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S575 - Chauvin Trial Judge REFUSES To Sequester Jury As BLM Riots ERUPT, Media Tainting Public Perception


Chauvin Trial Judge REFUSES To Sequester Jury As BLM Riots ERUPT, Media Tainting Public Perception. Another police incident in the Minneapolis area could cause serious problems.

Jurors who hear about the widespread black lives matter riots and antifa clashes could become fearful that finding chauvin not guilty could have very serious consequences

The police incident is admittedly going to make everything worse for a community still reeling from the George Floyd incident.

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Today is April twelfth twenty twenty one and our first story as new rights are erupting in Minneapolis area. The defence for Derek chauvinist ask the judge to suppress the reboot the judge has said no to the fear that the jurors no fear of play say not guilty for their children, more rights, whether robbed and it contained the jury or next story tracks. Riots themselves riots and- in Iraq did after a young man was shot accidentally according to police. In a new. Police involved shooting at our last story? Good news for those that are critical of the media, new Opportunities in Digital are free. King, the media out. They are pannikin as council, culture power begins to fade, and corporate press begins, losing subscribers to independent graders, creating wealth. On panic mode within this media class before I get started, leave us a good review if you like the show
It was five stars and if you really like the show, just share it with your friends, because the best thing we can do now, let's get into that first story, last night we saw widespread rioting and looting just outside of Minneapolis after another officer involved shooting couldn't come at a worse time, the criminal trial of Derek show. Is still ongoing due to the- why spread riots. The defence asked the judge to please sequester the jury, saying the jurors. No, if activists find who they are. They will be danger. They know. If they say chauvinist not guilty in a fair trial, therewith be riots, and More rights are currently ongoing. Now it's going to scare jurors, they need to be sequestered from them media from these stories, but I'm sorry I don't think it's possible if even if they take jurors. They put him in a hotel room. Some one
gotta be telling them there's going. To be a notice. The hotels gonna say here is that here's a warning due to answer ongoing riots. Here the problems were taking, they will know the judge, refused the request, state said: look your honour at an entirely different case, having nothing to do with this officer. Acting though these instances occur in a vacuum. I were were in serious trouble. I think chauvinist this point may get convict on some of these charges, due to a fear of riots or legitimate arguments for sure the process does have some good evidence and had and has made some good points but murdered second degree. I dont see as being likely which since you will get a new story that says, Shovin, acquitted and you'll get a new story. Sang Chauvelin convicted. All it takes is an equivalent end the charges- and you will see this city burn now- its ongoing and new. Formation breaking
entirely, likely that this city is going to light up once again body camera, It was almost immediately released by the police, the breaking news, the but Sir, who shot Dante right accidentally pulled her gun instead of her taser, and I This is actually a fair assessment in the the woman yells TASER taser taser, but she's holding a hand. Live ammunition fires, one round and says something like. Oh no, I shot him doesn't matter. People are already calling for charges and they may have to go solve their charges. Now I have a lot of opinions about that story and, what's going with rights, but I do think it's important. We talk about the bigger picture at hand. This is
serious like a young man lost his life is always a tragedy. Came on my heart, broken by this there's. A lot of the breakdown in that case, but the Jovan trial is, has got everyone on the edge of their seats. This, in my opinion, will taint the jury. I could be wrong, The judge seems disagree, but I dont know how you you you look past this. We ve. Already got a mainstream media apparatus that is outright lying about. What's going on, in this case, legal insurrection with excellent analysis pointing out the Washington Post is make it seem like the defence in this when trial are buffoons making stupid statements when in actuality the persecution has been floundering with only about one or two good so far out of around nine or ten that events
has done an amazing job. That is not to say I am defending shown in any way, but that events is making like work of the witness is brought up by the state and the defence has not yet begun to fight. They haven't even started their case. It is just the prosecutions witness witness so entirely likely, people in the city are being prime to expect a conviction of Jovan. When it does it turn out the way they want. They are all ready in riot mode. All of this is going to compound and in my opinion the judge has been irresponsible. With denying request has requested a jury. Let's go over. What's going on the latest news and we're gonna come back to what's going on with the latest incident again, I think the Chopin trial takes. You know it. We need to focus on this, because how the Duke Newton, Dante Right case affects a shovel draw things. It is very important because going to compound what happened in the case of Dante. Right now, before we get started had over two TIM casts doubt com and become a member to support my work entirely
possible that that my child ban at at some point they haven't purging many channels. It's got banned over the past week shorter support, my work make sure we can say floating expand, this business become a member and you will also get exclusive access to members only segments and you may notice we got a new website, it still being applied. And still in the works? So there's a lot to come, but everything is a lot better. We dream on a lot of the process, we're still fixing some design stuff, but seriously. Thank you all somewhat to everybody has become a member. You are helping us to expand, make new shows we're gonna, be funding sitcoms pretty funny short films, movies, a new show, new podcast we are going above and beyond, to make culture happen again yes, they can become a member, but don't forget to like share subscribe, hit that notification. Well, let's get to the news, actual reports, officer who shot Dante right accidentally pulled gun instead of taser. That's an important point
A reasonable person will look at this news and watch the body camera footage and conclude: it was a horrible accident. This young man did resist arrest. He was being caught in the cops will repeatedly sang out. You can hear it all there like. Don't do it man, don't do it And then the woman tries grabbing him. He breaks away. John. It is car and they begin fighting and then an accident occurred. I genuinely think that's fair to say, and I will come back You have a lot to say about what's going on policing, but ultimate I believe this will taint. What's going off the shelf and trial Chopin, I'll judge, denies request for jury, sequestrate sequestration after police shooting, after a fatal police shooting german apples on Sunday former mania, a police officer, deck Shoguns attorney, expressed concern that Germany It is murder. Trial could be swayed by the events, judge, Peterkin, held denied or request to wreak strangers and immediately sequester them. Tales of the jury would be fully sequester, beginning next Monday, when closing,
events are expected to start depends attorney Eric Nelson. Ask that jurors big question what they had heard: the police shooting of twenty year old Dante right in Brooklyn Centre, by city and had it been counting unrest, followed. The shooting police deployed, tear gas and Flash Bang grenades to clear protestors who had gathered outside Brooklyn Centre Police Department. One of the jurors live in Brooklyn Centre and others have ties to the city. Nelson said he's a jurors would have would have already been sequestered due to the high profile nature of the case and its and see to appease. They should have already been sequestered due to the tendency to evoke strong emotions. Nelson asked that jurors be warned at the beach getting of each day to avoid all media. Nelson also expressed concern that jurors might be made nervous to deliver a verdict which, with the public debt which, with which the public does not Bree Prosecutor, Steve Schleicher counter that he didn't believe. Jury sequestration would be effective,
It used to be that avoiding media meant not reading. Newspapers are watching television, but now media are omnipresent. The judge ruled against the motion to question the jurists. What they had heard about Sundays, shooting on the basis that it's a totally separate case he worried at such care sitting mightily jurists to believe that there were new threats to their safety. It would be different. Caille said if the civil unrest had followed a verdict, I believe the judge should have sequester the jury from the get go. We have already heard the judge question one of the jurors, asking what was what's this about a book deal and apparently the Jura was like all nervous. Everybody knows. What's how high profile, how significant case is going to be when these stories break with their without infirm, whether we know what's going on or not the jury are going to be impacted this in no way. I can't imagine this is going to be a fair trial. Think about one of the jurors who s family in Brooklyn Centre. When I heard the defence
ask for the jury to be sequestered, actually thought this could be good for the that's no seriously, you look at the way the actions coming after what happened with this, this young men, Dante right and many the jurors might say, look at these right he's insane people into my bias them against the activist it it's incredible to me The consideration often only goes in one direction. The state doesn't seem to care fine, but it's possible. These jobs are now biased in favour of Chopin the here, the story, the here it's an accident. There are no doubt happens, but then they see videos of women working in parking lots as people are losing a t. Mobile and a game stop tat. Some of these as might be like I'm, not okay. With this, these people need to go to jail and then what
power or are they gonna stand defiant? It could go either way it taints the jury, pool not tell you. Real issue. They measure at the end of the story. They say now express concern, jurors may meet may be made nervous, over a verdict with which the public does not agree do you see what's happening? The judge should have question this jury outright cause, the jurors will know, although they ve been instructed not to follow the media. They're gonna hear it some already have getting texts from family member sanctity. A bad day now they're going to know the public wants Chauvelin to burn. I give you legal insurrection with a this. Is this going to say that through over at legal insurrection, not come very astute, very intelligent calling out the fake news call out that pointing out, what's going on a trial in a very fair and up in a meaningful way. When I watch
try alive because everyone can. And then I see how the mainstream media frames. The story, I'm shocked their acting like the jury. I'm sorry their economic, the defence doesn't even exist or in this story a letter by legal, an insurrection, their acting like that the media is putting stories that are overt lies through false framing. When these stories come out and their insane. What unzip happening is that regular people in the public expect Shovin to be convened. Did and what happens when he's not or at the very least you get to quit on one of the charges the city will burn and then people across his country will riot. I'm sure the jury knows this and they might feel in their heart of hearts that shit, should be found guilty and all charges. Maybe they also know that people will suffer that bad guys will rampage and so they may cower in fear. Some major strata be like if people
find out who I am my life will be over, so they will just give the terrorists what ever they want. Legal insurrection reports direction, open trial, prosecution prob Ignored or misrepresented in mainstream media, so they say there are very significant. Persecution, evidentiary problems ignored or measure misrepresented in the mainstream media, which will lead to even larger explosion of violence. If there is not a guilty verdict, they say I'm not make the commons of coverage have been mostly in native reflecting the readers, are really on top of the issues. We don't often do an open Fred, just opening things up for reader comments. We are, but we are now close to dine with the prosecutions case likely to start hearing from defence witnesses. Neck week, he goes on to say, I'm not making me predictions. I think the verdict could go either way at this stage and if I had to put away on the table, it more likely that there will be a guilty finding that at least one of the council. There is a fish
evidence, particularly after the prosecution, medical expert witnesses for a jury to find guilt, Jerry, believes the prosecution, witnesses and discounts whatever. Contrary experts at events brings the nine minute was still very powerful evidence. Conversely, there there also is enough in dispute for finding of reasonable doubt to be very reasonable statement here. I will not deny a prosecution nailed it. I think, on Thursday, with a particularly good day, and I think it was Thursday and Friday, they did. I mean, maybe it's a little, maybe They nailed. It gives you up a higher, more expectation, or the prosecution or makes you think they did better than they really did. They were adequate. They did what they needed to do. Their experts said what they needed to say. That offence was able to redirect. It wasn't perfect. It was a good day, for persecution that the defence did Nellie Major Slam dunk when one of them
witnesses. A medical experts said that if she had found George flowed in his apartment, she would have concluded. It was a drug overdose, creating reasonable doubt not definitive proof not proving innocence, It is fair to say at this point. I trust legal insurrections analysis. It may very well be that he does get found guilty on one of the charges. In my personal opinion, I am not entirely convinced. Let me read on until you why they go to say what I can say with confidence. Is that, as with George, women's trial, the public, is being misinformed by the mainstream media. At this is an open and shut case chauvinists found not guilty it's because of systemic racism in society and judicial and the judicial system. For example, the widely accepted narrative when kept his knee on the neck, for nine minutes has been thoroughly debunked by the press cushions own witnesses and the body cams. There was pressure by shoguns need, but it was not continuously on the neck and was mostly on back and shoulders according to
solution, medical witness, testimony recognising evidentiary problem. The prosecution case has shifted from the initial several trial days of claiming that pressure from the need to the carotid artery, cut off blood flow to the brain, causing loss of oxygen and an inability to breathe a claim rejected by the prosecutions own medical experts We broader claim that Floyd being restrained while handcuffed prone position with pressure from multiple officers impaired his ability to inhale, they have shifted. Their claims in this they are not doing well enough for some of the charges, probably by the judge, brought back in murder. Three. They want to say there are very significant evidentiary problems, ignored or misreported, I did in the mainstream media as to what the cause of death to Chopin caused a three where the four used by Shovin was unlawful and for some counts. Chauvinist intent
only read the mainstream media coverage of the case are ignorant of these issues. Take a look at the Washington Post Floyd resisted arrest when he said I can't breathe to offer hours trying to put him in squad. Car defence argues that is in sane and not true. Why would the Washington Post try and convince people that the defences arguing sang I Bree those resisting arrest. They want people to believe the defence is an apt. They want people to believe the prosecution is landing their punches, then, when chauvinists acquitted people will say how is that possible? The jurors must be racist, matures notice. That's why this being secure It was some important, the jurors know they will be smear, defame, docked, threatened, harassed and the people will be shocked. How could the
Mary deny these obvious facts? We ve all seen from the Washington Post, the putting the jurors and a bad position. Legal insurrection says exam of media malfeasance is an article. Is but upon at Washington Post with this headline, shoguns attorney. Aren't you, Floyd saying I can't breathe was a form of resisting arrest, which started with its opening. Paragraph quote: testimony in the trial of data children continued Wednesday, with the former put former officers, defence team, arguing that George Floyd saying I can't while police attended to load him into the squad. Car was a form of listing arrest, legal and and says that makes the defence team seem absurd and laughable, something that shouldn't be taken seriously from an evidentiary view, accept that's not watch, the attorney said in questioning the M the use of force trainer, as the article text makes clear. The context was testimony elicited
that officers need to consider a person's other actions in judging whether a suspect saying I can't breathe is legitimate and that if this fact is otherwise actively resisting arrest. That statement may not be credible, quote: If somebody is saying I can't breathe and their power sing out and they're, not resisting that's one form of analysis right because the actions of the suspect are consistent with the verbal utterances he's making right now and asked other times and in this particular case, when Mr Floor was initially saying that he couldn't breathe. He was actively we this thing arrest initially when he wasn't the seat of the vehicle right he continued. What the defense was saying is that George Floyd. Before he was even restrained was saying I can't breathe then when they did restrain him, and he said he couldn't breathe They just assumed he was lying again with the first time. You said he could breathe,
actively, resisting he was kicking his way out of the car. He could clearly breathe so, or at least he could perceive ably to these officers bee bread thing so when he was on the ground I can't breathe. They did not find it to be credible, not, but he could I couldn't breathe, but that may be these Sars didn't believe he was being honest. They say the admission the empty officers, what officer was significant in the defence showing at the use of force was reasonable, but Washington, Post war years would not know that certainly not the majority, who read only the headline in opening paragraph, that is just a small example of how the media distorts the case and the trial to fit its narrative. This dust, where did narrative will lead to an even larger explosion of violence. If there is not, if there is not guilty verdict, they gonna mention Andrew Braga Talk of amazing coverage of this, and I gotta say it's true legal answer.
It has been covering all of this and from watching it. I think there are actually being much more fair for the prosecution. Even I would be. You know when I see that the medical exe brought in by the state outright say that if they walk there asked if you walked into a room and of into Floyd's own apartment and saw him dad in this way. What would you conclude are in the end, as they said, drug overdose? I saw and, I said reasonable doubt now legal action is an yeah well hold on respect that absolutely I'm not a legal expert. It's very possible shovin does get convicted and with some of these charges, there's an update here. They say the more. I think about it: the greater the alternative theories as to what
Floyd's breathing and caused his death presented by prosecution, witnesses pressure on carotid artery versus puss positional asphyxiation seem to be a problem for the prosecution that, in and of itself could be argued to create reasonable doubt. It could be used effectively in closing, to stress this point with the prosecution, shifting their position and protect and bring about these potentials for one actually causing the death of Floyd. They don't seem to have a definitive understanding of what Chopin actually did so when they club and say couldn't did it have been that pressure on the net kill them? Yes, but I mean I guess what well couldn't have been, that he couldn't breathe. Yes, which is it on the prosecution came out and said that it was the other neck then the defence said is in his knee on the shoulder blade. The prosecution changed their position our citizens, own medical experts were saying. Actually his knee was incomplete, undertake the whole time, so the prosecution was forced to shift,
I'd. Imagine if I was the jury- and I heard that I'd be like. Do you even know what you're trying to argue to me? So look, I'm I'm in a position where I'm thinking it's very likely, but he's gonna get acquitted, but I dont want to just have my opinion: dominate the conversation. The daily mail reports. This is from, a cardiologist tells Derek Chopin trial. George flood was not suffering heart disease when he died. But no tolerance was so high that drugs played no part in his death as prosecution prepares to rest its case today, advances Kate case has not yet begun their arrest. There are still be the defences case. You know, cross, etc. Closing arguments today, or some good points for the prosecution this cardiologist he would. He has had no uncertain terms that drugs did not play a role in this. He was a cardiologist. He knows about hearts, and this was in time
what about you know being put this position. That was the activities of the police officers. In fact, he was questioned on on on cross. The defence said that there was asked if it Floyd was left in the police vehicle. Do you think he would have lived in the cops had? Yes, it was only because the police, a done its powerful stuff. Will we'll see what happens, and I can't pretend to build a predict. The future given opinion on what I think should happen. I think shelving should probably be acquitted at this point because we learned he moved his knee off Floyd's neck to shoulder and then back of his neck. It wasn't consistent, I would say he wasn't trying to kid: any harm, in fact, I wouldn't even say- was negligent, When is it manslaughter were the action of a chauvelin. Unreasoning depraved or or are or negligent that caused the death he's trained to do this shit. What is trained to use ground control maneuvers, I don't think he was trying to cause harm
or do anything that would lead to the death of this man. I don't think he's been negligent if you was doing as he was trained, I'm not happy with what happened. I think they could have done better. I think there's a lot of things. I went wrong and I'm sad George Floyd Doggie was an attic attics need help you don't like the war on drugs, but I'm going to happen, and I have a feeling the jury's been tainted. As I stated at the point of this video, and I will go to the breaking news as what's happening with Dante right. They say the cop accidently pulled a gun and set up a tailor. Well tell you what I think so too this officer is gonna, get already put on administrative leave, I believe she'll be fired. I believe you will likely be arrested and charged and they'll probably try and charge her wealth hold on a minute. I would say that they charger with now legit, homicide or manslaughter, but I do feel no and give a martyr three or something, because argue as using
Taser on somebody is intent to cause bodily harm that could result in death, but she accidently pulled her gun and shot and killed him. Murder. Three is that you intend to harm someone. They die murder too, as you intended them to die while she didn't he's gotta die, but she did intend to use force compliance. Taser taser can be lethal, their typically not, but they can be so I think we have an hour persecution is officer made a mistake that we understand what she was intent. To use force against this man, and it did caught result in his death. They might get her like negligent, homicide or manslaughter by think negligent, homicide about Minnesota's, typically more do with cars. I think so. I think, like with Floyd she's with show She might see second Muslims and a second degree, because she was negligent. She was negligent. And apparently she was well trained whose like yet she had some rank. And are the guy. I think they're gonna do
mostly because they want to avoid riots. I dont think that will work. I think people are right anyway. Axioms reports, the officer who fatally shouted twenty old black men outside Minneapolis Sunday appeared to have inadvertently pull that are gonna set of a taser Polly said driving. The news quote. This appears to me, What have you to the officers reaction in distress immediately after this was an accidental discharge that is not true or ok hold on She didn't mean to shoot him, but she did mean with something she didn't discharge the gun accidentally, she discharged the wrong gun access. We saw. This will be an interesting case mentioned in case the backdrop. They say: Dante right, twenty was shot and killed in a traffic stop most of you notice, the shooting sparked protests and unrest riding and looting about that across. The twins He's has inflamed tensions in the community already edge under the direct Chopin trial, axiom can say it out right. It was in flight, The tensions brought up
by the Chauvelin trial and the judges, like no sequestration, know what I'm gonna do it next week. Maybe next week effort People watch the city born into the news all night they're not supposed to watch the nose, but they're gonna hear about it. People Tell them and they're gonna be upset. Activists criticise the department freezing excessive force, including tear gas and flash banks against protesters. Gannon defended his departments, actions he needed to disperse the crowd. Ever an officer was hit with a brick. What's next, the officer was not has not been name is in place on administrative leave. The Minnesota Bureau credible from criminal apprehension is conducting dependent investigation, Brooklyn Centre Mayor MIKE Elliot, told reporters he's a were firing. The officer Elliot also tweeted, but he had spoken with President Biden. Is expected to address the shooting in remarks Monday. How could they not sequestered Jerry! This is insane the president's going to speak on this good by all means, bringing the president do the investigation fire, the officer, if you must whatever but come on man, get the jury,
into a away from this. There can be a fair trial, are in serious trouble. My friends now I ll tell you this I will I will. I will make a bold statement, barely people on twitter D, like it, I have no sympathy for this cup, none what so ever. I have no sympathy, the Scots she shot and killed a young man. When you pull your gun, you are responsible for what comes out of it. I have heard this error. Every single day since I've become a gun owner. I go to these shops and they say we ve had his arguments. Why can't you when a gun in New York City, because they don't trust, you know it's your responsibility, listen. We d conversation about gun, control and Gunnar, and the constitution says shall not be infringed. So I argued if you want to live in, York City in a cubicle, concrete block stacked on top of a bunch of other people. You should,
allowed to own whatever weapon you want, but you are responsible. If you got a three away, a our fifteen and someone breaks into your house and in a panic, you grab it and you fire that round travelling what thirty two hundred free feet per second- and it goes through the part of both the suspect breakin in your house. It goes through wall and it hit some one else. That's your fault! That's why you We need to understand the weapon you wheeled and be responsible for what comes out of it. If you Want to live in a sitting on the up and I believe we should be allowed to, but you should also be responsible for what happens after that bullet leaves at barrel, which means don't use an air. Fifty two, scar, twenty s or or and I'm one day in your home if you're gonna be responsible, use, frangible hollow points in a smaller weapon to protect yourself he's a shot gun, like Joe Biden said, but you're still responsible, no matter what,
This officer, I dont think, deserves murder charges, but I will tell you this. I have no sympathy whatsoever. These cops. They watched what happened when when the chauvinism went down when, when what happened, Atlanta went down a number of and it led to the cop he was trying to arrive. The guy who's drunk in his car and that guy Stole, is taser and turned to fire at Adam which can be lethal, so the cop shot him that cop got arrested and could potentially go to prison for devoting himself. Thus been going down the cops, the receiving support now to the good cops which they were money. My respect, I understand, is difficult to try and bound neutrality and law enforcement, especially of bad cops. When you have activists, Andy of Conservatives who are angry about. I done laws, that's a tough job you're trying to be, sort of neutral arbiter, like this with the law says you might not agree with that. But this is the system we have in place. It's tough constituents. I shall not be in
cops, we're not the constitution, I think they should be enforcing ITALY, illegal or unconstitutional law, but I got it's tough itself. It is Minneapolis is a different story. They defended the police, they that these people burn down a police department and yet the city did sided with the extremists. Many of these cops, I would say mostly the good cops said I will not be part of this and they left There are many bad cops that job out saying: oh yeah, you wanna go money. I want to know how we know relative, who are we to say a lot of plurality pie, not the good cops. They left the quit we part of this, the city was gonna, throw them under the bus. I said good the cops that stood up and said: no, the people don't die.
Love you sacrificing yourself for them. If they vote for it now you can be of the opinion. The cops are good people who should be subjected to this ok. But when the people vote, they made their voices clear if you're a cop, you know what shout out will do a pop culture reference. The avenger movie, this are cobia according Oda age of ultra the people of the world basically said you cannot act with impunity. Now that we know the adventures of the good guys, but they got split, half some said: if we don't have some restraints, and we don't you know, by the will of the people, there are no better than the bad guys. I agree with that to a certain degree, if you're a cop and the people say, please leave and it's like the majority and or arches of the voters, and there are people, so please don't leave and use Well, I know most people don't want me here bombing to stay anyway. That's surprising,
especially when you know the city is willing to throw you under the bus, lock it for the rest of your life for doing what they train you to do. So. These cops in Minneapolis with all this going on. I fully expect this go to jail. Tibet, a prison hitting I'm not saying she should I'm saying she likely will in an effort to quell this, and she knew were ok if you're a cop in Minnesota right now. I hope you realize this if you are involved in any kind of shooting incident, especially when I kill somebody no matter. If it was an accident or justified self defense, you will likely go to prison, so not clear. I thought it was clear, with four cops being on trial of weapons. George Floyd many these cops they just like. It will affect me
I'll be fine. Some people have said TIM. These cops are willing to stand up to defend the people and an you you're saying they should go to jail and on another not send you to defend the people. The people voted for a middle way. The people voted for defending the police. I Minneapolis did it and when it a fund of the police people who live there, panicked called in panic, saying please bring them back when the cops stand up and say: okay, if you dont want us here, will see ourselves out. It had a positive impact politically
in a very negative impact for the people of the city and for them I do empathize for the people who voted for the police for police reform, but to have the police protect them. I empathize before the activists I don't, and for these these these ignorant uninitiated people who are like cops are bad because it and said so. You voted for it. Why am I gonna complain? He's cops in the area that are supporting the system are allowing the ignorant and insane to keep making things worse. I look at it like dominoes falling over its obvious that many cops work going to quit or leave thinking I'll be fine. I won't get involved in one of these things: you'd old it'll, Ok, I need my job, it's better that have my job here we are. Do you think this cop who shot this guy thought she would be the next Jovan? Of course she didn't. She thought she would be fine, it wouldn't defector! Well now it's you MA am now it's you and you should have known what
coming. They all should have, they think they're invincible. They think they're immortal and I gotta be honest. I'm tired of people standing back and standing by is horrifying, things happen and that's it. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm sad. This guy lost his life. It sets but I am also just you I'm sorry. You can expect me to be sympathetic or empathetic. Diesel he who knows what's going on in their township in their greater metropolitan area. They're going to write. They're gonna burn the city to the ground because of what this woman did deadness female officer I get it was an accident. It's going have massive negative consequences for the trial of data children. It's not it's just dominoes falling over.
I wish people would stand up in defiance. I wish every single one of these cops stood up and said. With all due respect to the people of the city, you have voted to define the police. We will see, we will see ourselves out, they didn't they set up at the picture Ok, so when they come for you and they lock you up as the next there are children. What do you want me to say I'll just say what use youtube you stood at? You stood there, You knew this was gonna happen. You think up all of us all up at this way. My final thoughts on the matter, first and foremost, stressing the importance of sequestering the jury and it's not gonna happen. Fine we'll see if you, if somewhat offered you a lottery ticket and the only outcome was if your numbers come up, you got a prince for the rest of your life. Would you accept that ticket ought not likely you you, your numbers come up and you win, but why would you accept any risk to go to prison and have rights are all around you with you as the scapegoat?
to me, that's crazy, and I know some will say these cops are standing up for they believe in the defending. You know that their defending people of their city. That's that's true. That's fine! I get it, but if you stand up for what you believe in politically, this would have I live there and segments come up at eight p m tonight, you two becomes less TIM cast. I oral law I've show it's gonna, be a whole lot of fun. We'll talk a lot about this stuff in real time and will see. Well then,. The national guard has been deployed in Minnesota after rioting and looting erupted, the shooting of another black I envy Minneapolis area now the mother, this man claims that he was pulled over for having air freshener, which is apparently illegal, and then it turned out. He had a warrant. We try to drive away the police, shot and killed him. There's a lot. We don't know about. What's going with that particular case. But it's easy to say: the riding in the looting is completely unjustified
of course, you're seeing many conservatives, any moderate personalities point out, the looting is bad and the writing is wrong. Yet, of course from extra media there called protests. Some some protests, you don't. I pull up and be seen CBS eyes other outlets? They dont show that Lloyd Windows, they dont show the people working in the parking as they Luton rate, a game stop and a Walgreens. I dont know what that has to do with justice for anybody, but my friends, if you thought You were gonna, make it through this summer without some insane riots. I don't know what rock human lemon under but imagine people watch this general lease could kind of expect this to happen. The Chopin trial set to begin very soon, but time you're watching Actually, I think they're probably will have already started. Chauvelin most of you know, is being charged with murder of George Floyd, Looking really good for the defense.
Following the shelving case again in the Minneapolis area, this one's in Minneapolis, the prosecution has actually dropping the ball for almost every single day of the tropical forest think run like day nine days like Dayton. There's been some. Didn't analysis where they point out. The prosecution keeps having there MRS Backfire on them. However, this past week, Thursday and Friday seem to be decently good, The prosecution and some analysts have said that this is what the prosecuting should happen during the whole time. But every time the state brings witnessed you'll, get someone saying. Oh actually, Shovin was trying to do that. Oh actually, I've done something similar which look you get rid of intense and then you add that children strained do this and you're gonna get reasonable doubt The reason I bring us up in this context I want to read to you about. What's going on with the latest riots, show some photos and explained you what's going on because we gotta Hatrack today. That is three three different stories we ve
This story out of Minneapolis. We have another clash between people like a white lives matter thing as which is ridiculous and then we have is Virginia police officer getting fired. It is starting to heat up both. Figuratively and literally now I don't again I want to be I to be clear. I'm seeing a lot of people point out that this man, who was shot and killed, was doing something wrong. Always use a bad person and I'm like GEL Churchill. I did have a warrant. He did apparently try to fleet doesn't justify necessarily a cop shooting them if the cop was in front of the car and the guy tries to flee traffic's up and maybe hits the cop, the cop showed some justified and I wanna go. There's a lot of new ones to this, but it is doing driving away, and they like shoot to the side of the car, not justified, but apparently crashed into other people. So I don't know, I don't know. I can tell you this. These people who go out and burn down buildings and loop of game. Stop and other stores they don't care about, justice. There's video of these people just working in a parking
while their looting and writing stores, they just take advantage of the fact the police are now occupied and cant do anything to stop them? Where's first story from the daily mail. They say police fired, tear gas, irreparable as looting and violent protests raged in Minneapolis suburb overnight after officers that a twenty year old black men during a traffic stop less than ten miles from where George Flood was killed. The national guard called into com. The chaos and a curfew was imposed to quell angry demonstrators was a curve you gonna quell anybody over the shooting down of doing right on Sunday in Brooklyn Centre Neighbourhood, the unrest came just hours before the trial of children, the former Minneapolis police officer, charged with murdering George Floyd, believes ever least few d What the fatal shooting its officers try, to arrest right after pulling up over and his girlfriend for traffic, stop traffic violation at about two p m on Sunday before real and had an outstanding warrant.
Officer, say, as they tried to arrest him right got back in, poor and drove off an officer fired at the vehicle striking right, but he continued driving for several blocks before adding another car. I gotta stop right there. The sounds bed arrival, the evidence and I try to keep things you don't look. The George Floyd thing really was a punch in the for me and a lot of people, because we all felt that pain watching that video. Initially, now we're learning a lot of things about what really went down into different story still upset that Floyd diagrams? I'm sad is the state of affairs in this country, but it's not it's cotton drives. We thought it was since then the information we're getting so far and I'm talking outside the activists and good for the police on it. Let me let me show you this again officer set as they try to arrest him. He got back in his car and drove off an officer fired at the vehicles striking right. What captured a vehicle that was stout, leaving now The cops will probably say, he's a dangerous wanted criminal evading arrest and he could hurt someone with his car. I think that's absurd,
I think that's absurd. Now they shot him and then he started crashing. Was he crashing in response to a bit? Had me being shot, many died, they say, have not set. If he was armed rights. Mother says he called her in the moments before to say: police had pulled. Over four having air fresheners dangling from us our view mirror. It is alive the Minnesota to have anything hanging from Rearview mirror I'm not I'm not convinced of this either activists. Of course, our lashing out of this many people have already published stories sayings the common pretext for harassing minorities, and things like that. It may be absolutely I've been pulled over on unmeaning, fake nonsense before I've experienced this. However, it might be that they ran is plates. They saw that in an active warrant and they did a pretext for pulling em over saw in a more of an agreement with the US, with with the actress on this one they ran, lighten their like hey that guy's gonna warrant pull him over for what he's got our freshener. So they pull him over. Say something like all you can't ever freshener gimme your I d get out of the car you're under arrest, apparently in
The call I think, the mothers at something like she could hear the cop yell dont need, I don't run, don't run Dwayne and then and he gets back in his car. And then you know tragedy, but look I'm inside us, we We need to get the body. Camera least we need- and this is why body cameras exist for justice. If these cops truly did nothing wrong. This is what was was good for many, the officers in the shovel case. When we didn't have the body camera footage, they weren't releasing it. We don't know the full context. Now we know there's a bunch of that. There's there's this guy more complexity. The situation again still upset over the whole situation, but it changed the whole narrative. They say he was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash and his girlfriend was a passage. The car sustained non life threatened injuries. So we can see these videos of police and clashing is a copies, yellin, lotta riding, and you know people on people on their knees. They go to the police both officers body cameras were on recording during the incident rights, mother, Katy, right said he called her while he was being pulled over to get the insurance information for the vehicle, because you re really
get the cart him. She said he told her. He had been pulled over because yet airport nurse hanging from his rearview mirror if only said they pulled right over for traffic violation, but have not yet given details describing all rights. Mother said I the police officer comes back to the window, put him on the phone given the insurance information that I heard, the police come to the window and say, but the found down and get out of the car and right said why he said, will explain to you when you get the car a minute later I called and his girlfriend answered, who was the passage in the car and said that he'd been shot and she put it on the driver. She put it on the drivers side he was lying. There lifeless I heard scuffling we have today, Dante, don't run she's at through tears. The call ended, She died his number again his girlfriend answered and said he was dead in the driver's seat as news of rights death travel, a hundred people, some visibly upset and one assign demanding justice for George Floyd, confronted police and write. Your protest started peacefully
I witnessed reports, but so turned unruly with demonstrators vandalized too, These vehicles pelting them with stones jumping on them and on its value. A mad about all this. I am livid about all this. Let me ask you a question. The cops Kampala dude over for AIR France maybe because he had an outstanding warrant, they can shoot kill him because he is fleeing, but when the people come out and smash up small businesses. Where are the cops? is so easy for these four. These cops to hear these small situations, but the last thing be doing, is protecting your business. This dude didn't need the die. I don't know the full picture if he committed a crime. I dont like that When the sound of things so far is probably bad, but I gotta be honest once his body camera judges out than our pennies polygon, a change for the better or for worse. I just dont trust the activists on this one
but it's frustrating to me to hear a story of police willing to do everything in their power, even use lethal force to apprehend this guy for his warrant. But then we see it over and over again with a rider smashing destroying everything. What the cops do not thing. Stand of the street there there's there's video. These cops standing there people jumping up and down smashing police vehicles, and what am I supposed to think about this? Am I supposed to say good? for the police officer standing there doing nothing while they repeatedly burned down cities. What are they doing? Portland? Nothing, ok, ok, important! The cops arrested allowed these people, but they kept coming back out. The DA's did nothing says a bit of a different circumstance. I'll can see them and many analyse these people would around basically burning down various buildings in the city that will totally destroyed and the police it so easy- and I mean this literally- does to pull a guy over you're under arrest and though, when he's I'm leaving you're like the cops like. Ok,
I will use all of the power my discretion and these protests happened and they do nothing. Others. I mean look, I shouldn't they do nothing, but they stand back and they watch, but also this I gotta get us. I ain't even mad, I ain't even met. You know why I'm alive I don't live in Minneapolis row. Your headache, chance to vote for change here and these people voted for this. They voted for the peoples. I define the police, they abolish they voted to abolish their police department. Other done this massive multi million dollar recruitment, DR either. I heard from some locals black panthers, we're out near armed to the teeth and, unlike good with Syria, Thirdly, the black Panthers ever every right to be armed to gods. I guess I can remember right, I don't violence swept, so I think we should be careful not to do this. There are many instances where armed people have come out to these rights. These
tests and they dont use their guns. There have been some where they have, or at least there's been no one prominent one. So I hope, people don't, engage in, you know, look you might have the gun. You have the right to carry it, be smart about any response. And I'm wondering if, when you have large groups of people who are armed that actually chills things out, I know for sure, though, what I can say is I'm not I'm not thrilled with the police department at all, I'm not in supply of what they do. You Paul somebody over it, so easy to deal with one person it so easy for, for the cops do have one person and again literally, it's true- Pulling over one person is easy in dealing with a riot. They do nothing, they stand back and why is it. Look, I got some videos, I don't know what I can or catch because you know you- two mighta take us off- damages out from ending up a group of women, sing and ants outside of stores that were looted by being
writers in Brooklyn Centre, Dwayne, right, Minneapolis, foot, locker, T mobile liquor stores and these people are just dancing I don't think these people actual looters cause cops, are there on the scene, but you know what man it's it's the arrow that it's not it's not so easy to figure out how you solve these problems You know I mean, like the police, obviously want to respond. I don't think the police want this stuff to happen, and there are a lot of people who did not vote for this and voted for tromp or the Republicans or for some kind of veto increase of enforcement. When you look at. What's going on in Minneapolis, look out back how bad it's gotten you ve got rampant looting. All this weekend, you ve got another, do dead. You gotTa Jovan trial still happening the DE funding of the police. You got just I just chaos, man, it's just it's just chaos. I don't want to say I really don't it's like it is
record on rapidity ads on a loop. You know I mean I am I supposed to feign outrage of. What's happening in this city is when people keep voting for the stuff. Now I can't look. I complained the first time is riders come out and I see the stuff in Portland in New York in and Alain Chicago in Baltimore. I lane because, unlike hey people, don't like this right now it turns out. I was wrong. I was wrong, I'm going to concede this. I'm always one can see what I'm wrong. I thought that's these people We are unhappy with the riots and then it turns out there actually thrilled with the riot in Portland Relaxed, had wheeler. These state, like minute, meant middle what Minnesota winter, when, when blue? Didn't it their dislike- I'm cold status quo. Glad all of this is happening, Joe Biden Gonna do anything if you thought Joe Biden, income
as we can do more than tromp was doing and tromp was barely doing anything man. I feel bad for you, but I can't I honestly can't care anymore, because these people had a choice and this these cities vote for this stuff. You know what here's a big problem, you see these these, these these women singing and dancing in the parking lot of t, mobile and foot locker, these people vote to an moan about they vote for the destruction. So what do you do? I don't know, but I say, people like it now there are a lot of people in Minimum in Minneapolis area Minnesota. I've talked to people, I know a lot about their my when are you gonna leave and the like. I can't just up and leave brow. There are some people who got about travelled across the ocean three thousand miles risking life and death of life and limb and risking death, and You know what they did it a science. I was gonna be easy. It's gonna be, extremely hard, but when. Live in these places. I tell you this here's. What I think one
The people stay in these these areas there getting looted and there's rioters and the meat defends them over and over again. Look at this crowd. Protests after police, Minneapolis shoot black motorists. This article and we see no, they don't talk about the riots or the destruction of the looting. When people choose to live there. I know what the says and you'd you should realise this to their people that are upset the looting happening. I understand that, but those that would come to me and comment and tell me I I hate that happened was nothing I can do. I can't move nods out you're sambo if you were to burning, but if you're in a building in the billing caught fire, you would get up in your monotonous building if your home was on fire. You grab your kids and you Lee that building and then you would be standing outside with no home? Where do you go and what do you do all your stuff, his gun, because there's an immediate threat? You feel that, ask you know the fires in immediate danger, when the riding the looting happens.
And you say: well, I can't leave you see my point. You can you can literally get I'm walk into the woods. You don't wanna. Do that? What you really saying- and I get this- is that Your life is actually safer and more comfortable living alongside the writers and looted looters. Then it would be for you to spend money to sell off your possessions and take a large risk. Leaving where you live are not set it to be the disrespectful. That's just the truth. If I heard a creaking and in my house in the roof started. Cavan you'd have no choice but to leave thought about what you like that. It's happening or don't like that. It's happening you're like if I don't move bad things will happen to me and my family in Minneapolis. The people whose I'm going to stay here are saying: I stay here. I think me and my family will be safe. The riots just aren't that big of a deal to most people So, that's why I'm not going to pretend to be angry about it. I'm gonna, look at these videos are to be critical of the copse. When I have
but when they do things wrong to be critical of the right the looters, because that's wrong, but the regular people who live there. You know I'll be critical of them too, because this gets worse and worse day after day, month after month, year after year, it's just easier for me, stay where I am it's safer for me to stay where I am. If it was true that the rights were that dangerous in that bad for you, community you'd get out, but the truth is people. They choose the path of least resistance. And the safer option for them is staying in the city of riots, but much of a majority Dick I mean it literally like if you are just get out, go walk in there you'd be in serious trouble, maybe it's better to being your house and just protect yourself if you spend all your money and move. You would have money for bills, urgent medical payments or savings. I get it. It is safer, just be among the rioters, and let them do their thing because outside us the police are gonna, stop it is getting worse. You, you think
it was after all this and the Chauvelin trial going on there going stop writing it is gonna, get that city is going to burned to the ground. So I'll, tell you one thing as an interesting point of you, you have a bill, and someone tells you hey, yeah, there's like a bunch, we will try to burn your house down and you're like well. You know it's better than I stay here yeah. Like sooner or later, it's gonna happen. Well, you know I'm safer in the House Bro, but you should do something right eye its short term verses, long term thinking. You know, I think, in the long term I take a look. Going on and unlike where will I be in a year, because if I, Keep spending money on security and the cost of living keeps going down in the property, values are tanking and the riots keep lighting up. Is it
be worth living here in a year. It may feel good now, but maybe you make the hard jump and then a year from now, you'll have you'll be in a much better position. You know, let's say on a scale of one to ten, with the rights going on your comfort and happiness in safety. At our at six a year from now, you'll dropped to a four may be a three because there, we get worse, you can leave your place now, added all immediately drop you to a four five, but a year from now, you'll, be it a seven. You see my point: it's about quantifying that long term investment. I'll tell you one thing: you turn the mainstream media in its obvious a we know, the National Guard was mobilized. We know that rocks and you know things are being thrown at peace.
Join your people are marching towards the police, police firing, tear gas, the front door of the Brooklyn park. Police department, you know, was struck by gun fire shattering glass, police, Edna statement there. There shrimp, shooting cops. You must stay there. Ok, then don't don't expect me to do it to come out and be shocked by this. It's not just about voting for a politician when you go to apply when you live in a place like this and you keep putting money into the tax dollars that clearly on going to the police or guarantee funded media will now they're trying to this. They were coming DR. What they're doing now the cops who would get hired are going to be ok with the Well
ass in the critical theory and end when what's happening, that the good cops who are who don't like what's happening, you dont, like defined the police, don't like the critical race theory stuff. They left the new cops. I come and are going to care. They're gonna say give me a book. I dont care, you want. You don't live that way, because they're gonna start swapping that police department for some pro woke lunatics and then going to budget cops, who believe crazy things. It will do anything for a buck. It they're, basically like scabs United meal scab in terms of unions, yet someone out yet a picket line. You get cops, I ain't gonna do this I'm quitting, and then you got people thanks I'll do anything for money. Will you think happens, then, when you go out there like I don't care, I ll do anything for money to the lockup journal, the punch in the face of do whatever, and then me, This is what the the white people want. They want to keep using the police the villains in this story. Rubber bullets- dear gas police were being shot at limit limit limit. Let me just let me just say this guy's and be seniors reporting the front door of the Brooklyn park. Police department was struck by gunfire.
And you want to stay in this city. I once left Chicago, I had an apartment, I had some item, some income come in and I you know I had a job sore. You know I was running my. I do not think that Europe would play musical away, or things like that, and I left it all with nothing but two hundred dollars to go to allay. Why for adventure? not even because facing any risk. I was willing to risk homelessness and I was broke but was fun. And Dodd very nearly ended up homeless? Very nearly I've been almost the best. Cargo. That's. Why wasn't too scared? I was like I gotta make this jump. I get it though I was, I think, like twenty three at the time I didn't have family I didn't have kids to worry about. A lot of people say is on its different man. You got kids limited, some few live in Minneapolis and you keep telling yourself that you want your kids to grow up, and
place their shooting at the police department, their shooting at the windows of police departments. You you'd want to live in that place. Man, it's one of the reasons why want to live in Chicago because you got police should any got gang violence, I'm not down for that in response to to the escalating violence from gangs, the cops lose their cool and I've had cops kick. My Doorn to my partner with my friends wrong house, apparently come out with their guns drawn. We were like what are you doing in our did matter know what they don't care loops and I left filed a complaint. Nothing happened, nothing happened, so I don't know place like that. So I leave ironical live on the middle of nowhere. I can defend myself and have my rights more so than I wouldn't some other places. I can't believe they are people who would justify any amount of money, any amount of money to live in this place. I'm sorry I get it. Maybe it's hard Maybe you can't just leave your family have no money, but maybe you have to just take a leap of faith and find some
and where there is a will, there is a way, and I think for me, I'm just what I was willing to die then granted I can have a family, so is by just Dover and allay I just went there as I know plant is both walk around doubt on allay like I have no idea what I'm doing it up a bunch of friends be like just show. Got no plans and then I got lucky enough to have a friend, and so there you go said come crash, but I can lodge a crash were couple nights that I immediately got a job. Plied met some people, and I was totally ready to sleep on the beach I was like. I got no plans, I can sleep on the beach, that's what I'm going to have to do. Then I'm going to have to do it and I got lucky enough to have it didn't happen that way I be to say no to the narrow. So look I get I'm not trying to say there's a one for one exchange in that story. I'm just saying at a certain point you you have to realise this. You have to know what's going to happen when, when Derek Shovin gets acquitted and he's going to be acquitted, but let me let me explain this
Shoguns been charged with second degree, murder, third degree, murder and manslaughter he's going to be acquitted. He may not go free, he may still get convicted on one of the chief. Judges, murder to ain't happen, murder to four chauvinist that he intended to kill. George Floyd. He was overcharge The city was trying to placate the rioters, saying see we charged with murder to but the writers don't think long term murder to means that Jovan got out softly said that he was going to be decided to kill this man. That clearly isn't going to be proven. You can't prove it not in this case is a cop doing his job. Murder, three very very unlikely. Maybe what do I know manslaughter very possible but when they come out, they say the jury is gonna, go on the charge of murder and second degree. We find the defendant not guilty
on a charge of murder and the third degree we find the defendant not guilty in the charge of manslaughter second degree. We find the defendant guilty, but Yoke clip gotta get played over and over again, we find the defendant not guilty don't have activists say yeah. They found him not guilty of murder. Conviction is meaningless, he might still go to prison and then every loses and you're going to sit around and wait for this there and they're they're going to burn down and destroy everything in that city. Men and then going to dance industry what happens because they don't care. We make something clear for all of you, guys, maybe it's our understanding. A lot of the perspective these people, the many of these people, live at the bottom. There they're not by any means their poor money around many many many people are on benefits as a reason why they loot, there's a reason. My property breeds crime. You think they're going to care when they're at the bottom and your middle class and they destroy everything in it, pulls you down. They don't care about that. They,
don't go anywhere, they still don't have the things they want. In fact, they come up a little bit stealing the stuff. That's why they do it. So what are they? Gonna have they're, gonna, say not guilty on account of UNICEF, modern second degree, and that's all. I'm gonna. Take deeds are gonna, be like less role, they don't care about, just as they should have gone. The street smash things and still things, because I want stuff you're in a live there. You do you. I do me. I got out of the city because I was seeing the riots crossed the bridge getting too close to my house, and I thought look man. I need more space activities you want to grow the business. It was difficult to bridge by proper in this area, especially with everything going on so fine somewhere else. Let's go out the milliner where be free from the stuff. It was right choice. It wasn't about anti far it wasn't about. Blacklist matter was about lawlessness and a breakdown of social order in the city.
It was about the pandemic in everything just falling apart and you couldn't live. You could live that way. How am I supposed to grow business in succeed? You couldn't do it, so we got out that's what I did. I get it at this point, my life. I have the ability to do that with my business growing, we were able to move? Maybe not so easy for you, but I implore you to try and figure it out. This is my opinion, forced I, you know what our but I'll leave their necks augments coming up at one p m on this channel. They sprang up and I'll see you all them. The corporate press is in full on panic mode, my friends, the Andes, nigh the sis. Of lies and manipulations, cannot survive much longer, These companies were subsidized by venture capital of them relied solely on rage, bait articles in the Trump bump era. Well, venture capital is drying up. We are now in the town slump Arab, because Europe is not a precedent and something else is happening. Subject
Jane platforms or allowing individuals to create their own content and sell it directly to their fans. This is these. Scripture era and as a new company called Sub I should say new, but our company getting prominence is subject to the New York Times, comes right out and admits it. Why we're freaking out about substance? a company that makes it easy to charge for newsletters has captivated, anxious industry, because bodies, larger forces and contradictions. My friends, this is a good day. It's good news for us. I'm sure there are many people who watch my my videos and their pro corporate chills. They love suckling, the teeth of venture capital for their new. Let's I'm sure most people watch this, though they watch channels like my because we are sick of being lied to. We are sick of the manipulation. How many stories twenty to pull up to prove to you once and for all. They just keep lying. Recently. Riots erupted,
the soda, we'll just outside of Minnesota. I'm sorry, it's just that in Minneapolis in Minnesota, you pull up the store. You get one narrative, one narrative these stories are more complex than this reportedly pulled. We're for having our pressure the police killed him. I'm going to tell at all. What was really going to any research on this we're, not the chauvelin, frail prosecution, so Chauvelin was not permitted. Witness has not trained all of these Chopin, bad children, bed, Jovan bet it's like the defence doesn't even exist, will certainly eight eight a thinking person would be I understand they say all these things about Shovin, but I think there is still a defence lawyer right, didn't they say anything it turns out, they do the media just keeps lying in his rash. You know why couple reasons they make money off a pen during it used to be you it was.
Before, but it just gotten worse in today's dna. Why? Well? People can used to read whatever they want. It's confirmation by us, someone's going to say I hate the media, so I'm gonna watch dimple yeah! Well, you know if you like, the media, there's another channel for you, but lot of conservatives a lot of what watch my gentle some will. Typically, the can additives. Watch. My gentle tell me, I don't agree with you, but I appreciate your being honest. I also have my liberals who watch many little a libertarian types rather eclectic audience. We did opponents, although the left want to claim it's all conservatives, it's not You can go to many conservative channels and see that many of these people will produce a conservatives but perspective and half conservatives on their show consistently and leftists, don't like crossing over or whatever the point is, news outlets, know if they read an article that says defence roots Chauvelin up, I'm sorry, defence roots prosecutors in
of a trial defence nails slammed on, like I just did on Friday that people on the left target to be like I refuse to click. This is angers me without so much as a panacea. Write articles that will pan to a smaller and smaller demographic. A lowest denominator for while they could just tell about tromp, then work anymore, that happened needed to understand is that many of these writers, you think they can't these companies can't afford these rage. Make writers no job, took it up You get somebody Buzzfeed, someone's people made like seventy k a year and they write rage by articles like, you know somebody some two black men fought over fried chicken. I could you not actually wrote that that's insane is a fake story by the way, but Buzzfeed actually wrote that trash. They do it because they want two click, so they lie and they produce trash news. But these stories struggle viral the problem there
paying the employees more than the articles actually generate, I've actually work in his companies have experienced this. I remember when fusion, when I left there, now that the workers want to union eyes. It was the new hot button thing to do all we're gonna former union- and I say: hey that's great. If your company made money remember talking my friends gladdened work there. This point like you realize that Only reason you have a salary is because a venture, capitalist or accompany invested, meaning you don't make any money, they don't have money to give you but all of a sudden they're like yeah, we better to unionize, then we're like then, and then feels like we're shutting down and firing everybody cuz listen. Many of these big companies, like vice, operate on investment, not revenue or profit actually not profit. They get five hundred million dollars in an investment and they use that
pay the salaries of people who write this garbage. The woke crazy people are propped up by venture capital. Now that that is drying out, these companies are failing, it doesn't work. So this is a twofold victory. My friends will read it The twofold victory is that the Woke cancel culture types are losing their power because they're not propped up by any function of capitalism they are brought. While I should say that, actually, venture capital is a function of of capitalism. What I mean to say is no one's reading there article and are making a bunch of money and then keeping doing it. For the most part, there are many drifters who do get richer. Stuff by multi million dollar mansions. You know fighting for black lives matter and things like that, but hey more part will my spouse, but many of these writers don't do this there. Just siphoning away money doesn't work I've witness to this. We have the corporate she'll journalists who will say what about what, whenever an episode to try and get more clicks, so some It does overlap with the Woke. Well there.
Sing out to people have a choice, substances one where you can write an article and people can pay a monthly fee. I think most people don't like five bucks on people to ten bucks and then you get access to their articles is very much like patron. All of a sudden. The people who don't like this stuff are saying: why subscribed to the New York Times conquer all subscribe to blend Greenwater, Matt, Matt E or Andrew Sullivan? Now you can see exactly what the New York Times straight up says. We are freaking out about substance, but don't be limited, I got more. The new Yorker says so step is a scam. In the same way that all media is our. I guess that's fair to point out. Many people have been screeching about subject for two big reasons Sigh fayaway, siphoning away resources from these companies allowing money to go directly into the pockets of writers and personalities, and it is allowing liberal minded people like classical liberals to write and succeed
one medium, post, o medium, see, media very similar subject. Subject: not a neutral platform. The news, the newsletter platform is the latest tech company. It turned a blind eye to anti trans arguments. We also have this one. Why are us notes on the credit crises for subjects as I am leaving subs deck, basically pointing out that people Glenn Green, while these other individuals are making tons of money and coming over to back, subject and succeeding, and they also to know it now they all start to know. Sub stack has people on their platform, who are not woke cultists because of this, many of the Woke contests are demanding collectively and collective action isn't working, which brings me to this story from the New York Times, which is absolutely hilarious. We can see in this vote, photo Danny and Grace Laboratory in Brooklyn both have signed contracts with a newsletter platform substance
individuals who write for in favour of trans issues, but many people are upset. They wanted the libraries laboratory about their name to join them in collective action against substance, its hurting us and they ceremonies good. So it's not all bad for the woke, but the fact that the work was not able to leverage wilderness towards a cancel culture and is profoundly good news. Power is waning. These individuals that I can write about what I want and get paid to do it. Why should I joined some collective action? That's big. Capitalism may win in the end, because people just want money. Well, then, Psmith writes about the problem. He says Danny livery had just agreed to a two year Four hundred and thirty thousand dollar contract with the newsletter platform subs when I met him for coffee last week in Brooklyn. And it was deciding what to do with the money. That is a lot of money in this too gonna be taken home, like what thirty something
thousand dollars well taxes and all that, maybe twenty eight thousand or something quote, I think the thing most looking forward to about this is to start a retirement account said Mr Lamy, who founded the feminist, tumor blog the toast and will giving up and advice column in slate. Mr lay already has about one thousand eight hundred pang subscribers to a substantial newsletter. The shut the Shatner Shatner, whose most popular peace written from the perspective of a goose annual subscriptions cost about fifty thousand dollars, so the dude is. Can we making just shy of ninety k a year doing this? However, they cut him a chance. For four hundred and thirty thousand dollars over two years, so ok, I was right it to your contract so is it be getting like sixteen thousand take home or some like that? I can do the math right now, but begin a lot of money. Every month Plaza subscribers said the contract is structured, a bit like a book advance sub stacks bat it'll make Beckett's money by taking most of Mr Lange
absorption income for those two years. The deal now means Mr Labourers household has two sub. Second comes his wife, gray slavery and associate english professor in F of at Berkeley who, at its the transgender studies quarterly signed on for a hundred and twenty five thousand dollars. It's funny. The woke people are outraged: they're they're, they're, they're they're, threatening to leave. I think I have a tweet from Michael Tracy. Ok, Namibia, maybe I don't their threatening to leave because the people like Glenn Green Walled in Matt Tybee that that are making money. They don't don't like that idea. They don't like the idea that but who should be cancelled or getting rich Glenn greenly forced to resign as he was trying to defend. You started right, bad things about Joe Biden now Blonde Greenwell, making sick figures on substance? I think glance at his making less money. You can make a lot of money,
The New York Times article they write that some people are making seven figures off of just ten thousand subscribers. Can you do? Do you hear that again we hold us egg. Making seven figures off of just ten thousand subscribers man. This up this channels got one one million eighty eight thousand subscribers and that subject business, but to be fair. That's why we started TIM cast out come into reality is now it's better than ever to strike back, at the corporate press, the liars, the manipulators and its working. My friends, we are winning each and every one view, what attempt cast dot com. It became a member. Powering me to go above and beyond what many of these people do and I'll tell you. Some is all good news. You get the point
now, this person is a Berkeley trans into writer, and you might be saying I disagree with that. Listen. They were previously working for slate. The far left blog. They left that now their independent with only eighteen hundred subscribers they're gonna be getting way less views, but with core fans. That's good slight Oddly gets millions of download your readers or whatever his article, get way less traffic AIDS, a win win. They get money, they get their less viewer ship. Everybody, so you dont like their ideas, regardless its irrelevant. In the end, the individual is empowered and I think that's good, We'll try to make money off. These articles won't be able to anymore. It's a good thing. I'm looking at this and I'm seeing a massive. I feel massively optimistic
I'm so excited ass. He met typing lingering all doing so well because they have been absolutely killing it. We need to come together, left right, moderate, whatever calling out the authoritarian and the woke cult. Annie, here? What you're cult is you want what you want? You want a rag on Cuban on because you think they're crazy do so with my blessing. The issue for me that you are on people, don't run major corporate into Jesus. They have been gaining massive power, and now we are seeing the tides turning, but on a point, something out on a point. Something out might might my disappointment a little bit my disappointment in what were seen There are a lot of high profile speakers up commentary. Personalities and you look at these numbers at the realized, something for one. You can, the New York Times saying they are freaking out, and it's kind of funny to see that can see the natural you're running the hand, wringing media freak out over substance. Look at it. Even o Brien stouter Brien's others
viable sources. Newsletter. Cnn scary flynn posed recently subjects as a problem because it provides a living for figures who attacked journalist or stop fears about transgender people. And do so without the type of editorial oversight. She'd prefer. Oh, no, the corporate press you're losing the ability to control the narrative. An individual's can speak today, own followers, now amazing tell you. I'm upset. They show some some some math real, quick in the article there Glenn greeted Bun Psmith. I like Gunsmith what he calls Glenn Green while a libertarian excuse me gun green while the progressive man, but he says that we rights this. New director. Consumer media also means that battles over the boundaries of acceptable views and the ensuing arguments about cancel culture, for instance New York, magazines fight of Andrew Sullivan are no longer the kind of devastating career blows. They once were only twitter retains that power. Big media cancellation is often offering to a bigger income,
sub stack, paid advances to a few dozen writers mode, are simply making money from readers that includes most of the top figures on the platform who makes sense, figure sums for more than ten thousand pangs subscribers among them. Sullivan the liberal historian, Heather Cox Richardson. The confrontational, libertarian Glenn Greenwell. Ok! Well, Glenn Greenwater Libertarian I dont understand. And why they needed to add that, but not call Mister Solomon, a conservative or whatever. But fine, let me show you the math, my friends, it's true, seven figure income. I think I have it pulled up. Actually, I don't think I've ever seen tax, the Rich pulled up, oh well, anyway. Somewhere I had the math, but the point is: let me just let me just tell you the math ten thousand subscribers per month at ten dollars per month. Is a hundred thousand as per month at simple right, one point: two million dollars per year. One
two million of ten thousand subscribers on this appointed a bit, But let me limit. Let me let me explain on this channel. I have one one million, eighty, eight thousand or so on my feet, chip channel. It saw one one million to written forty, nine thousands of drivers, something like that. M cast? I already has nine hundred. Ninety seven thousand three hundred subscribers, but to break a million ten thousand. If, if imagine, if each and every one of these subscribers actually pitched in ten bucks. We would absolutely over run CNN, however. Ass now I'm upset TIM guest outcome has been doing amazing because you guys rock. I look at what some of these people do with their money. I look at them with their fancy. Car their infinity pools. I don't care if their left right up down whatever something that I myself. It doesn't take that much money to change the world man for the better.
Then take that much money to build a massive media empire. That's going to challenge the lies and bring back real journalism. It is not that expensive as well my heart when I see some of these people succeeding on subject outside this optimism sounds because we are seeing exactly what they say: the media, the council, culture is losing its power. The Walker outraged, because people who have you know controversial opinions among the left, I guess, are able to speak. People with opinions are, are able to speak and survive. The poor woman. Some of these people make a million bucks, no joke some of these, people are getting one point, two million dollars per year of just ten thousand subs. They take home probably you know, maybe half a million after all the taxes, no job, because a processing fees platform these. What are they doing with that money?
look I'm a bit of a left, the alot of people, that's why I had the tax. The richly pull them is actually response to somebody either pulled up, because if you in one point, two million dollars from your subs deck shore can pull that taxes or you can hire tons of people and just do better Glenn. You founded the intercept. It was great for a while and then crazy, called establishment garbage took it over. All of us are now the review criticise Joe Biden, not tell you what how about you take that in you got from yourselves subject and you start hiring people to write more articles. The way you envision them to expand your views and your ideas and bring more people into the fold who can do real journalism? Maybe they will maybe they are, but a lot of people aren't metabolism when the first things when people started signing up for TIM Cast outcome which look but the reason I wouldn't
is a patriot or sub stack or a locals or subscribed stars, because I dont a reason for me to give seven percent or more of my income to some company. When I can just hire someone to build a site Weena Bunch, we will sign up, a people nowhere near I think I've got. You know a combined fearful million followers are these platforms. I wish I had even a point me. No one per cent of these people, but I digress the amount of people and allowed us to launch a better website. The next thing we're doing it. We ve already brought on people to expand, we're gonna be hiring a paranormal editor for a new show. That's just paranormal it's going to like want to do as we want explore. The paranormal without sightings, weird monsters and things like that, but from a very pragmatic point, when I can assume as an actual giant, you know moth man flying around. Maybe it was an hour, but we want export
lorries and ask you know why this may be occurring. We want to look at you. I found you IP stories from a pragmatic point of view and actually explore the stuff we're talking about Colson, mysteries and and all all stuff stuff. That's a new into. Why culture to inspire we're gonna be setting up a venue where did comedy shows, and I'm even king with some comedians about writing a sitcom which we will fund. When I look at, what money these people are making, unlike what I don't understand. Maybe it's just me made just me. I see an opportunity when, when, when all of the people come to me, When all the people come to my website- and I say we like- shoot him. We want to subscribe to get the TIM Cast iron podcast, though asked thing. I'm thinking of is an infinity pool. Our retirement account, even I'm not thinking about myself, I'm thinkin, who can I bring on? Who? Can I am power? What more can I do to make everything better so already we fund of log
we ve got the space being built. We want to inspire people to come out and do fun cool things to inspire people too, to speak freely. To be nice, not me not snarking, so we're at all, we're gonna make movies were to make shows its, not all gonna, be politics. We're going to fire people and we're inspire classically liberal values. I dont mean what what will you know? I think a politics liberating what they are talking about: the rights of the individual free inquiry, free thought expression, that's what I'm going to do and how many I'm going to I'm going to I'm going to spend every every cent in that direction. I am going be continually empowering people and we're gonna up regular people to come out and hang out and allow them to be part of this sort. Here's the point of this segment I see more and more. These tweets where people are like substance, is destroying everything, and I love it. It's good. It's amazing
cancel culture. Lunatics are losing power, its not working anymore, that I see the corporate press freaking out. Even Ben Psmith like saying Glenn, Green Walter, confrontational, per Terry and we want to talk about the guys, never done if I'd. That way is progressive. Usanga Bernie Sanders Guy, whatever their freaking out. They're scared good night, not beyond that. I am disappointed I'd like to see more people funding more awesome stuff, but I guess you know for most people they do their job and are happy with the money they make now as much, luck as one minute philosophically now, logically, I'm pretty left. So you know me to do the money that comes isn't gonna go into my pocket front in a very poor or for you know it's a monster trucks or what no lie, I mean all by myself. Stuff, but it's all going to be, you full in the direction of expanding culture and making fun things happen. First and foremost, we are during a news. Editor, probably his rider and editor and a fact checker. So organ of the fact that an endeavour part
building on the editor rights restored the factories and go through it and verify it. So we're actually have factual We are even overwhelmingly writing like five articles, dames like like blogs and cultural issues, but we're gonna do that were to make sure that we get everything right for it. Make shows it comes short films, series logs, we're, gonna Fun contests Gate park. Stuff were enough, and you know a big macs, rollerblade skateboarding scooting all itself would have events we're gonna film it because we're going to use the resources com our way from all of you as members to fuel something bigger, a movement not have anything grand and political grandiose and political, no slackening about voting for you, but I don't care building culture, not inspiring people who stand up for themselves to feel comfortable to be free and treat each other matter where you come from it or what you believe, no matter who you love with respect, not like the woke cult tests who want a judge, you based on your race, and there right, far right counterparts who believe almost the same thing- and I want under that- I don't
some dumb show where they stage these ridiculous plot points where it's like overly woke trash till they ve been doing kind of with you know the Falcon in winter soldier. I don't care for that. Look. You can put some stuff in their negative point across for your politics or ideology. I'm fine with that but when I do like in Captain America the cops pull over there like there's a man bothering you Bucky, because SAM is black dude, I'm like come on man over the top had nothing to do with the story. Do it well, I don't do it at all. Importantly: just make cool new shows and here's the other thing everything is stagnant. Every thing. Ok, the Falcon winter soldier great, but these are old characters. They got U S agent, as the main villain owed ever do it's from the seventies, Spiderman old character It had me down home in on him. It's time we do something new, we make new things and you know what I'm willing to Then the money too Have someone make something new and if it doesn't work, we tried I'm not doing this to be a bit.
Nor am I doing this took them too to take over the meat. Empire and make money for shareholders anything that I'm doing it because it an important service for for the people of his country and the world. I'm doing it because I want to inspire others to be good people and, in return I'm rewarded through capitalism, people like the content, they pay for it. So it's I'll tell you this. We are winning this fight. That's great news. People are forgotten, cancel culture is using its power. The flip side of this when you go in support cast out come I'll. Tell you what that money that comes in everyday, I'm calculating what's the next mission? Who is the next person we bring on? How do we make this bigger and we are growing fast sets up a super easy, because quality control is in you and I am trying to make sure that people we bring an aren't going to be disruptive or damage things, and they really do. Believe in the idea of making fun exciting content for everybody. They want
our people and they want to teach them to respect one another and to be individuals and say, let's just get along and have fun right. So that is how it is hard to expand a lot of people like you just higher twenty people right now. I can't just do that. We have to grow as we can grow news. Editors are coming, TIM, Casta comes to start producing art, does commentary in the vein of what I do, not conservative, fairly, moderate positions, critical and pointing out as much as we can and will try and do both sides and will probably end up debunking alot of left stuff because they tend to not be producing the truth
conservatives produce dishonest stuff will do the same thing as well. The problem. I tell you this, while looking conservatives for the most part, I have a disagreement with them. They tend to be many, the prominent personalities, putting up factual information across in, for instance, you might disagree with him. The left will com a liar and they put up false information, falsely framed information or lies not all of the left, but too many of them are giving shouted to Jimmy Door because he's legit he's a left wing guy who's, honest as if he was complex, he's pretty good. Ronald geniuses we can't all know. We'd, we don't I'll, know everything, but I look like Stephen crowded. He could get his facts straight when he makes a mistake. He corrects it ways of conservative opinion, so we're gonna get along. I disagree with you in your text policy. I just with you in your tax policy, but we agree on the law that was passed. That's what we gotta do well to make a difference. I'm an unspoken I really really anaemic
For this I owe you don't. Normally I bilateral medicine was a little weird for my normal routine, but when I saw the media just it's, it's been several months long panic over substance of what it means. I'm like we're, one in deeds. The good. The good guys are going to win, This means in the short term, but this is this- is good for us will see how it plays up go to I can become a member if you believe in everything I just said, and thank you also much I'll see you almanac segment coming up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast thanks for Hannah.
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