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S596 - Biden Administration FAILING US As Gas Shortage, Inflation, Migrant Crisis, Cyber Attack SLAMS


Biden Administration FAILING US As Gas Shortage, Inflation, Migrant Crisis, Cyber Attack SLAMS. While blaming the Democrat on every crisis is not fair many of the issues are the direct results of Joe Biden's policies.

Currently republicans are seeking to revoke the unemployment bonus Biden wants to extend as it is incentivizing people to not work and resulting in massive inflation.

Biden's border policies have made everything worse and kamala Harris isn't even showing up to deal with it.




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Today is, may eleventh twenty twenty one and our first story the lighted, ministration is failing us. We are dealing with a border crime. This other administrations on making a gas as a result of a cyber attack, escalating conflict in the Middle EAST, inflation as a direct result of fighting administration policies and enforced. Let those who voted in and are no longer paying attention they came and they voted they left us all. Holding back. Our next story the gasoline shortage is getting serious as lines emerge going way. highways rows of cars and people are worried that prices will soon spike, even more than they already have in our last story in France More soldiers are warning. The government of an impending the cold war. Before we get started, you like to show, leave us a good review, give us five stars and if you
shall please consider sharing it. Now, let's get into that first story, it seems predictable that someone like me would come out and say: the Biden administration is failing us, but I and just sit here claiming it's a coincidence that so much is going wrong as soon as Donald Trump leaves we get. All of these major catastrophes Laurie? We can actually see how the Biden administration is either ignoring this lying about it or causing some of the problems, the? U S, got hit by one of the most significant cyber attacks in history. The largest oil pipeline in the country has been shut down. There are gas shortages lines of cars.
Weighing down the street gas station shutting down in a fear that gas prices are now going to speak when in fact, they already were even before this cyber attack. What does a bite administration saying there to do? Well, it's a private company so that there have to deal with it. We ve got inflation hitting right now. People are panicking mention gas prices going up. Food prices are also going up. We're seeing photos in videos of signs on doors of businesses of people saying we won't work here anymore. We refuse why, while the left will target, because these are not living wages, totally wrong, but the problem is, the mass spending of money is resulting in inflation, which means that fifteen bucks an hour cut it anymore, you're not to build the buyer groceries. Now the Biden administration. Is offering up the equivalent of six in dollars an hour and unemployment, so that means most will choose not to work. Sorry, that's a Biden, administration policy and many p.
leaving the Chamber of Commerce are saying this is destroying the economy. You need to stop paying people to not work, they keep doing it. What about the border crime? says the Biden administration. They they inherited a sum, Functional border wasn't perfect, but Donald Trump shut down some of these child migrant facilities, The Biden administration reopened them and by Policies are resulting in a massive pull factor. I'm sorry I It is clear Shea. It is obvious that someone like me, I support a trump. I voted for. Donald Trump would come out and say its violence fault. Tromp was not perfect trumps administrations had it pet Trumps Administration, its problems, but all of this is slamming into us right now, at the very least, we rely strong leadership, we don't have it do I blow Joe Biden outright. Not necessarily I blew the voters. I blame. The media, like I mentioned,
We have these lines down the street of these cars, the New York Times, as there are no long lines. It's not real All these journalists posting these photos in these various. It must be lying. How still getting some media telling us the truth, but the very least, if you want to say it's not buttons. He should be doing more and is not effective, and you know why, because this administrate Is built upon hatred for Donald Trump, the media's desperate attempts to get the Orange man out of office and people came out and voted for Joe Biden simply because they hated Trump that not an administration make. So now we are facing the ramifications of people who didn't like Donald Trump own. What's this ratings for MSNBC and seen an hour in the gutter you're. These people are gone. They when they voted with a drive by they came in sight. We don't care anyone but Trump and, we are all paying. The price is funny in DC viral tweet. They painted over the black lives matter.
Ain't mural in the street no longer necessary thanks for common will, see you again and for years and the rest of us pay the price these people pay the price to, but because they're not paying attention. What will happen the media will come out. They'll blame the Republicans. They'll blame trump, blame anyone, but themselves, and the rest of us suffer watching the system wrought from the inside out Didn't know what story to cover today. You know we ve got this cry. In Israel in Gaza, I can't blame button for all of that. I understand or get me wrong about, translates all his fault, but men, the Abraham Accords Donald Trump actions in the least far from perfect, but it was an improvement and now, coincidentally, eminence getting that, I watched a video of a thirteen story, building and knocked over
happy watching these things. I see this gas shortage. I see the border crisis all of this news breaking today and it's just slamming me in the face and I'm mad about it again. It's not all, but instead as I as I often say, to pay homage to vendetta if you'd like to see the guilty do you need only look into a mirror now to be fair, I'm not talking about for the most part. You are. I we all play a role in this system. Don't get me wrong? We all have some responsibility in its functioning in the function of this country, but I'm just so fed up with these people who do who did a up political dry by coming in voting for the the old man? Who can barely speak straight and now we can sit back and watch. Everything goes bad, two thousand and nineteen amazing economy, not perfect Trump was spending like crazy. Well, the bill comes. Do Republicans and Democrats alike. Let's wait some of these new stories and just give Argentina the gist of it that the country
is in dire straits. inflation has many people terrify these gas shortages are freaking people out, you got understand how bad the inflation, as with these people, quitting their jobs and mass it's about to get really bad. So I hope you paying attention because you can you can like Biden, you can hate Biden can hate Tropic, unlike Tromp Joe Biden. Has the president the buck stops with him before we get started had over TIM Cast dot, com click, the big old, beautiful members only button and you can sign up, become up to become a man. And go to the members area to get access to exclusive members, only segments from the TIM guess I'll podcast, when you do this, you are supporting I work in the event that we get banned or purged, which is entirely possible, already happened on Facebook. So I hope you you take this seriously. If you like what I do, please consider supporting my work and my companies. We can grow at TIM Cast outcome, but don't forget to like share subscribe,
its ratification bell. Let's start with this first story and I'll just over this one, a little bit the colonial pipeline gas georgics. I did cover this morning. I think most of you know the gist of the of what's happening, but we have this long lines. Look at these photos under these videos Caitlin and says this? Is the gas station across the street long line for gas longline, a journalist telling this from W l o s? The largely declaration in North Carolina, we'll help prepare for any potential motor vehicles. Fuel supply interruptions. Well, the interruptions are happening, LUCA lungs pipelines, alright, let's move on to the next major insane story: Israel ramp up deadly air strikes on Gaza as Rockets, rain down and deaths mount on both sides. I want to say it again: I'm not here to blame Joe Biden for what this conflict has been going on for generations, I'm just I'm just men it everything had said once right now, I it's it's just so surprising to see all of these stories
in time of just chaos in crisis, I believe it is absolutely fair to point out the by and ministries and is unable to deal with it. Take a look at the story: border crisis, five, unaccompanied migrant girls found abandoned in Texas, a farmer said he discovered the baby, girls, Hungary and crying I I don't know which- which crazy story took to bring you. I really dont, because it is just as everything hitting at once I won. If it would have been any different under Donald Trump. It may have been bad. Don't get me wrong, but I have to say, all arguments aside. It's time to stop. Acting like Trump is here. This is the Biden administration. The things that are happening right now are on Joe Biden. I put out a tweet. I said it s built back, better means crumbling infrastructure, mass inflation conflict in the Middle EAST.
a mass exodus from from from a jobs- and I get these people saying you know just stew, things about. It could possibly be binding faltered happen so soon and unlike the stuff wasn't happening at out, we had it. We had a pandemic. That was a global international crisis, I'm talking about domestic policy, I'm talking about Joe Biden, ending some of the Trump our policies on the border, and now we have a border crisis. I'm talking about Donald Trump, shutting down the homestead child Migrant Facility and the Biden administration reopening it. These are policies of Joe Biden, I'm talking about Joe Biden promising three hundred dollars additional on unemployment, resulting in more hyperinflation? They think they wrapped up all this that and they're going to print their money. They're going to print money to find their way out of it. It's not going to work. I hope you guys are paying attention aren't even ought to read man, I'm just
You know I'm sitting here today. They don't like. What's the important story and I think for the most part, it's this work shortage, these these. These signs that are popping up our businesses are people saying that are going to work here anymore than getting paid enough, not realizing realising its not about getting paid enough. It's about inflation. It's not people not paying attention. I think that's the big news. Here's the New York Times only a pipeline, a vital. U S, fuel artery that was shut down by a cyber attacks had hoped to restore most operated, but in the end of the week since the shut down There have been no long lines or major price hikes for gas and they just spit in our faces with these lies. Its truly a sight to behold. There are people who believe this. They follow these stories and they think it's true and the rest of us are watching as the fire engulfs our country, our states, our cities and these political drive buys they just watch.
they did they just that. It's amazing Katy hurts I tweeted. a bizarre I've called ten gas stations around Asheville and not a single one has guess why person laugh at me when I asked, and yet nothing on current gas storage is unemployed. and most other national new sites. How is this not the biggest story in the? U S, right now, good question: you turn on Fox they'll. Tell you. A lot of people are saying: the gas storage is the result of people panic buying. I do not believe that Why only in North Carolina? Why not? other places. No, I think it particularly. I think it's obviously disrupting certain areas. If you look over on twitter right next to this tweet, it says hast hashtag gas shortage. When Security adviser Elizabeth Sherwood Randal, says right now, there is not a supply shortage of gas falling around somewhere attack of oil pipelines, which disrupted the flow of nearly half the gasoline and jet fuel supplies to the EAST coast, not a shortage, as
Looking at a tweet from Katy hurts oxides. Ten gas stations don't have anything that is the Biden Administration buying that is the media lying and the people who believe it vote more of the same high. I remedial I'm a programme manager, Google right now, lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's where we created Google career certificates in online training programme for fast growing fields. Like I t, support, project management, data, analytics user experience, design and more you don't any prior experience and you can be Jobbery in about six months. So put your skills to work. Go to grow, dark, Google, slash certificates, the cost of border crisis falls on the backs of the american taxpayer, says Ex official from today. All of these stories, slamming today ABC seven on a trip to the. U S. Mexico bore
carbon of homeland security. Secretary of the hundred May Arcas revealed that hundreds of a come unaccompanied minors are crossing the border daily. But how much is this costing taxpayers according to her or from the Washington Post. The Bible administration is spending at least sixty million dollars per week. The bill comes. Do people, don't understand what it means when they come out and say it is. It is costing a sixty million dollars per week. They dont get it. They think it means nothing. I think it means While the government can print money and pay it, don't you get it. This is the, but this is the Bite administration, reversing Trump, This is causing a beggar crisis costing us more money. While the media lies in our flights. Global market sell off on inflation fears. This is what it means when they say sixty million dollars per week in means the cost of bread, milk, eggs, chicken and gas? lean are going to skyrocket. It means regular working Americans who don't have hard
assets? Will see their savings? Depreciate we'll see, Their wages go down now, it's not so obvious. Somebody was in ten bucks. An hour still thinks there making ten bucks an hour. What they realize is thereby power is being cut in half every time. Somebody crosses that border illegally, thanks to Joe Biden every time somebody can't nor catalogue of their good, their job. The economy stagnates markets, Olaf's the ability of fort for you to buy goods. You to support yourself. Go down. Yo finance european markets face a dramatic selloff after Asia. And U S. Markets were rocked overnight. Investors are digesting info. canary worries, following China's consumer price index, falling short of action, nations alongside volatile commodity prices. I've been warning about this. All of these pieces are coming together and it's going to result in the
thing or I can result in a variety of things, but it's all going to slam your dollar your savings. Why do you think Bitcoin is skyrocketing if theory on the sky rocket Is it the footsie one hundred move two point: six percent lower the closing Berlin, London. You know I find particularly funny about this. I pulled up this story to talk about the inflate and fears and the market Sullivan what this means for your retirement fund, your purchasing power and in first stories we have from from Fox business run on the right side. You can the DOW Jones is down. The NASDAQ is down the Essen P. Five hundred down one point: five points point one four point: nine three: it's scary men and its frustrating. That makes me angry. What's really making me angry I suppose is that I've been saying for some time. As most other people have you can't build.
Ministration off of just hating, Donald Trump and clearly now we are seeing the proof of this. We are seeing what we get Biden wants trillions for four structure, but a big hurdle will remain spending. The cash presses are optimistic the administration learned from the struggles of the two thousand nine stimulus and will be able to move faster progressives are basically saying at a time when people are already seeing their saving stripped away. The professor sang print money effectively. Stealing the money of those who are responsible is not how it goes to the Bush administration is doing remit store. I talked about a couple weeks ago. I've been doing some some adds, whereas well there was a guy who was there, a family was selling their house and they had some some some where's your hunter guy, commend to try and find a case of money there grandfather had hidden in their home and found it fifty thousand dollars. Congratulations! The only problem.
Fifty or so years ago. Whenever this grandfather guy took that fifty grand and put it in that case and hit it, the buying power was actually closer to half a million or something that affects what I read. I don't know the exact number think about how much value was stripped away from that money. Sitting that in those floorboards, this old man thinking he was putting money away for a rainy day or maybe to give something to his children in reality. Every day that they printed money they were stealing from him and the labour he did they stole it. That's what binds proposing with the infrastructure plan theft of those who have saved their money that how it goes now not completely opposed to government programmes, but we're talking about taxes to pay for thanks, it's very different from them, just printing money into oblivion. I will show you now what I think is the most significant result of this. Take a look at this from Newsweek we I'll quit.
Restaurant signs claiming staff walking out our popping up across the? U S, photos are emerging of signs at restaurant, saying that they are closed or understaffed after their employees quit debate a day in short, a collection of signs on restaurant windows and said We are literally watching the largest labour movement and modern american history happen in the form of paper signs take to the windows, a fast food and fast casual restaurants. The problem is with all due respect to dvd and others. They don't understand at all what happening. You see, they ve been clamouring for fifteen dollars an hour for what a decade fifty thousand
a decade ago, it's probably has the by the by the borrowing power. Today of substantially more than that, today, you guys get twenty or twenty five dollars an hour, which is why the progressive keep upping, what they think we should get in minimum wage. What you're? Seeing with these signs? Somebody worked for ten bucks an hour at Mcdonald's, and they could buy themselves for one hour couple: gowns and milk, some bread and eggs. Now they can buy themselves eggs and again of milk can get the bread they need a raise, they go to their company and they say I want more money. So we can't just do that because everyone else has a price expectations as well So what happens as their buying power goes down? The business starts going down because Other people look people who work at Mcdonald's got to eat, they want to go to chipotle to, but they can't afford to anymore, because she probably got a raise its prices. Now that I have the buying power to cover the cost of the beans, chicken Miller. Workers can afford to cover those costs either, and they make demands comes Joe Biden. We're gonna, give you
ten bucks an hour equivalent to network now, there's no more beans. Do you get it? If people are working to to harvest the crops? If people aren't, we to bring these things to drive these things to these stores, the stores can't get them. It's not just about getting your cheeseburger, they gonna, say son and a hearty windows had due to no staff we're closed. We are hiring while the Wendy signs that we all quit closed. A scientist they window set attention jointly. Workers want to know. I wear clothes. Ask our corporate offices. Why, employees are focused, are forced to work in borderline sweatshop conditions for eight plus ours, not breaks we're overworked, understaffed, underpaid and under appreciated. Almost the entire management and crew have walked out until further notice. People should be before profits above profits are greater than profits. Re post. This, if you agree, help spread awareness, twitter users-
Twitter users responded Davidson's post, which more than a hundred thousand likes by showing similar photos they have spotted at their local restaurants. Kelly Mccarthy a picture of a science you spotted it said: please be patient with a staff that did not show up that did shops are no one wants work any more as seen in Holly Ridge, North Carolina at a locally and restaurant great food, great staff pact, restaurants, staff deserve a living wage and benefits all right. Let's play a game. somebody has to go to these forms and pick the crops. It's not always a machine that poles all the care of the ground. Like you see on red it, I've been But he's farms in California, they have to hire farmhands and people to come and pick the crops and pay them. I think when I was there, this was like four years ago. Five years ago, it was being paid like they're, going like fourteen bucks an hour. I can imagine going pay that much more. Along comes comes Joe Biden, unemployment, Democrats, unemployment
We run Republicans, but for the stuff too, but right now, it's Joe Biden saying he wants to do to its extend this and keep it going now you ve got someone who's like why work perfecting bucks an hour when sit at home, doing whatever I want. Painting pictures playing music, singing songs and I'll get some amount of money. all of a sudden no one is harvesting the crops anymore. All of us there's, no more lumber. There's no steal your partly then says: How do we source the chicken if people are working on these farms well one or two incentivize people to work. They have to dramatically increase the cost of what they're paying people and they start doing it. Then the cost of chicken starts going up. Job outlay can't afford it, so they start telling staff we can't higher everybody. They then start laying people off and in the end, you end up with employees who are on well to handle the workload they then get angry. They say, I'm not getting paid enough money and if they're not getting paid enough
I'm not gonna work in these conditions, so they quit the stores shut down and now there's no more food. It is a it's a it's a at its it all connected it. A chain reaction, the economy is all part. It's all working together as one machine we're, seeing it not just in restaurants, but also dollar general at centre of law, the unrest controversy after frustrated workers, walk off job in Maine, citing low wages and understaffed stores. This is the result of mass spending. It's the result of a pandemic that shut down our economy, but don't get me wrong the virus itself to do this. It was panic, you said fifteen days too slow to spread bid. That was it fifteen days. No, I'm sorry. It's been over a year and still many of these places are closed down now. I know a lot of places then reopen red states for the most part, never really shot down. Can see in places like South Dakota, their economies actually grown a little bit over the past year.
the economy was slammed. You can't just shut it down and I think they knew this. I think they know this. It was like watching of freight train, come to a debts. I've actually I'll give you a good pop culture, reference member, the movie Hancock with Well Smith, and you got your and Bateman in the car? Maybe not seen it trains coming, and so he goes over any flips Jays abatements Carl, the train slams and am plays a superhero read the whole train, just flips up into the air and carts go flyin caught Trenck article flying in the air and derailing. That's what happens with an abrupt stop. You can't just stop it like that. How do you recover it? How do you, the train back The track it's really difficult. What Joe Biden is doing now is ensuring that it just gets worse, printing, more money, and again. I know I know they're so many other things that have been happening. It's not just the economic crisis.
The gas shortage. Now cyber attack where's the FBI. Where were they to prevent these attacks? Where were they to guard our critical infrastructure? They haven't been I think, for the longest time what we been witnessing at the powers that be the wealthy elite have been extracting as much value They came from the system as they watch it from bull and I think that a Joe Biden is doing now. I think they ve real. The cost of goods are skyrocketing. We are dangerously close to some kind of revolt. pollution or civil war. You watched him. Guess our epoch s last night. What MAX Keyser sate the the weekly budgeting for food is getting dangerously close to forty percent for many of these workers and when that happens, we ve seen in many other countries. Revolution erupts because these people their walking off the job. So what does that mean with hyperinflation with the cost of good skyrocketing chicken. I think was up what eleven or twelve percent that means you chicken sandwich is going up, another fifty cents to a dollar depending on where it is, and many for many people
ten bucks, an hour. That means these people to buy that meal. They can't buy that meal, not were twice as many hours. Many are saying done I'm not making enough money at this job to keep working at this job and Don't get me wrong Joe Biden incentivize in it by giving these bonuses this this extra money, it's almost like what they're doing is on purpose our Lord Simon, but it has me worried Joe Jerome Laughlin says in case you missed it: U S. Job openings rose to an all time, Hi in March eight point one million vacancies, so why? Why aren't people taken these jobs from the daily mail residents Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina Knell of and Alabama will lose enhanced unemployment benefits after republican governors refused bindings cash when he rejected calls to cut the extra three hundred
a week? Republican governors and five states are declining a three hundred dollar per week, boosted unemployment benefits meant to help during the pandemic. They claim the extra money is incentive in their citizens to stay home jobless residents in Arkansas City Montana, South Carolina Alabama will know receive extra money. Exports claim those who made two thousand dollars before the pandemic can now the same or more, with combined benefits from state and federal government. Our economy has come back. We have jobs, Aplenty Arkansas, Governor S, a Hutchinson said we cannot pay extra compensation for work. To stay home. Support for this podcast comes from Verizon Business, Verizon Business, unlimited plants, unlimited data, no overages and more built right for business. with the speed of rising five g Verizon Business unlimited plans from his lows: thirty dollars per line, visit, rising dotcom, slash business, slash plants per month,
the five lines on business. Unlimited start includes paper free billing without open, select, smartphone agreement, discounts, taxes fees in terms apply five g nationwide available in twenty seven hundred plus cities on most Verizon five G devices, five g alter white band of able only imports of select cities. So what's gonna happen, people who have to work when they watch other people who don't have to I can imagine, is going to be a good thing. Think about this way: you're in Arkansas you're in Montana, maybe you're in South Carolina. and they tell you we're taking away you're unemployment benefits that bought. It is granted to the blue states, so you'll have to go, get a job. Now I mean they should have to get a job but think about what this means this This is what Biden has done. This is biting his fault mind you not the republican governors, somebody's gonna say: ok, fine I'll go to work at parties or Carl's junior. What, whichever coast run- and I think it's hard he's out here and there to me- thirteen bucks an hour. They are then going to see some New York, vacation or Poland with sunglasses problem, often say
take number one with extra sauce and a large fry in large cope and that guy work by the counter getting thirteen bucks I was in love this guy and say: where do you work nominal unemployment? I'm gettin sixteen bucks an hour to do nothing, and what do you think that Horace employees gonna say is the problem with you behind this idea we can just give people money now, of course, the EU, Opponents say it would be too. It would be supplemental. So when someone comes in and they're getting this bonus from a different state, thanks to Joe Biden, the Democrat governed, how would you incentivize people to take these jobs? Many of them leave and b I gotta take the free money. A lot of people might say now stay. The problem, then, is what Happening now is Joe Biden is borrowing and printing money, devaluing the currency to give to blow dates to spend to extract the value of.
labour in these red states. Do you see the problem in administration, is going to burn this country to the ground. Maybe the night is always doggerel darkest before the dawn, maybe fee eventually get better, but you know what sorry, if I can't say, I'm convinced, because we today has just been a pretty awful day. The past few days have been pretty awful and it's just seemingly getting worse outside of this, we ve got natural disaster after the pandemic comes the drought. Stark pictures reveals California, water emergency after one of the warmest rice brings our record I'm up layman vital for this mind, you I'm just saying after everything we ve been through, we real leadership. We ain't gettin it we and we are not getting it. Look at these these. This is incredible: I've been Folsom like this is mind. Blowing look at this. This is the all as an old, this is this? Is it this aid from back in a few years ago they say a drought, and
can see to cover thirty of population from acute water supply shortages. I went there during the drought, and I remember seeing it being like while look how low the water levels are? Look, how low it is hears it now has just grass these are these. Are these are docks she's grass again, I'm uh blaming Biden for root. Obviously I'm just shocked to see it's. It's like the which, like a perfect storm, so don't tell me as a coincidence, don't I It's it's you know, oh, it would happen at our maybe, but this up these are Biden policies, not creating the drought. Credit immigration crisis quitting the echo the crisis escalating Middle EAST conflict job is not equipped to handle. Take a look at this stuff Nelson says the wards black lives matter have been paved over on Dc. Sixteen street north of the White House. May your browser in the words in a job than President Trump success. Changing the topic when protesters we're criticising her.
The alarm usefulness is gone now, and so is the message it was a political drive by they came in Watching their CNN their MSNBC, they voted for a failing administration. They voted for any one because they hated Trump and they ve left us holding the bag. It's like a bad roommate you know you're sitting there like we gotta, we gotta start work in a secure and take care of this house, and and they don't and they don't take care of. and that, as soon as they come and they say you know what I'm not going to do. They they're gone thoroughly What we're sitting there watching the fires burnt the foundation? of our home and they go off and send their couch while they are in the house today, just don't care, leaving us holding the bag. Look at this, the drop see it from Joe Contra. The drop CNN is experiencing, is profound. On Friday not one programme broke, nine hundred thousand total of yours, prime time average. Less
Eight hundred thousand the network average two point: seven four million in January we're talking about more than two thirds of the honest. No, that's like seventy one percent of a decline for Vienna MSNBC is also in the gutter now MSNBC they're, getting one. Three million causing allow all be watching their key demo is worse than CN ends. Fox news, of course, is still doing better than all of them, but this shows you, with their view, worship in massive decline into it was a political drive by these. These anti trot people came in. They didn't care about anything that into research. They just watch the garbage news and they just voted to burn it down. I could name all of the people. I know all of my friends who had no business being involved in politics, because I dont care they don't pay attention coming up voting for it administration that can't do anything and they'll come out now and say so better than Trump. No, it is it still.
then Trop, twenty nineteen, Jim Kramer, the best numbers of our lives. Through it all away, because Orange man bad Well, I hope you can get by now. Without food or gasoline or a job, knowing there's no mean tweets. Was it worth it? They still won't know or care bill comes due to their house. They'll be left, confused and they'll still blame Trump and Republicans and they'll still vote for the Democrats to burn the whole thing to the ground. What can I say It's a frustrating day: isn't it molly with their necks segments coming tonight at Youtube COM slashed him cast, I read the live, show at eight p m. Thanks, rang out, then I'll see you all them The gasoline shortage is getting much more serious and the media will tell you it's not true apparently in a press briefing, the governments
Had no, no there's no gasoline shortage. Twitter puts up a card saying the deal just confirms. There is no gasoline shortage. Meanwhile, videos keep popping up of huge lines across to the South South eastern coast of people unable to get ass a lean people who live in this area. More prominent twitter users are tweeting. I can't get gasoline. The media saying all is well when our learning colonial company that runs this fifty five hundred mile long oil pipelines that their website is now down cuz only getting worse, we are what like a hundred days in little bit more with the Joe Biden presidency. We ve got a crisis in the Middle EAST, triangular pointer, Fox NEWS Rocket, wire exploding overhead, we ve got gas shortage, inflation, political violence, yikes a lot of you percentage, Jimmy Carter all over again. Well, really no other than reading books, because I was not alive when Jimmy Carter was happening, but apparently so
and I don't know where this will bring us come twenty twenty four, but maybe there are people gins might makes a major gains, democratic, the ones in control and everything's on fire figurative, I s somewhat literally with the right still going on. Let me show you so we got near post gas nations along South EAST coast for fuel shortage amid pipeline shut down. Just look at that news from the new posts. Look at this news. Look at the news in the daily mail gas runs out after colonial pipelines. Cyber attack North Carolina declare a state of emergency. Oh yeah, here's the press briefing and this from what I got Doktor Sherwood Randal, it's great to be with you today, blah blah blah and let limit. Let me see specifically what she said: now there is not a supply shortage. We are preparing for multiple possible contingency because that's our job, especially on the homeland security team and considering what additional steps may be useful to mitigate any potential disruptions to supply.
Twitter told me. It said there is no shortage. What's going on that, the governor lying to us, oh heavens, couldn't see. Thou incoming. What's amazing to me is that, while this shortages is visible to every body online, the media and social media are actually saying it's not true how many people live in this paranoid, sir? Codec delusional moron state where the government comes out, says it where the media comes out and says it and then or social media, and there, like must be true, must be drafted, what the government says. These Democrats world, Why are we supporting the F b? I don't believe you think it's not that battle you we would. We see we see? The news? We see the videos, you think the media is not bad right. Ok, ok hold on near post daily mail, their media outlets, I get it, but these
like the Murdoch media out and everyone says, they're lying there, fake news or stay these left us do all right. Well, the New York Posts and daily mail have pulled up feeds from social media from people you can verify from verified use. People, even I know saying this is happening, so I believe it happening. We ve got news of a cyber attack. We got news the pipeline being shut down. This makes sense, but indeed just comes out. A press briefing says: does business shortages of shortage, ok, they're, Plainward Games, There is no shortage and set the oils all still there. They just can't get it to you so may What they're saying is the shortage isn't in that they like there's actually gas, but what regular people are worried. Is will there be a shortage of gasoline where I live? I don't care if you get an oil pie.
and follow oil. You can't move I care if my gas station can't get gasoline for me. I haven't. I bought an electric car and I did for this reason. I know not everybody can not. Everybody can get electric car, I get it but I bought a test locked and aided by Tesla because it was cool. I got a model three. I got it because I knew with bite in coming and I was concerned. I was like look whatever it. Not evil because I don't think I even really knew what was going to happen at the time, but I just knew there was a real risk that whatever a pang things were we're destabilizing you withdraw Trump was no guarantee. Things would be doing better octopus, Ngos by its fault, I'm not convincing trumpet we ve been going that well either probably what better mind you, but there still issues we have. We had to deal with sure that novel trunk could have secured colonial pipeline from a cyber attack in the shortest time so bright and well he's presents the buck, stops,
but seeing this just the instability, the inflation that that the spending what the Democrats were trying to do, what they want to do, I'm like men gotta get electric car and I already have a lot of people are treated as their like. Oh because electricity just comes out of thin air, I have solar panels. I don't have big crazy lapels. I have emergency backup, solar, I'm not stupid. I got electric car because I did not trust going forward. What's going to happen, and again I know I know, maybe privileged few are able to do these things. The point is we we eat fruit. For those of you have been watching my gentleman paying attention you probably better off than most people, because we have been aware of the rot, the class I mean MAX guys, you guys know max- Stacy Harbor on my show less item guest. I read it was, I think, where the most important conversations I've ever had in the show MAX and Stacy talking about
how they that they say they were saying inflation. I think MAX at this is probably around ten to fifteen percent. If you're paying attention to these conversations, you are better informed and better prepared for what's to come, but if just read: trash mainstream media. What you gonna get no gun with the caviar that surprisingly, some of the markets are actually reporting. This take a look the story. I remember seeing this this up ad in the globe in male Joe Biden has had the best start of any president and almost a century. These people live in an all at paranoid delusional state where, as soon as the mean tweets disappeared, everything was good Joe Biden. They actually wrote the best start. Israel Rockets, gloating over Israel.
There's violence on the streets crime is skyrocketing across the country. Inflation is coming people across the country, all these fastfood restaurants and small business and Anne, and what actions as well I mean like local chain. Businesses are putting aside saying we quit their shutting down the best start. These people are truly truly same here's a story from the new post gas stations along the South EAST Coast are beginning to feel the pinch from the shutdown of the biggest oil pipeline. In the U S due to a crippling cyber attack. The closure of the Renault pipeline, as we know, carries more than a hundred million gowns of fuel from taxes to New Jersey. Each day has into its fifth day colonials on Monday, that it hopes to get most of its operations back on line by the weekend, but that's not soon enough void shortages and price hikes about seven point: six percent of gas, in Virginia we're out of fuel by early Tuesday. According to gas, buddy analysed Patrick to HANS estimates, yet that nearly five
more than a gas station to North Carolina and three point three percent in Georgia, as well as two point, four percent in Florida are also supporting they ve sold at a fuel. The shortages spurred North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper to declare a state of emergency and Monday to help ensure the stay maintains a sufficient fuel supply. A regional emergency was declared infecting affecting seventeen states in Washington DC. So you ve probably heard me reporters yesterday, MRS Huge NEWS, and the idea was that trucks now bypass certain regulations to get this fuel into these places. It's not enough! It's not working this! going to have a massive detrimental impact on the economy. Obvious If Europe in these areas, you know how bad it is last on rabbit super supernatural people saying already. There was no gas videos popping up of huge lines, but hey guess what? If you voted for Joe Biden at least now you can just cross your fingers and hope that your car will will run on your own farts or your smug sense of self satisfaction. Congratulation
on hating the orange man so bad, you vote for a guy who couldn't speak straight thinking. He could avert this crisis now. Get me wrong. I'm not here to pretend that Donald Trump would have been like this night and shining armor to absolve us of all. crises certainly would have been better than Joe Biden. No doubt they gonna say: panic buying appears to have exacerbated the supply to HANS that across Georgia, Florida softer Line North Carolina region, demand for gas rose more than forty percent would expect you tell people this happens, and people like I'd better, Philip, my tank, Those following the news who immediately saw the cyberattack, went and filled up their gas tanks filled up there there, an emergency backup, canisters or whatever there doing all right is the benefit of being a well informed. Citizen is the benefit of watching real news and paying attention what's going on, Maybe I'm not, are you guys? You guys watch me so it means after I already see the news, then you guys
you're. The news from me he's probably check other sources as well, but it's just you know talking with MAX either night about inflation and the crisis. That's about that's coming, I'm like me personally, because I don't know that's the best idea, this, whatever man I'm just not confident in the in the in the? U S, dollar, these the deed gas shortage is going to exacerbate an already serious problem as a scary stuff. They say so market chain Ingles, which operates gas stations across North Carolina, South Carolina George Tennessee is already seen shortages and running completely out of gas at some of its locations, CFO Run Freeman, told citizens at an on station and Asheville North Carolina clerk answer the phone with hello, I'm currently out of gas according to Bloomberg, the owl
that another station and Manning South Carolina already back to their pumps and mark them out of service, so amazing Contredanse as latest statewide numbers for gas stations without gasoline, as of eleven pm's central time. According to gasp so you ve got Virginia about seven percent North Carolina two point: four Tennessee It's fine, there's, no black Parleyed Hennessy their good. That makes sense manner. I don't know why Tennessee would would be out of gas. so a where I live. We're where I live and operate between West Virginia and Maryland. It's like the tri state. We want to call it an da virtue. on Maryland are in this emergency. My understanding met West Virginia, isn't so of where we're at will be. Ok, but you know, Rob, isn't taking this very seriously across the coast. You know going further the near DC. It's not too far away like an hour now things are starting to get bad. Is a land based racetrack confirmed to W Sb Tv too,
its Georgia, gas stations are already reporting temporary outages and W W B T W report lighted stations, South Carolina from Marian and Mullins to mortal beach. Rowing longer, as drivers scramble to stock up unguessed concerns about gas shortages and images of pets. buying rolled in social media Monday night check this out. Caitlin Panther says gas station in Robins, Ville is all out of gas clerks had manager told her could be five days before they have gas again says phone has been writing off the hook of people calling around to find gas. Here's another won T J, London says no need to wonder why this gas shortage on on the EAST coast all body at eight. Containers lined up at the Murphy across from danger, seventeen and mortal beach. Well, I don't blame him. People are gonna, do people stuff
and this guy who's filling up. Eight canisters that has eight hundred and eight containers to fill out. It look like there's a gallon container, so he's got it down. You can buy like much bigger containers and that babies are like two gals. I don't know. What do you think people are going to do? These people are paying attention to the news for a reason they are there being prepared for a reason. If you are left holding the bag, did you think there would never be hardship these people don't prepare for every for anything and then complain when people do now then you're, Bognor say here's a need all that gas he's buying up too much gas he's gonna hoard it. What do you think scarcity means in others, if this on Twitter, like scarce, but not a real thing yet is scarcity means that's right now, let's say there was no crisis. What are you
care that guy was filling up, others guess no, but this now he shouldn't, because other people will need it. That's true. Other people will need it, but what you weren't paying attention. If I go out, if I went out, you know Thursday and filled up, you know big drums of gas. Nobody would get it back. What a weird the next day they built? Oh no, now I'm in trouble. That's not fair! You shouldn't! Do that sure we should it or others we shouldn't hoard gasoline. That's my point is people who have been paying attention and getting prepared for that crisis. You gonna blame them when they have food and you dont sorry ass now how it works. This guy films, dude, filling up eight eight containers, how many people don't watch the news? Don't pay attention and go vote for morons like Joe Biden and then complain When there's no supplies or food will. I just thought it would always be there for me: it's ments it's hard times strong people, strong people good times good times we people, you know the whole thing
they say, Boston Bay, security, company. Cyber reason on Monday said we are a political sense. This is the cyber reason we are a political with upward Hey, I'm sorry, this is the statement provided by cyber is not from them from the cars that they were saying they were trying to to disrupt society. Well, here you go check this out. We got more photos from daily mail. This is crazy drivers and ass, North Carolina, Post, photos of long lines waits develop their cars. Meanwhile, North Carolina drivers were also rushing to the pumps check out. This photo sorry, the income means we're all out of gas. Have you guys seen the photos and videos where- the stores are shut down in their sign. Saying everyone quit are: you pay attention yet now, maybe is not the end all. Maybe it's just a crisis, well we'll get out of it, but I gotta say for me: you go had believe whatever you want. No disrespect
I've been paying attention to all of his staff for the past several years and have been warning that it seems, like things are falling apart. The foundations eroding obviously have talked about the the product possibility of civil war. We just saw armed groups patrolling in Portland, brutally, be demanded fractures vertebrae and put it in a hospital people have been killed now, we're seeing suppose scarcity, supply shortages, MAX Keyser mention another day on the IRL podcast that we've seen it throughout history throughout the world that, when the average cost of a food which is around forty percent of an individual's weekly income, you see revolution. Insurrection and were inadequate, we're getting close to that you ve got people who are getting paid more to not work so that choosing to do so- We're seeing these businesses, like your lay like dollar general, like These are the other fast. Would restaurants, shutting down
our signs being put up saying no one shut up for work today. Everyone quit were closed. sign saying were hiring were hiring, but nobody wants to work. That's that's! That's Joe Biden, that is Joe Biden, that is the Democrats. Republican Republicans war. Think Thomas Mass was one of the guys who warned about this last year that if you pay people not to work, they won't work. So here we go. now. Not only are we seeing people walk off the job, what she don't, I'm not too I'm not too salty about don't give me wrong. I don't care for these fast food, garbage restaurants and people getting paid trash to serve trash. Other people, is. It is worrying that the system is breaking down. And when you start seeing these signs, sorry for the incoming were all out of gas popping up a gas stations. I hope you ve been taking the stuff seriously. So I was too
promos for emergency food supplies. It's safe and ready meals, saving ready mills icon, there's not a problem for them. I am only referencing them. Ah, so now you do I'm not doing a promo reed, I'm pointing out. Why did the problem read so I promoted these emergency food buckets because I genuinely believe it smart for people to have some emergency food, whether as we have also. We ve also got where the storeroom. When we have like thirty year beans, we don't. We were not peppers, minister to the imagination. We don't have enough to survive longer than a few weeks. If there was a catastrophe or emergency, we just have a bunch of stuff and our storeroom, because we ve got a dozen plus People here and people eat food, so I was like well we'll get some stuff at last, a long time in the event that we needed, but maybe we should start considering property now. So I do pray. We have a bunch of these emergency food buckets because I think it smart have and because we have a lot of people here, we probably would make it more than a month or south roads shut down. If there is no gas also mentioned by electric car, but hope Yaller paying attention and you take it-
seriously the left has left us are like look how stupid it is to buy this emergency food look stupid. It is now these people in New York shortages can't get the food there's, there's a disruption the pandemic hits. I can't believe it that the only I start promoting the stuff, because a pandemic and other guys got up and there's gonna be shortages. You gotta pay attention and there's not destroy. Do you're so dumb we're in a pandemic there can everything down and they beat these people thought was stupid to be prepared for it. So I ll tell you right now: you don't I'll, tell you what I'm doing you do whatever you, I'm not gonna give you advice. I say what I did that electric car, because I can generate electricity off the grid It's not that hard to do. It's like anyone can do it. I dont have a massive solar system, and for that I just have this emergency panels. It probably take me like two weeks to fully charged the car with you.
with these panels, but I also have my van with the pre mobile production Van, which has solar solar, generate generators on it, solar panels, so I'm not as prepared as I should be, but I'm partially prepared Alec some great proper. I got guns, I got food water and I listen, we're in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes, trees fall when really bad wins. Yesterday much trees fell and we had to wait for some guy to come and removes some trees. We couldn't really go anywhere. I when the treasure down, and that could also mean as part of action. So we got satellite internet emergency backup. I am, I you hope for the best prepared for the worst. If you want us operate and and be functional in the event of catastrophes which are real things, they really are
You gotta pay attention to the stuff, but there are so many people who live in these cities who mock peppers, amend the papers, the one with their feet up right now spoken there there cigars laughing saying like what am I worried about you, look at the violent crime rising. You look at the cops leaving the queen the force. You look at these videos where the police have been brutally arresting people for like mask mandates of running small businesses. Are you paying attention all of these things if they are having happening just one one of these things happening. We say it's no big deal, but you ve got pandemic. You ve got global lockdown. You ve got flights being shut down. What we are now apparently importing gas from Europe because of the shore.
You got gas shortages. You got cyber attack on critical infrastructure. You got escalating food prices, inflation and wrote. The Joe Biden is spending more and more and more at ease, mounting he's gonna keep paying. People bore to not work political violence on the streets. All of these things happen. At the same time, and are you paying attention and then look at this colonial pipeline. Swedish, we are experiencing a temporary service disruption to our corporate website, and unreal do the ransom where we need to make progress on the system restart plan now other websites down Look. This is right here on Twitter, Israel launches airstrikes on Gaza Rockets, floating in the air bite in America. Trending. Are you paying attention to all of these things that are here? lumber prices, skyrocketing steel prices, skyrocketing got gas prices I before this this disaster. What do you do when people panic
When I was in a fairly area, we were really worried because we were like a block from a Walmart, no job. We're like you walked five minutes here. Yet we are warm or not. Even- and I was like what happens when peoples are freaking out and thus their short shortages of supplies, because once the gases doubt once there's no gas, then you indicate transport goods, then you're not getting fruit in eunuch it and food. We also local farm recently to pick up some food fresh ground beef to make burgers for the vlog over on the grill. We're all very excited to do so, but apparently the local farmers were saying they were restricted from selling beef by Like FDA regulations, or I think it was you. I was at the game. I hope you're paying attention. Man cuz I've been I'm going to start I'm gonna start preparing more so than I ve ever done and die it may seem silly to a lot of people, but I don't care what other people think I know
that's everything that I've been worried about. We started seeing it get worse and worse. You look at the price of Bitcoin from November till now, and it's from fifteen thirteen thousand or so to sixty thousand the price of lumber from ten dollars. The same amount of lumber lumber that were caught you ten bucks and remember sixty bucks today, are paying attention yet only with their necks islands coming up at one p m in this channel and I'll see you all them. Tensions France are escalating tour very serious degree. Notably over Islam and the belief Many people in France that they cannot live side by side with those who practise this religion. A letter was written to the president by around twenty More soldiers, many retired generals, saying that civil war was coming because many of these people have created many many. Those who practise Islam of some of the country have created no go areas or segregated areas and events it's going to boil over for this.
Their facing some kind of court martial and there's a lot of outrage. But the first thing we actually heard was that many academics, many politicians and France were saying these left wing ideas from the: U S, war, infecting France and we're. Owing to destabilize the country. Of course, you ve seen a lot of sentiment in the United States supportive of Conservative religion, islamic, extremely conservative religion that they ve been the far left have supported this and its really reach very strange circumstances, notably in the UK, where schools were teaching and algae Bt Q curriculum and it was actually Muslims who sharp to protest it and it was. Oh gee, Bt Q activists fighting off with Muslims. It was just a very strange circumstances, suppose the left boarding an ideology that doesnt support them back, while in France we are now hearing on, Another letter has been written this time by soldiers and again the sentiment is clear: I dont have things are pretty bad in the? U S
working with France. Is it what reflects a lot of what we are seeing? Not the whole religion thing that's particularly different, but certainly the leftist thing and the just general instability, I think, this escalates in France. We can see similar things happening across Europe, because, certainly it's not only France has, dealing with a lot of these issues. We can the media, in the: U S continue to push outright lies and RP conspiracies and just now right, weird explanations to defend their political power and exploit those. They think what support them, particularly fascinating, how the left is very supportive of a conservative, abrahamic religion by all means. I think everybody should be allowed to practise their religion like a no issue with anybody. Worship who practices you know, Judaism, Christianity or Islam, I'm simply pointing out the typically religious conservatives. Don't move swell with social justice activists on the left. But for some reason is law
is under their protection. They fight for it. Gretchen, Christianity isn't and one is particularly more conservative to say the least, maybe conservativism right, where maybe traditionalist and authoritarian is a better way to explain it, but I think France is in for some tough times I think we're sing something interesting. There was a conspiracy theory. Well, I don't even called that a bunch of churches were being burned across Europe and the media keeps saying that it's at this all coincidence. It just have to ignore it, and a lot of people are saying. No, and now with these letters coming out, is a very real concern that Europe is on the brink. Well, let me let me read for you the story from Voice of America now keep in mind. Voice of America is like american propaganda but it's interesting unless they say second open letter by french soldiers warns of civil insurrection, they say disquiet is grown within Frances their ranks with the publication of a second open letter this time by serving soldiers warning
Islamism, delinquency and violence threatened the country's very survival. This latest open letter by members of France's armed forces is making headlines and stirring debate like one last month's, I by some twenty retired generals it too, warns of civilian insurrection fuelled by Pro and a manual backgrounds, alleged concessions to fundamentalist Islam, but this newest missive published last Sunday night by right wing magazine, the actual I can't pronounce it is from another group of soldiers currently serving the army they described serving in countries like Afghanistan and the and the Central African Republic and losing friends and the fight against fundamentalist Islamic. They claim a crown is caving in to at home. The group endorses the earlier let letter by the generals and criticise the president for allegedly disrespecting.
those officers- but it says the military will maintain order in France. Should civil war break out Macrones government blasted the generals letter as defying republican principles and the army's duty. It says its signatories will be punished. Critics also include far left leader, Jean Luc met, melancholy in remarked to french media. He called for investigation, claiming the generals letter amounted to a call for a coup is so weird. Why is the left supporting a traditionalist Abraham MC religion? It's happening in Europe is happening here is happening in the UK, France, its fight strange It means you're allowed do it. I'm not saying you know, that's why it's just seems rather contradictory Here's what gets interesting this ain't, a recent poll, suggested the majority of french support the letter and and petition backing the letters letter by Serbs, officers quickly got nearly one thousand signatories than ours. News report suggested a two thousand french soldiers, french soldiers also back the generals, call so does the main opposition. Far right pot
national Rally Party leading national rally politician the area Marianna told french radio Monday, the military are loyal to the country. Letters authors, he said were simply voices that today's reality, the letter comes amid heightened concern about radical Islam here, following a spate of terror attacks. Government of legislation aimed to boost the Anti terror response in crackdown on extremist groups has drawn criticism from the left for going too far and the right for not going far enough well in this story from just for a week ago, from the guardian french soldiers to face military court over letter warning of civil war letter signed by at least eighteen. Soldiers as well as a number of retired military figures, calls for prosecute protection, of civilization values? I want to do this, but let us talk about the gray ramification here. It doesn't matter who side neuron. In my opinion, it matters at polarization. Is it just a? U s phenomenon and it may be that.
However, this psychosis says that's emerging in the EU. ass. At a many other countries. Maybe it's coming from the? U S is ripping apart more than one country the rise, the far left. They have no rules there, a catholic destructive force. They are rotting. The core of the United States and its like fire: it's like our foundation, has caught fire and the fire is spreading and we don't know how to put it out. One of the problems is that when you look to France, for instance, to cities, politicians who are weak and feckless, we like that word. Knowing are unable to lead to make hard decisions and recognise the world is not Candy Keynes and rainbows. We all aren't going to hold hands under the sun
singing songs with the rainbow of overhead. After after the storm, things are going to get bad, things are potentially going to get bad, and many of these people are warning about it, but he night states. We have many politicians who just want to placate the mob. Those are the opposite of that plenary taxes. I did a story on the gesture to talking about the police. Actually protecting the far left and can Paxton State of Texas. He was rather upset saying that you we cannot become a lawless state. There are some states seem to be standing up and saying: there's a reason for a rule of law. I've seen some interesting posts, reference saying: the Culture war potential civil unrest like this, and they say you just need to understand that change happens. You to accept change, stories often tell us how I grew up skateboarding. But when I started skating, people who, like the good skaters, were big baggy genes.
And the younger skaters outweighing super teachings and the big baggy skater, the big baggy pants, guys we're like you, kids, are losers wearing dumb, looking pants, and that was just a trend change right so that when I got older- and let me know my nation was now wearing these type pants. The younger kids are wearing shorts, ankle pants like flooded pants, we're like they don't go all the way down your shoes and they got made fun of my response was due time. Change, don't you remember when they made fun of us united to make one of them that stupid? Let people do their thing. However, I bring that up because the reference to fashion which we don't care all that much about there's a reason why we don't just say times change, except it and there's a reason why conservative say things should not change in these ways. Conservatives, what did they can serve order? That's kind of the point not always not perfect,
The idea of a conservative is that they're saying this is what works we survive? Let's keep doing these things. Let's not do that thing now. You have progressives many who want progress for the sake of progress, and I do airports for progress.
Because they're basically saying change things. We dont care how or why order results, and so the ultimate issues you see what happens in countries like France when you bring in cultures that don't work well together. So we put this way. I believe people should be able to practise whenever religion they want. However, the Constitution of United States supersedes the fundamentalism of your religion, so by all means you can come here practise their religion, which can't force me to do things. You can't make me out here to your religious ways. There have been problems of ideology and government. This country has been Christian, the United States for a law means Foundation was christian and it slowly eroding away. So these christian moral frameworks were a part of our government, which means we were very tolerant of people who practised other religions. However, United States multiculturalism works in a sense
that there is one big american umbrella, the rules by which we live by the culture by which we abide by and underneath that there are many other cultures there are cultures and then there are subcultures. The problem is, the left seems to believe this idea of multiculturalism without a parent culture. Look what's happening in France when you bring in staunch fundamentalist Islamists. These are people who don't care for your rules and don't want to live by them and don't consider them to be a part of their way of life. Then you're going to get conflict and United States when you look to say Chinatown. These are people who want the overarching protections of Amerika, culture, capitalism and the constitution, and then they have their. You know different cuisines and they have different traditions. They they take care of her family different ways. That's fantastic was having a free not so much so, and the left blindly defends it. Now. These generals are facing military court, the guarding reports at least eight
soldiers who signed an open letter warning of the risk of civil war in France and the need to fight the perils of Islamism and anti racism. to face military sanctions amid a better rules between the government and the far right. It's not about Islam. This letter was warned about anti racism, which is at its most psychotic thing. I've ever heard anti and we should call it what it is. We should we gotta cultural identity, terrorism. These people use these words to tricks, stupid people who don't pay attention and I'm sorry, but when you stupid, people come out believe the lies. They contribute to the downfall in it's very, very nightmarish, but Anti some is not opposed to racism, it actually fully embrace it and once more that they say the letter signed by at least eighteen soldiers, including for officers and a number of hard military figures said lacks government PA. These would result in chaos requiring the interview of our comrades and active duty in a perilous mission of Port
of our civilization values, the armed forces of staff, General Francois, Le Conte Block, contrary counterpart in the country, said each soldier would go before a senior military council and could be delisted or put into a meat retirement Hervey, ranging the Defence Ministry spokesman, said on Thursday that by openly criticised in the government or appealing to comrades, take up arms and national territory. The signatories had clearly broken military rule. Does the letter sparked fury from the french government as the far right leader, Marine Le Pen said she and
so the sentiments and call on the signatories to support her politics and her bed for the french presidency in twenty twenty two with a Harris Interactive Pull on Thursday for Elsie, I Tb, showing that fifty eight percent of french people agreed with the sentiments in the letter, the tone was set for an increasingly better political debate a year before the twenty two election Marine Le Pen. Many people like her to like the female Trump in France. She might actually win because the government has failed to do with the people want to do. You don't need a Donald Trump if the politicians are doing their job. when they dont do it. You get a trump LE pen has launched, or presidential bid and extensive media campaign, far out of candidates on the mainstream right or left, who are yet to be decided. Poles currently show her making it to the final run off against a manual mccrone who beat her
In twenty seventeen? On a centrist manifesto, the government used the route to attack Lappin, who has spent a decade attempting to deduct detoxify the image of the Far right party and significantly broaden its support base. The government said that by car the signatories of the letter Le Pen had revealed herself as a dangerous figure unchanged from the parties. Jack would reputation under her father, the Ex paratrooper, Jean Marie Le Pen. Let you know what men, we are being eroded from the inside out by this corruption. We are being are our our foundations are countries our moral foundations, other countries, France, our values are being destroyed, disintegrated, set ablaze because people just don't care right now and United States. You probably heard I covered it. There are gash gas shortages at many station There are gas lines emerging people waiting in massive stretches of cars to get gasoline and the new four times, publish it story where they say there
are no gas lines. That note note long lines, not true everybody go back to bed. America, your government is in control right. They had the nerve to actually tweet that out now either they are very, very dumb people or its propaganda, because there are, there are dumb people in this country in bread. In Canada in France who will see whatever the media says just go must be true and the rest of us suffer because of it. They lie, and it must be true. So now the people of France, I don't love brain Le Pen- is the right is the right candidate, but I do know you're saying fifty eight percent support by means of a letter. According to that pallaby trustful, there are soldiers stepping up and saying something: bad is happening, but the media just lies and dumb people just carry on. and that is the big challenge for any civilization Annie. You know classic
liberal society or one that purports to be. When stupid people negate your vote, calamity they gonna say the Interior Minister Gerard Doorman, so that Marine Le Pen, it clearly kept her fathers taste for the sound of marching boots Le Pen first gave it responds to the signatories of the open letter, saying I invite you to join us and taking part in the coming battle: the Battle of France. This sparked criticism from both left and right and was described by the left wing daily liberation as a call to sedition Le Pen Little France Info radio. While she shared the soldiers, diagnosis of a country afflicted by lawless areas, crime self hatred and our leaders rejection of patriotism, she agreed problems can only be solved by politics. Her niece Marianna Marital a popular young figure. On the far right on Thursday said she did not think open letter was a call to insurrection and added. I think that we need soldiers in the public debate. Government minister ministers
The signatories were an isolated and irrelevant minority in the military. The letter was published last week. the sixtyth anniversary of a failed coup. De LA by generals opposed to France, get granting independence to Algeria. Anger in France, over civil war warning, what's happening here in the United States, the same warnings repeatedly going out but we have the soldiers doin it. Maybe maybe there should be. We had a bunch of soldiers. I guess warn against Donald Trump, so kind of inverted, but the Khyber polarization is here. I don't think, there's anything we can do it too to stop it. I think the dominoes are falling and it's gonna get worse. Take a look at the story from the spectator burning Christianity from January second, twenty twenty two Over a year ago, they write Samuel Gregg for the spectator, says conspiracy, theories on something you take seriously, but when flames and Gulf Notre DOM Cathedral in Paris on the evening of April, fifteenth
Nineteen my mind momentarily wandered on that path. After all attempts to ensue. right, vandalism, rob christian churches and shrines have become so commonplace in France over the past three years at one could be forgiven for concluding that something even more sinister The foot in twenty seventeen alone, according to France's Interior Ministry, eight hundred and seven acts of vandalism, were committed against christian places of worship, cemeteries and shrines. That's an average of new two and a half sites being targeted. Every day, government officials played down the problem. As one french bishop pulled me. They believe that directing attention to church, burnings and theft could encourage copycat copycat behaviour, as actually true, though you couldn't rich copy copycat behavior, but he added they also fear. Publicity might feel and existing concern among the population of the state isn't fully in control of law and order dispersed his underscored by realities just no go areas for the police in some friend
cities and the ongoing Gillette John protest. Most french newspapers have acquiesced in silence That's why you need to turn to organisations like the database based observatory uninstall, the discrimination against Christians in Europe to discover It's going on giving this jihadist terrorists are France from twenty twenty, two thousand and twelve onward. It's tempting to blame Islamist for the onslaught of the text. There are clear examples in this is the case when people shout Allah, hoo, Akbar they mention, or was spray painted across the door of Notre DOM in July, twenty eighteen of the same words were discovered on the brick walls of Saint Pierre. Do Artois marked Roy in Orleans after it was damaged by arsonists. Whether these and similar tax were professionally plan or simply spontaneous acts by french Muslims unhappy with there lot in life is unclear, but twenty first century jihadists understand the psychological impact of assaults on national symbols. Frances particular religious history means at any time
campaign would inevitably involve its christian patrimony fears that people have been going on burning charges. I an officer I'm not french but of course, now you're seeing threats. That's all! I'm sort, your suit, your seeing fears over a threat of civil war chaos, violence, similar things are happening here. I think it's important to pay attention what's happening in France. Now it's not the same thing, but it's interesting that its driven a nationalist sentiment and from this we see interesting conversations talking to MAX and Stacy lesson at him get there August Stacy. Mentioning globalization is dying right now that nationalism is on the rise, then it's true. I don't think it's going to stop. People are starting to worry about this, this ridiculous sister. That was built- and maybe there's going to be this fourth turning a period of great collapse, calamity in tragedy,
where people lose their lives and then ultimately result in a golden age. People wake up that those that survived the crisis are stronger for it and then hard times makes strong men and strong men make good times. Perhaps there will be after ten or so years and but the reason I wanted to talk about this. I just think it's really serious when you're the sentiment coming from these soldiers, but I do think it's a road that does it. There are also some kind of reflection. Look what's going on in the? U S guidance first hundred days, rising gas prices, economic collapse, people unwilling to work this exodus from the workplace, rising prices, this horrible jobs report, cyber attacks were being slammed across the board, things are becoming unstable and things think is important.
It can happen here that crisis civil war insurrection, economic collapse, people think it can affect them. They're gonna be fine, it's gonna be a party for the rest of you know our days and that's just not true. France may just be you know fahrway country too many people in America or it could be a sign of something. That's gonna, come here to the United States, its different. I got it. But I think something is happening Europe in the: U S, the western nations there being crushed under the weight of their of their inability to lead to many people, remained ignorant and allowed morons to control, extract value from our system and then watch it burn net segments coming up at four p m over at Youtube outcomes. Lashed him cast thanks, bring it out and I will see well then.
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