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Republican Convention Got SIX TIMES More Livestream Viewers Than Democrats, Media Narrative CRUMBLES


In TV viewership however Democrats did better than Republicans.While on the surface this may seem bad for Republicans it is actually a good sign. it shows that the media narrative is crumbling. The Fake News control of what people think is dying off.Trump is the internet's president, Biden's is the establishment.As we move towards a digital future Democrats fair substantially worse, leftists fail to meme, and viewership will start to fall.One thing ties many of the former leftists together and its that at some point they decided to do research and when they did they realize Trump was actually pretty good.

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Last night was the first night of the Republican National Convention and right off the bat. It was infinitely better than Dnc, at least in terms of production quality, actually felt kind of normal republic instead have some cringing moments, but the Democrats had way more cringing moments and for the most part we saw Republicans get up speed in an open room and present there ideas to the public, but the Big NEWS right now that Right is cheering about first night of GNP venture delivers nearly six times more views. Then start of Democrats event, C span live stream. That's right! The orange pulled in six times. The viewers on C span with this isn't the full picture, according to variety Democrats, actually got. Better ratings on their first night now this could be explored. In many ways it could just be the overnight ratings for the currency, our little loan, their skewing Democrat, it could actually be no
what he likes, the Republicans and people are all watching the Democrats, but I think is a better way to explain this. I think demo cracks, are less likely to watch the Orange seed and republic These are more likely to watch the decency, and this goes along with the common saying that Democrats think Republic, hence our evil. Republicans think Democrats are misguided or another, that we're seeing that people on the left, don't fall. Oh conservatives, but people on the right follow of conservatives and liberals there's actually that I shall relatively often showing conservatives get about a third of news from liberal sources. Moderates haven't even mix, but liberals only get there news from liberal sources, which says too The reason the Dnc viewers viewers ship was higher speed it up. Begins rapturously watching too now that that may just be a bias, but I think, This idea lends itself to the eye going political state we see in this country. I think Donald Trump is the internet's politician.
Online. You have people seeking out news trying to better understand things and they come across Donald Trump when Trump Posts, a meme people understand at Trop supporters understood Why? Because they're online engaging with the internet community, so these inside joke play well among trumps base, but on the left there for the most part, just believing trusting mainstream media, and this result in hype profile leftists having no idea what's going on in this country and the being shocked by what they hear at the and see if the Democrats actually watch the Orange C and actually paid attention. What was going on, they wouldn't be surprised eyes by what Republicans are actually saying. So what do we get skewed, biased media and a left that isn't paying attention? what's going on, but as more and more people pay attention more and more people will start what. King both sides, because they're they're interested in what both sides have to offer. I mean Democrats and Republicans.
And then ultimately what you see well tell you what I see. I see Democrats, who are completely clueless they'll insult Republicans as evil or whatever, but that I watched the riots people's lives destroyed. People killed people. Tact and for some reason, these high profile leftist aren't paying attention. I mean bill more as an excellent example. He understands the threat to free speech, yet still No idea, what's going on here, always about a month behind the curve from everybody else, if only people like Bill MAR actually looked into the those watch the videos online to see what is actually happening. So, let's do that such break this down less they go. Look at what's going on ratings, because I gotta tell you, I think what we actually saying- and I can. I can probably provide a good reason to believe this. I believe I think the Democrats, these voters aren't paying attention. What's
hang on and their wrapped up in their own bubble, where they think they're right but come November, they will get a shock to their system. Those of us who have been paying attention have pretty much said no to the Democratic Party, but let's start with Ruth with this story. Take a look at what happened with the Republicans writings and how the Democrats fared and explain why this may be before we get started mercury. However, the TIM cast outcome slashed donut. If you'd like to support my work as many waging give, but the best thing to do actually subscribe to my chair. Because I'm pretty sure I just broke a million sobs. I'm really excited about that's a thank you to everybody who has subscribed, or the very least, very close to Making a million sobs as about the time you're watching this video, but if you really want to help out just the like button. It did not happen. Jean Valjean share this video. But let's read the first story from the hill, the first night of GNP convention. Delivers nearly six times more views and start of Democrats event on C span. They say see, spends live stream of the first night of republican national convent
is attracted nearly four hundred and forty thousand views marking a substantial, increase over the start of the Democratic National convention, drew seventy six thousand views. The number as for Monday night come come ahead of traditional tv ratings for Nielsen Media research, which will be released on Tuesday afternoon. So as of right now, I dont have the hard numbers I just have the tv overrun it's? So this really does still seem like great news for Republicans they site. Public and national convention night, one down on Dnc in early numbers. Now these are. The early numbers, but they say the Orange See night one drew around four point: nine billion total viewers, a fourteen percent drop from last Monday's Dnc first night, which drew five point seven looking at the network's individually ABC scored the largest total viewer ship, as it did for the Dnc? Drawing one point, eight million viewers and Bessie was right behind with one point: seven
as was the case with Dnc last week. It appears the orange. He is on course for much smaller numbers than previous addition. From four years ago for comparison. The first night of twenty sixteen or delivered ten point, one million viewers in the preliminary broadcast ratings, more than twice the tally from this time around. Equally bad news for both Democrats Andrew obligates. Everyone was saying. Oh man, Democrat Viewer ship was down so much from from twenty sixteen and it's down again for a public and too, but this isn't all bad news for us. Weakens it shows a shift in what's happening in our politics. I think we're. Same with Democrats. Is the tradition establishment, tv establishment dying out and Donald Trump represents. The internet. That's. Why means basically, Dr Trump supporters, now This is a bad, but means are relatively
inside jokes? If you don't understand at your partner confused- and they often say the left can't mean this is because the left gets their tribal politics, from the television and there are no real means, but it is true, at least in my opinion, the left has been improving its mean recently, nowhere near as good as the means from a trump by sending the president himself as a master troll. But I think what we see is that, as the establishment kind of fades out loses their power, the left is developing an online community, I'm seeing many left wing progressive view, toolbars starting to do really really well relative to where they were a long time ago. Some of these channels that have been stagnant for years, all of a sudden sing- a major boost. Why do you say publish meant, is being crushed. The Republicans were crushed out by Trump. The Democrats are about to be finished off by Trumpet This is good news for the left. Those your online watching progressive channels, let the establishment power go. Donald Trump might get another four years, but at least
you'll have a chance to get your ideas out there once people focus on getting their information online. I saw an interesting article from Robbie Slavic who said big Tec is not a big threat to conservative speech. The orange You just proved it while cable news outlets cut away from the convention, social media platforms, offered unrestricted access. Robys correct, partly, I think big Tec is a threat to conservative speech there curtailing many ideas. Enforcing conservatives to move to the left. That's what's happening true that big, that you need these big cable networks. Even Fox NEWS, were cutting away from our speeches and many transport you're upset about it. Saying onawandah watch Hannity. I want to see what the Orange Sea has to say. So if you go online, you will see unrestricted access and snow under than you see, Joe Rogan as like the top podcast in the world is no wonder I mean I'm so glad this. I just I'm basically
recording this on the verge of breaking one million subscribers and its true from many progressives as well. Individual choice is starting to take over and neat and the age of these Egg narrative controlling mainstream media corporations, their dying out, not fair, to say, and in light of what Robbie saying, they're still bad news for conservatives, because he's big time companies favour the left. I mean right now on Social and on Twitter, for instance, you have all of these leftist advocating for extreme violence with these riots going on. Why won't they should? that down. Meanwhile, they ban every single q and on account not I'm, I'm not a fan of either, but the fact is, there is a bias. And a result in something unfortunate for the left right now I want you I want to show you this this post from Seth Macfarlane, not the most important,
individual in politics, but has fourteen million followers and he said just caught up with our Publican convention Jesus those propaganda pieces were preach, shilling mere future safe. I couldn't do any better, really Seth. Have you bothered to Google search anything they talked about with chaos going on. No, he probably is just getting his news from mainstream media like the allay times or and see speakers paint. California is a dangerous just hope you get when you read Mainstream. You're, probably like her. This in line with my view, because these journalists are in a bubble that has ever diminishing smaller and smaller every year. A new study just showed us the bubble in in the bell way in DC is smaller than it was in twenty. Sixteen south tweeted, my grandfather was a Republican. We disagreed on a lot, but we both respected the truth and each other
This is not his party. There was no screamed rhetoric until the GNP find itself again. I implore honourable conservatives to preserve the future by voting. No, I'm not I'm not seeing it says not at all. Got a conservative, I'm actually going other direction, I'm getting over the Democrats. You know why I'm paying attention and I'm watching these videos from around the country and my heart is being squeezed when I see these videos not just in a sense that I am. I am brought to deep emotions watching a man knew tears because family business was destroyed by lunatics, but its banks please by the likes of you, these mindless leftist, liberal whatever's, who aren't paying attention, but would tell others what to do. I don't blame Seth, it's not his job to be a journalist, but you need to actually start paying attention. I love how these left a safe. You are paying attention. You know if
mad you're, not paying attention things like that silences violence. It will do no wrong they're paying Tension is social media South is not so while there are problems with social media and these bubbles, and all of that stuff at least, you can see the videos for yourself the problem with the left there getting propaganda as collectivist. They just believe what their priests have to say on the right as individuals. We seek out information. We look at who is saying what where's the source you more likely to find people challenging you. In fact I get it. I get it all the time, we'll try to say that I'm objective and more I'm more honest and all that stuff. I still get people in the common sank. Here's where you are wrong and I often have to issue corrections because of it, because even people who watch me expecting to see the truth, often no, more about many of these issues than I do and that's true, and I accept that just the way it is now Do might might my work in trying to sort out the information, probably the best of my ability, but when it comes to issues like a better example is not necessarily
at my opinions are wrong. Some people would disagree, but there are some instances where I'll talk about a firearms For which I am not an expert and people will respond in will say: hey. You were wrong about this. Here's the ears that you know that here's the thing about guns you got run, they allow it and know that says, there's a more back and forth. It's always been that way on line for someone like south with fourteen milk, followers he's just reading the news he doesn't know. Take a look at this video James Woods tweets. His parents started a business in their garage. Forty years ago, Democrats supported black lives matter, an anti for terrorists burned to the ground for no reason this. Dude is fighting back tears as video broke, my heart man, what this guy he said, I didn't do anything anybody. What did I do to deserve this? Why do bad things in it you know, I'm not those his life, but why do bad things have to happen? A good people can sometimes era bad people, because bad people hurt good people, because this guy his family,
started a business and one day he wakes up to find it was all taken from him by extremists who don't care about any of us. And you get some like south just reading. You know mainstream news and watching tv. He has no idea what these people are going through and he's like join the riots. Everybody not literally basic, I want every honourable conservative to please consider voting for the day the classic, got bad news for you. Take a look at this tweet from Walid shy he'd. He is the very senior democratic. Strict strategist saw Spock's for Justice Democrats he tweeted an interesting dynamic in the latest CBS Pole, only five percent- and Republicans say their voting for Joe Biden right now. That's lower than the eight percent of look in support of robots, no eight, six percent of Republicans, but a problem in twenty twelve and seven percent of Republican. I voted for Hillary Clinton, while Seth Macfarlane and
and I'm I'm sorry to drag him. I mean he's just fourteen million followers he's a really good example of many these liberals who have no idea what's happening around them, while they're saying weak Alan conservatives devote Democrat Applicants are less likely now to vote for the Democrat than they were with Hillary Clinton and that to me a surprising now there are many reasons to explain why this might be. It could be that since twenty sixteen many those Republicans voted for left and if seven seven percent left then we're actually seeing a larger number of conservatives voted for Hilary, I can't speculators. What that is. All I can do is tell you is that over the over the past several elections, there have been more Republicans voting Democrat than today, its lower and I think it's fair to say you are more likely to see former Democrats vote for Trump than the Inverse Walker it is a real phenomenon. You can't you can't tell me it's not true, when we see rallies with bread and struck the walk away campaign, but you don't
yet the inverse where the big never tromp, rallies We see the swamp monsters, former republican congressional candidates and and and politicians say, negative Biden, another that those are the swamp monsters. You think I care about those people, I don't like any the Republicans now, except for a small handful. I dont. Like Republicans, I don't like Democrats and that's how it's been for a lot of trouble. Voters now, of course, tons of Republicans and conservatives love trump, but tromp was able to capture independent voters and it took long enough, but he got me in its partly due to the insanity I've seen going on. Nonstop insanity like this Chris quote. Said Monday that it's not always necessary to fact check democratic politicians because they're not lying the way trump does interesting. Why fact check dammit that's when they're not lying the way tromp does from the daily collar. That's right mainstream. Media ran a fact check on the Orange
Do you live cutting away, interrupting and actually line because of what they do. It used to be the mainstream media controlled what you thought they don't do that anymore. I mean they do. But now we have social media There is no one, fine and seeing my operation and I love how people try to make. Play, I'm sorry never gonna happen. They like to claim simple secretly funded by this by that? No, not just not true, never true, never been true If I have started this on my own, I have built this from the ground up and through people choosing to watch my content. I've been able to succeed these big media companies. I've worked for them, but they do. If you don't play ball, they don't put you on tv. If you play ball, they don't give you the platform. They have the platform. If you want to stay,
the stage you gotta play by the rules and when I said I'm not gonna lie, they said well, then go have fun sitting in the corner, cause you're under contract, and I said: ok, it's called golden handcuffs. My car, I tried. I tried several my contract on a contract and that I was gone, but people like Cuomo. This is a dirty game. They play to manipulate politics to tell you what you should think and I'll give you that perfect example. Donald Trump tweeted thus need you probably heard the story, but it's important context for what I'm getting into did. Democrats, omit under God from the pledge of allegiance. Yes twice and Donald Trump tweeted, the Democrats omitted under God when the pledge of allegiance, I couldn't believe it I thought was a mistake, actually did so slopes runs. A fact check, mostly false. We mean mostly false tromp said they did, and then they say. What's true the phrase under God was omitted from at least two recitations of the pledge of allegiance at individual caucus
meetings during the Dnc and twenty twenty, as is the fact that we are talking about. Why don't? They fact checked the Dnc and time, why don't they at least set up a fact check in real time? Here it's funny you mean to tell me that Chris Cuomo says Democrats don't lie like Trump does, so we didn't even bother testing. You know a setting up preparing for a fact, I think in advance of the Dnc in the orange they said we will not fat check. Democrats, we will fact Jack Republicans. So. What happens then? When democrats do lie, and they did several times there was no one there too fat check them at the very least, see it. I could have said we have set up a live factory for the Dnc, though we dont think it will be nearly as bad as the currency. We are going to fabric in real time I'm and do what we can then even by we're doing that. Even if the Democrats lied ten times and trot lie. One hundred We still call out the Democrats lies. The reality is
the media and the Democrats lie all the time. Sometimes Trump is wrong. Sometimes Trump is very but to insinuate that he's lying would mean you know his intent now. I certainly think tromp wise, I do come on. Every bell do they're all politicians, but I think Trump is all right and I think Trump is actually way more honest than they are I'd. Look if you think trumps, not lying at least by the time I got a bridge to sell you know the reality is they're all gonna try and play pr lie, but Trump talks about things, and then he does them. Does he always when no, he likes to say he does, but he doesn't know but at least I know what they say, something I believe it is. I can I, I think, the guy who's gonna blocks things out. Well, here's what we hear from the iron here that we hear from from Republicans California is a dangerous estonia. Vacancies inventory and real estate market in San Francisco skyrocketing. It's going up for every market and caliph, or for many of the markets in California, Cathay every just some of the major cities, people
leaving there's a joke in California. The, though that this is a joke in LOS Angeles, its wild to LOS Angeles when you leave take someone with you, because there's too many people and People often go there expecting to find I'm dreaming. Then they leave California. Is very serious problems now listen a dangerous to stop you Republicans going to highlight the worst things that are happening because they need to be dealt with the mainstreaming it ignores all of these things case in point this man who was crying in front of his life, which was completely destroyed. But what else is a media tell us what underlies they push? Doktor barks and doktor fancy both said that we can safely vote in person. Then we should be. Done here right, but the media won't shot up without evidence without evidence unfounded. Aims. Mail in voting is safe. We need we need to protect ourselves from covered. Let me tell you what's really going on from politico, as do I'm push mail in voting, blackened latino voters wary
Do research shows why two thirds of both groups preferred about in person and why Democrats aren't pushing everyone to vote by male interesting This is part a long time ago. We know it's true. Ok, the people who live Let it be disenfranchise of mail in voting are minorities there. First, I'm voters, their young voters but for some reason, even though we can vote in person. If the Democrats keep saying we have to it's on safe blah, blah blah, we tweet we get stories like this. The big challenge, I would say is this: I go to Alice like politico and I trust what they're saying is true to be fair political report. This so did the in post and several other outlets, which is why I believe it's more likely be true, then not, but it could all be ally. I don't know why what line that I wanted to help Donald Trump, but this is the big problem. You look at the Democrats there on tv and there it is to wrap this all back together. The Dnc got more television viewers ship ratings than the orange seated than the orange
that's it we're seeing right now. I think it's fair to say when they told numbers when a total numbers come in, probably the time we already watch this video. The Republicans will done better, but what we really need to focus on is not the tv writings it's the digital ratings Republicans did get six times the viewer ship of the Democrats, and that means Democrats, art paying attention and there is so. How do you make them pay attention, whilst really difficult, because Chris Cuomo says trumps lying all the time. They won't tell but the riots they'll say peaceful protesters. After the Democrats so the Dnc over and over and over again. If the Democrats art watching online, then I think we have the best possible evidence as to why someone like Seth, Macfarlane or bill more are so completely out of touch. What happened to those union Democrats. I think there for trot man. I remember those videos. You may be some in pencil in Philadelphia when these
bunch of guys, probably look like they were middle age too. Early thirties showed up to protect the Christopher Columbus statue. These guys on Republicans, do Philly is overwhelmingly democrat. You wouldn't you wanna, trying Vince me that these, Union, Democrat Union Democrat you guys, There also needs to be well. We don't like Trump tearing down our statues, their destroying our homes and businesses, their marching around screaming in our faces, calling us all the worse names in the book, and you think those people are going to be principled, conservatives that vote for Joe Biden by it. Absolutely don't buy it. Hey the poles all show binds winning but I'll. Tell you what it's, because, in my opinion, these people do not pay attention were sing, a shift Donald Trump, as there is the candidate for the internet era, Joe Biden old school in so many ways and these
journalists. These news outlets are doing everything in an old school way and they can't properly track what's really going on, but you mean to tell me with videos like this black lives matter. Mob forces, Deasey restaurant patrons to raise fist in black power salute and those that don't get harassed, be rated screamed at insulted. You mean to tell me that off all this stuff go on and people are going to vote for Joe Biden. Conservatives are not I think one of the reasons conservatives are more likely to be online and paying attention is because the mainstream media doesn't serve them is telling them what's really happening, and so, when they see this narratives. Out of I believe that I'm gonna go online and look. Less allows on Rogan. I said that I think conservative. Are less likely to be online and thus their getting but their information from the likes of Fox NEWS and through means, I thought that because scratch we're hyper online. They were being radicalized very quickly. Some one said afterwards. I was way wrong about that and I think
I was, I don't really know whose online more or who isn't, but I think what we can see is trust in mainstream media plays a role in this. Conservatives have more access to the internet, these their phones, their sharing means and their seeking ways to share ideas outside of the mainstream and this where someone like, like, like me, comes in lifelong liberal, leaning left all of a sudden, I'm voting trump. Why? Because I do this for a living. I research the stuff I'm independent. I have no boss, there's no one around me influencing me. For the most part. I have friends that I work with an item staff but for the most part, I do all of my information sourcing and I fact check all of these things. In these newsrooms. When I worked at these other places, they would just here with their friends, were saying typically for a meme or some other mainstream source they wouldn't see, search outside their bubble. I think what we are seeing right now: liberals who go online
why? Why was there building burned down open up a whole new world of? What's going on people who actually watch a Donald Trump speech? Say: hey! That's now with the media said, I think it only takes some one to watch trumps speak one time to give a press conference one time the full speech to lies trumps. Actually pretty good. I say not that he's bad to bed. Now I think he's been pretty good. I do pretty good. I look at the agenda. My opinion opinions the greatly, but, more importantly, I wanna give truck credit for one thing, when he was giving his press conference at the currency he said not going to say this bad word about someone, and I was like that Q. I know a lot of you I think it's only, but it is. It is, it does play a role in a spiral, but must importantly was as a journalist. I think it's good. I really do think any rational person would agree. But if you only watch the mainstream news I'll tell you trumps lying nonstop, you show them the truth. Online alternate sources. Facts I mean alternate sources in the sense like
don't just watch CNN they're lying to you, member, when was it should overcome? Oh said, you can't read the Wikileaks emails. I would be illegal ass. If trying to do a thing, don't go nano almost up almost operator. Tell you this. The only thing you need to know. I want you to do your own research. I don't want you to just believe everything. I say I don't want you to be dependent. I want you to be free. I want you to be responsible and I want you to be. Strong individual, that's the difference in the two factions in the three shaping the parties, those who blindly follow saying tell me what to do and those who say. I'm gonna find out on my own That's why we're seeing politically homeless individuals were seeing Liberals voting for Trump Moderates voting for Trump, and I think that's why people like South Mall Seth Macfarlane Bill, Mise, other high profile left us have no idea. What's going on, they dont care, they never cared they're, just hearing mean by their hearing me my ideas. You know occupied Democrats and things like that. It's skewing their perception
so anyway, here's the main point of this whole rent when I saw that Republicans had more digital view, worship. I said that fitted fits into my hypothesis exactly ass. I expected it. Conservatives are active online seeking out information, and when I saw that demo, that's had higher television viewers episode that makes sense to their mindlessly following the herd, whatever the tv says, makes sense. Doesn't it see how things play outcome November, but trumps got good news coming up, so I ve got I've got more information on trumps poles and things like this coming up at six p M check it out over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at six p m thanks rang out. See you all. Then last night we saw more riding in various cities across this country and I believe Milwaukee was content canosa these these various areas, it's the worst. We have ever see now. I said that yesterday, for those found. What's going on with me now Jacob like riots, a man
several armed individuals left us were pointing guns, acts or, I should say at least one of them was pointed gonna sheriffs vehicle You then hear gunshots, the camera pans and there's the guy he's got his gone right. Raising it up, some one runs over to him. It sounds He fired at this, this armoured sheriffs vehicle- we don't know for sure, but it's been reported. At least you know, shots were fired me. You can hear it in the video now we have more coming out from yesterday. We know more about what happened with the sky. Jacob like he was apparently fighting with cops before he tried fleeing getting it was car before getting shot. We got an update now that Jacob Blake is paralyzed from the waist down, but he survived. We at several videos coming out of the rights last night and I'm telling you it's the worst we have ever seen in one video. They say families are too in burning buildings in Canosa. I dont know if this is true not confirmed, but in the Theo. You hear someone say it's as can arduous
The bottom left. Someone says there of there, people trapped inside or something something that affect not confirm, for all. I know it's a random video from a fire from several years ago, but I'm highlighting this just because he's got one point, eight thousand retreats and and comments- and I want to stress so far. I have not been able to confirm that people are trapped, the people were trapped in the building, but it is going around- and I think it's important to say this may be true- may not be you know we don't know, but what we do know for sure. Multiple buildings were set on fire during second night of unrest in I shall now I'll tell you what the most alarming thing to me, as in its this video right here age, a special and very just says: Milwaukee, that's it, but in this video I can't I can't play it we have to up, and I mean it. You know why several people are our power. Over apparently their black lives matter. You know affiliates you call. What have you call? I do not want a calm extremists protesters, whatever the point as several
eventually pull up park. Their cars and a guy in a house across street comes out with a gun and it sounds like you fires of warning shot. Then you hear this guy say their shooting at us. You hear someone yelling relieving we're leaving you don't need that are something that effect. Then you here several arts and it sounds like the vehicle where the guy's filming gets hit and they hit the ground if this is in assuming this is legit and again I don't know others feel comes from you. Ve got locals coming out with guns and shooting at these people now I think it was a predictable entirely predictable. So let me give you an update on the fires. I mean that the story about the fires in Milwaukee and Canosa- I'm sorry in canosa- I it's very it's very soon. For this. A multiple buildings were set on fire overnight in during the second, out of unrest following the police involved, shooting of Jacob Blake as the curfew was
to begin Monday, night August, twenty fourth and Canosa. The situation is at the core tasks between the police and demonstrators are changing. Police began, deploying tear gas and smoke as protesters. Let fireworks in the parking lot. He can't call protesters man, I'm sick of it. It's something else. They mention around midnight not far from the courthouse. Fires were set to multiple buildings near eleventh and sixtieth in OSHA, and we end up seeing the story about people being trapped inside now. There's some reporting this, but they're just saying it's reportedly, because we don't have hard confirmation and is very, very important. You don't spread this around until we know for sure. So we may never know we may not, but keep I'll always keep a low but scepticism in your back pocket, because a lot of people want to spread and so discord. Ok, but we got some major breaking news and then we'll talk.
What's going on the rest, his country cause. You got Portland NEWS as well, but it took us out. New footage shows Jacob Blake Brawling, with cops before being shot as to White Wisconsin officers are placed on leave while police chief calls Governor Tony every wholly irresponsible for condemning law enforcement? Yup so did Joe Biden Joe Biden in the governor, rushed to to condemn the officers and now it turns out. This guy was fighting with them at an open warrant. They try to stop him, he reached into his vehicle. So is it tragic? Yes, is it the fault of the officers, not necessarily Now I say not necessarily because, although there many conservative saying that it was justified, I think we need a better system. I'm not gonna blame individual officers for trying to stop a guy's gonna open warrant for a felony for assaulting, presumably a woman.
And then, when he reaches into his vehicle, what you do, there's no there's no good answer there isn't. So I am not blaming the cops for this. I would say it's not their fault, not an. I say, not necessarily because I think we have a system where we we need some kind of reform we need a better way to deal situations like this and the answer may actually be more cops seriously. You eat you, you send a bunch of recent more cops for calls like this, and you have a better chance of securing a situation and stopping this individual from fling which gotta understand about this. This guy was fighting with cops. Ok he's got an open warrant, and now imagine year this year. Imagine your outside and you see a guy who's wanted a felony, and you try to stop him and he starts fighting you and many reaches into his vehicle. Somewhat Youtube. You beauty the video Never go viral are the ones where the cop is like walking up to a car and he's lying
gone, and often the guy pulls out a gunshot shooting the cot, these things happen don't happen all the time. It's rare, and sometimes these videos do go viral, but people will share of it. You know that these various go viral because they say injustice he was shot in the back will hold on man. It's just not that simple. You don't know what it's like. In these circumstances, they say Jacob Black, twenty, nine and unarmed black man was shot seven times by a white I've been Canosa police were responding to a domestic incident at home. In the area, though, the nature of the dispute is unclear. Video shows Blake walking towards Suv, as at least three cops followed with guns drawn, like appears to ignore police orders, to stop and tries to get into the vehicle that's when only seven gunshots ring out video film from another angle shows Blake and at least two cops wrestling on the sidewalk near the car. In this clip, Blake is seen extricating self from the brawl and walking towards the driver, sided Suv, democratic
Tony ever set a hundred twenty five members of national guard would be encroach on Monday night Canosa. Police union blasted efforts for wholly irresponsible statement, calling shooting excessive force. The can police department declared a state of emergency curfew for Monday night, beginning at eight p m the shooting ignited outrage in Canada, as local residents gathered to protest and denounced the police, some smashed cars, so it so this we all understand so this is this. Is this is yesterday that it? Actually, this video had has been out has been, has been flying around barely. Doesn't heard anybody the another, but we have hears from. Jonathan memory, says father of Black man shot in Canosa job I can OSHA police tells Chicago. Sometimes his son is paralyzed from the waist down. I am sad to hear it. You know, but some I dunno what you expect you unopened warrant, you're fighting with cops they try to stop you strategic, but we're seeing more than just the rights were seeing the inverse. I mentioned that the most allow
The main thing to me is this: this this video coming out showing a resident firing at these blacklist matter. People check out this armed citizens attempt to guard Canosa attempt to guard local business in Canosa in this video. You ve got several armed men. Then I'll do anything. So hopefully you took us it get, madam. If these are not just stand and around when asked they say the pearl, Are you always this business didn't do anything to you he's like if gonna take it out of the government. I got I'm I'm I'm not frightened that you have your town lampposts. I don't care what building that I won't this? He anything you or anybody else. One other guy says for all. We know that I won't business is out marching with you, don't care about that they don't and I think that their look they're coming to residential areas, they're coming to
rural areas, they ve gone to the suburbs, their harassing individuals and I've got some crazy stuff to go through and we'll talk about. Portland too. This is breaking down when one Milwaukee protest leader, Frank, sensible, also known as Frank Nitty says, someone at his group was shot by homeowners in P a while the activists group was enraged. Two DC events. I believe this is the same video from earlier, but this breaking. I want one giving us a more context and take a look at this. Video met Walsh as black lives matter. Scumbags demand that diners at restaurant raise their fist for black power. Brave young couple retains dignity and refuses be that couple dont, be the embarrassing mustachioed coward to the left, who has forfeited his dignity for all time, and this video and many others like it black lives matter. Groups are marching around and going to outdoor restaurants. Demanding everybody raise their fast and those who don't they screamin their faces. This
is terrorism. This is overt terrorism, its literally what we said we will not tolerate people burning, down buildings threatening innocent people because they want political that they they want, their social cause to be enforced and their enforcing it. As this is an unfortunate man, but I think we can only expect things to get worse, so please take seriously. You know I said yesterday, I hope you've all prepared either gotten out of the city's bought some self defense. Do you know if I run something to protect your home from these people? I said it. Sure enough? We see escalation. The chair challenging part is the only The only real outcome in my opinion could be this getting worse. These people are emboldened, of course, every day. There's going to be video footage of some cop. You know why, because we have three and unfair is something million in this people in this country. How many times is a cop?
to interact with the criminals. Gonna happen more and more and then the more this happens, the more the videos will come out and even though these in then maybe actually on the even though some decline people will see the footage and the lack like it's not. Now in Portland and many other places We ve seen now ongoing rights to check it out. Portland protests, three on sent no end in sight. They say July merited Wheeler had an idea he hoped, would envy nightly clash between protesters and police in Portland. He texted Sonya Schmanski atop aid that he a plan that was high but he added the city had nothing to lose. His idea tell his pulse these forced to stand down. There is no joke, no games, no more speculation, the portly police were told to stand down so whose fault? Is it not Donald trumps? Not the federal government, not the De Hs. The mayor.
Portland told the police to stand down, we got nothing to lose and then it got worse and they went to people's homes and the attacks on women, and there still doing it because they were told to stand down it was a move. Protesters had urged for months, arguing that police decked in right dear needlessly raise the tension of the nightly protests. Wheeler told O p b. He too had noticed a calming de escalation effect on nights when police state out of sight. But the protest soon drifted to the east side of the city and Wheeler said it was persuaded that the plan was to die CS protesters began targeting police buildings, mere homes and residential neighborhoods. I was persuaded that a cup, a complete withdrawal, even for one evening to test the ability to completely desk like the situation would be, risk. That was too right. He said in an interview last week we cannot risk the people who were in the immediate vicinity, but apparently did it. Apparently he did it.
And what happened, and I was wondering why it was the cops were standing down. Well now it would seem I'm I'm assuming he implemented the planning he's talking about his idea to do it here. Eight or sad we couldn't even risk it for one day I'll buy it. The police have have happened. Ending down nonstop them You're allowed this to happen. Don't let this come to your cities and don't let it come to the federal government to imagine what would have happened if Joe Biden was president when the port police told that the arms I would support the mere told the police to stand down. Could you imagine what would have happened? it would have gone the courthouse they would have broken in and buying I have said, oh, you know, The thing we're gonna do were you know? Why would he have we have sent in packed the ice off their bp to defend the courthouse. I really don't believe so. Donald Trump said that what we are seeing in Portland is a preview of what's the communist country, if Joe Biden Of course the left is arguing that you know, Donald Trump is is
Hyperbolic unease dark. Let me show are you the reality of the situation? Biden calls officers to be accountable. Wisconsin, shooting yup We sat Reuters. U S democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden on Monday, so police shooting of a black Wisconsin content. Magic oblige calls for an immediate, full and transparent investigation, and the officers must be held accountable. He blames the cops right off the bat. We don't even know what happened. You tell a police officer, we gotta situation, domestic violence. Be advised a man on the street as an open warrant and at one point been arrested for illegal concealed. Carry these cops to make a decision. Do I go in and trying to break up this fight and stop somebody from being hurt, or do I say no way, somebody could possibly have a gun a criminal- maybe they don't even know about it, open. Warn us better. This way the cops are told. You fight breakin out. They need help, they pull up
they see a guy gets fighting with them. This guy's is perceived these; they perceive them as dangerous, not gonna get choice. Let this guy go after. He was just fighting. You he's got kids in his van or stop him from leaving. They try to stop him from leaving. I don't think the cops were chasing, I'm thinking that were there kill him. He just walk away, ignoring their comments, and then he opened his van and reached in his vehicle and that's when the moment happened and Joe Biden blames the cops. The cops must be held accountable. A complete investigation must be done. You know His implement, let me make sure I read it again, you s Democrat. President Joe Biden on Monday said the police shooting calls for an immediate, fallen transparently instigation and the officers must be held accountable. He did not say we need The fine, the facts of the circumstances and figure out what went wrong here and who is responsible? No, he straight up said the office.
Measures must be held accountable in that statement, he's already drawn a conclusion accountable for what for what excessive, maybe yeah. Ok, that's that's my question to Joe Biden when I see that and I see what happened in Portland. Then I see what's happening now, Canosa. What do you think's going to happen when joy? If your body becomes present and as a right in your town where when they come to your house and they tried breaking on your property and you say not in my town and you defend your family, Joe Biden, going to say this guy look in his house with a gun, peaceful protesters, lock em up, they keep calling on peaceful protesters there. Claiming the police, a man, a building burn down in Minneapolis, a guy was burned to death inside thirty plus dead, and yet they still say every day. Demonstrators protesters, peaceful protesters, yoga
and now Joe Biden sang hold the officers accountable. So what do you think happens when they come to your neighborhood? You think Joe Biden can have your back duty. He's gonna say these: these innocent homeowners in the suburbs. I really really don't think so. I dont that's why yesterday made a video saying that set trump. Second term agenda vote form. That's that's all I can say I don't care at this point. I really know care and it's funny. You know I've got I've got friends, and I've got. You know, people. You know a very personal connections. People have known for a very long time or put it that way. Lotta people telling their secretly voting for John. And I've, I have no problem saying how I really feel and what I want to do- and I didn't see it since year before and sang a leaning towards it and now I'm straight up. You know what Matt now this stuff from Joe Biden is, is insane
It's absolutely insane the couple who pointed guns at protesters tell republican convention at suburbs in peril the right that they are right. They are trying to prosecute the mcclosky he's a white Saint Louis couple, who brandish guns a blacklist matter. Protest outside their home in June, were given a prominent speaking slot at the Republican National convention on Monday. Repeating unfounded claims are president Trump that Democrats will destroy America suburbs unfounded that's an opinion unfounded Reuters, that's fake news on founded they're going to rural areas. They marched to the suburbs. Gone to areas where my family lives and I've talked to family members. I've talked to friends in Chicago saying: I was surprised to see them this far up. They were, they were knocking things over destroying things in the suburbs. It already happened. We get a video right now, apparently if a dude in a rural area getting shot at I made
The unfounded Donald Trump is talk, about this urbanization plan Joe Biden as they want to build low come high density, housing and suburban areas. How is it unfounded They literally wanna do it. They're coming other cities, we got the sweet, Madison Wisconsin, we got Charlotte protests, I guess Chicago a bunch of other cities, and now we can see how it's gonna play on number J R, Ryan James could ask you says C span. Cholera Democrat just said he with switching as registration to Republican because he's concerned about crime. The calls tonight have been I will focus on crime and Democrats are becoming increasingly radical. Yeah, I'm right there in the mayor of Portland wanted the cops to stand down. They did so. I am assuming you told me to do it when I was in that comes to your time. I don't care where you live. You gonna, like these people who are gonna, tell the
opt to stand down, look at what happened in Chicago. The national guard, apparently is clashing in Canosa Chicago refuses to bring out the national guard. This is this. This was A Monday, a Monday nights Ivan do this for a long time I took on the ground all the time. Weekdays. Railways boring Saturday was always the craziest and it still seems to be because people, some of these people, still do have jobs some kind of responsibility for the weak they come on We now because of covert because of a locked down we're seeing people cannot during the week days. If it was this bad animal they now I'm really worried about what happens to night, but I M showing you this because I think enough. Regular people recognise the problem of the Democrats and perhaps will vote Republican had a crazy I'm at a point where
I've seen it before I defer. That's it. I'm done. I announced I'm, I'm I'm I'm so that a republican, stiletto conservative so consider myself, liberal and I think about what can carry Psmith as a guest in the past this past week, and she says you know she's part of our ushers obstacles at a group whatever, but liberals for trot. That's what you described. Liberals for Trump. That's where I met my policy vision haven't changed but tromp released in agenda and he says ending is foreign wars, but bolstering our cyber security defence is going to the moon. Congressional tat limits. I say dude I will take its. I will absolutely take it. You know why, like I said Joe Biden, if they started tearing down statues, burn down the church across from the White House, Joe by what say. Oh well, you know peaceful protesters, just like all the other Democrats have done so far. All of these,
these were the chaos as its territory is erupting Democrat, controlled and not all of them, but for the most part for the most part, there are some smaller towns. That's that's all writing, but for the most part, it's these democrat cities and people like to point out wells because Democrats tend to control high density. And a change is nothing. Then you got a problem with high density cities. I guess, as it mean anything, why is there a tendency for Democrats to be in charge of high density cities? I dont know but there you go wherever that ideology is whatever that poles Our position is its resulting in this, the mayor of power, on stand down, cops Joe Biden, Are we gonna hold the officers accountable, jumping the gun, before anybody know what really happened. It's just like We saw in Atlanta morality, policing and political prosecution. I
wouldn't be surprised if every cop GIS quits at some point and that's what they want. That's why Joe Biden is dangerous in my opinion, because of things like this because of this ridiculous state Mesa yesterday, as he does what he's talking about, but he is willing to throw the coffin of the bus so how many people, how many officers iconic ethical we ve got a disturbance, manpower, we are now going to be like no way I'm not go in there. You want me to be these guys on tv. No, I'm not gonna put myself in a dangerous situation and the left wants it. They don't want the cops around look what they do and there are no car- they go round smashing and burning burning everything up, and then we see brawls in the street. That's what they want to abolish the police and they're gonna. Do it by any means necessary, and if that means Biped Yelp through politics, which has worked
some places, they'll do it and if that means getting someone like Joe Biden, then who's a pathetic coward, one of the worst cowards I've ever seen. Joe Biden he's duplicitous. A history of plagiarism lies, and now he hides like a coward. Heaven help us if his mangas elected, I don't think drop, is perfect, but at a time like this, these people must be stopped there. There there insane Joe Biden is, is is it lot of cookie dough and these people are going to going to take him if they're going to tear him to shreds and he's already on his knees, begging them while crying like a pathetic coward in his basement. The dude literally hides in his basement. I'm not even exaggerating. Let me let me tell you something when they showed up and attacked the courthouse in Portland. Donald Trump did not hesitate. He sent in be bolstered
law enforcement for the factions that we're defining the courthouse end of story and they smeared em and they dragged him and he said that's it. Joe Biden blames the cops criticizes Trump while hiding in his basement when they come to your neighborhood, like that, like we see in Wisconsin or in Pennsylvania, like we ve seen in Saint Louis I, like we ve seen in Provo when they shot the driver like we're, seeing an ally when they come to your neighborhood. Who would you prefer to be in charge the that that the bull the boisterous. Bully the Orange man San we're gonna have on order were set in the end in the feds. We're not gonna love is to happen. The guy was saying we can deplore the national guard. We ve got federal law in force on stand by just sent some give us the word or you want the guy snivelling in his baseman. Who can't talk straight? It's insane me insane I think things get worse tonight, but I'll tell you the more it happens, the more I think people are waking up and they're gonna vote trump.
Why I show this this tweet from Ryan Democrats. Switching is registration because of concern about crime. Nobody wants to live like this. I don't I'll leave it there. Next time, it's coming up at one p. Dot M on this channel thanks for now see. Well then, in my previous segment I mentioned that several black lives matter. Individuals were shot at by a local in Pennsylvania. We now have confirmation, and we now potentially have evidence to suggest why this is happening again. To several social media posts, which I can confirm these these p well that were going around their their apparently going on some trip from Wisconsin to DC for black lives matter. Events have been, threatening and harassing locals in various rural areas again can confirm what we do have videos showing people in Valerio's areas sang we could hang around. We know where you live things like that. It may not be true, but we do have confirmation at the very least, and whether or not
It is the same group harassing these small towns. There, still harassing these small towns. People in videos are seen harassing locals tongue on we know where you live and in Wisconsin, Brutal and graphic video continues to surface a man with a fire extinguisher trying to Davis business was clubbed over the back of the head and the black these these. These black lives matter, writers, man. They tried to kill this guy straight up their marching around with rifles with guns, and we ve got more. Video coming out, Elijah Schaefer reporter someone pulled a gun, pointed in his face, and you hear a click I don't know if it was in the gun was loaded or he was dry firing. I don't know what he was doing, but we ve got that footage too, and all his crew You don't use really crazy about all this. I want to read you the store where negative, fruitful contacts. I went out with this guy getting shot on his way to DC how many outlets called it a protest
the New York Times straight up, said: peaceful protests, I'm not exaggerating when we go peaceful marches, peaceful marches. They said in Canosa against the police. Shooting of Jacob Blake gave ways to fire and destruction peaceful marches. Right now on Wikipedia there is a section called the Canosa riots and there are people trying to change. To the Canosa protests. They are good a sliding us. You know why, when all This is said and done when the conversation reaches the ears of regular Americans. They want you to think protest, people arching around little signs waving them in american flag, saying who plays reform when you go to irregular, person who's, not paying attention. The news. You say you hear about: what's going on here: is a story and they go. Oh protests. No, no riots. Attempted murder are
the insurrectionists? Here's the story For you know so I recorded about this earlier in them in the morning. I didn't see the story from the Post gazette because it is relatively local, its Pittsburgh newspaper National outward carrying the story. They say protest March or shot in Bedford County as group walks from Milwaukee to deceit to DC. I believe we have a social mean post showing why this happen. They say the person shot suffered a non life threatening injury and was taken to court memorial medical Center in Johnstone around twelve fifteen. I am Tuesday according to Cambria County emergency officials, to Emergency Milwaukee activist Frightening, and organiser of the March, was leading the procession and live stream. The incident on Facebook, the shooting occurred as the martyrs. We're passing through shells, bargain Bedford County in alive, streamed video, at least two gunshots can be heard one of the martyrs has seen bleeding from his face and his but he was shot before other marchers rush him to the hospital. Pencil
The state police are investigating. It was unclear if there were any arrests. The march stepped off, Asta stepped off in Milwaukee. Tuesday for the seven hundred and fifty mile truck with about twenty participants aiming to complete thirty one miles per day, the martyrs plant arrive in Washington to attend the anniversary of doktor kings. I have a dream speech. We have this, go from information liberation and full disclosure. Typically only use news guard certified sources, because it's a check on my own personal, biased information liberation is given a negative rating, but only because they are not revealing there financial ownership that rapid they're not disclose in financing or ownership. In our view, who's in charge, but they do get certified for not publishing false content. They do at. They do fact check and they do avoid deceptive headlines. I made that clear because we can confirm any be social media posts. This is One of the only source of that actually has information compiled Chris Monaghan Rights.
Home owners shoots at armed protesters marching through neighbourhood at night. So this we understand. However, it now It seems we have a better better under Can I take a look of us. They say ah media is claiming the protest was part of a march organised from a walk in DC, but you can clearly see the video everyone gets back into their cars after being fired at additionally, its total illegal to March into DC, while carrying a pistol in it a permit just two I want a pistol in Maryland and it can take a while just to get the paperwork approved. You also to permit to two concealed carry in Pennsylvania, they's ears. They say they have a video right here. One the protesters was logically it in the face with some buckshot but appeared to be recent shape. You can see the man's injury for a second in a longer video left us are claiming these peaceful protesters were shot for reason, but it's rather odd how members of ninnies crew
Her repeatedly screaming turned the camera off turned the camera and dont show his face to try and hide the identity of the alleged victim. Was this protest or armed? Did you threaten the homeowner or commit a crime which would make the homeowners actions a clear cut case of self defence? One fellow protest or entities crew can clearly be heard. Shorting she heard shouting. Where is my gun at another? Protester can be seen reaching for his waistband and grabbing would appear to be a gun after the first round. Shots were fired, we don't know for sure. However, they gonna say we are not being told. The whole story here, Nitty filmed himself antagonizing, another homeowner in Akron Ohio last week by repeatedly shouting blue lives matter, white boy. We know are you live now these posts come from Kitty Shackelford on Twitter. I'm not gonna pretend that Kitty Shackelford as the bastion of great journalism, and I mean no disrespect sticky shock. First. This is just not are you know a known and new source that I can go and confirm
so again, no disrespect, I'm just pointing out these are social media posts. We dont know exactly if this I'm confirming whether this is the guy resent it maverick very well may be, and I don't think that thoroughly matters as much, because you ve got people an acronym I'll harassing homeowners. You can see. This The video there saying blacklist matter. We know where you live as a matter when this happened. It doesn't matter if it say people what matters is locals in these more rural areas are seeing this stuff and when these groups shops their homes. They say not in my town. They say up to here the source, videos, neither capture much the run up to the first shooting. But you can't see and one of the cliffs there was a man aiming what appears to be a shotgun now the next, it is going to show you at Youtube. Frogeity at about, but I dont believe it should fear ethically violate any Rules are anything but were not working
we're not going to get right into a ticket up. Man pulls gun on reporter bring Canosa riots reportedly, while describing what he would do. Two cops now ike it doesn't look like his fingers on the trigger, but in video from Elijah's Schaefer. He pulls the gone out and you hear It doesn't really sounds to me like he's Dr Argon, not entirely sure. I think a dry fires got a louder pop lightly. In a lot of click noise, Maybe it was, but this do pulled out a gun and pointed in the face reporter- and this is at look- I'm When a show you another video coming up, I can't play the video, but we'll talk about it. I try to kill a guy the daily cholera a man in a crowd of people during the rights and Canosa pulled his gun on a reporter who caught the moment on video, will covering the rights got. The city followed the police shooting of Jacob, like the blazes, allow Did you. Schaefer was interviewing the man. He called it analyze matter rider when the man said
We brandished a gun and pointed at Schaefer the camera rolling Schaefer shared the video Tuesday Schaefer ads in his tweet. The man was explaining what he would do two cops if they pull up near him. So this is the actual tweets. Has it's been a while that a gun pointed at me, even if it wishes to make a point now in this video looters assault and older business owner trying to defend his business in connection with continent August? Twenty fourth point: twenty two what actually catch this one absolutely is a violation of you to policy an older men, clubbed our by a buyer, breaker whenever guy runs up behind him, adjust slams and whether, over the back of that year, people screaming crying. No, no, stop, please. The man goes down and he's out. I mean this was a kill shot. They are trying to kill people their literally trying to kill people
I've just been happening in Canosa and it's happening in residential areas outside of these cities. It's happening with armed groups driving their vehicles while claiming to be walking. What is all that, This is what we're saying, I'm sure it's what many others are saying and I commend it. Nonetheless, I met at the orange see you had. The mcclosky is in their speech. These are the people from Saint Louis who defended their property with guns. They said not a single person who came on to their property and threatened them has been charged the crime, but you know who has they ve been? They ve been shot, large with felonies for trying to protect their home. They going to mention that one of the individuals leading the March one a democratic primary, and what the media. Do the media gaslights, here's what we're saying from the New York Times peaceful marches in connection with content against the police, shooting of Jacob Black gave way to fires and destruction. How dare you these people are
evil the New York Times men. They know what they're doing take a look at the CNN police through tear gas, who crowd about a hundred two hundred fifty protestors, who are still out past the curfew and cash was content, their pro testing one arrested officer injured in protest in Seattle. That's it they do their gas lighting us they are gas lighting us Jacob Black, reportedly paralyzed, shot. Eight times was content, which is what we know once again. They go on to just say: ongoing protests protests another article. It shows it. I bring you now to the George Floyd protests and here's what I'm getting at with all of this. There is merited control going on desperate to stop the idea that people
are trying to kill other people. You ve got black lives matter out in the streets, destroying property, destroying homes, destroying businesses and my last segment. It was her if there's a video game I will. If someone of a burning building a people saying there's a family trapped inside, I hope they got up. I hope it's not real. Maybe and now we learn at this this, this homeowner shooting them. It's happening right there that people are saying no they're coming out their armed and they're saying not a might not my tongue, so the narrative is the is that that's being put forward its a desperate attempt to stop reality from reaching regular people because of regular people realize what's going on in the street, they will vote for Donald Trump, fast then you can say Margaret twenty twenty, no job. I have. I look. I told everybody earlier this year. I said that if tromp appointed Tarsi for National Security advisor for foreign nationals
rise or if you bought on Yang for an economic policy adviser and he ended the war in the Middle EAST, I would I would gleefully and happily vote form. He didn't do two of those things. Actually, do any of those things, but he is trying to end the war it something else happened. There are a lot of time well, I know my personal life who brought up all of these rights and because of it, It was over night of people went from hating trumped saying we have to vote for him and that to me was crazy and even then I still said I'm certainly gotta go by and gotten by guns, and I lean towards voting for tromp. Now, I'm I'm. Pretty much Otto. I dont not helping us anything at this point. That would stop me from you know from voting for trumpet this bill. It's I just whew. Let me show you what's Goin on George Floyd Protests and Wikipedia thirty dead. Thirty
dead people lilienthal they their share. These means about covert deaths and they say how could Republicans be ok with this? It's a natural disaster, Dude Donald Trump shut down to Well, I don't know what else you supposed to do. He shut down travel to Europe from from into China, I believe to shout about from China Donald Trump and acted I'd Lindsey Credit, a taskforce, everybody loves value, will trumps the one who brought him on forty in books have said we can vote in person. So yes, but the covert deaths are horrifying, but Donald Trump is doing what he can am I supposed to make the assumption that he should have done something different. I dont know what he said. To do. I don't even know what I would do. You want to be mad about that I'll tell you what I can be mad about The media lying calling these things protests where we have videos of a dubious clubbed over the back of the head. They try to kill em the new,
at times. I kid you not pulling it peaceful marches with a picture of a burning building, Wikipedia thirty dead in the George Floyd protests. Look at this can know, shall riot on Wikipedia. They say the canoes right as a reaction to the shooting of Jacob. Like my connection officer, blah blah, you get the rest, they say. I request that this article titled be changed to Canosa protests is under discussion. Please do not move this article until the discussion is closed. Protests. I could you not. I am tired of the lies. I am absolutely sick of it. This needs to stop. It all needs to be stopped and is only one political party, s calling it out. You may have seen the video from Sean Porno he's run.
In Pittsburgh. It is the Pittsburgh Gazette this. Is the Pittsburgh Post Gazette talking about what happened with this be Elam me no individual getting shot it's happening in Pennsylvania. It is happening in rural Pennsylvania. Sean Parnasse put out a video where he talked about the violence. The far left an x Amazon is one of the few politicians Republicans to actually call this out. You know what I am a single issue voter at this point I set a couple days ago. We ve got seemingly endless mass riots, and I ask only for the law that already exists to be enforced, but with the press across the board lies lies endlessly.
And they are trying everything in their power to change the name from riots to protest. Here's what will happen a year from now they'll say it was just protests. It was just protests, but they will also happen. They want you to think of the word, protest, peaceful protest and imagine, fires and destruction and people being shot and killed. Unplugged and maimed their normalizing it. The media is normalizing violent insurgency, insurrection, murder, attempted murder, destruction of property as peaceful protests they're gonna get harder for regular people to understand what is coming for them in the rural areas. So I bring up Sean partner for a reason. One of the few people actually call this out running republican high tone. I don't agree with with with some of the things that he's he stands for some of these issues, but I say this: you stand up and say I love America. America must be protected.
We disagree ran policy, but, first and foremost, we will deal with the riots and I'll be like you deserve it. Take my vote. One hundred percent even donated to the guy because you look at what's going on across the country and what do we see from Democrats, Portland, Portland mayor? sang stand down the media, ass lighting, everybody, the Democrats over and over again the unceasing, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful, I'm sick of the lies. People are dying and doesn't they said that our people are dying. Police police activity happens. All the time so I get it? Yes, people are dying, but it's not it's not the same. They're lying there. Gas lighting, the story of Jacob, like is tragic, he's paralyze from the waist down. I'm glad he survived. I don't I don't think cops should be executioners unseen and I don't even like that that the death penalty
I am against it, but when you get a guy's gonna warrant fighting with police fleeing in getting this vehicle, it's not so easy to just say they were. They were acting as judge during educationally warrants try to stop a guy with a worn who just fighting them, the taser didn't work. He fled to his vehicle. Had kids via the guy would try to stop the guy you. It so easy to think something ought to have done, but I with differences this right now. You have Democrats. Defending a man who is fighting with cops, was a criminal warrant and they are ignoring the people who are beating innocent bystanders industry who are killing innocent people. The Democrats are doing this job. I blaming the police. Peaceful riots continue from Nate Potman over at city journal dot, Org peaceful riots continue. Three months in violent demonstrations in Portland, shut
Show no sign of ending police have declared eight riots in the first half of August, since the protests began, the end of may more than a hundred arrests have been made in it. The past three weeks alone. National media have been I've, been mostly silent on the story showing interest only in the presence of federal, proactive agents. But you get the point peaceful rights, that's the game, their plane. I want you to think about what Joe Biden says when he says the cops must be held accountable. What he sang is that criminals will get special privilege at in every which way Donald Trump is calling for law and order. I would, I would very much like law and order. I err on the side of freedom, I'm not a big fan of ending cashless veil. However, if its focused on dangerous criminals, then for the most part I get it these,
with with no cashless bail, is that you have people whore, nonviolent offenders and poor people disproportionately held because of the assumption or or thy I. You know I don't author, but what a good reason has run nonviolent offender to be held without due to be held, without bail, or you know, with the cash bond they can afford So I see somebody it's arrested, fer. You know, you know pot. For instance, first I think it would be illegal which releases people, but the general idea thing is ok. The problem is in New York, you ve got actual violent criminals or being released. So this, where I say you no kind of like a moratorium position to this point. Where I say we had a stop, we re assess we're doing because crime is going up. We can have that. So as a big challenge. I don't like the idea of arresting someone and holding them before we ve proven them guilty and that's kind of a says system operates, but law and order
right? Well, I have my disagreement with tromp. I think he might go a little further than I'd like to. I defer one hundred percent. I defy so. You know what Joe Biden, the Democrats there, defending this magic up like a criminal who is fighting with police, tried to flee reached into his vehicle, tragic, I know, but a criminal, their defending him. Condemning the cops who tried to stop. Somebody wanted for a felony assault, ultra felony assault charge, presumably, who is fleeing after fighting with I'm he gets to walk. We know he. Doesn't they gotta stop? This guy can hurt somebody here you get arrested when you do these things, Joe Biden. The Democrats call these peaceful protestors. Criminals, quite literally, going around harassing rural areas harassing locals. Bashing, a man over the back of the head, thirty people that, and they defend the criminals, they defend the criminals in port,
When we watch the videos we know what they're doing Donald Trump defends the police and he defends the locals. He defends people like the mcclosky is so let me just make one thing clear on in this segment: the mcclosky exemplify exactly what's happening. The people just trying to defend their own property. Argo are being charged with felonies and those who would infringe their rights are free to go in fact running for office. They nailed it. A vote for Joe Biden in my opinion is a vote in support of violent criminals. Who will come, they will kill people, they will hurt you, they will tell you. They ve been going to residential neighborhoods across the men. Many different cities already and above all, Donald Trump, is a vote for law and order, Thou trumpets not sending in in the feds warenne words not being asked for, but I'll tell you this. When you have three months of incessant riots,
with a media desperate to lie about what's going on. They know they know why that they have to do it because people know Joe Biden will not solve this problem, and Donald Trump will I hope that guy got bashed in head is ok, I hope the guy, the it in who got shut. In an rural PS. Ok, I want anybody, get hurt man, but, but you gotta understand, as this stuff escalates locals will not be having it, and I fear there is gonna. Come up, point where we are going to have a paranoid paranoid lockdown just across the board national guards are deployed in Canosa, smart move.
But who wants to live this way? I don't know I don't live, haven't, have cops on a street corner. I'd prefer the cops to the riders mind. You, though, and I'm worried, that's where we're headed, but I do think this is backfiring it's going to blow up in the face of the Democrats. They want to support the criminals by all means. Take all the votes you want, but I think regular people are waking up and they don't want to support the criminals they dont want to support the extremists and the murderers they're gonna support trumpet asking for help in cleaning this up and trouble. Do it and that's it, you get away it's hilarious when these lucky's on Twitter, like trumps fascists, no enforcing laws already on the books, isn't fascism, ok, actually going back just because the laws means moral or correct, and you can have long. The books that are fascistic Fisher, but supporting
the President, when he says we are going to stop people whore, beating innocent people and killing others ass, the opposite of fascism, forming a collective group or supporting a collective group that would shut down violent, murderous criminals is the opposite of fascism. You want it. You're makin argued about fascism, authoritarianism, short, say what. When you show up to two a restaurant in DC screaming in people's faces, demanding they ve been there need to you, which is what they're doing other terrorists. I want to live under the boot of these people, If that means I'm going to support a collective that will guarantee the rights and civil liberties of everybody for free speech and stop extremists from destroying things, I will do it and that's not fascism. That's just like regular government.
They won't accept it. They use it as a law that they use the lie to gain power. If people find out what's really going on those who are paying attention, it'll all fall apart for them. That's why the media covers it up as peaceful marches, peaceful protests and the Democrats do it to deliver their necks segments coming up at four p m over at him. You to death comes lashed him cast. It is my main chant, thanks rang it up now will see. Well, then you never hear it. The story about the C span collar sang- I am I a republican- and I am so outraged- was Trump. I'm gonna about Democrat never happens seriously. Doesn't I keep hearing these lorries s kind of a an addendum to my main channel segment over at Youtube outcomes. Liked him cast check it out. If you haven't, I feel it there's one recurring theme: people are Democrats, they start doing some research,
all of a sudden. They say you know what s this rather leave the party or they outright become republican. Now here's your his. I got a couple stories for you, lifelong Ohio, Democrat. After a night one of the convention, I am voting Republican. He says and he said that the issue was God. We also heard another story about a guy calling suspense and crime, and this, oh very similar to another? story where Seventy seven, I believe, a seventy seven year old Democrats says I'm embarrassed to be a Democrat. What Nancy Policy is doing is embarrassing. Let's just read the story: and I'm gonna end with something I'm not gonna end with it, but I want I want to show you something: that's its while the right added libertarian on Twitter tweeted, my family fled communism twice once from Spain. Once from Cuba, a family is done, abandoning what we rightfully earned the this anti communism speech is something everyone should watch political affiliations aside. Romanticized Marxism is an immediate threat
to liberty to speech by Maximo Alvarez. The orange see talking about how tromp is fighting back against the forces of communism. It's hard to walk, You know why this man is fighting back tears, thanking America for giving him freedom. I've been around the world, I've seen some of these countries and every time I go to different want a different. One of these countries are truly would understand, just how great America is and these people they don't get it, but people are waking up to the south from Town Hall. Last week it was light. It was wine fast with Democrats who held their convention with the overarching theme at their past and its trumps Fault America's race. It is a racist nation, voting democratic will erase all of that, it truly think we're that stupid. On night, one of the GNP convention, you heard remarks from ordinary people discussing the trials and tribulations associate with gun violence. Healthcare and owning small business. These warrant the celebrity elite. These
for ordinary Americans night, one kicked off by honouring America highlighting the possibilities that come through hard work and termination it should have made you proud to be an American. It wasn't abash fast one, lifelong Democrat in Ohio, Rick from Lorraine? It was enough to switch parties. He declared on C span Then after Monday night he's voting Republican of the main reasons was the GEO peas, references to God. I was really watched by the number of times they use the word- God they put God into everything and the people on the democratic side. Acted like they were pushing God right out of it. You remember When Joe Biden said go you know the thing we're all credit equally undergo. You know that the thing we say a lot of people like to pretend that's Joe Biden. Arms are invaluable, believe that's Joe Biden, forgetting forgetting the words snowy wasn't he said, go. Why can't say God is are Democrats, so he didn't yes, the thing
We say one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty. Just for all that we will risk that God has bestowed upon us unalienable rights. You know the thing Joe Biden couldn't say the words on religious well actually look, I believe, I do believe in God, but I'm not theistic and abundant. Believe any these organised religions, I'm not super! concerned, I'm not part, I'm not really worried about having God. You are stored or or boundary like that, but I hear what this man is saying and we saying is that the Democrats are wildly different to where they used to be their wildly different. They used to be christian now, they're, not so much I personally am not soup mama, I'm not really worried about that. But there are a lot of people who are Well, if that's their issue, you're gonna see a lot of these people who are religious, which is the bulk of this country, leaving the Democratic Party. When asked. If you will the union worker rights that he wasn't, he was the rest
and of Lorraine, which the democratic stronghold it went heavily for Clinton and twenty sixteen yet in January it seemed that even union workers were lining up behind tromp in this video watch and Ohio. Voter explains why present drop will win Ohio again and twenty twenty these union workers at cheap all support Trump these people are mad with what the Democrats are doing, especially with impeachment. Oh, you know it that they play these games. Men it's a twitter highlighted earlier Ryan Mr Dusky C span: Cholera, Democrat just Eddie was switching as registration to Republican because he's concerned with crime concern about crime. The calls tonight have been have we focused on crime and Democrats are becoming increasingly radical. Take a look at video from Eliza Schaefer Shocking Black, lives matter. An active, a rioters brutally assaulted a seventeen year old man for trying to put out a fire in his mattress store. He received a broken jaw, a black eye and multiple stitches
the remains of the building he tried to save. Now. Rubble can be seen in the background a seventeen year old Man Sputnik, Little and they try and say that tromp is, is desperate to earn the evangelical vote in that trunk losing support among older voters, I hope voters are paying attention now. This I'm pretty sure we all saw the video out of his other video of this I've I've, I'm pretty sure he was running around the fireworks. We looters were running in and out of the building and when you sprang the people, someone read behind him and bashed em over the back of a school. This is a disturbing nightmare. And when the Republicans talk about it, when I talk about these people, the people who are suffering the democratic they're lying to you lies eyes lies lies lies the email. I got an email, I get emails from progressive groups. I follow aggressive. I follow Democrats, a Republicans, publicans follow conservatives I get
else from political action group like any emails from Trump see what they're talking about- and these progressive group say ignore. It is not happening. Peaceful protestors in time of drugs secret. These, and I do I want to watch this every morning. When I wake up. And I get angrier and angrier and angrier when I, see a video of a seven year old man, desperate to put the fire out at his store and someone runs up behind him and cracks him over the back of the skull putting a man in the hospital. I guess you he's, doing, ok, broken jaw, black eye, multiple stitches, I'm not sure. If its that's it, that's the same kind of its not help us. Heaven help us men, but this
they all the dude being cracked over the back of the sculls was what nightmares are made of. This is the first time we ve heard something like this. I got a couple things to show you a user clip overrun C span. I dug this. One is a hard store defined, be honest eyes out super that not too hard February. Seventh on identified speaker said, I ve been a Democrat for semi. Seven years it is appalling to me, I found it very the transcript his voice, attackers, opera, disrespectful disrespectful. He is still the president, I'm changing my mind. I am now we're going for a Democrat again, I will probably stay home. I M very embarrassed for being a Democrat for what they did in the house, with policy and the rest of them. They seem like a bunch of Idiot sitting there and seventeen thousand families in this country of our family name? Where we will I'll, be out. It's it's hard to get the fault transcripts war
get together again and boycott the Democratic Party. That's how I feel I am fixing to hang up on your party. Wasn't the only person? No, it wasn't the only person who came out and sad that lifelong Democrat I'll tell you what men The orange was not perfect. There were some crazy moment, state there trying to rally everybody, I get it, but it's I'm, I'm so far removed from a caring about the GEO p. I don't care about Republicans I dont. Like Republicans, I mean the politicians out the voters most, the politicians, I think, are awful Democrats too. It's all the same to me, but trumpets driving out. These the you know the way I see I originally had these drifters for lack of a better word. That's what these publicans and Democrats have always been, and I sit back never cared about Republicans. It'll do anything, but the Democrats have- on insane supporting this extremism: defending the riots. There's no excuse for it,
the moment I see an old man desperate to put out a fire getting cracked over the back. That is the moment. I say you either stand up against this or you get the F out of my face. Democrats want to lie nonstop, it's one thing: when the throne fireworks buildings to one thing: when young people fighting with cops. I don't like that either The thing when I watch a video of a guy run up swing and crack an old man over the head and the Democrats. A peaceful, peaceful, peaceful gotta, my face, I'm done hearing it. I see what these people are doing. I see the violence. I see what these people that these people on C span speaking up saying enough- and I hear you because I feel the same way. I see this video Maximo Alvarez Man, there's videos tough to watch, brings a tiered. Your eye tells a story if people clinging to rafts desperate safely communism in Cuba. You know
a lot of people in in South America, a lot of traffic he's doing the exact same thing. These countries falling to the far left Venezuela, specially and interesting ly, while the left will claim that Trump is evil for saying we can't take those asylum seekers. You have Maximo Alvarez himself, some one who fled communism with his family, thanking Donald Trump for everything he's doing. We want to help asylum seekers. I certainly do I want to help people like Maximo. We gotta do it in to the best of our abilities. We can't save everybody. Maximo says is the greatest country in the planet and an early brings a tiered your eye, talking about the horrifying condition, so many people would flee to come here and you don't really gets to me. I want to help them all and I know that's not possible, but we can do better. We can do our best and that's what we should be doing. I'm not a gung ho tromp supporter, I'm not a conservative and there's certain things that tromp is for that. I'm not.
I think so too far. I do I'm not super excited about some of the criminal justice stuff that are pushing forward. I like criminal justice reform. I want. I want help asylum seekers, but I get I get what's happening. I can see what's happening and that's why this when I say I defer that's what I say lifelong liberal now further laughed when I was younger and now it's like you know what, with all this chaos eyes afforded Maximo Alvarez, a man nearly brought the tears tat story of how he fled communism. He knows better than I do when it comes to asylum seekers when it comes to this violence, when it comes to people being bashed over that old men dropped to the broken jaw, I'm not I'm not have any that so they earned it. The Democrats earned it son about God for me or anything like that, it's about making sure that an old man who wants a solemn mattress can do so in peace it so that asylum seekers like maximum no can hinder him live in this country. They fight
so hard to get too. I think we're gonna see a lot of people. It's gonna be a sort of a shock when they see the results of this election, but I do know for sure you know don't get complacent I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes. Stick around and I'll see you all. Surely We're seeing something truly interesting in the Republican Party, which has long been dragged by Democrats as being freight white men, not divide They make fun of the Republicans for not being diverse. They show these images of Aviano Congress and are likely but all the diversity and the Democrats I'd. I don't believe it's real diversity, skin, deep, quite literally, they dont support black conservatives. They dont support. Gay conservative hence conservatives they doubt but we're seeing the rise of prominent black conservatives, Angie Conservatives and and all of these different identity groups- and you know what I don't care about their identity, I'm not focus on our identity. I do think it particularly interesting, however, that we are seeing people like him
really classic and Billy promptly, rising up and saying here's what we believe: here's what we want to do and coming all these policy positions and gaining ground with viral videos and I gotta admit good ideas. Something the left says: isn't real, but the reality is the left just tries to force people who are supposed to be. You know me. Marginalized. They try to force them to adhere to their dogma. Here's a story about Kimberly Classic I say this and I will talk about what dams are doing with male in voting Caskoden Disenfranchise minority voters Biden believes black people can't think for themselves. African American Republican Kennedy came Classic slams Democrats. At our see after viral video blaming party for decay in Baltimore, they say a black lookin congressional candidate, claimed the Democrats, take the black vote for granted and that Joe Biden believes we can't think for ourselves and our public national convention lesson
came classic is running for office in Maryland, seven congressional district, a democratic bulwark which was represented by the late Eliza Cummings for twenty three years, Joe Biden believes you can't for ourselves at the collar of someone skin dictates their political views place, except in the segment broadcast the aura unseen Charlotte on Monday. We're not buying the lies anymore. You in your part he ignores for too long. The black vote was crucial to binds victory in the democratic primaries, but several recent gaps have been highlighted by conservatives. Claim that neither Biden nor the party is truly concerned with the concerns of african Americans. I certainly think so, and you know why I defer Kimberly classic to Kenya, West Candice Owens to Billy Propane the these are. Black conservatives and they tell me over and over again that the Democrats do the left us that black lives matter, and I say of course they do. Everybody
As I understand you're trying to say, though, your concern about police brutality all that stuff and then I'm presented with a choice in many of these districts. Where Democrats run the Democrats are white progressives. You tell me then you gonna White Progressive, come to mean saying: hey TIM Black lives matter way. Support me. I say yes, yes, you're right black lives matter, one or two percent, and I will support you in your idea. By voting for the actual black candidate, you see how this works Kimberly Classic Billy Print Bay, for instance, to black conservatives running as Republicans in democratic areas. You will tell me that I'm supposed to support your cause, but ignore the opinions of these individuals. This white identity game is so dumb and I hate it now. I don't care about the cholera scanner
you're, a Democrat and your latino, your black or asian, or whatever I care about whether or not you want to support freedom, whether you have good ideas, but what do we get its people like him by Candice, Owens, Lycaonia West, who attacked because of their identity by the left. Why did it matter Congo, western Republican, it does. That matter to me, because there are a bunch of Republicans they make it about identity. They make it out the fact These individuals happen to be of a certain rice. I don't like it. I think it's stupid. You tell me that you were once a liberal now your concern, but I say why that's interesting. Tell me more. You tell me: that you're, a woman is waiting for tromp and I'll, be like women vote for tromp. You tell me that your blood, and your concern, I say sometimes people her conservative They say that if you don't see collar, you're being racist, I'm some. I hate that especially my family and my family history. I know most of you get it second generation mixed race. I don't want to hear it.
I want to hang out with people for their ideas because I dont want to be a victim to those people on the left. In order to terrorism. I don't be told when I can't or can't do or have certain you, no restrictions placed upon it. My race, and I don't think anybody does and that's probably why you're now seeing prominent black conservative right up challenging the narrative from the left. It's not about party, it's about freedom, a thrill, the moral are more. In May, the former vice president told Wrapper and Radio Charlemagne. If you have a problem figure out there you are for me or trump than you ain't black and in it, trivial unlike July, by made a clumsy contracting latino, an african american communities. Speaking at the NASH, association of Black journalists and National Association of Hispanic journalists. Biden said, unlike the african american community, with notable exceptions, the latino com, this is an incredibly diverse community, with incredibly different attitudes about different things. Just had mind numbingly racist.
She's, absolutely amazing. He later clarified a statement tweeting in no way I mean it suggests the african American Communities a monolith not by Dundee not on issues not at all accidents literally what he said. It's like you. Actually met people of different races, its asian com, he's not a monolith. White people are not a monolith. Hispanics our Latinos aren't black people. Certainly aren't I've ever met on actual black person and then make you may make the assumption to them of where there from that's racist, its remarkable to make. As you know, I remember you know, grown up on the south side. There are people which had its say: they weren't african Americans me I'd, say why black Asian, whatever asian means you could be chinese, you could be indian. You could quite literally be russian and be from Asia. It's just its did. It doesn't mean anything I remember one guy. I used to work with you as Haitian. He says: don't come the african American alike, I get it Joe Biden
notwithstanding because he's a racist and I think, many of those bits, many people, the left- that of overtly embraced the ideology of racists. Like that Robin De Angelo and who says, is uncomfortable around minorities. Like that's, not that's, that's your racist echinacea. She is classic. The continued her address on Monday night sang and yet the damage that, still assume that black people will vote for them, no matter how much they let us down and take for granted, know we're sick of it and not gonna. Take it anymore. The days of blindly supporting the Democrats are coming to an end, and Donald Trump is real. King out to the black community he's reaching out to them is american, saying I'm gonna help you want to do what I can for you and they call Trump racist for it. I defer to Kimberly place it. You tell me black lives matter, I'll, tell you this. There are many prominent left wing activists, black eyes, better activists who are black and I do listen, what they have to say, one hundred percent and their conservative. I listen what they have to say to, but you know what I can't stand. I can't send the merit of a leftist. I don't care about that.
When they, when they would insult, someone like in classic are barely premier kind us all into the Hodge twins or whatever. I don't care. What you're right. I have your opinions mass of a conversation, but why does the latter to make it about your identity. Why that there, no one's going around tongue. You can't succeed and that's kind of what chemist saying. They can't think for themselves. Their saying you will not. You will not succeed because of your rice now get out of here. With that, I don't care whether you you ve got some kind of disability, whether your you know of Asia, latina. Like. I said religion, I don't care money that I care about, whether or not you will respect people's freedom. Their rights whether you all have you know, but respectable dignity, have good arguments respect. You know, nonviolence things like this. Classic as you as many of you know how to add a massively viral video, they say her camp,
and was given a boost. Last week when Donald Trump shared whenever advertisements title black lives, don't matter to Democrats, there's a viral twinkle neuron right now. That's what I want to get too to wrap this up thy head. Giovanni says this chart is an interesting way to look at the unequal district distribution of victimization from violence and Y see over the past few months. Would you see, I see hockey stick from March two April went down a little bit from April two may went up and for Meda June it skyrocketed what skyrocketed black shooting victims in New York City. They D funded the police and who is suffering the most from it. I think the Democrats, what Oh you watch out whenever you want to hear I do, and I think there are a serious problem of shooting victims in New York. I've been complaining about the crime escalating in New York.
I've been complaining. Oh, I should say I've been raising the issue about defending the police in New York, whose suffering the most from this the black community is white. People have seen a small increase increase. Asians small increase Hispanics have seen a fairly large increase, but for the most part, its black New Yorkers horse who are suffering the most under this and the these activists in New York are begging for the police back. I think we might see a dramatic shift, a dramatic shift to Republicans I think it's it's people like like Kimberly Classic, but take a look at the store I highlighted. I believe I briefly highlighted some of my segments as Democrats push mail in voting black and latino voters are wary, new research shows by two thirds of both groups, preferred about in person in my democrats. Aren't pushing everyone to vote by mail the people who are more likely to be disenfranchise with male in voting, are minorities and, first time, voters
people who might be unfamiliar with the system? That's just what the research shows why that's join up with what we get from a democratic? Well, they push this and then they claim voter ideas, racist, I don't think actually know or care to be. Fair I don't think it's a severally about all of the Democrats being re setting. Many of them are are, are you know they did? They do oppose racism. I just think their parties fractured and they have no idea. What's going on. I mean you ve It's only different asked elements of the party fighting each other, but ultimately lent limit limber. With this, the general idea, I have you no seeing all this is just. If, if ever Democrats gonna come to me and tell me that black lives matter, I agree. One percent then why, wouldn't I or anyone else vote for Kimberly Classic or Billy promptly over their white progressive challenges? I don't know exactly who Kimberly's running against but Billy, for instance, he's running since the White Guy, so yeah down, although people believe in freedom
and who actually are pushing back on the Democrats who have failed these cities. If anything, I think black lives matter has created the best argument as to why you should vote Republican, because the Democrats have been in charge of money these areas for a long time and have not succeeded, and that's it, that's exactly what Kimberly Class was pointing out but died whether I was able to get the idea in properly out I'll leave it. There. I got one more Simon, coming up in a few minutes, stick around and Elsie while shortly well. They boast that Joe. Biden has a strong lead, it is dwindling, while they both that Democrats got better tv viewer ship. So far Joe Biden is full. During an tightening rice. The trends are running in trumps favour. Ladies gentlemen, I give you another brief update on the it looks like thing, sir! Going well for Trump show us is jumping to historians and up ad from Charlie Guerrero. They ve says the most unusual year and the presidential campaign that accompanies it are now the top of her
of the home stretch. The unconventional convention soon will be behind us, as dopey takes its turn. This week the virtual campaign of a basement rose garden strategy will be forced out into the open and the real funnel begin. Although the return to fall and the start of the final leg of the campaign won't be like anything, we ve before. One thing is still, certain campaigns are one on the ground. The blocking and tackling of presidential politics is what it takes to emerge victorious nowhere will that be more in evidence than in the key battleground states whose large chunk of election about once again. What does the presidency for years, we Clinton entertain, boasted that their blue wall erected along the corridor of North EAST rust about states from Pennsylvania Wisconsin would produce a clean sweep and give it the keys to this to sixteen hundred pencil vein,
the Avenue battalion, Conway and her brain trusts on opening they surgically exploited that opportunity and when the votes were counted, the blue wad collapsed like a bad Souffle Donald Trump. Adult to an inside had dealt to an inside straight carrying the electoral votes he needed from the working families of the very states on which the Democrats had counted for their success. Now some left, leaning, media outlets or Hypothesi and that those same states have shifted back to bind. The swing will carry him too three November story, such as the recent bit in the Washington Post, highlight anecdotal evidence of a presume shift in states, including my homework. Albania. There reporters may be whistling passed, a political graveyard with its twenty electoral votes up for grabs. The keystone state is the big prize along the blue Wall four years ago. Trump carried to state the first time and almost thirty years Republican had done so. Ronald Reagan, one the state and a surprise, and nineteen, eighty and then coast,
in a landslide reelection, picking up large blocks of working class Democrats. George, W Bush carried the state nineteen. Eighty eight on the strength of Reagan's winning populist coalition since then has been all blue That's not surprising, given the fact that Democrats have held a million plus registration advantage for most of that time, that's changing, however, for all the media palaver over the GEO Peace fortunes and the Philadelphia suburbs? They overlook. Republicans Such as in the rest of the state, many of them traditionally, deep blue territory, the democratic registration advance in Pennsylvania has shrunk by more than a forty thousand since the election of President Trump. I highlighted something like this in a previous segment of video clip of Philadelphia, union member, saying straight up, we're all four Donald Trump. And all remind you about the man who came out to defend the statue of Christopher Columbus on the far left extremists. You think those people
those union member Democrats are gonna, maintain their democratic membership. I do not believe it. I dont believe it man if you're going to convince me and I've been lay off for a while to go and vote for tromp. I said I would ever vote for them and two years ago now here we are here at every day. They don't want to believe that these people are voting for Donald Trump rules are still environs favour, but has led a shrug dramatically, particularly in battleground states. Anybody cares about California New York for the most part. Because we know they're gonna swing Democrat and we know that they have a huge population swing. States are what matter. He says stories make good newspaper copy, the trunk campaign has many or more to offer than does binds teen driving them. Records of any Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania's more rural counties and you'll see dozens of giant handmaid sign spray painted on plywood or splashed on cardboard with tempera paints, spelling out a simple message. Trump
you see the same sides hanging off silos and the farmers of Amish countries, Lancaster County, did with a smaller trump pants campaign. Signs and the greatest demand imaginable that dot the launch of the mid state. The key ass. The northern tier into the South EAST Pennsylvania, more compelling is the empirical data that continue to show every trend running in president trumps favour in the swing states and the industrial set North industrial northeast. Well, the races tightening nationally but trend and battleground states is looking even better for the President, the most recent cm Ss arrest survey released at the dawn of the Democrats. Virtual gathering showed violently down a Ford points, essentially a margin of error situation nationally, while I'm sorry, that's an outlier, it's difficult to conceive of seed and throwing favours trumps way. At the same time, the Molin Burg College morning TK
conducted over conducted over essentially the same time showed Biden leading in Pennsylvania, affording a forty five, a significantly closer margin in just a few weeks ago, CBS August forth was forty. Forty three and some taken in July ran a double digits. Same is true of the other northeast state up for grabs, while Trump one I'll buy a double digit margin in point. Sixteen, his victories in Pennsylvania, Michigan Wisconsin, were razor thin. It you know, that's a democratic politician in Pennsylvania, the state level left, the Democratic Party became independent and caucus Republicans in one city in Pennsylvania, several democratic city councilman switched to the Republican Party, giving our publicans. A major leader covered these stories when they happened. I wonder how many stories like like this? We have at the local level and many of these states. The Democrats are currently cheering that their winning state positions. The Democrats may still win, but I think, we're seeing something interesting happen- theirs
new party line forming the Democrats are becoming more authoritarian idea logs and the republican are becoming Liberty minded. I guess it with a you'd call, liberal republicanism- and I don't mean sense of stupid colloquial way we use it United States, I'm talking about the true trimming of the words the United States is founded on the idea republicanism and classical liberalism. And these are the american ideals- that many people country hold and are now taking with them to the voting both for Donald Trump? The Democrats are either not paying attention dont care or have become colthurst moral authoritarian. I think anybody who pays attention knows it like. I mentioned the other side. There's a recurring theme year when a regular person does their research watches trumped speech. They have an awakening and also in their like. While I've been lied to. This is what's benefiting trump and many these pulse. That's why people speaking up is the most important thing. That's why they don't want you to.
Beat up because on people realize they ve been lied to what I was. They fought for Trump. He says: what was truly remarkable. Was that off I'm sorry, the same issue for other northeast states up for grabs, while Trump one Ohio by double a double digit margin. Twenty sixteen is victories in Pennsylvania, which goes content, we're razor thin what was truly remarkable was at all for we're, flips from twenty twelve clear evidence of trumps drawing power among those constituencies. Oh yeah, he trailed virtually every state in pole, leading into election twenty. Sixteen then he ran the table I remember man. Have you seen that video one of the best views ever made its playing that I don't have any dent and dent intent and tat than- and it shows is that that cards coming and going like Pennsylvania, Tromp Florida, Tromp, Michigan Trump and then use Jack. You give the young Turks he's like us they get nervous guys and then there's one was like. Ok, we can
still win. If Hilary get Wisconsin and the ghost Wisconsin Trump and then Genk goes mother, God is a glorious helping the outrage when trot and I remember laughing on that day and involve The guy that are really like em, it was just come up into the Democratic Party now with all the all the incentive that we're seeing the news that everything's trending in trumps favour is not surprisingly, because I think the poles are wrong. Again with on place on my back on track winning right now. I don't feel that way. Month ago or a month and a half ago with the bigger the riots. I feel that way now, especially especially since I've been convinced about for the guy. For sure I see a lot of people saying you're only Just now deciding will yeah dude, not every boy He has the same values as Trump supporters but I'll tell you this. If someone like me, who's been resistant for this long thing, I don't want to be no play that game and want to be involved. Is now looking what's happening? I think that's a lot of other people too, and I talk to friends and family.
Members, and there are a lot of people that are that. Are you no person all you know close and close to me in my life that have long ago decided to vote for tromp and Republicans one hundred percent friends of and arguing about needing to end the riots we see these pulse. I can't imagine these union workers men at all these companies are gonna, be sport. The Democrats, I can't imagine many. These big unions are gonna come out and issue there newsletter saying we want everyone to vote for the democratic, not believe it because there look. I can't heiresses programme, new deal, the green new deal would end the energy sector. I'm not kidding Joe Biden wants this letter to phase out fossil fuels, What's that got to do it all these union jobs, particularly in Pennsylvania, gone and they know it but will work in manufacturing going to vote for him. What what What a danger, your com, Beijing Biden, its trending and trumps favour. That's the point. Trump
says: China will only you ass if Joe Biden winds? U S election as he blasts presidential rival at our and see. Yes, absolutely, I think so, I've never I've. I've never been one to want to be involved in any this team anybody side, but I'll tell you this man, I mostly wanna, be left alone. That's how I feel I want I want to do my thing on a time. My thoughts but be in anybody's tribe. Right now I dont I'm not gonna, whereupon being ever gonna happen, I'm not a conservative. My view still are independent, left, leaning, but there's something dangerous happening in this country. Very, very dangerous. The laughed embracing identity areas, an overt Lee racist ideology authored by over racists, their championing this Donald Trump is talking about american Liberty, freedom, jobs, the american worker. Those things are all fine, as a great guy help, those things a democratic it about health care a little bit, but not enough to say, see the progressive
but for the most part, are ignoring the violence, the destruction there, ignoring what how China was citing away. Our resources, Dylan Radegund, said that our country has been extracted through trade and another means- and this is years ago seven years ago I remember seeing that and I fought for a long time the left you complain that we were being sold out. Two major multinational corporations, but they're gone now. What's left Beijing Biden and Donald Trump I'll? Tell you what trumps as he wants to end the wars term limits in Congress, Cyber security defence bring back manufacturing. I dig it sounds good to me term limits. That sounds great. I think the trends in trumps favourable continue I'll, think it matters either way the meat is gonna lie. They want a smear, the guy, but I think trumps gonna win
their necks augments, coming up at ten a m on this channel. Thanks rang it up, and I will see you all next time.
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