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S5174 - US Provided List Of Americans To The Taliban Igniting Shock And Outrage, Some Argue This Is TREASON


US Provided List Of Americans To The Taliban Igniting Shock And Outrage, Some Argue This Is TREASON

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Hey everybody. This is Jason buckling and let me welcome you back to our podcast in conversation with shop, a five plus now season. One was all but the biggest names and business Steep Maddy, Danny Reeves ship Wilson waiting here who are talking to now proceeding to Philip friend CEO aspect, wordsmith founder tv, a heart attack our Counter Heather Hassen Treaty Sphere, cofounder, Hosea, eggs, Chrysophora, cofounder, lower carbon capital area, K C, O Hara shape this. His in conversation, wash up if I play today is August, When I was twenty one in our first story, the Bible, illustration has crossed the line. I thought not possible. U S. Officials have provided a list of names. Americans and afghan allies to the Taliban ignored. Such shock that some are arguing. This is reason, and now- Taliban is turning away american citizens from the airport earlier than Oda, look for aid, I am absolutely shocked by this, my friends in an extortion
Frame court has knocked down by its illegal second eviction moratorium, even though the Supreme Court, already said it was illegal. They did it again because by it ignore their orders in our last story, police in Chicago are saying: no, they will not be forced to be sedated and we're seeing this if many police departments, the mass and fire fighters- and this could exacerbate the controlled demolition of the United States. If you like, so. Please give us a good review and leave five stars and if you're really like a show, tell your friends about it. Now, let's get into that first story: I've reached my limit. You know, I don't want to be a Biden Derangement Syndrome Channel. I wasn't a fan of how every single thing Trump did was bad and I always try to figure out where I can at least say something. Someone did was good. For example, when we
afghan crisis started. You know Joe Biden came on, gave his speech. I actually praise You watched my video, I said. Look, I think some of the things he said work what what was good, notably we can't stand I men and women from the United States to go fight a war, the Afghans aren't willing to fight themselves and it was wrong. We ended up learning. That Joe Biden in the middle of the night abandoned or to the bad administration abandoned Ballroom AIR Force base. teach location were to run ways that is fortified that could have easily evacuated everybody more important abandoning the base without informing the commanders commander of the Afghan I airforce the security forces, so that were left holding an empty bag. Confused about logistics are what was even going on. We saw the videos of the afghan commandos fighting running out of ammo and then being executed by the Taliban. So I can't I can no longer even just try to say good things about this man. You know,
it may just seem cliches. I suppose Biden is bad. He is so bad. It is as bad as we thought it was gonna be. Trying to find a likeness darkness is, is now even ignorant at this point. The day male spares, nothing new. Where to hide Joe President adopts fetal position as he crumbles under questioning and tries to blame Trump for Afghanistan catastrophe after thirteen troops were killed. Along with ninety Afghans in ice attacked, my friends it the numbers gone up, we ve gotta on updated number. This is from mad milk tar, pcbs, CBS Dron was in Afghanistan. The death toll from the attack has jump to a hundred. Seventy well, including thirty, two men, three women, three children, identity or of a hundred and thirty two others still on identifiable. Nearly two hundred people also wounded and that's the latest
but I will tell you why there's a line for me. Look the media rag done from no matter what he did. There was nothing ever good about what Trump and that's absurd. They there were lying, there were cheating and they were stealing because I didn't like them in and I was constantly saying: that's ridiculous. Stop blaming stop making need defend Trump right. That was the mean, take a look at the story from political. Obviously, why you clicked on this? This segment? U S! Officials, vited Taliban with names of Americans afghan allies to evacuate the widest contends that limit information. Sharing of the Taliban is saving lives, creeks argue its pudding afghan allies in harm's way, one defence official said he just gave the Taliban a kill list. I can't I don't even want to say U S. Officials gave the names of America,
and allies, green cardholders to the enemy to the enemy. The Taliban was not supposed to store. the provincial capitals and take the cities the deal was that they wouldn't do that. The hope was it. The afghan security forces would maintain themselves Joe Biden, abandoned them, no more logistics. So look you know I read. An expert analysis and and and and maybe there's some Biden, derangements interim- I suppose I just think at this point. You ve got accept reality, one, Sports were saying that the american military doctrine is always air support. Air superiority, and so we provided the afghan security forces with an air force. Even Biden brought that up, but logistics was pulled. The contractors were pulled maintenance and repair for these four for the aircraft. What was pulled
and bog room was abandoned in the middle of an of the night left abandoned to looters, not even the Taliban, and then, mark melias like well, you know I was told to defend the embassy, it is beyond failure, and some are even contended. Biden did is on purpose, but to hear now that, after what they in abandoning our bases in the middle of the night. I mean you have to wonder if they botched it on purpose, because they want justification for a re invasion because now there saying violence facing a dilemma, send in more troops to to seek justice for the death of these. U S, troops and civilians orally. yeah it's almost like they wanted this to happens, they could say. Oh, no, no, we have to fight back all its isis. Why did they give the names of american citizens to the enemy
The Taliban was not in the peace agreements Trump had with them suppose supposed to be storming into couple and shutting everything down. Now they ve, later, the treaty. They are our enemies and so the? U S side, it would be appropriate to give up the identities of Americans trapped in Afghanistan. Some people have said, that's treason and you know, interestingly enough, I mean providing material support to the in a time of war, giving up the names of american citizens to the enemy when they are trapped behind enemy lines. I don't even want to say this man, abiden must resign step down be impeached. Whatever this is is insane for all the problems. Shrub had man. This was not one of them, absolutely, not political reports.
U S, officials in Kabul gave the Taliban a list of names of american citizens, green cardholders, an afghan allies to grant entry into the militant controlled outer perimeter of the city's airport. A choice, that's prompted outrage, behind the scenes from lawmakers and military officials. Oh, I get it, but you're not gonna, defend this they're like well, the Taliban setup checkpoints, You wanna get we're we're we're trying at the Americans out. We had to tell them who the Americans were. No, you didn't, and even still, why are you surrendering that we apparently the french special forces in Germany there going in like strike teams in extracting their citizens? Not the? U s they're, giving up then, aims to the enemy it's almost like Joe Biden wants these people too Lose their lives. Why well, I wouldn't be surprised if the end result was that they want to join Defy array invasion there? Already?
ending in more troops, you cannot trust the establishment neo con warmonger class. You want to know, I think, there's there's, there's there's a reason to believe they do the stuff on purpose. Glenn Back Glenn back flew to the Middle EAST is no reason to do that. Gun back is as rich as rich can get. Isn't it. I got the rich guy in the world, but he's very wealthy, very comfortable with his massive, beautiful Texas studio. The man can enjoy the finest wines and stakes. Every night has no reason to risk his life going on a mission to rescue people from genocide. I have tremendous respect for what Glenn back is doing excellent moves, Glenn, you rock man. This is awesome. They raised over thirty million dollars the Nazareth Fun there. Rescuing people, but Glenn Backside Tucker Karlsson. Well,
Glenn backside said Karlsson. The state department blocked attempts to rescue afghan Christian, so this is from Texas NEWS today, I'm sure there's, probably some better sources. I think we actually have the We go daily mail not to consistently just use it animal for everything, but you know what land back claims? U S State department and binds white us are blocking his efforts to rescue Afghan Christians from the Taliban, who want to set them on fire that claimed on did the state Department blocked as rescue effort. His group, the Nazareth Fund, is attempting to evacuate Afghan Christians. He fears were killed and suicide blast after being turned back at the airport, backsides org
nation is saved. Five thousand one hundred afghan from persecution is unclear how many christian Afghans are left in the country. This is amazing, now actually even heard. I haven't checked on on this one. Hillary Clinton is flying in the rescue people amazing. I absolutely despise Hillary Clinton for every thing she has ever done. Basically, she is awful, but I tell you this she's flying into rescue people when the Taliban I respect at one hundred percent. Now I have to wonder why it is that we are in this mass Joe Biden in the fetal position. They say is it on purpose? I can't Describe intent, don't know what's going on their minds and I think it's entirely possible. Perhaps the simple solution is that Joe Biden as we all knew is not with it. But if that were the case, why are they blocking Glenn back from saving people.
Why are they giving the names of american citizens to the enemy? I'm sorry I often operate on the least amount of assumptions. So, let's play again conspiracy theories, not a fan You gotta make too many leaps of faith to believe something to be a grand conspiracy. But what happens when you have in the day of night, the? U S military, abandoning a secure strategically position to AIR Force Base forty five miles outside of the city in the middle, the night, not forming our our allies, the afghan security forces just leaving it sneaking out. Why would we do that? That's weird, why wouldn't they do draw down? Why? Why, wouldn't they keep the base to evacuate people? Why wouldn't they evacuate american citizens and our allies before leaving? Why did Joe Biden push the deadline back several months and then still screwed up? Why did Joe bite
allow the Taliban to start seizing the provincial capitals when there still some troops in the country. Why? did he allow the afghan security forces to crumble as the Alabama are firing on them? Where was the air support widened. We provide any of that. Why did the? U S: government allow Kabul to fall. Why did they then provide the names to the enemy who violate the treaty? Why now are they blocking people from rescue efforts? The end result of this was always obvious. The afghan security forces would crumble right of ammo have with with no air support that that that the training and the military doctrine provided them would be useless several flag.
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and then gave him and the names of the American of american citizens creating a kill lest essentially especially for the afghan allies. look. You can argue the Taliban might kicked those Americans out, but we do want it, but then the afghan allies, he may well just signed their death warrants. Why? Well now that we have thirteen dead? U s it's and substantially more dad afghan civilians. We are entertaining these thoughts. Jos nightmare choice on whether to leave troops to attack ISIS K or pull them out by August. Thirty. First, as Biden orders Pentagon to plan strikes, how can he hunt down the terrorists behind the double suicide blast? President Biden announced the: U S: what hunt down terrorists behind it?
heck, at least thirteen. U S military personnel died and to suicide bombing. The airport violence at the evacuation would continuous planned until August thirty first and he said he had asked for plans to strike it ISIS K leadership and assets, but intelligence experts at the. U S now lacked the efforts needed to hunt down the terrorists in Afghanistan. After this attack minds, hard choices are reinvent, so was that it? What what? What were all of these failures lined up perfectly so the dumb would fall, and that binding say. Oh woe is me: oh no, now we gotta go back at invade the country to deal with the terrorists. I don't know, but I tell you. it would make. You would have to make many assumptions ah, either direction. If you want to claim that Joe Biden just a crackpot Elaine all within there's no adults in the room, I suppose, but man is this- a perfect storm,
Certainly, certainly someone would have said, don't abandoned the airport. Dont abandoned their space until we evaluate our citizens, how could there be blunder after blunder after blunder after blunder unless it's worse than we realize? it's one thing to say that Joe by not all with it is another thing to say Not only is he not all with it? He never cared in the first place. That's a possibility to, but I don't know which one makes the least amount of assumptions to be do they want to send in more troops to have Ganis and in just keep the war going yeah they definitely do they didn't want to withdraw force in the first place, but tromp was pulling our troops out. No can do anything about it in the american people wanted us out of it. Understand- and this could have been done right. In fact, it's entirely pop all based on everything. I've read so far. It could have been successful in this. It is one of the stupidest things. This ass oppose that nation building I've got us and could have been successful.
If we did not abandon our allies. The way we did they may have been able to hold their own. In fact,. Look Donald Trump has come out in said, the reason this would have happened under his leadership because he knew the Taliban Newsome F Eighteens, with common strike on strike them. Where the drones cannot. We got drones. the Obama administration, all they call them Obama, because he flew round drones where's? He wears it at nothing. I don't know I don't want to say you know. I don't know if, on purpose or not, but I got a stress the giving the names of american citizens. I I I I just can't get over it. I can't I know I said about twelve times already, what it will. How do you reconcile that? I mean at the very least, there's gotta be a hearing on this and I will tell you
Criminal homicide, what are negligent homicide look. A lot of people are saying treason because Joe Biden said that you, as officials go by his administration. provided the names of Americans and our allies to the enemy, providing them material support and potentially, I think it a lead to Americans dying will see treason at the very least. This is some kind of criminal action, some some kind of negligent action, compromising people's lives, putting them at risk. I don't know this guy, it's just absolutely insane. To me, Tucker Karlsson, says: president is fading before our eyes brands him a lunatic with no self respect after cobble bomb killed. Thirteen your service personal, took across branded Joe Biden alluded to it with those. spent on a show cross made his comments at the start of his nightly opinion show after the events in Afghanistan,
the talks with a monologue in which is again that someone who has hated the country and wanted to humiliate, humiliate Amerika for good would use Afghanistan to do in allowing the Biden Karlsson said it would humiliate everyone involved, withdraw from Afghanistan after a war that has lasted nineteen years, turn the war into a welfare programme while spending trillions of dollars to do so when crowds of desperate people showed up as they inevitably would begging to be evacuated, you'd be certain too. preference to the foreign nationals, the ones you might the ones you who might hate you and prefer Sharia law democracy, they would get the first seats in the plane. As for your own citizens, the people you exist to protect, we just wish them luck and leave them behind. No Tucker, it was worse than that The? U S, officials named them to the Taliban, they don't just say we're and leave you behind said here is the people were looking for, like when Joe Biden want a potent said, here's the list of target to Canada.
Here is our here's our list of top priorities in hot spots, so what they now now given I mean Joe Biden has provided our enemies with a lot tucker continued Then, having done all that, you go on television back in your own country to brag about when the raising job you have done your clothes off a hero. You compare your evacuation of Kabul. the Berlin airlift, and that way, once you ve done that ass. The world would know you're, not simply incompetent and weak Europe delusional, you're a lunatic with no self respect. Ireland, said the enemies of the. U S took advantage of America's diminished condition in moments like this Americans turn instinctively to their president for prospective and leadership. It doesn't matter if they vote form, they want to be reassured the man in charge but Joe, but it did not reassure them. He didn't even appear for hours by remain hidden and silent. Finally,
as announced that job. I would speak to the country at five p m this afternoon, but then, but even then, he didn't show Karlsson said that one, but when bite and eventually did speak, it was hard to believe. man in charge of our country. Joe Biden is fading before our eyes. He began by muttering, something irrelevant and weird about his lights on bow whom he described as the as the? U S attorney in Kosovo, as if that position exists, bovine died of cancer and twenty fifteen with his father convinced the disease was brought on by exposure toxic chemicals during a tour in Iraq, and then Biden pledged his voice weaken halting speaking at a happy at a pace, half of what a normal person speaks at that he was going to somehow hunt down and punish the people who killed Marines today by set on Thursday to those who carry out this attack, as well as any
It wishes to do harm to America know this. We will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down and make you pay. No, you won't. Unfortunately, the tragedy today was not a complete surprise. There was intelligent, suggesting it might happened just hours before the attack. Let me explain something to all of you. this brave men and women who lost their lives, they knew the warning went out to american citizens into UK citizens to stay away and they knew and they followed their orders to continue processing people to be evacuated. I wonder if the, if that, if the committee commanded, if the by demonstration, knew about the threats, why didn't they simply just shut down back away and say get our troops out of there? I mean it's already a disaster, but you would tell american citizens too got to leave. I get it afghan citizens to stay to be processed its own
like they do it on purpose. Isn't it costs think about it? The afghan citizens being told weren't a process, you wanted You bet you, Americans, stay away and the afghan citizens go to the whether you s, Marines, our processing them and the intelligence was correct, and now people are dead if they to tell American stay away. Why didn't they get our troops out of their? Why would they continue to prioritize afghan citizens for evacuation? Answer me this: they continued to press afghan citizens for evacuation, told Americans not to come for evacuation. That's clearly knowing their prioritizing afghan citizens, but they also knew they were keeping our Marines in harm's way to evacuate people who are not Americans. I don't know what else to say other than to me. If you came in sight, it was on purpose. I'd be like you know. How do I say? No to that.
How do I argue against it? Honestly, I don't know if I can, I mean shore buttons demented, potentially literally and figuratively. He's he's out of his mind, but I just don't know man. Here's where I think we're gonna see. I think we're gonna see this using an excuse for some kind of incursion bolstering, troops, military activity in the Middle EAST and they'll say this: this attacking olives and infamy it's like week. We tried to leave, they will let us or some like that. They'll say that we negotiated a peace deal. I was instantly violated and asthma.
it is our goal to leave. We we were attacked and we can't allow tat terror to return. Ices is back yea here we go only with their necks. I'm comin up at one p m on this channel and we'll just pray for the best men. While we hope that this is not at all. This is the worst of it, but will see they sprang out Nazi. While at one on this channel, I'm begging your pardon good friends, I don't mean to distract you from the ongoing crisis in F I understand the crisis with the labour shortage, the crisis with inflation, the crisis with vaccine mandates the crisis with our southern border. I don't mean to distract you from all of those things, but we do have big news that we do talk about outside of all of those crises have another one eviction moratorium The looming mass eviction of millions of people, the rock and a hard place we find ourselves in as Americans, and it is the fault of.
everyone in government, basically in at hey, let's be real Donald Trump fifteen days to slow the spring, the shutting down of the economy has probably destroyed. It would show I tried to stop the affections of inaction moratorium now at first there was an addiction moratorium in place for some time. Well, when Joe Biden went to the Supreme Court to try and extend it, they said no, it must be done through an act of Congress, otherwise illegal, okay, so Congress picks it up and says we can't come. agreement on this. So now we're not gonna. Do it so Joe Biden says: okay. Well, the Supreme Court told me it's illegal guess Do it anyway and tried to extend the moratorium by sickly, creating a new moratorium that was slightly different, chronic claim some internal, specious or dubious claim But while these are highly infected areas were allowed to seize private property from people in a shop.
in turn that everyone saw coming Supreme Court aside, hey we We told you. This was illegal nazi when I'm really impressed by their shutting down but insufficient moratorium again. looking at eight a m in an escalation of the labour shortage is gonna get bad. I tell you this: whose fault is it? Who cares? It's gonna happen at this point. The political bickering is wasting everyone's time when you should be preparing for what this means is a lot of things at a means. When you get was gonna, be like ten million people homeless you better. Ready for that mass economic rash me. It's gonna, be a great depression. I'll tell you that so think about what you can do right now. Subject yourself, learn what you can get out of city
maybe by some emergency supplies, I'm not saying prep for the apocalypse, but man I tell you, I think, we're in for a rude awakening with another story. The great resignation is still happening in its expected to get worse. Fifty five percent of Americans anticipate looking for a new job. Now, that's Looking for a new job since April, I think in April there was like four million resignations, so the labour shortage, though we have you, go to the store lately. Have you noticed that a lot of things you can't buy well thanks by Muslim and transport, the first three years of Trump Magna Carta me was was was amazing, but of let's wait about the of them: the affection moratorium and talk about private property rights, and what is more important than your communist utopia is people may be thinking? Well, we can't allow the? U S to collapse, let strip people of their rights to on private property.
for the sake of helping the people who might become homeless and I'm like not right, come first, you know if the United States finds itself flying off a cliff or crash into a brick wall. I think we have to stick to Wright's first because we'll make it, but we won't make it if we strip people of their rights the ends do not justify the means. We got. The story from the New York Times. Court ends bindings eviction moratorium, the ruling followed political and legal maneuvering by the administration to retain protections for tenants. It puts hundreds of thousands at risk of being put out of their homes. Buildup lazo came out and call the Supreme Court far right above the Plaza Nazi. Their time says the Supreme Court on Thursday rejoice, Did the bite administrations latest moratorium on evictions ending a political and legal dispute during a public health crisis in which the admin durations. Shifting positions had subjected it to criticism from adversaries and allies. Like the court issued an eight page majority,
pinion an unusual move in a ruling on an application for emergency relief? Where worse orders are more common. The court's three liberal justices descended. The decision, puts hundreds of thousands of tents at risk of losing shelter to actually in the millions to. to be correct, while the administration struggles to speed the flow of billions of dollars in federal funding to people who are behind in rent, because if the cupboard pandemic and its associated economic hardship. Only about five point. One billion of the forty six point: five billion in aid has been dispersed by the end of July, according to figures released on Wednesday of Europe as bureaucratic delays at the state and local. snarled pay out the majority opinion, which was unsigned, said the centres for disease control intervention had exceeded its authority. Is the amazing thing.
They already ruled that and the Supreme Court has no mechanism by which to enforce any of the stuff I play where things can happen. Joe Biden we'll just come out slightly alter the the previous mandate and say this is a new mandate. Has the frame court can't do anything about it, but I'll tell you what you can do this means biting his order is not a legitimate order, because a Supreme Court has ruled that, unlike to shuttle illegal if exceeded their authority yet means? If you are to evict someone and they try to sue you you'll win, you will ultimately, when court, now here's the big problem, Perhaps we are now learning that. Not only does the presidential administration that the present have no clothes Supreme Court doesn't either you know what happens if you would like someone they soon. And then I say you violated eviction moratorium. So you are you eat, you take him the court or you could put in a court report says you: don't we
agree you girl, you're allowed to evict. So they appeal it makes way. The Supreme Court in Supreme Court says the eviction stance and then the person says: well, I'm not gonna leave anyway. What do you do about it? What happens when the comes in and says lesson I work for the city of New York right, I'm a boat, liquor, affordable audio, and I don't care what the Supreme Court's ask my boss. I do it anyway and then stops you from evicting. Someone it'll happen? I mean you're gonna clarified in the circumstance that I laid out if those things are to occur in that you know people get sued in the challenge. This. What I mean to say is: if it comes down to the mayor of New York on the Supreme Court, the police off will very likely side with the mayor. That's what we ve seen so far, not to be fair in New York, specifically many of you and why pity have refused to enforce the covered restrictions. But you could stay troopers, You know the licked, the feet of of coach or whatever who's ever in office and nails,
look we don't care. The Supreme Court says we are New York and therein lies the there that the big, the continual collapse of United States when the president can stick is middle finger up the supreme. And they do nothing about it losers italian man. The Supreme Court is a bunch of losers losers. You know why, because I don't do anything there's so scared that people will realize they can't enforce anything at they barely actually enforce, try to rule on things You know we had a whole bunch of cases they could have ruled over the past couple of years. There have been significant other like, but if we do that, then they defiance people. We realise we can actually do anything where waste time here we are Biden just gave a big middle finger to these Supreme Court and what they do- homely just said the exact same things they already said, whereas the direction the iron, the outrage, whereas the penalty for violating supply
courts order saying any eviction. Moratorium must go through Congo, The CDC has no right to do this and bind said I'll. Do it again, so stop him from doing it again, and then people will wake up to the fact that there is no Supreme Court. They have their powerless because So long as the police are willing to enforce whatever it is their told to do cares I mean let's be real. The constitution says they. You can't do certain things and the cops do it anyway. I tell you this that woman who are accidently drove in a new jersey with a gun in fill in Pennsylvania are you allowed to have a gun in New Jersey or not? She didn't realize she gets pulled over and with a smile on his face that cop charged arrested on felony charges of illegal possession of a weapon. I thought the constitution says the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and if, even if that cop thought it was wrong for her to cross that bridge, could he not have just said Ma'Am, I'm a need to turn around and ask what you back to the bridge. You cannot bring this up in New Jersey. Luckily, I stop
before you commit you know you you'd know they don't care. He was like a hot dog. I got his middle aged woman. You can go to prison for ten years. Fortunately, the and our re stepped in This story, I was told it a gunshot and and It is more nuanced to this, but I've seen over and over and over again Supreme Court has been exposed. What what? What? What is it? What are you gonna do about it? What are they doing? They are nothing, nothing here's a. They say. The CDC has imposed a nationwide, more torment evictions in reliance and decades old statue that authorize it to implement measures like fumigation and pest extermination. It strains credulity too. Leave that this statute grants the CDC the Swimming Authority that inserts do didn't. You say that last time and Biden just once I'll, do it again you're doing nothing, not a system is is collapsing. My friends,
just as Stephen G Briar writing for three descending justices folded: the court for its haste during a public health crisis. These questions call for considered decision making informed by full briefing an argument. Their answers impact the health of millions. We should not set aside the CDC eviction moratorium in this summary proceedings, pathetic the majorities at the issues were fully considered and straightforward. It is indisputable that the public has a strong interest in combating the spread of covered nineteen, the variant, but our system does not permit agencies to act unlawfully, even in pursuit of desirable lens. If a federally imp This division moratorium is to continue. Congress must specifically authorize it. Innocent justice, Briar wrote. The public interest is not favoured by the spread of disease or a court. Second, guessing the CDC judgment, justice, Briar, you're nazi. Ok, you are a mother, not
let's just be real about this- you do not have the right to seize someone's private property just because of a pandemic. Sorry dad I'm each can do it now. There's a lot of things we can do in a health emergency and there's a lot of questions that must be raised. A lot of laws that must be challenged because simply declaring an emergency does not grant the right to supersede someone's rights within certain circumstances. We have tolerated the suspense. right, I should say the government infringement upon rights because of dire measures. What's someone said, there's a camera who, if you, if, if you allow, our government to enact decreed, because of an emergency, what's to stop them to creating an emergency to an active Dupree. If they have that power to just declare an emergency and they don't have, they want. What's gonna stop him? That's why we can say things like we understand Abraham Lincoln crossed the line and a lot of ways.
we also understand it was an existential crisis and where the bloodiest wars over fought in this pandemic. Yes, we have a large loss of life, but we don't even know if we're doing the right thing in society as to how to deal with this problem, you got a lot of people who are or award in debate over the proper protocols for this. So does that give the cdc the right to seize private property? That's a far cry I'd, say no I'd say no. Now compensation, at least the bad administration and other moratorium proponents predicted that the decision would set up a wave of dire consequences as well of this ruling. Families will face the painful impact of evictions and committees across the country will face greater risk of exposure to cover nineteen Jan sack. You said the ruling also renewed pressure on congressional democrats to try to extend the freeze over the option to of Republicans tonight. The Supreme Court failed to protect the eleven million households across the country from violent division in the middle of it
Lee Global Pandemic says Corey Bush. We already know who is going to bear the brunt of this disastrous decision: black and brown committees, and especially black woman. Let me show some here's what you said: Corey Bush tweeted, we were outside the capital for five rain heat cold if they think this partisan ruling is went to stop us from fighting to keep people how they're wrong Congress needs to act immediately for every unhoused or soon the unhoused person in our districts. That's literally what the Supreme Court said to do. The Supreme Court said If a federally imposed eviction moratorium is to continue, Congress must specifically authorizing the application to vacate stay presented to the chief justice and by him referred to. The court is granted okay, so ah Corey you're in Congress deal with it. You couldn't do it last time, if you can't do it now, you
I'll get to rule by decree landlord to us at the moratorium, settle down with billions of dollars and debt. Hailed the move. The government must move past, failed policies and begin to seriously address the nations debt tsunami, which is crippling both renters and housing providers alike, said Bob Pienaar, the President of the national apart, association. It will most likely take a while for the backlog of eviction, cases in many states to result in the displacement of renters but tenant groups in the south where fast track evictions are common embracing for the worst. Oh, my friends, it's more than that, it's more than that We also have the end of the free money handouts. Those bonus, booster payments, the stimulus checks, yeah, that's at the end. What is it like September? Fourth or some like that? People are going to stop getting money and they're not going to have houses now
evictions take thirty days. So assuming this lands and there's no more, you know illegal activity from the likes of Biden. People will be hard to start getting pushed out within thirty days. You know, I don't want people to be homeless, I don't want next to be home I dont want people to lose their private property. Gonna want people to be left to Hungary in the streets, but I also don't think it makes sense when you let you read a lot of stories, not every single one, but enough of them where people say like. I quit my job at Walmart, because I didn't like it. I've been getting unemployment and I have been paying rent because all it's just too hard that happened, people stopped paying rent because they didn't have to landlords? Many of many of them are mom and pop landlords with a single property. The world is not made up of massive billionaires everywhere. The left us and get this you know I was talking to eat. It was taken Tiggle Agnes talk with Ian on the TIM S, our podcast, about piracy, and he said, like piracy
eons Argos piracy was good because it gives you exposure and that shows you, the mapping vision. Many people have not everybody who put his art is famous, not everybody who produces art puts their face on it. not everybody who makes a movie is a big hollywood. Celebrity. Not every actor is a celebrity. In fact, it is the extreme minority. The extreme minority of movies are blockbusters. The extreme minority of art pirated comes from wealthy individuals with their faces on them that the majority of landlords are not massive multinational corporations. There mom and pop shops. People don't get this, they think Amazon runs the world. Amazon's got power, Google's got power, but you know what the mission the end of New York. City is small businesses bodega, as when you want to buy groceries in New York City, sure, there's big supermarkets. Of course there are, but people just often will go to the bodega for the things they
the milk, the soda water, the chips, the beans, whatever they got, Delhi meets at Bodega. These are small shops. Now many these bodega are actually of chains. Someone will own like fifty Bodega one company will. Then they operate on his own corner stores. So I'm not Turnus imply that there are small business there, probably a medium sized to a large sized business, but it's not like You know these people think landlords are all evil. Ultra wealthy millionaires going near her well straggler. Well from the proletariat no, it's probably a retiree being like I've. Invest. all of my life savings into this building, so that I can rent out the basement and live on a budget for the last fifteen years of my life and that's, whose being ripped off with this issue
and more Torreon. In recent days, Mr Barton's team has been mapping strategies to deal the likely loss of the moratorium, with a plan to focus its efforts on a handful of states, including South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Ohio that have large backlogs of unpaid, rent and few statewide protections for tenants Administration had it had at first concluded a Supreme court ruling in June. It effectively forbidden it from imposed. New moratorium, after an early unexpired of administration, had prevailed in that ruling. By a five to four vote, one member of the majority Cavenaugh wrote that he believed the moratorium to be unlawful and that he had cast his vote to temporary sustain it only to allow an orderly transition. He would not support a further extension without clear and specific congressional authorization. So the first challenge there are like ok, we'll let you keep going Sea of Congress can fix us.
And then they want this report again and they had known and unknown we're not playing this game anymore now buying just what goes and does it. Congress did net, but after political pressure from Democrats, a surge in the pandemic and new considerations, legal issues, Biden, Admin on August third issue, The moratorium that was subject to the new ruling administrations. Legal maneuvering might have failed, but about some time for tenants threatened eviction in unusually cannon remarks for his this month, Biden said that this is part of his calculus in deciding to proceed with the new moratorium which set to it would, which was set to expire over Third Congress, declared a more torment of innovations and if any of the kind of ours pandemic this winter stand will apply. think about this Biden said he knew this was illegal. So let me tell you something: if you have some one that you need to evict, you should have already been moving forward as if this moratorium didn't exist.
The supreme court. All ready said it was illegal, doesn't matter of Biden comes out as well, this one slightly different. That matter. The CDC has no authority to issue any of these orders for any reason Congress can, but they didn't. So if you are a mom and pop shop, landlord well start the proceedings it takes thirty days and of which a lawsuit against your tenant lieutenant and then you know what what some people have said is what what can happen when you do. You know your time with another day. What do you call the cops and then worth the cops? Don't do it and therein lies the big problem. I'm willing to bet that the police will drop to their knees and
Satisfy Bill De Blasio, looking his feet of course, looking his feet when he says I refuse to allow you to evict people the property of these mom and pop landlords. Retirees belongs to us now and the cops are going to be like yes, my Liege and the Supreme Court will be like guys. Stop your violating the Supreme Court and they're gonna be like what what you going to do about it. I don't see any Supreme Court cops coming around. Do you that's what I think this There are a lot of good Copsewood quit. I often say this: I don't blame the individual officers for the actions of the larger group to an extent, but I do blame. The officers were willing to uphold the illegal actions for creating the situation. So shall I put it this way? An individual officer has a choice when he says no, I don't blame him. I say you're, a good man
good person, you're at your at your at you, no good person, man or woman when they say you know what I just got to do, what I'm told the blasio said. So it is your fault officer. Is your fault? You have a choice, you could simply say: yellow the Supreme Court said no I don't care what you say and I and you know what. Maybe, if you stand up for yourself, these things wouldn't happen because our own over what have you got fired way that the Supreme Court on your side right or use more scared of the plaza than you are the Supreme Court? Maybe if they try and fire you for Fort, instructing to defy the Supreme Court, you could sue for damages and maybe, when substantial settlement, nobody really wants to go to this fight. They want the path of least resistance. That's why I say. Ultimately, those who are willing to say I'm just following orders are the true villains of the story, because if some guy shoved my house and told me to do something, I'd be like now, Why want you to go? Do there's some? Like I'm not gonna, do it you,
I'll. Do it or else ok. What's the else you're not gonna make you not gonna force me to do something. I'm a Mamma play that game. There's a story you made scenes about, a guy is pitted liver guy and apparently by robbing a bank in it. extract to his neck. The original story- or I should say yes, that it was a hoax that apparently people trapped, abominable guys neck and then ordered him to rob a bank and the bomb you know would would go off. If he didn't, I think, would happen. Was the police concluded he was in on? It knows a halter, something amateur, I believe it, but it's avis about a pizza guy and apparently the store was that he would deliver up
They kidnapped him, Septa, bumpers, neck and said Rob a bank or else and then, as he was sitting there begging for help. The bomb goes off and blows a hole in his chest. If it were me and I went to deliver a pizza and some guys talk about Mama, knock and said, rob the bank around seven I'd say no I'd be like dude, I'm sorry, I'm not doing it. I feel, like you got to take this thing off me right now or detonate it cuz. I don't play that game I did. I I've been through a hostile environment training and I was the troublemaker always strewn with the system died. They couldn't plan for the things that I No I'm not saying I'm better, where special, I'm saying I'm obstinate, I'm stubborn, I'm arrogant and egotistical and all those awful things. And so, if someone comes to me and tells me to do it, I say no, and I am sure most of you actually feel. Similarly, to be honest, Gaza.
Now I see what people are saying with people who show more like the more the Democrats. Are you must do it? The more I say: F, you I'm not gonna do it now there is like those union guys in New York. Is that the coverage we got together come he's like they're gonna make they want to make me. Do it not? Now I'm not going to do it. I love it. Don't you try and force anything on makers? I will just say no, you get more flies with honey, I'll leave it there. Next segments come up at four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Left him cast thanks for hang out, and I will see you all them. It's a bold bet: will police M S, medical workers, fire fighters, agree to be vaccinated by mandate? Perhaps many? Well, perhaps money don't hair. Perhaps many went to their doctors and not the advice that said go get the vaccine and that's it. They ve chosen and perhaps as many people who can't raptures many people with religious reasons why they can't do it or medical reasons, while my friends New York for it,
thence. New York City has no religious or medical exemption, and that's why I say it's a bold bet, because what happens when these people can't add here to your mandate and then are for? first to resign or are fired across the country where Seeing many police, firefighters, EMS, medical workers saying that either can't or won't get the vaccine, and they know they will be fired. What is going to happen to american infrastructure and public services when we lose large portions of our public services escalating collapse. My friends we're looking at a major crisis in Afghanistan, the the idea of of american supremacy around the world. It's over China has been mocking us for a long time now, probably couple years, but very much so in the past few months, that meeting with blinkin, where they said you do not come from a position of power now they're, seeing the utter failure that is Afghanistan and
internally or where we are looking at inflation, labour shortages, rising gas prices. We can't get supplies in certain areas stores across the Countries are no longer carrying certain goods because the prices rather too high or there's a shortage and now critical infrastructure. That is the police fire. Any of us we'll be crippled. It's interesting. You know, there's been this big discussion about defending the police and abolishing the police and I've come up pretty strongly angry at those officers who would lock down small businesses. And suppress people's rights, and I'm very much not an event of this. Now when we look at what is happening in Australia and many other countries, I've been a bit more blunt and, to be completely honest, a bit hyperbolic when I say abolish the police
is intended to get arise out of people to a certain degree, because, honestly, there is no complete and total abolition of police, but there is a strong critique of the police officers who have arrested salon owners who have find barber barbers in Rome Michigan and they did it all with a smile on their face. Not every cop has done this. Many have resigned, but now the mandates come for them and what's happening in Chicago all for police unions, I had actually maybe beyond Chicago this for policing is ever been reported, saying they refuse these vaccine mandates interesting. Well, you're gonna lose your jobs and I suppose, if you're willing to stand up for that, I respect it because you're doing the right thing, but I'm curious as to how many officers were told to enforce covered restrictions when it affected other people and they had no problem doing it. I get more from cops all the time some say I'm wrong. The typically respectful- and I really do appreciate- because I can be a bit strong in my criticism- of those who had suppress the rights of individuals by
a lot of cops, respectfully email me saying they disagree that I'm wrong and that they're trying to do the right thing, and I can respect that. But I can't respect cops who now What they're doing is wrong when they shut down a father's small business and strip of his livelihood, because I'm just follow in orders or when you looked to the UK. Australia word substantially worse In Australia we had a rebel news. Guys in the cap was like Alma subscribe. Do you guys know you better get out before fine, you? That is evil the finale of evil now I ve been talking about defining and abolishing police, and I think they found their way to do it on applying the restrictions they ve been applied. Everybody else- to the police and all of a sudden, the police say no. We out now I'll, tell you where things start to cross the line to an extreme degree. Of course, the officers can always quit, but in New York they have just removed. The religious exemption. New York City has none and no medical exemption, and this is expanding.
Soon, they will say we dont care what your faith prescribes. We dont care, what your doktor prescribes. Do it, or else that to me, is insane because there's this fundamental questions about life that letter that are shocking, that you would impose on someone based on their religion, leaves, and there are fundamental questions about whether or not a doktor s final sound, someone's health. If you are on one suffering from certain elements or disabilities, and you can't get the vaccine. How can these these restaurants? In these cities in these states make you into a second class citizen, we're we're we're moving away from that when it comes to religion. This fundamental questions about people's eternal souls, its truly horrifying to subject them to something that is in defiance of there core believes its scary thought, but it's hard to know that line is because certainly injecting someone with something more force. Medication is different from whether or not your mandating they participate in a certain government program. If you, if you have a choice, to leave, then perhaps as what you have to do a lot of ITALY,
here's where I think we're headed the? U S is in collapse. It's a controlled demolition. These people are not going to change their minds on the vaccine. So let's read these stores and see exactly what's going about sock. What the cops before we get started had opened a tin cast dot com become a member to support our fierce and independent journalism. I say that somewhat as a dig out some. other mainstream news outlets. What we do have some great on the ground reporting. We had a lead on the ground in New York covering hundreds of New York. The union workers protesting vaccine mandates. Many warm or nurses. Sang will not take this because there are the ones we're telling people what to do truly amazing. story of nursing? We prescribed this to people when its or that there are the ones can the prescription, but they administer it. They advise as nurses and these women say we are the ones in the hospitals talking to patients
their health and telling them what they need and don't be based in the literature were given and there being told to ignore all of their own expertise. Its medical look, don't get your medical advice for people on the internet. Like me, you get your advice from people who have knowledge in the medical field. Is a lot of people do a lot of crazy things. What therein lies the that the opportunity support our work? Are journalists on the ground and you'll get access to members only segments. This video share the video subscribe to channel, let's read about what's happening to our police departments from Chicago, sometimes dotcom, lorry Lightfoot forging ahead with October fifteenth vaccine mandate for city employees, despite opposition from all for police Unions quote: this is literally lit a bomb underneath the membership said fraternal order of Police President John cabins aura we're in Amerika JD it. We don't want to be forced to do anything period. This ain't, Nazi, Effing, Germany,
bold words. Of course, the mainstream media cannot criticising these words and I'm gonna tackle those, because this officer is one hundred percent correct. And I'll. Tell you this officers to every cop who heard those words and agrees I hope you remember this when they tell you to go and arrest a salon owner again, because the cops did or when they tell you to go to a tell us Jim an arrest, someone leaving the gem or shut down the gym. Hope. You remember these words, because it ain't Nazi Germany, I say quote as cases continues, continue to rise. We must take every step necessary and at our disposal to keep everyone in our city. Safe and healthy lorry Lightfoot was quoted as saying in a press release. Getting vaccinate has been proven
the best way to achieve that and make it possible to recover from the devastating pandemic, and so we have decided to join other municipalities and government agencies across the nation, including the? U S, military, who are making this decision to protect the people, keeping our cities and counties moving release, doesn't say what happens to city employees who refuse to comply. Just the new policy applies to all city ploys and volunteers and takes effect October. Fifteenth employees can apply for medical or religious exemptions. Those requests would be reviewed, but what would be reviewed by the city's Department of Health and human sources on a case by case basis, fraternal order of police. President John Kittens aura has been at loggerheads with Lightfoot on many issues and this time he's not alone, it ain't. Just our guys. It's the sergeants, lieutenants and captains. This is a united front. It's no longer John Kitten Czarist
Mouth like they like to spend all the time. This has literally let a bomb underneath the membership, and why is this grazing and what they're going to do when four or five? and copper say screw you, I'm staying home, you're, not making me get this effing vaccine, don't pay me. That's fine! We'll see you in court. What abolish the police? Perhaps now I respect this means officer saying no. This is exactly what I'm talking about. Police officers need to stand up for for civil rights. Now I will say I'm talking about the principle of the notion that they will defy what they would view as unlawful. That being said, my stance on vaccines or that its between you and your doktor, my personal opinion and people get mad about this- is that I looked at the data and I think there are questions. I personally think it's it's
ninety nine point, nine percent of everyone. I knows about it, no adverse effects. Now I get it it still new, they're doing face for reviews now and people for long term effects, and so I respect people's individual rights just because I feel it. And this what's most important doesn't mean you should be mended deliver waste. Let me explain, left libertarian, it means I'm sitting you're goin like I think the vaccines are safe and effective. I think their wonderful technology. I read about em RNA up its awesome. That being said, You can do what you want, because I will not force you to live the way I think people should live. That's what libertarian means, even if I happen to be left on many issues- and I I hope you all are willing to live with that You leave me alone. I leave you alone and we respect. We have to agree on certain things. Culturally, that's for sure, he's officer
we're standing up for themselves. You love to see it. My advice to the officers would be look. I understand with amendment by the mandates are wrong, because you should be able to go to a doctor to make this decision to not have the government tell you you have to do it. Hopefully that's what it's happening. Can our cities, not threatening a blue, flew style protest. He claims the city is literally talking about putting people on no pay status refused to get the vaccine you're, not gonna. Pay me you gotta let me stay home and what you're going to have thousands of coppers willing to stay home, not getting paid to not get a vaccine and then what you going to do for manpower on the streets? You know what maybe some can learn, take responsibility for themselves and who they voted for. This weekend's artful the times there are studies for long term, side, effects or consequences from the covered vaccines on Wednesday, he doubled That argument in a profoundly lace, tirade we're in America GDP we do want be forced to do anything period. They say
Patsy Effing, Germany, where they say step into the effing showers. The pills won't hurt you what the ef he said. Why I'll look? I gotta be honest. There is a very big difference between here and the total, authoritarian control and awful things they were doing. to Germany, but I do think we need to make sure we don't walk down that path which me too. The mainstream media response the Atlantic, they call They say the absurdity of police, comparing vaccine managed to Nazi Germany. They say that you know they're going to mention this quote a few tiny holes weaken this metaphor, public employees being competitive lifesaving vaccine or prevent them from spreading a deadly virus is not quite the same thing as being subject to a genocide. Now, let's be fair and break this down
technically the truth, the best kind of the truth. This is not people being mandated to do something that is overtly deadly or dangerous. As far as we can tell right now, with with the studies that have been done, I think was forty. Three thousand people in the clinical trial judges a lot. I certainly think you shouldn't forced to do things and I'll tell you this officer, you do have a right to quit the job and say no no one's marching to the train car now in Australia. Things are very, very different. I will say, however, where I will free with the officer. Is that just because we're not at level you no five in terms of lining people up in a train cars doesn't mean we accept level one. We should not be mandating the stuff if the vaccine is effective and they and they say it is neither signed, potentially booster shots, but still, then the people who get vaccinated should be fine right
Why is it now an issue of the vaccinated? Look, I gotta stress again. My issues are almost always about liberty. I can't really go into the details on science as much as a lot of people want me to or a certain they can. I am not a scientist and I am not a doctor. I am someone who believes in individual choice and freedom and that's where my principal stand
but I do think you have a choice: get out of the city's saying no to policies you don't like because for the time being well, I can't I can't it's very different in New York when your job comes to you and says this, you can just walk away things get dirty when you get to New York and what they're doing there in New York there stripping away religious exemptions. Now that to me is crossing a line in the main, have medical exemptions and then in the general meant for the public evil for terrorism. Not we cannot stand for is very difficult, my friends to try and find the right moral line. I do not want to force people to live the way that? I think people should live, and that means if people in Chicago vote for this stuff and want it will, then what do you do there is? the challenge of watching the rise of fascism, because you That is wrong and you have to oppose it. Even if people are cheering for it hard
conundrums, and I wish I had all the answers, but I am not a profit nor psychic. I can only say I want to err on the side of defending individual liberties for the media to come out in triumph. This game. All you can't say that genocide yo in the beginning of what was happening in Nazi Germany. There are a lot of people who call that a lot of stuff and they were told to ignore all its fine and look at that same thing with the Soviet Union, and it turns out those You were right was that movie valkyrie whenever, where some german officers tried to literally stop Hitler and they were put their executed because of it another looked back ass. He as heroes. Bravo to those men who try to stop a madman because they could when it was now. You ll go what's happening in Algeria. It ain't just cops in August, eighteen, throughout the support from the peat fire fighters and polish police push back against a vaccine mandate
Schmid Virginia. The unions representing some Richmond firefighters and police officers are pushing back against a covert nineteen vaccine. Mending city employees must be fully vaccinated. They medical or released exemption by October first, but Wednesday is an initial deadline to submit documentation. I'm not a fan of all the mandates, but I can respect the religious and the medical exemptions because, let's be real, a religious exemption is a blanket exemption to be completely honest and at this point its pressuring people who have no good reason, but it most. I think people have faith in you can choose your faith, are gonna be allowed to have these these exemptions and if they reject it, taken the court. I don't like we're societies going people
they're in their jobs in the public sector being mended the stuff. You know what I'll tell you where I could scary good scary here with CNN. You do not have the constitutional right to refuse the Covid nineteen vaccine and opinion piece from just the other day. They right now that the FDA has approved the Pfizer by Atlantic Covid. Nineteen vaccine for people aged sixteen and older. It's time for all the government crossed the country to mandate the vaccine for people taking part in indoor activities. There are no more valid excuses for not being vaccinated other than health reasons. One frequently heard pushed back against the vaccine is that there is a constitutional right to choose whether to be vaccinated or not for it and a right to determine whether children can be vaccinated Zone starter in the midst of a pandemic. The constitution is
Not a suicide pact guaranteeing a right to harm others. The government has latitude to protect citizens from deadly conditions, especially when the science supporting vaccination is so clear. The bio ethicist professor, Arthur Kaplan of New York city has made a compelling case for the moral mandate to require vaccination appearing with New York City mayor. the Plaza any news briefing last month to address the city mandating vaccines for all municipal workers. The argue the new policy makes good ethical and public health sense and that it will help all of us by keeping the covered outbreak controlled. We agree, but also believe that the public needs to better understand. There is no constitutional right to avoid vaccine mandates against a deadly disease with respect to children. Parents do not have Carte blanche. At one time children were the property of their fathers, but has no longer the case. Children are persons under the constitution and is the ruling in Principle Massachusetts held. Parents do not have a constitutional right to make martyrs of their children,
Parents have an obligation to protect their children's health and life, which means the school district. Mandates that reduce the risk of death to children should be enforceable period. Is a sin and telling you actually ash, I'm sorry demanding that all governments across the across this country so local in and you know, city, etc, will mandate this. They are demanding that the that the vet MAX the vaccines be mandated in that you have no right to refuse. You know what they're not entirely wrong, but I will tell you this: if you want this country to be ripped apart in two seconds, this is what you need, so I wonder they wanted a defined and abolish the police. failed to muster the support to do so now with the mandates. They actually get it done anyway. Do they really want this country to be torn to shreds to fall apart? That may be the case.
With the vaccine. Managing it understand something. The official news reported we got was that they were saying you made it a boost or shot after eight months do do because he dropping citing Israel as the canary in the common. But what's next from the New York Post Biden and Fauci, discuss requiring covert booster shots every five months, and here you can see in this image the shorter I'm trying to get a booster shot would increase the number of vaccine doses, the. U S will need to set aside well certainly be good news for Pfizer and manure. Nine Johnson Johnson. Those stocks probably will go up. Take a look at this image in the year post, you see that this card raising as an example, there is the fighter and five are dose from month to month from February and March, then you can see here the five month post or so to its. It looks like an art peace. They say President Biden on Friday so that he and Doktor Anthony found you discussed required uncovered nineteen booster shots every
five months rather than every eight, as previously anticipated. A shorter time frame would increase the number of vaccine doses, the. U S will need a set aside for booster shots as poor nations. I'm or for more. U S: donations quote the question raised it? Should it be shorter than eight months? Should it be as little as five months that's being discussed, I spoke with Doktor Fouche, either morning about that, but in setting the oval office during a visit with from israeli Prime Minister Natali Bennett Biden said Friday that boosters That's for Americans will start here on September, twentieth pending approval of the FDA. CDC committee of outside experts. The president did not say what voucher the government's top infectious expert recommended. Regarding Busher timing, Israel began giving Bowser shots to senior citizens last month. Rejecting the World Health Organization's plea for a moratorium on booster, So the third world can get the vaccine to reduce the possibility of a new and more dangerous mutations.
Pfizer and violent. I have requested FDA approval for booster shot for their two dose vaccine, which is the most widely used option in the less saying data shows a third shot, improves the bodies ability to fight the virus modernity or to those vexing was made with the same technology. Johnson and Johnson's. One dose vaccine also works better with an extra shot. The companies had this week. The changing timeframe on booster shouts threatens to undermine White house messaging. However, amid continued vaccine hesitancy among certain demographic groups, Jeff Zenith, broad in scope and nineteen response coordinated Tuesday, we expect the rule to be simple, get your boasters shot, eight months after you got your second shot according to CDC data. Seventy three point: five percent of yours adults have had at least one covered. Nineteen vaccine shot and sixty two point: eight percent are fully vaccinate vaccines dramatically lower the risk of serious symptoms, hospitalization and death, but the high rate of vaccination has stopped a surgeon cases of the delta variant with a daily
bridge of more than a hundred fifty six thousand new. U S, cove at nineteen cases over the past week matching the case rate in late January. This has many people concerned, but my issue here is not the medical issue. It's not the guidance That's that's your decision for your life. My issue is the escalation and authoritarianism. Five months, no bill More already came out liberal bill MAR saying no, he refused this. He said he already got too. He took one for the team and he's not gonna take another one. He was then challenged by MAX. I was in a shows at I'm losing your people. Gotta do this. Is that what the gonna keep saying you have to do? This is bill. Marty took one for the team. with all my might. You may have seen my my exchange of casing. I said on Twitter, where I said you know it. so these celebrities angle get vaccine. I said no go talk to your doctor and a lot of people tell me that that doctors now look
it's not for me or any celebrity decide what you do you you do you you do what you do, what it was In case, you told me that you go to a doctor. He just pulled up in a parking lot stuck his arm out the window and, unlike that's crazy, that that to me is just absolutely insane, but you can look at the cart the carts. They have four lines on them now, they're saying potentially five months, you know: what's gonna happen, how long until his is a monthly thing, you gotta do it, you gotta, do men, the profits of these pharmaceutical companies will be through the roof good news for all of them. I suppose. I don't know what to tell you in a really really don't. It looks like the authoritarian rise is going to happen in this regard, but if the police, a fight apartments, if workers all quit, maybe that'll be pressure on the system to where they'll stop. But I have to wonder if it's still something they want. I guess in this
SK elusive video from TIM Casta COM, hundreds of new, your City union workers protested, vaccine mandates and threatened to quit overflow. Hundred nurses, educators and other union workers gather outside City Hall in New York City on Wednesday to oppose Maxine mandates encouraged by federal state local governments? Protesters spoke with TIM cast about their concerns for personal freedom when it comes to medical care, as well as the possibility of having to leave New York City and potentially their careers quote, I dont care Eddie. But politics. Let's talk about human rights there taking away our human rights, said one health care worker, brandishing a sign that said medical freedom. You wanna be vaccinated. Your choice, don't push it on me because I'm not gonna be vaccinated, said another union worker wearing a union pride. nothing short of a gun to my head will make me get this vaccine a nearby protester interjected, a flyer for the event d to be the largest protest from rank and file you in numbers and the citys history. Let's be real. Five hundred
Nowhere near enough now occupy Wall Street be alarmed come out with tens of thousands May day. Union protests get tens of thousands are hundred that around a hundred thousand, perhaps five hundred people, with respect to each and every one of these people and their freedoms. I believe you'll just have to end up leaving and I think most people will just have to end up leaving from the new Yorker dot com, Should the government impose a national vaccination mandate, thence question of where you gonna leave too? Despite claims the contrary, there are many routes to legally requiring covered inoculation or for the new Yorker they write earlier this month apparent asked a question on the community discussion lists.
For the Cambridge Massachusetts School District, where my teenager will start high school this wall, since the state routinely require students to have certain vaccinations for unrolling and public school would also require vaccination against covered nineteen. Once the FDA moved the authorization status from Eu Way to full approval. Other parents replied. They support the requirement, predictably invoking science, public health and communal values, but the humans of their opponents in highly vaccinated Cambridge took me by surprise. There were wrecked by Russia recriminations about interference with personal choice and references to Nazi Germany, one participant, accuse and other of bowling and threats to consult an attorney On Monday, the FDA did grant full approval to the by Pfizer vaccine for people. Sixteen an older, they say in July, the Department of Veterans Affair is became. The first federal agencies require some of its employees to get the vaccine or face termination. But recently ordered all federal workers to attest that they are vaccinated or elsewhere, masking attested weekly within
hours at the FDA full approval, the Device Department announced that it would and it all one point four million active duty, military members to be vaccinated. On the same day, Look university systems in New York, Minnesota Louisiana rolled out similar requirements, strong resistance to government mandated vaccination is anew in eighteen. Fifty three Britain imposed the first mandatory vaccinations requiring parents to inoculate infant children against smallpox or face heavy fines. Violent riots broke out feeling a national anti vaccination movement at supporting political Kennedy solely by
their stance on vaccination. In the late eighteen nineties, some penalties were eliminated and conscience. Conscientious objectors were allowed exemptions, but by the mid twentieth century too many people, nearly half the population in some areas, were claiming exemptions and the vaccination mandate was repealed altogether. Britain then dealt with outbreaks by other means such as compulsory examination and the? U S, there were few rights, but there were lawsuits. You look at this and you can see they ve had these things in the past peopled instead than in the past but I'll, tell you I'll, tell ya who went out in the end the vaccine mandates one out in the end parents get their kids vaccinated. In the end, every bit of resistance was stamped out by generational changes. Is that a prediction for what may come in the future? Perhaps now they say in Jacobson
The Massachusetts. The court's recited the principle that individual liberty is not absolute, the face of the common good and that real liberty for all depends on restraining individual exercise of liberty that harm others. The court as justice, John Marshall Harlin wrote, was therefore unwilling to hold its too to be an element in the liberty secured by the constitution of the. U S at one person or a minority of persons residing in any community and enjoying the benefits of its local government should have the power thus to dominate the majority that acts through the states attorney states authority to protect health and safety. The court therefore held that a state had legal authority to require vaccinations seventeen years later and also how that neither due process nor equal protection for him. a San Antonio ordinance, making vaccination a condition of children's attendance in schools. Schools have actually minutes, but kids are vaccinated at at birth, basically throughout childhood. So when you apply Youtube
children go to school and they say you know they want to wonder if your kids vaccinate people just back. Of course he was when I was a kid I remember I went for my vaccines when I was little so what's gonna happen next. Well, my opinion times are print. It may not result in an absolute success of those who want the mandates because of the internet. Many people may just say no, because the economy was already smack down so hard and some people are without resources are work. Many more just say no, these police may just decide to retire or leave the farmers could collapse. The economy could falter and Americans becoming more humble folk after the city's tear themselves. Apart or perhaps when that happens, the cities will be forced to repeal these mandates tartan overshort in any other year, if it weren't for
You're, not I'd, say we would track identically. How things went the past by the time you are you know, you're older kids today will have children themselves, the doctors will administer vaccines and no one will question the covered vaccine and the five month Beauchamp Boucher shot for their entire lives because think about what that means in they say every five months forever so come on, you are come may come October than you than than March than August, and so on and so forth. They get the math right, maybe get them Ezra every every five months there saying booster shot at me Kids born today may end up living in a world where they get shots from the from the earth for the government every five months, and when you can do that, wants to change them. Simply being like this month's shot as the new shot into the movie equilibrium with the christian bail,
they live in a world where everyone has to inject themselves. The chemical to suppress, emotion or else you arrested. Body just lives. It lives a life where every day they take an injection. I don't know I'm not profit right, so I can't tell you what will happen. First off, I think what we see is cast in the streets where the cops and obvious dipping out on another. I just want to say Maybe there's a lot of the tunnel and that people will assume more personal responsibility, the watching their kids mortal care more about, what's happening, their communities with with remote work more people, spend time together, diversify opinion. Maybe that could deep de polarize, this country Maybe maybe we'd remain a little bit optimistic that for all the bad things that are happening, it may actually be a good thing. Police departments targeting dismantle to a certain degree, but people are fleeing. It is the people and they city, seeing the rate wave of crime, start changing their votes in finding alternatives. People who
to remote areas, start learning a garden and take care themselves with remote working there on their kids. More often they start wondering and and and they start spending more time with their families and sharing their values, and maybe things start to heal. Let's be a little too optimistic and said it may be. Some good can come out of this so long as we focus on it and stay vigilant, outlived their necks segments coming up at eight p m tonight over at Youtube COM slashed him guess, Tyrrell, thanks, rang out and I'll see you all them.
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