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S537 - Rush Limbaugh Has Passed Away, Leftists Post Vile Attacks Against Him Gloating Over His Passing


Rush Limbaugh Has Passed Away, I Am Saddened By The Vile Disrespect From The Left And Must Speak Out. News outlets reporting on the passing of Rush Limbaugh even went as far to denigrate and display vile attacks and disrespect.Democrats may have reason to criticize Rush Limbaugh but it is no excuse for gloating and insulting the man.Conservatives are not perfect but relishing in death is an exception not the rule. For Leftists it seems to be the rule and not the exception.We speak well of the dead in order to preserve the good we saw from them. We want positivity and goodness to prevail.

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Rush Limbaugh today passed away at the age of seventy after a long battle with lung cancer. Many of you probably you know who he is is where the most influential people in the world, where the most influential political personalities and he revolutionized talk radio. He lost his life and I gotta say I've, never a fan of rush limber, I'm not thing. I didn't like him, I'm saying I never really listened to his shout. A lot of people have been putting messages sang rest in peace and I actually agree my condolences to his family and wish them all the best. But many b I put a message saying that for conservatives he was that one voice that provided some kind of comfort. This idea that they weren't alone in what they were saying, and I
that feeling I see the news stories every day. I see the manipulation, the lies and it's frustrating. It feels like sometimes we're going crazy when we just know that's not true for many people, they said rush Limbaugh, provided that voice. That made everything kind of make sense to them and also show them that they weren't alone in their beliefs. I've never been a staunch conservative. There are some positions I probably take that are probably conservative, mostly libertarian and probably left leaning a lot of people like to comment that they can't stand by economic policy positions and as a good thing, I want to present an chamber or just have people who agree with everything I come and listen to to me, but I will be the first to admit there probably would be a TIM cast, podcast, podcasting or even the IRA, podcast, or maybe even Joe Rogan without on one like rush limber interesting.
The Washington post recently compared Joe Rogan, say to Russia by saying that he may be the next rush limber, which is strange when you think about the politics of the endeavour, jewels, but you know what kind of understand that I do know right now. The news coverage of Russian boss passing is I mean it's? It's horrifying actually,. I saw these stories coming out, insulting denigrating disparaging and I saw a rush. And I see the the twitter trends- and I don't want to say anything bad about the man now want to say good things about him. I've never listened to rush limber I've. Never so maybe that's a criticism. The left can bring up saying TIM? Does it truly understand just how how awful he was? But I've heard so much from the left, so much hatred and anger when things like this happen. In the wake of the news, I tweeted something positive.
Rush limbo voiced himself several times, even for a full episode of family guy, and I think that's amazing Family guy is something that regular people like it's a pop culture reference its jokes, it's funny and to regular p, seeing rush limbo as this character, making fun of himself and also work, professionally and essentially cordially and friendly with other staunch liberals like Sath Macfarlane, I mean that's an optimistic scenario, I should say it is a situation that gave me hope that you don't even We really really might not like each other. We can still get along laugh at ourselves and move forward and will keep that political fight going. But, of course, the left just wants to attack, obviously that every single one-
but there was one tweet from that Walsh. Conservative personality any said, attacking those disparaging those who have died is the exception on the right, not the rule, but on the left, it's the rule. I dont want to be true. Unfortunately, I think he's correct. Be true, because I dont want to create content where I'm just saying. Ah, you know, only one side is the bad side, because they're doing the exact same thing but think the hard reality is. I mean, there's a tendency For this to be the case, I'm going to prove it to you. I first read to you good things about rush limber now explain why junk huger of the young Turks tweeted this the idea that you say artificially nice things about people after the diet is weird I've, never under stood the logic of it. Rush limbo was a terrible person. While he was alive, he made a living by it. Packing the powerless his death does not in any way
or redeem that I think Jen Sugar is a peddler of hate. I think he generates negativity. I think His show is just outwardly mean a nasty. I understand that I've probably had my fair sheriff situations arrived on done. Similarly, and I've actively been trying to avoid that as of late. I do think, however, for the several years. I have very much tried to avoid being a nasty person. Typically, when I talk about someone like junk huger. I tried to at least complement them to a certain degree, because I don't want to make justice you're the bad guy you're the evil kind of content. Recently did a segment talking about Jenk Huger, where I believe he was wrong, but I pray tat, because he made some good points and that's that's the idea now. Why would we say good things about someone we dont like? Why would too poor aunt I wore zealot actually
say nice things about John Mccain when he passed, and I did and conservatives did not appreciate- is nobody liked the guy populist right and left. They really despise John Mccain, but I still said nice things about him and that's why going to read nice things about rush Lim, but I'll tell you why. As I mentioned, I think janky there is a hate peddler, I think the young Turkey is a network where they just try to be nasty thereof, situations where the personalities on that show have said horrifying things just to spit vile and other people and don't get me wrong. Their individuals on the right who do the same thing, I'm not saying rush. Did I didn't listen to rush so by all means criticism? If you want to criticize him if you want to, but I'll tell you this when rush Limbaugh passes, I want his memory to inspire people to do good. As I've long said, when we look at history, we want the bad things to go away.
We want the good things to remain with someone like rush Limbaugh. You may have very valid reasons for criticising him, but when we look back at those who fluency our society. We want to remember them for the best of what they were, not the worst now. Russia Limbaugh may have done bad things, but I want to say good things about them in so that the people who come after us, the children who grow up here stories about what we should be doing. Instead of why we hate, I don't wanna hate. I want positivity and optimism and again I'm not perfect, but that's why we praise people in passing. To be fair, I did see a lot of conservatives just absolutely vital behaviour. Attacking Ruth, better Ginsburg when she passed and, of course I praised her along and storied career ground breaking shut. In glass ceilings. History
king an inspirational. I want Ruth bade her Ginsburg. I want rush Limbaugh. I want these individuals to inspire others. I know some people already be saying: how dare you compare rush Limbaugh to Ruth Bader Ginsburg? They were not on the same level or whatever look Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a Supreme Court justice, okay, very prominent, very powerful historical figure who did amazing things with her life rush. Limbaugh was a conservative personality who gave his opinions and was much more bombastic. Let's be honest, I mean he was on family guy. Doing humorous thinks there is a big difference, but in terms of the inner They will have in the future. I'm not saying they're the same thing or deserve the same. Merit simply saying that I want people to look back at these individuals of info Regardless of whether influence came, TAT comes from and recognise the good things I don't want to prop up the negative the daily mail reports, conservative radio host rush Rushlin dies at seventy one year after mounting stage for lung cancer diagnosis. News
Limbaugh death was announced by his fourth wife, Catherine and his radio show saying quote I know that I am most certainly not the Limbaugh that you tuned into listen to today, Catherine, who was murdered before decade, told his viewers. I, like you very much wish rush was behind this golden microphone right now, welcoming you to another exceptional three hours of broadcasting is with profound sadness. I must share with you directly that our beloved rush, my wonderful husband, passed away this morning. Do complications from lung cancer Limbaugh, who pioneered the conservative media revolution, had been diagnosed with stage for advanced lung cancer back in February twenty twenty days after revealing he had cancer limbo, attended President Donald Trump State of the union, where he was awarded the presidential metal of freedom, First Lady Maloney Trump presented him with a nation's highest civilian honour. After her husband law Limbaugh as a
Special man, beloved by millions of Americans and the greatest fire and winter that you will ever meet limbo, was one of trumps. Most ardent supporters. His first interview since leaving office trump on Wednesday paid tribute to Limbaugh in a phone interview with Fox NEWS rush is irreplaceable. Trump said unique, hit an audience that was massive people, whether they loved him or not. They respected him despite his diagnosis, limp continued to houses, radio show which had been in national syndication since nineteen eighty eight throughout much of last year, he had vowed to do his program as normally and as competently as he could, while undergoing treatment. He missed only a few shows in October. In his last broadcast of two thousand and twenty Limbaugh thanked his listeners for this support. As he opened up about his fight with terminal cancer, I wasn't expected to be alive today. He said I wasn't expected to make it to October and then to November and then to December, and yet here I am and today got some problems, but I'm feeling pretty good today. Tributes immediately poured in from high profile report
Publicans and conservatives, including Donald Trump Jr, who called them a true american legend, unflinchingly conservative wildly partisan, bombastic bombastically, promoting and larger than life Limbaugh galvanized listeners for more than thirty years with his talent for recuperation and sarcasm. They have this old photo from talk. Radio, a hundred k, Ksev K S, Easy Houston, essays radio show became nationally syndicated nineteen eighty eight and quickly built a large and committed following making a wealthy in the process The estimated income Forbes twenty was, four million dollars make putting him only behind behind. We Howard Stern among personalities, he called himself in entertainer but as monologues during his three hour weekday show broadcast on nearly six hundred US stations shaped the national political conversation, swaying ordinary Republicans in the direction of their party. I don't remember people for the horrifying things they may have said or done. I don't want to
amber people, you know in politics for the mistakes they made. I am not talking about a atrocious monsters of history. I'm talking about powerful political figures. Who have influenced our country in a way that millions of people liked there's a challenge, and all of this there are historical figures were in politics, are just downright evil, but listen nobody's perfect. Is there tendency to do good rush. Limbaugh said some bad stuff. That's my understanding. Sure everybody does, though I mean the left on Twitter, they say horrifying things, but was rush. Limber Limbaugh, encouraging people to love this country and fight for it. I believe the answer to that is very sad. Yes, was he and an awful authoritarian, desperate who is destroying the lives? No lives of of innocent Americans? No Political opinions can get dicey because often we find ourselves at odds with each other and the left often occur
just people on the right of being bigoted and hateful and try to take away people's rights, and sure there are many things you can criticise, rush Limbaugh for, but right now recognised that in this country there there are probably why to hunt some odd million hundred hundred twenty million conservatives or people. At least in that direction, who respect what rush all had to say as a prominent american personality, Fortunately, is why I bring up the family guy thing. I mean, let me show you this before I go into. The news is important: okay. I know that that that these left us. They just want to hate. They want to post nasty stuff on twitter and mock me for saying I loved rush limbo on family guy. He appeared at an episode called excellence and broadcast they say on. The right are Wikipedia excerpt on the rush Limbaugh show in September, twenty seventh, twenty ten limbo explain but he agreed to do the episode based on his continuing friendly relationship with Seth Macfarlane. Commenting south appreciates as a great affection for professionals and we're all professional
You're limbo went on to reveal that he wasn't lists the studio sound both for three or four days at four hours. At a time while recording his lines would episode as well as for the account? musical number, which limber admitted to being something of a challenge. Later on a show limbo wanted to criticise foxes, public relations department. Following a comment by Andrew Bright Bart, accusing the Fox Broadcasting company of burying epochs Let me also admitted, however, there was nothing in the script that he would want them to edit out. The show was funny Limbaugh was self deprecating, I mean the show essentially may fond of him to a certain degree, but it also gave him The allowed him to express some of his more reasonable positions.
Made him. Look like a normal guy. I have tremendous respect for Seth Macfarlane, a very anti trump, staunch liberal, maintaining that friendship, because we cannot we cannot let the divide in this country goes grow so great that we can't recognize the good things in other people. That's what's terrifying about those villains from history's past from from our past, they were the people that wanted to exacerbate the worst in every one and we criticise them for it. And this is what shocking to me. I saw the story from the hill rush Limbaugh dead at so I'm not going to show you what they write and I not going? I'm not going to read to you what they, but I'm not going to read to you what they what they highlight, because I'm just I'm just saddened by this it! It's it's! It's it's it's frustrating to me. When Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed there was enough but respect for this woman from mainstream conservatives and from the left. We came together
and understood the accomplishments of this woman. Even when we did not agree with what she was advocating for animals, me. I'm saying people in this country. We recognize is that we may not like what they do. John Mccain of all people warmonger has a lot to say about that guy. That is not good. Basically, nobody like them- but I was still say nice things about him, his passion for his country fighting for what he believed and because I want those ideas to persist with the next generation and within us, not the bad things. I don't want the bad things to persist. I don't want the bad ideas to be the central point of these individuals. It can be wrong. These people deserve to be criticized sized and they should be- and we can resume criticism later on, but we want to focus on making sure the best of the best persists over the hill. They highlight a ton of tweets from people praising him and
with respect. Burgess Owens says sad to hear of the passing of rush limber, I'm thankful. Conversations over the years and for your voice. You will be missed, left in critics of limbo, also racked. There is of his death on social media, including former democratic candidate Marian Williamson. She twitted, I believe, God who is very tenderly, explaining some things to rush limbo right now Limbaugh, I assume, is very quiet and taking it all in. I respect that one hundred percent Marian Williamson, I think you're awesome. Thank you so much. I think a lot of things. I can criticise you for, and you can criticise me for, but I respect the idea that Marian Williamson wasn't. Negative view of rush Limbaugh simply says: Limbaugh is now meeting. Enderle God who is explaining thanks to him Marion Williamson saying that Russia Limbaugh is in Heaven right now, speaking with God and learning from the things she think thinks that he got wrong and then I look at some of these other messages from people that are asking
how the temperature is down there and just being all around awful and Donald Trump. Did these things too? He talked about o O. As a politician who, I believe who died or I'm sorry woman's husband who died and east He may be looking up yeah. I dont like any of that. Ok. It wasn't nearly as bad to be completely honest, trump me now being bombastic and being who tromp is I've long he needed to learn how to chill things out and calm things down and a lot of people like that. He did that and a lot of people liked ragging on Ruth, better Ginsberg, and I hate all of it with respect to Marian Williamson. That was a beautiful, beautiful sentiment from someone who doesn't like rush limbo. And I you know people then The hell then goes on to show a bunch of really awful things, and I wonder why we need that. I dont think we do over it bright part. They write this talk radio Legend rush Limbaugh dies at seventy. I want to make sure I can
Ross again as Word Yonah. Now, not just passing Middle of the segment. I've not listened to rush Limbaugh, a few things here and there passively, but I've never turned on his show and I'm Are there things he should be criticised for one hundred percent male means. There are many things I should be criticised for. I dont get everything right. All the time but I can at least recognise why we try to respect people in death because it sad and scary thing and we want to respect the feelings of others. The story from bright part is very straightforward. It explains a legend It shows many people cheering them on, and that's it that's what they call him. A legend essay passed away. It said the hill, having imposed the daily beast. Many other outlets make sure into to include all the vile awful behaviour of these leftists. You know the having imposed and the daily beast we're just nasty the hill include
the nasty statements and I'm glad they did because it's a point that needs to be made and shown to people when Limbaugh passes, widely respected in revered by conservatives you can at least say you know how I feel Oh I've, I feel for you. I recognise your pain and that this for Marian Williamson, I think, was an excellent way of being respectful and critical, how many people posted that rush. Limbaugh in howl- and she said he's with god- it's beautiful, because I don't expect her to love the men. But I do. I am glad that the hill at least showed us all of these people are things there saying how awful they are because, as met with stated. Let me read, you met, washes tweet, so I don't remember rest in peace trending in response to any prominent liberals, celebrating death is a left wing thing on the right, it is the exception on the left, the rule there, a death cult,
and they truly want you to die? If you disagree with them, they really do a bit. Bald the least I'm not a fan of unity and pushing that, but the sentiment, the idea from what, from that its true said, bright Bart wrote this of Ruth Beta Ginsburg Supreme Court Justice with better Ginsburg dies at eighty seven. This is bright. Bart Andrew Bite barks publication, one of those prominent conservative outlets in the country. maybe even in the world they write Supreme Court just with Bitter Ginsburg, the high court, most senior liberal justice has died. You the complications, etc etc. The Supreme Court announced announced Friday evening is, from last September, the show the statement from the Supreme Court. They go on to mention that many health issues should twice been diagnosed? Pancreatic cancer mark meadows per This is her a trailblazer dedicated public servant, John, send tucking, multiple sources at confirmed, and that's it that's. It no scathing attack on her character? No,
insults nobody again or laughing or mocking the idea that you may be and how they just didn't do it. But why is it that I go to the Huffington Post rush. Limbaugh, bigoted king of talk, radio dies, he's limbo, Saturated America's airways of cruelty and conspiracies. Do the guy died. Can you at least say one nice thing over the daily beast rush, Limbata human megaphone who hijacked the gnp at seventy marrying shock, jock bravado with Sendiri right wing rhetoric, limbo became, am Radio House Radio's. Most popular talk show host and took an I entirely political, entire political party with him? I love this one. Well, I can certainly respect the insulin of Rush Lamborn Howie influenced Republicans. I can also point, that people who never liked the Republican Party and have nothing but disdain for them. Are now acting shocked or angry that Russia limbo in some way changed the party one post from someone talked about how rush limbo
had created the space for Trump and Trumpism and all this stuff, and I said you never cared about the Republicans before. In fact you hated them. You hate them just as much today. I don't think you actually care about what rush Limbaugh did to the Republican Party. I think many of these people just want to hate. They want to write their hate, they want their hate vocalized now. Look I don't know if it's a fair comparison, Breitbart versus the Huffington Post, perhaps, but I take look at these articles about how Breitbart is willing to write about their enemies or their political adversaries. I should say I don't want to say enemies and how the Huffington Post is willing to do it and it exemplifies what Matt Walsh said on the left. There are people tweeting horrifying things that we see all the time insults, derision, just vile vile behavior,
They don't care, there's no reason to talk to them because they don't care. These are the people who say that conservatives have no empathy, and I find that absolutely hilarious, because I think the inverse is true. I think there are many left us to do have empathy, but I think the most part there being driven by tribal tribal rage. Are the ones who's saying that all conservatives want to do is own the lips and they write article after article after article about it sure they can isolate the exception to that there are many on the right who just want to own the lives they they? They have fun doing it, and many other Many of them are conspiracy listed in coats shore, but that's the exception to the rule. The prominent conservative base has been respectful to the left and the right in passing and the prominent conservative base rejected the conspiracy. The use of a long time ago, but now they
Just demand you bend the need to them while they insult deride attack, they call for unity. While they still do this. I made a tweet about family guy. Why, as I mentioned earlier, regular people can relate to it and what does the left do? They use it to mock and but little my attempts at just saying it's cool. They did this. Who are these? People You know I just genuinely wonder who these people are. I have this story from Hubin Post I was I was planning on reading, but I just want to do it because now is not the time. I am to be insulting a man who is fighting with cancer and just lost his life, an answer of me is upset that even have to bring up the negativity in the first place. But I'll tell you one thing: rush. Limbaugh, has granted us a very important, a very important story in his passing one last message to be sent to everybody to show you what this fight is all about again, never been a fan
Brush limber does not listen to him. Don't have anything really to say. Never. Never was an influence on me. I just did not listen to his show, but this message that's being conveyed now is important because we are what we are all fighting in this culture war for the things we value most now the left is sir, they fighting for something- and I say the left as the generality as the rules that the generality, obviously not everybody on the left. There. Money left, as I really do like and are probably tweeting very nice things. Some of them are being nickel. Marian Williamson was critical and it was it was respectful, and I and I appreciate that, but I fight for freedom and I believe in liberty, I believe in the right of the individual, and that means protecting the minority and minorities. It means protect. That would be oppressed by the state, and that means certain individuals who want their human rights protected deserve it, I lean left on social justice issues not right in remarkable, because the left would water
That's not true, but it absolutely is. I mean anybody who is actually sent to all of my content, will recognise. I'm centre left libertarian. I have too many people who complain there like in I was one tweet, it was really funny. It was like TIM Pool, does a great show, but man are his economic policies stupid. I'm like. Thank you. I appreciate it. I'm glad we don't agree, but we can. We can come together on the things we do agree on. So what is the space that we're in? I don't know it's about empathy and if you, if you have empathy and sympathy, you want to respect other people those freedoms and right to live their lives. You also recognizes- maybe some nasty people say some nasty stuff, and I do- and I would point out that worse time to say something. You know awful about somebody's when they pass. But this is the story. The point I'm trying to make with Russia in buss passing. He has given us a clear image that
can show right now when we fight Ginsburg passes universal respect, with the exception of money on the right rush, Limbaugh passes, controversy conjure, avert sure, I'm fighting for a world where I can recognise that John Mccain was a kind of a bad dude, but still provide the people who support him. Many did family with some chance to grieve, because death is painful it's excruciatingly painful and I'm not everybody's experienced it. Maybe that's the reason, Maybe many of us on the left. Maybe these these younger people have not expire hence the direct law some of them may be have, but I would wish that feeling on anybody. It's a terrifying feeling, its painful. If you dont have empathy, then perhaps that's that's what it really is. It's a sociopathy I'm escape- or many of you probably know this. When you watch skate videos,
and you are watching a video of someone attempting a dangerous maneuver and they fall, you get a jolt of pain in your body, it's very difficult to watch. I don't like watching they're called slam, videos or slam compilations you'll, see a pro and they'll go for a trick and then boom they flop on the ground, and I just feel it. I feel that pain and I'm like. Oh, you get a jolt why It's called empathy that feeling you get his actually used in studies that it too, to determine someone's level of empathy. When you watch someone else experience pain. Do you get that feeling. When I see people morning the loss of even rush Limbaugh, I dont want them to hurt. I dont want people to feel pain. I've had I've had family members, die and it is our
I am sure many of you have experienced this, but that the feeling you get it's like you, you wish you had superpowers, you wish you had the ability to rip the fabric of the universe itself, asunder and just force reality to be what you want. But you can't control it. You watch the ones you love pass. I don't want anybody to feel that way on the left or the right or up down whatever. That's why I dont up. That's why I oppose the death penalty even for some of the worst people in the world. Death is its inevitable ice, but we want to avoid it because we were. We want to protect and respect life and then includes people like Russia, limber. That includes the unborn- and I understand a lot of people- will challenge me on my position as I am pro choice, and I understand that I recognise that morality in morality in these positions, and you may completely disagree or not understand, and I respect that, and I always thought
the conversation ahead with Glenn Back was very pro life and we just we talked about it and we robbed and shook hands, and I think glens, awesome and you. Don't trust me when I say it's. A very difficult and complicated positions when it comes to morality is, is there's no easy answer but so long as we're able to have that conversation and discuss it, then you we're better off. That being said, please don't lump me and with the left is doing right now, with you know, with the argument between life in choice, because I think they're psychotic, I think what they're putting forward is just the downright evil, and so here we are not surprised Rush may have done a lot of things for a lot of people. He may have helped this kind, you're in a lot of ways. You may have heard a lot of ways. I think you know it's impossible to do anything in the public light without causing some damage at some point, and maybe some of the ideas he had were bad, but I look
a lot of people who are conservatives today and the good things they fight for the things that I think are right and I can respect the work. Russia limbo dead in that capacity. Moving forward, he's left us with one last powerful message: the evil, the vial, the rage, the social the apathy that you see from these people. Let it be shown, let us see what they have to say and please share it with your friends and family and let them know you don't have to be a conservative you dont have to like Russia limber. You don't have to like Donald Trump. In fact, you can despise them, you can hate them every ounce of your being, and you can recognize me you don't say these things you recognize humanity saw stress that last point, one more time to Marian Williamson. It was a beautiful criticism. I am. I am. I think Marian is awesome. She tries in to launch was running for president. She very much tried to avoid being one of these hate mongers and that my friends is awesome. Michael malice posted something
funny- and I think this is absolutely worthy of sharing. Michael now, Is a genius Michael you're, a genius. He said what do you think I shall end by saying to George Floyd right now and I retweeted this and I laughed and I'm glad you did because he said something simple in this trawl twit. Russian George you're in the same place right now. Ok, not a you know, I'm not theistic. I don't believe in theatric religion. I don't necessarily no or have any strong feelings on the idea of a heaven or a hell, but I understand those who do, I understand the idea that there are in the same place and you can take it for what it is, but I think you know I appreciate Michael bringing levity too the situation. I retorted, because I thought now, time that we can all laugh, provide peep be presented with some kind of I don't know. If it's it's it's a question that is just gonna real people up, I guess, but it will make. You laugh.
I think Rushworth laughed and to me I view this, as it said, George Floyd past the way he did. I dont care, you know, if you want argue the reason our Tucker Crossing whenever I dont like seeing people die, and I like the idea that you know Rush and George are maybe up in Heaven right now and they're, laughing and their alike. I understand now and that's all that matters you know that that there is something that we can we can. We can hope for, but you know see this stuff is emotional. It sad man, aye aye it breaks my heart, seeing the things the left are saying, it read. It breaks my seeing the things you know, I ve known as the exception that the conservatives going after with better Ginsburg, it makes me want to just it breaks my heart hearing about war. It breaks my heart hearing about drone strikes.
What the things that some of these groups in the Middle EAST have done to other people and what they do and I fully recognised. If these evil people aren't, you know, must be stopped and they must be stopped. I disagree the death penalty because we stopped them already and now. I guess we're, I pay for their existence, but I just don't like the idea of killing. That's that's about it. You'll earn! You know. I'll. Tell you the last thing I'll say is its it. It I feel like it, strengthens my resolve and need see these things on twitter and these vital these. These trends that are popping up and. I don't I don't. I don't even want to read what you know I'll tell you one thing just so you know hashed had good riddance disk. But I know I know what I'm up against. I know what you any, and you know you you. You can see it now as well. You can share with your friends, I believe, an empathy, the reason why I believe in universal basic basic health coverage is because I dont want to see people suffering and I'm willing to pay the extra cost to make short. There aren't suffering, and then I look at what these people can
no want and just like they want stuff. They want it for themselves. I wish for a better future. I suppose I can just leave it. There rest in peace. Linda, I did not know. You very well know, listen to your show, but with tremendous respects the influence you had on those who supported you, for the long and stored career and for the work you did that loud channels like mine to exist which may even respectfully disagree with you. I think it's all. You no good and I think We remember the good things and do it with the bad things. Banks rang everybody I'll see you all tonight at eight p m at Youtube COM slashed him guest. I Ralph show again thanks Franco. I love this head. I'm from me. Ah, however, you pronounced the name of this website. Do see it at an embassy, pay insurrectionists, John Sullivan, seventy thousand,
in dollars for Capital Riot video internet says, shut them down. I love this this headline because the article actually says court filings have proved CNN and NBC paid insurrectionists, John Sullivan thirty five thousand dollars each for his footage friends. This guy is facing criminal charges. Ok, look at Levison Fox NEWS, accused left wing capital activist Joscelyn facing new charges. A federal judge ruled Monday at Sullivan, will not be detained pending trial. This guy is not some random dude. He broke into the building. He was laughing about it and bragging about it. He was telling people what to do CNN and Nbc have provided hard material support to someone who is engaged in. Insurrection. I wonder what that means. The funniest thing about all of us is I mean I'm assuming.
But if we are not surprised that they're giving money to people like this, but that if you go to use, if you grew, if you Google search CNN named John Solvent how many headlines do you think you'll find from CNN pertaining to this man? They paid the answer as well, for the most part on the first page None? None, if you, Google, Search John Sullivan in General, guess what you will find tons of news about this guy? Why? Because it's new is worthy because he is a leftist activist organizer for group e found called insurgents. Usa, he is, I guess, colloquial- is colloquially speaking an anti for leader He runs and insurgent leftist group, I'm certain he is- anti fascist. Therefore right. Well, here's the story from mere they say. Court documents filed by left wing filmmaker John Sullivan's attorneys
have claimed that CNN and NBC each page, thirty, five thousand dollars for his footage of the violence during the capital riot took ten January six, Sullivan's defence attorney filed invoices with the court that proved CNN Nbc each paying Sullivan's farm. Thirty, five thousand I last month for the video rights to video you film, during the riots so which is it? Is it proven? Well, you don't you won't you My friends, CNN is in trouble. The ratings are down. The president is leaving apparently like One of their anchors, just quit or left, is for some reason. Cnn ain't and all that. Well now that Trump is gone there probably sweating in their boots. They want to say, according to the report, a federal magistrate judge allowed Sullivan to keep twitter and Facebook accounts, but ordered him to end his involvement with a bit
Ass, he found in the Justice Department, says, promotes and glorifies violent protests. However, prosecutors contend that Sullivan actively participated in the riot. His own videos provide evidence of that, as the footage includes him. Wedding people on encouraging violence and yelling? We did this together and let's burn this issue down. Apart from that report, It's also add that he is tat in viewers how to make molotov and evade identification by police, can we just put these things together? My friends? What does this man's business do? Teaches people how to make Molotov cocktails CNN paid this man's a business, thirty five thousand dollars for footage that he had as he was actively storming the capital and yelling to two people.
To be violent due to examine to burn it down. Cnn didn't hire a videographer. They just paid a terrorist for access to his propaganda idea. They all aid urging people too well what they know. Who was. El demanded. I hate it when you do that when it when they do have anywhere three, he was arrested in our last month on charges of force, involvement in the riot, including interfering with, police during a civil order and hearing on tools if a glory sixteenth afternoon on solomons were released conditions. Washington based magistrate, judge, Judge Robin Merriweather said I am rejecting the broader put prohibition on Twitter and Facebook and encrypted social media platforms also ordering at the Utah man be taken off of twenty four hour location monitoring. Via GPS. At the same time, he said that Sullivan is to no longer work for insurgent. Usa have is internet use, monitored by probation officials and will be back.
From using any social media platforms to incite riots, violent protests, armed conflict or violence. Sullivan is reportedly also under home. Detention solely to discuss himself. As a video journalist documenting the front lines of protest happening around the world, founded insurgents USA during the George Floyd right last year, an online fundraiser says the group wants to build a local power to enable the community. To quote, intervene in violence enacted by the state and government vigilantes, while I'll tell you what I like the idea of unjust violence. By the state, but I am not an anarchist, nor am I a big Al Libertarian. I am but I am libertarian in general and the libertarian spectrum, but listen my friends in order for a society to function, police need to be able to make arrests and if you have rogue groups deciding what is or is it just outside of the system, well, then, you just get conflict and crisis, and I am sorry that means
We need to hold cops accountable when they do bad absolutely means everybody needs to be held accountable. I'm sick and tired of people not policing our own group, be it police officers are activists or the media. Members of the media, will not call out their own. They will not go after CNN. Very few people I might do. This was interesting, Very few people actually called out CNN when Chris Squabble faked quarantine for tv ratings. Some did Ben Psmith of the near times called him out my response, Some other journalists actually said. Hey you guys. It's like you really lied, but where's everybody else. There should have been universal condemnation across the board when CNN did that there should be a universal condemnation right now foreseen and giving this dude thirty five thousand see too about what cfcs, and then be seen to have the worst. They ought to say he had become a controversial figure around the right
says he described himself as an opponent of prompt supporting black lives matter, but Bailum activists Newton have reportedly disowned him not like that matters. After waiting for two weeks, twitter Band Sullivan's account, but the update about new, channels paying, for his footage, has angered social media users with many calling as anti for connections, in an embassy, Paden Insurrectionists, John Earl, Sullivan thirty, five thousand dollars apiece for video footage of capital insurrection, so it just so happens to be the leader of an anti fa and be a lamb group, insurgents USA at the capitol. What makes the media friendly to the incorrect just one question: what's happening with CNN Nbc News links to John Sullivan, isn't he One of the insurrectionists that was paid by the apprehension news networks- isn't he also Antigua? Alright, let's roll with political facts breakdown. He is not really Antigua because he's denied being involved. Therefore, he's not Antigua
is that all it takes all it takes, is free to say I'm not active and boom. You are ok, well that every person has been accused of right wing who says they aren't right wing I'd love to see the articles written about that spare me this guy is an active participant. Cnn is collapsing, people are getting fired or leaving the come many positions are changing. They know their facing dire straits and they were desperate and willing to do whatever it takes an include screaming about the insurrection. While paying the insurrectionists amazing. Isn't it Look I saw this. One is hilarious from variety CNN, prime times or programme ratings fall back to earth in first post trump, weakest from February. First they say, while January twenty twenty one will go down in the ratings record books for CNN, but last week in a month may offer a portent of what the post trump era will be like for the network in the first week of them.
Administration, the at AMP T owned news channel saw the audiences that have been flooding into prime times recently dropped precipitously on January, twenty five th or twenty nine th compared with the highs of the previous week Meanwhile, rival Fox NEWS Channel saw its own writings only dip slightly after weeks of registering its own job declines. Another network that has characterizes left, leaning MSNBC also saw significant declines. Here's a funny thing it was Tucker Karlsson the only one who actually gained view worship across the board. Msnbc dropped, Sean Hannity dropped CNN at eight nine and ten p m dropped, like by almost fifty percent of woe. Duggar Karlsson went up. Let me show you what's going on my friends it. Let me say: Google do a Google search for John Sullivan. What do you get you get? Politico judge refuses to ban capital producer, blah Blah Fox NEWS. Accuse leftwing capitalist capital activist
W, USA, nine. This man turned in his own brother. That's interesting as you know that John Sullivan's brothers, one rather Mountain ABC for or FBI's is asking for help in identifying as participants they mentioned Sullivan. We got more Fox news. But actually the new Yorker when reporting reporting becomes a defence for rioting, John, so limited but of blurring the lines between activism, advocacy journalism and opposition research. Look at that a whole article dedicated to that. What was wrong with the practices he was doing. The manipulation, Desert NEWS, John Sullivan New York Post K s eye, and can I use radio allay magazine? Look at all this news about John Sullivan. Well, my friends. I only want to learn, learn about John Solvent from the most trusted name in news, and all of you know who the most trusted name in news is right. That's right!
Deanna check this out. If you go to Google limit limit, let me learn ya, some you type in a phrase, and then you put site Colin and the website what this does. They say when you were fine, a search. With sight call an operator. Google shows results from all the indexed pages from the website you specified. To put it simply, I am only searching see then for stories related to John Sullivan, our right. Here's, the first search result, John Sullivan and Giuliani uses unfounded anti of argument, Ok! Well, maybe the second one bite Orders investigation into russian misdeeds on Uk Cnn Roberts won't preside over impeachment trial. Tromp has left, but some supporters. What? What is it that the first day of by its presidency latest led by its presidency to GEO Peace, editors, Elijah, Cummings, Donald Trump, acquitted, Trump Impeachment State Department, there's nothing. What is this? I mean,
be fair lot of these stores from a while ago. So let's just do this: let's refine by the past week, I guess Trump impeachment Trump acquitted Trump acquitted. There's nothing here! There's nothing here! These stories may mention John Sullivan but the reality is some of them just reference. The name Sullivan CNN is not report non. What's going on with this guy, not you look, maybe that's the right thing. I guess, because they paid him. Thirty, five thousand dollars and essentially facilitated the terror of this insult extremist. You know what let me. Let me out all of those Democrat lefties, resting on twitter, saying there was an insurrection. In this country. A terror attack on the capital, yeah, ok, are right: John Sullivan where'd, you get this funding
from how is he maintaining his operations? How is he surviving out after storming the capital egging people on telling them what to do and calling for more? CNN and NBC decided to give him a total of seventy thousand dollars. I mean if you makes only thousand a year, yet this dude with one day. Of storming the capital has now made more than the average American makes it an entire year. Meanwhile, everyone else who was there and many of these people were tangible to stop this crazy figures. It is video was a couple now there's a very, of a guy wearing armor he's in the Senate, Chamber and he's yelling at people. Stop stop disrespecting the capital. It's not yours! You can't do this that guy, I believe, was arrested and they're calling may terrorist. John Sullivan formed the building while screaming burn it down like some lunatic, and he gets seventy thousand dollars. Have you all been paying attention to
What's actually going on right now, because I tell you and it should be obvious how the system works, how politics only flows in one direction, my advice, to all of those moderate conservative, disaffected liberal types start doing things is the last thing you can do start doing. Things run for office make A production company make music make culture, but maybe one for office may that something you do It's not going to be any anytime soon. National guard troops might not leave diesel. Until the fall. I saw this somebody posted a really funny joke on Twitter. They said the fall of what right. Well, the joke. There is the kind of funny like arguing the? U S is in serious trouble right now, and I think it is when you have one at that, actual insurgent looking started its name of his organization, telling people to burn the capital down and he get seventy thousand dollars from corporate
America, while everyone else, some of these people were bumbling around confused and taking selfies of cops are being called terrorists, while men thing Those are our work. There's the look! It's gettin bed, As a story I wanted to pull up, I'm not gonna put up. Is this guy? He was just some tenant, a young maize. Twenty four million don't youngboy them amid a full grown. Man is twenty four and he ordered his landlords. Why hope? Lockdown depression, people committing suicide? It's not getting better anytime soon,. And we see things like this. You know recently there's this. This is viral video going around a problematic covering it later. Where Joe Biden says what's happening in China to the weaker Muslims is just a cultural issue that you know. China views things differently from us. It's shockingly insane
there's no moral compass for this country. Sorry theirs. Oh there's no word singularly accepted morality. The establishment, will literally fund the terror. Its complaining about. That's what's happening. Sienna NBC, giving this guy might therein. I wish him to carry on more of what they claim was the worst thing ever. And we can see what happened to the lock downs we can see. The Democrats aren't going to be legislating rockery governing, I see these people like Reynard Bert Rice or whatever hypocrites name, saying things like Republicans: don't want to govern and on white shut up of course they don't, but neither do Democrats spare me mechanism, moron, trot just partners, letter tearing into shreds and what are the Democrats doing a commission on what happened all right? Well in your commission? Can you include the fact that CNN isn't covering John Sullivan gave him money,
Amazing you don't. I wonder I wonder if I can go here in Change CNN to NBC and what will happen so if you search for John Sullivan from NBC dot com, yeah, you dont get anything Jimmy came all that I shall ok, maybe that's not fair. Maybe I need to do. NBC News, DOT, com. And still that's it NBC and CNN have not reported. In fact, some of these articles are only popping up because of Dan Sullivan of Alaska, not because of John Sullivan. You can see here impeachment trial. They mentioned John Sullivan where's, the news NBC. Why aren't you porting on the sky. Oh that's right because
you and CNN funded him. He still has that money. We're gonna get criminal charges from for these news organisations, I mean think about it. They bought footage from a terrorist who is able to procure this these images by committing crimes for which he has and charged like I mentioned from Fox NEWS. This is the story from February. Eighth, John Earl, solid! the left wing activist who was charged in connection with the riot is facing three. General charges he was charged last month civil disorder being in a restricted area and disorderly conduct in addition to the previous charges, Court documents show a grand jury indicted Sullivan on Monday, with obstruction of an official proceeding, disorderly conduct in the building, building and demonstrating in a building building new charges. Charges in the federal judge rolled Monday that they will not be detained. Cunningest trial magistrate Judge Robin Am Meriwether issued a ruling saying that doesn't pose a danger to the community and do not believe the record shows.
I imposes such a danger to the community needs to be detained pending trial, ok, well, fine! We ve got them on video, saying to burn a capital down, apparently that direct call to action isn't enough to say the guy's danger fine! You know, maybe the court now something that I dont. But what about these massive massive institutions? What about people that are being punished heavily. The people who can't get lawyer sets the crazy thing a lot of these people who walked into the cap the cops in some cases opened the doors come on in, they said, don't agree, but agree with your right to protest at one of the cops had something that effect. So you have people walking and confused taking selfies of cops taking selfies with that's. How could anyone I've known they were doing anything wrong when the door was open for them, they walked in and a cop smiled and and and for a selfie. These people are now facing
charges to be fair Muslim are, I think many of them are facing misdemeanours. Fur like me, no unlawful, Andrea, something fine, but this guy, who is an active participant in the in the worst capacity? No, he gets paid, you know the National Guard is gonna, be right or my remaining in DC mean While one of the worst of the worst at the riot John Sullivan they've, said he's not a danger, he's free to go, he's going to be confined to his home, so I guess that's fine. I guess what songs you down the street in their keeping track of them. I suppose, but all that money he got now. It's crazy I tell you, I think why CNN does it CNN collapsing? They were so desperate to get any kind of forged, have a leg up that they re they gave thirty five thousand dollars to this insurgent Bruce Baldwin is leaving CNN Cnn and Terry
statement you know she gave on her show she announced she was leaving. We also have this story from Fox NEWS: former okay, never mind, jumping around Let's see if I can actually get Fox news to play. The clip now apparently account area of former Andrew Cuomo aid replace Jaffee, something we can all agree that their function is you're awful will replace Jefferson As CNN President, according to a report, jib sucker, the president, the reality guy. Who did the apprentice he's gone? I got I had to wonder about that. Was it all on purpose you know Donald Trump gets elected and the guy ran the apprentice goes and runs CNN, and then they probably I hate you, you know how to use a show about you know tromp, can you get a ratings up, Jeff soccer? Could this is the desperation of these outlets? Now I want some accountability. Is CNN going to be censored censored or find, or some people can be charged any capacity.
No, we have laws against giving money to act to terrorists. If the damage CNN are going to scream about January six q and on the insurgents all day. Why aren't they covering this? It's evil man. The best way I can put it it's evil, CNN they're, an active participant in all of this. They should not be reported on any of it. If they're not going to cover John Selin, then they should not be covering any of the capital. The capital riots, conflict of interest. Of course, they'll keep doing their thing because there's not going to be accountability. I'll leave, there are sposen excitements coming up at one p m and this child thanks, bring it out, and I will see you all them. You may remember the story of Amy Cooper called a caring for calling the police on a black man. DR confrontation, in central park, as the story goes, this
men was out with her dog. The dog wasn't on a leash, this other man, whose name is Chris Cooper, and I guess they're not related in any capacity told her. The dog has to be a leash, and she said you know she argued with him. Basically, this guy Chris Cooper pulled out some dog treats and coaxed the dog over them and freaked. I was like stay away from my dog called the police, and then the video begins and she sang this man is threatening her and she's. Definitely over the top with the whole thing. Well, as many of you know she ultimately got arrested, over this my personal opinion. The whole thing is this: really dumb people Two arguments all the time shut up and go home bar fights happen. You know it used to be in. Country and many places around the world have begun to bar fight. The cops would just say, shut up and go home so long as you know, you might have a black a bruise all cut or something that bet whatever man. You guys get no fight. You leave nowadays every thing is absolutely over the top, but the crazy okay. So so we ve got over the gist of the story. We
we can rehash we'll who was right? Who was wrong? That's my friends. We are watching things get worse when it comes to the LT. The cult is gaining more and more power. This woman, was was charged. The charges were drop were dropped, a thinks, make evidence you're saying they weren't. You we drop. Though you see, this woman was forced to undergo a re education therapy as to why she was a big it then only then did they say she has served her punishment. They could have put her in jail. Because in this country the idea is, you don't know cruel and unusual punishment instead, she your went. Some kind of woke, critical race, equity theory, re education or training and then, once she had a breakthrough, they deem that she was qualified or that she had done enough and that she was now free to go now. Of course, you may be saying this woman under what this therapy or whenever problem
We didn't really believe it or care was rolling arise just like when all of you do these diversity trainings at work and you're sitting there alike. Jeez these diversity training are awful. You still do it. Don't you sow indoctrination begins. You think it's no big deal yeah. Well, she and threw it she's, probably just rolling, arise and laughing about it with our friends, but then Next generation of people come in and this is now the norm you get in trouble. Well, you have to go to a therapy session therapeutics to learn about you and then more and more people start to accept it as the norm and as what is expected, it reminds me of that old story about the chimpanzees and science experiment area. The story I think you'll Rogan talked about it. You can, if they put a bunch, jumps in a room and they put like add or in the middle the room they put fruit. On top of the ladder, Now one of the gems would try climb up to grab the fruit. They come out. The housing just spray off
all of the chimps down. I don't get and spray with water does not feel good. Eventually, when one of the chimps would go for the food, the other chips would stop him like and start beating him up. Dude you're going to get a spray with water one day they take one of the chips out and they put in a brand new chip. Who's, never experienced the hose or the latter. You mealy goes a ladder to grab the fruit, the other chips grab and beat him up one by one. They were placed the chimps. Eventually there is a group of chimps in this room who have never experienced that they have no idea why they can't go the letter, if any, if any, they stop spraying it with water, basically happens and so later on in the experiment. The just of it is once this entirely new group of chimpanzees are now beating each other up. They dont know why they're doing it there
no more how's, they stopped sprang them, but the chimps still just hey, hey, that's tradition, that's a good on our way to understand that if we move forward in this direction, this is what you will get. You may think it's silly that this woman had to undergo this treatment. But what happens when they were play All of you know. Well, I should say what happens when all of us age out and die, and then our children inherit this world, where the system just a does this stuff. Is that what you want to leave for your kids, it's a shame, so many people say I wish I could have kids out of one I'm coming into this world and its well. Are you go you ready patients, the rubble just get worse right? Don't we want, leave something behind its great. We can
well the stars and valid biotechnologies and learn about the universe. Guess somebody want that and you know my teach their own. Here's the story. Charges against central Park, Karen Amy Cooper, dismissed misdemeanor charges work what we're tossed Tuesday against Amy Cooper, the Central Park Karen, who falsely accused a black birdwatching of threatening her ever she completed a handful of their possessions now just want to say I do think she was over the top with her. You know her behaviour. The guy did threaten her dog, though I get it say. I'm gonna get your dog, but he was threatening or dog threatening in the literal sense are I'd, say, threatening envy. Let's hardness it's private literal! You know you don't tell someone you're a punch em to threaten them. You can make other. You know insinuations, anyone they say Cooper face up to a year in prison on a charge of false reporting.
Incident in the third degree, but a judge granted Manhattan prosecutors request to dismiss Cooper's case after she completed five therapy sessions designed for introspection and progress. Assistant, district attorney, Joan Elasi Orban, set at a brief virtual hearing. Cooper who was white was accused of lying the cops but an african american man, Christian Cooper was threatening her and her pooch. An incident caught himself on video mate Christian, who is who it was no relation. Amy, was telling the woman to leave her dog psycho education about racial equity is woven into each therapy session to prompt understanding and reflection. It lousy Orban, told the judge of Amy Coopers time with the critical therapy centre in Manhattan, the critical therapies centre, psycho education on racial equity. They sent the woman to a re education centre, they're calling it a cent
they are educating our. This is happening. Mrs Coopers therapists reported that it was a moving experience and that Miss Cooper learned a lot in their struggle session. I added the words struggle in their sessions together in a struggle session. Back in the culture revolution in China. They take people who did not agree with their colt ideology and they would shame them and screamin public and make them feel awful while regular people, though, that the previous generation, I should say didn't want to experience that, so they just did as they were told they bowed down and said. Please, I'm such a pathetic outward. Who is not willing to sacrifice anything? I just want comfort to many people in this country. To the same thing I know the communists to Chinese murdered and massacred hundred hundred plus me
million people. Forget me wrong. My irish more directed at people in this country who had just say no, you know what I would have done if I was this lady well, first of all, she shouldn't have freaked out the way. She did but come on. You're really gonna take it. This far I wanna shut up and go home. Why did the story get any traction, but I'll put it this way. You don't look if I acted fooling I caught on camera, I probably just accept responsibility billion and maybe she's thinking that ever, came to me and said you can go to prison or you can go to the register center center. I would say, shove. It actually say something more explicit than that, but you know lock me up. Don't care not bending the new, your psycho cult, Amy Cooper, asked by the judge, if you wanted,
speaking replied. She replied. No, her lawyer also decline to talks and he agreed with the prosecutors assessment. Christian Cooper had refused to corrupt cooperate. The prosecution, saying Amy Cooper already paid a steep price. Following global outrage over the incident? I actually respect that. I mean the dude founder they had an argument and then he was like dude like she's already getting roasted man, so that's respectable Sylvia Dutch of Vice founder and president of the critical therapy center told the post on Tuesday that generate therapy, as described and Amy Coopers cases not part of a programme and entered in the traditional sense? For example, you don't attend a class with other people, it's actually individualised psychotherapy sessions. The sessions are too. But to each individual person basin. The issues that need to work on. Let's use This is an example. If someone as issues with rare
racism or sexism or homophobia or so forth. We actually do a critical inquiry into the person's beliefs and what brought them to that place. It's the person meets the political. She said the political, the Paul like what does that have to do with a punishment for filing a false report. Well, welcome to the cult. My friends. The director asked whether clients have to talk to those they wrong as part of the therapy. Ideally, that would be great, but it's up to the person who is wrong. She said you're the victim, you would decide what you would like the healing process to look like Dutch of reaching while decline in a comment and Amy Coopers case of the centre has gotten referrals for therapy from city prosecutors before? as Orbin said in the court that the diversion program Amy Cooper, completed with many and justice opportunities was a punishment that was consistent with or misdemeanor cases noting
coopers lack of criminal background. The idea said we offered her consistent with our position on many misdemeanor cases, involving a first arrest and alternative restorative justice resolution designed not to punish but to educate and promote community healing restorative justice. France is happening all around you. It is only getting worse. There will come a time where your transgression will be gentlemen. Our will be illegitimate and they will fall you to undergo critical race equity training. Re education centres is were things of myth, they were jokes, I mean not not have met like we knew the, but, but not here, none of you had states you can to get get arrested. You told someone a naughty thing. They told you shut here we are. I want to make sure you understand something. I have this tweet from Jack Posobiec. This is actually pretty funny jack. Is that quoted this user who said that
Look at the fact that Jack had no evidence. Chris Cooper threatened this woman, so he said initially twin something like what about the Facebook post from the sky Chris Cooper Christian Cooper, where he did admit to threatening the So someone said: there's no such post you're, a liar jack, then posted the Facebook Post and the individual deleted their tweet. But here's the post Christian Cooper, said Central Park this morning. This woman's dog is tearing through the plantings and the ramble me ma'am dogs in the ramble have to be on a leash at all times. The sign is right there right away this dude's being a Karen she's. Like look you mind your own business, all right. Is it really that big a deal? There's a dog romping about in the ramble, so this guy had to just stick his nose in someone else's business right
her the dog runs, are closed. He needs his exercise me. All you have to do is take him to the other side of the drive outside the ramble, and you can let her run off a leash. All you want, I mean to be fair. He is right not only that she could easily get one of those retractable leashes. She could have done that her. It's too dangerous me Look if you're going to do what you want, I'm going to do what I want, but you're not going to like it her. What's that me to the dog, come here puppy, she says he won't come to you we'll see about that says Chris Cooper and now here's a quote from him. I pull out the dog, treats I carry for just such intransigence. I didn't even get a chance to toss any treats to the pooch before Karen scrambled the dog to grab the dog. Don't you touch My dog, that's when I started video recording with my Iphone and one where it when her inner Karen fully emerged, took a doctor. Let's be honest, christian for the most parts, not the bad guy here, this. Amy Cooper really was off the off the rails. I mean:
the video she's like pulling our dog, and it's like really awful like do- take care, you dog, don't know tank on that you know, she's like grabbing the dog and dragging around or whatever it was pretty brutal. So I don't think she's. I don't think there's for the most part good guys in the story, some are more guilty than others. Chris didn't do it like that much wrong, but he did try to coax the dog away with treats. If somebody did that night, a dog I'd freak out too, because people will give like listen what, if the dog's allergic, what, if he's trying to get the dog chocolate, you don't know what he's trying to give him. You know what man you know that dog, can't have grapes, onions, garlic, avocado, chocolate, there's a lot of things, dogs can't eat and a lot of people don't know this and feed this stuff to their pets. So if somebody pulled out food try to get to my dog I'd freak out too, but I don't care about all that Chris Cooper made a good point. She already paid the price man. She got roasted line. Hard re education centres are upon us and if you think it's not going to affect you, if you think
oh, I'm not gonna commit a crime, so I won't have to go into education. It's not about you! It's about your kids in the next generation. You think this is bad. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the daily mail, New York principle sends parents pamphlet, asking them to rate their whiteness and urging them to be white traitors, who dismantle institutions mark Fetterman, the principal of east side. Community high school reportedly sent the documents to all parents at the school. The cult is expanding. These psychotic dogmatic individuals, they're winning. You know what mean there's a threshold I will always stand up for my principles: Liberty, freedom, right to express ourselves and I will always oppose psychotic. Neil Racism, racism and anti terrorism, but there is a threshold what eventually They gained so much power. Our ideas become irrelevant
never ever read your the movie. I am legend with well. Psmith is terrible movie mind you maybe it wasn't that bad, the graphic novel way better Admittedly, I did not read the graphic novel I was just talking about but it was explaining the general concept of what I am legend is about, so I did skim through it for the most part, but I didn't read the whole thing. The general idea that was not conveyed in the movie is this. Or whether this is a big part of the the novel or not does, the interesting idea in the phrase I am legend there's a period where the majority believes what you believe you're, just a normal person same as anybody else, but as the cult The ology spreads. Eventually you become the outcast. You become that you know the the outliers. Actually,
eventually society is nothing but woke individuals, and if you want to function within it, you must be like them. I am legend. You have a guy who's, hunting Van and killing them in there in the middle of the day, when they're sleeping to wipe out the vampire play also trying to cure them. I guess that's what movie, but eventually everyone becomes a vampire the vampires. Eventually, capture this man he's sitting of jail cell. You know looking But this window down at all of that, vampire citizens who looked up at him with women in fear. Why? if ninety nine percent of people are regular people and Let's. I have pointed out of a hundred ninety nine out of a hundred people to regular people, there's one vampire and that vampire killing people while they fear the legend. They fear that vampire, when I was on the vampire turns
ninety nine people and there's only one regular person left hunting them down to the vampires. He was the medical care you're the one who had the ability to walk in the sunlight and would kill them in their sleep. They feared him. He was not a legit. It's amazing! Isn't it as its happening ass, the threshold, the ideology of the cult mob? is- is taking over. They control the cultural institutions and that's it nobody will pose is far right and you know what the international institutions mega corporations, they loved it gives them power, they love the cult they feed into it. They pay for they fund. It Mackenzie Bays billions of dollars dumped into the cult it's happening. Will it when well I'd say for now they ve taken the battlefield, especially with Joe Biden, who is definitely woke, and the far left pushing all stuff. You can argue that Joe Biden is not a socialist, but he certainly woke. He certainly pushing critical race theory.
Probably doesn't understand what it is to be honest. Trump. Did understand what it was either, but still had some people working to ban it in government and all critical race. Dear theory, stuff is an absolute violation of nineteen. Sixty four civil rights act as is this action right here, depending on what? Amy Cooper was told in the therapy session. It may have Well, may very well have been a violation of nineteen sixty four civil rights ACT, but these people have taken power to two degree. Their open evaluating the law and nothing will be done about it. They go to the story. They say the eight white identities graphic includes a colored meter, ranging from red to green, indicating that those. What in a fight in tears, including white supremacist, are bad and those with, and if I, as white abolitionists are targeting someone based on a race, but what they do is they argue white, isn't actually a reference to raise the reference to institutional authority, that's how they try to bypass the law and it works, sometimes
it was not immediately clear if the documents were intended solely for parents or for them to discuss with their children. But here it is the eight white identities, white supremacist, white voyeurism. Look at white privilege is one degree separated from white supremacist. Do you see what they do white privilege? Then they have white benefit, white, confessional, white, critical white, later and white abolitionist they say quote: there is a regime of whiteness and there are action, oriented white identities. People wanted to fight with whiteness are one of these. It's about time. We build and ethnic graffiti of whiteness. Since white people have been the ones writing about and governing others. Mason. Well, depending on what I say: I'm either white or not white. It's a hilarious paradox of the cult. I've mentioned this many times, but during Occupy Wall Street I would have people say to me or white, so you don't get a say and they want a pointer. Actually, Temple is mixed, raise. They go,
Oh, I'm so sorry tell me whatever and I'll do whatever you say tat these people were racist. The most recent people of every country to my lives and in my life my lives in my life. I have not encountered such extreme racism before There have been people like my homeless vandalized when I was a kid, my white supremacist, but actually in countering this. It's crazy because have actually incurred. Some like legit hard core racists, but even the racists that that I've talked to like I've I've I've debated with people who are all right interviewed some of them at least still recognize. You know go to your thing. We know I have anything to do with you. If you don't, if you know just get get away, I'm not saying every single white supremacist erases stung me wrong there are a lot of men. Are stream leave fascistic and the literal nazis? And that's that's horrifying. I'm saying I have not encountered them going to these political rallies, the people I met at Occupy Wall Street and the critical race theorist.
Are that there there's, no ifs answer Botz their hard core racist and its absolute do as your told, or else they as though I tell you it's weird. I was talking recently with a friend about the diversity and equity trainings. They do- and I have friends saying saying that play, this video they make you watch it and then they talk about stereotypes about various races and why it's wrong and I was thinking to myself says who says who so here's what I was wondering if you are at work, what say: you're asian latino Black on mixed raison d capacity, more slavic, because apparently, though, that election of treaties of colors slavic is not white. So, let's say you're watching this diversity and inclusion video and they it is a stereo type that all Asians are good at math. Well, if you're Asian get offended by it Hughes. The company of racism, relic would happen.
If I was sitting there because I friend tones that they did, they said here are some common stereotypes it's that are wrong and what women If I saw this- and they said, Asians is austerity, that is to say, agents are good at math and I got a funded because it is, I believe, statistically true. I could be wrong on the profit this why my family, particularly studious and proud of the hard work that that they did in teaching their children to be good at math. My mother tutored me in math before I even started kindergarten. So how dare you say? It's not true when you try to imply were bad at math, it's a stereo type, your claiming that if someone says we're good enough, it's been racist. You big it. You think we're dumb. You get the point. The point is no matter what someone says that, under this cult, I'd ideology, you are always wrong, no matter what so, if someone plays the video outside us there, never gonna get rid of the video
but they can at least pushed the video to absurdity. I suppose I think it's in saying that we would put people the room and then tell them all of the racist things about people and then, and then it's bad, but here all the racist things I want to do that and what, if I complained, it was discriminatory that they made me sit there. It was humiliating, they were talking about, Asians and and people were laughing and giggling, and it was all I and then super discriminate. The problem is under this ideology. I understand that you know people want to do better That's why there's a vulnerability because people don't like racism but under, ideology. There is no way to be right. No matter what you do. You are wrong in the end, its just control, and if the system is also Is it set up in a way that you are wrong? The matter? What you do, they will always have the power you will go
the RE education centre. When you commit an infraction and they will we educate you and it will only get worse now. Maybe maybe maybe things get better? Look. I'm a psychic! I'm telling you it's worse. Now that was before sending this lady to re therapy session. That is, as creepy comes, his school, sending out these white identity cult things. It's occult stop, acting like it's Oh sure. I know I can already hear the left saying you will troops borders or in a culture that few people who believe all crazy, stuff, yeah doggie, we absolutely they believe crazy stuff because of some online forms. You up the walk this stuff, that's occult to same thing, you believe in Saint garbage I lived there. Let me come on up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast thanks, rang it up, and I will see you well then.
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