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S555 - Famous Comedian QUITS Democratic Party, Disavows Cancel Culture From Progressives, Slams Culture War


Famous Comedian Leaves Democratic Party, Disavows Elitism And Cancel Culture From Progressives. Sarah Silverman explained that she has had enough of both parties, though she was never a supporter of Donald Trump or the republicans.Its a promising sign that celebrities are waking up to the lies and authoritarianism of the Democratic Party. While it is important to criticize Republicans, the media establishment tends to do that ad absurdum.As wokeness and cancel culture starts destroying itself many on the left will have no choice but to leave the Party, something we long predicted would happen.

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Today is March fifteenth, twenty twenty one and our first story comedian. Sarah Silverman recently announced that she didn't want to be solely with either a political party. Canada summons, ever been Republicans, but it is essentially a disavowal of the Democrats over what she says is a lead is an absolute ism. It seems the law, as from mainstream media and the council culture coming from the woke, laugh, is pushing more and more people away and we actually a story about how Washington Post published a fake near. About tromp, but why were so? Many people are left us so willing to believe this. As many of these democratic celebrities to wake up to the lies because personally affecting them, we may see this cause. Massive damage to the Democratic Party are next door at the Grammy's. They did a mock riot performance for a song calling out police brutality. Propagandizing this narrative that lies about. What's really going in this country and misleads
the believing things are worse than they really are. But, more importantly, in a statement from an activist been accused of Anti Semitism. At the Grammy said, we dont need allies, we'd accomplices, which suggests there glorifying the crime. The vote the rights and may actually expect or want more to happen and our last story. The media is forced to reconcile with the narrative that is RON Desantis and the Florida Covid lockdown. It appears that Rhonda RON Desantis made the right choice after all, and Florida is flourished. Doing better than many of these Democrat states. So much Even the New York Times is forced to admit. There are many benefits to not locking down, and all of the smear pieces may have been wrong before we get started. Leave us a good review. If you like, the show five stars leave a comment: if you
think we deserve it, and, let's jump in two that first story, Sarah Silverman is known for her very offensive style of comedy she's just announced she is leaving the Democratic Party and Wild spared a point out. She literally said that she was disavowing. Both political parties, she's never been a Republican she's, always criticised there. Republicans so it seems like a kind of soft way of saying the Democrats are going in saying now for those that aren't familiar. Sarah Silverman lost a job not that long ago, because of a one these sketch. She did in two thousand and seven and it seems like, part of her new that, no matter what she did, she could never escape her past. That's like an unreasonable position for anyone to hold, because we're supply was to allow people to evolve. Silberman notes this. She says the parties
are rife with Elite, ism and absolutism, and now she doesn't want to be one to be associate with either it's interesting, considering just this past month or two. She was advocating for people to register their friends to vote because she was trying to help Democrats win in Georgia. So what caused the change of heart? Honestly, I'm not sure, maybe things like you know, whatever, whatever is happening to Bill Burr, the comedian being accused of being racist, I guess because he mispronounced the name and having a non white white, I'm not even kidding so there's, actually a verified twitter, because he's he may be a racist forehead being in an interracial marriage. Its things like this that are driving Democrats away from the party recently in Nevada, the entire democratic party staff learn about acquit because democratic socialists, one every party, a party leadership position. Personally, I blame the media and I think the voter bases in this country are built up primarily of two different groups of people.
It's not so much left right, authoritarian, libertarian, lotta people try to figure out where the culture warriors but I genuinely believe it's those who read the news and those who don't know what I mean by that is literally those who read the news and those who don't within that you have people who are just Bali's and power. But let me let me explain the reading the news. There are certain stories that are absolutely fabricated. We have a new story coming out now, with where two months on the Washington Post has finally admitted to running a fabricated story about Donald Trump. They claimed it a secret. According that's all these awful things and people just chose to believe it without being discerning. They just blindly trust the media. So what happens when news outlets that push rage bait culture, war, garbage and I'm talking about powerful venture backed corporatist ones. They push these narratives that are obviously false, because it makes them money. They run a store with an unnamed source. Claiming thing
to be true without any evidence because they know it will make the money hears it happens. There are people like you who watch my show or listen to my power cast- and you say well, I want to dig deeper many sat on it It would trap Timor, don't necessarily trust him, but I do think he's at least trying to get. You know an honest taken on them. You know what I mean by trust us You don't assume everything I'm saying is correct. That's why you're probably watching a show like this. You are discerning and you want proof. But there are many people who turn on CNN just believe wherever they hear what happens then, when these woke outlets pushing these narratives making claims, but individuals calling them far right fringe or whenever they just believe it. They then vote for Democrats who are increasingly woke or deranged regular people who don't care about any of this are then pushed out causing major damage for the democratic,
I think it's important point out. The republican Party has their share of crazy conspiracy weirdos, but it seems to be the exception, not not the rule. For the Democrats, it's the rule and not the exception, which is why you see people like Sarah Silverman now quitting even after Joe Biden already one. Incitement. This best, we can build more said that we are a silly people and China is not, and this is the important takeaway. Let's read this and I'll break. Down. What's going on what Sarah Silverman saying why she's trashing both parties, why she's leaving the Democrats and where I think this ends up, I do think it extremely important to point out cancel culture. Is What is driving people away from the Democrats and guess what Republicans are right? with open arms. Saying hey we're The one saying cancel culture is bad at a certain point, when regular Americans get cancelled they're going to turn a republican and that's not necessarily a good thing either before we get started. However, the TIM cast dot com and become a member top support my work in the event.
Then I get cancelled or banned or purged or whatever happens. If you remember him guest come. You are helping to ensure I can keep doing my work and you also get access to exclusive. Members only TIM cast iron segments, so major checking and if you're listening and I just bought. If I leave us a good review of you really do like the show. But let's get into this too about why serious Overman, a famous celebrity who who seem to have love the Democrats only couple months ago, is actually quitting the party town reports me and Sarah Silverman is a long. Time? Member of the Democratic Party she made appearances, the Democratic National Committee she's been outspoken for her support of twice failed presidential candidate Senator Bernie Sanders. But according to Silberman, she no longer wants to be associated with any political party, because the baggage and the elite ism that comes with each party quote it's the absolute astuteness of the party I am in. That is such a turn off to me. It's so, I think, a lead us to
for something called progressive. It allows for zero progress. She explained it's all or nothing, no steps towards all or fing nothing. The comedian described it as righteousness put it that something she thought long and hard about. I don't know that to be associated with any party, I really think I dont want to be associate with any party anymore. It's just it comes with too much baggage that my friends is a particularly important thing to highlight: she's, not a Republican. She doesn't like the Republicans, guess what my friends, neither do I in fact I don't you most of the trunk supporters, like Republicans they like the insurgent libertarian types, America first types who are moving into the Republican Party. I tweet I put on Twitter, Impeach, Mitch, Mcconnell and guess what prompts supporters and progressive are like? Ok, I'm ok. We can agree on these things right. I don't like policy
like Mcconnell, I don't like either party, but the Democrats or losing key support from celebrities who are sick of cancel culture Obviously, Bill Mars, someone who's roasted, cancel culture for some time but which it should have been He should have been the canary in the coalmine, this guy, who absolutely detests Donald Trump and rags on him at every opportunity, had to stop and say, Democrats you're going crazy. They going to say, according to Sarah Silverman, every political party comes with baggage she's, referring to so much so that no ideas can be taken at face value and without ideas. What are we without a common. Truth. How can we talk about it? Someone use an example of both political parties being suspicious of the other side. There are policies most our kids can agree with and be considered he sent ideas, but that depends on who brings them forward their political affiliation. You know Republicans might hear an idea that they would totally agree with
but if it comes from a yo see than they hate it and of course you know to be honest, when I hear an idea that comes from Republican, its suspects to me, it's that issue that has created divisions in our society, which is habited America from being a nation of ideas here, Sarah Silverman you're, absolutely correct, but come on four Republicans, it's the exception, not the rule. It's a frequently occurring exception, but not the rule. For Democrats, it's the rule. They absolutely took every single opportunity to go after Donald Trump, no matter what, without even evidence you are not discerning and you disbelieved all the lies. It created this pair at this sight, clone of a previous listen to believe insane trash. Sarah Silverman welcome to the red pill moment and let me clarify red pepper become mean you become right wing. It means you awake
to the lives of a corporate media. Narrative Republicans may have bad ideas, but so long are pushing back on the lies, the media. So long as their rejecting council culture, who else do you have fighting on your behalf. I can't stand the Republican Party. They do nothing. They are there, I'm sorry. Republican leadership is pathetic, a moronic failure. I called them too stupid to deal with social media censorship almost three years ago. Now, so so, no you don't have them in your corner. There basically obstructionists. The Democrats are pushing lies, and many of these Democrats especially progressives believe believe, San in things, because the media pushes insane lies and effort to make money. So no, we can't be, I should have ideas. We can't move forward one side hates the other, no matter what I further the echelon incites Paul. We covered an IRA podcast, the scary reality of it republican.
Voters are like policy issues matter to me, but when a Republican says our concern about illegal immigration because of its impact on the economy may be covered and jobs. Things like this one here, the media machine just says: you're racist, why it makes them money, it generates the villain for Republicans Villain is not other Americans. The villain is people who hate America and want to destroy it. Sometimes that's other Americans for Democrats villain villainous, quite literally other Americans, Trump and Trump supporters. Don't believe me. I bring receipts. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you this from the Washington Post, it says, is from January nine quote: find the fraud trump pressure.
A Georgia, Georgia, elections investigator in a separate call legal experts say, could amount to obstruction really Donald Trump told to to find the fraud. Well, the Washington Post reported it. It must be true, in fact, it wasn't just the Washington Post. How about Trump reportedly told George's, Lead told Georgia's they election investigator. They could be a national found. Fraud, Trump pressure, Georgia, elections investigator to find the fraud ABC seen an ABC news on December call Trump urge Georgia find the free NBC News in earlier CALL Trump pressure. Georgia, you get the point, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the March eleven correction, from the Washington Post, where the title now reads: tromp pressured a Georgia elections investigator in a separate call legal experts say, could amount to obstruction. Ah, but without that court What is a story really about my friends? I give you one of the most profound endeavour.
Dating corrections we ve seen yet in this era the Washington Post rights correction, two months after publication of story. The Georgia secretary of State released and audio recording of President Donald Trump December phone call with the states top elections investigator. The recording revealed at the post misquoted trumps comments on this, based on information provided by a source. Trump did not tell the investigator to find the fraud. Or say she would be a national hero if she did so instead, tromp urge the investigator to scrutinise Bautzen Fulton County,
asserting she would find dishonesty there. He also told her that she had the most important job in the country right now, a story of other of were recording can be found here. The headline and text of this story have been corrected to remove, quotes miss attributed to Trump. Do you think that correction has reached everyone else? Nook go to Google typing trump pressure, find the fraud. Will you see, Ap News Trump Pressure, Georgia, PBS Trump pressured for floor, proper up, pressured Georgia. Then you have CNN and, and Walter Journal appearing showing the real, the real updates, this one originally from January ninth, seem so been corrected on CNN Bloomberg, Trump pressures, Georgia, business, insider tromp pressures. Georgia CNBC Trot pressures, Georgia, you as it today over and over again Wash interposed. U S news: they all pushed the lie. Here's the original story.
President tromp urge Georgia's leading the elections investigator to find the fraud in a lengthy December phone call saying the official, It would be a national hero according to an individual, familiar with the call who spoke on the condition of anonymity. In other words, Somebody who lied to the Washington Post to smile Donald Trump. Why? Because maybe they're pushing pushing for impeachment? How many stories have come out? The fact that have essentially exonerated conservatives moderates the politically homeless and Donald Trump Launder Biden story? It was blocked by social media, perhaps as part of the effort of of that too magazine what they refer to as a shadow campaign to fortify the election and then after liked was over. They said: oh yeah, the hundred Binding Sol, actually true, two months after the
Washington Post ran this fake story accusing trump of obstruction. It was the Wall Street Journal that got a hold of the actual phone call revealing. It was not true. The Wall Street Journal says. Then, President Al Trump urged the chief investigator the Georgia Secretary States office to look for fraud during an audit of mail and ballots during the six minute call, which was revealed reviewed by the Wall Street Journal. Mr Trump repeatedly said that he won Georgia, something bad happened, he's not correct by the way. When the right answer comes out, you'll be praised, she responded. I can assure you that our team in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, that we are only interested in the truth and finding the information that is based on the facts. The Washington Post reported on the call in January, but this is the first time the recording has been released. Listen, I do not care to rehash any arguments about the election. This is about the any other manipulation and how its driving people insane and will eventually destroy the Democratic Party, but I believe it
Destroy us as a nation before actually causes enough harm to ruin. Just one party short, the Democratic Party is being driven insane. Sarah Sollermun quitting is that the media is pushing lies because they hate Donald Trump Many of these individuals in the Democratic Party entertained this weapon as we call it. The one ring from the rings, I know maybe a silly joke and pop culture reference, but it is a power they can use it benefits down, but they cannot control it. The media pushing lies ultimately will destroy the Democratic party. A lot of people talk about how, What, MRS primarily the issue- and it is the focus of what's going on, because I do think that is what's causing a lot of them with the with the rift year. Council, culture, but the root cause of even the weakness is algorithmic algal. Mc Lean, manipulated information to duped. We pushed on social media that results in people losing their minds. I love it there. A lot of people would accuse me of doing the same
then by all means you're allowed to you can disagree with me, but listen, my friends if you're someone who just blindly reads these stories and believes that without any scrutiny, without checking any sources, have you ever stop to question what you hold to be true, I can sit here and say: I think the Republicans are really really bad and it there there. The unit party we call that all the time on their l podcast, it's one political party. The difference trump is taking over the Republicans Bernie fail to take over the Democrats. Trump is far from perfect and the Republicans, probably need a better avatar of their populist anger, but its very different from the establishment and our people, I do- have some libertarian individuals so while I think they're both just really awful political parties, I like row Qana, epidemic
because he challenged below sea and he's done some good things. Dulcy Gabert, I was a huge fan of. She was basically my favorite on the democratic ticket she's, not really there anymore, although I guess technically, she still a Democrat and, I think, ran Paul Thomas Monsieur pretty good too a small handful of people like and praise from both parties, and I try to try to give credit where credit is due to stop the high purple. Rotation? But there are people who claim that I misrepresenting what's going on or or lying, I literally pull every single news guard sort of certified source to show you what's happening. In the end. The reason why I start with Sarah Silverman things, because I think most of us already notice- I don't- I can come to you who watch my content regularly and say guys, look at this. They caught fake news, you'd be like, and what else is new and many people have said this to me, because I've put ended up. Can I really just do another story sang the media's line and they say you have to tell you have to point this out that people wake up to the lies
and they realize what's happening around them and that's the bigger picture. Sarah Silverman wow, I mean she was staunchly defending Democrats for a long time now, she's talking about absolutism elite ism and what appears- be canceled culture, because she herself was canceled. Look at this one. Sarah Silverman confirmed on most There is an episode of the bill, Simmonds Podcast. She was recently fired from a movie. That's it because of an offensive comedy sketch she did. This is August twelve, twenty nineteen. She absolutely understands its happening, but here's the bigger picture while point out her quitting the number. Party a substantial, in my opinion, it's rooted in the light of the media.
And how the media is willing to latch onto any garbage nonsensical rumor. That makes no sense in order to run trash news that gets them clicks, make them money and in the end we end up being what Bill Marr referred to as a silly people Bill Marr says the: U S lost to China, two focused on woke competition and lizard people with respect to build MAR I think, he's missing the bigger picture. Many would say I'm biased towards the Trump side or the right, and that may be, but when I Look at Republican sang cancel culture is bad, I say their correct. We need freedom of speech when they accurately predict some of these things. And even now dissenters is being praised in Florida for his active than the lockdown. At what point do you recognize? The Democrats are being whipped into a frenzy by and erratic and outraged media apparatus,
That's pushing insane blue and non type conspiracies. There are certainly can t a contingent of ridiculous conspiracy. Theorists on the right with Donald, but that's the exception and not the rule theres many of them their active. They go outside the Duke crazy things. Don't get me wrong, but they are not the majority. And what do we say now to people like Sarah Silverman who's? Clearly, no longer a Democrat, you are now politically homeless. Like us, there are many people who voted for Trump. I get these messages all the time, You know that my shall believe it or not. The left might not want to admit it. I hear ally from other people, saying YO, TIM's he's a big tromp supported. You should watch stuff and not even true. I actually think I criticise trump more than I actually praises policies, but I defend him from the law. Eyeing, media more then I criticized him. You see how that works. I
refused to have the media? Make me say something that isn't true, so when something would come out, that was not true. I say that's not true, and I would end up defending trump. And are the funds can be easily construe with praise, and it's a fair point. I think so, but it's mostly about the media, the desperation it is this kind of all. You know it's a monopoly nation for clicks. I made that point now. We are seeing just exactly how bad things are getting the other day, the group It means I mention this in my am I in my earlier statement. Was the podcast you'll hear it in a bit they reenacted rights as part of a performance they make. It look like all of these things that happen that the date they they propaganda eyes. The media comes out. Not right lies about. What's going on here, give you another example- and this is activists in media in the reference from the Grammy's to the re shark, Brooks Incident when that story him about about this. Guy is this: at this historic Beguine Atlanta fell asleep drunk in the drive to the Wendy's. They took a photo
The officer rushing to render aid and they took a frame of it and tried to make it look like officer was kicking the man when he was down and it was fake news now. Why would they do that? It's not just about making money, so so about forcing their ideological will on others, and I think many of these people have realised the vulture. Like me, A view of a desperate media machine is an easy weapon to exploit and become these out have always been biased in favour of liberals, whether liberals want to acknowledge it or not. They. They got weapon ized for leftist ideas. Well now, you're losing celebrities. Sarah over bill more. There are many others who are just saying enough: the hill reports. Comedian and late night host Bill Mars at the United States has lost to China in the battle for the twenty ST century. During real with Bill Maher on Friday, MAR argued that China was becoming more dominant on the world stage as the. U S argues over culture wars. He says you know, doesn't
There's a stereotype of a chinese man in a Dr Seuss Book, China, all one four billion of them- could give a crouching tiger flying far said referencing the Dr Seuss thing, if any think they are not a silly people. There is serious as a prison fight. He said, and you know what that some raw I cannot for the Republicans. I think it was absolutely stupid, Fox NEWS, crazy on Doktor Seuss Republicans were reading doc. And my only thought was who cares now. Of course, I did a segment on Dr Seuss, but my issue was Ebay and other big tech firms banning the private sale of the book, not so much the book itself cause. I actually think, if doctors who centre I just want to solve the book anymore. I dont care. You can make your own version of these books. We wanna keep them or by the limit addition versions. That was the problem. The idea, the books couldn't even be sold or transferred between people is where we start getting authoritarian, freaky
the bigger issues with Silicon Valley. Authoritarianism bill Mars. Correct, though, is that what we're really going to be Pakistan, while the media is lying, left and right for a variety of reasons, Fox NEWS and Republicans we're talking about. Pursues for like a week, and they were heavily criticised by the left, and I got to say I actually agree with a lot of criticism on them. Now is not the time and that's why It is fair for Sarah Silverman and say both parties. You got it, there's something people refer to. As conservative ink there are certain individuals involved with this like Charlie Kirk and can do so, and I think people for them as conservative ink and I tend to support their political battles because their targeting woke dogma, but I will also criticized eyes them, notably Candice Owens. When she said that you know she thinks people should be arrested for burning the american flag. Personally I disagree with that. I think she's being honest when she talks about what she wants, which is why I will say
While I disagree with Kindness Owens, I do think that she's, actually speaking to her views and values. But I wonder if conservative ink is more tribal list than anything in which case they complain about the new, no unpublished or the of publication certain books Bill MAR goes on to criticize China's authoritarian government over controversies, running Hong Kong's autonomy and the nation's treatment of uighur Muslims. However, that was one on the art you're, that China is able to quickly develop and solve problems as the. U S, debates, partisan issues. This is why I focused primarily on I don't want to get too much into this. I do talk about this a bit in the next as well, which which came out at ten a m for those that are living on Youtube. I'm not super concerned about this aspect of it, but I do want to point out. We are fighting each other why Sarah Silverman another celebrities have come out and rejected. Both parties, I believe, is the right approach bill. Burs, being being heavily criticized means pronouncing a name and he
he went when Gina Carano of the Mandalorian got cancelled for saying: stop demonizing your neighbors. I mean such was the nicest person in the world. This is crazy. Now he's gotta watch what he says and I respect his willingness to stand up and say this, but the cheetah chronic thing should be a huge warning. Sign to all of us as far as I know, fairly often their money in the left. That will criticise me for mentioning that we're facing some kind of civil war. They think civil war means eighteen sixties. You know conflict two factions marching each other's throats. I don't I mean it's that we're. So busy fighting each other in viewing each other as villains that we are being over overtaken by China at the media's, absolutely pushing these ridiculous stories in these lies. We eat them up, because it's the narrative that humanizes the other and it effectively keeps us trapped. Ellison I'll, be the first to criticise myself, and I got a bunch of videos, critical of Democrats and I'll. Tell you why the republican
seem to do nothing, they don't stop the censorship they set on their hands. They complain about the authoritarianism, but then, revel in it. They don't actually stop at a small handful of Republicans actually do the right thing, it seems like RON. Desantis in Florida is doing pretty well, but for the most part they do nothing build policy views that disagree with and their mostly establishment members of the. Single political party in this country that only things to be somewhat different men in the left wing? I don't do wedge issue saying, though the issue of women Norman, I minority rights is not something to be. You know taken lightly and look at them and say Your information tends to be based off of propaganda and fake news that the willingness of these big corporations, To manipulate whatever they can to make money, hence the Grammy's performance where they didn't they. They depicted a ride in a positive light, destroying our own.
Countries in helping anybody criticising than that the horrible aspects of our country is fine. It's good its healthy, actually criticising the Democratic Party in the left is important and Chris and their public and parties important as well. I think when you have an agenda honest Republicans, criticizing the republican Party? That's good good same mystery! For for Democrats, I think we should all be critical of both parties, I'm much more but libertarian type person, though I lean slightly, left them fairly moderate. What we have to, though, is staunch tribalism rage from both sides, accusations of who's really being cancelled and whose really the bad guy we have to you ve driven solely on the manipulation and the lies. Now we can see the Nate Cable NEWS. Ratings are suffering in the Trump slump This is amazing and it goes into what I've been talking about, how the media manipulation lies about everything ratings for everybody. While look at this, who is the biggest ratings drop, it looks like it may be
Don Lemon Don lemons ratings have dropped. Thirty two point: five percent Anderson Cooper. Thirty, two point: two Cuomo. Twenty eight point: five Chris has sixteen point: seven, Laura Ingram, nine point: two: Lawrence O Donnell MSNBC, seventeen percent- it's really remarkable Tucker Karlsson, seems to have these smallest strap with only four point, eight percent, but everybody is dropping rapidly. Admittedly, even my views are down, albeit TIM I already views are actually way up and its partly on me, because I'm putting more focused no, she tempests Tyrol and trying to do something above the trash. But this is the point. The Trump era was tribal warfare in our own country and now that tromp is out, you can see just how awful it really was for everybody think seeing Sarah Silverman and other comedian start talking about the stuff is a good sign. It may, it may show that the media is breaking the can hold that narrative anymore peoples.
They got to the lies in the realise, just how bad things really worth the ratings for this hell. It's our cause, sing while shows like TIM cast IRL on Youtube, gradually gaining more and more views at when ratings are slump and people talk about the Trump slump. I hear from all for political letter saying yeah air ratings are down to cast iron rails, weigh up I'm proud of it. I am proud that we're real conversations that people respect that are fairly moderate and its doing better. That's what we need to do and that's what I'm trying to focus on. I've had people say to me that this channel, you know my other two channels. They don't really get out. The view that I'm actually fairly a moderate individual and the thumbnails and everything tend to make people think I'm just more of a staunch republican or tribal rightwing individual, and I think that's where the bias comes in. Say, the tribes are actually those who are discerning and those who aren't when the media tells you that Donald Trump claimed find the fraud and you don't you don't pull their critical view of these media outlets.
Leave it and the two months later it turns out. You were wrong and all of these stories are fake and still being shared around these people. Up pushing for laws and policies that make no sense, because they just don't get it and that's the real. If what my channel is always been critical of the media and the cathedral, narrative republicans don't have that they've rarely had it. Although there are establishment republican types of people. Like me, Mcconnell they do not have a very strong control of public perception and the narrative that has leftist that is done. And I have always sought to upend the lies to challenge the lies and bring evidence and what's really happening now, maybe maybe plus said TIM, you don't criticize the right wing lies enough. I criticized Tucker Carlson recently. I criticized him again today, but Tucker Carlson isn't the establishment narrative he is, not the cathedral, the amount of views at Tucker gets compared to all of these other hosts. While it may
behind his writings, may be down lest anyone else's there soon getting substantially more views just because Tucker had the highest rated show cable history for a short period, it doesn't mean he's actually all that influential. While he was getting around five million views per night you combine the views of all of the leftist anti tromp stuff- and it is six or seven times so many views as Tucker Karlsson. So what am I supposed to say yet? Tucker was wrong about that one. My bigger concern is the giant Shark, not the little shark, something around my feet, while there or how about that there's a gigantic great white or actual fifty of them swimming in our direction and that's the mainstream narrative and the lies and there's one you know to my right: who's actually just kind of doing his thing there are things to do be worried about, but I'm more worried about the field of sharks swimming towards us at full speed, causing damage and destroying everything in their path, while they're
maybe narratives and lies that come from from the right and conspiracy theories and wraps people up, I think there's a reason why it's the exception and not the rule for the democratic, the rule, not the exception, they believe lie. I think I made that clear, showing you two months on we're not getting this correction police The only thing I can really say share this kind of stuff with your friends and family. Let them know you can like the mainstream media, but take it all with a grain of salt. Instead, what happens? Is you get people like Brian, delta, who claim that Tucker Karlsson, is the worst of the worse and everything is as an ally when in rail The worst thing about Tucker Carlson is you might dislike his opinions? John Oliver went after him for his opinions and accuse them of all sorts of nasty things. Is he wrong on his fax? That's what I'm concerned about, because I don't agree with her Carson on a lot of his opinions. But is he wrong on his facts? Sure he can make bold statements that are opinions. What about
his facts. John Oliver's actually fabricate put up completely bunk information on numerous occasions where the facts for him. We don't really see it We have a handful of outlets that do fetching on Facebook. One of them happens to be conservative and the left tries to destroy it. That's the problem, I'm optimistic a little bit. It goes back. Forth. Some things, I'm pessimistic about some things, I'm optimistic about. When Sarah Silverman comes out and trashes the Democrats, it makes me optimistic that people are going to break away from both parties. And maybe we'll have a real conversation. I ll leave it there next item, it's comin up tonight at Youtube com. Slash TIM cast I come hang out for the IRL podcast live and it's a fun show. We take super chess in comments which we then will read. Many of so. If you're interested in having your two cents heard, we read every come. And to be impossible possible, but coming out Youtube outcomes TIM cast, I arel at eight p m and we'll see. Well then, this past weekend bill.
More than a segment wayside. China is a country, a very serious people. We here in the: U S are a very silly people making reference to lords of Arabia where he was basically saying that we are doomed, because China is doing a whole lot of really awful things and Americans are- too busy having woke olympics. Well, my friends, need only tell you, you lost Conversation with James Lindsay about this on Friday, over at Youtube COM, TIM cast IRL the IRL podcast, and he was We know we are all very fairly pessimistic that we may have already lost because what's happening as the woke call to the critical ray The arrests and the manipulation in the fake media has created this narrative world view which is completely destructive to this country. It mostly no no sense and is empowered and emboldened by man.
Ass. If corporations advertisers and in the end the main person a benefit that the main group to benefit all that the Chinese Communist Party, to put it simply as the U S crumbles within itself from in fighting and nonsense, and an inability to accurately tell people what's going on. You end up with China gaining the upper hand. The interesting thing about does that China is very strict on controlling information and we can see exactly why they do now, don't let me prattle on too much about China. I want to see where our weaknesses lie and just how bad it really is There may be no coming back from this in this article. From the daily mail President Biden, we demand justice, Brenna Taylor activist, to meet up Mallory addresses Joe during little babies. Police brutality set at the Grammy's to say we,
don't need allies. We need accomplices, my friends, the set effectively glorified the riots they recreated the scenes of the riots they performed it. They did a mock, fake version of the death of Rachard Brooks those are unfamiliar. That's the guy in Atlanta who was drunk sleeping, I fell asleep in a drive through and when the police tried to arrest him, he attacked the cops shot. One of them with a taser fled and then fired the taser behind em before being shot and killed. It was not so clear cut, but in the video they show a guy just complying and getting on the ground, and they they its absolute propaganda. Now, what I think happens is that you see China knows the authoritarian some works. What they'll do is they'll arrest people for saying naughty things on the internet. You insult the police, they arrest, you, they torture, you, so people keep their mouths shut. But this also keeps many of the people. Many in China in darkness and they'll
just say sure fine, whatever many of are just culturally accepting saying you know what good it means we're going to defeat United States. No more pointed out, it was in the past couple decades. They ve built five new cities from scratch, they bought a skyscraper and nineteen days, redid their entire highway and in a month or whatever, and they ve got forty thousand kilometers of high speed rail. My friends we lost, and this is why the media in this country wants to use anger and rage too, money that journalism in this country died a long time ago and without actual journalist, but people telling you what's really going on, and whites important and sang here's. What I think you know you should care about. You end up with people being told to believe nonsense, narratives to make them angry, and so they attack the wrong targets. It is look if you, if you're an enemy of United States, you're, probably left
right now, there are a lot of things we met about. There are many instances in which a police officer might take someone's life wrongly or even legally, commit an act of murder, not every single one, though and I do think it's fair to say: we need police reform. We have here the glorification of the riots, more importantly, to make a Mallory. You know she is one of the founders of the women's March, who was in antisemitism of extreme gonna. Tell you this. The things she said will get me in trouble on Youtube. That's right! I, here trying to inform you about. What's going on the Grammy's main stream performance, promoting false narratives and whipping people into a rage, ready, to attack themselves, their own communities and If I show you what to make of Mallory said, you too will probably strike this video. She made a bunch of anti comments according to the New York Times and now, They bring her up to the Grammy's to talk to Joe Biden. You see who's winning
Only with a story for you and then I'll show you some these photos black lives matter activists to make a malaria addressed Joe Biden during the Grammy's tongue, the president, we don't need allies. We need accomplices, you read that we need a complex says. While they show you pictures of violent attacks, tourism, they ask for accomplices. Mallory. The co founder of the women's March appeared on stage with wrapper little baby during his performance at the bigger picture surrender my protest. There's holding hands. You said it's a state of emergency, it's been a hell of a year Oliver over food and health reform for over four hundred years. My people, it's time we stand this time. We d the freedom, this land promises, President Biden, we demand justice, equity policy and everything else that freedom encompasses and to accomplish this, we don't need allies. We need accomplices, it's bigger than black and white is not a trend. This is our plight until freedom, little baby set recreate divide seen across the U S and the summer during the black lives matter, protests which she saw protesters and police clash
violent scenes, sparked accusations of police brutality on one side in writing on the other, the common protests, but there were literally and objectively riots, I mean even the performance has a mock version of a riot. It's as pictured little baby performer During a sixty third annual Grammy awards and Sarah, the LOS Angeles conventions under March Fourteenth who set recruited scenes that works across the U S in the summer, during the black lives matter. Protests they're asking for criminal accomplices, the their showing depictions of riots, they're saying there showing in a positive light, they're asking for more at the media will only just say protests, so I guess you you can only assume what's coming now want to show you a little better, that's right here. This is a video call, low baby, the bigger picture, and you can see in it the police walk up to a vehicle. The police pull out this man they,
and what we keep the guy put his hands up or whenever that you they argue a little bit and then eventually the man is p. Based on the ground and for the most part in this video he does resist a little. He complies. That's not what happened with racial Brooks and that's what they are talking they say outside a set made to look like a convenience store. The wrapper performed his protest song, the bigger picture which, with the set featuring actor and activists, Kendra Samson in a scene Referencing. Twenty twenty police killing of racial Brooks his performance, all included a scene of a black man getting shop, I put by a police officer at one point, the rap stood in front of an officer with a riot shield at and the convenience store burned behind him as he perform on top of a cop car. You see what their Whitworth, what their recreating the telling people to engage and listen, I believe that any person who dies the hand of the police deserves justice and you might even say, but those cops were scared that I'll care care. If they are scared, I don't care
was no murderous intent. Accountability means accountability. If a police officer had has a panic attack and shoot somebody, I mean sorry that, men slaughter, you drew a weapon on someone you freaked out and you injured them. Okay, it was. It was negligent behaviour that resulted in death. As an argument over Chauvelin in in Minneapolis, because he was actually try to restrain people by kneeling. The way he did that in the minutes: Minneapolis, police training, so the difference being. You draw your gun on someone and then panic. You took that act and that was that could put you no result in without any, whereas the training that show VIN went through actually says, and if this is published that its to prevent as fixture- but as an argument about saying, he's, ease innocent, I'm saying this one, I think we'll see go to the courts in what will see what figured what what we figure out in this instance there promoting riots their showing something that was actually fairly clear, cut may break it down, for you the killing of RE shard Brooks you may
number, if, if you followed my contents, might might my Youtube channels, I cover this extensively and they basically say: listen at eleven. Twenty three officer, Rolfe told Brooks alright. I think you ve had too much to drink, to be driving put your hands behind your back. For me, he in Brosnan then moved behind Brooks to handcuff him Brooks tried to break free it's an that that's interesting because in the video they show the guy just you know, get on his knees and lay on the ground. You try to break free, and then he and the officer scuffled on the ground for the struggle browsing Andrews, TASER but Brooks Russet rested it from his rustled from his head and fired. Rosen says the taser contacted him and he struck his head on. The pavement Brooks stood up and punched Wolf, who drew his own taser and filed fired. Both cartridges at Brooks with no effect Brooks fled through the
parking lot with Brosnan's taser still in his hand, while still running, Brooks glanced, back, half turned and fired the second shot of Brosnan's taser capable of two shots before being reloaded at Ralph's head according to prosecutors, Brooks and Ralph were eighteen feet apart when Ralph dropped, his taser drew his handgun and shot Brooks one in the midback, and one in the buttocks prosecutors allege. The third struck a nearby vehicle, narrowly missing it's three occupants. According to prosecutors, disputed by Rolls attorney roll fence that I got him two minutes after Brook and was shot Ralph appear Brooks, was shot Roth, appeared to unroll a bandage and place it on books. Torso, seven minutes after Brooks was shot an ambulance arrive and have taken to the hospital where he died. Following surgery, Brosnan was treated for concussion taser can be lethal. The pole This would do well to know that, as we know that, and often we here about you know, police, drawing a taser. Many people say always stage are no taser skill. There was a story about how was it
the teenage girl and she was running from a cop. So he stopped and he fired the taser at her, but she was running so the taser paralyzed, her she just went straightforward, smacked her head in the ground. I could be wrong by the story, but I think she died from that. I think going forward then smacking her head. Killer taser can be lethal. In this instance. However, this guy was fighting them drunk dangerous and he stole a taser fled with it and then tried farm at a cop. I'm not gonna pretend, like anything that happened here is a good thing and I'm not gonna defend anybody for any of their actions. I can certainly say maybe the dude was just drunk Asia, told em pull over body pull over a year, Take you take, take your keys out or start walking. I I wonder why we don't have a police department can can literally just say that I suppose the issue if, if this guy's driving drunk Does it again later and then someone gets killed? Whose fault is that you see you can either defend what the other, depending on who will in in which what you're biased goes. So you have the people supporting Brooks sorry there outlaw outright lying
about what happened now. I could certainly say like I did. The cops could have had come on. Buddy you're, drunk we're Nepal, your car over its pragmatic, told what you better start. Walkin cause you can't be driving; instead, they move to arrest they're supposed to their asked to do it so You gonna make your call the laughter just going to say what they should have done, that you know that with the former. But then you have the question of whether not the captured, even shot him simply because he had a taser. I think the answer is the skies violent, he's, not gonna weapon, he's fine He may be dangerous and does something whose fault is that not only not not to mention I said tasers can kill. I wish it didn't happen, but these things happen. So it's tough. The bigger problem is the Grammy's, promoting this to a mainstream audience, showing these images of the guy being laid down as his coppice coughing em. And it's just not what happened. It was not so easy there was a story of that one guy. We talked about this with the with them Clifton Duncan or on narrow, IRL podcast, where
it was this guy I forgot, his name is less anxiety. Was Scott he's like very pathetically running? from the cap is an old and kind of out of shape. Guy and the cop just draws weapon issued some no joke on video, someone filmed it that happened. That literally happened cup saw the guys walking weightings, pull his gun and then shoot em for no reason that should never have happened. That cop went to jail and that's that's supposed to be what happens now. One cops have a clear cut case of and in an negligence and things like that they do get arrested now, don't I do think that we need sometimes activist pressure so for sure the problem is Well, the way described this is an auto immune disorder right. You have activists who have good intentions. You know they're trying to stop, unjust police killings, hey man, I'm right there with you, I'm number fan of government authority or anything like that. I do think we need pull say I'm not a staunch deliberate card
or libertarian on the bottom of the political compass, the center left, more liberal type, which means I recognise the need for police, but I also think cops need to be in a worse legally restrained in certain capacities, but they certainly well to do their jobs. Think it was brought why on who said for a society to function, police need to be able to arrest people, and so that means if they pull you over and think you're drunk you getting arrested. That's the crazy thing to me in this video they're trying to make it. They said it recreates police, brutality. It's like the dude gets out of his car and the cops place them on the ground coffin. That's not brute, reality at all. Now. I suppose there's more to the video that they're they're not showing because only released a small clip. That's why I bring up China. You ever know on accused by the New York Times. And many others anti semite getting up on stage at the Grammy's calling on Joe Biden for equity policy The policy is segregation ism they ve already been doing it. Ecologist means getting wet.
That's why I say: look, yellow lost and I'll. Tell you. This listen, many are probably say him when I watching the Grammys nobody watched the ratings are down for all these awards. We're watching you I know, but do you think the trends mission to honest media is going to happen fast enough to prevent what China has been done in Hong Kong. It isn't they did it, and I have, to be honest, happened at a Donald Trump Watch. What about Taiwan? You think if tromp couldn't stop them, that Joe Biden, Kin, sorry, oil exploration and in Africa an South America attempts at you know that their there once tried to build the nicaraguan canal which would have destroyed a massive aquifer, decimated decimated the region that project cancelled. There's a a lot of things has been working on one of the largest infrastructure. Projects has notified Omar and the EU just doing what struggle They have any real, meaningful cop conversations, because we are split now build more. Like two jokingly say it's between the Woke police,
and the other people who think lizard people are taken over sure. It's a funny joke, but that's just not it bill. It's people like you and me and the people who watch your show the people watch. This show who are critical of the woke police, The things you're saying about China are things that I set a month ago, two months ago. Longer, when I started talking about ITALY's trap and the risk we face a divided nation bill, you're late to the party, when I think maybe it's because bill relies too much on establishment media and he gets too much fake news poured down into his ears. Here we are Grateful that at least he's talking about this in pointing out that what do we do at the Grammy's, We rally around something less than half the country really cares about the right now. According to save, I accuse civics large pulling they find that support for black lives matter is like the lechner, but its wits below fifty percent.
Opposition, has only run, I think, like thirty nine percent, and then people on shore and don't give an answer like double digit, twelve or thirteen or so net support for black lives matter has declined. Precipitously following the George Floyd Riots. People did not like it when I say We lost what I mean is when the Grammy's doesn't understand what people like and dont like when the Grammy's is pushing a propagandistic, narrative that so's division and discord in this country and promotes the dish. Action of our own industries, This man she's, paying, is probably laughing, and so is Vladimir Putin, they're, probably having a good. I'm IRAN, Venezuela, they love it, and maybe maybe it that that that's where we will end up. We will end up in a world where the? U S just writ itself, to shreds, there has been talk of secession, lotta, talkers, assessor secession.
And many of you know we're like NBC News readiness to take it seriously. Nbc knees. Nbc news wrote this covered in a segment. Need to start taking secession talk seriously, because we ve heard many people talk about peaceful divorce, I'm not offend. I think China crush us if it happens, but I think it's the needs. We pointed out they're already divided, it doesn't mean it almost feels like we are united in name only. The United States I mean look at Joe Biden wanting to impose more covered restrictions and nationwide, even though you have read states already, opening up, and you even have Maryland a blue state. Granted republican governor, who announced vessels would be what businesses would be reopening. We are divided, we have, leadership. It's not Joe Biden he's not leading this country, Joe Biden, the consolation prize. He was the last ditch effort of those who hated Donald Trump, but you know what it's not like. Trump is perfect, but it's not like Trump is the cause. I think Trump was a symptoms of the problems we face
recoil at the idea of an outsider, populist, winning and through everything they could at him. That means they started tearing this country to shreds. They thought it would be better that we rip this country apart then allow Donald Trump to do what he was doing. It's interesting really we had a great economy and twenty nineteen then Cove. It happened and it is legitimate democratic governors who put sick people in nursing home, shutting down and destroyed everything. Now the country but it was even split on an that capacity. The weirdest thing understand how you could be on these leftist. I can't see them anything other than drifters, because when you look at my position, positions you'll find and inconsistency or maybe evolution of opinion friend
Then I'll say I don't think we should be locking things down. I think we should have a surgical approach and I don't think police should be killing people and I don't think we should have twenty five thousand National Garden Deasey. What do we hear from the left or the right from Anti were anti forward defensible because their fighting for justice, oh and also twenty five thousand armed troops in DC is acceptable because truck supporters are bad to put it fair to, but to be fair, it's really simple. Those people are just authoritarians. They believe they have a right to go and smash things up, and they say as much like Gravel Institute, Hardcore, authoritarians, proud and admitted. Well, I mean they'll probably lie to you and say that they're not really authoritarians but Gravel Institute tweeted, they fought the tactics used in DC on the sixth were good. They just didn't like the people doing it, I think they were both bad.
Whatever its authoritarianism, when you believe only you have the moral justification to use violence against your political opponents, these are the kinds of people we should never allowed to take power, the problem, those who believe in freedom and respect, we are giving these people the benefit. Doubt and allowing them to speak and eyes and lie cheat and steal, because there are certain boundaries, you're allowed free speech, even if you're stupid. And that means stupid people spread dangerous ideas. To fact that means the far right or the far left and those who believe in freedom recognise that and try to combat that. However, we have industry against us, the Grammy's, whatever their you, using massive multinational power and authority to push a propaganda narrative. Their allies in big tech suppress those who challenge them, and this cult, like monoculture, is being pushed on a people that
really do not want it in the end, it will result in violence, and indeed it already has so what we sit back. We tell ourselves apart. China takes over. I think that part already happened and I think Bill MAR made that point. He was right that that's already happened. We ve already lost. He said something like you're, not losing you ve already lost and its because a division- maybe it's pessimistic to say we ve, already lost, because we are why, seeing the decay of establishment media, we are seeing the Grammy's garner, lower and we're ratings, and maybe this is a desperate attempt to try and get ratings, not realize that what's skyrocketing growing are channels like mine, moderate trying to be honest, telling everyone, a chill the f out and focus on the real threats. I do not want to go war with anybody. I a good conversation, a banks, about how war to be really bad, and even when I was saying but they're running concentration camps. What do we do? You made a great point? A bunch of countries are coming across
these we invite all of them, though my sets a good point. So what do you do? It's tough question, but I will tell you as soon as they have the ability China will crush the you. The Naval Forces Airforce military, take over more and more space building coal power plants. If you're on the left, now that they violated there. Agreements on coal power plants in their pumping carbon emissions where yet drawn the right. Now expanding their military presence in the south, China Sea? But, more importantly, if you're, an American who cares about principle, both of those things should matter to you, they are defined, their agreements with us. We said don't build these things. Is that ok, then they went. Did it anyway there pressing South China Sea we said, stop doing such shut up. They did it anyway. They took Hong Kong, so they wouldn't. They did anyway and they're going to take Taiwan we are going to sit back and we're gonna be arguing about whether or not potato had his gendered or Doktor Seuss books are bigoted. I dont care. I dont care all that much about Doktor Seuss. I do care about censorship,
I care when Ebay shuts down the private sale of things, and that shows you we're screwed. If we can't talk about this call it out we're in trouble, and I tell you as soon as they get the ability to cents, absolutely it's done. I lived there segments coming up at one p m on this channel thanks for hanging out- and I will see you all then. It seems that at a certain point the media just has to stop lying. Because we can see the data and we can live our lives in Florida, governor Rhonda Santas took some controversial approaches to dealing with carbon there only controversial because the media kept Thank you are wrong. You will get people killed, you better, locked down, shut down the schools, double mask, get everybody that vexing and now we can look at
and what's happening. Well, California is doing worse. New York is doing worse. Many other states are doing way worse than Florida is no ball means. I think the vaccines are great. It's awesome that we were able to. I'm done so quickly. Donald Trump is there's a lot of credit for this, but if you look at what's going a new Jersey and Pennsylvania and me again and New York and get got these nursing homes, scandals. We can clearly see Rhonda Santas did a much much better job Christie NOME a much much better job at the media would not stop going after them it's about time we got back to workplace, german and the time for that was a long long time ago. Well, along ago was in, like probably seven or eight months ago, it was supposed to be fifteen days flow. The spread not a year anniversary and by didn't now, is still saying: we need more covered, lockdown doesn't matter, people in Florida are living it and their fine. A lot of people have lost their lives. That's a bad thing. We are
denies that, but we need to make sure we dump destroy everyone's lives, our economy and our country to save some lives because, as Trop often said, the cure cannot be worse than the disease was shocking. Now, my friends is it now should all media is actually starting to recognise Rhonda Santas. He was right the whole time. I know I know you may be shocked you may be laughing, but how dumb these people were think about the devastation com by these mid wits in media who want to impose who's their draconian rule without logic, sound or science. Think about the damage that would have been wrought. If RON Desantis listened to them now, they're being forced to come out and say: okay, maybe he was right. Axios report floored is pandemic. Response get a second look from national media
after a solid year of living with pandemic. The national press is beginning to ask the question that even Democrats have been quietly pondering in the Sunshine state was governor: understand this pandemic response right for Florida. I love out, they say for Florida, because that way throughout the drag, all the other failures across the country. While we recognise that floor does an individual state and his decisions were right for Florida shore. I billing about random, This is decisions would have worked well for many other states, notably not putting sick people into homes. Where you were warned, people will die, they say, don't forget! More than thirty. Two thousand Floridians have died. The number of the states leaders rarely acknowledged, but
death rate is no worse than the national average and better than some states, with tighter restrictions. The allay times compared Flora and California's responses. California imposed myriad restrictions that battered the economy and of left most public schools stood students learning at home for a year, Florida adopted a more laissez faire approach, decried the public health experts allowing indoor, restaurant dining, leaving, masks optional and getting children back in so sooner, but it points out if California had Florida's death rate please six thousand more Californians would be dead from covered. Nineteen and tens of that, of additional patients likely would have land an already overburdened hospitals and if Florida and cap a Florida had California's death rate, roughly three thousand fewer Floridians would be dead from covered. Nineteen. Ok, then maybe the realities, Rhonda Santas just knew better for his state, but the media would not let go. This
is true for Christie, NOME and Greg Abbott in Texas, the national media comprised of people who live in big cities, mostly the beltway in DC and in New York, think they know better than you do, and your local officials. I mean it's a really great story to place right next to gun control. They think they know what works for where you live. They do not it's a really great. It's a really great bit of news for advocates of state, more state control and a weakening of the federal government is an Sundays front. Page. The New York Times explored the positives from the booming real estate the floor is low unemployment rate for an early reopening quote. Much of this of the state. Has a boom town feel rights. Patricia me, as a sense of making up months of lost time, the Times notes,
flawed as unemployment rate is five point. One percent compared to nine point three percent in California, eight point: seven in New York and six point: nine Texas quote that debate about reopening schools. It came and went months ago. Children have been in classrooms since fall and it appears people are dropping dead in the streets, it seems like Ronda Santa was right. I want to give a shoutout to Rhonda Santos. You know why he's also going after big tech censorship, I'm shocked, really that we don't. Have any real leadership in this country and Rhonda Santa by all means. Every politician is worthy of criticism and I hate to come out here and be like look all these great things by this politician. Nor understand us certainly is worthy of criticism, but here is worthy of praise or give Joe Biden per is because he moved the vaccine timeline by a month, and I think it's worth noting that you should have given Trump credit, this regard. Rhonda Santos has done a ton of really awesome things going after big tech, censorship,
his decision making when it came to the pandemic seems to have been better than many others. Perfect. We don't know, does this mean he will run for president or he'll be brought on his vice present. Done under a Donald Trump. Twenty twenty four ticket. Many people are speculating. That may be the case. I don't know for sure. But it certainly sounds like of all of the people we ve heard from long time when it comes to the problems this country is facing, Rhonda Santas seems to have a better grasp of things than anyone else. I often say: republican leadership is an oxymoron I'll. Tell you this in Florida. That's where it's the exception, not the rule RON Desantis did right by the people who live in a state again perfect. We don't know, better than many other states. They say the big picture, much of the public part of Desantis Pandemic response
feels more and more like an addition for a twenty twenty four presidential run, which run which politico's mark noted with a with death counter with a a death count cover up consuming New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo and a pandemic related recall effort haunting. California, Governor Gavin, Newsome Republicans are embracing to send us as a red state exemplar our thought bubble We have long known at the states probe business republican leadership was making a sort of grand bargain that the death toll was the price paid for keeping commerce flowing and keeping kids in schools The closer you are to either loss to either loss or to the fullness of life, will. Mid term and how you feel about the states response. Look at that limit. Let me it. Let me repeat what I just said: We have long known that the states Pro business republican leadership was making a bargain. The death toll was the price for keeping commerce flowing. You see how broken this media
a broken it is Florida is doing better than many others dates. Rhonda Santas wasn't pudding far as I know, covert paste into nursing homes. They avoided that and then in many other states people were literally killed. Cuomo France. I mean the story is horrifying. You know, for whatever reason I think this- maybe one most important stories with ever seen. People just don't seem to care, they don't that's fine, you don't have to I'm gonna talk about it We had something that we need to talk about. Four Murphy and Cuomo is from end data. Come questions persist over decision to readmit nursing home residence, here's what happened while the gist of this, let me tell you, is that Andrew Cuomo is facing an investigation, criminal potential. For a variety of reasons will keep this one uncovered Cuomo killed people. That's it period, I'm not here to perhaps have argued with people
I have people say no, no, no, it was a policy. I don't care, I dont care. He was warned look at this quote. Patients will die an unidentified administrator declared according to courting of the outspoken meeting obtained by Nj J Advance media. You understand that by asking us it covered patients by demanding we take covered patients that patients will die in nursing homes that wouldn't have otherwise died. Had we screened them out, they knew and look at Rhonda Santas, who was vilified. Demonize smeared attacked relentlessly far from a perfect individual, because nobody is Cuomo, literally killed people and was warned in no uncertain terms and the media went after the sand. Is why well it appears in this country, if you, public in your second class citizen. Now I'm not trying to
aim Republicans are forced into squalor anything other than just saying. The media does not give you a fair chance, they will lie, they will cheat, they will steal and I think the tides may turn at some point. Because right now, it's all about the biggest market share for these media companies. They've decided to sacrifice fair and balanced in an effort to maximize their viewership, So when they're looking at a hyperpolarized country, they decided we have to play into the polarisation, which means no credit for anyone who is not in our tribe. Why would we make any kind of statement that would better but the other side are audiences. Want that, let me throw some some into the mix. Twelve. Andrea, Cassio, Cortez the money she raised for those in Texas, one of the cruellest things I've ever heard. I love the idea that we can make the culture war about helping the poor, better, and I love the idea that a Yossi showed up TED crews made him look bad because you re
millions of dollars for the poor. That's what it's supposed to be about. So my respect in that regard, not a fan of politics, a modified fan of her behaviour, but it she's gonna be. This is like Woke, Twitter, Roddy snapped back politician, but it's all but I'm gonna raise more money than you and help the poor, I'm like. Oh, no. She absolutely deserves all credit in the world. For that maneuver does of criticism for the things I disagree with her. The same is true for Biden, not a big fan here we go here comes the warmongering and the conflict. He moved up the vaccine distribution timetable. And I'm sure he's been working hard to make that happen. I respected not perfect, really don't like the guy, never been a big big fan about Trump. Just like some of Us policies. That's when we need to be as Americans. We need to look at what Rhonda Sandus did and say. Is it working? Instead, they say he's a Republican who's, gonna kill people that's dumb, and that will kill people, and when you look at Andrew Cuomo and instead of just
Paul men go to my answer and what Instagram accomplished and guess I got a picture. I can't believe this picture was a t shirt and it's gotta check is got three check boxes. One says single once as, married and then once at mentally, dating Andrew Cuomo, ROV O merchandise hours. They knew that there are people who are obsessed with the guy. Meanwhile, Cuomo is being accused of a whole bunch of crazy things by seven women, and we have a statement right here. We know for a fact is recording they were worn, people will die. If you do this, they did not care and then end up in the big picture. Yours, I'm not, I'm not try just constantly rehash. We know what the nursing on things will get some up. It's on it. I want to pay out how the media played the game. Who did they attack? Christy NOME Republican is refusing to lock down, while South Dakota becomes a major hot spot swallowed the data when all slowing down. I looked up the data from John Hopkins and what do we find tat the, but it was not
hot spot. The population density is microscopic. There was no reason to do they were demanding they did or they show that other states where we're going You got to do with other states are doing, and she was like now, and so they claimed was a hotspot, because there were outbreaks shore, but it wasn't any. What was it anywhere near as better? What promoted? No, what they talking about common. There are systems; no, no, he was winning enemies. He was writing his book. He got every pass in the world while he literally killed people bought a couple, Republicans, not following the orthodoxy were demonized and villainized, and it is not over yet my friends Desantis to Biden, thoughts of reinstating Covid nineteen restrictions insane there was even a period. Apparently Joe Biden threatened travel Christians on Florida and Santa snapped back. He was like what you think you're doing these people are insane. Your button is not a president for the american people, a good price I'll. Tell you something I like about Bernie Sanders.
Sixteen? He was asked about gun Control, Bernie Sanders says it's very much an urban versus rural debate and I was just like Bravo Good, Sir back then I was much more in favor of gun control, mind you much less today As now I live in a rural area, I've become Gunnar, but I respected that Bernie was reached. Out to non progressives to conservatives to people, because he is from Vermont people there. Guns. They have lots of guns. They live in the middle of nowhere. They want their weapons and Bernie recognised that I said that Kind of leadership we need someone who recognises what is right for his constituents and that not everyone believes the exact same thing. Well, I'll tell you what happened: Donald Trump, is a boisterous, arrogant person. Nor won't mobile woke up. Go beyond that when they started making demands of him to toe the party line. He went. No, no excuse me, I'm the one running Bernie Sanders says: ok, yes, Hilary just tell me what to do
and then, when Bernie got invited the ivory tower each started telling the line he's talking on intersection critical race theory and it backfired for people going up on stage and grabbing his might from him. That's what you get burning when you are too weak, he wasn't able to do it, but I can respect that he tried initially, I can't respect. I can't respect him now that he's flip flopped Donald Trump. I can respect that guy fought tooth and nail. I don't respect him for the dumb things he did some of the people he he he hired a lot of really dumb people. He hired some bad people, he couldn't hire some people who's obstructed, and I can respect that. Well now we have Joe Biden threatening to put more restrictions in place. It goes out flora, Governor Rhonda, Santas and I'll at this caviar, who is now being whose policies are not being questioned, as maybe it was a rights, the right thing to do on Friday, blasted president by its warning of the? U S, couldn't be
reinstate, reinstate certain of virus restrictions if the public does not stay vigilant about defeating covert, nineteen quote two even contemplate doing any type of lockdown. Honestly, it's insane to to set during a press conference in Florida touting the states, efforts to administer vaccines to the elderly and other populations quote. That's not gonna happen in the state of flora, the governor continued referring to reinstating restrictions, we're going to continue doing what works, but under no circumstances would we entertain. Anything of the sort Biden has repeatedly vowed to not lock down the country, but warned a prime time address Thursday night that some restrictions may have to be revisited if current d more trends change and the virus researches. He emphasized, though, as administration is for. Just on helping the nation return to normal. Even if we'd about every resource, we have beating this virus and getting back to normal depends on national unity. Biden said, and national unity isn't just how politics and politicians vote in Washington. What's what the loudest
voices and cable or online unity is what we He was fellow Americans because, if we don't say vigilant, stable, joint and the conditions changed. Then we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track and please we don't want to do that. Again. Biden spent much of his dress, discussing administrations pushed to increase production and distribution cop at nineteen vaccines and touting his newly signed one point: nine trillion relief Bill Biden last night, so they may have to impose more lockdown type policies in the future. I can tell you that, happening in Florida. We are not going to let him lock down Florida, the Santa's pledged Friday. What doesn't matter vouches, apparently you, which can I can't do it because you vaccine, and because of what thought she has done, I'm sorry I think that she has been what most destructive voices in getting things back on track. I know Now you two might not like hearing that they might get mad at me. I make it you know a strike for so, but I have to say it doctor found she was one of the first people to say not wear a mask. I could you know
everybody's, be no you're, probably seen the video by now and he flipped flopped later on. He then said you should double mask. Common sense, then, is that knowledge? No signs tat prove that then he said yeah, you know what one might as well do it clearly doesn't know what you know, what we should all shouldn't be doing, and it just goes along with the media saying when the most destructive things about what that she has done. Was it kept telling people that, even if you got the vaccine, you can't do anything? That's it. We should be telling people of the vaccine is the path to a return to normal. The vaccine is the key. I wonder, though they don't want to give credit to Donald Trump think about it. I mean they. They were able to explore net voucher, mean Democrats were able to exploit covered for much personal gain. I mean people adapt rats, we're saying like Bill, the blog in order to buy up all this cheap property. Now they certainly saw an opportunity to exploit a crisis. Donald Trump said we're gonna, pull out all the stops in crank out this vaccine and then all of
sodden. These media stories popped about how dangerous it wasn't deadly it was, and I'm just like bro their hyper focusing on a marginal failure rate. Now. Look I understand its. We never done something like this. I mean we rushed this thing out. A new type of vaccine M rna vaccine people have concerns. There have been vaccine injury. These things do happen, but as far as I can tell after everything, I've looked at This is a tremendous accomplishment overwhelmingly safe, but for some reason there the media keeps putting out these worries about people getting second dying, even when spurious correlation and thought she still saying. Don't do this after you get the vaccine. Here's the things you can't do. Can you made with old friends the grandkids? Can you a grocery shopping to try and clear some up? Something's up vouches said he. The chief medical advice of advisor to the President has been saying that what you should
should not do don't travel. He says, don't take off your masks, don't gather with people. I says this is remarkable. When you have quite literally look at this, you stopped the way your mask. You still can't gather and you still can't travel. No, no! No! No! No, if you keep telling people that nothing will change. Why would they bother getting the vaccine? I want to stress. There have been warnings if you're praying If you have allergies, then maybe it's not right for we should look. You should just talk to your doktor. Your doktor knows what's best for you not some guy on tv, not me, listen near doctors, solar stand white. As fancies of the opinion, you can't do these things instead of saying well and I will give you the guidance but really talk to your doktor- about what makes the most sense, because they know it's right for you and depending on which vat, seeing you get I'm sure your doktor can fill you and better. Instead, values like if you get the vaccine currently. Nothing changes. That's that's it. That's that's a terrible thing to say so I look at what
When I was a scientist, I look what's going on with Biden and I look what's Goin on Europe and it says May the Democrats are adamant, unexploded this crisis or at least refuse and take responsibility, for hard decisions to Santa certainly willing to make us hard decisions, as Christie known in Europe not so much there pathetic and their weak. Germany declares a covert third wave has begun ITALY set for Easter lockdown quote. We have clear signs. The third wave in Germany has already begun. Lothar Wheeler had of Robert Coke Institute for Infectious does He's told reporters during a new conference on Friday, german chance, Angela Merkel has previously warn the country could be caught in a third wave of infections if restrictive public health measures world. Did to quickly. Italy, meanwhile, is reportedly set to impose another neared national lockdown over the Easter, weakened and effort to curb the spread of the virus. No, I think it's politicians exploding the crisis. I think there's a crisis and I think, as the saying goes, never let a good crisis go to waste there, sir
things. We need to do and needed to do, and I can respect at least the honest attempts by many politicians. Both Democrat Republican and attempt to save lives. Some things we just had to do a lot People are probably say, the locked out, never made sense. I think, fifteen days the slow the spread did make sense. We didn't want to overwhelm the hospitals. Fortunately we did not. But for whatever reason, even though we had the Javits center in the mercy of New York, Homa decided to put people in nursing homes, killing lots of people. I think Cuomo is playing politics. I think that was an example. Using Javits and using mercy. That's a win for Donald Trump can't have that we'll take care of it because we're responsible for ourselves. I remember when New York was saying like we need more ventilators and troubles like they got a bunch sitting in the warehouse and then they were like well, we do, but we still need more and it's like bro. What are you doing? They didn't want to give Trump to win. That's it. And they were willing to let all this really bad stuff happen. Look right now the media is being forced to reconcile with that fact that the new
members have come out and Santas played it right and I think Christie known deserve credit to. They threw a parade, you got some problems in this country. My friends and it ended, it is deeply divided political partisanship, so I'll leave their necks augments coming up at four p m. But you tube outcomes lashed him cast thanks, rang out, and I will see you all them.
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