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Republicans May See RED WAVE In November As Polls Become Wild Or Wrong And Democrats Flip For Trump


According to NBC News Trump could lose several battleground states and still beat Biden if his other 2016 victories hold through 2020.Minnesota is a good example. Union Democrats are proudly flipping Republican to vote for Donald Trump. Some speculate that we could see a red wave and Republicans will take everything.But the reasons to believe this is the case are based on anecdotes and interviews. Polls suggest Trump and republicans will be crushed in November.Maybe they are right.But maybe people are tried of the do nothing Dino's and Rino's in politics and just want Trump to win. Maybe Nancy pelosi's aimlessness and the Democrats and Media's orange man bad narrative is grating and infuriating to the public. One thing is for sure either the polls are wrong again or Trump's base is wrong about the "silent majority"

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We may be about to witness a surprise red wave in November. Not only will Donald Trump Land Slide, but the house will flip republican The Senate will stay republican and Republicans will control every branch of it now you happy Tsang. Surely you jest TIM? The poles are all favouring Democrats, Joe Buttons, the favourite the Democrats are favoured to win back now they could. Maybe even win back the Senate and you're right. That's true too. The reality is, the poles are almost meaningless the swing between one Polton. Next, I can't even frack anymore. I saw them or from the hill, from theory a surprising republican wave election. Could be looming and I thought to myself exactly what I just said no way come on how many people are a trial They trumps get away trumps go away, but the poles are favouring the Democrats. So I started looking at the pole and their meaning less. I mean most of them. You got one
pull us like Trop minus seventeen than other pole trump plus three, no one has any. Idea about what's to come in Dover, especially with an in voting fiasco decided to ignore the poles and look at general sentiment and what I find there are a lot of jurisdictions lot of district in areas where support is for Trump our product story from CNN from a little while ago it was a democrat stronghold. They had visited and found But even though these locals work about Democrat in local elections, they were supporting tromp as present and now we're seeing similar things in many different states. It appears in Ohio, worse yet in Minnesota. In fact, NBC news ran a story. Sang tromp could win Minnesota lose three, other major states, major swing states and still beat Joe Biden so long. The other twenty. Sixteen victories stay with them in twenty twenty, while I dont know
exactly what's going to happen, but I too, entertain some ideas as to why we may actually be looking at a looming, red wave and Trump victory. I'm not gonna be stupid enough to make this boy. Publicans will absolutely win, but I want to look at these poles talk to you about why. Talk to you about why I just don't believe it and then show you some stories which suggest we actually be looking at a republican victory, see the media is doing the exact same thing: they did back in twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen ever learned anything and if we follow the poles likely, back then it's possible that even though tromp is not favoured to win, he still will win, but I do think that regular people are flipping for Trump in a lot of different ways. Notably time magazine has a story, about fringe conspiracy theories. Persisting now I want If this is just an excuse that are trying to use when they lose all all the people voted for trot just believe fake news and can spare
two posts on the internet and it is true I've. I personally met people who believe crazy things and support trump, but This just shows the media has failed and all the more reason not to trust them when their poles come out and say. Donald Trump is up down left right. I would even makes sense does it so I look at Santa How many signs have you seen for Joe Biden? They exist. I've seen one in in Britain person. But I've seen more trump signs, and I can count how many Biden, not a whole lot. The enthusiasm gap is a serious problem. Yes M Gap- is a serious problem and even progressives are pointing it out. This may be a red wave kind a year. So, let's first take a look at what John furiously opinion contributor for the hill, where he give some examples of why he thinks there will be a republican red wave before we get started. However, had already TIM cast outcomes lashed done it if you'd like us, what my work as many wage can give there's a p o box. If you like this,
Stop at the best thing you can do share this video. If you think what am I, what I'm saying is reasonable, rational and important sharing is the best way support my work because I dont have a big marketing department. I just rely on shares word of mouth, if you really want a support me and make sure you're getting all the views I put out then subscribe hit. The like button hit the notification Bell. Let's read this story from the health first and then go through the data. A surprising report. Lookin wave election could be looming, fury rights, political waves come unexpectedly, it is especially the case when it comes to the House of Representatives in nineteen. Ninety four nobody expected the house to flip to the Republicans for the first time in forty years, the contract with America was seen as a curiosity, Retinue Gingrich's vanity project the media roundly lampooned it and then
Amber rolled around and history was made in September, two thousand six George Bush wasn't that popular the Iraq war wasn't going that well, but most pundits and most Republicans thought the house would hold. Then the rat mark mark fully are from Florida. Scandal consumed Washington and then see policy was swept in as histories first female speaker of the house in September, twenty ten after the tea party summer, the smart set still didn't see how the future unfold. I remember seeing an analysis from investment bank which constantly predicted the house would stay, in democratic hands. Ups, the election in twenty eighteen, perhaps was more predictable. The Democrats raised unprecedented gobs of money and mounted unprecedented opposition to the unpredictable. As of Donald Trump, but that New House majority was built on an unsteady foundation of districts that were initially captured by Trump two years before, which brings me to my first point: how
many of these districts where moderate districts that we're looking to a Democrat who would be just outside of the culture war. Please bring back kitchen table issues, we want healthcare, we won't talk, job and immigration, not this orange man, bad stuff, a joke I often make. Is that just like is your door with the one ring in Lord of the rings once they got elected and they stood a top amount due ready to come Orange man back to the fire, they turned and said no Instead, they decided to impeach Donald trouble, gave you ll get the reference the point of making as we elected these people. The moderates did because wanted someone to go in and stop the bickering between Democrat Republican. Instead, what happened as they got in and soon The Democrats had power, they all yelled, collectively Orangemen bad. Let's spent all our time, trying to impeach him getting very little done so why, voters still trust them. Maybe they won't it.
Just one reason they may feel betrayed and switch back to Trump, but read more most analysed now believe that Trump will lose. His bid for reelection and policy will stand a speaker, but I wonder if that's true what are democrats running on EL the smart ones are running on healthcare. The same issue that very them the victory and twenty eighteen, but the top the ticket isn't focused on healthcare, its focused on hating Donald Trump will hating Trump work in districts that went for trot the first time I dont know. No. Personally, I think no. These were districts that voted for Trump. They didn't Hake the man they wanted result. When they felt like their work, getting results. They voted in Democrats. The Democrats then tried to impeach Trump and boy. Maybe they'll just sit this one out, in which case trumps, fervent and vocal base will sweep and giving him victory. He does. It certainly works on raising money from the rubber wealthy, who despise trot because he is a traitor to their class. For normal Americans? Those want to get back to work, those who want their schools to reopen quickly, though
you want to be able to dine outside without getting harassed by masked marauders disguised as social justice warriors. Those who respect the police in the american flag, hating Trump, isn't the main message they want to hear. He wasn't a site. I look at the middle of Michigan, the eighth eleventh districts, and I see voters who voted for trot. But also voted for Governor Whittemore, and I wonder if they are so enamoured with the ridiculous lockdown, that of clothes, small businesses and penalized citizens who wanted to visit their cottages and do some recreational boating the fact of the governors husband all day. Do you know who I am when he tried to get his own bout only made the situation worse for Democrats in the Wolverine State, not just that, but four hundred thousand people in Michigan have signed a petition to recall Governor what mors emergency are on site to appeal governor wit, murders margin see powers. Suffice it suffice it to say many. These people are not happy and Those people who signed a petition may get out enthusiastically for Donald Trump. He was out of sight
I look at Minnesota Second District and I think how the riots in Minnesota play in a part of Countries that values, law and order and believe straw we in the ideal of Minnesota's Minnesota nice. They might not love trump there, but he beat Hillary Clinton by point and a half in the district. And Republicans are investing serious resources to win the state. For the first time since Nixon in nineteen semi. Do I look Josie Seventh District. I see a sign of famous governor running on the republican ticket in a state that was hard hit by covered. The current governor has used sky high ratings to consolidate power and push a left wing agenda that is just now starting to go our strong opposition. Trump lost the district by a point and most analysed see Tom Keen losing, but these are the type of districts that move quickly in a wave.
The voters are restless to get on with their lives, disgusted by a political class that continually flouts the laws in private, as they taught them in public policies. Harrogate is but one example of politicians B. Being badly Joe Biden is all about american column again, as he's what actually campaigns with his mask and is teleprompter, but if trumps, energy and fuzzy asthma and vision prevails in November. Look for Republicans to catch a ride and recapture the A majority waves are hard to see in September, but rise up quickly in November. I decided to look at the polls is what he is saying. True do people really? feel this way. It feels like a lot of speculative no nonsense, I say similar things. I don't know the pole say this, but I feel this way does it matter how I feel coming kind of I looked at the polls in the pundits back in twenties.
And they said Hillary Hilary Hilary trouble never win, and I believed it now. I dont trust them. People bring up a really important point, however. Hillary Clinton was despised, still is by a lot of people. Joe Biden, not so much used up like threatening some people might actually be. Ok with sleepy creepy, Joe asleep in his chair and leaving the job to common Harris. However, as it pertains to Trump and the House I dont think it matters so much if people are telling everyone there about democratic public and for congressional candidates. You know why we just saw a Trans Satanist anarchist when the G o p nomination in a small jurisdiction, because people just check the box, for whatever name, is on the republican ticket. Okay now some people are, sat having realised that this
The dual slogan for further campaign was f the police. Well, what you expect, even though we were voting for- but this is good NEWS for Republicans in the long run, especially in the house, if people just care about tromp, maybe when their pulled when it comes, tat, the house. They say our, but when they hope for Donald Trump they're gonna go r, R R, all the way down, and that means the Trump bump the enthusiasm get for Trump will benefit everyone down ticket I looked over to Ohio. Does it show me the poles when we got morning Council has trumped up five points wow. But previously rest Musin had Biden up four points. Previous to that Trump apply up five trumped up for than before that trumped up one. It goes back and forth it flit flops, but they're dead Paul, so I have no idea who is correct, so decided. Let's look at the aggregate pulling
Well rest, music has Donald Trump plus three. We just look back to economist yoke of minus four teen or Reuters Ipsos minus seventeen, so which is it. Ok, ok, hold on the lake Best Pauling is from Rasmussen with plus three, then Fox. It was from only a few days before and its minus three so maybe times are changing and trumpet starting to improve, or maybe poles are meaningless and may be basing our prediction on poles that were fairly broken back and twenty sixty not completely, but not completely accurate. Maybe that's a waste of time for everybody and what we need to do is look at the actual sentiment of human beings. What do they think and what do they feel now? I know pollsters are trying to do that, but maybe they're just doing it wrong. Ok, people set at twenty sixteen at the pollsters were right, but the predictions were wrong.
Ok, then, maybe the predictions are wrong. Maybe they're still not accurately pulling the midwest, maybe they're missing trumps hard core base, in which case from gonna win. I tell you this is the economy stupid at the r c, p average thriller politics pulling ever four Donald Trump. He is winning on the economy and he has basically always bidding winning an economy except for this period and twenty seventeen up until covert hit. He was enjoying ridiculously high pulling on on the economy, the only Poland right now that has Trump under water? Is a left, leaning, democratic research organization with drop minus two Grenelle Seltzer has Trump plus eleven on the economy. I'm willing to bet people are gonna, show up and they're gonna say I just want the cash. I don't care about the social justice. I dont care about black lives matter. Money talks bs
walks, they're gonna, walk in and say I know who line my pocket with gold and it wasn't. The Democrats and there's gonna be a lot of people who show up and when they vote there have Republicans and on the congressional ticking away. One of the big disadvantages Republicans had in twenty eighteen was that tromp was not on the ballot meaning when these Democrats shut up devote, they showed up because they hated Trump, but trumps supporters work voting for traps that it should support the Republicans and thus many The Republicans ended up losing. What's it look, let's take a look at some point that actually favorite trump. However, this one from NBC News really really shocking, reaches up. Trump is trying to flip Minnesota he'll need the iron range, the historically Lou area with a tradition of organised labour, surprised, the country when it swung for Trump in twenty sixteen he
We need to expand that margin this year. But although the title doesn't say it, they actually point out that tromp is kind of and probably on track to win. Minister, took it up. They say when Norman Johnson started working as a minor on Minnesota's iron range, the nineteen seventies. He kept his conservative political views to himself by the time we're tired the summer he felt comfortable, passing trump bumper stickers to co workers in putting campaign signs in his front yard. For a long time, you were hard pressed to find a Republican now they're, all over the place SAM Johnson, sixty five once reliably democratic and home too strong labour unions, the iron range? Could now? help. Deliver President Donald Trump Minnesota's ten electoral college votes a flip that could help reelect and incumbent facing difficult prospects in other, important states and Bc New says: if tromp can flip Minnesota, he could lose Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania Joe.
And still get reelected if he holds the rest of his twenty sixteen victories. Maybe you saw the story. Six cities in the iron range endorse Donald Trump for RE election, and you got a guy testimonial one guy shore, does, as Republicans all over the place. That sounds a lot like what other people are saying about seeing trump flags everywhere. Maybe the sentiment and the anecdotes are better evidence than the pollsters, maybe not No, the plural of anecdote is not data. Just someone telling us a story doesn't mean it's true, but I have to wonder. I really do because We saw something similar in twenty. Sixteen, I remember hearing a story, some personalities that I know who work in news and finance had told that, every there they were living in Europe and everything they saw in the media, was everybody hates Trump, they flew back to the? U S, they landed in North Carolina where they saw nothing but tromp flags and prompt signs, and I thought to themselves.
Whoa. The media has to be wrong about this. This journalist class must be getting something wrong. If all of these flags or everywhere and ah yeah they are, I bring you now to sixty minutes Donald Trump conversations with Bob Woodward about Corona virus black lives matter, a nuclear war in taped conversations they Washington, Post journalist, President Trump said he wanted to downplay the severity of the current a virus, and the recordings reveal the president's view on how close the? U S came to nuclear war. With North Korea, Scott Pelee reports, Scott Pelee reports, Scott Pelee Interviews, journalist Bob- would journalists, Scott Pelee Interviews, journalist, journalist interviews, journalist, to complain about Donald Trump. Journalists say Orange man bad. Is this supposed convince me: do I care what the ivory tower elites have to say. I don't I don't care
one. While these journalists learn that they represent this fringe group of privileged elites that do not represent or either this is it the one thing America finally needed to wake up to the horrors of the orange men, I made was this: is it the one thing America finally needed to wake up to the horrors of the Orange man, a journalist entering a journalist complaining about Trump, as if that's something we haven't seen fifty billion times are we of the Atlantic? Is noting, at the media, learned nothing from twenty? Sixteen, the press hasn't broken its most destructive habits when it comes to covering Donald. I love how there are like people, waving their arms screaming in the media, like something Saying stop stop doing these things. You are helping Donald Trump, but they don't listen because their addicted to him. They are addicted to Trump. They love
they love to hate him, but it makes them money. They don't want to stop. They can't stop. What are they do? I love hating on the media. To what can I say the Atlantic says we are seeing a huge error and a potential tragedy unfold in real time. That's a sentence that could apply to countless aspects of economic matter. We'll governmental and environmental life at the moment. What I have in mind, though, is the almost unbelievable failure of much of the press to respond to the realities of the Trump page, many of our most influential editors and reporters are acting as if the rules that prevailed under previous american President's are still in effect, but this president is different. The rules are different and of a dozen adapt fast, the press will stand as yet another institution that fail than a moment of crucial pressure Let me tell you, you see: there are not saying to the media to get in touch with regular working class. People talk to Americans and be authentic
They are saying stop playing by the rules they haven't been playing by the rules. Dude, that's the problem which brings me to one of the most. One of the more hilarious stories we we ve seen yet from time magazine. How can speak Teeth theories are shaping the twenty twenty election and shaking the foundation of american democracy. Let me tell you this: if the media, just by the rules, reported fairly stopped, editing, trumpet of contacts and screaming Orange Ban Orangemen bad nonstop and gave him a fair shaken the things he did well in the things he did at an end and the things it poorly. Perhaps the american people would trust the press more, they don't. So what do you get conspiracy theories and the story from time is actually quite funny: they talk a bit about q and on its kind of silly thou, because some of the people there interview are talking about the problem of trafficking and how the Trump Administration
our government under Trump, is actually rescuing a lot of kids. They then say their parroting elements of the queue and on conspiracy, you know what I don't care if they, if their criticising or insulting Trump supporters as conspiracy theories for believing things, I think a lot of these conspiracy theories are legit knots for sure, but I don't care for criticising People can look at the store in the minutes say. Oh now, tromp supporters are so dumb. So what they're still tromp supporters and these to any stories in these theories are an amazing them to go vote right. Maybe this is, why will see a red wave, because no one, Thus the media anymore, because they have just they were wrong and torn sixteen about so much the Pandit class and their falsely they pull Trump quota cuts ex? They lie about everybody. They lied about me.
If they're lying. Why should I believe them, and that leaves lead that leads people to seek out alternative means of communication, in which case they go online? They talked other people and they start believing in many different things. Many of these things become unhinged. I dont trust, Thou media, I'm doing airports here, because I do use mainstream media sources when I can verify them, it's quite difficult sometimes, but the problem is you do have a specific democrat class in the media. That seems to just frame everything in a positive light. I'll even example you take it defined the proud boys they fly the reality? Is the proud boys decide to do a first amendment, protest marching around waving american flags Antifraud, decides to confront them and start fights. This is a tendency, that's not always, but a typically is the case like none at a ten times, anti foot will actually tenanted ten times its anti for showing up to confront proudly
who just want to walk around the fights are not at a ten times started by Antiphon. At that point, what will the media nine out of ten times it will show the proud boys claim there far right extremists, starting fight with peaceful protesters? Take a look at the riots number one. The Amis NBC Guy was standing a fund of a burning up or a burning police station sang it's mostly peaceful, nigh as mostly peaceful yeah, serial killers are mostly peaceful. Do they only kill a small fraction of the people they come across? and people see this and there like. What are you talking to? The riots are horrifying. Why can't I get an honest take from the press. You're not gonna, be able to, unfortunately, because their more interested in defending at least most of them, not all of them their march in defending their perspective there frame of mind, and they are also ivory tower elites. So. What do you think happens when you put Bob Woodward and Scott Pelee in an inner room together and have him talk to each other, regular,
can roll their eyes and say: oh and enough already, the Orange man is bad. I just don't care. And then people do their own research. Many of these people watch a trump rally and realise that it has been lying, some of them go down deep, dark rabbit, all's of crazy websites as our reading, crazy things and then believe, crazy things, but guess what their organ about four tromp. So what does it matter? You ve lost the trust of people. The establishment is crumbling, the media has failed and people will believe in Saint thing. Because of it, but it at the end of the day there organ about four tromp right. Look, I don't love is actually going to be a red way. I think there are many reasons to suggest that could be the case, but maybe the poles are accurate. I mean
let it go wrote not too long ago that they still can't accurately track trumps base. And if we're looking at a huge margin of error, of like five points on top of the existing margin of error, because they can't tracked from space, then Trump as when you cross. The board may be trunk, just wins a narrow victory. Electoral college, like you did in twenty sixteen, but will the Democrats accept it? That's the scary part. You see the writer reed at the hill saying that it may be a surprise to people. It may be a surprise to many of these Democrats, but maybe, if you been paying attention, you expect trumped do better than their predicting probably win. If that's the case, what will Democrats do when they lose their entire worldview is shattered to a million pieces. It turns out you're, not popular, you are not in the majority and you have dedicated your identity and your life to chasing after some
unpopular that nobody wants? In fact, you are the French. I think they'll have a nervous breakdown and it could end up being really really bad for a lot of these people and ultimately really bad for us. David. Sir but of Jack of a magazine says you're not being loyal by staying silent as Biden depresses voters, as Biden has ignored, democratic base pulls now show he faces an enthusiasm gap. Progressive pressure is needed, a force him to energy is democratic voters and if he trump, I don't off his right. I think the far left large is costing the Democratic Union voters end Susie? I am because the Democrats are split down the middle. How could they possibly win if progressives? Don't want Biden
enthusiasm, because the Democrats are split down the middle. How could they possibly win if progressives? Don't want Biden and they're mad at him and Union Democrats middle of the road Democrats? Don't want buy them because he's entertaining the far left too much. What do you do? I don't know, but Trump is picking up all the supporting other side. So you know what maybe there are many many reasons to suggest. The polls are all wrong. I don't know for sure, but I can add one more time if we're getting a ridiculous, violent swing, minus seventeen plus three minus fourteen, it could just be the media new cycle is eradicate insane, so people's opinions are changing like too ridiculous degrees or it could be that most people have made up their minds and the poles are bunk, in which case I
going to base my expectations off of what I see in the streets and what do I see blue lives matter? Flags tromp supporter flies, I'm in the suburbs, I'm in a blue suburb. Amid a democrat supper and I see very few very, very little support for button. But that's that's! That's the issue there. The enthusiasm for Trump is more about. Do support a more oppose him. They are people who want to enthusiastically oppose Donald Trump too, so we will see we'll see who will have the bigger base. I don't know for that matter. Who's going to cheat. I think it'll probably be the Democrats, so we'll see how it plays out I'll, be there next time, that's coming up at six p dot m over at Youtube dot com, Timcast news thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all then the right that erupted in Lancaster over a man who storm that of a building waving a knife and screaming causing a cop to flee, turn and shoot him result in eight arrests and four from outside the county. The arrest include property destruction. I believe there are charges. Let me just repeat that
A man stormed out of a building chased after a cow who ran away screaming and waving a knife, the cop turned and fired and self France, because a man was chasing him with a knife and as many of you are probably aware, knives are lethal. Yet these these protests, these riots, the unrest it actually is organised, and now we have the leaked documents to prove it D, Hs leaked email confirms anti far is an umbrella group for different cells that operate independently, and it proves purpose to elements of I still want to make sure it's clear. Anti fraud is an umbrella term for different cells that operate independently and that's on purpose to protect them, They don't want organised leadership because organised leadership can be taken down, for instance, take a look at the problems. The proud boys often engaging in protest marching around Antiphon come out, fights would ensue typically anti for restarting the fights. It wasn't always the case, but they are all
he's trying to incite something the proud boys don't typically shop to annual locations. Although there was one in since we're prate Patriot prayer shy, rob to cite a riot which was like an anti for hang up anyway. The point is you had given the Guinness: they didn't arrest him anything they just smeared and defamed him and target at him and then used that against all of the proud boys. Ultimately, This results in negative press and well. The press are gonna, be negative against them anyway, but the idea that anti FA has, as you dont well, actually put it this way anti. Actually engages in overt acts of terror, and they Friday, use, Patsy's and wilful idiots. Useful idiots ripe. So a way to explain it is aunt. If a guy who actively organised and tries to sow discord wills, slightly no Solly slink up to a random person, say: hey here's a firework! We too are. We saw this important, the dude that lobby the firework
blow. Dora was an explosive know what it was and that more on now goes to jail. Then they say the guy who got arrested wasn't anti far and then the press, defending anti fuck says things like trumps shy of civil liberties won't stop with Anti fa. So what we're seeing from the age as I say that there are individuals who are strategizing, who are planning who find like minded people and manipulate them We get the story on New York Times just the other day and American. Killed by federal agents and the President called it. Retribution We are so far gone yeah. You know what listen I don't like that Trump called it. Tribulation when Rhino was killed, but the official Story a story for witnesses: it is, it wasn't retribution and- and I don't think, trot polar retribution s eyes. I think he said there needs to be retribution. No, not in an I disagree. There needs to be justice. Retribution this kind of a scary term that usually,
implies someone asserting moral superiority, seeks out some kind of well it's not necessarily justice and it's not necessarily revenge, its retribution right. It's it's! It's someone paying the price for being a morally wrong or committing some kind of act, and although retribution and always necessary, negative. We gotta be really careful. Now we want justice. I don't like this. Guy rhino was killed, but I don't like that. He stalked and then murdered a trump supporter, and so he needs to be brought to justice. That means apprehended We need to put him on trial, so we can all I'll see beyond reasonable doubt exactly what happened. In fact, it was a travesty that this man You know why he escaped justice by doing so, and we needed the public too who he was what he represented, what he did and why he did it and he's escaped justice. Not trunk did say retribution will get into that. But the point is the media
Fourthly, defending Anti far at a time when we have leaked DE age emails confirming these people are organized. They are making plans. And you gotta understand. The reason they are right in this nature of various cells, is to mitigate liability. If we're a top down organization, you could go to the top and break them apart. Maybe even use Rico conspiracy, charges by breaking up and operating independently. They can say we are not really anti fall, we're the you know that that that the friendly fun club of of Lancaster whatever but they'll, fly the flag del have the tattoos, and they know that when it comes to some kind of overt action they can reach out to local chapters and operate in concert, but still claim there's no unifying body, but it is an umbrella term that they can use to operate under, not to be fair most people use anti thought as an umbrella term for far left extremist. You gotta be careful about this because it may be
at some of the wild buyers, have been set by people who align with far left extremists but might not be smarter I understand the ideology itself. There was one black. Lives, matter, supporter and protestors who who Cairo, seven, the local news outlets said was a freak frequent figure at black lives, better defined the police protests. He was arrested for reckless burning because cops had they caught him, trying to start a fire, so a brush fire when you start saying at all. All these people are anti file will not facebooks banning everybody. That's that's absurd. What you'll lump in black lives matter with communists and that might make sense to have to a certain broad stroke degree, but you gotta be specific. You gotta be specific. As as it turns out, Anti thought is organised, so the black lives matter, dude starting a fire, not anti thought he may be at black lives matter, protests but they are distinct. They may share similar ideologies, but their different groups is also important to point out because black lie matter supporters are up are showing support
for an organised top down national. Organization that actually has chapters that community. Like that. That's way. More organised as a national funding apparatus through ACT blew the Democrats fundraising arm. So when you see black lives matters what are you actually can say to Joe Biden? You use act, blue black lives matter we're, leaves a lot of funding through act Blue, notably through their their funding there, their parent organization, it's called thousand currents when people done it, two thousand currents for the black lives matter. Black lives matter global network. They go through the day rats fundraising arm. This shows that there is a line from the damage, rats their fund raising apparatus. Like political donations, I must say there are several responsible. They are connected to black lives matter, and this porters of the movement, one of which was- caught starting a brush fire, many of which were physically attacked people streets and many of Us
also overlap with anti for chapters you can. You can draw those lines, that's a bits of it. It's a bit of a stretch, but if black lives matter is receiving a support material support through act blue, then I think it's worth at least questioning them saying if go fund me will ban. A fundraiser for Car Rittenhouse will act. Blue shut down black lives matter with inherits are engaging in overt violence in Chicago that the Chicago chapter is defending the overt violence, not even a joke. They said it was reparations when they were not destroying things. And that one of their supporters, frequenter of their protest, was caught starting a brush fire. Will they denounce that? No, so that's why it needs to be asked. Act, Blue, should ban these individuals and potentially ban thousand currents. Now I don't know if you go that far, but a question needs to be asked,
If that money is going in any way to the violent extremists who are flying their flag in Portland for a hundred and seven days or whatever so that their shields, don't say, Antigua the shield a black lives matter. Anyway. That's read the story and see exactly with without with what this is about. The most money reports De Hs leaked email confirms: anti fraud is an organised group. An internal email from the Department of Homeland Security leaked to Catherine Heritage. Late Monday, detailing the that the ongoing violence in Portland was not opportunistic, but their organised confirming long six suspected details, the about Anti VA involvement, the email, exe lines that Anti vote is organised and run Contrary to report to the mainstream media, that anti but was not responsible for anti police violence, but an impromptu movements spur by an anti fascist sentiment, sentiments held by most american public, a recent article,
the Washington post by Mark bright author of Anti Fop Anti Fascist handbook attempted to Belle myths about anti FA claims that then, that the group is not an organization but rather a tradition of militant anti fascism. The article disputed claims that annual masterminds violence and black lives matter. Protest. Imprinted email documents attained by heritage, the edges acting under secretary for elegance and analysis, Brian Murphy wrote to his car, leagues on July, twenty fifth detailing his findings of Anti fought in Portland. We can see this tweet from Catherine Heritage. Breaking according to this day, just Gov internal email obtained by CBS News. Former thing. Under secretary for intelligence and analysis, Brian Murphy wrote colleagues on July, twenty fifth, the Portland violence was not opportunistic but organised very interesting Murphy urged for an immediate changed of definitions for the violent activity in Portland, following your review of individuals arrested by federal authorities as well as into
just surrounding their affiliations activities. The individual are violently attacking the federal facilities based on these ideologies. He said in regards to anti, for which he last as the a I or violent anti fought anarchists inspired He can't say any longer that this violent situation, opportunistic wrote Murphy. Additionally, we overwhelmingly intelligence, overwhelming intelligence during the ideologies driving individuals towards violence and why the violence has continued a course set of threat. Actors are organised, show up night after night share common tt p. Is and drawing unlike minded individuals to their cause. Gdp stands for tactics, techniques and procedures quote I recognise we may not be able to attribute every individual as the aid. I, however, we need to look the totality of the intelligence, both current and previous, and recognise the motivation for the violence
why people have shown up to commit violence for about sixty days and why, the individuals are using social media to encourage the a I on the ground to carry out acts of violence. The nightly rights in Portland, numbered at sixty days when the email was composed, riding has shifted. The writing is shifted from Portland to others. With some of the same actors, including Washington, Dc Seattle and Canosa violence, which was spurred largely by Pro Antigua if it gets on social media platforms like Facebook, twitch and twitter quote, threat, actors who are motivated by anarchist or anti thought, or a combination of both ideologies to carry out acts of violence state local and federal authorities and infrastructure, they believe represent authority or at present political and social ideas. They reject Murphy, concluded phrases like every Did he every town burn the precincts to the ground or a common refrain at black lives
and a rallies and have been chanted during arson, attacks on the Portland Police Bureau, the Mark O Hatfield Federal Court House in Portland and other facilities where Anti VA and black lives matter. Militants were present. Another really important point. They say black lives matter. Militants keep that in mind, because it's not just anti fa and the experts It is if someone structural college campuses and saw a bunch of kids. You know like children in the end you know, but a common area and said many of you want to destroy capitalism. A bunch would probably say yes in some we're back, but if they sat black lives matter right, a bunch of by yeah then come on protest. If you really mean it and with the inundation by major corporations, the message of black lives matter. It is particularly easy for far left extremists, notably Anti fought to rally people behind the flag. Black
lives matter, as opposed to Anti fought in fact telling people to rally round anti semite scare them because of the Munich Trop sang or terrorist organization. Now that's a blacklist, better people are gonna, be like now. Ok, yeah, Mina fell cited. The NBA says it. My video games say it: why not and they'll go out and also hey. Take this lighted, RO it and the kill back. Ok, I guess boom now your facing five to fifteen in federal prison for throwing explosive device, some d I'm kid who is just going out marching has an anti for guys. So you trust me right we're here for the cause. Take this firecracker it'll, just brought makes smoke appear boom. Now that dumb Kitten Portland Spacing prison time, they exploit the vote. Useful idiots and now a lot of these dumb kids, men, of course, as always the blacklist better activity. Should it carried away like that
people in New York that those two lawyers who, for some reason, decided to make molotov and go hand em up I gotta go to present your lives. Moreover, they want to say the entire just provide about by the by the DNS, validates claims by chance. Voices who have long at in a fight antifraud as an organised movement and flies in the face of claims that the group was not intend uncommitted, violence or conducting insurgency against the. U S, government! Well, I wonder what the New York Times has say: Michel Goldberg Acoustic far left us and rights the stuff. All the time, I'm not surprised, says. There is still a lot. We don't know about the killing earlier this month of Michael Forest Rhino Rhino. A self described anti for supporter was a son back in the shooting of Erin J Danielson Backer of the Far right group patriot prayer. During an August street confrontation in Portland, Oregon prosecutors charged with her rhinos speaking of ice news that he acted in self defence. There will be no trial to sort out what happened before
the federal marshal sent to arrest him gunned him down. Well, according to witness, as there was a fire fight. According to the statement from the d o J, he was reaching for a firearm. It, maybe it really. Maybe the marshal showed up they know this guy is armed. They saw him, make a movement, they panic they shot and killed them this is, in my opinion, a a strategic failure, an absolute strategic failure on the part of the deal Jane, the federal government and the US marshals Now I know I know a lot of people may say this. Sky, was a murderer and if he tried to kill the cops, that's what happened in the cops? I defend themselves that I understand, but this is different. Ok, it's a different, When we have that story, Lancaster Guy burst from the house screaming and waving a knife and a cop tried run. And then turns and shoot some. That was that's an unfortunate circumstance. I mean the gout and life is responsible and the cop had to defend himself. I wish nobody got hurt, but that's what happens
I can't blame anyone, get blamed the cot for that, but I can tell you this: I can't Thirdly, blame a: U S, marshals for firing an unknown absorb someone wanted for murder, who is known to be armed. Several times, however, They should have had a away better technical approach to this. This was so much more important and I guess the chair. Jazz mate. Maybe I'm overestimating the amount of time they had to move in and how things go down. It's a split. Second, I'm just saying this: it would have way better for everyone. If they got the sky and brought to justice and he stood trial, you know why we need a public trial. We need- video footage and drawings and witness statements we need to hear it from his mouth, I am anti fa. Then we'll know, then we'll say there: it is a violent extremists, standing trial, a man who stopped and hunted Trump supporter knows that we
no, and the left will use this and say there was no trial. It was self. Defense will never know now and that is a strategic error on the part of the federal government. This. Dude is seen on camera stocking trump supporters. Now we have the camera but it's so we know it wasn't itself defence, but a trial is important. It it it locks it up clean. It shows that we did the right thing that even the worst people who may be. You think deserve to face. Retribution still stand trial. The Nazi stood trial. This guy should too, they are. She got a gold but goes on to say federal authorities claim that rhino had a gun. The olympian newspaper coded too witnesses who said rhino fired at the police, both to witnesses but one later set his remarks had been misconstrued and he wasn't sure final had a weapon. A third witness. That. Rhino was carrying only a cell phone and that the Marshal started shooting and without announcing themselves. So now it's contested, one person says he was armed and shooting back to be relaxed
they did one person this has actually outer now a third person says no, I'm gonna lean towards a guy, we know to constantly be carrying a gun who was seen cameras, shooting people, probably had gone when the feds showed up, I am not one to blindly trust the government if it was a who is known to carry out candy bars and hand about the kids, and they said he drew a gonna, be like you're gonna have to prove that one to me. If it turns out if we know we're tracking guy who's on camera gripping his weapon and was arrested obviously for having one may probably was carrying his weapon. Sorry to say man, you gotta, they even have rhinos killing was justified in a country, the rule of law held. The government would have treated as regrettable for I'll trumps administration. Rhinos death was cause for celebration, calling right a dangerous fugitive admitted aunt. If a member and suspected murderer Bill bar sent a statement. The streets of arson
are safer, with his violent agitator removed trumpet a Fox news interview on Saturday set of the killing. That's the way it has to be. There has to be retribution when you crime, like this, perhaps. Needless to say, law enforcement is not permitted to kill suspects and retribution trump continued. The theme Nevada rallied Sunday nights. Saying two: cheers we send in the: U S marshals: it was taken care of in fifteen minutes. Yeah, I'm not a Finn. I think this is a tactical failure. You, Want to win in the long run, if the LA put it this way. If tromp really wanted to convince moderates and regular people, he would have cost, this guy. They could have shown as face everywhere and they could have said we got em would have been a major press event and then the new cycle of all jeez. What do we do? That guy would have made statements every time the sky spoke? It was good for Trump every time because it brought to light it brought back the story of the guy who murdered Trump supporter. This guy dying is actually beneficial.
To the extremists. They want the loose ends tied up. They don't want anti for people who have gone up committed. Or to speak. They don't and squeal! Imagine if this guy start saying here the people I work with here, the p who organise with me? Imagine if they got him to flip. This is a tactical failure and it's also a failure of justice. In my opinion, because we don't want people to die, I'm Blaming the marshals for defending themselves were violent extremists. No, not, of course, none of that. I'm just saying it is preferable and it is just to have these people stand trial and face up to their crimes. The day just said in a leaked email. We know their organised, ok, whose organizing Fortunately, one of the guys who could have shed light on that is dead. Now I don't agree with stupid framing that it's like it trumps shredding civil liberties, it won't stop with anti fa of shut up. This guy was armed, killed. A guy I and was of wanted fugitive and send to
witnesses claimed he fired a cops one somewhat recanted. They weren't shore other person that he didn't stand to reason if a cop goes to to enforce a warrant and start shooting at em they fire back and now the guy's dead. I think it's just a reasonable. The simple solution outcomes, razor armed dude, seen on camera gripping as weapon and then firing a gun and fleeing fired on cops yeah. That's like the simple solution. You know what sounds ridiculous, that there was a conspiracy. The marshals were planning a retribution style killing and they said we're gonna. Take this down without charge or trial. No come on, a simple solution as pan Dickie marshals saw the guy he reached for his gone. He drew his weapon is firing at each other and they killed him and now they're lying all man- they don't realize that you can be a trained mark- a cop or a soldier whatever, and you you have a fighter flight moment. You have a high intensity moment.
And you see this dude, you know he's armed or at least he's been armed, What do you do if you fire back at you, even if he didn't I think this possibility. Maybe he went for the gun. Maybe they thought he had a gun in they shot at him. Who knows as just a challenge. The tactical victory, however, would have been this guy sitting in a chair. Squealing like a pig on all of his anti fa. Comrades are what every wants to call him, and he probably would Of course you what these people they break under pressure, this guy is no great hero or soldier he's just a wing not lunatic who claimed advice I was surrounded by vehicles- will have Trump supporters with weapons. Not do you're, not you're, just walking down the street and use our stocking stocking Trump supporter. The do. Paranoid delusional. So maybe you could have taken his word for it, but you could get a lot more out of him.
Now. I think it's hilarious and are not surprising in the least at the New York Times is effectively running a defence of anti fa, yeah yeah yeah, we get it whatever, but their organise men and in two days they will be appearing in Washington. D. See for the White House siege. Now they say it's gonna be a non violent siege, but there will be fifty days of random anti for people showing up and their organised part of their organised effort is to make you think they are not organised, this is why so damning of the media to the media, but they keep Do I just means anti fascist, you know ever one is anti fa really well accorded this book. I got here
Sazen insiders. Look at the movement to movement. It is a movement of people, are so yeah. They have a handbook it does it there's no regular people who oppose fascism. Don't know anything about this. There's a part of any movement. You wanna, be a part of a movement you can join. The movement is what it says actually knows. As an insider look at the moment, you wanna join the movement. Ok van your antivirus irregular personal poses fascism is not just anti but the game they play that way they can lurk in the shadows and the media will claim. There's no organisation there is. There is just small chapters that operate in this way to avoid being called out I'll leave their necks segments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you open, ladies and gentlemen- they got him. They caught the beer bandit. The nightmare is over patrons of Pittsburgh. Restaurants, the main now drink, your beer in peace as the beer bandit black lives matter. Protester has
then finally caught and charged- and you can the on video, they did it these all the beer now in Hocker. That's what slowdown emails, in a video from a couple weeks ago of the black lives matter. Protest marching pass a restaurant. Swearing and yelling at patrons some woman walks over and grabs. Beer from an elderly cop on they looked rather shocked. Someone else comes up darts yelling at them. Accidently it looks like they. They swipe. Something in ugly Spalls falls offer than someone else smacks of glass off the table. This wasn't the most agrees: act of violence. We ve seen from black lives matter, but this story is for a couple of reasons for one we have seen now several instances where black lives matter has the harassing regular people like in their harassing regular people all the time. But what I mean is going to restaurants and here were rising people who are not engaging in political activities, and just generally I may look you have sent, you got the videos
They got to the patrons and demand they salute them in D c: yeah, it's terror, it's better than to us, or else so their marching through streets and they're making sure people know who they are and fear them and that its happening. So this group harassed now a couple. The reason why this is the story is so interesting is that allied to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and said we were vital over yeah, they said come on, have a beer, and I I well. I got time to order once while just drink this beer right here, can clearly see. The elderly couple is in distress as people are screaming at them and now they're being charged. So I dont think we're stopping you The grand can some grand conspiracy to inflict pain and suffering in violence on people. But if you stop these acts famous when they do things like this, you will prevent more extreme actions if they feel that they can go to anybody
they want steward of they want lie to the press. The press will publish their lives and they did. What else will they do? Well, not too far from Lack from Pittsburgh is Lancaster and guess what all is peaceful in Lancaster? You know why flash raids were a parrot they conducted where police went around swooped up the agitators and arrested them in and guess what no more riots I've got a funny when you look at Portland, What have we seen in the past few few pass several nights of Portland thing seemed be dying down and is a copper reasons that may be that I have mentioned before one the wildfires people might be like timing. They also may be going to d, because in two days the White House each will begin, or it could be that organ state police were deputize and the FBI was going around and arresting some of the more ST agitators on federal charges. Guess what you remove extremists, what you got a dance body, I should happen in the street so, like I said the beer bandit, not the most.
Taurus criminal working inside the EU. No anti far black lives matter still important to stop this send a message to the extremists. If you do things like this, you will be arrested what's really stories I want to show you some of the context where are. They lied to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and tried claim It was all in good fun. It was just theatrical. No, these are violent criminals who harass people threatened them that the it's not just in in pittsburgh- it's not just in dc- was in Rochester where they went around and knocked tables. Over chairs over and chased people out, people probably paid money for food already or had already were or trying to order things our being chased away from a relaxing evening. Why? Because terrorism, they want you to fear them. It can do this and get away with it will not now, because from the most exe Diners offenders of two violent thugs to the now beer bandit. You will be arrested good.
Here's a story from the daily mail. They say beer bandit, Veolan protestors who downed elderly couples drink it. It spread restaurant and screamed f. The white people is charged with harassing diners, along with two others. Three people are now facing criminal charges four harassing diners at a restaurant in Pittsburgh. During a black lives matter, protest over labour to weaken misdemeanor charges were filed against moaning craft. Thirty, five Kenneth Mcdowell. Thirty three and Sean Green twenty four on Monday, its unclear whether they ve been taken into custody. It is also a video of like someone swinging escape boarded somebody. A viral video showed the trio and others protesting and other protest screaming F the white people and yellow other obscenities at diners outside the CNN Mercato restaurant on pen avenue on September fifth craft was dubbed the beer bandit, after which she was seen swiping drink from an elderly white couple and downing it in front of them before protests are knocked the glass to the ground green who goes by
Lorenzo really, I guess, swore or at the elderly couple and gave them the finger according to a police complaint. He also walked up to the front of the a strong and screamed into an open window. Please identified Mcdowell as the ringleader. And said he used a megaphone to scream obscenities at diners sitting outside Sienna, Mercato and others passing by as seen in the video Mcdowell also accused of getting into an altercation with a Mcdonald's manager and another protest, video that went viral. What why don't get it so this is Sean Green who goes by Lorenzo really. I don't understand why swore the elderly couple and gave them the finger. Now that's interesting he's being charged for harassment. That's that's a tough charge. I mean what are the guy do walked up to people and yelled at them. I mean we have
to free speech right. I guess the challenge here is given a large mob. There is action being taken like physical action being taken against them and he's joining in the intimidation. So yeah seems, like you definitely cross. The line craft has been charged with disorderly conduct, conspiracy and theft by unlawful, taking after allegedly admitting to chugging the couples beer. I got a minute. This is like the lowest dear aunt if a crime to charge I gotta be Steersman, you go after all of it. You stop them, do not give them any leeway. You take a beer, you get arrested, you steal from people. You get arrested. That way. Everybody knows the cops are gonna run. You commit a crime, you will face. Justice Interestingly, some people have said this: what happens when you break, red areas or whatever I may be, but isn't the mayor of Lancaster a Democrat. I think it's fair to say that people in Pennsylvania are the old school working class type Democrats, who don't tolerate this fringe, far locked extremism, Philadelphia, for instance, like what
Eighty per cent Democrat, but these guys are like Working Class Union Democrats who are probably all voting for Donald Trump now, especially after videos like this go viral they're, probably very happy people get arrested. Mcdowell is charged with possessing instruments of crime, conspiracy, disorderly conduct and harassment. And really is charged with disorderly conduct, conspiracy, criminal mischief and simple trespass, police noted in the complaint. The diners did not appear to be engaging with the protesters. However, the protesters involve later told the Pittsburgh Post Gazette that what the video didn't capture was a group of men, shouting blue lives matter and one men swinging a bike at them. The incident outside Sienna Mercato drew the irish President Tromp, who called the protesters Joe
Biden, voters and anarchists in a flurry of tweeted timber. Eighth, be alarmed protesters horribly, harass, elderly Pittsburgh, diners sketch out scaring them with loud taunts while taking their food right off their play. Let's stop radio Joe Biden. Voters you sure about that Donald Trump. These people don't like job I would not call them Joe Biden supporters, then I I well I wouldn't have before I thought about it, though, while they don't necessarily support Joe Biden. They probably really don't like, and I think it's fair to say. If the Democrats are coming out saying the violence stops. If Joe Biden wins, they may not be porters of, but they certainly tolerate and will accept Joe Biden they go out and they attack Trump supporters that helps Joe Biden they. Timid, terminate tromp supporter from speaking out and sharing that their ideas that helps Joe Biden. It's the weirdest thing to me to see these progressive, leftists attacking tromp and helping Joe Biden
now. I dont think it's fair to say that to go around with bite, ensigns or anything like that, some of them probably will many of them probably say you have but by an otherwise trample win, and it so much worse, while they may not be. It may not be fair to say that They are Joe Biden, voters supporters. I think it's fair So the actions they take are helping Joe Biden and they would prefer GEO paid him. They're not going to riot, should bind win according to Democrats. So what else can you do? I'm trying to break down the new ones here right because people gotta be like they don't. Poor, Joe Biden, their far left extremist sure, but everything they do is pushing Biden a victory except I gotta, be I gotta, be honest. They ve done many things. If they just knew where the line was, and they stopped probably could help but think about it. Intimidating, tromp supporters, in the
Really saying, if you say anything positive about Trump, you know they'll come for you that may have worked. People are scared to speak up that only cancel the don't get attacked will now. They ve crossed the line, and now there actually helping prompt by being lunatics and harassing elderly people. Troubles honest eighties. Anarchists, not protesters are Biden, voters but has no control of no control and nothing to say, disgraceful, never seen anything like it. Thugs trumps at this thuggery was happening in democratic. Run cities and states as true it is. It is, but also fair to say that in Lancaster they they went out arrested at all of these people. I met Lancaster before I think I may have confused cities bite and it is most liberal, And his most liberal and the Senate running mate, that's true! Kamel up won't even talk about a trump charged. They won't uttered the words law and order bite. It has repeatedly said that violence, looting and other bad behaviour didn't count as protesting.
It's true Biden said it, but, as Biden ever said, he condemns anti fought or black lives matter. No because he doesn't, he wasn't condemn his movements, he's just mad they're making him look bad. That's really. It If he came out and said the actions taken by the extremists aligned with Antiphon black lives matter have no place in this country that I'd be like, while impressive. He's condemned the violence. I say: ok, thank you for that now call out the groups that are organizing it because we ve seen from the day I just leaked email anti falls very the organised black lives matter. As a team. Now: national Organisation. It's time for you bite into saying. I condemn the actions of these black lives matter extremists. He won't do it. He wants their support, so they may not be voters, but Biden is backing them pull.
It is a vote for me, please I won't say your name. I won't insult you I'll just say the bare minimum to make sure that regular people know. I stand against the violence, but not from you not from them. Specifically, I won't say their name really tells diners f. The white people that built the system, adding f, twelve irreverent, the police, which will literally means nothing. I love. I love the F twelve thing because it supposed to be like so a cab as one three one, two so one to F twelve said so dumb. Some diners picked up their belongings and left ever, demonstrators call them an embarrassment and second Mcdowell was seen walking next to a cyclist and speaking through a megaphone, it's difficult to distinguish what was said between the pair before Mcdowell nudged cycles for this phone with the megaphone, the cyclist. Swatted back before second protests, reportedly hit the man from behind with a skateboard. These people are knots. Craft would benefit this is non binary sought to explain the scenes in an interview with a post gazette yeah. I could you not the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. Ah, yes,
the ones who called out Sean Partner Republican, because Sean Cornell condemned the extremists and said they will be embolden. We are fighting a or what these people and they were like her advice. I d better Sean Porno. How We all know culture warrior from their ivory tower. They looked down at the lowly p before dealing with the strife and they set off thereof and though what happened it came to their town and it will continue to come to Pennsylvania towns unless people stand up and do something because it happened in Lancaster because what happened in Lancaster, they came and arrested these people. You arrest up that, put an end to it here. So they said the Pittsburgh Post Gazette according to crafts account a man, began grabbing crafts, hair and placed his hand on crafts chest saying he was trying to stop craft from engaging with another man. When the confrontation ended graph said a man in the restaurant begin condemn.
The protesters actions the woman who was with him offered craft, come over, have a beer and talk about the situation so being a theatrical, snarking, Starkey type of person, and am I said that I don't have time to wait. For you to order another beer I'll take the one you have craft did not recognise the man whose swung the skateboard, even though, People at the restaurant saw the whole thing. They still saw me as an aggressor craft said, adding that people like to look at videos inspect. On what they would have done in the situation without knowing what it was really like in the moment. Thank you. Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh posting. Is that for letting us know of the noble actions of this is poor individual who just want to share a beer with an elderly couple and that's the media for you there in the bag. For that, for the Democrats there in the bag for black lives matter, in fact trumpeting running against either of them Trump is running against the media. The me
the class the elite ivory tower, whatever people who are so sure of himself so arrogant, they are the ones who dictate what you should think. So, of course, they're not gonna make black lives matter, look bad there in the bag. They're saying we support this. We need this, we buzz. We must defeat the orange men or else Well now we know the truth. These these people are getting arrested and charged conspiracy because they were not invited to have a beer they're, just extremist, arrogant criminals who will commit crimes so long as they get away with it. Well, I bring you now to the story from the Daily Collar, Lancaster, peaceful after night of unrest following so related shooting now hold on. What do you mean peaceful? Are you playing games Let me daily collars what are those peaceful protests? No, in fact nothing happened. Here's the story, protest remained peaceful at night in the early Tuesday morning in Lancaster, pencil following an eye are following a night of honour,
after amount was fatally shot. Lancaster erupted, and to Monday morning after the shooting and eight were arrested as right or set fires and vandalized businesses according to a police, I woman, the Monday night protest outside the Lancaster Police Bureau. Police said Munoz is fair It was accepting donations to cover his funeral cos and that they support the protests, but did not want them to be to be destructive. Apparently, some guy came with american flag and told them that they would do better for the community by taking push brooms and going and going in cleaning up, but I guess that never occurred to them as they go round, destroying things a self it and if I'd pastor ask the protesters what changes they wanted to see happen within the police department. The group most widely agreed that they would like for officers to not carry firearms or to use tear gas among other requests, such as general economic reform. They want to disarm them
what do you think would happen if a cop was answering a distress call like we saw in Lancaster and a man lunges out, jumping with a knife and screaming and swinging it, and the cop was an armed at all with anything in the carpet probably die so in this instance, the cop defended himself, and rightly so, its tragic. So what do they want to disarm? The police? We're just say in man, cops shouldn't have guns. You know you think they're going to stop once the cops have don't have gone no one's the cops put their guns down. These people are gonna, go and times as crazy, because it get nor about to do anything about it. Crime will get worse and potentially, if We do some kind of nonviolent, first responders, community, policing of some sort and actually okay with that, when I'm? U by community community policing, is us I've ever I've may references before kind of a civil guard who have, but on, but no weapons. They won't answer violent calls. So if you get a domestic dispute, the cops they'll come out and they will be arms of the crazy guy that I've comes out. The cops can sell, defend themselves
but they can answer things like homeless. Guy won't leave the front of a store that does still create an opportunity for for danger from for these four these officers, because they won't be armed, and you never know when someone will come of the weapon, but I believe the police can take the first step towards de escalation and we can do it in small doses meeting you dont want to do this overhaul, like many, these departments are doing spanned the police defined the police. We want a couple of officers, will try out some very serious low tear. You know, violations citations, so they can go out and help deal with. Maybe I got two guys and they're having a dispute over a parking space, maybe a homeless guys blocking the
or an won't leave? You come out the civil guard and you try and deal with it. You give it a short amount of time and if the homeless, guy can't be moved than the civil guard can try to make an arrest or they can call for patrol officer to shop with their normal equipment. I think this requires more funding for police, better training and I think, honestly, I think most cop should be paid butter. A lotta cops get paid trash to work towards It really tough job and that's a lot of things, people a lot that that's something people are realised. Like I remember reading about New York City, I got some dumb things in New York without a higher people shore, but they pay very very little for four officers joining the force, so they have no investment in the job better care. Many of these cops are living with their parents, no joke, and so you leave. You know you're, not you're, not creating a intelligent, trained task force. You know who can go out and to ensure the safety and unjust
maintain order, you're, not you're, getting a bunch of like barely qualified individuals, war underpaid. So it's really fascinated me. Let's, let's talk about increasing the salaries funding the police more getting these cops more invested. I don't mean every cop is on best, I'm just saying the ones that aren't there kind of like I'm at work right. We want these cops to be proud of what they do. We want them to make a decent amount of money, but we want them to be trained properly. This requires more money, while they're calling for funding that makes no sense so anyway. Here's what I want to show this a tweet from the blaze. They say: Lancaster Police conduct, flash raids on riders to arrest those who committed criminal actions, just arson, vandalism and assault batter and officers. They were rounded up in marked van during an offensive that took the be all and end of a riders off guard our rapporteur larger Schaefer was there to capture at all, and we have a video people getting arrested. And find any articles or anything talking about the tactics used to make the arrests, but there are many art,
I talking about the arrests themselves, so I think it's. I think it is likely that as you know, following the unrest that and if I didn't have a dual now into their homes, quietly and and without incident, arrested them another facing charges, and now we have peaceful protests. You ve got to get rid of the agitation. If the laughed things. Violence is wrong and they try and claim we were just peacefully enjoy. Drink. What these patrons! Well, then, you have no problem of the copse coming at and sang arrest, the extremists arrest, those who are violent. The reality is there for it. They really are it's just that many of these people don't want to engage in this activity themselves. They want Patsy's. So if you get rid of those who are willing to engage in these extremists actions, then there's nothing left, but the peaceful protest. As the d I just leaked a email son there organised not opportunistic, but I gotta- I'll. Tell you it's still a little. Both look a little bit of both the far left knows an opportunity when they see one you gotta, shooting up
You know instant incident, for ever reason. They can push it, they can make people rally whether or not the police shooting was justified or otherwise, and thus it there's no justified police shootings castor. The police did everything right. The cop tried running. First, he couldn't get away, the guy was getting out of eternity fired, he was attacked first. The cop did nothing wrong. In fact, you did everything right. He tried to flee the police, then released the body, cam footage, doing everything right being transparent, but left still went out and riding. So you know what good the police arrested the extremist Now a peaceful protest, a total peaceful protest. It there's one sign a thin blue line protects them, not us. We are done working with America while a block. Here's a guy holding a thin blue line flag. You know what I'm happy form I think they're wrong, but I like the idea that they'll go out and peacefully expressed themselves.
And I am even more excited to see that the police are doing their job and charging the highest level and the lowest level. This story, we covered two extremes on other than not not extremes like the two ends. The bottom tier of crime. Someone walked over and took a beer seems like no big deal, but don't let them become emboldened arrest them in charge them for any crime. They commit a misdemeanor this this this this person craft or get a slap on the rest or something. But I got the arsonists from Lancaster, does Pennsylvania doing it right. Take these people in charge. Them have them stand trial and we'll see what they have done and that's the way it supposed to work. Otherwise, if you do it Portland dead and keep cutting them loose, the riots we'll, never stop. I live there. Next segments come up at four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast thanks, rang it up, and I will see you all. Them is only a couple of weeks ago when a man wanted on a felony warrant was fighting with, A police went to his vehicle
and the police sad drop, the knife dropped the knife and then fired into his back seven times. The man obviously was Jacob Blake protests erupt, it riots erupt, it and I fell players, but the name Jacob Blake on their helmet, the wonder many of these people on the left why they would support the criminal in this circumstance sure he seriously injured, and I'm I'm I'm truly em dad to hear it. I want anybody getting hurt, I said all the time, but the police need to be able to make arrests. We need people to be able to enforce the law too many. Young people in this country are pampered and don't understand what the world is really like. They think they're, so smart, their convinced, I was in this situation, I would know exactly what to do and now we have this nightmarish video, a graphic video of two cops being shot. Who did every thing right?
and one of them was killed. They were both, I believe, shot in the head. Fortunately, the officers I believe has survived, but with horrifying injuries, here's you're part years positivity. I can't play the video for you stupid of a traffic stop. Jessica, O Donnell says warning very graphic, video. Least from the shooting of two Tulsa officers in a traffic stop one of them died this zoo they face. The daily basis, tailors and pepper spray. Often don't work. Remember this scene when you are quick to condemn officers and escalating situations, and your sister from Oak NEWS, nine body, camera video of tolls officer, shooting released. I watched the press conference, and I tell you what man, if you watch this video, it doesn't if you shocked rock to your core, then no, then you need. I don't know, I'm not gonna, say anything beyond that. I just say any
a rational, regular human being would hear the scream of this officer as he is shot the chest and the head. I'll tell you man in this video. These cops Paul guy over because he had expired tags and plates. He made an illegal left turn and illegal land J. I fell to yield the cops wanted to pull him over the dead and they wanted to investigate further. They gave him a lawful order. Forty times to exit the vehicle they use taser. I use pepper spray and they tried to get this kind of his car and the sky cup. Whining your violating my rights. He won't read me why. Why tell help and as it was doing this what he was actually doing as he feigned the victim was he reached under the seat of his car and grabbed a gun when the two cops tried pulling about He fired at one of the officers and the other cop from which we See the body camouflage did not know what was happening and he's
You can hear him say some, unlike what the and then the guy turns and fires into when you hear the officer fall down screaming the cops at everything right. They use paper spray. There were investigating the sky, they said there were to tell his car had expired tags and plates I mean, don't we don't? We want cops to get erratic drivers who aren't following the law off the street near the craziest, the craziest bit of it, the dude you can see in this photo. After he put a bullet through the head of one of the officers he turns to the cop was on the ground desperately crawling away It puts two hands on the gun and he aims for the cops had and put a bullet in his head. This cop, I believe, survived this video was released, and it is a shocking is what side nightmares are made of.
And I I I believe, that's you know one videos like this come out. I always watch them. I always do because I won't prick. And the world is rainbows in Candy Keynes. This guy screaming help violating my rights as he reached for a gun, and in I could only described as an act of pure me. Level and evil after he already put the officer down with a chest, worn a bullet to his chest. He carefully grips the gun it at his head and fires again, his intent, Was not to escape his intent was not to merely get away his intent was to make sure he executed these cops. Who did everything right o the cops could have approached with their guns drawn
And reckless disregard for the well being of the people around them and those that they're trying to enforce that those they're trying to get to comply. But these cops used, pepper spray. They use taser and the taser failed on the guy and the pepper spray fail. On the guy, and I tell people this all the time they dont get it pepper spray. Doesn't work on a lot of people and they think it's an effective way for Kobza too to gain compliance. Yes, some people will get pepper, sprayed in freak out and fall down some people, won't some people well just be blinded with rage. Some people were planning on killing the cops. The entire time in this video comes out as more videos is, is a surfacing of the ambush in LOS Angeles, the two sheriffs deputies, a guy, runs up to the car, and you probably saw it so I'll. Tell you this.
Ass? I sat here watching and not the first. We have ever seen one in a video of cops, their yelling at the guy there screaming get out of the car. I told him forty times did we get out of the car man and the guy as I don't, want to go to jail. He didn't want to go to jail. You know I think about this, and I I feel like a scale you're a guy. You got expired plates your doing something illegal? You get pulled over. You want to escape and and this guy has taken it upon Himself- he's decided he's going to use lethal force against these cops in order to escape. But where is that line in what state of mind he already shot? The cops here clear to leave, they weren't gonna be able to do anything against them. They were one cup was dead her coppers on the ground screaming with it with a wounded his chest and this guy he don't want to escape.
He had every opportunity to have back in his heart. Just get out. Towing study slowly turns to the cup and he wants to you. His time. Not to escape, but you just put a bullet that cops head. The cop who was just trying to enforce the law. So you think about Jacob Blake, and you wonder why it is the cot fired seven times I don't he was reaching for a knife. He said he had a knife, they found a knife, he was gonna, it was was going for. A knife saw these cops just supposed to ignore or the real threat to their lives, error that live stream from where these protests from the incident that just happened in Lancaster Pennsylvania, a crazed and burst from the house swinging a knife in the cop runs turns than fires, the guy killing him this life dreamer says cops are risking their lives. They should accept that no, they shouldn't their people. We ask them to do this,
We tell these officers, do us a favour and take aid, dangerous job that pays very little with crappy hours and you will get very little respect from people. In fact, everyone hates you and then, when you, Do everything right and they ban that show poles, and they tell you you have to use the taser in the paper sprite and then a man jumps out and take the time to grip the gun to point your head. The reward you get is an anti fell. That will put the name of the criminals on their helmets, how absolutely to arranged Brett, Weinstein's tweeted, this video, exactly Illustrates many points SAM Harris made in the quota. Can we pull back from the brink episode of making sir for society to function. The police must be able to make arrests,
Resisting arrest is a serious crime even for an otherwise innocent person. I completely agree you do not win the fight fighting with cops, you may be innocent. I've been wrongly accused. I fed cops plant drugs in my car no joke and I only got let go because my dad was a fire fighter. Talk about corrupt and gross yup. I have had more negative interactions with with police than positive once that's a fact. And I mean it's fair to say because most of the interactions you have are you getting at get your, I get a dagger socks up. Well, you know sometimes get tickets. I've got I've had two tickets that were bunk. But I didn't do anything wrong and that's two three tickets. I've had my life yeah, I dont have I've had only a small unfold tickets in my life.
I don't like the idea that you know a cop found my my dad's firefighter album in my car and was planning on planting drugs on my car. It's true story, I could you not easy, was trying to any demand that I can fast and I was like I was talking about another cop found. The emblem was like who's the firefighter. I said my dad taught me to go home professional courtesy. I guess I'm not a fan of that, but listen. That's not every cop I've been saved by a cop from a mugging once and I was like, I'm eternally grateful. I had a cabbie once I was with with my brother, cabbies sideswiped us came and hit us in the side and the cops came and helped us out Are you haven't you guys and they were very nice I'd someone tried to break into my home. The cops came and got the information make sure we are all safe as eternally grateful at these. These guys were rushing to a scene where they knew at four. In the morning a guy tried breaking a house and guess what that means there.
Risking their lives, and I asked them to do it. I ask them to these cops. Go to stop somebody, because we as a society, ask them to do it, and now with we as a society, are facing this insane conflict where the far left is accusing the cops of wrong doing when they were asked to do this. Why? Because some cops or bad, because some people are bad and their cultural problems, and in May he departments absolutely and there are systemic issues in policing? What I mean by that is that there are, the system is at fault, not the officer, I'm trying to say. If we tell cops this, how you should respond and results frequently and bad things will, then we ve got a system at fault in the case of brass Taylor and many other people who have died. It's because we have created this system and asked people to adhere to it
How absurd is it, then that we would ask officers to do a job and then complain when they are at risk and defend themselves This results in horrifying videos. Video of a guy or a black guy gets pulled over and the cop there's says, show me your ve and the guy says he reaches out to a seat intended. The copy I'll know and then shoots the guy and then you're. Thinking like what's yours, that's the guy to get his idea and that's because I got scared because things like this happen, lunatics well, will sometimes kill you till we get what Do there's no clean solution, there's no clean solution. You ve got a guy who intended to kill and he did
and you have other people who are innocent did nothing wrong with the cops panic either way. The system is, it's got. Holes and he'd be fixed. How do we fix it? I'm not the expert animal, but I highlight this figure to point out that all of these protests, all these march, has all this riding over criminals. I don't want them to get hurt. I don't care if they broke the law. I dont want people getting hurt, but people would ride. For them, what about these two guys nobody's going to go out, nobody's going to smash windows? Nobody! Well! Maybe people will march this time. These guys, I don't know they deserve something to see a video of the cops. Who did it right to be punished so brazenly by the psycho psychopath to see the criminals get their names stripped?
what's the helmet of an NFL player in the highwaymen I'll? Tell you this I'll leave it at this. I don't have the solution and I'm not going to have the solutions defining the police is certainly not a solution. But we are a society that has asked these people to down the uniform and go out and protect us. And now all these people are complaining because some people didn't do it a good enough job. I want to see what they have to say about this this this at this, the shooting I leave it there, men to the officer who survived, I seriously seriously hope he makes a full recovery, and, ah, I hope, people people you talk about this together. More humble, more segments coming up a few minutes- and I will see you all shortly- there have been a series of incidents that have occurred recently that highlight the dangers of being a police officer. The fur is the Lancaster incident where a cop is approaching a hominid domestic. Use, call or domestic call this.
Up, who knows he's entering a potentially violent situation with extremely agitated individuals. A man burst from the door swinging. A knife in the cop runs, but he can't run fast enough, so he turns- and he shoots the man who was swing that I fathom killing them this led to widespread riding and to me that's just shockingly insane I mean come on. This guy was chasing the cops swinging, the knife and the previous second, I just covered, is the disturbing graphic and horrifying video. Of two officers, doing everything right: trying To get him out of his out of his car expired tags, illegal turn failed to yield and the guy. While he is complaining, they taste them. They pepper, spread me riches for his gun and he shoots in both and he takes his time to aim and shoot the cop actors on the ground screaming in agony. What what? What? What what a psychotic individual.
And then I see this football players suspended from team for carrying thin blue thin red line flags at again. This happened door on nine eleven football players wanted to run out. They wanted to display the flu honouring police and the flag honouring fire fighters on nine eleven and they were told they warrant allowed to do it. There were fears that it was political, supporting polices. Political, ok, they hold on now. We ve heard recently that support black lives matter, is not political, that's a federal Can see rolled all you you're allowed. You now support by vice matter. You're, a lot of paint black lives matter that of research. Just you for everyone else, because it's not political, quite literally, is though it's an ideology. It's a call to action. They have policy puzzles black lives matter. Has he mission statement? They have politicians and
forcing them clearly on partisan lines, but they would claim that Honouring police and firefighters, political, but doesn't every One support police and fire fighters. I mean fire fighters. The very least I understand the controversy around cops, but every neighbourhood has police. How does it to a point where you're either for the institution of law enforcement, or you are opposed to it in what Sir in world. Would we no law enforcement. I don't think that makes sense, but what really gets me is that it was nine eleven. Remember that day. Nineteen years ago many viewer- I'm assuming most of you were alive around then, but there's a lot of help unified and remember that day my dad was a fire fighter, but we're in shock.
Oh, I remember hearing what happened on. I love it. I remember watching tv on that day as everything fell to silence and panic swept over everybody. We were under attack. Before the towers collapsed. When we knew we are under attack. There were many fire fighters rushing in full speed. There were many cops running Tor It's a flaming smouldering building with debris, falling from the sky and those people were all heroes. The emergency service personnel, the aunties, everyone who ran in that day, There are some people who didn't make it out because the buildings collapsed on top of them and in it ex decade and in the following several years, two decades to come. Many of the people who were on the ground digging for survivors in helping developed, a horrifying condition in their lungs and many those people became debilitated and slowly died and excruciating
death heroes and are not eleven. These kids wanted to waive the flag for them and they were told they weren't allowed to do it. How have we got into this point? It should be acceptable to anybody to say today we honour the fallen. I got really angry. Because last year somebody desecrated, a nine eleven memorial. These far leftists these, these deed, they psych cycle paths. They would honour criminals now, look if you're non violent drug of thunder, I have a substantially more sympathy than a violent criminal who's trying to go round hurting people. I don't want anyone getting her in police encounters, but I think too, like George Floyd, for instance, sad he died
there's not there's some arguments that they found fentanyl in the system. I think I've seen those store that they were born on them and that maybe he tried swallowing drugs because he was getting stopped by the cops and he was panicking. I'm sad that this man died and I think you know it's it's it's to a lot of people. They think it's easy to know what to do in these circumstances, but this guy should not have died now, don't know how we solve that problem or what should have been done. I just know I'm on much a libertarian nonviolent offences, though we have Jacob Blake who fought with the cops and reach a new car and apparently the date was a workshops ya got than I thought, I say that because I don't know if he had it or not, but I think he was reaching for a knife. We know he hadn't. They found the knife, he said he had a knife and they would honour the criminal. These far left us would go out and riot saying that Ups are bad, they would desecrate on nine eleven memorial and then politically and our institutions and our schools they would
ok you're not allowed to fly the flag honouring them on nine eleven. I don't want to live in that society. Now, nine eleven different. You can take issue with any one of these cops who committed these the you know or were involved in killings. In some capacity we can have an argument arguing about it was it right was wrong. What level of ass a force should be used where the cops right to shoot Jacob like several times well right, is a hard work. I don't know was their justification for it. It looks like there was We could have a discussion about it because maybe people might say it should have backed off. He didn't have a gun, then someone might bring up, shooting and tolls and say well, look what happened when someone reaches under their feet. They get. This guy drew a gun this time. Let's have a discussion about a fine nine. Eleven, ah, not gonna happen there's no discussion. These were people running towards, aiming debris explosions save people and
many of them got crushed under the rubble of collapsing skyscraper because they were thinking about others for themselves. You want to fly the thin blue, line flag on nine. Eleven I'll, buy you the flag. You want a flight of the thin red line, fit right, thin red line flag as well. I think it's a thin redline I'll, buy you the flag or by a flag with both symbols on it, for law enforcement for those that would think of there's before themselves. I should probably read the story, but I'm just you know. I say man after watching that video from the last segment of that guy, just tooth slowly and methodically put gripping the weapon and pointing to a I was on the ground screaming and then to see a story like this I'll. Tell ya a mad, I'm really mad, I'm sick of it. I want police reform. What does that mean?
better training, more resources, more resources, I don't like police militarization, that's not what I'm talkin about. I'm talking about cops need to get paid war, fire fighters need to get paid I talk what's all time when I was a kid now is very, very much on the left, the fireflies. Doesn't police are working class people, they don't make a lot of money. It's the edifice players who are getting rich. Why we society giving all of this money in somewhere else, market capitalism? I got no problem with that on the surface. I just think if the market favours giving foul play of money, I get it, but look at the problems were facing now when the players would would put the name of the criminal on their on their home. It would put the name of of these cops, who got shot not in your helmets. They won't do it. We're not gonna, see Netflix put out a message:
Are these guys? That's that's! That's just infuriating we're not gonna, see big banners. The red Sox field naming this officer who was gone down in cold blood and there the only ones I remember- watching a video. From my things like if it was a new year's twenty twelve or something is I was live streaming down to occupy. They were there in times square and there's a video that came out where people I think I've been my video. Actually it's been a long time The cops were wrapped: they wear this little black shrimp on their badge and the protesters framing the com for trying to hide their badge numbers, and there were some people who knew what it really meant, it's not covering their badge numbers its, it is literally, doesn't cover their badge number. You can see their badge, burn their name, and some one was young at a cop. Why are you? recovery and I was it I'm not as it what's that on your badge and he says it's an honor, a cop who was just killed. His people don't care. There asked to go out and do this.
The boys got suspended from their team after not heeding a warning to leave in blue line and thin red line, flags that represent fallen, firefighters and police officers on the off the field. This was when the little Miami Highschool football teams in Ohio took the field Friday September eleventh a couple of players carried along. The american flag, a thin blue line and FED ruts redline flags. Were you try? to make some kind of political statement here. Local twelve asked Brady Williams, no, not at all. I was just doing it too are the people that lost their lives. Nineteen years ago, Williams was holding the thin blue line flag as he rushed out of the field Friday. His father is a police officer. Does he wanted to honour all the cops who lost their lives, trying to save others on nine eleven they'll? Let you say black lives matter, though. Let you paint black lives matter, they'll put it on every tv screen. They'll put it on Amazon. Put it on Netflix they'll, shut down your throat sale painted your streets
and then they'll tell you, you're not allowed to honour the people who ran towards a collapsing building to save lives. What are we prioritizing? Well, I hope something changes. This is not, but this is not liberal. This is not left the left. His psychotic right now are our established has gone absolutely insane. They have nothing but disdain for the working class. The Democrats have become the party of wealthy elites and they hate you. I really do mean it a cannot all of em, but it too many of them. The established hates you and they will put up they will. They will spouse any message, they think benefits them I'll, say it for the five hundred and thirty six million time I dont. I don't feel any joy seeing videos of cops shooting people its horrifying. I also
their stand that cops, get shot two and that's horrifying to watching the video of George Floyd was nerve. Racking was was almost made me vomit, not everyone was collectively outrage, by this and then I got to watch and other video of we see Canosa. Now we see these cops an omen How do I ll leave it here? Look the kids who flew these flags good for them. I mean it. They got suspended while shame on you to the school honouring cops and fire fighters who said her face their lives on nine eleven is not partisan and it's not political. It was something that everyone around the world recognized so many different countries, honor the fallen from nine hundred and eleven and and built memorials for us and gifted us things and put up tributes for us on nine slash. Eleven.
They all recognize it. It was a day where we saw the universal good of humanity, and this is spineless. Feckless nest from the school, Who is scared? We can have those not every one of them. The heroes on nine eleven deserve to be honoured. The schools pathetic I lived there. I got one more assignment coming up for you in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. May have seen the clip where cod O Hara says the Harris. Ministration with Joe Biden. Everybody said no, no you're saying that that allowed the quiet part loud. Would you do in Canada and of course, that I was a slip of the tongue. She made a mistake. She meant to say that the Biden Harris Administration, talking about herself? No because Joe Biden came out and said the Harris bided ministration as well, at least as far as I can tell from this video, I will say
Its confirmed, Joe Biden has not running for president, and that means Joe Biden likely will not appear if the debate with Joe, with with Donald Trump Homage Oregon podcast at ashamed by the way you haven't heard already. The hashtag is Joe must show to get Joe Biden on the Joe Rogan Podcast, with Donald Trump, four hours fact check paper view, probably not just broken podcast, but that would be the most watched thing ever I mean literally ever strategies caught at ever so Hashtag Joe, must show spread the word. But here we have couple of Videos Cobbler Harris. Accidentally talks about her plans where a Harris administration during virtual round table before quickly Clare
fine, Joe Biden, would be in charge. It wasn't an accident check this out the Harris Biden administration. I didn't believe this when I heard it. Let's play it, has by administration, relaunch that effort and keep pushing further and make it easier for militarist thousands reduced to find meaningful careers. Harris plied administration. Harris pardon me there it is. I played it for you several times the Harris Biden Administration is commonly Harris the President or the vice president. I forget, I think it's Yes, Joe Biden does not have the ability to be the president. He is not a legitimate candidate for the office he's just the nostalgia candidate. Here's. I think the Democrats were like common laws unpopular nobody like Sir her poles are in the gutter and
There was a point where they were really trying to make common happen. I have a theory. Let me let me retain a wild conspiracy theory. I'm half kidding by the way, but I think it's a funny thought commonly Harris was doing really well. She was- and I think the Democrats wanted her to be the nominee. But then Tulsa Gabert came along and she got up on stage and she put on her shades and she went boom drop the New Gon Comma Harris. Of your number that it was amazing. Talk about common law, locking up innocent people for GEO are keeping people out. In prison beyond their descendants for cheap. A bird and laughing about locking up parents who are homeless and stuff like that, because our kids went in school and our common Harris just collapsed after that, And die now, while she wasn't gonna make it they prop up Joe Biden, they can go, get yours plan b, here's my
Joe Biden has the President s car lobby, the vice president, I I was gonna, be commonly Harris. I thought she was gonna, be the nominee turns out. I was right, Just give me enough time, and I am proven right. You see early I said, because commonly Harris hits a lot of the progressive your check boxes, I guess but be checked marks. Boxes? Whatever Kamba Harris is a female of color, and so her running is good for the intersection. Now if what she's also got law and order under her about that could play well for the suburbs, and I think they really but her to win until tells you ever came along and destroyed her prospects, so Joe Biden winds. He makes common vp and now it's the Harris administration. They tell you it's an accident, it's not an accent.
They say there are commonly Harris, has spoken of the Harris Administration Donor virtual round table before quickly clarifying, but will be president discussing the Democrats plans for the economy, the candidate for vice presidents had Saturday a Harris Administration together with Joe Biden has the president of the United States way way way way way. Wait, wait, wait, wait! She didn't even say I mean abide administration. She just kept going. She wasn't intending to correct She is telling us a Harris administration with Joe Biden. We know it Joe Biden, it's gotta be sitting in a wheelchair, with a blanket on his lap in the sun, room, snoring and she's gonna be the actual president. She quickly clarified The Biden Harris Administration will provide access to hunt billion dollars in low interest loans and investments from minority Business owners is commonly Harris slipped up.
He said the Harrison Ministration because we all know what's really going on. She then try to correct after the fact that the Bite Harris Administration, the problem with Joe Biden, however, is that Joe Biden ain't all their he's. Not able to actual He said the Abiden bomber administration once so. Ok, maybe it's just a mix up the Harris Biden, administration, yeah, BP for a long time in that's all he really remembers is being Vp Donald Trump, as previously called Biden a Trojan horse for socialism. Vice president might penthouse Joe Biden, would be nothing more than a Trojan horse for the radical left. Harris's but caused some online some online to suggest she had accidentally revealed the Democrats plan for her to be in charge, twitter user dirty our throat wow what we all knew and she confirmed not hold on hold on. I think she did slip up. Ok, the simple
the simple solution outcomes razor would suggest. She just was talking and slipped up. And I guess you could say the same is true for Joe Biden, but at a certain point, one Do we actually say outcomes? Razor would not apply it. When you have. Joe Biden who reads: teleprompter hides in his basement. Clearly doesn't want to be the president and his hiding and won't engage with the media, and then you have commonly Harris who was at one point favoured to win collapsing because of policy they put her in, I think the simple solution starts: leaning towards this was the intention to get go daily. Callers, Gregg Price at o k you weren't supposed to say that part out loud, a Harrison restriction. Bite and named Harris, as is running late last month, making history by selecting the first black woman to compete on a major parties- presidential ticket, the fifty five year old. First,
Senator who is also of south asian dissent, is one of the parties most prominent figures. She quickly became a top contender for the number to spot. After her own White House campaign ended Trump who had donated to our previous campaigns argued. She was about the most liberal person and you a Senate, I would have thought that Biden would have tried to stay away from that. A little bit he said Harris has Harris had been talking to smart, too small business owners in Arizona when she made the gaff appearing to suggest she was the top of the ticket. The trump Trump had previously set by the tramp tramp has previously said, but it is a puppet of Bernie Sanders ABC in the radical left, but he also frequently questioned by Canada. Abilities, challenging him to take a cognitive test and has called him a very stable genius. Ok, I got a question if it really the Harris administration. How would you feel about common arrest versus Trump four hours, Joe Rogan Podcast- is that a preferable alternative to know Joe Rogan podcast debate at all Joe Biden likely well
do it. I gotta say man. You know why Joe Biden can't sit, sit in a chair and talk four hours you serious tromp, can trumpets spread. I enough for someone his aid. Seventy four he's. He goes up, listen damage, ogresses rallies. He gets up at the left, only stands there for hours just add living in talking whatever he feels like talking about. He loves it. The dude loves talking and he's a salesman. Marketing genius, Joe Biden hides in the basement, speaks for immense from a teller, prompter and then leaves right away and takes no questions. Ok to questions recently, but whose like they were there there they weren't, just as my favorite somebody somebody said this: they work just teeing up the ball from the heat out of the park. They were walking the ball to the edge of the state in foreign over the edge than yelling. You had a home run Joe. The questions were straight up like I'm.
Exaggerating by the way, but if they don't say things like Donald Trump is really bad. He's a really bad job uncovered what he had to say about that you're right. It was a bad job. Next quest, It's like they were just sang it for him. But what are we had this first again to repeat hashtag Joe, must show, I guess that's the one Raul using now or whatever to get viral trend going to get Joe Biden to appear on the jargon pockets. Donald Trump. If you can't get Joe Biden, though, about common she's, apparently in charge, right she's, the one who's gonna be leading administration, does Joe Biden can be too busy raining teleprompter, I don't know, I mean I'd, prefer Joe Biden for sure he's the top. The ticket, but let's be real commonly hairs. Are the one is really in charge? We all know that an article that was written, saying Joe Biden Svp, will be the most powerful vice president in history because they are telling us their goal. They got Joe Biden, it was the best
could do Kamel as out then they put her in. Maybe that was the plan. I have no idea why they're doing what they do, but I'll tell you it really seems like the establishment is spiraling out of control. Maybe this instability is it's beyond the weakness. It's all a facade, the strength, the poles, everything we're, seeing it's just a thin veneer and beneath it a quivering mass of fractured putty. The Democrats have Come nothing, nothing I mean what's their plan. What are the campaigning on? What are they represent? Certainly not union members, not the working class, not progressives it's just a corporate shell of of of fake plastic can Bates and make any man tell us who is actually in charge. We get it, though I think we knew the whole time call freudians slip, call it an accidental admission. I think Comma Harris is gonna be in charge and we all know it I'll. Leave it there.
Next augments coming up tomorrow at ten a m thanks. Thank sprang up, and I will see you all next time.
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