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S592 - Olympics BANS Black Lives Matter Protest, Kneeling BANNED, People Are Tired Of Antifa And BLM Riots


Olympics BANS Black Lives Matter Protest, Kneeling BANNED, People Are Tired Of Antifa And BLM Riots.

Democrats have long supported the BLM Riots and denied the existence of Antifa but that doesn't stop regular people form saying enough. People are fed up and want something away from politics.




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Today is may fifth twenty twenty one and our first story the Olympic. have announced that black lives matter signs and apparel political protests are going to be banned. We will not be allowed to meal or fist bump or anything like that, and I think people are sick and tired of politics investing everything and they just need somewhere. If we know that ratings for major league sport have been dropping in this area, another sign that people are caught up in a next story: anti fellow members in the Seattle Autonomous Zone were calling nine one one, but he a mess and pull did not respond in a young man died now. The city is being sued over this, which is kind of hilarious and very hypocritical, and in our last story, Facebooks Oversight Board, as announced from will remain band, which is all stupid in point.
Because we knew this was going to be the outcome. They're saying, Mark Zuckerberg needs decide what they're gonna do with tromp, because no one will take responsibility before we get started. If you like, the show, please give it a good review, give us five stars and if you're really like the show, please share it with your friends. Now, let's get into that first story: ongoing riots and indoctrination of critical race theory in our schools has a lot to be pessimistic about, but there are signs that things aren't all bad. The war is still raging and hope is not lost. The Olympics has announced they will ban black lives matter apparel and could punish athletes for political demonstrations it's, not just that some panel is saying we don't want. We don't want protests here, I'm sure blacklist, better activists in many leftist will argue it is just a group of internet
no elites rejecting the will of the people when, in fact, so the majority of the athletes saying we don't believe it is appropriate to have this kind of messaging in the Olympics. We have seen people tune out of major leagues. Words. They don't want to watch it anymore, because there is this RP cult, like social justice, narrative permeating many small, U turn on yes, Pierre, and you hear some dude who should be talking about stats, start talking about racial justice, stats, and so sure I guess he's talking about statistics, but more We are more interested in our Like Fantasy Football League, not what happened in Canosa or some of these other places, and maybe people should be paying attention to these things. Maybe politics should be a bit more prominent, but also think people have the option to escape right. We do want to always bogged down twenty four seven by this incessant social justice narrative. It makes people go insane. Is it a video of the cop pulling
for the woman, because she was using your cell phone while driving and she starts yelling at the guy. There's a mexican cup and I'll never be white. That he's a murderer. That's the problem with stop incessant social just this narratives, it makes peoples. Only this into a hammer. Everything looks like a nail. These people see nothing but posts on social media. They transports there, same narrative, eventually people snap and then you get very. Every scenarios like this one It's where black lives matter? testers storm into a patio guy pulls out a gun weed story where a guy stopped to people, he thought we're anti fa now is getting charged he's been sentenced to four years probation, he's, I didn't know, came over him. We seem stories about people and of the Pacific Northwest WAR, about anti, are coming into the neighborhoods because look, there is a real problem with black lives matter, an annual riots and people are seeing it everywhere. Now it is a lot of the
media fearmongering. It is a hyper focus and I think everybody in media, including myself, plays a role in this, though I dont believe it's intentional for everyone. We need to have an opportunity to escape sure you might come to my channel and I'll. Tell you all about the crazy scenarios in and again and to carry within the political establishment of what's happening with the cultural establishment, but the needs to be an opportunity to go watch something else, movies videogame something sports completely inundated. So the UN, but the limp acts is making its move, think. We are seeing a backlash because of the incessant black lives matter protesting. We're seeing polls show support for black lives matter today is down from where it was a year and a half or two years ago. So I guess, there's still good news for people who are opposing critical race theory, critic
theory in general and welcome, as we now have another story where father pulled his daughter out of this prestigious school and says their teaching, your kids to hate themselves basin, the color of their skin, there may be a turning of the tides. But then I was always darkest for the dawn, so we must stay say vigilant to what's happening with the woke up. First, let's read about what's happening with the Olympics. banning black lives. Men are not just say. I think this is one of the most substantive insignificant moves happening so far. These these activists can claim it appropriate thing and were fighting white supremacy knowledge stuff, but I gotta tell you when the rest of the planet tells you you're crazy, Maybe it's time to start looking around at yourself, this weird colt, like ideology emerging in the: U S is being rejected by people around the world before we get started with the story had over the TIM cast, dot com click, this beautiful members only button and you can become a member to get access to them.
where's area exclusive segments and the TIM cast iron podcast. We had Kim play- As you may know her, she ran for office out of Baltimore as a Republican, now she's running a legal action committee, she talked about black lives matter being communist. She gave us or opinions. You can check that out at timber that comes members only area, but don't forget to like share subscribe, hit the notification belt. Let's read the story: W B Tv ports, the I o C says athlete. Protest and political messages will remain banned at the Olympics. After a survey found that a majority of competitors were in favour of keeping the ban in place. That means raising a on the podium or taking a me, would still risk punishment at the Tokyo games this year, the ILO He also said that slogans such as black lives at our will not be allowed on athlete apparel at olympic venues, though it approved using the words, peace, respect, solidarity, inclusion and equity
t shirts, the eye yo see said it serve aid more than three thousand five hundred athletes over the past year and that seventy percent said it was not appropriate to demonstrate or express their views on the field of play or at the opening or closing ceremony, the icy says any instance of breaking the rules will be evaluated by an athlete Respective National Olympic Committee. Internet no federation, The ILO seed and disciplinary action will be taken on a case by case basis as necessary. The olympic bodies, legal commission, should clarify what kind of punishment before this year's games which open on July twenty third Athletes who make political or social justice protest at the Tokyo links have been promised legal support by a global union and an activist group in Germany and keep in mind this means no protesting China either. I still think this is, I still think, its fairly appropriate, of course, as an organ argument to be made in that,
might say it inappropriate for black lives matter. Shirts. This organisation is communist or whatever some one might say, you might oppose the riots and want justice, an actual functioning justice system. I also think we should be able to protest China, but that's the issue at hand. Ok, I take she with the framing run black lives matter- the corruption of our justice system, the expansion of the riots in the violence- I'm not a fan of it- I am also taking issue with what China is doing- and I understand maybe this is not the appropriate arena for political conversation, however. It's still are allowed to protest, just not in the game. So maybe this makes sense. They gonna say the pledges by the World Player Association, an athlete and Deutschland came one day. For the Icy confirmed its long standing, Bannon demonstration or demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda rule fifty applies to the field of play.
Metal poems and opening, and closing ceremonies. Raising a fist or calling for a national anthem could lead to punishment under rule fifty protest, demonstrations are banned at all olympic venues, including on the field of play in the Olympic Village ring olympic metal ceremonies and during the opening, closing and other official ceremony the Irish Sea says any protest or demonstration outside olympic values must comply with logical with with locals our local legislation wherever local la forbid. Such actions during the Olympic Games. Athletes have the opportunity to express their views in these situations. During press France is in interviews, I e them in the mixed zones in the International Broadcasting Centre, or them media center, at tea meetings on digital or national media or on other platforms YO see says it should be noted that expressing views is different from protests and demonstrations. It should be noted. Two
These guidelines are also applicable to any other. Accredited person, trainers, coach, coaches officials- I like it You want to express your opinion allowed to do what you want to speak of media. You can do it. Do you want to protest and taken me in these other things? You can't do that. I respect it. Otherwise everybody would be protesting. Everybody and I think they're trying to have their trying to have a sporting event, but it doesn't mean people can't speak their minds, so I respected balancing this may be some people just want to get away from this stuff and watch someone do a double back lip or something and not have to be infringed. Twenty four seven in political com, Let me say that I owe sees that it should be noted. Expressing uses different here are some examples of what would constitute a protest. Despair any political message, including signs or armbands gestures. Political nature like a hand. your or kneeling refusal to
Although the ceremonies protocol, what happens if an athlete orbit husband, fails to respect these policies if an athlete participant is innate in breach of rule fifty and the olympic Charter, each incident will be evaluated by. Respective National Olympic Committee, International Federation and the ILO, see at and display action, will be taken on a case by case basis, which they only mentioned earlier on in conclusion guidelines have developed with the aim that and every one of you can enjoy the experience of olympic Games without any divisive disruption. Ok, according to a Forbes. In a letter several Athens, including John Carlos Hooray, his face in the podium of the nineteen sixty games, annex and expelled from Olympic Competition wrote athletes will no longer be silenced. Well, you know what it's this balance between free speech and I don't like veal that's ok, free speech in your time on. You know how everyone a protest, I think, should be protected. High
I'm a media. I'm a programme manager, Google, right now, lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's where we created Google career certificates in online training programme for fast growing feels, like I t, support, project management, data, analytics user experience, design and more you don't. any prior experience, and you can be Jobbery in about six months. So put your skills to work. Go to grow, dark, Google, slash certificates, the Olympics is something different. It's a private of that and I know I can already hear people saying but TIM you're you're talking about Facebook and censorship. Facebook is one massive platform which essentially is only valuable because people are there and can express themselves you to bite my censoring people on Facebook. Your dramatically, altering the function of government and a country the Olympics is like once every four years? Maybe we should allow people their escape check this out. Youse Sport says
Nearly half of american sports fans changed viewing habits because of social justice. Is this from back in March Twenty ninth, they say in the way the last summer's social justice protests. We consumed sports for much as I can have a twenty twenty. Nearly half of all Americans change their viewing habits according to a new you, gotta pull as athletes and league. braced. They knew progressive strategy aimed at amplifying messages of social justice. Some amount hence began watching more sports, but about four times, as many watched less so imagine the Olympic Committee in your like. We want people to focus on the games. We want people to be less focused on fighting with each other and divisiveness in conflict. Maybe we shouldn't have this kind of thing. I think regular people are fed up and I think regular people deserve an opportunity to watch like ice skating without some slap in the face with more of the same protest protest protest, and that goes for the Hong Kong protests protesting China and black lives matter, certainly
hope american athletes when they're giving their press conferences when their speaking their mind. They do talk about what they care about, including black lives matter. I hope people talk about Hong Kong in China, but during the games, let's just give ourselves a little break. I suppose I mean whatever it is. Tough people should be allowed to speak, but then that is a tough balance I feel like. If we don't at least have some reprieve from this we're going to explode and I've got some examples of people you know exploding. But let me let me show you something. Let me show you where I think people are losing their minds or I'm sorry, I'm sorry where people are are saying enough enough. We need to be able to watch something and just calm down the tensions are boiling over people are fighting in the streets, Adieu pulled a gun, some arms protesters, approach of a bistro, a bistro This guy pulls out a small gothic daringly, something knock
I'm down like we want to avoid all this stuff. That's why thought sports was great. It's funny, because I've I mentioned before when I was younger. I wished people paid less attention to sport More politics now that I'm older, unlike an icon, to see why you need that outlet check this out. Do you support or oppose the black lives matter? Movement from civic two hundred and thirty nine thousand eight hundred. Ninety eight responses, spanning all the way back to May of twenty seventeen. Twenty seventeen check this out in November of twelve seventeen negative for not support for black lives matter, but over the years net support increased in the beginning of January to De twenty net support for black lives matter was at ten percent, so this means that support is like opposition and support. You know together, so so this shows that
many people, actually more people supported black lives matter and opposed it. Retailer was killed, it went up. George Floyd was killed. It reached nineteen percent eighteen percent peeking at around twenty four percent net support, meaning most people. The overwhelming majority support Black matter and then the riots happened and our brains started to boil, and people got mad and frustrated and scared and people didn't want to speak out. People still probably oppose most the stuff, but what about getting cancelled? So what happens? My friends where'd? You think we are right now if, in the beginning of twenty twenty black lives matter, had ten percent net support after everything we ve seen with George Florid Dante right with Jovan, certainly with Chauvelin getting convicted support must be through the roof for black lives matter. Actually, as of
day. Civics is tracking seven percent net support for black lives matter. Don't get me wrong. This is still support for black lives matter, but it's down it's been going down. People are fed up its. Just that it's going down that opposition is rising. People are saying no to this. They don't like the critical race theory. They dont, like the insanity from the daily mail Dad who pulled his daughter out of woke forty three thousand dollar per year and Y see school and moved to Florida urges others to do the same, because curriculum teaches kids to feel bad about the color of their skin. I love others. Do move to Florida using New York His daughters in this expensive school she probably comes home and tell this insane activist often goes probably should the school anymore good for him, and then you know well, his is family to Florida and on Tuesday,
others should follow suit. Why does it gotta be Florida, Rhonda Santas? Why can be the governor of like no, oh hi, or something or a state, without with a with a more temperate play, Florida is so hot new human men become a governor of West Virginia or something Why did you not doing all that bad? But I think I was other governor should be following what Rhonda Centres is doing in many and in many regards so of course, people gonna move there because its normal it's it's the way used to be not perfectly, but this guy saying no to the web. Mrs watched, what is what his daughter dead and I think it's I think it's important thing People are standing up and saying no to the lies to the manipulations, the deception. Let me give an example woman is suing black lives matter? Sacramento for posting fake racist emails claiming she wrote. Why would they do this? The drifters? They make things up
when you see the sporting events and they put, they look, look look this way. We see that support for black matter lower than it was in the beginning of twenty twenty. Yet in sports, what seeing the NFL they put Jacob Blake's name on their helmets this, dude who had assaulted a woman was gonna, kidnapper, kids and grabbed the knife. The cops shot him. I don't like that. It happened to tragic events, but in the end, a felt player support this dude look at what they're doing now, Mikhail Bryant. that that the young woman about a stab another woman and there met at the cop for saving the woman about get shot and there's a year while the woman was at what she was self defense dude, you called it's: it's the narratives, our lies, they don't care for new ones. Didn't care for fur. Didn't gave her the truth. Look at the story. the Sacramento chapter of black lives matters being sued by a Texas woman after she says the group's founder.
Used or of racist and threatening email. She never son, I was sure that was in total, this police had Crowley CARE Crowley's the woman black Let us incremental received racist emails. Last week, calling white people kings and claiming court Crowley always taught our children to fear African Americans Crowley says despite the EC, and all the emails didn't come from her absolutely not. I don't believe any of that. You said the alarm Sacramento took to Facebook, to post the hateful emails, garnering hundreds of lights and sparking backlash on social media to expose the person behind the account black lives, better Sacramento, founder Tommy. Facing went on to write about Crowley that are, information has been verified. She knew
my business address, p, o box phone numbers said Crowley, claims yesterday's and remove the post cholera wrote to them and said this is not me, they should have pulled it down. They refused. The real goal is to have this trash taken off the internet and have be Elam apologize for what they ve done. They didn't just gets amazement, posted they claimed they verified. It was all legitimate. People are sick of the drift. Unfortunately think too many people are cowards, and so because of the political power wielded by those who engage in violent acts, we will just see more and more the stuff man you're gonna, see either. Remarkable how this vocal minority? Actually, let me do this before I go on. Let me shoutout Dave port. Knowing of Barston sports there's a guy
who recently it was on the cover of, and I believed and magazine they were there. There were people complain that he was on the cover of this magazine, Nantucket NICE, that's it that's a neck, Nantucket magazine, and so they apologized for having on the cover. He said Fortunately, the powers that be it and magazine our spineless jellyfish or held hostage by the whims of the vocal minority. Meanwhile, I will continue to continue to do my best to make Nantucket and America better place, while those who hate me can continue to throw I parties for themselves about how I made a joke. They didn't like twenty years ago. I like this guy. Bravo good sir people to stand up, Stop listening to this vocal fringe minority Now I will say we can com, go minority, they do have seven percent net support according to civic, so it's not entirely already the vulgar minority are those that are activists, though unfortunately there's a lot of igneous. Useful idiots, an ignorant people who just follow along. This is what you get when
have spineless jellyfish leaders and J, police officer, says she was fired over Facebook Post, calling black lives matter. Protesters terrorists. I was devastated former hope, well, township police. monsieur Sarah Erwin said well, you know what far be it from me to defend. New Jersey, Police New Jersey is one of the most authoritarian states in the country and its awful, but I will say at least this officer stood up and called out black lives matter, extremists for what they aren't you lost or job because of it. I think this is Europe, You are seeing people regular people say no to this. Now, of course, a cop is going to oppose who are insulting them in calling them terrorists and things like that. They say former hope. While township officer Sir, Urban explained what prompted her to write, the post that she's had led the losing her jobs using a job that she was fire for, calling them just a second officer sergeant, Mandy Grain, who appear with on the show, was suspended and demoted for life king, the post, you see that's insane
Our institutions are being run by spineless jellyfish to see the icy sang. Ya'll shouldn't be doing this interesting. When you look at college capering people like on the left were saying you get mad when Caper Nick protests, peace. And then you get mad when they protest violently, and, unlike you I mean you can't even get mad when they protests, though, did not throughout the same thing, I think in ports. If people individually want to put a name on their helmet, fine go. Do it. I think. If someone wants taken me, fine go don't the problem, is it was engulfing sports entirely? It was becoming corporate welcome. It was just taking away from what is wrong. Was to be escapes. You want to tar movie, you want you want to get away from, the politics would have an opportunity to calm down that was being taken away. Certainly, respect people's right to free speech, however, is a big difference when people are alike, hey. I don't like you protest thing when I watch football, I agree I stand by their mad. This. I'll. Let you burning things down. There are saying: go peacefully pro:
outside now. Look you wanna, disruptive sporting event on actually in favour of this. I disagree. I don't like it. What I mean is, I believe, nonviolent civil disobedience is a good thing. I think if people want to engage in that, it's a good thing. However, when we're looking at international relations, I lean towards liking. The idea that the ILO, she's gonna, say don't raise your fish are taken me or do these things the Olympics? Let's give people a chance to not be engaged in politics, because I'm worried about the escalation, but and I encourage people as they stated in your interviews in everything you can. You can express yourself, I'm world escalation if we don't have an opportunity to sit back crack open a bit of a slice of pizza and watch. Somebody drawbacks lip so I don't know we draw the line it's difficult. My concern is how hot things are getting right. You know only when we have all of these people like tuning
out of NBA and identify that I wanna watch anymore. The things they like they're they're, rejecting you can see, people just don't want politics in these in sports video games. Things like that and I'll even mention too, like that there was at this moment in the game hearthstone, where our competitor held up a free Hong Kong thing and got got me in trouble with the with the with with blizzard the company A lot of people are like how dare you silences speaking out in four for Hong Kong and I've pretty sure I was on the side of they shouldn't be deferential the China, but I always mentioned. I understand why people don't want politics in their games. For that reason, and because of how inside, things have gotten over the past few years, I'm leaning towards that as well, a private entity. A sporting event doesn't have to support this, and I gotta say they probably shouldn't be. Check this out. Diner in Louisville draws handgun as armed be Elam protestors. warm restaurant. They say,
just showed a Louisville restaurant patron, pointing a handgun at armed black last winter protestors who swarmed the outdoor guiding patio. Now, let's just make sure we get the context right based stormed the patio they went up to these people. Someone drew their weapon, Mary sat with Mcclosky were likely gonna, see it again We also saw somebody, you know Errand Danielson Gun down by far leftists I'm just like. Maybe we got a chill on this one. You know I mean makes me why reed. You know I don't like what China does the meagre Muslims and, unlike like what to do with Hong Kong, I think, is a very serious threat to the world into our country. You have many leftists arguing similar things about white supremacy. I think they don't live in reality, but certainly the com- exclaimed the information we get about to be your Muslims as propaganda. So it's hard to know where to draw the line, which is why always in favour of free speech. I do however, respect private institutions to say: don't do that here, it's funny because
A comment about me: no facebook oligopoly and how they ban Trump and someone said a stir- or that wants to ban you, because you came in screaming as the right to ban animal is a big difference, but they're right aren't they. The Olympics has a right to kick you if you're running around screaming makes sense to me that limping is not an event intended for people to express their political grievances. It's a place where a bunch of different countries come together for sporting events and I think the Olympics is very important for international relations. I think different countries coming together in an agreement on a sporting event or some kind of like the International space station is really good for world peace. We have obligations to each other, We have our competitions in the in the sporting arena. So if they dont want political speech, I get that facebooks different. Facebook is a massive multi national platform, where poet worth where political discourse shapes government policy, its very
different support for this podcast comes from Verizon Business, Verizon Business, unlimited plants, unlimited data, no overages and more built right for business, With the speed of rising five g Verizon Business unlimited plans from his lows: thirty dollars per line visit, rising dotcom, slash business, slash plants per month. The five lines on business unlimited start includes paper free billing without open, select, smartphone agreement, discounts, taxes fees in terms apply five g nationwide available in twenty seven hundred plus cities on most Verizon five G devices, five g alter white band of able only imports of select cities. About stories like this. You know here limit. Let me read you little more, they say, leave much or police, etc responded to watch us la chassis. How reports at La Chess and upscale european restaurant located in Vienna located in Louisville as protesters were marching. Northern on the street, a restaurant employ told dispatchers at multiple armed protesters entered the restaurant property, which included outdoor dining space.
Rapporteur for the Louisville courier tweeted, several photos and videos of the incident, a man was pointing his pistol at several demonstrators burn altercation now, yet it at his hip, and I believe it was a daring jurists- probably I believe it possibly could hold. I think five rounds of twenty two or matter I'm gonna gonNA was, I can probably check be a single or are you know, double shot? Nine millimeter not like a glock. Seventeen instantly doesn't, like you know not not like a but full size hand. Gonna still be, was pointing a gun quote during the encounter pages and protestors, brandished firearms smiley set. At any note, a Fox news. This incident occurred after the arrests of south protesters in the area of fifteen hundred block of barged Bernstein wrote. The arrest of that group were may after protesters repeatedly block the roadway. Despite mean giving warnings, blah blah protesters marched, we get it. People carried signs Lula, let your police department, yet alive stream. At least five protests related awry.
were made records with Fox news that individuals are resident, ignored several announcements, as we know the important thing, as many of these people were armed. I'm worried about where the escalation takes us, you ve already seen people lose their lives. People get shot out shot at it. Scary, there's a guy, I think in Nevada there was caught Rittenhouse, there's an arrow, Erin Danielson. What do we do to make everybody calm down? I don't know, but I but I, but I do think people are fed up with with weak the insanity. Maybe not maybe we're just polarizing more right, so I can show you that not support for black lives matter is down from January of twenty twenty from ten to seven percent, even though that a massive spike after the killing of George Floyd, but you can really see the the expansion of the exploitation and how, if we don't get a chance to distract ourselves in some,
a city than hyper polarization will continue. What's worrying to me is that politics has become team sports and when it does, people will do anything. The windmill cheat member that cheating scandal, the deflated footballs or, whenever or the guy who was like point in the camera, either coach and trying to like eavesdrop on what they are saying. People want to win I'd rather have people lie, cheat steal to win a trophy then lie cheat steal to gain political power and then we'll did against there. The other tribe you may have heard about the dark Jovan case how a juror lied about attending a blacklist of protest. He went to an event where the Floyd family actually spoke This is being this is contributing to a motion for a new trial, defense of Derek Chauvin, a said they weren't, given a fair trial in wow. Are there a lot of claims and I think it's true Jack Russell Pitbull- something up it really interesting.
Jack said now: giraffe, if you to a saying he doesn't remember, wearing or owning the George Floyd T shirt, be a shame if someone found, as you did account that shows and wearing it on his part, cast and they start from axioms Jack Highlights Mitchell said the picture was posted by his uncle and that he doesn't remember wearing or owning the shirt. He said. The event was one hundred percent, not a march for Floyd. Why because honest questionnaire and the trial he said he did not attend these protests. Jack pulled up from one videos with only a hundred fifty views the same I wearing this shirt. This is from the beat be Mitchell. The wholesome podcast episode. Seventy How do you feel about dating someone who was abstinent and he's wearing a short that says, get your knee off our necks. I want a rehash that whole story about Sheldon, I'm just highlighting the team sports aspect of do anything to win, no matter what, regardless of if, if you're, justified or right or telling the truth, these people are clearly line. They just want to win. They don't care about justice, they don't care, they just want to win
fine when a football match or a soccer match. We have these things. You know people look down on them in many ways, but I think you know growing up. I've. I've realised the importance of reprieve of movies of video games. We choose to work, we talk about the things that are frustrating and the bogged down in that are difficult, and then we get our as I like to referred Moreover, I would call it a release of tension to calm down. You know I don't like watching STAR trek you know in the middle of the day I work in the morning and I work again at night. I work from life eight in the morning to about four p m, and then I work again from about seven to eleven p M and during the day I can just to everything out and I can watch some tv shows that have nothing to do with anything. and I've been watching nineties tv shows because they just warrant by They me over the head politically, it's tough turning on a sporting event and then seeing mismanaging it's tough trying to watch
no like skateboarding or something and then seeing this stuff just get injected into an unlike dude leave me alone. I split magic together and then a guy Good I'm like do. I don't play this game. I want I want. I want to play a game where we just mind our own business and crack a beer and have some pizza and actually drink for the most part. But you know just just ignore this stuff for just a moment so that we can kind of chill out and not be so agitated and frustrated and angry. All the time put some of our energy into something like the Olympic, so I'll be cheering on. You know the USA team Skateboard is going to be in the Olympics, I'm all there for it. Although I've been bombed out with how corporate skateboarding become really ass become corporate. Maybe it's always been that way. Maybe I've never seen it cause. You know I was too busy, but I've. No I've never been too much into the industry. I just look at all the stuff and, unlike the already to chill even now, and
MT, the links and I'm sure a lot of people. I do not want a hearing, slim yellow, I get it. I get a man, let's let slip, create some space to calm down and leave it there. Next segments coming up at eight p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast. I already banks were hanging out and I will see you owe them If you follow me on Twitter, you may notice sometimes that opposed the series of screenshots from news articles, and the only comment all provide is that I dont want to set the world on fire. I just want to spark of flame in your heart is at the lyrics, and this is a Let's do it a song to good song by the weights really old and its from intro to fall out. Three financing may with followed threads videogame about a post apocalyptic future and nuclear war. Wives, everybody up. So it's just my reference to the girl collapse, which brings me to this morning segment. Seattle, paramedics left team to die in Chop zone lawsuit
ok, let's think for a second Seattle paramedics, the city there being sued, because when anti for set up there, economists zone and they didn't allow the city in several people died. One and was shot not in the vital organs several times like hands. Bucks arms was bleeding up and died because of it, because the cops and the paramedics could not then and couldn't respond their blaming the city's angle. You should have gone in anyway. Ok now, take a look at what what what what our good friend Lebron James is saying he treated. I feel the raw. Conversation Micaiah Bryant, and I owe it to her this movement to change it. Thank you. fabio less Vienna's for educating us about and her story and why this needs to be about her so they're mad when cops, don't intervene and someone dies and there when cops intervene in someone dies. Look, there's no solution.
What we are seeing in the reason why I opened with the fall out three references that the only outcome is absolute collapse and pay somehow managed of evened out. I've been looking for the guilty party. You need only, in the mirror, we have dozens of community anymore. We have not of duty or responsibility- not us, probably for the most part, I think it's fair to say and criticise me for not doing certain things or you know many watching probably are doing enough, but maybe it's a bit too hyperbolic at the very least to say that we, those were really paying attention and trying to solve the problems are the ones causing the problems. Ok, the average people the people involved in these stories need only look at a mirror. The broad James, linked to a story from vocs which is one of the most ridiculous ridiculous bits of sophistry. I've ever seen
and therein lies the problem here, our energy about the Seattle paramedics, but I wanna get into the hypocrisy and the untenable circumstance. We find ourselves in vocs rights, this article ab like straight up, saying Micaiah bright, was wielding a knife and charging a woman. What do you think would have happened if the cop did nothing? Perhaps we would get this story? You see the cop intervenes to stop a knife wielding woman and he's a murderer? The paramedics in the police not intervene to save someone who was shot and killed by and by our in a drive by and their responsible. If no matter what we do, black lives matter will scream and riot and them Stream, media establishment will support it. I gotta say whether its unintentional or not is irrelevant whether the day Let's try and make this happen or not is irrelevant. It's happening the dumb are falling over. This system is being ripped apart and at sea.
No matter what course of action we take, they will scream and freak out was of course, end up with an actual far right, fascistic authoritarian type who just to shut up a shudder him up. I'm about Burma defended that either that to me would still be collapse. The loss of our freedoms in exchange for security. Now, I'm a bit pessimistic about what's happening. and you know, shouted to Michael Malice- who has sad, you know, don't be blackmailed. These people are fools and a pair of rising things of that nature. It's not about you, know, being pessimistic because there is a group of, people taking off his head of government. The pessimism is that the system is rotting to its core and theirs a way to secure the foundation at this point may be. The best thing we can do is find our communities It should read. Atlas shrugged, maybe go found your own gulfs Gulch,
get away from the cities it feels like the collapse is, is inevitable simply because the structure that holds up our society has rotted to the core, and what can we do about it now granted? These are two different jurisdictions, but you can see the national media handles. These things I think inevitable. I'm not trying to be pessimistic. Maybe it's just the dominoes falling over. We can see it. Here's the story from near post, Teenager was left to die by paramedics on the cold, hard ground for being shot on the edge of sales, autonomous own notice of claims filed ones. They allege Lorenzo Addison nineteen was shot several times on June twentieth last year, right outside of the city's Capitol Hill organised protest chop a seven block autonomous zone at sprouted up amid black lives matter protests after the police murdered George Floyd, the claims states at the time the area was overrun by anarchists, not true. I reject that
facts right near post and self appointed security guards who were policing the area with semi automatic weapons and wouldn't allow police to under effort ten p m the claims state. Ok, ok, ok! So the claims are stating that the non anarchists anarchists come in a variety of of fashions. You have anarchy. Capitalists who are alike, leave the state out of it don't hurt other people let's freely trade with each other and take care of ourselves, and then you have left anarchists or light, let's not have any. Be in charge and let's negotiate and cooperate with each other and fortunately, the left, anarchists, it very easily devolves into authoritarianism. So maybe these people come on the like I'm an anarchist, I believe in mutual aid and then a week later, they realized have to force people to work and they still think they're anarchists. So that's probably where that comes from they're, not for the police curfew, a nine one, one call came in for the shooting the special needs team at the time the Seattle
I'm an ambulance was approximately two blocks from the crime scene and police were stationed about a half mile away the claims alleged, but instead of rushing to save the special needs team teens life. They did respond immediately. The fire department previously said they couldn't respond because with too dangerous without a police sport, which didn't come until two thirty nine m about twenty minutes after Anderson was shot. The claims allege good good for the paramedics. They owe you. thing you want to set up an autonomous own. You wanna have armed guards and no rule of law. I am under no obligation, No one is under any obligation to go into your space, which you are in control of and threatening me. What's gonna happen, it's just not going to happen. You know I've. I've got family My dad was a fire fighter. I understand I've heard the stories but these calls myself. So maybe I understand is the proper prop appropriate word, but I've heard stories first hand when you when, when they would but an ambulance or fire truck, and there would be a bunch of all
armed the gang members standing around, their back, not sorry, do dies. Unless you leave and these it would be like we're not leaving I'm ok. What would it take off we're not getting out of our car with a bunch of deeds with guns standing gang members? People are committing crimes such as often as run away and leave and their friendly bleeding up. That's just as the aid to break the law you and operate outside the system, this what happens granted at this point, I am very proud to a, but I'm a reference. and like Gang WAR, violence or people are shooting at each other, not just simply bearing arms. The post says quote for closed twenty minutes twenty home and see our police and fire department communicated with dispatchers on separate radio channels, communicated the wrong locations and Miss communicated the procedures for fighting medical attention to Lorenzo meanwhile, nineteen year old Lorenzo lay helpless on the pavement bleeding to death, while nine one one calls can do you too poor, and I love this. I love this. Being facetious by when I say I loved the people in the shop, the people who are lopping,
like moron children watching them and bleed out going quick call the police too bad. You did this, it's your fault, setting up your stupid barriers, you're, stupid, lark guards with your stupid, lark garden and then, one gets shot and you go quick now we need the police and the paramedics all night, one one. No, you get what you ask for the old adage, you get what you ask, what is it and sales you got? Some the USA. Unama saw you the scar. How about you give me a thousand dollars for this? You scar. Well, you get what you ask where there's a these people, don't want cops. They didn't want city services, they want their own autonomous zone, they put it there, stupid, it'll signs now, leaving the United States or things like it. and then, when someone get shot they go quick help help. There's one video where people
are leaving a police brutality protest where they are calling for abolishing the police and, and they summon throws one of these guys doesn't get a car. and the guy in the car jumps out with it with a bat or machete or something, and they go quick coming one when no. Nine when one should not be responding to these people. I'm sorry I've. I effort for it's not about leaving them to their own devices, in the sense that I wouldn't want them to be suffer suffering or in pain. I just think people have the right to opt out if you're, like I dont, want your services, ok! Well, there you go, I suppose the taxation argument. Then, if you have the right to opt out of certain things, that's why I'm I'm very stood in the school choice about your programme idea. You do that appear, but get about you can choose where you wanna go anyway, lost short. If people they didn't want cops, the coptic back, you gotta buddy we're going to waste our time somewhat. We're not wanted. Well there you go
they say he lay helpless on the pavement bleeding death as nine one. One calls can do you too poor and with bystanders begging authorities to send help. I know that we set up the zone to reject and oppose you, but but please come in now why so they can get shot no way as Lorenzo Pulse faded. Volunteers perform CPR, while other bystanders round the fund with emergency dispatchers receiving conflicting information about how to get. Go into the ambulance, wants it arrived the Seattle, empty was less than a minute away from Lorenzo, as he brought out in Seattle. Police were less than five minutes away from him, as he bled out essentially Lorenzo was left to die. If I were the city in this lawsuit, I would say your honor. We agree with all of the assessments made in this lawsuit, one hundred percent. Yes, the put, though the city's states unequivocally he was left to die. Absolutely
the judges like- why well that he wasn't in the city, so the city has an obligation to respond outside of its jurisdiction. That's right. They declared an autonomous own. We respect that. it was no longer the city of the City of Seattle. So sorry right, that's what they wanted over their Larkin. You see, we can't have it both ways. We can't have a system that cuts loose anti far in these Portland Riots, in an inn in Seattle when their charge with felonies and there the people who are fighting, cops, beating, cops and then screaming help call the police. This is why I am saying is falling apart. Prove me wrong, changed my mind. I don't think so. Maybe you know that the unfortunate realities that stories like this are but two in the weeds, regular people, dont even other stuff, is happening and for someone like me, no mean for us we're watching these things. We understand what what So I guess that's why I bid by Crypto
by God. I've been buying part assets and thy confident in the system at all. My confidence is completely gone. In fact, I'm confident the system is on the on the verge of collapse. collapsing. I want, I don't have good long term prospects for the? U S dollar, I'm seeing these stories about hyperinflation, about market crashes, I'm seeing a situation where some a group of people can block Azhar area, the city kick the police out and now cried Police work there. How can both situations be happening from the same people These are cycle paths and you're. The problem is well there granted establishment control they the Democrats pander to them. I'm sorry, this car, has a sickness. The Democrats will say whenever they say to get elected Republicans too, to a certain degree, but Republicans are mostly feckless and milk doesn't do anything.
but the Democrats will just say whatever they'll get elected they'll do nothing and the system just continues to erode set two hundred and forty five, a dot M Anderson was pronounced dead at Harborview Medical Center for civilians transported him to the hospital, and autopsy reports show that he was shot in the hand Buttocks knee and shoulder, but none of the bulletin. Organs his blood out. If they went in there and done ended their job. I believe my son. Toby alive and I wouldn't have to be going through this right now. Well, I feel for you, man, I'm sorry, you lost your kid. Did he has his own? a billion dollar lawsuit against the city. But let me just say if you guys want alarm and claim that this area is not part of these United States than why would you expect local services to come in, but maybe that's stupid argument? Maybe the reality is, if you set up a perimeter with armed guards and tell the cops not to come in, don't be surprised when they say
Ok, which brings me to the next story. This is my evidence. Do you also share this video? If you agree with me on this assessment, I believe these stories both happening on the exact same time, show us. There is no possible circumstance in which the police can do their job. This, why keep saying the cops should be resigning? The cops many are seven hundred officer shortage in Baltimore, two hundred officers resigned as yet These are good. These are good cops. These our cops war are or are not going to sit by and abide by terror, but a fan of the amount of the enforcement of the law of illegal or unconstitutional the enforcement of illegal actions or on on constitutional law shore. But if the cops we're at the very least neutral arbiters- or at the very least I should say if the days were
probably be like. Ok, we got reform the system. That's why I was last year now lot most of good capture, leaving. Ok, once the good cops leave, we don't want to create a space for bad cops, boss, police department. People should be resumed, for themselves. Everybody should own guns as their second moment right and now we d start bringing back personal responsibility. It's an ideal circumstance I'm not Because I want you know people do not have like cops. I think cops are important. I think the local police departments are very important. I think they serve an important function and the system is far from perfect, but I think we have a pretty good system, daddy or else in the world, but I don't want to see a situation, whereas all the good cops raised, and they are at its happen that bit, but these roles get filled by crooked cops and woke police, which is happening. Take a look,
story? Why they're not saying Micaiah Brien's name, love this after watching fifteen seconds of from Vocs Dotcom Motherwit after watching fifteen seconds of police body camera footage. Last week, viewers of various races and political affiliations had made the decision. Sixteen year old, Micaiah brine was the aggressor. The fat huge knife willing, attacker and maniac does our quotes from box and deserves to be fatally shot. According to these viewers, Nick reared in the police officer who immediately shot and killed bright was holding a knife, was justified. A teenager was in the middle of an altercation in which she was presumed to be defending herself. Did matter sorry if you longeth someone and then draw your knife back you're, not in a defensive position, now think back to that view oh that came out of. I think it was much refuse ethical Seattle of Portland. We got a guy with a baseball bat walking backwards. Warning far left us to get away from him he's at things like all. Come back I'll, ask you up short, but he's retreated
That's a defensive position. You know it's entirely possible that you could be in an attack stance and still be defining herself. Perhaps but when a cop shows up- and this is why the present position- your scene and sorry- it's justified fears of vocs as the cries for justice that apply to George Floyd did not ring out as loudly for Bryant. Even after we discover that bright was living in fostering through the middle of five older women. When police arrived in it, she was the alike allegedly one who summoned the people police for help. Some of the same People who called for justice in Floyd's case used police talking points to justify the four bullets Eddie unloaded into Brian's chest. I mean chest, I guess shudder didn't hit or in the back. I believe she was brandishing a knife. Many pointed out, which meant the other black women need to be protected crisis response. Experts noted, however, that de escalation tactics like commanding Brian to drop the
been physically getting between the women or simply communicating with her could have kept everyone alive, and many recorded encounters between the police and white people going weapons, for instance, officers didn't shoot first or even reach for their guns. They successfully managed to peacefully apprehend the suspect. You see the sofa story here. Lebron James treated the story out the cops have got between the women. Did you see the video the cop is running up and an within seconds putting the woman down. I've got a knife drawn how's, it gonna get it between that he's, gonna teleport he's. With Silver son of Magneto and can zoom writin between the people with super speed? The possible VOX is engaging in sophistry so that these sites, caught a tribal lists have some moral justification. Why they can keep pushing they're stupid, fake ideology. The cop can't teleport, I love ass. He should have communicated he had ten seconds
If that and he yelled hey, hey, get down down, it's insane its insanity when the cop intervenes and saves the life. They say how dare you immediately after the cot shot this woman, this this teenager, you see in the body camera for its people, What did you do mad? Why did you do that? Could you imagine what would have happened if he did nothing Mackay, right would have stabbed other woman. I don't know why you just stand in there. What are you doing? What did you shooter and that's the point in Seattle Where they set up this autonomous zone and tell cops to F off they're, not going, why did the police come and save us? you told them to leave then in Ohio there like. Why did the police I've been shoot this woman, who is willing and able to stab another person. There is no Come stance in which the police can do the right job and it's probably on purpose. I know these are different jurisdictions, different circumstance
it's not an autonomous zone where this cop was, but at this point, cops Ya'Ll need to stop. Responding now here cops actually are not responding to many. These calls anymore good. If you're, not why Did you look if it were more seeing the stuff you should should err on the side of not intervening. Why at least. You won't go to prison that that you'd Lebron James posts a photo of this cop. He was called, therefore help he's a woman but a stab another woman. He stopped her. What was I supposed to do? These people think these cops omniscient. They pretend like. We have the black like what we have clairvoyance. We understand. What's going to happen, we out, we can see everything around us at all times. They wait when we go back and visit footage as in the Shovin case, and we can watch it for hours and hours and hours and Nick every little detail. You'll see things that the officers didn't see and then they'll be blamed for it. You know what look at everything I just
Ojo the cops who doubt intervene, our problem, the city's getting sued. Well, you know at least those cops will be going to present this. This copper Riordan he's gonna as potential him. His life to structure is getting death threats, all the really bad stuff. He shouldn't have but it can potter she's the one who shot Dante right. A guy who's wanted an aggravated robbery. Charges was armed and she's now in oblations, released on bail, but she's facing manslaughter charges of ten years in prison. Charlie won't get that but short. If you're a cop- and you can't see what's happening around you and you choose to stay in this, I don't care to defend you anymore. I dont care because, like I said, the good cops have already left the bad cop. Cigarettes are filling the rolls. The good cops leave behind. That's the reality. I dont want awoke police force Sabah with due to the cops now. A lot of people said the feds will come another. Won't the National Guard will come in the National Guard, can't police that the same way the cops can so may
but it won't be the same- I'm telling you now conservatives you want to stop supporting these. These cops while remaining because there already. Started, a weapon eyes against small business owners and regular working Americans, while letting anti forego anti fa overwhelms the system, they won't prosecute these people, they cut him loose but if you're a small business owner wants to sell a beer or coffee, they will arrest. You like that. If you weren't defend yourself from the violent mobs, they will arrest you like that, and they ve done it. Oh, I got one of the reasons I got out of the Philly area we could. It was because I realized set it on videos at an Mehmet, many videos. If the mob comes to my home. I said this if workers were or near the point where of black lives matter comes to your house and their thrown bricks their screaming. The cops will look at the mob Look at you and say it's easier to arrest you then it has to deal with a violent mob. New Jersey, cousin. The film,
Our objectives are: the river also has a duty to retreat, which means my own home, sleeping in my boxers, the middle the night. If someone rights into my house in a violent mob shows up. I have to jump out my window and run you know through the street with no and leaving my guns in my home for that for that for though the mob to steal, that's the stupidity that is New Jersey, you aren't you have a duty to retreat your own home if you can, and that meant, if I'm centre thinking I've got nowhere to go. What am I supposed to do? How do you retreat from your own house? Where do you go? I guess they ideas, if you're, better off being outside in your underwear than shooting someone. Then the violent criminals take my guns: ok, look, You no gun. Safes are great, which I have they can be easily broken open. If nobody's in your house, thou dost, thou forgot away. I mean I've, I've, some pretty good ones, now
but you know, like a small, safer, your hand, gone under night stand or something they're gonna break that open relatively easily. that's the insanity at it is New Jersey that if some Welcome to my house and threatened my life, and I would have gotten death threats and someone tried back in my house and I use my weapon to defend myself. I get you a prison nah, not gonna live that way, and it would be the cops would come and arrest me for it. Now with that I was finding myself. I'm not gonna, play that game and I think it would be crazy. Is this not enough evidence for you? The cops doubt intervene. They sue the city and complain if the cops intervene. They blame the cop get out of these blue states. If you know what's best for you now, if you're inclined to vote democrat- or I should say if your inclined to vote for the establishment which could include people like Mitch Mcconnell. Maybe you should just stay where you are and enjoy the fruits of your vote and your ideology me, I'm remind my own business
I'm going to I'm going to I'm not going to be particularly active in local politics, because I don't want to have an impact that could make this place anyway, like the universities that come from, and I think it would recognize that if you move to a state or a rural area, and things are going well. Maybe you should listen to what the locals are saying about. Why it's going? Well, there's a lot of other problems too. Outside of his lot, I think need to realise that population density makes things change as well. for the time being, you live in these urban Metro swear. I did like New Jersey. I couldn't defend myself if the mob came, because the cops would arrest me, so I had no choice but to leave no choice but to leave and their cops. Who speak up, and you know speaking out about likewise matter. One company jersey towns got fired for calling them terrorists. He's correct. Another cop was demoted, I believe, but I'm sorry, I very little. Sympathy for New Jersey cops the laws, the gun laws they have. There are as one of the most insane and in the country and-
oh for me in my own home, knowing that getting death threats that people threatened burn on a theatre whilst per annum event. Knowing the rights were escalating. I can't sit in this house and protect myself I get because of the police and because of the corrupt politicians. I had no choice: to leave dominoes are falling over. This should be obvious to everybody, but leave it there. Next augments, coming up at one p m in this channel, thanks sprang up and I will see. Well then, the Face Book Oversight Board has decided to uphold the ban of Donald Trump, but they ve pondered the responsibility back to Mark Zuckerberg and says you got it aside, when and if Donald Trump can come back because, first and foremost, Facebook Oversight Board is ass and arbitrary and a waste of all of our time is it
was I a legal body when, in reality it's just a group of lawyers with opinions- I guess that's it will Chamberlain was saying then he's right. It's meaningless! Facebooks, like we ve put together this board they'll decide force. Oh shut up. You spying,. Cowards, we are in an era of weakness. I am so sick of it and you know what I need only look in the mirror myself. Maybe I should get up and go do something, but a kind of feel like what I do here and in Britain is content is something entirely sure that running for office or being involved beyond this would be more effective. So I dont know I'm just sick and tired of seeing the feckless miss the cowardice, the spineless ness and the continued rot and decay that has infecting our society. It said really because you guys know Big STAR Trek fan. I just you know
love to see this future of exploring the galaxy and all that stuff, but thou. Not I'm not too confident wording get their based on what we are seeing. A long story short the Democrats are celebrating saying I'll drop should be permanently man from everywhere yeah that that's completely meaningless, considering Donald Trump just one his own private version of twitter, which is awesome by the way and good for him? He could do more, but we have from the desk of Donald Trump. Where is basically created his own twitter feed? It took him long enough, you just do it. I mean you're rich. You could be like Gimme some code, it's open source and now people can actually share it to fail Lookin Twitter, so hey good for Donald Trump, but here's. The oversight board is basically saying that they give a bunch of reasons. As for the decision, why their goal to be maintaining this ban Donald Trump, but they want Facebook to ultimately decide and, like I said it's because nobody wants take any response.
Ready for making hard choices. They want to be left alone. They want to eat pizza puffs in there in their lounge shares, watching the latest episode of whatever stupid show it is there watching, of course, now the GNP is gonna. Take action, break them up. Geo p, vows, big tech backlash over Facebook Tromp Ban- and this is a whole- just so much more blow obviating and a waste of our time and I'm of sitting here saying: oh gee, golly with the GEO peace, gonna sit down, Mark Zuckerberg nothing's going to happen and nothing is gonna get done. spineless. Individuals who are in charge of these systems will keep extracting from it, and the rest of us, kids can just sit back, Watch as the system rots from the inside out, perhaps the rot has gotten so intense system is going to collapse, collapse and there's not much. We can do about it other than prepare yourselves for the collapse of the dollar. explosion of those coin or whatever it might be now,
actually saying the world's gonna end in the? U S, what will cease to exist under saying it's, just not getting any better where this tremendous golden age, now things are getting more and more extreme as time goes on. Maybe this is the background to the belcour. If you know it at peak of prosperity and now we're coming back down and things on a sergeant bad again, you know we went up rollercoaster. It's gotta come down at some point. Well, here's what the Facebook Oversight Board says: Oversight Board Uphold Summer President Trump suspension finds Facebook, hail to impose proper penalty. Then why are you upholding it? They write the board has upheld, face, decision on January seventh to restrict then president trumps access to posting content on his facebook, page and instagram account. However, it was not appropriate for Facebook to impose the in indeterminate and standard less penalty of India suspension, facebooks normal penalties, include removing the violating content imposing aid, I am bound peered of suspension or permanently to say
pulling the page and account the board insists that Facebook review this matter determine and justify a proportionate response. That is consistent with the rules that apply to other users. On this platform Facebook must complete its review this matter within six months of this data. This of the decisions. They must do what I mean you're a nebulous board of nonsense. They say The board also made policy recommendations for Facebook to implement in developing clear, necessary and proportionate policies that promote public safety and respect for freedom of expression and say what this is the Oversight Board as exists in because Zuckerberg and many other big tat companies public something similar are scared. That regulation is inevitable, so they think creating this clause. I legal board That's a waste of everyone's time. This completely meaningless in every respect will be distracting enough for everyone. and guess what hey it is. I loved the GNP.
Coming out being like this decision is, is on its is are you out one called for, and we must allow the the president to return and how dare you violate our rights and I'm just like dude shut up? I'm sick of hearing from east than from the GEO p from the Republican Party that you want. You people want a job, the temples milked ourselves up. I think it's funny too, because I am fairly centrist, but don't talk about milk, toast, secular, the GEO P and their inability to do anything. You you waited for months to finally come out a horrible. I say we must do something about this shut up. You spineless cowards. If you actually cared Yoda than doing something about this months ago and if you're smart enough, you have been doing about twenty eighteen with new start breaking. It was happening, but you're too busy what your head up your bots to pay attention to. It we are so you deserve to lose I'm sick of it. You ve got a bunch of of of cowards in but the democratic and republican Party who are doing anything the damage
I will say whatever, if better say, to get elected, so they just burn in the place down and the Republicans our sitting there at their feet of watch and saying, don't worry we'll get to it. I love. It reminds me of Dylan Radegund speech on Amazon BC, all back in the day when it was inverted, and he said the Republicans want to burn the play, down the Democrats are kicking the can down the road the next for the next several years. Well, it's inverted now quite litter. It's the left that are burning down buildings, the Democrats supporting and propping them up and the Republicans putting their feet. Up. Put your hand minor about that. There and say: oh well, you know where we will get to it. So it's no surprise. They can't win any stand of position, they can't when they do, they lose the house in the Senate. They can't do anything, they ll do any then they want in twenty sixteen and what they do they twiddle their thumbs and whereby Europe and then now that Mitch Mcconnell, is the minorities our offer to fight this? No you're not shut your mouth. These people are awful, stop voting for them. I don't care who you vote for at this point, but am I suppose
up and respect the gnp. Now I tell you this is so hilarious. The story comes out. Facebook says they are keeping the sitting. President was banned, another going to maintain the ban of one of the most prominent political figures in the country. And now the Republicans or, like we didn't say any until now. This this, this arbitrary response now we're gonna pretend like we're outraged as if the over site board, had any power to begin with. So you know what I can be better Democrats, I can be met them for just extracting from the system and watching it rock to its core. But you know what you vote for these Republicans thinking that I do something and they don't and then they sit and then, as soon as they hear the word, or what's that facebooks oversight? who has no real legal authority, announced that truck should stay band even though it was banned months ago? Oh, I am outraged by this. Did you didn't? Do you expect
to respect some random group of random people that Facebook just decided had, authority in their organization. It's it's! It's ridiculous! Nothing's! Getting done! Nothing will get done. The system will just continue to rot too core because there is no one to do anything about it- and I gotta be honest- they probably can't the rot is too entrenched. It is endemic within the system Donald Trump. For a lot of reasons. It was bad, but for a lot of reasons was good and maybe there was the last death that that was the death rattle of of our institutions a desperate attempt to put some one in who would do something about the corruption and the right at the core, but Trump, of course did not drain the swamp. He failed to get rid of them all the nasty awful career politicians. Maybe You don't have the power to do so, but here we are. They removed him. That was the death rattle. The gurgle of the system collapsing on itself
Is it the Oversight Board sazen a stupid waste of all of our time about the case? Elections are a crucial part of democracy in January starting the counting of twenty electoral votes, a mob forcibly entered the. But a building in d c is violence threaten the constitutional process. Five people died, and many more injured during the violence they gotta say. Tromp posted summit I'm not going to read, they then say: trot posted other things, blah blah blah, On January seventh, after further reviewing trumps posts has risen, communications on Facebook and additional info It's not the severity of the violence, the capital Facebook extended the block indefinitely and for at least the next two weeks until peaceful transition of power is complete, There have been lunatics running around various cities, burning down buildings and Comma Harris solicited donations for these people to get them out of jail so shut your do please, smiles, Facebook and your trash board. The at what point
does any of this matter anymore? You know it's funny. I throw back to Dylan, Radegund he's been doing up without Jimmy Door and the young Turks. I think recently throwback them, because here that very famous random viral and then he ended a believed quitting and going in working on a hydroponics farm and, unlike me,. Do I feel that, what's the point, about sitting here and talking about the problems. When the system is so crooked and rotten nothing's going to be done about it, they think the two billion dollars and insurance and that's not even as much damage actually actually happened during the run up to the right type of the George Floyd Rights, Anti Fine, Portland being cut loose and the Oversight Board and Facebook do nothing, nothing. It's all arbitrary. It's all double standards, and then the Republicans come out acting like this. The moment where they're supposed to be angry, yours,
to be angry four months ago and fighting the entire time. There's like five Republicans or do anything about anything. So I don't. You know key findings. The board found it to put my trumps. So what that Europe do. Other things are the Oversight Board are a stupid waste of our time. It would be like if I created the inn pendant review Committee and that had a bunch of rich people or lawyers be like we have determined as its meaningless has nothing to do with government at all of the Republicans acting like now. All of us on their outraged are lying to you and it's a waste of our time, given the serious as the violations blob block. They say within six months. Facebook must re, examine the arbitrary penalty. No, they must them don't do anything if facebooks sought Facebook decides to restore mature trumps account. I love this facebooks like women set up an oversight board to make these decisions for us, because we don't want the responsibility and the Oversight Board is like well we're not a real.
Legal body with any real authority. So all we could do was right blog posts and we don't want responsibility either so back to use Zuckerberg, I mean what nothing changes. The system continues to rot at its core, and here we are Donald Trump dwell here. The Democrats. Facebook should permanently band Donald Trump shut up. Democrats, Donald Trump issued a statement. Is that actually, let me let me from from the desk of Donald Trump Trump posted on his own version of twitter. What Facebook, twitter and Google have done it? little disgrace and an embarrassment to our country. Free speech has been taken away from the present the United States, because the radical left lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before. The people of our country will not stand for these corrupt social media companies must pay it because price and must never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our electoral process. I really love how they're like Donald Trump,
subverting our electoral process, so they ban him one of those problem, leader of the Republican Party, for four Wentworth. How is that doing the exact same thing and that's why so the system is just rotted to its core, I'm what? What? What would we expect? The big tech oligarchs places like Silicon Valley, one of the buzz. Blue pockets of the country are shutting down the political speech of their rivals during the pandemic. People then have to have their opinions filtered through big tack and they get and and can't share stories about ponder Biden. Yeah, that's right, near post, one to break a big story about Joe Biden, son, big tech, sensors. It you want to talk about whose subverting the for the electoral process literally facebook and rest a short, my friends. That's all you ve got strong GEO, p politicians who will sit back ass opponents, opinion Falada doing nothing literally, nothing bad. The power to do it couple
ago they dont now because they love it. They love the anger, the right sitting there laughing their asses off, saying I love it they're so mad because they want you to get mad. So you go, I think, I'll. What republican next time and then once they're back and power, they will do nothing. So I want I just I just want the Republic the lose I'm just so sick of it? It's like I've been saying about the cops but the peat, the car, We're remaining on the force, enforcing unconstitutional a law and follow the whims of the corrupt democrat politicians abolish their departments. I have no respect for those people and on time, but every single cop accounting, my major urban metro and now I see their public and party. Now you don't deserve to exploit the anger and frustrations of the working class to get elected and then do nothing. You had your chance congressmen handbook he's outraged. He is a private, representing Colorado's. Fourth, he said Facebook status is a monopoly.
lead its leaders to believe it in silence and sense or american speech, with no repercussions? Now more than ever, we need aggressive, anti trust reform to break up facebooks monopoly. The most stupid and asinine absurdest statement. I it is. These people just have no idea what they're talking about alma facebooks monopoly on what monopoly What posting things on the internet you can post things on the internet everywhere for its not the facebook, is a monopoly, it's that Silicon Valley have a strangle called over discourse? You can't break them up. You need to regulate them and protect speech. Breaking up. Facebook makes no sense. What do you do? Make ten facebooks that I'll function? exact same way meaningless. The problem is that there is a centralized location by which we communicate in terms of political discourse. They are censoring political opinions. Breaking them up will do nothing. Unless, however, I will say highly doubt can buck knows anything, but the fair,
Yes, but decentralized networks that connect to each other- and you can follow different people on different outworks- is a is a good idea and then decentralize Asian make sense for the time being. Breaking up. Facebook wouldn't do any thing, because Brigham Facebook would be ok. The microblogging portion goes here. The video portion goes here. The marketing portion goes here, That's what breaking up? What do? I suppose you could do something really stupid like we're, gonna break up Facebook and take you know each individual state gets their own version of Facebook something I mean. Maybe I guess, if it's it's guaranteed free speech, run by the state and constrained by the first amendment that might make sense in terms of antitrust, but then what like you follow people online. You know Maryland Book or like Jersey, book and then you're like I got friends by follow up Overrun Illinois Book like what what what what is breaking them up again into ten smaller facebooks Facebook Face Box Book Park. What
and then you're like. Well, I got a sign up rallies effort platforms because different users are no people. Dont want to send a programmer platforms. Andrew Yang talked about this. He was I people talk about Anti trust in terms of you know, but does anybody really wanna use Bing, he's right when he's too, king about search. Now, if you want, I got anti trust in terms of Facebook. Has an advertising department. They are the content department. They have microblogging Google, as adds the web services. This cloud hosting Fiona break those things up. I get it the problem, though, that Google dominates search. So if you search for news, your conservative news outlet is purged from the search results for a long time. I channels directly blacklist unviable just funny, because I'm on a Google plough Google platform Youtube. That makes that that makes no sense breaking it up, because no one's gonna using what needs to happen is a wig.
regulation guaranteeing speech. So this is a, I suppose, the work at alien, negative rights here Conservatives they also want to impose my will and on private businesses we're not talking about forcing companies to do things were talk about forced them not to do Things were not saying that Facebook needs juice. on your behalf, we're saying Facebook chat, room, Oh, that your speech, there's a difference is the stupidest argument there, like. If others and this comes from libertarians and some conservatives there like. If, if you know Facebook is forced to host your speech violation of the fundamental rights because you're forcing them to speak. Nowhere, not I posted that. That's why they have section two thirty protections, because I said it: no one's forcing them to site, they didn't say it. I did its protection, stopping them from shutting down. My speech, of course, there's always wrist, there's always exemptions if you're posting incitement to violence. You know things like that. Ok,
But here we go, you know a call for Anti Trust regulates monopoly. This just shows at these Republicans. They have oh idea, how any other stuff works, break them up. Geo p, vows big tech backlash. ok, former president trumps allies called to strike back. If they gain a majority and Congress, you see, that's it. They're gonna do they're gonna get the majority vote, but we can't really do anything, break them up. Tweeted, Jim Jordan, why a staunch Trump ally, Anti Trust break em up? What does that mean? You see? The problem is Trump was banned, banned from a platform by which Trump would speak to the public, twitter and Facebook, our different companies. They have different standards, tromp could post messages on Facebook twitter and they will reach large audiences. There is a monopoly on political discourse, but that's because there's no real, viable alternatives, because what makes the platform work is the milk the amount of people on it. You certainly could gotta minds dot com, which I do use
great, but they only have a few million users face because billions twitter has hundreds of millions. You can reach more people and that's the point of the service, the ability to reach people if you break up Facebook and Twitter, to a bunch of smaller microblogging cited just literally makes no sense. Now my plan is everybody. House their own federated microblogging site so have your own website just like drop dead and it could connect to any other platform. Imagine this imagine you follow at Donald J, Trump dot com. You know imagine. Instead of going on twitter and fight and in finding at Real Donald Trump, you go onto a feather verse, app gap, for instance, and you search for at Donald at Donald J Trump, not come or desk at Donald J tromp not come and involves on all the posts appear and you click follow and now they all appear in your feed. It makes it difficult when it comes to certain hosting certain kinds of content like video and photo but start
and then no one can ban you, because you're you're on your own website. People are following you just kind of like our rss. That's what we should be doing, that's something you can go after Facebook or Twitter, for he can't break them up. We can impose regulations, restrictions guaranteeing negative rights, meaning you. You have a right to free speech. Therefore, big companies can't shut down your speech if they invite you in I look at it like this. People say if you go into a stories are screaming. They can kick you out right, but if you go to restore that says, you know, like the put. The purpose of this business is to scream and you go in and scream like veto, the dude for Jim carrying diamond, as I know that not not that not not that screaming, not if a platform as for public speech and discourse, they should not be able to ban you on the basis of your opinions, even if your opinions are horrifying. Even I think they're gonna pick and choose you know shore pipe private business
can throw you out for almost any reason, but you are allowed to come in. The issue arises not because the private business, because its dominating the space, if there was only one place, to get fresh drinking water. How long do you think it would take before the government comes in with guns and seas? Is that from a private business owner and a lot of libertarians. Don't like it laws. If our capitals don't like it. I do. I think if there is a request resource like a water source. It should be protected by the it's called the commons. If there is one store in your area, one and nothing else than there's gotta be guarantees that can go in there and get stuff because you'll Walmart pops up and they shut down all these small businesses and then what they ban you from their stores are. Now you can't get food in your own area. I am not going to stand for that. We cannot thou massive multinational corporations, fund, psychotic Democrats to strip our rights and then and then fallen, but my private business, don't care
Facebook should be under regulation that allows people the right to speak period and if you don't want to operate like a common carrier than don't get in the business, but you do not get Carte Blanche to dictate how things go. You know what further libertarians and conservatives who would support these big pray companies? You know what man find whatever, when your ideology ceased to exist, cause you're watching them a road in real time. Don't come crawling to me for help because I've been warning you right now, it's tough, isn't it. I have all the answers, I'm just some do not pissed off. I live there. Next, I'm coming up at four p m over at Youtube outcome: slashed him, cascades, Frank it out and I'll see you all them.
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