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S856 - DeSantis Scores MAJOR Victory As FL Senate Passes Anti Censorship Bill NUKING Big Tech From Orbit


DeSantis Scores MAJOR Victory As FL Senate Passes Anti Censorship Bill NUKING Big Tech From Orbit. The Republican governor is gaining massive popularity among Trump supporters and the GOP for taking action on BLM riots and big tech censorship.

The latest bill could be the end for Wikipedia, Facebook fact checking, and social media censorship and bias against conservatives

Project Veritas recently launched a lawsuit against Twitter making this a huge week, a huge past few months for conservatives.




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Today is April: twenty, seventh, twenty twenty one and our first story in what may be one of the most consequential actions and the culture war. Yet the Florida has passed its social media censorship bill which would stop big attack from sense users and news organisations. This will have far reaching implications, it could end Wikipedia it could and Facebook backtracking and protect the individual and news organisations from censorship. and an ex story. A state of emergency is still on, and Elizabeth City as the family of a black man who was shot says Video shows he was executed and our last story, the woke left, is actually now kind of angry that they realise that Disney plus show falconer the winter soul. You're is anti, woke, make even are,
starting to realise the bad guy is anti far and the reaction is hilarious before we get started. Leave us a good review if you like, the show, give us five stars. I'd really like to show share it with your friends. Now, let's get into that first story, one of the biggest threats facing Republicans, is social media censorship over the past several years, very Prominent conservatives have already been removed from many of these big tat platforms and some of trumps. Most ardent supporters were move two years ago and this likely contributed to Donald trumps defeat. Now I said a few years ago, Republicans were too stupid to solve the problem of big deck censorship to save their own careers. But there are some at state level who know just how serious this is, and this brings me to Rhonda Santas. Not I'm not gonna happen for too long ways away, but as of right now, a lot of people are murmuring, that name as a potential run for president
Maybe he will run on his own. Maybe he will be trumps vice President company, twenty four right now, one of the biggest priorities around a Santas is protecting users on social media from bias, and we got news. The Florida Senate has just nuke to these big tech companies from orbit with a bill that is fairly bold. It would bar these companies from banning people based on political viewpoint. It would require that users have the ability to opt out of algorithms, and that includes shadow banning. And it gives some basic protection through the users should they get banned for their political viewpoints but, more importantly, protects businesses. I mean we saw the new, your post and others
stories suppressed by Facebook and Twitter. This bill would prevent that. It would stop these companies from being able to restrict a news, publications ability to report the news based on the stories content or their political viewpoint. Amazingly, it would actually cover my business as well as many other you tubers people like Stephen prouder now crackers over in Texas, Texas. His bill may go through and give him similar protections, but it's I'm not start, haven't some very serious discussions about whether or not we all need to move to Florida or Texas, assuming these bills actually signed into law. After that, still the issue of federal jurisdiction, because his big debt companies in California and whether or not the Supreme Court will uphold these state laws. But you may get an emergency injunction. Should they ban you, so it seems like a good reason.
move to to what these states I mean taxes and fora got rid of their restrictions. You can go out, you can hang out, you can have drinks, gotta restaurants likes normal, and now they will protect your political opinion in the marketplace of ideas. It's the most important thing for conservatives to make sure that can actually debate their ideas. That stands right now. You will get banned for saying the wrong thing and there's nothing they can. These conservatives can do about it, unless or until these bills become law, is its huge. My friends and I'm going to show you some of that some examples of just how serious the biases I am going to definitively prove the bias exists. I think it's funny that
the mainstream press that lies all day every day would argue, it's not true. They actually claim, in my Wikipedia TIM Pool, says that conservatives face bias the hands of big tech. I can prove it definitively. No questions asked I'm going to show you the proof definitively and you can share it with your friends and say: look at that. That's the evidence which brings me to project vartos, because the example for the most part is them. It literally is them their suing twitter. This is a huge day for conservatives. The anti woke in the pro free speech crowd with the passing of this bill, let's rhythm But before we get started, had over two TIM cast out com and become a member. By clicking this big, all members only button you can undo the members area and you could access to sclusively segments for members. Only by becoming a member helping to support my work in the event we get banned. We will still have this website up and running where you can see my content.
to be honest, I am actually talking about whether or not we need to move to Florida or Texas if they pass these bills, because I read through this I gotta tell you it is powerful stuff. It would protect my company that if we want to report on news, we don't have to fear getting band. That's for stuff: here's the story from the Sun Sentinel social media crackdown clears Florida Senate, giving Rhonda Santas one of his top priorities before we get started. Smash that, like button, subscribe, hit the notification Bell and share the show, if you really like it, the Sun Sentinel says one of Governor Rhonda Centres is top priorities of legislative session the floor on Monday passed a measure to crack down on social media companies that remove users from their platforms. The Republican controlled Senate voted twenty two to seventeen, along almost straight party lines to approve the proposal asked be seventy seventy two, which will now go to the house. Santos has made a priority of the issue after decisions by twitter and Facebook to block former President Donald Trump from their platforms in January,
after Trop Supporters- storm the: U S, capital the built in part bar social media companies from removing political candidates from the companies platforms. Companies that violate the prohibition could face fines of one hundred thousand dollars a day for statewide candidates and ten thousand dollars a day for us, candidates, the proposals also would require social media companies to publish standards about issues. It is blocking users and apply the standards consistently, which they don't do pointing to the dominance of a handful of technology companies. So just Amazon, Facebook and Google bills sponsor Re Rodriguez are Astaire. Oh said, big Tec is not a free market at the state has role in regulating such companies. They do quote when the battle is between a monopoly on one side and hard working. Americans on the other. The right side of history has all he's been on the side of the people Rodriguez that it has never
on the side of the monopolies, not in this country, but Senator Jeff brand us a Saint Petersburg Republican who joined Democrats in voting against, said the measure is unconstitutional and that it's a big government bill, perhaps what what is with these pathetic and spineless republicans that are too stupid. to stop these companies from shutting them down to save their own careers ideologies, families. Children, are you insane. Not that I am a staunch conservative. I grew conserves on something's agree with the left and liberals on some things, but one thing I think, We must allow free inquiry and we can't have a handful of billionaire oligarchy telling you telling us what we can or cannot say nothing, but the pandemic in a country where p I've been locked down for a year and their opinions are being followed through big tech. Yeah, that's creepy! Maybe you want to talk about your opinions on certain issues that are questionable or taboo. I may not agree with us
God have them well now you go and social media. You can't go see your friends. The only thing I d say is what Orange man bad that is creepy and wrong. Who is this more on in the republican Party? Who doesn't get that These arguments are starting a libertarian. It is how we can regulate these private companies it of its violation of their free speech, and, as I did when monopolize town, that that this is the town centre. When you can't even talk to your politicians or speak politics in a public setting because they bought the land and they control. Ninety percent of it you need to regulate that their seizing the commons company can still exist. Company can still be the biggest and Lee Platform in that space they can make all the money in the world is going too far. certain rules to make sure you do not destroy the fabric of this country, yet there are still hold doubts
many libertarians Amity Republicans or like a violation of the corporate person. Hood don't care, I want to see reasonable debate exist. People want to run for office, have a right to speak and speak to the public. You cannot give the democratic platform to reach new people and bar Republicans from doing it. I hope the Saint Peter spit Saint Petersburg Republican gets voted out and I hope it's because it gets band quote. This is a bill. You would see.
in countries that we don't talk. We don't want to talk about some that are ninety miles, south of fear and some there, a little a little further south branded said, alluding in part to Cuba. It makes me uncomfortable that we have to have this. Conversation. Democrats also suggested that the bill is politically motivated. Dissenters is a close trump ally and many Republicans were outraged when the former president was blocked from social media platforms quote. We know this bill is as much about political messaging as anything Senate Minority leader Gary Farmer of Democrat, from light Ass point said, but Senator Kelly Startle of Lakelet said people have exercised free speech and social media and platforms arbitrarily shut down the expression. I'm gonna prove it just you wait when you get to a situation where a business has a monopoly on a message and the ability to direct a message through that monopoly,
That is where the government kind of sometimes comes in and stepson. He said. I think this bill is trying to strike the right balance by allowing free speech and, at the same time, trying to make sure the business is not arbitrarily setting up that speech and blocking out people they don't want to win is not an issue of politics, entirely think this is a an issue of entrepreneurship, small business as well as the right to political discourse. I run a business that uses these platforms. I've been working very hard setting up TIM cast out com so that we can just get shot down overnight, because if you rely on someone company for your business, well, you're in for a rude awakening seat. Look if you're somebody who makes you know, tools and your your metal supplier. Whatever says you know what we're not we're not going to work between more, you can always try and source a different supplier. Maybe it's difficult, but you can well. If you're in the online video space, you have Youtube Youtube
belies the space tapes up. The Google has subsidized you to the point where other platforms can't compete and if you want to run your business as the place to do it, keeping in mind, I'm not a moron. I understand Youtube provides me with benefits. Algorithmic boosting and things like that, which you do help me get traction and help me run my business, but even even with that, you know I try to follow the rules. Youtube still stops me from saying news worthy things. I've talked about some of these things. For the most part, I seem to be ok, but there are some newsworthy things I can't say they would ban me for reporting. The news can have that. So I got to set up a turnips, as do many
people. I want to show you an example now of exactly that. We'll proof is a video of from project vartos of Dan Crenshaw. Confronting Jack doors is about a minute law, but listen to this. But the fact remains that community standards on social media platforms are perceived to be applied unequally, blatant bias, Mister Darcy. In just one example, I saw a video of from project ass. There was taken down because they confronted a facebook executive on this front long, but here's the thing I can show you a video, see it s, doing the exact same thing to an old woman with a trust supporter in her front yard. I've looked at both videos, apples, apples, comparison, CNN remains,
Roger Berytus was taken down over the beaches to responded. I have a feeling. You're gonna, tell me apple against high I'm a medium. I'm a programme manager, Google right now. Lots of people are looking for ways to learn new job skills. That's where we created Google career certificates in online training programme for fast growing fields like I t, support, project management, data, analytics user experience, design and more you dont need, any prior experience and you can be Jobbery in about six months. So put your skills to work, go to grow, Dodd, Google, slash certificates and he does. I I dive and understanding of the case, but I want to address two for you. Wanna take a video I got down. I would be due to adopt
concern. He has no idea what you're talking about Jack Dorsey has no idea. What he's talking about is a figurehead who gets propped up. He doesn't do anything. You can't tell you what the company and twitter just keep doing. This that's right. Project veritable put up a video where the confronted of Facebook executive in front of his home and they blurred as address- and they said you can't do that you show people's homes. How about this story for the New York Times is an activists, pricey house news. Facebook alone decides the new posts complained that faced because blocking and downplaying stories, but the platform doesn't pay any special deference to journalists. The story was the New York posts in the daily mail. They had a breaking story, a black lives matter leader. I believe one of the founders image a supposed trained Marxist had purchased a one point for me:
in dollar homer. Something of a relative price, as well as several other homes, ranging than about half a million each those stories were barred from Facebook. They said you can't do that. You can't you eat you. You can't show people's addresses those a story about me that explained where I live in ITALY is it easy for people to know? So we basically ok. Well, I guess that's out of the bag on that one will we know what we're gonna do can't pretend anymore. The story went viral twitter, prompt the story up, maybe go trend for three days, plus a fake story, completely fabricated, and that's ok. Yet when project very toss confront somebody they get removed, I take you now to the proof. This is a tweet from sea in February, twentieth, twenty eighteen, certainly this video that I'm doing right now showing you. This must be fine. Why well just showing you a verified tweet from CNN with two point, two
million views outside of a woman's home with a reporter. They say a Florida who ran a trot supporters page at unwittingly promoted a russian coordinated event on Facebook says she doesn't believe she was influenced by Kremlin. Linked trolls CNN went to a private residence home showed the home. That's allowed. Facebook removes news because it might show someone's home project Berytus gets banned from twitter. You see how these companies lie, I get it Twitter and Facebook, or not. The exact same company gained as a difference will now we're seeing project where toss suing twitter, you may have heard than is already just want to highlight. This is from you know, just over a week ago, their suing twitter for false, inflammatory statements right.
Cigar reckless regard for the truth. What's happening in Florida. What's happening now is powerful. What James O Keefe is doing suing CNN Twitter for their lies is powerful, but let me show you the bill. I want to mention two. We also have Texas, which is doing this, but let me show you this bill s, be seventy. Seventy two section, three section, five or one point, two o four one floor to statues is great to read. unlawful acts and practices by social media platforms, as used in this section. The term algorithm means mathematical set of rules at specified. How group of data behaves? I'm not gonna, be through every definition. They do mentioned sensor. Any action taken by a social media platform to delete, regulate, restrict at alter, inhibit the publication or re publication of suspend of suspend a right to post. Remove
or post an addendum to any content or material posted by a user. The term also includes action to inhibit the ability of a user to be visible by or to interact with another user of social media platforms really interesting that might have a serious impact on the ability to block or mute people. Keep that mind there are reasons why this might be changed but check this out a journalistic enterprise. What put what pertains to my channel is a journalistic enterprise is defined as duty that publishes an excess of one hundred thousand words with available online with at least fifty thousand page subscribers, or a hundred thousand monthly active users. That is a lot of news websites or Publishers, one hundred hours of audio or video available online with at least one hundred ml.
And viewers annually, while that might not cover everybody, but it certainly does cover my company. That means, if I fear, censorship and they pass this law, I can go to Florida run my business say whatever I want and if they try and remove my company. I can cite this law and fight back They go and define several other issues, particularly user, which means a person who resides or is domiciled in this state and who has an amount unseen account on social media platform, regardless of whether the person posts or has posted is: where gets really lasting social media platform that fails to comply with any of the provisions of the sub section, commits an unfair or deceptive act or practice as specified in S five or one to afford a social media platforms must publish the standards, including detailed definitions that uses or has used for determining a sensor deeply former shadow been. They must apply censorship, reply forming Jeddah, binding standards consistently.
I must inform each user about any changes to its user rules, terms and agreements before implementing the changes and may not make chain more than once, every thirty days, they may sensor a user's content or material already play from a user from the social media platform, one without notifying the user, who posted or attempted to post to in a way that violet this part, a social social media play for, must, provide him Isn't that allows a user to request the number of other individual platform participants who were provided or shown the users content or post? This is insane this huge. That means, if you post. You need to be able to see who they are showing your content to they say, provide upon request a user with a number of other individual platform participants who were provided or shown Canada posts. A social media play for must categorize algorithms used for post
prioritization and shadow banning. That means you need to know why they are prioritizing you or shadow banning. You should give your categorization allow allow a user to opt out. Of post, prioritization and shadow banning algorithm categories to allow sequential or chronological posts and content. Now twitter. Does this on twitter. You can say just show me the content as it comes in I still believe as an algorithm, because they dont show me every post that comes in. You may notice this maybe you're following a few hundred people in your, like, I haven't seen opposing this person in a long time That's right! Without you realising it, they are controlling what you can see or hear. Even when you say don't do this social media platforms, provide users with an annual notice of the use of algorithms for post prioritization and shadow banning and re offer annually. The opt out opportunity in sub paragraph tuna think about this. If
Youtube has to tell everyone. This is what we prioritized. People will absolutely start making content to fit. The algorithm now say something for one thing: it fairly obvious that what you two prioritizes and why, first there prioritize Condon over ten minutes, but they tell you this. If you want to run, adds mid roles or unrolls, you gotta make content longer than ten minutes. It's also fairly obvious that people are more likely to remain on podcast swine. Well, I'm Walking to you about things you can put it on and listen to in. The background is more of an audio platform that point for our vlog. We launched recently cats castle. We can see that even those videos are comprable lengths. They don't get nearly sizable out of watch time because it requires people
and so we know, based on obvious factors what works. If you two publishes their algorithm, it's gonna be a whole new ballgame people, gonna see what words are banned. What words are promoted, they're gonna see what kind of do making you will see the rise of many massive companies and everybody will basically chased the algorithm, basically destroying it. This seriously hurt seriously hurt you too. They gonna say a social media platform may not apply or used post. Pirate is a priority and our shadow banning algorithms for content and material said by or about a user who is known by the social media platform to be a candidate as define a candidate, is blip, offer political office beginning from the date of qualification and Andy, on the date of the election or the data. Canada for office ceases to be a candidate of election post, prioritization of certain content or material from or about a candidate for office based on payments to the social media platforms such candidate for office. Ok, we
The point on all this, a social media platform must allow a user who has been de platform to access or retrieve all. Of the users, information, content, matured and data for at least sixty days after being de platform. Now, that's that's big further. What a business! If you can run for office, you needed the state that gives it is protections when we saw Lauren, Southern and and Karl Benjamin banned from patriarch. They lost access to their customer list. they were told. I will give you your money, you know, but you can use a platform anymore if you're in Florida you'd be able to They gonna say a social media platform may not take action to censor de Platform or shadow ban, a journalistic enterprise based on the content of its publication or broadcast post privatisation of certain journalistic enterprise. Content based on payments to the social media platform by such journalistic enterprise is not a violation of this paragraph, a mockery through everything, but they do say up to one hundred thousand dollars and statutory damages.
Proven claim actual damages. Think about this. I make a sort of antimony operating on Youtube. Certain political candidates raise money. If you get banned, that's actual damage say hey. We were unable to do or fundraising does we removed, so they have to pay a hundred grand plus its, not just happening with with Florida we saw the bill from texas- and I don't know if it was going to actually fly from April first, they say some experts have raised doubts whether the bill will hold up in court Senate Bill, twelve sponsored by republican State Senator Brian Hughes, Ave Mineola was approved after two, a dot m, two, a dot m Thursday. This measure would apply to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, among others, would also require the companies to disclose their content. Moderation policies, publish regular reports on the content
they remove and couldn't appeals process for user content that has been taken down. The Texas attorney general would be allowed to file suit against any company that violate the provision of the bill. If upheld in court attorney general. Could recoup reasonable turnkeys fees and investigative costs? Think Flores Bill is better. Think Rhonda Santas is hitting it. the part? Not perfect. You know I don't know how strong is on free speech in the long run, but this is move in the right direction. A lot of people, the left. Some for some reason are defending massive multinational private corporations, saying they have a right to free speech to and unlike I dont care about, massive multinational private corporations and their free speech for the most part. I understand that you can't force companies to say or do certain things, but there's a difference. I met this example about Wikipedia it's very important example: section two thirty protects about
of these platforms, not minor changes that Wikipedia would be hit by this as well. You can't ban someone will remove content that'll, be really interesting to see how Wikipedia tries to squirm passed this one publishing endless war. of lies! Imagine this you're! In Florida you post some content. It is politically opinionated which post to twitter. You see this that these companies, these bills, are aimed at social media platforms. That's were used to talking about that were focused on, but don't forget with Wikipedia functions. Almost the exact same way now, let me just explain some tea. Is it going to? Is it going to? Is it going to be big? That's why I say nuke from orbit. If you go on twitter and yellow picture of your face- and you say you know, Barack Obama is a bad man and they say Man, you can't assault Obama that way or about this
you say something like Barack Obama. Don't you know? Does these things Barack Obama, Extra, judicially, assassinate people and twitter says we're gonna bet? for saying that. Well now, according to this bill, you can say you can't buy me for my political opinion. That's not fair! You can't sensor me or or demonetized me so for
major journalistic enterprise. They can't remove it. What happens if you have some one on Wikipedia who contributes to an article about salmon? Oh Jack, Purcell, Becker MIKE's furnished, and they include something positive because right now, other pages are just loaded with you know: smears or project territories. Eminent, as an example Wikipedia says the project vera toss. It is part of a disinformation that that's their goal or some like that, which is not true that an outright lie. Firstly, MRS Zimmer Wikipedia: they claim that it's just user comments. Well, this is going to be there downfall section. Two thirty, as you know, protects a platform for what other people say on their platform. Without section two thirty Wikipedia could not exist and I dont think Wikipedia should be protected anyway. Why, when you go on Facebook, Twitter- and you say something
Finally, your face appears next to it. We know it's your statement on Wikipedia you go to edit an article. You include a statement and then Wikipedia publishes that article in real time under its own name. Sorry, if you have users submit things and then you publish it as Wikipedia for literally says from Wikipedia okay. Well, then Wikipedia may that statement The user. Ok will now they're gonna say no. No! No. You can't do that. The user said this think about how amazing it's going to be when flora and taxes passes these laws, and then you can go. onto Wikipedia and say my a pink on jackpot. Sobek and project veritable is they are amazing and they are heroes and do great work. Wikipedia says. We are going to remove that content because that we don't agree with Your sources are not reliable, whoa, whoa, reliable. How do you know that's an opinion
You can't remove my speech because of my opinions. You see what this means for this podcast comes from Verizon Business, Verizon Business, unlimited plants, unlimited data, no overages and more built right for business with Speed of horizon five g give rise. in business unlimited plans from his lows: thirty dollars per line, visit, Verizon, dotcom, slash business, slash plants per month The five lines on business unlimited start includes paper free billing without open, select, smartphone agreement, discounts, taxes fees in terms apply five g nationwide available in twenty seven hundred plus cities on most Verizon five G devices, five g alter white band of able only imports of select cities Wikipedia has more than enough users to qualify as a massive social media platform. I'm pretty sure I made me: maybe I'm wrong, maybe they dont have as many as is that as I think, but I I think they probably do especially considering they're all over the world. So what happens when
people start editing, Wikipedia to be lowered, full of opinions. That Wikipedia is no longer allowed remove because the opinions originated in Florida or Texas. Well, that'll be amazing, wouldn't it and I think it would be a good thing. I think it would be Wikipedia to say: ok, ok hold on we're not going to let people blindly post crazy garbage. We are putting our name on this and we need an editorial process. Ah Wikipedia, as we know it will not be able to function. Good Wikipedia, maybe maybe was a good thing. A long time ago, I used to be a big fan.
But as media became more and more dominated by rage bait garbage articles, it makes no sense to allow would appear to be an opinion aggregator and then a sort. These things, as fact what Wikipedia does is it takes comments from opinion articles and then cycles them into an encyclopedia claims. It's from Wikipedia the free, encyclopedia laundering opinion articles into fact, statements that should not be allowed. Ok, such into thirty, protects them. It's gonna change the game. My friends is not just about Wikipedia it's about. All of these social media platforms and what this truly means will facebook be able to run fast,
checks anymore. No, probably not they will be. They will fall under this as well and, as you know, Facebook restricts news organisations based on their fact check. It fact: checkers hook it approved by third party organisations and it's entirely arbitrary, the pointer industry. They say they're the ones to determine whether ineffective as true look, I'm not a fan of Agnes. I hate vagueness, alot of people made fake news website and literally wrote articles to generate trafficking, made lots of money. Doing it remember one story about like two guys: unlike Arizona got twenty grand a month is making things up and posting on. That's a bad thing
Thou, well, you know what Facebook won't be allowed to remove those anymore, and I think it's a good thing. I don't know how you solve the problem of fake news and I think the people who do that are problematic, but the idea that you could just empower mainstream corporate press, so they can lie solves nothing. They just go and lie, and then people go on Wikipedia and publish those lies and some of these factors and organisations on Facebook they also This lies Facebook should not be the arbiter of truth, nor should Twitter, because we all saw what happened with the Hunter Biden story. We knew it was true. They blocked veneer post then we can see the story about project Berytus in they questioned effacement exec, remove for private information but see it and is allowed to say sorry if it's all or nothing You either allow people to share what they say is true or use don't allow anyone to do. It is gonna to be huge
I don't think people realize ramifications of what this means. It means all the flatter videos had come back it would. In all of the crazy cookie conspiracy. Videos will come back to me, not all of them, but many of them. because you can't just sense or a user and then what about news organisations? What about outlets that they say are fake news? I'm I've never been a big fan of the gateway pundit for the most part. I think that they post me no hyper partisan, or Bala content, but they certainly have more than a hundred thousand active users per month. They probably get a hundred thousand per like our. If that's probably way more the prosecuting hundreds of millions one other news outlets, Facebook won't be allowed to remove those things or slap labels. On I'm saying it's fake news now facebooks trying to get around this,
saying it's not as a third party, not idle played a game, you give only certain people the ability to appoint fact checkers. Those are your editorial staff as far as I'm concerned and the consideration they receive from your business is priority. Access to claim other other plus stories are fake. is the Breton butter, their business. The fattening organisations need to raise and make money by fact checking Facebook gives them. Priority access to do so which allows them to fund rays and make add revenue. That is consideration, in which case Facebook is providing something a value for individual to provide a service to their platform. That is Facebook, making a statement shut. It all down was going the game likely. If, if this aside into law, it probably will be soon, I am I'm assuming it goes to the house. Florida Republican Rhonda Santa's will likely sign this. Just like the Anti riot bill and let the law suits begin. It will
it will cost of these big tech companies so much money to deal with millions of people in the state class action may be around, I'm willing to bet lore, loom or will light up a lawsuit and two seconds absolutely Austria's I'll. Just do declares that run for office again and then what are you gonna do is declare that is being unfairly censored and one of these companies can do then they'll sue, they'll declare federal jurisdiction, and then we get to see the true test. Will the federal courts defer to the rights of the individual or the corporation? It's gonna be interesting. They say the corporations have a right to free speech as well. Perhaps they said, the individuals under the constitution have a right to free speech with operations have a right to free speech because their considered people they have person whom. I wonder, though, as I was told by Well Chamberlain that this the Supreme Court may side with promoting speech as opposed to curtailing
which means if you have a business which allows for the post speech and they're trying to silence someone speech. If the argument is, do we force someone to speak or remove someone's ability to speak, the courts will say we will err on the side of protecting speech because the first moment constrains our ability. Move it. If you want Evan arguing about why a company is forced to how certain speech it's a different argument from the court's ability to say someone can be shut down from speaking, but don't for sure I don't I'll play out, but I just think people need to realize how deep the ramifications are of this Wikipedia done. Facebook factors done nukes from or bit we'll see, outlays up, I'll leave their necks diamonds coming up tonight at eight p m over at Youtube com TIM cast iron outbreaks rang out, and I will see you all then I'm sick and tired of saying the same thing over and over again, but that's the way it's been going for them
a year or two years we have another police shooting. Actually we have two more police shootings. Why? Because we live in a country with hundreds of millions of people in things like this happen. I guess the left's argument is that because they shouldn't happen and they shouldn't, we should abide, I wish all of the police instead of we can't control the wind. We can adjust our sails. That's why I'm more reform guy, but this point As we have been saying, Gretta cities and cops need to resign. We have a story. Andrew junior family lawyer says video shows an execution, maybe maybe they're protesting but our rioting, I'm seeing people say Unwrast as I am, the people and Lisbon City are marching around. I have not seen any videos of hard core writing so important to call it what it is. People protesting there are allowed to protest. The issue as this country is destabilizing because every little moment- and I don't mean this- that someone dying is much bigger, but I mean like every little man,
micro, aggressions, becomes a major story. You get some guy in the news where it's like he sent a nasty letter someone's. Are you gotta you gotta guide in the street and some other guys like you gotta, my neighborhood nor like oh, no, they posted video. This kind of hyper focusing on minutiae is ripping us apart and then to a greater degree to greater scale of impact. You have these ass. There also ripping us apart, but you need to understand men. They shouldn't happen. There should be accountability when their one. There should be accountability, but it's not going to stop. So therein lies the big challenge. If I got the story right here, where the family saying its execution, we can get more rights. Probably what about this story? With that? That's that's right! We get another one from yesterday, Virginia Deputy, mistook, Cordless house phone for gun in shooting of black men attorney, says Malleson. I've been around long enough.
To know to wait and not trust the narrative from the people who want unrest or want to abolish police. I'm also, however, I've looking around long enough to know, there's there's no point in playing these stupid games anymore. So you know what about Yes, look, I don't live in these areas and if you still do, I dont know what you expect of makers. I've set of fifty billion times your asses burning and I Yeah go to your house and you're like now good on my car I'll, see you later, you think I'm gonna come to your aid. You got these cop we're staying in these areas. This is what's going to happen. That's really Laurie see what's goin out this family because listen like I said, accountability is a good thing. If these cops something wrong, let's get to the accountability. Let's not just have a police department that operates with impunity, or, I should say police departments that operate with impunity. but what's gonna happen when every single moment, even like Micaiah Bryant is Clay is where they claim the cops did something wrong and then there is. It results in riots
We got an open letter from a black LAPD veteran Black LAPD cop to Lebron James about what he's doing wrong, but it becomes from play. Respect. I don't think there's a way out of this unless the media stops covering it to be completely honest but honest and even that would do anything because these stories perpetuate because we have social media humans are addicted there there are certain things that trigger our emotions and make us angry at its no coincidence that these are the kinds of stories that get maximum play in the media and in social media. So I put up a video like a cop help and get a cat out of a tree. Yes, some people, my Save you know, share it because I think it's funny. But if you put up a video of a cop, you know beating somebody, it's gonna go viral. Those people get about. We demand justice. What happens then, as if people,
only ever see. One thing they soon. That's rallies, ok, I'll give example. Actually we talked about this with the shelving trial? Now Shovin was found guilty and I'll charges. I don't know the point that was opera, They get off on appeal, but the analogy users imagined a boxing match going on The cameras only ever showed fighter a landing punches on fighter be from that vit from watching that you'd be like wow. You know this. this fight, arrays, really winning, but for some reason every time there went upon his face, gets worse and worse because their editing out all the punches landed by fighter beat the eighth point. The point If you only being showed one thing, it will become a reality and the issues social media, propagates things that you like human anger, drives us his rage bay as we caught rage bait. So? You'll see every single police brutality, video and you will see them played on repeat and from other angles. For years you go.
Rather, what you see in the front page it'll be police brutality and, unlike this videos from five years ago, I saw this when it came out. They keep recite look at what they dont show you as an oak doing routine patrol work, but they dont show you, as a cop, buying a box Jonathan having a laugh, they dont show you is a cop saving, someone from a car fire or de escalating a fight. Why would that go viral? it's not out of the ordinary fanatical viral, now here's the problem, no one wants to share the new. No ninety point percent of the time or ninety five percent, where the cops are doing routine police work. Even when this boring, like I'm giving you a ticket, you like I'm getting a ticket and all day highlight, is the extreme moments and they repeat them for years rear.
For years, then people are gonna live in this world where they go around saying the cops are hunting black people and that's what they are saying, because I've lost their mind, look any any person can walk into place. Public has gone and the council, but how do you that's it? Did that there's! No there's! No patrol people like all we're gonna we're gonna come get we're gonna lookin for Now works even in places where they do have bad policing places like Chicago. It's not like you see Patricia, goggles you. How do you know how to fix it? Now there there are their troubling instances in Chicago to big city lot of crime, but the videos that go. the only videos you'll see, are going to be the worst of the worst and, like I said they will be recycled a year later. You could get a video of a car. You know saving allow a cat from a tree or were you upon a cat, a burning building and that video will not go viral? Maybe it will, but will it get played
a year later often know, there's there's their manage it just crazy when I was on our the other day and on scrolling on the phone, Can I see police brutality, police putting drugs? I might do these. Videos are so old, but they get play men. They make money for these people. Here's a story. North Carolina will see. What's gonna happen, they attorneys for Andrew Brown, Juniors family said Monday. They were frustrated, only be shown twenty seconds of body camera footage of shares, deputies, shooting and killing brown last week, but what I did see amounted to an execution family attorney. General cherry, lesser told reporters. Now you notice. I don't know if it's an execution, but it's probably bed there delaying releasing his body camera footage when, when we had hi o Brien. The cops were like look. We released the footage right away because it did made them look. Good luck
as a one with a knife, she's gonna kill somebody's cop saved your life. In this instance, there dragging their feet, sheriff deputy shot and killed Brown afforded to your old black men while carrying out a search and arrest warrant. Family attorneys said the footage began with deputies firing at Brown who had his hands on the street. will have his vehicle while being shot at in his driveway Jerry Lazarus at Brown, then drove as vehicle away from the deputies. While they continued to shoot. She's at Brown did not present a threat to the deputies. Deputies continued to shew after Browns Car crashed she added thing as vehicles riddled with bullets, it just messed up how this happened round. Son Khalifa for four Ebby said he got executed and a right. Sorry. I have no. I have. I have no benefit that left the George Floyd thing, Many of these other circumstances were on light. While we better get accountability, I'm not playing that game anymore. Sorry, it's nothing personal family! I just don't believe it.
They can release the body, came, afforded and will see what's up, because what? If, who knows what it is it could be, the guy is told, don't move, don't get car and get in the car runaway puts has in the wheel and then they should and why his hands on the wheel or are we? Are they trying to imply that the only reasonable time a cop would shoot? Somebody is because they think they're going to have a gun, not because they may be behind the wheel of a vehicle that can run somebody over at playing this game. It may very well be the cop,
moreover, as Ellison and shot this kind they shouldn't have, or there may be something we're not seeing, because, of course the family is going to say it benefits us. We were, we were, you know we were victimized or something that affect the protesters for the fifth night have taken to the street again. So the story is from last night they say: protests were back out and was of a city Monday night, just hours after attorneys and family members of Andrew Brown. Genius at a small portion of the body can footage showed you are showing it shut, showing you John go by police demonstrators called for more which to be released. I agree. I agree. I think they should absolutely release more footage, but until then I don't know what you want me to comment on other than this stuff's gonna keep happening now I'll. Tell you what listing and what what what I dont care for Fox NEWS, Andrew Brown, junior search warrant, drug deals captured on camera weeks before fatal police shooting- I don't care,
no tweeted something I commented on this. There was some guy you like through Brca cops. They cropped is photos are just see his face and the full picture. Him holding a revolver of some sort and Andy was like. Why did you crop this photo and unlike stop demonizing the gun, you don't I mean like right: I understand this guy may be a criminal. I want to know what happened in his driveway. I understand that dude may have thought a brick in a cop. I dont care if he has a gun. Why should I be mad if somebody's exercising and inalienable right to keep it bear arms yeah if you're, if you're somebody lives in the south side of cargo, your black dude, you can have gone same as everybody else. The gun wasn't the problem. The dew was apparent charge electronic record a cup. Let me look look look. My point. Is this guy angiogram Junior, maybe a criminal as fine? We have a court of law. People must be tried, they must be charged with crimes, you don't just kill them Obama did it, but we don't know what happened until we get this body camera footage. They were supposed to really
yesterday. I guess they didn't do it. Maybe they should I mean. Maybe we should just release it now. Does anyone or reject faces, unlike maybe there's bystanders as witnesses? That may be important because some of the witnesses have to testify and if they show the faces than it could corrupt the case. So I don't tell him, I'm gonna tell you other, then he's gonna happen again. It's gonna keep happy it's gonna keep happening because these things happen. You know, you don't see breaking news when a white person is shocked by a cop there was a narrative at play. The longest time we ve been told growing up. Racism was a problem because racism was a problem, but now we're at this point where we have these laws Nina, we ve passed many laws and
polish many laws, because we have the nineteen sixty four civil rights act. We got lovingly Virginia. You know these things are illegal, now, they're, still remnants of the systemic racism of the past. When we used to like literally ban people from buying houses in certain areas and things like that, racial covenants and housing, we got where those things were far from perfectly a long way to go. But now because of that, because we know it's wrong, we recognise its wrong, because regular people don't pay attention. They are sensitive to the idea of racism and good racism is bad. She got these people who here a story and there in a shared, going to be angry. You got a lot of people which is virtually signal. They'll. Do sheriff S? Egg of being, like hey, look at me, I fit in ok ratings for the Oscars or down. Fifty eight percent nobody's watching this chosen more sound over your fitting in with no no real, Annabelle person likes people dying, but are you paying attention enough or our fuelling the injustice by not paying attention
yeah, who knew says Virginia deputy mistook, Cordless House one for gun. According to an turning, I say, a Brown, a thirty two year old black man was walking down the street away from his house and spots. Albania County and was on the phone with nine one, one dispatcher when the Virginia S share of deputy responded to his house following reports of a domestic incident, the footage and audio which was released late Friday appeared to show the deputy than yelling dropped the gun multiple times and saying over radio he's got a gun to his head? The deputy than yells stop walking towards me, stop walking towards me and stop stop before shooting Brown, the Virginia Debbie Mistook Cordless House phone Brown was holding for a gun, David Haines Attorneys, Edna statement, provided you as it today Round was honoured at the time of the shooting and clearly told dispatch that he did not have a weapon more than ninety seconds. Before the deputy arrived, I say as now fighting for his
if, as a result of these completely avoidable errors by the deputy and dispatch the stories, if this story is true, as they tell it, this cop should have his gun taken away from him. He should be put on desk. Do I have somebody calls nine hundred and eleven and they're walking out the phone. I understand a cop could be scared, but I don't think being scared justification for just shooting somebody put them in the hospital. Alright, the cop said I should have responsibilities to take cover assassin situation. I don't know it's not easy. I know it's nice and I can print it. Is I've been in conflict zones? I've never had to wield a weapon and shoot this conflict zones, I've only reported so I've gotten to like run and hide. Now. This guy's got an eye one one call potentially for domestic incident: rectum domestic for domestic violence,
I understand why he's worried he's got a gun do his head, what does it mean and then you shoot em. Here's appears. That is a problem in if this goes on the phone talking to nine one one, and he can't hear at the cop saying you see what you said, the problem with this. That's why I do think we need to assess what we are. Knowing, as guy should not have been shot, but is this the case of a callous officer who was racist? I certainly do not believe. So. Is this a case that will result in mass riding if a dude dies. Probably I don't know call for murder charges on this cop, and I got to tell you right now. You know where I'm at good, absolutely sorry, no Braga manslaughter came Potter's got manslaughter can victim. I mean it. I really really do you know why? That's what I'm saying sick and tired of saying the same thing over and over and over again bro. If you keep sticking your hand the fire, how many times you want me to come out to get your back when you won't take responsibility for
herself. Now we have seen what these people want with police, about abolition, abolition of police and you ain't got no regular people, commoner wavin flags and defending the cops they're not doing it. So you got it even if only five percent of the people in a city horsing abolish the police. Well, that's five percent voting for abolishing police and ninety five abstaining. If you don't take responsibility for your own community, don't expect me to come and do the work for you. Niver lotta people, even cities, not a cop squinting force. Would I respect that? I really do what was a cop thinkin. I can't believe they are cops right now at a time like this. Who would be stupid enough to respond to any nine one? One call, and I mean it- I'm not kidding you don't I
but come to me and they say of these companies. Do the right thing. You know I have mentioned this shore shore, then I respect that if this cop knew that he will spend you know ten years in prison for the sake of trying to save some one from domestic violence, the respectable this, because your truly willing to sacrifice yourself to help somebody. I respect it one or two percent, but there are a lot of cops who were resigned and I respect that a whole a great deal, because their refusing to exacerbate the situation so explain. Maybe guy this cop was like. I might go to prison because people are losing their minds, but I must save some one.
Either this guy shows up here to get the phone and now we're gonna have more rights dude. We just need police to respect the wishes of the communities that say get the F out. It's that simple. This cop shows up the Mccartney Hypodermic higher Brian's. You know apparently macabre one called the cops cop shows up sugar knife. She pulls it back. He shoots to save the woman now even Lebron James as men. These people don't care. They just want to burn a bunch of stupid people screaming that the person with the knife should have been allowed to use it. You know I the idea,
you have. The woke left is clearly and definitively might makes right. You know I'm sick of moderates. Liberals, conservative types like despite the liberals, pretending that these people want to live in the same way. You do stop asserting your world view on these people they believe might makes right. That's why they have no core moral framework. That's why they cancel each other. That's why they can run big campaigns and stop asian hate and then, when TED Crew says, I would like to ban discrimination against Asians universities. The Democrats say no might makes right They are actually believe and principles they believe in power. So let's stop for a second. Why are they mad Micaiah Bright died, because she was the one who had the power. Why do they say rest in power might makes right. They say, therefore, Micaiah bright should not have been shot and killed
She's been allowed to do it you once the woman in New York, it gonna put it put a bullet, in other words, had we also that video? Why are they protesting for that? That's their ideology. They, like the idea that, if you have the power, you can do whatever you want, and so they don't like the idea that the cops have the power The problem is these cops and these conservatives are like people in these cities want to live like I. Do they don't and stop propping them up and start respecting their vote. I look: is levies are like TIM's only telling cops to resign because he thinks it'll get really bad, I'm like, but it is getting really been. We are seeing crime skyrocketing. We are seeing put people atlas. Call City council begging for their cops back complaining about long wait times. It got bad ochre wherever abolish the police. Fine, I gotta sheriffs apartment, ok, I'm good, so I'm the middle nowhere. Unilever rights Keepin bear arms, stop assuming people want to live the way you do.
Finally, when you know their moral framework is fascistic, it's not fascism, because I've got a bunch of weight attached to it, but it is fishes stick, and this comes from David, late David Graver, when he said elements of the left have adopted the there is no truth but power framework from the fascist they're. Using that- and that's true, that's that explains everything. Doesn't it now we got this guy d on Joseph Letter, TAT Braun, James Respectable, is he said, Dear Leubronn, I am not going to come at you from a place if of effort and for those that are familiar, Leubronn put out a statement. He put a picture this cop up. He says what you do for children. Another act of charity show huge heart, but your current stance on raising is so off base in extreme. Your tweet that target the police officer was saved. A young woman. A woman's life was irresponsible. You basically put a target on the on the back
and being when you make a split second decision to save a life from a deadly attack that apologizing deflected. I'm not going to read vote that the whole thing, why says quote you are tired of blacks, volt, folk blackfoot? dying. So like you, ate racism and police brutality. So do I but get paint eight hundred thousand men, women were of all races. Face orientations also mothers, Father sons, daughters, preachers, coaches committee, members, just humans, which abroad and destructive rush you see. The problem is this: guy, the young dude, but it doesn't understand that the bronze moral framework is not the same as his. I think you and I you watching our moral framework is based on judeo christian values.
You know, base it- will allow a lotta atheist will be like our need. Religion, immoral, but I put it this way. The fifth amendments you know, speedy trial innocent until proven guilty is, are rooted in black stones formulation. These are rooted in the story of Solomon Gomorrah. If there is but one righteous person, I will not destroy these. These cities rent something that affect I'm, not a big bible skywriting, but that's a general idea. So we ve framework based on a certain value system. What we hold true, it's a combination of judeo christian values, a lot of its been stripped up. No note no joke, however, combined with classical liberalism, individuality, respect for the individual life liberty, the pursuit of happiness, but people like Leubronn and the woke left are collectivist swiss mentalities.
there. There is no truth, but power and might makes right. So when you go to La Braun and say you're being a hypocrite, why would you doing he doesn't care? None of these woke left us. Do they just want power? This a rest in power? This is its its fishes stick, so you can disagree. You can think it's wrong, but only to realize
people, don't have the same moral framework as you do. They want to live in a society where people can go and kill each other, because there's no trick but power now. For me, I don't want to buy due respect the right to keep and bear arms, which means if these fascistic individuals wanna come near my house and threaten me. My friends in my family, I have a right to defend myself, that's what it's for, among other things, you know defend yourself from them, or other tyrannical forces and foreign invaders, etc, etc, but that's an inalienable right to keeping bear arms. It's gonna keep happening more to come more rights until you realise these people are just fascistic. Their authoritarianism they believe, might makes right I'll leave their necks segments coming up at one p m, and this channel thanks, bring it out, and I will see you all them spoiler alert for all of you who have not yet seen the falcon and the winter soldier.
It is a new shall on Disney Plus, not a big fan of Disney plus for a lot of reasons, but I ended up buying a year subscription and cancel that, but I still have it amounts I'm glad I watched the Falcon in winter soldier the gist of this story. My friends is that a show. The left thought was going to be woke, turns out to be extremely aunt. I woke and they're all mad about it. I love this now you may seeing the stories for many conservatives, an anti woke commentator sang the falcon, the winter soldiers till whelk. Even I said that there is a scene where Salmon Buckwheats, Bucky's White, SAM's, blacker, walkin, arguing and the cops pull up in their life nor is this man bothering you two Bucky and ground and apparently there's a rumour going around that people just ditch the shall. No I'm not gonna watch this woke absurdity, but I was deliciously anti woke, and now we can. The results leftist publication,
ends and woke organizations are actually angry at the conclusion of the falcon and the winter soldier. My friends, I love this, the falcon and winter soldier. Let me get this, bill stored in again you ve already been warned of spoilers. Is this story about a black men Samuelson, the Falcon veteran, who was good friends with Captain America, Steve Rogers, a white men at the end of events? endgame, Ga Steve Rogers got the mega, gives the shield to SAM Wilson, but the beginning of the show SAM gives the shield to the government in a want it, and the message they convey is that he was conflicted. You know he was a black men, America that he wants to be kept in Amerika. So sure so he gave that he gave the shield away immediately. Alot of people were, you know getting angry with you. Conservatives thing: it's woke! No, no! No! No! This is
redemption arc from someone who was having that woke anger and then becoming an american patriot. The gist of this show is that a black man is told by all of these people around him that the country doesn't represent him, that he should be supporting. Steve Rogers is white man and he says no, he puts on the american flag. He uses that shield styled like the american flag and he beats anti far with it. That's the show I'm not kidding it's complicated. It's not just a fan fast, as on other transport can be cheer, and you know at every single turn. It's a nuance show, but it is brilliant in the last episode. So and defies this other. You know older black men and says he's gonna represent America, he's gonna work.
shielding no one is gonna tell him he can't fight for this country and he beats open borders anti for types, the called the flag smashers. I love it. Even the guy they thought was the toxic Lee Masculine White privilege guy. You know: U S agent, John Walker, who was given the mantle of cap, that America is complicated, he turns out to be a hero. I love it everything they thought was gonna happen. The show goes totally aunt. I woke my friends. This is a turning point. It's not just about the Falcon and winter soldier. Let me show you a couple of things James Carville on the state of democratic politics from vocs outcomes has woken up is a problem, and we all know it. Bravo good, sir thanks for finally paying attention. We also have this changes at base camp, a company that many people thought was the Woke IST of woke in Silicon Valley. So they say as now announcing their getting away from politics. No more societal and political discussions on our company based com account we're gonna be back in a way. Yes, we're compressing! This we're getting rich,
Look at his big less there like now we're gonna get away from others woke stuff; no, maybe maybe they realized woken, was negatively impacting their bottom line. Maybe do We realized people in Amerika like the american flag and don't like the extremists running around killing people and burning down buildings. Maybe They realized most Americans just want to be left alone, and so now jobs out of office and their realising they ve lost a lot of money. They're pulling things back. It could just be that you know without trumped up don't need this stuff anymore. Realising you cannot wield the one ring. It could be that they lost too much money that people were. cancelling their accounts on their like rewrite the show make it not woke. Can we get a guy that american flag to beat Anti thought for a minute that will get people to buy our two by our products? Listen, how many people cancel their Disney plus Accounts- I dont know, but it's
it wasn't the woke people actually know they probably did anyway Gazette cancel everybody, but they were loose regular Americans. So now we get this show. Let me you some of this and it just it's Oh hilarious. How now the you know that, though the woke people are like, while they fought for a while that certain things were going to happen, you know and then it go. They wanted no. Instead to show where a black man says, I'm gonna fight for America take the american flag and use it to beat aunt. If I just love alone, here's a story from inverse, they say falcon in the winter soldiers marbles darkest ending. Since Infinity war now hold on a minute. You may not be a big fan or about any these shows. But let me just show you the downfall of weakness in Hollywood, at least here, because most of you probably know by now. The Oscars saw a fifty eight percent reduction in ratings to its lowest point. Ever now. We have the story check this out,
I cite SAM Wilson is Captain America, but the bad guys still one. I love it's. They think the bad guys, one because anti full Ass, this mental areas. They say at the end of the falcon in the winter soldier, SAM Wilson, is taken up. in an identity that belong to his positive Rogers, keeping a precious gift within a trusted circle. What's more, a black man is wearing the star spangled mantle here here, because I am so loosely from the bloodiest battles ever fought in the history of the planet was by people in the United States to end slavery. Now the countries that are before us, many of them, did through payments and reparations, and things like that we fought and we won. The confederates lost people died. That's what that flag represents. We're, not find the confederate flag. Now every speech you're allowed to not a personal fan, your lot, if you'd like, but we fly the american flag,
because that represents what we ve. What what? What are our ancestors foughten died for, among other things, preserving the union I get. It is not a complicated issues. Self Samuelsen, a black man says you want to fly the flag, respect one hundred percent, as they say, They said he wore the star spangled mental vowing, to try something new with a complicated legacy that is kept in America with small in phases and good vibes. The falcon amateur soldier ends on a happy note, even I you're Bradley accepts his part in the empty you, but who really walked away, who dies and who lives? Perhaps, most importantly, who ends up richer? flag smashers, are defeated shore, but consider for a moment if the flag, smashers or even the bad guys to begin with. in the show, the flag smell yours. Wear masks, commit acts of terror
some and kill people, because they want open borders. I am not exaggerating: that's the plot. The good guys beat them up and joy Walker he's the soldiers Golly PTSD, as friends had died. He wants Is one of his friends died at the hands of one of these terrorists and then he kills one of them and they told us all of these left us are laughing saying how he's the bad guy kept that America's the bad guy then it turns out he's a good guy. they literally had this dude beat Anti put to death, and it's supposed to be this powerful moment then he redeems himself and he becomes a hero with helping salmon and Bucky another Are the flag smashers, even really the bad guys? I think when you kill innocent people, that's the point to the good guys. Don't do that? There's a point in the shower check this out. Look at what they're saying as a point in the shower I take up.
John Walker, he's a soldier he's given the mantle by the government to be kept in America, but he's just a regular guys. A soldier is irregular, guys like decorate war, hero he's got a friend his best friend Lamar Black men and they fight together and they work together with one of these flag. Smashers kills Lamar. And Walker in in rage chases, one of them down and kills them. It was. It was a sad moment. It was horrified that he did this thing. I like it. Wasn't me it's like your terrorist organisation who kills innocent people, you just killed another man and he used deadly force. Stop him. He shouldn't have now is a powerful moment in the show, but in the next episode
I'd like that. In the last episode he chooses to save hostages instead of fighting for revenge and even has the flag smasher woman who murdered a black man say his life did not matter. I kid you not. She says that she says he doesn't matter, because he couldn't do anything for her politically and, unlike oh, that is anti, for that is the Woke authoritarian, who pretend to care about people, but would kill them in a moment's notice, and they don't matter at his best friend a war hero with PTSD. There's up, I say participants at the point where he said. Imagine it you know where the super soldier serum in Afghanistan, how many of our friends would not have died. The dude clearly is suffering from what is experience as someone who wasn't a super who didn't these powers and was fighting and watched? His friends die the flag smasher killed his friend, a black men at his life did not matter. You mean to tell me you think, they're, the good guys Na Disney put out a message that is deliciously anthem
They say with rumoured pandemic story line that was cut during rewrites, clumsy politics that leave the flag, smashers ill defined. I think the pretty easily defined a terrorist group of far left wing nuts, one open borders and an outcome that leave certain characters dad and people alive and questionably redeemed. I loved the falcon winter soldier has perhaps the darkest Andy. The aims you sent infinity warp? What makes it especially painful though the ending really is complete story of America, questionably redeemed. You know why, because John Walker was supposed to be white privilege, he was supposed to be toxic masculinity and, in the end, he's a good guy. They can't take it can check it out throughout the Falcon winter soldier Marvel has if imperfectly reckoned with the story of America, America, mythology of symbols in which people tongue it story, omit the truth when inconvenient, an uncomfortable as a Bradley was up one such inconvenient truth about Captain America, the personification of America itself.
as a Bradley was left out of mythology of Captain America, while John Walker was handed the role by virtue of his abilities service record and lets, say it out loud, his handsome caucasian looks they really don't like We then learn why it lacked the fibre to be kept in America in his new. U S, agent, identity! Why God is given a literal licence to act in a way, that's more suited to its pragmatic, a pragmatic methods and under jingoism bubbling beneath the surface. Steve Rogers didn't like bullies, but Walker Short Bali, his way through missions, don't you, HU. I am. He wants Barton episode. There is no better proof of white privilege in the M, see you, then the crowning of John One, as Captain America, his comparatively light punitive sentence when he failed and its effortless sanguine into an adjacent role. John. Workers turn after is on duty murder of a flag, smasher classified Walker as a villain, if not a functional antagonist for our hero Salmon Bucky Barnes Walker proved
not fit for the role of a superhero, let alone the role of Catherine America that only made- redemption moment more questionable in the season finale noted flag smashers were literally killing innocent people and that's the plot. Sam goes this woman. He says you gotta stop killing innocent people. I understand you're fighting for what you believe in and she's out do I walk, and so here you gotTa Guy John Walker, watches his best friend a black man murdered by this Open borders, lunatic from a group of people who are killing the innocent hey chases, one of em down any beaten to death with a shield he shouldn't have because heroes shouldn't do that. That makes John Walker and Anti hero, not a villain. He was trying to do good. He was trying to stop terrorist is a decorated war hero and he goes
overboard almost like the punisher. Does it's not necessarily irredeemable quality? The heroes we looked were the ones who won't cross that line that men Superman and most marvel marble characters. They try to subdue the villain like US problems when Loki Friends escapes John Walker is more of an anti hero, but I love rather like he's a velvet. Its quality should be redeemed. Look at us with a truck full of innocent people at risk. Walker sacrifices his revenge against Carly Morgenthau to save the individuals in harm's way. It selfless moment shore, but it's just one moment: it's also, very powerful. It's all powerful demonstration of the empty you using typical superhero story beats to whitewash Walker of his very clearly defined poor moral character. In passing. Why
You're selflessness, redeems him from his past actions, but upon wearing the black suit of U S agent, he seems more dangerous than ever. I love it. They can't handle the fact that there is new ones to the story and simply by virtue of being a white man, they are not villain. Icing him there's a scene. I love it. It's all I say Bradley he was a super soldier. They experimented on him, put him in prison. He tell SAM Wilson, you think you can tell me you out to tell my stick to come out my store, because you have a white man shield and SAM. Steve Rogers didn't put you in jail, then amazing point that was deliciously aunt. I woke you have this one guy who's holding out of his racial anger, saying it's a white man's Shield and SAM
as its Steve Rogers Shield is a matter that he's white. It doesn't matter that Falcon is black their people. That's aunt. I welcome this. There's a scene where the falcons walking down the street little kids as hates black falcon, and it was not just the falcon and the king Gos. My dad says: you're black Falcon knock it it's just the falcon. That's right. It is just the falcon and at the end there is a great moment where some guy seize him. You know falcons wearing the american flag suit with the shield, and this black eye goes man, that's the black falcon and goggles naw. That's Captain America, and, unlike you, ass though it is kept in America because in Amerika you can be black white asian. Let's
You know you can speak a different language and you can fight for the flag of this country what this country stands for now, that is awesome. I love how it's like, nationalistic to another, staunch nationalist, I'm fairly unfairly pro America, but I am very much in favour of international trade and and, and you know, agreements so I'm pretty middle the run up to the task of lightning. It's kind of a mixed What this show was like very, very nationalistic. They say then there's the flag, smashers, the weakest element of the show. Another example of empty use, antagonists who would be heroes, if not for their blood lust, open borders are the heroes, but the empty you gave them a blood lust. Now it's almost like the end of a people who go round smashing up buildings for their cause would be heroes if they work going around smashing buildings and in a beating people and engaging in rife that result in a couple dozen dead over the past year. Maybe they wouldn't be heroes. It people come on.
their open borders communist. Whenever I wouldn't call that heroic, they say the flag. Smashers carried look at this, they even say it's: they carried with them the ace that education of anti fuck it it's so delicious, watching, woke entertainment go now. Why are we the bad guys, never mind? Antiphon the flags measures have little in common outside of preference for black clothing and open borders, and you know it guarding the innocent in Falcon winter soldier. They looked at me- have exactly kind of imaginary anarchists, Fox NEWS uses to scare raises two geriatrics, my friends is the opposite of get well go broke. You gotta, watch the show. I thought it was fantastic. There it was. It was fairly centrist. I mean people were even say. Like add Biznis like trying to run the middle of an you know, maybe they realised that Captain Marvel was trash and nobody liked it
maybe they realized. Maybe we just play this one closer to the middle and will do better and here's the story. You get a black man. A veteran SAM Wilson is reconciling with the idea of wearing the american flag and what that means. He meets other on the back community. People who we respects will tell him you shouldn't where that flag and it gives him pause, but he thinks about it and he thinks about what the flag represents, and he thinks about his friend, Steve Rogers. Who was what he says that doesn't matter I can fight for this country and even helps change the minds of some of these people who are holding onto that racial anger while still recognising it now that is great. You know I talk to these conservatives and I mention this stuff in their cheering for it, because the left has this caricature of conservatives at the wrong. racist who hate you know who hate discussing anything of it with racism. No, they hate it when you spit in their faces and tell them their evil for being white male Christians. They. Clearly I agree that racism is bad, because the country itself has almost
entirely moved towards agreeing with with racism being bed and passing the civil rights ACT. Where a point now where you talk to any conservative I'll, tell you. Racism is bad. We. What is this character? The left likes to have looked at the flags measures, never made sense to me, I'm alone. Maybe it's because you don't actually father knows it, don't understand the points being made that hurting the innocent for putting goals is wrong that the people who want blind open borders and do so with with violence, not all of em there's libertarian right, but these are the collectivist left. I love how they even say its anti fa. It's right there in your face, so look watch the show your pride, like others, pretty good. You know, there's something about a veteran of a black veteran, taking the shield of the Sab four styled for the american flag and then just like.
no beating up anti for with it right now we can see from this this this interview, James Carbonic area, the whole thing, but he basically says woke MRS a problem when we know we all know it, man is this: are we winning can't? Can we get back to argue about tax policy? so I can likes it down with bench appear on be alike. America is great. We agree, that's wonderful, not tax policy. So I'm ok. I think we need a progressive tax for these reasons than bank undiagnosed. That's wrong, and then afterwards what we owe crack beer will shake hands. I mean we already mostly do that right, that that the model that the disaffected liberals, the once we're paying attention, those not in woke cult were more than happy to have conversations talk about where we disagree, that numerous people on my showed him cast iron well we're on I don't like the Anti Riot bill in Florida and then you know what was. Conservative is like, I think it's right now. I think it's wrong and afterward smile handshake, no crack a beer figurative Lee
and I'll see you next, I meant thanks for coming over, we have to disagree, disagreeing is fun and then work out the ideas not trying to convince people to vote. I think that's the way things were could be its great. I disagree. I disagree. Ok! Well. What do you guys think over turns our most people disagree with me in the super chats or at least the one superseding disagree with me. They thought it should be a felony to block a roadway. Think so in I think it's Oklahoma they're, making it a high level misdemeanor, unlike that makes sense, dont block streets, but come on a felony can't vote by guns anymore, because you're blocked a street doing a protest. I get its bad, but they found these little much. Isn't it it's just my opinion. I think we were winning and as another story that I that shows, I think we're winning as well still areas the fights not over is one battle in the greater culture. War has a story, though, coming at a Texas info
where legislation to protect social media users from censorship is moving through their their legal, so that the legislator in Florida, ass, b, seven, seventy seventy two would protect EU. From censorship. Now, if you're listening on the body of version of the pot gets, you probably heard this before, but I'm gonna be doing this in the next segment over at Youtube COM slashed him cast talking about what this is. A huge I might have to move to Florida is amazing stuff. On some I was watching the Falcon winter soldier, it got this new woke point and I'm kind of like I don't know man, but I'm going to keep watching it. Why not you know, I was excited to see what happens and I saw these people complaining about it, you can see the left media sitting there like confused, like wait, wait a minute. Why is anti for the bad guy? What wise wise? You is a genuine I see wearing the american flag. Now, oh no yeah,
Well now, they know how everyone else feels when they do. This woke garbage media. No one wants to watch here's what needs to happen watch the falcon in the winter soldier. If you agree with me and support the show, we need to prove to these corporations when we vote with our dollars. It's it's good. We to prove that when you make good content that spats that speaks a message, Anti forbad hitting hurting innocent bad America good. that we support that. I don't like at Disney plus supported the you know. Was it called the Xbcc or whatever the the group running the concentration camps in China has a bad thing. We must condemn that for the Falcon winter soldier, though amateur say please Disney do more five out of five Canada, ten, whatever I thought was tactic seeing SAM Wilson and that suit, like the american flag with the shield I was like that is awesome soldier fighting for his country.
And the open borders leftists losing this great. It was nuanced not not plainly one sided, but I thought it was a good message about the virtues of Amerika and now showing that some of these these these latest extremists- many they came from yet the came to. U S were wrong there. They were extremists than they were wrong and to be stopped, and even the guy you thought was was with a bag. I turned out to be a good guy check out the show, a livid, their necks islands, common up at four p m over at Youtube COM, sliced him cast thanks, rang out, and I will see well then.
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