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S5115 - The US Now Prepping For WAR With China, Dispatching Air Force Across Pacific, Taiwan Faces Invasion


The US Is Now Prepping For WAR With China, Dispatches Air Force Across Pacific, Buys Special Weapons. While Republicans have long said China is a bigger threat than Russia Democrats have long been opposed to the idea.

But now joe Biden is granting access to Russia to build a pipeline suggesting that China has become the bigger threat even in the minds of Democrats.




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Today is June. Seventh, twenty twenty one and our first story, the: U S dissipating full scale. War with China has begun move the air force across the? U S, to prepare for rocket attacks from China. They ve also begun part special weapons for Pacific warfare that this doesn't mean war will happen, but there are a lot of factors have played, isn't just it just might He soon interact story. Conservatives over the daily wire raised over one hundred thousand dollars for a cs grandmother, but then a yo see got fundraiser shot down the stories actually kind of sad and kind of funny and an early Storing an Amazon driver brutally beat sixty seven year old woman after she refused to check her white privilege and was complaining, but a delivery. If you like, this podcast leave us a good review, give us five stars and if you really do like to show my support us, please share with your friends. Now, let's get into that first story:
Blew up had published in the wall. Street journal asserts that covert nineteen one, is engineered and could not have emerged in nature? Now, I'm not here to debate the veracity of that opinion piece. I want to point out that it brings us one step closer towards full scale or with China potentially an absurd statement, but for those have been paying attention, you know exactly why recent chinese state media said they need expand their nuclear arsenal and and a shiver down the spine of the american elites, but they will be ready for nuclear war confrontation and this after Joe Biden said, we need an investigation into the origins of covert. Nineteen And many more prominent personalities, including falchions himself, have entertained the possibility that covered nineteen came from view hung limp. Now again, I'm not here to talk about.
I made a point out that it is an escalation of the posturing between the- U S and China, but of course, posturing is just that none of this means there will be war with China, but the U S is certainly preparing for it. Now when preparing for it for some time and it seems like there now taking it much more seriously. Last week I reported or I should say that I commented on the reporting of military to come that depended on has begun by not bombs for Pacific fair, no longer middle eastern warfare, which would be targeting ISIS now. This could just be that Donald, decimated ISIS and China's the next logical threat. So, let's ramp up are you know, positioning there, but we're not learning from Forbes anticipating war with China, the? U S, air force, is fanning out across the Pacific. is not the only way in which the? U S has begun escalating its preparation for a war with China
Most of you know there is the idea of the fourth turning as well as through assiduities trap. There are some speculation that what we seen over the past year is while it was and to shore up our defences for a looming war with China be just a coincidence theory, but many have pointed out that, with people fleeing big cities and decentralizing the economy with more workers. We are more robust in the event of a centralized attack on one of our major economic hubs and because of covert we ve begun shoring up our manufacturing here at home, which would protect us in the event of a full scale war with China, so I tell you what will happen? I can tell you, I certainly hope, there's not going to be full scale war with China. But looming tensions over Taiwan suggest that it's more than just one thing. a new leaked document, is now being covered far and wide the? U S actually proposed
new king, China, mainland China over Taiwan, as China seeks to gain control of this island nation, And major disputes arise culturally over Taiwan, it stands to reason. There is the real catalyst for war outside of just covered and we could beast bring down the barrel of maybe it sounds silly, but worldwide three. I mean if you look at what China's do with. We were Muslims, theirs Only a moral call from many people for some kind of intervention. You ve got the economic push and now you ve got covered. A lot of people might actually start becoming bullish on this, and that to me is worrying. We dont want war, but sometimes as hard moral questions and not I e this year, the Milton Spencer Guy. I don't have all the answers. I can't tell you,
we should or should do, but I'm typically anti war. There is a fear, though, that China will start pushing and than war will happen, no matter what we do so on one of the answers, but let's take a look at what the? U S is doing, why they're doing it and why there is real fear that war with China could be around. The corner before we get started had over two TIM cast: dot: com click. The members only button become a member to help support our work. It gets you access to exclusive members, only section from a tin cast iron pot gas but, more importantly, supports the work we do so we can expand we're doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes. We ve got some new potential employers newsroom, set to launch a very soon and we are going to be expanding very dramatically. Their will a time where I will be commenting for the most part on original reporting from our staff, including myself and its with your support, and only because of your support. So please consider helping out if you like, the work that I do,
You can also really help out by sharing this video. As I often say, I don't have. The marketing budget of CNN Youtube does not give me preferential, authoritative access like they do CNN. If you think this video should get more views than CNN videos to do share them, it's the best thing we can do, and it really does help me out and the work I'm doing everything the work, I'm doing as good. That's one way you can support it. What these videos, but dont, forget alike, unsubscribe as well from Forbes, anticipating war with China, the? U S, airforces fanning out across the Pacific. Forbes reports for years the? U S, air force concentrated its warplanes at just to bases in the Western Pacific for Fighters Cadena AIR Force Base Japan's Okinawa prefecture and for bombers and big support planes, qualms Anderson AIR Force Base Beijing I'd these. Bases and devised a simple strategy for suppressing: U S: air power in the region build a cow
four thousand non nuclear ballistic missiles and in wartime love them at the basis. till their runways, aprons, hangers, fuel tanks and warehouses are nothing but craters. After years of build up, the chinese rocket force possesses around one thousand three hundred ground launched missiles with sufficient range to hit Cadena and Anderson. from mainland China. The? U S office, keenly aware of the threat it has. Its own plan dodging the missile barrage has. The idea is to spread out hundreds of warplanes across potentially dozens of smaller bases without diluting the striking power of China's rocket force. The air force won't say exactly which bases are part of the plan: possible to make educated guesses. American territorial small island countries offer the most dependable facilities. Arguably, the most important basis in the Philippines are accessible only at the whim of that country's mercurial president, the Jeanne Map of the. U S: s expanding base network also reveals where
service has potential airfield gaps most glaringly in the Philippines east of Taiwan and that got the. U S, Navy, specific fleet. Might its sister service, a helping hand and deploy some of its ten aircraft carriers and big deck assault ships. Now this may just be the: U S realising its vote What is it may not actually be in anticipation to full scale war with China. But I know a little bit more bullet. I lean towards, I think, we're going in the direction both philosophically I mean if you look at history, if you look at things like the fourth turning others entities trap, there may be some speculative reasons why we get a separate warfare.
or should say historical. It could also be that China is their ramping up their plans against Taiwan, their ramping up. There's there their attempts at seizing the south, China see their bombing vietnamese fishing boats. Tensions are escalating, of course. Now you have the opt out about covered the covert origins and what it means for the West for Europe in the? U S should should our account. Our economy have been decimated because of the wheel, Hon, instead of biology levelling. If that's true, grant you're gonna see a lot of people were very angry and they'll demand. Recompense, they'll demand some kind of reparation. China won't be willing to give May I just say you know what screw it now right? China, saying Australia is, is exaggerating, casino, Australia recently came out. Those report that they suggested war with China is also possible in Australia has been working with the EU now, the? U S, all of a sudden, is fanning out its its air power. U S. Military doctrine is predicated
on air superiority, and now we have the? U S: air force fanning out its airforce, giving it the ability fund, against a very serious assault from China. We recently heard to feel this for months ago now, at the U S was moving many myths. Bombers are out of Guam out of fear that China could wipe it out. This is the result of that we're getting ready for something, maybe thing happens, but we're certainly getting ready for it. I wanna make sure I stress that a lot of people might think anticipation or fear of war. Preparation for war means quite literally war will happen. I'm not saying that, and hopefully that's not. What happens continues. The air force maintains a master list of what General Kenneth Wills Bach, the head of the Pacific Airforces described as every single piece of concrete in the Pacific region quote. We have a plan for all those airfields and some of them meet the criteria and they are therefore part of what we call clusters
Bottled airforce magazine last year, some of the basis our main hubs and network others are spokes. Aircraft, fuel weapons and supplies, not to mention people would move through the Hobbs to smaller spoke bases. The more often people, the more often people in stuff move the safer they are from chinese rockets. That's the theory and alphabet soup of concepts underpins New based network, the practice of breaking up twenty plain fighter, squadrons and dispersing small detachment of jets to outline basis is called the edge, is called agile, combat deployment or ace. more squadrons, are practising their own dispersal as part of the new bomber taskforce, operational BT, F, the air force plants to reinforce the most austere airfields with pre packed set, equipment under the so called deployable AIR based system or dabs to move actions along base network. The fly
branch has the has developed a procedure. It calls tactical ferry or tat very whereby a fighter just an f fifteen e loads up with more bombs and it could ever use in combat and delivers them to whichever small airfield it's it's going to be. Flying from an elephant since saving the weapons for later Pullao Micronesia and the Marianna S also all island countries them specific are keen to host american forces. so unless concerned about the nitty gritty of the detectives here, but I do want to point out: it's not just the fanning out of the Pacific Fleet for the AIR Force Pentagon, eyes, new bombs for or with China, not ISIS. Now I reported on this last week after China threatened. Clear war over covered origins. I just want to briefly mention it for those who may not have seen that story. It is high
I'm a media, I'm a programme manager, Google, right now lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's where we created Google career certificates in online training programme for fast growing fields, like I t, support, project management, data, analytics user experience, design and more you dont any prior experience and you can be Jobbery in about six months. So put your skills to work. Go to grow, dark, Google, slash certificates, it is possible, at the reason we're seeing this is simply because Trump wiped out ISIS. They go dimension of the air force wants to increase its procurement of the joint air to surface stand off missile extended, ranged stealth, crews, missiles advanced weaponry. Many of these bombs are good for Pacific warfare, not middle eastern warfare, regulation could be that we're diverting our attention away from Middle EAST and getting ready for Pacific war. Considering the? U S husband,
blowing more and more military assets to them, least considering Joe Biden, who he is pushing back or withdraw from Afghanistan. And escalating tensions in Syria. You know a lot of people might not the idea that we're pulling or prepared what we're not buying as many bombs would, not least because we ve accomplished our mission? No, I certainly other that's the case. I think it's a case of finite resources and revenue. The: U S can only support so much weaponry can only by so much so although Joe Biden has been more hawkish towards the Middle EAST, the? U S, now buying up bombs that would better suit them in Pacific war. In my opinion, the? U S is gearing up for war in the Pacific WAR with China, which may come soon and hopefully doesn't. I want to stress that. But what do you say? Do I say I see all these things happen
and it could just be normal. A lot of people are of that opinion eyes. As normal sabre rattling. Nothing's happened. It's cold war, stuff yeah, but maybe not This new story about me, the? U S, wanted, would potentially nook in China over Taiwan. Will it didn't happen and the proposal was nineteen. Fifty eight, that's good reason to believe. None means much of anything considering, however, the philosophical, the historical for turning facilities, trap Yeah, you got me worried man, you got me worry check this out this. What I find really the most interesting General Charles Flynn, brother of former national security adviser, takes reins of: U S: Army, Pacific. Why Charles Flynn of all people? I have no idea, you mean General Michael Flints, brother,.
say, General Charles Flint took command of. U S: Army Pacific on Friday, vowing to continue transforming the ninety thousand soldier force into one that can meet the challenge of a rise in China quote. Today is China, friends on an increasingly concerning path, presenting challenge to the free and open Pacific. The army is charged to change once more Flynn said during alive from ceremony. At Fort Schaffner Media were not allowed to attend the event Flynn. The younger brother of Michael Flynn, who briefly served as national security adviser under Trump, took the reins from general policy Lock Amira who will move on to command you S, forces in Korea. This could be. Nothing could literally be promotions. Are their movements of people around some people, I know getting really conspiratorial with that. I'm not interested in this conspiracies about Michael Floods, brother now commanding the Pacific fleet. This could just be you know, Paul at La La Camaro, moving to Korea,
to use his experience, specifically in an area where North Korea is a threat. We make sense, but if were taken, someone from the Pacific fleet commanding. U S horse in Korea could potentially be war shining eyes coming. It could think it could I mean look. There was someone in command of this before Flynn, so here's that they got they gonna, say Admiral John, a criminal act of the? U S and upset at command welcomed, Flint back to Hawaii during an address the ceremony addressed in the audience. The army chief of Staff General James Mcconville, praised luck. Amira for his part in being a testing the army's first multi domain taskforce, which is aimed at coordinating air cyberspace, land maritime space and the electromagnetic spectrum in the battle and U S! Army Pacific is also calibrating its force posture to be more agile through pre positioning supplies in the theatre to sustain the force. Maybe nothing like I said. I'm really trying hard
to be like war. It's coming, I everybody go and hide. I think the signs are here that there is a lot to talk about beyond just the breaking news about potential documents from the fifties we ve got actual movements happening now in April, seventh, the AP reported on April summit. U S military sites risk of writ rising risk of chinese move against Taiwan? The? U S is very much interested in not allowing that to happen and has been for quite soon. Time. I bring you now to one of the most alarming stores of gotten for awhile, which comes from last month, Jacobin magazine, which most of you know socialist, inside the Pentagon seriously contemplated new King China in nineteen. Fifty eight hey, we're serious, the United States and Plain Rome newly league. Documents show that U S! Officials in nineteen, fifty cavalierly planned a new, your strike on China over a handful of disputed islands as Washington
once more stokes tension with China is a reminder of the callous recklessness at the heart of U S, foreign policy, interesting time to release this information. Why was it done? They mention that this latest leak, From Daniel Ellsberg, they say in the middle of this at Daniel Ellsberg, the whistle blower wholly dependent Pentagon papers fifty years ago. In an effort to end the Vietnam WAR has released dozens of pages from nineteen. Sixty six study, revealing just how close the world came to nuclear war, while conflict over Taiwan was brewing in nineteen. Fifty eight, the pages shows the: U S, governments top brass made concerted plans to drop nuclear bombs on China should try to take not just Taiwan the headquarters, the anticommunist chinese nationalist, backed by Washington. several of the offshore islands. Administrative by it, officials today would be asking themselves the same question at these faults. Are asking a nineteen fifty eight hour historian Michael Snotty says she's on you told the New York Times which broke the news of the cliff disclose
Last week, Ellsberg similarly told the times I didn't believe the? U S. Officials who engaged in such reckless talk then were more stupid or thoughtless than those in between or in the current cabinet. It's important, Those points in mind, while reading documents themselves, which give a startling viewing foreign policy decision making at the highest levels of the? U S, government and the warped mindset that underlies it. I've got some serious questions about the release of this Ellsberg consider to be a hero who helped and the Vietnam WAR convened Billy drops document that the? U S seriously considered nuke in China and nineteen fifty eight, particularly over Taiwan. At a time when the EU ass, already fears are rising risk from China who wants to take Taiwan all of a sudden. Now a document drops words like oh China. By the way we will nuke you if you do this coincidence, convenient useful idiots or attempted deterrence. I honestly have no idea, but I think the message here is clear messages to China.
Will you think China, the chinese officials, the military, the Chinese Communist Party? Would you think they are thinking when they see this? First of all, there probably know it already, but this is a public rattle of the sable say Sabre and it comes from Daniel Ellsberg. Okay, so maybe coincidence, but I have to imagine this sends a message. We know you want Taiwan. We know your training to take Taiwan. Don't forget, we will blow you up with nukes on mainland China, if you so much as try it really convenient timing for this really really old document to drop right now of all times. I find it strange. I really really do I find it. Spect, there's a viral mean going around where they say. U S. Intelligence agencies say no weapons of mass destruction, a Middle EAST. They told us a lot of things to get us into war. Now we're hearing lab leak were
in posturing sabre rattling now we're getting this man, I'm just not a fan of it. You know to trust tell you there are very serious moral questions about entering war that I can't answer. Like only ask, do we sit back as China engages in atrocities and experts and its footprint challenging the? U S at every turn. Do we just sit back as the weaker Muslims are abused and putting his concentration camps yikes men. Do we sit back if loudly turns out to be true yikes? What do we do? Look I dont like war like the war in the Middle EAST, as we were lied to into getting. So how am I supposed to trust these agencies now when they start saying these things? I do not believe that either again the? U S, intelligence agencies haven't concluded last week is real from saying. I don't know what to tell you my biggest spheres that media like this emerges and we get swept up in the we must
metalogy. You know, as most of you know, if you follow my videos on this issue, when I accept your Fairbanks hunting guest, I ral, she said tons of countries engage in atrocities, we dont intervene and all of them less true. We dont so really good point to really it's it's it. It is a really good point why China, though well China's expanding its military operation in South China, Sea China's building more nuclear bombs or with other advocating for their expanding at the end of the Pacific, their apparently in violation of some of these military conventions, about expanding military presence in the Pacific they're doing it anyway, there's unexpired or colleges the thousand towns programme, the? U S has been arrested, is professors who went in and take from China owe their acting against us, their cyber warfare. You can even
they hacked Google a few years back Gmail targeting some activists. Do we just say war isn't worth it, so we will. Let you keep playing dirty. Therein lies the very serious challenge at what point do we stop and say? If we do nothing, China takes the world at what point do we say we will not allow them to keep making these moves. The question then becomes at what point is China's had the same thing about us specially with Joe Biden, fire and missiles in Syria? I know trumped up to and Obama did to appoint. They say why should we sit back while you guys pull this off to really good argument for America? First, we should be involved in the stuff.
The fear that his power vacuum, what happens when we let China take the Pacific? What happens when they then take the Panama canal when they take more and more and more, do you want to live under their boat? I suppose, if there's anything, the Woke understand is that their late, they say there is no truth, but power. That's not correct, but power can crush truth and that's the fear here who is it where's? The truth is the? U S correct they weren't right about the Middle EAST, involved in a quagmire Simon other than I'm worried about what the U S is preparing for, and I am also about what China is doing and what they will do, should no one stand in their way. Now the people of Taiwan don't think it's going to be a full scale, innovation, the? U S does this is from NBC News as Taiwan fierce quieter chinese threat? officials in Washington, sound the alarm about a potential chinese invasion of Taiwan officials, and
residence on the island say that fails to understand the true dynamics of the region. What they're saying in this report is that many I won't believe China will you soft power political pressure, propaganda manipulation you gain more and more power in the region if China, Success won't say undermining the United States, and Taiwan loses confidence, the? U S would actually defend them than China walks and literally just walks right in and what would Taiwan do about who they might fight back, but no one will defend them and the? U S is in a very shaky spot very serious, mean our economy is seriously hurt. Things have kind of improved a little bit, but it's bad, which raises more questions for a fair says the Taiwan temptation why Beijing might resort to force while Taiwan
is saying they think it'll be soft power. There is still a reason and foreign affairs covers they. They might just come in and take it, and I think that only happens to the. U S fail to shortcuts defences. Our economy is in shambles, bigger question at play, not believe any grand conspiracies or surreptitious plots, but we talk with his last year. I wonder if what we're semen is locked down, the extensions of them was actually beneficial, not saying he was intentional, but maybe at horizontal I've Anthea evidence to say it is so I don't think there's a secret plot by Trump in pale, but look at this, but there are times reports Senate poised to pass huge industrial policy bell to counter China. The broad support of the bill highlights how competition with Beijing is, where the few issues that can still unite both political parties is a massive bill. Faced with an urgent competitive threat from China, the Senate is poised to pass the most expensive industry
policy legislation? In the? U S? And? U s history: blowing past Parson divisions over governmental support for private industry to embrace a nearly quarter trillion dollar investment in building up America's manufacturing and technological edge, the legislation which can be voted on as early as Tuesday is expected to pass by a large margin? That alone is a testament to how commercial and Harry Competition with Beijing has become one of the few issues that can unite both political parties. Could this be the? U S is scared of war with China, we're anticipating it we're fanning out the Pacific fleet. We are worried that might blow us up we're not buying bombs from ITALY No urban bombs for the Pacific and a by port is an effort to ramp up and invest in industry. In the U s yeah last year it became extremely apparent to the american people that we couldn't even make our own medicine. We couldn't even make vitamin c. We couldn't even make our own face, masks something had to change
manufacturing needed to come back. What would happen if China moved on Taiwan? How could we defend them? The moment we did. China would cut off our supply lines, so something had to change, No, we don't know what's really going on behind the scenes at the Pentagon. Saying I don't know what would even tell me. The analysts are saying they'd say one thing publicly to say another thing: privately, we don't even know what they really expect. Where will happen, but I certainly feel like it's a strong possibility. How could we ever defend allies in the Pacific. If we were lying on China for our own medicine, when the when the crisis hit uncovered man, you? U S, companies that were making their face MAX in China.
their ships got sent out from China had towards the stopped turned around. Why? Because those companies, even if they are working for the? U S, they are still loyal to China and that p p gear that we needed so desperately was sent back to China. Wake up call if China storm the beaches of Taiwan. What can we do about it? Nothing beg shut down our manufacturing and our economy humble now, lotta people say yes, I would there's sure support for this pod cast comes from Verizon business for rise in business, unlimited plants, unlimited data, no overages and more built right for business with the speed of rising five G Verizon Business, unlimited plans from his lows: thirty dollars per line, visit, rising dotcom, slash business, slash plants per month
the five lines on business unlimited start includes paper free billing without open, select, smartphone agreement, discounts, taxes fees in terms apply five g nationwide available in twenty seven hundred plus cities on most Verizon five G devices. Five g alter white band of able only imports of select cities sure to get a chicken that isn't it and we're gonna sit here and be like whose willing to take the damage may be. China is I mean hey, they got our factories anyway, might hurt their economy, but at least they control the production they'd be seriously though there mate their reliant on Oceana for a lot of their dairy. Believe it or not. It's kind of crazy. The news, I believe ships tons of Darien meets and stuff into China, and I believe that a lot of their call from Australia. So it's not effect a lot of people say. Why would China engage in this warfare so reliant on materials mother places? Because, after the war, you reap the spoils DA. It's a crazy. Why would they go to war with a country they rely as a trade partner?
pretty sure a lot of countries did a lot of trade with a lot of other countries where they storm didn't just took what they wanted, or could it be that trade isn't going as well as they like? Could it be that they really really want Taiwan pay? Taiwan manufactures Autonoe staff, including computer chips, they as a big com chip shortage right now. Could it be that China's like we need this strategic production Centre to go to war over it. Why well You win the war. You win
spoils of the war after World war to the? U S on major boom. So now there's a massive effort to shore up our manufacturing, our industry. From Reuters they say U S manufacturing gain steam raw material. Labour shortages are mounting another critical weak point. So maybe, if there is a thirst for war, won't happen all too soon, not until the? U S can secure raw materials and labour. The labour things really fascinating, though it really is. People aren't working. Why? Let's talk by the cuban people from big cities? Move that a big cities, you people from New York, half a million moved away, said working remotely help decentralized
What if there was a nuclear strike on a major city, our economy would be seriously injured. Seriously: crippled. Ok after the lockdown tons of people spread out. All different areas and that many of them still work in the same places just remotely that's good. We sort of decentralized our economy to a bit. So it's safe from a single point of failure. What about raw materials and resources and jobs? Well, guess what people are working at Mcdonald's? Any more people are working at these fastfood restaurants. Granted there not working it. Steel mills are farms, but this is a dramatic refocus of what we need. All of a sudden there's a ton of people who aren't working getting paid not to work basically as fast would, restaurants desperately beg for What happens when Joe Biden has all of these people who desperately need work? Then he launches his his green new deal like plan trillions of dollars towards infrastructure. Well,
of people don't want to work Mcdonald's for fifteen bucks an hour. Sixteen bucks. What happens when buying comes out and says we need to build bridges, roads and infrastructure for twenty five bucks an hour. What happens then, when he decides, were cutting off for unemployment, Joe Biden with this on one package inadvertently or whatever has a lot of people not working. It is it's his plan right. He announced an infrastructure deal, we're gonna, we're gonna pay good pay; well, that unemployment gone all of a sudden. All these people sit by the sidelines, waiting in the dugout for their chance to play or told now you gotta work, oh by the way, tons of construction and infrastructure jobs. Tons of manufacturing jobs, speculation. I have no idea that can happen, but it makes me wonder you know behind the scenes: it's not a conspiracy.
Conspiracy, theory. We know the government has plans, we know they plan for war. They strategies. If you think they don't. I mean you're, not the sort of conspiracy theory. It's just me wondering what is the Eu S doing? What are they getting ready for? What are they scared of? Well, these moves. The Pacific mean they have probably been well prepared for war for some time. Another making the public moves if the? U S, thought war with China, what's gonna happen? Do you think they would announce their movements first? No, that would secure resources the economy, planning infrastructure. Then they would start by not bombs and moving out the fleet. Did I want to send signals, are getting ready for war when we have no infrastructure to support it now the moves come second
I wonder if this war prep has been happening for some time. I wonder if this is the last: China's imports growth fastest patient decades as material prices search interesting. The story from today they say China, chinese imports grew the fastest, in ten years, fuelled by surging demand for raw materials. Although export growth slow, with more than expected, just speculating but they're, bringing in tons of raw materials and they're not sending things out or north at that's all about good enough. Could be. They want internal expansion and- and I want to send away a lot of things they make or it could be there pulling in the raw materials keeping them ashore for conflict or to track themselves. Honestly, who knows
China races to rival the U S with its own gps system, but one analyse as it won't overtake the? U s yet. Okay, so maybe wards and happen and immediate, maybe won't be this year and next year, the year after maybe won't be for five or six years. Maybe one habitable. China wants its own gps system, this right, gps. As we know it is: U S! Military tech, China really wants to rival Us Gps gives them massive power. They want to rival hours. I feel like wars inevitable. It scares me help I'm wrong, but so far the US propping Fort China's threatening it and it seems like the signs are being written on the wall. The fourth turning facilities trap. Hopefully I'm wrong. I leave their necks segments coming up
P M to night at Youtube COM slashed him guest. I Arel like sprang out, and we will see you all then there's a lot of context in this story. So let me start off with a very cotton dry version of what happened. A yo see too. It's about her, a boilers home importer, recover grandmother being very bad because the Hurricane Matt Walsh announced a fee I'm, not a fundraiser saying we're. Gonna help raise money for oilseeds, grandmother Yossi and says I'd taken your money go fuck me shuts it down. That's the story, but let me just now we go to the details of the lot to break down. Let me just stress what a yo see did is the least punk rock thing I have ever seen, I was really I was really disappointed by this story. Ok, but let's start from the beginning, and I am going to walk you through why, strangely, the Chris conservative guy is simple: eventually, more Punk rock counter culture.
A yo, see as in this matter, let me just point out. Obviously, a yoke he is totally pro establishment he's been criticised little by the left for being protest. Apples when she's? Really moved into our lane, where she's, just like What are we essay Nancy Pelosi, so yeah very pro establishment, but this or it is about, the left and the Rhine? Claims of hypocrites? see it all starts here. Two days ago, right wing, blogger, launches fund me for a YO sees Porter Rico grandmother in latest personal attack, its port Regan grandmother, but is it a fundraiser as part of nearly sixty thousand dollars a Friday morning as of conclusion of the story it is or will it was over one hundred thousand dollars, but we're gonna start the beginning, because you to see the context they say met, wash your blog for the daily wire has taken to troll
congresswoman October does by raising money for her grandmother, summon port Rico. The strange saga began when missile cause you're grotesque, posted a message on twitter, criticising the Trump administration for brought blocking real if money meant to help poor regions following Hurricane Maria and twenty seventeen Trump used, the hurricanes of a hurricane is a photo up during as amended Sean famously tossing roles of paper. Towels like he was shooting basketballs into a crowd of border regions who had gathered after the storm to illustrate the ongoing struggles border regions, face she shared and image of her grandmothers, home and but thought Eagle where she said she had recently vest Look, the photos shout drooping ceiling slots and buckets lying on the floor. Tile presumably meant to catch water from the dripping ceiling, massage upwards so that many porter weakens we're dealing with similar or worse situations and noted. That was not only the Trump administration that dropped the ball also local policies and authorities in Puerto Rico. She call
or changes to policies and audits, of relief spending and for more recovery funding to be sent to pee in need. She also noted their grandmother was fine. Somewhere else. You could stay well, repairs were underweight or home quote and for the record, my boy is doing. Ok, it's about us, but about what's happening to Porter Rico, poor regions across the island. She had a place to go in to be cared for. What about the thousands of people who don't so here's the tweet abc puts which triggers this very brilliant move and the daily Wires Matt Walsh she's. Just over a week ago, my a boiler fell ill. once a porter eager to see her my first time in a year because of covered this is her home. Hurricane Maria relief has derived Trump blocked relief. Reporter Rico, people are being forced to flee ancestral homes and developers are taking them. Mr Walsh sing an opportunity to attack on Gaza Gardez a perennial target, conservatives said it was shameful that you live in
sure you are allowing your grandmother to suffer any squalid conditions attack. I love this line. Met Walsh talk about brilliant, brilliant posturing and, I think ABC had an opportunity here. I think she said she had a counter move which could have turn this into a positive for everyone. Instead, she sullied this. I get it the right. You know a bench appeared tweets. I am donating four hundred. Ninety nine dollars, which is a average monthly payment for a Tesla to AOL. A boiler and its because ABC owns a test. Lanky parked it incorrectly and got flak for it, which is kind of a dumb story, but he or she lives in a luxury apartment and easy luxury, infinity pool they say and she owns Tesla Jane doing, bad for herself. Nom. All for success
people should be allowed to succeed, but when you want to complain about the conditions that your grandmother's living- and perhaps you shouldn't be driving around in a Tesla and living in luxury, perhaps you should put your money into your family now, moving on, they say miss how's, your could has fired back at the blogger, claiming he could not possibly understand the relationship between her and a grandmother. You don't even have a concept for the role that first generation first born daughters play in their families. She wrote my a boiler is Kate, but instead of only caring for mine and letting the supper, I'm calling it. Into the systemic systemic injustices. You seem totally fine with and having a? U S colony. Why did it what it met while say I'm for colonizing port, he didn't say that's. You was like hey. Why don't you put money towards Europe? Oil? Is your house what
attempt to shame missile project. As Mr Wall started. A go fund me to raise money for the Congress summons Grandmothers home, are repairs, pangs of five hundred thousand a fundraiser himself Van Shapiro, another conservative commenter, who regularly attacks the Congress? A woman also donated for honey ninety nine dollars called and other conservatives do so. The fundraiser goal of just under fifty K was met an exceeded by Friday It eventually broke over a hundred thousand. I ABC We are raising money to help Europe Leyla. It's been spy, going to see the response. So far, can you send me a dm so that I can get the necessary relation to ensure this money makes it to your grandmother. Thank you. He rode on Twitter, MR washes trolling, even if it does help the congressman's grant grandmother blankets over the point of Cassio Cortex. Was what made concerning the broader and more systemic issues, keeping many residents of the island in similar or worse conditions, unlike her grandmother We have the effect that if we do not have places where they can shelter, while waiting for him repairs, the blogger did not
Gus or addressed the issue in any of his post. Choosing, instead to focus on Miss O cause your quotas I love other media handle this love. How left wing media handled, as you can see, according to our ground, not news, extension overwork Bingley reported by right wing sources and out of twenty six, only nine percent were left, leaning and then the that were left. Leaning are insulting the sky and trying to rephrase it, and it is the stupidest thing ever they shut it down they shut. Down a yo see for shame fortune, I tweeted this is disgusting. I set this. This is that really I could have turned into something magical It could have been an opportunity for de escalation. Instead, a Yossi just fires backs net backlash back insult And then everyone's like he's just trying to insult a Yossi by giving her a hundred thousand dollars while with with with enemies like that who needs friends buttons?
They decide to make it dark. Ok, I Yossi, I think, post something rather tasteless, but the funding which was obviously there like poking fund at her, but they literally put the money up. like all other, insulting you, thanks of the money guys and an agency, could a dazzling magical. She could taken that money. She could have put it. She could trigger said how about I give us to my grandmother to fix up her home, and then we invite people to use the home for shelter from out of other people. We can put a much caught up. They could have used that money for general relief and people like no. They couldn't have done that It can only go towards exactly what the fundraiser said it could go towards if a Yossi received it, she could do whatever she wants with it met war. Said we are raising money for her up will lead the ok. Then all he has to do is give the money to a YO sees family from there. They can use the money for what they want. The money was given to them. What
determine makes more sense. I don't think you can accuse Eo Sea of of fraud. If she decides the money would be better spent helping the community at that point, started transport hands and the goal of men of met. What was just to get advances, I see more importantly, if she posted we are going to use this for for Paris, for my oil is home and to help those in this round. A broad and met? Maybe you know get my food or something or or or in some way they could. It made an excellent saddened before right, so Jody Shaw, recently she's, she was from Psmith colleges, the one woman who fought off filed a complaint because they were discriminated discriminating against her for being white, the critical race theory stuff. So she found a complaint. It's far geological go find me. She eventually raises more than our goal and it says the remaining funds will be used towards helping other people and go find me says we owe you can do that, and then she went through the motions like
dating the page, saying you know. If everyone anyone wants refund, you can ask what we're going to do and nobody cared and then go find me locked inside you're good. They could do the same thing here. Is the latest news go for we halts fundraiser for our seas, grandma despite one hundred and four thousand dollar hall. Is it the fund raising campaign launched by conservative commentator to help the grandmother of you Bio Sea, has been yanked because the law, vigorous family is refusing to accept. One hundred four thousand dollars been raised. The beneficiary has been, as has made clear, to our trust in safety team. They do not wish to accept the donations you'll find me spokesmen Bobby Widow, with told the post about the save EO sees a boilers ancestral home whilst broke the news earlier in the day on the fund raises: go foamy page Some one in sees a wireless grandmother, family told find me that she won't take the money, even though ABC previously claimed that a grandmother was in dire straits and was trumps fault. She seems to think that it is worth one hundred
four thousand dollars of her boilers, money to express it. She doesn't want money from the likes of us, but they'll taxi right. They won't. Take your money when you say fine here it is free of our own choice. She won't take it, but she will crank taxes up. She won't. You advocate for definite deficit spending which will stripped the value of the Working class Ben Shapiro and met Walsh. I don't know I don't know what Matt washes network as would bend your peers, probably worthless, fifty million or some ridiculously had. Actually I don't know, I've been owns the daily wire, but that is gonna be worth several hundred million dollars. Venture Piero, a particularly wealthy individual, take the money from him. These people were putting money in June two or three more and then and then I will go back to this facetious effort was launched after a Yossi treated a thread, though, that we, with its already was among those who fired back, shaming her for allowing her granted to suffer in those conditions. I am grateful for the outpouring of support for
sees a boiler even if a Yossi isn't while said, but questions do remain. Why didn't ABC help her, on a boiler for nearly four years, why did she turned on our help. Does He only want government help on my end, I'll kill you fighting to make the world a better place. One up will lead that at a time of casual tat has made made much of her Bronx shouted and immigration routes, but it's mostly sought to keep a relative themselves out of the limelight. Both of them the photograph of twenty teen that included a woman identified as her grandmother Patel Day. Who to nineteen, was a port of living in the Congress momentum, mother with the kind of summons mother Blanca in Florida. But her other grandma has not been publicly named as unclear, whose damaged home was feature. The photos that she shared on twitter last week, a Yossi racked with disgust when asked what the flat you'll have to ask someone else about that. She snapped or communications director did not respond to requests for common go. Find me. Will
Refunds to all donors, wit Horn, said its gross, it's sad, its gross. It said you want it. I do if I posted a photo and said hey everybody. Look at her, pain, damaged, my grandmother's home and then some guy met wash comes out. These, like, let's all, raise money for TIM's grandma. I would first be like that's actually, one of the greatest trolls I've ever seen a brilliant. If you end up getting my help my family. I would it be eternally grateful for this. I will point out: if I were a yossi I'd say: listen, my my a boil is home is in is in trouble, but we are helping with her parasol there are currently under way, we don't necessarily need any of this money. I just wanted to point out that homes were damaged by this and for someone might like my grandmother. She doesn't have a young
congresswoman on a hundred semi four thousand dollars year was living in luxury who confronted you, know some of these bills and help pay for the damages. That being said, If it were me I'd say I will accept these funds on the condition that can be used for everyone, and I will use some for my grandmother's repairs and I will make sure others around Us- get access to goods that will help them in need and may be contribute some of this to a homeless fund, because that might be better use. What do you think all of the conservatives who donated would say if that was the condition ABC put forward. They would come out and be like done. And that a yo see could have had a moment where she met with many others who have done. That's what let's say I Tweeted about my grandmother.
A family member libyan squalor and then ABC is like TIM Pool. Is this famous you? Nobody can afford to fix almond, put up a go fuck me and we're all gonna pay. For I be light. I dont need the money. I would prefer to use the money for something more important, but I would like to to meet with a YO see banker shake her hand, give her and say it may have seemed like a silly envisages effort, but if we can turn political fighting into fund raising for those in need is a fight. I am willing to start a fight over how much we can help those in need. I've talked this. There was a video by Casey NICE. It you may have seen this one is about Walter me, so Casey NICE, a famous blogger, did ripe. He, he gets proper proposition. We'll give you twenty five thousand to make a commercial for that movie the light Walter many an case. He got a really good idea. How about I just use all of that money on relief efforts for a hurricane that hit typhoon, it hit the Philippines and they were like ok. So, instead of to the commercial
life of ultimate Walter, many heap. He did. I think it's cold water, many he takes the money, flies the Philippines and gives out care packages to people who were in me and says this is this? Is marketing money better spent, and I said you are correct. Imagine if, instead of trying to out woke each other men, If, instead of spending, sixty million dollars on some dumb woke virtue Signal campaign called called, it was like this month. our marketing budget is going to be spent setting up a major resource centre for those in need, and we are going to make it grimly low budget commercials showing our efforts, because all its remarkable, how much this ban on advertising I'm like do? Can we get to a point where big, big corporations are arguing with each other and fighting to do more. Look we get instead, chicken sandwich wars, that's dumb Jennifer KFC was like we're gonna chickens and with what I wanted to introduce binding ten million twenty million on this.
We are going to do a marketing campaign where we help community centres and help fund. You know after school programmes and help reduce violent crime through through de escalation, now be amazing. Wouldn't what, if see said. I will gladly accept this money and here by challenge vote, because you know what it should have been done. Here's what I here's the right thing to do. If you see. We're outlet. Let's say you know like maisie right if I, Ah, that's fundraiser I'd say Tell you what the right thanks it's funny at their going all put in money from my and mother, I'm willing to bet the left can out fund, raise you to provide funding for everyone in Porto Rico. Osage doesn't have that debt, the vision, men
imagine that an agent ABC says, will gladly accept your money? I'll take every penny and we will put it into fixing up my obsolete us home and then to prove that we really care we will counter your facetious go fund me and we. We call on all of the left to raise money for a general Porter rican Relief fund. Imagine that would have under raising like a million bucks and that would have been one of the most epic counters ever to the right and snatched at buzz off as it is right to it has like. Can we can we do something with that money. It's a hundred grand right people were giving it away. They wanted to go somewhere. Can we just give that to the people of Porter, Riga in their people who have been suffering since it came four years ago. There are people who we do need help at it and just here I guess we don't live in a cool enough place like that. Maybe that's what what should happen Maybe I'll maybe met washed could still do this,
be met, could start a new go, find me and say: AOL families had, they did want to accept our charity. So, let's start on new go fund me for the people. Of Porter Rico and show that charity works? It's a big argument from the conservatives, but charity works and you don't need a tax people put your money where your mouth is guys, I'm afraid of charity. I still think taxes can work. I've got can because I dont know of the? U S is doing it properly and I don't like the idea of tax money going to garbage programmes, there's a lot of ways and want to blow with some hard core forms. Maybe we can make some work, but I do think charity works in it works very well. Ok. This is an opportunity. Writing it right now. So here's what I want to say met daily wire guys. I want you guys to relaunch ago fund me as a gender, fund for for relief in Puerto Rico visit. This is a win win for you, guys you ride off of the big announcement that the big knows you're already getting. You then, can make a point, a statement about how charity can work.
See how much you can raise for the people of Puerto Rico, and you can just say and you'll see clearly doesn't care, because her response was politicking, and you know what we can play politics, but we can raise a ton of money for the people who are still suffering after Hurricane Maria. How cool would that be Taylor Green dragged Yossi over a gram of this house, because a yo see is she's well off You see, I wonder if she's the one percent at this point, a kind of think she is ok, definitely because I think you need make something like you know, four hundred to five. thousand a year. Now it's by his pride gonna blame were to be the one percent and I think you need to have like ten million dollars and assets to be the one percent. If you're not making money. That's a weird, our no one will ever so massive say like a national average of three to fifty bucks, probably higher. Today it was his rich. She is, you know it it's funny, because rich people never think their rich there, like I'm, not wretched. All your. I grew up in Chicago. You guys know this. I say too much and I do tat
People who are the sombre were upper class families, bull? Homes knock we're, not rich. It's because they always look up was somewhat above them like dude. Go tell any these where people can return laughing your face when you got people were Struggling over whether or not the gonna eat food or pay rent, you wanna talk about what rich means upper class, a middle class people, not rich middle class, wears an opportunity. Conservatives should relaunch a gulf on me and say: let's prove that charity can work and it can work better than taxes. You wanna complain about Donald Trump, not gain the fun funding to Porter Rico sounds like a government problem. Maybe we can prove we can get a large fund to the people of Puerto Rico to help them right now, because many homes of undamaged, like ABC, said we can also prove that we will do more for the people of what are we going to. Elsie was willing to do because she rejected the money and what has she done so far? She may have tweeted about it, but I don't see her launching a go, find me for anybody. I mean. Maybe she launching a funding for somebody, I mean specifically poor Rico. Let's do it,
and you know what maybe, if it doesn't happen I'll have to do it. I just not one to get particularly politically active in that capacity, but I think if all of that They said you know, weren't approve Yossi wrong. They could probably raise a million bucks. Even if only just a hundred thousand dollars I genuinely wish that a yo see came back and rallied the laughed and said we have to raise more here's. What I want to use. It will be: ok, Matt, Wash relaunch the Gulf on me and say, You will do more for the people of porter ego. This will be a really fun for them. Then I'll see you launch a counter gulf on me and say the left will will defeat you and we will prove the left cares more than the right thing about that. Who do you think would win? You have met wash go, find me the Yossi Gulf on me both the right,
The left engaged in a serious and intense political battle to donate more to prove which side cares the most about winning, maybe but hey put that money up help people in need wooden. That would that would be one of the cruellest things ever right verses. Who can raise more money aright? Maybe if the daily hi guys? I want to do it. I can reach out some leftist and say: hey. Do you want to start a contest of who can raise the most money for the people of Puerto Rico or suffering and in the end, smile shake hands. You know there could be some left. These socialist guy waits my guts and someone. I don't. I don't do that. I really hate these people, but maybe they hit my god and I'll shake their and be like at the end of the day. All matters is we had fun. The political conflict was turned to something beautiful Now people can be better off, for I wish that the kind of world we lived and will see our place out I'll leave their next coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all them, what do you think happens when academic institutions start,
demonizing a group of people based on race. You then start getting prominent personalities, celebrities, demonizing people based on race, which leads to me getting campaigns which plan to these politics and ultimately politicians, demonizing people based on race. Why you will likely to see racial violence, you will see race based rioting and conflict and swear at right. Now the left likes to claim that they are the ones who oppose the racism, That's not true, and I guess technically it's never been true as the Republicans who have fought back against slavery and Jim Crow and at me now you eat you get the point, but the left today says it's the Republicans that are racist Meanwhile, the left overwhelmingly pushes critical race theory, intersection alley and leftist identity terrorism, which is escalating to appoint of little will riots over racial reasons, and now people being beaten simply for being white where the story,
Amazon driver attacks sixty seven year old woman during delivery dispute over delivery dispute. What was that dispute? The driver told them into check her white privilege. She apparently said no. Now there was probably some you, no words exchange for the soap shore. Delivery dispute, but you see this is part of it problem. It's likely only get worse, only going to get worse, and I were. I would assume that this attack is a hate crime right, I'm not a fan of hate crime, additional legislation. I think the crime was the attack. In the first place. Now you can see people are starting to be racially motivated and their tax, and the problem is what individual of attack this woman. If they didn't harbour deep seated racist values pushed by the left, I think the answer is probably not no seriously. I think the white privilege attacking so and based on race escalates thing.
Now, of course it was the left. As long said, if you allow people to engage in hate speech, it will lead to violence and everything. Yes, I mean you, young people go round advocating for violence and and and and being hateful, it very well good, which is why I'm not a big fan of hate crime laws, because the crime is the violence and we don't want institutional violence, but you can't simply tell someone- and I do not have an opinion or express an opinion, because you're concerned about potential ramifications. now my problem with this, as they are institutional, rising racism. So, by all means I can say, people should have a right to free speech, but that doesn't mean the government should be pushing things that are ideological and will eventually make things a lot worse. Admittedly, there is a very serious conundrum here. We know that if a society starts engaging,
in the normalization of racist behaviors. It probably will lead to violence against people based on race, which is why the crow, it must be a crime, and it must be in force that if you commit these crimes. shut down its, why everyone must have the value that if you are breaking the law, you will be arrested and you're allowed to engage in certain opinions, but that doesn't mean we should tolerate that in certain institutions it should be like bigotry in general should not be allowed to be institutionalized. However, people should be allowed to have lectures and, and I'll give you that pull their first and foremost. I will, I will add- and I will read the story- it's always a fine line right that either there is a great aunt into what people are willing to accept. The left like say,
we got you because now you're admitting our points like no I've, never I've. I've always acknowledged hate speeches is, is is important, but it should be. The crime in the violence take a look at what happens in these universities, which goes well beyond anything. The right has tried to funding. Psychiatry, describes fantasies of me wearing white people in your lecture, Yale invited a person, a common who described there. Fantasies of killing people based on race, yet am Coulter, doesn't do that when they finally attacker Ben Shapiro does not do that. There is align its info. protocols net summit on their show on his Joe and in, and they were saying, you're you're in favour of banning speech, because you know look. Would you allow someone come on your show? Was racist, anti racist things and Tucker said no you'd, probably wouldn't, and that's it. so when we say would have any free speech, we do make sure we're defining what what exactly is the problem, as many conservatives just go full on free speech, hey that includes the anti white hatred. There's a lying there,
social norms. The issue is, the left is engaging in overt racial discrimination. I'm not a fan of that, however, on the right they have no institutional authority and that's the bigger issue. What's the story sodomize imploring on Amazon driver attacks sixty seven year old woman during delivery dispute. They site. Twenty one year old Amazon driver has been arrested ever savagely attacking a sixty seven year old customer Thursday following a dispute over delivery and Castro Valley, California, the driver it Xl Ramirez engaged in a heated verbal exchange with the unnamed victim before unleashing a horrific onslaught of punches to the back of the head and face of the much older woman. The vicious encounter was hot on video from multiple angles. Ramirez, reportedly verbally be waited the victim about her white privilege before the attack. According to Kittv, you Fox to police. The victim may have call this aspect. The bee, who heard before the exchange turned into fisticuffs at a bitch,
will say that I don't want you to look cares, but the Alameda County sheriff departments are the victim, suffered, visible injuries and perhaps a broken knows quote in writing to see an Amazon driver do that, so if we allow it to the property to provide a service, Doug Smith, the owner of the Vista Creek apartments, where detective place told Kayron the for the landlord told reporters the victim is too shaken up to talk to the media about the incident, He said the fight begin with a victim received an alert than an Amazon package. I've been waiting for had arrived, but there was no package. She went to the lobby to find it the woman gin Ramirez standing the lobby about the package when the verbal exchange quickly escalated into violent confrontation. Ramirez was a rested and is being held on one hundred thousand dollars bail and will be arraigned Monday on two counts of elder abuse and battery involving serious injury quote. This incident does not reflect the high standards we have for drivers who d our packages, Amazon, sign statement. We take these matters seriously in it, send
is no longer delivering Amazon package's. This is that this is what you get when you normalize. These kinds of this kind of rhetoric is kind of behaviour, at an institutional level it's funny because, as with the latter is arguing against the only problem. Is there the problem when they talk about what what you week. We can't allow society to become racist or fascistic. stuff, unlike you are correct, but you defeat these. I is by challenge challenging them in the open. So when this lady comes and and lectures at Yale and says she fantasize about murdering white people, I say good now we can all see the incendiary psychosis is ended in these individuals are espousing and you don't want to not because they say in private and they end they spread the stuff we want to, name and shame all of this. So if somebody wants to get up and disparaging things about any other race, be black asian latino are our mexican or whatever. Let him say it, and then we can say those people are asked,
and we don't want them around us. What about what we do want them on? Our shows. Look they're allowed to have their opinions. If somebody wants to invite them to speak, they should be allowed to speak, and I think it's better, because sunlight is the best disinfectant. Actually, you know that's a funny phrase cost. Quite literally. It's not you know if you had something that was infected surface, you didn't you just put in the sun yet to like you, write wipe it off, but you get the point letting these people speak letting them. Publicly is probably a good thing. The problem is that privately in schools, they are spreading this insanity, nobody, they can avenues, kitten, they grow up. you know we're taught in schools, nor we worked on schools not to hate people not to be racist, judge someone on the basis of their character, not the color of their skin. We learnt from Doktor King Today, no schools are actually saying the opposite. We have a story from the Federalist from Jason Rents, Washington, State Mandy,
critical race theory in all public schools, while critical race, the retraining. which is the way to show to ensure equity in the classroom. In truth, it's far more sinister rant says, as several states move to ban toxic critical race theory from indoctrinated students. The state of Washington is leaning in the race obsessed framework, isn't relegated to schools in Seattle. We expect a victim centred ideology like critical raised there flourish thanks to the states, Democrat, controlled legislature, a trio of bills, just son de LA mandates, critical race, the retraining for all public school teachers. Another even requires training for medical students teaching them it's its essential to be social justice activists as it is to treat since, while the critical race theory mandates go into effect in the twenty twenty two twenty three school year, many districts are already jumping on board the Isaac LAW School district, vows. It will fight
racism by identifying and removing bias and systemic and institutional barriers that create marginalization. While Bellingham public Schools pushes training to guarantee inclusive education for students, At Seattle, public schools, they ve, been developed a race racial equity team, a group of far left educator seeking that's rules make all of their decisions through a radical, a racial lized equity lens to effectively carry out this mission. They say staff needed training, they say staff training hi line public schools, a majority minority districts of Seattle has met. did similar training for years. Even here an annual race, symposium or staff express their displeasure with being privileged and white quote. I felt like yesterday. I realized that I'm white and they have all the advantages of being part of that group. One white staffer says privileges that I dont think I fully understood until yesterday I was reading white fragility and, unlike oh ok, I think I'm taking the next step in my
Turning to understand what's happening, what equity is about? What racial equities about what anti racism is about and what racism is about that, but quite fragility is wit by written by an avowed racist. Who expresses her displeasure being around minorities She literally says she is uncomfortable around black people. Why is that being? used as some kind of guide for ending discrimination. Well, because they dont want to end discrimination anti racism, as most of you know, is about making more, as Ebro Ex Candy said, fear that the remedy for past discrimination is present discrimination and then future discrimination, in which case they want people to be fighting each other based on race forever. I certainly don't want that. I want to be left alone, not judged, based on whom I families but seem.
Like the left, is refusing what this go. During hours. Long sessions staff learn raises. A social contract has been adapted to meet the needs of white supremacy culture. pensive at being labelled. A racist facilitator say, is an example of what supremacy in action. I told the story about you know when I was in Thailand. During Chinese New Year, and I was standing in the shopping area. I noticed I could see over. Everyone said it's kind of a we experience to be honest, because I'm like five ten, some basically average right here in the U S in Thailand in this massive crowded space with thousands of people normally expect to not be able to see anything like tried to stand up. No there in Thailand is able to just see clear over everyone's that is kind of crazy. Why? Well it's
because there are differences in different regions in different people, and race is typically just a superficial description. Descriptor for average has exposed the left has raised. The social contract can kind of. It is true that certain groups warrant considered dominant or work it had white in the past and that's why the lapse as see that's whiteness is its of meaningless Finally, now when they claim that, like slavic people aren't white- and it's like, did you guys, you guys are losing it? We don't base modern definitions off of definite used a hundred years ago, otherwise we but we would all be talking very, very differently. So when you try to take nineteenth century linguistic and and and and attach it to twenty first century conversations and politics, things kind of don't make sense all that much so now I mean white literally, for most people just refers to people who are of no white european
backgrounds. Race exists, there are exceptions to the rule, but when I left says that racist social contract, they have a really good reason as to why that is people in South EAST Asia are considered to be of South EAST asian descent and people war. Vietnamese Vietnamese are are very different. On average, from people say. Japanese. I guess the left can't really tell the difference. So they just say everyone is the same in raising social construct and then, when it still medical practices. We take race, race and gender into account absorb race sex into account. Because different medications tend to have different reactions towards different people. Different people of different Rachel backgrounds might have different ailments, they're trying to be consort, everything in it.
that makes literally no sense menu. I digress the point was it ultimately result in physical violence like we solve the story? Take a look at this story suspect arrested after vicious attack on woman at Gardena Gas Station without provocation. A three hundred to three hundred fifty pound black men accesses vehicle walks, Otto woman and for no reason such brutally, Reading this woman store when fairly vile viral. The point I made on Twitter facetiously, I said this man is just a victim of white supremacy. Why it's something? It's actually been said by many of these leftists that when you know someone who is black, commits a crime They make this racist statement that clearly the only reason that they would do something like that because of their there were victims. Now, it's because there's bad people of all different races. There are some pretty nasty white goods lot of actually pretty nasty people of all different racial backgrounds, be an asian like me, no matter no she's in pay,
came jungle, they ain't that great right and then you got look you guys. Don't like Joe Biden orgasm like now draw up there you go and then you ve got a fair con. You gotta people who are black about people who are letting oh. This is good and bad people. And some people think some ideas are better or worse, but we have seen crimes committed and We have seen many of the woke say it's only because their victims of white supremacy that they do things like this, I might not. Sometimes people are bad people, that's why they do it or not. They teach this stuff to kids. they say the staffers learned. Black people cannot be racist because I dont have power that whites benefit from white privilege, even if they experience high poverty and that virtually every american institution is founded and white supremacy. It's not. There are many institutions that are founded in one's primacy. That's true, so let me explain that the game. It s a little kid. I remember coming home from school. You know my mom asked me like what are we learn and I said you know in fourteen ninety to Colombia sailed the ocean blue. He discovered America
said: no, eleven, the Bahamas, you know America's named for America Vespucci and there were already People there also didn't they discover the Americas and, as I believe, there were already people there, quite simply that we had. You know on top events like well and also leave Ericsson came to North America well before everybody else. Ok, ok, fine! I well before other european seller So you you realize that you kind of like hey, wait, a minute. Why are they telling me that Christopher Columbus discover this place well from European Colonial polio perspective. That makes sense. You see, that's true and obvious. Then they say everything you know and love is racist because of that site
No actually smart people figured out a long time ago that there are other historical perspectives, and it's probably very important that we ask me to Americans about their history onto the best to do too, to the extent that written down and and past long so that we can understand how people came to be in North America has left us. They take one tiny thing this is this is this? Is this? Is the Congolese you take one tiny morsel and use that as to punch a whole that you can use to rip open will. They claim their awakening people to manipulation technique. You tell someone something that seems shown obvious and then you tack on the things they can't confirm or the things that will radicalized them and make them racists and violent, and you know just generally tear things down its starting point
find a morsel of truth. That's what the Chinese! I believe it was that the Vietnamese or the chinese it. What I think is a Chinese, though what they would do when they had peeled abuse back in. Ah, what was this wasn't? Vinnie Vietnamese? I remember, I think it was China and in accordance with the nominal, that they would take american soldiers and ask them to say something simple. Like America is not perfect, now come on. Some people think America's preferable most people, even people who love it, will recognise it as false we're, not absolutist, they would say if you want to eat, you must admit your country has not pervert announced. They will, of course that's no big deal. We know America, not perfect, say it, then the next time they would say now we want you say something that that ok out so now you're, so that, if you want it again, tell us why it's not perfect, what what is it? What is America, where what is one of their faults? and its own will be like. Oh, you know where we had slavery right thousand about out. That was not great overtime. There would one step at a time get some a more and more bad things. These dispute obvious until
Actually, the person was saying outright dislike, appalling things about the country, what the? U S and they were like. What's the big deal right I already said the other thing, I'm only saying a little bit more, so they get you They come to you with a simple truth: Amerika had a bottle and it's been its in its infancy and we need to look at the declaration of independence. It literally talk about native Americans and call them disparaging term. So yes, there very much was racism in this country I mean con. Slavery literally existed until the civil war ended it. But that's come to the point. They get you to start by thinking about slavery, and I see this country was founded on bad things and then you counter with yeah than a bunch of people fought, died to end it and one right so the country
may have been founded on bad things, but isn't that a hard course correction? Don't you get to take credit for one good things happen now they're saying we must end racism in this country, its resulting in chaos, violence, extremism and you and an edit my responses. If we had the civil rights movement, we made those changes. If we had the civil war, we made those changes? You want. You want more and more and more the point is no matter what happens they keep saying: it's never been fixed. They say that you know these institutions were made while slavery just there for the institution is bad and it's like. No, we got rid of slavery. The institutions actually helped make that pause. And the people who fought diabetic possible, as we are well aware that there was racism in there was Jim Crow it's like, and then we fought again and one every step of the way. This is the racist revenge they're trying to bring back off, of the ultra racist after starting segregation and its working and they're they're they're getting lefties,
liberals on board. Through this manipulation technique, it manifests in really dark ways. It may result in something worse than us, like a psychiatrist, just fantasizing about murdering people. Eventually, it turns into actual physical violence, which we seen event it turns into race, conflict and race war, and that's what I fear this person comes out and says this and other people just pylon and keep a green. So all I mention this like I have mentioned before, You see the photo of people and Nazi Germany during the salute and many people ask how could have gotten to that point. Today, a Yale lecturer was was talking about their fantasies of just murdering random white people, a an Amazon driver admit, but Amazon delivery person brutally beats an elderly woman, o ranting about white privilege.
now, people are marching through the street by the thousands soul of performing the red salute, which was at the start of the nineteenth century, when the communists and the fashion for fighting each had a loop, communist had the red saluting the fascist, sad though the roman salute and also to the Nazis, and they fought and the communist lost, but not in Russia, where they won. Myths went to China, these extremists, we're tyrians are still pushing? And now in the? U S, people are marching around performing the resolute and is the classic alive those who believe in America libertarians who are pushing back sodomy into this point, one step at a time through one lie after another, and then people who just want to fit in well March around doing the red salute. People will look back assuming we're victorious in stopping these extremists.
and I ll see the photo of all of these people. Marching industry performing the red salute, not say how to America to that point thing about them to leave their necks segments coming up at four p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast thanks, rang out, and I will see you all them.
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