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S557 - Chauvin Trial CORRUPTED By $27M Settlement To Floyd Family, Jurors REMOVED After News Taints Trial


Chauvin Trial CORRUPTED By $27M Settlement To Floyd Family, Jurors REMOVED After News Taints Trial. Defense for Derek Chauvin are now requesting the trial be delayed as news of the massive settlement cannot be ignored.While black lives matter groups continue to protest demanding the conviction of Derek Chauvin the city seems to have already admitted fault by issuing a record settlement of $27 million dollars.Meanwhile antifa seems to have set up an autonomous zone since the George Floyd incident and mass rioting. Locals are begging for help as far leftists wreak havoc on the neighborhood.

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Today is March seventeen twenty twenty one and our first story, the Chauvelin trial, many apis has been corrupted after the city issued a record twenty seven million dollar settlement to the family of George Floyd, several jerk. Have been removed after learning about the settlement feeling they would not be impartial. A settlement this large to the public at least appears to be an admission of guilt on the part of this and thus many now feel Chopin will not receive a fair trial and, though who live in the area of thirty, eight in Chicago or terrified of potential riots, and the ongoing violence, our next story b, in Kansas, Owens are getting into its on Twitter, with Canada. Owens threatening legal action after Cardy be defamed her brother and her husband with a tweet, seemingly and in May, story? It is important to focus on the cultural decay,
Grammy's represent, but, more importantly, the fracturing where we dont view each there is a unified culture anymore, and what this means in the bigger picture and our last story something strange going on in the Georgia Secretary States office after its discovered at an official, may have lied about a phone call with Donald Trump and even tried to delete evidence which may amount to an illegal recording many news outlets were absolutely thrilled to report on quotes that were never confirmed. Yet they claimed were confirmed if the story was fake. Why didn't Georgia Secretary States Office, clear up the false news with the evidence they have. Apparently the real recording was discovered in the trash folder on Georgia. Officials email account before we get started, leave us a good River, if you really do like the show five stars or a good comment, because it really does help and let's jump in that at first story,
the city of Minneapolis, recently settled with the family of George Floyd to the tune of twenty seven million dollars. The number is historic and, as expected, it is corrupting the trial of Derek Chauvelin the police officer involved in the death of George Floyd many people were concerned that with the city issuing the settlement. It was effectively saying we admit fault and while settlements are necessarily an admission of guilt to the public, the basically are the city is paying twenty seven million dollars to this family sounds you're, saying you owe them this money. It may just The city is concerned that if they don't pay this out, the riots will be more damaging than the payout. Perhaps either way it's an. The jury pool and now we are learning to jurors were already selected, have been removed after they learn about twenty seven million dollar settlement judge seems to be other upset, and it seems that many of these
stars, will not be able to be impartial. Now that ve, the city has settled with the family and how could they be now part of the settlement when the more shocking aspects of it is it half? A million dollars will be going to George Floyd Square and autonomous zones that are by far left extremists where police are not allowed in where people have actually died and where locals are complaining about the occupation. So entirely clear where the money will be going. They just say the community, so it may very well go to the family That live in this area, perhaps the areas under occupation by extremists and the cops can't get in a non Ellie shore. These individuals will be able to use them in any meaningful way. Save hiring professionals purely to come in and clear out the area. But there are many people in many less were concerned about this.
What time zone is actually been for quite some time and the potential for violence. Should this trial end up in their children's favour? The reality, I think, is that, no matter what happens in this trial, there are going. Riots, the activists in the city in Minneapolis who were were getting raucous and the riders were burning down buildings. They want first degree murder are just for children. They don't want. Second, third, or manslaughter, but that's what is being charged with and he likely will get off. The defence is now asking that a jury, be allowed to see evidence from a prior arrest where George Floyd actually swallowed some opiates, so they report, and they also want to point out to the jury that George Voice did have drugs in a system many- are suggesting that as soon as the jury finds out that fact well there, it shows is going to be found not guilty, and when that happens, the city will burn once again
The rights we saw last year were in time some of the worst right we have ever seen in this country too. Billion dollars and damages, but that was just the insurance cap. It's likely that the damage is actually exceed two billion dollars and people of Minneapolis. No it's going to bed. The ramifications of these rights was the de of police. And it seems quite nonsensical. People go around burning down your city, so you say: okay will give you what you want will take away law enforcement. Now that the city's police department has been crippled. We are looking at a perfect storm, a tainted jury pool, meaning that there may be a mistrial. The defense is already calling for a delay that may result in riots, and then you get the trial restarted later on more riots. When, though, when the results are not favourable to the extremists, you also they weakened police force and a city
spread spending millions to recruit new officers. Many people don't want to work in the city is a cop because of what's going on it's going to in my opinion, way worse than we saw last time now, maybe won't be national. Maybe it won't be the apocalypse by. I certainly think Minneapolis is going to be feeling the pain, no matter. What happens? The settlement issued by the city has tainted the jury pool, and now there is a request to delay the trial, and it might actually happen. Let's jump to this news before we get started had over two TIM cast dot com become a member to get act. As to exclusive members, only segments of it cast iron podcast. Yesterday we had lieutenant colonel, west on the show and in our exclusive segment we talk about wokeness, critical race theory and how it impacts politics in this country.
I think you'll rather enjoy. What's colonel West has to say so, but drink ask dot com become a member, but don't forget to like share subscribe, hit that Notification Bell look into this news to jurors dropped from open trial. After twenty seven million dollar settlement reports, seven news. They say a judge on Wednesday, dismissed to jurors, who had been needed for the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer and George Floyd's death over fears that the jurors had been taken by the city's announcement last week of a twenty of a million dollar settlement to Floyd's family, had it been county, Judge Peter Cato recalled seven jurors and was questioning each one in turn to find out what they knew about the settlement and whether it affected Their ability to serve former officer, Derek Shoguns attorney Eric Nelson had requested. The recall Katy was being careful to ask jurists
if they had heard the news of the settlement without giving details, saying only that there had been extensive media coverage about developments in a civil suit between the city of Minneapolis and the family of George Floyd and asking if they had been exposed to it first dismissed Jura, said he had heard about the settlement. I think it will be hard to be impartial. He said that sir Your price obviously shocked me. The second George Miss said he said he thought he could set the news aside, but wasn't sure, and after a long pause, Khill dismissed him Khill retained five other jurors. Now some people, We have suggested that these jurors just wanted to get out of jury duty. I don't think so. The judge didn't ask them hate. They got twenty seven million dollars. When you think about that, he said. Have you heard anything about a civil suit and a couple people said oh yeah, and that number is massive: twenty seven million dollars, I'm sorry,
I don't blame you people for saying that they can't be impartial. The city's move has corrupted their own trial and I would not be surprised if this judge eventually. Just as you know, what we're gonna have delay this we're going to have to wait until the dust settles. I wouldn't be surprised if there's a push for a mistrial, because the city took action. It's that it's the government that are prosecuting this officer and other cities effectively tainted any past, of a fair trial. They say: Nelson had called the timing of the announcement in the middle of jury selection, profoundly disturbing to the defense and not fair. He has also requested a delay in the trial. Which K Hill is considering nine p. Had been selected for the jury, including seven before Friday sentiment was announced if they do
lay this trial. I think there will be riots of theirs up. There's already been massive protests. Were thousands of people marched to the street, but they think it really that bit. Then it really get that bad and it's probably because chauvinist on trial. But if they delay this, you will see mass protests. Maybe those went won't get that bad but if they cause a mistrial or if they give a favourable outcome in any way to chauvelin- and it will be a jury selection through Tuesday, had been proceeding faster than expected K. L. What has set opening statements for March? Twenty at the earliest, but dismissal of some of the jurors already seated risked imperiling. That date, the questioning came at the request of former officer decks ovens attorney Eric Nelson, who call The timing of last week's announcement by city leaders in the middle of jury, selection, profoundly disturbing and not fair Nelson, had also requested a delay in the trial which Kale is considering K. Hillis set opening statements for more.
We ninth at the earliest, but dismissal of some of the jurors. All They seated could imperil that date. Nine jurors had been seated through Tuesday, including five wore white. One who is Multi Ray two who are black and one who is hispanic. The jurors include six men and three women and range in age from their twenty S to their fifty s. Fourteen people, including two alternates, are needed. Show them is charge the murder and manslaughter and may twenty fifth death Floyd. The black man who was declared dead after Shovin, pressed his knee against his neck. For about nine minutes. Floyd's death captured on a wall widely seen bystander video set off weeks of sometimes violent protests across the country and lead to a national reckoning on racial just on Tuesday, the two sides skirmish over whether evidence of Lloyd's, twenty nineteen arrest in Minneapolis should be allowed at trial will get into that, and I want to walk through this, and I want to show you some of these tweets for one. We have this from Jackpot Sobek,
I am not entirely sure who your fifty one is. Perhaps one of the individuals who was dismissed giraffe everyone admits she cannot be impartial. After hearing the city awarded George Floyd's family, a record twenty seven million dollars I I I agree. I think this is this is messed up. I think we're in trouble. Here's the news on the request for a delayed trial, which we just did here a little bit, but let's get a detail NBC News reports. Derik Shein's attorney wants Trance trial delayed over the twenty seven million dollar settlement. The judges agreed to question seven jurs already selected to ask about their views on the settlement, so this is from March fifteen TH. Before we learned these jurors were being dismissed. They say an attorney for the former police officer charged in George Floyd's death, said Monday. He is gravely concerned at the announcement of a twenty seven million dollar settlement for Floyd's family makes it impossible.
Or his client to get a fair trial. Defence attorney Eric Nelson asked RE continuance and raised the possibility of renewal he has previously unsuccessful motion to move their chins trial to another city. I gravely concerned with the news that broke on Friday, Nelson said adding that the settlement announcement, has incredible potential to take to the jury pool. We now know that is quite literally what just happened. Sheldon was I'm sorry. Sorry Nelson was correct. Notch over the lawyer for four Chopin was correct. Prosecutors slight said the state had no control over major Jacob FRY in the City Council, who announced the settlement on Friday? Will that may be? But this is still the government. This may be a stay. Prosecutor. They're saying the state has no control of what the city does, but it is still the people versus Derek Shaven isn't it. This is a public criminal trial, in which case
I'd, whether the city coordinated with state prosecutor's or not, it still indicative of a problem at the state and the city, the government. It is the people verses, their children, now this. I want to go through what what's happening now. Actually before we get into the five hundred thousand dollars for the anti for occupation. I wanna highlight this story from the hill derricks ovens attorney ask for jury to see evidence from twenty nineteen George Floyd arrest. Before we read it, I want to clarify. You very important things that the initial story I was reading mentioned that Floyd died after dark chauvinist is near. For several minutes. For those that aren't familiar. There is actually an image released by the defense, showing that Minneapolis Police in fact train their officers to do this which is why many suspect murder charges will not stick. That would imply the intent to do harm which result in the death of Floyd there,
potentially be manslaughter that, while in a elegant manner. George Floyd done that got simply because children was on his neck for nine minutes. However, the defence is also pointed out that there were drugs in Floyd's system and there they believe that, as soon as the jury finds it out, it will not prove the innocence of Derek Chauvelin. However, it will present reasonable doubt as to the cause of death of George Floyd, in which case you may see an acquittal on all counts. Now. This development is rather significant. Yesterday, at three fifty three, the hell reported defence attorneys. Four X, Minneapolis, police officer, dare children are asking for the jury in his trial. Over George was death to see evidence from Floyd's arrest from twenty nineteen. Eric Nelson elite attorney for children so that the similarities from the two arrests are incredible. According to Reuters, adding that it's, the exact
same behaviour in the two incidents. Almost exactly one year apart, Floyd was arrested in May twenty nineteen, an incident during which he reportedly became distrust is an officer pointed a gun. It during that arrest. Rest Floyd swallowed several Opie pills as police approached him. According to the Associated Press, Shoguns defence is planning to argue that Floyd's drug use contributed to his death. Now it is. It is a fact. However, the medical examiner said it did contribute was not the overt the the absolute cause of, though Prosecutor. Matthew, Frank, however, argued the defence wants to use the twenty nineteen arrest to try and depict Floyd is a bad person, Frank blasted, the desperation
but offence to smear Mr Flights character to show that what he struggled with an opiate addiction like so many Americans do is really evidence of bad character. According to the ip and I've been county, Judge Peter Kennel previously rejected and attempts to tell the jury about the previous arrest, but heard new arguments Tuesday. He said he would take at least a day to consider the request. Floyd was pronounced, dead may twenty fifth, we know about this. They say an autopsy from the head of the county. Medical examiner office from the day of Floyd's death showed trace amounts of federal and some famine in his system. However, the drugs we're not listed as his cause of death chauvinist on trial for second degree, murder, third degree, murder and secondary manslaughter sun on Monday, also asked the court to pause and relocate the trial after the city apple S reach a twenty seven million to a settlement with thoughts family and that we understand now courted my understanding, based on my understanding, they didn't say his cause of death
the drugs, but they said, a combination of restraint, a heart condition and drug use played a role in the death of George Floyd, which you need to understand about any one of these charges. Is that they need only reasonable doubt. They don't need to definitively prove direction and did nothing wrong, they need to actually just give doubt to the jurors. I have to be honest. Well, I'm not in this case, I likely won't see much of the evidence presented by the prosecution or the defence. There are certain things we do Now the jurors won't, notably, the judge, seems not to want to allow the defence to show the jurors what happened with George Floyd and may have community. But I think that is particularly important in understanding what happened? I suppose it does make sense not To allow this evidence, because it's what's nothing to do with what happened on that day with their children and the question is whether or not Chauvelin was negligent or acting with male intent, or they intend to heart
I suppose it matters on a more personal, level for all of us trying to understand. What's really going on. However, this this George Floyd Individual did absolutely did not deserve. I am sad. It happened and I think most people are, but if it's true that was taking these drugs and had a heart condition than I think that creates reasonable doubt, in which case, shall will likely be found, not guilty, be acquitted of all charges, and then we can see the writing, which brings me back to the story from NBC Enemies, highlighting the twenty seven million dollar settlement with George Floyd's family point out. The city council unanimously approved the settlement Friday after meeting in private. It includes a five I have a hundred thousand dollar donation to the community, a the intersection of thirty eight and Chicago Avenue now known as George Floyd Square, where police confronted Floyd last May twenty fifth networking,
store clerk claimed. He had tried to use a counterfeit twenty dollar. To buy cigarettes, a bystander recorded the video and we know what happened next. George Floyd did not deserve to die and I think that's something we should recognize now as to whether the city should be giving out. This money is an entirely different question and it's a quest Whether at the city thinks there's going to be right. Its unless they bend Veni. Ladies and gentlemen, from the Start Tribune near George Floyd Square Revolution by day, the evolution By night, the neighbors surrounding the sight of George Floyd's death in Self Minneapolis are asking for prayers and help. Not perhaps half a million dollars will be the assistance these people need, as they are forcefully occupied by far left extreme. I'm sure there are many people there who, like the occupation- and I know How many there, who don't
we've already seen local speak out to the press. A young man apparently was shot and killed. The police and medical assistants were unable to get into this. To render aid this individual, who was shot, had to be carried out and, unfortunately didn't make it. The star Tribune reports as neighbours of thirty eight free and Chicago Avenue, also known as George Floyd Square or the autonomous own. We are witnessing a revenue shown by day and devolution by night prayer gatherings cancelled, rallies, cancelled visitors, arriving with flowers and hand only to retreat to their cars when greeted with a sound of gunshots neighbours ducking for cover behind our houses, children in tow the spiritual health of our community, the feeling of being connected to something larger than ourselves is collapsing. Here's an account of some of the events of the past ten days on one block adjacent to George Floyd Square, where police are met by hostile groups when risk.
Bonding to our repeated nine one. One calls march that sixty five forty five p m a thirty year old, violent here is killed in the zone by gunshot people in the zone are seen picking up shell casings and throwing the city garbage loading, the gunshot victim into a car to drive in the hospital, a twenty p m, neighbours call nine one one again as multiple shots ring out children. Listen more seventh six garages along our ally are hit by gunfire one with its when our inside a car crashes, through a fence into a families backyard an eighteen month old, playing by the fence minutes earlier five p m thirty shots hit cars and the windows, and so fighting of at least one house Lee missing residents watching tv parents
and children out biking and walking on a sunny day duck behind houses, children watch bullets, kicking up dust in the street. His own leader visits a bullet riddled house to come to comfort the while others from the zone are observed. Picking up shell casings behind her March eighth, two hundred and thirty p dot m multiple shots fired. A man has photographed perched, atop cup of foods, with an assault rifle on a tripod. Children cry, zone, medics are offered to visit neighbours and provide mental health support to those being traumatized. Nine. Fifty p m thirty shots ring out. Person complains to a neighbor that the neighbor has parked too close to the person's car, a zone occupant with no connection to the other parties, fires, multiple shots into a neighbor's car and house, the neighbor, a military veteran, is in the driver's seat, and recognizes an assault rifle with a thirty round clip I'm gonna, stop right now and just say star. First of all, it's not an assault. Rifle
ass. You literally mean they have full auto or select fire capabilities, and it's not a clip. It's a magazine, unless he's operating something from world war. Two, perhaps the shooter walked back into the zone for police squad. Caravans fought for police squads caravan through and meet the neighbors nearby ten sixteen p m a second nine one. One call provides a description of the shooter who remains in the area appearing to wait for some target police have just received a call about a teen and adult shot, two miles away sources exhausted: the police do not respond to our call The shooter in the zone walks away ten forty five p m, Third, nine one, one call for the night. Some A are picking up. Shell casings people near the first statue in the zone repeatedly yell get the F out of here. Then I got his fired from near
First statue for men come out of his own to tell the neighbors they worked. Shooting at you, the neighbors ask if there is own security and are told no, but one man reports he has his gun. Neighbours are at neighbours, ask how to protect themselves and are told the best thing to do is fill the street corners with garbage containers to block off our streets. This is insane There's more march, twenty five p m on Aber trying to access his home is met in the alley by three young teen girls leaving the zone pushing a car with no license plate. They, they went at a guess. There asked to. The driver is no answer. They are asked whose corridors no answer there asked where they are trying to go and they point to home. A woman comes out of the home and tell them they can't park there. They walk away abandoning the car while neighbor is reporting? The abandoned Karsh observe a group of well dressed people being followed by reporters, the neighbour looks into the zone to find attorney Benjamin Crumbs and the family of George Floris Minneapolis City Council. Vice President Andrea Jenkins
they are greeting businesses owned by people of color or being impacted by the law. Of business in his own. They inform the group they are giving five hundred thousand dollars to the business owners to more vehicle no plates or temporary stickers pass by driving. Sighed the zone. Nine fifteen p m thirty, shots from inside the zone. One police score car arrives, ten twenty p m, shooting suspects from another part of the city, drive at high speed down our street with multiple squad, cars chasing them alive with a helicopter fleeing vehicle blows through stop signs and lights. They eventually. Under the zone and surrender. As a group of zone occupants emerge and shout at the police and each other, children are told to go back to sleep, they right we live. Here because we love our neighbours. We know that it is good for all of us to be part of something larger than ourselves. We want to
if, in a community with people of different races, life experiences and face the beautiful thing about Minneapolis, the economic driver of Minnesota is its desire to fight all that has dispirited us not freeze or flee. In the face of it, but we are also watching neighbours move twenty percent in the last year, another twenty percent preparing thirty eight thank Chicago, not the only under resourced part of the city. We recognised children in North Minneapolis have spent decades listening watching crying questioning trying to sleep. We will join our neighbours to the North Don, and Sondra Samuels last week, organised link our city, a virtual prayer tent, because prayers are needed. We also will be continue. We also will continue to call nine one one, as the devolution continues We are unsure when help is coming Monica Nilsen lives in Minneapolis. The art
was submitted on behalf of a collection of neighbours adjacent to George Floyd Square. In what way is Annie, that honouring the memory of George Floyd battering the community. Helping people fight against oppression is not things. Are objectively worse for the people who live in this area. So perhaps the very good thing they're gonna be receiving half a million dollars? I met an incorrect us. Spent from the initial reports on the TIM cast iron podcast when it said that they were giving them money to the to the more itself- or at least it does now what I believe it to be the case as opposed to businesses surrounding it. I think these people do deserve assistance and, more importantly, I believe, they deserve a police force that can protect them from what's going on. Unfortunately,
Extremists are exploiting the circumstances at thirty eight TH in Chicago and in Minneapolis they're, trying to put Derek Shavin in prison for what happened. Perhaps a jury will find that is necessary, but we must admit that, with this case and the mole, twill officers who have been charged. You are going to see a drain on resources and police officers not wanting to help these can It is any more so what do we do when an officer takes a life? For any reason, there must be an inquiry to understand. And why it happened. He's individuals that we ve entrusted with the power of the state to use lethal, force and nonlethal force force and less lethal force. That mean sometimes people will die, and that means we, as as a city, the state as a country need to ask the question why, that those we empowers took a life. Sometimes, unfortunately, it needs to happen
and that's the sad reality of existence. I, for one, am staunchly oppose the death penalty but when you're dealing with some one in the street, somebody who may be armed and want to cause harm an officer someone who may want to hurt innocent people. The police need to be able to deal with that problem and use leaf, less lethal and even lethal force? Sometimes it escalates to lethal force. It's not so simple. I think it's sad that this is the way the old is, but I'm a mature adult who realises it's. The way the world is There are also instances where police officers do things wrong. They make mistakes, may they shouldn't- maybe you shouldn't- have kneeled on George Floyd's neck. Maybe they shouldn't have drawn their weapons on one man driving in his car and then panicked. They make mistakes, they must be held accountable for and that's all. You have actual trials, we do make sure it happens, and sometimes officers commit murder There's a story, I think goes out of North Carolina.
Where a man who was not particularly in shape was trying to run away from a cup ages, drew his weapon and shot that men in the back, that's cold blood. That guy went. Prison. We must make sure people are held accountable, but when is standard, is set so high that even accidental deaths in the course of doing their job officers are, are faced with prison while sorry, but the reality is whether you are pretty worth whether you like that course of action are not going to see a lot of cop say I dont want to do it for a lot of these officers. They know that they'll be VIC, they'll, be demonized. They'll, eventually become moralized, but if they go out and they see someone draw weapon and they decide to defend themselves, they could be facing risk. And why would someone choose to enter that situation as body conflict came a recently
its. It looks as though a woman had police officers escorted her to her home to protect her from a violent, significant other. They were looking for a potential weapon of a sudden, this man, storms to the front door and just starts firing randomly apparently at all of them. One officer hits the floor. Why would an office to put themselves in a situation where they could be shot and killed by a bad guy and where, if they do try to defend themselves and actually succeed in doing so. They could face prison time from February twenty one, ST the STAR Tribune Minneapolis, gets much needed approval to hire more cops, even as they work against the Mpd Council. Members rightly or paid a class of police recruits their spending millions of dollars to recruit these police officers. My friends we're looking at a perfect storm so mentioned earlier. You have chaos at thirty, eight in Chicago locals report
gunshots. Seemingly every day people being shot lawlessness, it's it's! It's primed for an explosion Should something go wrong in this trial and I think the police, go landscape here. Right now means nothing will go right with his trial. The settlement has taken the jury pool, but if France has a real argument now to delay the trial and apparently the judges considering it. Maybe at this point the judges armies had no we'll see. But I feel like no matter what happens. The rights are going to bed with a weakened police force with a with an extremely dangerous autonomous zone, clearly armed individuals willing to shoot and take lives and cause damage even to the innocent? What do you think happens when an excuse is given? If she then does not get charge a convicted, and I got be honest, even if he does he's not facing first
degree, murder activists will find a reason to protest. The cover from activists protesting will provide extremists the opportunity to and those who want to engage in lethal force for the sake of kind of personal gain will use the whole thing as cover as large crowds of people sweep through this. And then I think we're going to see exactly what we saw last year. I could be wrong. Maybe, but people are tired, but it's getting warmer spring is fast approaching. And a lot of people don't realize that in the winter things slow down its darker out, people, don't wanna be out its colder, its wetter For this reason we often see major protests Wayne in the winter it's really amazing how people's convictions disappear as it is a little water fall from the sky, but that's a fact have covered protests or are used our protest very extensively in. I did so for almost a decade, parliament, seven or eight years- and one thing was true- there could be thousands
people flying into a city prepared a protest, but then the rain hits my stop So when the winter with rain, snow, cold and humidity, people are less likely to come out, we're entering the summits the spring months and moving in a summer, the worst timing for this trial and everything to be happening. Everything is going to come together from the temperature to the weather. The police were being weakened, the trial well being corrupted and I think we're gonna see just massive rights, but I ll leave you with one final thought. I hope. Not, I absolutely hope not. All I want is justice. No but justice, looks like I want the jury to decide on Fourchan it seems like no one will be satisfied with without when, with whatever the jury does decide, and this
Everything here is the political nature of what's going on. If the jury decides to play politics, if the city decides to play politics which it seems they are, they could taint the case on purpose. Why they want Chauvelin to be found guilty to prove and more rights, but I dont think it will work. You will live on your knees and the riots will only get worse and leave it. There next It's coming up tonight at eight p m over at you, too got com slashed him cast. I r l coming out. We take your comments. You can super chat, Will read some of your comments on the show Robia Fund discussion? Again, it's at eight p m We will see you all. Then Cardi B performed her famous song wept at the Grammy and a lot of conservatives and a lot of family people ES were kind of shocked at the gratuitous nature of the performance The writing for the Grammy's word down. The celebrities
were. There were trying to act like it was this great and bold thing, but nobody really cared in the end. You end up with culture wore out, from conservatives and They want to say the laugh because whose actually defending cardy be other than parties fans but this may seem like the least important story: the fight escalates on Twitter between Canada, Sullens inquiry be if someone says you gotta do better, you got young black girls that are watching. You, too, is an important point I agree with. I am also. Not offended in the least bit by the performance Fort for web. I do think the double standard in our culture is stupid. Like this doctor, boat, doktor, so's, but is raises it's gotta. Go or you know Pepe Lipe? He was you know, trying to hug and kiss that that cat. Therefore we got to get rid of it, but this one's fine, okay, fine. It may seem like the least important story in the country right now and yes, but what I'm going to be talking about in this segment?
is not the least important thing you see. I do think there is some. There is something going on in the culture here. We should talk about particularly with these lawsuits and the fake news. The story is basically that party be posted, a fake tweet about Candice Owens, her brother and her huh defaming people who are not public figures and Kenneth Owens is now threatening legal action. There's something really important talk about here in that mainstream press just rolls those with cardy be essentially they hate can a summons. So, even though Cardy be as posing absolutely fake information, the headlines are we cardy be set about Canada, someone's as spat escalates illegal threats instead of the headline being Cardy b posts, fake, tweet smearing can a summons it's an issue of this double standard in media, but the bigger picture here, and why I feel like talking about this we're a silly people.
We are not so much about these fights. I do think cultural conflict exists everywhere. In these conversations, discussions can be healthy. I do think the culture or in some aspects can be healthy. For this country were working through certain ideas. We have cultural conflict going back several. You know every every decade there some kind of fight every few years, but right now, the? U S is embroiled in infighting. Talk about peaceful divorce, dissolution, cultural decay of I think we are undergoing at a rapid pace and this is an example of it. Meanwhile, China is rapidly expanding their setting you know missile silo their building coal power plants, their building news It is not the bill. More was talking, but the other day we're a silly people, and they're very much a serious people, so let's this. I want our show you all. Maybe there of you who don't care, but any of that stuff, the military, an foreign policy, but you know, give it a chance and let me trode
horse that idea in for you, while talking about celebrity gossip while again, I think this shows something interesting that we should talk about. The nation, fake news and manipulation by those who would mean. Oh disagree, those we're on the outside of the establishment at all oh, shows how we are very uninterested in the actual conflict that will give us apart and if our focus just remains on these cultural feuds will then we're gonna get undermine completely, but here's the store Newsweek reports Cardi B in Candice Owens are feuding on twitter again, but this time spat as escalate. The legal threats from both sides, the wrappers twenty twenty one, guy me performance has sparked another war of words between the Wop hit maker and the conservative pundit in appearance on Tucker Cross into night Monday. Owens criticized parties performance sang. It signifies the weakening of american society,
party then took to Twitter to thank Owens for giving a more views on Fox NEWS. This appeared to Incense Owens, who responded just at me next time directly. Your I cancel cell culture. Young black girls are having their minds poisoned by what you are trying to package and sell to them as empowerment. Now I dont care of party be wants to do what does. I do, however, understand what Candice Owens saying we want people to be the best of the best of the best. I also think people have a right to to be entertained by what they prefer and if they want to watch the Grammy, so be it, but guess what fifty three percent rating drop so I'm not gonna sit sit here and Cardi B can do it. Cardi B wants wants to do if she wants perform all means she can do it and if they want to put it on tv, that's fun, guess what people didn't want to watch it I wonder if one of the reasons people didn't want to watch cardi B is because they got kids and they're. Like I don't my kid watching that stuff, I got a lot of friends who got kids and they talk about the problems of Youtube all day and night. So by all means you do your thing. It's a relatively free
market, not perfect, but fine you'll just end up losing ratings and going out of business. Well, she continued I'm one of the few that has the courage to tell you the truth. You should thank me from here. The argument about personal as the pair began to accede an increasingly sharp words with their combined millions of followers watching Candice said Millions of young girls follow you at your best. You are self deprecating and humorous at your worst. You are naked having your privates into another ones privates, while thrusting topper, you were at your worst on the Grammy stage, do better. I am guardian. In retaliation, Cardy showed a doctor to tweet from Owens. That was circulation the platform last year saying that Owens husband cheated on her with her brother quote: not you talking about to him and thrusting their privates together, while your husband and brother slap you know their private together. What would you look at that now? Cardi tweeted, along with the Photoshop screenshots, I'm gonna stop right here and just say this: that's a low
low, Cardy B. We don't you know that homophobia up in here, you got. You got an issue with some one in there and there in their personal lives or someone there and as you have, you got an issue with Canada, Alan's Kosovo criticisms of you, this a low blow making derogatory comments about. Who may be in love now the reality is it's not real? It's not a real tweet. This is what we get. This is what Newsweek wants to put out there. This is what TIM pool. Can you imagine this this more on on Youtube, actually wasting time? Talking about this? That's actually how I feel I'm looking at the news and I'm like people actually look at this Candice look at Cardi B's got fifty eight thousand likes on this thirteen thousand replies. We definitely got to talk about this, because this is kind of thing that, in my opinion, is it shows that were very silly. This is the thing week we care about, I do believe there is some merit having discussions about cultural issues and cultural decay, but man
what happened to that era, where the? U S was unified in you know up against the enemy, the cold war. For instance, we certainly had political battles during the cold war we had civil rights, and things like that, I'm saying culture, war stuff is is a fine thing to talk about, for the most part, a celebrity gossip angle I wrote my eyes at What does is where we're at in opposed to fake thing? It was clearly not real, not going to be a lawsuit guys. We got it. We got to get focused on this stuff. This is a really good example, Canada is no owens assaying. I actually do. I agree more with Canada ones and I do card be in our criticism law. Moreover, liberty, minded individual. I don't care if party be wants to do it, but there was something interesting: it what's going on with this political and with the Grammys, and it's that with the ratings collapse and the shock content, there is no unified american culture. There is no focus our actual adversaries, namely China and the rapid expansion. So we sit back
were alike, o guardy be smack down. Meanwhile, most people are turning out they're turning it off not paying attention we're not having the same conversations anymore, makes things really difficult, the p, or watching you guys we're watching this. Video, there are probably a lot of us people that are watching other channels, progressive, conservative, moderate, etc and they're not hearing about this What happens when you then go to the wate cool, and you talk about. I don't know what you're talking about. I didn't see it's it, not necessarily a bad thing, but the grains of sand make a heap and eventually we have no shared conversation. We have disparate factions shattered across the country and they unify line, creating pseudo communities and micro realities. Then the bigger picture we are under threat by foreign adversaries and you get a president like Joe Biden, whose very deferential to China, whereas you had Trump, whose very adversarial- and then you can just look at what China is doing right now, their building more
their ground silos for ballistic missiles. The Pentagon is pushing for a bigger effort to. Her. China's growing military might, but we, my friends, we're a silly people, and so our focus is gonna, be on celebrity gossip. It's tough. It really is because when I was can it researching the subject and when I was trying to figure out what I thought would be something important talk about. I death we saw the Cardy piece of going out going. I thought was interesting because of the fake news, how It will push these lies and they'll get away with it we're, not learning that there's a huge scandal going out with a guy named Jordan. I don't think I can I can actually say his name on Youtube, so calm futures, because is is name is f. You c h, ass, I dont. Think I can literally say his name because the algorithm The eye on. You too will read that swear so I can say his name, but no funds, the guy monitoring to be mean, but this apparently seated a fake story to all of these different news outlets in order to make Trump look bad and then what
but when the actual recording came out proved, it was all wrong. What did we get? A lot of outlets refused to correct this that well, our framing is fine, the quotes weren't and so, instead of doing correction, we were wrong. Trump never said this. They said Trump still did say these things, but just not verbatim. That's where we're at here we go. Owens was quick to deny that she wrote the tweet and berated Cardia for sharing a photoshopped image and viciously attacked the rapper's on marital issues. She said I am literally laughing out loud cardi, my dear, that is clearly a Photoshop. It's only One of us has a husband that sleeps around Owen said referring to reports that Cardy's husband offset was caught cheating last year. Talk about just You know what I'm going to say. This Candace Owens Bravo brilliantly played really really but brilliantly played. Cardy B is now pushing Candice, Owens is message
Anybody saw cardy bees message. Candice Owens stole that spotlight because caught cardy be took the bait Qantas made a criticism, she's allowed doing our opinion party jumped on it and now cardy in Kansas, R, r, r, creating this space on Twitter, where both fans are now coming together in some kind of interaction, that's fantastic for Candice, Owens, she's not on the Grammy stage, she's getting more press attention for the left many hate her shore. But he's getting out her ideas. Cartier applied this wasn't photoshopped. You was trending the whole day when you tweeted tweeted this, and it was published on a lot of blog outlets. Your right, mine, sleeps, you're, right mindsets, running your sleeps at an yours, at your sleep at home with your brother and that Cardi B went went full on homophobic. I to tell you this, that's the other thing. Another thing I think is important about this where's, the media. To come and say this is homophobia where's media
to be like YO, Cardi B. You got to show that stuff. That's not. Okay, don't seem to care double standard. Owen said that cardi was slandering her brother by tweeting about him allegedly having an affair. I when either way Owen said she doesn't get sued. Yes just spoke with my family and when one hundred percent suing Cardy for that nonsense, you can't just start throwing out wild lies against private members of my family, because you're upset someone called you out, come on. You're degenerate performance, I'll keep your post. It's only. Let me talk by this recital. My lawyer, public spats death, It's is very, very difficult to win or even get to court in many instances, because of something called anti slap legislation means strategic lawsuit against public participation, the idea being that Candice Owens is a public figure and cardi B as a public figure and so they are allowed to gonna go out each other the issue. However, That kind of someone's husband and her brother are private figures. Not public figures and Cardy beat defamed them. So when it comes,
a public public figure, something called actual malice, and that doesn't mean intent. It means you had to have known what you were saying was not true. It appears Cardi B genuinely believes that Candice Owens Husband brother did these things, and that Candice said this, but Cardy be in her tweet was saying your brother did this: your husband did this in that the Photoshop tweets. Posted was defamatory AIDS, a smear of condolence and she can argue that I didn't actually know that. But when it comes to a price individual. Now things are a little bit different car to be with a massive platform. Smeared someone was not a public figure. I wonder where that will actually and up I gotta admit I really don't think it'll go anywhere card than argue that you Billy shared a tweet has been widely reported. That doesn't matter quote. I'm going to sue. Candy for claiming I Photoshop between that dozens of articles reported about November twenty sixteen first, claim me and my team photoshopped it now- it was a fake tweet. She never said
propaganda zones. Never said she literally photoshopped it. She said it was a photoshopped image. So here we go. I'm sorry, man, I right Billy did think this is something we should talk about. I know and a lot of people are pie like ten is a stupid. Why do you care? Well, let me show you tweet from Ben Shapiro then said Snipe cardy be openly lied about real Candice Owens family and when called on it refused to retract the lie. Virtually the entire establishment media, then celebrated Cardi B's supposed bravery in firing back at Candice, because those who are dedicated to tearing down traditional values are deemed heroes. No matter no man, or whether they are actually rather awful. In fact, their awfulness is just the point opposing traditional values. Give you a free pass to just to be just as awful as you want. I saw the tweet from Ben. I thought was a good point. I can see. They point out, China's very serious are taking very serious action and just because their solemn,
Because it doesn't mean we also don't take that stock seriously. We certainly do but this is what I see with the mainstream. With with the mainstream media. Real B is a celebrity candice. Owens is an outsider, it's the second, class citizen nature, that is being a conservative in this country. I love, I went on the left. What will laugh, and so there are not second class citizens are well. Can zones is black conservative shoes? smeared, derided people throw racist names and accusations against her all the time they use horrible slurs. The are the Republicans are accused of being the party. Have you no white males and then, when the frenzy actually had black speakers? The left ridiculed insulted and smeared them it somewhat most racist trash we see, My biggest criticism, though, always comes from the media and its true bench apparel is absolutely right. When Canada comes out and gives her opinion, which is entitled to have an ok the media's like get our party not ever
in the media? Obviously, but there are many outlets that will take the side of celebrity Candice. Owens then get smeared with fake, news and where's every outlet criticizing cardi B. No, she gets propped up. She gets protected fame and money plays a role in this, and I think many of these. Companies. They realize actually know what think everybody realizes this. I said, conservatives might have us there's like a second class citizen thing to being a conservative right camera. Me this on the roll podcast. They were saying that, basically, you are not able to say the same. Things are not able to protest in the same ways, but let me tell you who really knows this The former anti SW youtubers, who bent the knee, took down their own videos, put out public statements, apologized and all that stuff they realized. They did not want to be a second class citizen They did not want to challenge the establishment narrative and that's probably the best example. You see big brands They want to advertise on the Grammy's. Eighty, two
twenty two million dollars. The Grammy is made from from the show from advertisement, even a ratings were in the gutter, I'm sure year. Their there at Rachel go down significantly, but advertisers wanted to be on this. Advertisers wanted to be Eighty two, eighty two million dollars to be on cardy bees, performance and cardi B becomes out. Mere scant zones. That's where the money wants to go. So you can look at these big companies, can see, they clearly want to be on the side of the mainstream press and the mainstream This is absolutely biased in favour of mainstream celebrity. You then look at these aunt, Yoshida view toolbars and their collapse, the algorithm changed. Many then start seeing their views drop and what do they do? Oh, they change their tune. Real quick lot of them did someone disappeared for a little while some of them just took down videos you know goes, and it's very obvious. The reason they did it, these are people who don't make a ton of money.
You know they had decent following there may be, making fifty a year may be sixty, maybe more, maybe someone Megan six figures when they realized. If I keep criticising the establishment I will be a second class citizen because you'll be the out group, not the UN group. I not suggesting that these people are in any way being treated like marginalized people from yesteryear or anything like that. Family, certainly know what it was like. I'm just saying: you're gonna get your duty of gentle band you're not allowed to speak. You get banned from Twitter, if you say, learn to code. They were banning people for saying that, even though on the line, they were literally calling for people to go and punch nazis now by all means, nobody likes Nazis the issue they were calling everyone a Nazi, and so, when you would say something like hey, don't be violent, don't start fights. That was surely the out group, what happens a lot of these people realised where it safe and words dangerous, and if you want to make money and survive, you better tell the long and stop challenging the establishment
some of these people found a safe niche where they sided with the progressive faction that tends to support the democratic establishment. Tacitly oh complain about the Democrats for sure, but their bigger complaint is with the anti establishment right and the Trump supporters, and things like that sure that's where we go. There's a lot of money you've made. If you are a right wing, pundit conservative, INC, challenging the establishment. Don't get me wrong, but what I find fascinating. This idea that Candace, Owens or others would be grifters. If Candice when's truly want to be a drifter. Why wouldn't she just push the establishment narrative and be uncourtly bees side. There's so much more money to be made there, she could have all of the woke things and become one of these personalities and made way more money, selling books and all that. Well, Canada, certainly done all right for herself, but that's the exception and not the rule. Alot of people look at Canada's ice. She's Griff Day! That's why she made all that mine. So I don't think so.
Thanks, you put herself at great risk. I'm not gonna get another biggest fan of Kenneth Collins. I'm not saying I dislike her. I disagree with her words talked about getting jail time for brain american flag, and you know I question whether its initial tribalism or principle but it's fascinated me this idea that right wing drifters exist. Really you get banned, you get to spend it, you get suppressed. You get no add revenue and you want me to believe people are choosing to do that. Sorry, I don't buy it, it's the same its aim, argument was that, with any other marginalized groups, I dont believe anyone chooses to be in a modular group. For the most part I mean there's some sociopaths can be wrong, but there are Many be what about drifters talk about people on the left, who told the democratic establishment line, even when it is easily probably false. You can google search things of decade. That's not true that story from mom's NBC is fake news, and that's where we're at you look at these.
The attacks as Steven Crowder goes through and you look at the mainstream media. Has you an example news guard. For instance, you look it out. They'll say matters is totally correct. Their green checkmark good to go, even though they put up fake news about me and more than one occasion- and I mean like it really faintness. There was one where there are like this. Video has been demonetized on my mother S, though monetize my pot guess was not demonetized and they won't. They won't take it down, they want of data or retract. There is another instance where they claim that I made a fake statement about. Ilhan Omar. When I was literally reading the star Tribune, who would choose to be the position where the media lies about you, you're income is threatened and you could lose everything because you're going against the established sure I'm sure some people would be because their punk rock in their control- and I guess, but the real drifters there on the left, where it's safe, to take
look at these anti equitable. You tubers, you know really here that that the phrase anymore s, J, W may be more prominent Youtube took action against them. They panicked, they changed and now they're alive. Oh, oh, oh I made a mistake area. We get it you're, pathetic cowards. You didn't have a spine in the first place. You sacrifice your principles for safety now those who would do that deserve neither right you'd give up safety for a little bit of freedom. You deserve neither and you'll lose both anyway. I digress. We got a bunch of news coming up about China I'll talk about that. I'm talking about the border crisis but this was just maybe nobody cared, but I look at this and it makes me think we ve got cultural decay We cannot agree on what's happening, we are fighting and people are choosing tribal sides, and if this is what we are doing, while China's building missile silos and we're now, having woke military exercises and gender You'll training is getting cancelled. I just I think, we're in trouble. My friends now leave their necks. Augments come
but one p m on this channel, and I will see you all them. Surprisingly, the Washington Post has burned their source in the find the fraud fake news. Story, scandal and the scandal. My friends is getting crazier by the day for those in art, familiar with what's happening, genuine ninth, the Washington Post reported that Donald Trump in a phone call told a Georgia election official to quote, find the fraud and quote you will be a national hero. It turns out the story was absolutely fake. There. Only confirmation and unnamed source familiar with the call. That was a lie. Not only do we now know that Donald Trump never said these things, we are learning many. Other news outlets pushed the exact same lie. We are learning the recording may have been illegal in the first place. We are learning the Washington Post
never actually spoke with someone who was on the call in the first place. It is a ridiculous game, quite literally of telephone. This is all about the media's, desperate attempt to go after Trump may Look bad! No matter. What and many moderate individuals in like disaffected liberals have in pointing up you don't need to make up quotes from Trump. Why would they do this? It turns out the individual named by the Washington Post apparently was told. By someone on the call. What happened then told the Washington Post and the Washington Post at good enough for us many. Other news outlets claimed to have spoken with an an independently confirmed information spots being with the sort of supposed none of which was true. Apparently, the recording was discovered in the trash folder after up public document request the individuals even trying to cover up what had happened. What's, let's, let's get into this because
very serious me. A scandal that just keeps getting worse now were hearing from people like Jack was up. For instance, the recording itself may have been a felony because of floor does to party consent, rule the american conservative reports. Something is rotten in the Georgia Secretary of States Office, my friends. This is a media and political scandal, people a political individuals, people working in in government staffers were or were seeding, fake information of the press, and the press knew it was likely bunk and push anyone a historic. It's crazy he's outlets the Washington Post. They are refusing to correct trying to justify publishing fake news and then saying partisans will absolutely claim. We published vagueness you're. Damn right. We will, because you did there's a story. They say to recordings.
Of conversation between President trumpet officials in the Georgia secondary States Office are at issue and a growing controversy both played a major role in stoking a narrative about tromp trying to steal the election by throwing up ballots. The first was made on December twenty third but it was not released until last week in the Wall Street Journal that recording prompted a mammoth correction from the Washington Post, which, in its original story, erroneously reported that Trump told investigator. Francis Watson, to quote find the fraud and that she would be a national hero if she did The person who gave the erroneous quotes for the December twenty third story has been identified by the Washington Post as Jordan Fudge. I'm gonna pronounce your name that way because I'm worried. If I pronounce it the way, I think it's pronounced Youtube will demonetize me could smell. Like a like a swear, word deputy secretary of State of Georgia, she gave an interview.
Posts Eric wimple on Tuesday telling him quote. I believe the story accurately reflected the investigators interpretation of the call. The only mistake here was in the direct quotes and they should have been more of a summary. She continued quote. I think it's pretty absurd for anybody to suggest that the president was in urging the investigator to quote find the fraud these these are quotes. That Watson told me at the time limit limit by the done for you, deputy secretary of State of Georgia, told, the Washington Post. Someone told me Donald Trump said this and the Washington Post said second party hearsay, third party, third party hearsay. That is good enough. For me, the person was not party to the conversation, the person to not over here the conversation, someone just told them, hey here's. What happened?
and the media the Washington Post, CNBC, PBS, CNN, etc. They all ran with the lie and they claimed they confirmed it. That's amazing! When the recording was published by the Wall Street Journal, they noted when the post first reported on the call. State officials had. They did not believe that our according existed officials located recording trash folder on Watson's device while responding to a public records request according to a person. Familiar the situation who spoke on the condition of anonymity described the internal process. I don't care, I don't believe that,
either. We are in no position to believe any body at this point, but I tell you what the recordings as we found it wonder who that was as for the original erroneous characterizations given by future, if she was truly concerned about illegal pressure being applied on the phone call which Watson claims she did not feel she could you not feel she could have gone to law enforcement and preserve the call record. Instead, she went to the Washington Post and the recording was put in thoughts rash. She had a recording, she deleted it or tried to and then lied to the media. She claims. He said this. I know shit, a recording of the call somebody lied and it was her there you go quote they secretly record the telephone call Miss characterized its contents to the news media
and then attempted to destroy the recording. It is confidence shattering David Schaefer, chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, told TAC futures involvement in the December twenty third in it has led many to assume a cheap, is the source of the leaked recording from January second, as well, also published by the Washington Post. Two sources told the american conservative that this was in fact the case. The only three people and reference burger side of the January. I can call were reference burger himself, General Council, in Germany and futures foot also had an existing relationship with one of the Post reporters whose byline was on the story quote. She refuses to acknowledge whether she record the call on January second Mark Roundtree, president of Landmark communications, tells the american conservative
that's what he's hiding from a second source who works in Georgia. Politics also identified virtues as the source of the January second recording she hid from both, but the Washington Post has out at her for the first call the question now becomes: will they out her? In the second call, Roundtree told the american conservative round, trees firm is employed, has employed as Vps, both food and Gabriel Starling, the Sea eat c, o o o the Sectaries States offer. Who became the face of pushback against the Trump campaign's claims of fraud, and Georgia Round tree also helped run Brad Raffensberger campaign for the office in two thousand and eighteen. So these are people who know people he knows quite well fudge allegedly too another former landmark, employing that she was travelling to Florida January first. Florida is a two party consent. So if she is the source of the recording and it was recorded there, she may violet floors, wiretapping law,
that respond to questions about her location that day or whether she, was the source of the recording which were left on red for about twelve hours. Gabriel Starling also did not respond to the same questions when she worked here. She was obsessed with Washington you'd, walk by her office and on her monitor, was the Washington Post. All the time round, tree added she obsesses about the post, and she feels like people who are not in the Washington Post are not important. She somehow got charmed and obsessed when she worked as an intern in Washington DC for a year. I think she just became enthralled with the idea of dirty politics. Going Woodward and Birds Dena Nixon, the Washington Post rounds, the originals And January nine th alleging that Trump said, find the fraud and the Georgia investigator. Frances Watson would be a national hero if she did, they have since corrected the story to reflect Trump's real words and identified Fooch is the source. The secretary
states office, could have corrected the record when it was initially reported incorrectly by the post in the midst of a heated election debate, but they didn't numerous. Other outlets ran with this based on the same anonymous sourcing if food was not the source of elite recording? That means there is more than one official in the Georgia Sectaries States office, who is illegal in a politicized way. That means the office has bigger problems. I think the bigger problems my friend My friends is that the media is refusing to correct the record and admit they were wrong, and the story was fabricated. Over at the Washington Post, Eric Wimple Rights, somewhat critically of the Washington Post actions, what going on, but he basically just says well. Partisans are gonna, criticise us over this, but they rightly should they rightly should someone from the Washington Post, had unconfirmed rumours from this. This individual Jordan that at the Secretary States office and decided that was confirmation
what happened to getting confirmation by like unto no actually hearing a recording? What happened to you us getting confirmation by reaching out to another source and asking is this true doesn't exist anymore? I believe What we are seeing is politically motivated media. You ve got this woman in Poland in the office as well as Brad Reference Berger and Others in Georgia they hated tromp. They wanted the scandal, the media absolutely one of the scandalous. Well, what happens when you have to whittling partners
and the media wants a narrative it'll get them clicks. Make them money and make trump look bad, and these people also want to make trump look. Bad they'll run it, and then all of these other news outlets did the same thing. What are we supposed to believe when individuals who were not on phone calls or who claimed they weren't then give that information, but later turns out that they actually had the recording in their trash folder so which is it? Did they know the recording? Did they make the recording and if they did, did they lie to the press? It would seem so. The Washington Post writes on January nine TH. The post reported that then President Trump blah blah Blah said find the fraud. In both cases the quotes were wrong. The post has acknowledged in a correction of the story. Trump did not tell the investigator to find the fraud. The story landed on top of a tumult with little equal in modern,
history since November third election trumpet, as allies have attempted to convince us of borders at Joe Biden stole the election that lie, provided the rhetorical impetus for trot supporters to storm the capital in January. Just is Congress was taking up. Electoral college results, evidence of trumps improper actions regarding those results piled up before and after the January six capital riot. Here's that here's a timeline January second Trot took part in a phone call with a jolt with Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Reference, Burger, pray,
during him to find enough votes to overturn his defeat. That was also my understanding to be out of context. The next day posed reporter Amy Gardener surface recording of that call, but they posted like a format snippet then, on January knife gardener broke the now corrected story of trumps call with Watson which had taken place in December. Twenty third tracking, the phone history of a male fees and president is a big job. You see other doing this, it's not our fault. We published literal fake news rump was malfeasance the original Funchal that big story where was like find the you know, we got to find a certain amount of votes. What trump was actually saying? If you read the call- and you want to be honest about it- maybe the call was still improper. That's for you to decide. Trump said. He believed there was a large number of
votes and they only needed like thirteen zero. He didn't say, hey get me thirteen zero votes. He said, look at all of the possible votes. We only need thirteen zero, that's basically a legal how the legal system works right. So if you want to sue for voter fraud and Pennsylvania, and your arguing that six thousand ballots, you believe, were filed wrong, signed wrong, improper or just maybe fraudulent. You have to have standing. You have to be an injured party, which means what what what we saw a lot of Pennsylvania was people by the loss of the judge would say you were not hurt by this case dismissed. We won't even rule on this and the issue of Trump. That's say: even if these six thousand votes or improper, it won't change the results, no standing
there you go so if Donald Trump is saying, we only need thirteen thousand votes for standing which will change the results. He may be wrong about what actually going on, but telling them look. Do the investigation is what we need is not the same as saying fabricate them. You see the game is they're trying to act like Trump saying, find the fraud that what was then was the while they're they're they're lying about ass quote, but now they're trying to imply that tromp was pressuring them to do so. He didn't use of his exact words, but that that's what he was doing Donald Trump calling an investigator in saying please investigate this you're gonna find some dirty stuff because he believes it is not telling them to fabricate anything the washing process. In a time of much overblown chatter, blah blah margarita stupid garbage the call happened. It was an abuse of presidential authority. I that's the
not true. Donald Trump is allowed to call and ask for an investigation. Could you imagine if you worked at a bank and someone robbed the bank and you called the police and says you need to investigate this? Oh you shouldn't be involved in this because you're the person who stands to gain because you run the bank I got it. Elections are different, but if you were an election- and you believe I was committed and you called an investigator and plug your case asking for an investigation. How is that wrong or an abuse of power? Here's work, it's funny. The posts account of the call rested on one source and individual familiar with the call who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the conversation who an individual familiar with the call. What does that mean you, scumbags. Nothing, apparently that the source wasn't identified in the January nine TH story. The post didn't identifier in its follow up based on the Wall Street did identifier based on the Wall Street Journal. Scoop quote the Washington Post reported on the substance of Trump's Dee
we're twenty third call in January describing him saying that Watson should find the fraud and that she would be a national hero based on an account from Jordan foots the deputy secretary of State, whom Watson briefed on the comments might drop. There is a guy in a farmer trump. Told staffer about what happened. The staff were sad. Here's what I was told happened, and without actually speaking or getting a comment from Watson. They decided. This is confirmed. That's confirm! to you. You welcome to the mainstream media, how it operates. Political operatives and the ass were so willing to smear the president. It's what you get in an interview with the Erika oil bought blog food said. I believe the story accurately reflected the investigators interpretation of the call and there it is accurately reflected the interpretation. So it wasn't even you you had no idea. What's going on. It was again Mattel
One food said the post disclosed her role in the story with her permission and that she'd gotten the debriefing from the investigator a direct report of hers. Shortly after the call from Trump concluded. I think it's pretty absurd for anybody to suggest the president wasn't urging the investigator to find the fraud. These people have no shame this. My friends is what evil looks like this is what evil looks like the willingness to manipulate lie. Cheat and steal no honor, no integrity, a lust for power and a willingness to steal and deprive and deceive that to me- is evil there so desperately now trying to defend their best. Instead of saying we got this one wrong, we are sorry, they won't do it. No no trump was absolutely trying to pressure this person to find fraud. Okay, well, let's slow down a minute talk about framing and manipulation was Trump say
I believe there was fraud and I hope you find it, which is what you do when you call the police or the fads or any other investigated as jurisdiction over a matter or was he sang find as an make up? I remember I tweeted something about. Joe Biden and I said Joe Biden will now find the votes he needs to win, or something like that. I didn't say fabricate I didn't say manifest. I said: there's a big stack of votes, they're gonna go through them. Joe Biden will find what he needs in there, but many people use the word. Fines to imply fabric. That's the thing on the left I suppose I find in my understanding, means you discover that something is already there like. When you find a golden a piece of gold bearing the ground, you didn't make it appear there, someone didn't put it there, you dug a hole, and it was there found discovered something that was already there. That's the game down,
Trump was basically saying, even if he was saying, find the fraud, even if that quote was true. They say he was illegally abusing its power and pressuring an investigator- and I'm just like if you genuine We believe it. You ask someone to find it. How is that an abuse of power? They said the New York Times quickly, matched the posts reporting, including the inaccurate, quotes, added a correction on Monday, see it as a This editors note to its story an earlier version of this story. On January nine presented pair, freezing the president's comments. That's right presented paraphrasing. They said claim the story is true, even though we now know they made the whole thing up. We asked the post about claims. The newspapers action amounts to a retraction weaker that they said. We corrected the story published and public sector new story last week at the top of our side and on the front page, We learn that our source had not been precise in real
then present trumps words. We are not retracting our January story because conveyed the substance of trumps attempt to influence the work of Georgia's election investigators, an opinion peace. That's all. This is all about an opinion. There January nine story, accusing tromp was in fact it was opinion. The opinion of this Jordan woman, the opinion of the investigator, not the fact and they'll say it was a fact trot pressured. No, that is in opinion, you're. One of the factors on a call Donald Trump spoke with it, with a with an election, is investigator about a potential,
for fraud and Donald Trump was requesting an investigation. That's a fact. Those things actually happened, but they look at Trump and they view him as the Orange evil man, so they inject framing and opinion and they'll say well, it's no. It's obvious everyone who was actually pressuring pressuring you don't. You could have headline that the article Donald Trump requests investigation into fraud, Donald Trump demands investigation of fraud. That is framing and it's your opinion. In fact, the real fact would just be Donald Trump said quote, find the fraud, and that would be it, however, that wasn't true either and wasn't even confirmed. This is the press. Ladies and gentlemen, this is it now. Here's here's how he ends. Wemple, says that it did misreporting the words of the highest elected official in the land is a serious lapse and one that in this case, seems so unnecessary. The existence of the call itself is a. Our exclusive when it comes to phone calls, the only
Source are the ones who are dial, then that's true. So what are the Washington Post have no standards? He says the former presidents part is I will attempt to memorialize the post or as a fabrication or fake news, but a central fact remains, but it was fake news. Trumped never said those things literally did not say the quote you published and claimed he did that's fake news. You see the game they play. A central fact remains. He, as as the journals recording attests, Trump behaved with all the crooked intent and suggested suggestion that he brought to every other crisis of his presidency. That is not a fact. It's an opinion.
I'm sick of the press. I got no problem telling you my opinions now this Washington Post article is an opinion piece, but he's calling a fact he's, calling an opinion effect. That's a lie. The fact is: Donald Trump had a phone call with Georgia, an election official in Georgia, discussing fraud where Donald Trump expressed a desire for an investigation into Fulton County. That's it the opinions. Okay, here's my opinion, Donald Trump, desperate, the bag to Georgia, to enforce the law because of what he saw as very serious crimes being committed, and Georgia refuse to do it the same base issue, but your opinion can be whatever you want it to be. That's how the media lies and it's the dirty game they play I'll leave it there. Next segment is coming up at four p m
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