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S5152 - Biden Inflation Crisis Causes Wages To Drop, Economy Faces Collapse As MILLIONS About To Get Evicted


Biden Inflation Crisis Causes Wages To DROP, Economy Faces Collapse As MILLIONS About To Get Evicted. Democrats have been extracting from the system and now its about to burst.

The moratorium on evictions is set to end on Jul 31st and millions face evictions. While people have been getting free money from the government they were also told they dont have to pay rent. This has resulted in thousands in owed rent which will see many people evicted

But many evictions will also be legitimate in the sense that peoples jobs were lost due to Democrat lockdowns and they had no way to pay rent.

Biden's inflation crisis is being called Bidenflation by conservatives as we see now under Trump wages increased but under Biden they have decreased.




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Today is July, twenty Eightth, twenty twenty one and our first story the moon Torreon money evictions is coming to an end in just over two days, and this will led to millions of evictions. At a time when widens inflation crisis has caused a drop in real wages by almost two percent. My friend The economy is not doing too well, and I fear that we may be facing a serious collapse. Interact story. The first arrest warrant has been issued, protects us democratic or fleeing the state. The Republicans are not messing around. They are going to actually arrest these people and the Democrats seem to know, and they are now begging for doktor, pepper and Kandian snacks, as they hide away in D c and in our final story, buildable, YO says about vaccination. The voluntary phase is over. He has ordered public sector mandates and is urging the private sector to mandate vaccinations if you like this, show please
a good review and give us five stars and if you're really like the show, please share it with your friends. Now, let's get into that first story. there's just over who days until the moratorium on evictions in this country expires, and if it is not standard therewith. Be millions of people facing homelessness and our boy is this bubble going to burst now, of course, this could get extended at the last minute and thus stave off the ultimate collapse of the ECB, Let me add: it's not like it's going to be like overnight, all of a sudden, its mad max. What collapse just means: amen, hyperinflation, mass homelessness job losses, business shutting down, it will be a rapid, rapid depression and you know what is biting inflation crisis
now I can certainly say covered, is the primary culprit for a lot of reasons, but Joe Biden is the president. It's his policies, mass printing of money and the immigration crisis which are all feeding into a massive inflation crisis and it was Joe Biden who wanted to extend unemployment. It is the Democrats who want to extend the covert unemployment its until September sex, meaning people are not working there, choosing not to work, they won't get jobs and it would kind of makes sense if the of, if the more time on went till September six and the covered benefits and July thirty. First that way people would be like. I got a couple months to figure out how to pay the rent before I get the boot, but it will matter anyway. We further stories people getting is unemployment checks and they're, not paying their rent anyway? Why won't you don't have to because people think short term boy? This is a bubble,
is going to be big and it's going to be bad and a lot of both seem to think that if we don't extend these benefits, if we don't extend the more torment eviction, it's over, it will be massive massive. pressure. We are already seeing major labour shortages, the World economic forum with their fanciful video. Forty one percent of people are planning on quitting their job. Why would anyone want to work? Last night we were graced with the present the presence of Papa Johns founder, John not her and he told us a story in our members only segment about someone. He knows who runs a pizza shop is paying thirty five dollars an hour, two guys to make pizzas he has to otherwise they won't work because the unemployment benefits are there and there about fifteen sixteen dollars an hour, but you do. That means it means at fifty dollar PETE says it means people are going to double in cost and when the pizza goes up, the food got goes up,
because labour goes up. Everything else is going up. Perhaps that's biting his way of getting out of the gas crisis, America's no longer energy and depend and we're seeing six dollar a gallon gas in California. Well, here's one way to solve, for it. Massive hyperinflation, because then everyone salaries will have to go up right wrong due to the inflation crisis. Real wages have gone down almost two percent, my friends. This is a disaster, and I know you know there are a lot of people have been hurting for a long time and a lot of people can't seem a can't see the long term impacts of what does administration is doing, and I see it from my friends many on the left, who are just like. We need this money. I need body to print money. We need to borrow the evictions and I'm like dude, it's poison. It is poisoning the economy. I see these people posting Reddit, antiwork, saying we shouldn't have to work jobs, we don't like it is poisoning the economy. You are on time. Now I don't know maybe they'll be solution. I we tend to
find a way out of these crises. But for the time being I can got what's happening and tell you if we do not get a hold of this were in for a great reckoning, and it's coming soon before we get started had over the TIM, dot com become a member and you'll get access to exclusive members, only segments of him guest IRA Podcast and an advertisement free experience from all of our articles and videos. You can you can read our great and fierce independent journalism and support the work of our rapporteur and and wastes and do without seeing at so. It is greatly appreciated if you want support, work, help us expanded Africa to like this. Video subscribe to this channel hit that Notification Bell and share the video. If you think this is important here is store, we have from TIM, cast our com and I want to set the stage first. With this inflation store, we could spare its fairly simple and then I want to talk about the deed. The evictions and the crisis that is about to hit from TIM Cast outcome buttons. Inflation causes wages to drop by almost two percent due to record.
Breaking inflation levels under the binding ministration, the average American's wage is decreased, nearly two percent from June two thousand and twenty to June, two thousand and twenty one according to We released data from the Bureau of Labour Statistics average, really earnings have increased twenty nine dollars and thirty five cents to in June thirty dollars and thirty nine cents in June, two thousand and twenty to thirty dollars and thirty nine cents in June. Two thousand and twenty one hey wait. A minute that sounds like the number went up. Let's do math, they say when it for inflation. However, real bridge. Hourly earnings have decreased one point: seven percent during the same period, by comparison when former President Trot left office, the Bureau of Labour districts revealed that real average hourly earnings had risen. Three point: eight percent from January twenty twenty two January, twenty twenty one
So why do I say Biden's inflation crisis, because under Trump this wasn't happening even amid Covid, with all of the crisis at real earnings went and two thousand and nineteen man, we heard it all the time the best numbers of our lives. I saw so many people saying they made more money than they ever did. They were happy, they were buying economy was a roaring and then Joe Biden in I see these twitter posts from these these well to do liberal types or complaining, trumps, a fascist and now what they posting pictures of six dollar gasoline because they live in California. And, unlike what did you think was going to happen. We were energy independent under Donald Trump, the man's far far from perfect, but we at least knew that Joe Biden opposed into energy independence in America, and now Joe Biden has released say
since on Russia for their Nord stream to oil pipeline a gas pipeline, and there you go. That's that's the plan hyperinflation, my friends, I hope you are prepared, because even if they extend the moratorium, they are just kicking the can down the road from Yahoo NEWS, millions of renters face eviction and homelessness. Three essential rights about the CDC expiring moratorium. Now, of course, they do try to calm everybody down and I got it. I gotta make sure your understand in two thousand eight right before we hope we saw this massive collapse, the great recession they called it. what was the media sang, bye, bye, bye, everything's, great, you are happy and then boom. The rub was pulled out from underneath everybody you see they. They want to avoid a self fulfilling prophecy,
media does something I don't do and maybe maybe there's an issue with it all was. Let's be honest, the media will keep telling your earnings fine, because they want to tell you to panic which could cause a faster collapse. I understand that if everybody in the media came out and that it is going to be a a disaster in the market cell cell sell that would precipitate the market collapse, so they say: everything's, fine fine, but therein lies the bigger problem telling the working people not to sell but to buy, leaves them home. In the bag. When the financial institutions bail, get get bailed out or sell up very very quickly, there is no easy solution. I will not lie. and put up these stories, so everything's gonna be fine for the sake of trying to protect the economy. I more worried about the individual. I understand that telling you all this in
Videos like this could very well result in people saying I'm gonna, sell organ of the market are somewhat that I'm an economist. I don't know what will happen. Here's what they write. The White House and city officials across the country are scrambling to avoid inefficient. ISIS, the federal Housing eviction moratorium at this he d C put in place in September. Twenty twenty twenty expires on July thirty, first, twenty twenty one. Just over two more days. My friends, I hope you already if they don't take action, I don't know what the answer is. After that, millions of Americans who owe tens of billions of dollars in unpaid rent will lose that protection and may face eviction and a loss of their homes. Meanwhile, a group of landlords is suing the. U S, government to recover damages. It says its member suffered from not being able to evict tenants who didn't pay. Rent
Congress allocated more than forty six billion dollars for emergency rental aid. Most of it hasn't reached money. The people who need it as state and local governments struggled to distribute them Many renters are unaware. Relief is available. Women following the issue issue, throw the pandemic and picked three articles from our archive to catch up to speed one housing. Insecurity is a pre existing condition. Full stop, don't play those games with me. Do we know that much of what happening right now? This crisis is because of unemployment benefits that pay very, very well and because of of covert one of those and active nature. I'm not gonna blame people necessarily for covered, but the economic shut down which destroyed businesses and resulted in people leaving their jobs, followed by those unemployment benefits. That's a and made disaster, and it is new. No, I know housing insecurity has been a problem for some time, but
crisis we are experiencing is unique to now don't play these games will read more, but let me show you this tweet. This is a tweet from a user on twitter name table. I read this tweet before, but I will read it now for you, so you can understand too what they're saying yesterday was a sad day for me and my husband. We closed Rundle Rental property that we had no choice but to sell the government man they did that people could live in it for free for over a year we lost out on over forty two thousand dollars and rental income. Now already I can hear you. Left us saying: hi landlords, not a job. What's read more, All of our renters were receiving unemployment, but the government would not allow evictions, so they just didn't pay so that people had the money they were able to pay. But why go ahead in a victim? I think about this you were VIC these people now, once the moratorium expires and they ve been sit on his unemployment, they gotta savings. They'll say I saved
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as insurance and utilities. So we blew through our savings. We are trying to pursue back right at this time my husband inherited the property from his father died of cancer. So it's been a bit emotional. This whole government Do tragedy has done irreparable harm to so many now. I've not verified the story. I don't know it's true. Maybe it's just someone on Twitter Megan, some not defer for political reasons. Perhaps I dont know, I can tell you this. It's obvious that these stories are going to be happening. It's obvious what will occur in the next two and a half? Three days there are many p food and pay. I mean I've heard tons of stories outside of this one from people saying like why bother pain, I ve we're from landlord sang the people running, a farmer just stopped paying because they can't be affected,
These landlords, who run these buildings, have a job being a landlord there's a job there. Okay, you have to pay people to maintain the building. You have to make sure the tenants are taken care of you have legal obligations and the tenants don't have to worry about insurance or taxes, and they have to make until you to fix everything. People seem to think that, just by virtue of being a landlord you're only making making all this money off of these renters, there are advantages to being renters to being a renter person. Owning is better, but some people have you seen too many stories want to rent, no responsibility, no taxes, no liability, no warning about where you're you're investment value and what, if you rent to someone and represent a huge risk in the destroyer building? What, if you're just someone who owns one house and you rent your basement now you got someone living there who stopped paying. You can do nothing about it.
yeah who goes on to say. Evictions are rising in some states, while the federal moratorium hasn't some hunters don't lose their homes. Many others have a minute been so lucky as evictions continued throughout most the pandemic, for example, and I which didn't have a state. What eviction ban of actions Felon Rowan may, as most courts closed because a lockdown, but when courts reopen evictions headed back towards for nineteen levels and three addiction court favours landlords. This one is the one you need to pay attention to before landlord convict renter. They first must take them to court, but eviction courts aren't about due process and getting a fair hearing explore Katy Ramsay Mason States created eviction courts to offer landlords a summary process to ensure case are handled very quickly, sometimes in less than a week as a result, the odds are stacked heavily in favour of landlords. I'm not gonna playing games about. You know what people should or should do, and if I wanted to say this, if the
which favour landlords and the moratorium ends? Millions of renters will be served, eviction notices boy. I tell you this and then what happens if these people try to apply at a new place, because, obviously, with all these evictions, there's gonna be tons of open up once, when the landlords need guarantees, so they may be fairly lax this time around. If someone says look, I was just evicted, but here's money up front, they might say I'll, take what I can do. But it may result in many businesses saying or many landlords, you're saying it's not worth pointing this out, it's better to use it for ourselves or their forced to sell to major investment firms. The delta variant too serious
and its causing. I don't know, another walked down more mask mandates, Nevada, we're seeing it which could result in an extended economic crisis. When we are already in trouble. What is CNBC Say, Delta variant might be a reason to extend unemployment benefit, say, economists, and there we go more people taking from the system without putting into it. Now the system for a long time had more being put into then was being taken out in a certain respect, there's a lot of waste, and this is a great correction, whether intentional or not. Personally, I think elements you know of
political elites and the Davos group types really want something like this, but it could just be a correction to much waste, I suppose on another. I think that there is an element of a stand alone complex. What I mean by that is. There are many powerful elites who agree on certain changes due to watching the news will decide to take action that resulted in this. Take a look at the story from the World Economic forum. That's right! The world economic forum, as the group that said in twenty thirty, you will owe nothing and you will be happy. Forty one percent of workers globally are considering
their job. What will those people do? What will they? How will they? Man were weren't a dangerous place, my friends, the reality, as they call this the great resignation, the BBC report on this about a month ago. I believe you are just earlier this month. What do you think's gonna happen when people dont work, when people can't pay rent when people are facing major mass evictions, their big their becoming dependent on the government to pay them and protect their homes or where they live, sounds like does our visit this? It is a success which has as communism that's about to get flicked that's what I think you see when this crisis hits due to the to the inflation violence crisis, people are going to make demands of the government they're going to say you must make. or we do not become homeless, and you know what people are gonna agree. Even conservatives,
they're gonna say: look, we don't like it, but we can't have ten million homeless people added. You know just kicked out of their houses, maybe even more than that. So what will happen major bailouts? How much About the government- maybe we'll say women, a bail out the landlords and buy up a piece of their investment firms or a piece of their of their buildings. I see the story about black rock and blacks on his investment firms buying up rental businesses. What happens if the government says? Oh no, that thither failing and if we don't do something than people become almost nobody depression, better bail out we did the auto industry in the big banks and then the government their hand in homeownership, and then you the building you pay rent in a building, that's partially owned by the government, welcome to living in public housing. How much further do we have to go until it's just a government, owned housing and then we're living in Soviet?
black housing, not on all that actually happen, or if it does, it will be very slow. These things don't happen overnight. It's not like I'm nuts, I'm not saying it's a grand can spears. I think it very well may be unnatural correction, a stand alone, complex or combination of the two meaning. We can't keep doing the same things kicking the can down the road and thinking things going to change. You have short term thinking in this country. The Democrats especially sang just give them their bonuses, give them the unemployment and then, in the result, I care of itself or their thinking I'll. Be out of office by then someone else off to inherit this and what's left to the economy, The people in the no I've described it as them extracting from the system as it sinks, they are stealing the silverware off the titanic before the vote goes down and they know it. We hit that iceberg, probably in two thousand eight and they sought Nay said I'm going get out as much as I can as possible. and so why bronze, oblivious to the fact that the holes taken on water they ve already gathered up all the silver. The fine
and the silverware they jump at a lifeboat. Here we go the BBC reports, pandemic, employees are leaving, the workforce are switching jobs in droves, for many employers have played a big part and why there walking away they say when the pandemic it began militia Villa real, was teaching history to middle school or that a private school in California. It was a job in a field she loved Now, just over a year later, she's left teaching entirely to work in industrial. Line and large beauty. Company people like Villa real, are leaving their jobs or thinking about it. In droves, a Microsoft serve more than thirty thousand global workers so that forty one percent of workers were considering quitting or changing professions. This year, Minister, from eight hour. Software company personae of workers in the UK and Ireland showed thirty eight percent of those surveyed plan to quit in the next six months to a year in the. U s alone. April, saw more than four million people quit their jobs. According to a summary of the Department of Labour Cue, the news slide
so from inside higher red July twenty seventh summer camps, labour shortages and academia, labour shortages, it is from the star Prescott come July, twenty six. Nobody wants to work why our business is struggling to find work, from Fox NEWS July. Twenty six Johnny Rockets, fat, burger owner, says labour shortages facing restaurants, a total nightmare from TIM cast dot com, a members only private segment, with John Schneider of Papa Johns. Formerly the chairman board after that big scandal where they man they really screwed this guy over. He tells us, as I mentioned earlier, that he knows a pizza shopping. Thirty, five
dollars an hour. Nine omen and laughter cheering for that saying, good pay them a living wage. How much you think it's gonna cost to make a pizza if you're paying thirty five dollars an hour. Well, if it takes ten lets, it takes twenty minutes to make a pizza a good one. You have done well. That means you're looking about a third of those labour costs. So it's about you know eleven or twelve dollars in labour for one pizza plus the ingredients. Peace is now going to cost Be fifteen bucks, then you ve got general overhead for the business and then you're talking about a large pizza which normally might go for twenty dollars because they get a slim margin now, jumping up because you're paying thirty five dollars an hour to thirty dollars. I know I said fifty, but let's be reasonable. It's going to be a significant increase up put it this way. If your pay,
fifteen bucks an hour to got to make pizzas the government offered them sixteen dollars an hour to do nothing and you're like how about two thousand and sixteen for nothing. Two thousand five hundred and sixteen for nothing. Thirty bucks an hour double, but I can still get money for nothing: okay, three thousand five hundred and thirty five. We are talking about more than doubling the cost of labor, which will go more, nearly doubling the cost of the pizza ingredients for now won't cost more. But what about agriculture? That's right there. Labour shortage in agriculture, which means cheese and saucer gonna go up in price to and if everything goes up double your Only dollar pizza will end up costing you forty dollars. Forty bucks, then the plot comes in and says I can't afford, afford our pizza, so I won't say nothing. Then he says FI. I guess then he goes to the next restaurant and says: look I can fix your plumbing for kitchen, but I gotta, make more money. I need twice as much the inflation just gets. What does this mean?
your savings man, your savings will be cut in half As I already show you in that first story, real wages have decreased one point: seven percent inflation is through the roof consumer price index through the roof evictions days away. Now I know I know, its worrying. Maybe what's really gonna happen is going to be a last minute. You know swooping in saving of the economy, somehow staving off the true crisis, and then we pull out of the tales but and pull out. Perhaps we can be optimistic at the very least, I think it's important you see these stories just to understand what may be coming so at least you about it. You don't got think the end is nyerere your life's gonna be over, but dont be caught off guard at the very least from the Sacramento Bee we'll take care of the disabled, and the elderly. California faces unprecedented labour shortage, that's right in house and an old folks homes. Here's something from Yahoo
a server says: she's getting lousy tips because she keeps aiming to do other people's jobs in the labour shortage. It just keeps happening. I mean I probably got too many stories. My friend. here's why business man can lend gown thinks the FED is wrong and inflation is here to stay. It's all just getting worse, isn't it restaurants pull seafood from menus hike prices amid inflation, it's also the shortages. That's that's another reality Economists, neural rabbinic, warns of train wreck stock market crash and stagflation this from July. Third, look: I find a lot of these stories. I read the news all day. I see these things and they correlate. One thing you need to be careful about all the time is that if someone gets a thousands, worries and ten of them save economies, gonna, implode and world doomed. It's easy for someone to take those ten stories and say this is what really happening, and ignore the nine hundred ninety stores that are like actually everything's fine. It's also hard to know for sure
who's being honest, no telling the truth. I typically on the side of if everyone was saying things were fine, I probably assume things were, may be fine, but you gotta recognize what happened in two thousand eight when they claimed it was fine when it wasn't hard to note what to trust but be careful of stories like this. I would always say fact check what I'm talking about. I think it's fair to say that more than of stories about labour shortages, it's fair to say that the eviction moratorium as a fact it will end July. Thirty first that's what it's over and you better believe those evictions will be filed. That is not an issue of you. Now hyper polarization or overly are being overly focused on one particular particular issue. That's a reality.
And it's a rally only to pay attention to because of the rest of this is true, and I believe it is. We ve got more than enough anecdotal evidence and statistical data to show there's a labour shortage, resulting in a gas shortage resulting in inflation that is here to stay. I think we're in trouble. Here's what we're gonna like letter threat of an economic collapse should get your attention from the Eagle Tribune so letter to the This is a regular person and their perspective, its short back when I was a tender young thing I spent my summer. a white water raft guide in the Adirondacks whole towns, thrived on nature related summer sports, It was more than just an industry as an easy way of life. Climate change will take that away. So the question of waters, It's been any category any more than I was involving snow trails or bicycles. It will soon be too hot to fiery to dry to enjoy all these activities. The economic cost will be real and devastating The Bureau of Economic Analysis estimates that the outdoor recreation industry accounts for over four hundred billion dollars of our nations GDP
is it just one quarter of an all encompassing all encompassing economic calamity, ignoring climate change, will cost literally trillions of american dollars. Even if we discount the human misery of a hot planet. is our corporate and political landscape ready to write off nations financial prosperity? It is time to take swift action decades of science and human costs have failed to convince clearly since then What was it mobilization has not come to pass, but perhaps the spectre of economic collapse will Move more motivational? Very very interesting article not somebody who typically pushes fearmongering on climate change. Personally, I think, Climate change issues are serious and underlying issues are seriously taken seriously, but Actually, you to argue about climate change, I'm here to argue about the perspective of the left, the perspective of Democrats and their fears of our climate change and what that may mean,
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Save ten percent plus get free shipping with the offer code, this the smartest way for you to practice and it pays for itself in one day. That's the letter I target pro dot. Come I target pro dot com offer code. This individual rights, a letter just a regular person. Mrs, not you know any prominent, I'm not gonna to be disrespectful, but just a letter to the editor climate change will destroy the economy. Will it or will people's fear of climate change cause them to shut down the economy which will lead to economic collapse which will cause the planet to heal? You see now I dont know what ultimately everybody thinks, but, as I mentioned
Think, there's a component of a stand alone, complex that as many people who believe something similar taking concerted action which will result in a seemingly it looks like a conspiracy, but it's not. There are many people who believe climate change would assure the planet will result in mass chaos and economy. perhaps in death, and then you have people saying we must shoulder the economy because of covert. We see the Davos Davos Davos Group saying that by twenty thirty, nothing you'll, be happy talking about climate change and social justice as they call it and the things we have to do. I think we can see here than enough people are worried about rampant and nearly endless economic growth that there would be. A stand alone, effort to shudder the economy which will cause the planet to heal. Again, as in your time, rope. I want to show you the saw I want I want to show you something from read it. It was deleted If the housing market doesn't correct itself soon, there's going to be
a reckoning across society, and you shouldn't be surprised. If it happens, it was removed the post on red. It was talking about a massive societal collapse and chaos. It received sixteen thousand three hundred and eighty one points. That means people were clicking. The up vote button saying they liked this. It's not necessarily supposed to be an agree button, but a basically means people agree. They call this an unpopular opinion with the former was posted. The post was removed because of what the person said was going to happen. They said that there would be. you know what I would describe as are getting banned from Youtube. So maybe you just say that way. They said there would be actions taken by individuals following the loss of wealth in the collapse. That is a ban worthy offence to say what these people would be willing to do on red it. They removed it so
you violated the rules. Now that's crazy. This person just said I think people will revolt, will, put it mildly, very Molly revolt. If there's not a correction soon, there's not gonna, be are basically cheering on the collapse. Now you want to know why. After all of this, I will still say Joe Biden is the problem here. I bring you now to the story. Tim guest outcome report. Fifty thousand migrants released into the? U S by: U S border. In the interview s by border patrol, just thirteen percent show up to an ice office, fifty thousand released. As you know, it is a real grand valley sector. I think it's called, and you have one million illegal immigrants entering the Eu S since the start of the year, a hundred eighty thousand in the past month alone. So I think we're close to like one point: two million for the year actually. What is it going to say about inflation?
we already have a homelessness crisis. How are we bring in this influx of people and when there's a job, Georgia, labour shortage- maybe that's it? People dont want to work, so it is Joe, but in doing this is his solution. If these jobs won't be filled in economy, will collapse he's shuffling these people and as many as possible, desperate to find workers? Meanwhile, he's paying off Americans not to work It's what we said earlier. The democratic rating surf class they're bringing an illegal immigrant sang come on in jobs are waiting, but Americans are getting paid not to work. Maybe that sounds great to these Elite EAST If all core, like I'll, take the free money and make them do the hard backward breaking labour to mate sounds nightmarish. That
This means that the lower income Americans, citizens of the country will be left holding the bag. So the elites can prosper at a point when we're about to face a massive collapse in the economy. I don't know for sure, but smarter men than me, smarter people than may have said. There's gonna be a reckoning. There's gonna, be an economic collapse in about two days will see what happens with his eviction. It may take a month after that, because the elections will be filed and then maybe about a month before people actually get the boot. What do you think happens when the homeless population increases by millions that'll be interesting? I live at their necks segments coming up tonight at eight p m over at Youtube, dot com slashed him castile Ralph thanks rang out, and I will see you all them It was major breaking news when Texas Democrats fled the state in order to block a special session, which would have allowed the Republicans to pass voter legit.
and it was also major news in the Texas House- then voted to have these democrats arrested. Greg Habit of Texas said we're gonna arrest these Democrats. If they come back now, our jurisdiction doesn't extend outside our borders, but we will arrest them. And what did I hear? some people on the right, some libertarians were like. Oh, it's all bs they're, not gonna arrest. Anybody have you noticed they didn't even You any warrants for these people. You know what they're point they didn't. They said if they come back, will arrest them. And then what they do is they bring them to the house, and then you know make them vote so they can have their session the way it works. As in taxes, you need a quorum in at least two thirds of the house to be available for accession to occur because the Democrats fled they have broken quorum, and now they can't legally have session? Well, we have more breaking news, my friends- and this is where it gets big first warrant sign for Texas Democrat who fled to DC.
Boy. Is this story brutal? This Democrat was being charged basically just defied. The thrust of the Republicans war. Essentially allowing him with no repercussions to to do is stupid things. The problem with report. weakens they are these better men, and I mean that sarcastically warlike, you know. Perhaps we shouldn't actually arrest these Democrats. That would be justly and social Democrats do stop all over and do whatever they want. The voter legislation in Texas is to protect voter integrity. The Democrats, AIDS, voter suppression, Anything you do to secure a system will make it bulkier an issue as most things Texas wants,
are things that already had before covert and then emergency provisions came in. That's basically works, so there's democrat leaves for Deasey comes back and they say we're not gonna arrest. You just come the session and ordered to leave if that get permission and the Republican said absolutely you're free to go. No problem just come back and the dude flooded DC again and now that the Republicans are just shocked, shocked. The Democrats would break the law in this way now What are we hearing, whether Texas Democrats, they need salsa and soda and hairspray hairspray? Yes, adamant. They not use taxpayer dollars for their illegal act Yes and it ended it exerts legal. I miss hilarious. Can you do? make money to someone committing a crime, not monsieur
This question that we have an arrest warrant for one of these guys they have committed a crime, its illegal. How can at way are you allowed to give money? What what what donation platform are they using yeah? You know the double standard. Republicans won't fight for anything. So these tech platforms, these financial services, will provide a pipeline for people to give money to those breaking the law. Congratulations, that's how the system works right now. Here's the story from Ill Texas State how Speaker date Phelan this week signed the first Warren directed at stake. Democrats who fled to Washington DC to prevent a vote on a controversial election bill. Phelan signed a civil war Sunday for Philip Cortez. The Washington Post, reported on Monday Cortez, initially left Texas, with fellow democratic state legislator on July twelve, but went back in what he said was an attempt to work with Republicans on the legislation opposed by Democrats. Courts has returned
on Wednesday to negotiate with Republicans before he fled the Senate, the state? For a second time, the July twelve exodus by Democrats has forced house members to come the floor every day and request special permission. Balin to leave or tat made such a request after he returned a Texas and Phelan said he grant permission if court has promised to come back. Court has vowed to return and receive permission to leave the floor. According to the post, however, He left the state again on Sunday and returned I d seen Phelan said court has action has irrevocably broken my trust and the trust of this chamber, as a condition of being granted permission to temporarily leave the house floor. Rep court has promised his house colleagues, he would return. Phelan said the Duchess Tribune reported. Instead, he fled to the state like a pathetic spineless com,
Well, maybe cowardice is the right word. Maybe it is, I don't know I think, they're scared of the fringe Leftists but there's a there's a word there somewhere, I don't know it's a bad person will put it that way. They don't have the majority in the state, and so they fled the state. It's not even a filibuster, it's something beyond a filibuster, they're blocking other legislation. Now I personally think negotiations should be had and that would solve a lot of these problems. I think the same thing at the federal level. That's why there's a value to a filibuster. The problem here is: there's just nothing literally. Nothing but Democrats say give us all, or else the Republicans are all
compromising with their bill and other Democrats are saying, give us everything yeah. These people are not good people Court S, Edna statement after arriving in DC on Sunday that he has a duty to my constituents to do everything I can to stop this harmful legislation. These people are just evil man. The Democrats, the state to stop about on voting rights legislation they say is too restrictive. Even hill calls at voting rights. The group plan stay in DC until the special session is over, but Texas, governor, Gregg Abbot, did he will call another special session to get the bill through once the Democrats return Annie, It'll warrant signed by Phelan, cannot be carried out until the Democrats returned a Texas. The Democrats who fled we'll have to stay outside of Texas until the term ends
yes, and then I got no one vote out vote out, Gregg Abbot than what you get Alan West. I guess he's running for office. Take a look at what these people are doing. This from the washing in examiner carried by Yahoo NEWS. The nearly sixty Texas Democrats, who fled the state and jetted to Washington, to block a pair of GNP backed voting bills, are asking the public to donate doc
pepper, candy and toiletries as they mark the nearly two week anniversary of their departure. Candy. Ok, let me die some. We we do up in the studio for the TIM guest, I will show you gotta go bull candy, we got fruit. Snacks got four robs got fruit by the footnote chasm, healthier stuff where these organic fruits next May, with real fruit juice, and we got granola bars and we got these soft bake. Oatmeal cookies are delicious there, not a guarantee, it's just a courtesy, and you know what the only thing I really either the granola bars. I don't eat the candy. Who are these old people most? I will make an old people asking for doktor, pepper and candy, eat water and eaten read. You are not staying at the Ritz Carlton. You are supposed to be engaging in some activism shore. The Dallas candied Emigrant Credit Party, announced the development on Saturday and said it would be hosting collections of these people are just awful men.
Our Dems in DC say that appreciate care packages from home before five pm, Tuesday we're collecting doktor, pepper, salsa hard candy hairspray travel toiletries, hands entities are sowing kits, first aid and money to pay for shipping. Thank you, doctor pepper. Can you just suck just thinking about you? Ve got this these hoity toity it latest scumbag Democrats in their guy, like God, I dont have any more backed and pepper Do you go by some, you walk outside in DC and there's a cafe selling, doktor pepper. Why are you give these people? The worst said: crews mocked the social me. both with the words no Miller light in a reference to a case of beer observed, while the legislators How's your photographs on the way to Washington, Texas Democrat, leaves Washington to engage in good faith. Dialogue on GEO P backed voting bills. Former. U S!
vaster United Nations, Dickie Hayley, also waiting and called the collection embarrassing. I don't want that. This line is here not only have they taken a vacation to avoid doing their job, now they want you to help pay, for this is so embarrassing act, senior legal adviser to former President Tropicana Ellis asked they can't get all that at sea I'm saying in Congress, ain't bore, they conveyed, they get paid a hundred seventy four thousand dollars a year. I'm pretty sure can afford to go to sea vs by their there their hard candies in their doktor pepper, Angela, twelve dozens of democratic law. There's one private jets say we know all this. They say: Sb One was passed by the Senate. Lawmakers departure, but h, be three house. Bill has been stalled, as the house lacks two thirds quorum necessary. This is the game there playing. The Democrats are like we care about voting integrity. We want to make sure that these harmful bills don't get past
are lying rheumatism, monsieur! Let me show you some. It's a story from axioms. Eights access has gone fifty thousand migrants released few report to ice that is in this position. Where try to get federal assistance to stop the unmitigated crisis at the border, Joe Biden, you don't care, Joe Biden is shuffling. These people the border. Now you may be Sanctum. What does this have to do with voter integrity? Everything you see the way that Congress works, the federal level, the way that the presidential election works is based on the census,
artless of whether or not one of these individuals is a citizen. They still count in the Sensus and congressional seats are a poor are per hour r, r, r, proportioned or apportioned based on the amount of people who live in an area. One hundred and eighty eight thousand, I believe, over a hundred eighty thousand illegal immigrants crossed the order in Texas, the Texas Democrats do not care about voter integrity. They are lying, they want power. No do Republicans want power sure, but what Republicans do their pathetic and spineless and do nothing? we're gonna issue, one war and issue all the warrants spineless and pathetic. No wonder Republicans lose so often. No wonder the voters chose Donald Trump that guy.
And all of us nasty words. I guess it was the pressure release Val. Finally, erupting Republican Party serves as pressure release. You watch. The Democrats lie cheat and steel and bash people over that figuratively than literally for long enough, you eventually say do something to Mitch Mcconnell uncover Mccarthy, and they do nothing in fact, but that they after Marjorie Taylor, Green, because the Democrats tell em to pathetic, then along comes Trump, and I know my you're tiger income for trouble. I'm saying watching this kind of behaviour along comes trump and people are like I'll take what I can get send in the bull tissues, just romp around taxes. Democrats. Are they care about voting integrity? They don't they built the day that the debt, the left, wants to block the citizenship question on the census?
So here we have a country, the United States, that doesn't even ask the people in the census if their citizens of this country. How are we supposed to know how many people are here illegally, because the Democrats don't care they like the power? Now I believe it was Tucker Karlsson who said that its because the Democrats want their votes, the idea being that if they naturalised illegal immigrants, these illegal immigrants become citizens, and then they will likely vote Democrat. Perhaps I don't know that's a bit circuitous. You have the claim right now. The Democrats are rejecting cuban migrants and refugees over what's going on a Cuba because their likely to vote Republican and that may be as well. I think that the best evidence to Tucker Crossings claim and many others is that they're saying no to Cuba.
Refugees. Like did it it's like ninety miles right there were also they gonna go. They go to Florida. I guess they can risk a crazier journey and try and had done some other island or something now Florida is the safest and closest, and these are legitimate refugees in a communist dictatorship. So why would the Democrats say no they're gonna vote Republican? That's for sure we saw it Miami when that blue district, flipped Republican, but I'll tell you this. What you need to understand. It doesn't matter if these people do become citizens, because when the census happens, they will fill out the former Oliver, but many of them and that will increase the population size in blue districts, giving democrats more seats in Congress. It doesn't matter if they vote or not. They get an extra seat in Congress, and that means an extra electoral college vote. People give give voting power to states and federal election federal voting power to states in the Congress and in the presidential election. So it
it matter if they become citizens. Axioms reports about fifty thousand migrants who cross the southern border illegally have now been released in the U S without a court date, although they are told to report to an immigration and customs enforcement office instead, just thirteen percent have shown up. Why it matters the sizeable numbers are a sign of just how overwhelm some sectors of the? U S. Mexico border continue to be a single stretch covering Rio grande value, twenty thousand apprehensions and a week. The figures also show the shortcomings of recent emergency decisions to release. Migrants is unprecedented for agents to release migrants without an official notice to appear in court where it has occurred. Recently, migrants have instead been given a list of addresses and contacts for ice offices,
across the country and told to report to one of them. The hope has been for my rent to show up at his office after reaching their final destination, to get work permits. Can I just let you guys know if you have no borders, you have no country. If you have no borders, you have no jurisdiction. How are you supposed to enforce the law to collect taxes and and a portion of taxes if there are no borders, if people can just freely come across and take what they want and do whatever they want? How is is there to be a country? You don't Bernie Sanders, two thousand and sixteen I like Bernie, he was a populist. He was defending the working class. He was talking about protection for you, no good good, all union Democrat types- and I was always fairly in a liberal in the big cities and Bernie Sanders,
amounts at open. Borders is a Pope Brothers proposal. He was saying the wealthy far right, industrialists, I'm kidding what the far right thing, but you know the libertarian thee the open borders, industrialists, cap, capitalist types they wanted, the free labour or the cheap labour they wanted people to flow crossed the border. Take these jobs for less than minimum wage and Bernie called it out. Where we know well, Bernie went full open borders, full anti America. Yes, you can call it. I got, I gotta look I'll. I like him,
I think it's it's we're extremely lucky. When you have people come from these other countries like say Nigeria, or from Norway or from any one of these countries, even from China, your typically getting those who are seeking passion and who are driven and we're lucky. In fact, I think it's bad for their home countries they're losing their best and brightest, or at least their most driven and passionate. As for illegal immigration, these tend to be people who are jumping the line and as it there's there still something I respect and that to be honest, that they believe that they will find opportunity in freedom and and success here and United States there right. But that's where we have a legal process. So immigration is a great thing. So long,
There is a check on that system. Ultimately ones of happening. As the Democrats know, they can pad their numbers in California. They say come across the border, if you're, lest, if you're under twenty six free healthcare, that's it s actually proposal they had so California population grows massively because they just let me crossed the border and they tell the federal government. We will not allow you to enforce these laws. We re sanctuary state. Ok, at what point do we say California is betraying the you and at what point do we say we will not give you rational seats and districts. If you are violating federal law, how could you represent that it's amazing. How could you go to Congress voting? the federal level on bills that will affect Oklahoma when you are violating federal law- and I know
There is also a second amendment sanctuaries, and these came after they sent sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants, at a second amendment, sanctuary doesnt, grant you more voting power. Illegal immigration does Donald Trump one to put the citizenship question Sensus, and I think it was very obvious why now the left says it was because- would scare minorities and they wouldn't want to fill up the form and, unlike why are Not citizens do you mean scare, illegal immigrants, that's a semantic game. They play o cause, YO courts as and the far left they call illegal immigrants, migrants. I love that exchange the went when, when a yo see is talking to what's his name home and though the former head of, I think, see BP as ours, it ice and she is like legal asylum. have broken the law and then he just like. Actually they broke. You know this logs Vinos lose seats either one sub section whenever he just reads the likes of top of his head is right. If they want to declare asylum,
go to the border. They say we need help. Typically, if there, in a country like Mexico, where they're not fleeing from their fleeing from Honduras, they would stay. There. Now is trumps policy as well, but the Democrats want to bring all these people- and we have this news stories interesting as from illegal justice Department, declined to prosecute. Ross over census, citizenship, question testimony. Is it d o J declined to prosecute former Commerce ACT very well, but Ross, despite a watchdog finding that he made misrepresentations to Congress
about US agencies, motivations for seeking to add a citizenship question to the dissenting census. Basically, forgiven adjusted the story it s to fight. We want the citizenship question on the census. I think a lot of people realised what the point was. It was to make sure that representation was for american citizens and not for people who want american citizen and that federal tax dollars would not be given out to wait two districts for pit, but two places that have that is going to benefit non citizens, people who often times dont care go to the system and put an unseen burden on labour on labour on under the working class user. Bernie Sanders ideas only they used to be one other saying that is the real reason that he lied, that budget Trump one of the question is so they could gerrymander, that's the lie for so let me tell you something
The left is lying to you and you know what about Davis everybody's wrong about gerrymandering? Everybody is wrong about gerrymandering. I see often unread at the left complain, saying gerrymandering. Look at this look at Dan Crenshaw District in its is weird moon shaped like crazy district and, unlike you, haven't, had. Has it as it occurred to you. The shape of that district is based on the fact that not everybody lives in every part of the world. It's the stupidest thing. I've ever heard like I'll, wrap up on this idea with the with the immigration they're there they want. more people to live in these areas, whether the citizens are not so they get more tax dollars more congressional seats. The Democrats who fled Texas are doing nothing about the border crisis and they don't care about voting integrity. Let's talk about gerrymander acquit, you'll, look at one of these districts and its shaped in a very odd way. Could it be that a portion of that is a is an industrial or corporate park? That's wars
weird me, so they think the congressional different districts would be a square and, unlike that, might not actually be seven hundred and fifty thousand people dude a perfect square. My only have three hundred thousand, because half of it could be a bunch of factories, so you'll need to draw a district around what makes sense where the people live. To make sure you are getting equal representation based on population, here's the other thing A lot of people on the left say: they're gonna, that that they do this map or they show that you can have. They say, there's three districts and each of them is six. Is sixty percent or damage rat and forty percent republican, and then they say, if you were to boot up, you know block it off by Democrats, Republican that or just vote as a whole district. The Democrats would outnumber the Republican. but gerrymandering designs in such a way that Republicans get the majority vote. If you, let me explain this: if you set up districts
where you only had forty percent of of of one one faction and six percent of the other, and that was every district. You would get civil war overnight, because there's forty percent of the popular with zero representation. So uneasy solution I'll tell you that gerrymandering has its problems, but it exists for for a few regions in the first and most obvious, as disregard the whole Democrat Republican and trying to map out districts to win more. That's true simply put: the design of these districts could very well just be because sometimes there are factories or airports or or warehouses people don't live. Their final final thought the point as Democrats. Don't care about the vote. They want to strip you of your right to vote. In a sense they want to weaken the integrity of our system. They want to steal power,
their next time. Coming up at one p m on this channel, thanks rang out and I'll see you all then build de Blasio. When asked about mandatory vaccination said we tried voluntary, the voluntary, phase is over, that is to say, the city wants to make vaccine mandates the norm now. What does this not mean? they're, not gonna shop to your house, asked you to prove it to provide your papers and then forcefully give you the vaccine, but they are using soft power and pressure. De Palacio says that in the public sector, every body working for the city has to be vaccinated. He also said he's talking to the private sector, telling them to go as far as possible to mandate scenes and hilariously MSNBC like it. To socialism, but concern These are telling private businesses what they can't do. I find that, when hilarious,
it's one thing: when you say you can't discriminate on the basis of race or disability or medical conditions is another thing when you tell budgets as they can otherwise socialism, which is a hilarious argument coming from MSNBC my friends, mandatory vaccines will be the norm, at least in my opinion. As I've been am not a fan of government man. Government mandating the stuff because you don't know what is right, for some else, and they must go to their doktor? It's funny that I am maintaining my principles on this issue. When I talk about a pro life approach choice. Health care issues the health of the mother though, but that the child it it's between her and her doctor, not the state cause, I'm a liberty, I should say I'm a libertarian left, leaning, not right, leaning, but you no kind of in the middle and what that means is
I absolutely understand the moral conundrum, that is, that the life of his choice- and it is a very- if not impossible, moral position. I know I can already see people getting men opposing the comments, but I just don't I that's that's the line for me An individual has a right to say no to the state who wants to tell them what to do with their medical. Does it what with their bodies in their medical decisions- and I understand the whole lifers his choice debate- will will argue that some other time for the time being, you have people who say I'm going to figure out what's right for me, as as you should go to the doktor, provide your medical history. see what the doctor says mandating vaccines? What happens if you go to the doktor and say you can not get. This is business applause? You're, not gonna bar you from your job. Are they owing to mandate a negative test every week. That's what build the plaza was saying. What's which brings me to the next strange circumstance. What what is that
idea of get vaccinated or get a negative test. These doing these things do not correlate in any way. We know that people were vaccinated. May still transmit covered. This is it this is why they are mandating masks. Now the cdc. Guideline is changing, even vaccinated people should be wearing them asks why you get the vaccine, it reduces the likelihood you get covered. due to the likelihood of a severe reaction to covet, but you can still get covered and you can still transmit the virus, so they want you to wear a mask even endorse. What will a negative test prove if you have Covin and you get an egg That's the best part. I understand. If your test is positive, they're like well, we don't want you getting other people, sick right, okay, that makes sense. If your test shows that you don't have cover those, they come ahead and come on and work. But if you have the vaccine,
And you have covered and your asymptomatic and don't know you can still get other people sick, but they're not going to check. How does that make sense? It literally does not make sense bill. The plaza was coming on saying we want to make it here for people you don't gotta, go every week to get a negative test so get the vaccine, but there's no correlation. He is literally telling you right now, based on sea, see guidelines, they don't care. If you get other people sick, it makes no sense none whatsoever. So, yes, this is a soft power vaccine mandate, but it goes beyond just build the plaza it's going federal first from TIM cast out
build a plaza. We ve tried voluntary New York City mayor, build applause, YO surprised, millions of residence in the bag, big apple this week, when he declared the voluntary phase of covert vaccinations, is over for public workers at municipal employees like firefighters, empties teachers and others the Bosnia was speaking with MSNBC House, Joe Scarborough, when it was asked if the city, what could impose more vaccination minutes on locals now to clarify this, he was speaking with MIKE. And Joe and when he said, were climbing a ladder whose responding to Michael, but then he did. He was talking with both of them. So a little bit of clarification, their TIM Casta com come on you guys you can do a little butter, Yes, we are climbing the latter, I'm not answering yes, your question. Yet he said during his July twenty seventh appearance. But if that's not enough, I think we ve got
be ready to climb the latter more, and I think private sector entities can do some of that right. Now, public sector entities need to move as quickly as possible. We ve got to put pressure on the situation evolutionary, but fast, evolutionary, We ve got to shake people at this point and say come on now we tried voluntary. We could not have been more kind and compassionate free, casting everywhere. You turn incentives friendly, warm embrace. The voluntary phase is over the applause you added. We can keep doing these things, I'm not saying, shouted down. I'm saying voluntary alone. Doesnt work, it's time for Mandates because The only way to protect our people, this guy, a psychopath, an absolute psychopath. Is too stupid to know how to govern to inspire people and so on. At what he does is he makes bid nonsensical statements well
They ve got to get a negative test which has nothing to do with vaccines, because even people who are vaccinated can get other people sick. So, what's the point of a negative test, nothing. The dude is too stupid. Nobody's talking about so along. Someone like me, sorry on those DOM as build the plaza, and I Ok, I understand this is what you wanted. You ve not give. A single good reason to listen to you have to say or to support you in this effort, because I'm just like shouldn't people and vaccines get tested than because install transmit, I mean the CDC is saying that we are going to be, doing, mask mandates or I'm sorry. The CDC is recommending that vaccinated or on vaccinate must wear masks indoors its recommendation, but now a hearing a majority of the counties in Nevada are going to mandate, masks. So I don't. I don't understand your point bill. Your mate No sense to me. It gets worse than just New York.
from CBS News, the violent phase is over, but it's not just New York. They say New York, city, California and veterans affairs too, wire vaccinations for these Americans. President Biden will reportedly make an announcement on Thursday require all federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated against covered. Nineteen or present regular testing results accordance I'm new sources. Once again, I ask you: what do those things have to do with each other? Why are you exempt from TAT thing. If you get the vaccine, when you can still have covered it, be asymptomatic and be transmitting. It makes no sense I'm sorry. It makes none. Enhancement comes as binding as to reveal a series of new measures to encourage vaccinations as it out a variant spreads accosted across the country. I understand that the concerns over that short the department, a veteran. Ferris, begin the first federal agency on Monday to require vaccination. Fourth, one hundred and fifteen thousand healthcare workers, the american model,
sociologist and fifty six other leading medical organizations are now calling for mandatory vaccinations for workers at all hell your settings, including nursing homes, nationwide a foreign you will soon require vaccination or negative weekly Kofoed tests for state and healthcare workers city will also mandate vaccines or tests for municipal workers, including teachers and healthcare workers, and urging private employers to require shots. It's quite clear that the variant has changed. The games had built a blog. You gotta shake people, so I read this this. You know In the meantime, floored as governor says, ordinary people should not be forced or mocked into taking the vaccine. They have different reasons for why they don't take it, and I think that the more their Hector by government officials or some of these folks. That is not going to get them to yes, and I can tell you that right,
And dissent, as is right and dissent, as has encouraged people get vaccinated and Donald Trump has encouraged people to get vaccinated. It is the craziest thing to me at their mocking icy trump supporters. Mocking Sean Hannity because headed he said, take it seriously right. He trusts vaccine science, Donald Trump went and got the vaccine almost immediately. This was his project and let it be a manifesto big farmer. I think that's a lot of problems with trumps project, but tromp pulled this one off as I was to do it. They want a rag on the guy, for everything is done and, unlike this is the one thing that if going want to do any dead, that's the the one that that they should be celebrating. Yet when govern there's an. How did he come out? Trump supporters are like no Donald Trump encouraged it. I don't think you should go and get medicated because a celebrity or a politician or internet personnel who told you to do it
I think what scary to me about the mandates is that they are trying to force people, many of whom probably can't or they're going to make second class citizens of people based on their medical juries. Now that there has been some talk about, I think I was in New York. That's rabies Biden there. I think it is vital that people who are suffering from covert side effects will be given access to like disability payments and things like that. What, if you have some one with allergy and they can't get this. That's why I'm so concerned about people go to their doctors, because I have seen people take medications and have allergic reactions, and that's why you ve got to disclose the stuff. It's rare. I know it's very rare, but I am going to sacrifice ten people on this idea. You dont need to make a quick five minute phone call. In Collier, hey, what's going on, and people Tommy to not everybody can,
forty doktor will. Then you got a really serious problem. I'm not gonna condemn poor people. Either people need to have sound discussions about their medical histories, because not everybody can just do anything and this is a problem that was with celebrities mandating it, and I have is the biggest problem I have with the government mandating it. It will make people second class citizens case in point when, There was that band and floored. I guess I think they're playing Florida and they said it's a thousand dollars for a ticket and it's a nine hundred and was at eighty nine hundred eighty two dollar discount. If you can prove you were vaccinated, so it wasn't vaccine, you know, passports or I don't know I think about was playing flora. Well, one fan of the band gave an interview sang her doktor, told her. She couldn't get the vaccine, she had just had covered she likes, and now I can't go to the event. But rich people can amazing that's the problem. With this. We,
had not create medical second class citizens think about discussing it's going to be in twenty years. I genuinely believe vaccines will become mandatory same as an idea. Right now we have vaccines when you're a kid, I'm actually very much in favour of vaccinations. Polio gone smallpox gone. It's amazing challenges you know the utilitarian questions in the dna logical questions about protecting the individuals, it is tough, it is not so cuttin dry. You know, I think, about what Spock said. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. It's kind of a horrifying statement, a means, the end of it can be sacrificed to save the majority. But it's also another question of it's, not so simple. If you, if you got sixty people on one side who are absolutely could lose their lives and forty people on the other, do you do you take action to maximize life and I don't have all the answers. Man these are questions were bumping into. As we start, programming automatic are self driving cars.
Because the car will have to make a decision if you're driving and a little old lady walks in front of the car, the carbon You swear by the way, risking the driver's life or just go through the woman taking her life. We don't have the answers. Humans make snap decisions and we often say we don't know what the answer would have been, but that car has to make that hard decision. What I mean by this, there are risks for vaccines and that's why I'm so. I think it's the I think we can reduce hesitancy. I think we can. We can reduce adverse events if people just go their doctors and treat this normally instead of like just listening the celebrities, And then another that a lot of the medical vaccine centres will ask you for your history. Just make sure you talk to your doctor. I think we can reduce all the stuff if we do it right
We are honest with people but to many and laughter utilitarian collectivist, their willing to sacrifice the individual for the sake of the collective, I'm not a fan of it. On that I don't. I recognise the risks and the problems. I recognise the threats, the environment, there's too many people, things like that. I get it. But what do you do? Do you create a hell? earth where, where people are living on under under a boot second class citizens here, so I think the future will hold. I think you know when you're born you that you're vaccines, I got all mine, I ve got a bunch of years ago and when, when you're born, you get your shots, but they don't give your card or anything. They say: ok make sure you used if they would your posters, but you do get a social security argued if you do get a birth certificate and you use those two get. Ninety, I believe in the few you're gonna, be envy and they'll say. Ok, I need your yours whiskered card, your birth certificate, you're vaccine card and a piece of mail through address on it. You got get your ego and thus,
ok, everything's good, not date, and then you get your idea. I can't I can't, in good conscience, support a system where there are going to be good, honest individuals who can't go to the movies, who can't go to the stores who can't go, buy food. because we're medical condition. Sorry, I like the idea that we build buildings with wheelchair ramps. I like the idea, that we have you know:
wheelchair elevators. I like the idea that we accommodate people who are disabled, or I would differently able to double click of politically correct term. As Romania's I like that, we try hard to do right by people in and help help them out. I don't see how we can create a circumstance like this, the federal level at the national level, but I do think it's going to happen and it seems a bit you genesis living think about it. How will people who, for medical reasons, are barred from public accommodations strive? Maybe they'll do better. To be honest, maybe will be forced to go forged the woods and survive on their own. But what does this do over time? The people who for medical research
can't get vaccines or sort medications will be excluded. Certainly that would lead to fourteenth amendment lawsuits. We are. We are very, very lucky that we have this this bill of rights, not a watch the bill of rights, the constitution in the forty, the mammoth uneven animal rights, equality under the law, chicken, we go maybe from at any says ass, F bar owner alliance, representing hundreds of establishments, will require proof of vaccination or semi to our negative test for any patrons endorse. The policy makes no sense, none whatsoever, like I said, for the millions time. I really want to make sure I drive this one home. Why do you need a negative test if you dont have the vaccine? If people were vaccinated can still be test positive for covert and that's why they have to wear masks? I don't know you don't I can do
I the story from the financial tat. While I had a story from the financial times, I guess I dont have a story from financial times because they blocked me, even though I am a subscriber but a while. It is what it is, the financial times basically saddle together the gist of it. That there is concern about variants suppose. We ve got the epsilon variant that we're the delta very than the epsilon variant variant and now There is another variant is emerging, and this to me is particularly interesting, especially when you think about lab leak, and I wonder about something you know lab, like ipods, assess the idea that the virus was being Indeed, there was potentially gain of research study that it was done in the one lab and leaked is probably the most prominent theory ass to the origins of covered. That's true. That's really good reason to get
I've seen. It also makes me wonder about the variants and this what what Israel report about vaccine efficacy and what they're saying about masks, here's people to consider you know look if, if that, if you want I'll, tell you what I thought you wanted: vaccine rates to a hundred percent have another hearing with Rand Paul and fetch you get to the bottom of what happened with the one left. I'll tell you. This is news war to break that covert did leak from the lab, and this is confirmed and ran Paul. men's and comes out and vouches perk walked away for line a congress, and then we learn that there was a very serious risk through due to gain a function. Research. A lot of people are gonna, run out for that vaccine, but as it stands right now, the establishment has lied so much about so much. They lost
so the people- nobody nobody's, gonna- believe it anymore. Cliche. Some data points. Now there are posted a twitter first, we have this. Phil urban, he is America where this American doesn't come up anyway. He tweets White House says DC is vast mask on hot zone. With a total Kobe Hospital census of twenty one people, so here's the data is posted, they say twenty one people are hospitalized calls hotspot. This type fine kind of strange Calvin ass positions have been going down, so it's a hot spot. You gotta, wear, mask be it from me to question the cdc. Look at us there even saying now. They want k through twelve schools wearing masks. You can see down twitter than we have learned. Greenwell lending Wild, even citing Oliver Darcy of CNN Darcy, says this is the hospitalization right in Manhattan.
An area CDC is urging universal masking in seed. Is he officials should really face questions from news org why they are treating areas like Manhattan, the same way there treating hot spots in the south with hospitalization spikes, and we can see seven day average for hospitalization is gone down, not going up and not Similarly, high sea and an is saying this, so I agree with Oliver Darcy Lehne. Greenwell says it's just clear using basic faculties of rationality. that much of what the CDC is now doing and saying make no sense. Simon, is insisting that vaccines work, but that vat. Needed still must wear. Masks was always confusing, as is this. It is a heck of a day when I can cite Oliver Darth as the voice of reason. Now, as they say, a broken clock is right twice a day, but I Oliver gets his credit. Where credit is due. He's point: that New York explanations are way down yet still
CDC using the hotspot. None of this makes sense. I'm not gonna play this game. If you to bans me so be it, this is stupid and makes no sense. The policies make no sense. You ve lost the trust of the people watch recommending is contradictory and, and there's an add on a non sequitur non correlated are not correlated. I don't it's. How you like, I said the other day with a lot of similar points. There will come a time where I'm dislike. None of this matters literally dont care I'm just gonna. If I see a news, I'm delete new story about this. I don't care. The news has been so contradictory nonsensical. I can't even tell you what for does do protests spread covert, yes m! Now, at the same time, because all of these new up I would say the same thing: Black was better, wasn't spreading it, but rightwing protests were spreading it. I certainly don't think politics played a role in the virus chose to piggy back on somebody
So the news is telling us BS over and over and over again. What am I supposed to say that no idea Fraulein Oliver Darcy Wrong here What all default that CNN so wrong? Perhaps the CDC is right, it is a hot spot and Oliver Dosages does. Nobody is talking about bright. I guess thanks Youtube for confirming that CNN is incorrect, whatever The voluntary phase is over. My friends will see what that means. Next time is coming up at four p: DOT M over at Youtube dot com, Timcast thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all then.
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