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S542 - Project Veritas Video Leak PROVES Tech Execs Plan Censoring Conservatives, Even Threaten Republicans


Project Veritas Video Leak PROVES Tech Execs Plan Censoring Conservatives, Even Threaten Republicans. Salesforce, one of the biggest tech companies in the world is seen on video discussing the prohibition of messages that could incite political conflict.The executives even reference telling the Republican National Committee that they would not tolerate certain speech.The chilling nature of this is only expressed when you recognize the year of Antifa and BLM riots and the billions of dollars in damage that was completely overlooked. Much of this was fueled by fake news and media manipulation.If Salesforce only targets conservative ideas then people on the right will be economy restricted to such a degree they will struggle to ever resist far left ideology.

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Its February twenty fourth, twenty twenty one and the Big NEWS today, project Berytus, has published a leaked video showing executives one of the biggest tech companies in the world sales force saying that messages with people. Potential to incite violence will not be allowed on their platform and they will be suffering This ties with anyone who does this singling out the orange see so that they would not be support certain messages from President Donald Trump. This may be one of the biggest instances of poles, you'll censorship from big tat we have seen we also have many left, a sore furious at Joe Biden after he re opened child attend facilities that trump himself had shut down or even created new ones and Donald Trump is now filing an appeal with Facebook begging to get The social media accounts back it's about time. Some of these Billionaires Viet, Elon, musk or Trump actually put.
Their money where their mouth is and start their own platforms or news organisations before we get started, go The TIM cast out can become a number get access to exclusive members. Only content. We ve, really amazing episode with MIKE sort of its talking about the Epstein fines, TIM guest outcomes, but let's get into the news today. Project veritable published leaked so blower footage of an internal meeting at one of the biggest tech firms in the world sales force in the meetings several high level. Executives are talking about how they can't allow messages that have the to incite political violence around the same time as this meeting project VERITAS notes that they receive a notification from sales for saying that they were Terminator services to project VERITAS, not entirely sure what VERITAS may have said that has the potential to incite political violence,
what's really being said here, is that the ideas that we have, that you have that may run contrary or or contradict the mainstream narrative, have the potential incite violence. Therefore, you will be severed from a massive customer relations management, service else force? I guess the easiest way to explain it, its customer relationship management, software, basically a database. While your customers and it's kind of like how patriarch is, if you have cost, customers who are purchasing from you a subscription basis, or you want to know there information when they buy from you. You have this software to do it for someone project, veritable that they're they're, probably getting monthly or yearly contributions? They need this, customer information. Getting this cut off would be like Patriot in a sense banning someone which we've seen in the past now a couple years ago, Patreon banned
Sargon of Acad, also known as Carl, Benjamin of the Lotus Eaters podcast outright, with no warning overnight his income. Gone, but at the same time they allow many left wing accounts to remain up when this happened, it was considered to be a blip in the culture or because look one guy on Youtube losing his revenue the biggest deal in the world. It was interesting, but sales force with a hundred and fifty thousand clients, so they say saying outright that they're going to shut down conversations that they feel have the potential to incite violence, not not that directly and suffer the pension potential. To means one very simple thing: What we are going to be seeing with this move is that where the biggest tech companies in the world is basically saying, if you like project Berytus, if you would say the things that very tough says which are not over the top, then you will be removed from.
Their services. This means that all of the leftist information, all of the misinformation from the Democrats about Russia or the black lives matter lies that incited extremism and violence in the streets result over a billion dollars in damages was overlooked and will be allowed to continue. This is possibly one of the most consequential bits of evidence, proving censorship against conservatives, I'm we know Twitter is doing some things as well, but this is going to have dramatic economic ramifications for anyone who tries to communicate with their customers, certain ideas in the end, conservative These will end up, crippled and removed and economically restricted. While, left wing lies will be allowed to persist. How can I am not going to stop there? I've got the receipts, I'm finished
Oh you there is that there is a pole and data showing the left believes outright lies about black lives matter and police and brutality, and things like that and that contributed to a wave of mass violence across the country that was never addressed by any of these firms. There only taking action against Trump supporters and conservatives Nobel means you're feel free to Haiti, and all the supporters, but I am simply pointing out. There is a political bias and disparity in all of this. So let's read about what project veritable released. And I'll show you some more data about. What's going on explain to Salesforce, but before we do head over to TIM, cast dot com and become a member, because well we're all facing the perch. Many accounts are getting suspended, Stephen. Prouder was recently suspended, as I mentioned Carl Benjamin. He recently got a strike on his Youtube Channel, so we have set up TIM cast com. We do not use salesforce because we are trying to insulate ourselves
from this part, but we also have some very amazing bonus, full podcast episodes that you can only get at TIM, Casta com seriously go there, it become a member, it's how we are trying to create the safety net in the event that we do get banned, but don't get you like share subscribe. Tell people about. What's going on with this seriously share this because I'm a break it down for you what's wrong. What's why this is so day There's a story from Project VERITAS: mind! You, VERITAS is considered by news guard to be failing to adhere to be Basic standards, but they do say veritable, does not repeatedly publish false content. That's a very important writing. I also think that the assessment of our tosses is unfair. Wrecked project, tough publishes, undercover video and leaked footage or under cover video shop people saying things the complaints of laughter that it's out of context, but most news organizations do similar things we have channel, I believe, was channel for
or in the UK, or there was a UK british Channel that published undercover video as well, and that's deemed credible. Sorry, if they put out footage, then I'll comment on that footage, as it is and you can clearly see what these people are saying and its backed up by the fact that they actually banned Berytus as well. Here's the story leaked inside it. Tape reveal sales forces plan to DE platform quote broader range of customers who have quote the pattern. To incite politically motivated violence sales force. Inexplicably severs ties with project VERITAS. Now you may be saying TIM. Ok, look banning this stuff this these this potential for violence. It has to be we can't allow people to engage in an incitement to violence. Let me show you tweet in a story from end gadget, theyve highlighted tweet from me. I said I don't. Think this even matters at this point. Time magazine just came out and said, o
all of elites rigged the electrical time time magazine said that I'm sorry, they said they didn't rigged the election, they fortified it by changing the rules and laws, as well as manipulating the flow of information. The story is real. Most of you have seen it. Twitter said this claim Election fraud is disputed and this tweet can't be replied to retweeted or like due to a risk of violence. What violence? I literally just mocked Time magazine who wrote this story: the secret history of the shadow campaign that save the twenty twenty election They literally say cabal elites conspiracy, all that stuff. I was mocking them. What risk of violence is there we ve long heard? The left has said: words are violence You know that means it was only a matter of time before they would try and use their manipulation of language to take down political ideas. They don't like that's been the game. We have been warning about this you need to understand this may be the most serious confirmation.
Censorship, coming our way that we've seen this may be. In my opinion, one of the biggest stories project VERITAS has ever published. Who cares if Twitter says you can't say dumb words? Fine, whatever? I think it's a problem right, because we need to have political discourse, but what happens when sales force one of the biggest companies in the world mind. Do you not just tech companies whose, in between a business and its customers says we will remove your ability to interact with your customers if you say things that we think could potentially insight or lead to incitement to violence or lead to politically motivated yet they ignored all of the rights of last year. The right is going to be hobbled. There to lose resources and revenue I'm warning you all. It is all we're going to get worse if this kind of thing contains. But let's let limp. Let me read the story for you. They say project vertex released a new video. Today Lee
to buy a sales force insider. Exposing company executives, adhering to cancel culture, mentality, following the events at the US capital on January, six Salesforce executives were recorded on January. Thirteen on their website Salesforce States. They are the world's top customer relationship management platform with over one hundred and fifty thousand clients Salesforce alleges they bring companies and customers together that allegation is now worthy of some serious questioning. I appreciate the snack bar test Brett Taylor Salesforce, is president and chief operating officer said that what happened but in Washington DC on January, six has forced the company to rethink how they do business quote since the events of the six of January. I think one of the thing that really impact sales force. Is the national conversation about the role of technology and inciting that mob? disseminating misinformation and fomenting extremism. What we ve done in light of
events of January six, is recognise. A much broader range of messages have the potential to incite, politically motivated violence, he said Taylor specifically mentioned Salesforce contract with the Republican National Committee. When he explained some of the changes we've engaged with the Rnc to communicate that no messages on behalf of President Trump and no messages. Questioning the validity or integrity of the election are allowed on our platform under the guidelines that, may incite violence, given the escalated conditions in the? U S, right now, we're looking across our customer base to make our technology is not being used by businesses or platforms that our inciting political violence did Donald Trump Insight political violence. No, but they'll tell you, he did Trump said peacefully in patriotically, marched to the capital, some people, but befuddled and bill. Eldred walked, and but a lot of people did engage in important behaviour and fight with cops. It was nasty stuff. What are they saying? They are taking
a leftist view of what it means to incite violence. They are ignored. A year and a billion plus dollars and damage from all of the right? from the left, do you think in the future. Their goal to consider language that might incite the left to extremism. I would say: no as we already know that these look here's what happens these people, probably but leave. The same lies everybody else. In fact, even conservatives, according to new data, but leave lies from the mainstream media, about the police, no joke, and I got the receipts to prove Let's read more, they say Taylor statements leave room for questions about, whether or not journalist to expose incontrovertible evidence of voter fraud in twenty. Twenty will now be de platform by sales force in this
internal meeting, Salesforce executive vice president of Government Affairs Eric Globe, so the platform would specifically target politicians that objected to Biden's certification. We are pausing all pack contributions. The pause or suspension certainly includes the suspension of any contributions to members of Congress that voted to object to the presidential certification. I want to stop and address that previous statement as well. There is proof of well. I. Then say that there is strong evidence of voter fraud, notably the age in Texas, arrested a woman that does not mean but the election was was cheated or stolen, or anything like that. It does not matter what you that's clear, because I think a lot of people jump the gun either. Matthew Brainerd who have had on the IRA. Podcast has been very precise in his language, sang potential, illegal ballots Now this woman, who was arrested as innocent until proven guilty so we'll see but project who report on that
saw themselves, can notification that they were being severed from sales force? Take a look at us. James, o, Keefe tweeted sales force has yet to give project very toss, a reason behind their business decision to sever ties with us. We ve been a sales force customer since twenty fourteen in these has hashtag sales farce. Listen sales force has a right to business with whoever they want. The problem. Is they tell you these companies say: don't worry, you're Europe do these things we you know. Well, it's fine political speeches, fine and then abruptly they choose. The rules on you? What this means is that now a conservative groups those on the right are going to be scrambling to find an alternative before they get terminated from sales force, meaning it could potentially destroy all of these businesses. I mentioned that the thing about Sargon, Carl, Benjamin Overnight patron band him and all of the people who were his customer, subscribing to his exclusive content. All of a sudden
outrage they lost their connection to someone they wanted to support Carl lost his income overnight without warning. Salesforce has one hundred and fifty thousand business customers. This isn't just one guy on Youtube, so sure they're allowed to do it, but this is a major massive escalation in the by four occasion, the hyper polarisation in this country and another
the world probably the funny thing about what sales force is saying in this video- is that they're trying to avoid the potential for violence, but all they're doing is guaranteeing that it gets substantially worse because these people are smart enough or they're doing it on purpose. But let me explain if you target only conservatives and they are forced to create their own parallel economy. There is nothing keeping people together. I looked I like that show from pennoned teller, it's called bs, though they used the forward as an episode where Pendule at says that what ended war between France and Britain after her birds of years mind. You was trade and economics the opportunity to well make money. Put simply many interest business interests in the UK, where, like we ve, got powerful ways to make money
by being allied with France. So we might as well do that economic ties brought them together because there was a benefit for rebuilding their like I actually, when we're not fighting word, were actually thriving. What happens when the inverse occurs? Not the forming of economic ties, but the separation of them if sales force as their only going to service. You know they're, not gonna, say, those who might hold opinions they don't like, because a potential for violence, then you'll see conservatives do They're doing now go find me. Bands base all anybody's, conservative or anti woke. So people create their own versions of gofundme. Financial institutions are doing the same thing. People are us, our building, their own financial institutions gather build their own infrastructure. Over the past couple of years, conservatives have been building out a parallel economy- and I warned about this several years ago what sales this is doing now may be the most extreme innovation on it I am seriously worried about this. Me read a little bit. Little and more I'll,
splain to the big problem. They say sales force recently informed Berytus. They will end the current working relationship, stating that it was a business decision veritable ask sales force for clarification on this matter, but have been provided very tosses new crew chief technology officer, Michael Schaefer, consistently attempted to work. Elaborately with Salesforce but but was ignored until the moment that sales for sent the email announcing the end of its relationship quote, don't understand what sales forces business decision is based on we're a customer It pays like clockwork and as required, very little
turn for our loyalty. We have to wonder if we were cut off, because we caught some big tech executives, telling the truth recently and expose that truth to the public. According to the street sales force, is expected to report its quarter for twenty earnings on Thursday February twenty fifth shareholders. We'll have the ability to question executives on the companies. Recent policies. Ok, look I can respect you not wanting an escalation of hyper polarization I can respect saying: yes, we need to bring people together, but sales force is not doing that now. I want to make sure I'm being reasonable and fair. They said, based on what they saw on the sixth are taken actions are they very well, may be honest and may look the lies that are disseminated media that result in left wing extremism. But why I believe that, more importantly, I'm gonna hurt them to you now figuratively the fire to make sure that they do what they say. They're gonna do
Let me show you some data. We talked about this last night IRA podcast, but I think it needs to be brought up in this context. That Goldberg says in a recent Nationally representative survey, commissioned by sceptic mag, asked respondents to estimate the number of unarmed black people killed by police in twenty nineteen overall forty four percent of liberals guest, a thousand or more ass compared twenty percent of service. This calculation is based on crosstabs shared with with me by the researcher. Conservatives are wrong. Twenty percent of conservatives believe it's about a thousand so we have very conservative and we have conservatives and We can see that among moderate individuals, they believe it about a hundred forty percent of plurality Among liberals, plurality, says about a hundred and among very liberals,
A plurality says about one thousand. That is absolutely incorrect. Take a look at this in another graph. We see in twenty nineteen, what percentage of people killed by police were black conservative said thirty. Seven point, eight very liberal said sixty point for so many. Let gloomy simplify sixty per cent of very low we'll individuals believe I'm sorry, I'm sorry, that's incorrect. Among very liberals. They believe that sixty percent of the people killed by police are black, that the real number is twenty three point: four percent. We talked about this, listen if I believed that the police were killing. You know minorities at that. Proportionate level. I would be out screaming and protestors. Whilst we understand why black lives matter, protesters are up and beyond I understand the anger of Anti fond blacklist better when they engage in these rights. But don't you see it's misinformation? It is not true the meat,
it keeps pushing out these lies. That is not that. That's just not true. They they they hyper focus on certain stories. And it results in a distorted world view that leads to violence and riots politically motivated. Sales force ban all of their customers. Let's say this. I think the answer is probably not. For one reason: the people work itself force? Silicon Valley types probably believe the exact same lies The only reason there going after veritable is because they believe veritable is lying. I consider myself to be fairly moderate and centrist. I look at very tough the exact same way. I look at another disorganization if they put out that information, our question them. There were some things I recently questioned James. I had him on the show and ask him some questions about. A story they did on Mark Zuckerberg, but Jack Dorsey Mark Zuckerberg, the people at sales force their surrounded by a hyper polarized, far left what they here and there Sir
does not represent most of this country. So when they say we have to ban this extremist information there not talking about themselves and what they believe they're talking about you and what you believe axioms reported this September. Sixteen twenty twenty, Sclusively one billion dollar plus riot damage is the most expensive and insurance history between two billion dollars to be honest? Here's the problem, that's actually not the full amount, that's what the insurance paid out the insurance to cover everything in Minneapolis, for instance, there was a building was destroyed and to remove the rubble cost more than the cap of the insurance they had so, what one business said, was it's more than twenty five thousand dollars to clear the rubble. Therefore, Turns companies only offering twenty five thousand are not covering the full costs. These numbers are not correct. Many sad. I can't afford to remove them.
Well. My own on my own insurance won't cover it. Business is gone forever. It was lies, a big lie and I would dare say I would dare call it. The big lie, why the Right Its we saw from the left were the most expensive and insurance history, possibly the most expensive in history. Nineteen plus people lost their lives and many others in the periphery. These rights also lost their lives. What happened? The capital was extremely bad as well, but for different reasons I mean people trying to disrupt the electoral college. Vote. Count is really really bad for our institutions and that I get but come on in a different whether they're different different circumstances billion, plus dollars and damage and nineteen does directly attributed to the riots, is really really bad. Why did this not prompt a reaction from any of these companies to ban any the stuff? Why did they wait until January?
fix until after the sixth. So let me explain to you what we're going to see if these companies, only ever react against the right. That means, people on the right people watch videos like this are watching these big companies do these. They know sales forces biased. It drives people crazy, feeling like they have no path forward, no path. Redemption that their being discriminated against, that there are second class dozens, their businesses are getting purged to destroyed and they have no way to fight back. Meanwhile, leftist politicians are violating their own rules and do whatever they want. I should say, left us. I should a Democrat. This matrix go crazy and then, in response that anger They double down- and I see this proves it, which is why this war, the stupidest thing in the things in the world for conservatives and people on the right to actually gauge in any kind of violence or protest or right one of them, things anyone could have done it storm the capital, completely delegitimized. What
little legitimacy. The media gave to them and gave evidence to the to the establishment media and these companies. It gave him the evidence that they were looking for. Very rarely do these media company call up anti fa. These institutions are dominated by the left and it's all the escalation against the right is it's going to get worse met till you be wrote this. I can't stand Fox news but censoring it might be the dumbest idea ever. How will the latest campaign against misinformation backfire for the country? Let's go waste. Now I'm not gonna read the whole article you devilish, ECHO lamentably, has to write, but he's pointing out how insane it is. The Democrats are actually try to get Fox news band. It's not just sales force, but this Sammy what you got. Understand how big Salesforce is my friends, one hundred and fifty thousand clients how many
businesses. Is that how many small mid to large companies is that how many of these companies who are conservative are going to say? Please everybody just stop talking about what you care about, stop fighting for what you believe in don't say, anything that might be considered not left This is the dramatic escalation it just keeps happening. Manhattan prosecutors, expand their investigation into Donald Trump. Now, looking into Donald Trump Junior and she financial officer, Alan Weissenburg they're, not stopping their, not Republicans, aren't doing anything, but the left just keeps
beating people down, and I am telling you they need to stop this. They won't what they think. They're doing is not what's really happening. Sales force thanks, they're they're gonna, stop the escalation. It's what I refer to as the chinese finger trap problem. You ve got your fingers and you want to call your fingers out and the more you pull the harder and worse it becomes. What they need to do is the opposite. Enter into active, but it's the only way to bring people together. What sales force needs to do is actually make an announcement about far left, lies and right wing lies, or more importantly, just say: do you are entitled to Europeans it? not the business of sales force to intervene and customer relations for their clients. They provide customer customer relationship management software. Why They are they now policing speech was so be it I'll. Tell you what happens? someone's gonna make a conservative version of sales force. People are
king conservative versions of social media and conservative of creative agencies and production studios Eventually, you will have to equal and opposite political tribes with differ You know I worldviews we're have that, but I mean with massive industry resources and that's when the serious conflict starts because they're, not they don't care. The people who are on the right tribe on the left is very little over and neither will agree with others politician the venture it will lead to just. I don't care what you think. I'm not unite people going to say that there are not. There I'm going to abide by the rules of that politician? We already heard from the old keepers Oh, it was the founder who said half the country will not view Biden as a legitimate president. What happens then, I'm already hearing that their jurisdictions that are defying their governors over these several jurisdictions? Several jurisdictions are many around the country.
Bearing Second amendment sanctuaries. Basically, saying ain't, no gun laws here what happens when legitimacy and confidence breaks down people gonna snap, and what do you think happens in the next couple of years? Do you think this goes away? Do you think it just stops from politico, Mitt Romney says Trump will win the thousand twenty twenty four GOP nomination? If he runs the Utah Senator pointed to public opinion, surveys It shall republican voters still overwhelmingly favour favour. The former President Mitt Romney is correct. I think it's funny that he point that out and says I know most of the Republicans like Trump, but I'm going to it. So what are you a Democrat? He says? Well, I'm I'm gonna fight for the tiny wing of my party bro, a tiny wing. It's like five would you represent at all. I guess just not Democrats bring this up, what we are seeing in all of this. The split is here: it's not getting better. It's getting worse, sales force just enacted
the most deranged and dangerous actions have ever seen twitter continues to do it every single day, the most insane, the stupidest most moronic thing these people, do is force conservatives off their platforms with conservatives on twitter. These these these platforms have the ability to negotiate and leverage that platform against them. They could vary easily pushed the open window further and further left without risking, by simply sang a organisers, Bandy say this and then what happens? Is conservatives also self censoring what's happening now with the hard exercising of conservatives. Is that money just don't care anymore? Steven Crowder got suspended the other day. He comes he to Twitter and say, as I don't care, I'm going to say it you're not going to silence, he's got his own platform. Eventually, there will be no opportunity to influence compromise or de radicalized these these platforms will hardon will grow and that's it.
I started my own website TIM cast out, comma promoted early on and its beak. As I have, I think it's very likely that we get banned as well and then, where we're all of you go while many people have already left Youtube for that matter and Youtube, isn't the worst they're pretty bad there trying to to get the self sensor and to guide people to other and into other and other conversations. In the end, though, I think the problem that back this off started a long time ago and work past the point of mending it. The Democrats, in New York are going for the Trump family. What do you think happens? they arrest, Don Junior or I mean people- are gonna- lose their minds We are already seeing Democrats try to get Fox news. Band We are seeing the FBI investigating members of Congress for their role in the January. Six in direction, so they say what you think happens if I sitting member of Congress Republican, gets arrested. You stay
The republican party is seemingly worthless, as noted by Mitt Romney, but the larger faction of individuals in this country, the working class people they do not care for the Republican Party as a whole. There are a few republicans who are populist, who represent the Trump faction they're still there. Those are the ones being threatened. I think it's going to get bad man when Patreon Band Carl it led to this massive intellectual, Why the backlash San Harris left the platform, I think Jordan Peterson did Dave Ruben ultimately left. I left I should say I left, I still have the patriotic just said: I'm never and I'll take it again, but I'm leave functioning pigment. Many critical on platforms went to subscribe star, notably, and then the media and many big tech firms attacked star and got them banned from various financial institutions. Salesforce is bigger and more powerful. And this is man
this has me more worried than ever. This is really big. This is really big. Some conservative will launch their own version, and then we will see that the financial firms we will see the media smear them call them far. I need an all that and then went out is Google and Amazon step in and strip the core services from these platforms as well. There needs to be well actually. Some conservative have called for a new internet because the investor, sure is privately owned for the most part and its owned by leftists of this cult dogma, who don't know what they're talking about, who don't The news and who believe in saying things because the media just lies all the time and it's real scary, because some of these people really powerful and that's something I brought up in my one p m segment. Why won't Elon, Musk or Peter TEAL? put money into building out this infrastructure and calling out these
well. I guess they do call them out, but Peter TEAL especially putting money into news organisations to compete. Complaining is one thing to be fair unmasked does have star link, which is an internet service provider. That's coming out soon, hopefully, and that may offset some of the censorship, but we need domain hosting services we need. You know Amazon, hosting services. We he'd, bigger and better infrastructure. Otherwise, what happening as this dogmatic cult is taking over their inflaming. Far left extremism there refusing to do anything about it and their banning you for challenging them over it. I'm worried, but we'll see, good work, project Kratos, Oliver, their necks segments coming up tonight at eight p m over at you, com. Tim cast IRL thanks for hanging out, and I will see you all then.
Joe Biden is not putting kids in cages, people and I mean that literally tromp was it putting kids in cages. Joe Biden isn't pudding kids in cages? Ok, but at least the progressives are being consistent in this regard, because their complaining about Joe Biden, new child migrant overflow facility, that happened to be boxes with bars on the windows. I guess that was the reason why they are saying: Tromp was putting kids in cages because holding cells are fenced in, and so they called them cages, but that's just a framing device. Look. I can at least give credit to the progressive left ring consistent and I We can all come together and join hands with a yo, see and smack talk. The establishment Democrats who cried
vomited all over themselves, because Donald Trump was putting kids in cages when he really wasn't. But now there saying literally nothing when Joe Biden is once again detaining children and taking them from well I'll, say their families. But there is a bigger question about why this is happening and I'll. Tell you this right up. First of all, I'm not going outright defend what Donald Trump or Joe Biden was doing. I can at least say Donald Trump inherited the home. Instead facility for detaining these migrant children from the Obama administration, while surprise surprise that Joe Biden brought it back it was his administration oils Obama's what you was in it when these things are put together. So. Just say very, very simply the reason They do this. The simple reason just because some guy is he's got some little girl by the hand, does not mean there related and so the big challenges. What do you do? Do let these people come in and just assume the guy who might be a child. Trafficker is related to this,
to this child, it's very difficult. The challenge here is that it may be. Ninety nine percent of people coming to children are the family or the percent, do we say well, you know what we don't. We we don't want to hurt potential family so we'd. Rather let this child go with this potential, trafficker or legit trafficker if there actually is like one in one hundred. I don't know the exact exact number, as it may be. More than that I'll tell you: what's really really hilarious, I would Biden, is doing you see it's How bad progressives! Let me just let me just hold your horses: a slams binds administration for reopening Texas migrant facility for children who cross the mexican border alone, and my Kamala Harris that Harris that that protest outside of and nineteen okay Let me just it's not all bad okay, Joe Biden is ending one of Trump's draconian, deport
patient migrant policies- and I know a yo, see and many other progressives can come out and celebrate this because Joe Biden is ending operation talent to deport child offenders question not getting so you mean to tell me that Joe Biden has opened up migrant detention centres and then he ended the probe to stop those who are trafficking, these kids or abusing them. You know what I don't. I don't even know what was going on with this guy okay, because that makes no sense, I'm sure, there's a way to frame it for the progressive to make. It seem like a victory operation talent. They called it. They could say well, it was unjustly targeting people for deportation, but these are like the worst possible criminal offenders. You can think of. I mean why is Biden doing that. So that's the issue I have because I can be like look at the kids are being held because don't got parents in this circumstance, especially and because I don't know
parents are, but if Biden was gonna be different, if Biden was taking these kids out of a fear, they are being trapped like that's the assumption, then why we shut the operation talent. So I I can only say I agree with a yossi on this one. What I agree like what, when Donald Trump had the whole thing going on, I was like look. We have to stop. You know that traffickers and then Trot started operation. Tell em like you see, we got problems, man, I'm not gonna, probably expert would have job what is going to end operation talent. And then still detain these kids and these facilities, I'm like okay. Now I don't know, why he's doing it because he's just cruel, I guess and I'll, probably not- I don't know or callousness whatever here's a story. The daily mail, say: AOC blasted Biden, administration, Tuesday for reopening a temporary influx center for unaccompanied minors in Corizo Springs. After,
and a shelter in Miami Florida we're now Vice President Kamel Harris protest outside of in June twenty nineteen, you know what my respect to AOC on this one I'll criticize when she should be criticized- and I think that's often often- but here we go- I fully expected a yo see and many left us to stand by what they believed in this regard, and, if that, if that's your opinions it's a legitimate opinion. I respect it and, like I said I agree now normally I didn't agree with her what their protesting of trumps you know. Homestead facilitates what isn't in Miami area because it was, but it was, it was Biden in, but it you knew why Trump and and the admission we're doing this? They wanted and trafficking commonly Harris she protested Trump. Now, she's literally party administration bring it back. These people are evil that there they they lie to you. So I can tell you one thing when I look at some of these progressives. Many of them I'll tell you this. I think they are
when we believe what they believe not all of a lot of autograph theirs by other rights got their drifters too. I suppose so there's a lot of criticized AOC, for I really do think she's disingenuous, but if she's being he's being true to principles right now or ten, whatever great fantastic quote, this is not. Okay, never has been can never will be. Ok, no matter the administration or party. That's what our ABC tweeted refers: the Washington Post. You said our immigration system is built on a car sorrel framework. It's no accident that challenging how we approach both these issues are considered controversial stances. They require re, imagining our relationship to each other and challenge in common assumptions we take for granted. I actually agree with that. No matter what stance you take its considered, controversial, lock, the kids up, let the kid go either way. We ve got a serious problem. I don't know I'm Elsie as the answer, but I can respect at least you know she's on saying: hey, you notice, that's an issue right. Necessarily sure what her what she sang on both
These issues are what what the approaches but I'll tell you whatever her intent was. It is true that if you come out and say these kids should not be detained period, It's like you want to wander through the desert walk into nowhere to go okay and then, if you these kids should be detained in these facilities. You're. Like then leaders facilities are like bare bones in car at last she said Carcere rolling and you know it so I can respect that. I'm not a penny the answers, but I understand my both issues. Are controversial. She says it's only two months into this administration and an and our fraught unjust immigration system will not transform it in that time. That's why bold reincarnation is so important. I see now here's where we disagree. She says I just shouldn't exist agent she should be reorganized ice gotta, go ban for profit attention, crate climate
Future status and more are eyelids right. This down, as first and foremost digests, should exist. I'm not a fan of the age. Us I'm not a fan of federal law enforcement agencies. I understand why they exist. They need reform and we need better accountability, but I think we do need long for when agencies, I think the whole abolish de age, ass or whatever is is look. It was great honour, George W Bush. It brought about. Agencies under one roof and allows for more centralized planning, and I think that makes sense. I don't like the overarching abuse of power that we've seen. I don't like that. That know Supreme Court, I'm sorry federal court ruling before allowing collection of met, a data and illegal spying, and all that stuff that'll get me wrong. I'm not a big fan of these better alone for agencies that abuse their power, but I think the whole abolish DHS or ice, is a meaningless statement that just a tribal signify. I think it means anything right agents these should be reorganized? Yes, I think so
not in the same way as AOC Ice gotta. Go why? Why does ice got to go? What are you going to replace it with what happens when you have these kids well yes Cbp for the most part, no I'm sorry immigrations and customs enforcement. I believe that's what it is. They don't got to go. That makes no sense ban a for profit tension. I agree with that one I do. I don't think there should be an It's a profit incentive driving businesses to detain migrants or anybody for that matter, I'm not a fan of private prisons. I know a lot of people have said private president. Our usually batter or whatever listen in Michigan. There were judges that were basically children to juvenile detention centers because they were for profit. These judges are critical. North, Idaho and at its hard to say that's, you know, look a crime. Is a crime you're not supposed to do it? If you will break the law, simply saying rid of the whole system, because some people broke the law to make a lot of sense, but I want to make is that these private facilities are incentivize to get kids jail, they'll lobby for worse laws. We don't want that. I'm very much on the lips,
inspection on this one innocent until proven guilty. I'm not a fan of cash bail. For that reason, I don't I have all the answers. I understand there are criminals, it's tough. It is, but I agree with they would see, ban for profit tension, I'm not a fan now. The problem I have with the climate refugee status thing is that these people that are pushing this proponents of this they live with it and you know what does an sea have like an infinity pool on her roof? It tends to be. These people live in these luxury buildings. They fly private jets, audio, see mind you, but you got these high profile. Individuals buying beachfront property. As far as energy is concerned, I'm pretty sure she lives in like a luxury condo in DC. That's elegant and The report on the roof. Maybe I'm wrong, but yo you gotta eat. You can't make you gotta sacrifice you not. I mean Far be it from me because I live in the m. I got his massive production facility to tell anybody. They should be sacrificing for whatever reason, but we still do try. We do we use biodegradable products, we recycle as much as we can not that it's a perfect solution, but we do try. I think the challenge
is everyone's gonna do a little bit. So I don't know about this rhetoric: climate refugee status- I can say I don't know the solution to this. As I know, no matter what you do, people can be screaming and fighting over it and I can respect progressives we're coming out and and basically slinging mud at Joe Biden, where he deserves it. Biden and Kamala Harris screamed about Trump blame Trump Many of these establishment, media types and Democrats were posting photos from them. The Obama administration and blaming Trump for it like they mentioned commonly Harris out in front of the Miami facility protesting and now they reopened it talk about a duplicitous, nasty person- oh just the worst possible liar. It's amazing. They it. The government said it to expand its facilities because the car, a kind of irish pandemic officials, told the post at their capacity, had been cut in half, because
space needed to adhere to proper social distancing protocols short well. Here we are now Biden Joe Biden. Child detention centres are now bursting at the seams, I don't know what you want man, I don't know Nobody wants. Look, I'm not a fan of this, but I understand that you can't just. I would problem. Lean towards the controversial position that we gotta have these kids in some kind of holding facility. Maybe we could make them better and more comfortable, but that the costs and then the problem is incentives YO. This solutions to human problems are not so easy The resources don't exist to give everybody a luxury room at the high it. So what happened? is the mass produce these facilities. That look like you know, shipping containers and they say this is where you have to wait, because we don't know what we're going to do with, but you I'll tell you one thing to AOC and to the progressive,
did you do. Have you seen the news stories about what happens to these kids when they are not taken and by sea BP or ice there too. These stories of children wandering through like ninety square miles of desert and then dropping dead the stories. I think people don't want to hear and that's the real challenge, but I'll tell you this. I understand why they do it. I do America may and you all know it. These left. This want to comply about this country. You gotta recognise that people, the especially kids and families, would risk their lives and the lives of their children, which I am not. If I do not respect wandering through desert with, no supplies because they know the american dream is real. That's a problem for us. We cannot allow people to just be dropping dead in our hazards for that matter. I don't like the idea of people rotten in the streets. They can't afford healthcare there being bankrupted my medical bills, of course, these positions
don't matter to those who claim that I'm right wing or whatever the whatever the problem is simple. You to complain about what Biden or Trump was doing or Obama was doing. I can, subject calling out the problem like ABC, saying that the matter which side you pick its controversial, I get it solution, I don't agree with her getting rid of DHS that getting rid of the just doesn't solved this problem. Rights are up, see, he's, not offering us a real solution, say we need reform. I respect that, but that's not a solution that a call to have a brainstorming session on what to do about the problem saying get rid of the ages and I also as any solution to the problem and would only make it worse. I'm not gonna pretend to have the answers. That's why I'm kind of a milk toast sit on a lot of these things. I'm like man, I don't know. I at least think we can't have the kids star in the desert there was that story from a year or so ago, or a couple years ago, where some kid was picked up by Cbp and then died in their
city and everyone blamed C, B, saying: oh no. This child died as I do. The kid was sick before they pick. If the kid didn't get picked up, they would have just drop dead in the desert, like I'm, not a fan I'm sorry! I would rather have see BP pickup kids in a bit in a pickup truck, bring about facility and give them what little care they possibly can. The world is not perfect. It is not candy kings and rainbows everywhere. I really would love to just and I mean this. Maybe we do a many dhaka I'll right now. I would absolutely love to hire a dp. A predator for a predator had probably not to conduct, but our means producer editor do take a camera and bring sought what one of these left us down to any one of these countries and do a legit investigation. What's going on and then go down. To these areas, but out of the border go down too, you know Some of these cities in the mexican border? It's dangerous stuff. It's real, dangerous stuff, I think, the most
dangerous cities in Mexico actually are on the border with the. U S, lot of cartel stuff gang stuff is dangerous, then why these people want one at one at one. You know get out of the situations, and so I think many of these points need to need to understand not saying they I'm saying they should go down there. Experience talk to these people. Then they should also with a crew. Safety and everything wander through that ninety miles of desert and I think, would be a good idea, because if we had a production, We could actually maybe save some lives from people who might actually drop that in that desert. The problem and the reason why it's really difficult to do this stuff stuff me ask you a question: you're driving in a pickup truck, you got a camera crew. And you see some, you know, migrants, You know coming in reality than there and there in the desert the by themselves. They look sick. Do you give them food and supplies that actually might be illegal? Do you call see BP, while now your snitching on people, you see the problem, there's nothing
can really do other than just watch them. What collapse? Now I think you'd have to call see BP to save their lives in a lot of people. Say that there was one story about people who left food and water in the desert. For for migrants, I think they got in trouble that they may have gotten. You know the charges drop or something but They say was a legal problem because your littering, you know not not because you providing people with resources, but I gotta say this: if I saw something in the desert- I don't care who you are. I don't care if you're a migrant, illegal immigrant, whatever you want to call it. If I got juggle water and you're dehydrated you're getting that jug of water. Sorry, if I don't love I don't know that's a crime, I don't really think it is. I think the people got trouble. There were littering or something because it has left it there and that's a bad idea a wild animals and stop, but I'm I'm gonna, try and preserve life and at at whatever costs do not at me like that that comes first, you know people you meet it, listen if you, if you dont value the lives of people, then I don't know what the point of living is. You know I mean
That comes first and foremost. I know people will often criticize me on the choice and life thing by all means. Please do I don't have all the moral and ethical questions answered and I probably never will, and so it's just tough. It is back to the political issue at hand, though Joe Biden his facilities are bursting at the seams and you can see the establishment Democrats are offering up nothing and then to make things worse. Joe Biden and I want to make sure I talk about operation talent. Our major. I clarified it is a production documentary term predator, and I have to to make this clear because it's probably not the appropriate context. Considering we're talking about legit evil predators. Predator as a portmanteau of producer editor and its eight production term. In this I said he now I'm reading the story. Predator is specific. About people targeting children and disgusting ways, v, Buchanan wants to know why age as an ice ended operation, tellin, targeting predators,
in the country illegally? I would like to know this as well. He sent a letter to all men security. Asking why operation talent was cancelled. Just weeks after it was launched by the top administration hid. The operation should be reinstated immediately. And any illegal immigrants. Are they criminal record of assault against women or children should be prosecuted or deported? The congressmen noted the eighteenth, attorneys attorney general, including fourth floor, does have also require requested. That Biden reinstate the programme. Why did Biden do this Oh man, it is three bees are. I know a lot of people already like not the comet saying. I know why Biden did it yet spite and is a sick. Oh, I guess, because Biden got all those videos about in the inappropriate touching of women and children. Maybe there's no answer. I gotta I gotta be us, there's no answer. Biden has ended a bunch of programmes or or suspended them from the Trump administration, an excuse
from the establishment is always well VE got to review these things. Gotta got to review the trump. You know orders and and make sure they make sense, oh hold on hold on you. Don't shut them down, okay, you review them and then, if you find them to to be bad, then you shut them coming out ranges: bag, yeah, we're going to end this tracking down these child abusers like why? Why are you doing that? I got no answer. Man. Ah, I can only assume the worst to become really honest. That's Biden, while the address was the worst Biden, doesn't care about these kids in these victims. And that makes sense- I mean by himself seems to be an abuser. I'm not gonna pretend like he's, you know, there's
and conspiracy involving Biden, Democrats and like death Coulson. I do understand what the videos, where groups, women and stuff we know what happens. Democrats have called him out for it. I dont know why how that would relate to this, though, but I'm sorry, there's no legitimate reason why this, which would be shut down so few, if, if you think you got the answer by all means, Tommy I ain't seen it as for what's going to happen now with illegal immigration. I imagine, with the ending of this programme with Joe Biden lacks stances words. Illegal immigration. I think it's gonna get worse. Will Biden wants to provide a path to citizenship, for I think eleven million not legal, what where it is authorized immigrants will use now because the meat, keeps having to change the phrase to not offend anybody, because at first you beat the other right would say illegal immigrant, the left with just say immigrant, and so there is a clear dick. France and then so that the AP is like unauthorized. Immigrant short, wherever that's the funny thing, I think the law
routinely has routinely tried to conflate illegal immigration, because immigration, because but borders and then they'll, lie to you and say there not for open borders, but we're all they try and do as redefine what open borders means. What what the democratic establishment is for is the freedom and ability to cross the border and become a surf in the United States. That's that the east way. I can explain it. You have like Joe Biden a moratorium and deportations. You have Bernie Sanders, saying decriminalized border crossings. You had a bunch of Democrats saying the same thing. What that means is these people could just walk into the country and they walk in they Their lives at risk? Many will die and that's psychotic in my opion. That's why we do apprehend them it's one of the reasons, but then come the major cities where they can't legally work and get paid under the table trash wages. Thus the Democrats are advocating for the creation of a surf class. I'm not a fan of this I think the reason you have immigration controls to make people die in the desert and to make sure that one
Place people we say we ve got an opportunity for you and your family. We can set up in a certain location the problem is everybody wants to come. I understand it. The line is massive jump bring the line, doesn't help anybody. It makes it worse. We need to make sure that people come to this country, especially refugees. We know where we can send them that they will flourish and be safe. Having people come in, hundreds of the desert and then go live in the gutter in a city is not helping anybody, What are these people were lied to when the migrant caravans we're coming they somebody's people, many of them were interviewed, saying they were all they would be latin and given a job that wasn't true so who is doing Why? I, why I I'll know it there? Next segment is coming up at on p m on this channel for hanging out, and I will see all then. I think it was around twenty eighteen that I made a video that said report kids are too stupid to deal with the problem of social media.
Sir Ship and it would end badly for them, and I was correct its now two and a half or so years later. The Republicans are reeling because they have no base of support as their use as users who do support. Applicants are eroding off of these big tech platforms and too bad, but I gotta tell you some. I'm also angry with Donald Trump Donald Trump had and still has, every single operates, unity to sign up for parlor, gab or mines, or even bit shoot anyone. These by us a bit you because the video platform he could put out videos. He doesn't do it if he did. It would cause a massive migration by many people forcing competition on these big tech companies. Shattering the oligopoly under monopoly, not destroying the causing damage at the very least, an trump will not do it and here's today's news trump wants back on Facebook.
And Instagram appeal suspension to Facebook Oversight Board. I'm sorry, man. After all of these years, Trump still has not figured out to use something different. He doesn't care or he's too stupid to become really honest. It was a couple years ago. There was a couple years now, maybe you're in half go that I went to the White House invited to do so social media summit being held by Trump and Republicans will mostly the Trump administration in that meeting of all of these prominent individuals. Listen Tromp do his bed and it was funny funny guy someone asked Will you sign up for a different platform and Trump said which one it was reported that Trump did not sign up for these other platforms because of Jared Kushner, That may be true, I'm not entirely sure, but I tell you trump at some point needs to figure out that other websites exist at this point. I can only assume trumps. I don't think trot was a stupid guy
Think Trump is: what's the right word a bit. Sporadic you know, he's a TED strong, but I think ultimately he may moves sporadically. It's probably the best way to put it, but I don't think he's dumb, I think, he's very successful because he knows how to make certain things. Work he's also fairly powerful in power attracts power, so that helps out too, but he's certainly listening to really dumb people and that's a shame, and because of that he is being led astray. Troms voice was silenced by the censorship, and the best thing you can do is ask Facebook to bring him back. Are you kidding me right now face of not Facebook, twitter and Youtube are engaging in censorship of anybody trying to talk. What was going on with the election and with January six recently Stephen crowded was suspended. I have heard this last night, use temporarily temporarily suspended on twitter after you put a video where he sent people voter addresses and found empty parking lots. I've not independently
If I had any of his claim, so you can go check out what he s day about. What's going on with him, I'm more focused on the censorship aspects, but we also, of more news pertaining to Ford Fisher met, Tybee tweets? Here we go again more true raw but had shot by independent journalist removed by you to Forward Fisher journalist had his views. From January six that was licensed by the New York Times taken down as deceptive. He says for responded to Mattie, as if they're, trying to make the same talking point available every time they do this. The New York Times licensed and published from me the exact footage that Youtube says is spam, deceptive practices and scams. When I filmed it, he says the New York Times use the exact same clips that you removed in their peace but Youtube removed it as spam. Deceptive practices and scams. We also have this video from the Lotus Eaters Podcast, the podcast of a Lotus eaters, which is Carl Benjamin. You may not have sought, know him as some kind of a car. He had this video from February tenth taken down because he reference
the time magazine shadow campaign article. I believe that's why the centre- ship on these big tech platforms is only getting worse If you may know that recently I was smeared by the Pointer Institute because they tried claim used weasel words to make it seem like I claimed the election was rigged because I also referenced the time magazine article well. Other outlets have corrected the record and point out I didn't. I was just snark elite referencing time magazine, but the big tech companies twitter, specifically locked my tweet, put a claim saying that my claim was disputed. It's literally not disputed. Even the bird watch users Twitter's own platform. Responding are saying: it's not misleading. So who is disputing my tweet about time magazine? Nobody, it's a false statement of fact. These big tech companies are getting away with it and I gotta tell you I am upset with Donald Trump's specifically,
because if there is one person who can drop the hammer like for charging up in the sky and slamming on the ground, it would be Donald Trump. He need only sign up for gab and then post back baby and then boom like a nuclear bomb. Figuratively people would leave many of these platforms and go straight to gab, and not only that all of these big tech companies or, so all these media companies and all these whiny activists, journalists, who are obsessed with writing about from have nothing else to write about, would be forced to cover and follow him on gab, but he doesn't do it. He just goes crawling back to Facebook, and, as I can, I police have my platform back. Your Donald Effing Trump Brow go on gab already go on. Parlor go on mines create a bit. You account and upload a video. He won't do makes me think he just doesn't care, because anybody who is sufficiently concerned about being censored would simply Google search. Where can I post a message? Tromp could literate.
Make his own platform right now. Do that get rich off it call it call. It trump stir do that he won't do it. He does nothing the other day. Actually I think I might have a tweet. Let me see if I have a tweet here, we go from Matthew, Glacius, Haters, gonna hate, but Elon. Ask should go by some other big city newspaper and run. It would be great for society forward, I own a daily newspaper, be the new conspicuous consumption. Matthew. Glacius is referencing. This snippet from the Washington Post, they say, Tesla did not respond to repeated requests for comment in response to email. Seeking comment must replied. Only
quote, give my regards to your puppet master. It's hilarious, haha! Bravo, Elon Musk, I'm a fan of Elon Musk. I think he's read. I think Tesla's awesome Spacex is awesome, but how are you gonna be the second richest guy in the planet? You don't just put a million bucks into a news outlet to start producing and countering the fake news. How are you going to sit back and not put? Five million bucks into a decentralized social network platform or open source software. Why is it incumbent upon us to have to keep having these conversations? Why is it be falling upon me some due to complaints on the internet to be thinking about and focusing on these problems now mind you? Let me tell you something: I'm actually in conversations with developers about what we can do to create decentralized, open source, social networking software you'll have your own website, but they'll all link with each other. So this will create a super
twitter. It's not one platform, it's just when someone posts it appear. Some are everyone else's website, so you can see the feed and you can follow people, that's kind of of I'm working on, because there's a database. Nobody can be banned from it. Maybe you know what put it on the blockchain. I don't know. I kind! I don't like that idea, because you should be able to delete past posts. You don't like here's. My point with all of this Matthew Glacia goes on to say: if you're, a If you're, like a single billion billionaire, you might need economize with a small paper, but Musk has Chicago Tribune money. Ninety percent of the work can be good journalism to build an audience. Then ten percent can be used to puff your ego and or torment your enemies. I don't like that. Last part. I got the point he's making, but let me just ask you all something: Donald Trump is a billionaire. I think it's net worth is like it's like. Was it three point two or two point three billion? It went down quite a bit,
It was accepted before became president and now he's facing serious setbacks. I gotta mention too. I think my when that is also a millionaire, come on Elon how much money do you really need to combat the lies from the media to combat the manipulation from these big tech platforms, and I get it going up against big tech, ass, expensive, that's worth Donald Trump can come in, he can snap his fingers and sign up for gab or parlor or mines or whatever and bone. I say gab, because they're building their own infrastructure they'll probably need an investment. If Trump did sign up, because the influx of users will probably crash their servers, why won't trump? Do it? won't trump. Do it. Why won't Elon musk? Why won't Peter teal? I am sick and tired of hearing about these people like Ilan, like Peter TEAL, like like Donald Trump, who have more power
or the ninety nine point, nine percent of the people on this planet who are not solving these problems. It's like they don't really care about it. I do that's why I keep talking about this decentralized, open source software. It's why I've advocated for open source public de central. Social networks. Over the past several years, I've repeatedly praised the averse. Now. Let me tell you something. I don't have the power of Elon Musk. I don't have the wealth of these individuals to snap my fingers and make the stuff happen. They do ok, fine, then they won't do but I'll tell you what I will I'll I'll have to do it, because no one else will right. It's frustrating to see Donald Trump once again begging Facebook to be back on their platform. After all, the abuse, they ve set his way after the flagging. He got from Twitter, where they called him a liar manipulator, and these and these flags were complete, be asked pushed on by a by a crony media row: Ilan, I'm begging, you
you got a couple million bucks lying around. I bet you do just be like YO, who start, a news company. There are a lot of good journalists who are out of work. Why? Because they don't put produce rage bait trash is not an easy thing. Find these people look at me wrong. You ve got a mess. You got it. You gotta that allowed these people sure the good journalists and I've fallen victim. This self same Nobody else absolutely so it is tough by not giving up. I'm gonna keep doing what I have to do. What we're doing right here this conversation on Youtube, this stuff I'm talking about this- is just like my it's just something I started doing as more and more people sign up for TIM cast dot com, and we have a ton of members who are getting exclusive, podcasting conversations. My thought isn't, which infinity pool am I going to install? I dont want an infinity pool. I dont want a flying car. What I want is function, honest news. I want a news website that tells the truth I want so
media that allows for legitimate conversations to occur, but, more importantly, can't be shut down at any point anywhere. Blockchain technology might be the most important That's why decentralized, Knowed style social media is so important with all due respect to mines to parlour two gab. They still have weaknesses and gap for, I believe, is on the fate of us, which means whenever we end up make We can link into the fet averse for familiar. It is a it's almost like reverse our it's like RSS. Basically, I you can follow some. On you know like, I think, that's how it works. Maybe there's someone like John at gab dot com, so go into your app, which is the threat of force and type, and you ought to follow this guy, JANET gotta come and then you'll see their posts. Are some limitations. But that means that you can't ban the network. There's no there's no point at which you can ban an app.
Gab tried putting an AP on the play store and they banned it, but it didn't matter because it was a clone of the fevers app there's just tons of them. That's the smart way to get things done. So here's what's going to happen. Your member at TIM cast com you're watching our exclusive podcast, your membership, I'll tell you what it's going towards for one: it's helping to run what we do, but I am, heavily focus now and having conversations around several new technologies to deal with this. We want to create our own super chat system that your ear off I'll tell you that that the basis of it you like Youtube, you like Super Chet, that's fine! You like Twitter, that's fine. Facebook regulator Lenny videos, great here's, what we're gonna do we want to create an open source code that you can drop onto your website. That does these things that you control, then no one can value now sure your server hosting company might manual fine. So we're doing our best
but it needs to be done, I'm just so I'm just I'm. I'm tired of you with all due respect to you. I'm mosque, as I am a fan, Bro he's not gonna. Just do something So I turn to you guys. Why is it that we are not seeing Trump legitimately, ask is why won't he just get in any one of these platforms. Why dont any of these ultra while the elevator Do it, I suppose the Mercer are doing at the billionaires war funding apps like parlor, so it's not it's not like nobody's doing anything and they smeared heavily, but so what of parlor works? It works and parlor is back. A lot of people are complaining about it. Now I dont care they're like parlors, is you know, parlor CUP parlor got banned? They come back, got rid of their ceo and now they're saying oh parlor is add and, and there and their their caving in I don't care did I look complain about it? That's fine! I want alternatives. I want platforms that are not going to be
later and you too so I'm building my own website. Why, I think, that's the solution. I think you should have your own websites and I think that what we do quiz? We decentralize everything. Instead, we get this Trump Trump's, not only appealing to Facebook, but he's appealing to their oversight board which grants them Genesee, here's the story. I thought I should have read it, but you got me on rent the Facebook Oversight Board. What would died, whether trumps indefinite suspension should be lifted, received an appeal on behalf of the former president arguing for Facebook Instagram accounts to be restored, quote we.
And confirm that a user statement has been received in the case before the Oversight Board concerning Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts? The spokesperson declined to comment further. They say the Oversight Board has received about nine zero comments from the public on the hotly contested question of whether to allow Trump access to his Facebook and Instagram accounts. Facebook announced in January that it asked the Oversight Board to review its decision to suspend trump on January seven TH the day after a group of the president's supporters storm the capital Trump's accounts on Facebook and Instagram remains suspended. Pending the decision, Trump's appeal was first reported by Channel four news in the UK. The Trump Ben is the most consequential case yet, for the Oversight board carrying far reaching political implications for the nation, Facebooks Oversight Board launched last year, blah blah blah my friends, the right there there there they have no organizational strength, they have some. Let me show you the story from Rico from just Esther.
Yesterday evening inside the new sixty five million dollar push from progressive to compete with conservative media. It's called the project for good information and it raises big questions about the future of the information war. What do we have on conservative media? What we got we got daily wire, they do really well on Facebook for sure what is the left? Half I don't know like the entire mainstream media apparatus. Now, of course, leftists progressives will be like that's, not the real left, him sure, but The institutional left, okay and often these progressives line up Gettily behind them to give in to whatever they want voting for Joe Biden then complaining that the migrant camps are back for kids, while Trump shut. Those down, congratulations! You voted for the guy who brought them back. Bravo progressives are putting sixty five million dollars.
Into competing with conservative media and we can't get any one of these individuals who wants to complain about the fake news and censorship to put in sixty five million dollars to push back? Okay, I know parlor, I guess gab they're working on it. The issue is Elon Bro sign up for a different social media platform. If Elon Musk went to parlor; they would be forced to cover it now. I know I know I know of your saying, wrote him you got milieu of followers. You got eight hundred thousand or whatever on twitter and several million on Why aren't you doing it? I auto sink my card from Youtube to these other platforms and be completely honest. We are moving and trying to focus on building up TIM cast com. So trust me when I say I'm in the process. As for twin I'll say. Actually, you know what you're right is why I no longer say twitter directly on the IRL podcast. When I say follow me, I say: follow me on either parlor mines or other social media, and I do use twitter and I do The issue here is your right and it's true. I should
absolutely be focusing on using other platforms. The challenge for me, though, the media doesn't care what I have to say. I don't have tweets of consequence. Elan Musk does Donald Trump, especially the one person who has mule near the hammer beckons slam into the ground is Donald Trump, make it easier for everybody. Trump, just go over to parlor or gab and say hey. I'm here just do that and then you know what we can start using it more. I've put, a little bit too parlor on trying to post more. I oughta sink my car, and on a ton of other platforms outside of Youtube. So it's not so much that and focused on Youtube. Is a platform non focus on all that around, so my videos sink on bit. Shoot on mines and on odyssey, which is basically library and a ton of people, watch me on those platforms as well and the ILO.
Bonus segments or members only segments appear on TIM cast com and you can go to TIM cast com to watch the latest podcast episodes. We are trying to build this. Let me just stress had have I had I a billion dollars, This would be a lot easier. I would snap my fingers and say we're just going to do it. Ideally we non existent. All platforms on that advocating for the end of twitter am advocating for competition so that there are other platforms and what will happen is but it will be forced to stop them censorship and the false statements into defaming people, because people can choose to go to other places. Here's the problem I have long said twitter is the Ella Colosseum. This big stadium, I always say like housings, have actually been there on the that was fun and parlour and gab are like Highschool football fields now by all means, go play football at you know oxen community high or whatever you can, but the president isn't there.
And the people who are there are a bunch of you know young people in locals, and while you may have a good time and have good conversations, you're not gonna, be listening to the President over the Ella Colosseum Donald Trump is in this way I'm talking to everybody in this massive arena they kicked tromp out. And now everyone's standing around talking to each other and there's still a lot of people there. If Trump walks over to the community high school and starts talking. People are gonna leave. The Colosseum is our jamming into the community. Has what the point of trying to make tromp really the one that hold the big that the main key, but so does Elon Musk soda Many of these high profile individuals, the media, can't help but cover when they tweet ask, doesn't have the same powers, Trump Trump really does have that power, and he just need do it. Many republicans have joined parlor. So my respect, but I tell you this. The more people watch my content, the more they become members
gas dotcom? The more I am going to be focusing on dealing with these problems for two reasons. First, let me be with you. I don't wanna get banned don't want to get censored or light or smear, as you know, smeared by these these outlets and so on. Need a robust infrastructure to counter this. When pointer, wrote, fake news misleading about what I said I'll show you pointer rights, wrote this. They said Twitter flagged a post from controversial youtuber. Tim that said the? U S, election was wrecked; no, it didn't in fact the tweet literally said it wasn't rigged. It was fortified, but they dont tell you that they just manipulate there. Buying the reason I can say, they're lying is because another outlet corrected this sang. Say did not say this. He was referencing time magazine. That's right! I was, and I was being pretty condescending of time magazine for what they said. I'm sick of it the winter is the one who grants people while the Irish Sea and which is basically pointer, they'd
determine who's allowed to to fact check on Facebook great. I want to start my own fact checking organization, so I can fact check pointer and give them a big old red x for false, and I would because it is misleading content, but so long as point or the the keys who who is allowed to check on Facebook, no one will go after them so who watches the watchman. Here's what we need decentralized social media gap has that Trump get on gab already We also need fair and honest media Ilan dump some money into it, who's gonna. Do it now but I guess not even those with massive power but I want to. I make something very clear. I don't expect Elon Musk to try and focus On undoing some like this, and I can her stand that it. You know how do you that someone to do good journalism almost impossible, so maybe I'll be really can't do it. I don't know man, because I feel on funded, something, like my APA
in which I would not accept to be honest. Then people would complain he was funding, you know, partisan, media or something like that, but maybe that's it only real answer is that why I may have my biases and, of course, I'm not perfect. You just need more more powerful institutions to challenge. The mainstream media and their lies just bases bought the Washington Post, Elon Musk criticized them saying give my regards your puppet master broke. You and Ellen most are competing for the richest people. In the world, why don't you do the same thing with Matthew and Glacia said? Get on it, brother. Hope he's watching something like this Elon cause. I think you're you're you're, I'm super excited for star link, so I mean no disrespect when I say I don't know what you're situation as, but presumably it may be simplistic to say you have the ability of the power to do so, but if Jeff bases his and you're not and you're upset with hit what he's, what his but his saying to you. Let me tell you something when Elena
told Washington Post, to give his regards to their puppet master. He was talking about Jeff, Bezos, guess who's. The the richest person in the world is, I, I believe, been. In the second person. Is you must so you don't buy a news? I am the newspaper or start your own we'll see how things play out only with their necks segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast thanks for hang out then I'll see ya. Then.
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