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S5178 - SF Announces Plan To Pay Criminals Not To Shoot People, Newsom Recall Data Is Bad News For Democrats


SF Announces Plan To Pay Criminals Not To Shoot People, Newsom Recall Data Is Bad News For Democrats. While polling data has improved for Gavin Newsom mail in ballot returns are showing positive signs for the recall effort.

Democrats in the past have dominated mail in ballots to extreme degrees but right now it stands about 53% - 47% with democrats favored in the returns. But conservatives often show up on the day of voting to huge numbers which could swing this in favor of a recall and ultimately a Larry Elder governorship.




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This episode is brought to you by Shell College. Football is best enjoyed at home. You know the home that has no rooms, because it's a stadium of seventy thousand screaming fans, wherever you are yes began and shall can take your venom further savings up to fifteen cents per gallon for fuel rewards members, a chump, welcome home football fans terms and conditions apply, seek your reward, sought coms, less fuel, your phantom for details. Shell is an official sponsor of European College football. Yes, beyond the Eu S being logo and espionage college, which all are registered trademarks of GNP and incorporated. Day is September. Second, twenty twenty one and our first story Princess go as announced the plan to pay criminals, not to shoot people, because that's how you stop You reward the criminals, it's an insane policy but goes to show. California is in a state of collapse so much, The governor is facing, recall and latest pulling shows its ass he may win, but he could very well be removed and Anne S story.
sins of outlets or more are lying about Joe Rogan after he contracted covert and treated with monoclonal, DE bodies as well as Z pack and I've remarked they all keep saying he took horse de warmer, which I'm sure he didn't. You probably got a prescription like any other percent of those two walgreens and gets I've reacting and in our last story the weak spot incident, not a hoax. It turns The individual, claiming to be a trans woman who expose themselves to young girls, is actually a repeat offenders going back twenty years thus vindicating many conservatives, but it was ass. You who came out and brutally beat people and caused fights over this, and it was the media that claimed conservatives were wrong and transfer not feel like this show please, give us a good review and leave five stars, and if you really like the show, tell your friends about it now, let's get into that. First story. California
the midst of a we call election, because the people of California are fed up with democratic governor have a Newsome. Now the polling shows that its neck and neck recent pulling show that new some may have an advantage and may narrowly escaped being recalls. But if he is recalled, Larry Elder is likely to become the governor there's a lot of problems in California and many even on the left have said it's a failed state for a variety of reasons I think is: Save the state is collapsing and it doesn't mean it's going to completely dissolve fall apart and cease to function. It just means it is on a on its current track, very, very bad and if something is done yet eventually at some point it just will ceased to function, but it I don't mean to say like it's the apocalypse, what I mean is crap Miss skyrocketing homelessness is skyrocketing. This human waste in the street, a violence prevention.
city official was mugged on tv a few months ago. I mean it's bad and this is no fault to a certain degree. Falls to the leadership there, but there is their droughts and there are fire, Certainly they do bear some responsibility for the emergency response and how their handling water reservoirs and things like that. I'm not gonna blame politicians sairly for natural disasters, but those are factors in the continued decay of State, and now we have one of the most brilliant. I as I've ever heard, note the sarcasm San from go roles out programme to pay people three four dollars a month, not tissue each other in a bid to curb on violence in woke city, where crime is basically legal. Yes, we ve seen all the videos where the people are going in Walgreens and target ever just stealing whatever they want it, so bad that the other day we were Joe about a sketch where you have some people's at your two guys trying to come up with a guy
rich, quick scheme and they're always doing these crazy shenanigans, and then they see a news report about how police don't prosecute shoplifters and And Francisco and they go yeah, that's their get rich, quick scheme, it's basically free stuff in California, because nobody will do anything about it. Now their ideas hey, how about we pay criminals, something we on the left have floated before this idea that if, if we're gonna spend already grand to incarcerate someone. Why are we just Twenty Grand not to commit crimes, it so like a good idea, if you child, because how do you know someone's to criminal unless they commit a crime in the first place, in which case what we do happen is somewhat to commit a crime. Then you'd say: ok of Cabinda Crime, irritable! Do we're David Twenty grand if you dont, commit any crimes for the rest year in instalments every month for every crime you dont commit what it makes. No sense basically are telling people who commit crimes and in a in this programme it doesn't make sense this
saying. California is collapsing their solutions are absurd and when there, when they, attempts to have a solution is not really even a solution but abandoned. I mean take a look at San friend partake of San Francisco with their human waste problem in the streets, so they quitted poop patrol to go round up a book department that I'm not you think. I'm joking San Francisco has a poor department. I got a fire department of Police Department, my county, your city, probably has a sheriff department or police Department or Fire Department or EMS service, go as a public Pooh Department to go out to clean. This up is not a joke, paying criminals won't solve the problems. Is that let's take a look at what what's going on with this specific programme now, and I want to show you policy failures that are escalating in California and they will talk about this recall effort which I
is warranted? And my friends in California vote yes on recall and you should vote for Larry Elder, not because I agree with Larry Elder lot of policy positions, but that I think you vote for the Democrats and you will get dogma contests or pandering to the crowd for whenever they want, wherever they want to hear and they solve no problems. More of the same Larry elder will be an outsider in California. Politics again, not that I agree with his policy ideas. He won't be able to implement most of them, but how we'll be able to veto in challenging Democrat Super Majority, which is failing the state the best I can. Is Larry Elder, shakes things up a little bit and maybe that California needs before we get started had over. The TIM cast out can become a member, as I always say, to supply our journalists who are doing a ton of work which is higher,
their journalist Raby hiring more because that to me is the most important thing that money can buy real honest reporting, trying to inform you of the world so that you can make or decisions. You can make a decision you need to make not because we're gonna tell you tell you things, you have to believe or frame things, though I admit, I think we have our biased. Based on what we focus on. We tried it. Wasn't the stories factually you'll also Add for experience and access to members only content, which is four now TIM cast IRA member segments, which can be up to an hour long but we have a couple new- shows we're doing. One called the green room where we're gonna be just shown crew, hang out in the green room as our guests commend. So it's off the cuff culpability for ten or fifteen minutes, but just more bonus content for you don't forget to like, This video subscribe to this channel share the share with your friends. Let's read the story from the Daily Mail Sanford's. Go roles out programme to pay people three hundred dollars a month, not tissue, each other in a bid to curve gun, violence in woke city, where crime is basically legal, as it were
scheme to curb soaring violent crime is set to begin in October, offering gift card as an incentive for prospective criminals to lay down their guns. I don't think it's fair to call this a Woke programme. I think it's just progressive garbage called the dream keeper fellowship the pilot programme. Will golf with ten individuals who are deemed at high risk of committing a shooting or being shot paying them three dread dollars to act as public safety ambassadors sweeteners could kick the monthly payments up to five hundred dollars if they meet certain benchmarks, such as seeking a job or maintaining parole, appoint a maintaining parole appointments, I love, this idea, because I'm I'm wondering how they go about doing this. Is it going to be that there's someone who shoot someone, and then its have gone I'll say: what's up, if you don't do it again, we'll give you three hundred bucks a month, or are they going to show to a random random persons house and built
based on your lack of education and impoverished living standards. We assume you're gonna shoot somebody. So here's money not to do it. Can you imagine because come on it to be one of the two was an add on to other. I don't how they expect to determine who is at high risk of shooting someone. So amazing, isn't it. They say it comes as violent crimes skyrockets in many cities, including San Francisco, where gun crimes are up. One hundred, so far this year, compared to the prior, you see Francisco mayor London breed a Democrat insisted in an interview that the generous programme is not simply cash for criminals, These folks do not have any sort of income, and so part of what we're trying to do is sure that money is not a barrier to turning your life around. I love this idea. You know it's like we could do universal basic income right there a lot of hard working people starting to get by so here's some free money use that to pay your bills instead. They're, like we're not going to do that
gonna give the money to the worse. The people committing crimes amazing, but we want the matter. their lives around. So what things gonna happen when hard working people who can't make ends meet, see criminals getting paid and our like YO. I work every day I work hard. Might my fingers to the bone so that I'm honest so, but I dont commit crime, not committing crimes. I'm workin hard thing, you know, get a job at Starbucks, Mcdonald's or or a factory or some, and then you watch criminals get free money, be like I'm in the wrong line of work. Might as well just be a criminal right. It's it's a ridiculous proposition, much like when the left often says We just put homeless people an empty homes as if homeless, P well are homeless, simply because they they they don't want to work. homeless. People who, or or who, can't or who are struggling to MIKE parents working with homeless shelters. There is
small percentage that are homeless through no fault of their own through bad circumstances, that desperately want to get jobs and and and recover, and there a lot of homeless people who are homeless because of some choice or mental illness, and you can't just put them in a home and expect the home to be trained look. We had a major storm, just role through the EAST coast. and I just found out at the neighbourhood wearin before massive damage, trees, I fell down. Roads are shut down. They can't even get emergency cruising powers out in some areas and unlike while, what are you gonna? Do you gotta put a homeless person that house The tree falls down, smashes, innovative, just sits there or someone's had to go and fix it. Who's gonna, be people need to maintain homes catches put a homeless person in the home and take the problem solved its childish thinking, as is this city officials, say claim
the controversial pilot scheme is based on the theory that criminals believe criminals, bleak financial circumstances caused them to carry out violent crimes. The programme is. and by the Human Rights Commission and Office of economic and workforce development and its funded through the dream. Keeper initiative, a city program that works to redirect funding into communities of color. So so, if you know what you're here we go, you mean that they have a programme specifically to getting non white communities and you're going to go. There accuse these people of having high risk of shooting each other based on their race and then give them money. This is the most offensive and one of the stupidest things I've ever heard breeds. we're looking for ways to provide incentives to make sure that they are actively engaged in seeing their parole and probation officers. She added the data shows that when you provide people with opportunities that could change bodies. Life, giving someone money, isn't an opportunity. When you feed a man, a fish, you
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dot com right now and see all the parts available for your car or truck right TIM Pool in their. How did you hear about US box? so they know what we sent you amazing selection rely. low prices. All the Parts York will ever need. Rock Otto Dotcom, Cheryl Davis, get a director of the Human Rights Commission also asserts that there is more the programme than what months what some might take at face value. She said to Fox NEWS: not necessarily as cotton driest folks may think. It's not as trend actual as here's a few dollars that you don't do something bad, but it really is about how you help us prove public safety in the neighbourhood. As you become better, your community benefits from that. That's right there hiring criminals to be. public safety. Liaisons are much her. Three hundred dollars is going to cut it It's three hundred dollars enough for your insurance, your medication to but pay for, rent to pay. You pay for your food. No, so even if you give them three hundred bucks or five hundred bucks, if they get job
jobs still gonna, be like YO. I can make more money and make money faster, just taking it from people. So why do this? You have to pay him a lot more. But then the problem is the war. You pay, the more people are like hell. Why am I working fifteen bucks an hour for this job on a new money for free? Maybe that was the right I could get. We gotta keep the money low enough so that they do you know they don't quit their jobs are committing crimes, but enough to incentivize and not commit crimes which problems because criminals probably make more money than a lot of jobs in California. So stupid idea. And here's inherent lies. The greater the issue. Look look at the story from genuine knife. This one is truly some special robbery attempt disrupts anti violence. Officials. Interview talk about irony. Robbers held up a television crew, a news grew at gunpoint Monday in Oakland, as they were Reviewing the city's director of Violence Prevention Authority say, the crime outside City Hall
just hours after the police chief slammed moved to cut the departments budget by eighteen million dollars and redirect the funds in an effort to support alternative to law enforcement. Amazing, they D Fund, the police, start paying criminals and the dude in charge the anti violence official for the city. This is Giuliano Subpoenas head of the city's Department of Violence prevention, was mugged on live tv after the police had just said, don't defend us. I say this in places like New York. They funding for all I care in places like the city, yeah, I say define them. People need take responsibility for themselves. They do. I understand. Cities are different in this instance. It's because of the authoritarianism on the rise that that, unlike just abolish the police, sheriffs
not perfect. We got have some law enforcement. Ok, I get it. I do find it funny that you're skyrocketing crime in your city, in your like we're, gonna defined the police and, unlike ok, you know it do it. I don't live there, find whatever the cops or enforce it in enforcing edict. Anyway, let's talk about what leads up to a recall effort, because this these stories are just indications of what I would, I believe, as the collapse of California. California, as a failed state. We have this news. One homeless crisis take centre stage as recall election heats up, they say Angela's house will soon be a permanent housing, complex and South Ella that is dedicated to getting families with children off the streets. I mean that sounds good. It does seeing the progress has filled Reverend Andy bales with pride, reverie, fails. A sea of union Rescue Mission has dedicated the last thirty five years of his life to the nonprofits mission and saw of solving Homelessness Reverend bill.
that he can relate to vote or to question why the problem of homelessness has ballooned despite billions being poured into programmes, many of which are taxpayer funded, accorded him. The government way is too expensive and any, and almost as is getting worse and California across the board, and it was bad when I was there- they referred to it as the homeless capital of the developed world. I guess that was kind of an insult to India to call them undeveloped, cause India has more homeless people, but they said look of veto western wealthy nations allay more homeless people anywhere, such as they would salmon of its exactly true. But that's how they phrase it homelessness I'm political corruption, you'll get news! I'm to these fancy. Restaurants, not wearing a mask. Not Karen and people say it's time to to recall,
and then there are some things that I think aren't the fault of the politicians, but the responses. The emergency response is the fault of the govern. We have the story from other Jones. Drought is complicating. California's plans for a carbon free future. It Or degenerate, clean hydro power with so little water, that's true take a look at this image from the past drought, Lake Oroville October, thirtieth, twenty fourteen, the water levels dropped drum equally in that crazy, ever see like how it looks when you're in a lake- and you wonder deep, it really is a that's what it looks like now: here's tapping caliphs, is facing another massive drought and it's worse, my understanding that it's been, and you know imprint of the previous drought There is now some bills that are going into a fact that saying, I believe by twenty twenty five. You will only be allowed to use fifty two gallons per day. That's a lot of water to use,
and you know, there's some video saying you got a recall Newsom because of this, and I'm like none of them know. California is a failed state and planting not just because of the government, but because of all of the people ok, whore, entertaining these laws and don't understand what's happening, I get a lot of people say: TIM Overpopulation, isn't true, while over regional overpopulation certainly is a fact. You can't sustain State when you have people taking long hot showers during a massive drought, so they have to divert water from the farms to be the city cause that's what they do or when they drill down five thousand feet defined groundwater. And then the house's until every county have no water left. I'm sorry, that's a failed state. You you have too many people guzzling too much worse and voting to strip the waterway for the people where the water is from the farmers allocate. We water to grow crops. We provide a large portion of this economy and for your well being and taxes
and the city having substantially more people, they all put to a vote and the larger denser population vote to take the water away from the farms and there you go. Failure It doesn't work. There's too much. There's too many people you'll need to spread out, diversify, stop piper concentrating these massive urban sprawls because it ain't working now we see another issue: fires from Reuters crews California, town near Lake Tahoe Wildfire wages on gun, I'm looking to blame California for a natural disaster, but the responses have been relatively bad news for the wild fire. This is a lot dividends. It's very different relative to the drought, the droughts. I can say I've covered that story. Yet there failing across the board their relying on its it's just not working to put up, to put it bluntly, they get water from Colorado, there were lying on desalination. These things are not
long term, solutions to many people and hyper consummated areas. Voting for self interest ultimately will not work. As for the wildfires, it just goes to show that California has problems that can accommodate a lot of these. Is now these towns and the small houses because of the rapid spread of wildfires, which are naturally occurring phenomenon when a lot of brush, winced and and and foliage and whatever falls to the ground and sweeps the forest floor. There is a lot of tender material when it gets really dry. Fire start the problem some of these wildfires are started because of the failures of the institutions in California, notably when a wildfire was started, because there was power lines above ground and sparks, went flying or people driving cars with gains dragging and then sparks or people flicking cigarettes out of their cars. It is not just about the government, it is about the individual actions that are taking place that result in the chaos in California.
Let's talk about the recall effort, let's talk about what's happening because people are upset their upset by what their seeing and they want change, thus gum Gavin. Newsome is facing a recall and its close sums within the margin of error, we're not entire sure right now things could change the latest from political Newsome, has strong support in the latest. California recall survey with a strong We have residents backing his handling of covert nineteen under the delta, varied spread when you're governor Gather Newsome enjoys support from a strong majority of likely. Voters who say their voting and his recall. According to a you poor from the public policy instead of California? There are served released Wednesday night show that fifty eight percent of likely voter say they'll reject the recall with just thirty, nine percent voting. Yes, the marginal slightly larger than in two previous Pepe ice Poles this year with less than
weeks left until September fourteenth election. The latest evidence that democratic governor has gained breathing room in recent poll. According to a consolidated average by five. Thirty eight. Well, let's take a look and see where we're at five thirty eight says right now there is a plus eight point, four percent less for Evan Newsome with fifty two point, one saying keep Gavin Newsome and forty three point: seven sang remove given Newsome They also show that Larry Elder as twenty three point five percent of the of the pulling. If it was going to be someone other than gather Newsome now. This may be true, but I'm still not convinced, I think, is a strong possibility Gavin Newsome does when, in fact is a lot of conservative and anti established. And knew right personalities whatever who have said things like nuisance, not gonna, be recalled what you gotta go vote, yes on it anyway, you ve got to tell you friends and if you're not doing the work right now will then you deserve Gavin Newsome. Does not
of conservatives in California, why should I should put this way? There is actually a lot of calico conservatism. California, and a lot of different areas relative to the total population not as much as you might think, but how many moderate put people are there? How many regular people are there that dont like Newsome and dont like Trump, and you can go out and start telling them hey come vote about this? You got friends, hey they're, getting their melon bouts. Why don't you tell them to fill it out? Do what the Democrats do, encourage your friends to vote, that the key issues of between twenty election as to why the Democrats had the gains where they had them and they had losses where they had losses. But one of the main strategies of Democrats is with universal mail. In voting, it is incredibly easy to go to your friend and say vote and that's the secret when you don't have mail and voting there's a lot of people who don't care. And yes, I hate you should vote mobile.
Does that mean I gotta get up and go somewhere? Yes, I'm doin it, but when the mail and belts right there they go now, I would I'll fill it out. Your elbow, ok and then- Melvin now perhaps are some ballot harvest or maybe it's just people going door to door and sang. Did you fill out your Alan ballot, you should fill it right now and then mail, it they're, not gonna, do nothing other than that, because it's right there in front of them. It extremely easy and with the removal of that bear, your people who normally dont care now are like. Ok, it's not that hard anymore. Now, although I know there's a good reason to vote, I think you need to Now what you're votes about and know what your voting for They certainly made it easier, but they ve made it easier for Republicans to the issue was Republicans? Don't the organizational power to actually push people to go and vote. So Republicans, gotta, learn this you ve gotta start using the same tactics going your friends, asthma devoted to ask your parents. Ask your kids ask if we, whoever or even at that
devoted order, encouraging people to register, to vote and to vote. It's that simple, isn't it people need to feel like there's a chance So you need to you to give it your all. Otherwise you know what will then you'll deserve Gavin Newsome. Now, let's to look at the polling day because our outside the mail and bout data so far from political tactics, I'll tell you. This is actually a lot of good news for people who want to see governor some recalled either. no they're saying the poles are favouring Gavin Newsome right now, I'm not convinced, based on the recall ballot, returned tracker from politics the ink right now they say all ballots, mailed out twenty two million hundred forty thousand on our twelve returned? Twenty three percent have been returned: that's five million fifty five million thousand six hundred and sixty one with seventeen million remaining. How of those. Seventeen million million remaining our moderates, less centrist, democrat types and conservatives who would
happily vote to recall. If only you and out and talked to them and said hey, are you guys get vote now? The truth be told you could go and tell someone about they vote not to recall, and that could be bad but the issue is at Democrats will go to areas where they know their likely to vote. Democrat Republicans should go to areas where they now people are likely to support, recall and encourage people. Devout truth be told. I think we should encourage people to vote in turn, inform them just don't do anything out harvesting, stop all that illegal whatever. Actually, I don't, I don't, California might be illegal, I'm not sure figure out what you are There's a lot. Laws are make sure you're within the law and do your best to encourage people to engage in the civic process. Let's take a look at some of the data which I think is really good news of the ballots mailed. ten ten point. Three million to Democrats, six point five went to independence and five point: three went to Republicans. That's very, very interesting of the boats returned twenty six percent our Democrat, seventeen percent are independent and twenty three percent a republic,
you can clearly see everybody. This is Jason buckling and let me welcome you back to our podcast in conversation with shop. If I plus now season, one was all about the biggest names and business steed Maddy, Danny Reeves Chip, Wilson wittily here who are talking to now for season to Philip friend, CEO aspect, wordsmith found or tv a heart attack. Our counter have had their hats and chinese sphere. Cofounder, Hosea Eggs, Chrysochlora, cofounder, lower carbon capital, hurry, ok, Theo airship this. His in conversation, wash up if I play more ballots, have been returned two point: six million Democrats proportionally to independence or Republicans why independence and Republicans are more likely to vote in person. This is good news and bad news. The good news, as it means that right now Democrats have only fifty three percent of the vote that then you have independent at twenty two Republicans at twenty four there's, no Gary
he that all fifty three percent of Democrats who voted voted to keep Gavin Newsome many of them warm more moderate may have actually said not get rid of him. Three per cent, maybe I'm not so sure, maybe not of the independent vote how many are actually saying keep because they lean left. It may be the case when you look. Let's do this and you can look at civics poles. What do you favourable or unfavourable opinion of democratic party. Sixty Percent- says unfavourable twenty four. Twenty eight percent has four but an eleven percent are unsure. If we just extrapolate from this and then go back to the data, we can say that about two thirds of independent. Are in favour of a recall because their more likely to hated dislike the Democrats and about twenty one percent will keep me no Gavin Newsome. If that's the case and Democrats are unified,
right now votes may be around sixty five percent in favour of Gavin Newsome, but, like I said there still some good news here. It is a disproportion mt: the votes for Democrats and their leaders. Only three percent independent are under represented in this vote. Your get out, get active and start telling people to go vote because independent voters haven't come out, but the Good NEWS, like I said many of these voters- gonna come out in person and that's when the percentages will shift to dramatically if right now, Democrats only of a three percent lead over independence and Republicans. That means very much so come on election day. There's going to be a surge of people voting to recall, Gavin Newsome now, just because an independent favours the Democratic Party still doesn't mean favor get Gavin Newsome and they may want him out, even if it means Larry Elder, because they know Larry Elders, one guy, he doesn't have the state,
like yours? He doesn't have the though there is not a rapporteur like that you just one guy now he can jam up a lot of Craddock agenda stuff, and so it may that there may be thinking like While these Gavin Newsome will agree to some of these things or they could be saying, look Gavin Newsome is really really bad, ok and he's in any he's obstructing what we really want, at least with Larry Elder, isn't a shock to the Democrats. Maybe we'll get that other guy who's whose trailing behind Larry elder. Maybe the poles are wrong. Maybe we just gotta get gotta get Gavin Newsome out. I don't know. I will give you my my personal opinion is that I believe there is a. It is a higher probability that governs them is not recall, but there is a very good probability. He is in that event, it seems like Larry Elder will win, but this is just me basing my opinion of
people's data I dont know for sure you'd think. After all of the insanity you ve seen in California, that they'd be like I'm done with this. I dont care. I'm done with this, but I'll tell you what in the civics pole- and we see it across the board, dammit that's our over willingly tribalism overwhelmingly like the democratic party- and you know it's funny- republicans hate the Republican Party. Let me see, if I have the rapporteur YA, do that give a favourable or unfavourable opinion of our public and party Republicans only have the only sixty four percent Republicans view the Republican Party favourably. Isn't that just sad republican Party is true, seventeen percent. Republicans dont, like the Republican Party and twenty percent, are unsure Larry Elder something different though Larry Elder is something but I will warn you, my friends. There are many reasons other than statistics as to. Why have the opinions I do? Let's throat to our good for the Colored Moriarty who said good NEWS. I haven't lived in California since twenty nineteen, but I gotta gubernatorial reach
about send to me in Virginia and then he posts these images, which he has rejected information. You can see Thick official election mail from the county of LOS Angeles missed Collins, Moriarty, official ballot and you can here September, Fourteenth twenty twenty one- California, given it recall election all registered voters and l- County have been mailed a vote. A vote by male ballot. Take a look at this. It says on the front Virginia, how did California get his Virginia, address. Why did they send em a ballot to Virginia yeah? I Wonder what's gonna happen in California. I wonder because if this is a mistake, I wonder how many mistakes have been made? L send a ballot two way Virginia address. How is that possible. How is there no failsafe to say these Balch should not be sent out of state and how many people my
at these and be like pure makes. You wonder, doesn't it now ass. You can see. There's a lot of people are listed. I don't think Larry L. Listed on the front page. There are a lot of people you two pencilly vote for Caitlin Jenner, for instance. Let's see who else is on this list? You can see that educating Jenner down there. That's for sure, Larry, elders and I don't see him anyway, there's another guy. I dont see all its jumped to the of the pulling its path so who are not familiar with paragraph. I know that Larry elders running, I know a few other people are on is a lot of people. You may you may not be familiar what you need to understand about the recall election is that you'll need a majority to win. If, as I recall, whoever gets the most votes becomes given, that could be Larry Elder, my friends that could very much be leary elder. I can can understand people choose to live in these states. I gotta be honest. I can understand how they choose to remain with skyrocketing crime with the violence prevent in city official, getting mugged on live tv shows lie, but they were vote mugged. While doing issue with a news crew
SAM just go, decides that we're a pay criminals while Crimson are running into stores taking whenever they want I don't know how this persists. You'd! Think at some point people would say, I'm Madison, I could take it anymore, but you know what you take a look at how the Democrats view the me, and they mostly view it as good, and that is wrong. There is no objective measure by what you can see the economy is doing well. Day, businesses shut down more states shut down the vat people are their businesses, as is business, is in decline in New York City because the mandates it's just getting slammed across the board with shortages, labour shortages, fuel price increases, food cost increases. By what metric can you? possibly say the economy is doing well. They believe it they watch CNN and they say. Oh, you know what TIM's out is wrong and his long and it's like brow. I just read all of the news I rewritten much as I can. California needs new leadership and I don't think it matters who it is to become
honest, even even one is other democratic, probably the matter, even though they wouldn't be as good as as Larry Elder could probably just fallen line and support the party line. We need something to change and when to start calling out California more often rolling blackouts through the power outages, the drought, the chaos, the poop patrols, yeah It is not a way for people to live and unless or until people decide to say enough. California is a failed state, it'll happen and it will spread, and therein lies the other challenge. As more and more people leave California the likelihood of this spreading to other places where these people bring these ideas with them. You know my respected Joe Rogan in moving the taxes, a good dude and I think, he's principled and won't vote for this. But what about the people who moved too often to support his endeavours? The people that you don't need is a comedy club when more actors come out, bring the support staff in their organ about democratic or organ, about laughed and they're. Gonna change, the landscape and vote for things that fail paper.
and what's happening around you, sorry Californians man, but you better go and will vote for recall I'll leave at their necks segments. Comin up tonight at eight p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast. I r thanks for hang out and I'll, see you all them We have long known that corporate press has completely lost the plot, but you know what I'm Unblock: They made this latest move against Joe Rogan to smear him for taking cocktail of meds, including horse de warmer, I'm glad they did it. You know why, because now, people who know and like Joe Rogan, can see these stories and go YO the media's lying about this absolutely alone and I want you to understand just how political everything S gun, of course sure most of you watch videos like mine. You already know this, but perhaps there are many people who don't you share this video with them and say. Look at these stories cause. I'm gonna show you the history of ivory makin. Only a few years ago noticed
true, absolutely true incorrect that the FDA has not approved, adopts a clerk when or ivory acting. Treating a Covin there are some doctors prescribing it because it is a drug used about used in humans. But far be it from me to give anybody medical advice. There is another alternative to vaccines? Monoclonal, Andy bodies or reject around that is FDA approved. It is and that's what Rogan said he took first so Joel comes out and says: he's got covert or he had covered. I came back at a headache. I'd fevers, I know, what's going on, gotta and sure enough Joe said he had covered. So he said he got and e through the throw budget, the kitchen sink, get it got, monoclonal, Annie bodies, as you may have you made others as regeneration. It was
I believe it was put under emergency use authorization in November. I I think it's fully empty approved, but it is used for or a use trump used it and that's one thinks general did take any any. He does say. He also took z pack and I've react in the big issue. have right here is as much as the it it's not FDA approved. That's effect. The media's lying and just calling it horse de warmer some on twitter right and I made the joke. that's! You know, there's a prison where the doktor was prescribing the stuff and I The doktor was not only prescribing horse medicine, but also instructing the made to ingest high drugs. Acid, along with its where Org people calling out the forced ingestion of hydroxide ass, toxic ass. It literally means water, it's it's a joke. The point as the media is taking something that is far beyond
horse do warmer and calling it hors d warmer because they want clicks because listen their whole goal just what can we do to shock people to make money? You know what we have the cascade of log and every day, we're like we gotta get a good thumbnail and a good title, and it's a law so it's not particularly newsworthy we gotta get that hook and there's a line between overt deceptive click bait and at and unlike punchy titles and so we know what we're playing around this. I get that logs whose snappy click bake titles for their shows But why is the media doing click back when the It is doing at a news stories. They are lying to you making believe, insane crackpot bs Amish story of ivory for everybody who to understand this and I'll, tell you this look. The FDA approved the,
community vaccines as from yours. It's a fact check and there's a lot of people can and about legal distinction between that and the Pfizer violent vaccine is FDA, approved. they officially approved. The is my understanding that I did read through the letter. There's a legal distinction between them. And named community and the Pfizer biotech vaccine both have the exact same formulation the community brand, as is after approved and the Pfizer by own attack brand is EU under emergency authorization, but they are the exact same thing so take that forever. It means I don't know wherever that's what the FDA letter said. The issue here is your talk, your doctor. I need to talk to you about politics and that here too, Kate for any of the stuff, any medication, amateurish now the media's lying about this, but there's an store that I want to talk about in this regard? Nets. Candice Owens. She said that she was refused a covert test. The odd because of her politics, now news it of course call sir. You know anti facts or whatever, which basically
try to get tested for covered, and this facility was like no, we know who you are and we will not allow you in this facility in its like. Ok, you see what's happening here. People are going insane, the media is driving them and say The media is literally driving people insane. I've been saying for some time now. You need to understand and his long Youtube and and these other outlets force us to use, broken and psychotic media we're screwed men look You may say TIM, you know at least you can do your show, and it is a good sign that my show you know I'm able to cut through the bs. It is a good sign that TIM cast dot com is taking off massively exploding new new staff members. New journalists are good good signs. Indicative of Victor
As I was saying to the random guest IRA than that bye, bye, bye, your mere existence. It proves that victory is not only possible, but that its happened before meaning our parents, who fought against fort for certain ideas, and here you are today and the fact that you are here today, standing up and speaking out proves that victory is possible and your parents, having you proves it happened before so. There. is cause for optimism. Saul say this, I think, is good. You don't belong run whatever. When the media comes, says: Donald Trump did Ex wires in its alive. It's hard to debunk these things, because people just hate Donald Trump. Now, of course, you have the tribal colt and there looking at the stuff in their dislike amicably. One of the media says the important thing here,
Joe Rogan is not controversial. The media wants to say is a controversial podcast or has covered he's, not he's the most popular podcast, her on the planet, regular people know and like Joe Rogan he's out of far right. Guy he's actually kind. The left wing guy, but he's like a regular dude in his demeanor and his is is behaving. People like us, show any funny and he's funny and he gets something's wrong, and sometimes he corrects them and sometimes corrections are bad. Was it when he went. There was one story where he was talking about. I certainly like if starting fires in the Pacific Northwest like that and then came back out said he was wrong, it didn't happen, but the reality is there was one guy. Mistake. He may was in the plural anyway. I'm like that correction was a mistake, but just a good do the people like people, people love us into his pocket. Interesting, and he's genuinely trying to be honest with you, so when the media,
out and lies like crazy. Now you ve got something special, because there are regular people. Look I, what are the Joe Rogan podcast several times, times and there are people who are like. I thought tomb was this: you know unbiased voice when he appeared on Rogan then I went to his channel and realize he's just a right wing, hack or whatever. Ok, you see. The issue is on job Rogan show you have a lot of people who are uninitiated normie, regular people who don't know the detail of say like the Ukraine, Ukraine, skin. Joe Biden and the multiple investigations into charisma for corruption that work I'm going in that were ended when Joe Biden demanded a grid quid pro quo are people who will hear me, I'm Joe Rogan talk about basic things and talk about what's wrong with tromp and his behaviour and and and the problems of the Democratic Party lobby like there you go then look gentle words higher love
and more esoteric commentary will be like what is this? My serious? It happens these regular people. Now, if you come to them- and you say- hey- it's not true Donald Trump, the fair, the very fine people thing is not real. Donald Trump did not call white nationalist, very fine people, he said quote vacant, we condemned totally they'll say that's not true. I know it's not your long. I hate. I hate Donald Trump. Neither long about Joe Rogan again, but this time it's much much more yes so the way I see it as we did a thousand more stories like this about Joe Rogan talk about horse de warmer, because regular people who don't believe it and think you're being biased. When you call out the media will be like yo they're lying about Joe Joe fills stadiums, his easy women data that they did, that where they do that had a stadium shone like tens of thousands of people yeah
rolling stones as crazy times Joe Rogan got covenant a cocktail of meds, including a horse dormer. The only thing I can say is: who cares? It's none of your business if he goes to a doctor and a doctor makes a decision for him, that's it I thought we were supposed to be all about bodily autonomy and pro choice and so have Joanna into the dark and the doktor he's a red do up! I'm a doctor, I'm not going to say anything about it, positive or negative. Just the media's lying about. What's going on, euro density, tested power, did it for carbon and then imbibed an array of drugs, try and fight it, including the horse. former? I reckon you see. This is crazy thing. Did you ask Joe for comment? Did his doctor recommend certain things regeneration? Ok, let me pull over general us make sure we get up your regenerate, they say in October, seventh drop posted a five minute. Video twitters reasserting this drugs should be free to say
they were general filed with the FDA for emergency use, authorization in the filing specified that are currently at fifty thousand doses and that it expected to reach a total of three hundred thousand doses when the next few months, the FDA. And approval for emergency use authorization in November twenty twenty. This is monoclonal anti bodies right right here, monoclonal antibodies, regenerates they ve got I believe it it's ef. I thought it was FDA approved. Let me let me see them anything up here. I don't know if it's fully FDA approved, but it does say it is. It is you for emergency use, use authorization and a treatment for covered Joel and came out and mentioned. He got a bunch of other drugs, you pack and stuff, but the first thing he said his monoclonal antibodies. So did he go to the doktor, the dockers this is an emergency youth author authorized treatment for covert, and you should take it, and that was the real issue and maybe the doktor said here is why I recommend these things yet, for all you know Joe Rogan was a
after and use, I think I got covered in the doktor was like we'll take monoclonal anti bodies and then also for your butt parasite years. I've Romagna our no. I must stop there. But I love how the media play this game to get out. You gotta go to Google, Joe Rogan, as he has covered, took widely discredited drug Iver Mechlin, widely discredited. I've met and has not been approved by the FDA for used to treat covered. Have had people on TIM cast Iron Horse war, proponents of it- and I have not been convinced ok and there, and there are people who very much thank its ineffective, but the truth is I've got a story from Reuters, Oxford University experts, where's anti parasitic drug ironic, that has covered nineteen treatment. There are many studies saying they ve seen positive results and there are many studies saying they ve seen nothing. There are some.
people saying that concern as people could take too much the amount you need is too high or ultimately it's just inconclusive, because there's too many different studies, so a lot of people have said that You know they believe. The reason I remarked and is being restricted is because any alternative treatment then You know they can't have their emergencies, authorization for the vaccines. It is true- according to the FDA, if there is an approved and effective treatment for a disease or reno circumstance whatever? Then you cannot have emergency use authorization, but that isn't an argument, my friends, because they just credit emergencies- authorization private sector- if they wanted to its because there's conflicting studies and a lot of people think that some get big conspiracy. I really really don't, but I also met just don't think it matters all that much. If someone else doc, someone's doktor makes a decision for them
My business monoclonal antibodies regenerate our under EU. I believe so. If yours, if you're like this one ever take, since then, why do they have regenerate available? Ok, it's expense I guess is that David is expensive, but it exists. If- reality. Was they didn't want there to be an alternate treatment that they could still put Ivan like an under EU? A emergencies authorization at just like regenerate is, I think, the issue. Is there still exploring it? It's not easy. I don't owe to tell you I'm not a doctor. I'm out here giving advice. Roy writer says the University of sports and on Wednesday, that was testing anti parasitic drug Iver MAC than as a possible treatment for covered nineteen as part of a british government backed study that aims to recoveries in non hospital settings. They say back then resulted in a reduction of virus replication in laboratory studies, the university said and in a small pilot showed give me drug early could reduce viral load and the duration of in some patients with mild covered nineteen dubbed principle
study in January showed that antibiotics as thither, moisten and doktor cycling were generally ineffective against early stage cove at night here is the issue I have with this. We had Doktor Chris Martens and very very small on the show on TIM Cast, I, or rather we did it in them where's, only section, because you took his ban happy on, even though this video will get this bit Bisbee, I'm like a ban, but he said like here all of these studies sang ever make. That is good and I pulled him up and sure enough. There are studies saying this just like this one. It says that reduces viral application
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It is this that this this assessment by universities, as those studies are no good, Their methodology was bad news like all well, you know you can trust that, and then I pulled up a study that sad basic, that a bunch of studies. That said, I remarked and didn't work and was told well that science is bad and, unlike If I can do a Google search- and I find a story, says yea and a story says nay- who am I to distant arbitrarily- decide which one is true incorrect and it becomes very political and tribal. So let me just seriously just break this down once and for all in the stuff, because the media lies all the time for Loki. Let me show you this. Let me show this Newsweek I'm from twenty fifteen I've remarked in drug for parasitic diseases developed by Nobel Prize winners, could also control malaria long. seeing pill that release as malaria drug for two weeks, a game changer once again about Iver Mountain Anti Parasitic, August you know it's just once I could make your blood doubled the mosquitoes once again time I ever met and Nobel Prize
winning drug. I ever met in may fight malaria, five years ago, meeting Bill Campbell than prize winner for for medicine because of ivory actin. Nobody here, there's one Nobel Prize awarded to three scientists for parasite fighting ferris. When the media comes out and says horse de warmer, oh and over and over again, it's like the past few years didn't even happen. I've remarked in having one Nobel prizes is meaningless. The way Reuters puts it is correct and very simple. There exploring anti parasitic drug ivory acting as a covert nineteen treatment. I do not believe there is this grand conspiracy, because I mean maybe whatever our no, I don't, I don't believe in conspiracies regenerate exists and Joe Rogan? able to take monoclonal Andy about I'm assuming was regenerated brand names. I don't exactly but Joe says it that he got pretty.
An emergency use authorization. You know FDA Eu Ay medical treatment for treating covered and he feels butter other stuff, instead of saying that regenerate works or it helps people? You know a bait, the worst symptoms, They come out just just a horse warmer fifty million times, but I won't make sure I stress that this this point for all of you, because I want you to be. A lot of people are gonna hate on me for their comments. But let's talk about the truth, if I ever met in was as effective as people thought it was. The FDA could implement. Margin, see use authorization. I believe for the most part that they don't know if it actually is going to work, in which case there like ok, if we, if we, if we have to tell people here, are things that can help what We do well there. They very heavily promote the vaccine for one. Despite
now I M not saying, there's booster requirements and things like that, I think that rocks people's confidence absolutely eight year, your beat you probably studies out talking about the efforts advocacy being reduced than boosters being required, and people are gonna, stop trusting it, but hey guess what they they'll. Have the EU on these things, because there is no effective treatment right. There's no approved alternative treatment, which means you also have rejected emergencies, authorization. I hope you understand my point regenerate the FDA, believes works. Joe Rogan took effect, I don't know if it was exactly we generally took monoclonal antibodies, which is what regenerates and Joe Rogan feels better. I'm not here to play tribal pilot, I'm not here to be like the government is doing things because they there their evil or the Democrats. I am here to criticise people who are hypocrites. I'm here to criticise the medium here to point out that both the Democrats will come out say their pro choice all day.
Night and that you should have full medical economy for your body. Unless it comes. It seems that there should be mandates. How about this New York City, implementing regenerate mandate or or whenever? Ultimately, let me just say, I don't know, I'm not a doctor, but I can easily point out at least one hole in the whole ivory acted thing: ok, regeneration exists. It is an alternative to the vaccine in terms of treating covered. Why wouldn't they do the same for Hydroxyl clerk when a driver makin if they thought that to be the? ass. Some people say because I respect it is cheap and people want to make money. Well. Capitalism, man profit motive. Knowledge of that I understand for sure, but I just I can't make those assumptions right. I have talked to people about this I understand it's lot, alot of people more scientists or smaller than we will make these claims, but am just supposed to believe
there's like a good and evil going on in some people are lying for some reason in some people aren't and these other science. to our saying it was inconclusive, are doing so because they want to help a private pharmaceutical company. Yo you getting deep and you I can sum you're making some assumptions that I can't get to by all means your freedom, whatever you want. Take everything I've I've said and if you disagree with me, use that arm yourself in future arguments and then have these questions ready. But ultimately, what comes down to his The media claims I remarked in his just horse de warmer. Regular people can see that and they can see Joe Rogan, sad to his his his legions of fans because video, I don't views at God. Probably has millions of views on his instagram just got thirteen million followers, his other videos just doing like little little like tidbits gets like two million, and there you like. Oh, he did a bunch of these things. Ok good for him. Instead of saying that an FDA approved emergency use, treatment, monoclonal anti bodies helped Joe Rogan overcome this. They
Please say he took a cocktail of medicine horse de warmer, so regular people see it they're gonna be like YO. That's that's that's complete bs. Now is the problem. Why, as you too good a ban me or anybody else for talking about the stuff because of the media, because the media lies so this video make me pull down whatever we gotta talk about the truth, we gotta tell the truth. That's that's what needs to happen You can see it's all becoming overtly political, candy silence your eye of the twitter that this should Kennison gotta email. I have just learned of this testing request. The owner of this business, I'm going to refuse this booking and deny service. We cannot support any one who has pro actively work to make the pandemic worse by spreading, information, politicizing and discouraging the wearing of masks and actively dissuaded people from receiving lifesaving vaccinations. The only The local testing option is the freak he asked by City Hall. They might
test there. They male tat they made their task to Texas and have inconsistent result times, do not take appointments, so it's walkin only midday weekdays in their back out. It's insane my team and myself have over time to exhaustion, unpaid and underpaid this past year, spreading our own capital to ensure that a community remains protected. It would be unfair to them and to the sacrifices we have all made this year to serve you. My friends, with a lot of people come on the TIM guest I'll pack cast, we ve got some one different every Monday to Friday. No one here has gotten sick and I'm glad that's the case. We have had guessed to have gotten sick in the past and I think we have one gas to around a month or two after appearing did get covered. We ve met people who come on the show and talk about their experiences. Getting covet YO, it's bad. I must
the apocalypse? But I think even why I think was Mikhail Petersen. I'm not, but we had a lot of people who are just like explaining what it was like when they got covered. It sounds bad man. It's like double flitting. Worse than the flu right, I've had the flu before its offline. one anything worse than that, even if it does have. You know four for someone at my age group a low risk factor. It's like I don't want to get it out. I want to get sick. Peoria got work to do men, so I put it this way. I think we can. We can be reasonable people and take stuff seriously and have honest conversations about what. Medication and you know what things seem to make sense, but ultimately it's down to you and your doktor period, no matter what that's that's, that's always been the position I've been in for four basic, everything because I dont want the government intervening and Eleanor that line is where the government does intervene. I just think you ve got tribal politics playing every Joe Rogan, is com,
virtual so say I think, CNN set it he's not he's the most popular podcast. Her ears, like the biggest Joe it's bigger than all late night cable shows bigger than Tucker Karlsson. All that stuff, pretty shirts, bigger the doktor for sure and that's what people want listen to was the conversations that want to listen to And so you know what, if we're going to wake people up to the lies, the media I'm glad there they're saying over in Oregon horse medicine when I remarked that is a noble one, some scientists, the Nobel Prize and its also true, it's not after proved and there's no emergency use authorization and you can believe is whatever you want. You believe. Whatever reason you want as to why that is I'm not going to make assumptions about ten or draw any conspiracy theories on the case. I just don't know We know, as you will not come to me for medical advice, and if you take issue with your doktor because you dont like them, you got a bad doc
we ve had conservatives Trop supporters on the show who have trumped supporting conservative doctors, who go to their doctors and get medical advice ended varies sometimes doctor says you're ineligible because of this underline condition, or they recommended, even when their trump supporting conservative doctors YO. I just the culture war is ruining everything and you might not, like your doktor, find a good doctor that you can know, entrust your doktor about what you see in the media. Ask them these questions see how they respond and make Sure you are in a situation where you trust the other products. I'll tell you that the more the media puts out this garbage the more people of the more they so distrust and what we need more than anything, is for you not to trust me on these things. Question me challenge me: you need a trust people close to you and not the internet, people and the tv people and the tv doc
I'll leave it there. Next segments coming up at one p m on this channel, thanks for rang out and I'll see you all, then. I'm sure you ve heard the story of we spa a woman film. The video complaining that a man had exposed himself to children and that people were upset and uncomfortable. And working at these spots sad that they can't discriminate on the basis of gender identity. So there's nothing. They can do that's the law in California. Well, on the left, Maine free media. They said it was a hoax, it was alive and four showed up and began beating people who protest in this country a sick, my friends it turns out. Now it wasn't a hoax. There wasn't belie. It was true. The individual who expose themselves to the children and other women has been charged with several felony, counts of indecent exposure. I believe I will well we'll get it,
all the nitty gritty on the charges, but they have been charged the now claiming its transgender harassment. but this person apparently has a previous record now before get into this story. I want to point something out as to why the segment so important armada, conservative. It is not a conservative position. To say funders should not expose themselves to kids, but this country is sick and this is evidence of it. Why I've been tweeting about pro choice and the traditionally Berlin, socially liberal values. But the issue is we take a look at this chart? They they put together of economic positions, verses social positions conservative trump supporters were diverse among Trump support They were mostly not woke and economically left and right. The credit party, the vote, those who voted for Hillary Clinton were over welcoming lose twenty. Sixty miles,
overwhelmingly and the economic laughed and socially left category what this means. There is a truth to what happened, an individual was angry, that a bias ethical male had exposed themselves to children. Violation of almost every single social norm, people expect Believin desire demand. Now there is a large faction of individuals who believe that there should be no gender segregation as they call it. That's why, when this woman filmed what happened with the Indian suppose, you're a man walks up to her and says it was a true person. You know, you're being bigoted, and the woman Filming says: no, it wasn't as it turns out. It was an offender. I will get. What will break the story, When I come out and say the mainstream media is lying to you. They are say: that's a conservative position. When I come, and say this. story is false. They'll, say, ah, TIM doesn't criticise. Conservatives well you're the issue is concerned.
lives, have different values than I do in some regards, and I argue with them and we had a big he on religion on TIM, guess, Tyrrell, with zero Sidney. Watson illusion for even me Lydia it was. It was of a thousand amazing conversation. We disagree, but we're not line to each other. We might be wrong, but we're not lying to each other No. There are conservatives who lie there, conservatives who are stupid, but if I issue with some one is that we fundamentally disagree on a value on a policy or value issue as long as well conversation, I can say we need to find a compromise. We d find a way to live, but when the issue is, the left is lying to your face and empowering offenders who abuse children and I say what, how you are you making these assertions, they'll say you're right wing, the only explanation. So then they say
TIM talks about how we want to universal health care and how he supported tolls, he gathered and Andrew Yang that doesn't change anything because he opposes the machine. That's what's really about do support the cult, So right now I guess it is true. There are left and right this country, if you fine, left and right as either. You are a blind ignoramus who believes whenever you're told that I guess that's the left. If that's how you want to find it If you are a discerning individual who challenges the news as presented, then I suppose you are on or on the right, and you are right. Look right, like you're, right, you're, correct you the story, and I want to show you what the media does and why country is broken and sick from then your post, offending suspect, claims, transgender harassment, and we spoke case in June A group of women complain that a person who identified as a female expose their private to the we spot in LOS Angeles. The incident led to me,
of sometimes violent protests with media outlets, declaring an example of bias against the transgendered or even that it didn't happen. Slate said it was a trans phobic hoax, but on Monday charges of indecent exposure were discreetly filed against AIDS. real offender for the Wii spot incident, following an investigation by the LAPD. Andy, no reporting, excellent work, any sort Is it with knowledge of the case but not authorized to speak publicly say for women and men there came forward to allege that daring at a edgy, moray Jour was partially while well does excited, because I keep family friendly was excited in the woman section of we Spock besides being assessed. In this case marriage, facing multiple felony charges of indecent exposure over a separate incident and allay marriages whose look exclusively to the post denies, allegation and
she is actually the victim of transport phobic harassment on June twenty three, several when confronted staff at the we spot allay Koreatown over accused. Since that a person exposed their male private in the women section. Of the interaction was posted following down Instagram by women using the name, cuban angel quote: it's ok A man to go into in section shows you know around the other woman young little girls under age in your spanish. Yes, the staff he's a man he's a man, the three and a half minute video was reported across social media and probably went viral. You about an angel spoke at a press conference in July Seventh Pasadena next to her attorney as I was walking, I notice something that was really disturbing, something that caused me to feel that I was transport it into the men's locker room. The woman said. She said some women and girls were uncomfortable began, putting their robes back on. She complained to staff where the video was recorded, but they legally could not do anything because of California law. We, as women have rights to be safe in public
bases and they are being violated by men. She said now is pause and just say this: because, as the law does mean right now, In this regard, you gotta very serious challenge. Boss. Add we won't do anything because it's the law, that's not true the laws. You can't description, But when you see an individual and you make when you can discern as individual is not genuine, then you can act in fact. Dare I say, offenders like this, make it harder for trans people to actually get those rights there's, a meme and it shows a very affectionate wearing female clothes with you know, breast thing walking in the men's room. It says the future conservatives want and unlike it's actually a good points right, there are issues we need to contend with as we deal with trans people in ensuring that they have safe spaces and you know are being fairly treated, but there are very difficult questions that must be answered when you have a clear
ace as its founder of someone who is clearly violating what the law, the Spirit of the law, then you should intervene and say you are ruining the She would like the actual spirit of what we're trying to do with this. persons, a serial offender non. Look, I'm going to be arbiter of morality. So I don't know, I tell you this p should stand up, speak up, and say no when they are being told to to apply fascistic. Shifting decrees are things like that? They gonna say the videos follow weeks of sometimes violent, face off between right wing and evangelical christian protesters. At the we spot and anti thought and far left counter protesters on July or police formed a line, a separate the two groups. Forty people were arrested, the LAPD so far. Confirmed few details about the we spot Incident Inquiry centre, the department we're bonded with statements. Hang investigation is ongoing. Then this week,
A warrant was issued in L, a county for the arrest of fifty two year. Old Darin manager of Riverside California, based on five felony counts of exposure in connection with the we spot incident. As of publication, marriage has not been arrested. Everything about the we spot was a boy of garbage and lies. Merrier said in an interview, She says she is legally female in California and was in a jacuzzi and the women section when she was accosted by cuban angel never saw me naked eye. underwater with water all went to my chest: marriages, as ever being excited around children at the spot, she says she is actually the victim of harassment by trends, phobic women at the spot, and therein lies a very big problem. There are multiple witnesses who have come forward on the side of cuban angel. In which case may Your is innocent until proven guilty, but you can see the problem. People are not that these ideas that are being put forward. These laws are being put in place. I'm sorry, but most people don't agree with
whether it's right or wrong. Why do you think it's morally right or wrong? The people are saying no, the challenging it and I think that's what five plaintiffs in this case or or witnesses, I should say they say lawn force sources revealed. Marriage is a tier one, registered offender with two prior convictions of a decent exposure stemming from from incidents in two. And two and two thousand three in California? She declined comment on the convictions and that's a reference to marriage or into this night she was convicted for owing to register as an offender you see where this goes. It goes way way way back. It says to me that the Cuban an angel is not the bad guy here, but the victim a law passed by California. Democrats that went to effect this year replaced the States lifetime registration requirement with a tiered sis. the law allows lower tiered offenders to petition to be removed from the list. However,
Roger is not eligible to do ongoing criminal charges. She also has a long criminal history in California that includes nearly a dozen felony convictions for crimes, ranging from offences and burglary and escape you know, keep it friendly, so we'll adult trying to keep things family friendly. As best I can. I like I want your kids to walk stuff. In addition to marriages, new felony charges over indecent exposure, she is also facing six felony counts of unease at exposure over a separate locker room incident in December. Twenty eighteen allay county prosecutors, accuse marriage or of a decent. closure to women and children in a changing area, a swimming pool in West Hollywood Park, marriage or claims to dinner. is female, so she can access women's locker rooms and showers read an internal flyer by the Allay County Sheriff Department. That was sent to law enforcement apartments. In summer California, in late twenty eighteen marriage or as pleaded not guilty to all six counts inter next court date for the incident is on September, eighth, marriage or told law enforcement she's transient
but bail was set at a hundred thousand dollars in early in and eighteen, which was paid marriage or says her open cases involving accusations of unease. Exposure show a pattern of abuse from state and society that punishes transgender people you allowed, in general and to go in there, and then people simply claim indian closure and your arrested, but two thousand to two thousand three marriage says he is speaking with Progressive California, lawmakers, like State Senator Scott Winner, in the hope that they can. In state law to better protect trans people, quote If you go into an area where you're expected to be nude, there has to be an indecent exposure exemption. She says marriage says she may file complaints or loss, it's for the discrimination. She says she has been made. for by law enforcement and women in the weekend. In the we spot she says she has, But in contact with the Allay county district attorney since learning the warrant and plans to turn herself in one of them You say about all of this: Let me show you are, let me show you some of this
pity under scrutiny for excessive force and we Spock confrontation Wiess, look at us we ve got cops. We spot protests, demonstrators bob I am against city of allay alleging excessive force by police, proud boys and girls. Non exposed, dangerous hatred of trans people at we spot it goes on and on and on go on and on and on. So it turns out this individual going back almost twenty years ago is a registered. A thunder was on similar things in the past, the police believe this person is only feigning being transgender to gain acts maybe a true. Maybe persons been trans the whole time and just protest by going in and demanding the space for Trans people. I'm sure that lot of activists will say. But I'm not I'm not sure, that's relevant in the long run. The point is whether you think there should be gender segregation are not right. Now the people do, and there is really interesting question.
About this, because this goes to show you that the issue necessarily segregation it something else. You know back in the day. We had very similar cases pertaining to race in the civil its movement. They said we should not have you no mixed race, things or whatever, and I think they were wrong The reason they were wrong is that the difference between race are, for the most part, only skin, deep and safe, for the most part are recognized at some people are polar, shorter, have different kinds of hair colored eyes, but it's mostly just skin deep. If people are going to share, bases. I don't see why we said on the basis of race, religion, national origin. That makes no sense to me. But I understand the biological differences of biological Saxon understand why these traditions and norms exist and the channel. Is right. Now
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then an adult harbour. The stock is this, is this? Is this? Is it these are challenging more questions? The left would say, segregation was wrong when it came to raise its wrong when it comes to our people should be allowed to freely occupies, occupies spaces that discrimination- and this is going into the Trans humanist argument where people say your body is not what makes you Do your soul! Your internal self is what makes you you and we should not discriminate against people for anything. You know he should be allowed to use. Facilities are in the public, and that's actually fairly interesting, because, based on a lot of the arguments, heard about segregation in the past. It would apply here just because you have women who are offended that a man is coming in, or trans woman but what was on a circumstance doesn't mean they have a right to demand segregation back during right aggregation. You had white women outrage that black women or men would be coming into their areas and say that shouldn't be allowed their segregation, but segregation based on race is wrong.
And yet, I think its fairly simple right now, where we as a society, there is an obvious limitation to. national origin, race and gender in many respects, but there are still differences. There's a challenge here I can only say this as that much cuz, it's that much, but so long as men tend to be larger. Long. I'm sorry, soldiers, males tend to be larger, tend to have more muscle mass tend to have more college. I think they actually have double the college and stronger et Cetera, there's a reason why we create a safe space because biological sex is it exists and there are biological distinctions and me oh mass bone density centre of gravity. All of these things play a role in physical capabilities. So we say for this reason: it's why it's a different when it comes to race. Now some people might argue, but TIM, some people. And raise our shorter or whatever, and it's like yeah. Well, there's there's exceptions, there's rules and I think, for the most part, United States, the differences between races are are much subdued
really more minuscule, and although there may be some people are bigger or taller. I dont know if we with, if, if that ever, if it makes sense to play that game What what I'm trying to get at is sometimes we might say segregation. wrong, and here is the reason why and if we try to deconstruct it to a great extent, you'll find people poking holes in your argument in an attempt to say what you're saying isn't really right or wrong and that's I admit ITALY, there is that you know what we're dealing with analogue versus digital we're dealing with waveforms verses. You know particle forms we're dealing with. Can we quantify the exact moment? We decided why this wrong and why it's wrong? Or do we know it when we see it not have all the answers, it really don't I just think for the most part, people who owe our men, people who are or male people, more female have by biological differences and people war, female have requested save spaces.
There is this, this ideological divide and one side is going to win, and I gotta be honest. I wouldn't be surprised if it's the left on this one because of the arguments that already exist against racial segregation and segregation based on any other issue when they say get a scrutiny on the basis of race, national origin, gender etc. When they had the ruling of plus. Even Ferguson when they said separate, but equal that same principle. Still applied to men and women to males and females that the courts have basically said it is discrimination if a bathroom and don't let women and it is discrimination, if you the bathroom, don't let men in, but it is not discrimination. When you have a I am for men and a bathroom for women and their both able to use the bathroom the problem. There is that's the argument they use for segregation. Racial segregate So you tell me how you nap navigate this one, and I tell you it is difficult because there are, there are many differences that well
Maybe the issue, I suppose, isn't necessarily race is into the same as biological sacks. I think this by these twitter put it it's a very difficult conversation. I consider fifty billion times, but this is kind of a collection of genetic genetics that result in, for the most part outward appearance and certain characteristics like height or or otherwise. You know to Scandinavia ever was taller than me. I went to Thailand. Everyone was shorter than meat, because genetics play a role in people's development in their lives, but. There could be a lot of people who are you know Asian, who are very tall, very short so we decided you know we're not gonna. Do that the differences between race aren't as pronounced. We dont think its right to do this between men and women. There are exceptions to the rule, but for them part, if you say everybody who is a man, everyone, you know, tell her room to line up from tools to shortest and will be mostly. The men followed by mostly women being shorter, I would just say it's: it's their more pronounced biological differences between men and women, but I will also contain
the argument simply that separate, but equal among genders is there is, is except x, is acceptable. I think you're gonna run to very serious problems with that argument, because we want to stand on what the law says. What the principle is about. Segregation is a very, very, very easy solution to this family and individual. Changing rooms in showers done problem solved about this incident in a big locker room was a bunch of different showers. You have a bunch of individual stalls, so it's the same exact room, but there are doors on the stalls and so an individual can walk and open the door locked behind them and then go about their business in private. This, I believe, would protect trans people, it would protect biological males, biological females, and I don't see the problem is in fact many places have done problem solved. You know, I am not a fan of big open bathing areas anyway. How about that and I suppose the challenges we are dealing with a spar and you have lots of people moving about naked and the only
solution. I supposed all of this is that dont? Let people walk around, make it anymore and you get you get a challenge either we say you can't discriminate on the basis of sex or you. And then you tell me how we solve that problem, I get it. Traditionalists can but I will say we simply separate males and females are right progressive will say you can't do that. That's wrong! Okay! So what do you do? I don't know I really really dont know why think this country is headed down a dark path, because these divides can't be amended already, I notice we people commenting Sanctum you're wrong its evil. It's terrible that doesn't mean people I thanked him you're wrong your evil, terribly Transphobia and all that stuff and my goal, the simply to make sure we can. Together live together peacefully, peaceably and and Prague like progress and pursue happiness and all of those things how we do that? I don't know, I can't say one very, very important
it appears that this individual initial case of we spot is a known cereal repeat: offender registered is not the case of a Trans person in good. Are our earnest. You know wanting to be left alone just going to a spot, as is the case of an individual who, according the police, does this specifically to expose themselves. multiple when assessing individual was excited. If you know what I mean, so we to make sure that when we talk about the nuances, aggregation, we're talking about the nuance in these cases as well, is this person truly a trance presently be discriminated against or is this an offender exploiting the system for gain? Like many conservatives complained about and ward about in the first place, because the laughed refuse to acknowledge the reality I'm calling it fear mongering. Was it alley times mongering about sports, conceals discrimination against a Trans community and of course they gonna talk about the we spy. Actually only pull this one up
They say in June a woman at a woman at the Wiesbaden, Allied recorded our reactions, a rate of the staff after she claims sheets you'd seen a man go to them. In section exposing himself protesters clashed in the streets, two people were stabbed and conservative pundits wrung their hand. the prospect of women and children being preyed upon by men who could pose s transgender women. How many times Have we heard this harmful and baseless trope and there it is baseless, harmful that turned out to be true, this country, a second, it's broken, I'm not hamanaka pregnant pretend, Have all the answers we are entering this this era where, if we follow through anti discrimination laws that we have to uphold them the same as we would for any person. I think, back to Frederick Douglass. He had in his great quote where he challenged Americans to live by the words they themselves had written.
All men are created equal and that was his argument against slavery. Do you actually believe that or is it just for you and he was proven right? No, it's for everybody. So when we write you that that there you you can't discriminate on the basis of these characteristic. which we include sex, that how do we still have men, manual rooms and women's rooms, because society didn't want to let that one go. They didn't want to say, ok now cause even even the race Rachel Justice activists were like. Ok, that one we understand with an ok with, but at times change and a growing fast and says we? We don't want this anymore. I think it's fair to cite the younger generation will contain racists and you will probably end up with just read up unisex bathrooms moving forward, which is why
maybe the solution is you have the same locker room but instead of like just open showers, you put up walls with doors. It really is that simple, isn't it? I don't have all the answers. My friends, I really really don't just some things to think about. Let me know what your thoughts based on what I was saying and I'll see you on the next event, coming up at four p: DOT M over at Youtube: dot com, Timcast thanks for hanging out I'll, see you then.
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