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Right Wing Protesters STORM Oregon Capitol Building Calling For Democrat Governor's Arrest


Right Wing Protesters STORM Oregon Capitol Building Calling For Democrat Governor's Arrest. Police beat back and sprayed right wing and Trump supporting protesters as people called them out for breaking their oath to the US constitution.COVID restrictions are set to get worse as a new mutant strain is reporting in several countries. As Trump supporters and right wing groups express outrage over the lockdowns and the destruction of the economy it seems that soon we may see some agreement between Conservatives and far left Antifa

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Today in Oregon, right wing groups stormed the capital building, demanding accountability from their politicians due to the damage wrought by the corona virus, locked downs and complaining about how many democrat politicians are flouting the rules. The rules, the small businesses, are much follow, but the rules at the elites ignore they. It's only getting worse from here, both in terms of the severity of the lock downs and the protests against them. This protest today isn't the First one we ve seen from conservatives, Trump supporters are right. Wing groups mean they been protesting a lot this year. But they are sort of getting angrier. And today I saw something truly: truly shocking, fascinating in protests crowd in Oregon. There's someone waving a thin blue line flag, typically that that show support for the police. Meanwhile,
people here, we're yelling at the cops you're breaking your oath to the constitution and the police responded by pepper spraying. These conservative individuals blue lives matter how these police officers are oath. Breakers police typically swear an oath to uphold the constitution right now. They are not doing that. These people have every right to go into public public building and express their concerns, and the cops don't care, but my friends, if you think it ends here, you would be wrong right now. The U K is basically in total, shut down, one of the most severe lockdown we ve seen anywhere the world, except maybe China, probably a few other countries, but it's bad China, literally whether there, the door, shut up people covered, so I dont know if you can get worse than that. I suppose you theoretically could, but let's not go there, the
the UK, is now seeing a massive travel ban about forty countries are restricting access their banning arrivals from people in the UK. Why a new who covered strain a mutation that some people fear will be well will be the bypass the vaccine, centrally, is he the vaccine works by telling your body to destroy spike proteins which the covered back that cover the covert virus has covered in. But if the mutation affects the spike proteins, the current vaccine might not work at all, in which case you will get many people
saying we must have a lock down and it's gonna be worse than anyone realized you no going back several months going back even a few weeks when Joe Biden brings on doktor, asked her home, who says six week, nation wide lockdown when we hear from Bill gates and doktor vouches sang locked down until twenty twenty two in some fashion, that's based on the current corona virus. Now that they're saying an even more infectious strain which may bypass the vaccine is emerging and maybe the dominant strain, the vaccine won't work. Well, if that's true and as little people are worried about, it may not be true, then they are going to lock us down and it's never going to stop when you
give them the power to do it, they'll, never let it go. Who would give up power in an emergency? Rarely rarely does anyone ever give it up, but we are seeing right wing individuals rise up in protest. I have to wonder where anti FA is because certainly the government mandating these locked downs telling you you can't go out, but then we watch on tv, unsettled and live. We watch these people hog and lastly, watch Doktor, Burke's hearse, else caught posting photos use with their family in their hugging three generations of her family, indirect violation of their own corona virus restrictions. These people don't fear it, they don't care. The rules don't apply to them. The rules only apply to you and because of this I think we can start seeing more right wing groups, protest and rise up and say no. No. My prediction was that when Joe Biden becomes president,
coming. He does. You know fronted purposes. You would see right wing groups essentially set up areas. What alike we know restriction free zone. You know no lockdown zone, We ve already seen it in Washington not too far from Morgan Wherewi small town basically said we're not complying with this right. Wing groups showed up, businesses remained open and they ignored the lockdown edict. There's one reason why these local other small towns were able to do it no oath breakers now icebreakers. I referred a police who violate their the constitution as outbreak. in these small towns. The cops are like not going to enforce this in bigger cities and in capitals you have a least force ready, willing and able to violate the constitution of this country that, as soon as it is more colloquially, treasonous not legally in the legal base. they treason is like aiding an enemy in time of war. No, I mean there
violating what this country stands for and they don't care because they want money there two scabs breaking the union line because they want money, but it's gonna get worse. There there there turn off food shortages in the UK. So what's this? What's, what's read the story about what's going on this armed antilock down protest, storming the Oregon State Capitol Building and why things might get a whole lot worse with this new coronavirus train before we get started head over to TIM, cast dot com done it if you'd like to put my work them anyways and give the best thing you can do share this video subscribe hit. That, like button, these things help grow MIKE growth grow. My channel help me do the work that I do and sharing this just allows people to get a perspective. They might not normally from the mainstream media and its Polly the best way you can actually help but again smash like button subscribe notification about. Let's just read the news: the daily mail reports about three
hundred anti lockdown protest or some of them armed gathered outside the Oregon state, capitol, building and forced their way, and on Monday, as lawmakers convened for a special session Governor Kate Brown called for the special session closed to the public, where law makers discussed pandemic relief and vaccination distribution funding as protesters gathered to oppose covered nineteen restrictions, the Reopen Oregon rally started around nine. A m comprise the members of the proud boys, patriot, prayer and other far right groups, some seen carrying rifles and pistols and waving american flags and trump banners. They were her chanting. We just want our rights back and USA whoa whoa. I gotta stop you right there and say thing very, very important when we're your rights taken from you, you want them back, please
tell me in history when people peacefully requested their rights and were given them. There are some instances, no job, though, that there are some instances where, after a short amount of time, first for a variety of reasons, certain tensions fall apart. Then people said where asserting a right. They went yeah sure fine, whatever, but not. Typically, in situations like this, I'm sorry. This is why the founding fathers gave us. The constitution will not not just the founding fathers constitution actually came, sometimes goggles federation, but you get the point. The first amendment, the anti federalists- they did a good job, getting us this bill of rights, the right to peaceably, assemble and for a redress of grievances, legit, they're, gonna, say about one hundred demonstrators forced their way into the building from two entrances and once inside they shut it upset, abused and yelled. Let them eat cake as dozens of armed state troopers blocked a door into a hallway
Shortly before nine hundred and thirty, a dot M police declared unlawful assembly and said protesters would be arrested on disorderly conduct and trespassing charges that they did not dispersed. We can see in this photo trump flags pitch as a pitchfork there. I love it is a picture of people holding up signs. These look like they're, older folks for the most typically conservative you can see in the back here someone's actually had a thin blue line flag and that just breaks my heart. It does think about how depraved you'd have to be to be a law enforcement officer violating your oath, the constitution, while people outside were waving that flag in support of you in the risks you take and the rescue take truly truly depraved. These cops are looking at that smell
billing. It's disgusting that flag being waved is not for these men. The officers in Oregon who are doing this are the Praetorian guard for the establishment elites who don't think you deserve rights. While this country is something different from many other countries in the world, the government is constrained by our constitution only if people are willing to defend it. Unfortunately, these officers were more than willing to trample all over it and laugh they did it and even laugh at those who would dare support them. Also point out something very interesting: is the man holding an upside down american flag, those are unfamiliar? I could be wrong. What is correct me if I'm wrong in the comments the outset on flags, symbol of country in distress not of disrespect, and so these people does this man waving. The flag is basically saying United States is in some kind of distress if
only we had young brave men and women gotta, be pc willing to uphold their own the constitution and stand up for for individual liberties rights and what this country was found. We don't. I mean I mean we do. We did we do, but the people who are getting these jobs in government, the police and sometimes even a military. They they don't it's a paycheck, that's all it is, and I don't care about you. They were their job, you nothing! It's really funny. When you see the last yelling at the cops to like rip your badge off, throw it down they that that these these I've seen many protests from the left, where they say things like you know, lay down your batons and joy now said whose side are you on and unlike brow, the police are not. You know leftist they're not progressives. For the most part. There now going to join you in chant, because they don't agree with you not as something else cops more likely
in my opinion, to agree with those who wave a flag supporting them right? The cops can even do it here. The cops can't even say we support you to your rights, nor the cop say we don't care. We just told the constitution is toilet paper to these people now barely has been a mass exodus of many police who I been reporting on for quite some time. So all of the good cops or refusing who refuse to violate the constitutional right, will they quit that's right? Many of them quit money than feeling abused. Many of them feeling like these. These rules and these laws are or these eat I'm sorry are enforceable, because if I'll constitution and then those jobs are easily filled by oath breakers, I wouldn't even I wouldn't be surprised if these new car were brought it without being told to swear an oath, the constitution, so you can see These photos, police, coming out batons and at one point sprayed everybody now with pepper spring, the governments at the bill
shows protesters demanding entry. Shouting. We have a right to be here and arrest, Kate, Brown and fury with her handling of the pandemic. One woman was seen to climb a window on the west side of the capital building, but was brought down by state troopers according to daily beast Freelance writer, Laura Deed, said, cops deployed a great deal of mace at the crowd. The Salem police Department, retweeted that a group of protesters had gathered outside the building and urge the public to avoid the area streets in the vicinity were closed down once the protesters got inside. There were contained within the atrium, the bedroom and where they shouted at a group of troopers blocking them from progressing further into the building. Video shows diamond. Traders voicing their anger with the crowd of ours, lockdown one person, yelling you're, having birthday parties. While you shut us down by ten thirty, a M protesters were pushed out of the inside of the building and order. man in the street, after police declared, they were unlawfully assembling online
awfully assembly, whites, peaceful, there's, no riding, there's no damage, people shocked or capital and very, very different. You know it's really fastening, but all of this Where's watch and some of the videos- and you know, heard I heard support for Anti fa. I'm not getting not exaggerating. Now, let's, let's com everybody down here, I didn't hear people and if I was right, we stand with them. Yea, though some people made the client I've heard some people claim. Some people are saying that they did stand with Antiphon disregarded when I was people basically saying when anti for comes on protests in the cops shut down, that's wrong if they want to come. protest. They were right to do so, the first amendment as an unlawful assembly when it if it throws bricks, insights fires, that's unlawful, that I understand, but now we're dealing with something truly insidious and dangerous. It's not just about what the government is doing. It's about how the government is responding to one of these belligerent factions of the
your work, belligerent, isn't an insult by the way, I'm talking about those that are engaging in conflict. There's three there's three different distinct factions and within them, sub groups for sure the establishment, crony elites which includes women begins and Democrats for the most part, and then you have populist the populist right. The populist left the populist left does include to an extent some anti fall. For that I mean, for
I was part they just accepted, even though many anti far like tank, easier, authoritarian, leftists who are now typically insulted by money, the progressives, but what you have here is the right, the populist right they used to support the police, a faction of the establishment if the police come mountains, are beating these people down and pepper, sprang them they're going to lose a lot of support, and without that support there will be no one to defend them. When the left are saying to fund the police, in fact, you're gonna get Waymore can serve as being like do it. I don't care. These people are breaking the law there, criminals. No, I'm not kidding many people on the right defend the idea of lease the system of policing and I think that's the important breakdown. I've long criticized defined the police and abolish the police, because the general idea is listen. There are bad cops. We need reform. One hundred percent, we need reform, we need bad,
cops to be either fired, arrested or find, depending on the severity of what they did wrong. We need if we system, by which we can hold bad cops accountable. When I was defending the police, the actions they were taking, it was based upon the riots when the far left, one around smashing up businesses and destroying the lives of the innocent ice. This is what we did police for to stop the riots and we all basically agreed. But now what are the police doing? Enforcing unconstitutional edict are not being hyperbolic when I say edict a governor sang. I hereby decree business has closed. You can't do that. This country is not where we are not a feudal estimation,
That may be all silly we're not we're not you can't just decree yourself attack in the forty and tell him to shut down, but the cops just say: fine, they don't care about. What's legal, these police are breaking the law they're violating the constitution. They have no legal authority to mace, someone done they'll claim they do, but that's not the law. The police have no right to do this and that's true, but the Andy anybody else so all defend the far left. The left, moderates conservatives and even the far right. If they want to go out and peacefully assemble, I will not defend them please when they attack or detained or arrest or inhibit people want to do that. But let me let me move on from executive. You get a job I think we're going to see more right wing groups rise up. I think it's going to escalate and I think the lap is going to say we don't care if you don't like the establishment, the guy with the cops
the conservatives are gonna things autonomous zones in the left and I don't care. Those cops are oath breakers. Third, but more faith in the oath keepers, though that the well I so they were, of course, was unfamiliar to. of people they been reported as a militia. That's the right would describe it. As some people objected to my description of them as a militia, but their people current and form law enforcement, military who say they will keep their oath to the constitution. That's a that's! A huge dividing line. Take a look at this more than forty countries have banned UK arrivals. I mean this is getting serious if it's out global stock sell off as New Kovats train unsettles investors. While people are protesting and saying we want accountability and the shot the shutdown's. This is what you get you get. This photo carol.
Of tweets. Just to be clear, this is essential, but small businesses and their employees and Y see are not that's right. Saturday night live Dr Weir masks. They can hog laugh, or they can do whatever they want, while you're not allowed to see your family you're, not to see your family, but doktor books is allowed to see or family about this stuff. This is is, is, is this what we're supposed to be doing I'm not trying to be mean to the sky from microclimate accompany further listening? It's a guy. What looks like some kind of space helmet on maternal mean this guy. He seems like a really nice guy and I respect that he's trying to create an innovative new product and considering the circumstances were in it. That seem like an actual bad idea, except for it his niece, this guy's wearing a some kind of plastic, face shield helmet with airflow vents and the Knacker, whatever some like that. So you can walk
out and see people's faces and I'm sorry it's just patently absurd. While Doktor Burke's of the crowd of our task force is violating the lock downs, they expect us to be buying products like this. Not my question for this guy. is what happens if you sneeze you're wearing this plastic she'll. Do not splatter all on the inside of your of your face yield. Yet it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense, but this is what's happening to people, the panic, the fear, its nonsensical Why? Why are? Are the elites not scared of this? I have to wonder: why are they having meetings? Why are they not wearing that Stacey Abrams during the electoral vote count wasn't wearing a mask. Nobody cared rules for the, but not for me. It's only going to get worse if you think people are going to put on these space helmets to walk.
And to be scared and can't go out and get run their businesses, while the Elites party in the lap and hog and sing on tv, you are sorely mistaken now, maybe maybe people just right over and do nothing about it. It's possible or maybe people push back and we see mass protests. The most effective nonviolence of disobedience would just be people opening their stores and when their businesses and define these lockdown like we saw Mossy Brook take a look at the story. Yahoo news explaining our new corona by restrains cause for concern, as they reports from Britain and South Africa of new corroded restrains that seem to spread more easily, are causing alarm, but virus experts say unclear if that's the case or whether they pose any concern for vaccines or cause more severe disease viruses nap. We evolve as they move for the population, some more than others. It's. Why
reason we need a fresh, flew shot each year new variant are strains of the virus it causes covered. Nineteen have have have been seen almost since it was first detected on Saturday, Prime Minister, Boris Johnson of UK announced new restrictions because the new strain several European Union countries in Canada we're banning or limiting some flights from the UK to try and limit any spread. They say what's concerning about it, health experts in the UK and U S said the strain seems to infect more easily than others, but there is no evidence. Yet it is more deadly Patrick Bounds, the british chief scientific adviser, so the strain moves fast is becoming the d a dominant variant, causing over sixty percent of the infections in London by December. The strangers also concerning, because it has so many mutations, nearly two dozen and some are on the spiky protein at the virus uses to attach to and in fact cells the spike is what current vaccines target.
I'm worried about this for short, but it's too soon to know how important it ultimately will prove to be said. Doktor Robbie, Gupta, who studies virus, is the University of Cambridge in England. He another researchers posted report of it, site scientist used to quickly share developments, but paper has not been formally or reviewed or published in a journal. The vaccine one. That's really fascinating to me the others, but about a million people- I believe it's been- are much more important have who have been vaccinated in the? U S, mostly frontline workers in many elderly and there have been a handful of reports of adverse effects- a handful- I see these or is about animal axis. I take it seriously because I have allergies myself and there was officially guidance from the UK where they said You can't get the vaccine unless there are resuscitation measures readily available a serious. They said certain Young Yoke Yankee Bonus, ornate should get pregnant. Women should get it. They put a bunch of restrictions on this and I said: ok take it. Take it all very, very
seriously, but had to wonder why it was theirs is very of a guy, getting a shot with nothing in the needle, and then I posted people's housing. Anti vocs for bringing up on like what immediate didn't get the vaccine. That's what I'm complaining about. Why would the media put out these stories to scare people about the vaccine. Well, I think the simple solution, very obviously, as ratings scary, whew and the negative book that they get a scream at mean, claim I'm the anti backs. One I'll tell you what I think it is a thing vaccines are for the most part safe. I believe there are adverse reactions and a fact that occur. That's a fact. I think you should talk to your doktor about what's best for you, because we're all different.
The doctor knows better than I would and they're certain reasons why I think, first of all, I'm at the back of the line, but due to allergies, I don't want to get it plus. I think it's fair to say I don't trust big pharmaceutical companies. That's fine! But now I'm looking at the story of this great mutation because it actually might not work- and I have to wonder- is this- how they bypassed Trump's accomplishment. Trump was behind operation warp. Speed trump is the one who rushed this this through solved the problem and now they're saying even if you get the vaccine, you can't go out. You still gotta wear masks like a social distance. Think about it. It's really tough. To say things like you know: don't take the vaccine, because, while the mainstream media, the ones who want people taking backs the vexing, but that means they have to admit Trump, one tromp was right. Trumps project worked, so if they do, It's dangerous, they scare you, they can't cannot know vertically, say it, but we did,
The cobbler Harris, I believe, was commonplace and and and Biden unlike Cuomo sign on, would await I'm not I'm not trust this. They started it there. It was. It was Democrats, the establishment who are critical of trumps vaccine programme. And that was criticism of modernity, Pfizer and Bio and tech. Thus our trump Trump nailed it. The problem was solved, for the most part were dealing with a crisis, not perfect, but this with a vaccine, we get back to normal and all of a sudden, we see these stories that are like it so dangerous it so bad and now there, like a mutation, give a mutation to bear. The vaccine might not work. Now spare me it seems like no matter what happens. There's not going to be a satisfactory answer to what's going on, and that's why. I think I think the protests are going to get worse and maybe escalate to something else
I'll put it this way. Yes, the via the virus, could have mutated and, yes, maybe another the vaccine. Their worry, too could be ineffective or less effective. I don't think it's a conspiracy, see that viruses mutate. I think they're going to take that and exploit it to the best of their ability is the same as they did covered in. First place, they're gonna say see trumpeted solve the problem, oh no, no, it was rushed if only we did a proper vaccine they're not going to let Trump take this another hoping by offering trump that you do look at the vaccine. Congratulations he'll go away, but he's not so they're not going to give it to him. So what? Next? As I've been saying, the right will not tolerate an auntie scientific. Edict. The World Health organisation has already said: lockdown are a last resort that can be avoided can be, then. Why are we seeing all of this as more and more police start to push and end products? on these working class individuals, regular Americans and conservatives there,
more and more support than when the left comes, as has defined the police. What you think, Right is gonna, say from say all those guys get him out of there if they are not opposed to the constitution. The what's the point of having police in the first place, the defence of police specifically, is about them, upholding the constitution and protecting the innocent. When rioters common destroy our businesses and burn things down, if they're the ones burning things down, figuratively, destroying small this is, then conservatives aren't going to support that and while the idea of policing will be supported, that are the traditional view the officer in the neighbourhood or or the sheriff coming in, and and protecting you in helping you. If that's not what we get then you're not gonna, have conservative supporting the police for much longer than we start to see something interesting. What we didn't Mossy Brook, but what happens when Joe Biden can't do anything about it? Well, maybe peacefully
people just go back to work and ignore all of the edict and the police overwhelmed can't do anything about it. If you listen I'll, give you buy I'll, give you good example. I often wonder you know what anarchy is a really real were real world example because of Adeimantus. I'm gonna use a cartoon example from avatar the last airborne if you're not promote the show, there's four nations, the people of the Earth Kingdom, medium art are captured as prisoners of war by the fire nation and there's more of them on this. Big bout, then there are of the fire nation soldiers and the question is I won't they rise up and fight back and take over others more of them. It's because there's not they're, not organised, it's because their suppressed and pushed down, and that's it what I mean by that example in the show they ve,
chile realize they outnumbered overpower, and then they get access to some materials that allow them to fight back, and if I backed imagine what would happen with mass nonviolent civil disobedience, a general strike at the left is calling for well right. Now, I think a general strike, though it be effective, would be actually the opposite. A general work ordered Wanna call it if everybody just non violently protested by opening the doors to their businesses, then what could anyone do to keep the shutdown going? The police would be powerless, that's the point of nonviolent, so let us obedience to challenge the government and work and demand a redress of grievances, as is our right in the first amendment when the police are pushing down and suppressing even conservatives. They're, not gonna, have support for much longer. Then what happens when you have one hundred million people died, ending a redress of grievances. Seventy four:
in people than want Joe Biden about half of Democrats did want another. Now you're gonna see these People saying I'm not going to mess with you. You don't mess with me, but those people are problem that did the establishment, the government, the police, I'm actually worried about it. You know I was thinking about this this this feeling I'm getting and it's kind of scary. When people don't look at the government as legitimate, both left and right cuz. I don't know what that brings us, but it's thought nothing. I would want to happen. I want to go back to hang out playing video games and friends come over go bar havin, a pizza just working and living a normal life at normal as it used to be, but we're not there anymore. So what happens now? I think the right is gonna be old and we'll see what happens on January. Sixteen what's going on, then that's the final day for the electoral process by struck can try and stage some kind of you no attempt at take Clayton arena. We taking the presidency, will trumped supporters muster the political willpower now
Chile show up I'm hearing some crazy rumours and I'm hearing from a lot People who normally I didn't think would do anything you're telling me that they're gonna be there and it makes me wonder, but will they actually well? They have a look. The left has tremendous political willpower, they'll occupying they'll sleep in the street for four months likely they occupy Wall Street. Conservatives. There were libertarians and conservatives down and occupy Wall Street in the first we can never came back SP political willpower convenience. the right tends to say well, we'll find another day and the left hold as a temper temperament screams and demands so they'll so attend to win. The establishment is destroying the economy not covered, and when we see the elites go and party, we know they're not really scared of this. We need to protect the vulnerable, but we need to reopen they're, not gonna. Do it they are going to say it's getting worse and maybe it is, but this one is locked on, will never end January sex. I wonder I dont know if the transport of live the political willpower,
Do anything I mean? Maybe they shot? Maybe they march around and they both horn and a yell rabble rabble rattle. But will that do anything honestly I've seen more than enough protests in my day in DC to know it won't. I mean really march, for our lives are the women's March. What that accomplish not a whole lot? I'm sorry! It's just true! You have to have strong the political will and right now it working with the right protesting. It's me then we ve seen before you know storming into this bellinger making demands, but the last is leaps and bounds ahead of what the right is doing. Unfortunately, I think the left is misguided and very wrong in the direction there trying to go with things, and I think violet It is wrong to non violence. Us obvious is the appropriate way to bring about change. It is on top I love you, but I want to believe it but violet. Uprisen, sours, public opinion. You need legitimacy and that's why nonviolence of disobedience works better. It does at a certain point. I understand political violence. You know, but
We are nowhere near that an end. It would be a huge mistake for anybody. We don't need it, although having problems, if everybody just sad I write subject, then that would be the end of it. That's all we need to happen. Mass communication makes it possible sort of interesting to see what happens. I leave their necks. It's coming up tomorrow at ten, a m. No, I Arel show tonight we're getting into Christmas and new year is in everybody's, often gone, and you know guests like I'm the family. So ah, but we're not some pretty big shows weeks a stick around and I will see you tomorrow at Youtube COM slashed him cast news at ten, a m thanks bring it up, then I will see you well. Then. We have really good news for everyone this morning the Republicans and Democrats have gotten together and finally worked out a deal on a but when a virus stimulus package to be about nine hundred billion dollars- and you will get about six hundred dollars in spending cached grace the wheels a little bit more,
makin people- you don't make the machine churn your bill to pay, you ran, go out, maybe buy stuff. It's wonderful! Wonderful, wonderful! Now, of course, it's your money. I mean the nine hundred billion dollars. Where do you think the government s their money from its your labour? taxes you ve paid and the government is basically money. Printer go bur as it were, so you will be lost, about two thousand seven hundred dollars in taxes, but you'll get back six hundred, congratulations That leaves the remaining. You know the Levin hundred or I'm sorry twenty andred or so dollars to go to big business is a major corporations, but that's just the way it's got you know it's for our own good. It's a good cause. The corona virus pandemic It is a very serious problem that everybody everywhere take seriously. I know one at any point should ever challenge what the elites tell us when Doktor Burke's herself is slammed for hypocrites
for going to a family vacation with three generations of households, yeah yeah, yeah, blah blah blah. You get it the stimulus packages, a joke. look early on. I was very much in favour of a stimulus, doing something to help make sure these businesses can keep functioning because we had the lock everything down- and you know the videos we saw coming out of China and the videos early on and even in this country they were shocking and and and scary and I think we had a very serious crisis with covet early Addison of a virus and a lot of people died since and we realise the lock downs do not work? I mean the fact that were in another fiasco like this shows, in my opinion, the lockdown just that didn't caught it game we locked down to them to the best of our abilities. We ve all been wearing masks and socially distancing, but here we go again cupboards back. Of course the bigger question is well. We can talk about the efficacy of lockdown and why we continue.
When it why the first Emulous made sense again, I think we are like ok, we have to do. This is gonna, be bad. We knew there were gonna, be provisions, were big corporations now they're doing it again and again and again, and they just continual extracting things, The question we have to ask ourselves is, if we think lockdown don't work and there maybe another way to solve this problem. Why? Why is it that these elites these these? These Democrats, these patents on the medical professionals aren't scared at all or they ve got. You scared and the media's got. You scared got you all scared and there are people who walked on the streets streaming way ask terrified. I've seen I've seen stories and videos of people like one on the street, unlike jumping away from people terrified, if Doktor Burke's herself from the corona virus taskforce does not care. Why should anyone else,
There that's a big problem, you know when we see Gavin Newsom, I can just call the moron. He goes out to eat and gets his fancy breakfast or dinner, or whatever it's called the moron. Nancy Pelosi and Lorry Lightfoot graduate we're gonna get their hair. Did I just think there dumb and their authoritarian. But there is something to be said about all of these people who in no way fear anything that's going on, so the question remains. Maybe at some point- or I should say one will people start to realize the elites don't fear covered are exempt from the lock downs and are perpetrating the largest transfer of wealth in human history, and the sum a tweet I put out responds to Carol Roth retweeted just to be clear. This is a son
job, but small businesses and their employees throughout and Y see are not, and it is Saturday night live with. That looks like Kristen, wig, K and Kate Mckenna. I dont know these people. I think that its efforts and wig- and I don't know her name whatever Saturday night- LIVE Cas members, hugging and laughing on the tv. Clearly it not scared at all. Why are you scared? Why is anyone scared with elite? You know our leaders are giving us an exam, full of what they are actually concern about. So we can take so we can say two things they're lying to us or their morons, either way. I think we're facing a pretty serious problem nihilism. I don't need to get into all of the deep details of Doktor Burke's herself party with her family and our kids and three generations blissfully. In no way does she care about Covin one
Therefore, thanks for setting an example, doktor books, you have been great and love is Donald Trump Card of irish taskforce. Doktor found she was caught at a ball games. Sitting next to me would know, mask on these people, don't care So what is? It is very serious threat, or are these people magically immune or are they all just really really dumb? You know, I have to say, maybe a little bit from column, a maybe a little bit from column B, they're dumb, and they don't know- and I don't care that or I should say well, I don't know how to put it. I think of is is is is is a real problem, but I think these people are are in a position where they're, the ultra meets and they just don't have to think about it. The lock downs dont pertained to them. I dont think that covered based on what I'm saying from them is
this like widespread airborne, Ebola, that's you know causing harm. Ah, I think it's it's what what what I should say is to clarify that. I dont think that its It's like a zombie movie ask worst pandemic ever. I think it's bad. I do think to a certain degree. Lockdown worked, and I think one of the big reasons they keep pushing these thou these, these locked. Is it really simple? They want to be safe for themselves and they don't care about you. So put it this way. If there was no locked him and the covert numbers were way way higher. While these people who are older would be freaking out because they don't know who was in contact with what, by logging everything down, they reduce the chance that, there's going to be exposure for them and then go around, do whatever they want do their little,
I'll get on tv. While you get your wealth extracted, your business is destroyed and they don't care they're wretch, not all of them, but most of em. You look if you're, if you're wealthy, and maybe some wealthy individuals watching you know that you can sit back. Put your feet up. Gotta worry about anything. You can take care of yourself and prepare for what you did before and now for all the working class people watching your businesses destroyed and your savings as collapsed. You ve got nothing there. Yet we ve got people facing eviction. So what are they do? They give us this that this bill right here, The nine hundred billion dollar corona virus relief deal Congress just brokered from just the news
but a house and Senate could vote to approve the package as early as Monday and President Trump is expected to sign it more help is on the way the conall of Kentucky said when he announced the deal and Senate floor. So here's what we're gonna get individual stimulus checks. The bill offers up to six hundred dollars per person. Including adults and children for families making less than nine nine thousand dollars annually. The payments begin decreasing for those above seventy five thousand dollars and annual income Klute more than two hundred eighty four billion for more for Mobile Paycheck Protection programme loans. The bill expands, the ability for non profit organisations and news outlets, and let's churches and fair, based organisations, qualified unemployment benefits, but the three hundred dollars per week will be extended, at least through March, Fourteenth provide tax relief, business, Businesses that receive ppp loans and had them forgiven will be allowed to block the costs covered by those loans on their federal taxes. The bill.
Provide a White House back tax break for corporate meal expenses, covert vaccine assistance, entertainment, industry, egg, that's exactly what we needed. I saw those people, Internet live a hugging and I said all those poor millionaires. What can we do to help them? They must crying their eyes and wiping it with hundred dollar bills. I'm so sad: can we please pool all our tax resources to help them. The legislate. it will provide fifteen billion dollars for independent movie, theatres and cultural institutions. Ok I'll tone it down a little bit.
I do think those are still businesses that are meeting of support, I suppose, but what these movie theater. It's gonna get this this this this check and then why weren't expect movies to come back at some point on the sparing eviction. Moratorium, I think, is good, but this doesn't actually solve any problems. Now put it this way, you ve got a build up of I'll. Give you I'll, give you a personal example. I had we had. We had our waters, oftener break in and also beads get jammed up in the pipes, and so they don't stop coming. Ok, you can turn the water off. You can change, the filter and say this will hold back. The flow of this you know sediment for some time, then, is how to make keeps building up. What I'm trying to say is, you can say we are not going to evict people, but all you're doing is putting your finger over
are you know pressurize chamber and the pressure is building and building in building what happens when the eviction moratorium is up and people? Oh six thousand dollars in back, rent or or more mortgage payments than its well, the alleged moratoriums over right about now in your affected or here's your notice, or they could probably still argue. I gave them notice of affection the moment the moratorium was up and solving the problems, so I have to I have to question white is that they're, so there they're they're so nonchalant, but I've that's happening. They don't care, rent assistance, ninety five billion dollars in emergency assistance to renters education funding, there's eighty two billion dollars set aside for colleges O colleges, and schools to fund ac and heating and repair and retrofit reduced,
virus, grist blah blah blah child care aid. Here's what needs to happen, republicans need to start arguing and negotiating on right wing terms. I guess of right wing is the right word, but counter to the Democrats have done some break down for you exactly. What's going on right now, My friends, Democrats in many different cities and states have destroyed the economy, shut it down and its clearly not solving the problem. Okay. So what do we do at this point after seeing all of this throughout the year? Perhaps we
the open, protect the vulnerable and I'm not the only one who's whose advocated for this. So I ask, as Republicans, do not thing and come to the negotiating table and say all carried Dahmer cramps. What does that not you want? We want twelve hundred dollars for people. Publicans go six hundred, that's not negotiating negotiating wood, which would be republican, saying. Oh, you want twelve hundred dollars. Will here's what we want? We want a bill mandating the reopening of the economy nation wide with special protection for the vulnerable and the elderly to get vaccines to those who need it most. But to get
young people back to work schools to reopen and business to restart. How about that and the Democrats when at the counter? No, but we don't want any of that well too bad to bed that would be actual negotiating republicans don't do that they don't and see. That's the issue. People often say TIM only rags. On Democrats. That means he's right wing not anonymous hold on that's partly true, but it missus some important context. When Democrats or like we want to burn the whole
down, and I, like that's a terrible idea, Republicans go. Maybe we should only burned down the kitchen. Unlike ok, you shut up you're nuts. I can tell the Republicans to shut up, because these politicians aren't actually negotiating anything or I could look at those were actually setting fire to the place. Tell me what have Republicans done seriously good or bad. They block a lotta bills. Ok they're, just sit there be lechner now, not doing anything, not negotiating for things. Conservatives are transported, Republicans actually want not actually countering these negotiations. The problem we are facing right now is an economic problem caused by democratic politicians, governors etc, and it so bad that over in California, there actually trying to recall gather Newsome. Eight hundred and forty four thousand signatures so far,
thereabout, I believe, half the way they are to trigger a special lecture and remove the guy. I look forward to it. I think it something that needs to happen, because I tell you this, I don't know look. We need to send a message to politicians who get nothing done when they make sure they know that if they aren't doing- He then we are watching and we're gonna say no to them. For too long people have gone into voting both inside our or De Republican or Democrat. That's it that's ridiculous. Nobody knows what they are voting for the party and the parties. Don't care Democrats have an active base. The activists base makes demands, so the Democrats say all right all right. They want us to burn the house down, so we're in a burn it down and Republicans go.
just the living room, yeah where's, the activists based on the right to say hears what we demand of our politicians. I suppose the left started this when they went no full activists as it were, and then the Democrats article buying into the activists base. The only counter, I suppose, would be conservatives doing the same thing and that leads to conflict, because then you're gonna have a hard disconnect in policy then you're gonna have republican politicians. Passing bills are proposing legislation that would force the economy. To reopen. Democrats are gonna, start crying and shaking geared We have had a few research shows that I'm sorry, it's true, coming, like only for five percent of Democrats, feel comfortable to go back to work So we're publicans and conservatism essay get everyone back to work and working to set, and the Democrats who say that makes no sense. Why would I do that? The covert and so on?
Doesn't it shut everything down their rights going? So that makes no sense. You can function without economy with the with no true transactions, no food, clearly random pass. The good news is Republicans, don't actually fight for anything. So in the end, there won't be a conflict between the establishment parties. The Democrats can screen burn it down. There probably can still be alive just a little bit, as I said, but maybe if more trump supporters start making demands, as the Republican Party becomes more of the Party of Donald Trump, then we're going to start seeing the what we are seeing things like universal gun ownership laws. Things like that now, my friends, I love this tweet here from spike company, says six hundred times three hundred and twenty eight million is one. there are ninety six point. Eight billion this bill is for nine hundred billion ass? She was getting that other seven hundred billion hint it rhymes with crony shore operations, Owen, guess, who's, gonna pay for hint
it rhymes with you, your smell Dron and your grandchildren. Yes, that's gonna pay for its debt inflation and extract the extracts, the value of your labour. They found a very clever work around for everything. How do you buy things and also from the american people, without actually taking money out of their pocket inflation. What Seeing on the screen is Fred economic. Data from the Saint Louis Federal Reserve, Bank economic research You can see. Take a look at this very beautiful, beautiful, massive spike. They say thirty, five, percent of all. U S dollars in circulation were printed in the last ten months. Amazing you don't happens when you mass print currency. Well, look I'm not an economist I, but I can tell you there extracting your labour, your value.
When you work for that our they say I love this. I love is love us most. The left says: increase the minimum minimum wage, here's how they do it they in flight the currency, so it's worthless and then offered a pay twice of what was now worth half get it if ten bucks an hour can't bought you know currently by if, if its lets, it is right now ten bucks and argue to two gallons of milk, and then they inflate the currencies and our ten thousand tunnels- and I won't get you one gallon milk. Then they go, but don't worry, we're raising the middle aged fifteen dollars. Congratulations! Nike! By a gown and half per hour, you have lost economic control. You have lost economic access, that's the problem! With inflation! Now there's some arguments, I'm single left where they say things like this won't cause inflation because there's you know
oh gdp, growth or whatever nonsense. They say that there can only be inflation if there's a rapid, exchanging of goods and another isn't so, there's no real value to the money. That's it. Wouldn't it wouldn't flight. In fact, summer argument could Deef light, but I'm not sure I agree with that. The argument for deflation is at the: U S dollar: it. People have very little of them. And so there becoming very very there there they ve nothing just like them to be very careful about. They spend it on. So what happens? Is the rich? get a massive amount of money that, theoretically theoretically, can buy them more and then maybe this makes sense. They go this way. If you normally charge hundred bucks an hour cause, you got a specialty job here that the best the best three printing manufacturing, whatever you're good at what you do you charge a hundred bucks an hour but now nobody's workin, you're, desperate, and so your regent, everybody saying do why I'll do it just fifty bucks an hour, I'm not
maybe it was out of a job right now, you're freaking out, so you depress your own wages. You then, finds some very rich individuals as I'll tell you what fifty dollars an hour, and you will build me on your home, something ridiculous, but you're desperate for work. So you take it now that fifty dollars can actually, by way more because the economy has been destroyed and although it can buy them waymore what you can get for that. Only as a working class individuals way less you're not gonna, have access to goods and services. So your ultimate You gotta be sitting on a lot of money that you can only use for like food and rent and things like that. The rich people, however, will have ten times as much money. Their totally fine sitting around. They been investing in and big corporations that have been growing in value and that's it EL continue to extract the value and the wealth of the working class and we'll sit back and they ve got the left. Screaming and cheering for it. This is the inverse. Of a minimum wage increase, rapid inflation
an or destroying the economy makes people desperate, makes her wages go down, maybe they're, hoping that the ritual EL, the control more of the economy and the poor people, will be satiated because after all, this is said and done I'll, throw you a bone, and is it also? Thank you. You destroy the economy, but you gave me six hundred dollars. Thank you. I love it. I love seeing means and left where they say things like you know. Working forty hours a week is on an accomplishment. How did you like wake up every day and be excited to have worked forty hours weaker somewhat that, unlike man, how crazy, as to their people in this country that hate work work is fun workers, productivity, it's like building something accomplishing something every like real people. percent about work is like anything. You might do for fun, playing a video game right. You play video game and then you beat a level. That's work, there's no difference. The problem is what you prioritize. If you get your satisfaction in fulfilment from things that are of no value,
That's the problem. So what happens? Is people end up getting jobs they actually to test and thinking the concept of work itself is bad and it's not. I think these I was gonna go on for quite some time, but I think people are going to snap because of it. The Democrats the progressive Democrats. They want universal health care, they want Medicare for all, while they're not gonna, get from the Democratic Party and the
once a return to normal she, I guess NEA condoms to reopen and you're, not gonna, get that from a from the rubble republican Party. Our political class is worthless. The Republicans don't negotiate on behalf of what Republicans in transport is want at all. They do nothing but say that out of grants are bad and we're gonna hold them back a little bit and you're like, but I guess I'll take what I can get. The Democrats are nuts and the Democrats, our knots and the progressive Democrats, many of whom I think, are not sounded rhythm, but a lot of more like how does any of this makes sense, there's an actual faction of leftists who are not alter awoke and they call the Woke corporate Democrats, the NEO liberals- and I think one thing we probably should make- make sure that we're we're getting right is that you know people like Jimmy Door, he's a great he's, a good. Do me smart and he's economic leftist buddies populist, so he's talking about the exact same problems he's just calling for a different solution. Maybe we disagree on that. But if we
We agree on the absurdity of the Ultra woke garbage corporate nonsense and the political establishment being trash. Then maybe we can start from there, but I ll leave it there stick around next, I was coming up at one p m on this channel thanks for hang out, and I will see you all them. I actually agree with junk huger of the young Turks, but only a little bit the general assessment that he gives its really interesting, because he does make some really really important points, not bad. He writes three America's. We can agree on anything and what he writes is very, very important, and I think everyone should read for two reasons. The first is that he does break down the fracturing in Amerika the populist right. The populace left and the establishment and how all three America's believe different things and are about to fight each other in some way or another
but the other important thing he does is. He proves himself wrong in so far as the progressive laughed dozen understand, what's really going on and they are victims of the establishment manipulation. There may be three factions, but there should probably only be to the populists and the establishment by the establishment of a really good job of them. Manipulating people like Genk Huger into saying things that hurt the populist cause. You see, someone like Jimmy Door right now there is a progressive civil war, as it were, going on. Many progressive, like Jimmy, are saying force a floor vote in the house on Medicare for all right now. The progressives have the
average Nancy policy wants to be speaker of the house just one more time, but because the Republicans made massive gains on November. Third in the house, there is now a possibility that, with these small progressive contingent vacant say if you do not push a floor vote for Medicare for all, then we are not going to vote for Nancy Policy and then what what is happening as you get a republican speaker of the house as the minority Party, which would be really really fascinating. I am not convinced that would actually happen, but the progressive certainly have leverage over the establishment, but now we re, from a junkie ogre that what went on in Austria on the comments from this internal, progressive civil war debate, civil war, figurative comment and it's interesting to see that Genk Huger is a victim of establishment. narratives and manipulation, and so he actually
proves himself wrong in this and its unfortunate because he's actually write about the three matters like I said, but what I see from this object is kind of a window into a parallel reality where they think they're right. They think they're, the reasonable, rational individuals and they're not- and this my friends is the proof, One simple line in this breaks it all down. Let me read for you what Jackson and then with respect. I do agree with with a lot of what he sang writing for the Hell Genk. Huger says we strange and interesting times. There are now not just three different groups of people in this country, but three different realities that sky three and of itself. But what's Scarier is that most people in power have no idea what is happening or how to react to it. One of three: what are the three tribes? First, we have an old friend the establishment. Its members have been around the longest, their world view, as amended by the best propaganda the world has ever seen. They can
since the world, the country that does the most invasion seeks peace, the country that ethnically cleansed a continent seeks equality. And the country that enslaved people stands for freedom and everyone believed it these days, driven by greed. They are busy convincing people that we can afford war, but not healthcare and that somehow the carnage of war keeps us safer than high quality medicine that if the rich Have all the money. The poor will be better off, because some small amount will one day trickle to them. It's interesting, how he calls them out for their propaganda and has very clearly a victim of himself. My friends, I am very very anti war, but I understand the concepts of power vacuums. and fighting for resources. If we were energy independence we are, and if we can maintain this? We don't need war, that's the big issue so
he's right, the machine loves war and convince us we're safer because of it when we could bring our troops back. For the most part, we could bring our troops back, focus on rebuilding at home and strengthening america- but that's not what's happening- the establishment, crony politicians selling us out in extracting value. They are selling us to the highest bidder. Joe Biden will hat what will see us stripped bear nothing left and Everything America's ever own. Going over to China and Genk Huger helped that happen. You see that not at the thought. The evidence I won't. Let me show you this line he puts in here we're just proves. They really are victims of his propaganda, but think about that I mean the fact that you would support Joe Biden after everything we knew about the guy. Why? Because the orange man bad, because Donald Trump is a fascist who appeared
What does it have the power to do? Anything was struggling with his own internal administrate with with it with with hiring people for the restoration firing. People left and right, I have often said one of the best things we got to the top presidency was weakening of executive authority, actually think trumpets and pretty good things too. But you know what part of me says. I wouldn't mind a little push back on these get a branch of China, glad we're seeing it. They went a little nuts with it, though, to be honest, Atacama impeachment, I'm Talkin about Congress being like you can't go to war now we have trop being like. I want to bring the trips back in Congress being like. No, we must stay at war, so yet letter problems. Let's run he says, then there is the ascendant tribalism right wing trump world, Margo Land, where no facts need apply, President Donald Trump can go zero and forty six in court and his followers thinking nailed it there. It is the one sentence, Genk Yogurt needed to add to this: to prove:
it was wrong when he certainly right about three tribes, but Donald Trump didn't go zero and forty six in court. First of all, Donald Trump, the trunk campaign actually had one victory. More importantly, the trunk campaign has only probably I think, five or six actual suits what what Genk the girl saying here that zero to forty six forty six losses he's. He is repeating the line from the establishment propaganda that Donald Trump is filing lawsuits and failing that is not true, for the most part will also this what I mean. What what is it true as these these forty six law? it's it's a bunch of random people. Could you imagine if I found a loss it on behalf of young Turks got kicked out into the anthrax lost the debt? We had nothing to do with it, and and and many these are getting kicked out for standing. So yet I could file loss and say as an as an audience member in subscriber to the young Turks unnaturally subscribe to the utter. Ah you know, because you what you want to make sure you're watching everything, which is why I know I disagree with them.
Imagine if I and set as an audience member and the judges ignore now get out of here and then you know, Charlie Carts, our time, the young Turks. Lose another lawsuit they'd be like do on us. Genk yogurt doesn't know. What's going on on the right, he doesn't know what conservatives are thinking. but here I am reading an opt out from Genk uber telling you what he is thinking. Remarkably, what we see from this is a mirror image of what's happening on the right. Let me read more I'll break it down for you. He says there world view referring to maugre people, is surrounded by a neurotic insecurity buttressed by the most brazen propaganda. Their alternative facts are wielded as blunt instruments and that to work So now we have the largest colt the world has ever seen. Seventy four million people in alternate universe with the facts are enemies of the people. This is enormously dangerous. One of those seventy four million people is me, and many of them are you and most of us who watch
are not die hard zealots, my audience! The biggest faction is like moderate, libertarian types than you have this amount of trump supporters, but admittedly I'll tell you one thing to my friends over the Donald out when I do read the tunnel that when an I do watch the young Turks sometimes- and I do read, left wing forms I want to know people are talking about. I do find a kind of funny that you're done when make fun of me so often, which is absolutely fine by all means. Please keep doing it. I'm not prefer then you are absolutely in your right to criticise me the things you think I'm doing wrong, which all watch My video, like you know, that's how I need It's interesting with respect. I absolutely think that's honorable, to watch a video someone you disagree with and then to make fun of them. is a sign of its kinda. Like steel Manning the argument trying
I understand the left is actually thinking and sang and then criticising them for that something the less doesn't do, and I bring it up, because the perfect example of junk huger espousing establishment propaganda. While thinking he's right when, in fact it's actually the trump supporters who are watching videos from people they disagree with and then criticising them Ford Genk, you were doesn't do that if he did, he would know much much more, particularly about the lawsuits trumpets file, but there's more Sweden. He says if you grow following mainstream media. You're thinking wait, wait a minute what about the moderate wing of the Republican Party? What moderate way? Ninety three percent of Republicans voted for Trump right now. Only three percent of trouble
just think Joe Biden won the election. Maybe that says something about you: Genk Yogurt, you who watches MSNBC in mainstream media. The young Turks produced a segment where they made fun of me for being ugly. It was really weird why, because in the TIM cast Iron L podcast, I was talking about numerous studies which exist that say, conservatives tend to be more attractive, they make fun of me, They called me stupid and then they concluded. I was correct and was actually citing scientific studies. Talk about the dumbest kind of content. You could produce happy, it was tribalism garbage. Yet he wants to come on thanks to think the facts, don't matter to them to the right. I did not make a video praise tromp and saying Tromp is: do you know the God emperor and look he so handsome ass? It nothing like that. So why would they reduce a video where they show pictures of me literally mocking my appearance
and then saying I was wrong, but actually I was citing real region was correct. I didn't even say it as a positive frozen are familiar study, talking about how conservatives tend to be more attractive and liberals are not to be, and it has a lot to do with collect division, verses individuality. This was explained to me, as I said, on the show, by a feminist, describing privilege saying that, because people who are attractive haven't easier go at life, they assume, like that for everybody, that's privilege and is at an end same concept when I actually did a segment that should agree with the leftist world view? They told me they knew they. They I'm sorry. They insulted me said I missing the finer details then concluded. I was right. That's the young Turks. Do so not surprised to see that Trump untried at Genk thing seize the smart one in the room, he was on a theirs and to the point about the republican Party.
This says more about you when you, when you see ninety three percent of the Republican Party voted for ninety four percent voted for Trump. Only three percent think Joe Biden won the election. It's not that low, but sure he citing something's I'll, give him hesitation. Perhaps it's because tromp supporters and conservatives and even some Democrats do actually get their news from conflicting sources. Like I mentioned my friends over that all that win who insult me, still have the got like the the mental fortitude, as it were to watch the content. You know that I'm saying they disagree with something you get from the left respected, absolutely do and then, when they come up I am wrong an insult me. I respect that as well. I think that needs to happen. The left needs to do more of it. Instead, what we get from the left, they don't watch my videos, they produce out of context garb clips that people understand and then criticised me for things I didn't do. That's that's the ammo of over the left. Does they think there being smart risible they're, not like I mentioned the young Turks took us
totally out of context and turned it into some weird pro right wing thing when I was actually been critical of the idea we are critical of the idea of absolute meritocracy. honest conversation about it now talks about a thriller, but more you we're going get through this. He says: there's something very important. Others I'd have to understand about Margo end. It general, We believe the election was stolen, it does and ever other insane thing trump says not entirely true. Actually now imagine that Trump actually manage to steal this election. Even though you know that by one imaginary somehow, remained in office on January twentieth. What would you do? How mad would you be? Well, that's how mad his supporters are. Now, because in their reality, that is what happened to trump and to them spot on. That's a really good point, two very, very good point and very smart, my respect to junk you, because he knows that I just happen to think he's the one in the fractured reality when he thinks he's the one in the reasonable reality and my evidence to this
that he doesn't understand what's going on with trumps lawsuits, why Trump is suing nor she actually looked at any of the evidence, the affidavits and I've personally corroborated some of this evidence? I gonna stop right there. I am not exaggerating Matthew Brain of voter integrity project has evidence. I looked at some of it. I independently corroborate through alternate databases. Now, I'm not saying it's definitive proof, I'm saying what he has he didn't just make up its very interesting. We need a legitimate
instigation into this now. The reason the Trump supporters that the hard core transports and be critical of me is because I'm not on board with Sidney Paul's. Do you know crack in or Linwood calls none of that stuff. I think it hurts trumps legitimacy but that the Trump supporters- that's what they're at that's that's. What's you know? That's what they're all about now completely, but there actually in defence of it now Jack, says the third group as the progressives, my group and the one that is most interested in the betterment of the average person, but also has the most rational worldview most rationally. So this camp doesn't do absurd lies like Magua lands. It can't be illegal of president Trump. Does it listen Trump land has their absurd fake news, they do and the left has their absurd. Fake news to the issue, I think, is that the left tens tube either be establishment, liars or progressives, who tend to be incorrect? What this faction has the seventy four million people. Many of us would have a trump has people like
James Lindsey. You follow James, brilliant guy. He real covers the critical race theory phenomenon at very critical of it, but he is not a hard core Republican who believes all trumps lies. He vote for trot because he's a rational individual watching what is happening and in terms of critical race theory and calling out the left for going nuts. There are people like me, there are people who are moderate, disaffected liberals who can see clearly that trumps certainly talks on eurobonds, alot of smoke, lotta hot
but the left has gone nuts the way described in my earlier segment. The Democrats right now have lit a match and said what borne down the house and their publicans are like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa whoa only burned down the kitchen. That's the negotiations. We have there's no republican right now, saying mandate, reopening mandate, the economy restart, protect the vulnerable. We don't get that we get Democrat, saying something extreme or or or ludicrous and Republicans being like. Oh well, only only only half that so it ends up happening as you get moderate, left This types like me voting for Donald Trump signed. The left has gone knots when the left is losing people to the right more than the right is losing people the left and most people on the right which, as you know, any four million people are so whenever think, there's something fishy about this election. Maybe it's
you cause, I'm reading your Abed Jack. I know what you're thinking and why you don't know what I'm thinking you dont know what Trump supporters thinking you just get your news from establishment media and then believe it. But I tell you this, like I said the right has their crazies, the left as their crazies, but right now what the right does have is disaffected liberal types, intellectual, dark web types, that's the thai breaker. Basically ya! Laugh you get the establishment. he says we are the ones at the most rational worldview. This kept doesn't do absurd lies like Muggah lands, it can't be illegal of trump does it or in the case of the establishment it can't be outside the law if the person doing the extra judicial killings as President Obama and he's right about that that the left was critical of Obama. I remember it, they protested the Dnc. They are critical of Hillary Clinton,
He says if you're an NPR listening New York Times, reading liberal you're, probably outraged by the statements, but just look up extra judicial things under the military's drown programme during the Obama years and get educated on the real facts. Gent is right. You see that's the problem. I have with what the populace left is doing. It I'm not talking to or listening to Trump supporters. Man when you actually listen and understand you might realise we all agree on that. Could you imagine if the populist right and the populace left threatened these establishment politicians, we won't vote for you and we will support you unless you agree up drone bombing people, it would be done. Tromp was drawn by allowing people to use it. Does it make fun of someone else's alternate reality before you realize you live in one? Of course you can say that I am I may have. have my own biases and hence my own reality, and there is some truth that there is a literal truth that its true for me
to buy? Tell you this. The Thai breaker goes too. Side that has individuals. Listening to the other side, the left isn't listening to tromp supporters, they're, not but tromp supporters are listening to the left there listening to me and that their making fun of me or that prove what what do you want me to say the fact that I can go into battle that win, which is one of the biggest websites in the country now relative what you're, either top four hundred a cop five hunter and they'll be like ten euro loser proves they listen to what I'm saying and disagree with it. I'm sorry if I stress that point quite a bit, but that is the Tiber acre that to me proves what we already know. The left doesn't know what the right is thinking. He says we don't need. obviously to cover up the awkward realities, the brutality that is needed to maintain the status quo for us to talk about the existing power structure. One thing disputable that we officially live in three different worlds here here he is correct and we can't even agree on facts. We altogether
sides are lying or deluding themselves. We have three. Realities existing at the same time in the same place. So how do we communicate when we're not Speaking the same language anymore, we progressives think we're speaking, language of logic, and we think the right wing tribe doesn't understand one water, that language in fact Don't even think our language should exist to them. Logic is suckers and losers, where's gopher raw power, no matter what the facts are clearly he's not talk to a Trump supporter. We also think the established members are the biggest hypocrites it of all those right about that in their infinite elite is, and they consider their world view to be legitimate one and the others.
To be radicals infringe. We are centrists, they say and I wrote it disagrees with Us- is by definition not in the center, how grotesquely arrogant and patronising? No I'm actually in the centre left doesn't want to admit the right does fascinating and that's a product of the disparate realities and why Jack is wrong. The left says: temples are right. Wing shill he's always yelling about the left. Yes, but maybe, if you actually look at what the right was doing and you, and stood the the fracture right now. Is this: do we shut down the economy and then give people some cash, or do we reopen the economy and protect the vulnerable? Only one of those is in public debate, so when I come out critical of of the left, then they say Temple is rising for criticising us. I'm sorry, the right wing debate isn't even happened. in government, like Michael Malice, said when they mandated health insurance under the end of it
your mandate. Where was the gun mandate that everyone must own again? There was no right wing equivalent to what they were doing because, like I said, the Democrats will propose knocking down a house and our publicans will say just knocked down the kitchen instead of saying about. We don't knock down the house at all. He says, even if you hate the messenger or I'm sorry, just oh of course, the most fewer in part, is that they are wrong factually empirically wrong. Dozens of polls show that almost every issue, the country's nearly two thirds progressive- you see- gent just does not understand it. That's not look, does not reality. Bro, we can limit. Let me play him with you. If I said you do you think the govern the government should take existing available resources
and invest them into our programmes to develop renewable energies and make America Energy Independent. Most people would say, of course absolutely then. I would check down in favour of the green new deal, but greater doesn't do that at the poles. Were poles are our art propaganda for the most part? That's why I'm very careful- and I used all the treaties aggregates-
I can ask where I also ask you this: would you be in favour of the largest overhaul of the private sector government? What would you be in favour of a larger largest government take over of the private sector and a massive spike in taxation in order to generate a research, new technologies which are often unreliable? No, of course not boom against the green new deal cell? Poles work? You don't understand this, but I wonder at this up with one important thing to Genk Genk. Huger is not a progressive. No, I think junk yogurt is the establishment. The establishment knows they can't let the progressives get out of line like the Trump supporters do, because Trump supporters have fractured the republican establishment. Trump is the party and if they don't agree with Trump well, they don't win because the Republican Party has rally behind Trump. Much like
Russia's rally behind Bernie Bernie was too weak to take the reins. Tromp, wasn't that's why I think junk is the republic? Is the establishment there's something called forced about. Like I mentioned earlier on, this policy is trending with Hunter. Ninety one thousand tweets Nancy policy could lose speaker of the house because there were then I think, like five seats, of not having the majority vote so the progressives, notably Jimmy Door, Jimmy's red. He said the progressive should tell policy. We will not vote for you unless you guess a floor vote unmet care for all. Personally, I am for Medicare for all. However, I am not sure can actually be implemented. I'm worried it might just be a utopia. And pipe dream? Because you might, you know that they talk what all the other all these other countries having it, and I dont understand that there are certain tradeoffs restrictions limitations but, more importantly, like wait times and certainly missile being unavailable, mobile,
They understand that our economy is like twenty percent, the health, health industry and even Bernie recognise we would lose like four million jobs which would be devastating so as much as I like. The idea, I'm for this, like you could go you gotta hospital, your arms broken. You got the flu, you know, I believe, that if we have,
few illnesses or like out of action or of acute is the right word. If you have like rare, obscure hearted treat, things will need private insurance, so a balance but like universal basic coverage makes sense. I just dont know how we do it. I certainly would agree with me door, though, if you're a progressive and you believe in something you buttered demanded Jaeger says there is nothing wrong with force about. What's wrong. Is the timing? Let's do forced about ten more times the right time right time as an excuse to wait in this case. The right time was before this about I like being aggressive, but you have to do it strategically. What does that even mean Jimmy response? Yes, we need to keep waiting you're such a good boy. Democrat did Jake get us talking point straight from nearer Tandon again: Bravo, you see. That's why I like Jimmy Door, because he focuses on the establishment and he talks about the largest transfer of wealth in history. He is talking about issues that affect the people, the working class people and
is being honest and legit. Now lotta people is progressive, don't like him because he calls it the Democrats, but look at what junk is saying. He saying nothing. He sang don't jam up policy. Why not? Why not let it happen the Republicans, probably block it won't, go anywhere but come on man. You gotta stand up for what you believe in now. Genk Huger is protecting the establishment. That's what he's doing and that's why I think with us are bad. What he's writing is it's it's foul, progressive ISM Genk is an establishment elite. He's always been. He hangs on the fringes of ITALY, desperately begging to be let in and they won't do it, but he still here defending Nancy Pelosi. Why progressives don't like policy? Tromp supporters, don't like policy moderate in the middle people, don't like policy, and I actually defended or in the past- and that was a mistake-
Could I saw that I felt like you know what I tell you this. I think the progressive Democrats, a junior calling on, I think, our duplicitous and I think that their snapped bat clapped bet politicians who are not legitimate, there's some of their there's some democrats. I think our good though doing the job but ultimately doesn't matter look. I can have my opinions and autism opinions on some of these progressives negative and I bet negative opinions about some. Some are right wing politicians as well, but it makes sense, use the leverage you have now to to tell Nancy Policy to do what needs to be done and if she won't do it then don't vote for her, but junk for no reason with no explanation is saying: don't do it? It's not the right time, that's meaningless! When is the right time is the right time now he's the establishment? He doesn't know what the right is thinking and he is the one who is standing in front of the parameters, putting his hands up, saying that the guys guys, guys guys guys, don't don't don't don't challenge the establishment. Why would you do that
But a big fan of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. I dont consider these Aren't you a type? These far left us to be my friends, I think they're extremists and their often low information individuals. But I will say, I'm not going to And in their way, when they make demands of the establishment and are our tearing them down, don't you know I'll put that way. When I will say is the disparate realities. Thing is true, and if the establishment tumbles, then it's just left and right populist staring at each other. That's when their disagreements come to come to a head only their next time was well becoming over at the TIM Pool Channel, which can find by typing in Youtube COM slashed him cast. I know its, not this channel type it in trust me you'll grow different channel,
exploiting it up. I will see you all add. You took outcome sized him cast at four p m in the next segment.
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