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S598 - Gas Company CAVED, Pays $5M Ransom To Restart Gas Pipeline, Biden Blames RUSSIANS As Gas prices Rise


Gas Company CAVED, Pays $5M Ransom To Restart Gas Pipeline, Biden Blames RUSSIANS As Gas prices Rise. The FBI Advises against paying ransom but it is done and will get worse.

Joe Biden made the announcement that it was Russian hackers who did it but said the russian government was not involved, Putin denied involvement.

Democrats may have won power in the last election but clearly are not capable of dealing with these major crises

Gas shortages, inflation, migrant crisis, middle eastern conflict and a president seemingly to befuddled to deal with it




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Today is may thirteenth. Twenty twenty one and our first story- colonial pipeline- has paid the rain Some five million dollars to get the pipeline restarted at it is restarted. Joe Biden as this is the work of Russians, but not the russian government in our next story. We are closed. Nobody wants Work trends as more and more people are walking off the job. Thanks to Joe Biden Policy, of paying people not to work and in our last story Ohio was offering one million dollars in a lottery for people who get vaccinated as creepy mainstream establishment, political endeavours and sue desperate to get people to take the vaccine. Before we get started. Leave us a good review if you like, the show, give us five stars and if you're really like the sharply share it with your friends. Now, let's get it at first story. The company that got hacked in the ransom where,
oil, which resulted in the shut down the largest oil pipeline in the country, has paid a five million dollar ransom in hard to trace crypto currencies in life. This is shockingly bad. They caved now news is the pipeline is restarting that's good. It'll take several days to get the supply lines back moving again. Some of the gas stations that were previously out of gas are starting to start back up and it does seem a lot of what was going on was panic buying. But my friends, this is just an it's just, not good. Joe Biden has come out and said that we have information on the hackers. They are Russians, though they are not operating for the russian government and I'm your potent has denied any involvement. Giving in through the hackers demands, is just bad across the board. All buddy were hearing. This hacking group has more victims in line and when, when the, when the largest pipeline in the. U S is shut down and we see gas Georgia's across the country
then they Cavan pay. It shows the hacking works, are critical infrastructure is in serious jeopardy. think. It's gonna get worse before gets butter and surprise as we now have a hundred twenty four retired, former military officials, generals coming and saying Joe Biden is mentally unfit, their questioning the end pretty of our electoral system. Do not surprise. Now. I'm not gonna blame Joe Biden, because this company caved in paid the ransom, but when pay the ransom. It only ensures they do it again. What's to stop them from just in seeing the machine again. Every month here we go. Gash shortages were already expected. Gas, prices are already up and I'd say it's better than ie to russian hackers. There you go so don't be surprised when we get more shortages, don't be surprised when Democrats call for shutting down more pipelines and don't be surprised if Joe Biden is unable to handle a complex
consensus that are facing this nation. Now look there. There were many other retired officials, many more whose Donald Trump was not fit as well. At the very least I can say to that down the right. The argument, I suppose from both sides there would be no matter what we're screwed. I personally would have thought. Donald Trump would be too, our job, because at least he was brash at least he had demands. Joe Biden is just not there he's unfit. I suppose the left's view of Donald Trump was that he was too erratic. Well, maybe erratic would have been better than weak, because now we are also hearing stories internet shook internet outages in some places, and this just goes to show the hackers can get away with what they do and the United States will cave and our critical infrastructure is vulnerable. Let's read the story and if we get started had over TIM cast dot com,
become a member by clicking the big blue members only button you can sign up with stripe or pay pal, then we'll go to the members area and we have a huge library of members only content doing this helps us near that that we get banned. As most of you know, Stephen Crowd or got two strikes already is one step away from being permanently ban is a very, very bad thing and of course he has with his website. We have ours in the event that I get suspended or shut down on you to buy of TIM Cast outcome set up. So please consider supporting my work in the event that I get suspended. This is what's going to keep us afloat But don't forget you like share subscribe, hit the notification Bell A right, here's, the Thee, big breaking news. Now I want to stress before we get started. Listen there are a bunch of keys, your war stories- everybody is talking about large retail. Agreeing a yo see this that are otherwise. There is some some story than the intercept smearing. A bunch of reporters honours the riot squad. I'd love to give you the
shock content of culture war stuff, but I think it's important. We talk about what an impact United States and we have to talk about this for sure Bloomberg reports, colonial pipeline paid hackers, nearly five million dollars in ransom. They say: colonial pipeline paid five million dollars to eastern european hackers on Friday, contradicting reports earlier this week that the company had no intention of paying an extortion feet to help restore the country's largest fuel pipeline. According to two people familiar the transaction, the company paid the hefty ransom in difficult to trace criminal courts within hours after the attack underscoring the immense pressure faced by faced by the Georgia based operate. To get gasoline and jet fuel flowing again to major cities along the eastern seaboard. Those people sat a third person familiar with it with the situation. Said: U S. Government officials are aware that colonial made the payment once they receive the payment. The hackers provided the operator decrypting tool to restore its disabled computer network
tool was so slow and the company concerned using its own backups to help restore the system. One of the people familiar the company's efforts sets said a representative from colonial declined to comment as spokesperson for the nationals, the council colonial set it began to resume fuel shipments around five pm eastern time on Wednesday, the hackers which the F B, I said, are linked to a group called dark side. Specialise in digital extortion, and I believed him located in Russia or Eastern Europe. Joe Biden made a statement will get a second on Wednesday. Media What's including the Washington Post and Reuters. Also, based on anonymous sources reported, the company had no immediate intention of paying the ransom Apparently that was a lie because they had already done this I'll tell you what's funny. It seems to have been a waste time, because apparently that use their own backups anyway do not pay. Ransoms. More importantly, our critical infrastructure is in shambles and this partly goes to democratic administration.
for sure. It partly goes to abolish bombers administration. We needed to upgrade these systems a long long time ago, and it's just neglected. Now Joe Biden was in the Obama administration, so where were they when it came to updating this critical infrastructure? As Donald Trump. I can certainly say he's an administration and get a duck get it done either Joe Buttons only been bitten for format, We can certainly mention that Joe Buttons weakness is going to help exacerbate these problems, but it should in any one of the previous administration to solve these problems. Of course, Joe Biden was in where the previous administration, so I'm the throats him, not to mention the ins Sent uproar from the media scream at every little thing. Trump did certainly impeded his ability to do his job and we set at a million times you gotta guy, flying the plane. You don't like, don't make the plane crash because you don't like the guy. Well, that's, basically what we are seeing now.
you to say ransom wears a type of malware that locks up of victims files, which the attackers promised to unlock for payment. More recently some ransom, where groups have also stolen victims, data and threatened to release it unless paid a kind of double extortion, the FBI disk, just organisations from paying ransom to hackers saying there is no guarantee they will follow through on the promised to unlock files. It also provides incentive to work incentive to other would be hackers. The agency said, however, an new burger. The White House tops
Our security official pointedly declined to say whether companies should pay cyber ransoms at a briefing earlier this week. We recognise, though, that companies are often in a difficult position if their data is encrypted and they do not have backups and cannot recover the data she told reporters Monday. Such guidance provides a quandary for victims who have to weigh the risks of not paying with the costs of loss or exposed records. The reality is that many choose to pay in part because the costs may be covered if they have cyber insurance policies quote they had to pay said Andrews Cradle chief executive officer and founder of Digital, Ex farm life, a former cyber expert at LOS Court, which owns Boardwalk pipeline Zay cyber cancer. You want to die or you want to live in a situation where you can wait. Graham set of five million dollar ransom for a pipeline was very low, ran
is usually around twenty, five million are thirty, five million was forced to company. I think the threat actor realized they step in the wrong company and frigate a massive government response or important least last month by a ransom where taskforce said, the amount paid by victims increased three hundred eleven percent of twenty twenty rigid got three hundred fifty million and crypto currency, the average ransom paid by organizations and twenty twenty was three hundred and twelve dollars for four and twelve formed or ninety three dollars a corner. The report colonial, which operates the largest fuel pipeline in the? U S, became aware of the hacker round: may seventh and shut down its operation operations? led to fuel shortages and lines at gas stations along the east coast. Now, according to a b c, the news is, as of today, colonial pipeline has restarted. So this is good news. People can stop panicking, don't buy gas operations, are gonna, be restored, ABC reports The colonial pipeline has been restarted following a multi day, shut down in the wake of a ransom where attack quote following
restart. It will take several days for the product delivery supply chain to return to normal, the company's Edna statement, some market served by calling pipeline, may experience or continue to experience intermittent service interruptions during the startup colonial will move as much gasoline diesel and jet fuel, as is safely possible and working you to do so until market to turn to normal, and it you secretary, Jennifer, Gran Home, said she had spoken to the companies see YO just prior to them. Restarting operations colonial pipeline transports, approximately forty five percent of all fuel consumed on the EAST coast, the company said Saturday. It was the victim of I reject so this we all know, then I denounced means that an end in sight for the supply disruptions that have affected states across the Southwest South EAST. The White House said in a statement late Wednesday night.
president button in the White House will monitor the situation closely in the coming days and continue to urge Americans to just purchased what they need and not hoard fuel as supply has restored. Now people are hoarding fuel because they're not too bright, and one guys troika, guesses, homer, exploded I'll show that storing a second but read what they said here. The quote from the White House that today's announcement means that at all and the supply disruptions, What do you mean? It'll endless blot supply disruptions. I thought they said there was no supply shortage. I thought they said it was just people panic buying now. They're saying it was a supply disruption high. I remember you, I'm a programme manager, Google right now lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's where we created Google career certificates and online training programme for fast growing fields. Like I t, support, project management, data, analytics user experience, design and more you dont.
Any prior experience, and you can be Jobbery in about six months. So put your skills to work. Go to grow, dark, Google, slash certificates, they lie they're lying about inflation. They're lying about the crisis in front of us you're lying about. What's going on, they told you. There were no long lines. The your times. Remember they told you of the day. Just there was no supply shortage. There was no shortage of gasoline. Many bore saying it's just the people panicking then are ruining for everyone, and people continue to up the lies now that they restart the pipeline there, like ok, that disruption and supply it's back to normal, but you told us there wasn't one, because I wasn't a shortage yeah they're lying. We know there lion
They know we know they're lying and we know they now. We know they're lying, that's the game right and we all just keep playing along Africa with a quote comes from, but we know they're lying now, Joe Biden has come out with a statement. President Biden reveals new details of the pipeline hack this from vice dot com. They say President Biden directly addressed the we'll pipeline hack in a White House speech Thursday, in a signal of both how serious the effects of the facts have been and how hard ransom work rant ransom where has affected both critical infrastructure, as well as public agencies in companies, notably bodies at the? U S government does not believe the russian government was involved in the heck but said that the F b I currently believes the hacker live in Russia quote. The FBI has released details on the attack. Biden said we do not believe the russian It was involved in this attack, but we do have strong, into believe the criminals who did the attack our living in Russia? I am confident that I have read the report of the FBI, accurate
and they say Putin was not involved. The government was not now I'm sorry. How am I supposed to trust these people when they keep lying I'll? Tell you what I think may be the case. It may be that Russia was involved as a government. And they're not going to tell us publicly out of fear that it would result in an escalation of political tensions and possibly war, because if the Russians and was involved. It could be an act of war, but is entirely possible that these hacking groups are funded or directed by the russian government. Much like that that piracy in whether the day privateers corsairs, they would receive a letter of Mark basically gives them the ability to go and disrupt enemies, enemy supply lines, but what use is the weight worked? Mcgovern would say to a private ship go in Munich raid, these other ships and blown up. Then we deny responsibility, I'm not saying that's true here, I'm just saying I dont trust to the government and I'm not gonna sit here and
turn that Russia is doing all this crazy stuff, though, I think it's naive to think that Russia, China and you know other countries that were in conflict with, would not do these things. They say in response to reporters Question Biden said he is not ruled out offensive. Cyber attacks against the hackers responsible and set the government would take decisive action against ransom, we're networks, but refused to comment on whether colonial pipeline paid a five million dollar ransom. There have been conflicting reports about whether or not the company paid a ransom. On Thursday Bloomberg reported the company paid the ransom hours after the attack a day earlier reuters at the company had no plans to pay the ransom last week the gonna do then they go on to explain what happened. Now. Russia has denied any involvement, rotors reports, they say well, ok, nevermind, Russia's embassy, that I'd say it's very simple story on Tuesday rejected speculation that Moscow to any responsibility for ransom where cyber attack that has disrupted the activity of the? U S biggest gas pipeline. Now here's work it's bad, they paid. Reportedly, they paid the ransom immediately.
So all of this news we ve been hearing, it was a lie that they were going to stand there ground. There were to solve the problem that they were shutting down. These sister, to repair everything in re they immediately caved in to the hackers. The hackers knew what they were getting. They had one CNBC reports, hacker group behind Colonial pipeline attack claims. It has three new victims. It's gonna keep happening, CNBC reports over the past twenty four hours. The group posted the names of three new companies on its site on the dark web called dark side leaks. The information posing the site include summaries of the hackers appear to have stolen, but do not appear to contain raw data. Dark side is a criminal gang and its claims should be treated as pets. really misleading. The posting indicates that the hacker collective is not backing down in the face of an FBI, investigation and denunciations of the attack from the Bite administration and also signals. The group intends to carry out more
a ransom attacks on companies even after it posted cryptic messages earlier this week, indicating regret about the impact of the colonial pipeline hack and pledging to introduce moderation to avoid social consequences in the future, and I believe that I do not see this company wants to make money or this company. This group wants to make money. They dont want to destroy anything. Why they're trying to buy these things right if they shut down a gas pipeline to disrupt the economy? What are they? Gonna buy their money, so they take with it can get they say. We're not gonna do that again. That was a mistake, but it does mean that other areas of our economy are going to be severely impacted. It won't be something is critically important, as oil but that also noticed they say they would introduce moderation to avoid social consequences. Apparently this group provided the malware to some one else. I don't think this is going to stop. I think the company has just proven it's going to get worse. They say
One of the companies is based in the: U S, one in Brazil and a third in Scotland for those that are familiar with what ransom. Where does he get a virus on your computer and then one day get a pop up saying we are going to encrypt your entire computer on line You give us this money, basically turning your machine into a brick. You can't do anything on you'll lose everything locked your computer. Essentially, it basically encrypt the device unless you pay up. So when you pay, they give you the password to prevent and Christian, unfortunately for money these companies their ill prepared to deal with this, because these hacks are usually social engineering attacks. What that means, as they dont break and your computer. They just get one of your dumb employees who doesn't understand this to infect your machine, then, when you're done and if you don't pay they destroy your machine, is a problem and needs to be stopped for sure they say none of these companies that they now have to appear to be engaged in critical infrastructure. Each company appears to be small enough that a crippling hack, what otherwise fly out of there
or if the hackers hadn't received worldwide note a right, not notoriety by crippling gasoline supplies in the? U S, you see what they're saying now see- We see is now saying that this group did cripple gas supplies and this in the? U S: It is all lies in it I'll tell you why their line, because, unfortunately, a lot of people are really dumb Let me just wait a little bit. They say the! U S based company is attacked us, His reseller Basin Illinois dockside claims to have stolen more than six hundred gigabytes of sensitive information, including passwords financial information, age, our information and he passports, the brazilian companies are reseller renewable energy products and dockside claims, but possession of more than four hundred gigabytes of data. The scottish companies in the construction, industry and dockside claims to have stolen nine hundred gigabytes, including contracts, commercial and personal data. Going back three years, CNBC has contacted each of of the companies for comment.
On the apparent ransom where attacks. Let me tell you why they don't want you panicking Hummer catches, fire after driver fills up for gallon for gown of four or five gallon gascons in Citrus county afloat. official cause is not yet determined a hummer in Citrus county caught on fire Wednesday after the driver filled up for separate five gallon gasoline containers. According to fire rescue officials, the vehicles caught fire around one thousand and fifty two, a dot m right after the driver filled up for gas Kennett containers at the tech. Food marked the floor to state fire marshals Office will determine the official cause of the fire officials had one per and the vehicle was injured and refuse transport for treatment against medical advice. The fire was out by Nine, a m so just County fire rescue says the floor. Department of environmental protection was notified and will coordinate clean up of the few.
Still no other information is available at this time. The situation comes amid problems with the gas pipeline. This we all understand you say the gas pipeline supplies forty five percent. You get it, we were waiting The story we knew this story was gonna happen. Didn't we a photo of a lady with the line like with like a been from Walmart, just filling up with guess what you gonna cover that with what is going to ask any value. There's one video or fobs photo of a bunch of plastic bags, full a gasoline and there's a bunch of vote? of people filling up tons of multi gallon canisters. Don't do that? Look if people go and fill their cars up. I don't consider that panic. If people start filling up this one follow our guys got like a thousand gallon. You know been honour on a trailer hedge and he's pouring gas into it. That's just insane. What are you gonna do with that? I guess he's. Gonna have gasoline for a long time is only a matter of time before
somebody set themselves on fire now. Here we go, but look you can buy the gas if you want, people are gonna hoard, they shouldn't, but you can bite of its available for sale. This is this. The problem. These news outlets won't tell you the truth or not telling you the truth. They claim there was no supply shortage. They blamed panic that they blamed pet panic now, that they ve gotten everything started up again. Here we go, they start saying: oh actually, there was a supply disruption o. Actually, inflation is really really bad. Actually, at the White House is taking inflation seriously. They wait until their friends can get an opportunity to buy things That's the name of the game, like I mention in the earlier segment with Bitcoin They tell you, oh no, it's bad, don't buy it and they whispered to their friends. Hey make sure you don't buy it then, a week later, everyone buys it and your left holding the bag. I think the sad truth is that gas prices or expect to go up there is going to be shortages. Problems like this will keep happening. Inflation is gonna, keep happening.
and there's no real way to deal with it. Panic buying will happen. Some of it won't be panic. It will just be massive demand. So also this when people are going to gas stations and setting up huge lines, that's just demand. That's not panic. Filling plastic bags of gas is illegal and vat panic, so panic does play a role, but when demand skyrockets and there's no supply, you see shortages. What are they tell us No, no, no, it's just panic. Now they tell us the truth after they ve given themselves the leeway. This will always happen. There is no circumstance in which they will not give themselves advanced warnings. They will not unite, and by that I mean like D, a wealthy elites. The people run these companies they're going to inside trade they're going to find loopholes. And they are not going to tell you the truth and the people who don't pay attention that it will be the ones left holding the bag. So I hope you are paying attention from NBC News. Gas prices are, biking in the south. Here's where the jobs are highest. Prices have risen,
most ten percent in Georgia and South Carolina Here we can see in Georgia they're up about eight eight point: three percent South Carolina up nearly eight percent nor Caroline about seven point: three. We can see across the board taxes Mississippi, Michigan Virginia Tennessee Alabama. They have all done, by at least five percent prices have risen the most in Georgia, where the average price of a gallon jump from two hundred and sixty seven, two thousand two hundred and ninety on Wednesday prices rose sharply. Beginning may tenth two days ago. One shut down began. The pipeline will restart operations Wednesday afternoon. So this we understand we learned all of this The problems are serious, they're not going to they're not going to they're, not going to tell you the truth about outright Yahoo finance reports for May 11Th White House says it takes possibility of inflation serious the White House takes the possibility of inflation quite seriously. Spokesmen Jackie told reporters on Tuesday amid concerns, potentially rising inflation asked whether the White House expects this.
urgent gas prices fuelled by the shutdown of the country's biggest feel pipeline, to affect its outlook on inflation. Jackie said most economic analysts that it will have a temporary, transitory impact. They hell you this, they will, they would. They will lie and they will just wait as everything gets. Worse and on what they should do I have mentioned in previous segments. I'm gonna tell you the truth. I'm not gonna play this game There are many out there who say it's irresponsible of me to tell you these things, because for one it makes people scared, it causes panic. I don't think that's the right approach for it. I don't think it's my job to tell you what you should or shouldn't do. I don't think it's my job to make predictions about how people respond to this news. I think it's my job to say: here's what's being reported. This is important information. I would have loved to have done a segment about RON Desantis in Florida, pardoning
will overcome restrictions violating them or talk about the intercept they put out the story: smearing the right squad, calling it like right wing distortions. This is what's important, what's happening with our government. Obviously, culture war plays a role in, But what's important is whether or not we are going to be be able to navigate these crises and whether or not their going to get worse? and I am not saying this because I want anyone to freak out, but I do think it's going to get worse and I think most of you probably agree with me from the hill. We have an update one hundred and twenty four retired generals and admirals question bite. Mental health. We must always have an unquestionable chain of command, they say a group of retired military admirals in General signed a letter release Tuesday, questioning buttons. Fitness for all and seemingly challenging the outcome of the twenty twenty presidential election.
the letter signed by a hundred and twenty four former military leaders and posted by flag officers for America said the constitutional Republic is lost without fair and honest elections that accurately reflect the will of the people. The FBI and Supreme Court must act swiftly when election alleged irregularities are surface and not ignore them, as was done in twenty twenty former Agee, William BAR said in December, the Justice Department uncovered no evidence of voter fraud that would have affected the outcome. The signatories also questioned the mental and physical condition. the commander in chief, adding that national security issues require quick and accurate decisions involving life and limb. Recent democrat leaderships inquiries that about nuclear code procedures send a dangerous national security signal to nuclear armed adversaries. Raising the question about who is in charge, we must always have an unquestionable chain of command while an office former president Trump periodically question buttons mental capacity and age during the campaign season at times referring to amass sleepy Joe Kevin Oconnor, the president's doktor rely
a report earlier this month. Maintaining that Biden is a healthy, vigorous. Seventy seven year old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the presidency the signatories. Additionally, compared potential challenges to ideological. That seems to make us founding quote: we're in a fight for our survival is a constitutional republic like none other time like no other time since our founding in seventeen, seventy six, the conflict between supporters of socialism and Marxism versus supporters of constitutional freedom and liberty. Statement of a flag officers for Amerika website says that, although its members are no longer engaged in active military service, they are bound by that oath. To do What we can and our capacity to protect our nation from threats to her freedom now this is not directly related to the guess: shortage, the gas crisis, but it's a very, very important story that is related in a broader sense. Hundreds
money for retired generals. Do we take them at their word overdue? They do we say it's just partisan hackers, I believe, those around three hundred fifty cents. Or so individuals who are former. Military came out in question. Donald Trump, you had the former intelligence agency Embers coming out unquestioning Donald Trump, so you know what support for this cast comes from Verizon business for rise in business, unlimited plants, unlimited data, no overages and more built right for business with the speed of rising five g. Verizon Business, unlimited plans from his lows: thirty dollars per line, visit, rising dotcom, slash business, slash plants per month. The five lines on business. Unlimited start includes paper free billing without open, select, smartphone agreement, discounts, taxes fees in terms apply five g nationwide available in twenty seven hundred plus cities on most Verizon five G devices. Five g alter white band of able only imports of select cities- I'm not gonna, pretend either side is, is right or wrong. I'll tell you. My personal opinion is that I think the left is wrong on this one, and these generals are right, but me
It's just partisan bickering. The reality is the divide. Is there the country is fractured to a degree. not seen in you know a hundred some odd years, a hundred fifty or so more and that's kind of scary. Isn't we have retired generals? We ve got on both sides, showing that there is a very real likelihood of some kind of conflict between rival factions and we can see that we do not have a unified government that will be able to handle. Very serious attacks may be from the russian government, seemingly not, but definitely from Russians Sosius Joe Biden when they pay this ransom and Kay We shall witness. This is why I have mentioned stories in the past about how, in the Middle EAST, when terrorists can up Americans the american government departments, as we will pay for it, sorry can readily on your American. Because the only thing we will give you a bunch of dues and helicopters landing on your building, killing you and getting our citizens back. As for Germany and Spain, they do pay these ransoms.
That means, when you're a journalist or someone US contractor working in these countries, you're a huge target, because these terrorists know that if they kidnap you your government's gonna pay, they know that they know that if it takes someone is american, they are going to get the Hell Outta Black Hocker, whatever have military helicopter and a bunch of deeds writing their compound, and they don't want that. That's the problem, Joe Biden, has weak he's we, and unable to handle his role as president, it's only four months in and we are dealing with a wide swathe of controversy in crisis. And what do we get? It seems like Democrats dont care, They are willing to extract whenever they can and watch the system burned down and set of compromising and figuring out ways to solve this problem our law enforcement has become pathetic. Going after doddering morons and old Ladys, who under the capital, as well as the veto, the actual violent individuals but wasting time with garage, pull ropes wasting times with these stew.
a pc stunts. Whatever we get stories like Justice Mallette, I'm sorry, we are being ripped apart from the inside and now it's hitting our quit infrastructure several years ago, p I would mention civil war. People are saying I was wrong, it would never happen. They said that Anti fun, proud boys fighting in the street was nothing, and I said what you think is going to happen when this ideological battle reaches the I shall on high level of government, that's never gonna happen. The deep states too strong yeah. Here we go. The fracture is there and now that we reached the point where critical infrastructure is crumbling, where You know what the CDC just announced. I want to go back to normal, even though right states are already doing flora. Tax has already done it clearly, not listening to the federal government.
More states declaring some kind of sanctuary either from for abortion for gun rights, fur for illegal immigrants. It is a disruption. There is some kind of sundering happening between these states and now our critical infrastructure is. hit by it. What will the response be between these states? There are reliant on this gas pipeline coming from taxes up New Jersey is going to be too just remain completely dependent or are they gonna take action to secure their energy independence? We went from energy independence and only four months are critical. Influence attacked. We came to the attacks. Are supply is still disrupted, the political polemics, it is getting worse as part of the Middle EAST. There's inflation scared of inflation. It is getting worse and I mean to freak anybody out I'm not gonna play this game. Where I just tell you things, fine, you look back at the previous economic crises in this country and what we got the mainstream media was like everything's. Fine economy is great and it's better than ever go by stocks.
Don't worry about it and then people dead and the scammers the ultra leads cached out and hid their money and hard assets, the market tanked and then the poor people, the ones who suffered and then once they did they go to the government. The government gives him a bail out the government prince more money, that's the name of the game. In the end, your left hold bag as the regular American, but you know what I got a point out. Some of the responsibility and blame will fall on you as well. How many of you watch and dont speak up? Don't say anything, don't challenge the manipulations a lot. I know- and I get told us people but to heart I can't do it- can take the risk. If you don't stand up now, there will be no, to stand up for in the next few years. It's likely going to get increasingly worse. Maybe. your publicans opened it twenty twenty, maybe Donald Trump will win, and twenty forty four and now
there will be a hard shift in the other direction. That doesn't mean things are getting better. It just means it's getting worse, maybe trump compulsory tails, maybe this is just a Jimmy Carter moment, and then we get a better president and trot brings in another Reagan like era or maybe it's more like a Buchanan, maybe it's more like a pre civil war, feckless president and tromp comes in and the left loses their minds Maybe we'll be trauma bitterly dissent, as I don't know, but I can tell, right now we ve got four years of Joe Biden and only four months. We are dealing with major problems he can't solve. I hope you are taking care of yourself and taking personal responsibility for what's what may come next, because I don't know but I'll be with their necks segments coming up at eight p m over at Youtube COM slashed him castile. Thanks, rang out
and I will see you all them right now. The number three trend in the U S on Twitter is: we are closed. Nobody wants to work anymore, where tons of People are saying that we refuse to work for trash wages, we're not gonna work for these companies at exploiting us. The seals are making too much money. Some people are saying it's not that note, wants to work it that nobody wants to work for trash wages. That's true, though, We were talking with MAX guys on the IRA podcast and he said once you're weekly budget around forty that goes to food is when you see people start revolting. It's what you see in Egypt in his other Arabs, bring states. People are just like. I can't do this. I am working my, but often be able to get by some people also pointed out. Another really interesting thing. Gas prices go up if you're, making ten twelve bucks an hour and you ve got a small commute, how much money you spending and guess just to get to work, and then you don't make enough to actually cover your bills afterwards, which omen
we're its autumn on inflation Joe, but it's gonna spend four trillion more dollars, while hot one flacon is slamming into us they're lying about it in the media. Now they're, slowly, coaches coaxing us into accepting it. Isn't it a dirty game? But I will tell you this. I once worked. I want when I worked for, when I worked out o Hare Airport in Chicago. When I was eighteen and I was getting ten bucks an hour, it was impossible for me to pay for anything. I couldn't simply apartment. I couldn't afford the gas to get to work. It worked, so I venture is our racking up debt and then I quit these things. This is this is a reality, a lot of guys who work there were older, so getting a bit more, but they would also work eighty hours a week full time and when you do, you spend most of your time, they're not like. I can't I can't make that work. So I absolutely sympathizing empathize with people who are being told your bare
going to cover your bills, you're going to be slowly going down in terms of covering you already generating debt? Not not assets, you're not going to pay your bills totally get it problems is, was a lot of problems for one on federal. Gratian. We need standard immigration controls. We don't have this when you get people coming And these massive multinational corporations exploiting cheap labor. It displaces that the labour market is a massive them, a supply of work. But only a certain amount of demand? Then they pay less there a bunch of other issues too, but one of the big problems we have as inflation gas prices go up. Food costs go up your just don't go up as fast. So now people are like YO. Fifteen bucks. An hour is not enough. Fifteen bucks an hour is enough. It is now is it enough, as usual,
probably not it'll. Allow you to survive. You'll have a job, but a lot of people just gonna do these things and the main reason this is all possible right now. You know, like imagine with MAX Keyser. We need around forty percent of your budget going to food, that we see a revolution that means of food prices. Go up, not of wages, are stagnant, that, although down, if food prices go up, people eventually lose their minds. The exploding it's possible that these people are What we're getting to this point only because of Joe Biden spending policies and for two reasons: the three hundred dollar and unemployment bonus, which most of you probably know about my not to talk about quite a bit, isn't send devising people not to work. Sixteen, but our so a lot of the people who aren't working are not the same people complaining about. You know that that, though the top one percent, not as people or dislike, I can't lose a dollar an hour to go and work your job. If your pain, fifteen bucks an hour Mcdonald's, I'm getting sixteen on employment, I can't quit. Might I can't drop this and go and work for you to lose my,
so I was on unemployment. When I was like twenty or so I lost job Botswana Planet, they told me, do not accept it that pays, you less because then you will just end up here again on unemployment, and we don't want that and that's happening now a lot of people are sitting there and I don't think greedy and laughings. I ha ha now now make all this money and I never have to either most people just like I'm getting six hundred and thirty. a week or whatever. If I go this job I'm going to lose money. I'm going cover my bills. I can't do it and this is creating strange, forced inflationary problem. Now, here's work it's just so dang funny first out, but we had Stephen crowd or as the top the top posts- and we are close, he said we are closed. Trend is filled with entitled cry babies. there is a greater job surplus than at any point in modern american history, a huge portion of which pay far more. Fifteen dollars an hour if you do that, plumbing welding or and carpentry is, but if you you get nothing. I hear you bro
The problem is the government design. Now you'll get something, no matter what something no matter. What, then, why would people bother working this? You know, but also, let's be real. Ok, There is a dude right now and he's got a kid he's got a wife and he's on unemployment, the covered lockdown. quit his job? They shut it down. They gave unemployment and always like. Ok, I gotta get work and he looks and he's like they're gonna pay me the same for I'm already gettin, but I got I got time to find something better. There are alot of lazy people. Look at me wrong, which brings me to the story from Fox business. Inflation spike bolsters Republicans Chris. isms of four trillion dollars spending plans. That's right, Joe Biden doesn't seem to care. That's we are in the midst of this inflation and work exodus, Fox business reports, president buttons for trying our tax credit and spending proposals, and caused a new political optical on Wednesday. The threat of surging inflation after consumer prices and April's are the biggest increase in decades. The Labour department report that,
less consumer prices for goods and services surge, two point: eight percent in April, the largest in more than a decade and the fastest year over your jump since two thousand and eight excluding the volatile food and Energy data, core inflation rose point nine, signed in April and three percent over the past twelve months there. So money out there. In the economy, the demand is high and its outpacing supply and starting to push prices up. Senator John Food. Told Bloomberg on Wednesday. We need to be a little bit more cautious and restrained. Well, they lied to us. Let me show you, this is from me Fourth, yellen sees no inflation problem. After a rate, hike comments, Royal Wall Street didn't come out and say no inflation. She said no, it's like a problem. Here's here's the issue there, lying to you about. What's going on in you and you know it, and I know- and we know it and there's a reason they do it. The fear is that people will panic. If you tell people, inflation is gonna head. What happens
people will then say better, spend my money now and then results in faster inflation prices start skyrocketing, because we are fighting over prices. To put it simply, if people like better spent my money now before it's too late, quick call the carpenter to get the wall fixed or whatever in the carpenters like our rights, five grand to fix this and then his phone rings. I need you to work. Why and I got another I'll- give you six thousand. Ok I'll, give you seven thousand the prices start skyrocketing people that spending like crazy and then boom more inflation. So what happens as they come out these exports, these government actors telling you to ignore everything. It's not happening, it's it's no inflation and then once they can get a handle on things once they protect themselves. What happens? Next, the New York Times inflation is here: oh there's, no inflation problem, inflation is here, so you see the first time you know that distorts come out. They don't do that if they make sure the framing is such that
assumptions that are incorrect. So when they say, there's no inflation problem. A lot of people assume that means there's no inflation, there is inflation and it's getting really really bad. Now what they're doing as are saying its temporary, just calm down the New York Times, as inflation you're. What now prices are rising fast in ways that seem temporary. Yet this could choose expectations in ways that are self reinforcing just a week ago. her saying there was no inflation problem: here's what they do! They tell you they state. They lie to you. They manipulate that way. They can be how's things up secure their own assets and then go oh by the way that inflation thing gets here. It's problem then when you rush out panic, if it's ok, they ve already taken care of themselves. They don't want you to flood the market. Look it without. You said remember when thou cheap, last year was like telling people not where mass and then
it or came out said, wear masks. He said in an interview. We were concerned that medical experts wooden in other medical professionals wouldn't get the masks they needed its troops. All true, and he basically just said we will lie to you to leave you. Holding an empty bag, because we more than you do know up he's right in certain circumstances, for short matter, most need the masks more than regular people dead, and so, instead of telling people the truth has added a lie. Why their fear is that people are selfish and I think it's a reflection on themselves, but they're, probably not entirely in its I'm not entirely untrue. There is there a lot of people who will go out and disregarded and say every man for themselves. I will protect myself screw you and that's a big challenge. It is there's no easy ethical way to deal with these pro right now. I know that by doing a video- or I say, look inflation is here: your dollar is getting devout prices.
Skyrocketing. There's a processor shortage. There's a computer chips shortage. There's food shortages, people, my freak out, go panic by the commission's worse and that we will probably will what do I do Do I just play the game there plying and so dont worry everybody everything's fine than whisper. My friends I go by some quick. I guess it's gonna be glad to get bad or do I just like yours, it's happening. What are we supposed to do about it? I don't know man I can tell you that the media seems to think they're smarter than you there better than you, and instead of journey, doing the their jobs. Instead, journalists are working for the east, movement, political class, to make sure that you do what you're told and what they want you to do. That's not the job of a journalist. The job of a journal, is to say straight up: here's what's happening, you guys figure it out
now? I suppose these people fields and irresponsible, because it could lead to inflation, crisis, panic, etc. A lot of people are buying up gas and stupid ways when they heard about the, though that the pipeline hack, this are filling up drums and plastic bags with gasoline. It's a stupid thing. I've ever seen I don't even I don't think a plastic bag. It hold gas, but sure I guess don't do that. People dont care when they hear the news they panic, then what happens is over time. You get a group of people who believe that they have the power to control the masses and that they should. I disagree. That's that's more communist, stick, its more authoritarian. They say we should control the economy. We should centralize it that way, because we know what's best for people Michael Bloomberg, set it Michael Bloomberg said which attacks the poor, because it stupid they buy dumb things, so we should buy for them. That's a slippery slope. There's there's a reality that yeah people do by done things but men. We,
you think you're, smarter than the entire economy. What happens soviet union? China, food shortages, the holiday, more crises, these people think you know they have to intervene to save the system to lie to maybe a light and the more they do. The more problems are our bread from this and the more they think they have to even the issue, as may be no matter what we do. We will have problems. There is for everything there is an equal and opposite reaction, and these people think that they can just control the system. But, let's be honest, I think, a lot of people in reality not of the wealthy a lot of the New York meeting people. In your times, people in government are more so thanking him. The ship is sinking we get to the life raft first before they do, inflation is coming Should I buy before they do or how can I strip the value of regular working people
which brings me to my next. My next point: Elon Musk. you learn mosque, announced he's, not gonna, be accepting Bitcoin for Tesla anymore. You see as much as I've praised Elon Musk. I have said. He should be criticised when he is when he should be criticised a market of a panic attack over as offensive juncture tweets, but to me, reeks of stripping the value of regular people? I believe Elon Musk is ripping people off as a wealthy individual who wants to protect his assets and cause mess and just strip away from other people. Here's what happened! Hear me up: Elon Musk tweeted Tesla has suspended vehicle purchases using Bitcoin. We are concerned about rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal, which is the worst emissions many fuel could the currency is a good idea on many levels and we believe it is a promising future, but this cannot come into it at great cost to the environment Tesla will not be selling any bitcoin and we intend to use it for
actions as soon as mining transitions to more sustainable energy. We are also looking at other crypto currencies that use less than one percent of bitcoins energy transaction. Ellen is lying. In my opinion, I believe he's lying. I believe, he's manipulating. I believe the goal is to cause a panic, because this is how the games played now. Typically, rich people don't tell you this, they just sit back, laugh and by the dip. Now, of course, many people on Twitter keep saying, don't sell by the deep, don't sell, but people sonic. I remembered Bitcoin at twenty people were mortgaging their homes. Stupid thing. You should do that to buy Bitcoin thinking that you know if, if Bitcoin goes up one hundred percent, I can pay, it often make all this cash and then Bitcoin fell to like seven something are ten cape and then people panicked and sold and wrapped up a bunch of debt. The bank's giants visions and they sold at low prices and the people who bought it up with a rich people who knew the game
Bitcoin, is now sitting around forty nine fifty thousand dollars Bitcoin one to fifty eight Elon Musk says We are no longer going. You accept Bitcoin anymore and people panic cell, losing thousands millions billions of dollars, but what it either say Tesla will not be selling any bitcoin. You know why you said that, in my opinion, they crafted the message as best they could too tech themselves from any legal liability for defrauding people- oh we're not except that anymore, because the environment, but we he ain't gonna be selling it really York, sir, and about mining but you're not going to offload the coins you have made You shut your contributing to this problem. Here's the truth. You must, I believe, as line Bitcoin, does not use. According to a report, the majority of energy generated all likelihood for Bitcoin is renewable. Why
Goin can be mind anywhere, and so many people who have set up mining operations look for cheaper alternatives and they look for places where they have renewable access, notably hydro dams, so mining is being done in many places with renewable energy because they don't want after they dont want to work, about their operation being impeded by a supply chain disruption with fossil fuels. So get supply from solar areas and there's a report that says seventy nine percent of the energy used for Bitcoin comes from renewable sources. This came out this story from Harvard Business Review may fifth. Ok, let me hold on a second lotta. Bp allowed people, I don't care about Bitcoin. You need to hear this union to listen for one. I do owned Bitcoin, I own a few other crypto currencies. I am bullish on it. I'm not gonna tell you what to do. You can do whatever you want, I'm not giving you advice when I am saying is Bitcoin
deflationary currency it can old. There can only ever be twenty one billion coins plus you ve got general entropy coins being lost. You know people passing and I haven't not give their keys away, which means the supply will shrink, but it is a decentralized historic value. It doesn't matter what one Bitcoin as well. I wish I understood this in twenty eleven when I first saw that seventy cents I wish I understood that it doesn't matter what a bitcoin is worth. It does store value. If you're Holding- U S dollars right now as hyper inflation is slamming into us, and these rich people are like no problem! There's no! There's no problem ignore it. Then why do they do Bitcoin jumped to sixty K ethereal jumps to four thousand another crypto currency in my appeal Probably a lot of these rich people seeing hyperinflation and panicking and getting out getting out of the dollar. That means bite buying something else. Bitcoins gonna keep going up. The dollar is going to keep going down,
gasoline prices are skyrocketing. What you can buy with a dollar becomes less and less every single day what you can buy with the Bitcoin becomes more and more every day today, which means, I guess you want dollars for immediate transactions, but you want Bitcoin and me I wish I paid more attention to this and I and I feel really dumb, because I've known for so long if five years just put my money, but going so whenever I need cash, I can just casually of Bitcoin. I would have been extremely wealthy, extremely Fortunately, for me, I decided to do work in order to build my business and didn't really biomass amount of bickering hears, it happens. Elan must comes out and says we are now going to accept Bitcoin for transactions, and I think what I am not sure which happened first amassed by the queen, but but Tesla buys a budget bitcoin the price skyrockets. How do you get more? What what people have consistently done? These wealthy individuals is news organisations, governments
they'll know, China France's like we're banning Bitcoin and the price tanks, and then they, the rich people all by it up for discounts right now, Bitcoin dropped from like fifty eight k to like, for it wouldn't like forty seven. Oh, it's back up at fifty Kagan. Why poor people they dont understand and they panic cell thinking? Oh no, it's gonna go down and the rich people laugh and buy it all back up and they instantly make eight grand per proclaim. You can buy fractions of becoming. You can buy one pennies worth of that going to pennies worth one dollars worth. It doesn't matter how much you buy. You can buy any amount, because I think the smallest division of a bitcoin costs point zero point zero, five of us. Meaning point: zero, zero, zero, five of a dollar, it's nothing, and then what
going goes up to a million bucks. You'll have, I think you know ten bucks or what around, among other than, if the pointers. anybody can buy and so on the price tanks. It's because people who Maybe a hundred bucks in Bitcoin two hundred bucks. They said thinking about to lose, aren't your dollars. What do I do? I imagine you make fifteen bucks an hour. I sure many of you do. You ve got five hundred bucks to the end of the month and you're like a little but left over, may better put it Bitcoin smart idea. So you do then you here that the news is breaking bitcoins drop in and you think oh no. I can't lose three hundred dollars right now. It's too much money, so you so You end up losing it anyway, you keep only two hundred bucks and then a week later it goes back to normal. I'm not telling you what you should do not take any of his advice. I'm just saying these people are exploiting Christ. it's, what they're good at they come out and say: don't worry about inflation, everything's, fine, there's, no shortage! Member that times there's no long lines for gas.
and then we saw the videos of long lines for gas people trust the media. They don't trust the government, they panic and that's the problem when people paddock by gas, secrete shortages, when people panic Cell Crypto, it creates an opportunity for the alternate by things up when people get angry and panic smash, windows and riot than the property values decline rapidly and the rich people can come up and by the property for pennies in the dollar and then wait in the property values will recover a little bit not perfectly since other games played its. How they keep poor people down if, in twenty eleven you spent, I think fifteen sixteen thousand dollars in Bitcoin Melick, you had it, but maybe at some you would be a billionaire right now, a billionaire if you spent twenty dollars. If you spent twenty dollar
in twenty eleven. You would be a millionaire right now. Twenty bucks, you see, that's the nature of deflationary currencies. Crypto currencies in these assets yield must surely knows when you look at this Harvard Business Review says let one to put the number two major. Can see it according to one report, seventy three percent of bitcoins energy consumption was carbon neutral, largely largely due to the abundance of hydro power. They say one reports, as in September it was maybe thirty nine percent. So why is Elon Musk telling you, oh no so feels series I treated? I am suspending the use of my Tesla raw for for driving. I am concerned the rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for powering Tesla vehicles, especially coal, because the worst missions of any fuel electrical, you're, a good idea on many levels, and I believe it is a promising future but cannot come to a great extent a great cost to the environment, I will not be selling my Tesla and I do intend to use
As soon as energy becomes more renewable, I'm looking at other electric cars to use, as well as the name of that Tesla uses has Tesla is less at generates more carbon lithium batteries, car production, energy consumption, then Bitcoin does not I think Elon Musk, whether intentional or not somebody. I thought I believe the intention for a lot of these people is to cause a panic. Everybody cells they buy back up for dirt, cheap or their bodies do doubts. That is how the games wait I'll leave their necks likeness covered up at one p m in this general thanks rang out, and it will see you all. I remember reading about treatments for old diseases, apparently fur diseases they make. You drink mercury back in the day and we look, How can we laugh at these people as crazy? It's so crazy. They thought
mercury or land or whatever was a cure for certain diseases. I guess the idea was, you are, poisoning yourselves just enough to kill the disease out of it. Actually works better, be read a bit about it, but when I think about modern medicine like chemo, Europeans, relatively similar. You try and poison yourself enough to take out the cancer than survive it, and I just think you know we look back and its a bit unfair you know we didn't know right will win. We knew what we knew, and this is the best we could do. The time now taken what's going on today, and it really does. like we're in the stupidest of times again and its budget, as humans will always be learning and always be improving. It will always think we were stupid back in the day. But the point is, I think, basin. The things were saying yet. People gonna call us dumb. First and foremost, I am not opposed to the vaccines anyway, I think trumpet a tremendous job get into vaccines out. I think if people have cancer
about them. You're allowed to you, can talk to your doctor, and you can always talk to your doctor and not take medical advice from tv doctors or from comedians. You get the point. I say that in times, but it gets. I look at some of these videos and it's it's all In my opinion, absolutely in saying we have this article. The came out from Matt Typees decay news meet the censored Cd Hopkins critic of the new normal, let me read you the opening paragraph then I'll talk to you about Ohio, giving a million dollars to five lucky vaccine recipients or shake checks, Ain free french fries for those and build a blog yo sittin on camera. Shovin friend, try them out. Like the vaccine, you get french fries. It's like stop. Ok, ok for them, the great opening paragraph, the arrival of covered nineteen as crashed America, a paradox that reads the plot of a bad STAR Trek episode actual. I think it's kind of a good start episode, but digress have country mistakes, science for a set of inflexible decrees and demands it
we worship there's a religion, the other half believes the first there's always lying and defies even its sensible dictates and its own Biology of liberation science, a deliberative process is collateral damage to the battle and the guy mention who are the people, but that that opening paragraph really sums up. I think what we are saying I'm gonna start with criticism. Raising the absurdity, and these endlessness of the mainstream media and criticising the cookies and insanity of those falling for insane conspiracies? Listen. We'll talk about, am RNA is new technology and things like that. What have we given other hundred million vaccines talk to your doktor, because if there was really some, areas, evil thing going on. Wouldn't your doktor be like some crazy is happening or they dislike ono things seem to be normal. There are adverse reactions to vaccines. That's why we have the adverse vaccine reporting system. It's called various. I believe
and a lot of people than pointing out that there are thousands of deaths reported here. But these are individuals reporting now minor. Stayin is my unjust is that it is illegal to lie. So there are some concerns. What happens is when people get a vaccine if they experience and adverse reactions, they can report to the CDC to the federal government, and then doctors can look to stridency as a pattern. It's a brilliant system. It's not verified claims that people are experiencing because of a vaccine. Now that being said, I understand the emigrant vaccine is new. I understand its emergency authorized use. So if you have any concerns, you just talk to your doctor. that people say to me, like I'm, not gonna talk to my dark. None of their like be even get second opinions. This, it would listen. I did not understand the conspiracy stuff and I do understand will actually than I did it back. I think I I do people want to believe and there's you know some crazy thing happening. They want to believe that the reason bad things happen is because, outside of their control
much the same way that many people are following critical race theory weather can blame others for their problems, it's easier to believe as agreed conspiracy around certain things because well then it's not your fault as something bad happens, and I think it's a core component of why many people believe insane things and get me wrong. The mainstream media believes a ton of insane conspiracies. Like Russia, we didn't lose the election. We are not bad people, we don't have bad policy, it was Russia, you see, can you just stop and x That may be it's your fault, you don't say here a lot of people going like my youtube. Videos aren't getting an abuse anymore, Youtube's throttling me, or maybe your videos just suck. Now I mean look, you ve got a balance external with the internal. How much is your fault? How much How much is out of your control and then realize you can't control the wind. You can only adjust your sales ok anyway. Let's talk about a million dollars, The media is going absolutely bonkers that these these
go and politicians are doing some of the craziest stupid as things in my opinion hears it CNN reports, others have tried free, doughnuts beers. and gift cards. Now Ohio was betting. Millions to improve its vaccination right. Well, crispy cream is offering free doughnuts to people who are vaccinate against covered. hello governor might do want, is betting dollars to those doughnuts. The state will give away millions of dollars to vaccinated people and full scholarships to vaccinated children through special lotteries. Let me tell you first and foremost, big farmer, bunnies love the idea that everyone will get this, whether their doktor advise it or not. I don't care if you to bond to get me Let me for this, and maybe I'll get this Most someone say it. If your doktor gives you advice, you follow it. couldn't be listening to what Youtube stupid rules are our vouches saying or Joe Rogan assaying? Look, you go to the doktor and they tell you what it's for you and say what really bothers me about this. This is Maxine millionaire, Thet million dollars thing, there's another power
where they were like, go to bars and give people freebie here in exchange for vaccines. Dude, there are people who need to talk to their doctor. Before they get a shot. I'm sick of this you ve got once I like met Typees article points out one side: that's like everyone just has to do it. No doubt she comes out and goes everybody should get it it safe. Do they then there are. I have some some some family friends when to the doktor, so they want to get the vaccine and the doktor was because of this pre existing condition. You have. We recommend against it most people that I know who got it have had no issues at all, but you have industry media at an establishment, political class. That's basically doing everything in their power to get people to ignore the that their own private medical consultations. You can get second opinions and get thirty percent. is what tv doctor should not be the ones convincing you offering a million dollars, in my opinion, is reckless and irresponsible, and I am sick of the bias on Youtube and twitter and face
look how this is allowed and then don't get me wrong. I dont like the conspiracy, off either because it really has come from your medical paper on professional, but I'm sick of how you two does ignores. All of this imagine what think about. Donald Trump came out somewhat Hydra Chloric. When they went nuts, they were banning people. There was another occasional I've respected. They went nuts and they started banning people, because policy We're saying here is what you should do and they were like, but they are not: doctors, yellow bill gates and a doctor either. So when you come out and you're promoting medication from a major pharmaceutical and telling people just to go and do it. No, no people should go and talk to their doctors again, I've heard people say all, but doctors are stupid. Look I don't care what you what you know if you dont trust your doktor, because you get a second opinion but it's really annoying to me that trumped can come out and say here's medicine and this ain't your band and then see can come onto here's medicine as they all that's fantastic, Joe Rogan can come out in two years
think about it. They say no, no you're crazy, don't say that and then Bill Gates can command here's. My pen, you like a bill gates, is great. It's a double standard that makes no sense and it's all bad. I'm just frustrated by it. There seems to be no logic in the stuff, giving people a million dollars is going to get people to define, orders from their doctor, you get this when Joe Rogan came out and he his comments about you, his advice for young people, the vaccine. He got slammed by media matters, and you know what I don't. I think Jos Internal, whose opinion I dont think you out with this way. If someone who's twenty one years old comes to me in their healthy and they say, should I get the vaccine, you took my responses. My responses talk your doctor, who are you? asking me for advice. I'm not here to give you medical advice, and I want to be responsible for your health. Joe Rogan said he would give them advice and say not to do it. You got slammed by the media came out to look I'm wrong. Just wasn't about you but found she comes out that entails everyone just go and get it. It's safe, go, get it and I'm like dude. What? If someone has
regular allergy. What if somebody has a particular condition and you go on the intel them to do something? Giving medical advice to people you dont know? Ok, now, maybe if people were in a tv, doctors and comedians and Microsoft's founder. I don't have to tell you, but when you start offering free food and money to people with. happens when someone's like. I could win a million dollars and their doctors like due to this particular food allergy. We have we're recommending against it. Do too particular you know issue you have with a certain element. I recommend against it. Ok, these things happen, I'm I'm, I'm I'm not! I'm not advocating fourg. I'm saying your doktor need to tell you don't take advice from me, but when when someone gets advice, no doctor to it to say no but they're like, but billion dollars, man. This is what really bothers me about the media, incentivize medical advice to people with no grounds to do so. I just pisses me off. I'm sorry, they say will be incentives, work,
The media is acting like everyone should get it without consultation. That is what pisses me off. I think the overwhelming majority of people can and should get this, but ultimately your voice, I think of private businesses. Don't wanna let you win it's kind of a violation of of the fourteen the moment in certain capacities, and you can't deny someone public combination based on their health, but I get it. We want people to get the vaccine, so we can stop the pandemic ease. Every now, one of the issues, I suppose that floor on texts are doing all right, younger, healthier people are being disincentives to get it so the trying to counter these million dollar programme lotteries. I guess they're gonna be giving five million dollars away, what look at as they say in it, was it Jesse Patterson wasn't in any hurry to get vaccinated against cove, and she said I was very fortunate that I do have any underlying conditions, and I'm only thirty six and I'll she's a coordinator for the Parson Recreation Department of awkward. Georgia
Then the city offered two hundred dollar Walmart gift cards to its employees to get vaccinated and the offer came with a time limit it vaccinate by the end date or you won't get the gift card it. finally made me get faster than I would. If I didn't drag my feet on it and for patterns, employer made sense to offer the gift card as an incentive to get vaccinated. City manager. Brian bullet, through both wiess, said. If someone is vaccinated, they'll get sick that saved us money because they don't have to take time off work. Ok now We gotta conundrum, rheumatism, incense, devising people who the vaccine by paying them money Dont know how that will impact. You know OSHA or things like that, but over at OSHA, not Gov. If you go to their quota arrests page and their frequently acts at frequently asked questions. They say vaccine related. If I require my employees to take the covert nineteen vaccine is a condition of their employment. Are adverse reactions to that scene. Recordable. My answer is yes, if you as an employer, require public
Maxine. It is that they say you will and it is a work related issue. The vaccine is adverse. Reactions would be work related. The address ration recordable if it's a new, case on I see a far nineteen o four point six and meets one arm the general according criteria. I dont know exactly what that means. My understanding. It means the Business will be responsible for any adverse reactions. Adverse reactions do happen. I think you ve got a problem. With mainstream media, wants to freak people out by publishing any and every claim you ve got people who are naturally predisposed like that. I'd be article article says to distrust the estate meant, and the democrats- and you know what the problem is when you ve got people offering millions of dollars, indulgence in French, rising, burgers compensated. Because I'm really really pissed off about this. Ok to things, Donald Trump, you get and when he mentions hydrochloric, when people get banned from entering, I reckon don't take any these things. Your doctor will tell you.
but the media is doing the same thing about a big pharma new in vaccine and then we Johnson and Johnson, you know they are, I think, was Johnson Johnson. They suspended it. There was asked Monica was suspended, or some like that. I'm just I'm annoyed with the the inside entity that is taking over in just in in our culture and society people who are acting like a grand conspiracy to to kill a bunch of people, and then you see this others the first locate, let limitless honor, but let me let me see what I got here in these. We got this tweet from TIM Barnes. It's easy to spies to Plaza, but with this I'm honestly, just jealousies when something I wish I could. I could, while talking and zoom meetings, mail, the plaza shovelling fry
down his mouth eating a burger during his press conference. It Jake checks, good burgers. I got it. I guess I shake check. Is gonna. Give you free french fries. With your o aware we will you get about your for free burger, you see. Look, shake checks, got good burgers man so that their incentivize in people to do something that may make them override the decisions of their own doctors and that pisses me off. While a lot of people are gonna, be like I'll, be fine. Doktor said no I'll, be fine. If your doktor gives you advise you listen to your doctor, I don't care what you tube says. I don't care what found she says and if you don't like doctor. You get a second opinion, but you don't get your advice from the media. This office is such stupid, stupid bs. Let me say how much stupid or gets from the science times I chose the signs times on purpose because they are not news. Guard certified, as most of you know, to use news guard? Certified sources were everything because,
a check on my by us, but it also its electing a point about the establishment, but they deem to be credible news. The signs time says covert. Nineteen vaccine magnet challenge is fake experts, debunk new corroded Aerosmith and I'm showing there's a bunch of videos we people are taking magnets, so they say they are putting it on their arm where they got the vaccine and then it sticks and they go. Oh look, look the vaccinated, magnet They put on their other, I'm in the main it doesn't stick to the parlor trick. It's called mocking stupid people and its called making viral trends, because people want to when you get some you when you get them. The media sang free burgers and a million dollars to come out and get this vaccine and people would then listen to a tv doctor. instead of just talking to their own doctors, you get people who resent this and you can have on the other side of you. Don't trust the other side and then
get political incentives to own the lives or challenge the other first and foremost guide. You can't it is very difficult to debunk something like this. Unless you go to the people in question and then test it, a bunch of people have posted that they got the vaccine that put man and nothing happened? Yes, surprise. Surprise there they're putting a liquid in your arm, it's mostly like, say, leaner, something it's a vaccine tomorrow. Vaccines different from the other vaccines we ve used. But the point is: there's no chip that that this Ladys, like we're all chipped theirs, whether put what what what do you think you're doing it's like in magneto and x, men when he puts the wench when when Mystic injects the metal into the guy's body and then Magneto pulls the con man. That's ridiculous and people eat this stuff up guys W e f as this and as one when a man, in our own home and you take a little piece of metal puts on her arm. It sticks she takes. It was another minute false. You know what watch the video closely. She puts the met that the object on her arm and then she takes off and you flip sit over and puts it on. The other are minute and sticks to our finger. Why
She probably had some stupid three m adhesive on it because their tricking you people want to get clicks now. I don't know what these people are doing there, a bunch of idiocy people claiming the magnets are doing whatever and, unlike wrote, I dont think the lady had Walmart Scott, some microbes bs in it. In any thing to sticking your arm, I think you should get medical advice from people. You trust in the medical practice that that work with your family. And you should ignore all of this noise. The noise real. Is destroying everything you know. Hillary Clinton came out this information is, it must be stopped its tearing apart our culture and on like yeah you're right, but you are the cause of it. Lady, the Russia Gate Lunatics, who preferred to believe that they couldn't have lost. Hillary Clinton was so popular there's no way, Donald Trump could have actually one. So it's not our fault. It was Russia. These people don't want to accept that
Recollected was just trash that Donald Trump made. People laugh and did narrowly went and three statements at his own thousand votes and that gave them a decent electoral college victory. They don't accept that you put up someone off So what are they do? The only thing in their minds and makes sense, is that Russia did it because I dont want to accept. They are bad people with bad policy ideas right now, we're getting all of us across the board, and it is a ripple this country apart people don't want to accept that there's medical technology, I mean come on man, you don't know what, when the doktor prescribes you, you know whatever medication you dont know. What's in it, and this is true. A lot of people criticise antibacterial point out that someone listed the chemical composition when people are gonna want that, like an apple bro, you thought it was something else I could understand wanting to wait for FDA approval. I can understand you know wanting get confirmation from your doctor and not just jumping out, because someone's offering a free, burger Ike. I get that
don't understand people who would ignore advice of their own doctor, not good advice from their own doktor, because they want to free, cheeseburger it and get a shot. I dont understand people who think magnets will stick to your arm. not an arm. Sorry, I'm sorry, I do get it. I do get it that's the point. I'm just exert, I'm just being a bit hyper balikh I get it. People want to believe that there is something out of their control and it absolves them of, possibility. They want to believe that Donald Trump as the true winner, because in reality it's like there's no way I could have lost he's the best. How about this? A bunch of people who don't care and don't pattern were inundated and slammed with relentless media plays, and the Democrats when an unchanged election laws and set up. You know things like vote in the park and mail in voting, and that gave them the push they need. Republicans in Pennsylvania, made universal mail in voting. Of course, that was going to help Democrats, because Democrats are more likely to vote by male. That's it trot may have got a ton of votes, but this country's hyper polarized and the Democrats
pulled it off. I know a lot of people are look in America County. I just don't think everything's gonna happen to this. I think you need to stop believing that there is this this like. Single Illuminati. That runs things I don't I don't I am speaking nukes. I don't think a lot of those people actually watch, but we know probably a smaller percentage will watch and and get mad at me for saying all the stuff. Whatever men look. I operate based on evidence when I see a bunch of people screaming going Gatt in emergency authorization, vaccine and they're gonna give bunch of crazy million dollars, potentially to win or cheeseburgers are french fries or doughnuts. Unlike I just find that has really irresponsible. We ve already complain. Yours you, those commercials where it's like ask if lope low blow bonanza is right, for you know no ask if global downs or whatever medication is right for you. If you feel bad, if you're feeling unwell, if something's wrong, you go to your doctor and your doctor will give your recommendations with that. These leftist used to make fun of pharmaceutical com
shoals because, like I don't even want the medication dies and you want me to go and ask my doctor. I take it that stupid. Now there are like, will give you a million dollars of you. You know, oh, oh, what work we'll get Jeffrey Beer getting people drunk. I could you not. People on Twitter were advocating for vaccines at bars where they would get people drunk with free beer and then all their drunken there in there and inhibitions. Are their disinherited or of the right. Word is they'll, be lesson less inclined to reject a vaccine, like think about. Our stated is that someone could be like free beer, notable bar get drunk not given form consent, not talk to them, there and then someone's gonna be like now. I can give you medication, they changed in deck in the dictionary. The definition of antibiotics are used to be people who rejected vaccines. Now its people who oppose mandatory vaccine laws, you see these people ever
buddy- is losing their minds. So you know people need to do need to get offline a little bit because you could just go and smell the flowers. Yet you do what you do take take. Take the device that you believe it who trusts get a second opinion you'll, be all you'll, be doing better. Now, listen for me. I forgot my juice and the first that came out was: if you have food allergies, I should wait, and I'm like. Okay- and I have close family friend who we are, I believe, due to food allergies- are not entirely sure, and these things happen. It's not. You know and don't let the media publish these stories at me, You lose your minds, I'd I'd people, commenting what TIM shilling for the vaccines like dude, I'm shilling for not being a doctor. Ok, I might a lot about media and I can tell you this: the new post, but at a story where it's like young man Vaccine next day dies and then you re at the bottom. The death had nothing to do with the vaccine, whose use is at a frat party or something you probably got alcohol poisoning, but the Theirs
the media wants to shock you and scare you because it gets traffic, don't be exploited by either side. That's why this matter, you be articles like a star trek episode. They land on a plan. There's one side screaming: Everybody must you know, do this one thing that screaming? No, nobody could do this. One thing the people who were screaming your face to get back to you don't get vaccine. I think you should have nor them one hundred percent, and I think you should just do what you feel right. What what feels right for you to get proper medical opinions- and you know what maybe you two will- will give me a strike over this video? I don't care because it is ear. It is irresponsible, well to tell people to listen to the tv for medical advice. They want to drag on Joe Rogan, but then defend bill gates, just stupid. That is whatever I hate talking about this, but I'm just under She was magnet thing and, unlike people lie on the internet see the cheeseburger the million dollar give away. I'm like do that is stupid. Whatever man I'll leave it there. Next
come on up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast thanks, rang out and the see them.
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