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S5150 - Ex Obama Doctor Predicts Biden Will Be FORCED To Resign, DEMANDS Biden Take Cognitive Fitness Test


Ex Obama Doctor Predicts Biden Will Be FORCED To Resign, DEMANDS Biden Take Cognitive Fitness Test. As Biden fails to speak properly and produces garbled gibberish on live TV republicans are shocked and Democrats willfully ignorant.

Joe Biden has now stumbled in speech and physically on more than one occasion. During a CNN town hall he muttered a quote so incoherent even Snopes had to accept it was true.

But the GOP has been pointing this out and even with clear signs of Joe Biden's Cognitive decline Democrats support remains at massive highs




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Today is July, twenty six, twenty twenty one and our first story. The former physician to the president at the White House, has called on Joe Biden. to take a cognitive task, saying he's protecting jobs, will resign or be forced out of office due to a failing mental state in our next. We France's Senate, has approved prison terms for those who cannot prove their vaccinations That is if they enjoy public accommodations and our last storing big tack is now what with leftist organizations, to purge the far right from the internet and financial services before we get started? that's a good review and give us five stars, and if you're really like this Yo share with your friends. Now, let's get into that first story: news reports of
urged about fuel shortages in the western. U S at airports resulting in flights being cancelled or delayed. Now we book a lot, people for the TIM cast iron podcast, which is Monday to Friday at nights, and we ve experienced some weird situations with booking flights. That leads me to believe it may not just be the West United States, but outside of this it, doesnt really have any evidence to just it's worse and other places, but it certainly bad enough that news outlets noticed we're seeing shortages across the board. Napkins apparent and certain food items there's a trucker shortage and without truckers you can't transport fuels and our gas stations are running low. and that may be why many of these airports dont have fuel either there's also generally a labour shortage.
Things are going so smoothly with our economy and people have started, take notice and, of course, people blame the president, the highest level, not just the president. I'm sure people will point to many other issues which may negatively impact what's happening, but Joe Buttons approval rating has dropped according to civics his approval. Writing is now four points below his disapproval, so more people, this approve of Joe and then approve of him. The scary thing about it is that it's right along partisan lines like nothing, is changing the Democrats, view of Joe Biden, and it would probably be because the media shields the man right now live decently. Big story, in my opinion, a former doctor for the White House, for President Obama, says that Biden needs a cognitive exam. Now How the president has completely lost it. This is a national security issue. At this point, in fact, he goes on to say that Biden will have to resign.
or will be removed by force with the use of the twenty fifth amendment. In fact, we saw President Harris Trending on Twitter is Jack. The Sobek noted more people think that she will many people think she will actually actually be president and for all of the problems of common Harris. Let's just be real, I mean she can be a really awful person for a lot of reasons, but at least she's functioning Cognitive Lee Joe Biden has experienced a massive series of gaffes over the past few months and it's not just your normal gaff. There is a quote from the men at even snowplow can farmed, and he muttered it over about thirty seconds to a minute on tv and it is meaningless. Jibbering garbage nonsense them. goes on tv and can't speak a sentence, not the first time he previously confined Libya, Syria, now that's you you guys if, if you speaking in private- and he says the raw
country. It can have serious consequences now, perhaps there will be advisers and care members there to save the day. But you know what I got agree with: Ronnie Jackson, that Joe Biden is not with it. Most of you know this and its only getting worse to the point He is now saying the man needs to resign or be removed. Some porn context here rejects. It is a republican though he was a doctor to Obama. He also points out that the Democrats demanded Donald Trump take a kind of test, so I not Joe Biden, that's a great point. Joe Biden immediately should take a cognitive abilities test. I'm worried he wouldn't be
ass Anna and maybe that's it doesn't matter if you, if I, if you were worried or not, maybe he just needs to do it. We need to get it over with and say here's what we all expected. The twenty fifth amendment comes into play. Com layers becomes, president we're not gonna, be super excited about President Harris, but let's be real guys as much as you might really really dislike Biden or Harris. I mean you recognize. Paris is still better because her brain works. I don't think she's a good person. I think
corrupt. I think she will absolutely manipulate the powers of the office for personal gain, but at least she'll have self preservation in mind. I don't know what else to say in that regard had like either of them. But what do you do? Do you take the guy who's, crooked and corrupt or the broken brain or the crooked crupper, the working brain to actually the hard call, I'm worried about the United States and bearded Van itself impact our allies, so even if their corrupt, I think they still might it with a working brain. Do something that could protect us man. I certainly dont have the answers on this one. But let's see what Ronnie Jackson says before we get started, however, the TIM cast out com and become a member to get access to exclusive members. Only segments of the TIM Cast, our podcast as well as our new upcoming, shows an ad free experience where you read our amazing news articles and help fund our fears and independent journalism. Rehiring a lot more people get a cup a couple: more journalists to be joining our fact: Jack,
We ve only been up for like a week or so two weeks we ve got a fact check or a couple of war to be hiring soon, so we're gonna double fact check everything. It's gotta be fantastic. Go to TIM Casta can become a member, but forget to like this video subscribe to this channel here on Youtube and share this video with your friends. If you think this information is important from TIM, Casta Come acts, Obama Doktor Biden needs a cognitive exam. Now president has completely lost it. Former white ass doktor turned Texas congressmen, Ronnie Jackson issued a dire warnings, the state of Joe Buttons Mental Health over the weekend saying the commander in Chief needs a cognitive exam now determine his fitness for office Jackson and not hold back twitter, demanding the president has completely lost it. Our cities are exploding with drugs and violence because of democratic beef on the police policies
and the great Unite or Joe Biden deflects, to talk about sucking blood out of kids. It completely lost. It needs a cognitive exam now posed. physician on social media. I agree now. I've said as much I'm, not a former White house. Physician now have him site is big is not the first time we ve seen a lot of people call for this, but let me just stress please listen Democrats I will accept a comma Harris Presidency begrudgingly if you can just admit that Joe Biden coming out and saying Republicans believe that democratic the body to kids is the most insane thing we ve got a president say in a long time. I can fully recognise Donald Trump said crazy things, but Donald Trump speech was bombast. Ok, Donald Trump was a boastful braggart
At least you can say he was irrational. Ok, but he was. He headed twisted his own logic to it. You'll Donald Trump would come out and say things that you understood but didn't like. Joe Biden coming on saying things we are like wide or Utah king? About dude? I mean? not only are using when you talk about, but that was sucking, but what am I going to show you? A quote I gotta show. You quote from Joe Biden now show that this is the congressmen and second, the congressmen was referring to an interjection between Biden reporter, in which he changed the subject from the funding the police to sucking the blood etiquette. Are there people? The Democrat Party, wanted beef on the police yelled one journalist? First of all, journalists, I'm sorry, those a dumb question, they say it was. This thing is dumb question, so I can respect that Joe Biden should have job. If nobody had to answer, then that would have been a confirmation that the highest ranking member of the party, the president, is acknowledging that some Democrats want to deepen
police are their people, and the Republican Party who think we're stuck in the blood of the kids responded the president. What we know the Democrats Wanna defined the police. Some want to abolish the police completely and a lot of anarchists, libertarian than aunt gaps want to abolish the police as well. So I think there is growing sentiment in that regard, but regardless this was it unhinged. Statement from from Biden has hijacked had made similar comments. After watching the president's televised town hall unseen and last week quote: where are the people and our academic medicine that we're out they're calling for tromp to have a cognitive test? Where are these people there's something seriously going out with this man right now, and you know I think that is either gonna he's. the Gonna resign they're going to converge, seemed to resign from office at some point in the near future for medical issues or they're going to have to use the twenty fifth amendment to get rid of this man right now, there are some serious stuff going on right now.
This is a national security issue. At this point. Last month, Jackson and a dozen republican members of the House release a letter calling invited to take a mental health exam, as present trump did after taking office. The american people deserve full transparency on the mental capabilities of their highest elect, leader. The Republicans rope- and I agree with that- Ronnie Jackson didn't just say he should take a test. He predicted hidden will resign and that's that quota saying that there may be many of you don't believe me as only a lot of Democrats. You say things like this is untrue to absolutely untrue. I've slopes for you and I'm going to read you a quote before I do. I want to explain to you what I mean over at Civics Joe Biden, approval writing. Seventy nine thousand five and eighty six responses. From January to July, we can see
Joe Biden started his approval. Writing was forty, eight percent to forty three percent disapproval overtime at balanced out with going back enforced between forty seven and forty seven on both sides, a little bit his approval, little bit approval, etc. But now here we are forty. Eight percent disapprove of Joe Biden job as President forty four percent- proof. I want to tell you what so shocking about this pole. I get it we're. People say I like, but I don't like dynamite sure. Whatever let's go by party they Republicans don't like Joe Biden. Ninety three percent disapprove when he took when he first took office. It was eighty nine percent. There was five percent whom neither approve or disapprove that number
been dropping and now the undecided disapprove and there's one percent more Republicans, there was five on approval in January four percent approval republicans don't like Biden, they never did now. Let's take a look at Democrats, even after everything we ve seen for the most part, approval for Biden is massive among Democrat voters. Interestingly, though, when he started eighties, eighty nine percent approve and now eighty seven, so it has gone down two points. Ok, you know, approval of among Republicans, goes down. I'm not surprised, approval among Democrats goes down any amount and I'm actually surprised, but what is it? Well? Those two points move into the Disapprove I agree that to a certain degree, I now know exactly if these people a programme announcing disapprove, maybe its people who warrant sure not disapprove of him
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ro dot com right now and see all the parts available for your car or truck right TIM Pool in their. How did you hear about US box so they know what we sent. You amazing selection rely low prices. All the parts your car will ever need Rock Otto dotcom from slopes, Is this meandering quote from Biden Real, a quote starting quote quote, and the question is whether We should be in a position. Went viral in July, twenty twenty one, you know, I saw this story on slopes and I was like they're really gonna, try and defend this. Aren't they want needed understand about the media. Does they do not report the literal statement from the president? They translated for him, to put it mildly, Joe Biden might come out and say something like you know, we need, we got. There's whew foreign policy we got rid of Iraq is bad. You know
outside of a train of thought and what will the mainstream media report biting criticised? Our Elsie quote: biting criticizes response, a? U S: administration, peevish, primitive ministries in Iraq, even though is whole statement was like. I have no idea what you said here. We go correct tribute, attribution, claim during a scene in town hall, bite and said quote, and the question is whether or not we should be The position where you are: why can't the x say we know this. Viruses in fact is going to be or excuse me. We know why all the drugs proved are not temporarily approved but permanently approve. That's under way too. I expect that to occur quickly, what correct attribution saith slopes? What did you just say? Look at this image. and the question is whether or not we should be in a position where or why can't the experts say. We know this view. This is in fact it's going to be or excuse
we know why excuse me we why all the drugs approved are not temporarily approved but permanently approved. That's underweight, no idea what that quote means the president when stage and for the whole world and said something I am we have no idea what he said: lessen the drugs when we re wife We need to know we know, while the drugs approved are permanently approved, not temporarily, I dont know them, and ass. He trying this. I could even translate this, for you see here's what happens as I mentioned them, You will translate for Biden when he fumbled around with nonsense statements, and it's amazing is even services due to but it will say we got to get a hold. You know it's got. We got inflation, you know it's egg, it's been bad. Every outlook report binding
size, inflation and said we must take action now show what he actually said, because we don't know what he meant. Stop translating for the man publishes quotes verbatim as part of the problem is, I m sure, Journalists are like I've, been a service by willing to the truth. The figure it exactly what it is biting was: say what you making assumptions. Those are opinions if the man doesn't clearly express himself, it's an opinion which brings me to the indicator, a deer editor letter, Joe Biden, should take account of exam. President Joe Biden has finished his g7 trip and, I believe, was a bomb. His responses are all ordered Defensive, an incoherent. He was asked a question of Vladimir Putin and he stood there in complete silence. How speaker Pelosi demanded that tropical cognitive testing of twenty fifth amendment present Trump did and said he s the test. It is time for us, to do the same. He continues to babble and lose as train of thought over and over. I also think it's time for a bomb on a come out of the woodwork and become a. Why does adviser? He said he wanted a third term. Vice president commonly arson
capable of taking over the presidency, so someone needs to replace binding and get this country back. Get get the country back on track so far, buttons policies have hurt us badly. Democrats should do it now. This guy, who writes in to this newspaper, is saying: Obama needs to step up. Nodded but that's the so awful look I conceded. I would accept a cognitive corruption, a corrupt individual, like Camelot, over a mentally and incompetent corrupt guy, like Biden, but this dude go one step further and look where I be happy with Harris Presidency. Of course not. I do not like her but I'll I'll, except that I guess that's the line of succession. This guy's acknowledges bring Obama back. Ok, I don't like hope, humping. This is nuts the g7. Well, why? What would happen check this out from then your post Biden gaff that G7 summit,
sparks laughter from world leaders. We are veal, laughing stock of the world. You it's funny and sailing about Trump, but think about troop. Was I didn't care, there's different kinds of laughingstock, ok Donald Trump and cut comes out and says something abrasive in bombastic and they laugh, but then also are scared. The man, unlike due care, what trumps as people are scared of he's a rational. You know there that they they. They fear that irrational met not the right word, maybe emotional, you know don't screw around them cause you don't know how to react. Joe Biden has not cognitive Lee Functioning, so they're just laughing at him. Now I get it. I absolutely empathize with a democratic voters were like this. Man is making this a mockery, but let me just point something out. While I can say I understand the criticism of Trump the way he spoke and I have criticised the lot of the way he spoke in the past several times. Note notably tell the story of the cab driver in Texas, who said I wish Trump didn't speak this
way because they liked as policies. I can point those things out that if Trump spoke better, he probably would have done way better. Who knows what would happen but Rhonda sent us? I think he's got the trunk policies to a certain degree, doesn't talk like Trump, so these democratic say, Donald Trump, as the laughing stock sock is making me look bad the countries falling apart vote for a guy. Brain doesnt work. How does that solve any of the problems you claimed to have been fighting? President Biden embarrassed himself at the G7 summit when he tried to correct british Prime Minister Bourse Johnson for not introducing the President of South Africa, even though Johnson already did do how pretty did so by name. Wonderful, It's it's great the blueprint one of several bite and made him with the series of meetings where leaders prompted laughter as expense at the start of our table discussion in Cornwall England. The awkward incident took place on centred, ok, ok, ok,
He didn't realize that Boris Johnson who introduce the Presidency South Africa had introduced the president to South Africa, but it's not just that here. We go this once this. What's important, you ok, I'm meeting hookers know this one's important biting, confuses Libya, Syria, three times during a market, you seven summit and what, if he was negotiating terms and said Libby over and over again and they get the documents out, and it says trade sanctions, Libya and that he was I ah I'm I'm on Syria will serve. The treaties, are signed and stamped and approved the other countries didn't know what you're talking about. We can have this guy's, not here man. Here we go by this is from May twenty First Biden confuses job title of south korean president after mixing up Netanyahu's post. These are not one offs. This doesn't just happened, one time from express this one from March twenty six,
no, but in health fears. U S present loses train of thought and mistakes. Key facts has sparked fears of others march. How many times we would point out, as do Dana with it and we're still here we go this one. While this one, my friends,
Biden, confuses Tuskegee airman with syphilis study victims in explaining covert vaccine reluctance. This one while the dusky airman heroes, the dusky experiments victims is, is this is Joe Biden his drawing criticism for comments. He made that mixed up the dusky airman a heroic group of african American World WAR, two pilots with victims of an Alabama Syphilis study, Joe Biden, was speaking, and he claimed that the heroes of the dusky that that these euros, the dusky airman, were civil at a victim's of government. Experiments now pay. First and foremost the prism goes to the government of United States for the experiments, but Joe Biden men show a little respect. I don't think he was trying to be disrespectful. I think grandpa is an all with it. He d can't understand what's happening around a man.
Tromp Whitehouse Doktor, thirteen other house Republicans urge bought into cognitive test. They go to mention that Ronnie Jackson and the stories from back in under a month ago to nineteenth Ronnie Jackson. Let a group of fourteen Republicans who sent button a letter on Thursday, urging him to take a cognitive test notice of the Koran. Jackson, a trump doctor in this one, a troop, but EL. It is that Ronnie Jackson was a medical advice or not the doctor says so. They say Trump Whitehouse Doktor will hold on their let's pull up this year, Wikipedia they say under Donald Trump. He was the first medical advice. If that were to be fair, he was visit for physician to the president when eighteen, before becoming the chief medical, advise us so out a walk that point back. He was the physician. Do Donald Trump from July, from from twenty thirteen, until twenty eighteen runny Jackson was the physician to the president,
He was the physician to Obama for what what little overthrew alone three years ash load about me. Three years he was more a doctor to Obama than he was too trump. But you know what I'll say this I'll say this first and foremost pointing out other Republicans have called for a kind of test noticed the framing I said: he he out I'll call him a White House doctor the right, we'll call mental bomber, doktor tempests come oh bomber doctor and you as it today, Trump Doctor, you see other plays out ass the reality you know we should probably change this to say
House doctor. You know I'm not plan to Obama, but the reason people say Obama and the reason you know auricles debt is to highlight that this, not a guy who is just you, know, Donald trumps, guy right. He was also doctor for four Obama, but he is a republican and that divide is very clearly their Republicans overwhelmingly disapprove of Biden. Democrats overwhelmingly approve of biting the only real divide which I'll show you Whitworth, where these changes come from as an independent voters. The last hope, I suppose, early on independent voters by two points disapproved of Biden how however, today it's actually fifty five is approval to thirty four percent approval, so what's happening here, Republicans are saying it's bad: let's go through a bit of what's happening, my friends. What is happening in this country from the hill? Western? U S, airports face Jewel jet fuel shortage. The shortages are increased by demands from fire fighting in commercial aircraft, as well as issues in the supply chain leading to flight speed.
rapid and airports around the Pacific, Northwest VP reported at Fresno Yosemite International Airport, fewer jet fuel deliveries from tanker truck drivers led to shortages, alternately affecting flights in and out of the airport. The wire service noted at Bozeman, Yellowstone, International airport, flight delays and departure problems and sued because fire fighting aircraft and commercial airlines at an increased demand for jet fuel Nevada, Governor Steve select along with senators Catherine Quarter Moscow, Jackie Rosen and Wrap mark emanate, issued a joint letter uncertainty regarding potential jet fuel shortages that could affect flights and cargo delivery at Reno, Tahoe International Airport, governesses, Aleck, Senator milestone in other names, have been working together to three eyes: the situation to avoid in mind,
this disruption for passengers and ensure critical operations, including the delivery of essential goods into the state. Vegas is in serious trouble. If you all don't got planes, that's for sure that city will not exist. If airlines stop functioning, we are currently speaking to all responsible parties to understand how the story guard and prevent future shortages, but our immediate focus is on ensuring resources to combat western wildfires are not impacted and that there is as little disruption as possible for Nevadas and, those who depend on the rely, unreliable air service, a spokesman the retail airport authority, told the eighteen, the jet fuel shortage stemmed from several issues, including run runway construction. and a small number of available tanker truck drivers under Joe Biden, this unemployment has gone out to so many people that nobody needs to work there. Talking about
Ten bucks an hour for unemployment. People are choosing not to work. That's you be I for you. You know when I was younger. It made sense to me not an older hours ago. Here's. Why won't work because people who don't have to work won't look. I understand there are a lot of jobs that suck I worked fastfood when I was younger hated it. It was awful staring at the clock watching the hours took away, and then I remember thinking myself it's like noon, and then I watch that, if that that you know the hands go round and then it's one and unlike that, was eight dollars
does it, those eight dollars. I be better off just walking around downtown asking for the eight dollars I'd make more money per hour, ask in Fort than working for it, and that is a serious problem with how these companies don't pay enough. However, there are some jobs that need to be done. We dont all like we don't like doing chores all the time. I do think we need to have a reshaping of of of the economy in a certain sense. We need kiosks. If ass would restaurants, we don't need to hire people that its anymore but people to get jobs elsewhere. The problem now is: it's not
not not work and not taking jobs. You dont like that, are boring, so people does not doing anything in the supply chain. Some people are like I used to drive rather not I'll, take unemployment. When will it stop their creating a dependency job and his administration is creating a dependency because people are going to start working and if they cut off these payments, people aren't just going to start working there in a freak out, and I could leave a lot of people holding the bag quitting alot new depend got government dependent voters. I suppose now many states have cut off the unemployment for sure saying you can. We can't do this when you that we need workers back and people who to recognise not every job is fun. You see me record these videos, you see my show right. The TIM cast, our podcast sure I like talking. I do a job I enjoy Most people don't realize. Is there so much administrative garbage I've to deal with their? I see people communism They're like like there's news news that breaks about him now. I understand why he looks tired because it's not like this job is just all funding
means you might see. What do the log? Everything seems Lillian fun, but you don't see all the hard work put into that and a lot of I'm I'm like. I have to work all the time. Nonstop, that's reality. That's life! You have to work. Some people enjoy their work more than others, I empathize with those with bad jobs and want to find better work. I'd love to help them find better work, but work is a part of life under Biden he's making things worse. Take a look at this inflation fears and politics, cape view of buying economy. Sure politics plays a role. I get it, but inflation actually is he's getting worse. Fewer than half of American say the countries. Economies in good shape a new Ap our sea pole finds Americans continue to have middling views of the. U S economy, about six it Democrats. A economic conditions are good compared with just a quarter of Republicans. It's amazing to me. The Democrats.
in these cities overwhelmingly receiving unemployment are like everything's going great, I'm like her Many small businesses in New York in your city were shut down. It's not going great people are working. There's no, drivers. Are you insane? Yes, it's tribalism, Joe Biden, can do no wrong. They just support the man because as a democrat- and they don't want to be seen as Republicans, it is creepy and stupid- I don't care about the Republican Party. I don't care what the Democratic Party under Donald Trump independence, Donald Trump for all of his screw up was still trying to get our troops on the Middle EAST. I can accept these things. I can accept the anti weakness. I can accept the things you don't say: ok, fine, all vote for the guy. Now, if I had, if I truly had devote I'd, probably vote Libertarian, because, to be honest, our past administration didn't have a particularly good. While I'm sorry, I'm sorry, the past election didn't have a particularly good libertarian,
already hey this time around at the muses, Caracas and Dave Smith, and we got Michael Malleson Sankara like a you know what man I don't know what's going to happen, but I absolutely would prefer the Libertarian Party over either of these parties. But with that being said, I can still recognise based functioning economics and morality and I can look at Joe Biden and say his brain doesn't work. I can criticise Donald Trump for being boorish and being bombastic, but these Democrat voters just keep saying that everything is getting better, that getting getting better. You know what men printing money like crazy is not getting better. This is short sighted and unfortunate, and now for the worst news of all I am so angry, my friends, my blood is boiling Taco bell. currently dealing with shortages of ingredients huts us even napkins, you ve cry the line Joe Biden you can, you can take it
they are gasoline. You can take away our jet fuel, but you took my talk. I'm kidding, I don't need a global, it's not bad electrical bello, yet tackle bells dealing with food shortages supply chain issues. This is not just affecting tackle Bela, I'm pretty short affecting tons of other fast. We chains foods which is a real. Are you ve heard we talk about it all the time, it's funny, it's hilarious ha! I had a friend be like you know, critter! me over overdoing the promos for the for the emergency food supply stuff. It's really funny because we do a promo, sometimes not all that often. Thank you know we wouldn't do one last month or maybe the muslim women we maybe one one month before we do this promise, maybe what is and what one soon, where we're like hey by these, these good buckets last twenty five years you bomb you put your closet, forget about on the left us are like ha ha, that's so dumb, you're, you're, fearmongering and I'm it is it fearmongering. Tell someone by a first aid kit like to get a box and aids, now you don't really use, and that often, but that's crazy
were literally watching food shortages and I'm being Chris, we're telling people like, I don't think we're gonna run on food. Is we got too much of it? But you know you need to eat. So if you can have a first aid kit have an emergency food water kit right. What's the big deal, you can put it the closet last for twenty five years, because the mentality of many of the Democrats shorts, I did. The economy is great. Why all the governments, printing money and I can buy stuff? Ok if people aren't working there, not making things. So, let's just push us do really really basic Matthew Help understand what's wrong with your Joe Biden administration. Let's say you: ve got ten widgets in an economy and in a normal economy you ve got one person who make
which it and one person who buys the wage and they rotate. So there's always ten widgets in the system someone's right into by than someone makes a replacement, get rid of the workers nobody's making widgets. Now this these these men are all standing here. These individuals, these men and women, about to buy widgets, but no one's making any the government prince monitor they can. Now you have ten widgets, nine, eight, seven, six, five for three two one shortage. Or out how we out of widgets, nobody's working dude. So these people are getting money, sang economies going great on pain. My ran on me in food, and it's like good for how long? For how long are you you're not paying attention to show you this this this twitter threat to break down for you? What's what's happening, hey Bubu, on
I have no idea who hey Bubu is, but you know a good name. She writes. Yesterday was a sad day for me and my husband, we close on a rental property that we had no choice but to sell the government mandated that people could live in it for free for over a year we lost out over forty two thousand thousand rental income. That's right! It's not just about giving people free money, it's about when people you can't be evicted knowledge where people are saying ha, ha ha landlord, Lord, not a job blah blah blah this Ladys, not a wealthy individuals, inherited the building from a relative who passed and now they have to pay for utilities, labour to maintain the building and taxes and insurance. It's a free to have a building and people are paying for it. So who is? Hey Bubu says all of our renters were receiving unemployment, but the government would not allow invention evictions, so they just didn't pay. We got no break on paying property, taxes, insurance and utilities. So we blew through our savings. We are trying to pursue backward
this time my husband inherited the property from his father who died of cancer. So it's been a bit emotional. This whole government induced tragedy has done irreparable harm to so many someone asked. If you inherited it, then why do you need to sell unable to pay the property? Taxes said we are not rich people. We lost forty two thousand dollars in rent and still had to pay property, tax, insurance utilities and alone. We took out to do repairs, we depleted irate, we hadn't, we, we had a no, we do not qualify for any assistance. We are some big corporation, owning property, not magic. You don't get free money you had a paper appears in this instance is woman, said were taken alone, so that we can do their personal building. So the people who live in it don't live in squalor another losing the building because of it thanks button. So yet people are upset and his brain isn't working does not gonna fix these problems. It's gonna make it worse. I lived there. Next segment will be to night at eight p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast. I arel thanks rang out and we will see well then.
This fast weekend we saw protests in Australia which our protests in London and the past week we saw protests in France as thousands of bull and in France, even over a hundred thousand people, say no to mandatory vaccination in vaccine passports. here in the United States. Talk of Loch downs has begun to. We emerge. There's news reports about fuel shortages at airports in the west, trucker shortages, guy, hitting six dockworkers boy Things seem to be not going so well, I suppose, well out is put it this way before we started you get it disconnect a little bit. I look outside. I see a bunch of trees, we relax, we grow burgers the other day. I don't know how long will be able to be going about grilling by nurse in the long run. If things keep up this way, but suffice it say people are not going to take this line.
There's a bit of optimism there. I have long been fairly pessimistic and in certain regards that people won't stand up for themselves, but seeing these massive price, tests in places like Australia, France, well started to be a little bit more confident that people are going to say no to the extremists lockdown, but in others always pros and cons with this things. With these things, the big story, however, that gives us all started. So you could understand the context of why people are out in the street saying no, the french Senate approves vaccine pass, despite protests german politicians divided. What is the vaccine passport mean and what does it mean to have mandatory vaccination? Well, they are not there. going out and telling you they're gonna, go to your door and they're going to inject with a vaccine telling you that if they find you, when a public accounts
nation. That means like a business or committees under whatever the rules specifically are. A public combination is like somewhere. You can go to the public that the new ass thou back a library, but in France, like restaurants, cafes, entertaining centres shopping malls if they find you there and you cannot produce your papers prison prison. If you cannot produce your papers now innocence. It's already bad enough. In my opinion, the cops can walk up to you and be like prove who you are. You know there is theirs there there and sometimes where I did not. Id on me. You know I leave my wallet at home, so I don't really care where, like you know, I'm just going for a gone for a bike ride or something, and then what
Zog says you. May I be in your like I'd and bring it with me. I walk had done. If I use on the arrest, you doesn't happen all the time. It happens too much. So it's bad enough. You you have to have idea, but you know I think we ve all got a bit lax in that regard. Words like ok, whatever show you, I d get it over with right. Now, in France, there saying produce your medical, papers, Thomas Massey tweeted, something interesting. You may notice that in the covert vaccination cards, therefore slots for, even though the covert vaccine is only two shots and Thomas Mann who says what did you think the other two were going to be? four, that's right see once they start saying: mandatory vaccination they're not talking about just covered their talk about everything. Here's what I don't like mandatory medication, not offend. I'm libertarian It's really really funny. When you see the conservatives say
body my choice? I agree. One hundred percent and the left comes out and says: oh well, there being hypocrites because their pro life and unlike well that's a stupid argument, because price lifers, believe that there's a woman and a baby to independent life forms and so that the debt scenario, from one person choosing to affect their life. But I'll do you want better leftists I've, always been choice. I've had an argument with the wee Wee, a shameless- and I argue on TIM cast IRA Fair. afterwards on the show about pro choice, forces pro life, and I certainly think the left has gone absolutely off the rails in terms of what it what prolific choices, I don't think they're protracted pro abortion way. I'd like I digress my body, my choice, yet even with the complicated morality of two life two lives in one
no heartbeat with with one body it's tough while they each have their own independent body, but it's a complicated problem, but I've always been pro choice for libertarian reasons, which is a huge moral conundrum. I totally get that, but I think
true for people in terms of vaccination, so your argument makes it means nothing to me to the left us now what we're seeing in France, if you don't, have your papers and they search you and the question you six months in prison or a fine if you run an establishment to public accommodation and you don't check papers one year. So, of course worse we saw a hundred and sixty thousand people rise up, saying no to this not years a story from politico they say. Despite growing protests, french law makers have moved a step closer to passing, a bill that would introduce obligatory carnivores, vaccinations for certain professions and condition access to cultural and leisure spaces, as well as travel and a health past showing proof
vaccination or negative covered test. The french Senate late Saturday approve the bill but introduce changes to the government's draft to exempt minors and remove restaurant and cafe terraces from places requiring the new passe senator sanitary pass senators. also tabled an amendment to the two posts, implementation of the new rules to September instead of August. The law now needs final approval from the lower house of parliament, which I absolutely believe they will do. The Senate vote more than a hundred and sixty thousand people protests it across France against impose restrictions up by some fifty thousand on demonstrations. Last weekend around thirty five percent of french citizens support such protesting. According to a new pull, they gonna say: that's really low. Actually, the yellow vest protesters they are upset about arising, Petra, prices there taxing it had way more support, I'm not now. I am not entirely convinced these balls. I gotta be honest. I dont trust
the media. I don't trust the government, I don't trust big farmer and therein lies. Really really big problem limitless unequivocally quickly. Just show you the outrage from France and why you know people are protesting, they say over the guardian mccrone and that from July twenty first anyone voting a theatre. Cinema sports are valued sports when your festival with an audience of more than fifty only the health past proving their either fully vaccinated or at tested negative. The same
women will Dixon Bars, cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, shopping centres, hospitals, long distance trains, coaches and planes from first of August. He said, including for children, interesting people unable to present a valid health pass risk up to six months in prison in a fine of ten thousand euro. According to the draft text of law, owners of establishments welcoming the public who fail to check patrons passes could go to jail for a year and be hit with a forty five thousand euro. Fine, it's creepy stuff men. We saw thousands of anti lockdown anti that this anti vaccine protesters amounting to convince its honest pack, London's Trafalgar Square Yahoo NEWS reports. Thousands have gathered Saturday July, twenty fourth in London's Trafalgar Square to protest against the lock down rules and covered nineteen vaccinations? A wide range of speakers attending our art ending the about, including the well known british conspiracy, theorist, Kate, Sham Iranian, who spoke to the crowd. Damn
It is our angry about the recent move, which will see vaccine passports becoming compulsory in England to access night clubs and other pact venues. Boris Johnson S, said the new measure will take effect by the end of September, and now we have this Critics react as found. She says, new mask mandates under active. Consider as considerate consideration. This is what's coming to the: U s so you need. I mention this early on and that would just want to make sure people recognise. There will be very likely a return to mandates and then we get to a stray Leah. There were thousands of people protesting at ostrello limit. Let me just say. the real quick many view may may now. That's my position has long been. We need a universal health care. What do I mean by that hold on? I think we need base level care and then we need private supplemental. That's what most countries do Julie, and so the idea would be. If you like, break your are more, you know you get the flu, then you can go to the hospital and not more about being bankrupted.
NATO's lotta people or advocates of the proponents of of the of the free markets and I'm out really willing to entertain those conversations, but there a lot of people who can't even afford free market solutions, and so the argument I guess from for people on the right is that prices would go down in a truly free market system. I agree with that, to a certain degree to a certain degree, but ultimately we have all these debates. In conversations I end up with aid. I think we need basic level coverage. Look, not everybody can afford a fire department, even a cost money. Some people have no money, so we don't want fires to spread. Here's. What I think I think. Right now we got major massive pharmaceutical companies. Big farmer, the left has always been complaining about them because they stand in the way of their truly utopian dream of absolute universal healthcare, with no private supplemental insurance. They would ban that that's kind of crazy, but maybe that's their big. Ask that's what NASA Bernie Sanders it and at had been saying that you know you get you get rid of you ban pray.
insurance and you only do government on my that's insane. No, I think it's like you broke your army, go to the hospital they patch up Sunday on your way and at the taxpayer funded thing, but more serious elements and acute illnesses that require a research and and and technical ability. That's gonna require private. So how do we do that point out or not? But I say this right: now: it's been reported that come orbit, it is, can people will have died of covered so far this year Ninety four percent had come. Morbidity is meaning that people who had no c p d long issues they catch covered and the cove it well, their bodies can't handle because of respiratory illnesses. Are things like that and I'm like? Ok, let's get those communities down. Let's stop giving billions of dollars to a for profit.
venture to major multinational pharmaceutical. I don't know, I don't understand this from the left, all of a sudden, now they're pro big corporate pharma since when and why I'm not, I don't think our taxpayer dollars should be going to for profit, multibillion dollar companies. I mean I, I get the idea of rolling out of acts I got the idea of all that, but shouldn't we have something that actually animal takes care of people the at at at at at at at at a base level. Nominal slow down a little bit get back into its going off a stranger, but I want to point something out: there are a lot of challenges with the idea of Universal universal Health care, and it's that even with government funded healthcare you're stuck in have people who just eaten don't take care of themselves and then actually could exacerbate. the problem, which is why I'm only like centre left on this position. It's hard to actually navigate the reality is you can advocate for any policy in any law. The problem is always cultural
this is an interesting. I was talking to him. It was under which hung about left, libertarianism, communes and things like that and someone pointed out and him guest IRA podcast that I know that the only real communes that work are like religious ones, because people have a shared vision and a shared culture. But when you try to scale but sides of United States with multiculturalism, then people clash and then you get authoritarian. because you can't maintain your utopian vision with too many people who don't agree with each other on what that vision is so anyway. That's why a lot of these left, libertarian positions, don't work and almost always become authoritarian, and that's why I just gotta shrug and say I get it. You know I'm a cent how about that here just having a stray LEO as their covered cases climb police vow to crack down on the anti lockdown protest, CNBC reports a strictly as most populous state report arise and nuke.
but nineteen cases on Monday, despite a week's long stay at home order, while police vowed to crack down on any repeat of a lot of wild anti lockdown protest. At the weekend. New South Wales, which has had more than five million people in Sydney sitting under lock down for a month, reported a hunch in forty five new cases of the virus from a hundred and forty one a day earlier. Isn't this insane there's viral video where. Like one person has tested positive for the corona virus, and now the government is walking down. Millions of people like that's, that's just seems like way over. The top man like the video from Australia was not so yet. People are protesting of particular concern. Fifty one of those merely diagnosed were active in the community before testing positive raising the risk of transmission. The authorities have said they want that number near zero. Before listings lifting the city's most restrictive, lockdown other pandemic ETA July thirty target date, some settings might change. We might need to go here
in some areas and release some settings and others state print premier Gladys bear a chicken sad at a televised news conference. She added that she would give an update on the movement restrictions in the next few days. At the weekend, thousands of people marched in an anti lockdown protests which turned a violent and central Sidney an event. The state chief help officer carry Chet cop chant called distressing as images and videos. The protest circulated in social media, including one image of a man, apparently punching a police horse. What why why? Why would you do that puts a horse state police? Commissioner, MC fuller set? Some ten thousand people had call the police hotline to, or port people suspected of breaking lockdown orders. I just love the psychopaths, people and the ease at which they march into authoritarianism. I can't blame them all. You know. Media propaganda. Brainwashing does play a role by them.
fascinating that we, the vaccine, that that the vaccine is reportedly safe and effective, in fact I've numerous segments where in pointing out that cases are dropping amid that that the distribution of the vaccine? Okay- if you trust it Support it. If you're a fan of firing, you might get bigger Pfizer tattoo on your arm, you safe. Why are you calling on your neighbors, she s, weird, isn't it. I don't understand I guess what they're saying is the new line. There's comic and it shows a failings of people. All surrounding you know each other with she Elgin failings is basically you, ve got everybody with their shield Ford and shields overlap with each other, creating a shield wall and it
all the way around. But one side is a bunch of anti backs, are saying no to vaccines and the vaccines break in what they're saying is that because people are getting vaccinated, its creating variance that these people getting infected the virus mutates and then it makes you know a new variant which can in fact able even if their vaccinated, I'm not. I'm not a scientist of I'll? Just the molecular biologist tell you exactly how that works. I thought the point them out. I'm R m rna vaccine was at the spike proteins which are on all of The viruses, your body, would basically make it it'll be harder for you to get infected, but you still could it's just that it would reduce the symptoms and would reduce severe illness as your body builds up. You know unity to these these proteins. So not entirely. I don't know if I understand you know how it becomes.
more dangerous, you know it still the virus, but my understanding is that even amongst you know, scientists who are critical of the establishment, they're saying it's way more transmissible, reportedly it's less deadly or whatever, but there still concerns that it could cause go to lose their lives, but at any rate, the arguments this, I suppose, could be made for anything and the ultimate challenges. Are we a utilitarian world or are we may I guess that the proper way to put would be deontological. You know who the individual makes the choices it regardless the outcome. Dewey! Do we decide to sacrifice people due to the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few? Or do we say? Each action is an individual action that must be considered regardless of consequences, and then we can't wrong individuals. It stuff. I fall on the side of individual liberty, but I do recognise there are problems before it look a little bit we'll get full philosophical Obama. Let me show you this,
from the New York Times, a largely mask less sometimes violent protest against. It is locked outrageous fears of super spreading. Why didn't the New York Times right that about anti fond black lives matter, one of the New York Times right right a largely mask lists. Sometimes violent protest against police brutality raises fears of super spreading. Sorry on your times. No, according to the two University of Colorado, these protests actually reduce the spread. That's what the University of Colorado said about black lives matter that people being at protest and causes more people to stay home. Well, move then I suppose right. That's the press that that's that the narrative they want to go with now. Imagine that there are so many people who just can't see through the stuff and its in its struggle, microcredit prevent other. I'm not gonna pretend to have all the answers we doubt the challenges, as I pointed out in, I put it down twitter for every story. You here
that somebody who didn't get the vaccine and regretted it. I hear stories up people got the vaccine and had an adverse reaction. Adverse reactions exist. People who don't get the vaccine get sick. These things are all normal. The challenges there's no way to pay really convey scale to people when news stories focus on the individual sought to sell it That's why I always I talk to you doctor. You talk to your doktor about, what's right for you and actually to friends, only recently, Southern Germany abandoned, unlike I've. I've jokingly pointed that out like half true, but I genuinely thank you should. If you go to, doctor and you give them your health info and they say: oh here's, what I think than follow their instruction. I'm not gonna save for the fifty billion turnover. That's the points like I don't take advice from me, but let's talk about that that, if the philosophy of what's going on, I suppose What people on this planet and a lot of people don't believe in over population what people think it's a methodology. I think it's real
I don't know I don't know. I mean I've read a little bit of everything. here in the middle of nowhere. Things seem to be ok, but I've talked to people who are very critical of of big farmer and the establishment who have said that we are facing very strange circumstances with bug, insect, die offs and owes an ocean acidification and dead zone, and regardless of what you think about climate change, there is ecosystem destabilization to pay attention to those one phenomenon mentioned is an act of Christmas. By the way, if you, if you know- and you know that he's not supportive of the establishment, but he said on another era- podcast you used to be able to drive across country. Your window would be spluttered bugs. Now it's not because there's a die off happening at the lower to note that the lower chain of the fruits of the of the lower lower part of the food chain. Now I don't know exactly why what the solution is and then he went to a very serious problem. I believe an individual
I'm not going to impose my well on you. You leave me alone. I leave you alone, but I've. This summit I asked of Alex Jones- is it possible that we are like east consuming the sugars and farting ourselves that out and eventually were just we just white wipe ourselves out within this bottle of of meat or something or whatever would be one and it was like that's a good question. I ask myself is all the time now? Here's the ultimate challenge? I don't trust the global elites. I don't trust the big one little companies. I want to believe as a greater good. I want to believe that if we all pitch in, we can make this planet better able to believe that if we turn our lights off and flush, our toilets Lassen use low flow showerheads. We will make things better but then I see the fifty bedroom houses. Then I see Lena Dicaprio flying a private jet. Then I see the Obama's beach right property. I'm sorry! I take what they're doing as an example. I say their actions speak louder than
words. So what are you? What? What? How do you deal with these new stories? How do you deal with what's happening in these protests? My friends, Gavin Newsome not wearing a mask Nancy Pelosi, not worn a mask Gretchen Whittemore, getting her hair did lorry Lightfoot getting ahead on these people. Didn't care about the lockdown. directions. Why should anyone else be subject to the whims of the authoritarian there if their trial tells us a greater good? Maybe there is well there? Certainly not leading us. The leader needs to stand in front say I will take
first step following my footsteps, but we see our leaders are Democrats doing the exact opposite. I looked at these cities. I looked at these protests and, unlike no wonder people, don't don't trust it. If there really was a great calamity, a catastrophe, wouldn't the people claiming it be doing better themselves, no, here's what I think. I think there are challenges of climate. I think there are economic disasters heading our way, but the leaks simply think this. If we can make everyone else, stop using water- and you know not eating beef, we get to that's the idea oligarchy in extreme wealth. Disparity, I'm not a fan of us. Not. I don't think you get to put yourself above people like that, but there
lead us and the NEO feudalism is what they want. They want an elite class of the of the bat. Her men, who can eat whatever they want, fly wherever they want use whatever they want and they went to the poor people to just gonna. Take what you get its funding for this kind of like them with Elysium even automobile ISM, was ridiculous. It I'll get cipher elements, but boy. Do they really ham up dislike utopian narrative that made no sense but data that addressing that way, innocence You know that movie they had these machines. I could hear you have all elements, but they just didn't want to give it to the poor people just because one hears it. I think the elites one offline private jets. They want their infant, he pulls, they want their penthouse sweets, they want to consume at mass levels and be gluttonous, but that means you can't if they, if the, if, if people keep acting this way, bad things happened the planet, so they take away your rights, they keep theirs
I'm sorry man, I'm not playing the game which all if you want us all to to tighten their belts, I'm down, but that means you type your belt to regardless. No one's gonna trust these people of his. How they act will see how things they out. I'm I'm. I believe we will see lockdown happening. You asked me what we had election coming up midterms or next year
However, only point out one thing trumpet president: no more right now the Democrats are in control. A lockdown could be bad news for Democrats by pushing people to vote Republican who had vow to lift those restrictions will see, because the alternative is with the restrictions than you get expanded voter access, universal melon ballots, twenty four hour stuff, so that could greatly help. Democrats in cities deliver their necks augments coming up at one p m on this channel. Thank sprang out, and I will see you all then it's always the big ask when it comes to anything public policy sales deals
something called a big ask where you ask or demand more than you actually want that way. When you walk down, it sounds reasonable. So let's say I wanted a hundred dollars from you. If I ask you for a hundred dollars, you gonna be like Norway and then we negotiate down. So instead I say two hundred dollars. You got wow, that's that's way too much. It's ok! Fine about one! Fifty then, and I will do a hundred- a hundred. Ok, you got me which presented these stories. Facebook and tech giants to target attacker manifestoes far right militias in database. Will they also engine that their targeting the proud boys, basically going after recruitment materials, whatever that means could just be statements opposing the establishment or ex extreme government authority with another store. However, these two big Stuteley, these two very, very big,
he's just coming out now: pay pal to research, blocking transactions that fund hate groups and extremists? What's a big ask in this regard? They dont want to ban extremists necessarily mean they do they want to ban. You know about me so the goal for the big ass. They say we're gonna go after these groups, it's kind of a big ass, because people say oh extremists. Their bad then they need only wait for the anti The main legal was partnering with pay pal or the S PLC. To start labeling people, extremists, recently the southern poverty laws under called me, a reactionary, quite literally just at a video talking about my my support for universal health care and many of my libertarian left, leaning positions but sure why not about being a reactionary, it's about just using buzzwords to try and push you in the public sphere closer to the idea of an ex
must so that way. Eventually they can strip you of your income, take away your property dehumanize you, and so I wanna do something I want to show you these stories, but I want to start this segment with a tweet from Mister Jack. The Sobek the ten stages of genocide he tweets? Now actually have a more complete list, which is very different, will end with, but will start with the sweet from Jack so that we can assess this. As we read the news, the first stage of genocide as the classification people are divided into us in them the second dissimulation people are forced to attend to find themselves. The third discrimination people begin to face systematic discrimination for debate, innovation people are quite equated with animals, vermin or diseases. Five organization, the government create specific groups, police and military to enforce the policies. Sixes polarization the government broadcasts propaganda to turn the populace against the group. Seven
duration, official action to remove and relocate people, eight persecution, the beginning of murders, theft of property, trial, massacres, nine exe. Termination, wholesale elimination of the group? It is extermination and not murder, because the people are not considered human. Finally, denial government denies that it has committed any crime now. Where are we on this list? Well, that's why Jack says: assess People have been sharing this trying to make our for where we really are only give you might position towards the end of the segment when I show, our response from certain which, as well as the Holocaust museums breakdown in greater depth of what these things mean.
But I want you to consider these things as we move through these stories. The first facebook and tech giants to target attacker manifesto and far militias in database Reuters reports a counter terrorism organization formed by some of the biggest. U S. Tech companies, including Facebook and Microsoft, is significantly expanding the types of extremists, content shared between firms in a key database aiming to crack down on material from white supremacist and far right militias until now, the global internet forum to counter terrorism, Database had focused on videos and images from terror groups, on a u endless, and so has largely consisted of content from Islamists. The islamic stay Al Qaeda and Taliban etc. Over the next few months, the group will add attacker manifesto, shared by sympathisers after white, supremacist violence and other publications and links by you and initiative tech against terrorism.
it will use lists from Intel sharing groups five eyes. Ok, if enough about the five I spy club, I believe we have strangely and New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the Eu S all sharing into they'll at Urls PDF from more groups, including the proud boys, the three per centres and NEO Nazis, the pie boys. I don't recall the proud boys engaging in any serious attacks. Were the proud boys done the proud boys, in a sense, You could know I'm out. I want to be careful as only prefacing. Let me explain record you could liken in some ways to Antiphon now hold on before you freak out, say that nothing like what I mean is there a factional group that engages in protest of course, they're very, very different when you get when you break it down, but what I mean is the proud boys are not the there's. There's two factions fighting it. St typically, you see a lot of proud boys. You see a lot of anti up. Their core ideals are very different
The reason I say you can like them and in that sense is only because you often see them fighting each other other than that, not a lock the proud boys are nationalist, maskew list individuals and they typically march peacefully, except when confronted by leftist organism. Anti thought. So so, in a sense there, a Action airy of reactionary the right word as Sarah Lee, but perhaps a little bit, both in the figurative in a literal and their typically defensive, meaning when fights break out, then they attack when someone confronts them and attacks them. They they attacked back Anti far are overly violence antagonistic there is in the end, this conflict. Okay, so again, I'm stressing you can like likened them only in the sense that they are two factions that appear on the ground. That's what I mean when we look at what's been happening in the streets throughout the country
it's usually like proud boys and a failure to groups and then Antigua Anti Smash and destroys and barns and kills, and I you know you can criticise. You know: white supremacist violence in the far right sure, but that's not associated with the proud boy, overwhelmingly like the proud boys have had some individuals associated with say there was one guy who got kicked out. Who was it won't be an organised Charlottesville sets, I'm not gonna, say one hundred percent and we gotta be fair. The proud voice should be criticised for a lot of reasons, but they're moving the goalposts. That's why it's a big ask. They start by saying it's extremist groups like ISIS now they're saying proud boys? Could you need to understand, as this is them bringing the war on terror home to a nationalist group? Up put it this way. If you ignore the proud boys, you know they do they march around and then they go to a bar. They drink some beers and they would go home, that's it but antics.
shows up an antivirus, antagonistic and then fights break up. This was convenient frankly, for why we're annual wants engage and violence. They also need propaganda, showing the proud boys to be violent by starting the fights and then running away. They get their footage of the proud boys being violent towards them and in the media publishes the narrative, you know proud boys, violent, etc. Now what's happened, the proud boys are being edibles added to this list, but what about anti for what about black lives matter? Oh I'm. Sorry, even though black lives matter did engage in mass right across the country, which resulted in more than two billion dollars and damaging that was just the insurance gap, it could be way higher. They are a meal. Stream organizations? border by all the major corporations, so you need to understand where this goes, which why is wise, why I brought up a tweet from Jackpot Sobek which will get to the goat dimension. The firms include Twitter, Google, Youtube they'll, share, hashes, unique,
numerical representations of original pieces of content that have been removed from their services. Other platforms use these to identify them. content on their own sites in order to review or remove it. So, basically, if there is A manifesto or post or image mean they can put a code that recognise it, share the code Multi platform and remove it from every platform. This is what what of the buy it now. There was talk him on his side. If you break the rules on one on one occasion on channel or network, you should be banned from all the other ones. This is where they're going. They say what the project helps to combat extremists, counted on mainstream plan Groups can still post of violent images and rhetoric on many other sites in parts of the internet. The Tec group wants to combat a wider range of threats, said Geocities, executive director Nick Nicholas risk Musin in an interview with writers. Anyone looking at the tear org, Seamus Landscape
has to appreciate that there are other parts that are demanding attention right now, recipes inside citing the threats of far right or racially motivated, violent, excrete extremism. Now, let's let slowdown per second yeah. Those are bad things really really bad and we must condemn them pushed back, but you need to understand their going to start. Lumping in every body with these groups show me where the proud boys went around engaged in violent gracious, racist attacks. I mean the chair of the proud boys is not a white but there you go see, that's that's that's how they play of framing. They are allowed to get away with it, rules for thee, but not for me. The next one is really fascinating: pay pal to research blocking transactions that fund hated.
ups and there and their partners with the anti defamation leagued Vanessa, how extremist and hate movements in the? U S: take advantage of financial platforms to fund their criminal activities will hold on a minute. That's not a bad thing, stopping criminal activity. I agree with to a certain degree, I don't think paper should be forced to fund or provide a service for anybody committing crimes. Okay. So if you're committing crimes well, you know you get you get me outta remove from his platforms shore. The concern as who controls what is a crime or isn't an that's what we need to pay attention to so here we are once again on the surface. The initial. The initial statement is, we want to stop putting criminal activity. My actual responses, G, our that's type. I agree. I dont like criminal activity either as a challenge, though, with mass surveillance and the monopolization of these spaces pay pal owning the overwhelming which
already of internet. You know transactions, you start running into very dangerous situations when they have the power to do this without any kind of oversight or public education. So I'm not a big fan. Have we seen is manifest people like Carl Benjamin who is a liberal list- british Youtube, rent Gaster what his patron taken down for using racial slur kind of poorly. In my point, and in my view my point of view, but to make a point, you wasn't disparaging people based on their race, he was telling specific individuals that the way they described. Minorities was the way they themselves act. He was actually being not racist, aims opposing racism, but was on poorly well because of that they use. This has justification to delete his income terminated overnight. This caused a big wave of patriotic, but ultimately patrons fine. I mean they're making tons of money. They say it will also
networks spread. So here's here's what we got this criminal activity. We say. Ok, that was the big ask. The initiative will be led through the eighty l centre on extremism and will focus on uncovering disrupting the financial flows, supporting white supremacist and anti government organisations. Punk rock you're out the window. It will also look at networks spreading and profiting from Anti Semitism. I think that's bad editor and its anti Semitism is a really awful thing. Is Lama phobia also not offend racism? Anti immigrant anti black and he hispanic Andy asian bigotry. I don't like any of those things that are like racism. I dont like anti emigrated, where you get really really interesting? Really interesting? That's a policy position. That's not a disparaging some one based on their demographic position. Now Youtube says you can't disparage people based on their immigration status. What what what that means is like if there's someone
emigrates here. You can't call them a slur for having immigrated here, and there are some I'm going to say them. But when you say anti immigrant, are you talking about criticising people who choose to come here because I think Amerika great place, and I think it's hilarious, that the left is acting like Amerika socks when everybody wants to live here, so I actually recite the upward this way I loved. I love saying this to I have substantially more respect for the illegal immigrants who have crossed the Rio Grande and our coming through the desert than I do for the leftists who make up bs lies about this country and accuse it of all the worse accuse it of being all the worst things in the book. I still think it's wrong to enter the country illegally. You can live, country. I can respect your your zeal and your support and assistance or your belief.
The ideas and Mckenna support the criminal activity because it hurts everybody. We need people to come through properly and by the law so that we can make sure everybody flourishes. So we can make sure, where proper, properly engaging in household management, also known in Greek as a MIA, which also is the route word of economy. You see how that works household, management, adjournment economy. I think that's pressing a right when we get the point, so I'm actually I'm actually a huge fan of immigration. You know why I, as I've said before. I think we should allow every single person in the world to emigrate to United States legally through the process I've had a lot of people say: TIM you're wrong has been done in the middle hold on hold on I'm not saying use open the doors, and when I'm saying everyone should have the opportunity to apply and then based on what makes sense for proper household management. We allow people visas, that's it That means that if our economies in trouble, we slow down on the visas and Africa
He is flourishing in there's a massive demand for jobs, but there's a nobody's working. Then we can find more people to fill these jobs, and you know it's all about proper managed. There may be circumstances where we say: okay, we can't supporting more people and their research Centres, where we say come on in doors, open, proper management means people from other countries and I'm a proper legal who are driven we'll come here and will reap the rewards of of their hard work and dedication. I think that's fantastic. You look at nigerian immigrants, for instance, they had then tremendously successful. These people say I'm gonna come to American, I'm gonna make it work and they do not absolutely amazing. The bigger question, though, is whether or not this will be used to get rid of any thing perceived as being
just because, of course the left is also changing. Those definitions which brings me now to that tweet from Jackpot Sobek. You see how their identifying ideologies that, unlike the ten stages of genocide, well, let me bring up what MIKE Servage said about this. He says we are here and is showing us just before seven on the ten steps of stages of genocide. What what will make certain of it says we you we are here. Seven preparation preparation is, this is, is defined as official action to remove and relocate people will. How can that be? You think we're really at the poor,
Where, then, is our taking people and relocating them well, sort of its points out a few things one. He says sixes polarization the government broadcasts propaganda to turn the populace against the group and that's policies, hearings, bans on alternative voices, exactly what we are seeing with pay pal and Facebook and the eighty oh he mentioned. You have the formation of police, the government, create specific groups to police and to enforce the policies. That's right, the capital police are expanding nation wide. You also have the dehumanization from four maggots. That's right. The left refers to Trump supporters. Are anyone outside the establishment, as maggots agee. Eighty ass, like Magua TS, associating Magua with being a fly larva of some sort. That's four: five and six.
Sounds to me like we may be just before seven, but I don't know how long it takes for seventy come about. That's where they artificially removing Millcote relocating people, but I can tell you this with the January six Commission with what's happening on Facebook, what's happening with Paypal. Yes, the maggots, we're gonna, go after them, officially remove and relocate. I don't know, look we don't live in in a hundred years ago. There's different ways to deal with things, and certainly some people have learned from the past, not enough. In my opinion, but the establishment elites of certainly learn That's the easiest way to remove and relocate people isn't to lock them up in cages or send him off to countering five. That is to take away their ability to spend money to icily them. Instead of you know, I gotta go
farm analogy. Some farmers might understand this, but I'm not gonna do that. Instead of taking a scissors and snipping the branch, what they'll do is they ll tie the branch office tight as possible and then walk away, and then the branch can't get any support or nutrients and slowly just withers and then falls off? It is no longer a part of your beautiful bush. So what do we really have? I don't think it's gonna be the same as it was in the past. If we do see any kind of extra like attend, sensitive genocide What I think is true is people are, being binging, dehumanized, absolutely There is our organization of Capital police to go after the maggots as the left calls them, and the government is putting up propaganda nonstop Joe Biden, sad. The republican agenda is the greatest threat since the civil war. That is horrifying, that he said that the next move is going to be to stop.
Removing people, but what does that mean? I don't think it's the same as we saw a hundred years ago. I think it's going to be exercising from society, you won't be able to participate, you won't be able to work, you will be able to buy things and then slowly, you and your ideas will cease to exist, a pruning as it were. but I do have this. This is from the Holocaust Memorial day. Trust attends negative genocide and, to be fair, I think when you actually get into the visit the more the greater contacts with this list is. I can tell you this. We are nowhere near anything on this list. I don't think we're anywhere near this, I do think is a potential for balk innovation or some kind of civil conflict, civil war. Whatever you want to call, it certainly won't look like something from hundred fifty years ago, but to say that were near and anyway, genocide, I think, is wrong. Okay, so, with respect to
those who have presented their criticisms or their personal opinions. According to the Holocaust Memorial Day, trust classification stage, one is the difference between people are not respected. There's a division of us in them which can be carried out using stereotypes or excluding people. War perceive to be different. That is true and happening. Maggot smuggle all that stuff to civilization. This a visual minimum manifestation of hatred, Jews and not a Europe were forced to wear. Yellow star to show that they were different, no one's being forced to wear.
AGA hats, however, there is a push from the left about vaccinations still, even if we were talking about the nations were not at two were close to two when it comes to one yeah, there's the vaccine, the on vat, there's anti vaccines and backs fanatics wherever we want a column but we're not even at forced civilization discrimination. The dominant group denies civil rights or even citizenship, unified groups. This is where we could get, who I would say, in certain respects, with the Trump verses, like none other trumpet the realist right versus the establishment with a little bit of this, but for the most part some civil rights are being denied to people like from the January six riots- that's true, but this
still extremely isolated. So is there discrimination? Yes, civilization, not so much there, not forcing people so there's a little bit there, but it's not particularly strong, although what's happening to people that the defended from January that I think is horribly wrong. The way there being treated by all means that should be punished and charge for their crimes, but things were hearing are horrifying. It isn't it, to every Trump supporter or seventy five million people, though there is an association between the people on January six and trumps supporters. So discrimination does exist, but it is limited. At the very least, I can say one as absolutely happened to not so much no one's being forced to to manifest but simple session does exist in what people are choosing aware: either a pink cat or a redhead discrimination is, is starting to happen right now. Dehumanization they say those perceived as different are are treated with no form of human rights or person.
Getting now. You can see January sex again a little bit of this absolutely they're, calling people maggots they're, putting on the solitary confinement. This will spread to any one who oppose it. So these are not fully me like fully formed mind you there's a five organization. Receive regimes, often train those who go on to carry out the charging of people, capital, police. Six polarization propaganda begins to spread by hate groups. So we have, I guess, look don't we would you get understand about Nazi Germany is that the organisations that were spreading these things were official publicly recognised organisations of up to the Nazis prestige, like they looked at these organizations and in view them with the with the like, with with disdain, we would write so when we hear about these hate groups in Germany,
say there, hey groups their awful in United States. They are formal groups that are pushing these narratives. They say preparations perpetrators plan the genocide. I dont think I dont think anybody's talking about solutions or genocide to fight that, though there are people laughing and calling for Darwinism, persecution, there's nothing being put knowns and people are being snapshot. This reforming maggots right we're not their nine, obviously not and ten. Obviously not when you look at the simplified version from this graphic, it certainly seems like things are worse than they really are. When you look at the ten stages you can find some elements of them have been manifest, but for the most part we are very far away now, don't think it can't happen here. You can, I don't know when Wow or what to expect anything like that, but I can tell you
look at this and, unlike I certainly see the elements of the Fisher forming which could lead to something like a genocide. I am not entirely convinced now there is theirs their several different fields. Here you ve got vaccine on vat to the others. You ve got the maggots and you know the left, but you also youtube you also. Have I mean that there is a lot of just different us versus them and it's not limited to just political there's religious elements, there's ideology Ideological elements in then, of course, you have critical race theories, racial elements, euro, white, supremacist or you're. Not all of these are fledgling, and I think the internet is driving licence It doesn't mean we're anywhere near an actual extermination taking place, but who said can't happen quickly, who's to say these can't with the seeds being planted in some elements existing flourish and become full on with a matter of months. I think next year is going to get crazy with the midterms really crazy. I think two thousand and twenty three with the primaries will be absolutely insane and I hope you are
ready, for, I don't know, what's to come, but why would things slow down? I just don't see why they would it's a rollercoaster man I'll leave it there next time it's coming up at four p dot m over at Youtube: dot com, Timcast thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all then.
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