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S539 - Democrats And Media Advocate For Executing Republicans And Treating The GOP As Enemy Combatants


Democrats And Media Advocate For Executing Republicans And Treating The GOP As Enemy Combatants. The Website The Root is one of the top leftist publications on Facebook and the people interviewed are Democratic politicians and MSNBC personalities.The statements made against Republicans and Trump are so insane and absurd it makes me question whether these people are mentally fit.But its just another escalation we have seen before. Previously MSNBC personality Nicole Wallace advocated drone strikes against republicans and American citizens 

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A writer for the left wing website. The route has essentially called for the bombing of Republicans in a particularly viral tweet, saying national security experts told me the Republican Party is functioning like a terror, so one said quote: if they were in Afghanistan, we would have hit them either arrayed. Rapid bomb on them thanks? He goes on to say that PAM Keith told me that Democrats need to give up a bi partisanship and that we need to treat the Republican Party is enemy combatants because they have have embraced white supremacy over equality. Now, the writer this tweets and article later one later when, on the clarified, an anonymous, not Republicans in general, just the insurrectionists, however, and I'm Son BC. Contributor said this is true in reference to the tweet calling for the bombing or raid of Republicans in general,
the article itself is actually pretty insane calling the entire republican Party, essentially extreme and yes, literally, advocating for them to be bombed. My friends, it's not the first time we ve heard. We also had a woman on MSNBC not too long ago, call for the drone- or, I should say, advocate for drone bombing people on the right. We ve also heard Nancy Pelosi. According to Cancun, He wanted crew manned machine guns in DC. Now my understanding is their crew service, Machine guns is the proper terminology, but all can really say is that the rhetoric is getting absolutely and sent me people you only to calm down. This is nuts. What really happened on the six year was a riot yeah. There was some people doing really bad things arrest them. The law already exists to stop them, but a lot of people who,
there were bumbling and confused it's it's not it's not even extreme. It's not it's not in question. There's videos of cops opening the door for these people. Some of these cops have now been suspended and breaking news for effectively letting these people into taking selfies with them. These older folks, who walked through doors confused when cops open up, do not deserve to be bombed. How insane as this that we can look at the decades of failed foreign policy in the Middle EAST and actually have individuals right now for some of the most pro the left wing organisations say: do the same thing blow up it's insane. I know a lot of people might say ten. Why do we care about this? One guy this one article, these individuals, the route according to news which is the most prominent, is the top left wing, publication, and while this article itself might not resonate with many on the left, I'm sorry this is
is the rhetoric that is being a spouse over and over again. Now I didn't want to do a segment on this because I think it's stupid and insane What is the second time now we ve heard from people on the left, notably Emma. BC advocating for this kind of behavior? What happens when you call the political opponent, the evil, other the enemy, the enemy combatant? They are ramping things up. It is getting worse and I warn and many others warned that once Trump is gone, they come for you see. Trump was the big batty. Tromp was the bogeyman. They could use to rally people, then it became Trump ISM, but Trump ISM is fractured within or public and party, or should I say I should say Trump ISM isn't a thing, but the Republican Party is fractured. So how do they then deal with the lack of a unified bogeyman? I just go after every one. They say you you're the enemy and they ramp up.
The rhetoric to a point where they're saying psychotic things we need to read through this. I want to show you what they're saying you tube may actually punish me for reading an article from what is considered to be one of the top left wing publications on Facebook. So before we get started had over the TIM cast, dot com and become a member got a ton of exclusive members. Only podcast segments, including recently an exclusive. All our episode with James O Keefe of Project Berytus. If you remember, you can watch all this content. In any event, we get banned for calling out what needs to be called out or for saying things. The big tech machine does not like. We will have this website up and running. So don't forget to like share subscribe, hit that Notification Bell. Let's read this story and I'll break down for you white, so important from the route Democrats are stuck with a republican party rife with conspiracy, theorists, anarchists and terror,
sympathizers. Now this story stories from yesterday the article itself doesn't seem to have too many comments on it. I'm not going to pretend like it's the most prominent article ever written but I do want to show you something that stood out to me. The reason Why decided? This is something we should talk about in a report from news whip. This goes back a couple years. I dont know where the route dot com stands now, but among a partisan publishers, we can see the route dot. Com is number one with merely double the amount of traffic as raw storied outcome. The second place top left wing publisher. Now to be fair. If we look at the right wing publishers Daily Wire Western Journal, Bright Bart, I J our daily collar, they do sub stand surely better interestingly louder with crowded with twelve million interactions or engagements on the left, the route has. Twenty five point: eight million engagements raw story at number, two with fifteen point three: while it is not bigger than right wing, but then much that the top right wing
location. It was at one point I believe his two thousand and eighteen, the number one left wing publication stands to reason. This is going to reach many ears and this rhetoric is going to rapidly radicalize individuals. I bring you now. The article from Terrell Domain STAR, he writes, I'm not sure if people have completely wrapped their minds around this, we evident higher political party that is converted into an authoritarian, albeit americanized, version style of politics. That cares nothing about yours, democracy or anyone who is not white. With the exception of a few descending republicans, he goes on to say they acquitted Donald Trump of inciting Insurrection clearly incited, but it's all republican voters at the lies Trump told, were true deal it was stolen, have a right to be angry about it and its working during the impeachment trial. Last week it defends
Where's reinforce those lies and Republicans basically sat by and said nothing to counter them. They in effect or a party of turn coats were makes their behavior. So terrifying is that democratic control who who hold control the Senate by only vice president, Kabila Harris's tie wrecking vote, are left with no choice but to negotiate with the very people whose leading members encourage the coup and instigated supporters to undermine american institutions. He says PAM Keith, a! U S! Navy veteran who ran out of flawed as eighteen congressional district as the democratic nominee told the route that Democrats should give up on working with Republicans as if their operating in good faith and have shown that they will be as corrupt and obstructionist as Trump quote. What they are saying is that we don't care that he broke the law, said Keith, he's our guy and we're with our guy and there's nothing. You can say to make us turn on. Our guy is above the law he's about. The constitution is above the well being of United States.
Mechanism to retaining to that power. That is the absolute definition of totalitarian dictatorship. We don't care what he does, especially if what he does now you now there I want to make sure I highlight the tweet from Terrell, where he says. Pam Keith told me that Democrats need to give bipartisanship and that we need to treat the Republican Party as enemy combatants because they have embraced white supremacy over equality, treat them as enemy combatants, Malcolm Nance tweeted. This in response to our main tweet, where he said. If they re Afghanistan, we would have hit them Malcolm Ness and My son BC, Pandit, confront and contributor said this is true, read my quotes. This is true. Ok, now that some calls from Pankey, but I want to move forward there's a courtier from Thailand
they say: Kyle, baby national campaign manager at common defense and a former Marine Corps Infantry Officer told the route that had a foreign entity engaged in attack similar to the January six th coup, attempt on or rallied the support of the main culprit. Thereafter, the US military would have responded with an offensive strike or at the minimum stiff economic penalties, but he added that the militias and trump supporters who were there are ultimately not so much the issue, as is the republican Party that empowers them. Let me just slow down a second let me read it Again- Tile baby said that had a foreign entity engaged in an attack similar or rallied the support of the main culprit thereafter, he is basically saying it is the republican Party. Now they do go on to try and clarify its insurrectionists baby said. If they were in Afghanistan, we would have hit them either a raid drop a bomb on them, whatever it is, but the organisations that.
Funding this and war backing this or that are creating the political movement behind this organizations, like Fox NEWS, bright bark, one american news network and the Republican Party. If these organizations this it in another country. We would be sanctioning them.
Be seizing their assets for inciting terroristic threats against an american ally or against US interests. I'd like to bring you now to this update at the bottom of the article they say, update a quote by Kyle Bibby was clarified to reflect that he meant that the insurrectionist would be bombed, not the GOP. Let me make that clear for you, this article from one of the top left wing publishers at Facebook has has explicitly stated the people who entered that capital building american citizens should be killed without charge or trial. That they would be bombed, okay, maybe not without charge or trial, but considering what we did to people in Afghanistan. That's what they're calling for
Barack Obama killed american citizens without charge or trial. The idea that we would advocate for the execution of people who storming of the capital building is absolutely insane. Many of these people are getting Miss the meaner charges for trespassing and that's it and you think those people should have been killed. I'm sorry This is some of the most insane psycho babble I have ever seen, and I mean it if it gets worse, it really really does get worse Let me let read some stuff. Let me make sure I can find the most shocking part of this or one of them. He brings up Malcolm Nance Let me let me make sure I can find this. He said the reason why these threats are being taken seriously is because white people did not take white terror seriously. You bought it posed. Should appearance on Bill MAR where he was a guest with an expert from George Wash the university
set its analysis of the top she's all tone it down come via an armed, pulling her. What I've seen for the last six months, which is the all right, transformed the paramilitary arm of the trunk campaign. Now that Trump has lost the election, they are going to be the Iraq in surgeon. The republican Party will view themselves, as Sinn Fein and the republican base will view themselves as the White Catholics who think they ve got the support that they ve got to support. The irate has black evidence has never believe until a white person confirms it Democrats introduced a resolution calling for an investigation into white supremacy earlier this month this weekend, doubling C p. Civil rights law from coherent, Milton sellers and tall and gentle and wrap Bunny Thomson Democrat are suing trot.
Really Giuliani and two white nationalist groups over the coup, while these are promising steps. Democrats have few options to get to the heart of white terror, because there are public and colleagues in Congress benefit from it. Politically. Here's a quote: we have to view the GEO P as enemy combatants, because for years they have proven that Democrats are theirs, is forest If this concern Democrats have to go hearts, I believe that's actually not a court from other. That's what's our work. I could be wrong. He's reference. Saying, I believe earlier on a good start of Malcolm Nance and I'm not sure where he breaks in such rough referencing, the another individual Keith. He says that means going as far as pressuring Democrats who support the filibuster changing their mind or face a primary challenge. The days of compromise, our dead Obama. She should have taught us that much the GEO p went to. War with him for eight years and Democrats along with much of Amerika suffered quote. We don't want to be
He has gangsta, as they are Keith Set of Democrats in Congress. We still at this delusion of bi partisanship. There's no. I think bi partisanship get off that ship. It does not work at sinking. It's done. It's at the bottom of the ocean, it's the effing titanic it's down in the water. Let it go. Maybe this is insane rhetoric, okay, but it's being said it is being said- and it's not the first time, it's being said. Maybe the Republicans really are engaging in behavior, maybe they're. Not all that matters is that prominent leftists personalities on the left are absolutely advocating for this stuff. Now I mention this Malcolm Nancy, essentially the subject of this article honey, I'm sorry the segment when he says this is true, read my quotes. And Malcolm Nance goes on to say things like the proud boys and, as other groups relevant more, they say: Malcolm Nansen, national security expert told the route that not only is the Republican Party behaving like a terror group. He predicted sooner.
Charles Bill that trumps use of insurrectionists language. Essentially become a call to arms for white supremacist akin to a kind of extremism, extremism. He saw as a military intelligence officer quote if Trump wins, these unofficial paramilitaries, the proud boys, the militias, boys estate militias olives, other groups are essentially gonna, become semi official, Browns Brown shirts of the Trump campaign. Let me stop right there and tell you this. The Boogaloo Lou boys hate the proud waste hate, maybe not absolutely. Maybe there are some there, some overlap, but there is a view. RO video was somehow viral. Video prominently output will call that we are one of the Bubu boy. Is their standing in a line, and I see the proud voice and they yell at their statists and the user disparaging term. For the proud boys, Google Dubois tend to be more in line with Anti far now. Of course, the left doesn't want to accept that, because the Bootblue boys can be named the burglar boys,
mostly just anarchists, not necessarily left or right, just anti government and they are more likely to align with those who oppose the government, notably Antigua, but you see what Malcolm nets does he says if Trump loses, these people are going to become the Iraq insurgents they're going to go underground, they're going to be furious and over time with a truck campaign leading as the political wing of his of this sort. With a president in exile. Those people will resort to armed violence, political standoffs and terrorism. Much like anti for already has done he's in there This is why these threats are taken seriously. Is because why people to do not take tear a white terror seriously, so that call initially the that at that of our was from Malcolm Nance. I wanna make sure I'm being fair. The new Yorker wrote in November of nineteen Malcolm Nance on the danger of conspiracy theories.
And he actually goes on a claim. I guess Glenn Green Walled is a russian agent or something like that things further point out. This dude is not all there But I'm not entirely sure that it matters if he is, they say, Malcolm Thence, former naval intelligence officer in an MSNBC contributor has become one of those recognizable voices on Trump related scandals. According to Brian Williams, MSNBC Msnbc's chief anchor Nancy's quote a cross between Batman and fight club The weekend morning, house joy, Reed called Nat very rational, even though the things that he's telling you will completely freak you out, he super knowledgeable, but he's also that calming friend nance, however, has been frequently criticized by both the left and the right for promoting false or unproven claims, often having to do with Russia in March Nance tweeted that he was convinced that Carter page was an FBI double agent. He has written of Trump little comes from his mouth. That was not put there by shaping acts.
And experiences with Russians and was carefully pan to benefit the russian Republic. This month on morning, Joe, he claimed the russian government had been looking for ways to exploit Trump, since the mid do truck sees the world only through Maskos point of view. He stated Wanna basically say that's ah well, I should say he goes on to play Glenn Greenwash, for instance, who it was agent of Russia, its unhinged unfounded conspiracy cycle babble, but why is he being praised by so many of these prominent mainstream personnel? Why is it that the main stream left of MSNBC is propping up this man? Who is pushing some of the most extreme rhetoric? anybody body on the right who screaming revolution, I think, is not the people at the capitol stormed and thinking They were facing a revolution, I think they're losing
their minds, there's no circumstance in which a rag tat group of a few hundred people with no plan and no weapons occupying building space would do anything to the United States, government more to the point when the left scream there was an insurrection is silly. It's silly, I'm sorry While there was some violence, it was a riot and it did disrupt the electoral count, which is bad, is very bad luck. I mentioned many of these people are being charged with misdemeanours slaps on the rest, unlawful entry into a restricted area, some people are getting other slap on the charges for disorderly conduct. To see them say that these people should be bombed or treated like insurgents is horrifying.
Again, I want to make sure on providing you with a much context as possible Terrell Germane STAR who wrote the article tweeted this clarity. I mistakenly wrote this tweet to suggest that the expert meant the GEO p would be bombed. The expert said the insurrectionists would be bombed if they were abroad. Think about what that means? Are you saying that the american citizens abroad would be bombed because the? U S government has done this before Barack Obama I did it to a sixteen year old american citizen in Yemen. Who is eating? the civilian restaurant. Why did he bomb Abdul Rahman Allah? Lucky? We don't know they are. I mean they said it was an accident. The question is: if they were targeting some worse individual, why would the United States bomber severe Restaurant doesn't quite make sense, but I guess it shows you how brutal the american military can really be. But let me clarify something as well what he said: it's not the GOP. It was the unarmed
for the most part, american citizens who entered the capital in the several hundred, many of whom had the doors opened for them by police. Those would be the ones who would be bombed. China, scary, isn't it I'm not an because for any of that stuff, I'm not an advocate for the. U S: bombings in Yemen, nor of Ghana stand the drawn strikes are horrifying for that matter. Too often they strike civilians, but that's the point, the right, if the american citizens were anywhere else. They'd get blown up essentially in a way many people are advocating. For this saying we need to treat them like enemy combatants. Now, if they just said if these people-
moreover, sees they have been bombed. I'd be like you not to be honest. Yes, that's true, but then to go in and say we should treat them as though their enemy combatants. What do you do too? A combatant you capture, imprison and kill them. It's combat combat, isn't people showing up on a battlefield in arguing with each other, its people, sugar, but about a foot of weapons and trying to harm the other side to gain power? This, my friends is, is Gary and also not the first time is story story from February Fifth, the blaze media MSNBC host suggests killing. American citizens with drone strikes they port during the discussion regarding domestic terror. Nbc anchor Nicole Wallace floated the idea of the US government killing american citizens with drones. Wallace brought up the net.
I shall tell advisory system bulletin that was released to all law enforcement by the Department of Homeland Security. Last week, the bulletin, which has an effect until April thirtieth, warns that he ate just allegedly received in nation that there is a threat of ideologically motivated, violent extremism with objections to the exercise of government authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fuelled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite violence.
All notes. There's a bulletin release to all law enforcement earlier this week that there is, until the end of April, a persistent threat of domestic extremism, domestic terror carried out in the ideology and around his belief. The election was fraudulent, that the covet restrictions are unnecessary. All of those ideologies pushed by Donald Trump. The deadline White House host then said, but my question for you is around incitement. We had a policy and it was very controversial. It was carried out under the Bush years and under the Obama years of attacking terror at its root or going after and killing and in the case of Anwar Ali Lake, an American, a ya many American, with a drone strike for the crime of inciting violence inciting terror. Anwar Al Lake was an american citizen. He was killed in a drone.
Strike extra judicially, meaning Barack Obama in violation of the constitution, killed an american citizen without charge or trial. It is one of the most egregious violations of human rights ever and they they was because he was inciting violence. He was preaching jihad against the? U S, I dont think that warns the death penalty. Apparently Barack Obama and his National Security Council did apparently This MSNBC host also believes it warranted death And is going on to say now well who else inside violence didn't Donald Trump? accused of inciting violence. Aren't they calling what happened on the six terror hope you're paying attention to wear. This rhetoric leads help you
stand what they're saying, because this is no joke there, not just saying we need truth and reconciliation, their sang blow up Loma. Where do these insurrectionists live and how would you target them if you were to treat them as any combatants drove them? They live in homes in neighborhoods. Did Barack Obama take any of that into consideration when the order was given to blow up the Seville restaurant that killed Abdul Dual Ramon Alaki, the son of Anwar I would assume some, but not enough to care. You see they claim they were gone. After someone worse, it was an accident that Abdulrahman was cool in this manner and innocent. American Sixteen year old, killed by Barack Obama. My question is why Obama order. The drone strike of a civilian restaurant, and what do you think it is? These people are calling for
The insurrectionist I'm doing air quotes live in homes in suburbs they go to civilian, restaurants, Gee arguing that there is a there? There are some position with which we should blow ups million homes, the collateral damage on american citizens. Now I don't, I I don't want to believe anything like that. Whatever happened, but I gotta be honest. The rhetoric is escalating. The route like I mentioned at least a couple years ago was the number one left wing source shared on Twitter, were engaged with. She goes on to say it was part of a policy of you of the Obama Bush years quote Mitch. Mcconnell was in the Senate, then he was in the Senate after nine eleven to how does much Mcconnell, who understands the way you root out terror is to take on in the case of islamic terror, kill those who inside it. How does he not vote to convict someone that he said
on the floor, the Senate incited an insurrection, I mean she sought, it kill those who inside it kill those. These are american citizens. These are the people you live next to some of these are active duty military. Some of these people are police. Now they should not have done what they did at the capital, but to call for their execution without charge or trial like the. U S has done too so many overseas one of the most horrifying things. I've seen in a long time they going to mention the Wall Street Journal reported in January two thousand and ten. There was no indication. Mr Alaki played a role in any of the attacks against the US and he has never been indicted in the The Brookings Institute declared all lakes assassination as the first extrajudicial killing by the? U S against a: U S. Citizen his sixteen year old son of Dorimon Alaki, was killed in a drone strike two weeks later. It's the second time that Allah
been mentioned on walls is show in the last two weeks previously send BC, contributor, informer, FBI, agent, Clint Watts hinted that former president tromp was in in violence against the US much like ALA Lake with the capital. On January six quote: we had appeared after nine eleven, where we are trying to get left of boom, as they would say in counter terror, which is, can you get way up up the stream of an attack and start to root out all of the confluences which bring in about attack? If you look at what President Trump said and you instead put in on war alaki mouth we would be talking about. Drone strikes overseas, WOT sat on the left wing, cable news network. So that's one aspect. Political leaders talking about this rhetoric. From CMS news, acting D, just deputy secretary, policy wanted quote crew, and machine guns in Washington that was rejected
to be policy just doesn't understand, or maybe we're dangerously giving these people the benefit of the doubt. Do you know what would happen if in DC? They did use crew, serviced, machine guns, belt, FED five, five, six or whatever we add some people on the show, the caliber by which they use for these cream and machine guns. Do you know what happened? Do you what these rounds do to a person depending on the caliber they're very large, These are not designed to be
slow and enter the body and stay there, their de noort their designed to rip through them. There will be untold collateral damage. Civilian buildings will be peppered with rifle rounds through windows through brick through foundations. The streets will be littered with this, with the fragments in the holes from a crew served machine gun. Of course they rejected the idea, but it has at least been reported by one individual. They wanted this. What could we live in a country where there's machine guns surrounding the capital that sounds like occupation? Finally, honest with or without the machine guns it sounds like occupation? I hope you are paying attention because the rhetoric is slowing down and we know where this kind of talk leads. Many
but like to say that what is dumb people on twitter there, like Duke so dumb talking about civil work yeah, I just when I quote prominent security experts in and newspapers and magazines when they bring it up or when left wing profess, from Say Stanford say we are in a cold civil war. My friends, let me ask you a very simple question. We just had hundreds of people storm in to the: U S capital during the counting of the electoral college votes. I do not believe that changed anything. But you can certainly see that people were screaming angry and some were called at seventeen. Seventy six claiming was revolution will, not nearly enough individuals to actually do anything. The sentiment is certainly on the rise and it's worse than we ve seen in a long time when you have people on the right fighting with policing, ever see that and then storming into this building, and there were thousands of people outside as well and hundreds of thousands. They are just peacefully supporting trump when
see that, and you also see the violence in the streets from the left and Antifa and they're still still today today, and you see prominent Maine, stream, publications and high profile personality say these people are enemy combatants. The Republican Party are enemy combatants advocate for the drone bombing of them democratic politicians them prominent before Biden, Nancy Pelosi. Essentially the leader of the party before button was inaugurated, saying room and machine guns. Do you think these are slowing down? You think I've been wrong, perhaps has often say. Maybe this is the one time that things slow down at the back into the belcour. Should we believe that if you'd like to- because maybe this is the end,
of the escalation. Maybe now the actual fighting is over, we get some bluster, then I won't gonna calms down, but this is an escalation. Once again prominent personalities on MSNBC sang, the Republicans. Are your enemies come tense. It's absolutely insane, there's some of was dangerous radically seen. Yet ten BC. They get millions of yours at night. They rival Fox NEWS, as of now and they're, telling people to treat republicans like enemies who should be droned who should be bombed or killed. I mean all the same thing. Essentially when you things can happen. Do you think people are to ignore this, or do you think they're going to believe it MSNBC and these personalities are radicalizing people to an extreme degree. So I hope you understand what this means. When we were seeing the fighting between proud boys and antifa- and I said I think this is going
escalate to some kind of civil conflict of war peoples at you're, so damn it a bunch of morons in the street fighting- and I said, but look at the result of what comes next People in the media saying the proud boys were just defending themselves themselves in the left, saying no but they're the wrong ones. Just fights fascist you could see the lines being drawn. The domino knocked over. You know that mean where there's a little tiny domino gradually get bigger and bigger and bigger into a giant massive slab because its escalates and that's what we're. Looking at someone at one point, flicked a tiny little domino antiphon, the Prob Boys fought and I looked down that path and I saw the dominoes getting bigger and bigger and bigger. I say you'll see in this, but everybody was too busy looking down saying their tiny, it's nothing but the point now the latest dominative all over is MSNBC personalities,
in more and more than one instance essentially advocating for the extra judicial assassination and executions of american citizens. What do you think? The next domino to follow will be now. Maybe the domino gets knocked to the side and stops and they stop falling over and the escalation ceases could be I don't have any reason to believe that things are so bring down? I'm sorry and much to be pessimistic, but that's what's happening I'll leave their necks segments come up tonight. Eight p m lie. Over at Youtube com TIM cast IRL. We will be talking about guns, among other things, and things like this so make sure you've. Check it out, because we also take your comments and read them on the show. So again, I will see you at eight p m youtube com, Tim cast Iron Ral, Thank sprang out, check out the show, live and I'll see them. I try to be careful
precise, with my language, the words I use because I want to make sure when people hear what I'm saying they genuinely understand the ideas behind what I'm saying now many on the left will take things I say out of context, probably on purpose because they don't want met. They don't want people to actually hear what I have to say. I don't mean Somebody was talking about how they had been sent. Name, videos to their friends who are left us or liberals who Finally said: hey women. I watched this one video and I now understand. I believe that on the left. So this is a fact here. Many on the left watch, mainstream news and don't watch independent alternative or conservative news. There was one Paul there like to cite over and over again that shows liberals and leftists get their information from
ninety per cent mainstream source of about ten percent conservative sources? Moderates are about sixty five percent liberal sources and the thirty three thirty five percent concern conservatives get their news about sixty five percent conservative sources and around thirty five percent were that mean conservatives typically know what liberals are thinking and why not always, but typically and liberals, don't understand what Services are thinking. This works out really well for Democrats, the tribal left so long as you keep the information suppressed. You can maintain your tribal authority, power and political power, which has no surprise why there in favour of censorship. So I try to keep my language precise and I think one of the reasons why they will pull my quotes out of context or mass together or Strip cultural context. Out of what was being set. For instance, big big attacks. Right now is the forty nine state landslide well, because in the past they're
or certain moments that made it seem like TAT was doing really well, for instance, trumps highest aggregate approval. Writing took place during the covered pandemic when he was giving speeches and the governors praising him, and then we saw mass riding based on certain hypothetical situations. Speculation ensues, Basically, I would say wow. If Trump does these things, he might see a forty nine state landslide, not that he literally would there were a lot of variables and I always always take the milk toast approach of saying well, you know, but probably not- and I get criticized for doing both I say something and qualify it with, but you know what I'm probably wrong on that one they'll cut out the I'm probably wrong and say: look TIM pool things as a psychic. If I say I'm probably wrong or I'd like. I could be totally wrong about this. Then people will say, pick a position and stick to it. Now the realities I have all the answers I'll give you some ideas and I try to be precise. If there's something I know to be true factual. I will make sure I work properly, which brings me
and gentlemen to this segment that you might not be the most important news in terms of global affairs, but I thought I absolutely had to do a segment about the pointer institute but what you see on the screen essentially decides who gets to fact check on Facebook recently It look with cows, give we are changing: Color House, Theatin, guess I'll podcast had a meme fact check by using today why it was an obvious joke about Joe Biden with stacks of executive orders and they said misleading information and put a block on in front of it. It was a joke. Twitter recently froze censored mean it was. It was an image, a cartoon image of Donald Trump, and it says you stole my heart. Like a twenty twenty election, it was a joke it wasn't actually asserting the election was stolen. It was mocking the idea Twitter blocked. In now that block isn't from the pointer inside anythin
but it just shows you institutional suppression of information. Well, it's wrong, and I've got the hard. And boy are y'all. Gonna love this the pointer institute rights, this twitter's crowdsourced fact checking experiment reveals problems. A pointer analysis found that less of half bird watch users include sources and manufacturing notes contained partisan rhetoric. Just like what you do. I love it. My friends, I give you a story about my complete. I made a tweet, it was being snark ie and it was referencing time genes, shadow cabal, article pointer, is furious. Why? Well, let me start over for those who are familiar with bird watch, Twitter launched a pie a programme which brought a certain a small number of people into the it into this.
Program that gives the ability to fact check. These people are chosen at random, someone will tweet and then Bird watch. There's can say this is true. This is false or is misleading hears why it see was to be working to actually I'm unfairly impressed well in my tweet, I essentially referencing the time magazine. They said they fortified the election, Twitter froze that tweet and the bird watch, Overwhelmingly rated my tweet not misleading and then prove citation a time magazine pointer, is furious. The fact checking worked, so they rode a whole article about it, not liking what I wrote and they use manipulation techniques. This my friends may be the most revealing power play. We can see from what Facebook and the fake news does. So, my friends, if you agree with me- and I will keep us as reasonable as possible-
this video with your friends to explain to them the faults of fake news and how the system is built to lie to them and I'll explain Let me bring you now to the pointer article. They say on February five. Fifth, twitter flagged a post from controversial Youtuber TIM Tim Pool. That said, the thousand twenty twenty US presidential election was rigged at form noted at the claim, was disputed and turned off engagement due to a risk of violence. First of all, I am I really controversial. I don't think so. I seriously. I don't think there is a circumstance You could argue that controversial I'm not newsworthy nobody. Stories about me. Sometimes people complain that I'm dumb and the left like supposed things out of context, but I have not been featured in any major articles over anything that I've said that has been over the top or controversial. Save for this, where they just asserted calling me controversial, is poisoning the way.
The goal is, once you start reading this, they want you to hold a negative view of me as if I've done something wrong. Sorry, man there's a reason why people call me a milk toast fence sitter now they say my tweet said the election was rigged this well technically true in that I jokingly said it was and then immediately said it wasn't, so you could argue that the words do appear, but I did not say it. You see it was a post from me that set. That said why, because I did not say the election was wrecked, the post itself says the election was not rigged. Issues is work. It's interesting. Let me show you the actual post, I tweeted this. I don't think this even matters at this point. Time magazine just came out said that a cabal of elites rigged the election. I'm sorry they said they didn't rig the election they for
to fight it by changing the rules and laws, as well as manipulating the flow of information. That tweet is one hundred percent factually true, be it so to say the least time magazine did come out and say a cabal of elites, fortified the election I said rigged because I was being smart. On on purpose. That's why I then said I'm sorry, they didn't say they rigged, it, that's the joke, so they can technically say the post said it was rigged, but the post literally says it wasn't rigged following this. More importantly, I think, if you read the time magazine, article you'll get the idea, the secret history of the shadow campaign campaign save a twenty twenty election. Let me just do a search, or words to show you they say there was a can. Piracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from ceos They say this started in a fall of twenty nine
which means whatever they were doing was hurting Bernie Sanders, I'd. Imagine as well, fine call it whatever you want. More importantly, they use the word. But let me just read the the paragraph you. Time magazine said: that's why the participants want the secret history of the and twenty election told, even though it sounds like a paranoid fever dream a well funded cabal of, people, ranging across industries and ideologies working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control. The flow of information they were not rigging the election, they were fortifying it and they believe the public needs to understand the systems for in order to ensure that democracy in America indoors. That's why I said that in rig it they fortified, it. But what is the definition of rigging? It's actually simple, too change the rules or a system in order to benefit to all
order to insure us by particular outcome depend on what you like or don't like politically, you will look look at this as it was being rigged or it wasn't, which is why I didn't make a definitive statement in my tweet. I said they weren't rigging it. They were fortifying it showing what they said being snarking, and I said Time magazine said now three this point article this unburden the social media platform experiment and crowd source backtracking users overwhelmingly said the tweet was not misleading. According to a February fourteenth and our analysis of twitter data and most bird watch users indicated in the tool that they found. These notes that supported debunked claims helpful and informative. Let's stop right here. I tweeted bird its users who are random people, I dont know. Let me show you what they said, not misleading the tweets. There is simply were laying the content of a public time magazine article, his son.
Is essentially an accurate portrayal of their article. Next one currently currently rated helpful, not misleading According to the officiating source of time there was a well organised group of seeker participants in a shop. Organization. That sounds like a ball. That worked but this way the election in favour of Joe Biden, the next one. His context is prove at a time article. Let us not misleading, not mislead not misleading, not mislead, not misleading, not misleading, not mislead, not misleading, there's one misinformed or potentially misleading leading saying pull this reference. A February fourth time article, the secret, through the shadow campaign that save the twenty twenty election. Some readers may classified tactics. Ass came pension as campaign strategy, others may argue
This election rigging until a legal precedents is set. Topic is open to debate and I respect that one as well. So we break is down for you, the Pointer Institute, which is basically who determines what Facebook who on Facebook, in fact, because of Facebook not come. How does Facebook select its backtracking partners, facebooks, independent third party, are all certified by the international fact checking network the. I have seen a subsidiary of journalism, journalism organization, Pointer Institute is dedicated to bringing together fact checkers worldwide here's. What happened? I made a post. The post was snarking but factual, I sad time magazine claimed to a rigging. I'm sorry, not rigging fortifying. That's intended to be
ironically and snarking, but it is factually correct, albeit even if it was partisan rhetoric. Fine pointer is mad because twitters open fact checking system proved me right or at the very least made us little strong I'll say it shows that most people agree with me on the interpretation of what this time article is when pointer holds the keys to who gets to fact check they choose now. Isn't it funny The really see here twitter is allowing anyone anyone so so. For now it's a small group of randomly selected individuals. This is undercutting pointer institute.
I've CN business or you know, organization or whenever you want to call it, it is coming at their source of power. Facebook uses pointer. If you start news organization- and you want to be able to issue fact check labels on other people's posts you have to get approved by pointer pointer, holds the keys on twitter. They don't so they got mad that when I made a post that was factually true of snarking, they had no control over it. So they read an article claiming it was a problem. They try to argue that these regular users are wrong and that the continent that that the posts that are helpful that people,
Ike, R, r D, bunked. Isn't it amazing when regular people crowd source fact checking? Let me show you what you discover: let's break this all down here. Is bird watches of twitter Twitter to come: slash ice, lash bird watch. This is where you can look to tweets, and see how people are writing them and I'm going to show you that the system works and my tweet was correct. Let's jump to a random tweet here Rex Chapman says Hey climate deniers, its snowing now in Saudi Arabia, and they show a video of camels covered in snow? Let's click the button that says see all notes on this tweet in it we can see misinformed or potential the misleading one user, says these areas, typically receive snowfall every year during winter months and is not evidence or indicative of climate change, with a sigh another user says misinformed actually misleading, this tweet does not indicate this region.
Does receive occasional snowfall and may be out of context. Apparently it's normal than out of context, wheat from a verified user. How about my son of a bitch sort of it said Wikipedia goes full damage, control to protect Lincoln Project, bad person, John Weaver, the pages locked and no information can be added. You click see all notes, and you can see the two ratings are misinformed or potentially misleading, long story short, be it a left, wing position or right wing position. Users are overwhelmingly calling out what they see as bad information. Bird watch is working just like Wikipedia regular people are now giving a chance to rate information to fact jacket. The problem with Wikipedia is that special interests of essentially taken it over and now it's a damn near impossible for a regular personnel, actually come in and say, hey here's, why? That's not true, just like the Pointer Institute and Facebook that facebooks as we are, not the ones who lay
these. It was those users only problem is Facebook is giving the keys to a select group of people to act essentially as contractors on behalf of Facebook. So I would argue know that still facebook making those statements- and I think it's grounds for defamation lawsuits. If Facebook wants to label my post or anyone else's false news or misleading or whatever I'd argue. That's that's defamation. That is a false statement. Of fact, in many instances. At what has actually happened, a tweet of mine that idea How someone screenshot input on Twitter, Facebook, I'm sorry, was labeled a false information by one of pointers approved organizations. The post was about Bill Clinton flying on an airplane to particular island. My pulse was one hundred percent factually true. It was dubbed false. Then, when you click the link, backtrack, actually confirmed. My post was true, which means they knew. What I was saying was true slapped the label.
But calling it false. I would argue that militia They knew what I said was true, but still called it false. It's a false statement effect. I blame Facebook for that, because Facebook I'll put it this way. If the New York Times as a company has contractors who write articles and those articles are approved in posted New York Times can't say: oh, oh, oh, that's not in the New York Times employ. That was just a contractor. We approved if Facebook says here is the five ten organizations we are giving access to to pass on our platform. It's on behest, dumbass, a facebook. You take a look at birdwatching, you can see pull up most tweets and euro outlets. Let's look utilities, one Lauren Bogart says come and take it bill and it's a picture of a stake because Bill Gates said that we should eat synthetic meet, see all notes,
there's a note, misinformed, potentially misleading. It says Bill Gates said in an interview with Kara Swisher that wealthy nations to use more plant based foods like impossible burgers, even though he still eat some meat and some synthetic plant based meets. He does not want to take me away. The trans ripped is here. You see even unseemly posts. Bird watch users are calling out what they view as news, and it seems to mostly affect rightwing individuals. So why, then, I would ask, is pointer upset because the one time they want the control of the narrative they lost it. I mean they basically maintain. Look at this. All of the bird with stuff is overwhelmingly right. Wing Robert J O'Neil says Barbara boxer had a chinese spy as a driver for twenty years, see all notes, misinformed or potentially misleading senator boxer registered as a chinese foreign agent. So the Biden campaign returned her donation. Senator Feinstein's driver was a
so you see how this works. It's amazing, when regular people are actually given the keys and have the ability to fact check you tend to get tends to get the correct approach. Wikipedia used to be this way. It really did not so much anymore, and I think there's obvious reasons. In the early days of Wikipedia anybody on Wikipedia would at it and try and add you know, with good through good faith, correct information when Special interests realise the reputation could be damaged through Wikipedia and Wikipedia these are publicly available sources, so you can't sue us. They needed control. Thus, digital firms emerged with the express intent, explicit intent, of manipulating information on Wikipedia, we see very heavily with politicians, both left and right you try and say something negative. All of a sudden. This prominent Wikipedia editor will come in and argue why it's actually, ok. A really good example is on Wikipedia
if you try and say something why might sort of it might turn of which has once claimed he, he supported universal Healthcare. They'll argue one statement from MIKE sort of which is not important. To a biography, and just because he said we need universal health care doesn't mean he actually supports. We should not include this and you'll get a bunch of these special interest and left biased, Redditor Wikipedia or SAR Wikipedians or whatever they'll they'll say yet must be removed, but then one day might started, which will say something like we need deregulation and big business and then boom it'll appear right. There might sort of a size deregulate business if it is a right wing position or bear a sing statement or something negative. They'll argue. The statement is warranted, as fact as a principal part of the persons biography, but since if I say that I was a very staunch supporter
Bernie Sanders and twenty sixteen they'll argue it's not relevant. Now. This was actually interesting. It ended up in an article in which they actually said. Well, look it's in the article, so we have to include TIM pools of Bernie Sanders supporter in two thousand and sixteen and then he voted for Donald Trump. There are a lot of people that did that about nine minutes It's not unusual! Well, I mean it's not completely. Typical of everybody, but this this group of people and and are a lot of left wing. Individuals are moderate, left us to register. As Republicans I did not or who vote for Donald Trump. They fight over whether or not you can get in statements, personal statements or what there are not TIM Pool is a good source, for instance, for years they claimed that I invented a Zepplin. I love talking about this. Does. It was seriously like seven years where Wikipedia said I,
it has happened and I kept screaming. No, I didn't what's why? What makes anybody think I invented Zepplin, that's insane! I did not at all stems from some fake article. Four, I think was the guardian. Where I talked about a potential idea, for you could put a Zepplin on a roof and control it. You could be in New York and control it in a way. I never said I invented the damn thing. I said we are working on drone technology We have drones that can fly and do live streams. It would be amazing if we got to the point where we actually had some kind of Zeplin, because it's lower power and it can fly for a longer amount of time that you could like put on a roof and then remote control using cellular networks or the internet. This happens all the time The media lies they lie you now to proof a good example of how the media manipulates
and why these fashioning organizations are so scared and offended from the Washington Post, eroding trust spreading fear the historical ties between pandemics and extremism, the opening paragraph Adam Krigler used to feed his Youtube following a politics. Free diet of chatter, about aliens movies, skateboarding and video games. Then came the pandemic. Now he d Much of his talk show to his assertion that mask mandates are an assault on personal freedom and that Democrats, somehow sold th two thousand and twenty election from Donald Trump result a much bigger audience. If you are, fan of the TIM cast: IRL Podcast. You would know that Adam Krigler was cohost for quite some time, You would also know that we always talked about politics. Politics. Politics just became more prominent because politics became pop culture. That's really it. The real story is that TIM cast IRL was supposed to be a vlog.
It was supposed to be a vlog where I would go on the ground and interview regular people and do essentially long form podcasting from regular Americans kind of like Crowder's. You know change my mind. Crowder used to do something called real conversations. I think that became changed my mind. My idea was we could just you know that, table and say: regular people come talk, Sargon a Carl Benjamin did something similar, but then the pandemic. And so these regular issues that we want to talk about cultural politics and politics became confined to the home. Adam curricular did not used to feed his you two following a politics: free diet. The second video that he produced for his channel Adam cast- I Arel, is about, I think, is about trump. So why did the Washington Post right this ab fake news, they've created a narrative that Adam was just an alien, you know and fun culture podcaster and then the pandemic. It and now he's got a bigger audience by claiming
Donald Trump and all that stuff. When reality he joined me, a guy who's been political for a decade. Who is literally at Occupy Wall Street, to talk about cultural politics and politics. No, don't get me wrong. We did talk about ufos and aliens and we still most We do the main issue with them. Guest IRL is that politics became pop culture. Everyone agrees, movies, aren't coming out anymore. They suspended a bunch of movies, the theatres were closed, so mainstream establishment. Cultural news was all about Trump and now we're starting to get back into cultural issues. Hence the other day we talked about food shortages. We talked about taxes in the power grid. We didn't talk, necesarily about Democrats or Republicans are Donald Trump. We didn't necessarily talk about the pandemic. We are slowly get getting back into cultural issues of the election year is over. What we have from this is the Washington Post, making up a narrow they made up a narrative because it sells now. What will happen is
the future when Wikipedia seeks to reference Adam Krigler, they will write this fake news. That was not fact checked and in fact it is an absolute false statement of fact. Now I reached out to this journalist and he said I'm just relaying what what Adam told me. So you didn't fact check with the guy said there is. This is the nature of information. Today's damage, I put out a tweet about the shadow, Cabal or whatever, and regular people saw. That said, yeah, that's what time magazine said pointer is furious, because they're supposed to be the gatekeepers of information and on twitter they're, not wellgood for twitter. In that capacity, I got a lot of complain about it. It, over the Washington post? You can see how this information will filter now to places like Wikipedia and trick you into believing fake news. You don't believe me just go to Adam Craig lives. You too, general go to his video section and search by oldest and what will you see? Tesla some music boom politics, in fact, Adam
bill talks about NASA and space he always has, but he talks about politics as well. In fact, the funny thing is they say then came the pandemic. They say: Adam Krigler Youtube Channel started what six months after the lockdown went into effect. What do you mean then came pandemic, Adam Krigler didn't have a Youtube following until he started his Youtube channel then came the pandemic, absolute manipulation and lies. I have to wonder about the rest of it. I hope this was informative and useful for all of you I'll leave it there. Next segment is coming up at one p m on this channel I'll. Do my best to keep you adequately informed, but I'm not perfect. I get things wrong too, but at least I'll never pull Yes like that makes rang out, see them its long been said that generate can see. Is the first general
issue and nearly a hundred years to be more conservative than the previous generation, and this is true looking at data from pure and others, sources. You can see that every generation- silent boomer, Genx millennial Genz, it's always getting a little bit more progressive until Jens in a most slightly too conservative. Now here's the reality and not convince that generations. He is more conservative, I've. I think that's technically the truth, but I think there don't hyper polarization happening and Genji is still overwhelmingly similar to millennials and millennials tend to be particularly woke what we are seeing now is one of the stupidest and let contradictions, contradictions of thought, which is unsurprising coming from young people who have not yet entered for the most part, the political world, but among those of Genz who are more progressive. They tend to be increasingly authoritarian and across the
or Genji seems to be increasingly authoritarian within one pull. The majority Genji sang shout down speakers and banning speech. Good thing acceptable. Here's work it's funny, though, obviously not every agency individual is progressive. Like a mentioned attend to be slightly more conservative. I think that is that this has to do with having kids and I thought about it before as a bunch of data from the early, two thousand showing that conservatives we're having two point: zero: five children on average. Well, liberals ran like one point: seven, which means on a long enough time period? Liberals shrink or left a string. Conservatives maintain because it who kids per adult families always slightly above replacement levels? This means that in a long enough time, scale you'll get more. Conservatives now what things get funny in this article from the New York Post, politicized, woke and a phrase Genji, needs to start thinking critically. They mention that these
ears want to abolish police ok, I'll run a third of them want to abolish police, but around two thirds think that rioting to a certain degree is acceptable. Let me tell you what happens when you go to the police. You know I thought about it. I thought about it quite a bit and something changed where right now you know I am in favour of abolishing the police not really, but you know, I'm thinking about the right to keep in their arms. I've gone pretty heavy into pro to aid, for the most part are not completely to like a lot of you. A lot of people are like. I should be able to own a belt fed fifty Bmg cruiser you know. I understand literally, that I don't know about go that far, but pretty close in this. That we have a constitution that must be obeyed and even if I do agree that we should have people mean melted, mounting belt fad. Fifty mg crew service machine guns on their homes are somewhat that, especially in cities. Well, listen. We have a constitution
You want to change the rules, you change. The constitution can be amended anyway. Look here's the point. I'm kid about what was about to abolish the police. But I don't live in a city anymore, we'll have to worry about that. Have lived in rural areas before and without police. Why new first hand what it was like to be in a home that was unguarded and we literally murders murders that had happened nearby? and so I was like wow now I kind of understand right when our own weapons, if you abolish the police is going to come and confiscate those weapons? I guess the eighty off shore, but imagine you're in a big city like New York and believe that writing is permissible, but that we shouldn't have police. So when the criminals violet the law, because no one's there to enforce it and you bring out the social workers and then above
your dues are walking around with AR fifteen and then you're out rioting. What do you think those people with guns are going to do with you as you write? It is why I do find story story, be Don T be honest, I'm not here to rag on Jens years, who think the stuff, because I understand they don't have that life experience they may they may think there Original, really, smart, nay, nay. They know everything on a lot of young people tend to do. We all do and then every young person hears of the old person, you think you know everything but you'll get older, you'll figure it out well certain There are many smart jens ears like I said they tend to be more more in the previous generation, but they are still very much like millennials, but there's a difference between in knowledge and wisdom- and I think the younger generation- lacks the wisdom- that's the well operate. This way knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit wisdom, is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. You see. That goes basically have lot. Jones years, who might know stuff they have access to the internet, but it is
insane that falling in line with this authoritarianism sign. Autonomously sang writing is ok but no cops. Do people gonna, shoot you in some fundamental. No, are you want abolish the police? Fine genji expanding their growing there going to take over at some point and then maybe a large faction of people who vote to abolish the police. Guess what I don't live in a city. I don't care now. I understand the stupidity of abolishing cops. I got a problem with. Corruption and politically same as most people do. I think we need reform, but you know what I got out of these cities. For this reason ereline myself. Now I'm a proud gun owner of many different kinds of guns, of varying degrees of power, were and are all within the law. You know nothing crazy. To be completely honest. I was talking somebody when I was buying ammo- and I was like- is this too. Much and they were like dude. You are not even at it Hence the level of where proper is go, I'm pretty sure nobody cares and ass. I yet maybe Just because I grew up in a city where you don't have any guns that buying a couple seems like a big deal
Bu you go in the middle of nowhere and you this guy's, like here's, my gun, rack and there's like fifty guns or something well, let me let me read this and we'll talk about what's going out with Genji and we'll talk about what's going on with gun control right now, the York Post says politicized, woke and afraid Genji needs to start thinking critically. They write in our increased Lee digitized, secular and idea, ideologically polarized era, my generate, and Genji. Overwhelmingly turned to political activism in their search for meaning the rise of Blm protests. Climate change, rallies in Lgbtq pride parades of the last have DEC I have given young people, a religious sense of community and a kind of spiritual mission, that of fighting for equality and justice on the surface young people involved in political activism have good intentions to fight the evils, racism, massaging homophobia and feel genuine compassion for this normally underserved, however, in the quest for justice, a brewing ideological radicalism and prevailing orthodoxies swept Genji capitalism
and all its manifestations are now considered dangerous while advocating for socialism. The new requisite philosophy for entering the cool kids club is viewed positively by sixty one percent of GEN Z. A third of young adults pulled last year supported abolishing the police more than any other age group. Blinded by myopic visions of cultural revolution, some young people even justify violence, one poll, showed sixty four percent of college students agreed that last year's anti police riding and looting is justified to some degree. The rise of orthodoxy comes with a growing intolerance with it, with a growing intolerance, alternate perspectives that deviate from the mainstream art justice comforting to young people. Their trade is a moral threat. Just over fifty percent of Genji college students. Believe shouting down speakers or trying to prevent them from talking is sometimes or always acceptable and same time more than two thirds of cows didn't say: campus climate prevents them
expressing their true opinions for fear of a funding their classmates. Despite the dogma of culturally emboldened young progressive, many Genji, many Jonesy think actually thinkers actually crave greater diversity of thought, though I just turned twenty. I have taken the path less travelled through my favorite years. Now is an opinion writer consistently seeking out ideas. That challenge me here are my five too for my fellow Zuma can do the same. We can be it be skeptical skeptical of conventional wisdom. Identity is not destiny. Stay open minded watch your news diet. The key to being open minded is watching your news. Diet, checking a balance between intelligent voice on the left and right is essential. Less time on social media here here like this image. It says our young people, follow more diverse voices like Joe Rogan, very wise and Glenn Greenwell? I would just like to point out that the hellenic hair polarity there, I thought, with respect to the writer of this article, targeting Jen
Z, Joe broken very wise and Glenn Greenwell. All occupied the exact same space on the political spectrum, so they're, not particularly a diverse set of opinions, but What what? What I'm more want to focus on our these? These poles here that I think are particularly interesting. The embrace of socialism that doesn't sound like they're, more conservative. Now I have an answer for that. One though, interestingly, I saw a really great post from a zoomer. I guess that's what they're They said you wonder why Genji is overwhelmingly in favour of socialism and progressive economics, because they entered a world asked the financial crisis, where there were no jobs to be had so you have Molly, feels struggling as it is with massive debt. What do you think Genji was going to do and now or in another crisis?
while millennials have experienced to economic crises in their lifetimes already, Genji entered the world after the crisis confused and with with no real ability to do meaningful work. Now you have the covered I say again, there's no faith. The system will allow them to do anything that will make money. Now, that is a failure of genetics, mental back toward the green millennials and mostly boomers. Where is the the the previous generation to inspire and teach young people that you can be responsible for yourself? go watch fight, club dude. I know a lot of these GEN Z. People were born after one thousand nine hundred and ninety seven sure go. Watch fight club came out when Two years old go watch him. We were all too We were to be rock stars and astronauts and as we're learning
that's not true what pissed off to quotes tunic with? To paraphrase Tyler Durden dude you're, not gonna, be a rock star. Celebrity go chopped, some wood in the back yard. Prepare your fire tend to some chickens and realise this a thing is fake. It's just not real this desire for social acceptance. You need to rely on yourself up worrying about what someone's gonna do for you. You may not have the ability to get a job. The way you were told so what it's time to start thinking and realizing the system is broken. You can't sit around and say We should have the government intervene and provide for us because I can't find the jobs. More importantly, can I just point out the path, problem of advocating for abolishing the police not to be fair. It's a third of young adults poulticing abolish the police, but it is more than any other group. What do you think's going to happen? The Washington Post reports, fearing violence and political uncertainty?
Americans are buying millions more firearms. More than to me In guns were sold in January and eighty percent jump and the third highest monthly total on record a year ago, when the lockdown started, we saw in liberal areas in big cities, lines out the door from gun shops. They were sold out, ammo. Nowhere to be found major ammo shortage, and the price of Emma was skyrocketing. I mean just a cup weeks ago. It was like a dollar per bullet for nine millimeter and some stores that's crazy. Now you go online, you might be able to find cheaper, but think about that. It's just one bullet. If you go and do target practice, if you're training, So I go to you know I gotta arranged and I'll give you a box of like fifty or or Tuna catches are where are you beauty like a box? A fifty fifty bucks to shoot just fifty times practicing and training and
and don't think that someone who buys a weapon is gonna, build a master operating their weapon after fifty Neil pulled the trigger take a long time that's expensive stuff rifle runs even more expensive, but here's appears the bigger picture by all means. Please abolish the police I don't care, I don't live in these places anymore and I ve long sad if, if these leftist witnessed the riding in the chaos all last year, which these genes ear say. Two thirds to some degree was justified and they keep voting for this stuff voting for weapons to be taken away. You can in no way, for instance, you can't even have like you can even walk or the baseball bat. You want to open up no joke in Chicago. If you wanna go to like play baseball with your friends, you can get stopped by the cops in question and I have always been told if you ever want to go and you have a baseball bat, you must have a myth and a ball because they can stop. You accuse you of carrying a weapon.
Violence, I guess if you want to get rid of the police, you live in these areas, rocked by these riots How can a stand in the way that I'm not market to defend people who continue to live in places after a year of this? At a certain point, the responsibility falls on you, Nano effort, a lot of people say dude. I can't afford to move, I get it for that. I'm sorry I I generally mean it. I don't want you to lose your cops because he's crazy or taken over, but look I moved from Chicago to allay with nothing but a backpack computer. Ok, you're, not nothing, and I had two hundred dollars in cash I found a ride share from Chicago to LA with no plan I was like I don't care I'll sleep outside, I'm gonna do my thing. I figured it out. I got a job within a couple of days. I found a place to stay. I made it work. Maybe it doesn't work for everybody, but I took that risk if you want to live in these areas, where they're going to take away your guns and take away your police
other gangs in the criminals are still armed, there's nothing I can do for you. I can't stop these crazy kids from believing the police go away. You want to replace them with social workers. Great I'd, love to see an army of social workers surrounding the capital building right now, not just make a lot of sense. Does it fearing violence and political uncertainty. Americans are buying millions more, arms. It's amazing how weird all of this is from the hill. Much already dissatisfied with: U S, gun laws, policies, pole. So what do you think it is do think p? are dissatisfied because the laws are too strict or because the laws are not strict enough? It's simple: the laws are not strict enough. They said forty one percent of the public say they are dissatisfied with the current gun laws and want them to be stricter, while eight percent say they are dissatisfied and want them to be less stricted. Seven percent are dissatisfied but want them to remain the same. The ball was taken before you know that
when anniversary they say fifty six percent of their dissatisfied, forty two percent, they are satisfied. So does it really mean I gotta tell you I am personally dissatisfied with the laws of dissatisfied because there's no uniformity and because they kind of don't make sense, Why is that some states will ban say like an m one? A and other states will not banned a scar. If you know anything about these weapons, modern versions of weapons that are better and more accurate nope. Those are fine old world war. Two You no weapon. I won't allow any that had a conversation with a gun store. An arrogant store with one of them, the merchants talking about Bolt ACT. And rifles, and they said well, you know the laws. For the most part, the left, don't seem to mind bolt action rifles. That's where you pull the lever, you pull the bolt back, you push it forward and you crank it's a hand, crank essentially operation, and they said these things are better and more accurate, they're typically used in hunting, because
there is less moving parts, so you have just like a smooth shot, whereas air Teen semi autos have a ton of crazy moving parts and will be less. Our other exactly true, I'm sure, there's a lot of people who would argue against that? The point is the gun. Laws, don't make sense, the people enforcing a war or critics policies, dont know what they're doing. More importantly, that's why I'm just opposite Atlantis at this. As this, dissatisfied with them, but let me shouted a message to those Jens ears who are occupying the space of supporting the rights to a certain degree, while also you know wanting gun control or wanting to abolish the police. You get rid of the cops who's taken, my guns away. Okay, you get rid of the cops who's taken away, anyone's guns
I know they keep saying we don't want, take everyone's guns away. That's that's not true. They do better work said: yes, we're taking your guns. There was an attempt to ban all semi automatic weapons, all that's basically every weapon, except for, I guess, bolt action rifles which can be fired extremely quickly and are more accurate. So I hear, and what about lever action those things can fire so fast as well, but we have no idea what you're talking about, but they did want to translate. They tried making a glock seventeen looks, I M gonna cops use an assault weapon. Alright, let's say you have your way. You ban all these weapons. What happens then, when I'm in the city and there's a riot well for me I wouldn't go into the riot. I dont want to carry a weapon in a city where its illegal, I dont universal service, police or not, and I dont to be put a situation where I have to use it to kill somebody. I don't want that for my home for any of my property, I don't want anyone.
Coming here. The last thing I want is to hurt somebody for any reason, even if they are threatening my home, but if I must, I will because, if you come with with malicious intent to cause arm to me, my friends in my family as much as I don't want to. I will. I will be forced to defend myself. That being said, there are a lot of criminals in New York allay Chicago who are armed to the teeth, notably Chicago. You abolish the police. Ok, who's gonna, stop the gang prime who's gonna? Stop the gun? Violence? Not the cops are doing a great job of it right now, anyway, sure, but at least they can arrest people who are illegally obtaining or trading or dealing in weapons convention thing? There is under the second amendment there should be any restrictions. I guess any law is argued, arguably infringement, but here's my point: if you think the cops should confiscate these weapons
to send an army of social workers to gang territory being like now now, gentlemen, your guns, please and what happens when you go out and riot? What do you think is going to riot you're in Chicago you take the I'd line down to forty seven thought to sixty third or whatever, and then running around smash and windows screamin, you know what our protest cause. You are going to get lit up, and there will be no one there to save you. You see the absurdity of this people, don't have a clear understanding but again, but again I understand Genji hasn't experience This stuff, many of them are just two young. Many of them in college have experienced, lot of anything, that's kind of scary. To me. I really dislike college. Why you get these kids grow up in the suburbs very little real. Experienced. You put him through institutionalized learning facilities up until there, what twenty two young when It was a teenager. I was dealing with the realities of the real world. I was dealing with gang violence. People's yo, getting shot people die,
no overdoses, the real world. Ran a business I got to meet with engage with real customers, talk with them about real policy houses, a little kid and I'd overhear them talking about politics, exposure to the real world. With these kids, these young people, they go to college, they get a fac simile, they get a two dimensional image, a representation of what it really is. It's like trying to look at the world through a key all probably not even keel a pinhole while regular. You know anybody who did who just ended the real world who didn't go to college or we started working have at least seen a great deal more more like looking through a window. So I was younger. I was never staunchly anti gun now, special. We are people running around shooting each other. In my in my city, I understood what are we supposed to do when we he's gang bangers are running around with guns. Do we say well. I guess they can robbed me. No, I heard the stuff stories, the story about the firefighter who who is driving home from from the station and a guy to him and put two bullets in his chest.
The kid in my neighborhood, a friend of a friend, was parked on the side of a road cause. They were getting out. They're gonna go to a party who was parked on a side street and a guy walked up. Was a dealer knocked on the window and told him to F off the dude, went okay, bang, Bang and killed. The dude we know these stories. So what do you do when the criminals are ready to kill you? Do you just not arm yourself? Why don't the. Pollution. Is everybody run around guns shooting at each other, but I certainly thought didn't make sense to make gun laws that, dont affect those were already breaking the law, so a couple years I was in favour of certain kinds of gun control. Thinking there a reasonable approaches- and this was partly informed by I actually met with instructor, who, you know of a prominent instructor, said problem is uniformity and makes no sense. The from one state to another completely different, we should be able to you know, have reciprocity things like that. That being said there, should be certain regulations on what you gonna do to buy a gun, though not particularly extreme. I said. Ok,
I am of the little bit away from that, but still in favour of some things right right now you ve got was called necks and I see us and vague. They do a quick background check on everybody. I am. I dont have a big problem with that: You also have people who get concealed carry and that can operate. As your background check you, you walking, you show it it's because you basically a permanent licence, and we know you're good right The issue is, we can do all of the, corrections in the world and it won't stop the fact that somebody can just three percent or make a weapon? Does it there's, there's some crazy ways. People can put together weapons using. How can I am going to say it? Is you to beat you you do market my Mammy long story short, It is extremely easy these days to make your own weapon three printed or otherwise, and when who have people cheering on riots, saying it's acceptable, no police and I'll tell you what might happen my things like it, better, no joke Imagine if people in big cities were allowed to be armed, nobody's really gonna want to shoot. You know I mean
as you dont know, who's gonna be arm, see you and then might chewed back and they say: oh well, armed societies, a polite society. The rioters will certainly in writing, because too many people with guns will tell them not to. We saw what happened in Philadelphia. Some deeds broke into a gunshot polly, the soup this thing that could done, and the owner was sleeping there. You killed one of the guys, I'm sad it happened, but if your dominance to break into a gun shop during a riot. What did you think was going to happen, and so I wish it didn't happen, but it does so GEN Z by all means advocate for these things, but then grow up a lot, Well that start realizing. What's going on in why what you're saying doesn't work and, in the end, by all means, abolish the police because I ain't anywhere near these cities. It's already Where I live, my responsibility to protect myself cause, there's no call the cops. They're, not gonna, be there. In a few minutes, Oh they'll come because you know we're sheriffs, but in the end we have about the middle of nowhere. You gotta, protect yourself, now makes things crazy, makes things difficult. It does
but it's not as crazy as only having cops who are allowed to be armed, but then complaining. The cops are our hunting, you down that doesn't work either right so by all means make Morgan. I'll get rid of the cops, and then you ll have no one to enforce those gone laws, and then you will end up with warlords gang leaders. There you go, I ll leave it there. Next, I must come about four p m over it. Youtube com slashed him cast thanks for hang out, and I will see you all them.
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