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S5158 - Landlords Sue Biden For Illegal Eviction Moratorium, Fauci Says Third COVID Shot Rushed For Approval


Landlords Sue Biden For Illegal Eviction Moratorium, Fauci Says Third COVID Shot Rushed For Approval. The Supreme Court had already ruled the moratorium illegal and Biden even acknowledged it was.

The moratorium suggests as Joe Biden and Democrats have already stated that we will be facing more covid restrictions amid the rise of the delta variant.

Republicans have mostly done nothing save for Ron Desantis who tells Joe Biden no.




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This episode is brought to you by Washington DC when you you're Washington, you probably think politics, the paperwork, power lunches, but you haven't experienced easy. There's more museums per square miles in any place in the country is also where important decisions are made like which Michelin starred restaurant, to try. First, you know, I think that now experienced easy to plan your trip to day Visit Washington DOT. Org today is all just fifth. Twenty twenty one and our first Tori landlords, our suing Joe Biden over the blatantly illegal eviction, moratorium and act by the CDC. The Supreme Court already said. You can't do this. Joe Biden decided anyway. There are signs that there is an expectation that more restrictions will come and maybe even a locked down here in the U S in our neck story, Rhonda Santas of Florida- tell Joe Biden, he doesn't want to hear one believe about cope it until by and stops in
wording the virus through the southern border. more and more illegal immigrants are found to be covered positive and in our last story, Democratic Rep, Corey Bush tells working people to suck it up She sped seventy thousand dollars on private security, but She still wants your police to be taken away. While I don't completely agree with on taking away people's police so long as the police are working more to defend the extremists. I dont think we should be supporting them. If you like this Joe, please leave us a good review and if you really like the show share with your friends now, let's get in that first story, The landlords are striking back filing lawsuit against Joe Biden to end the nakedly political eviction ban. So they say now Joe Biden acted and illegal eviction moratorium. After the long standing moratorium had expired, he had gone to the Supreme Court seeking an extension and Pre court said you do not have
The authority, nor does this court Congo must pass legislation, but Congress was unable to do so. It's very difficult to mandate that someone give up their private property to someone else and long standing. President says: if the government wants to take someone's property, they have to pay eminent domain. For instance, this policy was clearly elite and even Joe Biden knew it now Many are saying this is going to back fire because Joe Biden is going to lose in the court's it's going to trigger massive progressive outrage. Who'll then demand that Joe Biden stack the Supreme Court, at least that's the narrative. I am not quite sure the democratic establishment would be upset by that, though,
I think it's funny political rights, a story saying now: you're gonna have to pack the court, not a bad thing for Democrats; no, it isn't, but let the bigger question remains: will we be entering a lock down and I think it's entirely possible that we enter some kind of lockdown? I don't think it'll be the exact same as a mention in previous segments and other segments. You may here today think are ultimately will happen as they'll lock down, but then be alike. Ok. Now, if you're vaccinated your good, it's kind of an inverted vaccine mandate in New York, they said hey. If you want to go, do a thing you gotta get the vaccine, which is in essence a partial lockdown. I mean it means many people aren't going to be able to go. to certain businesses. These businesses will then suffer not gives much money, and the idea is from Belgium that he wants to pressure people to get this vaccine. Well, my friends, vaccine boosters may be on the way right now
hearing for many people. The left saying we always new vaccine boosters we're a possibility. Now we haven't been there's nothing cleared by the FDA, but some people have already gotten boosters those have gotten the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because of its lower efficacy compared Am Rna. Vaccines are apparently eligible in some places, I think in San Francisco. They may be giving people boosters already, and there were what's on line of people getting actually four shots because they're getting two different vaccines, I tell ya from the sound of things. It's not going to be ending anytime soon. In fact, some other countries like trillion assumed were already seeing the crack down These serious enforcement, the locked down the military, is being deployed, so I bring it back to the landlord suing. Joe Biden is this to end anytime soon will go by his new moratorium. I think it's about two months and the unemployment payments have
are still in operation until September. I dont see a good reason why they will just stop. In fact, with the explosion of covered this is the reports about nurses quitting the shortages that we're facing. It seems like. We are We are less equipped now for an outbreak of some of covert or a variant there you were a year ago. I mean think about it. This way, they're coming out, saying lockdowns know we can't do it, but there will be restrictions. A year ago we were at the peak of a year and a half now we're at the of the of the american economy. I mean economy was doing great. We had all these rights.
What is all this access? People were flushed with cash and then covert hit people freaked out, and we were unable to effectively deal with this money. People lost their livelihoods lost their jobs, businesses, their homes, the homeless populations are going almost continents everywhere. Now, after all of that economic downturn, we do it again. Imagine what will happen if we did it again, but, more importantly, are we even able to stave off a major spike in Coventry? is in a weakened position. Like I said we were, we are. We were at our strongest last year. Sounds to me like they're. Very well may be some locked downs, but first, let's take a look: what's gonna the landlords, because if they win this, it may spell very bad news for the lock down crowd the restriction crowd and it could result in the camp of the country. Reopening before we get started had over, the TIM cast out can become a member to get access to exclusive segments and TIM cast our podcast as well as an ad
we experience when you are browsing our fears and independent journalism, the mainstream media. They do not like that. I am expanding and launching a news outlet we're doing a fact. Checking a totally separate company and non profit. Do fact checking of long talked about this. You ve got to new shows in the works we rid of expanding like crazy and the competition. The mainstream media there not too happy about that. So support our work, smash that, like button subsides, this channel and share the show with your friends you really like it. Here's the big news land sue to stop buttons. Nakedly political eviction ban a coalition of. I've been housing. Industry groups said in his statement Wednesday evening that they are opposed the new Ben trade groups representing property owners. Late, they soon to block a new federal eviction, moratorium that President Joe Biden himself, why? This week was unshaken legal ground. The Alabama Georgia chapters, the national associations of Realtors, filed a motion in federal court to vacate the ban in the cities.
he ordered Tuesday, the same groups. Let a legal challenge against the prior federal should more tore him that expired Saturday, a lawsuit that prompted the Supreme Court to cast doubt on the Sea Disease Authority, the Supreme Court didn't say you can't extend this, I mean they did but well I mean, as their statement was broader than that they said. You cannot have innovation, moratorium. Think about this when you're a retiree, I once lived in an apartment. I live in apartment above it was in the home over of some retirees. They were all they were sixties and their house was their investment. It was how they are planning on retiring. They did not have a lot of money on age and someone live there in wasn't pang you're on fixed income. What do you do and in the government
sound says you can't kick him out. They are forcing you to give your home to somebody else. How can the government do that Supreme courts as you can't? The real estate groups have warned that their members are facing substantial financial losses from the moratorium set an illegal filing the CDC cave to a tidal wave of political pressure from outrage Democrats when it revived the eviction band. Despite clear warnings from judges who said the agency lack, the power to enforce it. The CDC appears to have acted in bad faith. The group said the new legal challenge will fuel further chaos or on the federal government safety net for rent are still struggling to pay bills. During the pandemic. It will likely set off a race against time for policymakers find ways to accelerate the release of forty six point: five billion dollars and rental aid, which was designed to backstop renters and make landlords hole, but his face severe state and local bottlenecks. They shut the country down.
We are we are now reaping the rewards. I mean that figuratively and sarcastically of that failed policy. No I think it's fair to say that many people would say the lockdown helped slow, the spread but sure, but like a year I was it was. It was a year and a few months of life. Down. Was that really necessary? I'm not marketer pretend to know, and I will say this is of this mass of the government's own doing you citizens are. The government has a right to do things like mandatory vaccines, shut down the country and not give anybody anything in return or to say the tax payers foot the bill. We are, we are not supposed to be the centralized authority nation, that's apparently what we are landlords are taken on the bad administration again after warning that they lost billions of dollars each month Under the original ban, which the CDC first implemented in September, the revamped moratorium, the agency imposed this week is targeted at areas with high levels of covert currently about eighty percent of
It is a coalition of eleven housing industry groups said in his statement Wednesday evening that they opposed the new ban at the administration itself noted it lacks the legal authority for a more targeted eviction more time, in which case. If, if he said it was and you from just evicting people about half of all housing providers are mom and pop operators now Association of Realtors President Charlie Poplar said without rental. Income pay their own bills or maintain their properties. Biden allowed an earlier adoration of eviction more time to expire Saturday, because a Supreme Court warning that the city exceeded its authority, but the White us reversed course this weekend, in a more targeted ban in response to a major backlash from Democrats, who warned millions of Americans were at risk of losing their homes. I can only imagine there are not a landlord we're Democrats. I can only imagine many of these people right now are fuming, and this would spell disaster for Democrats moving into twenty twond.
This may be why we're seeing many independent voters now souring on the economy on the Biden administration on Biden himself in the direction of this country. Is it the administration initially set its hands were tied by the it by the June Supreme Court opinion and try to put the responsibility on Congress to extend the moratorium, but House Democrats could not most of the votes to pass an extension we're leaving for August recess. The legislation was also expected to be blocked by Senate Republicans, the industry groups doing that an admin on Wednesday recounted the timeline as evidence of why the ban should be overturned these are the CDC, extended the moratorium for nakedly political reasons. The new eviction bound the CDC announced Tuesday, is scheduled until October third and applies to counties experiencing high levels of community transmission an admin scaled back, the scope of the ban as it scrambled to come up with a new safeguard for renters, but the revamped more I am still left landlords, irate, said National Apartment Association, President Bob Seo Bob Vinegar
property owners were lifted over the about face out. This They see said in June. Innovation. Ban renewal for July was intended to be the final extension. The expected challenge from housing, industry groups comes after Biden and the White US officials gave conflicting messages about the new policies, legal grounding. More than that Joe Biden was asked about mandatory vaccines nationwide said those that were still looking into those questions, and then someone came to know. No, no we're not gonna. Do that you. I think that would be really really bad for Joe Biden but political. Go on in a new story: they say how Biden Supreme Court throw down could backfire with candor. He might come to regret the present acknowledged. The court's conservative majority could reject his revised eviction ban. Fellow Americans. It's no surprise were in. Session. I think we're in for a tough for years and biting new spending plan could be catastrophic for the. U S dollars. That's! Why now more
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cream court reform. That Biden has been so lukewarm about quote it will be a powerful addition to the progressive bill of particulars against this court and it could well accelerate the demands for court packing and other muscular steps said Jeff shuffle a historian informers. tried or under Bill Clinton under intense pressure from liberal democratic lawmakers and activists, but announced Tuesday, but the revamped palace, in and this we know this. We know, I think it's silly argument to be completely honest. Politico, you think Joe Biden doesn't want to pack the court's. You think the Democratic party doesn't want democratic control of the Supreme Court. Of course they do. If you want actually push this story, single backfire, ominously, none of you mean it sounds more you're saying it's on purpose, so back firing on Democrats if they packed the Supreme Court and shut down the conservative majority. That's right! What do we got bait? They they they add three more justices and then they they gets
just enough. I believe that would be seventy six would. It would be three, though, that they would have to add, I think for, but then than then they want. I just get one more seat in the majority. That's absolutely in the book for damage. That's not the bigger question I have after all of this is the eviction moratorium it sound. Like their expecting still restrictions and lockdown. They dont want to just release it s right now, because it would result shooting in it'll be harder for them to implement if they do actually gauge in a new lockdown. Now Joe Biden has set it July thirtieth. He says the! U S will in all power probability, see more guidelines and restrictions amid rising covered cases. Recently, Doktor Fouche, he said
There will not be a locked down or they don't say. I don't think it was a definitive. I think you said something like that. There will probably be no lack down, but we have this scene and reports. President Joe Biden said Friday, the: U S will in all probability, see more guidelines and restrictions amid rising covered cases and the rise of the delta variant quote. by the way, with a good day yesterday, bite and told reporters in itself, one of the White House, referring to, he said were encouraging numbers of people who got vaccinated, pressed Friday on whether the you This headed for more locked downs and rising cases. Whitehouse deputy press secretary, Corinne Jean Pierre, told reporters. The way we see this is that we have the tools in our two about to fight this. This variant. We are not going to towards a lockdown. Our goal is to make sure that we are not headed towards that. That is not going to be the direction that we take, because we have the tools to prevent that now without Spect man. It sounds like we are. I dont believe them it's possible,
not maybe I'm wrong, but I do think that they're just try. to ease everyone into it. We can see the policies, the mass monitor, all coming back. What I wanted to make out the mask, As you know, we don't need a moving to reverse that right now. Why would they do that? I mean maybe they would but their slowly escalating not be escalating essay. The administrations comments come as the news. Published brought in by the. U S. Centres for the CDC show the very produces similar amounts of virus and vaccinated and on vaccinated people if they get infected, defining was pit was a pivot. Covering leading the seas, CDC up that mass recommendation, the problem there the White House is saying, even though that's true still extremely unlikely vaccinated person as a breakthrough case. If that were true, then why mandate masks? You see, I dont believe them. If breakthrough cases are exceedingly rare, then, regardless of viral load, people will not need to wear masks if their vaccinated. Why me
Ninety nine point: ninety nine percent of people where mass? What is the point? Zero, zero one who gonna break through case it doesn't make sense none of what they do make sense. They say build a blog, we get the vaccine organ negative test, but if people who are still having to wear masks, because the facts and of people could be spreading this then you need to get them tested to amazing. I dont believe them now, booster, shots. You think we're gonna see Boozer shots. I think so check this out from Fox NEWS. twenty seven, so this is a couple months ago, booster may be needed for J J shot as dealt a variant spreads. Some infectious disease experts have already boosted with Pfizer or Madonna Fox NEWS reported a few say they have already boosted, even without published data on whether combining two,
red vaccines is safe and effective or backing from. U S, health regulars almost stop right. There and say do not do this. It is not approved. There's no data. There is some reporting now that people have got. The Johnson Johnson vaccine have been able to get other vaccines as well, but I will tell you this right now: they talk about some of these alternative treatments for four covered and Youtube says you can't talk about. It has not FDA, approve and also same thing? This talk to a doctor, make sure to doctors, knowledgeable who understand what's going on in the world and make sure make sure you trust them will put that put it that way. But there has been a lot of talk about these. These booster shots, and here we go with doktor voucher today. Third covered vaccine shot for people with weakened immune system systems, very high priorities as Voucher CNBC reports, federal health officials are working as quickly as possible to authorize a third covert nineteen vaccine shot for Americans with weakened immune systems. It isn't it.
you're now that such people, including those of cancer or those who that organ transplants in general, do not produce an adequate immune response. After receiving two doses of covert thought, you said of the vaccine, immunity compromised individuals or are vulnerable found. She said during about us briefing. It is extremely important for us to for us to move to get those individuals their booster, and we are working on that and we will make that be implemented as quickly as possible. Is a very high priority notice. How he's talking about boosters definitively. So again, I bring this up because the question as in relation to the landlords. Will there be heavy restrictions or lockdown? I am towards. There will be some kind of heavy restriction. We may not see it as a. In the same way, but I think they're going to implement restrictions and there are very serious
they got to say immune suppressed populations represent only about two point: seven percent of the: U S adult population. Still they make up about forty four percent of hospitalized covet breakthrough cases. Studies suggest a third vaccine shot might help. Patients was immune systems, don't respond as well to the first, Second dose for small studies cited by the CDC last month, show that sixteen to eighty percent of people with weakened immune systems didn't have detectable anti bodies to fight covered after two shots among immune suppressed patients who had no technical anybody response. Thirty three to fifty percent devout an antivirus
after receiving an additional dose, according to the CDC now on a slow down right, there, they're saying even with the third shot it's between a third and a half, thirty three, forty percent, who actually still responded. Well, what do you think the response from regular people is? What do you think the response on line has been people being told you ve gotta get not one but two, and maybe now boosters losers I think are coming, but but look at that is not new information. It is not me with a proud of it. Found opinion. I think, even found she had said in the past as a potential for booster shots. They talked about. This may be being a seasonal thing, in which case you'll get your covert shot along with your flew shot. Every year and again, I just tell you, go to your doctor and figure out what makes sense for you and don't be
pressured by internet. Like me or any one else, you'd be surprised, you doctor would tell you so long. You have a good when you trust. They say it is clear from observational data that was made that they do not in general, do not make an adequate response that we feel would be adequately protected. Facts set Thursday. Other countries such as France are already giving third shots to people living with cancer or other immune impairments. Israel announced last month. It would offer MR shots to people over aged sixty. Some doctors have been pushing for the: U S: to allow communist pressed populations in extra dose and many a municipal Americans are already finding additional doses of the vaccine on their own doktor Scott Get got Lib, who led the FDA from point. Seventeen, twenty nineteen Donald Trump admin, told CNBC on Monday, he believes booster shots will be into older enemy, no compromised people by September or October, they gonna mention that's got- is also a contributor to see NBC. Now, as brows Read it, and I see this story about the third covered shot, and I thought this there's interaction.
That was really really great. First of all, we have this post on, read it. It says third covered vaccine shot for people with weaken them. systems, very high priorities, as vouchers and the top common says under Doktor supervision. My transplant recipient friend got two series Pfizer end Madonna Anti bodies are their first. Two shots didn't trigger a great response. That's interesting! This person then says my doctors told me to wait. MR at the Anti buddy test isn't really useful, since there are no determined required values from euro compromised patients. In other words, the test results wouldn't really give you an answer about. If you are really protected, I'm definitely keeping tabs on the research really over third or even fourth jot, will prove effective. Third, wherefore. That's amazing now want to show you there's a really really great response here. I tweeted about this one. one user and read it says now, I'm good. I went out on a limb getting the first two not going to continue to pump myself full of whatever this is I loved that they are. I love everything about this interaction.
The response on other user respond by saying quote full of what, for this is the science. Is there the journals, the research, the studies, the peer reviews? It's all They are your free to rate yourself if you truly cared about quote whatever this is another person responded. That is preferred. We don't need to waste vaccine doses on people like you and then responses oh come on their obviously working, surely will all be immune by the fifth shot. I don't know that persons being sarcastic. That's why I love this response. First of all, full of whatever this is quite little, You can look it up. You can go to the CDC website. They show you ingredients lest they show you where what is in it and there's. Thank you, my back. I don't realize thousand vaccine gotta go look for yourself, Firstly, furthermore, the journals in the research you can read all of it too, but I do think it's funny that the book
bull, vaccines are now calling the vaccinated or or like they're, they're they're criticising people who are fully vaccinated. I just I can't even my friends what is wrong with people go to your doktor figure out what makes sense, but what is this tribalism psychotic behaviour of like yours, keep keep going on. I do do calm down we're, not even at the point where we know if we need boasters yet and there like Robin we're, not gonna waste vaccine doses on people like you, this person they got a fully fully backs on it. This is the problem. People go the doktor doctors like the vaccine, ok and then people a minor scurry aiming at the top of their lungs and people's faces. I mean that vigorously with stuff like this and it freaks people out this person said I'm good. I got the vexed
and then the stories about shots for immunity compromised people in someone's like while we don't need a waste doses on people like you. What does that mean I'll? Tell you what take a look at this from our daily mail. Arkansas hospital overwhelmed with covered patients is so short on nurses that its offering twenty five thousand dollars signing bonus for each of its two hundred and thirty vacancies. Woe twenty five Grand Yikes man come to me and say to him: do you think there's gonna be another lockdown. I say yes, here's why I stated earlier, but I stress it again. With this context, we had doctors last time around, we had nurses there dance and in doing a thriller, dance or whatever, because they had breaks, they were able to take time out into their tik Tok dancing where one group danced with a mock, corpse, creepy right. Ok, they were able to now,
they're all quitting then don't want to work any more. Some nurses aren't strike because anyone who get vaccinated Samar quitting because the pressure is too great, you think they shortage of nurses, we're gonna, have to get a handle on this this time around, don't sound like it, makes sense to me. Nor does it now. Maybe do we gotta vaccines, big difference right last time, and we had doctors, but we didn't have the vaccines. Now we have the vaccines. I tell you this. As always, you gotta talk to your doctors. People I'm telling you this because of the story were moving into myth, informed tweeted. This clip with joy, red joy region, Stephen Colbert, suggest that, we'll trump supporters are in a Jim Jones era: death cult because of their covert vaccine scepticism. While this vague news, joy reads, lying in fact, joy retreated some anti vaccine, last year. Well, I mean yeah. I was like Donald Trump as bad was going trust him and stuff like that. Ok,
what words line, because we all know that Donald Trump is the biggest braggart about how he made vaccination programme work with operation warp speed. We all know he's in there going like the vaccine was mine is the greatest vaccine area Greece Trump I get Emil's from em cause, you know, does it is an evil thing? Where he's like the great trouble vaccine you know he's bragging about it, he's always been brag about IRAN to say. this went out and said now that we have the vaccine it's time to reopen and he and he went around any advocated for very heavily tromp supporters? Are not they Jim Jones ERA, death, cold and I've got the data to back it up, but I think I can explain, why it is that joined. We were saying this in this story that you may have seen its from a couple weeks ago you p m c life changing medicine with the University of Pittsburgh School of this health Sciences and Karmic Carnegie Melon University. This is a study conducted by researchers at Carnegie, Melon and the University of Pittsburgh.
found vaccine hesitancy decreased among you, ass adults by one third between January and make the tentative people are while tentative people are concerned about cover nineteen vaccine safety and potential side effects. Those with stronger views tend to distrust the government This episode is brought to you by horizon horizon. Small business days are happening this Friday and every Friday this July come in and Verizon's team of train business specialists will give you a complimentary tech evaluation to help jumpstart your communications connectivity, insecurity plus limited time offers like a new five year phone on Verizon. Not a customer, though even help cover the cost of which come in of participating store on Friday in July for Verizon small business days, five g,
after wide ban available only in parts and select cities. Five g nation wide available in twenty seven hundred plus cities offers available would select trade in and business unlimited plan terms apply limited time offer shop install safely. So it's not just like this idea of Trump supporters like anti establishment, people against the researchers published their result, unmet rx Ivy a prepared website and announced their results today. Ahead of a peer review publication, keep this in mind, not peer reviewed that matters and not not not to say that peer reviews, the end all being but they do assert some very interesting findings. The largest decrease in hesitancy between January and may by education group was those with the highest. Will education or less. That means people who I bought. What a high school diploma or our
ah were more likely to get the vaccine or they are more likely be less hesitant. They say hesitancy held constant in the most educated group. Those with a phd by May Phds were the most hesitant group. Will vaccine hesitancy decreased across virtually all racial groups. Blackened Pacific islanders had the largest decreases joining Hispanics nations at having lower vaccine hesitancy than whites may, and that means they do mention that counties fatwa trumps. A border counties were more likely. They should higher hesitancy and that efforts in hesitancy Twenty areas is high and low trumped support grove the period studied This finding really highlights the poetic politicization of public health recommendations, so it is true among trumps borders. You will find a higher trend of vaccine hesitancy. It is more true at the most hesitant group are Phds. I dont know why that is. I think,
your choices are between you and a doctor? Perhaps perhaps these phds- I don't know, I have no answer. I gotta go. I amicable enough. I have no idea whether Maybe do they have have. They were viewed. The studies Are they anti establishment? Could it be that many of these people, de individuals are our robe renegade marxist Anti American, so they believe the government. I have no idea, I have no idea, but I tell you when I see joy red, saying that its Jim Jones era difficult. It feels like what they're trying to do is pressure people. They want you to feel like you're part of the outer group, because it's not true Donald Trump came out and was like get the vaccine joy. We basically says that in a religion your Savior dies for you in a cold. You die for your savior, but that's literally not have trumps begging people to get the vat was begging, he's like I'm so great the vaccine. Everyone should get it. How is that
asking anybody dies, the opposite. Unless there's something joy reads trying to express that, I quite understand. More importantly, we can see that for some reason, a corner. This study from you P, M C Carnegie, whatever Country University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh in Conakry, Melon its Phds, the most hesitant group- you gotta, understand that these are the kind of things that make people sceptical, but I will tell you this: please do not take these stories as definitive proof, because you see that one story which confirms that you already heard does not mean it's true. What I mean by that is going to see a whole bunch of stories like it's a guy who died and he was a healthy and on vaccinated, says I wish I'd just head the vaccine and we got it now. Look at these stories and on my dude, it's one guy, there's like there's like ten of these stories. How many people have you know been fine abrogated vaccine that same thing with vaccines usual stories about people with with adverse reactions? Most people don't even have any adverse reactions
the media is going to crank out stories to freak you out. That includes you tubers, that foods. Conservative media, that that includes mainstream media have a keen watchful eye when I'm basically saying is trust yourself and your research. I'm not saying that you should ignore the experts. I'm saying research expert opinion at the funniest thing. Is that mean you know? It's the don't! Don't confuse your google search with my medical degree and I'm like YO If my personal research is literally reading studies from the doctors than isn't that like providing some weight you're just thing to me that they say, like you, no vaccine, research in its like a doctrine, a ladder like anti vex research and to lay down a toilet, and unlike do ok, listen, If you're somebody who gets your information from like you know, super duper new news that super duper not whatever, and I do whatever some like crazy website, where some rent
guy is like I heard some crazy thing: it's ok! Well, you may be getting that information. You gotta be careful there. I'm not gonna. Pretend like every expert is a good person or knows everything, because people are people. But if your research consists of you like reading scientific articles, then I think your google search is ok. I got makes sense and then you can bring that dear doctrine ass. Well, ass, all this like what you think about the suicide for all the people that are that. Are that that our hesitant, I tell you this there's nothing to be to beat it nuttin, there's no fault, there's no harm in going to a doctor, and if you have concerns dude, how amazing would it be if the if you have a doctor- and you think they're wrong- you say: hey Doc. Here is something I read and show them and see what they say. I'm I'm I'm anonymous and serious. Don't you
Don't you want to see? I hear people say like my doctor doesn't nobody's talking about then show em no for real, I'm I'm not kidding. You may be surprised, I'm not saying. I know the doktor would react. If there's a lot of good doctors out there and you'd be surprised. We have people come through here, all the time they talk to their doctors and there are doctors who are conservative and voted for tromp and we're anti establishment just find a doctor. You trust on saying that, because some these doctors still are vaccinating the conservative guests, women, the show, not that I think you guys are all anti virus or anything like that, and I might add that I dont think anyone whose hesitant as an anti factor. That being said, the major question, of course, which I'm trying to to come around to is not vaccines, and I get wrapped up in that stuff. It's locked down the times of Israel says the government is gonna, wait to see if the boosters are effective before imposing a lockdown. I highlight this because I want you to pay attention. They see.
an official in the high level court of ours cabinet speaking on the condition of anonymity, tells the con public broadcaster that the government will wait and see the effects of the third vaccine booster shot before declaring an my lock down the chance of a lock in in August are slim. The assessment is that they'll wait two weeks to see if the third shot helps bring down serious cases among the over 60s they're already in the third shot and are already saying they don't know, they'll be effective enough to avoid a lockdown. They do think the chances are slim. We already see What happened in Australia and New Zealand, the wash journals has eradication of covert, is a dangerous, inexpensive, fantasy It seemed to work in New Zealand and Australia, but now ruinous oppressive lockdown are back. If these are any indication of what we can expect, we will likely see boosters animal defining depending what happens in Israel, we'll see
it's fascinating to me we're going to be entering the third shot face. We are in the first second, now we're in the third shot phase for some groups. If this continues, I don't see it. Why it why it wouldn't I think everybody will be getting routine yearly shots and if that continues, don't be surprised if you're getting a yearly up did vaccine card. I leave it there. Next segments coming up to night at eight p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast Eid, EL thanks, rang and and we will see you all. Then there's been a lot of stories about people who rejected the covered. Seen, find themselves on their death beds and then say something just very on the nose like a guy If only I had the vaccine, and I look at the store and unlike for real man like I'm sorry, that's a little too on the nose. I kind of don't feel like people are being debated or sit there going. Please the magazine
but that's the story they keep giving us. There is a one woman in Alabama she's like I have had people and they say: can I have the vaccine and I'm like? I'm sorry it's too late. There was a story, but the guy who was like I should have got the damn rack saying it and then he dies. But to be fair? There was one viral story: where was a guy who recovered from covering the hospital? Is I'm still get? I'm still not get it. Look whether you want to get is entirely up to you in your doctor and what makes sense for you. I'm only bring it up because. The stories are too on the knows. I'm not saying they're, not true, I have no evidence suggests they aren't and to be honest with the amount of people who have died from covert. I'm sure there are many people who have expressed something like that, but These are the kind of stories that are just so insanely specific people actually question the media not to be fair. People are the media for a lot of other reasons, to notably that the media has been lying a whole lot for our real long time and people don't know
to believe anymore or at the very least they feel they should not believe the mainstream media which brings us to Florida. It brings us to fancied and it brings us to Joe Biden. Several big things are happening, Roy The status, of course, has kept Florida open. He saying no to vaccine mandates, no to mask mandates and many other jurisdictions are starting to implement these restrictions, we're seeing mass and dates across the board. New York has implemented mandatory vaccination for public accommodation, not everywhere, but as far as I'm concerned, you men did it for one essential function of someone's life and you ve mandated the vaccine. That's led to a lot. Uproar, but mostly from people on the right, I suppose now interesting, interestedly, my understanding that less than half of the countries actually vaccinated
I don't know how this is going to play out. I will say for New York when we had the debate with the Charlie and Vash washed up a really great point, but they like the guy or not. He said something very interesting that I didn't did not consider most people, or at least a large amount of people who got the vaccine, didn't keep their vaccine cards. They were told they weren't going to need them, so they lost them. People are complaining, while it's what you supposed to do with it, so they just got rid of it. So how are you even implement this anyway? Make people go, get more vaccines. I guess well fairly. Another reporting that if you get the Johnson and Johnson vaccine would
not an emigrant vaccine that they will allow you to get the supplemental vaccine and I'm is kind of like you know, a man look. I think you make the decision with you in your doktor, because the media is trying to do is to scare you have the time to get at revenue, and they don't know you don't know your history. We had p Parada from the offspring. He's kicked out of the band, I guess because he has a giant bar syndrome, gun pronouncing it wrong, probably but Tom Dunbar Syndrome, and so he can't get it. That's why? I think it's important doktor doctor, but hearing here we go. I want to talk about. Rhonda sand is first and foremost, but I want to highlight just with this first found. She says he fears a covert variant. Worse than Delta could be. Coming. Heavens. Could it be that all the talk about a lock down coming to the? U S
it's true incorrect, perhaps say what I think I don't think we're going to get the lock down the same way. I think we're going to see what they call a lock down and then they're gonna say if your vaccinated, you have an exemption or you will be the exception, with an exemption to the locked him, so they'll call a locked down so that they can take. That can say applying it equally and then say. Ah, but now, thanks to this new science people who are vaccinated artwork, to allow to go and do certain things. So the lock down won't be imposed on only the UN vaccinated Toby on everybody in that that'll be their work around saying we're not discriminating, but it means people like people RADA. Well, you are going to be a second class citizen because you are medically unable to get that backs
that's why I don't like this idea. Of course I know I know the governess that there will be exceptions and and things of that nature, but that makes no sense. I'm sorry if you're saying like in in a workplace. I understand this medical exemptions. The problem is, if you like, we must lock down the country and implement these strict vaccination mandates for the sake of all mankind, to prevent the spread, Any exception breaks that even for somebody who is deserving of one like paper, RADA, prompting his name right, well. Here we go baby dissenters strikes back Joe Biden. The Biden Admin the media. Basically all the Democrats, our screaming floor to adapt their lungs. If you look at the that the charts of hospitalizations, you can see that the amount of hospitalizations right now being tracked and flora are comparable to the peak of covert. I believe it was last
you're. So it sounds like there are some issues in Florida eyes I mentioned or our love. I mention it here, but you know the lot of older people in Florida. You they're more conservative. They their more or less trusting of government authority. They probably want more individual liberties. Then you have a lot of people who are cuban exiles and probably venezuelan exiles, who also don't wanna, see governed authority, so they're going to oppose the restrictions in the lock towns. That being said, the elder folks are more susceptible to covered, so you we will see more hospitalizations well divide madman's coming after this anti, so his response here, I want to hear a blip about covered until the border is secure as fascinating in one. Well, it's fascinating because the? U S may offer covered vaccine to migrants crossing from Mexico
The big story that, if you are an illegal immigrant, then you cross the border they'll say: would you like to get the vaccine and you can say no, thank you and I'll, say: okay, sir, have a nice day carry on? Well. How would you like a free plane ride to Tennessee? So apparently, that's something they're doing now check it out from the daily mail Biden plans mandate for all foreign visitors to enter America as part of border. Opening program you gotta be kidding me. I'm sorry, my friends. At this point. I think it is a fair This is to say that Joe Biden is doing everything in its power to bring illegal immigrants into this country, of course, he's trying to stop it. I think any any statement from Democrats or binding about them. Trying to the flow of illegal immigration is just a stupid. Slap in the face and you'd have to be really dumb table. because now there saying ok, ok, well, you you know molecule in any way, even if you're not vaccinated and that's what the status is basically saying he said, bided was importing the virus, well Biden like
you wanna. If you're, I fear german and you want to fly to America for a vacation. You gotta have the vaccine, but if you're an illegal immigrant coming to southern border, whatever is crazy, crazy demoralize. Today that I have friends, eastern european friends, I've reference from all over actually- and you know, I've talked to several of them about coming to the: U S and it's very difficult. Some countries require visas. Like Brazil, for instance, you need a visa to come to a United States and you need a unit, a brazilian visa, to go to Brazil. It actually Why and get it takes some time not that long ago and then their people in Europe. I know who really want to come here and there like. Why is it so difficult to get visas? Eastern Europe is particularly difficult. Alot of people point out, though there like that's, why people fly to like Mexico and then just cross the border, because Biden, Psych doors open, come on in your coming through an airport. Now, that's not the people, he wants. Isn't it funny that they go nuts about Donald Trump and the ass. The issue whole kind Greece statement he's like we want more people from Norway. We don't want people from Haiti or whatever.
Not on. Nobody actually said that, because it's just the word of some Democrat claiming trumps that it may be dead. I would be surprised the funny thing about it is its inverted under button, not to actually say countries are issues. I think some countries are destabilized and I try not to be disparaging to other countries. I think we will help them and not just insult, but it's interesting, that there are countries that are less developed and that's where Biden is mostly Twisted and bringing people in France and in the more developed countries, not so much so that the issue is in the United States. We are at a large producer of pollution, not the largest in fact, but we do produce a lot and bringing people here means that will increase the rate of pollution. this country. I bring that up. Just to say for all. The leftist, too, are like climate change. It must be stopped. Unlike then, stop bringing people to America because we produce Lot of trash and you're gonna bring people from countries that
out and bring him here, and then they will. It's gonna kick great demand for certain products. Well, to be fair, I guess what the economic collapse under way, I'm being summit, CS, we have our less pollution to worry about Simon with restrictions on the economy with their withdrew the mask mandates on children with the debt ceiling crisis, with the eviction more torn the illegal illegality of it with bite and bring it. In one point: two million illegal immigrants in the southern border, not even technical to their vaccinate. It really feels kind of like a controlled collapse innocence by what the best way to describe it. What's the story, TIM cast dot com. If you have an already become a member in years to come to support our fierce and independent journalists, journalism and journalists, the mainstream media is met. About the work we are doing, we are also launching a nonprofit fact checking outlet. I meant Some time ago, I tweeted about it. What our plans are,
a right organizations and we're gonna fact check our own articles and we're going to rate are our own website well, to put up, to put it fairly, actually undermine unprofitable, entirely separate from TIM cast out. Come an independent and we're gonna have a team of fact checkers that are going to use standard, journalistic ethics. Probably s p, and maybe Reuters and then we're going to randomly sample articles from the past few months from various websites and then check for ethics violations and then give them markings x. Out of a hundred, I feel, you'd actually end up, seeing like the New York Times like a seven day out of a hundred you'd, see like the Washington Post, like a sixty five but of a hundred and you'd see a lot of conservative sites with a really low ranking in a thirty five out of a hundred, but to be fair, the having imposed probably would be like one out of a hundred. If the universe thing about like the daily wires that there there s an overt Lee opinion commentary website, they would have imposed, they claim to be real
is, for the most part, but less opinion commentary. So what did it weren't we're attractive and then we're gonna credit, a ranking of the top websites and show like what we found in the randomly sampled articles? We're gonna live to the randomly sampled article, so you can see for yourself exactly what we're talking about an unworkable effectually is when you I digress D. This tells bite, and I don't want to hear a blip about covered from you until the border is secure, Florida governor. and Santas blasted President Joe Biden on Wednesday, asserting that he doesn't want to hear about covert until the southern border is secure. Speaking at an event in Panama City descent, us ripped into Biden for nearly five What's he accused the waters of trying to implement a biomedical security? State quote this: guy who ran for President saying he was gonna shut down the virus, and what have you done? He's imported more virus from around the world by having a wide open southern border. I can tell you what variants around the world. They are coming across that southern border, the governor added
and so he's not shutting down. The virus is helping to facilitate it in our country, designed, as is right. addressing the CDC recommendation that ok for twelve students and faculty wear masks descent. Once again said that that decision about masking will be left to parents. I can tell you in Florida the, We are going to be the ones in charge of that decision so that we do, in my opinion, to send its went onto a cue by dint of wanting to mimic the controversial nudes new citywide vaccine passports that having em Method in New York City by mere build the plaza and took a dig at them, for believing people should have to show paperwork and identification to eat at a restaurant, but not devote he wants that. But yet, if you want to vote, He thinks it's too much of a burden to show a picture idee when your voting so voter idea, but you have to show your medical papers just to be able to live. every day life Gimme a break
said that Americans have to decide between living in a free society or we can have a biomedical security state, and I can tell you flora where a free state quote if you're coming after the rights, of parents in Florida, I'm standing in your way. I'm not gonna, let get away with it. If you're trying to deny kids a proper in person, occasion, I'm gonna stand in your way and ominous stand for the kids in Florida. If you're, trying to restrict people impose mandates if you're trying to ruin the jobs and their lot ruin their jobs and their livelihoods and their small businesses. If you're trying to lock people I am standing in your way and I am standing for the people of Flora it had concluded. So why? Don't you do your job? Why don't you get this border secure and until you do that, I dont want to hear a blip about code.
From you rob, oh good, sir. This episode is brought to you by wind out on the days of standing in the wine I'll staring aimlessly at a wall of line without a clue are over gotta. Why not come and take the perfect bottle with confidence every time, filter, your search by price and professional ratings, read reviews and even chat with real wine exports for recommendations. It's the world's largest wine store delivered to your door. if you sign up for a stewardship membership, you'll get free shipping year round on every order get fifty dollars. Your first order by going to wind up com, Slash Spotify terms, apply Florida lotta, exiles people in exile lot of refugees are migrants there in strongly that its vote of republican
and is concerned about illegal immigration. Isn't it I mean you'd think a place full of refugees according to the Democrats at least, would be pro refugee or may be. The people of flora recognise there. Are real few jeez, and then there are economic migrants and, as we can see, with most people coming to the southern border, but particularly through taxes in the Rio Grande Valley area. These people are economic migrants. Now, with all due respect, I respect that As with all due respect to these people is a long and arduous journey. You are you're on the glorious quest enter the shining city. I can understand that I've seen enough movies about it to an end. The quest,
you're from this. You know small village, and they say you know in America they have building so so tall. You can't see the sky and people have medicine and there's food, its abundant and everywhere, and your thinking that's the place I need to be and with respect I love this country too. That's why I want to see it. Progress. I want to see reforms and changes to improve it and make it better. What's worrying enemies is, is it this? Is the trusting position. I thank you and I may find ourselves and perhaps your liberal or conservative proxy disagree with me, but I think there are enough of you that agree with me. We were see changes. We are not conservatives. I m not a conservative, the conservatives as to describe of people who look at the history and say stop. I don't agree with that. But all I look at the country- and I say change for the better. We need to do better. The problem is its now. the cancer. I can argue with the conservative. You know we can have a debate now can be like. I think we should make these changes
and they ll say something like stop. While that argument, I look to what the left is doing and they're tearing things down. Well, that's not what we want. We want this country to falter. We want this country to succeed to strive. We want people to be cesspool you once you want to save the environment me to pay about nuclear energy, or, what's that modern left says no. I want people to have freedom and rights. The second amendment that law says no the alarm. Sorry, I'm sorry I always got I was. I may try clarify the establishment left, the Democrats and Neil lips. They say no left us like guns. The problem is these is, as I often say, these progressive these young people align themselves with the Democrats. The Republicans can scream stop all they want, but I will take stop if Will our burning the house down, you see what's happening, I look at things like police gotta get reformed men. I am not a fan. I saw story, I tweeted about it where a guy was like only shown at a bar or something and the cops came in and said that he
some guy. You know it works well said John D item of the name and the guys like. That's not me in there too bad you're under arrest and arrest him. So we give to jail and he's like that's not my name and the like. Yes, it is, he goes to court and he says Roger. I am not this man, I am someone else and the judge said, he's clearly delusional, lock him up and for two years he was forcefully medicated and then they finally were alike. turns out. He was telling the truth. He was not the guy, but the cops arrested him. They didn't check fingerprints, they didn't check Idee, they just said we don't care meant. Things got to change on. I want to see a single person Sean killed by a cop who panicked and freaked out. You know what I dont know how you stop something like so. I can certainly say: let's have a conversation around reforms. Reforms have always been partake the popular among most people. I think you'd go to most conservancy. We respect the police for the hard job they do, but we gotta have some.
Just and most people usually say I give course. Although there's that troubled, conservative just ain't stop, I think if you present to conserving, the policing has changed quite a bit. Since the days of office are friendly, they might say, let's go back to the days of office are friendly and, unlike that's, not similar to what ails see said when she said we need policing told to look like it does. In the suburbs, yeah, ok, well, it's very difficult in big cities, no joke, so I think we need reforms you take a look at the left is trying to do, though, open borders. Contrary chemical on Biden has open borders. They said they wouldn't. Here we go is the most fascinating thing about. The whole thing is that the Democrats were saying over and over again. No, no, no, we don't want open borders. That's a lie. The media said no one wants open borders. You tell me what this is one point: two million people walk and crossed the border with no vaccine requirement. Yet if you wanna be a tourist from England,
wait two weeks ago, yet it vaccine and wait two weeks, no joke. We try booking people from Canada and its difficult for thy Europa cast yeah you locked, with its own border, binds like a shore doors, wide open for those going to break the law. That's insane to me. well? My friends, I will tell you I think we are headed for a lockdown value says he fears a covert worth a covert very worse than delta, becoming? What are they saying now? They are like a lamb dies than epsilon. It's like orgies arrogant. Can we just get to be omega? Repentant he's always ears. Are they say this from axioms? If America current covert current covert, nineteen search continues unabated, fall and winter the country will likely face and even more deadly strain of the virus that could evade the current krona virus vaccines found. She said, I thought you told the Clergy Wednesday values comments, underscore the importance of acting quickly to vaccinate the tens of millions Americans who have not been inoculated against the violence the by
The current surge in front of our eyes cases, nation wide, is being driven by the Delta variant as the virus continues to spread due to the insufficient vaccination rights. It is being given ample time to mutate into a more dangerous new variant in the fall and winter, quite frankly, were very lucky lucky that that that the vaccines that we now that we have now do very well against the variants, particularly against severe illness fat. You said if another one comes along, that has an equally high capability of transmitting, but also is much more severe than we could. We could really be in trouble. People who not getting vaccinated mistakenly think it's only about them, but it isn't it's about everybody else. Also, not now be honest, that's true, I think about a glorious future like STAR Trek with replicators and travelling the stars, and that requires collective action. No note what do I mean by that? I'm not a big fan of collectivism.
In the night, you know in a certain sense, in the leftist sense. I am, though, in the sense of like humans working to gather and recognising how to help each other and what we should or should do for the betterment of mankind. That means don't throw trash on the ground, because Ya'Ll screwing, with my beautiful nature, things like that. So when I think about you, know, vaccines and stuff like that, unlike I agree. Ok, I think you should go to your doktor. Make sure that you're doing everything right by your health, because it's more of a deontological issue as much as I'd like the whole country do better. I think the grass roots decentralized method is the path forward, individuals who can get it. We respect their rights. If somebody in a wheelchair, I think it's great that we build wheelchair ramps, we sat. Ok, all new buildings should have a wheelchair aunt next to their stairs, and, unlike that's fantastic, I love the idea why not just incorporated into designed to accommodate people so that we can all work together and live together and maximize the potential of our neighbours roaming.
Strong as its weakest link as fur mandates, though you guys, I just don't think you can do that may I know the deal J has had they can and they will in a lot of ways, but for customers I mean, if you're, if you're vaccinated. safe. Why are we doing this because people's choices, sorry, it makes no sense, and so long as
put him into, makes no sense on the tell you this you're not going to convince people. Here's what I say you wanna know. There's a few reasons. Why always? I talked your doctor. The first is obviously it's the right thing to do. Talk to a doctor. You don't owe me like find one. You trust, if you, if you don't trust the media, find doctor in your area asking questions about. You know medical issues and and and if you don't feel comfortable with them than you do you absolutely are entitled to go to somebody else, but I think you need to have that trusting person, because the media is constantly flooding the zone with garbage. So you got a fine that person. You know and trust, and I tell you this man. They may tell you things that are surprising. I felt I know a lot of people. In fact, most people I know who got vaccinated, have nothing to say about it. No adverse reactions,
and the reason is well. They did have an address reaction, they're, not going to say anything, and then people only he'll hear the squeaky wheels. You hear about various and things like that and an Irish, I think, are important. The cdc itself. This visit the thing you got it you gotta, like my friend, seriously, go to the CDC website. I read the stuff and they talk about allergies and they too talk about various. They actually note the adverse reactions from theirs. They don't hide that stuff. It's crazy enemy, I'm not gonna sit here, but on the CDC is, is the great passion of truth or anything like that. I'm just saying talk to a doctor, have you know make sure that they have done their recently to trust them. But I tell you this the fearmongering from the media, is less about. In my opinion, covert and or in my opinion, about exploiting a crisis in order to enact authoritarian controls, I think they would do this regardless. In fact, when covered first came out, Youtube demonetized me for talking about it.
Joke when it was going crazy and when they demanded by the Junta, do not talk about this, and I said what it's a new story? That's insane to me. I can t make a talk about news and though, unlike a month or two there, ok fine. Now you can talk about fifteen days to slow the spread, because you know, I think, think, covert a serious about the very serious and I think Trump accomplished a vaccine, and I think you can make that decision with your medical provider about what makes sense for you, and you know how to hear it from me. However, I do think for the most part, Fouche E. In all these other amendment, many other people and government have decided. This is an opportunity to freak people out unexploited crisis for authoritarian controls. So of course people don't trust the media and you know it. Why should they? I actually tend to is really funny. Isn't I'm so critical of them yet because they put too much crap, but it's not always garbage. You can sort through and check source material. See that very often mete out are putting up good information. I would avoid
websites, like CNN, no joke like I, U Cnn, for sorted when I can work and literally checked the facts and like find actual source material. I wouldn't go near CNN. Those us. I could the New York Times. Ok, however, but CNN is complete, nutter trash, CNN, basically Huffington Post anyway, I think we're fine new lockdown. I think it a likely be something like we have two lockdown ono and then a week or two they'll, say we're gonna start using the lock down first for those that are vaccinated. Why then everyone's going to be like. So if I could vaccinate and go outside that's right, then they will and that'll be their play to get everyone back stated. I don't like the idea that the ends justify the means. That's that's more utilitarian and that violates the individual liberties of of human beings. I am I, the individual is, as the saying goes, the small minority. That means we must protect the rights of individuals and, if we do, you will find the right of everyone are then pretty
But if you go to utilitarian route and say that we are going to violate the rights of one group for the betterment of of another. Well, then you are quite literally oppressing people. Of course the left doesn't seem to get that, but leave it there. Next segments comin up at one p m o on this channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all then this is what Democrats vote for. Wrap, Corey Bush in response to criticism over her spending tens of thousands of dollars on private security while advocating for to funding police tells regular working Americans to quote suck it up. Just we have to define the police, and you know I'm important and saving life. So I need my private security pets right in cities. Across the country of seen many Democrats, many politicians advocate for or actually defend their police departments. I think,
I covered this months and months ago it was around two hundred and sixty or so departments that had defended their police to a certain degree in New York. They did it in many. I am in Minneapolis. They did it I believe in Seattle they did it as well in many places, but we then look these democrats in many of these jurisdictions higher expensive private security for themselves, when criticised in the Washington post of all places. Corey boys says suck it up, because I'm important I'm doing the important work, I'm saving life, so I get special privileged access to security. We all warned this would happen. Remember a year ago you said it. I said it that what's gonna happen as they are effectively going to privatized police. They are going to give themselves their own special police who will probably act outside the law and the rest of you will. Let me left wanting now. Of course, you may have noticed me saying things like
polish, the police, it's not for the same reason that many of these leftist say they come out. They say all the police are all racist. My thing is more so look at what is happening with the with the and narco tyranny with black lives. Matter. Rioters smashing up windows, taking away people's right to defend themselves themselves, while extremists are actually killing people. How many people died me? The George Floyd Riots, I think directly. two dozen and in the periphery it's over thirty or thirty five, and there are many regular people. We see these stories, they aren't allowed to defend themselves. A muddle about that and it's the Lee Sword, doing it so I say, call their bluff. Of course the anarchists be at an caps incomes or libertarians. Aren't you know colony, for saying it. It's not for the same reason, necessarily it certainly not for the same reason as these individuals. I actually think a functional and reform police department is a fantastic thing and we should respect those willing to do a very difficult job. There are many good cops out there that I
we understand, but so long as I see more and more stories about black lives matter, extremist and anarchist, getting away with committee. These committing crimes, DOM Gonna keeps It there's a meme going around among libertarians, where it shows our guide amount. had been arrested, He said. Are that it's it's it's a guy, you saying back the blue and then in the next one is being arrested. Any says to the cop. Thank you for your search for your shirt, your service, or something like that or you know, thank you for for being a police officer. We see what's going on with the cops going to people's homes and arresting them for free. Finding themselves? We have already seen the story. I think I was in Baltimore where they were selling a red flag warrant, so this is I who has no idea. What's going on in this house, cops just drop one day say we're coming to take your guns and he said no you're not and they killed him. He was shot and killed in a scuffle. We have seen other stories like this, so this is not a condemnation of police officers or of those who are willing to take these these dangerous jobs
often for very little gratitude. This problem with the system as a whole- and I will tell you this so long as we are capable responsible at intelligent individuals- then perhaps it's time to restore personal responsibility and community responsibilities. I'll tell you where I may overlap with these individuals. They say community policing. I say you call it a militia right right but this you keeping bear arms. You come to your neighbors and say we will be responsible for the safety and security of our own neighborhood how's, that, for you, gonna tell you. This is happening in the cities is not going to go over. Well, the police defended the black lives matter paintings in the streets. If the police are not doing their jobs or they are just servicing corrupt politicians who steel money, then we ve got a very serious problem that it be fair sheriffs departments, elected officials dad. Actually
their different and to be completely honest, I think these big cities have problems. We definitely need to be more real, serious reform, because we cannot tolerate that. You take a look what's going on with the Metro Police Department in D C in the capital police what's happening with these people from January. Six, who are being locked up in solitary confinement, now got no problem with these people being arrested. In fact, if you were riding at the Capitol thank you should be, but what the treatment there receiving is absurd and, more importantly, the propagandistic psych psychotic behaviour that we are seeing from these hops in these. In the Indus hearing a crying No, no! No! No, I'm not going to support these guys. Sorry, I got to stuff job. I do I do especially for the DC the cops were there in in DC. I mean that was crazy. Those people should not have been storming the capital in any sense, and then you see black lives matter and what do we get? The these cops are like. Well, that's different. No one's overthrowing see vs and it's like are you will hold on a minute,
Am I supposed to sympathize with wealthy elite politicians or the small working class? Are I'm not gonna defend these guys, don't care, so far as I'm concerned abolish the police on all our conservatives have said: TIM's TIM's, ok with crime criminals going for, I never said, abolish prisons. We know no. Actually, I did well no reform presence. I think we definitely do have some kind of Karswell system. I did say I agree with ABC in a certain sense. She wants to abolish prisons and police and I'm like well. Maybe the way we're doing it now for sure. I think there's better ways to handle this, but I will say, take responsibility for yourself. That's the best thing I can do cause I've. Seen too much of what's going on, people need to be personally responsible, but I think it's fair to point out. The sheer hypocrisy
c of these democratic politicians from TIM Guest outcome suck it up, Corti Bush defends hiring private security guards, while demanding America, deafened police, so called squad. Member Corey Bush defended spending thousands of dollars on private security this week, while demanding Americans to fund the policing average folks, just at the suck it up, she said quote: make sure that I have security, because I know I have had attempts on my life and I have too much work to do. There are too many people that need help right now for me to allow that said
So if I end up spending two hundred thousand dollars, if I spend ten more dollars- and you know what I get to be here- to do the work so suck it up- the funding the police has to happen. We need to define the police and put that money into social safety nets. You know a man, I am not a fan of these people at all, but if you still live in a city at this point, I dont know to tell him in New York just mandated vaccines and I've. I've heard from so many people there. Like I don't like this stuff, I don't agree with it and psych. Ok, you can say in an challenge the stuff you can stay in, you can vote. Let me know how that works out. I mean that in all sincerity, keep voting, keep trying and that's respectable, nor you can leave. I think people need to leave these cities. I think when you have New York, which is overwhelmingly democrat, being there and and saying no to this. It is ok, it's a good thing, but at a certain point the ship is sinking man and so for me, I got a New York because their bombs being planted there were there were set,
nations of police officers, and then I saw that things went working, you know they they they send the police to the areas, they say our high crime and then you end of the Democrats, saying that they're sending it to these black neighbours because their racist and, unlike YO, the people running this We are Democrats, you voted for them. It is insanity, its absolute insanity, the old, real response I have to all of this is personal responsibility with respect to those who are fire fighters and paramedics and police officers in service members and the end personal responsibility, there is some collective action. I think that is good. I actually think that the of the overall, Police are really really good thing, because it allows disputes to be resolved by enough in a sense, neutral, arbiters right. If there's one militia, and then someone, you know, runs the neighbourhood and then another militia group was chasing saying that guy stole from us like. How do you resolve that? Well, police work together so that basically like Ya'Ll can shut up. I dont know or care. It's gonna go to a judge and it's actually a pretty good thing.
A lot of people are left, don't seem to understand that our court system is a good thing. Ok, even when you get a rest I'll tell you this for the people complain like I was unjustly arrested. Numb like yes, that's bad, I'm not a fan of cash bail. I don't like the idea of of financial, a punishment or or requirement for somebody who is. It was accused of committing a crime. I will say, however, you get to go to court. It's not easy. It's not perfect, but you get to go to court. I have been in this situation. I have been falsely arrested and I got to go to court and I'm looking at I've been to countries where that is not true It needs to be better honestly and needs to be better than we can do a better job. What Corey bushes saying, though, just shows the ego the insane ego of these people. I doing the work. So I get to be here now. I may look. Politicians need security that I get
But you need to have a different system in place. You can't just say we're taking away private security our should we the public security from regular working people there. Certainly problems of police department store well. This is a response to this from the Washington Post of all places. This one's really made Democrats want police protection for themselves, not for the rest of us. The Washington Post says: Rep Corey Bushes, an outspoken advocate for defining the police, who was called America races and declared the modern day. Policing is another system of bondage through which slavery quite literally lives on today. So it was ironic, say the least when news broke that Bush paid nearly seventy thousand dollars over the past three months for private police protection. In truth, Bush isn't paying for personal security. Her campaign donors are paying for her personal security. Her police protection accounted for more than a third of her campaigning
the chairs, during second quarter. So the very individuals and organisations that were so excited by her calls to define the police that they contributed to our campaign are actually funding police to protect Corey Bush. The problem is her: constituents dont have rich supporters willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to, but They have the police and the city of Saint Louis, which Bush represents in Congress recently cut four million dollars, wants police budget and eliminated. Ninety eight officer positions: where is the money going about one point? Five million oh for, affordable housing. Another million will go to assist the homeless population. Another million will be diverted to crime victim support services, including funeral expenses for crime maybe a saint Louis, had a hundred more cops in the streets. There be fewer funerals. Last year the city had torn, two homicides, the most per one hundred thousand, since one thousand nine hundred and seventy eight, despite the explosion of murders in her city Bush, praised the decision to take almost one hundred police officers off the streets of St Louis as historic you're allowed to have guns in St Louis.
Closkey he's got pardoned, they walked out onto their long, people were were entering private property and they brandished firearms and they got pardon. I'm not a man. a moment. I'm not interested in playing this game. I don't I don't quite understand. Let me be honest with you guys. I see black lives matter protest and get away with it. Them firebomb buildings and get away with that. I see some get arrested. I see some get charged most of them get away with it do you see I was there. I watched them set fires and smash windows and d C paid them. Billions of dollars in a settlement? I see that over over and over again- and I say to myself: what are the police doing to stop this, company intake TIM. Don't blame the cops, it's the court's it's the days and, unlike I agree, but if the police can't do it, if they won't do it and if they would still around someone for bearing arms defend themselves. Why
I support that if they would still defend the corrupt politicians, painting black lives matter in the streets. Why should I support that? Now? I may disagree with. bush. I may think that she is a narcissistic. You know arrogant individual, but you know what I'm not going to defend police departments that aren't protecting working class people when the city is paying the extremists off in places like DC and Bacon riot outside of a court house and the police don't do it. And it's amazing people say, but they you know what when their arresting, you know, conservatives or, or you know, people who oppose blacklist matter when their arresting people just bearing arms there being forced to do it? Nobody aren't there's the door man, you can walk right out,
How could we sit here and say a cop should do their job to arrest a law abiding American Fort Offer doing one for making one law that I find unconstitutional and his keeping in bearing arms, and I'm not talking to like a fake items. You even I'm talking about the story of a guy in Baltimore the cops shop to his house, and he didn't know they were coming for a red flag warrant. It was an arena, the rightful thing right like I guess it was his sister or sister in law said he was a danger. himself and others are the cops got a court order when it was ass. If it were taking your guns, the dude had no due process, you can't go to a non adversarial court, get a written just take it now due process, he get a chance to go to the judges, a runner, I'm fine. This is a private dispute. Instead, red flag law served and they came and they took his guns away, or I should say, I'm sorry they tried and he refused and he was shot and killed. Why should I support stuff like that? I understand that every single cop does this Irish
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for ten million people and businesses and try wise for free at wise. Dont come slash bog cast, but at the same time, if the De Aids are cutting these people loose than at the very least here's what I say I like the idea of sheriffs, why their elected and they their behold into constituents. That's great because at that share visiting wrong. It was going to reform. That's good city, big city police department. Specifically, they I think, should just go. You know I'm it's! The big city Democrats are the ones that are calling for it far be it from
to tell them they can't do it. I d be fair conversation with Charlie Kirk and will change airline and they pointed out TIM you're so libertarian cause and they said but there, but we are not Jarley unwilling splendid, they were conservatives and they think the law must be enforced regardless of what the local communities want. It's an interesting position, Charlie made a great argument. He said it should. The national guard have been deployed a maiden army to enforce desegregation, and I was like you know that I think was a good thing. I think segregation is wrong as an interesting conundrum. In what you're willing to enforce
and what you are not willing to enforce, and for that I said ass. A great point, a marketer protect pretend to have all the answers. I can only say at the very least, I want to promote people being responsible more for themselves and I want to promote not taking actions against someone for the sake of some end goal, some utopian vision, I'll tell you what you'll get with defending the police from Democrats, you will get strict gun laws and you will get private police well we'll do nothing for you, the Democrats, view of defending the police and abolishing the police is an arc of tyranny that may rise to with a general abolition of police. That's why I I don't like the idea. I like the idea police are beholden to the public to a certain degree. More so sheriffs departments we ve seen sheriff, do bad things. There was a sheriff who arrested a salon owner. I think it was, she was opening or business during covert, and so they should a warrant. For her rest, she was,
like thirty miles away the sheriffs came and arrested, or for this that's wrong, think that's wrong. Why should I defend those sheriffs now I get that I think most Europe's actually do a fairly good job and my encounter encounters with them have been pretty good city police like New York, sorry never going to fund them. I once was in a cab. Random taste It wasn't a cab leaving the bark. Little drop, wasn't responsible widened DR anyway, but I like to call a cab and so my apartment. It was straight over the bridge straight down Broadway there. You go all done so I get in the cap and he drives across the bridge, and I fall asleep on the bridge.
I wake up only a couple blocks later with him: six, adding between blocks trying to run up the meter because he thought I wasn't paying attention. I asked him what he was doing says: don't worry and acknowledge that I live straight. Why are you turning and hidden it several times already? I said: no stop the car, he refused. He tried hitting the gas, so I popped the door open and jumped out. While the car was moving. This guy's trying to kidnap me he comes out of a car and starts chasing after me. I run inside he's outside scream and I say: can you call the cops? The cops Cayman mugged me? No joke the cops showed up and said we dont care. We dont care what happened, give us your mom. Or else- and I said what I called you disguise threatening me as we dont care they took. My wallet took. The cash out had in fact means that you want a ride home instead of all.
New York, I'm not playing games. I don't I don't I don't care that they can't handle the riots, then item, I'm not going to defend that. I'm not going to send them out no personal experience, but you know it's going to happen in New York. They defended twenty seven cops to find that black lives matter mural, which was not legally done marketing defend cops if they're not invent working people. So when all this is going down, when other rights were happening outside defining the police is stupid, we ve got lunatics running through the streets. We need cops to stop the stuff in they did they did they allow cops, got injured. Some cops have lost their lives and I, from its respect for these individuals, but now we're beyond this, and what are we seeing After all, is said, and done more and more stories of regular people being arrested and being abused, and these these these capital police going on tv and then MP in
and crying and saying you know basically screw you, I'm not. I'm not gonna play that game. I won't do it, so you know what I think, at least in the rural areas. Share for fine big cities, how many of your conservative and live in a big city, but to be completely honest, because I don't think it's that money. I think that certain you certainly are out there, but most conservatives in big cities are still fairly liberal individuals, and so I find interesting I dont know who the people are, who are conservatives must defend the police unlike, but do you live in an area with a large police department, I love the milliner, where we have a sheriff we have when we have a new county sheriff, that's about it. No that seriously it and I think their fantastic, especially where are they do a great job? Really nice. In fact, I'll tell you this to surprisingly the state troopers in Maryland. They ve been great. They ve been really great local police for four, like medium to larger, said
I need to get their act together. I don't know I look at what happened in Minnesota Minneapolis, the cops. Are they run out to many cops? I think the good ones left now we're seeing more and more bad cops keep these jobs, and I thank conservatives need to recognize. Well, conservatives, probably but at least the more liberty minded individuals need recognised. Now that Democrats have put the pressure on and they ve gained control. In many areas, it's only gonna get worse, they're not going to enforce things like look, I mean come on man, look at the autonomous zones, the no go zones in Seattle in Portland and in Minneapolis, where people are being shot and killed in the car
Don't do anything about it, but I tell you this: there is a video of a man. I don't know who he is and not to care for his opinions. I can tell you he's backing away from a bunch of anti fa and there, like coming Adam and one guys like pointing a rod, guess who got arrested the guy walking backwards, the police and apologize to anti for so long. As I see that I say hey these Democrats, there barking up the wrong. you know, I think will happen. Let them defined the police autumn them do it more and more and more crime is skyrocketing, now we are seeing in the polling day. I showed yesterday that support for Biden, support for democratic support for black lives matter is in the gutter, so let baby have their bottle call their bluff. No, I'm not ok with crime. No, I'm not. Okay with people being attacked us often abused, and no I'm not ok. With the cops too
people's right to defend themselves, because if they're not gonna arrest these people but they'll arrest, you we got a problem anyway, rant overhang how's that for an abolish the police. Rent filtering disagree. I don't think I'm smartest person. There was something I'm right about everything and I think you should just tell me I'm wrong comments. My opinions have been swayed before, notably recently when the conversation with Michael Mouse, what the right to defend yourself. He made a great point I hadn't considered, and I should have and I ve had a lot of people and- and I used to be more forgone control, nine more prone to a if your pro second amendment- and you think you should have right to defend yourself- I completely agree and the cops are the ones who are taking it away from you. I ll leave it there. Next item is coming up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him guest thanks for hang out, and I will see you all them.
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