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S544 - Oregon Counties WILL Vote On Seceding Over Anger At Failed Democrat Policy And Far Left Antifa Riots


Oregon Counties WILL Vote On Seceding Over Anger At Failed Democrat Policy And Far Left Antifa Riots. Conservatives in several key counties are hoping to create a state called Greater Idaho which would function the same as Idaho but withy expanded territory.Republican voters feel they are not being represented in Oregon as Democrats in Portland continue to favor only one side of the spectrum. While Far Left Antifa riots sweep their major cities the Democrats continue to provide relief mostly to cities igniting outrage among conservativesThe proposed policy would also move northern California into greater Idaho as well.Meanwhile in many other counties similar moves are being made.Republicans and outraged Californians also move to recall governor Gavin newsom

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Today is February. Twenty six, twenty twenty one of the top stories, Joe Biden, has launched an air strike on Syria. After all, thirty six days in office. He has already begun campaigns in the Middle EAST and our reactions. This is triggered outrage across the political spectrum and other news in the state of Oregon, five counties will be voting on secession come this may. If they secure this about, they seek to move them border of Idaho into Oregon, creating a new state. The greater Idaho and in these strange cultural NEWS, MR potato head is no longer. Mr, For some reason, people are really concerned about a potato shaped toy, but in this frame of reference we have something called ending gender segregation and while the potato head I may be no big news. We are seeing the passing of the equality ACT through the House of Representatives and it may actually become law. Let's jump in to the first story,
rumours began circulating immediately after Joe Biden, inaugurated that US troops had begun moving through Syria. This was contested by western sources and it was confirmed by more anti US sources, a lot of countries that don't like the United States were saying yup the US is moving into Syria. Well, everybody said it was disputed. The mainstream media such as, not necessarily true, don't believe what you see, because it's coming from you know Turkey, or from IRAN, or somewhat that. Well, I dont want to play light, make light of what's going on but I do want to show this mean from yesterday at seven forty p m, look kraut, loot, Lucre Caskey says I posted this mean weeks ago. Here
and it's a woman crying wearing a hat that says I elected Biden in Harris and she says babe. Will you give me my two thousand dollar check, please and Biden with sunglasses on aviators by the way eating an ice cream cone says, of course, honey I'll reinvade, Syria asap. We know it's going to happen. I mean I was counting down the days we kept saying, like as soon as binding. It send the bombings will resume. A lot of people are really upset. I'm really upset by has ordered air strikes in Syria, retaliating against IRAN, backed militias. The president approve the bombings, even as you pursues. A diplomatic initiative with IRAN to revive twenty fifteen nuclear agreement. Now the bombings with Syria. The attack on Syria has a lot to do with something called the cutter Turkey pipeline, which you may be familiar with. U S interests. Western interests wants a pipeline going from cutter natural gas up through. You know Syria, through Turkey, into Europe. To offset a
the european sorry, the the russian Gazprom natural gas monopoly tools, for the cost of energy, for Europeans to strengthen our european allies, things like that stand where they want to do it in order to do it, they had to blow, Syria better blown up Syria wasn't going to allow us to do this, so there's reports going going back even even like two thousand nine nine the? U S, was talking about needing to get through Syria because Bashar Al Assad who who's the guy, in charges. Syria, the president, I believe, the president. Whenever title they use, you was not allowed to do it because he was alive with Russia Then we saw the whole Russia narrative with Trump I believe, a lot of it probably had to do with the fact that, with Trump in office wanting peace in the Middle EAST, the days they were, He's gonna help Russia. They said now's the narrative when our learning as well
that also alongside these air strikes in Syria, they are preparing to sanction Russia. Here we go before Donald Trump get elected. Hillary Clinton was warned that the actions being taken in Syria could lead to war with Russia. And I think that's where we're headed one of the interesting things about the whole Russia Gate fiasco. Scandal was that apparently in one meeting an emphatic medicine. Could it's even read this in a minute? So I could begin robber, my understanding that Michael Flynn told what's your name, I'm frightened omens name. He told one woman who worked in it and the India, the Obama administration, that he felt China was a bigger threat than Russia and that made up. You know scent of alarm bells cell yea to think it was Sally. I could be wrong scent of alarm bells. Oh no they're trying to deflect from Russia. China is a very serious threat to United States. Many articles have been written going back several years about something called through cities trap which I've talked about.
Basically saying that as an economic power rises and comes to challenge the Dominant Power war breaks out in most circumstances, I think it's like twelve of sixteen, so there is a big fear that there's going to be war between the US and China, but for some reason, the Democrats Biden, his administration are focused on going after Russia. Now again they get us a lot to do with getting natural gas into Europe because they want to strengthen our ties with Europe. In nations. Perhaps I wonder if trump you know they want a claim. It was a big conspiracy that the new Sibley were secretly working with Russia, or he was just an outsider, who wasn't playing ball with what they wanted to do in foreign policy, and its often said that you know these people run for president and they have all these policies.
Once they get in. You have the intelligence, agencies and european nation saying look at the information we need to follow through with this foreign policy strategy. For these reasons, most president say: ok and the bombings resume. Donald Trump, however, probably went no, no I'm in charge. I'm the president we're gonna that China do understand. China and the rest is history, So here we go. Could this? Meanwhile, with Russia I mean you, you air strike, Syria. You say Sean Russia. I mean they're they're poking the bear. I don't owe to expect, but that is an BC, says, Biden, orders air strikes in Syria, battalion against IRAN, backed militias. The president approve the bombings, even ass. He passed do they diplomatic initiative with IRAN to revive the nuclear agreement. They say the strikes killed at least twenty two people, London based Syria.
Observatory for human rights, that, on Friday, citing unconfirmed local reports, Pentagon prosecutor, John Kirby portrayed the bombing in eastern serious, carefully calibrated, calling it proportionate and defensive you know who likes to claim that our now throwing things and beating if our people, thank you, the people and beating people as defence. That's, like one Anti Four says: they'll beat you and say I am defending myself like Youtube, you literally started a fight. I get it there saying that these IRAN back militias were attacking, you know our interests, and so we are trying to offensively defend ourselves. Stopping them they it the operation was first known, was the first known use of military force by the Biden administration, which has four weeks emphasized, plans to to focus more on just posed by China, which we all thought was can happen. The president's decision appeared aimed at sending a signal to IRAN and its proxies in the region that Washington would not tolerate attacks on its personnel in Iraq, even at a sensitive deplore.
Moment three rocket attacks in one week in Iraq, including a deadly strike that hit a: U S, led coalition. Base in the northern Iraq town of Herbal presented a test for bite, and only weeks after assuming the presidency, The rocket assaults coincided with a diplomatic initiative launched by the administration, to try to revive a twenty fifteen nuclear agreement between IRAN and world powers. The air strikes quote were authorized in response to recent attacks against american and coalition personnel in Iraq and to ongoing threats to those personnel. The operation destroyed, more the port facilities located at a border control point used by a number of iranian back militant groups, including Cathay, the Hezbollah and could tapes, I add, Alex you Hata. He said syrian and iranian officials did not immediately reacted to the strikes, Russia, one of them one of syrian President Bashar, Al Assad, Bashar, Al Assad Chief backers said it was given just four or five minutes warning before the strikes quote. This kind of notification does nothing when the strike is literally already on its way: Foreign Minister, Sergei Laboratories,
whereas in Moscow the? U S was operating in Syria illegally. He sat up and called for better communication with the Biden administration, the syrian observatory for him, right said. Most of the twenty two people killed in the bombings were members of iraqi militias. The monitoring group did not provide details about how it obtained that figure, but Rami Abdul Rahman, head of the rights organization. Let me see news. It was based on speaking two sources inside Syria. He added that the death toll is expected to rise due to the number of people seriously wounded IRAN, state broadcaster. I r I be news. Meanwhile said seventeen resistance fighters were killed in the strikes. Also didn't provide detail about the source of that figure of inciting reports. A senior? U S, defence official! told NBC News on Thursday evening of target was a transit hob near the iraqi syrian border used by the militia fighters.
And it was too early to say what casualties might have been inflicted on the militias quote. The operation sends an unambiguous message. President Biden will act to protect american and coalition personnel. At the same time, we have acted in a delivery manner that aims to deescalate the overall situation in both Eastern Syria and Iraq. You said I like to point out: I don't think Biden actually did anything to be honest I know who ordered the strikes, but Biden was probably sitting in a wheelchair, with burlap unit, with little blue blanket on his lap me sitting in the sun, and his snoring was aviators on NBC News reports. To U S. Aircraft were involved in the strikes that took place at about six p m est on, on Thursday, Thursday. Two a a m Friday. In Syria, Defense Secretary, Lloyd, Austin told reporters traveling with them. If the administration had been very deliberate about our approach, we're confident that target being used by the same she a militia that conducted the strikes often said referring recent rocket attacks in Iraq. On? U S coalition personnel, the Pentagon had said previously.
That was awaiting the results of the iraqi investigation into the herbal rocket attack? Quote we allowed and encourage the Iraqis to investigate and develop intelligence, and that was very helpful to us in refining the target set, Austin Biden had approved operation. On Thursday morning he said a civilian contractor was killed in the herbal rocket assault and a U S, serve member and others were wounded, at least to one o seven M M rockets. Millimeter rockets landed on the base, which also, House herbals, civilian, international airport and business had previously reported that Iranian. Act militias were most likely behind the Herbal rock attack. The weapons and tactics resembled previous attacks by the iranian linked militias. However, it was unclear if IRAN had encouraged or ordered the rocket attack. They gonna say an obscure group called so Riah out all Leah Oldham, or custodians of the blood claimed responsibility for the herbal attack, but former diplomats and regional analyse at the group was merely a front organization credit by the main, Shi Ite Militias in Iraq, following
rocket attack on the herbal base, Iraq's ballad airbase came under rocket fire days later, where U S, defense, firm services, the country's fighter jets and then two rockets landed near the. U S, embassy combine in Baghdad. Iran has rejected any connection to the rocket attacks in a phone call, Tuesday, between Biden in Iraq. You, Prime Minister, Mustapha academia. The two leaders agreed that those responsible for such a tax must be held fully to account. According to a White House, read out of the conversation now. Normally don't read so heavily just go through these stories, but this is probably one of the most substantive insignificant stories that we have seen. In a very very long time, it is all I believe, thirty six days, people are mentioning into the Joe Biden administration about thirty six days. And he has already ordered airstrikes into Syria. Donald Trump also ordered fifty nine tomahawk missiles fired into Syria as well early on in his presence, I believe after like the first year. However, A lot of people are concerned that this could destabilize the region after we have
historic peace agreements, the Abraham accords- and I gotta say I think so as well- that is, that is probably met. My biggest concern look Donald Trump. His his plan really did seem to be stopped. The fighting made an interesting conversation last night on the IRA podcast with even supply the the actor. He was mentioning that the? U S account, Let me I mean the debt we have is propped up by the petrodollar. The fact that we basically force everyone, to buy oil using our currency means no matter what we do in terms of printing money. We don't have to actually make anything as as people are forced to use our money for oil. So we can print trillions and trillions of dollars and an end when we're like. So what
it'll devalue, the money or holding and you'll have to buy more from us. So here's obviously works. If you know you have country acts a hypothetical country and they want oil, but their currency is called. You know the ex that the current currency acts they have to trade, that currency whipped for U S dollars, and then They can buy oil with you US dollars. What that means is if their economy is weak and they dont have access to. U S S dollars. They can't buy all that much oil, so my understanding is that most companies have to export more than they import to have a net output, a net gain and their currency. So they can trade it to the? U S, the? U S then gets access to those goods made by those countries. Take the money out of the equation. You basically have the. U S saying give us
stuff or you get no oil, that's the gist of why the? U S is so hell, bent on being in the Middle EAST, taking oil fields, Reno propping up to us to certain agrees. Things like OPEC and wanting to build natural gas gas pipelines is not just about oil. Is its fossil fuels in general,. We want to maintain that petrodollar what's happening with Syria, apparently is Russia not to on board. This has been reporting going back years that Russia was trying to offload? U S, debt and find other ways of procuring or oil and we see what happens to world leaders and call them whatever you want who decide. They don't want to use dollars anymore Margaret do, you want to use the gold dinners minor standing in Saddam. I was to use euro or at least something else and the? U S just said no you're not going to do it, and here we are, it leads to long wars. I know a lot of you
they like to talk about Vienna Globalism, unlike the one world government. Unlike listen, you realize we basically have that right now, the United States in the petrodollar as China can be big whatever, as long as they function off the dollar than there's a global system in place that maintains Control and audit over everything, because You is oil and fossil fuels key component in any kind in in economic growth. For me, every country. It is. You know that it's it's. You need the energy noisome some first. I want to point out this great tweet from Glenn Green. While he said delivered with empathy and compassion by a diverse cabinet, responds to a report, the? U S, it cannot airstrikes Glenn thence. As someone should ask press secretary General Zackie, her own question verbatim
about Biden, Syria bombing it tomorrow's briefing and while the context of her tweet was Trump's bombing of syrian forces, the question still applies: Jen, say tweeted April six, two thousand and seventeen during the Trump administration. Also, what is the legal? forty four strikes. Assad is a brutal dictator, but Syria is a sovereign country. That's a good point says there's always a tweet there is, he then says he showed, a wet from Kamala Harris Twothousand, an eighteen. We said. I strongly support our men and women in uniform and believe we must hold us out accountable for his unconscionable use of chemical weapons, but I am deeply concerned But the legal rationale of last night strikes thousand twenty eighteen, Glenn Greenwood says: that's why was amazed at the willingness of reporters whom no better to try to encourage people to believe. There was any relationship whatsoever between the doubt what what damn said they were doing they do during the campaign and their platform and the reality of what they do once they got power when you called it perfectly now, my friends, what do you think the good old
Mainstream media is doing there's a song by a band called the December. It's the song is sixteen military wives. Give it a listen. You may not yet you, you may think its sole liberal propaganda from the Bush years. That's probably true, but there's that the lyrics are interesting. Because at one point is he says, and the anger person on tv he goes Lahti, Daddy die. Basically, this is talking about America sang we get what we want, we're gonna go in your country and its base about these military wives whose husbands were killed oversee so something that affected been a long time sine. I listen to the song, but one of the best lines. says says, and the anchor person on TV goes La Da Data just ignoring what's happening around the world. First, Let me give a shudder. Nbc knows because they do have on their front. Page Biden ordered air strikes in Syria, retaliating against iranian backed militias, but it isn't there lead. I thought the big story, but ok, ok.
Look, there's three stories right up top and air strikes is, is right there on the right. So I respect that. Their big story, however, is about Biden and his global vaccine. What, but what he does says he wants to help. A global vaccine program. Then we see the covet checks and then we see the strikes, but I can respect that. They still talk about the airstrikes, I'm sure the New York Times has something what it we a front page of the New York Times minimum wage steel near at hand in what we got here. Conservative annual up see pack meeting the Pfizer those corona virus, the mayor of Washington, tracking covered cases, opinion pieces wears a c o below the fall so below the fault is a reference to when you open the page. What do you see and then, when the newspapers were folded, but it was front page but below the fold met? Nobody saw that as the big story And so a lot of people say I want to buy airspace above the fold right, so you can see we finally got out there. It is ok, well there covering
right. You know what what what can I say what we have here of at political com Harris gets a crash course on foreign policy. Are you crazy? This common Harris who, who denounced trumps Syria strikes, are come on where's that where's the super get stuff politico, not covering it. Ok not to be fair me. Politico is trying to focus more on hard politics and they don't think that Syria strikes fall into that. I suppose all right well We know there you go, we got CBS News who absolutely did put it run on their front page. So I respect it. I'm showing you these things, because I'm not trying to claim at all of the media everywhere is ignoring the story CBS NBC, habit frightened centre, CBS Big, bold, biggest story of the day. Good people need to know this. If we ignore these things, then don't be surprised when bad things happen and your left clueless or one this country is put at risk, the actions of
states in the Middle EAST going back decades. Result in what the CIA referred to as blow back the people who live there, don't like us all that much in they retaliate that way there they retaliate against us with acts of terror and its port. It's very convenient for the military industrial complex, these big weapons manufacturers and the United States and their efforts when the american people dont know why we're being attacked. That's the scariest thing. Look. There have been some major moments in: U S history! acts on embassies and things like that that were the result of what the CIA referred to as blow back our operations in the Middle EAST, where triggering groups to come and tell it against us. It wasn't because they hated our freedom but many people in America just don't know what's happening overseas and don't want to Know- and I don't care I be surprised at. Will How many people actually watch this data? To be completely honest? I knock probably do a video about some so, MR but data, It is no longer a man and and and get way more views because a cultural issue that affects,
Americans here on the ground here at home, and we know it and you know we can see if we can feel we can we, but when it comes war, we don't see it. So it's scary is somewhat someone will attack us. You know. Maybe Russia will retaliate in some capacity and then these people have no idea what's going on, Well, here: oh no, we're just being attacked for no reason, and then the angry and ignorant will provide their resources, support to a manipulative and destructive system for what conflict war. I'm not so naive to ignore what really going on in this world. I dont know everything I dont have access to all the secret privy classified as confidential information, but I can tell you, like I mentioned the petrodollar, the powers that be like Joe Biden they're, not trying to. I dont think they want Americans too, like it's. It's it's really hard. It's really hard blow limit. Let me put it this way.
Trying at these words out properly. They are trying to maintain the american empire. I dont think they care about you, but it does benefit you, and so the question is: if we stop in the United States and say we're going to back away from the Middle EAST, and I'm I'm in favour of peace agreement in the Middle EAST. Then what happens? China comes and we could. We should abandon the petrodollar idea. We could it be, in the war and all that stuff, and then, when Russia and China fill that vacuum and gain that power, we run the risk of in twenty thirty years living under chinese global order if they become the superpower- and they probably are that eventually their influence suppresses. The United States El start saying you need to do the things we want you to do and then in the U S, you'll find harder to get imports instead of letting hats going down and then will be forced to a I'd by international trade agreements set by China directed by China, which would restrict freedoms, suspend a constitution. Things like that
that may already be happening ass. A scary thing So how do we stop? That, honestly? Don't know if the? U S is real he trying to you now get this. This fuel and energy and effort to growth. S economy and maintain. You asked me no empirical power, whether call it that it would seem up China from imposing their will on the rest of the world, but it doesn't seem to be working this it is trapped seems to be legitimate. China is rapidly and are becoming more and more powerful and by and is focusing on Russia, but in administration prepared to sanction Russia for solar wins hack and for the poison position later and I get it. Those are bad things shore, but does Biden really want to go against China or as Biden transition team cabinet. Now, although these in these individuals, are they in favour of China? Well we have some more these conversations coming up. This is this week or next week, with with experts on the issue to talk about. What's going on with China, I have to say, I think, binds gonna go right back to Russia
bombing of Syria. Is it the russian ally? I think the care about Russia. I really do the to gas pipeline into Europe. I think it has everything to do with Russia and the gas prom gas monopoly. They don't like Russia, but maybe that's a little bit too simplistic Maybe the real issue is what steps in the way from european expansion is access to cheap in effect, inefficient fuels, which they would require. The cutter turkey pipeline to offer this monopoly and the? U S does what it if he China, but Russia in the way so lets you know, let's, let's, let's try and have a legitimate conversation, the nuances of. What's going on, I am no fair, war of the bombing of the air strikes and my opinion. That's going to result in further destabilization, but I say these things because there's probably so, right now. There's probably somebody watching this video was clearance, who sang if only you knew, if only It was really going on I've. Long talked about how every president that comes in can talk. All these
whisper, sweet, nothings about ending war, and then they get this big ol stack of files up on their desk and they open up and that's happening. So we just don't know and don't a problem, but it's it's it's it's it's a difficult problem. You know you can't give out classified secrets which could put the country at risk and at the same time we just don't know man. I want war to stop, but I'm not a child. So it's really difficult for me to know what the right moves are. And that's the that that's the adult conversation that happens and that, in these regards, I think ultimately, everyone's gonna struggle and fight for power lie cheat steal to get it. U S included. So I want make sure that their scrutiny on what my tax dollars go too, but the bigger picture we don't know and I wish it were more simple than than it is but leave it there. Excitements coming up at one p m on the show, Thanks for hanging out- and I will see well then, as the bullet
Tensions in this country, escalate and hyper polarization of the political tribes only gets worse. There are many different count is in certain states that are trying to secede from the state to join a different state. To put it simply, red counties, conservative counties that live in blue states dominated by big city, liberals dont want to be under the laws of cities that don't make sense for them. The most notable of. Is counties would be five Oregon. Counties who want to vote on, leaving the state to create greater Idaho and, as you can see on, the screen is a particularly large state, but there is also a movement to create the state of Jefferson, Northern California. Recently, what the leader of the Jefferson Movement was on Fox news talking about why they want to create the fifty first state, because Northern California is not adequately repressed,
did by California, and thus the people who live there, don't have adequate representation at the federal level and there's another county weld County in Colorado, wants to leave and join. My only many people are upset with the democratic liberal order. In their blue, states. People in Greater Idaho's movement, as well as in a state of Jefferson Movement, are complaining that California is effectively a failed state. Governor Gavin Newsome is facing a recall and many other states are furious with their guns, Now this is the I guess, logical conclusion: to rapid polarization of the local tribes and I dont know if there's anything else, we can do to be honest because outside of this, we ve hurt a lot. People saying maybe it's time for a peaceful divorce- that red states in blue states should simply go there other direction or go there that part their ways some people have said we should have the United States, Canada and Northern
US states should join Canada and the rest should become Jesus land. Does the meme claims in one viral tweet over the MR potato, head foe scandal. My dies, a Youtube commentator site it's time for a public and states to succeed, but maybe that does it need to happen just yet or maybe doesn't matter. These counties in Oregon are going to be voting. May on whether or not they will join Idaho. In order for this to actually happen, I think there's gotta be a thing is held in article five convention of states, so I am not entirely sure this would actually happen, but you can certainly see the sentiment among people in an interview what the leader of the Jefferson State moving to California said when government does not adequately represent its people, it isn't comment upon the people to form a more adequate government. So what do we do if these states don't allow people to move or change?
then you will likely see conflict and turmoil. People are gonna, start fleeing states and if we don't shift things around a little bit for four to stop the polarization Then a lot of people are only going to leave those states and we are going to see the states become deeper, blue, deeper red and then what happens when you have a permanent majority single party rule and half the country feels like they will never get representation, I'm sorry, but that just leads to outright conflict. I think we're at an age a time where violence doesn't work anymore. For the most part I mean like overwhelmingly, it'll just make you look bad and people won't like you. So eventually, if these places do not have adequate representation, eventually the
just start flying their own flags and disregarding the authority of those they feel do not represent them. So, let's read through all these stories to learn about. What's going on with these states, why they want to leave and how they, it seems like many different locations are planning this, and it could have some deep political impact, at the federal level, especially the midterms, coming up again, not suggesting these initiatives will pass, but the anger is becoming or in more noticeable that something needs to happen before we get started. Had overdue TIM cast, dot com become a member, we got a bunch of members only exclusive segments and full podcast episode stock met a variety of issues we set of TIM cast our com so that in the event we get banned or purged there's a place, you can go to get access to our accounts
so I say our because as more people than to guess Tyrrell Show, but please consider supporting my work at TIM guest. Our common and don't forget to like share subscribe, hit that Notification Bell. Let's learn about the disgruntled or a guardian conservatives who are going to vote to leave the state from the ITA. How statesman, I think, is the best source for the matter. They say disgruntled or a gonads joining Idaho. Some organ count, some Oregon counties to vote on it. This may I say a group of residence in Oregon could be a step closer to their goal of joining Idaho voters in five Oregon counties. Will cast about. May eighteenth on initiatives to join the State of Idaho move Organs Border President MIKE Macarthur said Monday. The group was already awarded measures and grant malware and Sherman County and await signature, verification and baker and, like counties, Mc Carter said he's at the group submitted a hundred and forty one percent of
signatures required in those counties. I mean they've got the movement to make this happen. The group conservative, Oregonians created a petition last year to move Idaho's border West to include part of their state, Mcclatchy NEWS reported, it's part, part of the greater oh project which would allow some Oregon counties to join a state that some people say more closely aligned with their political preferences. It's complicated, multi, step process that will require local ballot measures and state and federal approval. The group hopes to eventually consume all, but fourteen of organs- thirty six. These proponents say the swathes of conservative pro tromp anti tax voters in rural parts of Oregon. Of more in common with Idaho, and they want to claim it as their own state. Maclaughlan is reported I'll, just pause and say I think we all recognise that's objectively, true quote rural counties have become increase.
Really outraged by laws coming out of the organ legislature that threaten our livelihoods. Our industries are wallet our gun rights and our values, values. Macarthur previously said we tried voting those legislators out, but Rural Oregon is outnumbered and our voices are now ignored. This is our last resort. The crowd of ours pandemic has helped solidify the move. Oregon border groups feelings during covered nineteen lockdown Mc Carter, said lawmakers gave covered relief to Urban Oregon instead of Rural Oregon. Summoned the group they are tied to their communities and don't want to move to Idaho, but rather move Idaho to them move organs border is working to collect more signatures for a ballot initiative in seven counties, including curry, Josephine Jackson, Climate Harney, Mauro and whom till quote, divisions in Oregon are getting dangerous. So we see that location of the border as a way to keep the peace. It's not divisive. Macarthur said
Oregon and Idaho are already divided by a state line. The problem is that the location another state line, was decided a hundred and sixty one years ago and is now outdated. This image on the screen. You can see that the idea for greater ah actually actually includes portions of California, so you can't just have Oregon counties vote on this. If they do then, or than Idaho my PAN, its borders pending state and federal approval, and that would not include California, so Greater Idaho, as it stands now, probably would not reach that far. But you know what they're right, maybe we need to do this? Look. The idea of states makes a lot of sense, but we're at a point now, where politics has shifted dramatically. We have something you probably know about called gerrymandering. Where are we
move around congressional borders every. I believe it's like what every ten years or so based on population changes. Well, what about state borders? I think for the health of this nation. This makes a lot of sense. The alternative is what we have people saying: peaceful divorce if the people of Oregon don't like, what's going on there, they can leave and go to a different state, but then we'll see all of the really blue. You know, democrat type, voters stay there, stay there become more, become more and more red, and that will create a every very serious divide, not to be honest, it's not like this is changing anything set of people going. I know I do hope goes to them and the deep divide continues, but that may actually just change the balance of power, particularly if they get the state of Jefferson, because that would create a new conservative state which would give Republicans very likely repelled gains to more senators. Now I can already hear the Democrat saying you can't do that. That's cheating, that's not fair! So what
making Dc Estate and Porter Rico Estate. To add for Democrats senators, you see the problem here, diver polarisation of this country. The divide is: deep that people are now fighting over, creating new jurisdictions and are to gain permanent power in government. How about we just do something to stop. All of that The sad reality is, I don't think the greater Idaho Movement solves the bigger problem and peaceful divorce, which many people bring up still might make a lot of sense, but I, I think that's dangerous for the world listen We may be at odds with each other politically in this country and we need to find a way to to bridge that gap, and that includes the left, shilling the F out and calling down now. I can already had once again here the left sing, I'm biased on this one. Listen, I referenced echelon insights. They did a study, they asked Republicans there concerns illegal immigration. They damage we Democrats, their concerns and Democrats said Trump supporters than white nationalism. The Democrats are just absolutely please
in the direction of targeting and going after anyone on the right and the right is not doing the same to the left. So the left needs to chill out the antagonism, otherwise everything's gonna fall apart, and you know what I said over and over again, but a pair, this falls on deaf ears and they say I'm wrong for even trying to bring up. No, the only solution they say is to crush the Republicans. Sorry, if you try and do that, you will get more of this. I think this is such a succession of Oregon. I understand where they're coming from, who wants to live in a rural part of a kind of a state, that's dominated by people who allowed anti for rioters for over a hundred days to burn and damage and attack federal property. In Portland I mean that's enough, and the age of organ father lawsuit against truck. We try to stop it. That's your tax dollars in these rural areas. That is your representation. No, I don't think so. So they want change and if they dont get it, they will leave. What do you do? This is the problem of hyper polarization
when we disagree marginally? We say you know what I always everyone I vote for always loses, but I'm not that unhappy with the way things are going now. You have such a deep divide, between the ideologies in this country This is where we are going to take a look at the Greater Idaho Movement website. They have a variety of maps and they do all show California joining Greater Idaho. I think that's particularly interesting also show the twenty sixteen presidential election results by precinct, which shows you well, it shows you how serious these people really are when you get into a more eastern part of Oregon. The blue basically disappears. I mean there are a few counties that went Democrat, but these all these counties they dont want to be wrong,
by Portland and the crazy scary thing is even in the areas that would remain Oregon. It's still predominantly red. I know the Democrats like to say land doesn't vote. It's about population density. Sure I understand that. But there are a lot of people who want to be represented and, if they're willing to live in Oregon, I'm sorry if they're willing to live in Portland, specifically where it is going to be Democrat. Almost all the time then the divide. Is it so so deep that they're going to flee the city? Those who live in rural areas are already trying to flee the state and they want keep their resources. This stuff's gonna get a look. It's gonna get really really bad. Unless there is an opportunity for peaceful transition, here's the greater Idaho Movement, they say: organs, governor and legislature, don't need any republican votes to rule organ. None of the Democrats in a legislature represent a rural area. This is why
begin passes laws that kill industries in eastern central and Southern Oregon. They don't protect us from riders, forest arsonists or school curricula that teach kids to hate, Americans and Americanism, and they pass laws that violate our sacred conscience. We can't let our money support their system anymore. We are outnumbered, we don't have leverage and things will continue to worse. You love your community even vested time in family, friends and workplace there. Our strategy is a lie I'm shot, but together we may be able to say but our communities by making them a part of a Yahoo state lines, have been moved many times before. I don't, facts, traditional morality, injustice and it doesn't get in the way of rural livelihoods. It has lower tax rate and a lower cost of living. Our main document explains the details of our proposal. If our frequently asked questions in Africa s questions, we explain why ideas like trying harder to win elections or trying to convince the legislature to give us our own
are less likely to happen. We need to unite our neighbours around the idea of moving the border so that we can convince state legislatures to stop holding our counties captive in a blue state. Voters into counties voted in favour of this idea in November. We expect several to vote in favour, may two thousand and twenty one. We need your help, use the links below to learn more about the movement. Take actions. Of course, the greater Idaho got work website where they're bringing this up and they showed that phase. One does not include California, they say. I too, how no longer landlocked, which gives them increased tax revenue. It would give Idaho a port. That's really good NEWS for Idaho. They say in Oregon. Law would be suited for a rural economy and red state values, with a lower cost of living and phase. Two includes northern parts of California,
They gonna than talk about the Trump votes in these different areas and why it all make sense and white makes sense it eventually northern California join, but this my friend in northern California, has their own movement called the state of joy. Person. Now recently, in an interview mark Bear the leader of the state of Jefferson. They already fly the banners, they already fly the flags and they point out these jurisdictions. The proposed data Jefferson, their trump voters there, conservatives and they are not being represented in California. I went to California several years ago during the drought, and I learned the states got very serious problems in the South Eastern California, their concern, and they don't agreed with the more blueskin cities the urban centres. The problem is: the urban centres have millions of people who always out about the rural areas, while now
understanding their needs. One of the craziest things I heard came from some farmers. They were talking about how they did drill down like twenty zero feet or maybe not twenty zero. Maybe it's two thousand, I don't know yeah, I think like two thousand. Maybe it was five zero. I can't remember really really deep to find water, but right next to their farm. I see this canal, full of water- and, I said well, I understand you're really, but you got water right there in the canal and they said they aren't allowed to touch it because the city's outvote them every single time and that's one inch, that's an interesting problem. I met a family That lost all of their water because they had a well and when the water based dropped, their well went dry. So all of these farmers in all these houses are digging deeper and deeper and deeper to reach the groundwater, and when
I use it all up. We don't know when it comes back. More importantly, poor migrant families lost all of their water. When these farms started drilling deeper because they could afford to many people in the city blamed the farmer saying well, they shouldn't do this and I said, but your state needs to produce food like these leftists in California brag about California produces so much food for the nation, while disrespecting the conservatives in the farmers and voting against their interests. What had happened, as I was told, is that when a drought we hit the people in the cities and the tens of millions say we should get the water so what happens? Poor migrant families end up with no water there well run dry and the surface water is shipped off to big cities to be used by I the urban liberals who have the numbers. It doesn't to make sense. The problem is in the counties, notably to Larry, counting you dont, have a hyper concentrate conservatives. So there may
he at a state level. A lot of conservatives who could defend their their rights and fight for presentation but they're so spread out that they end up not getting any representation for the most part in California. The state level and the state is dominated by a Democrat Super Majority, which is causing people like this man mark bear to say it is time for northern California to leave and become its own state. Even flying the flag and has, as banners has coming soon welcome to Jefferson the fifty first state? God bless America and the great seal of the state of Jefferson to access on the on the emblem right. There now, of course, is not I mentioned. You also have weld county weld counties in the Colorado on this. A residence propose Lee, in Colorado, again, this time to join Wyoming. A similar idea was proposing twenty thirteen aims to form a new state with several northern Colorado counties. It failed the AP reports.
Residents have launched an effort to get a measure on the November ballot that would explore a Colorado county becoming part of Wyoming Colorado campaign. Finance disclosure website showed that Christopher Richards registered political committee were well county. Wyoming last February, K Dv our tv report in its pushing ballot measure that would instruct weld county commissioners to engage and explore the annexation with Wyoming the county, just east of Fort Collins as a population, a population of more than and twenty four thousand people. Richard said during a November meeting that he got the idea Nineteen after reading an opinion article in the Denver Post and began pursuing the idea through a facebook page quote we're going to move a county to a different state. He said, adding that the effort would just redraw the state lines to exclude weld county from Colorado and include it within Wyoming borders. Instead, someone else at the meeting which was posted online said Colorado is at war with three major economic drivers for Weld county, small businesses, agriculture and oil and gas
officials in Colorado pushed back on the idea quote. I absolutely love living in Colorado for those that don't love living here. There are certainly less ridiculous ways of moving to Wyoming Greeley City Council, member Tommy, Butler told Katy are eerie. Mayor Jennifer, Karel, said of the proposal, makes it on the ballot. Residents would have much to consider and it could cost It could be a long process quote there, a lot of considerations for Well county voters if they want to secede toy humming income, tax, personal property, tax, corporate state income, tax retirement income, tax gas text, so taxes on oil and gas and water rights to M. A few Carol said in the statement. If weld county residents approve the ballot question, the Colorado legislature has to approve it. The way oming legislature has to approve it and it's possible. Both Colorado voters and Congress will need to approve the
as well a similar idea proposed in two thousand and thirteen aimed to form a new state with several northern Colorado counties, but failed now hold on. How does that make sense? If all of these people in this area vote and say the majority of us want to be in Wyoming, why should Colorado have the right to supersede that Point of government is to represent the people. If Colorado's estate doesn't represent the people, these people are trying to leave the United States that try to join Wyoming. So, of course, getting approval from my homing, I suppose, makes sense, but asking the Colorado to allow you to stay when you're too to leave because you don't like their laws. Just literally makes no sense, but that's something that will affect all of these different states. Greater Idaho you ve got Idaho, you ve got Oregon. You got California seeming to tell me that legally cat,
before you could just say: no will, of course they're gonna say no. They do want to lose access to resources and taxpayers, and it's it's great for these places. I mean think about it. In northern California, you have no representation right, so California gets it gets your tax dollars, you pay them and they give you nothing back. Wonderful, so isn't it convenient than that they would just about to say no. You can't leave that to me is insane. There should be some kind of provision there should have been in the constitution. That jurisdictions are free to move when they see without approval of their state, so long as the counties the jurisdictions vote to approve it. I understand- maybe I could get a little bit messy, but look. How else do you deal with this? Just tell three hundred and twenty four thousand people weld county. We will never let you join Wyoming they're still in America, there,
they're in the same place, what's the problem. The problem is those with power want that power. Now it may be outside this Democrats might say it's a good idea. You know I take a look at greater IDA. They might say I'd. I was gonna vote Republican anyway. All we would do is in sure that organs stays Democrat and they never have competition. From Republicans and again, I mean that's great federal representation for the Democrats. Jefferson, on the other hand, quitting a new state. The Democrats would never allow they would fight tooth and nail scream all you can do it as unconstitutional. You get credit new state, but we can make DC estate. You see what I ll do they're not going to allow a new republican state to emerge. They'll certainly give state of to Puerto Rico and DC, though, and I'll add this too statehood for Puerto Rico does make sense. Statehood for Washington DC makes no sense at all. The purpose of Washington DC is that the federal government can exist without
being under any laws of certain states because on those states would have favour or pressure could be put on the federal government. So no no DC statehood. I'm sorry, my understanding that people weren't supposed me in Washington DC for the most part, but became a city, and it became much like popular to buy a lot of people who are not adequately being right. He's ended, so maybe they should actually have member a member of Congress for their for the people live there or you know several actually, because I think this several million who live in DC, but statehood in my opinion, makes absolutely no sense. Now, what's going on with care, and the anger. Maybe there is some way out a recall for Newsome. In California, talk grows as governors come under attack the New York Times reports fellow Democrats have defended governor given some lavishly praising his handling of the pandemic, but conservative day. His shutdowns have been destructive as a long before or in ITALY filed papers to recall, given Newsome he,
but the odds were against unseating. The suave ex mayor of San Francisco, who ascended to become California's governor Quote Democrats have a super majority here. It's one party rule said Mr Hillyer Republican and retired YOLO County Sheriff Sarge voters had elected Mr Newsom in two thousand and ninteen by a record. Twenty four point margin. As recently as an April, seventy percent still approved of his performance plus just to trigger a recall election. Mr Hatley's petition would require about one five million valid voter. Signatures. Lately, however, Mr Heatley's been feeling lucky, California has been by the by Covid and lots of other problems. We understand this and they say, and then there was that dinner at the french Laundry restaurant at the governor. Tended bear face and telling Californians to stay and wear wear masks to avoid of the virus. Quote an easy cell reported Mr Heatley last week, speaking by phone from rural San Joaquin County, where he was delivering petitions that he said pushed his hall.
Over the one point, seven million signature mark with three weeks to go before the deadline. I liked to say we have nobody to thank but him, and he has nobody to blame, but himself a year and the crisis. Newsome is not the only governor who has had a political rough patch across the country pandemic. Wary Americans are taking their rage and grief out on chief executives in Ohio and a higher number might do wine, whose voter approval sword at the start of a pandemic has been assailed for his strict enforcement of help. Precautionary governor Gregg Abbot was under fire for runaway infection rates in Texas in attacked in Texas border. Cities even before the winter storms collapse. There grid crash of the vaccine appointment system in Massachusetts have eaten away at the once unassailable popularity of Governor Charlie Baker. For the first time he is a true political opponent and its Covin said Mary and Marsh a Boston, political strategist and in New York quo his national image as a leader has suffered, and oh yeah Cuomo has got it bad he's now being accused by
a woman of he's being accused by a woman. If you, if you ve got, the draft, will keep it family friendly. So maybe there is some hope outside of secession. Again, people have talked about peaceful divorce before Are we get to that point? I assume most people try to exhaust all possible measures to do something about their uneasy, ES in their unhappiness, starting with we call Various governors and voting in new politicians now voting may work not work? It seems like we're rolling down hill and there's no way to climb back up voting for the other party may slow down the collapse, but it still leading us in the same direction, and I think if these counties do succeed, They may very well still be leading towards a path of I mean, I guess the end of the United States as we know it. Maybe it's a little extreme
The political divide in this country has existed for ever. It really has I mean it's a boy the country and what you need to realize about any country size of the country matters. There is different temperatures there's different climates and people are gonna, devout different cultures and want different things, and you sit where the problems we have a say. Gun control measures. It makes absolutely no sense for someone in West Virginia to live by gun control laws for New York City, maybe maybe you live in New York, you're in a cubicle apartment microscopic stacked on top of a bunch of other people in a concrete block in a city it smells like sour milk, and you won't have a gun okay, well, they say listen. We understand your right to bear arms. What happens if the caliber of bullet you use, penetrates several different floors or walls of your building and puts a bunch of other people at risk? We've got a
what are the rights of others to be free from you negligently shooting at them. Now, of course, the constitution is explicit. The people should be allowed to bear arms period, so be it, but people in New York have voted for this. Why they don't like guns and they have police, around every corner. So when there is a threat, you call the cops and within minutes sometimes the cops are there. It must retain. You don't have that, so there lies the big problem. So long as this country passes laws that favor people who live in cities, it will neglect the needs of people who live in the wilderness and might have bears or other dangerous animals come on their property and they have no choice but defend themselves. What happens when thirty to fifty feral, storm on your property and start trying to destroy things or hurt people in your children, and you have no weapon because people in New York didn't want a gun next to their
apartment you're in the middle of nowhere, the straight bolt is gonna. Go into the ground, not gonna, go into someone's apartment. The law makes no sense of the federal level if these kinds of things keep happening and they are going to keep happening. Recall efforts, don't work and voting for the other party isn't changing these things. Then people are gonna start pushing first session in right. Now. It's phase one. We ve seen people try and vote in the say I don't like this guy to vote for the other party they'll be better. It never really improved for the most part. Now they take in the next step. Okay. Well, maybe this county should be in in in Idaho cousin. You don't listen. I know they respect these rights. What happens when a big city in Idaho turns Blue, because this is true, there was a study I talked about where they found that even in red state, Cities are blue. What happens when those cities grow industry? I just couldn't crane a hyper concentration of leftist voters who
then all of a sudden say I don't want some with a gun shooting through my apartment. So I better vote to ban it again against the constitution. I understand, but what happens then, when it affects all of Idaho, eventually, you'll have people saying enough eventually to the point where people will say hard. Secession. From these United States, we already heard Podesta with that war game. They did before the election saying that will be back. For the West Coast to secede from the union than to allow Donald Trump to be president. There were willing to to do whatever it took by any means necessary to win that election. Those I mean, secession, that's insane. We've heard the same thing from Republicans of breaking up is just getting more and more prominent, and it's on the left and the right. I don't want this country to break up I'll. Tell you why, for one this country is awesome, all of it states are, but we got political problems and if the United States falls apart, China takes over I'm not happy with that idea.
We are looking at potential hot war in various areas of the planet, maybe not because I was some kind of conflict, but at least do you ask exert still economic pressure. There are concerned that Joe Biden and the Democrats don't care about what China is doing and thus republican may say it's too late. Anyway, China, going going take over it's only a matter of time. Then. What's the point of us making ourselves weaker, because living alongside those in the blue cities. Then I guess you're going to find a bunch of republicans Straight up saying, you know what it's time to leave, but again job, and the Democrats we're saying the exact same thing. So what do we do? I don't know, I don't think it stops with these counties. I think you're going to have a lot of conflict if these counties are not allowed to. I think you're, looking at Joe Biden's gun reform that gun control to soften up, putting in place a rather extreme and it
turn millions of people into felons overnight kind of like the bump stock ban, people aren't going to give up. People aren't going to just walk away from their weapon. There's the meme about how they lost them, all all their guns. In a boating accident. Oh no they're all gone. No, I think a lot of people will say, come and take it and that's a scary thought, because then we are fighting amongst ourselves. The cat station is already under threat and then are enemies, one that doesn't happen, but I leave their necks seconds. Comin up tonight live youtube dot. Com Tim cast IRL is our lives show. So if you want to ask questions and in some super jets go there. We will be live at eight p m. Thanks sprang out and I will see well then. The most controversial news story over the past twenty four hours. It is nothing to do with Syria. It is in fact a MR no more. Mr potato head goes gender neutral
I'm not kidding on Reddit for for some reason, this story matters on twitter for some reason story matters. I've actually had people hit me up. Saying TIM, you must cover the story about MR potato head becoming no longer. Mr he's just regular potato head now Now I know a lot of you are probably rolling arise because many of you probably agree with me. Who cares if a toy company wants to make a potato, not a mister, or whatever, because you just put you now, you know how it works. You like eyes and eyes you put it in, but there is a bigger story here in the equality act getting past. I do want to talk to MR potato head thing, though, because I kind of want to just tell everyone to chill out, but there is a reason for this. I think it's mostly a business reason, but there is a big cultural shift happening where the equality
intent is to end gender segregation, I'm not making that up literally in the bill. It says it say desegregation among many on the left, is that, like racial segregation, gender or sex bay. Segregation are also bad and we should do away with it. There's interesting remarks is there because we ve seen certain things happen, particularly in the UK, where they started, having men and women use the same changing rooms. I think it was changing rooms at like a pool. They found that when women and men, males and fine we're sharing the same same space. Assaults on women went up a decent amount if it wasn't like sixty percent. The reason for it is proximity that when you have a room only for man in a room only for women, that the maximum amount in the same place, but with many women being in the same place, then you'll end up with more assaults,
there's a conversation to have around there? That's not good, I wouldn't say it's a great argument for being against the bill, but there are some questions that should be brought up as it pertains to the Equality ACT because it did pass in the house. First, let's tackle this very, very pressing and controversial social issue around potato gate, as you can see on Reddit, it literally is in news controversial. The potato head thing seems to matter to people. Well, many people are pointing out Finally, tackling the real issues. One presence at I mean it's a potato yeah didst, okay on one was at one another presents as well. There are only two kinds of things: potato and not potato. Yes, that's right! Potato head, MR potato head did not include the potato. Just a box of stick on ears knows eyes: you provided your own potato, neither suitable vegetable
okay, no joke. This is actual news, and I want to read this because I do want to address it, but we will get more to the text of the Equality ACT and what's going on with this bill, because I think it's more important ABC News, says Hasbro. The company that makes a potato shaped plastic toy is giving the spud a gender neutral new name, potato head. The change will appear on boxes this year. The toy makers have been updating their classic brands to appeal to kids. Today, Barbie has shed its blonde image and now comes in multiple skin tones and body shapes Thomas, the tank engine added more grill characters. An american girl now selling a boy doll, Hasbro said Mister potato head, which have been around for about seventy years, needed a modern make over yeah. I think that's fine actually making more barbie dulls with different hair colours and skin tones great business decision. You gonna make sure you track your market share, because brought. You know things to make say like I'll, give random number a hundred barbies per day may they could sell them to any. You know boy or girl. I've ever wanted it, but if they do
thirty white barbie and then different skin tones. They might actually increase their market share because people are more interested in buying social certain. I guess, like skin, toned barbies anyway, I think it's a business decision. All of this, I think, is a business decision. The potato head becoming no longer being MR potato head, I think, is literally just a cheap way to sell one product think about it. You sold MR and MRS potato head now. Maybe they look at the data and found that people, basically just by MR or MRS than by two potato heads right now, Oh, you sell one potato head an you, give it the male eyes and the long eyelash ones for you know whatever annual sell more of the one potato head or cut down your costs You no longer have to do two different kinds of boxes. That's really what I think it is to be completely honest. So you don't you see these tweets? We got mark dice with probably the funniest response to the story. The Associated press said
the datahead is no longer a Mr Hasbro Blah Blah marked ice responded it's time for for republican states to succeed, I joke probably serious, but a lot of people are highlighting this tweet because it seems like the moat, the most like heavy handed reaction to the potato thing, but I do think deep down. There is an interesting point to be made. I dont know if it involves republican states, seceding from the union, but I think it does have a lot to do with something called gender segregation. Let me say this from Wikipedia there's something called sex aggregation or separation. Wikipedia says it's: the physical, legal and cultural separation of people according to their biological sex. This can refer. Simply to the physical and spatial separation without any imitation of illegal discrimination, but you can see it part of a series on discrimination. It's actually interesting yeah. I think it does fit that definition
if you have a women's locker room- and you say you can't come in- if you are this thing, they are discriminating against person based on their biological sex. However, I think typically, courts have ruled in favour of this. I think that's all gonna change by all means you can comment and say you don't like it, but let us talk about the a facts on the issue we are now looking at the equality act. Passing the Washington Post is an oped that says the equality ACT can become law. If Democrats will add religious exemptions, I don't think they need to do that. I think they control the Senate and the presidency, and this will become law for those that aren't familiar. The quality act is a bill that will add several terms to the right sector,
I believe title seven, which states that you cannot discriminate on the basis of national origin or you know I think it does say gender, but they want to add the words sex, sexual orientation and gender identity. Now I talked about the other day saying that it is it's almost paradoxical it's contradictory, so let me just give you the breakdown and then I'll show you what the text of the bill ctually says and we'll read som of this opinion piece. The way I explain to people is a simple question. Again not stating for or against that's for you guys to decide. I know the left will still come at me in smear me to take me because I dont just come out and support one of their saying. But if you have men's and women's programmes at university, There was recently someone who filed a lawsuit. I think it was in California over a woman. Only college group, the courts ruled it was not discrimination on the basis of gender or sex, because the university offered up men's programme, our programmes
they very similar nature. So they basically said the university discriminate discriminating against you. They offer you the same room in the same program, it's just as one hundred and forty nine one hundred and forty one and therefore it's interesting, because if you look back at segregation back in the previous era, it was discrimination when they had white and black only spaces. You could not allow people, you know you could have people or businesses to describe on the basis of sex. It interesting that the lost stated that, because it would seem to fly in the face of previous rulings on how race based segregation actually worked, so this break. What what brings us now into you know one of the issues I bring up if use, if, if you
but you can't discriminate on the basis of sex and let's say you have a locker room. I use locker of than showers, because the typically the most visceral examples a you have met in women's, but if anyone can identify as either depending on how they feel, then you quite basically have removed any space specifically for males and females. Uniquely, this would be the end of generic gender segregation. There will be no safe space for biological females. I know many feminists, not you know, I guess the Trans exclusionary ones. They are gender critical, as I think it is right for us, are very critical of this and, in my opinion, I think it is fair to say that there are certain differences between males and females, and that
I mean long held this goal is to ask our statistics showing exactly why we ve done this, notably I mentioned earlier on that when they are doing unisex, locker room, I think it was lockers. Maybe showers in the UK assaults against women went up now. I suppose the modern left is actually I guess weirdly traditionalist in a sense, it is a way to really weird scenario so at better, though it would you get with the equality ACT, as you know the end of Jack gender segregation. What you need to understand, yes, look at this in the text of the bill. It says section for de segregation of public facilities section three and e a of the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen sixty four is amended by inserting and then the appropriate terms, section five desegregation of public education, they actually say they are ending segregation and I believe this will become law. So this becomes really interesting. The interesting thing about the equality ACT in my pay
is that it's sort of brings us back in time. You know back to the forties and fifty's, in a way I mean, maybe not necessarily well. Let me explain, of course, back then we've had gender segregation and sex segregation rent. The issue now is We created special, safe spaces for biological females, recognizing certain statistics, like all oh, you know, women do abuse men, men. Are you no more likely abusive women? Look. I know that when it comes to violent crime, men are more likely to be devised by, but when it comes to assault on women, it is probably proportionate in one direction. We looked at them and said: well, perhaps it has a lot to do with it. Dosterone and the the behaviors and the biological differences between males and females all- so recently learned that I think the army is
implementing a day. You know differences in the training programmes between males and females, which will be interesting. Considering you now have the the ACL you telling the Supreme Court that women must register for the draft a selective service with this new bill. You know it's past the house, it's not yet becoming law with it becoming law. We will go back to a pure unisex everything which, in my opinion, will put went females back in this position. More import, It'll be really interesting in my opinion, because if that is the case right that we just can't have gender only spaces. Well, then trans that there's not going to be a women's sports, because you can't discriminate on the basis of sex, which means You have a women's league, leather, W Nba, and this has passed than a man It simply say you can't you can't do that. I should be allowed to play in the w and be eight the NBA does not discriminate on the basis of gender or sex. You see how this works.
The Wnba is special in that it does not. There may be. Court procedure things where they flash out rules are maybe change it, but I can't imagine that this can actually work again, nothing I'm for or against it that are free to decide, but you are someone was a proponent of this. I simply ask that you give me an adequate response and I'm listening, but the idea with the W Nba or women sports. In that you cannot discriminate on the basis of sex. Well, now, he's, got someone who's male saying. I would like to compete in this division. The argument that applies that we heard earlier that, while you could go to the equal and opposite male division, no sir, division exists. The NBA is not the same organisation as the W Nba in the NBA is not a man's only division, in which case there she be a sound legal argument for a biological, male who identifies as male to be allowed to play in the Wnba.
Look if you disagree by all means, just comment and tell me why you think I'm wrong, I'm. I'm only asking that people give me an adequate response to this, but, of course, as most of you know, these are the innovation is where no matter what you say, someone's gonna, try and come after you, because this is the hot but an issue, just it and what Washington Post things will happen with where that religious exemptions. So let's, let's now that we dont care about potato head, let's rid of me! No something actually matters. The Washington Post says you are. The hustle representative has passed the equality act. We get this. You could be forgiven for yawning, not because the legislation is insignificant. On the contrary, for the algae, BT, Q, movement, federal civil rights protection has been a pole start since nineteen seventy four, this time could be different. President Biden has promised to seek enactment in his first one hundred days. Democrats control the Senate whether sixty seven votes can be found depends on a crucial variable. Ok, so so
was wrong. They'd sixty votes will L Gb, dig you and civil rights advocates, negotiate with faith based organisations to reach a deal for religious faith based organisations. The house version of the Equality ACT is toxic because it overrides religious liberty, protections granted and ninety ninety three more broadly. They fear that both law and secular culture on a path to equating traditional religious teachings about sexuality to racism? A compromise could be achieved by packaging, Lgbtq civil rights protections with relatively narrow exemptions for religious objectors. Many states have done this, including Utah. In thousand and twenty fifteen they mentioned that, with the church of Latter Day saints more recently, a coalition of faith based groups, including having Heavy hitters such as LDS the Council for Christian colleges, etc,
going with the american Unity Fund, a centre right, algae beating you adverse group to propose such a compromise called the fairness for all act. The fairness for all act has too little democratic support to pass, and the Equality ACT has too little republican support as written both our dead on arrival. In the Senate, but amended, the equality ACT could become a vehicle for bipartisan Senate. Negotiate. Since that could add tailored religious exemptions. That kind of bill would have a real shot at winning. Sixty Morton and votes in a majority in the house. Members of the fair fairness for all coalition are eager to negotiate, but they need a partner. Congressional Democrats will not support a bill over vigorous objections from El Gb teach you and civil rights groups, so the question becomes. Will those groups abandoned their purist? and come to the bargaining table. They say to be fair. The earlier reluctance to compromise is understandable, with no chance of Senate passage. Why should they have negotiated with themselves? Why should I
btq people seeking to rent homes, patronize businesses and adapt children be burdened with religious carveouts that don't apply to other protected groups. They say, but now not only the Senate passage possible? There also has, but I see it- a sea change among some religious groups as one member of the fairness for all coalition, told me quote in the religious communities in part because of a culture, a culture nation in part because of generational shift. I think there is real openness to trying to work this out. That was not there a decade ago. We hope that the President that President Biden will be the President who signs comprehensive, LGBT Rights Lisation as an amendment to the Civil Rights ACT of nineteen sixty four into law, which is fundamentally think it's the right thing to do. We believe it's what our Savior would have us. Do
These are conservative, religious groups that are not prepared to change their doctrinal teachings on marriage and sexuality. They have broken with the old Guard of Anti gate. Antigay, diehards, Ral, GB, Dick you, Americans, negotiating a package deal would bring important legal protections at the political gains would be even more impressive, the one monolithic. Opposition to Lgbtq rights among conservative religious denominations would be shattered. All right, I'm not entirely convinced religious groups would be on board with this, but I think it's an interesting clash right that the Washington Post is bringing up, but I have to interject here, what's happening now with the equality ACT is very, very different. But what we saw with marriage when it came to gay marriage. You saw a lot of traditional liberals in support of it on principled grounds. I don't care what you do
your life. Now there is an interesting argument. I've heard from many conservatives mostly will up particularly the religious conservatives that the church and marriage is an apron hammock institution, and thus the state has no right to determine what the church should or has to do is an interesting argument. Separation of church and state is it's not in the constitution specifically, but it's something that you know. We believe in this country, but not in the left, felt the opposite that, because marriage was a legal position, how better the government recognised you needed to have completely equal protections. We saw many people. I think it was Bronco Bobby in favour of civil unions, but there was pushed back from many algae BT group algae BT. Q group saying civil unions did not grant the same protections. Thus the Supreme Court ruled marriage same sex. Marriage is constantly knows constitutional and barring it would be unconstitutional, and here we go. There is still the many issues where churches refused from the stuff.
The issue, like I said, is that the biggest burden was placed on churches and other institutions that they had to grant specific ceremonies and that ultimately hit put pressure on a lot of organizations to change their behavior. The issue now is that, as I mentioned, the equality ACT can bring up some paradoxical legal matters in that. How do you protect people on the basis of sex and identity? At the same time, if biological females want a specific protection, because they are typically shorter, less muscle mass, so they want the Wnba we've given them that space. But if you can't, no, you can't discriminate on the basis of sex, then that that goes away so will be particularly interesting. All in all, it's not to be the same as it was back in nineteen sixty four, the end of segregation was fairly cut and dry Doesn't matter what your race is, you can use this restaurant. You can use the bathroom that they have to provide public accommodation, and that makes sense
But what happens now when biological females demand a secure space based on the fact that they do have very different bodies to biological males? I dont know I literally dont know. I can only tell you that there is that, like me, look you make people make arguments about differences between you know, races and stuff and those I dont, think our fair or merit telling someone. Yes, you can by a cheeseburger but telling someone is biologically female. Who needs to go to an abuse shelter because she was brutally beaten and abused? You know by a guy. That she has to share the same space with other guys while she may be traumatized. I think maybe particularly different Again, I know racist have made similar arguments, but there is a legitimate difference between this and that, although the arguments may have a similar structure, they're not the same thing and I'm not
I'm not ultimately not saying the bill should or shouldn't pass, I'm just pointing out these things. So I wonder when you tell people that we're taking things away from you, that's very, very different from saying that you're going to get If someone else writes that, don't necessarily you know have any effect on you, I understand the churches there's an impact, but but I'll I'll try clarify if you of biological females were playing, you know in the W Nba, and then you say with this new bill, we are going to effectively end your yeah yeah. You know your league by changing the rules dramatically in introducing biological males who have higher pretend almost hot prenatal, testosterone and I'm talking about males to identify as men. You know as well. They have more likely to have more muscle mass. I mean you look at the bell curve for or the averages for, grip, strength for height for jumping ability, and it's a fact that biological males are very different from biological females to the point where the army is actually us, instant,
so. With this, the sweeping changes will cause a massive and chaotic backlash. Again we saw this to I'm degrees and nineteen sixty four civil rights export. When it was passed back in the day shortened by Agnes? Who cares what MR they had? I literally don't care if they, if they him if they made a third gen. I don't want like potato head, it's a toy, buy it or don't. If you don't like it, make your own MR potato, head make. Mr Cucumber, I don't I don't know whatever we have to stop being upset that other companies are doing things, like this now, if, MR that, had a monopoly on potato, shaped toys or vegetable shape, toys, I'd, say: ok, we got a problem because are squeezing out the market, but they dont they're, not Facebook, because these things matter as it comes as a pretence to this law. I can only say this: it may not pass. I am not asserting for or against it. That's for you to decide basin. The things you talked about, but I do think we can.
Back to see a tumultuous period and it's gonna be a lot of uncertainty and confusion again, not an argument for or against just literally expect that we'll see how the lawsuits play out, the lawsuits are already starting. Now many states have already past these laws, and it raises interesting questions right now. You ve got people who are in the older generally who are still willing to respect things like a men's and women's restroom, but as you get into the younger crowd, the non binary crowd, they might They know I'll use whatever bathroom I want, in which case many of these blue states already have this law on the books. So it'll be interesting to see how the courts rule on this and honestly, I just don't- know I'll leave it there. Next segment is coming up at four p
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