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Texas GOP Calls For NEW UNION Of States After SCOTUS DENIES Lawsuit Disputing Election, ITS NOT OVER

Texas GOP Calls For NEW UNION Of States After SCOTUS DENIES Lawsuit Disputing Election, ITS NOT OVER

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The Supreme Court has rejected the Texas lawsuit that would have seen the election results overturned. The quick justice a Texas said these four states via elated, the electors clause of the constitution by changing the election rules without approval of the state legislatures. All of a sudden. These states are pouring in twenty on one side torn and the other side state lining up against state, a hundred and twenty six members. Of the Republican House signed onto this, but it has been struck down and with this, my friends when, in a letter saying it's over four trump, it is over and there is nothing he can do, but I'm here tell you they're wrong. First of lawful Alan West has alluded to seceding from the union and that's the big story when it one second, but my friends
there's one very, very simple thing that Donald Trump and his supporters can do right now to guarantee that he wins come Monday with the electoral college, but why the german ads are coming on Monday and with a hundred twenty meeting. per hour and seventy four million trump voters and roughly about ten hours of night, excluding dusk and, on eighty eight point, eight billion wishes, but Donald Trump some wins on what I'm getting by the way. That's not! I just thought it was funny. What they can actually do is I don't know, maybe when their appeal in there was content Supreme Court concerning those content Supreme Court is conservatives. My understanding from an pr was content. Supreme court will take up Trump lawsuit appeal to overturn Biden, win. Look the Texas loss. It was very clearly the best shot that Trump had, and it was the biggest with a rising tide on all sides. Are both sides rising up in saying yes, and no? A major dispute of the election is premature, said: Texas has no standing to sue basin
Other states have their elections. I'm not a fan, ah manifesto. That ruling the way I see it as imagine we enter into a contract that we're gonna contribute something to that. You know, too that to say we all live together. an apartment, and I say we're all gonna contribute to paying the rent and that and we want buddy to pay the rent. You know freely and fairly, but one of your roommates is dealing drugs. You're gonna be like. Do you wait? No way man nodded? Not you can't be doing that and there, like you, have no right to determine how he pays his rent, a technically the truth, and maybe not a perfect analogy with point is: why should I be trapped in a contract with someone else who is doing unlawful things and then using that you get
budgets over everybody else, some not approved analogy, but the point is, I think I ve its. I think taxes is a lawsuit made, a lot of sense, not a lawyer and there's left left wing pundits and right wing pundits. We completely disagree on the merits, but the important thing is that the taxes loss it was not ruled on the merits. It wasn't they just a text has no standing already. There have been emergency filings by other lawyers claiming that their clients, I believe, Sidney Pollen Linwood, may files on the gang their clients do have standing, Not you know, look it's not over. It is a fact that it is not over on wars. In November, seventh, when they announced Biden, was the. What are they kept saying? It's over give up you're the mole. Knowing thing to me right now, is seeing journalists tweet,
memes of president, like you're, not journalists, one one dude post a moving truck in response to Trump and I'm like. Are you going to report the news? No there in a lie, I'll tell you. It is not over until Joe Biden is in the White House and even then it might not end, they don't get it. They don't understand, what's happening, they think the Republican Party. It represents what's happening. It does not so all of these republican son sign onto the taxes lawsuits in my opinion, because they saw what happened. What happened to law Florin Purdue and so they said, ok I'll voice, my support for tromp but short of that Republicans and can do anything and trump supporters and know that, which is why, Well, maybe there's some Republicans cause here's the actual Big NEWS, Texas, GEO, P, Chair Alan West suggests law. Abiding states should form a union after Supreme Court rejects law, on election results. There is actually a state house rent in Texas who, as proposed a bill to have Texas
Dorothy if you want them to secede from the union now, but to assert their rights, a sovereign nation to be able to succeed, although Suppose many people are citing the first civil war as the first of all about that as president that you have no right to secede, but this is the most important part, because I believe this that what we see from Alan West better represents what people who support trump are actually thinking, thereby, and you know why look look Mc Caskey? If we change the IRA podcast, he says we need a divorce. Then I have Michael Alice on the block, progress as well. He wrote back and twenty sixteen. We need a divorce. Michael, smart guy, you made a really great point. He said broccoli passes the Asia and then Mandy. Everyone by insurance and that's considered acceptable. He says, Why not have a mandate that everyone by a gun, because that's that's starting-
Negotiation from the right wing point of view. I think I'm propagating adjusted his idea correctly. If not you guys, you follow me smart outstanding overnight and I'm on the on the. But it's interesting point: Conservatives are always chasing the left. The lapse as working and act. This policy in the right has no. How about the rights as work? An active policy in a left says known. How about you get a Republican who goes to Congress and say I am proposing a universal government, a gun programme. It is a right in the constitution, why won't or a public and do that because no publicans are just chasing after the left. And I feel like for the most part for the longest time, one of the longest time but leaves for further reason. History, Republicans just been sitting there like lazily. You know. Half have you know that their arms up in their eyes, half clothes- I got bugs Bunny mean and there republicans come in and say, I'm angry about this thing in the go. Oh all yell at him, and then it goes to Congress and our public goes. You Democrats with yourself oh bomb care, ok, anyway, lunch and then leave take,
what what Trump set about you know about my carols. If he d get rid of the individual mandate, which is huge, but did they get rid of a bomb? A care? Did they protect christening they did. They didn't truck, did some stuff, but I think people on the right who follow Trump and support him have been actually waiting for their side to actually propose and do so. thing. But what do we get demands for universal health care and a big debate over whether that should be the case literally no debate from a right perspective on what universal programme they would want, perhaps because the Republicans dont want the government bending all that money, because a kind defeats? The purpose- that's probably know where the biggest problems with universal health care in general. But you don't get a right centric proposal, the left freaks out about for the most part for the most part so check it out. Regular people now here's. What we're seeing the chairman of our Publican Party of taxes has suggested law abiding say, should form a union out of the Supreme Court rejected the Texas loss. It, though,
a decision was made on Friday evening after the loss it was brought forth by taxes attorney general can Paxton this week and backed up by President Trump sixteen other attorneys in a hundred and twenty six members of Congress, the lawsuit sought to throw out millions of votes in the four battleground states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, the chairman of the GNP Alan West in this is that this is Ellen. West is not some random dude. I Alan West, as a prominent figure, he said quote, the Supreme Court in tossing the Texas lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states and a hundred six congressmen when we slow down, there is actually it was joined by nineteen states and a hundred twenty six congressmen have decreed that a state can take unconstitutional actions and violated on election law, resulting in damaging effects on other states that abide by the law. while the guilty state suffers no consequences. This decision establishes a precedent that says states can violate the U S constitution and not be held accountable
decision will have far reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic. Perhaps law abiding states should bond together and form a union of states that will abide by the constitution. This aid why does a retired? U S, army, lieutenant colonel and was a? U S, congressmen in Florida, from twenty eleven to twenty thirteen, he was elected as chairman of a Texas GEO, P July Twentieth, twenty twenty unseating former chair James Dickie Fridays decision was the second this week by the Supreme Court regarding requests by Republicans to get the court involved in the election results. The court has had rejected an appeal from Republicans in Pennsylvania. On Tuesday. That's not a true, I'm just so sick of the media and there and there just they don't try they gonna say, but your college will meet on Monday December fourteen. So there is news in the republican lawsuit lieutenant act. Seventy seven in Pennsylvania, they d,
I'd emergency and jumped of relief, which, for all intents and purposes, is probably a defeat for the Republicans, because if the election get certified and the electoral the electors of our car are counted than hitherto out up let lemme challenging the election law in Pennsylvania may not do. We have anything to do with this election kind of we'll see MIKE Lillian Sean Porno, our plaintives on this. Among other people and John Parnell said they don't know at the relief will be. Maybe it won't be to throw out this election but to say in the next election you need a constitutional amendment to do mail in voting, which would still be a really good thing for Republicans what the Supreme Court set as they denied emergency injunction relief. This means Biden electors will go to the college on Monday likely cast their votes and that's it, but the Supreme Court has not dismissed the case is still pending
Does that mean they'll pick it up still, probably not, but now the latest development is that porno and the other plaintiffs have asked for a a four hour called a rid of sort or some, if present sort. They want the case, to be ruled on the merits, regardless of emergency and jumped of relief? What happens? F come the fourteenth. They send twenty electors from Pennsylvania just forbidden, and then they cast their votes but then, between December, Fourteenth and January six, when the vote start to be counted, the Supreme Court actually says. Yes, this is unconstitutional, caused. It Well then, on January sex, the Republicans going to raise objections, sang the Supreme Court ruled that your votes don't count. The left keep saying it's over. There but let us personalities with respect no Mamma out, I don't dragon, but they ve been warning the left it is not over.
Till Joe Biden has in the white Us- and you also need to understand just because Joe buttons in the White House doesn't mean that Trump goes away and his supporters give up. I don't think they will, I think, Come is leading the charge of something that's not just about the republican Party. It's a right populist movement and I mean look at what Alan West said about a union of states forming their own. You know, union that will by the constitution, would have tromp said I would like. Be that leader and then you have a fraction of you know. Faction is factional, nation or a divorce or splitting Michaels malice of the other down on the Europa cast. There's this blue held view that civil war
there's always violent, but there could be a peaceful decoupling of the United States. I don't know, I think it's a really really bad things for a lot of reasons were great nation and many republicans have said you can't take our states these big cities, but there's there's interesting points to be made about what goes on this country and the different cultural issues. Look. You have one side that says children, children, that our trans should be able to get chemical treatments to affirm their identity. on the right. They say. Absolutely not. You know no way Joe Biden supported this specifically saying there should be no discrimination if a child chooses to be transgender without condemning or condoning I'm just pointing out. I mean that is a very, very like disparate these. These are so far removed from each other. when I was talking to Jack Dorsey in which I got in the german pod podcast one, the most important things brought up was that there were.
Rules are biased for the left. They have a miss gendering policy on twitter that, if you call someone who is trans by the you know not not the correct pronouns they not backed by pronouns, they don't want you ve broken. rules, and I said that is only a thing in the left. The right doesn't that the right has an inverted view of miss gendering. Thus we have two very different realities here. So what do we do? keep fighting each other until both saw. You know politically until. all sides just take it, and you know it comes to ST clashes, which apparently that was fun, Last night DC and there's gonna be a huge rallies today in in DC as well. There modern Supreme Court and thirty C4 Trump stopped the steel rally. All that stuff you we're getting tool, point where the cultures are so far removed from each other seriously the right to bear arms the right to run your business. One side says the pandemic. Lock everything down
and nobody works. Government pays for set aside a saying. Let me live my life and take my own risks. Those can work together and now you're getting people. essentially rising up in the street in saying no to this may be them makes them our senses a union of states that a date tends to agree with each other. The issue as the EAST coast in the West Coast, the blue states, the red states. There is no clear dividing line like north and south, so what the West Coast, because zone plays the EAST Coast becomes don't place. You wouldn't get to countries should get three or four. I remember that old internet meme from a thing was John Tito. Our John tighter camera president frozen Familiar result mean where, where somebody claimed to be from the future, they weren't those pie, Justino a blog work. I was making stuff up but predicted that the? U S would fracture into four different countries. The east coast would be very much aligned with Europe. The
our MID West, that the northern Midwest areas would be aligned with Canada. The West Coast would be aligned with China and the south would be fairly independent or working with Mexico. I bet think it's just silly internet means from back in the day of people speculating, but it seems that that there's something It could be a real possibility of this if the? U S was to actually break up as to what we were saying. We will know. Hunger be a global power, they'll be questions as to who can rolls. The military bases around the world who would be in charge of them, probably Washington, DC and other states, would say no There are many economists who are saying: if the Red States broke away from the blue states, they would be a third world nation ah shore accept your now miss counting the fact that the blue states have destroyed their economies and art producing much. but their dragging everybody down the GDP, as tanking many these places and New York just shuddered indoor, dining so is Philadelphia. I believe LOS Angeles has so
and outdoor. So at this point I think the red States might just be ok. but these you know there is something we set about red states being sparsely populated to a certain degree. And not having as large of urban centres, which also stand that places like New York New. State. Is you get rid of New York City and it said it's a red state. You get you it really Chicago in Illinois, is a red state and off for California, you got San Francisco and you ve got LOS Angeles. Booted said very much read in a lot of ways: of these cities, which are new, no massive portions of the population were not included. You wouldn't have a blue state. Of course. They cities I really can't sustain themselves without support from the agricultural and rural areas. Let me tell you what's goin on the other day when I talked about
forty four states disputing the president, and now we're learning Supreme Courts had no the specific point I was trying to make as no one cares. If they do, they do right. The transporters robbing a Supreme Court intervene and say you guys, I I trump wins. The left was like Nobel dismiss it most pinpoint effectively sided with left on this one. Does that mean that transport is going to be like well good game? Guys know it means they're, gonna start defying what I think we're gonna start seeing it in the next six months or so into the next year, Stuart Rosalie keepers has already said they won't regard anything out of Joe Biden Mouth as legitimate, not just him like half the country, so it certainly means at least the oath up at least the oath keepers. One they're gonna Joe Biden wants a nationwide wrought, lockdown met, not even say personally, he said I ll follow the science and his
Visor, the guy you brought on said six weeks lockdown, but Joe Biden did say national mask mandate. I think, because of the door Coney an edict that is being passed on by these governors and what soon to be binding, plus, with the lawlessness from the far left, you're gonna have areas just saying we we object. We reject so you're gonna have a bunch of people on the right in rural areas. Saying we don't do that here and what's the? U S, government gonna do sending you no federal agents to enforce mask laws, probably not so Joe Biden, splashes will not work, but, let's say there's a more densely populated area, not predict particularly large maybe a decent sigh city of a couple hundred thousand in a red state. Maybe they just say you know what we're done lockdown over bite. It is not the present something like that. Well, then, Biden may actually send India Jes or some kind of enforcement
You will probably then start end up seeing right wing militias or even local sheriffs, setting up checkpoints and sang you can't come in here. These rules can be enforced. I think maybe the first thing you'll see as some kind of federal enforcement, maybe the CDC It might go to one area and then tell these restaurants locked down there. I shall say: get out the sheriffs, be like these are out. You know the Tsar town, saint they'll say no, the fear and I'm not saying it's extremely likely. I'm just saying I view this. is a strong possibility. People will start rejecting these edict as unconstitutional and a violation of their rights. But a beggar question emerges. If we can reject this, why not anything else? You know interesting me, the other day when we're on our way. the last night on the airport, gas, we did a shows Alex Jones and Michael Malice, the Brown too, because they banned if they they they took down the first one. So we did it again. Michael mouse mentioned that he thought all cops were were corrupt and
what's to abolish the police and actually made a really important point? He says the Constitution guarantees his right to bear arms and because of these police, he cannot protect himself in New York City, so good point. Every single cop in New York will violate the second amendment as its written. What happens people think like Michael does and they live in a city and they say I'm not gonna follow this edict and that laws unconstitutional. We all know it and they they no longer have confidence in those officers or in that law. When I was even the cops in these small town say goodbye, because we already slush saw shares all across with Virginia say when Virginia tried peasant his gun control as they wouldn't enforce it. Well, what about the cities that do just blindly enforce their gun control laws in violation of the constitution the blue cities. If they don't want to have weapons, then by all means you know they can choose not to do it, but the constitution guarantees the right that the people who live there, the right to do so to throw back to Michael's point
two different countries. There are people who live in these cities as they have a constitutional right to bear arms and many who vote away that. But you can't because the constitution says you can't competition is meaningless, as were learning now sort of with this text lawsuit. The important thing is the Supreme Court ruled the constitution itself says you know article three: they dont have standing we'll see if these these these new lawsuits had been filed will actually get her on the merits, because the individuals do have standing or they'll say yes to frozen from their standing basically means like if I enter into a contract with you, like my neighbour, can't see you if you break it, you're not party to this contract tat
this is an interesting that you know the Supreme Court made their decision. They did we'll see what that will allow that plays out. In the meantime, we're saying things like this and you know: tweets arrested at police raid on Portland Annual Squat Anita December police, recovered, stockpile of guns anti for another extremists, then built in a tone of his own, and we have this tweet and teaches port in the tone of the sun has a militia who are armed with semi automatic rifles and other firearms. So let me go back What I said about right wing, individual setting up checkpoints- and you can't come here- you think I'm just making that up in just throwing something at the wall. I don't? Maybe some magical thing will happen and no, I'm looking at a video of the far left. Having already done this twice, now setting up a ton of sounds in cities where people with guns and check, point and say ya can't come in these are our rules and they ve killed people in Seattle, a couple teenagers and a truck they pump. Three hundred rounds and over a few minutes that you can hear the audio Papa,
about this crazy. So when I say you will likely see right wing individuals in militias in certain areas are checkpoints and say this, isn't it on Amazon, don't be surprised if we see more of this and you see the right doing it because their destroying the businesses of regular Americans, how many regular people are gonna, be like these cdc types you can't come in here. We respect that and maybe it's by design. Maybe it's what everybody wants, divorce. Now interesting, the left in the right populism lot to agree on the left came out and said we're not going to allow this event. and set up an autonomous own and they have guns and their guarding it and their winning and their expanding. Why wouldn't the right do that when the one when I talk
think about a community that has a sheriff who's already been given. Powers of law enforcement and the community tells this year. If we demand you protect the right for us to work and live, it's it's it. In my opinion, it makes way more sense that the right would would would do something like a leftist in a more controlled, organise a legitimate fashion than the left, as even doing, but I'll put it this way if the left is already doing it it's not a long shot, origin or or insult far fetched to assume at some point, you will see right wing individuals doing something like this. We ve all ready scene it when the riots erupted. Regular people- I was a right wing took out their guns and we're standing around their communities standing guard. It's already happened. We may
see the decoupling of this country, because I say this: if there's one thing the populace left and right completely agree upon over a hundred million people. Probably at this point is that Joe Biden is awful, then a surly illegitimate, that's a trump supporters who think that, with the left, they hate Joe Biden too, didn't like Trump. They hate trump more. These progressive absolutely test Joe Biden but wanted him to win wine, as many have said, on social media, it's easier to overthrow a feeble old man than it is a fascist they Who is the election as a way to take away the power of the right and Trump, so they can more easily get what they aunt seizing land so ass, a threat. for block radius in Portland and their armed and their standing guard and with Joe Biden in the presidency, nothing will stop him. Perhaps stopcock commonly Harris might, but not
are you convinced, and if it comes down to the federal government trying to assert authority over these areas, when Donald Trump was trying to stop the violence. Trump supporters agreed if in a few months time but in his president and the autonomous unimportant has expanded completely out of the control of the local authorities. If Joe but try sending in the age ass. You know, what's going to happen, Tromp supporters are gonna, laugh and say we don't support any of you. You're on your own. We don't care, the left will say get out. The feds will have absolutely no support in their action and that's when legitimacy, falters, now a rapid with this. Maybe everything goes back to normal everybody got it out of their system, were all tired. We just want to play video games and as a fine, whatever its Biden High five shake hands, go about our business. Maybe I don't think so because-
they're gonna be locking everybody down, and it's gonna be getting very locking everybody down, that's gonna make people lose it. all their locking down conservatives, the left, is freely going about their business and seizing territory with guns least in the small scale. Sure you think conservatives in Trump supporter gonna be be like jeez. The feds are coming into a press Awesome, letting the left get away with it now than about get out, but we can only wait and see Maybe Alan West is right and people going to follow suit. Maybe trump would be that leader and that will be freaky. I have no idea what's gonna happen. I want to wrap up what one more point you know when I kept saying therewith I felt like we're on the track for civil war and people kept saying no at what point you say: ok, ok, at the very least we ve been on the track. maybe now we're gonna get off at your. But when I said two years ago and now
point we're all these states are lining up against each other. The left is out of town of associates with guns. Aren't we closer than we were then so I was certainly right then and I'll say today. I think we're still on this track, but I dont know what's gonna happen, maybe everyone does calm down. People are tired. This stuff there just tired than to say I don't care. What you know is a very tiny fraction of people fought. The civil war will see our place out next augments coming up one p m on this channel. Thanks for hang out- and I will see you owe them. I'm sure by now. Many of you have heard that Texas GEO P Chair Alan West has said Surely called for secession from the United States saying that law abiding states should perhaps form a new union one that abides by. the constitution. At the same time, we're seeing a state rep pushing a bill that would allow for a vote on secession, Texas, leaving the United States we're coming off of a request to file a complaint. The supreme Court
That's basically what happened Texas said: please allow us to complain about the election. Twenty states on one side. Challenging the results. Twenty states on the other side also challenging the results and force split down the middle. Forty four states in this country disputing who the president should be and whether or not the constitution was being followed. Sixty four percent, the? U S house of representatives are representative: Republican Party supported this soup, many other legal scholars and organizations also either defended or supported at the closest. We ve been to some kind of dividing line in what you could call a civil war or pre civil war. I suppose the many have said it's called civil or for some time
I talked about it quite a bit. You probably know that, but something else is happening right now: the pursuit of criminal charges against Donald Trump. Now I've often said many times. I really don't think they're going to go after Trump, but that's at the federal level. You know Joe Biden might say: I'm not going to arrest trump after he leaves office because horror I'm precedent and Donald Trump didn't arrest. Hillary Clinton, although many people it is rarely for locker up at the state level. However, Democrats are ramping up they are criminal investigations or potential criminal investigations of Donald Trump, and this does not bode well for him and, more importantly, it does not bode well for us. You know I saw quote on Twitter. It was a passage written by Ulysses. S grant about secession and I'm gonna to for you, because its truly amazing. He basically says that
If you want to secede, though it is not your right, it is your right to act. Revolution Ulysses S grant, says this, but you will put your life your property and your guarantees as a citizen on the line to fight for this revolution. That's what he called this: the south seceding from the union if the criminal, if the digital Ernie's. If these investigators in New York in other states really want to force tromp to put his life on the line, they ve made the decision for him and at a time when we're having forty forced despite the presidency and Alan West and another member in Texas, basically saying secession, it is extremely responsible, but there lies the big challenge so said before. If there is a crime committed by Say, Hillary Clinton,
then I believe she must be charged and prosecuted, because if there is, if, if there's no rule of law for the ruling class and there's no rule of law, then what's the point of the constitution and the union anyway, if Trump did commit a crime crimes, then he must be prosecuted because letting people go out of fear of destroying the union in fact destroys the union right. The best thing we can do is charge those who we know to have committed crimes and then hope for the best, but would have Trump didn't commit any crimes, and these people just absolutely hate him at the point where they're going to force his hand, it's almost like they want conflict and going after Trump in this way Absolutely ignited. That's the news today. Let me go through this. I know many of you have already seen the Allen West or I'm going to briefly go over to those that haven't so I can show what's going on right now with the Manhattan Manhattan investigation into Tromp, ramping up and some
adjusting. Perhaps trump will be charged as soon as leaves office. What do you think will happen then, to every Trump supporter, every individual who loves this man? You are asking for trouble and you are forcing people to put their life and their property on the line. My friends the covered lockdown people's property is already on the line going after Trump. You incentivize something why worse than we have already seen, we are in one of the most extreme circumstances this country has ever seen, save the actual civil war Let me show you what's going on and I want to read you this quote from grant. It's amazing. Before we get started had over two TIM cast outcome Slush donated you'd like to support my work there, many wage and give a p o box want to send me some stop with the best thing you can do share this video, if you think I'm reasonable, rational I'm connect the dots at an interesting way in showing you the bigger picture. Then please share this. Helps
what my channel help it grow also forgot to like subscribe notification belt. First, I want to show you the story from the New York Times very simply Manhattan D, intensifies investigation of Trump Prosecutor, have recently interviewed employees of president trumps lender and insurance brokerage in the latest indication that he still faces the potential threat of criminal charges once he leaves office, they ve been calling for Donald Trump to be arrested over and over again not just the Manhattan de launching these investigations. It's the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, saying a truck should be arrested after despicable election speech November six, twenty twenty, a high profile, late night personality. of low information, mind you saying something extremely dangerous quote: we are watching it residency bleed out in real time right now the house said on as upon us late night show they say so,
in Cuba. Is the only light I'd house to express anger and outrage over Donald Trump attempt to subvert the election. Jimmy came alive, hosting a camel, also went hard after the president for his speech at the White House on Thursday night, which Kimmel said was trumps. Ladys attempt at choking democracy to that same I'd like to provide the american people than uptake and our efforts to protect the integrity of our very important twenty election. If you count the legal votes I easily win troops had falsely on Thursday night. If you count, the illegal they can try to steal the election from us. His speech was so filled with groundless allegations claims vanity, fair, that the ABC Cbs and NBC Embassy. Stop broadcasting as comments. We have to work to interrupt here because the president made a number of false to Lester Lustre, hope, that's a different type of concession speech, Kimmel, joked and late night show. I won't bore you or given the pleasure of
doing what he said that night, but the only thing he didn't do was pull off his wig and reveal that he's been lad. Putin along he added it was Let me have lies threats to the despicable and incoherent attack on democracy and United States at the internet, speed She should have been arrested if they could find handcuff small enough to take him away. They would have now. Was he seriously call calling for the arrest of Donald Trump, maybe not maybe is being hyperbolic or making a joke, but, conversely, can exists from the independent November. Seventh, just after Kimmel made his statements. Will trump be arrested as binding, get sworn in as President President Trump may soon, former president Trump alone with a legal decisions he made in front of federal investigators. They floated this quite a bit with the independent sang. Imagine the scene come twentieth January. It's a frigid day in Washington, both inside and outside the White House Capital, the latter iconic building, is decked out.
I can flags and socially distance dignitaries and even a few former presidents, but one man is missing. Joe Biden has been sworn in the forty sixth president of United States. He has exited the presidential limousine at his waving to bystanders on Pennsylvania, Avenue, Donald Trump earlier that morning, reluctantly left the White House on his own accord, but instead of leaving have it, but instead of having tee with Joe Biden at his wife Jill, as is an american custom for an outcome, commander in chief, the fortieth president and wife Millennia took marine one to joint Base Andrews to link up with air force, one mid flight. It would become executive, one that is the official moniker of the Boeing. Seventy seven forty seven two hundred used to fly former presidents to their necks destination after a new one has been in as the plane trumped long wanted to slap with a red white blue blue paint
on touches done itself. Flora and taxis to a stop before hundreds of his remaining loyalists is met by a caravan of black. U S secret service ass, please, but then the fort. The other direction on the tarmac comes a smaller number of gold government, suburban. Perhaps with me, Your plates inside agents from the Justice Department, southern district of New York, the lead agent, ass, the, and why team approaches the newly minted head of trumps post presidential security detail, which is afforded to all former chief executive. They would like to have a word no a few days worth of them within now former president, once Trump in Bologna away down that mobile stairs and onto floored assoiled begin the next phase of their lives. There is confusion: where will the questioning be taking place? There is no lack of intimate venues. Federal building in the greater palm beach area trumps new residents inside moral logo during a not so friendly round of Gulf WAR were working lunch. It is near by hotel, after a heated scuffle taught on camera by
hence of local national international media outlets on Hand Palm Beach International Airport to chronicle the return of silk civilian life. The FBI team in a secret service detail agree You are right in the: U S: S suburban with the federal agents vehicles falling in behind a mixed motorcade. They go on to say tromp. His set himself has said. Imagine the ratings is tromp really going to be arrested. I don't believe so, but I dont know I can't predict the future and when Jimmy Kimmel made these statements, perhaps it was just a joke now, when the independent wrote this story on November seventh positive before by publishing the seventh, perhaps it was just a bit of hyperbole, but now we get the New York Times reporting the Manhattan. Ba is ramping things up at a time when the Texas GEO P floats secession for law abiding states after supper
in court defeat. At a time when a Texas State Rep propose a bill to allow vote on secession from the? U S, and at a time when we are looking at people call for martial law when the lockdown has destroyed the lives of many people in this country is divided worse than we ve seen since the civil war, with forty four states disputing the outcome of a selection, they say in the left: it's over my friends, I'm sorry it's not over. There are still emergency filings. There is going to be an electoral college vote. On Monday, but even if they do vote, there can still be objections to the vote on January. Sixth- more importantly, as I stated earlier on the floor
there I have, as they say, to trot, we will destroy you. We will imprison you. What do you think trumps best? Chance is if this threat is looming and its legitimate threat. Well, in the on the political side of things or the selfish side of things, Trump might say, you know what I'm not going to present. I'm gonna call on my supporters and then he might in a viral post now being covered by many outlets. Enrique Tory of the proud boy said he had a secret invites to an undisclosed location with a picture of him standing in for the White House now I think that was probably just a joke. He was on. According to what our spokesperson a Christmas tour of the White House. I dont think Enrique, sorry I was trying to be serious. I think he was being silly or maybe he really was on a secret
meeting their denying it s. Tromp sad, proud boys stand back and stand by perhaps Trop seeing the looming threat of imprisonment says. If I must make a choice, I will choose freedom against these cronies, who have staged a coup, cause, Trop certainly thinks they did. I don't what's gonna happen, maybe it's all just fanciful. You know thinking or fantasy, and troms gonna leave I'm going back to normal or whatever, like Hillary Clinton. She never got arrested either. Ok, tromp sad, you know she you'd be in jail, that the crowds were chanting. Locker up, nothing really happened, but there's more than just talk
and the threat to his livelihood, their the individuals who have seen their property and their protections stripped away the right to bear arms, but a joke, and many of these cities, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness gone under these lock downs and, although many may justify them for the greater good. Many more do not agree. Seventy four million people at the very least donut They voted for tromp trumps been saying no to the lock towns, which brings me now to a very interesting post. I saw by Ryan Cooper on Twitter Ryan Cooper, Is it national correspondent for the weak and the producer of the left anchor podcast. Now these quotes that were put forward from the Ulysses. grant I'm seeing shared by many people too, explain why they can't society
it and why you know we are working to move forward and although otherwise it would be revolution, but I don't care what your opinion is on the statement, whether its in favour of your view are opposed to it. I think he just makes a very inch. It's interesting point that if you were to secede, you would be you'll, be putting your property and life on the line and your guarantees as a citizen. There are many people in this country whose lives have been completely destroyed by the lock downs they ve lost their property. They lost their rights as a citizen we're under effective martial law with these either. the government is violating several constitutional amendments and has been for some time in a variety of ways, so why But anyone feel like there actually risking these things. No, they might feel like there actually trying to take them back in the first section from Ulysses S grant, he says. Doubtless the founders of our government damage
forty of them at least regarded the confederation of the colonies as an experiment. Each colony considered itself. A separate government at the confederation was for mutual protection against a foreign foe and the Prince Prevention of strife and war themselves if there had been a desire on the part of any single state to withdraw from the compact at any time, while the number of seats It was limited to the original thirteen. I do not suppose there would have been any to contest the right, no matter how much the determination might have been regretted. The problem changed on the ratification of the constitution by all the colonies it change still more when amendments were added and if the right of of any one state to withdraw continue to exist after at all, after the ratification of
our institution. It certainly ceased on the formation of the of new states, at least so far as the new states themselves were concerned, it was never possessed at all by Florida or the states west of the Mississippi, all of which were purchased by the Treasury of the entire nation. Taxes in the territory brought into the union in consequence of annexation were purchased with both blood and treasure and Texas. With a domain greater than that of any european state, except Russia was permitted to retain as state property all the public lands within its borders. It would have been ingratitude an injustice of the most flagrant sort for the state to withdraw from the union. After all, that had been spent and done to introduce her yet
if separation it actually occurred. Texas must necessarily have gone with the self, both on account of our institutions and her geographical position. Secession was illogical as well as impractical. It was revolution and others more and the most important part comes next, but a very interesting point: the original thirteen colonies yeah they could have left at any time, but once they had the constitution and all of the states were pooling resources and they use those resource resources to purchase new territories which became states. It was unfair to the original states of those states were to leave hey. We put them to support your involvement in union and to guarantee certain rights, I'm paying the bill for that. We get certain things and were in return. I can freely go into your territory in your state that you'll pay taxes in our state. I'm not gonna. Give you money to set up your state than you leave and then we were left holding the bill, make
a lot of sense. However, he goes on to say that people still have the right of revolution and that's where things get interesting. He continues now. The right of revolution is an inherent one. When people are oppressed by their government, it is a nap all right. They enjoy to relieve themselves of the oppression if they are strong enough either, but by withdrawal from it or by overthrowing it and substituting a government more acceptable, but any people or part of a people who resort to this remedy stick their lives, their property and every claim for protection given citizenship on the issue. Victory or the conditions imposed by the conqueror must be the result. So amazing passage he's straight up, saying:
the american civil war as he viewed, it was a revolution of southern states and it makes sense. Many of these states were not the original thirteen and it was blood and treasure which allowed them at the to join the union. Blood in trouble treasure paid for by people in other states opposed to their secession. So when they tried, he said it was ready Lucian and it's interesting, because many people who met many conservative types would actually say the same thing that it was a second Russia. The south was angry, that we don't want to be involved and the north actually invaded the south, and many people call that, were there the war of northern aggression, I believe many in the south called it, but it makes a good point, the most important part of which, if you want a revolution, if you want to be away. You must stake your lives, your property and every claim for protection.
given by citizenship on the issue. Victory or the conditions imposed by the conqueror must be the result. Now, let's think about that, for a second the consequences of doing nothing right now, for many of these states and four trump and for trumps supporters is the conditions imposed by the conqueror Joe Biden wants to enact crazy extreme. gun laws and theres many laws that and many culture we're all issues put forward that concern, will not abide by, notably the Joe Biden said there should be no discrimination for an eight year old who chooses to be trends now? I dont want to use that as like a hard wedge issue necessarily, but it is a stark dividing line between the left and the right. The views on Trans issues without starting position one way or the other I'm just knowing it exists. That's a divide. You'll get banned on twitter for having the wrong is making the wrong statement. Thus,
Mary conservatives are already living under the conditions of a conqueror. But let's talk about taking the protections granted by citizenship. Do people have a right to bear arms in many places, no email, the constitution says it did have a right to free speech or or assembly. The answer is no because they ve already broken up churches. Now, of course, Supreme Court has ruled in favour of many. These groups often but in many circumstances the constitution is absolutely being violated and the rights afforded by people as citizens are often violated. Let's talk about their property, the covert lockdown has taken the property away from so many people that,
are struggling to get by and they're watching their lives be destroyed and, finally, their lives. If you can't feed yourself or your family- and you are being told, these are the conditions by which you will live, don't you think people have already realised whether they ve chosen it or not. All of these things have been put on have been staked in this great gambled. Is this this circumstance? The choice is not being done then, to the people they either well to an extent, there's the choice, but not the initiation of it. There being told lose your property lose your protections live under our conditions and potentially lose your life or what else stand up and resist It seems to be the only thing we're seeing an that's why people are taking to the streets but alternative, truly happen. You would need organization and you would need some kind of leadership which
brings me back to the main point about all of this Donald Trump, a quote from Ulysses S grant, while Donald Trump is certainly facing his life on the line, his property, his claims of prayer action on so on citizenship and living under conditions put forth by people. He thinks have stolen the election from him and our subverting this country. What do you think Trump would choose if he truly believes he will go to prison and his life will be over. I certainly believe trouble choose To resist and the people who know, support and love, Donald Trump will also choose to resist which why it's shocking to see Alan West say that law abiding state should have their own union, one that abides by the constitution. I certainly think the state should be abiding by the cap. institution, an interesting point I mentioned earlier that was brought up by Michael malice. Is that the second? I meant, guarantees our right to bear arms to protect ourselves and defend our state.
Yet in so many cities and states you're not allowed to, they have infringed upon your right. No other! You agree completely with it. Isn't the point. The point, as there are people who say it's wrong and people say right, craning, start cultural differences. Why why one person who believes in their right to sob individual sovereignty as a member, of the larger nation and community. Why would they just give that right up? If you are forcing someone to sacrifice these things, that I believe your forcing them to choose the only thing they can resistance. I'm sure the left would say exactly the same things, and I don't mean the Democrats. I mean the far left. The anti types. The tank ease end the era narco communist types, their problems. In their saying TIM, maybe now you understand why they don't like cops because the right, a revolution, etc, etc. They don't want to live under the conditions set forth by with a view as their conquerors, and therein lies of big challenge. Based on what you lose his S grant said, will anyone ever feel like there?
really being represented. You know there was a time when we had unity in this country and we had a strong community. We went to the moon, something we work together on, but there was still descent. There were still protest and really bad stuff too. I can state massacre. Is things happened? but there seem to have been an overarching community agreeing that we were all american today we don't have that. We have multi national billion dollar corporations. That say: we're we're behold into an international community. Not the EU it states and the people in the? U S, tromp supporters feel that we are a nation beat. You know what we are community unto ourselves that must protect? It must protect itself and support itself. America first, as they would say, men in the lead don't believe that they believe we should be giving foreign aid to third world countries while Flint is left struggling for clean water? Many of many people- NEO conservatives, embryo liberal,
types believe we should be in war in Afghanistan and Iraq, building streets and cities, but ignoring the pipes in Flint. This is, I think, something that populists probably recognized right now what they're going to risk to actually help their own communities. The people who are running the show, the big tech billionaires, the media companies there absolutely ink instead in making money and gaining power in other parts of the world, it just makes sense. Why be which American, when you can be a rich internationalist, go where every one of the planet control over whenever you want. So that means they are not here to support you as an american citizen, no they're here to make money. Of everybody and assert control over everybody. That's just what powerful elite have always done at a certain point. People realize
either you live under the rules of your conqueror and lose your rights. It is as a citizen and lose your property or you resist so really funny. Then, when you see things like this from military times, dot, com and October, twenty third, how the president could invoke martial law, they said, and then we got This December second calls for martial law, and, U S military oversight of new presidential election draws criticism. There's a decision being put forward between in front of the american people. the culture war divide has become so extreme. There's too, disparate realities see you back ceos that decoupling may it may occur, and I think it is. and then I see them trying to punish trump. It's a bad idea, As history has told us what happens when you persecute and prosecute a popular
Peter with seventy four million supporters. At the very least, there still quite a lot of people who work on a semi neutral in vote, but still like the guy and he's got a lot of opposition is well, should they risk the Manhattan DE fracturing this nation, because they want some kind of trumped arrangement come up against. Or should we say, let's let everyone settle down, let's let Trump live as life and work with them to keep him in the hold out the latter, but there is also another important question: what if Trump really do it commit these crimes. What, if there's legitimate reason to arrest him, they'll half do they would absolutely have to, and if Don't then? There is no rule of law anyway, so you just get elites and private less, to retain power, I think Ultimately, matters in the end, ah, whether they charge him or not, because the fact that there's a disparate were world view the fact that there are two distinct cultures fighting each other.
trying to gain power refusing to live under each other's ideology. Just as enough for me, I don't know what happens, perhaps a peaceful divorce Several states say we out the democratic states say what are we going to do about it? I think about the UK and how Scotland came to be a part of the of great Britain and then of eventually became the United Kingdom and I'm not a big history both on the UK. Anything like that, but wasn't at that Scotland was effectively conquered either way you look at certain Commonwealth Nations, Canada, Canada, isn't really. You know a work at the behest of the of the crown anymore these things have long since passed. We are no longer a world of bloody revolutions for the most part. Could it be that were passed? The point where anyone
but effectively stage a counter revolt if up several states, seceded from the union and stopped abiding by federal law. When anyone tolerate National guard going in and oppressing in killing people, I don't think they would. I think that if several states had we out, people would shrug and say what can we do, because no one will tolerate actual war and murder I'll we don't know, and I think my normalcy by a says this is all silliness and everything's gonna go back to normal, I suppose, will carry on with our lives. But there has been the case for years. Only escalated. So why Many thing else: it's one of those big challenges where I just don't know the future. I can't read the stars and I have no idea, but I do have a fear that if they try to lock trumped up there, will force his hand and then what will he say other than my supporters? Common protect me, and they will they absolutely will and will anyone tolerate the police shooting protesters- I don't think so,
That would only accelerate things. I guess we can only wait and see and I ll leave it. There The next item. It will be tomorrow at ten, a m over at Youtube outcome. slashed him cast thanks, rang it out, and I will see you all them. I did not vote in twenty sixteen, and this is why, I grew up in a world of revolving door. Politics where the heads of big corporations would get cushy positions and govern and the whole game was just with the right word. I'll say the game was rigged. Take that for what it is. Glenn Green Walled tweets this. If, during an election text, I ain't stake unprecedented steps to censor the internet to prevent the spread of incriminating reporting, but a candidate, then, of course, that candidate upon winning should turn key government posts over them. Anything else would be on guard for you see. Glenn Greenwell is talking about this tweet format, solar, the binding
transition is quietly pudding. Google and Facebook employs into its transition landing teams, that's right, quite possibly when the biggest stories of the past decade, maybe even to some people of our lives. The former vice president, sun and brother were under a federal increment were under federal criminal investigations. Plural because of illicit Business dealings that in some cases were facilitated by the former vice president, Joe Biden, Twitter, Facebook, Google acted to suppress this information in a variety of ways, and thus
Many people did not know that the man they would later go on to vote for was crooked, corrupt and, according to a family, confident Tony Bobby Linsky compromised by China. The store was suppressed. Well, thank the lucky stars for Joe Biden. They did and if as good as blind Greenwell says, the only appropriate thing to do is to reward these people. They saved you how set such a good display, a beautiful display of loyalty from Joe Biden, Biden, transition quietly brings on Facebook and Google employs between says from Matthew Stroller when the I'd intransigent team release the names of hundreds of personnel on November tenth there were zero, current facebook or Google employees among them, that's changed the transition website quietly added for Facebook and Google Imp
I used to its agency review teams on or close to Thanksgiving the hawk I'd, Stephen overly noticed all for continued to work at their companies while on the transition administration. Besides, I had a facebook, public policy official joined the State Department and International enveloped in a development deems why it was Andy Stone who said Facebook was suppressing the Hunter Biden, Laptops story, number that a lot of people might not because the story was suppressed and you wouldn't have learned about the crooked crony corruption of the Biden family. You know politico reported over a year ago about bite and ink. We know that he's been a corrupt. using the governments to empower and enrich his family than Fain ignorance, but we all get it. Ok, if your brother's getting million dollar lucrative contracts and your fly
in your son to China for private equity deals come on, we know exactly. What's going on, Facebook suppressed the story. to make sure this man got in and now he's people are getting jobs. Christopher Oppermint Facebook manager was added The small Business administration, Teen, Rachel, Lieber Facebook, director and Associate General Council now sits on the intelligence. Indeed, teen d on Scotty Google programme manager and alarm of about his Homeland Security Department will serve on the day. Just him up, it's even better use bar the b. I just under all bomber then went to go work for Google and now is going back home how beautiful Silicon Valley critics have pressured the incoming administration not to hire. People ties, the tech industry to senior posts, particularly individuals, associate with Facebook or and Google, which our funding off massive anti trust lawsuits. There are a number of former fur. Facebook leaders already in top positions on the transition limits me how things grow play up.
Serious action is being taken against these big tech companies. Ok, Anti trust accusation tens of censorship and bias demands that section two would he be removed outright reformed reform makes the most sense repealing as bad. So what is Joe Biden do? Why wonder? Why it is these companies supported Joe Biden, I do, will it make a bet? I believe the most likely outcome is that there will be some kind of action to placate enough of the masses to similar things down. You got to many people who are angry. Seventy four million people voted for Trump and even more than that who don't
leave the the election was free and fair. That's true, as several poles showing that kind of freaky. If you think about it, thirty percent of Democrats believe that there was fraud now, that's not so what they have to do as they can just come out right and be like. We are no longer going to break apart these companies and go after them. Joe Biden has just a presidency that Congress is out Senate to go so what he can do is potentially vetoes
and bills that might come through and provide favourable protections. Why is he bringing these people on? Well? The simple solution is that birds of a feather flock together. These people are probably just connected, but that's kind of the issue. People running you know Joe Biden campaign are connected to people, these big tech companies who were protecting him, helping him when he's going to return the favor to the best of his abilities. It won't be overt and outright to an extreme area in my opinion, but they will basically put their thumb on the scale to protect these massive multinational corporations and these big tech companies that allow them to stay in,
our and would silence the will of the people. What I mean by that in terms of silencing the will of the people is suppressing information, so that people cannot make the correct assessment. The weight that journalism is supposed to work is that you give people the information they need so that they can decide. That's not what we have today and worse still, we have these big tat Corporations that just don't let it happen anyway, but there is still some good news, everybody I know I know they're still some good news, apps you're concerned that with these people to leaving Facebook, who will stop hate speech if the Facebook employs go to Joe binds administration well now they're constrained by the first amendment, and that means no one's going to stop the hate speech on Facebook, I'm being sarcastic. I hope you're really will more facetious than anything fate. After the. U S, election key people
leaving Facebook and torturing the company in departure notes a departing Facebook employees of the social networks. Failure to act on hate speech makes it embarrassing to work here and that's the point even with these people leaving their still going to be this well. These people are yet right, there's to be a serious pressure on Facebook to ban speech. People don't like there's clear two different distinct cultures going on United States and they're not going to get along all that well, but when these people leave Facebook, these people who want to ban hate speech, you wonder what the culture of faith look as and you wonder who is going to be in that Biden administration. I want to say this for you. But I want I want to show you an example of I guess the severity of where we're at why this is just a facebook, I'm sorry to suggest Youtube and there's nothing here,
it just Youtube and it says this videos been removed for violating Youtube's community guidelines. This link was once an advertisement from Donald Trump complaining about voter frog. Youtube, Jabez removed it it. Yesterday we learned that Scott Atoms, a pundit commentator personality, had wanted is videos removed as well. You tube is suppressed information and opinions they dont like, and we all know it and now some of employees are we working with Joe Biden these people believe there. martyr than you there better than you and they have a right to control what you know why we're all allowed to have our opinions and draw our own conclusions. Let me put it this way. Youtube's new rule is that if you meet two criteria, they take your video down, and that is you have to claim the first criterion claiming there's widespread voter fraud or error. If you say that you are fine, but if you combine that with the second criteria, that, because of a truck lost,
that is a battle offence watch the video will be banned or moved on January. Twenty fell start issuing. Guidelines strikes for those that assert this Donald Trump puts out a video complaining about fraud and they remove it. The issue I have here as if you look at all the evidence particularly met brain or in the voter integrity project where he says we have evidence of potentially illegal balance is very precisely this in which there currently in litigation. So once does all wrapped up and will play a bigger conversation. He says that, let me just add some and are as the shout out to David Pachmann. I want to make sure he he he knows this, so he tweeted that a vote or fraud was essentially like religion. That people just believe it exists without evidence,
First, the big main reason why hard evidence isn't just being dropped on twitter. If anybody is interested in a good faith argument is because judges really don't like it when you litigate the case in public before they get a chance to see it, because it creates undue pressure on the courts and it's just if you're gonna bring a case bring to the judge not to twitter. In many of these circumstances, Matt Brainerd could not just published people's names and addresses you would be banned outright. That's dioxin! The courts also don't want in publishing the stuff, but he has offered up the data to journalists. I've had
a privilege to actually look at some of the data presented, and I can say I independently corroborated the ever some of the evidence he's had, and I believe that he is accurate and its assessment now. Based on that information, I am not saying truck. Should have wanted, but by no means we have not had the day in court, there's not been anything proven definitively, but I think it exists and it warrants and investigation Now I can say all that, but based upon seeing the evidence and saying this, would it be unreasonable for someone to conclude in their opinion that they feel something else that they believe Trump should have one, I believe, that's perfectly rational and reasonable. To conclude the I personally wouldn't because I want to see look I'll. I looked at summits, but since I corroborated it, it doesn't prove Trump lost the election because of fraud. It's just it. Just doesn't truck, comes out and says it. I do not agree with him,
but I do agree that there needs to be more investigation and we have not yet even had the money, the energy, the courts, a review of evidence. That's no good, but I've looked at it if someone concludes in their opinion, they feel one way. That's just an opinion. It is you can say your opinion is that, while I think I stand on the amount of touchdowns by this quarterback that this football teams gonna win. Well, you can't say that has not been proven. Gonna wait till they do, and now you can make predictions and you can give your opinion there is there. So you know many instances, in sports things not have consequences, so it might be. Like I don't know man, you know they bring this guy, he gets his big pr pitch all sudden their having him start. Yes, Europe, your are alluding to some kind of non criminal conspiracy happens all the time. the normal and rational opinion to say I've seen a couple of things now. I believe thing is the result of this. You two best said you cannot have that
pinion they will remove it. How is that in any way protected by section two hundred and thirty there's nothing objectionable having an opinion you can see, people are allowed to be dumb. People have dumb opinions, I'm not saying everyone's dumb, I'm just saying well degrees people have soup billions. I certainly have stupid opinions, because most of you have probably recognised something I've set. We liked him dumb for saying that. I certainly think my opinions, art dumb. The point is This is the censorship we are now seeing and Matt Tybee makes an excellent point. You two banners on american wrong and will backfire. Silicon Valley couldn't have designed a better way to further radicalized trump voters. I completely agree one hundred percent, my friends, I spoke with Google on the phone. I say: Google, I Google's a person. I spoke. employ yet Google about this to get a better understanding of what the rules are much. Ghana can't say, I believe, you are allowed to say, absurdities like dude
aliens. You know firing, a laser voting machines Trump had you get, the election was changes that you can say like ridiculous nonsense, I was told you can say: Trop actually won you can't say that the election was stolen from trompe. Just can't combine those two things. this conversation I had with them. I asked them. Look the people, the people that I talk to Google are not the bosses; they don't make these decisions, so it really is just the messenger coming and I'm not going too well. I won't use at the Hague analogies because I won't be like three hundred where the guy comes and goes this spot on. He kicked me now I get it the person I'm talking to cant, do anything other than tell me what they ve been told but I said to them: are you intentionally trying to make everyone? whose their minds for four years longer
we ve been. We ve had insane comments and videos on social media that russian interference to this day. Videos that claim Donald Trump did not logical who won the election and due to russian manipulation, interference and hacking. Hillary Clinton lost. That was all acceptable. Always do you think people are blind stupid so now they were all this new rule, then I said all you're doing a signalling to conservatives. You will not respect them and you will never allow them a fair chance at understand or communicating were sharing that their ideas. So yes I said I believe you have just created the fastest path towards radicalization, because bit shoot mines and parlor still exist platforms with which many
People are still communicating in sharing videos now they're telling each other how insane things have gotten and dangerous. They ve gotten how these people at Google guess what, after they do, this Joe Biden Give some of my job, I'm not saying this guy from Google worked on any these projects, but it is. Massive conflict of interest to be directly benefited by the manipulation of search, The manipulation of auto Phil results or suppressing Youtube content. And then say you're gonna hire some guy because we While the connections? I know Google's a big companies lot of employees, conflict of interests still metal, you be says, start with the headline supporting the twenty twenty? U S, election Youtube and its company. I can't even say banning election conspiracy theories. They have to employ orwellian language of politicians healthy for clear sign skies, supported elections, because google- and you too,
are now political actors who can't speak plainly any more than a drunk and walk in a straight line, this announcement came down at roughly the same time hunter buying was announcing. That is, tax affairs were under investigation by the? U S: attorney in Delaware, part of that investigation concerned whether or not he had violated tax in money laundering laws as see it and put it foreign countries per hour principally, China. That news was denounced as russian disinformation. My virtually every in reputable media who often dismissed the story with an aristocratic snort Allah. Chris, Deanna Cristiani Aman Poor or the worst of the worsen snooty fake news journalists, I'm going to read through everything, because you get the point. What that met, typees, try to make they suppressed information. That would have hurt Joe Biden Facebook directly stated we were limiting the reach of this story. They set it out right now, removing content and leaks theirs
Still a name, you can't say on Youtube in Facebook and Joe Biden rewards employees at these company companies with jobs sought the first I'm he's done it. I believe there's also like Twitter, employed and other faced with employee who have made it ultimately, where this leads us. Right wing, individuals, conservative individuals and anybody not to know on what you'd call it while the factions are call it right call it left whenever there are aware that we are being lied to and many people it is an effectively. They are spitting on us in our faces and laughing, because no one's gonna do anything and no one no one ever has what can be done. Republicans like to play politics go to for the courts, and most republican politicians literally do nothing at the best. Isn't it regular
The people, you know, I think it's funny, Andrew under Yang as a book called the war on normal people, and I'm like, I wonder what he thinks the war or normal people is because I think it's this. I think its regular people being restricted from communicating. I think its anti scientific locked down to destroy the livelihoods of of working class individuals and when these people try to stand up and speak out their smacked in the face, spat on and laughed at. They think that electing a republic and he's gonna help him silly silly naive fools saw I hate to say and autonomy mean anybody, but if you think electing a Republican is help you out, as the Democrats play crony politics and our, eating your sorely mistaken. Ok, these these reply begins. Almost all of them are part of the exact same political establishment, its effect to always been, and now you had one hundred and twenty six republican House members. I will
They are right. You know, ok, good on them. I guess for signing on to support Donald Trump and is Texas Suit, which ultimately didn't do make. It may be legal change our, but just that that sixty four percent of the republican House we're not the rest of us. You see, even the ones who signed on in my opinion, only did it because they saw what happened to Purdue unlawful or when these Republicans we're not coming out going the war for many peoples and I'm not going to vote for him. Trump supporters are not Republicans the Republicans had their day and they ve lost it. I think at this point many people realise their worthless supper. I thank you not ran Paul for the most part rents cool do I was but a big fan of ran and run Paul, and not even completely agreement with their policy positions, but more of the general ideology of freedom, liberty and individualism. I definitely respect so wrong. You get free pass your good dude and their there. There
There's a handful of others. Tarsi Gabert continually proves that she is of principle and she's red she's. Just awesome she's come, a couple bills recently that I believe shows that she is a good person with integrity standing offer. She believes and in the face of this ridiculous political tribalism, Certainly neither are perfect and you know not not complain favorites, but in a ran. Paul is legit. You know, I mean, tells you Gabert school she's also legit, but I owe you know, ran Paul's,
you know I ll leave it there. I clearly, I think, Randalls, one of US politicians. We have another completely agree with them, but perhaps it will see as well she's my second favorite without trying to be disrespectful anyway. Long story short. This is what we had before. This is what I've seen throughout my life. You get. Some guy works, this big conglomerate nasty company and then we were tyres then gets a government appointed to a government position as an argument there that present problems experienced these companies, but it's gonna hook up his crony buddies. Look! It's a Dick Cheney, wicked Halliburton, look at the war in Iraq and then what happens. Brok, Obama gets elected, Joe Biden overseeing Iraq. He puts his brother and shot well look at his brother gets a bundle.
Joe lucrative contracts are makes a lot of money. That's the name of the game. They are extracting value to enrich and empower themselves, so they will always be on top, and this is just another example. Joe Biden is obligated he's obligated to support those. helped him win in some way or another at the very least, individuals taking these jobs? Divine transition team are going to be very well connected to these big tech companies and that's the point: it's not just about rewarding them. It's about Joe Biden saying who do I call who do you call when you got your twitter post sensor when you got your Facebook post censored when you to bend your video? Who did you call? No one? That's right, you got no one. A call Joe Biden brings these people on because they worked in these offices and now he's got someone a call
Now, when they see a video from Donald Trump and Trot says, there's fraud, Joe Biden looks over to this guy says, give a call to some. You know, make a call to somebody over it. Google will you do it like? Oh yeah, I know tons of people at Google. Is a call to one of his bodies a we have this veto from Trump. Can you do some about it? No ego plain and simple: that's how it is done. That's what it's about strategic positioning, they don't care about you, it's a big club, a new way It's the same club that used to beat you over the head with that's what George Carlin said think it was a great bit. He said something else that I can't repeat in that joke, but you know it's a family friendly show for the most part. I expected things like this. I expect more like this I'd, be surprised if you thought anything else was going to happen and I'll just wrap it up with. If you think the Republican Party is going to do right by you and voting for them at your best bet,
think I think that's nuts, I do they. It's fair point out. You know having Republicans control, the Senate will slow things down, but I you think it's fair to say that if Purdue and Lawful- or they are only one of em- needs to win. But I mean look, the run offs are happening basically the same time, so I don't. I was gonna win do they it's interesting. People are saying that only people who voted in the first election are a whore eligible to vote. can vote now, so nobody registrations, not gonna matter, but the trial of people who are already registered. It's gonna be both or none. I don't I don't. I don't think it matters I. If the Republicans when I think it might slow things down, but our publicans are going to do. Anything like I was saying earlier on, how come we don't get? I think, maybe as it is, the people segment, but the point was: how can we don't get Republicans
the king for universal done ownership. We get the left advocating for universal health care where the where it, where the Republican sang it there should be a law passed that says it is mandatory to own a gun. Is AIDS mandatory to buy insurance that wasn't took us up when the left past the law? a saying. When the Democrats did, you must buy insurance or get a fine. What, where the Republicans to pass the Lausanne you must by a gun or pay a fine? What what went on? Why cause republican zone doing even.
Next augments, coming up at four p m over at Youtube COM slashed him cast. Yes, yes, I know you may be saying, but I'm on Youtube to guess no you're, not it might say TIM cast down below because you tube did that for some reason. But if you go to Youtube Dotcom slashed him cast, it is in fact a different channel check it out subscribe type it in a sharp edged bar press enter and all the other video up at four p m. Today. Thanks ran up, and I will see well then.
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