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The ACLU Is Becoming a Far Left Advocacy Group

2018-06-22 | 🔗
The ACLU has been backing away from free speech in areas where it could impact marginalized communities. A memo was recently leaked showing that not only will they take "special consideration" when dealing with certain speech but they won't support being armed at a rally either.It would seem that based on the rhetoric the ACLU is pushing far left talking points and actually stating they must consider whether defending absolute free speech is worth it. They claim to defend the constitution but would back away from the first amendment and the second amendment.What happened and why is the ACLU backing away from free speech?SUPPORT JOURNALISM. Become a patron athttp://www.patreon.com/Timcast

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The ACL. You is no longer the amount can civil liberties union. They are not fighting civil liberties, they are fighting for one political, fast, ideology and use it. The constitution to defend that. Why, in my opinion, because they ve made a fuck load of money, doing it pardon my French, but that's what we saw last year, and seeing them back away from their principles is absolutely discussed it before I get started. Making repatriation come afford. Slashed him cast during this work is costly, is expensive. It's my full time. Job and I really do rely on the support of all of you who watch in order to keep doing this. So if you I do appreciate my videos and want to see me do more reporting and on the ground reporting. Please consider becoming a patron
from reason. Leaked internal memo reveals the ACL. You is wavering on free speech. Our defensive speech may have a greater or lesser harmful impact on the equality and justice work to which we are also committed. The american Civil Liberties Union will weigh its interest in protecting the first amendment against its other commitments to social justice, racial equality and women's rights. Given the possibility offensive speech, my undermined, ACL. You goals our defences, Each may have a greater or lesser harmful impact on the equality and justice work to which we are also committed, wrote ACL, used. For us in a confidential memo obtained by former board member Wendy Camera reason says it's hard to see this as anything other than a cowardly retreat from a full throated defence of the first amendment, moving forward when deciding whether to take a free speech case, the organization will consider factors such as the present and historical context of the proposed speech, the potential effect on marginalize communities. The extent to which this
each may assist in advancing the goals of white, supremacist or others whose views are contrary to our values and the structure and power inequalities in the community, in which the speech will occur, values, structural inequality, rhetoric, often used by the far left let's take a look at some of the history of the ACL you to understand how this is a dramatic shift from their own. Website eighteen, seventy eight taking a stand for free speech and Skokie the ACL. You took a controversial stand for free speech by defending a nazi group that wanted to march through Chicago suburb of Skokie, where many holocaust, sir, ever lived, the notoriety of the case caused the ACL you dearly as members left in droves, but too many it was our finest hour come to represent our unwavering commitment to principle on their way it says the ACL. You was frequently asked to explain its defence of certain people or groups particularly controversial, and popular entities such as the American Nazis, the coup Klux Clan and the new.
Of Islam. We do not defend them because we agree with them. Rather defend their right to free expression and free assembly, and in there I've done menu. It says we're almost one hundred years the acl you has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitution and the laws of the United States. So something has changed and I'm going to lay out exactly what has changed before I do. Let's take it this memo and red exactly what the ACL you has planned for free speech and the right to bear arms in the memo there's section all the consideration specific do speech cases in carrying if the ACL use commitment to defend freedom of speech, a number of specific considerations may arise. We emphasise that, in keeping with our commitment to advancing free speech for all these are neutral principles that apply to all speakers, irrespective of the speakers particular political views, but first parent, I actually can agree with as whether the speaker seeks to engage in or promote violence. Yes, inside
violence is not defensible, it's actually it's a crime. It's not free speech. However, below this we see whether the speakers seek to carry weapons, but Since a weapons can be intimidating and inimical to the free exchange of ideas, they can she'll speech and justify state suppression of protest accord we, the Asia, you generally one not represent protestors who seek to March while armed what about people who are protesting for their right to bear arms, which is the second amendment which the ace How you claims to defend the rights guaranteed by the constitution, They are now saying they will not defend people if they plan to protest well armed, and I can understand that to an extent because of what we saw it. That's where we see people showing up with weapons and clubs etc. However, we have right to bear arms in this country, and so it's a gift. Situation out imagine the acl you has taken the side of opposing the constitution in this matter. The people have a right to bear
arms, the ACL. You will not defend you if you decide to an just below that. It says the IMF other proposed speech and the impact of its suppression. The parrot It is rather long winded, but it does say the organization equally committed to free speech and equality. We should make every effort to consider the consequences of our actions for constitutional law. For the community in which the speech will occur, and for this eager and others who speech might be suppressed in the future. This is a very typical, far left talking point most people on the moderate left and right agree with free speech, but the far left believes that- speech free speech can actually be violence against marginalize communities. It can actually They seek to suppress the speech of minority groups, and that is a fringe position. The ACL, you is now parents and to give you an example that the rhetoric goes beyond just this memo. We saw this post from David call August. Twenty fourth TWAIN, seventeen on the show you website why we must defend free speech at the bottom.
Of the article he says. Tolerating such speech reinforces harms that this nation has done to African Americans from slavery through Jim Crow. Today's de facto segregation implicit bias structural discrimination and stuff Others argue that, while it might have made sense to tolerate nazis marching in Skokie nineteen, seventy eight now when white supremacist have a friend in the president himself, our and influence they wheeled justify a different approach once again, far left rudder, because Average person left your average person walking around in New York City and times where doesn't believe these things. So why is it that the ACL? You is now parroting, far left rhetoric? Well now, I'm gonna tell you why, from the New York Post January thirtieth, seventeen, the ACL, you gets record donations after trumps immigration ban, the amount and civil liberties Union has broken its fund, raising records after receiving millions of donations and responds to bear
flash over President trumps executive order banning people from seven majority muslim countries from entering the? U S, according to reports, the Non profit organization raked in a total of twenty four million dollars for more than three hundred and fifty thousand donors. Since Saturday I ever the ACL you raises about four million dollars online per year. Several marrow organisation and other legal roof sued. The White House, on behalf of two iraqi men who were detained at the JFK Airport after arriving Friday, so there you have it they ITALY would raise four million dollars, but after opposing down trumps moratorium on travel from these certain countries. They received twenty four. Or a million dollars six times MT. They normally made in a single campaign. In only a few days that says a lot to people who work at the ACL. You obviously the people who were donating to the ACL. You are the resistance people who oppose Donald Trump people who believe that we are now living under fascists and
we saw from the sentence from David call on the ACL. You website he actually things that Donald Trump is a friend to white supremacist now, I'm not gonna argue whether or not he is present, but simply that that is a far left talking point that is now repeated by the ACL you? Unsurprisingly, only a few months after they receive record donations from this political faction. So what happened? After this that made the acl you double down on backing away from free speech short Seville happened and the ACL you defended the right of the organizers to have their event, something that caused great backlash for the ACL you when they were forced to defend, supporting, unite the right following well? We saw the story from Vocs wives A seal? You is adjusting its approach to free speech after Charlottesville, be a ceiling
positioned itself to leave the resistance now its deepest traditions could be at stake. It starts with the quote: the Asia. You has blood on its hands. It was not uncommon sentiment in the wake of last week's unite. The right road in Charlottesville, in which thirty two year old had our higher was killed, allegedly at the hands of white supremacist James Alex Fields, junior and far right activists, assaulted and intimidated. Her protesters, the ACL, you had suit the city of Charlottesville to allow unite the right. Rarely to happen downtown, and now it had happened and blood had been spilled. The tell you rebranded itself for the resistance, and now it's reaping the backlash by February. The organization and raised seventy nine million dollars since the election from one million donors, its membership, had more than doubled, but, along with that flood of support, came he acts. Station at the ACL? You actually do something with it and become a resistance leader. They doubled their donors. They broke fund, raising records,
and now the ACL. You is doubling down on joining the resistance, a political ideology there. Thousand rhetoric, typically associate with far left not with defending civil liberties the ACL. You is no longer the amount and civil liberties union. They are not fighting civil liberties? They are fighting for one police. All factions, ideology and using the. Institution to defend that. Why, in my opinion, because they ve made a fuck load of money, doing it pardon my French, but that's what we saw last year, And seeing them back away from their principles is absolutely disgusting too many people are spineless. I don't want to me and then get mad I found a video that disagrees with your opinion, so when you compare and me about how I was wrong. I don't deserve your donation than fine. Take your money and leave. I don't want when you don't it to me for that, I do the only guarantee you have is that I'm going to do what I think is right, but I'm going to uphold my principles
an idea. Well will uphold the right to free speech and our God Damn constitution, because without that, what do we really have the people at waiting for the removal of free speech protections that people were advocating for hate speech law, don't realize They will come next because we are already seeing examples of it now when they talk about hate speech against protected groups and on Facebook, and that's a policy that white men are protected group. They freak out the store, back in December Facebook bans, then for saying mean things about men. The story says this means derived. Toy comments about white men aren't allowed on the service as both race gender are protected while derogatory let's about women, drivers and black children, are thus saying all men God would be technically against facebooks policies. These policies that you advocate, That is why we need groups that are willing to stand up for the bill of rights and stand up for civil liberties, because the government will way
no time in taking away your right to speech the moment you demand they take it away from someone else and what's party only baffling about all of this is that the current power structure, the president, his administration, there, the people suppose it yet eyes with the resistance. So why would the resistance fighters to empower the government which is currently operating under the Trump administration? I would you advocate taking guns away from people if your scared of a fascist take over from Donald Trump. Why would you The removal of free speech if tromp is in office and the executive branch will just say: ok, no more free speech. Yours is the first to go as far as I'm concerned. At this point it would seem the acl you is compromised. View them as another progressive ideological organization that does not see to guarantee civil liberties for all people, just for them was that a line with its faction and for those who are lining its pockets with gold because again record funding
Seventy nine million dollar since the election, doubling their membership. Is it any surprise taking this position. I don't think it is don't you think the commons below will keep a conversation going? am. I wrong here- unama little heated, because I feel so strongly about the right to free expression. It's absolutely paramount and the ACL. You has falter on this. The one thing really annoys me. The most about people is spineless. The inability to say this is what I believe in and I will defend it. I have no problem if you have no opinion on certain issues. A problem of your undecided on certain issues, but when you have a principle, stand by it and don't back down, not even money but again current below and keep the conversation going. You can follow on Twitter item cast, stated new videos every day at four p m. Thank you also much watching, and I will see
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