRAN after an air strike order by President Trump killed them of the country's touch. Calls the axis one on around on the social media platform on Friday morning after the new, so the death of consolidating the Ozma, whether for you, she wasn't the only one actors such as John Cusack, Alyssum, Olano and Deborah messing Twitter, their disapproval over the airstrike. Let me let me stop right now, Rosemont also thanks a lot Dickhead Donald Trump, I'm saving my when two segments stick around the next I've met were actually show you the photographs and talk about how no fifty two percent of us are not humbly apologists. Now save that, though you see, let me
find something to the USA has disrespected your country. Sure, that's true as a lot of problems. The United States engaged in IRAN in conflict, and you know the revolution- would all itself biomedical decades, but I'll tell you what man it's not so simplistic to right. Now, just be alike! It's our fault. We apologise were being held hostage Explain something towards Mcgowan and I'll. Show you where apology fifty two percent of us humbly apologize nice, try, the democratic establishment of war, the same as the old score, public and establishment of which trump events are right, and I dont know what you'd call Trump now. Could he certainly engaging in in an escalation of conflict for sure, but do Bolton the old school republicans? NEO cons, the neoliberal they love war, we're talking about how much you want we're going to see a bunch of Democrats be like well. You know I think trunk should have consulted Congress, but it was very presidential of him to do this so that this can happen. I'll tell you what what? What are you looking at,
happen. I'll! Tell you what what? What are you looking at, how the media, when Trump card missiles on syria- and it was very much is being presidential knowledge stuff. So our trying to this one focus, the celebrity outrage. In virtue of signalling cause, I want to save the next we'll evidence like a defensive tromp to an extent show you what's going on. So let me just show you are what Rosemont go and then tweeted she said later of course solemnity was an evil evil man who did evil evil things, but that at this moment is not the effing point. The United States is morally corrupt and acts illegally. It is only logical to appeal to IRAN's pride by apologising, I'm taking one for the team Ridge, the craziest of cringe virtue signal that had been an attempted, a recovery fail man fail failure, listen apologies,
I shouldn't set, it boosts backtrack. This is nuts. She goes on to say this, and this confusing me rose Mcgowan says I'm a registered Republican in California. What I loathe Clinton's I hate tromp. I will not vote Republican, but I cannot vote Democrat I'd rather know what evil I'm getting so I'll go republican. Wait beach just said you wouldn't vote Republican. So would it about this about World WAR three. So none of that s matters anyway. Team stay alive, rose army, ok, whoa, whoa, whoa, rich, signalling celebrities, it is not world war, three calm down. Listen! There is a potential escalation here, there's a potential that is a tit for tat of his back and forth. Not think we will ever really see a world war. Three. I don't think so, because what actual, If we do it's gonna be a cyber attacks is going to be. You know you what you might see a refinery blow. I guess it's not gonna, be the same as that you, as it's always been but I will tell you this: if you think that a war through that's a good idea. You're, nothing common man
You know our peevishness liberties. I know I know I know. Let's go down to talk about their their virtue, signalling kilometer breaks up into segments like I said when states is morally cravat. You said here is John Cusack. Dont use they're gonna. What's wrong with this guy, like he's, blocked a bunch of people, I know warlike Libertarians Niven pro tramp tramp in full fascist one mode of steel and lie until there's nothing left and start a war. He so idiotic. He doesn't know he just attacked IRAN and that's not like nowhere else, man, it is so cringe inducing too from these celebrities, who are only saying this there almost now I'll tell you what so infuriating infuriate infuriate you are making. Me angry. I tweeted something about Trump. I gotta watch people saying things like Was the outrage willow bother with doing this term wrong person, mother efforts? I swear was reckoned on: Obama, the whole time Mackay. Probably on the genuine look old videos and where am I talking about Obama, getting
Andy a ability that that definite detention provisions, I've I've repeatedly rare Obama. For all this stuff. You play that game with me now. I think what Obama did is exponentially worse than what trumpet let's be real go without Trump did, is targeted and enemy of the. U S in a country in which I believe I could be wrong. We're authorized to use military force, Obama was targeting african citizens k multiple american citizens. Thousands of unauthorized extra judicial assassinations actually in places like em and where we are not at war. So I'll tell this John Cusack was mulatto. You know what men I thank you for finally coming out in criticising the president, but I dont believe it a play. Well meant a lot of people have said its vote. A boat would abode some TIM. You know we're just now realizing how bad it s don't give me that bs, I wanna hear it did just now learning how bad it is. Fine blame the media- I guess.
But I'm not the only reason they're coming out saying this is because the orange man is bad. Fine, I'm I'm I'm to an extent. I can recognize caught the executive branch for there, their insane bs, but the only reason these celebrities you're saying this is because, if a virtue signal the Orange man is bad. Therefore, now we're against war. You know what you know, what fine I'll take it when I get what what what when you're willing to offer up, but just to know the reason why I will not defend these people when they call a trump for this stuff is because the moment, the democratically elected, do the exact same thing, and where will these people both gone like smoke. They will not come out, they will not, Obama they'll hold up sighing. Saint George, W Bush is literally Hitler. Obama gets elected ramp up after dinner. Digital assassination gets the aid, gets the authorization free, military force re up over and over again. If the NBA the National Defence Authorization ACT, indefinite detention provisions and where, where,
these celebrities be to be the moral conscience of Amerika. Oh they're gone. They still Obama. It's this man, a Gallup poll showed TAT but Obama are both tied for the most. You know admired American Obama who blew up kids. You know what the Obama ministration was doing? They were sending John Strike, the Middle EAST blowing up young men and sang, but they were military age. That means there combatants welcome to America. This market, does there's business eighteen year old, due care in a couple bucks a war to his village and John blows them up than their own, but he was military aged where we're any of these people nowhere to be found Oh yes, I'll tell you that I will criticise Trump. Ok, I will criticise them for potential. Yes, but in a very serious conflict, and I will also recognise targeting someone who is leading a group that is recognised as a terrorist organisation by the United States in a country in which the present has been authorizes infinitely worse and the targeting of american citizens, like Obama, did and the actual judicial assassinations. Let us
Obama, I am not saying that like Trump, is it doing wrong, I'm just saying: Obama did bed real bad tromp was doing pretty bad. And he's doing worse in a lot of ways and is doing slightly better. I think in some ways, but outside this man, my, but this video, I'm keeping the moral outrage on the people pretending to care about war. There have been many of us on the Anti war left or moderate left alone, to call me for a long time and sure enough. These people come out with the most absurd virtue signal. Please don't kill us like they could calm down, listen man, a war with IRAN is The really bad idea is much larger and much more powerful than at, but many of these other countries. Ok, so you wouldn't you wanna talk about. You know its wish, we should go to war whenever I know most people don't feel that way, but people like John Bolton, who said something like twenty nineteen,
we will be celebrating victorian Tehran. Oh great, that's! No! I'm sorry! Ok, not a good idea, not a good idea to go to war with IRAN. And and they they their aligned. I believe they're Ellie with Russia and there there they have good diplomatic relations with China. So we do not want that escalation. But let me just stress real quick, you know come and do another segment extend this. A single story there's not a war, make its possible as an escalation, but let me read this up because I, like I said I wanted a separate this. What you're. Seeing from all of these celebrities is just I'm being like whenever Trump does is bad? That's it that's it so to act. Like all liberals, fifty two percent of us apologize. No, they don't nuts, the super wealthy, no democratic establishments are laughing, The way to the bank. There saying this is great: can't waiver that military industrial, complex money we can go in IRAN.
Rub. The oil, the oil industry, yet not about buying it anyway, I gotta I've got us what this up stick around the next item. Deal with, dare I say it, a defence of Donald Trump while I'm still being very critical of him, I think it's important point out. Even Buzzfeed is providing a tacit defence of the president on this one which you need to understand as the severity of what happened at the at the embassy in Baghdad is not a joke. There. There acting like some testers came out, so Trump went nuts naw man, you gotta, see these photos stick around next, I'm coming up and we'll talk about it. What follow up on the segment? I just did. If you didn't watch it go check it out its uploaded already. It's about rose, Mcgowan and, and the celebrity virtues signal around IRAN in Baghdad and this GSM solemn anything and I gotta say men. The main reason I did that segment. First in my brain,
is that this is a more serious. You know political issue. I want to focus on some of the photos published. Buzzfeed says these but I will show how destructive the? U S. Embassy attack in Iraq was listen man. I do not like the fact the United States is the Middle EAST. I do not like the fact that we're building noted basis all you know me and maintaining them all around the world. I do not like the fact that America's intervening, but what one big piece of context missing from all of this is the severity of the attack on the embassy and what's happening. We are not talking about a hundred protesters, waving little flags and doing an anti fa medium. Smash with some rocks, we're talking about fires being sat rooms being blown out, people nearly losing their lives, trop, calling in
You know internet marine intervention to defend the embassy, we're talking about an attack on an american embassy which a sovereign american territory. This isn't escalation now, listen, it doesn't mean Trump is right. I am still very critical of em, because escalation isn't always the answer. Conservatives like the fact that Trump you know he put up instead of shutting up Obama, would have shut up. I think escalation is a bad bad idea, but I think, regardless of european and people are not looking at the actual photos about what happened. These virtues, signalling leftist, like Rosemont, going, don't realize what actually went down like this was basically, a militia assault on american territory, gay I get it we're not supposed to be in Baghdad. We should either? It's all really really bad Kate. One thing
for another. It's a never ending tit for tat and I oppose it. But I got a point out. We are not talking about some protests and then Trump losing is cool. We are talking about an actual assault on American to a soil, even Buzz feed, ok, The attack prompted by protests over american airstrikes, destroyed the reception area but cause no injuries the siege and in January. First I saw this from Buzzfeed now, really surprised because showing these photos and talk about the severity of the attack is. Is it like a tacit defence of military action and not surprised they say the EU embassy component Baghdad was attacked in December thirty. First, nineteen by crowds protein seeing the american air strikes against bases of curtail Hezbollah, a Shi Ite, Millet area in Syria, Iraq, the air strikes we're in
Palliation after american troops were wounded and a contractor was killed in a rocket attack incur cook on December. Twenty. Seventh, let me just tell you man, it's never it's! It's a tit for tat. Ok, we're not talking about Trump being, like a bunch of protesters, showed up we'd, better, send a bomb known blocked this guy. None on an Earl Americans were targeted, so the? U S retaliated. This has been a long time coming. Ok, a contractor was killed so prompt said, take out the militias. You know in retaliation so than they're calling it a protest. Full stop man, these militia supporters trying to like this is what they are trying to destroy. The embassy I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna sugar coated when they try to burn the place down and trouble ITALY called in reinforcements. This has been a law time coming, we are not talking about like all of a sudden, a protest popped up no like this is this is back and forth were while they say the attack further fuelled tensions between the? U S in IRAN, which is a primary backer.
Tape, Hezbollah, the? U S, military, issued a strong warning that would preemptively strike iranian backed militias. If there's any indication that more attacks against american personnel were planned early on Friday, a powerful iranian general was killed in. U S airstrike near Baghdad, international airport. Ok, I don't like the idea of private print preemptive assaults in no way So let me just condemn the targeting of an iranian general. I know he's he's he's a b, I think, is the former leader of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Now he wrote now you leads the different group he's basically where the highest. Officials in IRAN. Listen man! I understand this. Guy is doing bad thinks he's planning bad things, but there is a lot more strategy to be considered beyond targeting this guy in Baghdad, because you have the ale enough and you can that's my opinion. Ok, I'm trying to be fair here. I think this is bad bad news for us. In the long run now I get conservative assign we got rid of a really bad guy, but dont think it ends here. Ok, some
targeted our guys, so we targeted their guys. So they target our these we target, thereby where do you think this ends aright ending cycle? If it can be difficult I understand the sky was really dangerous. He was working with with Syria and other countries and Hezbollah I get it. I get it. I get it. Men are not the president, I dont nobody knows, but the point Segment is to try and be fair, even though I'm I'd seriously will say it a million times. It's bad moves. Ok, but been Buzzfeed, is showing these photos. So if you're listening, I'm trying described of what we're seeing these are people who are well- You know camel gear, I don't love, you want to call them brought like they're, not they don't do not just in military fatigue. Necessarily some may be wearing body, I'm not sure, but their flipping vehicles starting fires. You can see some dude being carried the next. But, as I believe of Americans amount I'd say about was on these photos with just showing, like you know, american soldiers. Alot of these people are wearing masks and then we can
the fires being started. The the booth entry to the embassy burned down windows shattered. We have to be careful that people dont use a verse of tax tactics to target our embassies. Gay limiting another thing clear: this wasn't like a protest and a country retaliatory. This wasn't like a protest in american embassies, are everywhere attacking an embassy just necessarily about Baghdad American It's not like a military bases, attacked atomic bunch of soldiers were attacked, they targeted the embassy, so make sure that's clear because, like what say about your protest shut up in France and targeted the embassy, ok, it can happen where, but he I want to show you. They tried bashing out there. Now isn't it looks at the windows? Are seriously reinforce these fire? These pipes, I am sick, silly impressed with these photos that these people got causes as war. Ok, we got burning trash on top of the wall with barbed wire around it. We can see they were throwing, looks like mud or feces at the windows, but that's not that this,
serious issue. Ok people get injured, they show us how they were throwing out its breaking the windows. This wasn't like this is not a protest. Ok This is essentially a hour creation an act of war. Take a look at these photos. They were about the sign U S! Embassy service interest entrance, these our iranian militia supporters or militias themselves. They pride off the sign of the embassy. If Trump didn't call on reinforcements, I believe Americans would be dead. They stole the emblem for fur for the embassy, they took photos of the building burning and then we have. We have some photos of a totally burned out area. We got a metal sector, it's all destroyed, think we're lucky. American lives were lost in this. I'm showing you these photos in explaining this. I want to make sure it's clear. Ok, it's it's buzzfeed highlighting this! This was not a group of like occupy wall. Street people
asks. This was a serious attack on a facility that, with the intend to kill people are right. That being said, that context as very important understanding what happened in Baghdad and why tromp retaliated? Now, I don't like the retaliation and trumpet engaging immigrants going to make things worse, but I think it's fair to point out the severity of the attack on the embassy and apparently so does Buzzfeed I get where the central types we're not strong enough to resist the war machine man. I am very anti war. I am very concerned about what's going on here, but I'm sick and tired of these people are left for one not carrying that Obama has done the same thing and acting like this is truck being Willy nilly. No, this is Trump in my opinion, stepping too far, but I can understand why. Ok, I'm worried about it. I wish he didn't do it, but you gotta, look at these photos. Man. This is from military times. Photos with reveal damage to US embassy in Baghdad, following attack by supporters of IRAN backed militia. Let me stress if troubling
we the way he did. We would have that Americans and this is an embassy. We are going to be in an endless cycle of war. Ok, let's just this is America addicted to it they attacked our embassy It's not a military insulation, it's the embassy and they did it because their targeting us by any means necessary. That's the problem it you know. It's it's! It's an attack essentially on to an extent diplomacy, but I think it's all was back indefinitely and what I said earlier today, men America does overseas, so people get mad, they retaliatory retaliate, it's never gonna, stop it. It will never stop. I'm gonna tell you men and if you can only look back so far, then you here's what years? happens. A lot of the conservatives are gonna backdrop, no matter what transported back, I'm no matter what, but you will have a lot of people saying look what happened in Baghdad. This is unjustified. Assault on a terrorist list,
totally understand it. I totally get it that's. Why I'm showing these photos and try to be fair? You go back one more time and you say these are people who are outraged the? U S, invaded Iraq under false pretext and our are continuing to occupy this country. I get: We should not be there. We were lied to about w on these. Now we got our people over there. Now we're wasting money on this and its resulting in a never ending tit for tat get out of the wreck, and it's ok, it's not going to stop. You go back in time and people say yeah. We were there because you know certain groups were were being harboured in it and in Iraq, and you know September eleventh in all that stuff. It will never stop dude. We can go back for ever and depend on how far you're willing to go back. There will always be justification for some sides excuse for why they're engage in war. There is no excuse for what these people that the american Embassy Period- ok, none!
tackling the embassy had nothing to do with. You know. You know a man. There is no excuse for. Let us leave it at that plain and simple. And let him you bunch of leftist saying they were protesting, America's occupation. They are fighting back. Ok, do you know what men so, I will say, was not a good dude. There are a lot of problems, the Middle east- and it goes back well before that the America should never have gone in into into the Middle EAST, and here we are, and now we should get out it's going to get worse. You want to justify Troms attack on this guy's sub solemn, any because he's been leading attacks against us. We should be there. They do not coming here, one other gonna. So out an old man. Listen, I try to be fair. I recognise the argument as to why people support what drop dead with targeting. Suits in Romania, but I'm warning you right now: it's not world war. Three! Ok, let's calm down! It's just not going to stop. There's gonna be retaliation for this to which we are going to retaliate back. What are we supposed to do? We are not
going to get to a ground war with IRAN. That would be insane absolutely insane. The best thing we can do is cheating As you know, what they say, oh, but now that we ve already gone in it's gonna, get worse. If we pull out yet too bad to bed, it's time to leave, they settle, devolving CAS. I dont care, you know it. Man, I feel for the people were there, I'm upset the? U S one and in the first place we shouldn't have been in a forest fires. We rely due to get in there and now it's only getting worse America's on a drug that we were injected with back in the two thousands, and we can't stop, because we're scared to withdraw the literal Military withdrawn the figurative drug addiction withdrawn. So you know what men and it's up to you, but how can I stop it will not stop. They will only get worse. The only I can see if it's time to get the F out, but far be it from me to know. There's very few things that I will. I will screech this lovely about you know, because I don't I don't know, I really don't know so much. I don't know, that's all you this, though it's like every day we hear about. Oh, it's getting worse, Bob, it's getting worse!
better we're, not winning we're losing. Why we there? What do we do? We see the poppy seeds, the poppy fields in Afghanistan we secure in the oil fields, don't care trump has made while actually, Obama into the drop administration, America's novel, larger producer, fossil fuels. Ok, how about we g t F, O. Yet people are Russia and China will move in. So you know what we're doomed is at it. We want a path to just everyone. Hating killing each other. I guess so because apparently not even trump, not even trunk and can can muster whatever is needed, the political force to get us out of these worse, a lot of people thought trunk was gonna, be the guy was like a minute and these wars. But Obama said the same thing as why aren't you people, people, people, don't get? Why do we have a problem with again and why I'm not interested in voting for four literally anyone other than Dulcy, because then told me in my opinion, is gambling that you would actually pull out. I trust her hoping she would she would end the sites like psychotic behaviour and ridiculous waste of money, but even trumpet
what so now, I'm not I'm, not. If I and that's where I always complain about I'm not going around four million years on this one. Ok, I'm sick and tired of it. You don't understand men, it never will end because I'll tell you this. Those those no strikes on those people who die their kids grow up and they vow vengeance. They target us and then our kids group about vengeance back. It will never stop you. I'm You stop it unless someone finally says we're stopping you It's not gonna be in a nobody, wants a back down I'll leave it. There are right. The point of this segment was to say I get it man, I'm I'm I'm willing to look at these photos and tell you how bad it really, and what they were trying to do. The embassy, I'm also willing to say we're, Talley She is not going to make things better. I got one more Simon come up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. In a dramatic escalation of a man,
a common asylum policy, the trumpet illustration, the? U S. Government is now enacting one of the most. I don't know what you'd call it by this is our now it's hard to say I want to say callous. I really do let me just tell you I'm so: U S is now sending asylum seekers across the Arizona border to Mexico to await court hearings, three hundred and fifty miles away. This is, in my opinion, a bureau. Bureaucratic work basically be like you're, not gonna, be gettin asylum in America. So first the remained Mexico policy, in my opinion, absolutely makes ants are. The general idea is. If you come to that states, you apply for asylum. You wait in Mexico until your court day, and this is because most people do not have legitimate asylum. Claims and its, especially if they're coming from third nations. I think that's that's author from other countries. I think that's actually the rule. If you come from a country through Mexico to the? U S, you gotta wait: Mexico. It makes sense
ok, if you're fling Guatemala you're much going fine, I was just in Sk City, it is beautiful. Can Mexico City great food, not dangerous? I think I think Chicago's more dangerous than like Town Mexico City. For the most part. I understand there could be dangerous areas with their society. Leading to a series of cargo and what the point is you want to apply. You come from a third country through Mexico. You wait Mexico. Now, what they're doing as they're moving Unthrifty miles away, so they can actually get to their Courtney in America, and that is that this one is what, where becomes completely overt, that it's like we're we're trying to make it difficult for you to actually appear in court to get your asylum, not say what men for might from for my taste. This one goes too far. Absolutely cut! Tell you what, if you want to argue that people can come in that people come here with dubious claims and in there
their released into the interior of the: U S where they just disappear. Yeah man, it happens like the data, shows it, but if you now want to take a good look asylum seekers and say we're not send you through a few miles away, and then you gotta figure out how to get back. I get it man, it's an effective way to cancel even legitimate asylum claims. But I'll tell you what man? That's that's a bit too much to say the least. So these are only radium the? U S, government began sending asylum seekers backed in a Gauss Mexico yesterday to wait. Court hearings that'll be scheduled roughly three hundred fifty miles away, whereas. Authorities are expanding, a programme known as remain in Mexico that requires tens of thousands of asylum seekers to weed out their immigration court hearings in Mexico until this week The government was driving some asylum seekers to Nogales Arizona from from the gallows errs on to El Paso Texas, so they could be returned to harass. So here ears, here's the main points
fair, I think the main issue was that they were. They were effectively figure this asylum seekers and then literally providing them the travel service to wear their court date would eventually be and their ending there now so let me walk back a little when I say that I have heard the arguments. I owe you there's all some other side to this. I just think here's the problem in. There are legitimate asylum seekers. Most of them are not I get it, but if they have to travel through twenty miles for core, it's never gonna happen. We might as well just end asylum. That's one thing is a bureaucratic workaround, but I do think it's fair to point out. We shouldn't be providing a fairy, sir, Ok, so not those Spencer. We expect her me. They say now: asylum seekers ought to find their own way through a dangerous Mexican through dangerous Maxine border roads about Thirty asylum seekers were sent in the Gulf Mexico on Thursday said Gilda lower Arrow director of the San Juan Bosco.
I shall turn the gallows. Sonora Loreto said the migrants hadn't made it to the shelter yet, but that it was prepared and has a capacity of about four hundred we're going to take up the cap. Today we have critic, say the remaining Mexico programme, one of Trump one of several Trump administration policies that have all but ended asylum in the. U S puts migrants who fled their home countries back in a dangerous mexican border towns where there are often kidnapped, robbed works. And, in my opinion, I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be cold, but that is just not our problem. Listen man! We want to help asylum seekers who want help refugees, If you choose to come to Mexico from other place, there is danger, even in America, this. What does what it? What bothers me they're like they get extorted, unconnected rubbed, yeah and if you in Chicago? The same thing could happen again as your argument, Mexico, is dangerous. Well then, I think you're being no. What what's? What's the word for like national system?
It's not racism, but it's like look if people are running away from like imminent danger, Then they are facing less danger. Aren't they I mean? Look, I get it it's complicated, but just because crime exists in Mexico as it means our responsibility. This is the big challenge. Man we want to help, but how much are we supposed to give to tilt till our fingers go home to? We bleed That's real them, or they say a human rights are human rights. Are human rights first report released in December documented at least six four and thirty six public reports of violence against asylum seekers returned to Mexico, including sexual assault, kidnapping, torture, human rights first said that was a steep increase of October when the group and identified three and forty three tax. I noticed the late and another. The latest figure is surely an undercurrent because most crime victims not report. The government calls the programme Maghreb Protection protocols.
Nogales is now the seventh border. The seventh border crossing, through which you US authorities, returns migrants to to Mexico. To wait court hearings. The policy was entered used. In January twenty again in San Diego, more than fifty six thousand people were sent back to Mexico by the end of November. According to Syracuse universities, transactional records access clearing house of the more than twenty four thousand cases that have been decided only a hunter, Seventeen or less than one percent have been granted asylum or some other form of relief, allowing them to stay in United States. All stop here on this point: This is why I am like. Let me look limit Let me first make clear the stories, but of confusing to me from the word: go I'm wondering it's like. Are they picking them up in El Paso and then drive them through a few miles. That makes no sense. The issue is that there are currently driving them from Nogales to whereas or to El Paso, whatever, where they can schedule their court hearings with. Where were you know the courting?
actually happen if they're in Nogales or in some other area, that's what I'm getting dropped off. Well, that's too bad. The other issue is, if majority ninety nine percent of these cases are unapproved. Are not proved. It stands to reason that we would. On the side of saying, look, you're not getting status here. Ok, I think it's particularly proctor troublesome that people who are free the USA, Africa or South America skip over all of these other beautiful kind. Trees to come to America. I do not believe it and then we see that only one percent actually get. It makes sense to me that, if not legitimate claims, let me stress one point: when the migrant caravan crisis in full swing, there was a story from Vocs Dotcom, Veo acts. They said that one of them
traveling was interviewed and the reason they came to America was because they said they missed Buffalo wild wings. Apparently, then illegally entered use before they were kicked out and they were coming back. Their deport another coming back, I'm sorry Buffalo, while the wings is not it is. That is not a reason to cite for forgetting asylum I know it's it's unfair to that. One anecdote but hey this man a lot of these people and if we were talking about luxury, they were talk about America for the american dream, not because they were fleeing violence or danger. This is the important context you to understand when we talk about what's going on with return with with with remain in Mexico, only one percent are legitimate. Now here. My concern and why, I would say, like I don't want to- I don't wanna necessarily say callous, but look man a hundred seventeen people out of twenty. Fourth,
those one hundred seventeen people are individuals who we treat, who need to be treated as such and herein lies the big problem. You know it is better that ten guilty persons escaped than one innocent suffer Ben Franklin even set one hundred is better one hundred guilty person escape than one innocent suffer. I personally believe it is worth hearing twenty four thousand cases if it means we're going to save the lives of a hundred seventeen people, because I believe one individual is priceless. There's no value could assigned to a human life, and if there are legitimate people need our help. That just means we have to do a good job to make sure these illegitimate claims are our are stopped innocence and devised. So here's the thing to an extent. What Trump is doing with that with the remaining Mexico will does incentivize those who have a legitimate claims and help clear the way for those who really need the help. I do not like it when the left argues. Like you know,
there's been a being called to a certain to a certain degree. I do agree, like I said to a certain degree is callous, but a lot of these people act like we had literally let everybody and not anonymous. There are legitimate people were afraid for their lives, algae bbq people who will be murdered in their home countries, and we need to protect people it's what good people do, but we are being exploited. So you know what one. Let me really
more? They say you is a thorny, have lot at the programme saying its help to significantly reduce illegal border crossings. The border patrol apprehended just over thirty three thousand people along the southwest border November, compared to one hundred and forty four thousand in May, when border crossings peaked in a statement acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad, Wolf, so the programme has been an extremely effective tool. I am confident in the programme continue I'm confident programmes continued success, success in a Judah caning meritorious cases quickly and preventing fraudulent claims. A three Judge- appeals court panel, heard arguments act over first in San Francisco on a lawsuit filed by the Israelis to block the policy. The court as yet to rule so limit meant limit, makes one thing clear and wrap it up on a bit confused what they're trying to argue, but if it's true the? U S, government was providing a fairy service,
the court hearings. That should not be sorry, no dice. If it's true, they met that Americans are putting them as far as possible. That is cold is called. Can get, but I think it's actually unites us and one of the interviews and they said something like ice. GDP should not be providing a taxi service to these migrants or they can obtain their court hearings it's up to them, and it is you know it. Man no simple answer to how we save lives and help people and avoid exploitation, and that's the big back and forth. I would be willing to bet a substantial amount of money that ninety percent of ninety nine percent of conservatives are totally in favour of legitimate asylum claims. I'd be willing to bet you go to any transporter and asked them. If somebody was facing, you know execution or or assassination due to their like race, gender identity. Religion do you think they should be allowed in? I would I'd be willing to bet almost all those we absolutely. The problem is only one percent are legitimate, and that makes it very difficult for us to save lives,
So you know what whatever you know, what I got a lot going on. I've really do apologize. This well, maybe be. It might have been a bit wishy washy, because I was kind of unclear until you know, based on what I've been reading so um, I I've got so much going on right now I tell you this remy launching another show. I've got a higher people, no excuses whatever obsolete their stick around next ignoble Moreover, as you do now comes lashed him cast, there is a big change happen to my kind of for the new year and it's gonna be a lot of fun. Politics will be centred for the most part. At you, d come slashed, him cast, major political news and enrolled world stories. This channel is gonna, be more generalist, science, cultural politics. So still talk about. You know like the social. Just, is actually w you no kind of general issues and movies, and stuff
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