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S581 - Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency, National Guard Deployed As Chauvin Verdict Nears, BLM Riots


Minnesota Declares State Of Emergency, National Guard Deployed As Chauvin Verdict Nears, BLM Riots.

The Jury in the Chauvin Trial could reached a verdict any moment now. It may end up taking days or months but in the mean time cities across the US are preparing for the mass unrest from BLM Riots and the destruction and mayhem of peaceful protests.

Joe Biden made statements to the affect of supporting the family of George Floyd and seems to have called for a guilty verdict which may make everything worse

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Today is April twentieth, twenty twenty one and our first story a state Emergency has been declared in Minnesota and the National Guard is being deployed in several different cities, several jurisdictions are preparing for mass unrest, as we await the direct chauvelin verdict which could come at any moment. in an ex story. Maxine waters Democrat who incited insurrection in Minnesota, lies and says. The judge never claimed her words may get the shovel trial overturned and our last story CNN refuses to accept that they were wrong. pushing a narrative about the death of officer, Sickness medical report now officer Signet died of natural causes and not due to being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher on January six before we get started, leave us a good review. If you like this, Give us five stars, and if you're really like the show share with your friends, is the best way to support us. Now, let's get into that first story:
Jerry deliberations in the criminal trial of Derek shelving are currently underway don't know how long this will take. It could be. a few more hours it could be days or weeks entirely depends on what the jurors are discussing and what they feel. I think it's fair to point out that Politics will play a role in this, and many of the jars are probably scared that if they say not guilty, they find themselves on the short under the stick from these rioters. Most people fear that, were they not guilty verdict, the riots will get very bad. If chauvinist found guilty on all counts will likely see rights across the country, it's hard to say, exact, how bad they will be because perhaps shovel We found not guilty and only if only a few of the counts, and this may still temper the rage of the far left extremists, but across the country people are preparing the governor of Minnesota has declared a state of emergency outside police
being brought in nine million dollars being allocated towards security, and everyone knows exactly what's going to happen. No doubt this going to impact the jury. Illinois has actively the national guard. Philadelphia has activated, National Guard aunt, I write legislation was just signed into law in Florida and Several major metropolitan areas across the country are preparing for mass. On rest, the judge refuse to sequester the jury at even now has stayed that Maxine waters. The things she said may give grounds for the defence for an appeal which could overturn the entire trial. Now perhaps there is some jurors on principle who don't want to condemn Derek chauvinist without. proof beyond reasonable doubt. Perhaps they're saying themselves, I won't send demand a prison unless you can prove it got a reasonable doubt, but perhaps what the judge just said, has made these people feel safer, knowing that they can absolve themselves responsibility say chauvinist guilty on all counts that way, no one burns their house down and then they're, probably thinking
I'll get on appeal. It's no big deal. I can say what it wanted you to say to protect myself. Perhaps the jury is more concerned with their health and safety. Then justice. I think it's a fair, a fair assessment. I think Americans are particularly self interested and many won't stand for truth and justice in this case now, I dont know if Shovin should be found not guilty on all counts. I certainly think the state, as proven their case on most of the count. What manslaughter may fly we can only wait and see. For now. We have to contend with the fact We have a political atmosphere that is charging this trial and pushing it towards a guilty verdict. We ve had the mayor of Minneapolis support the extremists. We now have President Joe Biden saying that he wants the right verdict because the evidence is overwhelm
Some are suggesting that ground for impeachment, because he is telling the people of this country to expect the right thing to do is to convict Jovan. Now what happens at the Joe Biden says that and they don't convict him. What happens on the President of United States? The right verdict is for this man who are present and they say no will. Then people can be mad because, if even the president says so and we must certainly be facing true injustice, and I think it a strong possibility, that's the case, and if it is following the statements from it may be worse than we have seen us. Take a look at what's going on with security measures and what you can expect from these cities. And I will show you what Joe Biden has said, which may make everything worse but before we get started had over the TIM cast outcome to become a member to get access to exclusion,
members only segments in our members area segments from the TIM cast iron podcast rules are going to be expanding into a bunch of new kinds of content, short films, movies comedy and a new podcast on paranormal mysteries, etc. We want do a whole lot. More Whitson cast out, come and make it something bigger than just this show. With your support, we can start doing cool cultural things. It will inspire people and help create a culture of individual fought and people willing to stand up for what they believe in also don't forget to like share subscribe notification Bell. Let's read the first story from a daily collar governor of Minnesota declare a state of emergency. They report Democratic Minnesota, Governor TIM declared a state of emergency in counties near Minneapolis and as bringing in police, backup and other from other states. Out of the verdict in the direction of a trial, numerous sources report like Monday, The declaration includes a request to bring in state trooper from Ohio and Nebraska.
Who will be assigned to security missions that key state facilities while set according to bring me the news following the death of George Floyd protest and raw. its erupted in Minnesota, which resulted in more than two hundred and fifty bill. things being loaded or damaged in Saint Paul, Minneapolis and surrounding suburbs- the case against shovel to the jury Monday and after deliberations, and a full day of closing arguments, the final phase the trial is due to resume Tuesday Fox reported quote. We can't live like this while said according to Fox none, we simply can't, but we can't have thousands of businesses burned and peace, put at risk, whilst also made a request to the Minnesota legislature to free up emergency funding for accuracy Thirty nine million dollar boost at the Minnesota Senate past Monday afternoon, according to Fox nine included, measure is six point: three million dollars in overtime pay and other costs for Minnesota State Patrol which have been deployed to the Brooklyn Centre for security purposes.
after the police, shooting of Dante right in April Fox nine reported. The measure needs to pass. The state house quote as the world awaits a verdict in the trial of direction. We need support in our efforts to preserve the first amendment right of peaceful protests, while protecting look safety while set according to bring me that is the mayors of Minneapolis and Saint Paul said they. Wouldn't they wouldn't order curfews for the entire week out of the verdict, according to Fox nine of curfews, arson, They will likely be on a day by day basis. Minneapolis officials have been preparing security for the Shovin trial for months, the city spent rough six hundred and forty five thousand dollars on fences and barriers to protect city buildings, police precincts from potential vandalism and destruction that could have occurred during the trial waltz also signed it get a border in February to activate the States National Guard ahead of the trial executive or would also extend into August when three other police officers facing charges in Floyd's death will stand trial. Roughly two dozen people across the country were killed.
The result of a looting and riots between May and July. Twenty twenty. I hope you have taken that statement seriously. It's not just about Jovan. There are other officers involved. That means we may be in for some of the largest and longest riots we ve seen if chauvinist found to be not guilty on some counts as long as he is found guilty of manslaughter that it stands to reason. These other officers will face trial as well. We will see more riots, more unrest, it's interesting. The smartest thing the state could have done is just not charge any of the copse inside we decline to profit on the grounds that they were doing their job as officers the right
it would have been probably as bad as they weren't on. I could demand I'm getting worse and it would all be over by now the energy would be long gone. Many of these people believe incorrect things about what happened to George Floyd, so it wouldn't matter whether or not there was a prosecution anyway, right now many activists are saying the people will win when the state wins their case, which is the most non sensible thing to me. It is the state versus Derek chosen. The state is scapegoating Shovin for or their programmes and their training and their requirements and the things they call the cops to do if Chauvelin wins than the police and the actions they take, our justified in the eyes of the people and if the state wins than the state literally still justifies their force because it can escape the officer,
there's no real way the police. When, because it seems to me to what happens, there is likely going to be riots and I'd like to show you a statement from the mayor of Minneapolis an extremely irresponsible statement. The daily collar reports quote, regardless of the decision made by the jury. There is one true reality, which is that George Floyd was killed at the hands of the police. That's actually not reality. The defence is actually put to the jury to give us their verdict, so I think we can only deferred to them if seen all the evidence, and we don't know what caused the death of George Floyd. Perhaps the jury will find that, based on the evidence and expert testimony Chopin was the cause of death. They might find that he wasn't, in which case all of the charges are out the window. Interesting. We, though, if they find that Shovin did not kill George Floyd, there still may be the felony assault charged but I don't even think that one can stand valley. Assault implies that Chauvelin was attacking George Floyd when
Open was a cop trying to arrest someone who was resisting if they convicted chauvinist felony assault. I dont know how any officer could do their job, but I have to imagine many of them would just stay anyway. Now will show you what really scares me it's this statement from Joe Biden, Axioms reports, Biden, says right verdict in Chopin, trial is overwhelming. President Biden told reporters Tuesday that has come to know George voids family and that he's praying. The verdict is the right verdict. Indebted Shoguns trial as the nation awaits the jury's decision, why it matters a fee Those fears are not guilty decision in the high profile case could inflame Rachel tensions, and so, a new wave of riots majority, was sequestered and entered deliberation closing arguments on Monday. What they're saying quote its own
welcoming, in my view, Biden, set without elaborating. I wouldn't say that unless the jury was sequestered, we know what Joe Biden saying. I think it's fair to infer that it fair to say. Well, I'll put it this way. First, he technically didn't say anything he's, as I hope they have. The right verdict will the right word. It could be anything. The evidence is overwhelming. All the evidence could be and is an overwhelming that he's not guilty or guilty. Based on the statements alone, the media is reticent to say that Joe Biden is encouraging a guilty verdict. Considering that he's contacted the FAO we have George Floyd and not the family of Derek Jovan or friends. Then I think it's only fair we know what he means in this case, and should there not be a guilty avert ever the statements Maxine waters and now Joe Biden, the city is going to into the ground and likely many cities in this country. The statements of Joe Biden following Maxine Waters likely give grounds to that events, as a judge stated for an appeal
Now, in that regard, I guessed fair to say the jury's already sequestered, so maybe Joe Biden wouldn't, but I think the Gazelle point out that politics play him ass, a role in this high. I'm a medium. I'm a programme manager, Google, right now lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's where we created Google career certificates in online training programme for fast growing fields like I t, support, project management, data, analytics user experience, design and more you dont, any prior experience, and you can be Jobbery in about six months. So put your skills to work. Go to grow, dark, Google, Slash certificates cup we're not in the story. They say: Felonies Floyd, George Floyd's brother, said Anne NBC today that by called him and his family on Monday. To let us know he was praying for us and hoping everything would come out to be. Ok, he know
how it is to lose family member took till as a family member, and he knows the process of what we're doing going through Floyd said there were good family and they're calling for peace and tranquillity. No matter what the verdict is Biden told reporters, let us conversations Lloyd, family. The big picture- accordant axioms Congress in the White House, are both bracing for the verdict at a closed or meeting last week with members of the congressional Black Caucus Biden said he was concerned about potential fall out from the trial. Thousands of national guard troops and law enforcement officers have been on the ground. Apples since March that he see National Guard has been activated roughly two hundred and fifty members to support local police in response. The potential first amendment demonstrations. Sorry, the first amendment says peaceably assemble, so I am not entirely convinced deploying the these national guards, but anything related. amendment Jim Shouto, tweeted of sea and on you may know him. This is a remarkable statement from you. Mr President, any criminal trial currently under way that I'm praying the verdict is the right verdict. The evidence is
one overwhelming, in my view, shootouts as also of of his call to Floyd's family he said. I wait until the jury was sequestered and I called there are good family. Remarkable is one way to put it completely. Inappropriate is another, but Joe Biden doesn't seem to care lying politics, and I'm not gonna play this. What about game with Donald Trump is at the president anymore? We can criticise Joe Biden now, Caleb whole tweets see and unreported zackie? Just now quote yesterday you set the White House did not want to get ahead of the jury's deliberations, but of course the jury is the labour deliberating. So what changed. good question? What did change, and in this instance, man? My respect was seen and reported for challenging the Bide administration in capacity. They want to wait for joy, doublet deliberations, I wanna get out of it, but now Joe Biden is coming on saying these things. People are gonna, be expecting a guilty verdict. Now the president has made that statement, the evidence is overwhelming and what are we gonna get
we don't know for sure. We don't, but I'll tell you that I am worried that politics is playing a role in what's happening after Maxine Waters made her statement. Most of you probably know this national Guard, a security team was was fired We now have breaking news that a man has been arrested in charge following the shooting that injured to National Guard members in Minneapolis. We don't know that and is the one who actually shot at the national guard? He was charged with us, but the vehicle did match the description of the vehicle that fired according to law enforcement and was found with a gun and there shall casings in his car. So they think why are illiterate they're making it seem as though this is the case. I am highlighting the shore just give me the uptake and let you know that what we're talking about a serious what's to come in in the trial of their children will likely result in rights, no matter what happens and that's why everyone is getting ready. The more extreme instances of security prepare preparedness is,
These following stories Dc National Guard activates, two hundred fifty troops ahead of the Shovin verdict. They say statement on Monday these are National Guard announced that would activate approximately two hundred two hundred fifty personnel to support local law enforcement and responds to potential first a moment demonstrations. The force is approved to support DC and longed for as needed. The guardsmen we're specifically requested to assist police with street closures at multiple intersections in order to provide safety in and around pedestrian areas quote at the request of doktor. the rig as director of the Dc Homeland Security and emergency management says agency, that iterative column National Guard is in a support role to the Metropolitan Police Department and we are prepared to provide a safe environment for our fellow citizens to exercise their first amendment right, Brigadier General Erin are being the second, the adjutant general of Dc National Guard said in a statement. This is
home, and we are dedicated the safety and security of our fellow citizens of the district and their right to safely and peacefully protest. in a letter sent to that Easy National Guard and April eighth critical Rodriguez, the director of the Deasey governments, homeland security, an emergency management agency, requested that the guard be activated to help the DC police, manage crowds, block vehicles and at traffic posts and provide a quick response. Force quote: the trial is expected to last three to four weeks and there is the potential for first amendment demonstrations to occur in D c in response to the verdict. These strains are can grow and with the demonstration that occurred during twenty twenty, where the district saw a large influx of participants and general disorder and criminal activity than those are not first amendment activities, please be more specific. On Monday, the prosecution in defence delivered they're closing our once they have been county, medical examiner ruled voice at the homicide, but we'll see what the verdict as next up, we have Governor Pritzker, activating Illinois, National Guard Tuesday for Shovin verdict
governor, Jamie Pritzker as activating the Illinois National Guard Tuesday. At the request of the city of Chicago due to the upcoming Jovan trial verdict, there's office at a hundred twenty five members of the only national Guard will deploy to Chicago beginning on Tuesday support the Chicago Police Department as needed. At the request of me, Lightfoot. I am activating members of the ongoing national guard to support the city in keeping our community safe, said Governor J B Pritzker it is. It is critical that those who wish to peacefully protest against the six against the systemic racism and injustice that holds back to many of our communities can to be able to do so. Members of the guard and the Illinois State Police will support the city of Chicago's efforts to protect the rights of peaceful protestors and keep our family safe, Governor Prince also directed the Illinois State police to support the Chicago Police Department with additional troopers. The troopers will work closely. Chicago police and other local law enforcement supporting efforts to keep the community safe quote Our greatest priority at all times is ensuring the safety
security of the public said Mayor Lightfoot, while there is Oh actionable, intelligent at the time. We want to be fully prepared out. I'm an abundance of car, Our city has a long history of peaceful, expressing its first amended rights, and I encourage residence to exercise their right to free speech. This coming week, thoughtfully respectfully peacefully soldiers assigned to this mission are from the Illinois. national guards. Thirty three military police battalion- these individuals are specifically are specially trained in right control operations. Last summer threat, five Illinois National Guard members would apply to Chicago during on following the death of George Floyd, and we are not done next Slovenia, National Guard activated as Philly, perhaps for potential unrest ahead of Derek Jovan murder, trial verdict, city leaders outlined plans for increased law enforcement, staffing Governor Wolf activated more than one thousand Pennsylvania National Guard of the city and preparation for any potential unrest.
ok, here's a mouthful, my friends and and- and this is the next big metro an area that activating National guard. I don't want to. Keep saying the same things over and over again, but you know- and then let me just take a break to say. I think these matters, I think it's important, you know what's to come for those of you. There living a metropolitan areas. We are preparing for a hurricane, the figurative Hurricane Illinois, Dc Pennsylvania. I should say you know the Philadelphia area and Minnesota are prepared for a major major emergency. I think, in my personal opinion, is a strong point. Ability and trying to be careful here. You will be worse than we saw last year. One of the reasons I left Philadelphia. I was in a fairly suburbs: Theirs bridge in the writers cross the bread she may have heard me say something like this. For those that have fallen mother mother segments And I want to be anywhere near a city. Many people have been
stay away from Minnesota and get out of any apple s. If you can those that can't, I hope you're prepared the Enquirer reports, Philadelphia officials and community leaders Friday, outlaw plans for increased emergency operations and law enforcement staffing, while Gunnar Tom Wolf Activity more than one thousand Pennsylvania National Guard numbers to the city, preparation for any unrest following the verdict in the trial of their children, the former many able officer. We know about this. At the request of the city, Wolf signed a proclamation of disaster Friday evening, activating the one thousand plus eight guard members to support the current efforts in Philadelphia to protect our beloved. Birth and city. The proclamation is effective for ninety days unless Wolf rescinds or extends it. The activation of the guard came after city leaders how the news conference Friday saying they learned from the large scale, Rachel Justice demonstrations and unrest and fill it up your last spring and have developed a holistic plan
dress, Annie Aftermath of a landmark Jovan verdict. Regardless of what may develop. I am confident I am confident that our department is prepared forever may come our way said police commit our outlaw standing in front of the municipal Services building a flash point for conflict and twenty twenty. Where the statute, A former mayor and police Commissioner, Frank Rizzo once stood and where a neural highlighting black lives matter protesters was later installed. Last year she said what we made mishaps along the way we are committed to moving forward in a meaningful and productive manner at a highlight that mural in that at statue. These politicians are absolutely deferential to the extremists and the writers who are taking over the justice system, the president him. Health is essentially calling for no justice to be found. Justice in the trial of Derek Jovan would be the jury coming to their verdict without without interference. Politicians from rioters, but unfortunately,
We ve seen all last year we ve lost any semblance of real leadership in this country. Donald Trump had some, I suppose the willingness to stand up to the rights to the mobs to weakness, to cancel culture, but it wasn't particularly good leadership. He may have done many good things he may have had better policies invited, but now our cunt, is bereft of any true leadership, the Republicans flail and do nothing they state they call for centuries. Maxine waters who has inside it direction in this country and most they repeatedly defer to the extremists. I can only. I can only echo unexpectedly it it's gonna get bad outside of Philadelphia, Utah law enforcement. Activists say protests likely once Jovan verdict announced a pity that lantos, as per is prepared for possible fall out from the shovel,
it downtown Seattle businesses prepare for possible riots while awaiting Derek Jovan verdict. Los Angeles braces allay braces for unrest, while waiting, Garrick, Sheldon Verdict is happening across this country, and we can only expect it's likely to occur. So what do we do? Move out of cities? The best thing I can say that s advice. I can give Everyone whose trapped, lock your doors, go to the store, now pick up food and water and treat this like a hurricane they'll likely the suburban areas. They did it last time they may even threaten residences. We ve seen protesters in the Pacific Northwest do just that. So what can we expect and what I'm frame. Let me read a little bit from this MP, our news article, where they first talk about chauvinist testifying and what we makes, what we, what we can expect. Why didn't shovin testify? They say if Jovan had decided to take the stand, it could have helped
presenting in a more human light, perhaps by him expressing remorse. Much of what jurors have sir of chauvinism, man sitting quietly behind a mask in the courtroom or video footage of him kneeling on Floyd. we have not seen any emotion from him said Mary Moriarty, former chief public defender for Hennepin County, and he not be capable of that or wanted to do, that, Chopin would have faced considerable risks had chosen to testify under cross examination prosecutors. Would press Jovan, to know what was going through his mind? They also what walked him endures through damaging video. All this would have happened under these we have cameras and live stream? This is being being all around the world. They say how, shoguns decision. Not do not justify affect the jurors shogunate, a constitutional right to remain silent. Kay Hell will re instructions to the jury. Mc Nutt, clear quote, the state must convince you, buy Evelyn beyond reasonable doubt, but the defendant is guilty of a crime charged, the defendant has no obligation to prove innocence. The defendant has the right not to testify
the right is guaranteed by the federal and state constitutions. You should not draw any inference from the fact that the defendant has not testified in this case but legal experts say jurors, probably want to hear from Shovin the typical thinking as if he was innocent, he'd come and tell us that said Mark also a professor at the Universe Saint Thomas, how long will jury deliberations take? But the reason I highlighted those previous portions of this article is just too to say there is a strong possibility that the jury actually means Jovan guilty for a variety of reasons: Jerome and the media often hold that against people when they don't testify on their own behalf, even though the the reason why we have the fifth amendment. That being said, if there a guilty verdict in may not be because of pressure. It may be because they when we believe Chauvelin overstepped his bounds. The jury is allowed to draw the conclusion, but how long will the stake
I say, could be anywhere from several hours. Today's or even weeks, as the judge said in his parting comments to yours before closing arguments began its up to the jury. How long you deliberate How long you need to come to a unanimous decision on any account in in twenty seventy, jurists delivered for five days before finding saying Anthony Police Officer Geronimo, yet has not guilty in all charges secondary and slaughter and two counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm in the fatal shooting a Philander Castillo during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights jurors previously told the judge they had deadlock. In twenty nineteen jurors, informer, Minneapolis, jurors, informer, Minneapolis officer Mohammed nor murder, trial reached a verdict, and after about eleven hours of Philip deliberations, he was convicted of third degree. Murder. and secondary manslaughter for killing nine one one collar Justine, rucksack support for this policy, comes from Verizon Business, Verizon Business, unlimited plants, unlimited data, no overages and more built right for business. With the speed of horizon five g
Verizon in business. Unlimited plans from his lows: thirty dollars per line, visit, Verizon, dotcom, slash business, slash plants, Perma five lines on business? Unlimited start includes paper free billing without open, select, smartphone agreement, discounts, taxes fees in terms apply fascination white available in twenty seven hundred plus cities on most Verizon five G devices, Philtre White Band available only in parts of select cities last year, yours and Stillwater deliberate, about seven hours before quitting Washington, county deputy, brine crook of manslaughter first, Benjamin Evans, twenty three and off duty empty what for Suicide during a twin eighteen stand up, unlike Elmo. Sides Chopin nor yellows and crook- are the only a sort of law enforcement officers to have been tried for an on duty, death, Washington, county attorney, PETE or Put has charged former Brooklyn centre. So can potter with manslaughter in the April, shooting of Dante right. Will the jury be sequestered? Yes, so the jury's Arthur the jurors are sequestered, they say they will be isolated in a hotel while they work towards a verdict.
The judge is allowing the jury to view the trial exhibits, including video footage through a laptop computer and a large monitor rather than having them returned the courtroom. The jurors will be able to submit questions to the judge by Zoom Porter sat at the design of Porter said the desire of sequestered jurors to return home to their lives, and families can sometimes be a motivating factor in their speed. I think they mean K. Hill Porter was the cop who got arrested right. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Now that is Porter Potter was the We got arrested okay, so this is porter making a statement. They say to what extent it Jerry, aware of the fatal police, shooting of Dante Right jurists, probably knows something about it. They have been told. Void the news, but the fallout from the right killing, including knights of tear gas curfews. An instant looting has again thrust Minnesota International spotlight. use the curfews also went out on cellphone alerts at least
under our lives in Brooklyn Centre, while others have connection to the Minneapolis suburbs. According to Shoguns attorney, he made an unsuccessful request for sequestration, so like to point out, imagine being adjourn, this trial imagine live. Where do you live? Where do you live, Do you know you live in a big city? Maybe you don't: maybe you live in a sovereign or maybe you have family who does what you heard about the riots in New York, Chicago Ellie across this country, didn't you text your loved means asking them if they were ok and if they had locked their doors and if they are paying attention, you probably did didn't you, don't you think the jurors likely Worried they knew they had to have known rights were happening. It's not about the news is not people talking to each other, and I can only imagine they called their families that are you. Ok, I can only imagine their families, then said the city is going to burn. Only imagine that many of the jurors know they will be targeted and their families will be targeted things. A strong
possibility of a guilty verdict on all counts, and I wonder what that means for the police. They have been trying to defend the police and abolish them. Well, short of that working which it didn't. The next thing you can do is just get all of the cops to walk away. Now, in my opinion, I think the cops should I think it's a win win for everybody. The activists don't want cops, the locals, don't defend the cops and if the jury is willing to Victor cop than your need to quit, they say that their protecting those who are too scared to speak up. Sorry- I'm not a fan of that logic. If the city votes for common and Biden, if by in says Shovin its overwhelming. We note the right verdict as it calls the Floyd family. They are against you as police officers. Why are you there and also think about We imagine there is like some
on doing something, just our random task and the city votes for this person to stop, and they don't. At a certain point. We need to realise that your own community hates your guts. They are not willing to defend you. Maybe there people who do like he was an officer. I daresay I let the cops but they're, not don't like you. to actually say anything or do anything. You have no support you're. Very little support at what point of the police just say enough about right now, the bringing cops from I jurisdictions. Many of these cops are likely just coming here, because two paycheck and therein lies the problem so long as their cops. Who don't care about the community? Don't care what people say. It will just keep getting worse, fine, means we're gonna see way more riots. Now you could just rip. The bandit often have cops. I am I get involved. I wonder what happens now these rights erupt and then one of these key RO higher comes in, and then he uses a less lethal weapon kills a protest her and then
they were prosecuting you because you should have done it. You know what what are you what you expect? What do you expect? Imagine Roy? into a burning building unutterable, do another burning building analogy and instead of the fire and set of that that that the fire chief saying we're going support. They shut the water off while you're in them. the burning building and then they closed the door on you. Why would you do it Look, I get it it's one thing if you're gonna run to a burning building the save people, but what happens when, tyres system the residents. The politicians oppose what you are doing as an officer, oh sure, behind closed doors. They might say. Thank you so much for everything you do and then in public they'll say let em burn so you're gonna run into a conflict into a riot.
Where you could face life in prison and have everything around you destroyed in your family threatened for what reason do you take that risk guests? A paycheck! Well, tell you this. If you could see everything there doing, and you could see that they are willing to sacrifice these officers and you're willing to defend that? Well, then you get what happens you like you deserve it. You chose it if the people of Minneapolis vote for binding common law, the people who support the right first and then their house burns down. They voted for it like how am I gonna go to imagine if someone voted to have like, I don't know like like sewage dumped on their long legs, it was like I demanded happen. Okay now what happened? Why would I assume their upset about it? They are voting for this stuff. They have that the police
are also not wanted in his communities? So then, why are there? Why? Why? Why do they do it? Who are they protecting when the rights break out? We see the cops defend police departments, that's the stupidest thing ever you're you're there you're giving a target for the riders you're the voted against. I just think it absurd. At this point, I think people that respect the police and don't don't respect what they what they are the community and what they're doing, and if that's the case, then maybe maybe the cops should just say Yaller on your own. You know I know a lot of people say. Maybe there's people here who do support us did if they're not well To go outside and March, if they're not well, even set on their porch or put a blue lives matter flag up, they're, not there absolutely not willing to do some people are well, then I don't care what they say behind closed doors. Do not support you. If I hear from people the time where they message me saying, I oppose all this weakness in cancer cultured him, but I can't speak up. I'm scared, I'm like, then you dont really oppose it.
you just personally, don't like it, but you'd prefer it over any real risk to yourself not with with with pot with great power, comes great responsibility, And that means that any power or any privilege comes responsibility. You wanna safe community than the other, bons ability to make sure that you you you help the police. If you'll, like the police, irresponsible to speak up. I'd say this: at the very least, the left is not backing down the right and those sport cops ain't doing anything in these places for the most part, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see the verdict come any moment. Oliver, their necks, whence come up tonight at eight p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast iron. Well, thank sprang up and we'll see you omen. You may heard that Maxine Waters made a threat against the jurors and Chauvelin trial this past week. It was big news. Now there are some republican calling for her to be expelled. Marjorie, Taylor, Green there's calls for Sancho and even some Democrats may be getting on board Maxine Waters
basically sad that if they dont get a first degree, murder conviction which Shovin wasn't charged with navigate more active and more confrontation as you know, they ve already been riding. It's been pretty serious. There's been, I just I guess, ass gunshots use your these videos words. Like thirty gunshots ringing out, I don't think he's going to get any more confrontational infected tone things down, we'll Maxie water space. We made a threat against the jury, that's the way it was stated essentially in the trial, and the judge in hey such Cato, said that the statements from Maxine waters very how may overturn the entire trial, which is a shocking admission No Maxine Waters has the gall to go on CNN claim. It never happened. They never said it. Don't don't don't trust what you see with your eyes here's your ears: it never happened. No, no! No! They didn't. I didn't say that and see it runs like yeah, the judge literally said they might overturned the trial. Because of what you did, I can't say: I'm surprised our of its Maxine waters, just being really old and not being able to like thing clear,
Lee and underhand. What's going on, you know and that, with all due respect that we look you Not you not a sharp, as used to be kerosene, axing she's from California, she comes with a riot zone and you tell people to get more active and more confrontation. Of course, black lives matter. Supporters saying that she never called for violence and she's talking about civil rights, blah blah blah dude. I don't care, crystal is I've seen and run an Ipad sang Maxine is made everything go from bad to worse or something to that effect and he's right. She met a volatile situation. Much worse. Yes, she did so. You might even see some Democrats joining Kevin Mccarthy, but I say this in autumn: blame Maxine Waters, for a bombastic insider of insurrection, necessarily first and foremost. Yes, it's her fault for doing it. Let me rephrase that it's her fault for in hiding insurrection that I understand, but the problem that we're seeing well at a certain point, responsibility of the courts as to come into play.
The defence was asking for sequestration of the jury for a very long time and the judge repeatedly denied it ah, you know, look man, I'm I'm I'm kind of bombed on this I thought Judge Kale was up with is a pretty good. Dude I've been watching this trial. I think he's been pretty fair and reasonable and is trying to do a good job. But now I question his abilities. He was told this is a major store with unprecedented press attention and the judges like. So what and the states these other riots have nothing to do with this case. The jury understands that dude the jurors lives in the city where their rights are happening, Brooklyn Centre and the judge goes yesterday. I believe that an alternate we dismissed and the defence goes. No, your honor, I'm no and he's like. Are you sure it's like, I believe, that's not true. Your honor, and the judge like all have to you know you shouldn't Nelson's the de facto like I'll check or even though
The no one of the jurors lives, the city where their riding ass to commute through the riots. The people coming to this trial for four shovin are driving past boarded up windows. It's a shocking to me that the judge is admitting Maxine water statements could cause the whole trial to be overthrown overturned and yet he's the one who denied sequestration. Let me go back in time and also a maxim What is the gall to say we're in job way back to November? Fifth, twenty twenty judge. Lloyd trial will stay in Minneapolis and CARE and be lives. Dreamed defence attorneys wanted the drought. relocate out of concerns about safety and an impartial Jerry amazing. That events knew exactly what needed to happen. Judge said no well. this is from Remember November of last year. They sent a number Other rolling scale also join the trials of border opposite joined the trouser for their authors together, but will block. So I just can't believe that we go back.
We go back this far and we know exactly what's going on, there was they should have been sequestered the whole time. Defence attorneys for the former officers had argued. The trial should be moved going into protestors, who harassed attorneys defendants following previous hearings, while chaos Eddie finds, safety concerns credible. He said they don't support a change of venue, but better safety planning, moving value to a smaller county. Well, not assuage the defendant security concerns, but instead is likely to heighten the those concerns, because the relevant, The house would certainly be smaller than the had it been county government centre defence attorneys. It also argued the pre trial that pretrial publicity may have caused pendule jurists to be biased bouquet, said no corner of the state of Minnesota has been shielded from pre trial publicity regarding the death of George Floyd, and that moving the trial likely wouldn't make a difference. Pale said is willing to weaken to reconsider, as the case develops. Floyd family. Many supporters opposed women trials, as we understand quote massive preacher
but was, it is no longer compelling factor to move a trial in the age of internet. It's an interesting point, but it's their basically saying because the internet is so pervasive and powerful. We should give up on the rights of the individual, the right to a fair trial. I'm sorry I do not believe that is a fair thing to say in a number of other rulings. Thursday cakes also joined the trials of other officers outlined a plan for keeping yours anonymous and partially sequestered during the trial, you all. You will allow the trial to be live streamed now that was cool I'm glad he allowed the trial to be live stream, but partial sequestration, basically just meant he told the jury. Please avoid media about the case that that's it. Please avoid media about the case but offence. Later, on this other day, like even when you're watching tv shows there talking about George Foot, because last week, shelving trial judge deny
request for Jerry sequestration after police shooting incredible on April twelfth it was reported by and pr the defence said. Please sequester the jury, meaning then you'll get access to information. They need to be impartial as the fact stand and not be influenced by threats or riots or news, and the judge said no. And now here we are my words: don't matter Maxine Waters, brushes off Chopin Judge who warned that her calls for Beale in protest to be more confrontational could overturn a whole case after defence accused of terminating the jury to fair accusation. In my opinion they say recently makin waters did not on Monday interfering the trial of data children as the jury, retired climate Dodge overseeing the former policeman's case said her provocative words. It don't matter, despite his cut, condemning her actions in court as important, water is a Democrat. Retaining California sparked outraged by trap,
too many atlas on Saturday and urging protesters to get more confrontational. Shove was acquitted. Her remit on the eve of the jury retiring to consider, its verdict were widely condemned and may it emerged have handed shoguns defence grounds for appeal and the turning over of any guilty verdict. That is a Democrat. Who did that? They may fall this man guilty and then couple weeks later, whatever appeal boom free to go, mistrial whatever animal and then what more rights you betcha when pressed amazing yet waters. Eighty two defiantly since that on Monday afternoon that she stood by her words, the judge. As my words, don't matter. She told CNN in one of the most bald faced lies. We have ever seen from a politician just straight up. Saying not true when pressed on the judge stating at her marks could be grounds for appeal. She replied, oh no, no, they didn't
these people are sick. You not yet really sad to me, though. Maxine waters knows that chicken spit your face and she'll still get elected and it great how this system works, how dumb she's in what like a d, twenty districts and I can load because people there don't care about politics and they vote for her for no good reason, and then she lies and so what she insisted jewess entirely justified in our call to action saying the whole civil rights movement is confrontational, worthy. What I mean yeah, but like by turning down buildings and towing bricks. Ok, you Norman early on Monday waters. Comments were seized upon by Showbiz Lee. demon criticised by the judge. Speaking for the jury, sent out one avenue. Children's attorney Eric Nelson once again made a bid to other case against his client thrown out on the ground. There was no way the jury could be untainted.
by the excessive publicity surrounding the case. Now that we have you, U S, representatives threatening acts of violence in relation to this trial is frankly mind. Blowing taking it against taking it into consideration, Judge Peter CHAOS added. I grant that congressmen waters may have given you something on appeal that may result in whole trial being overturned, judge he'll denied Nelson's move from a Robert said. I wish elected affair. would stop talking about this case. They should respect a co equal branch of government. He said that a failure to do so was abhorrent, but added, I dont, think its given additional material with which to Just the jury, a kind of someone's opinion really doesn't matter a whole lot. Aright, that's it Joe Kay Hill is like trying to get a guilty verdict. I think I think that the politics of this case are do everything you can to get Shovin two to two to lock him up. It's really amazing. I gotta be honest when I'm seeing this the story from economic ember talking about the officers and what they ve been chow
with? Let me let me show you something in this photo. They say former Minneapolis police officer, Thomas Lane, leaves the Hennepin County family Justice Centre after a pre trial hearing on September, eleventh in Minneapolis Lane is charged with aiding and abetting second degree, manslaughter in the death of George Floyd, aiding and abetting second degree manslaughter another now that the officers were seriously struggling with Lloyd, Now, though, we know that, according to police protocol, they are entitled to use more force than they did, but that they should have. they're still try to make. It seem like these people were out to cause a death. The most using thing to me? Is that the only thing they could they could do to make this case happen was charge Chauvelin with felony assault? The only possible way, they could try and get a murder charge against him was the phoney murder rule. Ok a cop is getting a protocol.
detained someone who's actively, resisting and almost actively aggressing, because Floyd was kicking, not liking. People who face but like he was on the ground in use, kicking his legs up and down there trying to hold his legs down. It was near act of aggression and that's what we heard the defence of the prosecutions on witness and so therefore a hole in the ground. Meanwhile, people are crowding round screaming. Are you said Officers aren't allowed to detain someone and its assault. It's the most psychotic thing. I've ever heard the officers are instructed to do a job to wrestle buddy, I'm not saying they showed, or it's good the problem of the system. The system is at fault in the end, no matter what happens, the state wins. Lemme tell you why this officer showman any farther officers, detain George floor. They hold them down if chauvinist convicted, literally the state prosecution gets their scapegoat and says, ah we win. If she
When wins, then the state is basically winning on the grounds of officers are allowed to do what they do. If you have a problem with what the officers did, then you shouldn't be happy, no matter what happens, and I see people saying no, but people and, if chauvinists convicted, no literally it's the state verses, Jovan, the state law. Billy Windsor on paper if Jovan goes to prison, if you ve got to go to prison and the state winds on the grounds the police department was justified in their use of force, not saying they weren't at two different arguments are political arguments saying the activists should be more focused on that. Instead, they just want a symbol to attack. They want Chopin, it'll chemicals, Barton, I mean they want to abolish the police. That's that's that's fair, but what does it matter if, if chauvinist the guy who goes, gets arrested it's a waste of time, it escaped the rest. I see we read that guy. He commit the crime, it's basically the states and it's his fault. His heart was too small bro. You hire these people in Utah.
On what to do now. You're, claiming its assault, its felony assault to put a guy in the ground, is actively resisting what what If children use the taser he's elite that the that the prosecution of Witness Eddie was allotted, though it is incredible, so now because they were trying to attain a guy who was resisting their act there there charging the other other through four cops. I think it is with aiding and abetting a man. Slaughter is absolute insanity. I'm not happy with the system not a fan the current police system, as we have it or the criminal justice system. I think it needs reform. I do think it's better than most countries not get me wrong. Are present system needs to be completely overhaul Man, I look at Norway and they got a good present prison system. Sure we'd make changes. You know, but now we're gonna have riots waters that they want to say a joint protest at Minneapolis suburb of Brooklyn Centre on Saturday night for menstruation over the death of Dante Right waters, told us,
testers that she will fight for justice on their behalf and urge them to get more confrontational. Just one day after riots they say protest descended into violence. I opened it avert this as guilty guilty guilty. She said, and if we don't, we cannot go way. We ve got to stay in the street we ve got. We would get me active. We ve got to get more confrontational, we're gonna make sure they know that we mean business. The important thing that's emitted from most of the quotas that she specifically set its first degree murder its first agree: murder. She that that means premeditation. That means Jovan looked at Floyd. Cited to kill them in the USA, sedimentary leader Mcconnell. Why eyes when, after waters on Monday telling colleagues it's hard to imagine anything more inappropriate that member of Congress flying in from Californy when form local leaders, not so suddenly, this defendant had better be found guilty, or else there will be big trouble in the streets. Kentucky republican look intolerable
so that water's demand for a guilty verdict was like somebody window shopping or ordering off a menu? Every single American deserves a fair trial. The sacred you do not. You do not balanced the scales of justice by trying to tell them the top Senate Republican noted that, though much of the country's quest for civil rights and equal justice has been the fight to get rid of extra judicial violence to get rid of rig trials where the outcome was modeled. public sentiment or angry mob. It is beyond the pale for sitting member of the United States Congress to look at what happened last summer and imply that there, some kind of sequel, if a legal case does not unfold as she thinks it should have an Mccarthy's going a little further monopoly to cover Mccarthy, took a criticism even further say that he is introducing emotion, who censure waters and claim that up to fifteen Democrats could vote for the motion. So what now Jerry Taylor Green for all her fault is the only one actually doing anything censure you guys know. Censure means it means gonna go. Oh Z, magazine, don't you say those things they bring her up
she sits down and they say we are outraged. Have a nice day, men Marjorie Tale Britain wants to get our expelled, but you know a man it's performative trash. The republican party is trash. I dont care they're garbage they ve been garbage forever as long as I've known- and I think it's funny when p or like, but there, but it's better. You know we cannot the Democrats when fair point. The demo that's or worse, in a lot of ways, but you know what I can give them. That Democrats, credit for Maxine Waters flew out and tried inciting an insurrection, or, I should say, incited insurrection. There was ongoing like that that they they're burning down the China set fire to police stations. They literally set fire to police stations, they opened fire or someone opened fire on national guardsmen. Certain points insurrection- and it was only a few
accepting after Maxine Water said this. That happened. So what do the Republicans do our bit to wag our finger at this late, wow good job there was one thing was jack- was sober between something like report, The kids would be moving to expel or impeach it. You know somebody like tromp, if you said something anything close to what Maxine Water said. You know it. Republicans are basically democrat light were for the most part. They just say that they they pretend like their oppose the Democrats, but do nothing in actuality to stop anything. The Democrats. Do you like think about how pathetic Kevin Mccarthy is right now calling for censure is at it. Is that all you can muster, then you don't deserve to win elections. Sorry, I dont care. A lot of people. Tell me tat. You have to be responsible and vote for Republicans, because you know the Democrats in the weakness in the critical theory and Eliza
I get the point. I got the boy, but sorry it's like am I gonna. Am I going to vote for someone and pretend like we were actually getting security in this country when the Democrats are too king of went Maxine waters literally calls for for violence. It tries to incite an insurrection, the Republicans go onto wag, my finger, the Democrats literally impeached Donald Trump when he wasn't the president or I'm sorry, he eyes at the trial happen after he wasn't. The Democrats are willing to go nuclear to such an extent. They will try to convict someone who isn't even the president. Meanwhile, the Republican Party sits there and says oh crazy magazine we're going that we're going to bring you in and we're going to yell at you. How incredible is that man Republicans? You know. I don't know. Republicans were were more adamant back in the day, but I can tell you this much. Mcconnell is say in a whole lot of nuthin. Do we really need to hear Mitch, Mcconnell uncover Mccarthy sang
everyone already knows and thanks and then do nothing about it. Incredible do nothing about it. Ok, ok, Joe, so you want me to go vote twenty twenty two I'm not convinced it's going to happen. Maybe a lot of people are pointing out. You don't know how bad it's going to get. You notes two thousand and twenty one Bella Block. maybe a year and a half will see bomb on lean towards. I doubt it. I seriously doubt it look Donald Trump with some different. I don't like Donald Trump. Of reasons, but I support a lot of the policies you is proposing, and at least we oppose the critics Is there a nonsense and oppose the rioting something we need better than what by now by making everything worse, I thought the rise. We're supposed to stop once by became president no apparently and binds America's even worse, because now it's not about Trump. Now it's just proof. The whole thing was was a farce. The whole time- and they are just violent people, so you want me to come in twenty twenty two and vote for these Republicans
oh man, maybe- but I do- I look at what what what they do with power. Nothing so wasting my time. It's a way everyone's time at a certain point if they are not supporting us? Why would I support them? I gotta get it? Some people are like at least your closing the door on Democrats. For the time being, they may not be pulling out of the burning building, but there you know stopping the fire from spreading a little bit like not to waste. My time the way the Republicans are. Gonna learn is if people just stop voting forum, the Democrats going to keep one envisages liable. Maxine waters got on CNN and says judge, never said that. No judge didn't say that didn't happen. Amazing, omnipresent people believe this woman. So I don't know what you did let me just to blindly be alike, I must support the Republicans, because Democrats are bad, as this does not a good it's. It's not something, I think, is reasonable. Now this this week, we ve already seen large protests we ve already seen.
thousands of National Guard deployed and things seemed fairly com. Yesterday, I'm not, I think, even I think, no matter what happens there will be some kind of riot, but I do believe I would lean towards this. If chauvinists convicted on all counts, I think there won't be very serious riots. I really don't. I think it might be moderate. I think you might see raucous protests and clash with cops. I dont think it'll be like the entire city burned to the ground. If he's acquitted in any capacity in any of the charges, murder to three whatever that I think they light everything up they burned to the ground. Now I was hanging out with Deasey right, rose or Haven, Turin and Rich Mcguinness other than the IRA podcast, and that their solely of the opinion that things will get worse, and I think that a good point and up up up up I'll, say my own work I want but words in their mouth we have, lockdown going on for a long time. You know several months and
but we're losing their minds. Now things have a kind of eased a whole lot. Jobs are coming back and people feel that more stable. Now back back last year, when the riots reached the worst we'd seen in years and decades, people had nothing to do. Where to go, and so they are out the streets. Now people are working a bit not completely, many cities are still locked down quite a bit, but people have gotten back to their lives a little bit, which may mean this won't be nearly is bad, but I think if they acquit chauvinist all counts than you you better get ready. You better get ready for what's coming from Minnesota and the rest of this country, acquitted of all on all counts free to go. That means the other complicate. Let go as well, and the India has been lying to the american public for so long that they think Chauvelin is about to get convicted on all counts. They really believe that I don't think the states prove their case, several legal analysis at something similar, so we'll see men we will see. I think politics plays a role, I think
in waters detained the Joanna things possible. We get a political guilty verdict, you know it's it's it's easy to say because, as you know, if he's proven guilty I'll be like use, I will say this: all you see. You know that the jury was tainted. Maybe they just found him guilty. Maybe they genuinely believe you did something wrong as the prosecution didn't. You know blow the entire case. They they made some good points that may have swayed the jury for sure hunger as possible, And no matter what happens every one's going to say, I knew it. So I don't know I don't know it's going to happen. We'll see I'll leave it there next month coming up Next I was coming up on this channel at one p m. Thanks bring it out and I will see you owe them. I'm sure you saw the story about officer sickness. The media reported that he died because he was hit inhabit. The fire extinguisher and became the big narrative that the pro Trump riot insurrection killed a cop and when I first heard the news, it was a point about the New York Times, and so my attitude was anger. I was I was passed.
Why would you go and transforms, building and and and kill a cop? Why would you hit him on the head? Why would any of this happen not true? A lot of these people did some really dumb things and they did attack cops. I thought it was stupid. Do the people thought they could go into a building, and that would somehow change things? What what year? Do you think it is? It's not the seventeen huh, There are eighteen hundred. We occupy a building it now you're the government signed out works, but anyway it turned out the store, wasn't true. In fact, it was, I think, even like a couple days later, local media reported that was her sick neck died of a stroke. Now I mean this in no way be disrespectful to opt disrespectful to officer sickness and his family. A death is a tragedy to sad story and my condolences seriously, but the media pushed the narrative well past the point where we knew- or I should say it should have been known- to them that signet died of a stroke. We have a new breaking storage, amazing medical examiner fur only releases officers, signet cause of death and what had happened?
and the news is natural causes. Natural causes is a stroke. It's a sad story they said that there was no allergic reaction to any bear spray or territories like that. I believe that You mentioned that the stresses in this moment does not contribute to his condition, but so would anything else totally possible. Had the insurrection we're gonna call it not happened, probably still would have lost his life and that a doctor, makin impotent, pretend to know. But the bigger issue is CNN remains Payment CNN still seen in this new day defends capital right coverage after ruling on Brian sick next death. This doesn't change what happened on the sixth, of course they would defend it. Of course they can't just up and say. Maybe we should have pulled back on this narrative a little bit to the nature of the media. These days as motive you are probably aware CNN has built.
destroyed their any semblance of credibility that ever had and I'll admit in the past. Four five even before trumpeted have a whole lot, but the destroyed it completely eyes to watch CNN. I take it for what it was. Corporate establishment news that men they were very much in favour of protecting the establishment, but you need still get some information that was worth listening to and then tromp happened They decided to sell out in an extreme way orange. And bad became their bread and butter. and they lost of yours. Like me, I'm not like the biggest fan of CNN I tell you often I used to have seen and running in the background twenty four seven asthma. Other newsrooms do- and I would do this because breaking news happened. I was. I would trust that CNN would run the story about breaking news. Well,
turn off, as the narrative shifted from breaking news into complaining about Trump. It became talk, radio phone, listen, a progressive talk, radio. I will make a turn on CNN for that. Try to change the gentle now these people still watch CNN are on the right. Word is for it, but they live in a paranoid delusional state. They can't let this go. They can't admit things art as bad as they as they think to look at our Google operates. We have ongoing riots with a showman trial. What's really important right now, a state of emergency being declared which in all cover in the next segment, overtook guest outcome, but instead CNN is talking about Trump and the capital and to me it's absolutely insane. You know the trapped in the past
I saw a lot of people who want to talk about the election. Is a dim won't talk about what happened in November? The election? Unlike brow, I gotta be honest. It's been like five or six months already Joe Biden has the president. Let's focus on the breaking news. Key passed in our minds for context, but we can't just sit here complain that the same thing over and over again some people do they can't let it go well, I'm not here to do that. I'm here to tell you about: what's the break, what what's going on and what changing and what will affect you- and this is one those Stories- Town Hall reports, the war, DC medical examiner is finally released. The cause of death for capital, police officer brine segment for months, the media narrative without evidence held Trop support of responsible forest martyr today was revealed. Signet died the day after January, sick from natural causes. After suffering to strokes, the examiner said there was no evidence to suggest Signet was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher or had a reaction to chemical chemical irritants deployed against him was a viral video
can see someone throve irish thing which earn it hits a cop in the head was wearing a helmet and it was a glancing hit and what people sharing that I was. I think I'm confuses that what their claiming I don't. I'm sorry, man like I understand, like you, can hit someone who had not to harden and cause permanent damage or kill them, but was that video supposed to be up? No, it wasn't even an apparently, quote in an interview, the Washington Post, Francisco J D, as the medical examiner at the autopsy found no evidence. The forty two year old officer suffered an allergic reaction to chemical irritants, which DS said would have caused picnics throat too quickly. These d has also said there was no evidence of internal or external injuries. The dew didn't even have any injuries signet collapsed after returning to office during the riot and died about eight hours later, on January, seventh DS sickness suffered to strokes the base of his brains them caused by What, in an artery that supplies blood to that area, the body DS, Eddie
not comment on whether Sitnick had a pre existing medical condition in privacy laws. I'll just put it this way. I really don't know how blood clots could form or or when, but I have to have to stay. Something must have happened that day, you know If he collapsed that day, something must have happened before others. This went down where he had the recipe. I guess the condition for a blood plot, and it was a sad story. Men, Michael Tracy, said quote: they killed a cop was repeated ad nauseam I've on the narrative that everyone had to be extra fearful of the January six insurrection and accept all extreme retaliatory actions in its wake. Add that to the never ending stack of discredited falsehoods, signet died of natural causes, met Walsh says I speculate about this. Ago and was shouted down, but it wasn't random speculation. I know media bs when I hear it and there were all of red flags around the sickness story. Once again, those sceptical
of the mainstream narrative our vindicated. Well, you you know that I don't play the same stupid games for the most part as the mainstream media. knock and obtained, like I'm, special or or innocent. I think there are things I do that are probably bad. I try to do my best, certainly won't play. Again, media does. I will actually show you CNN report before we talk about CNN obsession with a stretch say what CNN says and what you would believe it Actually watching and reading CNN officer Sickness suffered, strokes and died of natural causes. Deasey medical examiner says I gotta admit right off the bat that title pretty good but its red. They say the medical examiner Francisco DS, didn't note any evidence that signal an allergic reaction, which in a red, they say still DS told the newspaper that all that transpired on January six played a role in his condition. You see how they do that, but what you need to understand, maybe it played a role the same as going for a jog, would have played a role decides
what about a guy at a stroke? Aren't you know I gotta be honest. I might pretend- or I might try and claim about how good I am in fact checking the media calling them out, but I believe them. all too often and their people who criticise me for doing so, I dont know what else you expect me to do. You know when we see a story, you and they say something. You know we ve confirmed X Y rosy. All I can really Suicide- this is coming from these news outlets. Now, keep in mind, I do factor them often. I do avoid many of the stories that make claims that can be easily fact check but when they come out the New York Times and say definitively law enforcement sources say this to people to law enforcement individuals who knew signify a block. I have no reason to think they're lying, but now I suppose I do now. I suppose I do. I try to be more careful. but I will freely admit this. My commentary, my opinions are based upon the same mainstream, new sources that are often putting out these falsehoods and then
ending their reporting. When it comes out, they were falsehoods. What would you do? That's the challenge, no matter what we still operate under the under thundered under, under the assumption that some of these news outlets, or at least trying to beef jewel, seen in reports the ruling all but ensures that the Justice Department won't be able to pursue homicide charges and sickness death in March to men Julian Elliot Cataract. Thirty, two, a Pennsylvania and George Pierre Taddeo, starting out of what her junior were arrested in charge of assaulting signet. Now they will be charged with murder attorneys for Catherine Tout toenails declined to comment that air travel to DC, we get That prosecutor say cater Antonios brought bear spray that wasn't intended for use toward humans, then cater grabbed it during the siege and retaliation toward police protecting the capital. He allegedly sprayed three officers in the face, including signet, causing them all to have had to take time out from Manning. The police barrier. Tacos is alleged to have brought the bare sprain a backpack. Both the funds have pleaded not guilty capita.
These and the statement Monday that the department accepts the findings from the office of the medical examiner. But this is not change. The fact that officer Brian Signet died in the line of duty courageously defending Congress and the capital. You see the games they play it was a natural causes. Listen when George Floyd died said that it was cardiopulmonary arrest, complicating law enforcement, Abdul paraphrasing, I'm not a medical examiner. So what their basically saying is that George Floyd suffered The medical examiner, it sounds like it he's got his heart stopped because of what the police were doing. Why don't you just a natural causes? One medical export testified. The result would be undetermined. We don't know, there's too many complicating factors, but the defence. So the prosecution is adamant. that it was Jovan who killed a man. Why don't we just say that George Floyd, you know, died from natural causes, the way their doing here, a picnic honestly and other medical examiner like
tell you what I find it interesting that they're gonna say he died in line of duty, perhaps as well as a show respect they laid him to rest and get. You know that they had the ceremony in the capital building, but I think it's mostly political. I think they won't just say dude at a stroke, because sometimes people have strokes, they won't say it. It undermines their narrative. I say the Justice Department discharged more than one hundred defendants for assaulting officers during the riot we get. You know how I want to point out something I will point before: before we got talk about CNN in their defence of this, but also about the media content, but a journalist without imposing Ryan Reilly. Right really is a reporter and I follow him. I see tweets from time to time and I think they're, fine, it's fun journals What he's been doing lately is covering those in charge and arrested for the January six events at the capital so he'll show that the picture of the person what they were charged with male show the photo of them in
the building and report on their charges- and I think that's fine. I started thinking about this, though it's really interesting because the left, you know they love the reporting is doing Andy. No does exactly the same thing: threat. Andy note is exactly the same thing as this having imposed reporter when Anti forgets iraqi therefore, the ones as yours if they ve been charged with here's, what you know what they were doing. What's the difference, the differences, political tribalism, the differences and control of the establishment- and this is why I think, progressives, even though in many ways they disagree with the establishment progressives well side with the establishment, because they know they can gain power from the establishment will side with the far left, the woke in the press, because they gain power from it and that's an that's it. The media can can push narrative and say Andy. No is provocative. Tour he's far right. He's docks in people and they'll defend, defend Anti VON run their course when it's like Anti, which says that the activists fear he's putting them at risk by
bring their information arrival. What about Rhine Riley wait? What are you gonna call about voting. This aim. Thank no because no one cares about the Trump supporters. No one cares if they're being abused at the hands of security guards or police or correctional officers He cares that there's been like one serious of from the right, but has been an ongoing insurrection from the left for for a year. Basically- and I mean an insurrection insurrections general definition is an uprising against authority. So you want to call the capital an insurrection shore, but we need to recognise the direction? That is the ongoing black lives matter. An anti must stop. It's been happening for a lot longer has caught, has killed way more people and destroyed way more property. I don't care about that, though here's meter Sweden's new day defends capital right coverage after ruling on brine techniques death. This doesn't she and what happened on January sex, it literally does when Europe that someone was killed on January sex and that we learn. He wasn't that literally changes. What happened? Doesn't it? Media reports and John Bremen and Brien's Delta stood by their networks report,
on the storming of U S: capital. Following the newly released medical review and the death of capitalism, Sir Brian Signet, on Tuesday new data, were the Washington DC chief medical examiner determination that sickness suffered to strokes and died from natural causes, thought it will step up its markets. We know it as the show covered the sickness Medical Review, Berman turned to Brian stouter and said this doesn't change what happened on January six. This doesn't change the fact of the insurrection. It literally does in one story they threw up they bashed of a cop over the fire extinguisher and killed him in another, the cot left and then due to natural causes, suffer folks and I'd it's a pretty different store. I gotta say Berman conceded afterwards at the news. Does market departure from what we suspected at the beginning and over the course of time here in the media John the insurrection. However, he decried what he labelled and effort among some and conservative media and on the right in general to just real or deny that January. Six happened at all and that's a lie. That's absolutely life
every single mainstream prominence, prominent conservative has been, for the most part criticising those from January sex. Those who form the building and those who engage in this behaviour, they been heavily criticised. Men have been ostracised. This is a lie. I thought it fascinating when I put up a story that is opinionated but true, I get a fact check on Facebook. They say this is false. I did one segment whilst talking about the alternate electors from one state casting their votes on officially but still, nonetheless casting their votes. I pointed out how there was in the race between I think, Nixon in Kennedy that Hawaii had the same thing happen. That's the electors cast their
its and then an unofficial, slight costs. There is, but that when they did it when they like did a recast whatever they realize, the artificial was actually the true number and then the that you know, I think Nixon who was a vice president, counted it and sat. Ok, it's good. I was making that point that, while it's not officially, you know when the Republicans cats are lecture bouts, they weren't official incapacity. These things have happened in the past. I can affect check on that. They said I was wrong. It was fake news and I, like nothing that I said was fake news, GEO P electors cast it cast their ballots and, as we must also put this, like five hundred word title- that as an offer those things facial doesn't like to put to many you. You can have too many characters whatever for You been twitter, so I simplified and opened with saying it was unofficial, but I get a fact check on that. I get my page suspended or demonetized, because I dared have an opinion that wasn't framed properly as per the establishment, even though I was debunking to accept the narrative that their we're gonna be Trump electors. I do like issuing
plain and then finally get it overturned. But might you know the long run? My page is still defunct because I dared report on what happened on January. Sex Facebook has effectively taken down my page stripped for modernization, so doesn't do anything anymore see it and, on the other hand, the New York Times they can't pull out overtly false information repeatedly for years no fuck. You know why, because the bias is that the New York Times is the news period. They could write a story saying that you know what a draft law Dead on the top of Madison Square Garden, no knows where it came from a big people. Just back it's true project vertex can put report where guy is literally sang, it works facilities, biased and then use, God will say, but very tosses making it up literally show you a video of a guy saying it. The New York Times has unnamed sources. and, when CNN finally have to concede. Okay, this didn't really happen. They attack conservative media
I think one of the reasons they mostly ignore me, because I ain't a conservative now the far left definitely tries to claim. I but that's probably them actually watch my show where I went in an angry rant last night saying the police in Minneapolis need to resign a sap and are routinely say, things like increase the progressive tax rate for the ultra wealthy. That's not a particularly conservative thing to repeat we call for an eye a weirdo unextended argument on the show, like several times where we have like twenty minutes, were like explaining my position on this I've, always how that position. I have always said that, on all of my channels, so. There's the problem, they'll say conservative media fine, who they were they talking about their critics to then I talk about me and that's why they typically ignore me because perhaps as a heterodox commentator, I dont fit their neat little bubbles and it doesn't get. Brownie points with their audience when they write smear peace against me and they have, and it's hilarious, really stupid. Once people respond with, I dont care about this guy
system and what has had to do with anything? Because apparently I'm about to milk toast for the tribal is actually used for anything, so they tried they'll take what's out of context ignore the more lefty things I say and highlight only the conservative things. I say because I'm a moderate, so I have positions economy in both ways: phony isn't how the media manipulation lies and trying to find it. Look at us when asked how the sickness NEWS will factor in stouter predicted it will worsen the riot denial ism. Brian stouter is one of the most duplicitous individual, in media. He is the definition of state media propagandist, absolutely so much better. He tries to accuse Tucker Carlson of doing that or I'll tell you this buddy. You want to accuse Fox NEWS of being state media when the Republicans control nothing in government- I don't want you gonna call him now, because it's you buddy you're, the one defending the f. I the CIA, Joe Biden, etc. You my friend, are the same. media. Now it wasn't it.
From those who have tried to minimize the insurrection he further debate of the media, to the right. By saying the story of sickness death was subject to evolution as more facts came out and people should be skeptical of initial accounts. Sure you're, not that's the media. Lessons dollar said, but then the political lesson Is there there's this Muggah media agenda to downplay the riot downplay the assaults that day the attack on democracy and any little bit of news gets used to feel that agenda. That's a attacker Karlsson was doing last night after the tropics, army are trying to do now. It's a shame. What they're doing that, using the case of an officer to downplay the riot, the insurrection happened, Berman, concluded officer, sickness dead, to use one disprove, the other, disingenuous, to say the least, look up how they struggle, oh the desperation in their path that it faces as their media crumbles of the media company crumbles around them. The rating.
Collapse, and no one cares because you are in inauthentic propagandists spewing trash. That's that's true. The people start and realize along and really continue the lies from trash news network CNN I can't imagine for much longer. You know right now. There's a story about brownies the danger of Brown So no yeah, because some crazy guy turned out to be a brownie Now we got a story saying the broke. The but my little pony phantom needs to come reconcile with its nazi problem. Are you kidding me is the best you have to offer. You know what, when an outlet is desperate for news, they just grasp at whatever they can. I'm not interested in that. That's. Why, over at him cast outcome, we can have a news, editor and writer exhibitions and we're going to have cultural issues and paranormal and travel, I'm not interested in writing about the stupid opinions of a stupid persons at something stupid.
Like. Can you believe that so and so sad acts? Now it's politician that I understand and certain celebrities people of influence, but not stupid culture where issues about brownies in what they believe. Sorry, I rather right about big foot. Is it does Bigfoot Matter not all that much, but isn't it more interesting and fond to talk about weird, wild mysteries, murder? Paranormal? If we don't have news, I'm not gonna, just make it up and try and push a narrative for clicks on strike about something fun. An interesting I'll. Tell you what I'll make a video of a of Ghana with it, shoot you know based jumping or somebody will go to a mountain and will have a video of base jumping to something cultural and more relevant. If there's nothing to say, then don't waste your time saying nothing,
Sienna dedicated their time to making a mountain out of a molehill. Another Donald Trump has gone and I have nothing left. They are in full on panic mode, desperate to talk about anything that could make them money I'll leave their next month coming up at four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Liked him casting Frank it up, and I will see you all them.
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