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Supreme Court Just Gave Back Half Of Oklahoma To Native Americans, Leftist Judges Uphold 1866 Treaty


Under the ruling the state of Oklahoma has no right to prosecute you for crimes.In a 5-4 decision leftist members of the court and Neil Gorsuch upheld a treaty dating back to 1866 in order to restore Native American jurisdiction over eastern Oklahoma, home to nearly 2 million American citizens.This would put Tulsa on a Native American reservation and outside of state jurisdiction. If this doesn't ignite people to get vote Republican this November nothing will. In the event Trump loses to Joe Biden and he appoints more leftist judges expect precedent to be set giving up more territory to the Native Americans.#Democrats#Trump#SCOTUS

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Ladies and gentlemen, cue, the circus music, wait. Nothing's playing Oh I'm sorry. This is real life Supreme Court, gives native Americans jurisdiction over eastern half of Oklahoma. That's right! If you live in salsa accorded the supreme, court? You are now under the jurisdiction of the muskeg e nation and that the state no right to prosecute you for crimes, TED Crew said that scope literally just gave away half of Oklahoma boy. If there was going to be some kind of civil war, and imagine this would be a major catalyst for it? Basically, what happens? The brick Supreme Court heard an argument that a violent criminal who arrested in ninety ninety seven convicted. He argued you can't Prosecute me, because This is native american territory, going back to eighteen, sixty six and now we ve got enough.
The ruling. Finally, in the year twenty twenty, it was a fine for decision- and they said you know what yes half. Oklahoma was never properly established, as go home on its still the most the nation net Americans now have folds. There is taking over this sending shock waves through many other states, I'm not joking. Its literally happening as TED crews puts it again. The Supreme Court Supreme Court just gay the half. The state await. Listen, I understand the history of this nation. Conquering lands taking over territory, westward Spanish in all its staff, and you can be critical of it, but these things have happened. To now reverse hundreds of years of precedent and development and economic expansion of America, because imprecise language- Now, I'm sorry, man look what you know, I saw. I saw tweet the other day that from the outset
looks like America is falling apart. Maybe that's what this is. Because let me now tell you what comes next. You see under this precedent that its territory was never properly stably should as an american state, and it is still an american nation. You have realize theres many other native american nations that were conquered by colonists and by early american settlers that we now just consider he part of America but will in fact no longer arguably be part of these states. I shudder: map of native american territory's nations, which they fall under this now. Muddle legal expert I've talked is Rita some people? No one really knows where we go from here. They fear now is that, over one thousand seven hundred convicted criminals in say tall saw the second law, the city of the state and american city that do not fall under the jury.
Section of the state, but they do fond of the jurisdiction of the musketeer nation and the federal government, which means these people released, because their convictions will not be upheld. If the state does not have jurisdiction, I gotta say men. I dont think the people live there are in Oklahoma anymore, based on this ruling, there's no higher court in the Supreme Court there. It is it also you live in Eastern Oklahoma. Congratulations! Your native american territory now They set their own rules. Justice Alito said some data. Active imagine. People waking up to find out their no longer under the jurisdiction of Oklahoma, but of the native american reservation. Yeah. There to have new rules for you. I wonder why This means I dont, know I don't know, but I gotta say I laughed for a long time. They say you're Trump says cultural revolution occurring that there's a far left that seeks to destroy this country in overturned, and things like that and the media
We'll tell you it's not happening while apparently it's even in the Supreme Court in here you go here. We go man. We have set the stage for a wave of suits of native, I can now reclaiming long since lost territories, and why not? Why not Supreme Court said so right now, you could argue that this is a mess guides conquered land for several hundred years, Supreme Court disagrees even with Donald Trump appointing his justices. This is the path we are heading down. Now some people have pointed out, you know, maybe Trump will intervene, some capacity, maybe maybe presidential directive. Fifty one kicks in and Trop says no way can we allow the Supreme Court to give o state jurisdiction well, that's what's read this and see what they're talking about, and we can only speculate at suppose before we get started. Make sure you have The TIM cast outcomes, lash donut. If you'd like to support my work as many ways you can give us a p o box, you want a sense of the best thing you can do is share this
happening it's video. I'm sorry man, I'm going to laugh about this, because it seems like the most shocking ruling I've ever seen in my life, and yes, some people are pretty pessimistic about where we oh from here, but seems like We have the american empire can't last forever. Surprisingly, when I tweeted this out didn't seem legal, people understood the ramifications of this. Nor do they care, if you think I do a good job In discussing these issues on when I read the story, then please their sharing this, although I'm not journal matter at some point will see, but I just want to watch the like button subscribe button, the notification bout: let's read the story from USA: today, Supreme Court gives native Americans jurisdiction over eastern half of Oklahoma, the Supreme Court, rule, Thursday at the eastern half of a global, can be considered native american territory? A decision the state warned could create civil criminal and regular regulatory turmoil the five
for decision was written by associate justice. Neil Gore, who joined this the courts for liberal justices, the judge This has considered the issue for the second time after failing to decide a different case last year, when Gore such Gorse, whatever was refused, and the court likely deadlocked the case concerned an appeal from Jimmy Mc Girt, American, who claimed his state conviction from ninety. Ninety seven should be overturned because Oklahoma lacked Jurisdiction Congress. His lawyer in person born said, never properly terminated. The reservation night in o seven mind you during oral arguments in May. The justices reach back to nineteen o seven, to determine whether Congress using precise language failed to disestablishment. Eighteen sixty six boundaries are the reservation. If so, virtually half of Oklahoma home too
one point: eight million residents and including Tulsa were Donald Trump recently held a controversy. Campaign rally a medical a pandemic would remain subject to federal criminal laws. Well, if you live in salsa, you may be, equally panicking? Now, wishing who attended that rally and I'm sure one point, eight million. People are voting for tromp come November. What are we gonna? Do you can have for Joe Biden and agree that, where you live, listen man, if I was born in one thousand eight hundred and eighty six. I don't know anything about what happened in one thousand nine hundred and seven you mean to tell me that were born and night Anti Navy six in Oak and Tulsa. There are now at all that that you know that house. You have in your kid now two different country now than in its it. That's the musketeer nation! under federal jurisdiction, mind do I have to imagine this is there's going to be revolt, political revolt here, so they say
If so, virtually half of Oklahoma Home. To one point, eight million residents, including Tulsa, would die. They ve would remain subject to federal criminal laws. Only, I suppose quote. We do not pretend to foretell the future You proceed well aware of the potential for cost and conflict around jurisdictional boundaries, especially ones that have gone unappreciated for so long course of growth. But it is clear why pessimism should rule today, with the passage of time Oklahoma, its tribes have proven that can work successfully together as partners. The federal government promised the Muskeg creek nation, a reservation in perpetuity corset wrote adding. While Congress has diminished, sanctuary overtime lawmakers. Never withdrawn the promised reservation. As a result, many of the arguments before So they follow a sadly familiar pattern. Yes, promises were made, but the price of keeping them has become.
Great so now we should just cast a blind eye. We reject that thinking, while chief Justice, John Roberts, in a dissenting opinion, so that count Let's make no attempt to conceal its intention to do to this establish reservation lens. The court suggests that Congress sought to tiptoe to the edge of disestablishment, quite the opposite. Through an open and concerted effort Congress, did what it set out to do: transform a reservation into a state he's right I'm not a lawyer, but as far as I can tell Oklahoma is a like? It's not a secret that, but this is this the boundaries of the state. It's been a state for a long time. They have centres, they have members of com in these areas. What happens I ask you now what happens? I dont know to the members of Congress who represent the Tulsa area. They gonna carved out and be alike. Oklahoma, you just loss of electoral votes. I have no idea its federal jurisdiction that right
so now they'll still have their electoral vote to a mind. You I I am not an expert on non native American territorially only to look this up, but one of the big concerns about Washington DC is that as a territory under federal jurisdiction, they are that they do not have representation in Congress, which as states right if this territory is now no longer under Oklahoma, jurisdiction is under federal jurisdiction they lose their congressional representation, will retain their electoral votes, but do they lose congressional representation, perhaps and what, if the Senator senators live there man, you gotta, move sorry. Let's say they say the States solicitor general myth in men, Seeing Ganny had warned and
hey that a ruling for native Americans could require the release of more than one thousand seven hundred inmates that didn't sit well with several justices, who feared a chaotic overhaul of long decided criminal cases. What makes this case hard is there have been hundreds, hundreds of prosecutions, some very heinous offences of the state law. On your view, they would all become undone associate just Ruth Paine Organs, but told Goshen born won't residents be surprised to learn that they are living on a reservation and that they are now sub two laws imposed by a body that is not accountable to them in any way Samuel Alito asked. Now. Let me ask you some Oklahoma you probably don't about red I'd. Imagine you you're gonna give Europe drove out to Donald J Trump What if you live in a swing state? Let me just remind you if you live in, say Michigan. Ah, this is gonna get you. I'm sorry, your whole state they'd american territory. If Caliph like California,
this is gonna, be weird. Ah, what do you think is going to happen when these blue States New York for That's when they vote in someone like Joe Biden, who appoints more leftist Supreme Court, nominated out a justices who then as demanded in the territory belongs in, and Americans you in your somewhat red state will now look who's your territory because of blue states who dont care it'll be interesting. I don't I don't exactly know what will be, but as it as we rightly submitted today, The ruling means followed or federal jurisdiction, not state jurisdiction. They say in last year's case. The Eu S court of appeals for the tenth circuit ruled the state lack jurisdiction to prosecute a gruesome murder, because it happened within three million acres belonging to the escapee nation. The rulings
and more than nineteen million acres and Eastern Oklahoma once inhabited by five native american tribes within hours of Thursday's ruling. The state and four and five nation native american Nations released a statement. I'm missing cooperation, the nations and the state are committed to implementing a framework of shared jurisdiction that will preserve sovereign interests and rights to self gum while affirming jurisdictional understandings procedures, laws and regulations that support public safety, our economy and private property rights. They said we will continue our work, confident that we can accomplish more together than any of us could alone so for now it seems. That's you! As new, ah residents of a sovereign nation under federal jurisdiction. I don't see how this works, to be honest, you're no longer residents of Oklahoma. I guess but they're gonna uphold things as they are well for how long, though, and to what end.
Now that they ve been granted all this infrastructure like Tulsa, for instance, wouldn't they want to collect taxes on their behalf and not behalf of Oklahoma? Why wouldn't they now use this rolling the say, not sorry, all of the original property taxes from Tulsa will go to us, not the state. I know I dont we'll see how things play up, but am TED Cruz and taken it lightly. Neil Gore, second for liberal justices gave away half of Oklahoma literally Manhattan is next to which Brett Chapman who is a native american attorney has said you can't give that which you stole and yes other places are next. So perhaps I wonder, what places are next will. First, let me show you this year, map from oklahomans and so does an older story where they talked about. This is from last year last June. They talked about the potential ruling here
Now working on this map is the territory that has been seated. You can see it the, Orange Eastern half now under native american jurisdiction. That's a lot of people in it. I don't know if you're Tulsa common bolo. Let me know what you think. While I got a bigger map here, Indian, is areas judicially, land areas judicially established, nineteen, seventy, eight and America. An indian reservations. This is not necessarily the right map we would need to use, because you could argue that you know that colonies are certain territories did properly or didn't properly. Here's the point you see all of these areas here on this map photo blessing? It's it's the United States and its got the native american territories over much of the country. How many of these jurisdiction of these territories of these reservations were granted, but then the trees were violated,
I would argue that a lot of them are now one of the big fears presented in this, in this order. Muted today was that it going to negatively affect many other states who have the same US aims at situations chose out, they say lie. Last year, ten states from Maine to Texas to Montana warned the boundaries of tribal and have jurisdictional consequences there as well. They said a decision in the tribes. Favour quote, would be confusing and costly at best and disastrous at worst, affecting health and energy policy, environmental regulation, economic, economic development and tax. Why that's right now? Those of us over here on the EAST Coast seem to be fine, because that territory was take. What was conquered hundreds and hundreds of years ago, but since the establishment of these United States there has been westward expansion throughout that westward expansion. The United States has conquered yes, conquered terrorism.
That belong to native Americans. Since then, we have considered the overwhelming you know from seed a shining see this country is on an american country, within it. There are native american reservations, they are under federal jurisdiction and there are a lot of problems actually investigated this a bit for four vice women into a big story on the crimes that were committed in these territories and how the federal government doesn't actually do anything based, ignore it because they're, like eight S native American, we don't care. Look at this matter, so we can see you're in Oklahoma. The eastern half, like I pointed out: well there you go, they got that back. What about over here, we'll let these boundaries? What about the entirety? of California, and yes and responses sing on twitter people saying now,
who do San Francisco. Why I gotta be off with with with with you. It seems to be the case that, while we did grant treaties to native american tribes to give them land throughout the westward expansion throughout the eighteen hundreds, we kind of just trampled all over those treaties. Now I don't respect, I I have no respect for what you know our ancestors dead. Why should necessarily say mine cause I'm fairly certain. My family wasn't even here, but previous Americans did a thing. Ok, here's! My issue. Are we going go back to every single country everywhere or ITALY Just in the U S and say: where breaking apart, the: U S will they go? You can see what that means the right, thirteen colonies. The eastern region will collapse into all. That's left of the? U S or actually something else might happen under the EC
listing rulings, the federal government has jurisdiction. If we revert all of these territories back to that, an American, they will still exist under federal jurisdiction. The only thing that I can see happening- I I guess if, if ever gonna, go to the most extreme direction possible. Congress as we know it would be reshape. What would what would would reach would reform in many different ways we would dramatically those members of Congress. Like that, the amount of people we have senators. For instance, we have substantially less senators. And the country would become a federal one. Federal country this starts getting worse and chaos breaks civil unrest fight over jurisdiction, like I could honestly imagine, Donald Trump invoking National Security presidential directive. Fifty one there he will overruled Supreme Court dissolve our government as it exists and creating new constitutional doesn't look into looking directive, fifty,
We now run the risk based on the collection of taxes. Who represents this error. Congress. If anyone at all, in which case this precedent, risks breaking us apart, it does not know. Maybe it becomes nothing, but I really don't see it becoming nothing. I don't because taxes will immediately be an issue oh Glomeris budget is gonna, be just devastated and there are areas of Oklahoma that rely on tax revenue from Tulsa. Maybe they don't have a right to it anymore and the power granted to the native american tribes they're gonna start expanding and building they're gonna start saying that those resources of Tulsa, perhaps for more lawsuits, which perhaps they will win under this precedent or maybe come November. This is the moment when American starts freaking out and they see
weep, every layer of government with Republican, saying, please don't let our country fall apart for not met him either country falls apart. No at this point, this just happened yet laughed at me. When I said things are going, crazy donkey yeah. Does the craziest thing I've ever seen? That's all you! What well there's more, don't don't worry, These great United States may stand strong or maybe not have you heard the breeze act. Yeah I covered at a couple days ago squad members, are proposing a wide ranging bill that slashes police funds give reparation and would allow non citizens to vote in state and local elections. Will there you go its common, its Adnan yeah, you know, and what is Nancy plus you say she doesn't care about the statues being torn down. People will do what they do. She says. Are you kidding me, people broke the law before the statute. I don't care. If it was it. What was the ideology? Was they broke? The law doesn't care. I don't tell you man,
Donald Trump is leaning heavy into the culture war for his re election and accord politico, his aids worry. The world is changed. It's not gonna work anywhere talk about the economy, they say no man, the Supreme court just gave away half of Oklahoma. That's not it saturation to say I can't believe it's real life, twenty twenty years the craziest year ever. Did you know the story going around about them finding sharks in a volcano, we get martyr, hornets, volcano sharks, Oklahoma was split in half can't say life is boring. I guess so. Maybe the culture or is the right thing to talk to talk about? What's going to happen, when this news breaks and Americans are asking the question, will my city will my stay being axed while I wake up one day in a foreign country, Wilma I values be completely displaced by a group of people who are have have no are not accountable to me and,
about this, while the federal government does maintain jurisdiction over the eastern have half of Oklahoma what happens if tribal leaders to form their own police who enforced their own laws on the rising of Tulsa who's. Gonna stop them not. Now they will have rights of the constitution, but what their jurisdiction. They can do what they want right. They can leave legalise gambling. I guess lobby will be happy about that. Maybe maybe this becomes a good thing. Maybe the nerve! of Americans embracing more libertarian philosophy and it becomes a bastion of real. You know economic growth and development, because people can they're in their protected under the federal government, but they'll have these state laws being repealed I've. I honestly I I have no idea, but I do believe that Trump may be right about leading to the culture war. Trunk can come up in his next rally and say I can't believe it.
The Supreme Court has ruled that the eastern half of Oklahoma is no longer under the jurisdiction of the state and is now under the jurisdiction of the native Americans. You'd understand their saying that if you are in Tulsa and you commit a crime, the state can enforce anything against you, perhaps that the local government can put you in jail or something the state can't. So you could commit a crime and say Oklahoma, city, Fleda, Tulsa, and they are outside their jurisdiction. The feds would have to come and at that point maybe they want, or maybe the new Tulsa government, so our so then Americans are gonna, cooperate as it stands now, but I would be surprised if the next couple of years they start demanding tax revenue, they start form their own national police forces and laws and regulations and you know what a more power to him. You know why it's, what you get, which, with the Supreme Court, if Donald Trump doesn't win and Joe Biden gets in, and its potential going to fail to Supreme
but seats. Then don't be surprised- and I know my sounds silly, but I just showed the story. This happened don't be surprised if, in twenty twenty one under Joe Biden, you know better Ginsburg and Camberwell, some other people retire and some far left or liberal justices. Our point actually was a liberal and they start ruling. All these other native Americans deserve their land back to the states start fracturing dissolving maybe there's a net positive that the count country just becomes a federal country and there's no more congresses on me. I don't know. Maybe this positive in there somewhere I have no idea. I think it's fair to say that our country countries, which, as we know it, is, I think the country as we know at ten years ago, is already gone, you take a look at the ideologies, its bubbling up. You take a look at these factional violence. You take a look at now the Supreme Court, ruling. You take a look at what they're doing in New York there painting black lives matter. Morality, policing, hate crime for you. If you paint over it, but it's permitted. If you wanna paint it you can, you can do
It's on a highway and no one will arrest you and if he had known accident they'll charged with the crime and put you in prison, I think weak. I'm sorry, man, I'm not saying, this is the end, but I do think that the country is breaking apart in many different ways and if you think the track we IRAN does not get worse. I'm sorry! You are wrong. Something must be done to reverse reverse course immediately, and I think one of the most important things is an old, as is as an overhaul of section, two thirty to restore speech rights on social media platforms, so that people can start speaking up in pushing back against this. That's all you! What, though, if, if Europe, if I'm sorry, I'm sorry man, it is not an exaggeration to say that this may be the most important election of our lives. I believe that with Nancy plus he sang she doesn't care about statues being torn down. The Democrats will do nothing to preserve the union yeah. I mean it's really that dire. Isn't it. I don't know man,
I can't believe this. I can't believe the story. I just can't believe it. Something must be wrong: TED crews that it they gave away half of Oklahoma. So what comes next? Under a blue wave, Joe Biden presidency he's too weak he'll, appoint a liberal Supreme Court's left us, I should say I should stop saying liberals, fair and now would you get fracturing of the state's factional violence on increasing crime into funding of police? I mean all of these. Things are happening, how many grains of sand until you have a heat. They just gave jurisdiction. Oklahoma, half of it to native Americans, their literally disbanding the police department in Minneapolis. This idea She is sweeping all of our major corporations. People are being cancelled and banned speeches being shut down, What more do you need for me too? hey this is good, crazy huh civil war. I don't know what more do you need
I guess, all war will just see what happens come November. I think if there was ever anything to light a fire in or people. This story would be it because it seems almost on video, like it's not really happening, will find out. Next segments come up at six p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast news. They sprang up and I'll see you Well, then attorney general, William P bar, has announced the launch of operation legend. The feds are common in to help assist with law enforcement in cities across the country. As many of you know, crime has been skyrocketing, not just regular crime. Political violence, rioting. But yes Geller, shootings, burglaries murders are on the rise in cities across the country and many people I've been saying: when will the Yo Jane the feds, get involved and actually start dealing with this, because unfortunately Democrats, you run these cities where the crime is breaking out, aren't doing anything other than the IRA podcast
I was actually I asked the question. I was complaining. What what's going on? We ve got. People blocking highways and no does anything about these, this federal jurisdiction, when are they going to come and actually start arresting? These people who are in gauging in a sustained effort to weaken or distant. Annual our economy, we just heard from Ill had Omar, where she said you know the economy political systems, great inequity and so long as these systems exist, we must strive to dismantle, says of oppression or whatever and many people took them, to be her saying, dismantle the economy this until the political system, and that makes sense we take a look at everything they ve tried, destroy the violence seems to be on the rise, the right, eating has not stopped. Portland is being besieged well pay here we are bill bars coming to nurse interesting way Will we have a whole year this is published by, I believe, was express. They say shock election
or black lives matter. Protests will get tromp re elected now. This, I can't say, is surprising but there's a lot of data poles suggesting Trump is going to lose and I don't think you can ignore this just because We have two or three poles coming out by now. Saying Trump is actually going to win, doesn't mean you. Will it really just means we don't know, and maybe that's the goal is a fact that psychologically people want to for the winter and when Paul's come out, saying Sup. This person is gonna, win people, many people to say Hale, but that person, but now we have some poles and some reason to believe that the data could favour Donald Trump for one. Many of these polls that claim tromp his way down at this is this is published by politico. They said that the pollsters have never figured out how to reach Non College educated white voters, which is what got Trump vote elected in twenty. Sixteen
That may be true now, however, another another forecasting model suggests that the primary votes predict the winner with complete historical accuracy, inspect the guy who produced this predicted trump would win and twenty six, in an says that Europe has a ninety one percent chance to win reelection now, so maybe what we really seeing is enough by people in media to convince you that Trump can't went in to give up or they're just so biased they are doing the same thing. They did with Hillary Clinton in there sit there laughing, but how they got in the bag and trunk could never win and will see what happens, because I will tell you this with attorney general, bill bar launching operation, London, legend starting in Kansas City. I like it, I do these. These are things that I have in talking about and I'll tell you what men maybe that's their goal? Why has tromp or bar or anybody gone in an actual start enforcing laws may be. There wanted to similar a little bit so that people like me. Moderates
get angry demand action and then, when they do, it feel satisfied, I'm not trying to allege that their Duna purposes. I don't know right, I'm just entertaining the idea from sort of devils advocate prick you no kind of respective I'll. Just tell you this withdrawal announcing the garden of euros. That may be very happy with tromp, now They were going to send out counterproductive services. Indeed, just protect statues made me very happy the law of operation, legend also makes me very happy, and so because of these efforts for me, and this is what I've been seeing. I'm becoming satisfied with the job being done. I think tromp is doing the right thing to address our dealing with the widespread violence and the Democrats. Have only encouraged it ignoring the riots? Now they can triumph by the game where they're like where'd, you supporting the peaceful protest, but I just beg them. Please: he's denounce the far left. No, what we get now,
comes out and says imaginary things like Anti thought there not imaginary. They ve sent me death threats. It's got deference like the other day. They front me, all the time and their avowed they why the banner they fly the flag. I understand it's not like their part of this chapter meetings: no actually they do it It's our one. Big peddler inventions have small cells, but they exist. The democrats- ignore this, and the Democrats entertain and promote the protests which harbours the far left. The violence and the destruction why won't they denounce it? Why won't they call out? Why do they ignore it? I don't know man, because maybe they I try to win at the game. You think sleepy Joe is gonna. Do anything to protect us there's no way when when right now we are dealing with widespread riding violence, vandalism, children and being killed. That Joe Biden is, is the I can't imagine. People perceive M as being the guy who's going to step up and shut this down. Maybe there thinking that they can hold you hostage. That's it right.
That's gonna keep promoting and entertaining the stuff until Will you vote for them. Then. Now Taiwan establishing a racket, you want the vote to go where you want your business back, look look fat with violence Ulster! when you vote for me. My born Hillary Clinton said that civility can return when we were in autumn under that effect. Now I'm not play that game drop the hammer on these people you want to destroy. You want to attack people, you wanna, be a criminal you'll, be violet and I want to see bill bar come in and drop the hammer. You start with Canada City. Let's read the statement from the Dio jail. They say today attorney general. William people announces the launch of operation legend, a sustained, systematic and coordinated. Enforcement initiative across all federal enforcement agencies, working in conjunction with state and local law enforcement officials. To fight the sudden surge of violent crime, beginning in Kansas City Missouri.
Operation, legend was created as a result of present trumps promised to assist Americans America, cities that are plagued by recent violence. I, like it, listen I'll, tell you what you want to talk over it a covert, but right now my concern as the collapsing economy and my concern. They are immediate. Here's a lesson. Ok, let me give you some advice for the left in the Democrats when you come out heatedly and say things like covered is trumps fault. That is meaning less. It offers me nothing there too, they're telling us now that if we want to go outside New Jersey, no matter what we gotta wear mask, ok, I get it covert is happening. I dont know when you say it's trumps. What would that means? We say: something like you know: Andrew Cuomo put covert patients in nursing homes that something tangible, that's the right says, and I say wow that results in death, when they say they are shutting down the economy there? You know they're they're, taking what your job, For these reasons, I understand that maybe I want
against him, but when the democratic politicians, all oh, come out at the same time and say good for you protests, but no fourth of July. That is tangible. That's me saying you have made the problem worse, so, I want to know what the solution is. I'll tell you what's goin on I've got concerns. How do we recover the economy? How do we get back on track and how do we stop the violence? What are we getting from Donald Trump, he's talking about building statues, honouring our heroes because actually listened to what he says. I'm just follow the media. Maybe people don't here that I ask the Democrats what they offer and they say everybody should wear a mask and I'm like yeah get that but you're, not Tell me what you're going to do other than you shutting down the economy is hurting things, but your simultaneous They promoting these protests, which results in violence, and then you say, antifreeze imaginary meddler, to me sounds like the Democrats are offering up a net negative and Donald Trump is offering us in that positive.
Saying that Europe is going to solve every problem or is doing a good even doing a good job. I'm saying that if I'm lookin to dig myself out of a whole, it's a joke, then why would I vote for Democrats who are going down when Donald Trump is is pushing dirt into the hall to which I can stand on? It's not a good thing. It's not a good feeling, but at least at some point I can climb outright this law enforcement effort is the right thing, because violence has been escalating and it wasn't trump, It wasn't bar who have been encouraging people to go out and continue to protest if on high ways, for instance, no, it's the Democrats and mayor darken in Seattle allowed this to continue its Atlanta, who allowed this to continue and whose stepping up to solve the problem. Billboard yup Jenny, Jerkin of Seattle didn't do anything until they went to her house now. This may be late, fine, but the federal government doesn't enforced state and local laws for the most part. There are certain areas where they can.
My question is, with these protesters for nineteen days doing this stupid, shuffle dance. However, on the highway can't the fat come in. Am I wrong about this? Can't the feds coming to be going to intercept its federal jurisdiction, we are gone to arrest you didn't want to do it not not do not. Now somebody died and a guy's gonna go to prison for for vehicle homicide charge up in Seattle, upkeep rating Operation. Legend is named after four year old legend, tell a fellow who was shot and killed while he slept early in the morning of June. Twenty ninth in Kansas City, the latest in a string of violence to Plague Kansas City in recent weeks Kansas city has already reached one hundred homicides. If you're a forty percent increase from last year quote, President Trop has made clear federal government stands ready and willing to assist any of our state and local enforcement partners across the nation. Responding to violent crime operation lead,
and will combine federal and local resources to combat the disturbing optic and violence by surging federal agents and other federal assets into Citys. Like Kansas City, a city currently experiencing its worst homicide rate in history, said general bar attorney General bar, The departments operation legend is named in honour of one of Kansas cities, youngest victims, four year old legend, tell a pharaoh who was shot in the face was sleeping in his bed. Legend legends death is a horrifying reminder that violent crime left unchecked is a threat to us all, and can it be how to continue as part of operation- Legend Attorney General BAR directed federal agents from the FBI. U S: Marshall Service DE eight and eighty after surge resources to Kansas City in the coming weeks to help state and local officials fight the surge of violent, it'll be working alongside stated: local law enforcement agencies, department of Justice assets will continue over one hundred FBI agents. U S marshals de agents and eighty willing food over one hundred FBI. U S! Marshall DE ain't, eightieth agents in it
ten Timothy, a garrison. U S attorney for the western decorative Missouri will be surging additional resources from his office. Sure he is available to handle and anticipated increase in prosecutions bring it on. I don't look. I look. The political violence makes me angry anti Father far laughed the black lives matter, extremists in Atlanta who killed these people. I want to see that It will prosecuted but there's regular, all crime to when the police are demoralized and they're calling and sick and you're trying to defend or abolish them. You are going to have weakened law enforcement. Trump is bolstering this resisting the far left. I respect that, where the Democrats they have been entertaining and placating this group, because I tell you men, they think they can wield that power to get them elector, but they dont understand that the people that they have enlisted to help them when, in fact,
what they have done is going to guarantee a Donald Trump of victory. Ok, maybe a little exaggerated. It will lend itself to a Donald Trump victory. Take us out the fall out from the black lives matter protest in the: U S offers Donald Trump, his best chance of winning the presidential election. A shock pull for this and Express has revealed Donald Trump down impulse a faltered economy collapsing? We ve got delinquencies and mortgage backed securities. We ve got a thing: it's like thirty, two percent, of U S, households which hangs out thirty. Two percent of you have: U S? Households, MR their July housing payments is, are bad bad. These are bad things for trot men and many people say this crippled economy. It doesn't matter if it was trumps, fault or not. People are gonna, say I vote for change and maybe they'll, but for Joe Biden not tell you what that gets washed away. You know why I can't stop and think about my my payments, my bills, who know the economy at all when there are
moving bands of extremists tearing down statues, defacing statues, burning buildings and fighting the police in the street and various cities to be fair. It's not happening everywhere and Trump may be, making a mistake. So some people have speculated that the violence were seen as being amplified by people like me, for instance, could it it is? I do find it disconcerting that were seen statues torn down across the country, but what is the average person talking about what they watch Fox news? They think they're seeing similar things, but if they don't watch foxes, they watch CNN, they just see Orangemen, bad and their told antifraud doesn't exist. So when trunk comes out and focuses on this he's making a bet, I think he's making the right, but for one reason, Toto Carlson's ratings are the highest in cable tv, history followed and in second place with Kennedy, the so you're getting a high concentration of law
with people very active and falling stuff. Perhaps these people will start speaking target Overshort Sienna, seeing a rating surge and there are many more channels that are not Fox news, so it's possible that you have many more people who don't know about what's going on and don't care Donald Trump is focusing on building statues protecting statues in stopping the file left violence, but is this something regular Americans are paying attention to? I am because this time of the kind of stuff is what I care about. If you don't care about, the vote the protests and you're only watching CNN. Well, then you're being lied to and you believe, ridiculous things to be fair. I dont think foxes perfect either. I think you'll get misled to a certain degree, there is well and also be fair and say I dont think even if you live issue should not only be watching anyone source should definitely watch multiple sources,
see what the potential is. Why? Why would Donald Trump went on this one? They say, according to a pole, can conducted by the Washington based Think Tank Democracy Institute President trump his neck and neck, with his rival Joe Biden on forty percent. However, Mr Trump would win. The allow throw college system by three o nine to twenty nine, because he is on course to win the crucial swing states, including Florida. I want Michigan Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin where he out Poles Present vice President Biden. By about four percent points, the findings come as a: u DOT S president went to get kind of Mount Rushmore to make a speech about the angry moms. He told crowds of supporters there's a new, far left fascism. The demands
we salute allegiance. If you not speak its language perform its rituals, recited some Montrose and follow its commitments, and you will be censored banished blacklisted, persecuted and punished, not gonna happen to us. According to the pole, the concerns over the effects of the protests appear to be boosting MR trumps chances, even though its campaign is believed to be flagging, mean lagging or what given a choice between which phrases that in a fight their views, seventy one percent chose all lives matter, while twenty nine percent picked black lives matter. Let me ask you some about that. We ve seen this before. There have been two other pole showing most people have a positive view of all lives matter, and most people do not have a positive view of black lives matter. So what happens when you turn on your favorite videogame and a message pops up, I'm not kidding. I think this was destiny it if it from other game and like you know, black lives matter. What happens when you pop up and Amazon? The first suggested less as black lives matter. If most people don't have a favourable view of
this, even though their being inundated by it. What does that suggest? It suggests the efforts by the left by the court, these corporations whatever to pay, is not working infected. Maybe backfiring, I would argue, is possible if you inundate every single person with his message. And their reaction is negative? You are actually hurting yourself. Maybe people are sick and tired of it I'll tell on men, You know a lot of people say, anecdotal evidence is meaningless and I think- and we know that the Ets Fair within reason but we tell you when I see all this stuff, the violence and it shocks me to my core when they burn down businesses and target minor, If you have any other day with Lady Anti Bellum, this bench in their name to lady, a because Annabelle, my guess, racist or something it's three white people. I guess
and now they're suing a black woman who actually has the name lady A too to take her name from her. This stuff is insane. So no I'm not I'm, not I'm not by an actually care about this stuff. The crazy thing to me as when I get a message from friends of mine from Chicago who are long standing Chicago Democrats. Apparently it means your conservative, that's the far left says who tell me things like their sick and tired of it there over it. They don't care anymore. They want to go back to watching sports unlike man, maybe these people are getting angry. They're gonna go vote tromp. What? If, because the violence violence. We see what we saw in the UK are one hundred year defeat for the left areas that have never voted. Mina read in a hundred years. Our vote read what if we see areas of Chicago vote for Donald Trump, maybe because the violence at Another- you guys rubber historic. I covered it. There was a leaked phone call between some alderman and the mayor of Chicago. I fear not familiar
the all aldermen or neighbourhood politicians. They represent neighbourhoods and in this leaked call they were passing each other out? One guy was like you, you raised. The bridges to downtown Chicago, forcing all all the rioters into neighborhoods PETE, where people live, see downtown Chicago. Some people live there for sure, but mostly nods. Mostly businesses actually much. Our people actually look down there, but they would. You know to varying degrees. There's this kind of stuff within the downtown area, and I guess there's dorms to but the neighborhoods lie outside and within a few miles of downtown Chicago you will see, to see nothing but a grid of streets and houses. I'm sure it's the same. For many differ. That is when the riders couldn't get into the city. Is the bridge we're not they turned around and are going through neighborhoods. And the alderman work. What was angry and you was swearing, and then the mayor was swearing back and he's like you are. You are sending these people to our homes. What happens to this little neighborhoods? That's all this I rampaging in their angry and they blame
the mayor. What happens when the comes back in says, blame her she's, the one who closed the bridges to protect the financial interests in the end in the city that pushed these writers. Your house's they're gonna, be like are wouldn't that be crazy. I Think it's very fair to say, we may see, make massive voter turnout for I'm not sure I don't know. I don't know, maybe not, but look at their saying. Seventy one Percent chose all lives matter in this pole. That's huge, that's very, very huge, and it could be because a lot of people just don't know they're not familiar, but I think the left's argument is amplified by social media. This fringe echo chamber that is driving these people insane I tweeted about an earlier. Let me just tell you, and maybe I'll go bigger Simon Donna later to eliminate. Let me just say the right has their conspiracies. Fringe elements of the right with more cookie ideas, get banned? You say learned a code, they will ban you. The left can write insane thing.
About trumpeting a russian agent, and it appears on mainstream tv right now You have a viral video aware Michael Flynn recited the I forgot it's called, but it's the oath. You take. Why think when you, when you join the military or something of the Europe of the constitution, but ended by saying where, where where we go, one we go all which is the queue and on a slogan, I asked and all the media lit up panicked cat, Michael friend Did you just say the queue and onwards and they were panicking and, unlike I dont care, I really dont care not not not really show what it means. Whatever funny said, it they're freaking out over this. What happened when that, guy for either was new. Mags had Donald Trump may have been a russian agent since the nineteen eightys there are like come on our show and let's talk about an wow. Could this be real? That's out of the game is played If you are on the right- and you say something like tromp- is fighting the deed state in an insider is leaking information. That too,
is fringe chaotic conspiracy, and if you say something like Russia, truckers are russian agent, they say really that's the problem without as enforcement work. So what do you think? The regular american people think what what makes more sense tromp is fighting cabal of insiders in the government who have special dress and are not elected, and somebody working with tromp is leaking information. I mean that's ridiculously plausible. We know people are leaking information for the result. Now personally, I dont believe the Kyoto stuff. I'm not interested in that under saying. If I was a tell you, here's the link that that the General Vena thesis Trump is a russian agent to his conspiring with foreign agents to sub subvert our election they're gonna be like that's, not those proven to be nuts. So I think at this point, people are looking at this they're not followed the news as much think, and the people who are being radicalized from extreme degree, but regular people are probably going. What's this can't be real? Can it they say.
Meanwhile, was statues of brought our present another historic figures being attacked and pulled down across the? U s: seventy four percent. Are they disapproved of the actions? Seventy seven percent disagreed with with the assertion support, my many democratic politicians that Mount Rushmore was with racist, yikes man. The polls show that fifty nine percent approved the president's handling of the riots, but forty percent want them to be tougher: sick, percent things are Biden, has not been critical enough in a dish, and you- and you know it's funny- some people have said what is bought Biden done about the rights and the leaden binds not in that's right Now- Biden has instead anything by inviting Mozart was asked about AIDS. I want we shouldn't hair down the statues, the confederates, I guess you'd go go museums, but you know that it. How combined come out and just drop the hammer and sad enough as president will stop this madness now, because Biden is weak by mistake, they say cord the ball. Fifty five percent believe that Biden is suffer
from cognitive problems and forty four percent say it means that they are. Less likely to vote for him, while fifty eight percent think age. Seventy seven he is too old to be president the soldiers worse still as Mr Barton's mental Health, Patrick back on that. To have democracy instead said between now and election day. The factor that will will most influence. The final outcome will be the debates between Trump and binding should Biden regain some of his past skill at coasting. Through such encounters of moderate plough to Tunis comments the, but with a smile, humor and even in every man, demeanor you'll retain a good job some enjoying a very competitive election which had by have even one senior moment during which he forgot what are you saying where he is or the question posed in his chances of beating Trump will be somewhere between slim and none well with operation. Legend Trump is standing up for what he said. He is he's holding true. His prompt has promised
to actually enforce the law. I think that lends some evidence that there is a hope that Donald Trump could could take it I'll tell you what we need. The Republicans need to sweet because we desperately need section two hundred and thirty reform other than that. I'm not a fan of all the republican policies not at all, but the Democrats will not offer up to thirty reform. This is the. It looks like an two hundred and thirty gives protection to these big tech companies to censor people. Essentially that's what we need next augments coming up at one p m on this channel, and I will see you all them. Last night, a video of dawn, lemon went viral, it was from twenty thirteen, and Don Lemon said that Bill O Reilly didn't go far enough in criticising the black community. I can't repeat what, on lemon said on Youtube because, as it stands today, there is a good chance that, then, if I am presenting you what Don Lemon said in a new context, you too will ban this. Video, or at least argue that I,
wrap I'm showing people war, presenting racist or hateful statements. I I would actually, I think, it's fair to say by today's standards what he see from Don Lemon seven years ago, would be considered a vile racist white supremacist rant on mainstream television Walter Tucker Karlsson, roasts Don Lenin over it, but he brings up something he highlight something more important than just criticise. Rising Don Lunnon. Now some people may Look, it doesn't say, see download as a hypocrite. They may say see back and twenty thirteen Download and bring up real concerns about the black community. What I think we are actually seeing. Is the rapid and dramatic radicalization of our society, and this is the proof you see. This video from domino. Let me read you a little bit news. Buster says talker trashes lemon for laughing about rising crime responds to calls to cancel show facing other set.
Of calls from the anti american Anti free speech and ruthless mob to be cancelled. Fox whose Channel House Tiger Karlsson double down on Wednesday on the previously uncontroversial a liberal values of debate, an ideological diversity, as part of that he evinced survey. Don lemon for laughing about rising crime and major cities and As for how Karlsson made the latter point, he cited Another then lemon? That's what he says Don lemon himself from twenty thirteen Karlsson observed How well I'm phenomena use. Do I'm also what Tucker says Le Monde It's hilarious that children are being killed in the streets of major cities in before doesn't care because he has a highly paid news anchor and not a concern over at CNN? He goes on to her the light only read for him, the shootings, a martyr to the stuff he covers on television, not something that affects his life. In fact, the whole thing is kind of hilarious before invoking lemon Karlsson framed Christmas, of rising urban crime as elites indulging the mob by attacking police office.
Where's holding back law enforcement from normal people while weak and vulnerable People of all races are paying the price after the cook lemon and Primetime House Chris Cuomo was played Karlsson tied together? two lemons, lecturing of actor, Terry crews on Monday night and admitting that black lives matter wasn't about the empowerment and safety of black lives. But he goes on the highly. Eight eight, I believe it's a July. Twenty thirteen comment from dominant rant on his show: ok, rent, maybe a little strong Sweden's Don Lemon Bill, O Reilly. Criticism of black community doesn't go far enough. I'm not gonna major this transcript, I'm sorry! I can't do it. You can google searches if you'd like. If you want to see what Don Lemon said, I personally do. I'm not going to act like it's the worst thing in the world. Maybe you saw we talked a bit about this on the IRA podcast last night, but I want to do here, is I want to show you the example of of how our country has been radically transformed a very, very short period of time.
There's the mean that goes around. Where you see you know that the top authoritarian left is love and help, and then everything else is far right and that's true, you think it's a joke, but a true and- and- and it's me- because people in media, like Don Lemon, are playing this game where their constantly trying to one up each other in an effort to generate rage which will generate traffic and get it more attention, while the rest of us are shocked by how far there are going well, standing in a similar position. In fact, I can prove to you that reply Hooligans are becoming slightly more moderate and the far left is going insane, and that's why I M showing you this? Is this article four year off from broke up real, clear politics July twenty seven, twenty thirteen Don lemon said Billy o Reilly didn't go far enough criticising the black community. Would you expect to read something like that like like that today
It could you imagine down lemon saying that Tucker Karlsson doesn't go far enough, wouldn't that be insane damn lemon. How was he to the right bill o on these issues, its because things were different back there CS? I learned who butters their bread in the Trump era, the orange men? Bad narrative trump is bad. Everything is bad works, and so what happened? says they have to keep moving further? further to the left. In order to maintain that that view, worship, have shown this graph several times before our I wanna come shows the left going far left and I want to talk about this, but before I do, I want to take a look at this this this article July, seven twenty thirteen from diamond, which Tucker Karlsson, had brought up in his criticism of dominant
and I want to show you this trip on Martin. You may be familiar with trade on Martin. He was killed February, twenty six, twenty twenty twelve Craven, Martin inspired the creation of the black lives matter movement. Now the storage of Martin. Obviously a lot of people have different views on it. I'm not here to argue the merits of just point out that the story was a surely, as the left viewed it a young man who was accused of wrong. Doing simply for looking like a thought, maybe at baggy pants, whose rang a hoodie I was carrying an air his own eyes Maggie skills, he got into a fight with a guy named George Zimmermann Zimmermann was armed trade lost his life. Many people were upset by this and this I believe this was the catalyst for the black lives matter. Movement about a year later, Don Lemon attacked the very idea presented by the left of why trade on Martin had been attacked. Talking about certain things than the community family.
Clothes they wear their income, their schooling, their behaviour is really nasty stuff, but I actually would say I think diamond was being very racist. I do some people disagree, but the reason I think lemon was being writers and slip. Is that what he was saying Many ways had nothing to do with race, but he directed at them as though the race was the cause for these behaviors that he was criticising, but about a year after Craven Martin lost his life, because people are saying he was accused of looking like a thug on lemon goes on to say you and Bill O Reilly. Go far enough. So how do we get to a point where D Unless this is now the far left orange man bad and if I repeat, If I, if I show you a quote from him, I believe lesson. I believe that if I just played down lemons video, I'm sure the videos on Youtube and you can watch it, but consider-
the space were now considering, who I am I channels. I believe it is a fifty fifty chance that if I condemn what Don Lemon says and show you, I would still get flagged and still either get the veto completely. Demonetized or outright ban of a guideline strike. If I said verbatim what Don Lemon said just just talking about the black community in the way he did, if I would actually have as opinions I would be banned, I would be banned instantly. I'd I'd be willing to bet they wouldn't care for three ex they would be nuke the channel outright, and that was only seven years ago. People don't realize the amount of that has been removed from our political discourse because of censorship on social media. It is devastating. It is extra and I ve got more evidence that everything is being pulled further and further left. So, let's jump over here. Look this This is a story from the New York Times from this is from last May's about just over a year ago and what they do here, as they take a look at european policy.
The parties we can see median party for those that are threatening, but we're looking at is a graph charting over the years. The republican party and democratic power, He's left, word or rightward shifts the meat in party line they present is Europe, I think, by most metrics. If you ask anyone, Europe's political parties are left at the very least we can say left some people might say far left. I would say there on the left right. Ok, here's what we're seeing according to the New York Times between twenty twelve and twenty. Sixteen around the time dominant was saying these things. The democratic party starting at one thousand, eight started shifting dramatically to the left in twenty sixteen four years ago, the Democrats, party, was further left than the then the median political party in Europe. So if you believe political parties in Europe are left. That would mean that in twenty sixteen, the Democratic Party was for
laughed then, the median european parties which are already Left, dare I say there is a Whatever argument that it is far left, where do you think the Democrats? our two day when the rubber Republicans are today, I would be willing to bet the Democratic Party is much further left. Then european political parties it is fair to say that Europe has gone further and further left as well. So maybe it looks the same, but the Republican Party from twenty two to twenty. Sixteen also moved left now mind you in two thousand It was seemingly about even with two thousand eight from two thousand and eleven for Republican party move slightly right according to the New York Times what they did was they analyzed language in their manifestoes, so, for instance, those are the democratic, placing greater emphasis on labour groups, equality and market regulation. The republic and your placing greater emphasis- or I should say in o eight the damage
and republican Manifesto emphasised much the same topics, including international cooperation, and the need for a strong, stable government in O. Eight there was up. There was very we were similar, the Republican Democratic Party, the Republicans, have not changed all that much and theres. Many other bits of data that backs this up. From two dozen twelve pleasant. Sixteen the Republican Party started moving slightly to the left. I would be willing to bet that, if we did another assessment from two thousand, sixteen, twenty twenty. We would see the republic party has also moved very far left, not Mick, Mick Mick relatively, not not merely as far left as with the Democratic Party is or was, but Republican Party has probably shift very far left relative to where they ve always been
moving them now further left in the better than they ve been the past twenty years. Let me give you an example: Linsey Gram facing tough reelection breaks with trump they say. Linsey Gram has publicly opposed President Donald Trump five times the past few weeks and unusual torrent of dissent from one of the president's top allies in Washington just months before the South Carolina Republican faces a tough reelection challenge, since June twentieth Graham, has blocked a trump. U S. Attorney nominee criticise trumps decision to put a temporary freeze on visas for foreign workers, split with the present about face masks during the kind of ours pandemic and pressed the administration for information about alleged russian bounties. An american soldiers, Monday, Graham, was at odds with Trump after the president alleged in a twitter post than an apparent nous found last month, and they tell a data, supersede my garage above a Wallis NASCAR only black full time drive.
Was a hoax and called on walls to apologize to his NASCAR colleagues. Graham speaking, the Fox NEWS Radio said Wallace being upset about the noose made perfect sense to me. He said I don't think bubble, wasn't anything to apologize for Graham said, adding that you saw the best in NASCAR when there was a chance that it was a threat against bubble. Wallace all rallied to bubble side. I would be looking to celebrate that kind of attitude more than being worried about it being a hoax. Is there the FBI investigate the incident turns out. It was a garage pull rope. Trump didn't say that bubble walls perpetrated oaks. He said that it was a hoax, so he wanted bubble walls to apologize. I don't see anything wrong with that. Linsey gram, breaking from trauma and supporting the left wing. Cultural position now actually don't agree an offer. I dont disagree with Linsey Grim when Linsey grandson Bob I apologize for. I mostly shrug I think bubble.
Besides yeah sorry about that, I did actually see it. Someone tell me they found it. That's my bed. He gave a half hearted approach She sang boy that was embarrassing. We were embarrassed by this, but hey the alternative would have been worse right. So maybe an apology would have made sense, but these on bringing up right now is that across the country there has been a dramatic and hard shift left in the past few months, which is shocking amongst people considering would seem to be erasing this far left surge. I'm now seeing friends of mine posting Marxism on Facebook, which is surprising, but what have we seen from Republicans? over the past several months or even years, have Republicans done anything about censorship on social media. No, in fact, they mostly agreed with the left. Let me give you a harsh, a more realistic exam, during the tray on Martin Incident, where a fight broke out or Michael Brown in Ferguson somebody's issues, Republicans for the most part, were defined in supporting the police and supporting the right.
Self defence in some of these instances was very much supportive of castle doctrine back. The blue blue lives matter. Things like this. Whatever, with George Floyd, when this video came out, nobody, nobody came to the door kinds of police. Initially, every one, every single person, every conservative came out and sad. That was wrong, even Donald Trump himself. This will show you that, while I personally have always been a liberal. Leaning left think that George Wallis Minos, George Floyd George Flight should not have been killed, not George Wallace George Floyd should not have been killed and the police need to be held accountable, Thus, when we saw every conservative and every Republican come out and agree, that was a dramatic cultural shift left for Republicans, I would have assumed many of them would have said something like Floyd shouldn't have resisted.
He should have you know he should have. You know just comply with officers. There's videos m staggering and falling down. I would if I was surprised to see that many of these high profile conservatives we're just jumping on board the black lives matter message. This shows a left word lurch on cultural issues. For Republicans, so that's that Where we, what we wish, we ve gone in the past seven years, there's no real! I shall give you have even other example to new jerseys. Second district Jeff Andrew are up our or a democrat switch to the Republican party and he won the primary overwhelmingly. He is a pro choice: Republican now the entirety of the parties shift. Left. Now they want to say that people like me or our former, you know liberals or disaffected. Liberals are conservative and that's been the plan all along and I've predicted this. I said it would happen, and here we are here's, here's why
how I described it. The reason why I think that I'm typically safe on you to buy they dont ban me, either if I say things that are close. Some people who have been banned is that they want the wheel to spin one direction. Look at this I'm I'm doing I'm doing a hand, air diet, grandfather are watching those arising. Just explain to imagine you have a wheel, half of a wheel, and you have the far right, the right, the centre left and the far left if the whole we'll rotates and far left becomes left centre in a left become centre centre, because right and right becomes far right. Then someone like me, whose me no use to be considered liberal ten years about seven or eight years ago or outs, actually, six or so years go with the rise of you know. Gamer gate cancel culture stuff, like that. I went from being in left to being in the centre the whole we'll rotated the Republicans
You were very much back. The blue blue lives matter criticising tray on Martin Weir washed out They spun so far right. They started getting banned from from social media. The right became the far right. People like Tucker Karlsson, became the far right. The wheel is rotating once again and it's happening fast. I was once leftist you know I want to liberal, progressive twelve years ago that became left, then it me. And centre about six years ago now, as of today, that Centre rotated once again and they arguing TIM Pool. Is conservative Jeff Van drew pro choice with a one hundred percent writing from plant. Parenthood is now right wing
meaning Tucker Karlsson- who was once on the right- has shifted to far right in two years. Three four years what'll happen that they will shift the wheel again and then I will become from right too far. Right, Tucker Karlsson will be banned. For being, you know the worst of the worst, there already tried and to do it they claim every day the tiger Karlsson is a white nationalist or whatever. That is far right. When Duggar Karlsson is ACT, jolly by any basic standard centre right, but they have shifted the wheel I've told you what I think the solution is complete and total section. Two thirty overhaul needs to be reformed and I think it needs to go a little bit further D. O J has even offered up the only way this happens if the republican sweep in November, they need the house, they need the Senate and they need the presidency. I am not convinced, will see it. We might. We might if people reject this and they're scared of how fast things are shifting, like I showed with online
the reason. I think they tolerate me is that they want me. So so here's here's what I think that to happen when the wheel rotates and a bunch of people fall off the cliff, because their pushed out for being called far right, Tucker Karlsson, for instance, in the next couple years it banned Karlsson. They want to make sure there is still some semblance of something they can call right wing. Someone like me even though I am pro choice- are but wait so is Jeff Andrew now, a Republican you see where we're going with this I'd be willing to bet that too or years every single Republican will be full on pro choice, with the argument being certain restrictions like no third trimester abortion, whereas it used to be. You are pro life if your republican and Democrats were the ones who sad some restrictions safe, but rare it's going to be in a few years, though, that the far left we'll be so insanely, french but tolerated the wheel is spinning,
because social media companies bait they, they will ban people on the right and they won't ban people on the left. So what happens? Is it's a problem better way to look at is, and is not at the wheel is spinning at all, but that what is considered acceptable opinion changes very rapidly, because these people are playing him of telephone over and over again and constantly China one up each other. That's how Don lemon evolved into the person that he has today Jonathan Ite sites a couple LE interesting articles many times and for the Atlantic about how we ve become so pull us polarized you can. You can follow Jennifer, hey if you want to see these tweets and see these articles, but what I see happening as if a conservative comes out and tat,
it's about a fringe conspiracy, theory light. You know Hillary Clinton and Pizza and all other weird stuff. They get banned outright. The media attacks on the media says these people are crazy. Then they demand that Facebook remove misinformation and Facebook does the left, then four years claims that Donald Trump may be secretly colluding with Russia, or at worst, a russian agents and nineteen eightys and the media. Let's these people come on the air to espouse that message. So the shift. Here's the wheel, the right has been cut off and the perspective get skewed, left wing fringe can spirit. He is allowed. Leftwing fringe ideology is allowed and then overtime every one in the conversation shifts left in a desperate attempt to stay within the boundaries of what is considered acceptable social speech. What we get we get pro choice, Republicans like Jeff, Andrew and I'm not like the guy, I'm going to do to disrespect and I'm just pointing out the Republican Party,
is being pulled far left very, very quickly. You get Lindsey, Graham and many other public and standing up and defending black lives matter where years ago that we have been critical of it, responding with blue lives matter. You get people saying outright that irregular old trump supporter is a far right nazi extremist or whenever there now claiming that parlor, which is conservatives, is far right. Dream first, it was gap and gab and a bunch of other social platforms did have many white nationalist users, because it was a free speech platform. Well now that they have been an essentially excised parlor emerges. So what are they do? Now, if you're on parlour and your regular conservative trump supporter not far right, they will call you far right, because the wheel is shifting once again in response, the republican politicians word about losing election just join in and move accordingly. Linsey gram now starting to sound like a centrist on cultural issues when it comes to, for instance, the bubble Wallace, there's no
there's nothing wrong with criticising Bubba for jumping the gun on this story. In claiming that someone when, after him, that's why you're gonna get you can see the is evidenced. By Don Lemon man. What he said by today standard is so far right. You'd be banned from Youtube if he said it, I would, if I said it all you need do, is look back at these old videos makes me wonder why? Then they want to cancel people. Why do they want to go back in time and cancel people for the things they said, because they want to shift the wheel further and further left and they want to make sure you don't remember how things used to be that's very important and a cultural revolution? Why did they tear down Frederick Douglass. Well, let me just tell you we don't know who did tear down the statue Frederick Douglass according to some locals. They believe it was the far left and tried throwing it into a river and by
is down? Need? You know what we ve seen so far. It's not right, wingers gone round him down statues, it actually is in line. Is he Federal Douglas represents Liberty and our history? He represents how Americans actually recognised the rights of the people. They need to remove images that represent true freedom, liberty, if they ve. If they want to make you forget, you need to understand why some important these people burn books and why they did because people don't understand it how many people take our knowledge for granted? You need. Who understand before the American Revolution, the people of the world did not understand that you could self govern their rulers were divided in their kings were appointed by divine mandate. The king was the king saw,
be it. The will of the Lord and those an ideological revolution wait a minute we can govern ourselves that knowledge was not inherent to human beings. It was a learned philosophy they want to destroy. This when they burn books, ban movies and ban art. It is more serious. Then you realize and I'll give you all the fake reasons in the book, but it is happening. The Republicans are playing a game all the same as the far left and I'd. Imagine two to four years will be worse. Then, you could imagine now I'm not sure how you reverse it unless their public and sweet and we get hard to three. We were formed forcing these companies to allow legally protected speech, in which case people will go ham and reignite. Those conversations that were happening from dawn lemon in twenty four team at a dramatic changes has been.
I like to think back sometimes to you, the invention of the wheel, and I think back to the people who invented things that we think are are simple, because we ve been raised and educated. We understand, understand very simple concepts like, for instance, like Trinity, you could take probably the average American drove him in the middle of nowhere, and they would have a basic understanding of electricity not enough to create a supercomputer, but on their own they could write some things down. That would give a major headstart to a primitive civilization. There are so many things we understand, levers basic math modification division. These things were not known to human. Until it was developed and the the invention that you're not really amazing, giver reared, read about the the discovery of zero humans didn't under and what zero was. It was a major discovery like what we
Bennett, imaginary numbers, negative numbers variables. These are major discoveries that we now just. No, because we were raised with it tremendous advantage. That's why they burn books. They don't want you to understand that you can be in control of your own life if they destroy the works, People say John Locke or the statues of Frederick Douglass or or of abolitionists they remove the ideas, and then people won't just recreate these ideas. Some will, but they will ban that knowledge, so the average person will never know there's somebody philosophical concepts, we don't know, but it's amazing to me really. You should read about how we discovered air think about it. We just no air exists. The of course they're right before we actually did the experience, experiment and someone discovered. No, they didn't know its cause. There's nothing like. I can hold up an object and say here's an object, there's nothing around it.
There is atmosphere- and it was discovered, my understanding is because they used to have these brass balls spheres without tube coming up and you a dip in water your thumb over the end and the water would stay, and I encourage you to use it to shower. This dude put his thumb over the end and put in the way pulled it out and no water went inside it and that it had to him. There must be something something blocking this water and that was the discovery of air to us, we just no air exists, we know we breathe. We know these things we went to school. Education is important, real education, that's why they want to destroy knowledge, that's why they want to ban Youtube channels. That's why they want a ban books, ban movies, ban art. That's why they want to shut down. Tucker Karlsson because he is telling you these things and when they remove him, those ideas go along with it and were only a few years out from getting worse than ever been, but
Maybe November will turn things around I'll leave their necks segments come up at four p m, o right TIM cast dot net thanks, rang out now see you all. I will see what Ladies and gentlemen, the end did. You will in long Island who claim to got hit by an ass. You ve lied and it's weird because apparently they went to the hospital and they filmed and there I go nowhere with me. The guy was really Thou charges as it turns out black this matter. Protests are lied about being it by car and they will be charged. I'm not surprised by the story is the name of the game. Crime, hoaxes mighta country, whatever happens all the time, how many do we have of Trump supporters being attacked or or be nor insulted are harassed for expressing their supply? for the president, and then we have all these other stores. In the other side that turned out to be hoaxes, look they cheat it's what they do, you see? This story is the only store I have for. You is another store of organ where a guy rotate. A letter harassing himself and then admitted it began. Spiral out of control? How many times
do we have to deal with the lies and the deception and How many unjust, confused I'm confused by these people keep falling for it? How much Bunk stories have to come out about Russia trauma conspiracies vagueness before people fight? please say: hey they're lying to us. Apparently there is no number, they could just keep doing it and it keeps working not start with the first story from news. Twelve long island black lives matter, protester lied about being hit by car, etcetera, rather short story, but I got it a man who claims was hit by a car during a black lives that our protest is facing charges for lead ITALY lying about the incident police say Keith Harrison was the protests on Monday, when cop say a quorum, man hit a pedestrian in Huntington station. Harrison of hamster told cops, he was also had, but investigators say the photos show he was not hit. Meanwhile, driver
yes, you ve Anthony Campari is charged with assault and is accused of hitting another jester so there you go. It's a stupid story, progresses making up trying a tyrannical the victims. We saw something in times Square the day where they call the news public. This is big story, sing and ass. You ve ploughed into the protesters when, in reality, the car was stopped in the protesters were to fighting the tires and jumping on it and banging on it. Before a slowly edged forward and then drive away and that the media does, because they fall for all the same and they are not doing their jobs and that's how we end up with stories like this as well. Oregon politician who claimed he received anonymous. Racist and homophobic letter. Sparking police investigation confesses here but it himself and says the stunt spiral out of control I'm sorry man, I'm just so sick of it. It's gonna keep happening because that's that's just the country we live, and now we actually have people who are so desperate to prove their victims. They
stage the attacks against themselves. Meanwhile, when you of a truck supporter actually get attacked older vehicles being pounded on a jump down, attires deflated, it's that the perpetrators are the victim. When you add these dumb protesters dancing on the highway and a guy crashed into he's the one of its arrested and nobody comes and arrest the protesters for standing and dancing on the highway, which you can't do it's illegal. They are obstructing. I wait till we get here's the story on the other guy an organ politician admitted to writing a racist and homophobic letter to himself after previously claiming was left anonymously in his mailbox Jonathan hope as alleged he received the letter in late June, warning him that he was not welcome in the area and that people like him. Are you note our target with violence up with our kids it was signed. Sincerely America Hammerstein, Polly revealed Monday their investigation, and Lopez PAN the hate filled rant himself and made falsely
Most of the police and on social media, police the criminal investigation into the intimidation has now been closed, but their low. As may be charged for initiating a false report remaining. Maybe just do it just in just rest. The guy Lopez claims he never meant to fight. Laplace report and only wanted to use the fake ladder as an example, but the case spiral out of control from the outset. So legit incident has been thoroughly investigated. Police chief, Jason, Edmonson, told east organism. Our investigation has shown that Mr Local, wrote the letter himself and made false statements to the police and on social media. The politician claim to have received the racist later on June, twenty third from an anonymous person, then he told police and local media they did not know, was sent it and found it is mailbox. I am not going to read some of this letter, though it is, it is blurred. Mr Lopez, a few and your while I gotta know that word. An
the choir, loving self, your not welcome here and will never ok, I'm not gonna raises stupid. It's riddled with typos, it's obviously fake a few you max again or wherever, and then it says, sincerely America. He shared the letter publicly two to Facebook, with certain sections blurred out claiming he had been told it was not welcome here, and then they read the letter in opposed accompanying the letter, He wrote that he had no resentment for whoever wrote this as an area can born man who served in the U S C, Jean Fire and rescue services. I am also proud therefore my parents and grandparents were born, I lived a life full of obstacles and challenges, including racism. There no room or tolerance of that. Yet, moved his social media profiles as a Wednesday? There's a Edmonson said that he was disgusted to learn that local was responsible for the letter, and that is act. Needlessly added to racial tension across the country. The times bent on this. Fictitious claim means timely
and other matters not to mention it needlessly, adds to the incredible tension that exist in our nation today, As a lifelong resident of this diverse community, I am disgusted someone would try to carelessly advice their personal ambitions at the risk of others. Gene Why is this so common bubble? Wallace the noose in his garage, the victim of a violent vorontsovo vial racist attacks except that was a garage poor up just smaller said to me we'll approached him. Yelling is a small country and why, in the Justice Mallette story, the police. Said they believe he did it because it was going to increase his salary is given a negotiating position. That's that's all! That's what it's all about! This guy was trying to generate press first of all. Why are people so stupid? They would do this and second of all why they so stupid. The give pull it off properly. We is this. This does is to such trash.
And people do this all the time- and I tell you- I mean how many times as happens where we don't actually ever get confirmation. It was fake news. Well here we go here's another story. Checklist went out. This is what we can expect to to get. In the future of policing, now mind you this. This next bit is from Vancouver envy. Two gaiters would like to speak with. A driver responsible for defacing a recently installed pride crosswalk at sixteen street and questionable as cobalt avenue. If you have information, please call and here's a photo. You see they painted a crosswalk a rainbow and there is tired, Fred Bark over this. They then show someone driving a car over this and making a turn. Ladies and gentlemen, it is now apparently a crime they have that they have theirs. They said cross. Block update, we have identified the driver of the vehicle involving incident. Thank you for those who have come forth information
stick Saxon hammer because he's usually the top posts on Twitter said you're too dumb to solve actual crimes. So I am glad you are proud of yourself as major victory. Agri sticks. It is, apparently investigation worthy to drive on a road you painted on a road Someone drove over it tyres sometimes leave marks is what you get one: it's, not a hoax, They will still investigate the stupidity now again, as is Canada, so sure and West Vancouver, Peter He is getting ratio, but come on. It's happening in New York City as well from the daily collar painters have beat, have began, work begun work on a black lives matter, mural on the street outside of Trump Tower and Y see there. It is Is it? What is it is what we get somewhere. Won't will such a fake eggs. I hate crime or hoax or whatever it will become a maid. Your story, everyone will will cry and weep over one turns out its fake. Nobody cares. The only people care,
People like us, I guess you know the truth. Now, they'll military thus of saying we won't cover it. You know what went when the hake actually happens. We won't cover no hold on. I well look the guy drove over the rainbow thing you. Aren't you want to find the guy there you go, I'm covering it. I am talking about it, other painting a black lives matter, mural in front of tromp tower short, I'm talking about it, they are are engaging in these acts that are overtly bias where they grant favourable coverage and protection. But then sure enough. They don't care to present the other side. Let me tell you: if they're gonna paint black lives matter in the street in new, dark. Then what happens when someone paints literally anything else they get to grant a permit. What we will likely see, in my opinion, lawsuits across the board. Yet in that it was, it was a cost account the caliph. I am not entirely when they painted over a black lives matter mural? That was a hate crime? So this?
this is where we are. As a country, we have people just in general, knowing they can empower themselves, they can bolster their careers that can make money by doing this. Many of them get away with it. It's the stupid people who get caught and whence not being seen age. The city is sanctioning political messages being written on our streets. I can't, I can't imagine, Why somebody we want to live in New York City at this point now, maybe if euros. Fundamentalist fanatic for interception because I'm your cheering the fact that your religious message is being planned over the streets, but if you're not what do you still doing there? You can work remotely. Now you get away from all of this. I certainly feel like it. Some people are that there's something it's there, the calling it right flight, I guess, can primitive fleeing cities. I don't think that's true. I think people in general are trying to get away from all this because if you're gonna get arrested or investigated at the very least because you draw of over across, walk and left a mark with your car. Why would I
be anywhere near these. These lunatic fanatics. I would not. I do not want to live in a country where they want you to agree with their weird freaky worldview and if you dont they'll, pretend like their victims, use that to empower themselves and stupid people won't speak up to save their own lives. So you know what I'm not surprised. Many people are fleeing the cities, but there are you go man, if not the first, it won't be the last. We will see it again. I got a couple more migrants coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly: civil war, civil war, yeah yeah, it's talked about a whole lot, but I saw it story, and I thought it was very important to add context, or we know just to keep people format what's happening, but also to make them predictions you US army message, make Amerika great again Columbus are signs of white supremacy. Now I dont overstate this. I guess somebody sent an email out too, members of the military that sad saying
things like make. Amerika great again is covert white supremacy, so here If you want to talk about this, look first of all Joe Biden, his ab Let me go to start adopting far left policies from say the likes of Bernie Sanders, no cause Yo Cortez. We can expect more of that after twenty twenty four and if Joe Biden winds, twenty twenty week inspect attract a lot more of it. But here's what I think I have either come say to the people about whatever civil conflict would look like, and you need to understand that even within the army, not everybody the conservative, this is something I I found really interesting because growing up in Chicago, The mentality is people who joined the military all far right all conservative flag waving, you know, make Amerika great again right, they're, not There are many people who are the military or liberal leftist. There was a fake, this vote of some guy member. What brand she was in or what it was, but he was holding up a sign, sank back in his hat. Hidden in communism will win he on trouble. I guess, but here we can see their people.
In the army to or or associated with certain degree who agree with the far left ideology. So what happens when you're split down the middle I I'm not gonna- tell you but I'll- be the story from bright Bart you the army email centred of after the fourth of July to its military and civilian members included a graphic which claimed saying the phrase make Amerika great again is evidence of white supremacy. The graphic listed other behaviors at deemed evidence of white supremacy, including celebration of Columbus Day, the denial of white privilege Talking about american exceptionalism and saying there is only one human race, that's right. If you say it, there's only humans, that's apparently white supremacist can regulations. The graphic licit other behaviors. Are that I'm sorry the email, invited all soldiers and departed of the army, civilian personnel to attend the? U S: armies, operation, inclusion, seminars on July, eighth and ninth at them, headstone Arsenal Army base in Alabama
email was sent by Cheney pickers from the: U S: Army, aviation and missile centre using an official government email. The message named the: U S: Army, equity and inclusion agency and assistance secretary of the army, Manpower and reserve affairs. As authors, ok, there is, the army has an equity and income An agency? I don't know how I would feel if they had say like a communion and confirmation agency or affirmation of faith in the Lord savoured Jesus Christ agency may be they do fine, whatever I'm not a big fan of religious branches, or agencies of the military. Why are we paying for that Red Mo Brooks who caught winter, the email blasted deeply offensive and racist. U S, army, operate inclusion, content and demanded the firing and prosecution of army personnel who used government resources to distribute political propaganda. Brook said, the email is in clear violation of the Hatch ACT which,
and government personnel from engaging in political activity while at work now here's the graphic this is a truly truly site to is. This is a site to behold. Let me pull this up now. It's kind of hard to see what you can see if you look very closely others things like expecting by park to teach white people, that's why the primacy believing we are post racial. That's, why supremacy so but we are all one big human family is white supremacy. I kid you not, then there's overt, why supremacy socially unacceptable, like hate crimes is not that we get this thing is loaded. All lives matter is white supremacy. Advertising, white voices- this make Amerika great again there. It is make Amerika great again. You say that you're, a big it. Of course we do Thou Anna. The seminars are part of a listening to or for the army's operation. Inclusion led by the: U S: Army, inclusion, advisory team, disturbingly the army.
Those redstone arsenal as the first location, on a tour that will cover all army forced our commands, works added works. Sent a letter to? U S: Army to Army Secretary Ryan, Mccarthy, demanding an investigation. Numerous Redstone Arsenal employees have expressed outrage to me about the? U S: Army, Blue, we violating the Hatch ACT and, in effect labeling patriotic Americans white supply, mrs and races if they say do dozens of things outlined in the? U S: Army, email, you caught political, I call it religious fine, I don't care shut it down are you what men? The? U S? Army has an office of inclusion and equity you're. What do you think happens? when the morality police come too, your neighborhood do? You think the insurrection ACT will protect you, think the National Guard will protect. You know we are in very strange times I might add- and you have fanatics
who are tearing down statues and these fanatics are a part of the army works at an Mccarthy to answer the phone going one who, within the Department of Army, is responsible for the creation of email and document who, within the D of the army, approved the email and document pursuant to the creation and approval of the document, Was there a violation of either a hatch act or deity directive? If violation of the Hatch ACT, Ort or duty directive is found to have occurred with those responsible? Will those responsible be held accountable for their actions if it is found that a violation heard, which seems pretty obvious. How will those federal employs be held accountable for their illegal conduct? Look the the office of equity. Inclusion is itself a political statement, copies of a letter. All don't went to President Donald Trump Chief of staff Mark meadows, an attorney William BAR among others, the army, confirmed it, sent out the
email but claimed it was sent in error and immediately recalled The army has initiated an internal investigation to find out what happened Joe on July six. Twenty a project inclusion listening to your hand out, which is just you, know what I'm just so sick of the pathetic inability to call this out. You wanna call the email. What is project inclusion? What are these things mean: they're overtly police. Call come on. The whole thing is a violation of the hedge act. We have religious groups operating as as sanctioned agencies than the army spare me. They say but a tool, unapproved pages that were sent out an error and immediately recalled. Let me stop and just point out how stupid this is. The entire project should be dismantled because,
Clearly, the slides they sent out represent their political ideology, whether they tell you about their documents or not. If they're going to step in and say we are doing this, and here is the document. Oh, it's just the document that violates the magic, not the entirety, of the programme itself. No clearly: the document represents the programme there acting. Why would a the document have anything to do with anything? So so pathetic? Look man, Joe Biden, is going to be adopting policy agenda, sleep caught stealing agendas again. Here's this aim, Joe Biden is no stranger to pledge arising and still For others it has been part of it. I am all for years. It just so happens that Bernie Sanders is latest victim. I what whatever man? Look I'm curious if he stealing method the issue that the issue is that he's adopting far left policies? We have this cartoon right here, on the right. You can see it. Joe Biden leading to the far left so when you have the army putting up documents that clay make Amerika great again his white supremacy,
and you call that out: hey hey wall about that, but you're ignoring the fact that they have an Woody inclusion agency and their due tours about equity and inclusion and job that in itself is still from Bernie Sanders. The whole things go far left man. When you have republican senators that our defend Bubba, Wallace and the whole. You know a noose thing. The entire country has just lurched so far to the left. You will wake up one day, not recognising it. Now. Some people have said to me that you know cause I've. I've been a bit pessimistic because, like what is what does Donald Trump going to accomplish if the republican sweep section two thirty reform can restore free speech in the public sphere? That would be a major step in reversing this trend, but that's only what, for years, what happens after this? Now, maybe
Maybe the american people reject this mass large left, maybe they'll vote for Trump, but I'm looking at even republicans ain't anything done there there, a grey with the left work near the left cultural issues. Some people have said at least it buys time. Perhaps maybe that's the case right now. You have a choice between centre right with Republicans and Trump or far left nets it, and even if you vote for Donald Trump, because you think It will maybe Paul these people back from the far left. I do not believe it well, I don't I'm not saying that it's all over perhaps, but I think this country is headed it too the left and eventually we are going to be sucked into the black hole? The event horizon of the far left is fast is fast approaching and we have very little time to actually reverse coarse and trying to restore balance.
In this country section two hundred and thirty form, in my opinion, section two hundred and thirty four form in my opinion, will be an important step in solving this problem. But I'll tell you what I don't know: to expect of me when we literally here that the army has an equity and inclusion agency, I mean that's that out. Look at the! U S, army, equity and inclusion agency. Will there it is? The army has created far left intersection, sectionalism branches, that is a religion in the army. They are their upholding, upholding the good word of white fragility, white rage and inclusion, and they are the ones are pushing this french ideology. They ve begun with this email. They are pushing the line and they will continue to do so. The fact that, This is the big ass. They come out with this email. Everyone goes. I can't believe they would say this, and I am saying you're gone well well well. Well, but why is there an equity inclusion agency come on to bed,
eventually they'll say I've emails, fine, you can't say: Magua Trump will lose and there you go, but you know I don't know about the army. Maybe this is the normal thing. Maybe it's been around for a long time. Shore find whatever. But to me I think it's shocking, I got one more Simon coming up in just a few minutes to around. I will see you all shortly for those that have been fed. My content fairly recently uniformly talk about their appeal prop too, oh nine, Amendment or whatever. It is our legislation in California, where they seek to repeal civil rights civil rights legislation. It would specifically just strike the language in the California constitution. It says the state shall not discriminate based on you. I guess it's at her bottle, but now I can tell you why they want this to be some people have said it's because they want the right to discriminate against white people. Technically, yes, but that's only apportion what they want is the right to discriminate period. They want to hold certain racial groups back prop certain Rachel groups. Up
and this is exemplified by how they treat asian people. One of the reasons why I have serious concerns about it. For obvious reasons is you know, I'm part asian and I've seen what they do at Harvard and universities, when they get mad that my community well I'll, be it I'm only partially asian is successful. They dont like they want to hold that all this back and the asian Community and then grace community are what are the smallest minorities in the country. Now you can see exactly what they do in Seattle. This is the key fruition. The next step in their plan, and it is just happening, so we need perhaps the federal government to come in and say you can't do this. Well, they apparently they won't we'll see, though, maybe of trump winds. You will finally drop it. We're on all the stuff. Seattle held segregated training, sash, segregated training sessions, on undoing whiteness encourage staffers to forfeit guaranteed physical safety. How is this happening in Africa?
I thought we were beyond all of this. I thought we want and the Civil Rights ACT was law no they're on doing it is why we do constitutional amendments rent? Ex reports the city of Seattle, how they re surely segregated employee training sessions aimed at white staffers and instructing them undoing your own whiteness in order to be held accountable by people of color. According to documents obtained by a public records, request The session took place on June twelve, as protesters took part in the so called Capitol Hill, organised protest in the capital held District one hand out distributed in the session declared how racism is not our fault, but we are responsible and others had. White staffers must give up the land and their guaranteed physical safety in order to be an accomplice for racial justice, I'll tell you where we're Goin men, the Supreme Court, ruled today that the eastern half of oklahoma-
is under the jurisdiction of the Muskeg E native american nation. With it within reason. I can respect right the right survivor of tribal land and and reservations, but this was essentially dissolved back in nineteen o, seven we're talking about a hundred and thirteen. Years ago, most people I have, dare I say I think, like literally everybody alive in this country, or least ninety nine point, nine percent have no idea. What happened by the word alive for that stuff? Most people is going government majority are even near a hundred thirteen years old, let alone any of them being honour and thirteen I mean, maybe there's somebody somewhere. I don't know that the oldest person is country is what does it what's happening? Give up your land, they say you're racist. It starts with Oklahoma, it starts with this jurisdiction and it will expand. The president has been set, and there manning it. They say that America that they so that empires only logical honoured years and many people have speculated if we
you were overdue for collapse, and maybe we are maybe Trump is just the remnants of the american ideology of true american liberalism, I don't mean that in the sense of colloquial, I always clarify that I'm not talking about liberals, talking about liberalism, the true nature of the word, meaning classical liberalism or social liberalism. Is our centre left and centre right positions that have been a guiding factor in ensuring equality under offer everybody. Conservatives are adherence to the liberal ideology No, not even going to hear this, but it's true. I am talking about the creation of this country, John Locke, etc. We are a nation of by and for the people. Now, though, liberal has been corrupted and typically just means leftist from now knew no bounds to I'm talking about leftist, some attacking about Democrats, I'm talking about what this country's founded upon it is collapsing, it is being dissolved, may be. Tromp is just a remnant of this, perhaps
It's too late. Now I know a lot of people are saying: I've been a bit pessimistic on this, but notice hear me out I'm saying the world is ending. Your life is over or you're gonna lose your hours than everything's doomed. I'm saying whatever this great american experiment was, will be dramatically changed over the course of that several years and we will no longer have on american nation. Now you may alot of people may may think. That's literally the end of the world and perhaps especially hard nationalists, specially those who support trump, but Hillary Clinton got you know she, What sixty five million was it votes and trumped up like sixty sixty three point, something or in around? There are sixty two point, something Maybe this idea of America first and pro tromp and waving the flag, the founding fathers. Is now a minority position seems like it? Maybe it's not. Maybe there really is a silent majority I put it this way. I might try to be overly pessimistic, but when you Seattle is doing this, where they're telling people to give up their land?
in the? U S: Army has an office of equity and inclusion, and see the ideology swimming across this nation and its not just this country tat happening in Europe to why. I don't know it just an idea that people like its manipulative and x I take of, and maybe people really will give up their freedoms for this face which taking over you, don't I find funny about all this. Is that there is that song? You know the dawning of the age of a queer yes and, above all, I've ever seen the Zeit Geiss film, but they talk about how before Christianity is the age of areas and you add the Rams Horn, you had Judaism and then with the age of Pisces, you had the fish and they Talk about religion being an allegory for the stars or whatever regards about, and if that's true, I often wondered if we would see- and this is like ten fifteen years ago- If we would see the rise of a new religion that would dominate our social and political structures in this new age, though we aren't actually in the age of
Paris, but I wonder like will we ever see the rules are a rise of a new religion and I wondered what it could be for a while. I was It may be Scientology. Those becoming problem now is a big deal Maybe Mormonism and then eventually I saw no it's it's internationalism, because the new religion, it's in our military, it's our governments, it's in our police force its in our big cities across the board and it's just expanding its in our every single major cultural institution. Every major corporate entity has now has an office of equity inclusion. As far as I'm concerned? That's all just religious doctrine York. Creating a chapel inside your popcorn factory? When you do this? When I see that the
thus armies and equity inclusion office. It may as well say that their enacting a you know a cathedral of the office of the universe. You? U S, Christianity, Chris Cathedrals. As far as I'm concerned, it's all the same thing with the separation of church and state, but this is something insidious and very different, and now it is involved in violation of the law, but nothing is being done about it because the law is irrelevant if the culture supports. What's being done, I saw I a friend of mine, violate civil rights law and fatal by posting job or an applicant like a job offering for a specific race and gender etc, and I was wondering how so many people get away with this good. It's not just this one person ass. It happened, all the time and its because within our government within our law enforcement, they adhere to the same ideology. So they will not enforce the law. Now we have morality policing. Now they will paint wherever message they want
now they will tell the white people to undo their whiteness, give up their land and physical, safety in the name of equity and inclusion faith. These are over. Violations of civil rights law. You do not have a right to do these things. We banned the stuff, but here comes now. What do you think happens as this escalates? What will reverse this I'm not incur entirely convinced it will be reversed. You see when it came to the religious, moral authoritarian right of my youth that was waning. That was on the decline. This was a long standing religion of thousands upon thousands of years. The founding of a nation upon many christian ideals that how true for a long time, even though yes, we're the separation of church and state. Basically, everybody in this country was christian and basically still they they still are. In fact, it's really amazing. How so much of our cultural identity is tied to Christianity and people even realize it. But now we have the emergence of a new religion, it expanding its
in every layer of government across this country. I don't- I don't mean every government but every lay we ve got small city, is you ve got local jurisdictions and it's it's expanding its in the army. My prediction would be that this is the beginning. Nowhere Here the end, I do not see right now away that you end it there's no one. Orphaned, belong to many people adhere to this religion, they're not going to just give it up. So what do I expect I made a couple thousand years of ever expanding rule and government. Under this ideology your going to see it affect every layer of government, it will totally take everything we will be. A country may be a hundred years Where we literally are an intersection elimination now they won't color religion, their academics right now seeking to call this out, but there there there what a remnant there there than how long a second
last. There was a letter written that I talked about where a bunch of liberals now panicking wrote a letter saying, cancel culture is bad and guess what many of these people got cancelled there now being attacked for what the co founder of vocs was taught what has committed to not engaging on twitter. He was cancelled and they will still mock him and belittling. Here's my prediction for better or for worse, I see right now, regardless of whether not trump winds in the next. You know several decades. This religion has already taken over these people are in our colleges, their genji, their millennial and in the next twenty thirty years, they're gonna be controlling every single major.
Institution from economic to political to cultural, and they hold these views. So maybe not every single person in this country, but the but enough enough to where they won't be held accountable. They will, via that they will of overt Lee, break the law. Then I want nothing we're done about it. Adherence to this religion will get preferential access, they will be the majority and they will oppressed the majority, those who don't play to their religion we'll be negatively impact, and, to be honest, the people who do will also be negatively impact of the night. You go duties, weird freaky trainings, but hey Google gobble one of us. What's that, what's the alternative you can be in the minority Maybe maybe I'm wrong but I'd I'd. I dont think so. We see, I think, there's one way to reverse this. The last the last chance overhaul section, two thirty, so that the protections remained for companies, but they must not remove legal speech.
Weis. What I predicted! I believe will come true. I will see you all tomorrow in the next time, at ten, a dot m thanks for hanging out at EOS.
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