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Republicans CRUSHED Democrats In Ratings, Trump Black Support SKYROCKETS Hinting Trump Reelection


The final results are in and the RNC netted 25M more viewers in total than the DNC.Though many networks are omitting key information and claiming that Democrats won the TV ratings match up, the RNC still had way more views in total when you include online viewership.During the RNC Hill Harris X conducted a poll showing Trump's approval among Black voters is at 24%While many refuse to believe it this is in line with 3 other pollsters and it seems likely that at this point Trump is unstoppable.

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Today we have a lot of really great news for Donald Trump, suggesting that he may be on track for a massive twenty twenty re election victory. First, a politically inventions are over and the Republicans crushed the Democrats by about one five million. Total viewers and Trump raised said these six million dollars during the Republican National convention. Shortly after It was announced that the iron range, a Democrat stronghold several city, have come out and endorse Donald Trump for his re election campaign and during the political conventions, Hell Harris Ex ran a survey of black voters and found twenty four percent approve of Donald trumps job as president now. The reason this is so good for tromp is that the policy conducted during the convention- and it was before his final- Accept- speech. So not only did they. Score massive ratings, but it's too
Hence the reason that if they cannot pull now trumps approval right, Among black voters are probably be higher at the very least, and this has been tracking consistently throughout the year with Paul's just rest, music and Emerson, showing Donald Trump. Support among black voters is fairly high between twenty and thirty percent, This should scare Democrats its long been said that if Republican gets twenty percent of the black vote, they will win, and it's starting to look like Donald Trump has certainly earned that already, especially like I said with these ratings But of course the Democrats are calling for male in voting is interesting. I have to go there why this is right, Doktor, Burke's and fetch you have both said: we can vote in and we ve seen already from political and the Washington Post that mail in voting, hurts minority communities and first time, voters, and then you start to put these pieces together and think may be the reason the Democrats are true,
and to push for male. In voting when the doctors say it's safe to vote in person is because it's going to hurt the black community vote. It's going to disenfranchised people now I can't speculate, but I can say Joe Biden has said He won't that Donald Trump will be removed from office by the military, but military officials are saying never gonna happen. They will not intervene in a dispute, so have to wonder with all of this really good news Donald Trump is the reason Democrats are pushing for male in voting because they want to deal legitimize his election victory, which seems to be a good at this point I don't know, but I will say we don't know for sure that Donald Trump is going to win. I think it's a safe and the betting odds are improving for tromp and the poles are improving for Trump and, of course, I mentioned all of this data as well. So I think, is on track for a victory. Things can change, but it really feel like Joe Biden phoning it in and you ve gotten,
applause. You saying things like we're: gonna get his tax returns, even if he loses many have suggested this Goes there not really serious about winning at all. In fact, they plan to lose, and perhaps mail in putting which is already being contested across the country, is just a way that they can claim Trump didn't really win. Well, let's take a look at these first couple of stories before we get started had already TIM cast outcome, slashed donate. If you'd like to support my work as many ways there, there are many ways you can give as a p o box if you, like, the sun, think the best thing you can do share this video. I dont have a big marketing department, like major networks. Do I just have you guys if you think I'm a really good job. Consider sharing the video top spread. The word hit. The like button hit the subscribe button and subscribe at the notification bell. If you haven't already less revenues, first from ox tromp campaign rates and seventy six million dollars during Republican national convention. The GNP convention brought in one hundred,
forty seven point: nine million views across television and Online Fox NEWS has learnt they say a senior Trump campaign official told Fox NEWS. The campaign, the Orange Seein Trump victory and Trump Modoc make Amerika great again campaign run. He sent me six million dollars between a kick off of the convention Monday and trumps. Formal nomination, except in speech, is a last week that democratic presidential nominee, Joe Buttons campaign, announced the Democratic National Many and their joint fund raising committees brought in seventy million dollars and fund raising. During the four day democratic convention, the Biden campaign held Numa, grass roots and high dollar fundraising events throughout the week. Meanwhile, the orange see brought in a hundred forty seven point: nine million total views across television, an on line between Monday and the end of Thursday night programming. According to a senior campaign official Dnc Convention, as Fox NEWS previously
reported at a hundred and twenty two million total viewers through television and online, with massive fundraising and record viewer ship president prompts renomination convention was a huge, unqualified success. Trump campaign communications director TIM Martov, told Fox news fright at the first and most imply thing to point out is that the information about trumps ratings, it's coming from the campaign, a campaign official, take it with the grain of but it stands to reason. It's true. I mean we, Are we know that the lives dream on C span for the Republican National Convention was six times higher than the Dnc, but it is true that television ratings between the two favoured the Democrats. We can only speculate as to why that is. But when you combine both numbers trump, and the orange see win. But if you
turn on CNN or any other mainstream out? What would they tell you? The truth? No, they won't. I can only imagine that Trump right now is looking at the numbers and say this is great news, I'm sure he's ecstatic fantastic. We learned about cease bands rating disparity favouring the Republicans, and why, does see, and I have to say see it. And comes out and says: Biden hits Trump where it hurts. In the convention's speech, ratings by Brian alter, and while it is true, yes, that tv alone Democrats, one it's out of context to ignore their total ratings and they, ve done this in the past and I believe it stories like this that contribute to their blind spot. Their inability to understand what's going on in this country. In an effort to make tromp looks. Your stupid and get collects. They omit key information and then claim Trump is going to be upset. No it's. Thus, for them, the more CNN pumps out this fake out of context news, the more
the resistance members I'm doing here quotes think their winning when they're, not CNN, says president trumps Thursday, night invention speech. Making the case for re election was lower rate of vat, as challenger Joe Biden speech. When we go according to overnight Nielsen ratings, he says the gap between binding and was wider earlier in the day when fewer networks were counted in the total Nielsen. Really its final audience estimate late on Friday afternoon, bringing trump within a million viewers, still Biden, clearly edged out trump the democratic convention was also higher rated than the republican convent. An overall when the audience for all four days is tallied up. Here's some important context here, When you watch the orange see you have these compensating these networks lying relentlessly. I know because I turned on pcbs and had to turn it off and put on c span. No wonder C span ratings were six times that of an agency, but the Dnc wasn't getting. This lived, live backtracking
and I think it was seen, and we said well because there are not lying like Trump. Is you see the bias if some but it was going to watch the orange see watching it through extreme sources was giving you a skewed perspective, so they probably didn't it's important to understand why trumps ratings were lower. They say the president's ratings obsession is well documented. He has tweeted about ratings. Hundreds of times, often enough. You rightly he raised the subject as recently as Friday morning when he tweeted great right. Things and reviews last night. Thank you. You do not, dear any immediate reaction, when the initial Georgia figures showed him trailing Biden History is any God he made. Tat Fox whose channels ratings, instead of the overall Results Fox NEWS, had by far the biggest audience of any channel on Thursday night, with upwards of nine million viewers. I'm not going to read into the nitty gritty, because we already know that the total, a total of your ship for tromp, was better
but nowhere in this article does he points out that Trump actually won with total viewer ship and they did the same thing during trumps inauguration when trumps campaign came out and said, the record inauguration attendance or viewer ship the media allied and said: that's not true, and only gave you key information like they're worth that many people there one thing is true: ratings across the board, for both parties are dramatic. Equally down. Even when you consider online. I dont know why that is. Perhaps people are tired and perhaps we are all in a bubble, and most people are saying leave us alone, but it doesn't tell us who is going to win. We won't know for sure until They have over and take a look at the after convention Poles, a new policy for the morning council pulse, shows Donald Trump pulse closer to Biden after the Orange see merely having a ten point deficit, to six points. We can talk about ratings all day and night, but what we're not getting out of those numbers is this
satisfaction level of the viewers. Perhaps more people really did watch the Dnc and they hated it, and that's why trumps approval has gone up. I'm sorry. He is closed. The gap is pulling has gone up between Joe Perhaps people watch the Orange C and realized when the hour was way better and they talked about things we cared about many people called in a c span said. Why aren't the Democrats talk? about the riots. One woman sat watching the orange. He gave her hope. In fact some people have pointed out, notably the Atlantic. This How Joe Biden loses while riots are going on across this kind The Dnc showed protest imagery, as if people liked what's happening to their cities. No, the riots and protests across his country are bothering people. That's why the damn rats recently flipped and started talking about law and order. Some people speculate. It's why they chose. I'm a Harris because
realising, the riots are bad news. I can only imagine people watch the Dnc and they were upset about it. Thus morning consult shows Trump closes, the gap but it does gets more and more interesting. The iron range, a Democrat strong old in Minnesota. You may have seen the store I talked about it last night on IRA podcast I'll just covered briefly. This is one of the most democratic places ever it is like you, and city, it is all union labourers and six mayors have cannot say straight up. Today we write to formally endorse President Donald J Trump and Vice President MIKE pants for four more years they mention four decades. They voted Democrat. They just flipped republican. We ve seen this in decades. I think we might be headed to a UK law. Landslide in the UK last December. It was a victory not seen in ninety or a hundred years, where places that were voting left for it. For you, no nine
gates, all of a sudden switched and voted conservative. We may be heading in that direction, and I got more evidence to suggest that may be the case. The hill reports Trump approval right, is is among black and spanish voters amid convention, but this is amid the convention check this out present. This is from from just the other day President Trump support among black voters rose nine percentage points. Amid the Republican National invention. A new Hill Harris Export finds twenty four percent of registered black voters in the August. Twenty second of twenty four survey, which included the first two days of the convention, said they approve of the job. Tromp is doing as president, while seventy six percent said they d, proof that is up nine points from the previous survey conducted August, a through eleventh or the president received fifteen percent support among this group The survey found that, among hispanic voters, Trump also by two points, from thirty to thirty two percent, forty four
percent of overall registered voters in the survey approved of trumps job as President a one percentage point dip from the last people. Eighty two percent of republican voters approve of Trump a one point increase. Eighty seven percent of of Democrat voters disapprove with sixty four percent of India, along with sixty four percent of independent voters. Now that is bad news in this pole, so I can certainly point out that the black support is going up in that at that may supersede everything. Look you you might have all these demo as an independent saying. You know we don't approve of Trump, they say Support among rural of ours is at eighty three percent, but its long been said. If Republican gets more than twenty percent, they ve one. Maybe this is just one Paul, maybe it's wrong, but rest Musin and Emerson and Zagreb II have all shown the same thing: growth among black voters. We ve heard some punch to that in New York City, many in the black community
saying either I won't vote or I'll vote for Trump and Republicans are complaining, saying, where's the GNP to come in and talk to these people and offer them solutions, nowhere that YO people met. The gnp may be missing a huge opportunity in going after this voter base. I recently spoke with Billy promptly. He is conservative running in New Jersey for Congress and he's talked about how the GNP won't get behind him for the most part in this area, because its two blue, it's like d plus sixteen or something, and they think it's just too expensive and they can't win but Billy yet he had a good he's. Gotta go to have had on his shoulders. His argument is, we ve got to just do the work here. Otherwise, you'll never take back these urban centres, so by running he's showing its possible to at least chip away at the at you, not the block too slowly. You know build out that sculpture. Take a look at this, though
an interesting argument from Nate Silver he's, arguing that Joe Biden is in fact the silent majority. Maybe that's true, I don't know, what's necessarily what we think of when we think of the silent majority, but I want to talk about bindings campaigning and how I think it's not gonna be good enough. Make silver says. It seems to me that if Biden has at fifty one percent of the poles but a supporter aren't super vocal and dont have a ton of yard signs out there and stuff, then Biden. Voters could make a good claim to being the silent majority yeah. Maybe I disagree, though the issue at the silent majority is there not talking to the to the Poles or they're lying because their hiding That would mean that Joe Biden is ahead in the polls, because the silent majority- Is silent? Get it that's the point. You can't be the silent majority. If Vodka, in your support in the polls for Joe Biden still an interesting
and I would recommend any tromp support or anyone plans on voting form make sure you do not get complacent. You better make sure you do everything in your power to get your ballot and vote and make sure it's done properly. We can see fun. Things like this from your Walsh. He says I am a conservative working my day off help you when you're a good man, but please get out of your basement, get on a plane, gotta canosa, please led comfort eel. If you dont trot could win that's all time for two kilos. For me, you know what he points out: it's not being its not being ignored. Most people are saying the same thing, more good NEWS for Donald Trump, the editorial boy or for the four, then your post says twenty twenty campaigns go into high gear, except for one
and who apparently be resting, yeah I mean who's who didn't see this coming? Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement, a coward hiding from the conflict in the chaos, and he won't do interviews in is barely doing anything. Most of US assume his twitter account is run by some in turn and not him here Actually, a sock puppet candidate he's just there for the cameras, so the people, I remember that guy, but it's not really campaigning opposed rights. With the convention's over one of the strong strangest presidential races in american history moves in a high gear or well sort of it still clear how much democratic nominee Joe Biden will campaign he. So far, only talk about sitting for swing states between now and November third and as his campaign is still figuring out exactly how the hell do. Even that binding is meant managing to meet with special interests donors. He dropped news of his travel plans, Thursday at a fundraiser with
trial lawyers is running made. Senator Kamel Harris is making it to Florida for a canopy campaign. Event on Saturday is her staff just better at making arrangements, no violence to old. He can't travel, ok so commonly Harris is. Is this is the real nominee this age looks like Biden is using the Europe has an excuse to limit his public events. He tired rapidly on the campaign trail during the primary and seems unwilling to focus witnesses rather off target answer Friday to a question about the cop who shot Jacob like one during off into changes charges about President Trump and white extremist without ever answering trump. Meanwhile, that is first post convention of Friday night New Hampshire and plainly means to travel as much as you can through that through the pandemic
though the pandemic ensures his rallies will be smaller than in TWAIN. Sixteen, they say. Maybe democrats figure those details, don't matter as their convention made plain, the strategy centres on painting, trumps, America, a doctor's Tokyo not just covered, plagued but full of structural racism to and bite and as the miracle man who can fix it. If that were true The strategy was working than we wouldn't have four pollster for pollsters now saying trumps. Approval among black voters is going way way up sounds me like the races of narrative isn't working. So then what is the Democrats real strategy? I think it's mail in voting. Take a look at this more than five hundred and fifty thousand primary absentee ballots rejected in twenty twenty far outpacing two thousand and sixteen it's very weird. Why would Democrats be setting up themselves to lose in this way? I honestly don't know but think about this. We know the New York Times reported in twenty twelve. They were
port it several times now, even though many of their reporters, what what want to lie about it that mail in voting. Has its problems, the more you you, the more people who vote by mail, the higher margin of error, the more bout don't get counted together. This five hundred thousand primary absentee bouts are being rejected. But five. Thirty eight says Biden. Voters appear far more likely to vote by male than trumps. That could make for a weird election night, combining these two ideas and when you get doktor works and doktor Fouche, you have said we can vote safely in person. Ok, let's do it now. Democrats have said we must vote by mail and a new Jersey where I live. Trump is suing because there they did a mandate there, send out mail, male, unbalanced everybody. I personally don't want one. I live here, I guess I'm gonna get it anyway. That I think is messed up. However, If we're going to have a massive margin of error, that means trot. Voters vote in person are more likely to be counted,
I didn't voters vote by mail are less likely to be counted. This is going to help Donald Trump. When I wonder if the real issue here. Like I mentioned earlier, the Democrats no tromp is gonna win They ve known he was gonna win ever since the first Paul's cannot showing his support in the black community was around thirty or so per cent. The best thing they could do is try and make it seem like all of violence. Voters are being disenfranchised. The mail and voting happens. We can see a high level of rejection. Then Joe Biden, challenges Hillary Clinton already said Biden should not concede under any circumstances. It sounds. I. The Democrats are preparing to contest the election they're going to argue that mail in voting was disrupted. They ve already pushed a conspiracy theory that Trump is destroying the post office. You see, other dominoes are being set up post office attacked by Trop, claimed Democrats male in voting the only way claimed Democrats, even though we already know about all these errors. This is setting up
everything up so that democratic voters will say my vote wasn't counted We demand a recount. I want a lawsuit. I challenge the results and Joe Biden then says I will can. I will not concede under any circumstances accord to these war games. We saw this report by the New York Times and the Boston Globe dividing campaign, as played by John Podesta, would redwood proof what would it would actually tell the West Coast Democrats states to secede from the union rather than give in to trumps demands and with Hilary plenty now coming out saying biting should not concede at all. For any reason, it seems like we're heading in that direction. If they did nothing trump. Would have had a clean victory and they would have nothing to say. There are, in my opinion, jamming things up so that They can then say Trump did it and he didn't really win and then they will try to stop him from doing anything. Just like with Russia, gate they'll say he's an illegitimate president. We never conceited
He is not in charge, and Joe Biden has said, tromp will be dragged out. Either. Military, apparently not chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff, says the military will not intervene. In the election or resolve a disputed vote after Biden claimed Trump would have to be dragged from the White House. If he refuses to accept defeat. General Mark Milly, told Congress on Friday the military will not get involved in the election process or be willing to resolve a disputed vote. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said he believes deeply in the principle of an apolitical. U S military it comes amid fears. Trot might refuse to accept defeat if he loses in November. The present has repeatedly claimed that evidence that mail in boats will result in inaccurate and frogs fraudulent elections. Where does that narrative come from at this point, I can only imagine these people are wilfully lying because NPR certainly reported this. Many of these, mainly Now, let's have reported this balance are being rejected. Of course, it's going to be inaccurate Then how does the daily mail say without evidence trumps,
evidence you cited Patterson. They claimed it wasn't good enough, Patterson great evidence. We don't universal mail in voting the first time we did, it was Patterson and everything got messed up now a judge has ruled that got to redo the whole election. We do things can happen. Come the gene. They say in June Milly apologized for walking with Trump through Lafayette Square in what turned out to be a photo up during the George Floyd protests. I want to say this: Bravo to Mark Milly, Joint Chiefs chief chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff. The military should not get involved. You know what you know, what causes a revolution and a coup and I've seen it in these other countries, the middle
Terry finally decides: okay, we ve gotta step in to restore order and they choose sides, there's no right or not that this there's no one. What there's no two ways about it: you're going to pick one side and you're going to inflame the other. The military should not get involved other than to prevent chaos in the streets. If Trump and Biden cannot resolve this- and I am not a thing trumps gonna win, but if Biden contested this and refuses to give up a kind of like how Hillary Clinton didn't for three years ago, Russia Gate then the only the military should do is stop people from attacking each other in the streets and keep order, and I don't have to tell you I really do feel like we are headed for a train crash trump. I believe, will win. The Democrats will claim he did not when they will refuse to concede and all of the Democrat voters will create whatever stupid, nonsensical, deceitful reason, the clock. They really one- and there are already doing it every day, with fake news,
I say over overrun overcome without evidence why we know male in imbalance, are busted they're lying I'll. Tell you what we're gonna see Trump. So there's a couple things If Biden, voters vote by mail brought predominantly then we'll see Trump when early on and then overtime, they'll find more and more votes download that you know that you can argue with cheating. Whatever than died it will slowly climb had like they didn't eighteen or Trump will file lawsuit. We will have no clear winner. Left will claim the melon bouts, where were messed up by Trump Trump will claim back, they were accurately remove, just like they're supposed to be in that the Democrats fault for calling for it. Will up in a lawsuit. People will start fighting each other in the streets. The file, What does all we already calling for mass protest activism across this country and it will escalate? So the only thing I can hope for
Military intervenes only to stop the violence and we can carry on like normal. I can't tell you the fishermen, I don't what's gonna happen. I think this all looks really really good for Donald Trump. That's about all. I can say that data is their trump is pulling ahead. Post convention bombed, the ratings are good and the media is lying about all of it. So I guess we could only wait and see as per usual Alida their necks segments coming up at six yeah I'm over at Youtube. Dotcom slashed him cast news. Thanks, rang it up, and I will see you all. Then we have major breaking news pertaining to Kyle written House the seventeen year old, who was charged with first degree intentional homicide after shoe in two of the bill, I'm extremists in Canosa it turns out he worked in Canada. He did not bring a gun across state lines. He was asked by the business utter to defend the bell. And, as we saw from interviews earlier in the day, yet a medical kit and said the intention was to render aid even to people who are protesting or writing. So now he was
their based out. You know a basin. All these leftist museum facebook, it was not their hunting. People are looking for trouble. That is, as it would seem, patently false. Now A lot of information is coming from the defence, so will see how it plays out, but we're hearing now that that the judge in Illinois has postponed the laid the extradition hearing and many people are suggesting the d a in in Wisconsin filed these charges quickly without proper investigation. In order to prevent more writing so not an not actual be justifiable. Charges will show that plays out, and I read that story because it turns out as well according to the defence, now renounced immediately turned himself in the police, but what's really scary to me on this one, when I get to after we go to the breaking news. Facebook has banned support for Kyle written out. Keep in mind. The New York Times said he was attacked. First, the New York Times said this then
Our time says someone fired the first round and then he turned and fired now. Veneer time said person fired in the air, I dont know exactly who the person was why they were firing, but that absolutely would put cow Rittenhouse in fear that he was about to die. So he turned and fired in the direction of the bullets we also the New York Times at sixteen other rounds were fired and some are even best thing. I don't know about this, one that the one of them I should guide actual took a bought from behind, so we don't know for sure that a lot that meat that is coming out there's a lot that will probably change, but as it stands right now, the New York Times basically said, and you you look at the charging documents. All of this. It looks like it's a clear cut case of self defence. From somebody was legally carrying a rifle who has asked to defend a building, but Facebook has says has said you can not. Praise the individual, why their treating him like any other terrorist I want you to remember this because this is where it gets scary. When they came to the house,
of the Mcclosky in Saint Louis Guess, who got charged with a crime. The mcclosky is when the guy in his car in Austin, was defending so from a man drawing his rifle? Who did they blame the guy in the car, when Kyle Rittenhouse was asked to help render aid and defended business. Who are they blaming the kid defending himself non? Stop every day. I hear stories about how the police and these governments are letting extremists rum run rampant with impunity. There's photos come. Not from DC of this massive march that occurred tens of thousands not more all, crammed and huddled together, but the man, he came out and condemned Trump for having a couple hundred people at the White House outside mind. You, the game is, Yes, but it gets scary when morality, police will charge this kid with its with its serious crimes, because they're scared the mob. I told you this would happen. I said when they come for you
the police are going to they're going to say it is easier to just violate the rights of one person that it is to deal with a riot. Therefore, they will set this kid a flame figuratively. But let's read the story. First We have from the gateway pundit. Now I gotta admit I am not a fan of bigotry upon it. You can see new car doesn't like them either, but this is written by Cassandra. Fair banks who actually think does a really great job, and I do trust she's, a friend of mine, so I've? Actually, I will, I will say this to be credible, but keep in mind, I have had to say it's gateway. Pundit. They ve got a bunch of really done stuff in the past, though, I think Cassandra does a good job. They say how Rittenhouse was working as a life garden Canosa the day the shooting went to clean vandalism at school after work. Is it a simple cow? Renounces the community lifeguard who was working Canosa the day, the shooting? The simple fact destroys, the narrative being
peddled by the mainstream media that he had crossed state lines to harm the rioters. In a statement to written ass, his legal team at Pierce Bainbridge provided to get way pundit after Kyle finished his work that day as a community life garden Canosa. He wanted out clean up some of the damage so he's a friend, what to do to local public high school to remove graffiti by writers. Additionally, the weapon Britain House was using to protect himself and others never crossed state lines. Here's a quote, Later, in the day, they received information about a call to help from a local best, a call for help from a local business owner whose downtown- an ocean auto dealership was largely destroyed by mob violence. The statement continues. Business owner needed help to protect what he had left his life's work, including to nearby annex shops, Kyle and a friend arm themselves with rifles due to the deadly violence gripping canosa and many other american cities and headed to the business premises are premises. The weapons were in Wisconsin and never cross day. Mine's Cassandra goes on to say when
Rittenhouse arrived the mechanics shop, he and others stood guard to prevent further destruction later that night long after the eight p M curfew had passed, the Please began to disperse a group of writers. His lawyer, John M Pierce, explains that suppressing the mob. They maneuvered a massive individuals down the street toward the auto shops, Rittenhouse and others were threatened and panted, but he did not react. His intent was not to incite violence but simply to deter property damage and use his trying to provide first aid to injured committee members pure says this is backed by video that was published to twitter well before any shooting occurred. People had interviewed him and they posted the video, and he said I have a medical care to render aid anybody who gets hurt. You was not there looking for trouble. After the situation seems to be diffused, renounced became increasingly concerned about people who are injured in the gas station. He went in that direction with his first aid kit. He helped those he could. He could find you were injured either by ministering aid or directing them which way to go for help beyond what he could offer. This is also. Can
farmed and video before the shooting. The statement says about the final right now return to the gas station and confirm there was no more injured individuals who need assistance. Police had advanced their formation and blocked what would have would have been his path back to the mechanics shop Kyle than complied with a put the place instructions not to go There can return to the gas station until you learned of the need to help protect the second mechanic shop further down the street were probably destruction was imminent, with no with no police nearby quote, as Carl proceeded towards the second mechanic job, he was accosted by multiple rioters, who recognised that he had been attempting to protect a business. The mob wanted to destroy the This outrage, the writers and created a mob I determined to hurt Kyle. They began chase him down Kyle attended to to get away, but he could not do so quickly enough upon the sound of a gunshot behind him, Kyle Return.
And was immediately faced with an attacker lunching towards him and reaching for his rifle. He reacted instantaneously and justifiably, with his weapon to protect himself firing and striking. The attacker appears explains again this in the defence statement for statement from a defence is backed up by. Exactly what the New York Times reported. Someone fired a gunshot and the attacker reached and tried to take his gun from him, and then he fired. They say additionally right now stop to ensure care for his attacker, hardly sounds like someone went to the right with intent to kill quote Kyle to ensure care for the wounded attacker, but faced a growing mob gesturing towards him. He realized he needed to flee for his safety and survival on other attacker struck cow from behind, as he fled down the street Kyle turned the mob press on how many fell to the ground. His legal team says one attacker kicked Kyle on the ground. While he was on the ground, yet another bastard That would escape board several riders I do arm Kyle in fear for his life and concern the crowd. Would either do you to shoot at him, or
even use his own weapon against an Kyle had no choice but to fire multiple rounds, tourism, media attackers striking too, including one armed attack or the rest of the mob, began to disperse upon hearing the additional gunshots some important context. The New York Times confirms Sixteen other gunshots. At this time, Kyle was likely being shot. At the person had a moment with escaped board it'll, it's tough, the sake. As a video. I watched him, it may not have been intentional like hard strike, but the skateboard mix contact with his hat I'll. Put it that way Kyle rolls over and fires one round up and into the heart of this man who then stumbled over and dies. The next guy approaching is armed with a Glock nine Millimeter, he then put his hands up and kind Refrains from shooting but the man than lunges forward and tries to grab has gone so he fires up hitting his arm vapor rising this man's bicep.
There's. Some there's some hearsay, I'm not gonna, get into about what that guy's intentions were, but suffice it to say what we're hearing. Now, it's not good someone posted a photo of of himself, if this guy and his arm in a sling saying the guys tension was to kill, Kyle Quote Kyle got up and continued on the street in the direction the police at his hands in the air. He attempted to contact multiple off source, but there are more concerned with the wounded attackers. The police did not take Kyle into custody at that time, but instead they indicated he should keep moving. He fully cooperate both then and later that when he turned himself into the police at his home town, Antioch Illinois. Important to note Antioch is about twenty miles from Canosa. He worked in Canosa. That's why he was there. The legal team says in a reactionary rush to appease the divisive destructive forces. Currently roiling. This country, prosecutors in Kenosha did not engage in any meaningful analysis of the facts or any in depth. Review of about available video footage, some of which shows that a critical states,
Agnes, was not even at the area where the shots were fired. This was not a serious investigation. Rather after long Kyle may have had conservative political viewpoints. Maybe we saw it as a convenient target who they could use a scapegoat to distract from Jacob like shooting and the governments. Failure to ensure basic law and order to citizens within twenty four to thirty six hours. He was charge of multiple homicide counts. That seems rather odd, the police need to do an investigation when we're looking What's going on important with these riots, it took the feds months to actually go in its arresting people and filing these charges against them. Why they needed to do an investigation, but within a day they gave this kid what six homicide counts or something to that effect, say right now is now being represented by some of the best legal minds in the country, Pierce Brain Bridge, with the help of Nicholas Edmunds lawyer Linwood on Friday, his legal team uptight. A several weak continuance of his extradition. Hearing to September twenty fifth, the lawyer say this is an attempt to
slow, the rush to assassinate character or destroy life Kyle, his family, the team it at Pierce Bainbridge and, as other lawyers, intend to fight these charges every step of the way take the case to trial and when in acquittal, on the grounds of self defence, before a jury of his peers, the legal fees and other costs of Kyle's defence will be provided through donations to fight back foundation. It foundation created by John Pierce and Linwood to protect law abiding american citizens, whose rights are being too ample down by state and local governments that are more concerned with appeasing mobs and protecting those rights quote. Evan ten year old child should not have take up arms in America to protect life and property. That is the job of state and local governments. However, those governments have failed and law abiding, doesn't have no choice but to protect their own communities, as their forefathers did at Lexington and conquered in seventeen seventy five Kyle is not a racist or a white supremacist he's a brave patriotic, compassionate law, abiding American who loves his country and is community. He did nothing wrong. He defended
self, which is a fundamental right of all Americans given by God and protected by law. He is now in the crosshairs of institutional forces that are much more powerful than him, but you will stand up to them and fight, not only for him. Self, but for all Americans and their beloved constitution we will, ever leave his side until these victorious. In that fight linear posts now reports, the judge has delayed the extradition hearing for the accused Canosa shooter. You have a right to bear arms in this country and you have a right to protect. Yourself, I believe, based on what we ve seen from the New York Times official reporting on this, that he was attacked first base and what we are now learning from the defence I'm going I didn't say it seems particularly obvious. They would not just come out and lie about where he worked. That would be patently absurd and it seems that one of the witnesses for the state wasn't even in the vicinity of the
during this seems like it, may be malicious prosecution? Now, maybe not it's hard to prove malicious prosecution, but I think, like the defence said two things it's an excellent scapegoat. For the Jacob like shooting, hey, not our fault, our police did their jobs. Look at this guy look at. He did, but also their scared, because mob and the riot will come out and they will attack people but, of course, the media has already been lying about the saying that he was a militia member and I dont know, if he's actually member of militia many people, I've never actually heard someone say if you really was seems like a local kid and he seventeen by the way, but there saying is a white supremacist. Some insurrectionists I'm not even exaggerated adieu, who literally said he was part of an insurrection. Every group called like something insurgents claimed this guy shot three kids. This never happened there lying this would happen,
The guardian reports, praise for alleged Canosa shooter proliferates on Facebook, despite suppose it Ben one fundraiser for cholera house was shared more than seventeen thousand seven other times by groups with more than three point: nine million aggregate followers they gonna say that Facebook, as, designated the shooting a mass shooting, a ruling that invokes the company's ban, an unpraised support or represent, a mass shooter or the shooting itself, a spokespersons that on Wednesday, and yet those types of post continue to be spread widely on the planet. According to a guardian analysis of crowd, tangle data. Does there there's there's another Does it there's a ton of other big stories that I wasn't able to get into the segment, because we really need to go to the details of what's going out with Kyle, but we're hearing Donald Trump now say he will invoke the insurrection act and you know what
it seems like Joe Biden wants him to Joe Biden said all of this violence and destruction happened on Donald Trump Watch. Ok sounds like Joe Biden thinks. Donald Trump should involve the insurrection act come in and shut down. Some people have said that Trump should pardon Rittenhouse. He can't it's not a federal crime at state level that the president can pardon people who have committed federal crimes or Warren thoroughly and commute sentences of those in custody and an you know serving sentences on federal federal crimes. I could be wrong about this, but I'm pretty sure it's going to be up to Wisconsin. There was content governor and he will absolutely not do this I'm glad to hear that Illinois is putting a delay on the extradition, but welcomes your brave new world. Facebook has said this young man. Who seems to be an upstanding member of his community is the villain and you dare not support him. That scary,
is he not entitled to a legal defence? This is the problem with mass censorship. Facebook has seized the commons, our public spaces. Our ability to communicate have been monopolized by Facebook, Twitter and yes, even Youtube. And they impose rules preventing you from giving true justice to pee? the light Kyle and even the people who are shot, because true justice means that Kyle gets a fair defence, and if people want to fund rise to pay as lawyers, they have the right to do so, but Face book is acting as though this young man is the terrorist himself. Now I have a line, I'm not playing this game. We ve seen the videos we ve seen the report on the New York Times the law is lying. They are lying about everything. The New York Times is a left, leaning outlet absolutely and even they ve done an analysis showing that Kyle Writ House was attacked first. He had a right to protect himself and according
who was is defense. We know what he was doing there, the narrative being pushed through all these means, and from these pundits it is a white supremacist crossing state lines. Armed to hunt down it. Protesters is an outright and overt lie. And it is exacerbating the problem and encouraging more rioting, and that is what, for He spoke allows the means are everywhere, but they ban support for the kid defending himself when they come to your neighborhood. You will be a and I ve been saying this over and over again, and here it is here, it is what is it gets ex counts. Six homicide charges its exam Actually, what I said was gonna happen. Ok, let me stop it's not exactly ass. I was gonna happen, honest get into worked up, it's very similar and were inching toward that direction. Kyle, pile Rittenhouse working. In this city caught, you know twenty twenty or so miles from his house, which is which is a hop skip. It a jump when you live out, and you know middle nowhere, it's in between Chicago in Milwaukee, so there.
Probably the closest cities. Transverse note note no surprise has a job there, so he's working there. He gets word that extremists who don't live there because it turns out to be guys lived further away than he did no joke further away than he did so he hears at these people coming from out of town burning thing down in attacking innocent people destroying lives, and he said I work here, I'm going to protect my community, they showed up and they attacked him and he tried to flee. Think about that when it comes to the charges against him. We ve seen the video he's running away from them. New York Times confirms it, but they still charged him. Someone fired first, he defended himself. He tried to run the aid and then when they attacked him again, he tried to flee again. Still they say. First degree homicide you. That means they are arguing that he he went there
He engaged in his behaviour with the intent to kill. They could have theoretically argued that it was second degree murder. Maybe it would have been an easier case. They want to do it. The fact that they said first degree intentional homicide suggests to me that they're scared of the riots and they're using him as a scapegoat, and it is insane, but the reason I bring this up is because the riots are only getting worse, Donald Trump has said he will invoke the insurrection act. Ah, I should say he is. He said if they dont get things in order in Portland. Now here's work, it's crazy and then when I say this for the excitement because much much bigger story, governor Avars, agree with Trump and true it's gonna be sending in federal law enforcement. He may have already done. So. U S. Marshals were already there assistant Canosa police in arresting extremists who came from Seattle to the feds have already helped
arrests. Governor ever has also agreed to bolster the national guard. However, in Portland, Mayor TED Wheeler rejected trumps offer a federal assistance, and this is the point. People often say why vote for trot, because Tromp has been offering assistance the entire time and they have rejected it the entire time. Only now are they willing to accept help from tromp and the federal government good. But yours is worrying to me. These democratic mayors and governors will get reelected and, as we have now seen when they come to your community, beta Mcclosky is be its cow Rittenhouse. If you defend yourself, you get arrested, you go to prison. Facebook bans you, they vilify, you the leftist mobs. The extremists are being granted impunity to destroy and burn down everything, and I watched that The of the business on crying and hugging? I believe, maybe his wife, a mature because
everything he knows and loves was destroyed for no reason, I watched it was seventy old man it clubbed over the head. You see it the outgoing viral. None of that makes the new you're allowed to support these people, in fact, the NBA players protests support them, but Heaven forbid you want to offer up a real. Legal defence, whereas individual something he's entitled to under the constitution Actually they'll come to your house now come to my house and that's why, gun. Sales are through the roof, and that's why there's oh ammo left it's not just that the supply chain is disrupted. Distributors are running out of bullets. Those people are rushing to the stores to buy them up. Maybe this doesn't end badly, however, because I can imagine that most people are not extremists most people. But these activists, the Dnc, may want to use this protest imagery. But the average person saying why are you showing that people who attack me on the dna screen these people war victims, I think regular people are getting,
armed and their staying in their homes. Their saying leave me alone. It's only a matter of I'm before all this flips and extremists get locked up as the feds are coming for them. Heaven forbid, however, if the Democrats win, because they keep allowing this to happen, we need not just trump to win win across the board, the mayor's the Congress, men and women the governors. All these democrat, to be removed because of their ineptitude. Only after their poles got hurt did they say anything negative out these lunatics and if they get elected again and I'll, tell you this. If Trump loses, Joe Biden will not deploy feds or invoke the insurrection act. No one will stop these people when they come to your house. The cops will arrest. You keep that in mind. I got my Excitement coming up at one p m on this channel thanks, Frank out, and I wish you all then Donald Trump is roasting. The pathetic
democratic mayor of Portland, who once again has rejected federal assistance in the face of ongoing riots and looting and protesting you see in the wake of Canosa the. There was constant, got smart and said: you know what trump your right, let's bring in the feds Bolsa that National Guard and shut it down. And now something funny as happened so gotta go over. This will talk about what Trump set about this guy, but let's talk about karma, perhaps instant Carla. The Indus tweet I have on display Mayor TED Wheeler says today I sent this letter VI email to Real Donald Trump, declining his returning offer to aid Portland by sending federal enforcement to the city. Ok, how's that work it out for you, TED Wheeler, black lives matter with demands swarm, Portland Mayors, condo stage sit in hours after he praised peaceful protests, talk about spineless, ineffectual and pathetic leadership.
And now you reap what you have sown. Peaceful protests are great, like real ones now they're going inside his condo building and you know what do the rest. The people live there. I feel kind of bad the candle building, so there's a bunch of other people that their property values probably worth nothing right. Now, although I guess Some people are still buying in these cities because I have no idea whatever. I guess you want to live in a city with no business covered shut, out and violent riots all the time, but anyway there litter. Going in this building and staging citizens and the cops showing up. Of all goods are Donald Trump offer. I'm assuming is still on the table. Trump claims he will take care of writers and Portland. If the incompetent mayor doesn't get control of a city and adds Canosa has been very quiet since the National Guard arrived. That's actually true, let us be fair, Portland what quiet the past two nights ago, I'm not so sure out was last night
because a lot of these people are running from the feds, because the feds just announced seventy four people are facing federal charges, some face five year. Num prison sentences and some face up to twenty years in prison. I think it's fair to say Donald Trump crack the whip and these loans went running scared, but now in Portland still I don't about the riots, but the we're going inside the mayor's house demanding he resign. You know what I agree with the black lives matter. Protesters on this one- I don't say we were going in the Congo but demanding the Zack nation of Mayor TED, Wheeler, yeah It's actually you know I gotta see, I agree so I will. I will stand least on this one issue in solidarity with these activists sang get him out of office. Now think they want to get him out of office for like really weird and creepy. Far left extremists thence, but if they we can all agree, this dude should not be mayor anymore. I mean even trumps, call them and competent. Nobody likes the guy.
He doesn't know what he's doing and I'm sure the people who live in this building our pissed off. Here's the story from this back review. They say enough: of delicious irony, an angry mob of blue. A climate of protesters swarm the condominium building where Portland Democrat Mayor TED Wheeler lives. They demanded wheelers emit, resignation and the complete abolition of the Portland Police Department. Now that's just stupid, but hey man you get what you read. What you saw you not I mean is this, which is what you do you? Let these people run around for months, doing whatever they want and now they're gonna though it in your house, the protest occurred just hours after we. Her praises the mob for their peaceful protest. Wink, wink and derisively refused present Troms offered us and federal troops to stem the right. People have been saying troops about this, but let's be real. Now
Hope is talking about federal law enforcement. There, like the same as cops, you know you ve got a federal directive. Services is wearing uniforms like regular cops, but you know federal. They say troops because important. There is intact oh you're, outside wheelers building angry demonstrators, how black lives matter defined the police and send send TED Wheeler to the hay egg signs and flags inside group of protesters invaded Wheelers lobbying stage to sit in the activists said they would not. Leave the lobby until Wheeler Cave to their demands, which includes his resignation and the prompt. The funding of the police, I don't know if he would have liked to fund the police and then resign, but I'm not sure it would work that way because he'd have to actually don't know if he can defend the place. I think it's going to have to be like a city council decision, but if he resigned, what could he do that? So you can have both Kenya? The irony is mayor. Wheeler has repeatedly sided with anti police protesters and praised violet. Let writers, Wheeler is
probably learning that bending the knee to left wing mobs only encourages them to demand total surrender in another delectable example of Carmack Justice, the police did not respond to nine one. One calls made by wheelers, building. Why should they, since both wheeler in them, plasma mob openly despise the police. I must operate there. They should, because there are other people who live there. Look man, I don't like TED Wheeler. I think you know the way disk, I've had really the other day is he's. Probably One of these, like whiny beta deeds from high school, whose like got some wrong sheets. The keys known most of his life and she's crazy, far lefty and then he's like rocks and I loud. The ride protesters to tube to protest, that's cool right jack. Whenever dude, I don't care, and he's like. I told the pot to put the police to stand down that that that's cool you, I don't care dude and so he's just desperate to give I'm kidding. Obviously desperate to give them whenever they want is like the cool there
Look I'm hip, I'm with the kids who, when they go to his house and then his neighbours are like dude call me one one and the cops are like no we're not come and for that to bed now, as neighbours are suffering either. Kind of that kind of socks, and you know, says security for TED Wheelers Condo said set a while ago. They called least, but no one is shut up so far that part of the Pearl District in Northwest Portland is currently completely occupied. By far left protesters demanding he resign Portland rising tides has activists, are occupying Portland, TED, Wheeler Apartment Building and aren't leaving until he meets their demands. His resignation, complete abolish, went to the police by twenty two, with no tech or private, replaced. Whites and saved resources allotted to buy pot communities and cities. Airbus's I'm telling you they're they're they're, calling for a ban. Seeing the police and replacing it with nothing. It's it's! Ok it! So it's a
a roving bans can marginal baseball bat smashing up over the one and no one will stop them. But I'll tell you what it won't be: a private replacement. It will just be regular people going around with guns. That's why they're buying guns, in record numbers and am always sold out everywhere. That should be allowed I mention that people are stocking up on bullets for a reason, Garrison Davis as are resident in the apartment. Complex has put a black lives matter banner on their front porch. Looking over the crowd, I roll still- hundreds in the street in front of heads apartment, a dozen or so locked inside, Alex Milon, says a protest I have to get into mere TED Wheels Apartment building where three activists have locked locked arms. I got white people as to do in their the block party protest calling for the Portland place. We are to be defined, it outside TAT, builds apartment, is in full swing and you know says anti in Vietnam, are flashing, strobe lights into TED Wheelers, condo. Building in Northwest Portland there also hosts there also
hosting a metal concert on the street blocking the road and the kind of lobby. Your powers have chain themselves together, demanding he resigned several of, those neighbours got annoyed by the writing illegally dumped water on the protesters it a bit of frustration wow, this dear faces people are coming to the door to inform, secured it people are throwing things off their balcony onto the protesters outside Can anyone can farm amazing, just hours before homeless and Siege, wheeler, slammed Tromp and slightly refused his office on federal troops to manage the daily riots ransacking, a city, wheeler route. We dont need your politics of division and demagoguery. There is no place for looting, arson or vandalism in our city stay away. Please you'll see in the other day when, after the currency ramparts walk out with his wife and then they get surrounded by a bunch of crazy extremists screaming in his face being like we demand justice for around a tailor in their attacking him in the cops like raising his bite to defend them. The funny thing about, then, whether we want to bring it up.
And Paul is the author, I believe, is the principal author of the Justice for Brianna ACT or for her Brown Taylor ACT somewhat. The goal is to ban no knock warrants. Rand Paul is absolutely on their side and trying to enact police reform to stop things like that from happening. I think grandpas pretty great the fact they attacked him shows they don't actually care are about any of these causes. Someone just said it, and they just repeat it like a mindless drone. All they want to do is destroy romp about and be angry, and I want solutions to anything. They need an excuse to be angry. This is what TED Wheeler is supporting people. Who don't care about anything marching around destroying things. So here's what he writes to Trump. Yet again, you said you'd offered to aid Portland by sending in federal law enforcement to our city on behalf of the city of Portland. No thanks. We don't need your politics of division and demagoguery. Portland does our
onto you. We have already seen your records disregard for human life and your bumbling, responds to the covered pandemic, and we know you ve reached the conclusion that images of violence or vandals are your only ticket to re election. There is no, please think about how stupid after b, to write a letter like this. The right. That's going on or helping Donald Trump. If tromp ended them, he wouldn't have this so dumb. What if Trump really wanted to ever? If Trump really thought is Goblin he'd invoke the insurrection. No what's helping Donald Trump win. Is that he's not violating states rights he's upholding the concierge not enter peering in your local affairs and he's off. Offering you help, and you say no, how DOM do you have to be the smartest thing TED Wheeler could do would say. Ok, you know why, because it will be our trump
to actually send in law enforcement and effectively and the protests and their or the rioting? And if Trump couldn't do it and the feds couldn't do it? Then people would looked a trump and say he failed. He can't keep us safe importantly, if Trop sweeps out the riots now the imagery fades and people be I'm comfortable, saying: well, there's no rights anymore. Why did I vote for Trump? The best thing for Trump is that he keeps offering help and you keep saying now about tell you what I think trumps honestly, offering help like he did in Wisconsin and the feds are being deployed, national guards coming in, and you know what this shows us. Something tromp is ready, willing and able to assist to end the extremism. Still these psychotic leftist politicians and Democratic Party reject the assistance. Trump is according to a vulgar group in wisconsin- and we just- we just saw
iron range in Minnesota. Come out six cities in this Democrats strongly Union Stronghold Endorse Donald Trump reelection. How about that regular people know what's up and they like what Trump is doing who helped them stabilize things with the more these democratic morons, keep saying no tromp. We don't want your help and then this happens proving Trump right. The better he's gonna. Do it's absolutely absurd that you actually write something like this is what he said. There is no place for looting arson. Or vandalism and our city. There is no room here for racist violence or those who wish to bring their. Ideology of hate into our community. Those who commit criminal acts we'll be apprehended and prosecuted under the law. And how amazing is it that he just stood defiant in the face of the federal government to all the people of Poland? Don't worry, we don't need drums help. We can take care of it because looting is Bad and then they break into his own house, while men look it's why
the thing when you ve got riot outside of the federal court ass, you could say you know what importance mostly safe. There met a trump throws them when they break into your home. You want talk about being shown to be weak, so people and they say Donald Trump- cleared up peaceful protestors and from the White House who use tear gas to do it. Well, these peaceful protesters, the previous night, tried to burn down a that is very famous church. The church and the president's go to I turn to burn down as a fire in their bill. Bar was asked about it. They said you know that clearing out these protesters for a photo up was denounced by the cardinals in the priests and Bill BAR goes was before after you put, the fire out. Boom might drop. You don't american. The Erika people see. I talked about this when it happened there like Tromp Trump cleared out peaceful protestors, who gave a photo up, and I was like yeah, you know Trump dead. He showed two things one the church stands: they try to burn it down. We saved it to them.
Oh testers, the extremists will not dictate where I stand. Trump did that to show strike that you want to complain that it was wrong I dont actually, even though, if tromp was the one who ordered apparently didn't. Apparently it was Bill bar, I think, and it was because, there was. There was a warning given about like a certain point, the protests it had to clear out Trump walks out. They blame him for it. You know what at this point, I'm fine with it. I am look. I dont, like the government shutting down actual peace four protests. I dont know exactly what was going on. Of course, the left is gonna claim it was. You know it was all peaceful, I'm not entirely sure. I'm convinced you ve lost my good faith. I do I believe, you're being honest cause. Every single thing we see is is bunk. So here's what I see Donald Trump has no problem be, unlike out sweeping him up, he points the parliaments, as I can end this right now and the mayor goes. I don't want your help and then they storm into his own home when they came to it
I'm sorry, he said get out of my way. He saved the church and he pushed him out no problem TED Wheeler Collapse like a pathetic weeny baby. He says tens of thousands of Portland have peaceful protests in March for the noble cause of fixing our broken criminal justice system. They are part of our proud progressive tradition of Portland is fighting for justice from racial Justest economics just to environmental justice. Ok, you know what I've had it if TED Wheeler as saying that these protesters are noble. Well, and I'm gonna, go out and say: you're right, TED Wheeler. They are noble, I write another demanding you resign, so resign a marketing resigned had wheeler. You should resign because either You are supporting people who are saying you should resign, and I agree with all of you then, or him and probably- and I should say, and not or Europe, pathetic, ineffectual Peter? Who has proven that even your own neighbours can't stand what's going on, because I called the police, the cops wooden shop and they were throwing thing,
out of the windows at these extremists, but you are unable to defend your own house I mean look even the mayor of Seattle as seriously went to her house. She slammed her iron fist on the table and deployed the cops to clear about now. I think its hypocritical, but I can still respect that some degree that Wheeler can we get the car to show up. So here it is Donald Trump mocking him says: I'm gonna take control is like other tweet right here actually says. If the incompetent mayor of Portland Wheeler doesn't get control of his city and stop the anarchist agitators writers and looters causing great danger to isn't people we will go in and take care of matters the way they should have been taken care of one hundred days ago yup. What am I still say about that? Ted Wheeler can't even keep these people out of his own house and I'm supposed to be mad. That Donald Trump is saying: I'm gonna go and protect these people. Listen. When you hear that people
in his of its own building are calling the cops and cops won't show up. I think they're gonna be cross that I'm, I'm pretty sure their product across their finger. Saying please tromp just send in the feds I love when I tell these stories about like people. I know the lobbies on better, go tins. Lying anecdotes aren't data. It's like when I come on. Tell you that I know people in Chicago who want the feds to come in. I am telling you I have a tremendous data set, proving all cops are good and Trump is perfect. I'm saying I know people who want the feds are saying, and maybe it's just three people in all of Chicago want the feds coming. We know. That's not true, because the c span calls you never cease bank all those languages today, where people putting the party won. I call density live in Chicago suburbs and the city overwrought its being taken over yeah, they want Donald Trump to invoke the insurrection act because they have lost in their local leaders, not tell you. This is if people really worth throwing things,
out of the windows at these protesters, extremists I'm fairly content. They ve lost faith in TED Wheeler, her as well. In which case you know what maybe Donald Trump it's time to invoke the insurrection act. Maybe I'm reticent to say you know absolutely yes, because I just I don't know what he should or shouldn't do. I can tell you, though, TED Wheelers lost control if you ever had in the first place there in his house, and the left is currently engaging in escalation. Take a look at the story in defence of losing a new book. I talked about this during Ferguson. That's it. They write the laughed says in defence of losing our among us. I'm gonna get ended as already little, but they say in the past months of demonstrations for black lives there's, been a lot of hand, wringing about looting whether it was New York. Scum, Andrew Cuomo, saying that stealing person sneakers was inexcusable or saint. All mayor, Melvin Carter, saying looters were destroying our community police officers
officials and pundits alike have bemoaned the property damage and demand an end to the riots? And just this week writers have burned buildings and loot, stores in connection with constant following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, to which its content, Senator RON around Johnson said peaceful protesters is constitutionally protected. Former free speech- writing is not writer. Vicki Oscar Wilde, book in defence of looting came out on Tuesday when she finished it back in April she wrote that quote a new energy. Resistance is building across the country. Now, as protests and riots contained a grip cities, she argues that looting is a powerful tool to bring about real, lasting change in society? The rioters who smash windows and take item from store, she says are engaging in a powerful tactic that question the justice of law and to her and the district distribution of property and wealth and in an unequal society. Now, that's insane now, I'm not gonna shoot a tier over gucci
to be honest when they like storm the Nike store, I'm not gonna shoot a tier over massive multinational corporations and luxury item shops, but I can recognise its wrong, but I tell you I don't care about Gucci. I care that photo that came out the New York Times. Where you had an immigrant couple, hugging standing, the rubble of their small mom and pop bodega. They wanted nothing, but you said candy bar to the local children to carry a few gaps of milk, some cartons of eggs and some loaves of bread, and the route and the looters came in and destroyed everything. That's not justice as a powerful rhetoric that is violence, and that is evil and what have we seen in Portland, a vintage toy chop a small business they broke. It install like figurines things that can never be replaced. That is not just this, your stealing from regular people who are struggling to make ends meet. They don't care about you. They don't care about justice.
They just want power, and they are the last people who should ever be allowed to have it so Donald Trump says he is going to come in, invoke the insurrection act and crushed the extremists figuratively enter. The law in force and I'm saying you're not going to see me shudder tier if there were no break into the home of TED Wheeler and he's gonna sit there crying like a whining, pathetic coward unable to anything about it well, he should resign, and if Joe Biden has been hiding in his basement for three months, dare pop his head out so can I be presented now. I will say no, because as you are scared and your pathetic, and your loving. These evil people run rampant there, not just in our streets there in our cultural in to just talking about insane things like looting being a good thing and that's the lie. It was just a big box door at park. It did it would they leave out everytime small restaurant in Chicago Peter Shop, ransacked
looted small bodega corner stores, toy shops there destroying people's businesses, and these are not major corporations and then, when I wonder, bring up it's a: u care about private property more than you care about lives. No, because you ve killed thirty. The two people already I'm upset about that as well. People who didn't need to die people like David Doorn, a good man who is trying to protect, friends, business and he was killed over what some tvs, but in defence of looting when used J in defence of looting, but you ll remember the face of every single person who was killed because of your looting and then try and defend it, despicable and evil, and we ve got horrifying people on this kind
we like lorry, Lightfoot and TED Wheeler and Gar setting out an end de Blanco, completely incapable of doing the right thing that we see what happens in Canosa. You dare defend yourself, you're, the bad guy. You will be charged. We see what happens in saint ass, the mcclosky you're, the bad guy. If you defend your own home, we cannot have this. This is not justice is not karma. Is evil authoritarianism. The villains are gaining ground and there being protected, and I won't stand for it. You think that that these people think that the good guys and they ve got blood on their hands. I know they like to complain about trumpets, eighteen, thirty, two, that is nothing compared all the Covert das. Did you talk about a virus? I can we can control. The virus, has no brain. It's just a virus, but what's happening in these cities was
tension and the lack of leadership was also intentional. Is our madman caught man made constructs? We can control so vote these people out. I certainly hope they voted out TED Wheeler, I hope I hope you enjoy what you have wrought, because their therein, or home and I if you are a neighbour of TED Wheeler. I you know I feel bad. I really do I'm not trying to let you know dragon need any of you guys live in that building or subjected to this nightmare, but make sure you TED Wheelers door, and you give me stern talking to and you give a wagon the finger, that's about what the best you can do demand, he solve the problem, speak up and then, when it contains, when it comes time for the auction, you get rid of him I'll leave their next. I've been coming up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast thanks for hang it up and I'll see you all them. Bill. More has been left feeling very nervous about Joe Biden chances. The real time,
gave the orange see high marks and expressed his less confident about Abiden victory, and I would agree with him issues that Bill MAR doesnt seem to get it. The awoke insanity has only got worse and he's called out over and over again now, perhaps Trump isn't the the answer to the far left and friendly, but I'll tell you what he's your only real at this point- and I know it sounds dom- and I hate sang this lively said I typically dont vote against people, but I gotta say right now: what's the alternative, Joe Jorgensen, you can vote libertarian, but she's overtly express support for black lives matter. That's leave racist intersection. Eighty that I oppose so Donald Trump seems like only option start this by making one very important point. As a man named Abraham, Candy wrote, a book
its number one in human rights at Amazon is number thirteen overall in it he says the only cure for past discrimination is present. Discrimination and the only cure for present discrimination is future description, Martin Luther King Jr said that he had a dream that his It would live in a world where they would be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. So my question to left is If you believe in this ideology, then what are you doing to support Martin Luther King Jr dream the reality? Is it's quite the opposite of it? That's why I am opposed to I'm also angry about the ongoing riots bill. More has talked about this, but early. It's just not enough room to realise that Trump might have as issues what is certainly not as bad as Joe Biden, and I guess Bill Mars hope is that Biden is turned to the Obama era, but this is it all started, they blame tromp. They say all this is happening on trumps watch. I dont care trumps though
railing against it. All of this. We intersection Amity stuff in the far left racist stuff started under Obama, I mean you can I just started early than that, but it was on Obama for two terms, and he did nothing about it. Fox news says real time. Housed Omar expressed his concerns. Our president Trump pulling off for re election victory following this week's republican convention appeal. Bring on MSNBC the read out more gave the orange high marks, calling it unique and noting the inclusion of people applauding for some of the speakers, I dont know this stuff works, but it might. I am feeling less confident about this. Maybe it's just their convention bump got me, but I'm feeling less confident that I was a month ago. I myself the house joy red, agreed at the GNP conventional. They smoothly produced thing and suggested at the four black. Eyes and the women who were invited us
week were meant to sway voters, as a permission slept for those who felt uncomfortable supporting president Trump again and twenty twenty wildly offensive, races and sexist. I might add book then a second more, however, call the strategy effective, highlighting Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron's blistering attacks against Joe Biden. He was pushing back on, Joe Biden for saying you know if you vote for tromp, you ain't black and I don't think that's a good thing for Joe Biden too have said. Martin reading, he Cameron said I have my own mind. People do have their own minds. I've never been a fan of conform. I've, never been a fan of we all where pink on wednesdays. We all have to do this. We ought to say this. I dont bend the Bethany and I get that people are pushing back at that kind of stuff he explained the HBO Star than reiterated his growing doubts of a President Elect Biden. I feel very just the same way. I did four years ago at this time more later told read the Republicans at the convention. Looked optimist.
Despite the pandemic and civil unrest, stressing that optimism very often winds elections, even President Trump appeared gleeful upon hearing Mars pessimism leading in Michigan, leading in Minnesota, leading all over sorry Trump reacted there. It is now the segment isn't going to be about the secret travellers. In fact, I've gotta segment on their coming up in just a few minutes. Now the segment is the personalities and the pundits see Bill Mars expressing his doubt, based on the orange see being well done, and what does MSNBC joy, Reed claim. She says the Orange see trotted out black speakers to make whites feel good about white nationalism the house, to endorse an article that blasted black tokens who speak of GNP Convention where you had been more Europe just on this ladys show. Could you tell her to shut up? That's racist, ok, Donald Trump. The orange are bringing up people. You are on the side of supposedly arguing that more
penalised voices need to be uplifted, so what the orange see do they said. Ok, great TIM's, gotten a gaily come on down, tell people what you think and now joy. Red has the nerve to insult them, over this use funny they they claim to care about diversity, they don't Anyone who dare oppose them is smeared and insulted as tokens. That is patently absurd. Fox news reports and a peace published in the liberal outlet, venetian frequent, MSNBC guest Alley Missile accuse the Orange Sea of using black people to get its white people. It's ok to vote for a big it saying quote me Mr White republican voters, dont need permission to vote for white supremacy, their races themselves and think being raises a just common sense missile wrote. The message is not subtle but annulled trumps. Willingness to save the quite
part out loud is why so many race? It's love him. The irreducible core of his base is white. People who think being openly racist and violent towards black people is an inalienable right that has been taken from them by cancel culture drunk gives these people able horn and they love him for it. I care about liberalism, yes straight up, that's why? I'm gonna vote for Donald Trump, because these people are nuts, I love it. They come to my page, and they say here comes another white man saying I shut up because legally and I guess in their own context, on the way. I guess it's our work in this country. You have any amount of not white, and you and you're not white, fine, whatever I've never had to think about identity, I have actually had white Nationalist say this to me. They said that my problem is that I have
Oh racial identity, because I mixed rice and people wonder why I mentioned it is often as I do. I don't mentioned nearly as often as most people actually say, but I get it it's a meme, it's kind of funny. The point is I've never actually experienced any circumstance in which I had to assert identity. Until these people came along and started, cramping all over liberalism isn't that crazy that the bet the liberals, their best option is to vote? Can serve it. If some people have said that liberals are conservatives now and that's that that's not true, it's not true can but I still have their distinct ideology and we're talking about these deeply colloquial understanding the terms based on your politics. I, as a liberal, still have many of the same liberal policy positions, though I think the best bet is to vote conservative because their closer to where I met compared to these over
Is this like real joy, Reed and this woman? What's her name missile Ellie Missile misleading, to claim the GNP was pressing tokenism by having several black speakers expressing support for President Trump, including Senator TIM Scott, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron? form, and I fell players, Jack Brow and Herschel Walker, among others. She says the black people who are allowed to speak this convention were there to transmit one message to white listeners: it's ok trumps. Racism is ok because here's one of trumps, black golfing buddies, cops and vigilantes. Shooting Blackie blows. Ok, because here's a black ex con who comply with the place in which to live missiles. The reality of these black validate, as can be seen most clearly when you compare their roles to what the white speakers were allowed to do at the convention. The last speaker seemingly wanted nothing there were no additional policies, the desired or issues they wanted addressed. They had no goals, they wanted the next Trump Administration to accomplish
and no legislation they wanted Republicans to pass instead of an agenda. The lackey bore just there to say. Thank you white folks and fade offscreen, I'm not black, but I do come from a mixed family and I will tell you this when I too, I was having a conversation, progressive fact, friend of mine- and I and the reason I bring this up in reference to you- know Bill MAR is simply because this is what the pundits are bringing up in reference trump and he and I'll tell you why I think Bill Mars right and Trump is going to. When I was talking to a progressive friend of mine who told me to check my white privilege- and I said I don't identify as white and she was shocked at what? What you you, you don't much as like. Yet you know I have a mixed family. I don't grow up like I had you know bogey, unlike my mom, would make korean food, and you weren't like overtly any specific culture. My dad would make burgers. We just regular people, and I, ever actually had growing up this like identity based around race, or anything like that. So here
I am now being confronted by progressives who are white, calling for white collective action. And insulting black people because they dare have opinions. They don't like. I dont like that either. When I would talk to my progressives about race, they would demand identify as white. Why that's in saying they back. While you know your passing, so you you have to us. I know. That's not true. Many people dont know what I am sure. A lot of people said use, look like a white guy, I get it, but if I got the summer I get a tan, then it gets guy get told that a mexican or whatever- and that's my experience shouldn't my experience matter to these leftists guess. What, when I try to trump supporters, they never ask me about my daddy. They never asked me about rice, it's only The left that ever does and the point is the left. Some of these progressives will assume I'm hispanic or something else. As they say, I figured you or something else I want to deal with that. I shouldn't have to deal with that.
Especially, don't like it. When I hear the disparaging minorities for thinking for themselves, I have no problem with progressive swore black white latino. If they want to, if they think that things they have a virus, That is well, but why is it only going in one direction? Why is it that when I go and stand back to a Trump supporter, my race doesn't matter, but when they have speakers who want to pick up and talk about what they believe and now all of a sudden, a race issue. The Democrats are overtly racist and the white people who support them are pathetic and spineless and not worth talking too. For me, when it comes to opinions, it tell you why because as soon as they find out like I've been at these occupy approach, as I was attacked by Wall Street. When I talk to these progressives, they won't. They will argue with me until they find out that I am not from a you know: we're honeybees are white family, almost none. They changed their opinions, meaning they never told me anything anything sincere. In the first place, I don't want to live in a country ruled by these lunatics. I read this:
down with people of different races, creeds, colors, religions, whatever national origins, some lino asylum seekers and ever conversation about our world views and how we experienced things, and that means you will have a conservative whose black or a spanish- and I don't care if their black or a spanish and you will have Nicky Hayley. Who is who is indian and I don't care if she's indian, I think they're their ideas are interesting and I'm curious as to how they got to that position and especially don't like my family being attacked. So on what I think I think they're out there is some you no truth to the idea of intersection alley. My experience is dramatically different to that of a white family and to that of a black family. So where does that put me when the far left wants a racial lived world based on finite and easily quantifiable races that I dont fit into? No that's nightmarish. I will take Donald Trump American
Actually I'm over any of these lunatics who want left aside anti terrorism or white nationalism? Now you know what I like. When I see black conservatives, it says to me that there is a space where there are people who aren't racist or will to say I don't care what your skin color as common talk about. Whatever your ideas, the left, the other hand well insult all of them on racial grounds. That's messed up so bill more. I tell you this and use the absolutely could have called out joy. Read for these things you didn't! But now I want to move on to the more numerical aspect of this. The next I meant coming up. Let's get into the numbers: Trump secret vote, it's real many people, don't wanna stay there and about form. Well, let's talk about it. Next, angrily coming up in a few minutes to around, and I will see while shortly in a new survey about surveys we find that there is a secret trump voter see earlier. I talked about Nate Silver
five thirty eight saying. If Joe Biden has fifty one percent support and he's not an honest and supporters, don't put out signs forum that suggests Biden has the real silent majority in my response was very simple. You can't vocally express your support in poles and consider yourself to be silent. The silent majority, the people- scared to tell pulsars. You know why, because we no journalist to lie wheeled about fake news, and you think any one of these people support strongly get a phone call A journalist is like I'm, I'm I'm a reporter or I'm poster for this company. First, Davy S news, you know he'll Harris export over and we wonder what we ve been a vote. For so will you for they're gonna be binding, because I don't want someone trying to their house- here's a story from bloomberg- they say a new online study finds that Republicans and independence are twice as likely as Democrats to say they would not give their true opinion in a telephone pull question about their preference for president in twenty twenty. That raises the possibility that Poles and
state support for President Donald Trump, some eleven point, seven percent of Republicans and ten point. Five percent of independence said they would not give their true opinion versus five point. Four percent of democrats- according to the study by cloud research queens on New York based company that conducts online market research data collection for clients, among the reasons they gave, was it's dangerous to express an opinion outside of the current liberal viewpoint, accord the Littman, the coach chief executive officer and chief research officer Cloud research.
Doctor the survey on line, but inquired out surveys that are conducted by phone. It first asked participants for their political preference. Then it asked how they felt about divulging their preference for president and the phone pull later. It asked whom they actually did. Support for president political party preference was the only the only characteristic that correlated consistently with reluctance to share presidential preference Leap says there was no correlation with age, race, education or income. Yes, he doesn't matter. Does it raises a matter cloud research conducted a study to ways and got basically the same result both times in one one thousand respondents were evenly divided among Democrats, Republicans in independence and a second asked a different set of a thousand respondents pics to precisely match the demographic
of likely voters regards a party the question of whether shy trump voters were under counting the poles before the twenty. Sixteen election was part of an exhaustive post mortem published by the American Association for public opinion research. Some trump voters who participated in pre election poles did not reveal themselves as trump voters until after the election and they out numbered late, revealing Clinton. Voters. The ape Yo R Study said adding this finding could be attributable to either late descending late deciding or miss reporting. The so called it I tromp effect. Typically, the AP or study found those who admit changing their minds more or less wash out breaking about even between the republican candidate and the democratic candidate, not twenty sixteen them. People change their answer when called back after the election had voted for Trump by sixteen percentage point margin. The a pr study said evidence for a shy. Trump effect is inconclusive. The authors
otherwise that voters didn't wanna tell alive interviewer. They supported Trump you'd expect to do worse. In live interview, poles, then in one's involving interactive voice response, which is less personal. In fact, Trump didn't do worse. Enlivened of your pulse cloud research led says the AP or study doesn't change his mind. He says his company ASP dispense how they felt about divulging their preferences by automatic calls, verses, live ones and found the APL art assumption about which one trump voters would prefer was false. Many people are just as distrustful of automatic calls because their response will be recorded. Ladies and gentlemen, it's true just admitted the shy trump voter is real But let me show you something: I talked about this in a segment yesterday, Brigitte fantasy, putting on a post about not voting or voting, and what's going to happen this country saying basically in an article, she wrote if Trump wins look, this country will burn if
I'm blues this country will burn either way prepare for the country to burn, and I think she's right for the most part. However, I'm gonna be voting for Donald Trump, because I think the rise of intersection, eighty and leftist identity areas is an existential threat to my family, to my friends and to what it means to be american. However, Bridget also posted this, and I find it very very. Interesting. She said I'll share this email again for those of you who want to vent or rant or tell me, I may garbage drifter, whose socks at writing please at least be original in your insult. I furthermore, she said response us out the original tweet from last year said, I receive an enormous responds to this peace, and I want to hear from you especially this resonated. Please tell me a story about how you ended up politically homeless or, conversely, why? You think, I'm dumb, you can email me. She said I m politically homeless, a gmo that come. She got responses irresponsibly
you mean she said if my audience represents a slice of the politically homeless and these emails are any indication of how this demographic feels at the moment, Biden is in trouble. And before you start screaming about how my audience leans right? Many are former dams or people who don't vote. I for the most part as a person who didn't vote about a probable once not twenty, twelve, not twenty. Sixteen, and here I am saying I am voting for tromp in twenty twenty. The reason for it is, you can consider me, I guess technically a former Democrat. I did vote for a bomb on those about it, but I think, like I mentioned, left as a deterrent, as I'm threatens my family and it's scary and I dont want to grow in this country and we need someone to push back against it. The riots need to stop, and the Democrats have proved to be completely
capable of leading this country Donald Trump. They call him a fascist if he was half the fascist and they claim he was. He would have already put a stop to the riots. So just shows he's not a fascist. I trust I can support out warring got some autocratic take over other screeching, but I know that Donald Trump will bring in the feds if he absolutely has to, and it's better than Joe Biden I'll take what I can get nice. What other people? I don't know, maybe will hear, hear more from budget, but you can follow her on twitter she's. A great follow, Bridget at Bridget. Fancy. Well, Michael, more is warning enthusiasm for I'm pissed off the charts, yeah yeah. I think so. What I consider myself to be enthusiastic at the tough question. I will tell you this at this point. I probably one of those people to walk over broken glass barefoot to vote for Trump, and I
wouldn't have said that earlier this year earlier this year, I like now not VON form, our supporting Tulsa and Andrew Yang Yang, I think, join the establishment. The moment got the chance toll, see, I think, tried her best to be a unifying forced. It really work. There are some alternatives, you know the unity, Unity Party, the unity moving over, but I think ultimately we gotta stop what's happening on the far left. It is gone too far and we are hearing warnings Some people from Cuba on from that, as well as from other socialist countries, and I take their warning seriously and I am concerned about the overt racism of the far left. So you know what it's the first time in my life I've ever felt like. I would need to walk barefoot over broken asked about, for somebody. Michael more is warning of it. The hell says, Michael
or worn Democrats at President Trump appears to have the mental behind his re election campaign in key battleground states with a progressive activist, sang enthusiasm for tromp is off the charts compared with democratic nominee, Joe Biden more pointed to Poland, Battleground states just Minnesota in Michigan. In making the case that tromp was running alongside or ahead of binding in key areas, setting himself up for another potential upset November, he's a quote: are you ready for a Trump victory? Are you mentally prepared to be outsmarted by Trump again? Do you find comfort in your certainty that there is no way trump can? When are you content with the trust you placed in the DNA to pull this off. I'm warning you almost ten weeks in advance
Susie, as on level for the sixty million and trumps base is off the charts for Joe. Not so much don't leave it of Democrats to get rid of trump. You have to get rid of trump. We have to wake up every day for an Ex sixty seven days and make sure each of us are going to get a hundred people out to vote ACT now, and this will be a warning to trot voters as well. Michael, more, rallying the troops. Don't you forget it? If you plan on voting for tromp, or at least anyone in opposition of Joe Biden than you butter, wake up every single day and you get a hundred people to vote because they're gonna be doing this, there were. There was something I remember things: public Magua, three accessing mcnerney, which did this where he said. If every person just convinced three people to vote for Donald Trump Trump would win trumpeted of winning, I'm willing to bet that might turn which played a role in that because tromp one in some districts like some area like some states,
only a few thousand votes. Michael more knows it's about to come and if you get complacent and you think victories assured, they will snatch it from right in front of you, so you better make sure you wake up and you do too can now some people have asked like. What can you do and I honestly don't know, I'm I'm not usually the want to tell you what you can do other than speaking up and speaking out talk to friends and family members and always remember to be respectable and calm and nice you get more flies with honey. Then you do with vinegar. As the saying goes now they that that these these these extremists opera under the premise that you actually get more flies with human waste? Not put it that way, then you do as As the saying goes, some people say get more flies of honey than vinegar, and then someone responds actually get more flies with feces knock. I swear, I don't buy it now. I understand the literal idea flies, you know in an human waste, but that's the people were
going round smashing buildings and attacking people? Now, that's gonna drive people away, so, let's not caught flies. Let's say: you'll attract more friends actually will cite the sims will set the sentence. You dont when friends, salad, member, that up a so called a homo. They have the roast pig and then you know LISA was ikebana. Salad homer. Did you not when France is sound? Actually, I really do like salads. I saw rag another visa vegetarians, the point of making, as you want
invite people love or offer a pizza and beers, and actually do this offer many different options. Yet the beacon pizza yet regular, pity God beers, you got the gluten free stuff, then everybody can common, hang out and that's the Republicans have been good at so far, not thus not so much the party but the people. The people supported Trump. Then a great job of recruiting everybody down at a party and everyone's invited, and we get the vague and options. We got the gluten free options. We got the meat options with our biggest acoustic. We get something for everybody after they ve been telling me and I've been saying this parties way more fun and our party at parties mean so anyway secret from voters. Once again, Paul showing their real. Are you gonna make sure you stand up and get as many people to vote as possible? You're gonna need to is gonna, be a tough election. Assuming everything goes smoothly smoothly and as legitimate Oliver they're not smoothie smoothly. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly. Democrats are,
darting to panic and its obvious, we knew what was happening. They realized the riots were hurt their numbers. How stupid do you have to The item mean seriously the moment I saw one person throw Malta. I was like that's bad ya, need to call it out and call for law and order, and the Democrats didn't, they said, peaceful protests, we must defend the peaceful, protests and then some do. Love and explosive, unlike burned, cops hand and the cops posted vote. Because of injuries and Donald Trump said, I am going to be sending in federal law enforced into the court as do end. The violent anarchists uprising and people saw that and said I like it, and the Democrats said opposite to attacking the peaceful protestors and people are like dude. What are you talking about we're watching violence on the streets and it took this long three months for Democrats to finally,
do you like? Ah people down like it when their lives are burned to the ground by a bunch of lunatics ass stupid as this place we live in. Is this timely linen top Democrats fear that protest could help tromp when the best part about how this articles framer Maxie us is that they're, not even Thanks straight up it. Will there saying it could it could do realize it stood? All I'm asking the entire time was for one Democrat to be like we agree with Donald Trump, and we must end the lawlessness. What did we get? Well, violence is wrong, but you know we defend what what the movement is. Foreign trump is bad trump is bad. Not until you spoke to agree with him. You know it the lesson there so obsessed with Trump always being wrong. They defended rioting and I know Joe Biden a couple times has condemned.
This and people. The latter, like he's, conducted over and over again no shop a couple times. He did what they repeatedly called peaceful protests. Axiom says, Democrats closed Joe Biden increasingly fear the looting and violence in cities could help President Trump, especially among the few undecided or wavering Americans as a huge store that helps explained the state of the race, with some democrats panicking that Trump card when I love it when they do this because, like I made. So many videos were like Democrats, panic, but they literally say it. They're they're panicking a new Paul of his countenance I wouldn't worry, taken up in a market law, school pole of registered voters and Battleground Wisconsin support for black lives matter. Protests dropped third team points from June to August, just ahead of the police shooting of Jacob like there wasn't. Mitchell Surge and support for, and sympathy with the eleven June this year
shift to a more negative view in August is strongest among Republicans, but independence and Democrats also became less approving. The decline was across all regions except the city of Milwaukee? At a rally last night Manchester New Hampshire, the trunk campaign, amplified the issue by handling handing out official sign, saying peaceful protest and this is a peaceful protests Wow Donald Trump gets. It doesn't hurt his campaign there, smart people, they're, gonna, say there to say all, but there there They're, not social distancing are wearing masked. Oh, don't worry their peaceful protesters. That's why it's ok! You know what I say protesters Europe strong said, and I talk about my astronaut protesters as our anarchists, their agitators, the rioters, their looters didn't even know who George Why does if you ask them whose George floor they couldn't even tell you, video senator, ran parliament's wife Kelly being chased back to their hotel? Show the by police has got more Ten million views and the left was panicked. No use
I'll, be attacked the people watching it aren't watching it because they agree with you. They're watching because they're scared about what's happening in this country, Paulson and Fox and friends? Taxes were yelling, say her name, Brenna Taylor killed by police in an not great quote Surely the author of justice for better Tailor ACT to end no knock raids. Paul said so. The irony is lost in these idiots and your soul. Rights, the trap. The Democrats walked right into if one order are, what does watch it is about. They will lose. Biden needs a gesture of real sister soldier Clary to put daylight between him and the violent left. The bottom line David Axelrod, worn fellow dams, about trumps effort to shift attention covered in unemployment to law and order. The timing of unrest in Croatia has been a gift to him in that project. Yeah. Well, guess what they tried telling us. The George Floyd protests will not help tromp when re election,
Here's why I don't care what their reason is. They are so dumb. You know what this beltway bubble. They have no idea what's going on in the world, they didn't understand why Trump won the first time, They don't understand. Why he's winning now and they'll? Do these Paul's, actually TAT Joe Biden is leading by eight points. I mean six points, I mean five points I mean in key battleground states. One point I mean in select very important blue wall, battleground states, Trump is winning. What were you saying then about Joe Biden leading I'm angry? I am personally really angry. I remember when I heard about what happened in Chicago you at the store you may from Italian, but listen. I went to bed one night because the right happen happening we hours of the morning I went to bed, I wake up to everybody blown up, my phone saying Chicago is a flame, people are romping around destroying smashing shooting guns.
And I got worry. Unlike my hometown, I got family living. It lives in the Congo suburbs in Chicago, then I heard they were learnt, raising the bridges and I got mad. What is she doing mayor or Lightfoot rejected Troms assistance that are really mad. They just kept calling it peaceful protests they deliver. This thread from Jim Meeks, Jim Migs is co host for fix. It show former popular mechanic ye. I see he has a twitter third way said. Maybe a far left ideologues dont want mainstream America to think they advocate for riots and looting. They shouldn't write books, praising rioting and looting. Just a thought. I could do. In defence of looting as a new book. An MP are promoted it while they interview the author. Among us aid struck, promotion, Jim says and not advocating censorship. Quite the contrary. It's actually formative to see this view becoming normalized in far left intellectual circles. Just as it.
Informative to see NPR interview the author with total deference and no push back on absurd, factual claims. I want a major. This is clear for all and please share this video when they looted in Chicago, and I woke up worry tunnel What was going on. You know black lives matter. Did they went out to the police station and protestors in defence of looting? When I was in Ferguson, I was on the ground. Watching young black men link arms to defend them. Community from writers and looters, and they said these people don't live here. Their destroying our home. What did they write on this left us rag, while I'm not gonna name, they wrote quote in defence of looting the same garbage fake talking point to protect the Democrats by convincing people that the poor of this country marginalized communities would support outsiders coming in and burning down their homes, Alai. Nobody wants that,
can you believe the nerve of NPR and the cylinder write a book sang surely the minority in this country like it when people burn down their homes, how psychotic do you have to be to believe it? Anyone want to see their life go up in flames in defence of looting. Jim says putting isn't stealing property by force. She says it's a way of attacking that idea of property, this guy, I burned to death in Minneapolis. Pawnshop was not mentioned he's as normal Thousands of minority businesses destroyed in riots, the hundreds of thousands whose workplaces in jobs disappeared or the milieu whose neighborhoods had been made unlivable met. My Tracy reporting has been invaluable on this. I completely agree Michael Tracy nailed it when he drove around and actually too
two people. My respect, maybe we don't agree on everything, but I I think Michael Tracy did a great job. He says, as far as I can see, Michael Tracy has yet to be interviewed by NPR. Vicki Auster Whale argues that looting his quote: a powerful tax that questions. Justice of law and order and the distribution of property and wealth in an unequal society. I'd like her to add, like to see I'd like to see her explain that to Flora West Brooks Mile Tracy responded and PR doesn't have to interview me. They have plenty of reporters. They could have to conduct simple interviews with people whose lives were up ended by riots, but they are too wedded to a particular narrative and terrified of internal staff, revolts, the hyper privileged anarchy.
Pro looting author, clearly, two zero journalism in relation to the recent riots that she's now commenting on her ideological mission is to foment insurrection and bizarrely milk. Toast lives like NPR, are all in favour of it. I'm I'm I'm so done with all of this man. I want trunk to come in I wanna see that giant forty foot. What would make another thing that data, whereas it was in Poland, the giant God Emperor Tromp, just bring out the float and marched down the street, I'm just I'm so I'm kidding by the way. I think it was funny but I'm just so sick and tired of ineffectual Democrats and milk toast and pr at being. You know propping up this narrative. There too, scared regular Americans don't like this, and our cultural institutions are supporting outright psychosis. These people want to burn everything to the ground, and I want to make sure I stress one last point: I have to say it: I dare you to
go to a black neighbourhood, a lot Tino neighbourhood and asian neighbourhood, and tell them not to worry, because you will be there to burn down their store because, of course, it's a powerful symbol against the idea of property. They must agree with this right. I'll. Tell you what you shot to any one of these neighborhoods and don't be surprised if you become other their homes with baseball bat and crowbar sang stay away, from my business and what it what happened in Atlanta, you better believe a ton of people came out, said stay away from my business. Now they couldn't stop all the writers and looters, but it's about time. We stopped these extremists and we call it the media organisations in the Democrats, who have supported the violent.
That the looting that that the violent individuals saluting the arson and we actually defend minority communities and the impoverished they're, not gonna, do it. So I tell you what Democrats starting to panic. You will not get my vote not for a long time. If ever again you let it happen you're, either incapable of leading or you are wilfully inapt. We need someone else. Alida their necks sector will be tomorrow at ten. A m thanks rang out, and I will see you all next time.
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