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The Democratic Party Is CRUMBLING, Super Tuesday Is The Day We Witnessed The Democrats Collapse


The Democratic Party Is CRUMBLING, Super Tuesday Is The Day We Watched The Democrats Collapse. Joe Biden is the official frontrunner, the best the Democratic Establishment could offer.A man who can barely speak and could barely win without establishment support. What makes Democrats think that Sleepy Joe will be able to win against Trump?NothingBut Bernie is worse in the eyes of the Democrats. The fracturing of the left and conflict with far left activists has left them no choice. The only option establishment Democrats have at this point is to sabotage their own party with a weak and ineffective b team candidate in an effort to stifle Bernie Sanders.Meanwhile Trump is coasting by as usual, laughing all the way as Republicans enjoy party unity under the current president.

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Today is the day the Democratic Party finally dies. You see it super Tuesday, possibly the most important day and the democratic nomination process. When many states are going to vote on who they think should be the day. Craddock. Now many and here's the Great NEWS, PETE loaded, Judge Club, which are they draw, Doubt nay, endorsed Joe Biden. That's right, sleepy creepy Joe was the best. The Democrats have to offer I'm not just gonna ragged Joe Biden here I gotta talk about all of the cap It's got, Bernie Sanders a seventeen year old socialist. We just at our tat. You ve got Michael Bloomberg, who base We bought his way into the this race, unknown gonna, say something rather silly. The youngest man running to be president of the United States. Is seventy three year old, Donald Trump. Now I think Donald Trump is old, but I
he's running as the incumbent he's still the oldest president ever be elected, but let's go. Let's give our focus the Democratic Party, because this is it. This is what they have to offer the young that younger candidates. Say younger, maybe booted judges and authorities club which are and how old she is. But now with a bunch, seventy year olds, who will end what will we running for re election in their eighties? That's me is shocking, but Look at Joe Biden, you see a lack of ability, lack of leadership and inability to speak properly doesn't know areas. That's. Why their rallying behind. There is no party left. There is no unity. Because on the other side you have Bernie Sanders now Bernie There has also flip flopped, even though many people try to pretend. Like he's somehow been consistent, maybe on some issues but on immigration, second amendment and even contested conventions. Lo and behold, Bernie Sanders has not been consistent. Now you can claim he both on the issues. Fine, but that's it. They say
but literally every politician in com, a flip labour or said they evolved, but the point as Bernie Sanders has changed his positions, but more important. He's a socialist. He probably won't wait. If you were to ask me, people in America are going to vote for a socialist and many people feel that his supporters, the woke I did a terrier, far Left- have pushed them out of the Democratic Party, I certainly feel that way. I know many people who have in fact poles from gallop show that people as of twenty two at the end of twenty nineteen in twenty twenty are more likely to say their republican, less likely to say they are Democrats. Why there is no party leadership, there's none! There's an insurgent base of left wing populists and socialists trying to push their way and who hold for the most part fringe. I did a terrier views that regular people don't want to be associated with, and then you have the crony establishment, literally propping up a guy who does not have the ability to be a later, because the Duke can't even talk straight
don't get me started on Bloomberg. That guy should even be there. He bought his way into the party. So there is no party Bloomberg a former republic in turned into pendant now Democrat doesn't even know what is political alignment is and he's worse than trump? This is who the Democrats have been rallying behind, because we can see from poles as we enter super Tuesday in extent. So the democratic voters. I normally don't like to drag the people, but I gotta do it. I'm gonna walk you through all of this, but the point is: even the polls show us that people are voting based on principle. There are not voting for what the Democratic Party stands for their just voting because they don't like Trump, and that was the plan the whole time and that's why they're propping up Joe Biden? They don't care, they don't think they ll win as long as they apply those trump that's all they care about and they will lose because of it. Both sides get started. Take a look at this first story, super Tuesday miracle, every
suddenly going right for Biden after near collapse of his campaign. I cannot stress enough. Biden was in free, fall in the polls in the prediction models and then all of a sudden, the establishment rallied behind them a guy, who clearly couldn't win on his own. A man who could not went on his own then gets support of the other Canada to drop out abruptly to endorse and you think he's gonna make it no its establishment support carrying but before we before we dive into this had over its him cast outcome slashed on it. If you'd like to support my work, there's a pay pal option, crypto option a physical out, but the best thing you can do is share this video. You see I'm hoping that by sharing it, we could break, ECHO Chambers, but unfortunately I dont think we will. However, sharing does still how bout my my channel youtube right now is suppressing channels like mine, so I will also add, if you haven't subscribed- and you do like my content- hither Subscribe- button click the notification Bell because it supports.
Then tell you when I put a videos, but in fact Youtube still doesn't do it, but it is better than nothing. So again, if you like the like, if you like the kind of theirs, what you can do, re just a little bit, because I really want to move forward with what the democratic establishment is doing, not just to prop up a man who clearly can't win but to stop Bernie Sanders and don't forget I've got some. I've got some criticisms, common Barneys Way, they say the combat kid. Joe Biden may or may not have pulled off a bill, Clinton style recovery for his primary campaign, but at least for now the pudding stars are aligning for the democratic presidential candidate who was all but counted out after failing to win any of the first weekend, now, after dominating the South Carolina primary and seeing his rivals bow to endorse them. Joe Biden is right, who position himself as the moderate alternative to Denmark, at Socialist Bernie Sanders, as Super Tuesday arrives. I am very much alive. He told supporters. Now I dont know if he meant that figure
Lee or literally, but he probably need to remind them of both if you get the joke. Perhaps the clean bill of health for his campaign was worth stating the former vice president was the front runner the democratic presidential primary four months before he and his gaff prone can pain steadily, slid down the poles being overshadowed by several candidates with better funding, more polish and more apparent grassroots excitement. But me stop as a reason why I am highlighting the story is to show you that one Joe Biden is only being propped up by the establishment with the resignations of peat vote, a judge in any club which are now Joe Biden is spiking in the polls take a look at this real clear politics shows that Joe Biden is on the rebound and Bernie Sanders is falling now here the question I have we would Bernie Sanders go down in the polls simply because Joe Biden is going up in the poles who doesn't make sense. You can say Job
and went up when the establishment candidates bowed out of the race and endorsed him. Their supporters now go for Joe Biden, but why they leave Bernie Sanders. Ah, I can tell you exactly why you see Joe Biden the front runner for a long time- and I have no idea why and then he fell off in the polls. This is where I can show you the Democratic Party, that the problems in the fracture and the death of the party extensive democratic base. There is no principle unity. The the democratic parties. Walker and saying we stand for this and we will vote for it there walking. And saying we don't like Trump and that's it. So when Joe Biden didn't win the first couple of primaries, what happened? People said they work in a vote form not because they liked or disliked as policy to every progressive who said standards can win by uniting progressive snowy. Can't the only thing people care about right now in the polls is whether or not they think they ll win. That's it
you can come out and say I wanna do ex wines and also I dont care. Can you be Trump? That's it so now Joe Biden, tanks Bernie Sanders spikes and then nobody when South Carolina, which is just more bad news for Democrats when's North Carolina, I'm sorry South Carolina and now all of a sudden people too about four Bernie anymore. I thought there was a new progressive coalition lining up for burning await it's just not the case today marks the day that a lot of things are gonna happen. We're going to see later today, if voter turnout is high and it likely and what might begin Well, but it could be wrong by time you're watching this. Maybe you already know we're also gonna see who is set to become the real front, runner and aim to win at this upcoming convention, but there's just so much bad news: five thirty. Eight prediction model clearly has no idea what's going on and shows the same. Friends. We saw in the polls Bernie spikes them
Many drops- and I could you not as of right now they say that Joe Biden has a thirty one percent chance of being the nominee However, there is a sixty one percent chance. No one winds and it goes to a contested convention which brings me to the next bit of flak move, and I to Mr Bernie Sanders. Now I want to be fair. First role Stone has just run the story operation, Ernie Block is in full effect confused about the flurry of it was the presidential race years what it all means. Well, I'm dive into this. I'm going to highlight the mission, in rallying behind Joe Biden is absolutely intended to stop. Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden has nothing in terms of leadership abilities be the president. Look at the guy doesn't know where he is so choosing him just to make sure Bernie doesn't when they would
burn down their own party and the New York Times even wrote the story interviewing several party members super delegates, politicians, they all said the same thing. They will stop at nothing to prevent Bernie Sanders from taking over their party. Dare I say it The party is collapsing, their propping up a man, they know can't win because they don't like Bernie Sanders their facing it insurgent campaign and they refuse to back down. But all this means to me is that the party has no unifying principles. There fractured six ways from Sunday. There is no party, it's over, no matter who wins The party is done, the youngest people have bowed out, get a bunch of old guys, nobody wants and that's all they have to offer. Now I will point to Michael Bloomberg. First.
In my criticism of Bernie Sanders and trust me. This makes sense. Michael Bloomberg said he can't win without a contested convention. This is from Buzzfeed NEWS and surprise. Surprise. Michael Bloomberg brings up a couple good points. First, I believe he is correct when he says he can't win without a brokered convention, because he actually skipped some states he bought his weight in the first place. So let me stop for a right now, let while it wouldn't. Let me show you where bloomer examples here actually around sixteen point, two percent he's doing pretty I'll better than he has done so far. This is a guy who bought his way in which means you ve got a bit. Of the Democratic Party sang establishment candidate. We dont care. As long as you winds, you got another group saying Progressive Canada. We dont care so long as he wins and then that other groups. I give it to the guy who's like trot, but worse. What? What unifying principles does his party have at all you gotta guy, actively saying he needs a convention to win and here's what we get?
asked what states he expects to win Tuesday. Bloomberg said I don't know why either you're gonna win any you. Dont have to win, Bates you have to win delegates. Excuse me, one report ask him if he wants the primary to go into a contested convention. He said I dont think that I can win any other ways and there it is he's not play while he, I guess technically, he's looking to play to the rules, but not actually when support here is the best part, though, which brings me to my Bernie criticism. A contested convention is a democratic process there rules and the Democratic Party about how you about this, and I did Bernie Sanders said, all of a sudden he didn't want to follow the rules. I find it offensive that Bernie Sanders. The last time you ran was in favour of that kind of convention and now he's up. To it. Well wait a minute wait a minute, Mr Bloomberg,.
You mean to tell me that a twenty sixteen Bernie Sanders wanted a contested convention, but now he sang it, you just go to whoever gets the most delegates, certainly that camp. Oh, that is true, but there's some caveats here: Sanders campaign planning for contested convention April. Fifth, twenty Sixteen well hold your horses there. Mister you mean to tell me that we got a bunch of hypocrites who can't led running for the Democratic Party. Yes, the party is done. It's dead. It's today when the last remaining moderates, who supposed to be holding things together, bout out to endorse a guy who can ever lead this country properly. They showed as that they are now the beating Joe Biden, is the b team. He was the b team in two thousand eight and he is today number Sanders is the eighteen of the Socialists, but he's not what America really wants, and the polls, in my opinion, prove it, which means the Democratic Party doesn't have anything. It is a chicken running, its head cut off, but let me throw some shade your way. Mr Sanders Bernie,
there's well, sir, surpass democratic front runner. Hillary Clinton in Pledge delegates and emerges the nominee and at a contested convention, his campaign said Tuesday will hold on I'll, be fair back when the Tori came out. He was expecting to have the most pledge delegates and if that was the case well, then it did sort of stands by what what he said. You know, just as at the last debate at over its most delegates should wear Ok, so you probably saying now tim- I don't understand why hold on because it was just about a month later Bernie Sanders vows a contested convention despite tough road ahead, the underdog presidential candidate in the democratic primary admitted uphill climb to nomination, but promised to shape parties future. Why, in this store, we can see Bernie. And are said it is virtually impossible for Helen. Clinton to reach a majority of convention delegate's by June Fourteenth, which is the last day, a primary will be held with pledge delegates alone,
we will need super delegates to take her over the top at the convention in Philadelphia. In other words, the contention will be a contested contest. So what was Bernie Sanders saying Van as they approached the Dnc, Hillary Clinton will probably have the most. She it's not gonna have enough, therefore contested convention all the way. Bernie Sanders just say: you are going to debate the Democrat with most delicate should win and of worse. Bernie Sanders supporters came out of the woodwork to claim he was the only candidate sang the popular vote should when, while the rest of them wanted a contested convention, I find it silly. You see Bernie Sanders campaigns to have came out at a bunch of nasty things and he didn't say anything about it. Only The establishment comes, after my suppose, but hold on a minute Bernie Sanders was the underdog in twenty sixteen and he wanted a contested convention. So now what changed? Oh now he's projected to win. While he was projected to wear at the time they thought you get. The most deadly
let's see how fast he spends around as soon as oh Biden starts taking the lead. I don't know if you will, because them generous. You know, production models have Joe Biden, trailing Bernie Sanders to a certain degree, but the five thirty eight production model, shoves bird, that Joe Biden is actually in a better position to win then Bernie Sanders. Let me show you something, though, and I want to be fair. I will be fair to Bernie Sanders. Don't play these games on Monday to politics and the twenty sixteen Democratic Party presidential primary Hillary Clinton at two thousand two hundred seventy one delegates to Bernie Sanders. One thousand eight hundred twenty Hillary Clinton had the popular vote and she had the delicate count Bernie should it just walked away and said o k and guess what Bernie did so I can respect that not Buddy endorsed Hill. No, I don't respect that at all. I think he's a hypocrite for doing softer, rang out for so long but he then said you know what fine I'm not gonna contested whatever
it matter. Anyway. The delegates got the Super delegate's Cayman, but here's the thing Bernie can look at that the broad support of organisms. I see Bernie endorsed Hilary once she had the Lebanon and in another they changed the rules Bernie and his and is as activists got, the rules changed, because if it wasn't for super delegates. It would have been a contested convention. Just like Bernie Sanders wanted hypocrisy. I do not trust eighty people and if you wanna, come at me say. Bernie Sanders has simply evolved on issues. Fine. So as everybody else, I don't care over on the Sanders for President Sub brought it one of the top posts was ragging on jobs, position on gay marriage, but what about Bernie Sanders? Flit flopping, of course, then try unqualified, say: I'm not saying it's position, didn't change. No, I get it it's politics. They all do it when the super delegate's put Hillary Clinton over the top Bernie and his people came together. His activists to say no more super delegates. They changed the rules. So now the super It's only vote in the second round. Now that the contact, the contested can,
engine threatens Barneys. I know no, only the popular vote should win. I get it now. They were get rid of Super delegate's altogether. Fine body would have one in that case, but they were so happy for contested convention, but they re they wouldn't when no matter what so they changed the rules and now they don't want the contested convention. Spare me the party done. There is no integrity, there is no honour and I'm not interested in playing your games. You think I'm Making this up, let me show you some from the nation are contested convention is exactly what the Democratic Party needs. May. Third, twenty sixteen just two days after that, Guardian Nicole Bernie Sanders will go to Philadelphia with more pledge delegate's than any insurgent in modern history. Here's what he could do with them, but not the popular vote This fans we're still saying contested convention. What did everyone say when Bernie one upon the debates? Agents had Nope delegates should when they all clap insured? That's right, Bernie, only those,
popular vote should win, that's not what they were saying and twenty sixteen the party is dead hypocrites all about, because guess what happened yesterday? I love it from the nation. Again, a brokered convention would be an ugly active self sabotage our establishment Democrats really willing to destroy the party on live television at so funny when Bernie Andrews was trailing, they said bring on the convention and now that is actually doing no, no wait, wait that would be self sabotage. You, Norman arms. I'm so over the sheer and utter hypocrisy, but we were, have hypocrisy without some backfiring from the far left has called for and and the Democrats, but I want to entertain you all with a little bonus segment.
About how this is all backfiring. The Democrats, but first I want to make sure I just really drive home Bernie Sanders is not the most consistent or is not perfectly consistent and it is fair to say everybody changes their opinions. But what I've seen from burning camp about the brokered convention His position on gun control and its position and immigration shows he's just saying what he needs to say to win. You know why people think he's consistent with a broken clock is right, is right twice a day so Bernie. Anders held a bunch of positions in the early nineties in the eighties that he still holds today that have now been. Generally just aligned with where the left is that Burma is a progressive. He fought for civil rights are respected, but it wasn't that these are the right position. United, its other bodies, consistent it's that these were his views and the party how aligned more so with him so what'd Bernie, say I will change my other opinions to better line up with my opportune let me tell you about the millionaires and the billion is yeah Bernie used.
Rag on the millionaires in the billionaires up until he became a millionaire? Now it's but billionaire class. Oh please dude like I with nine hundred and ninety nine million dollars can interfere, no Bernie stop saying millionaire because he is one because he is not consistent. He is just saying what he needs to say to win can't say word millionaire anymore, because he's a milliner get. You still can Bernie. That's what bothers me. That's the proof as far as I'm concerned, just because Bernie made a million bucks doesn't mean he should stop saying failures, but he did and someone actually tracked when he stopped and was right all the time he became a millionaire. That's it. To me, what do you think happens of burial become a billionaire? No, no! No! It's not the billion it's not about. Sixty two trillion is not he'd. Still what's left the likely becomes a billion Iceland in on. You can absolutely be wealthy and call out the Well You can absolutely be super rich and say I think we should have some reforms in this country. Why would Bernie drop the millionaire? Oh it's because, like his position and immigration, gun control and
good convention. He will just say what he needs to say like everybody else, but Eleanor Thank you to those that supported Bernie Sanders, the resistance types who couldn't defend free speech, even though the politician they loved, depended upon it, see the resistance types want censorship on social media, but so did the Bernie Sanders people up until the media came for them. Let me show you something: truly, truly hilarious. There's a tweet from JANET these could be announcing the name on Twitter, as Limited Jordan Sheraton's account for reporting Joe Biden, its own words, because Joe Biden said Super Thursday. He really did say super Thursday quickly corrected himself, but Jordan, tweeted out that Joe Biden did saying titanic me iceberg Europe, but by PETE Amy all falling in line behind Biden, while Biden tells voters to go out on Super Thursday. Titanic me iceberg. So this is one that is account. You can't tweet guess what
it was your side advocating for this. It was the leftists it's it's. Why people like me, and maybe Dave Reuben ERA, scar, seller, how did we don't want to be involved in what the left was anymore? I stick up. I think my policies are still very much left, but I've never done this like great, like I'm leaving. The left thing I think, is apparent. I'm I'm in the same position as like Dave, Reuben or Aerial is calling them out because they refuse to defend free speech. Well, guess what the establishment to protect you, light and has just come for you and if you started yell at the same time, we were yellin, maybe wouldn't happen because the majority we have told them to stop, but it was burning, woke activists who are calling for this, and now the people criticising Joe Biden can reap the rewards as another threat. I'm not gonna dive into, but it's some progressive was angry. That politico got fact checked and it was false. Why guess? What? When you demanded that Facebook start hiring fact?
hackers, some of those people will be conservatives and some of those people will actually fact check you another upset about it. I love it. You reap what you have sown. Look what you have wrought. I'm gonna end with one final point: to wrap up whole segment about what's really going on and why the Democratic Party has truly died. Today, Baino PETE Amy Rally behind Joe Biden. Here's a story from the spectator, Joe Biden, is Gaf Brown he's losing his mind. How many times has Joe Biden seventeen knots on nonsensical How many times has he said something so absurd or looked in the wrong direction? In one instance, he was walking away The audience speaking to a wall are not exaggerating, recently said instead of its head of God said the you know you he said go. You know, you know what we talk about. You didn't have to say the word he lost he don't member the declaration.
Independence, yup, that's Joe Biden and it's the best. The Democrats have to offer listen man, I vaguely remember John Kerry and he was tepid and boring and he lost, but Joe. Lighten is tepid boring, but also partially insane. If Is the leadership of the Democratic Party? Dare I say they have become no better than any fringe third party we ve seen before, except now they ve got a bunch of insurgents over the brand value. There's none left does nothing. What do you have to offer nothing, but a man who can't speak straight away, the eight year old socialist, we just had a heart attack and a billion areas Republican who bought his way and congratulations. You ve earned it I'll see you won't six p m in the next Egmont Youtube COM slashed him cast news that rang out. The civil war on the left is raging and Chris Matthews is officially out now. The best I can do in terms of definitive statement is that Christmas,
use has resigned or I'm sorry retire. I'm doing air quotes for those are listening. I think the do got fired and I've been the do got fired mostly because he dared Challenge Bernie Sanders. If you go on read it, for instance, you'll find that in their political humor, Sub read it and in politics which dominate the front page everything is Pro sanders and it's really weird, but I guess it makes sense. Is all young people want to fit in solar, repeat whatever they here because Matthews said some really dumb things about Bernie Anders after Bernie. One in Nevada likening it to the invasion of France in nineteen, forty, and that was stupid, but that's why you got five, not not now I'll, be The reason there saying he's out is because he harassed a woman a year or two years ago, because he said something like quote: Why haven't I've fallen in love with you yet
she got really angry and she wrote about it, but you didn't name him until after the Bernie Sanders thing I'll tell you what I think is going on the insurgent far left progressives. I think many of them don't actually care for Brunetta, become only honest. I think they re like what he represents. Socialism entering mainstream politics, so they will prompt that up, no matter what, even though Bernie is kind of weak, but when Birdie got challenged all of a sudden now harassment claims, surface sorry man. They were trying to fire the sky for fruit. For you know, after the Barney thing, even going so far as to claim that he was condescending to Elizabeth warm. But you know what Chris Matthews you deserve it, see all a lot of people that used to be in that camp right on the left or right want to call. It saw the insurgency coming from the work at an attack. Hence the authoritarian, the communist socialist or I'm gonna, call him nothing. Litter
everyone is, I'm saying those people are there and their wreaking havoc and we just kind of like tat. I M up I'll walk right now. I've! Never, really formerly said anything like that. I know a lot of people. Have you like day Reuben. I recently you'd, aerial, scar, seller. She said I'm leaving the left. I've never really said that because I think you're, not my polish. My politics don't change so, but because much of lunatics, our screeching, my politics on freedom of speech, freedom, liberty, etc have always remain the same, and I have always I mean when I was younger out pretty far left now, as I got older, I'm kind of moderately centre laughter. So so, unlike an abandoned, my personal view on a lot of politics, though I do think I've been me no better informed now that I've I've had an opportunity to talk with people, I'm not talk to in the past, but in particular issues. Like second amendment things like that, but I'll tell you what Chris Matthews is one of these people desperately clinging on by this by his finger Tipps of the cliff
as the woke far laughed, is crushing his fingers beneath their feet at its proud because had the job. But there are so many people who enable this of of which one was Chris Matthews, because at any point he could have come on set. These people are going father going crazy and its anti hangs on he place. You play ball and they'll come for Rachel Matter to they'll come for Chris Haze. These are the old guard of the establishment. The only thing that Rachel Matter who's going for is at all, does a screech about trap and I don't like tromp either, but that's not gonna be good enough. At some point us read the story. And I want to show you the time line of the hypocrisy in the fiery of Prince Matthews. But you know what, as we know, they eat their own, so be it. Chris Matthews could have said something a long time ago. New York Times, reports that Chris Matthews, the veteran political anchor and voluble host
of the long running, MSNBC Talk Show Hardball resigned on Monday night. Let's do airports for that resigned, an abrupt departure from a television parts that made him a fixture of politics and the news media over the past quarter century math. Use. Seventy four face mounting criticism in recent days over a spate of embarrassing on air moments, including a comparison senator Bernie Sanders campaign to the invasion. France and an entire you, a Senator Elizabeth worn in which the anchor criticized for a condescending and disbelieving tone. That's right because worn was talk. I think she's talking about Michael Bloomberg and the accusations against him and Matthews taking a rational approach saying well, how do you know for sure too bad, and you know it, you know it's funny. I
The reason why Matthews is probably saying I don't believe it is because he has been accused of harassment and the past four complementing women man I'll, tell you what let me give you an example of what's wrong with why this is a reason: outcry, Matthews, the idea that the idea of equality in the workplace doesn't make sense, and it's going to get really really bad. For one simple reason: a man can complement a man with no wreak witten no problem, a man can't compliment a woman because there will be a problem I'll give you a real example. I love this example by the way, if I a thousand office and a guy walked in with a brand new, you know tailored soup, and I wow. Look at this guy. Look that suit to EM brother were how much that thing cost you look sharp that nobody would care if I to a gonna patted him on the shoulder or I should
shaking his head, and I waited for you don't elbow grabbed. These are all common things you see in business. Some of you might think it's weird creepy sure fine whenever, but their their common social dynamic, like grabbing someone's shoulder forearm during handshake as it is, is a business technique. So imagine if the little woman she walks in with a new tailored, so you want whoo, hoo hoo, damn girl, looking good where'd, you get that say that things expensive they'd be like how dare you you can't complemented woman that way, so perhaps the real reality is that you also can't compliment deeds in the exact same way. Now what happens if you're shaking woman's hand- and you wait for an arm- grab no dice? What have you pat on the back you better? Not you see, there are different expectations for how men and women should at should behave towards each other and because of this, and I'm not I'm not trying to excuse with Mass Chris Chris Matthews Behavior TAT. I know
You can see these dynamics speak struggle in the workplace. Chris Matthews may have complemented many duty to saying, like man look at this guy's sooty, looking sharp, looking good man you can go to the gym Bobby some weight on like it. What you do with your hair, you better not complement the woman that way On Saturday, the journalist Laura Bassett published an essay accusing Matthews of making multiple inappropriate comment. But her appearance, reviving law standing allegations by the anchors sexist behaviour by by Monday, position at the news network. He helped build, had become antenna Well I'll, tell you what I hope they give you a golden parachute, because you should have negotiated up some like that. If you are starting, if you are helping make the network accompanied by his family Matthews, walked under the hardball, sat inside NBC Washington Bureau shortly before seven p M, to deliver a brief farewell his long time, crew members who had been told of his plans, roughly
our earlier look down stunned, I'm retiring. He told viewers in a solemn and brief monologue as his broadcast began at seven. This is the line, hardball on. While I look forward to the Woke contests, who take his position, his sudden sign off took many colleagues by surprise why what cater rights on Twitter, Katy Tour, the freaky conspiracy theorist? What if all of days of discussions with filled, given the present of em NBC and one of the early. Earlier executive producers of hardball you'll be funny. Could you imagine this kind of news coverage of say, like Owen Schreyer, quit info worse in disgrace, because he was use of complementing or you never has never gonna happen and nobody care anyway, there isn't a brain was MSNBC is a cookie conspiracy channel that I'm not even exaggerating like at this point the fact that people are calling them out his mind. Blowing debate They literally a guy on Anonymous NBC, saying a trump may be an asset of the Russians in the eighties, like that
It's insane, but you don't even Crazier- is that the mainstream media entertained the most freakish an absurd conspiracy theory What do I just think about our insane? This is, and I can't believe we ve crossed this threshold. If I walked up you inside Iraq Obama. It is working for Russia. You'd be alive ok, our eye body and patted rumours that way, and unless we literally get to the point where and its msnbc screeching on tv. That tromp was when asset of the Russians holding up a science has the end is and that Russia was going to shut off electricity to Fargo in the winter and one's gonna freeze. That's that's literally what they do. It's shockingly psychotic, that's what's really fun when people are like they still latch onto this old, oh but Fox NEWS, I'm like have you watched Fox NEWS lightly it Bernie Sanders Town Hall, trumps ragging on them because there irish moderates and Democrats, like Donna, Brazil, I'm not saying their partner.
But come on. You can watch MSNBC, you ve lost the plot, so you know what else is the written out the wrestling get fired? I look for to you know big red or some other crazy, feminist screeching on the tv about the patriarchy. That would be awesome. Hillbillies entertaining. So is it able to say his son sign after by surprise, but followed, followed days of discussions with Phil Griffin, the President of MSNBC and where the earlier early executive producers of Hardball Griffin, whose close with Matthews traveller, over the weekend to discuss his future in person. According to three people who requested anonymity to describe sensitive conference science on the air on Monday, Matthews made clear The timing of his exit was not entirely his choosing here's. What I think happened. I they were yelling at him. He had already apologize Bernie Sanders check. This out. I think I think I've Louis Chris Matthews apologizes to Bernie Sanders remarks on the a win, an honor,
comparison the Nazis angered, Headhunters AIDS, who privately complained to executives at MSNBC, stupid thing to say Matthews, I gotta admit, but he did apologize. I think this triggered the woke up Terence, who immediately pulled out every stop and said Babo Bomb Chris Matthews has harassed me in twenty sixteen when they did nothing about it back then how apparently they paid a settlement and like ninety, ninety nine or whatever, so this guy's been done. Stuff for a long time and nobody cared up until he questioned Bernie Sanders. But here's what I think happened, I think, when they accused of being condescending to warn that was a lie. It was just a manipulation technique because for some reason these big networks are stupid and bend over backwards to a few Woke Twitter Roddy. But I he gets called, then they say hey! You know you can't. You know how to figure this out he's like short, and I think they wanted him to apologize, apologize or bending the or do something and Matthews finally said no, I'm quitting
and so his resignation was actually more of a mutual explosion. If, if for lack of a better term,. On Monday he said it wasn't, is choosing quote Finally, it isn't for a lack of interest in politics, compliment on a woman's appearance that some men, including me, might have once incorrectly thought Roca are never ok, not, then, and certainly not today, Yeah. No sorry buddy, that's just not true Europe, The wine loser who works for the wine loser network who bends the need, Ahwahnee losers. So here's what happens? and I'm not I'm not here to say, is behaviors perfect. Certainly you can say it's questionable, but let's, let's, let's draw some boundaries for a second there. The claim that while she was getting her makeup, applied, Matthews looked her over and asked. Why have I've fallen in love with you yet so is. Is that it actually You call your ugly legacy, implying that he hasn't in love with her she's, not good. Looking, I don't know basic rights that the remark
caused her to nervously. Laugh Matthews, meanwhile continued to comment telling the makeup artists to keep putting make up on basket because he'd fall in love with her oh grow up, seriously. That's it that's what he said. I couldn't believe it the colonists recall how, in other instances in which Matthews stepped between her and a mere and asked her ask of her attire you're going out tonight after she replied it shouldn't know. Matthews once again spoke to the makeup artists. Amid the farm request, make sure you wipe this offer face after the show We don't want, or up so some guy the bark and look at her like this. Ok, that one gets- I guess, kind of close, but I'll tell you what my fall in love with you. Are you going out tonight serious your bent out of shape over that dude? I have been called so much worse by people in the world. Place I well, I don't get it thin skinned people who are complaining, I want. I want the authority to step in and and and and give
their toys. I imagine that a lot of these people complain about this. Stuff grew up with like a brother and sister, and every problem was solved by their parents in Vienna, like maybe fighting of last ball of cinnamon, toast, crunch and they'd complained. The parents in apparently come in, unlike bought more the kids in then pour the sea every other kid, so they grew up thinking. If I however, in any way feel slighted I'll make sure to destroy you. Certainly they got some kind of mental problems where they need to be in charge and control of everything at all times. You don't think it is for a lot of these people on the far left. They have no real self esteem, so they justify their existence by hurting other people like when you have confidence in yourself, you dont care I'll, give you an example at so my body Adam how co house we do the podcast every night TIM cast iron. Well, if haven't seen it check it out, you did that comes liked him, guest IRA and people in the comments call him soy Jesus because he's got long, hair and he's Wigan any easier.
Loves it he laughs about is all excited. People on the comments are calling him, so I usually gets oxides again. It's funny some like. I can only imagine if you started comparable soy boys or whatever they freak out and get really angry, so they com boy brought any laughs about. You know why? Because he doesn't care what you call him he's working on income. I am on the exact same way I'll. Let you call me Susan. If it makes you happy, I dont care. I know what I'm doing. I know what I do and I don't care what words you use so there's a big, on trade between people like this we're gonna be like someone once came in and complemented my appearance. Oh I'm! So sorry that Christmas, if you did this to you what it, what an awful existence you Norman it became an entire licking his lips and talking about her body parts be like yeah Bro gotta problem. But if someone comes up you in their life, would you are looking good, you're goin out tonight, even if a guy I been like men, why so sharp buddy you gonna go tonight or what make sure you take The lesson we all over you- oh no, Heaven forbid. I talk about the reality of sexual attraction in adulthood at a bar.
So look, I think Chris Matthews should keep the workplace more professional for sure, but Is this really? Why he's getting fired up at this? Is? It He's literally says in the end the article comments about a woman's appearance are? Never ok are never ok hold on hold on, complements and, his appearance at some men, including me, might have once incorrectly Ok are never ok, he said not, then, and certainly not today- I'm sorry, that's just pure psychotic behavior. You can complement people's looks period. If you get mad, I dont care. There is a line. There is decency, but look how far the law is being pushed by these lunatics. You just lost Chris Matthews like one your biggest cheerleaders, because you're all insane. You want to win
so bad that are actually care about any the stuff. There's a brunette downs. We can feel good themselves because they don't know what or who they are. So many people, I think mostly millennials, have no purpose. Have no DR, are just confused and angry all the time, so they get satisfaction by destroying others there that it's like the dark side. Evil and there are small faction, but guess what there's no spines left on the left. So so there's no signs of intellect look when you get people who leave the laugh. It actually buns me because someone's got to tell these people there a limit x, but you know what we going to do about it. If the Democrats are going to let these people take over, if a lap is going to become this well, then you know what they deserve each other
we're seeing across the board. Like I did a video about this in small towns, Rostrum, Pennsylvania Da Township Council people switch the Republican Party state, Senator quits, the Democratic Party, shirts, caucuses, Republicans Jeff Andrew quitted. The democratic party joins the Republicans. We see it all the time now, of course, there's some republicans quitting for it, for you know for sure, there's a reason why people are leaving the left because, listen you might think tromp is our party mouth. I certainly think he's got a bad attitude, but I'll tell you what if Trump is the line for the right- and he can say, things like only rosy O Donnell, recalling our fat pig. Basically, that means that I am allowed to say some something simple like hey, that's a pretty that's a pretty sharp outfit. You got that's a great dress, you're, looking good, and not have to worry about getting my life destroyed. If Donald Trump is the line, line is far away. We can feel comfortable in our speech who wants to live walking on eggshells like a rabbit.
Hiding under a tree shaking that at any moment, hawks gonna sit down and rip your group, your head off, or you can be the hawk you can be hiding behind them. Knowing that you can say whatever you want, because that guy's way worse than you and people crave it freedom? They don't want to be scared. They don't wanna, be stressed out so who's gonna wanna, be a part of this cult. Well, tell you what Chris Matthews Outlook and replace them with a more cult friendly person quality and that's where we're headed their slowly going to start shifting in that direction. But you don't you don't you know is also the problem to the whole, the whole machinist shifting, partly because a lot of people on the left have been pushed to the right, so I think, trot might form a massive coalesced a former liberals, moderates and conservatives, but it does mean our publicans will shift left as well. Here's what I'm hoping I'm hoping that we maintain a balance that when, when it finally comes time to wipe out the far left, just cut their party collapses. They never won an election in over the OAU and in ten years or whatever the Republicans keep wanting, and then the report.
People who are on the right now horse to moderate start forming. Moderate left wing party, I'm not saying that the debt scratch. It always run moderates or centrist, Democrat sort of the column. You can have They moderately progressive candidate and the reason I say moderately progressive is because the people are lunatics. More importantly, you need to have liberty minded people are right, so I was supposed to do this, but our ranting, so forgive me but check this out in twenty eighteen, MIKE sort of its tweeted hard bulk, harassed a woman at NBC pitted a settlement, no journalist or gas has asked him to explain this perverted behavior. What also they covering up, remember Weinstein's. We then saw that that Christmas apologized, but anyway this is the one tweet I was. I was meaning to show you to show that this is some that's actually been talked about the past and the rest
I M showing you this from started, edged twenty eighteen to ask the question: why didn't they ever say anything about Matthews Behaviour before? Why? Now because the insurgent laugh, the socialist authoritarian are now too over and now that they have the power in the Nordic exploit the system they'll do it. Let me give you a warning
who happen to be someone who works in a leftist institution, a left wing institution MSNBC. If you don't quit now and start securing your future and making your plans you will be out, you will be without work. You might be a producer at MSNBC. You might agree with Chris Matthews or have no problem with him, giving women compliments to certain degrees. I understand well guess what the purge is coming. It's been coming, it's that they they purge as many as they can. They say, get out, you're, not left wing fine leave, because if you don't mind, you dont plan for what happens when you get fired, you'll be out, you'll have no job and you'll be desperate, and you know what you'll deserve it. So this is your chance. They eat their own. Like nobody's business. Chris math
MSNBC Harbaugh out. He got destroyed for daring to question the orthodoxy. Who do you think they're coming for next they'll come for you. I hope you relish in it, because even if you are one of these woke ideologues, though Comfor YO do they go after each other, no matter what their parent us they wait for blood though grafter their own. They don't care, it's just pure lunacy, incorrect destruction, there's no there's no future aligned with these lunatics only destruction and- and I think they'll come for precise. I think, though, come from mad. I was well look at J K. Rolling the line keeps moving, they want blood so, when J K Rolling makes it a tempted, Tweet Try to destroy her when Chris Matthews, while he went off the top over Bernie Sanders. But, oh don't you dare challenge that the priest of their ideology? They'll come for you next, Oliver, their stick around excitements coming up at one p m in the channel and I'll see you all them.
Maybe I'm just too young or wasn't paying attention, but I can't recall a time when the flu infected ten per and of our members of Congress right now in IRAN, one in town Iranian Mps, members of parliament have tested positive for corona virus. Deputy speaker said, in fact one MP may has die Now it is disputed, but some people are saying it was krona virus and roll iranian officials have died this, to me seems like it is a bit worse. The flu, so I think Donald Trump was downplaying. It say it's like the common flu its actual or so I dont want to misquote him because look I'm one of the biggest Crippen critics of the media when they must call him, but Finally, to say this is not the flu it's worse than the flu I don't recall a point at which we ve had breaking news stories where ten percent or more of a governing body all got sick with several of them dying. That's him eager seems well kind of alarming their crazy
the US coming out of IRAN that are hard to verify. One of luck. Kid falling over, they say it's got. Corona virus are to know exactly what's going on, but I think it's fair to say that this is travelling fast. One of the reasons why we're seeing the numbers are staggering. Now, because China is enacted authoritarian report while we're out reforms, but actions essentially dictate dictatorial. Martial law, locking people down and people are scared. Outside of China. Worsening steady growth of kroner virus infections. And in the U S, we now have six deaths, I believe in over a hundred cases, but that's only because what we have an action protested every body and the FDA is planning. Then people so the numbers in the US is gonna spike were already seeing panic buying the basic Do we say calm down, but I will tell you, based on fruit, based on what I've read its important state, that the mortality rate is relative.
Is is decently low, though it is a lot higher than the flute and a twin times higher, so it serious, but without that, the big concern is that apparently the people have got its eight hits them hard and hits them fast. That's What scary there was one up at released where women were saying that she got sick, but she felt fine, all of a sudden within hours she was sick and she had met really high fever and that's the problem. That's why this is so serious. There's another individual who is on that time was a diamond princess cruise ship children. And he was saying that he felt completely fine got on a plane and then, all of a sudden just boom. We got hit so people don't know that but by the time they do it might be. You know that they're getting here with really hard symptoms. I needed to be hospitalized but here is what do less read about what's going on in IRAN, because I think this scenario is like the absolute worst case scenario expect government officials getting sick. I mean, I guess they tried to cover this up down, play it well now you reap the rewards and its ravaging their government
Buzzfeed news reports. Twenty three iranian Mps have so far tested positive for the novel corona virus. The country's deputy speaker said Tuesday, Abdul Reza Mary told iranian state television, that the Mps had contracted the virus through contact with their constituents IRAN's parliament has two hundred ninety seats, so just shy of one in ten Ali Aruji tweeted staggering, I dont think any other countries, officials been affected. In this way, iranian state media, quoting deputy speaker of parliament's, a twenty three Mps, have tested positive for the krona virus. That's not to mention other officials who have contracted at or died of. Nineteen. I think we will see very soon. Many more people in IRAN's government getting infected and maybe even dying quote. These people have close have a close relationship with the people and they carry different viruses from different parts of the country which may create.
A new virus. So we recommend the law makers to cut off their relationship with the public. For now, mastery reportedly told the young journalists Club programme on Tuesday around Health official Ali Reza rightly said that there were now two thousand three hundred thirty six cases of covert nineteen in the country, that. Seventy seven people have died. We have this graph here. Total is from Busby NEWS Toad cases in China verses other countries in China. We saw stable growth up until around the twelve of the twelve February in China. When there was a massive spike jumping from around four from forty four thousand up to sixty six there. And it has slowly grown since then slowly,
paper off between the second and third from the lowest increase in cases we ve seen, but this all has to do with whether or not people are being tested. If we don't test them, we don't count the number. It's probably substantially. Worse in United States as problematic, tens of thousands of people were infected, fewer deaths Maybe I'm wrong now check this out. While China has enacted is authoritarian measures, it's gonna help Mt Waterways- let's be real, you know, locking people up. You know lock and people up barricaded them in their homes. Yeah, that's going to stop the spread of. When the risk that come with it with those risks can see slow and steady growth now affecting the rest of the world and it's starting to grow exponentially, so we can see. That cases worse, slowly, slowly growing, very slowly, and now, since around the twenty six February. The cases outside of China have been jumping keep in mind as we learn more about this and as the news spreads more people begin to be away
that they may have the virus they might get tested. Hospitals are our testing, so cases will jump not because people are necessarily getting infected. They probably are, but because we just don't know so we have this really low number and- and this is this- creates a false sense of security. There are twelve thousand one hundred and fifty two cases outside of China right now, a lot of people saying out of the billions of people on this planet. We only have twelve thousand so to China. Why should I care? Yes, and if they tested literally every single person, it could be a hundred plus thousand, which means going to spreading faster and faster, now what I want to get across and all the other bidders I've done now, just reiterate it one. Person losing their life, is one person to money. So if you want to like who cares only got a two percent mortality rate? Ok, then, if you want to be responsible for spreading, that and other people get sick and lose their lives, even if it's just two percent, you think that's ok we want and we want to stop the flow of this. We have to stop the spread and I'll ask it again what what
people keep saying it's just like the flu. It's no big deal where flew season factored way. More people I wasn't IRAN's politicians wiped out by the flu, or this is different. It's travelling is faster faster and it's got a much higher mortality rate. Buzzfeed says more people have died in IRAN from covered nineteen than in any other country. Apart from China, the outbreak originated in late December, but IRAN officially has only half the number of cases of South Korea leading to suggestions that the true amount of both the virus in IRAN may be much higher So we can see this year total death in China as other countries. Now this is what we all the amount of cases going up staggering China, but deaths are actually steadily climbing, although that than up the mortality rate is low. Outside. We can see that from this. Second third, there have been, people have lost their lives outside of China, but it seems to have slowed a little bit. Hopefully it stays down. We can see that for the most part,
well outside of China, are not necessarily dying. So I will. I will add this. If we are seeing, thousands of cases in the EU for whatever reason the death rate isn't that high and I think the death rate should be a better indicator. So, while we probably have many cases, eighty percent of which are our mild symptoms, we're looking at a death sentence, relatively low the six people who lost their lives in Washington. I believe there is a nursing home, so these are older people and that's what you can expect with. Basically any outbreak epidemic pandemic or whatever Buzzfeed says last, week. It was revealed that the head of IRAN's Anti crowed of our task force had tested positive for the virus shortly after downplaying the impact of the corona virus in IRAN. That seems to make sense, if you guys have seen the movie contagion, but though the Kate Wenzel, I think the actress was she if she eventually catches the two, because it be real if you're, if you're working on this you're going, increase your chance of exposure to the virus. Several iranian officials have died. They go on the list
Then they say Mohammed Murmur Hamas. He referred to as a confident Iran, Supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and haughty, COS Russia CUP, I'm sorry, haughty costs, Russia, he a senior clearer and the former ambassador to the Vatican newly elected Mp Mohammed Ali Rama zone drastic died on Saturday, undisputed circumvents citizen disputed circumstances, with conflicting reports, whether he had flu or covert governor also on Tuesday was reported by the eye. The Elena and Tasman NEWS agencies that the of IRAN's emergency medical services. Piero sane CALL Yvonne had been infected with a novel corona virus. So one of the challenges, the important thing that you need to realise this is new with no immunity. It will spread fast or faster.
And say the flu, and it's got a higher mortality rate. I know forgive me if I said it already, but these are the things that you need to consider and whites likely affecting these countries much more heavily than the flu has sown. With someone tells you it's fun, I mean: don't panic, don't freak out butts take it seriously. We have a story from Newsweek Corona Virus. U S outbreak, update new cases, confirmed Georgia, California, Oregon and Washington Newsweek reports. The virus has claimed the lives of more of a four more people in the. U S, raising the death toll to six, all of which report in our report, we in Washington at least twelve more, have been infected and stay while new cases have also been confirmed in Georgia, California and organ the deadly virus, which was first report. And one city. We know that so Washington Claire's. Another state of emergency this why did covers You know, but I wanna go through some of these updates with you, the governors a declaration, direct state agencies and departments to utilise state resources and do everything reasonably possible to assist affected communities
bonding too and recovering from covered nineteen. We also have Georgia reporting its first cases more cases in California and now Florida organs is third case, and Lord up, it has been confirmed by the CDC that some suspected cases are in fact can, armed and over in Washington. We have this tweet from reporter from King Seattle. The lead washing an instant institute of technology. Twenty two students in fact he who visited the Kirkland Nursing Home, where multiple people contracted colonel virus are now being told a three days after the cases are confirmed. They should self quarantine. You know what you're probably makes a lot of sense to self quarantine, but. I have to wonder if it's too little too late, so here we have a tweet thread about IRAN. I think I think IRAN could essentially serve as maybe a canary in the coal mine for how serious this might be, or it could be a good example of what not to do don't downplay. This take serious action,
I must say from overthrew alleys, but this threat has gotten gone massively viral twenty four thousand retreats. He says. Corona virus epidemic in IRAN has passed the crisis level, the injury is imploding law in order to disappear in the next days. A number of Visuals already died and mass infection among hospital staff and police forces reported. He says there IRAN Corona all of this. Why the red the rate the regime hid the initial cases since one it was just before election and they needed a high turnout. Two due to political need did not stop. Likes to China. Three source seems to be clear. Extra It's from China arrived in come for did not close religious shrines. We saw some important people are looking the shrines, but I'll tell you what man it's super Tuesday Democrats need Third voter turn out how many people are scared and not going to show up in some of these states, namely that there sir, whether in some as well, I think it's past,
What we see a really low voter turn out, which is bad bad news for Democrats may be bad. For Joe Biden, I think Bernie Sanders supporters want the revolution. They're gonna go no matter what we can see. Similarities, though, just afford election in IRAN and indeed the high turnout. Here in the: U S: a lot of people, downplaying corona virus, as well, which could backfire, particularly on the well known as it could. For the democratic me, maybe look at their votes and then things get bad. Wanna, say instead of providing information on the gravity of the rest of the public played down and resorted to the same tech, the tactic of rhetoric, we will fight and beat it now. It is spread everywhere. The world now has an example on what failure to contain the virus can do Ali says my parents, brother and uncles, and in laws There- and I am so worried about them in in hello. I will bring some examples of what is going on and logic reports in the lack of official reports.
There is really no way to confirm or deny any of the below. An MP who was elected during election two weeks ago has died. He was from the province of gallon there's a video games of of spreading when he was just infected them in spreading a hardline, filmmaker twitted just before election that he has flew and wished he had corona to show off. He has passed away now. Wow, a number of graves being Doug seems to be related to high casualty of corona in the province of gallon, an airline staff collapsing in the airport. It is reported heap away? Just like the other video we saw the kid passing out. This falling demonstrate struggling to get up this morgue ambulances reported to have been abandoned after carrying a victim of kroner virus in Mali. Dhahran Province with no official reported infections. A clinical
South of IRAN has been torched by angry locals. After allegedly ten krona patients were transferred to the centre to ease. This is crazy out of a hundred Mps tested, five or positive. Well that numbers up. This is from a few days ago, one of the president's deputies monsieur Abby car has been infected. Meanwhile, there is denial going on by the religious base of the regime. This person is, king, the shrine to prove that the shrine has a healing power could Why many people are getting infected in IRAN? I could you not. The majority among the medical staff has been very high on number already died. Meanwhile, the parliament is considering recognising the medical victims as martyr wow acts, intelligence. Minister, most Staffa, poor Mohammedan, has been hospital among the medical staff, there was a number of reports of casualty among doctors in the province of Cologne information.
Information police has arrested a number of people spreading? What was claimed to be fake news? This person from the hard line base of the regime is in any of the medical staff in reporting what he alleges: fake news, an ex coach of a local football team, the province of GLONASS, passed away to the Court so this is this is this is crazy. This offer the pastoral days. Let me scroll down and look at this theirs. Number of cases seen that victims collapse on the streets, so learn to what was reported in China. Tell me this. Is the flu tell me it is better as the flu I'm not buying it. I think it's way worse I'm not saying the end is nigh. I really want people to remain calm because going out in panic buying it shops too little too late what flew season happens every year. Is there a political reason, a media reason why we don't see people just dropping in the streets collapsing arrow? Do people with go out and then pass out. I don't see it, it could be because Corona Vi
is it so hard and so fast that people feel fine they go out and the song it here with all the symptoms and they hit the deck. Currently there are no signs of widespread cas or may have on the streets, the schools and RO provinces are closed for forty days, but most jobs remain open, although there are- reports of shops closing voluntarily many sports events in concert have been cancel they Their rocky reporter in Tehran has now been infected. This is prejudiced reds huge, I'm gonna, try and load more what this guy status and try and get a warrant. What is more as later tweets now, because all of this is from where twenty ninth what's happening in IRAN seems to be absolutely crazy. A hardline, clear from com passed away did covered night. Nineteen three days ago and was buried today, bodies have been report to be very deeply in the ground and covered in line and alkaline minerals, so to make a new threat? I guess the thread got two big boy You know what I'm not I'm not gonna keep reading. I think you at the point what we
seen in China people collapsing in the streets being carried away, stretchers the reaction from the governments in China, South Korea and now and then the failures in IRAN says to me that this is it's bad. It really really is it's going to it's going to be bad, the? U S is gonna start testing people really, cases skyrocket, and I think it is absolutely fair to say supply chain. Destruction seems likely now haven't noticed anything in my area because I went shopping early, so I don't know going on a local stores, but is more information about this comes out? Don't be surprised if people start you know, freaking out, there was a big rally yesterday in the market, the biggest gains in history. Well, now that, as of right now, there's a big sell off after the FED cut interest rates by about half a percent we ve seen reaction from the G seven, this is an international crisis, nearing pandemic so far
World Health Organisation has been reticent to call it a pandemic, calling it an outbreak but we're getting really really close. At the same time, you have people on the left and the right sang everything's, fine and that's what's craziness. We said so crazy to me. There's a lot of people who don't want to admit this could get bad, probably because is more sceptics. We ve seen it all before outbreaks of the news. This seems different when Sars happened. Did we get wall to wall coverage of people collapsing, the streets of government officials in IRAN collapsing? We didn't, I didn't see it, and it was only a few thousand people I think, will actually ended up dying from it were well beyond that. Now, not even I'm sorry was X. Seven hundred so are well beyond that this might not reach in saying levels, but when we saw a bowl on those the freak out, then even leave the country for the most part or the countries it was. It was mostly I think in like Congo, I could be wrong or maybe maybe I've got the country wrong.
It was mostly contained in spread around the world. The way this is krona virus is eight people are asymptomatic and are spreading it. That's what scary and when you see the videos are people collapsing in the street. I hope you will take this seriously. Oliver their stick around next islands coming up at four p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast. It is super Tuesday, there's gonna, be fun, I will see you all and the excitement thanks for Hannah Hillary Clinton goes after Bernie Sanders sang his campaign is just bologna, but it's not the comment about this campaign being bologna. That makes me laugh and boy did. I laugh it's that in the interview. She says something truly amazing the interview we're good Morning, America, Lindsey Davis, says you know Bernie Sanders and twenty sixteen wanted a contested convention now is changing his mind. How do you feel about that I'll? Tell you what I'm just gonna play for you: the audio from the good morning America Clip and then I will explain to you why this is worth. While I mean
the title of video. You may already figured out what's going on, but just just watch clean, just curious and get your response to hearing the Bernie Sanders that if he makes into the account convention with the most pledge delegates that he should be the nominees quite a bit of a change hence I am writing a thousand. Sixteen year reaction, my reaction and let's follow the rules. We ve got rules. We have rules last time and we have rules this time and I think it's always a good idea to follow the rules. Everybody knew what they were when you got into it in the camp, whoa whoa, whoa whoa. She D say Avc Nobody knew what they were when we got into it when when they got into it sounds a lot like what conservative say when they Hillary Clinton people complain that she won the popular but still lost, and they say it's the alike throw college, we should change the rules but hold on Hilary. There are rules, everybody
knows the rules. Everybody knew the rules and they got into it right. Didn't you just say that? Listen, twenty! Sixteen Hillary Clinton it's time to abolish the actual college, owe her rough. I say: but he knew the rules. You know the game, applying you played by those rules and you lost. It's your fault. Your strategy was bad. You know we see for this, though. If on a really really funny, we see that Bernie Sanders is a hypocrite. Hillary Clinton is regret. Is anyone surprised to hear that these people are hypocrites? Well, let's Reed the better this article now I've I've I've, given you the straight lead and we'll talk Bernie Sanders being Bologna, doubling down on comments made it on Fridays are Fox news. Doubling Dunham comments made in a Hulu documentary she had filmed before the twenty twenty primary season. Former secretary of State, Hillary Clinton said Tuesday. Vermont senator from Senator Bernie Sanders campaign is just Bologna and enter
you on ABC Good Morning, America with House, Linsey, Davis, the former twenty sixteen presidential candidate. So opinion of Sanders and his campaign has not changed. That was my authentic opinion. Then it's my authentic opinion now she said well hold on. That wasn't your authentic opinion when Bernie Sanders endorsed you. It was thank you Bernie for lending me your support, but of course not, Then it's no longer politically expedient. Hillary Clinton is once again back on that screw. Bernie Sanders train she was always Bernie bad, then Bernie and or stir, and it was the greatest thing ever to get all those progressive votes which she kind of only got some of and then once she's out. Just like our care, Bernice knots, burnings Bologna will, of course they have no principle. Neither she nor Bernie do as far as I'm concerned and the upcoming for part doc. You series Hilary said we release this Friday. The former senator and First lady said nobody likes Sanders or wanted to work with him, and then he got nothing done.
The last ones kind of true, though he was a career politician, it's all just bologna and I feel so bad that people get sucked into it. She said Clinton also responded to Sanders altered position on a number of delegates needed to clench the democratic nomination. Sanders had said that if he makes it to the twenty twenty democratic convention, with the most pledged delegate's, he should the nominee, a marked change from a stance four years ago my reaction is: let's follow the rules. We ve got rules. We have rules. Last time we have rights, this time. I think it's always good idea to follow the rules. Everybody knew what they were when you that went when you got into it. In addition, Clinton told gave us that she was concerned that Sanders potential nomination could ruin the law we'll parties, chances of keeping its majority in the House of Representatives or flipping the Republican held Senate, both of which will never happen. I won't and now that it won't happen in November, at least as far as, at least in my and based on my assumptions, because you don't have anybody. Would you
we want to know what what what what what proposals were policies the people were we in the democratic primary today and Super Tuesday are doing it, because I don't like the Orangemen. Sorry, that's not confidence building. I dont think you stand for anything when you come out and drag Bernie Sanders Hillary Clinton comes out drags Bernie Sanders because he does, Follow the rules now at an towards? How many times has she and her ilk talked about ending the electoral college? Spare me your hypocrisy. I dont care and I don't trust you. Here's what you in addition sheet also used as changes hard. It's not glamorous. It doesn't fit into a sound and yet the people who were elected in twenty teen are out there doing the people's work. No, they aren't little failed impeachment. They were like we're, gonna campaign, kitchen table issues and then, as soon as I get in, there are like now we're gonna impeach Trump and we're gonna failed doing it. No one thought there we're gonna win impeachment. Why were these people elected? blue waivers what're you what? What? What do you think it was worth what was going on in there? She says I think we
ought to be more understanding and realistic on what it takes to get change in this big, complicated, pluralistic democracy of ours says the lady who drags Bernie Sanders. Credit socialist is widely expected to have a delicate, led after a super Tuesday. Races he's a fan favour in California, which will hand out over four hundred delegates. That said, its uncertain. Whether centres will secure the one thousand nine hundred and ninety one delegate's. He needs to take em all the way before convention. Former former vice, Joe Biden handily one, the South Carolina primary and Saturday and is also being for a strong result on Tuesday, as a number of other notably more moderate Democrats rally to support him. An effort Sanders has rejected as a massive effort from the parties establishment trying to stop his momentum Clinton said it is a long way to go in the race and she's not offering an endorsement at this time. Today is obviously a big day. She said, I'm just watching
and hoping that we nominate, whoever is the strongest candidate to take out the current incumbent. All watch your language, Hilary. Some people got banned onto it ever since I like that, that's the only thing that really matters at the end of the day, no one, I think, really matters tailored collect, really. Hillary Clinton and her crony elk is propping up their crony ilk, so they can get elected. Issues, sit in the ivory tower and dangle the keys and do nothing that's what they ve always done, and it's what they're going to do. One thing I find truly funny about polish, actually a really good statement. Politics is down.
From culture. That's why literally every single politician, flit flops, actually started back wrong. Paul, I'm pretty sure, didn't. I could be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure rumpled didn't flit flop, isolated, cool guy, don't agree with a minor on everything, but all they really want is to say what needs to be said. Data lected and it's the craziest thing to me. It read what it really is and it's. Why have no interest in ever being involved in this kind of shenanigans? I couldn't imagine believing in freezing each like. So many of these Democrats did when John Stewart was on the daily show and he called Baltimore and asshole. He did by the way and praise project very us all of these people are like yeah, that's right ever bodies, climate, I like the sky, so all claim to like this guy to another
the era of woke psychosis there like ought to know about that. Those jokes were offensive. I should be against these things. Ok, you know what in Bernie Sanders had no problem being consistent on so much. Why did he flipped flock? Is it because it gonna take that sweet million dollar scribbler soul book to a bunch. Awoke morons made a million boxes that I like being rich ping. Riches great what do I gotta say to stay being rich, but what what? What? What sang power corrupts? An absolute power tends to corrupt abso. Lee so as soon as Bernie Sanders got his sweet mola. What did he do? He dropped the millionaire from his millionaires and billion airs. Hillary Clinton complains that she should have one twenty sixteen, but the electoral college needs to be abolished now that Bernie Sanders comply and threatening the awful NEO liberal Ladys Establishment Party she sang. While we all knew the rules, here's what ever from off from CNN this beckoned when you seventeen mind you, they say. Hillary Clinton
hold CNN on Wednesday that have time to abolish the electoral college. Part of a sweeping interview or the former democratic nominee sought to explain why she lost in the twenty sixteen election. What's that word, that's like it's it's for when you say something, but then you don't actually adhere to your own principles. Accuracy seems to define the Democratic Party these days. Doesn't it they say they play up how they're the ones protecting democracy. Donald Trump is destroying democracy. He destroying government, yet they literally say whatever they need to say to win number one. Hillary Clinton that rally Eleanor down south and she put on the southern drawl and everyone's, like do the word down south and she put on the southern drawl and everyone's like me all the time. Do you think we're in the fifties where, like people are going to watch tv, orderly, local television, that to me is what's truly crazy, but she never learned that today is the internet, and that means that things you ve said twenty seventeen we can here today. Is she now against abolishing electoral college. I'll, tell you what, from this point on whenever anyone
comes to you and says the electoral colleges in the way, and they trying whose Hillary Clinton as defence just show them that you from Hillary Clinton, why she says I'll walk what what, whereas it s a quarter, we ve got rules, we had rules last time it we have rules this time. I think it's always a idea to follow the rules, everybody knew what they were when you got into it, just quote that and hand it to them put on a card actually, but here we go. What was that you were saying about the electoral college? Electoral college actually really important. So if somebody one Arguably Hillary Clinton supports it. Now I technically, although I guess it's kind of funny how she could simultaneous you could try and argue outside us that she signed seriously holds both opinions, but you know what lent limped. Let me stop right. There limitless limit. Let me stop right now. I don't think anybody cares about this lady anymore. Anyway,
Thank you know most of the Democrats. Even the ones would support Biden it will. I think I was like seventy five percent of Democrats. It did not want Hilary to run and apparently she was produced- probably floating it, to see putting feelers out there to see. If she could, I mean she's old too, but nobody wanted to run. Nobody cares just say at this point, so maybe that argument would actually work. Suffice it to say, though, whenever anyone says Bandy Electoral College, I think it's fair to point out there only saying has this time they lost. Nobody complain when Obama one that's the point, Hypocrites Oliver their stick around. I got a couple more segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. This story pop stop every year or few months about a man named Dan price. He runs a company called gravity, pay. And you may have heard of this man, because in twenty fifteen he announced he was cutting down as million dollar salary to seventy thousand dollars so that he could compensate all of his employs a minimum of seventy thousand dollars.
People quit quitting protest. Others complained that they have been working really really hard and very stressful job and but in the mail room all the son got a ton mailroom figuratively Well. He says in the latest story that its paying off in spades. I can't speak directly to who and prices are what he's doing I can't, you, however, that This sounds to me like a big ol. Ok, I don't find it genuine. There are certain words I have to avoid, because the Super rich guy might be litigious. I don't know when I hear store. Worries about see, I was saying I have. In a small salary to to help compensate my employer MIKE? Oh, yes, tell me more about your salary. Can you please tell me about your bone structure? Can you please tell me about your stock bunny that's and other non salary compensation. You probably receive Natalia story about a man MA. Am named Jeff bays us. You know his salary. I think last year was eighty three thousand dollars a year. What a leader he's taking it,
I need say: what's that his full employment compensation was over a million dollars. Do you see here is a thing. There are so many people are aligned with someone like Bernie Sanders that have no idea how companies actually work and our compensation works. You could literally start accompany and yourself, one dollar and then give yourself a bonus every month of like hundred grand if you're rich guy, like this one of Emily, not make a million dollars a year and then say I have actually elected to take a one dollar salary when in reality compensation is ridiculously high. Now I do. It is fair to say it seems like his direct compensation is love this guy, particularly, I just think it's silly that you can come out with a story like us, and everyone just eats up thinking. It's legit what I think actually happening so first, let me give credit I absolutely do want a given credit. He is paying his is big, lowest level staffers a ton of money. I absolutely agree with us there. There there was a funny comment. Ives I've seen
this, where some people were ragging item for paying too much, and unlike first of all his company, he can pay whoever he wants. What every once. Second of all, dude. If you ve got some of the lowest level making trash wages, they're not going to care about your company and they're gonna screw things up, you get. Somebody was making a good I don't know about paying everyone. Seventy k, I mean, if you can afford at short pay more. Why not? Why? Seventy one and seventy seven, why at eighty one in a hundred? But Do I do like the general idea? I can understand why some people got mad and quit his company oh, how I would feel if I was breaking my back for a payment processor company, watching it growed double or triple its profits, which it which it did my understanding. And then they say, you're that raise you been fighting for were giving you at two percent raise I back. Ok, thanks and all all of the people, the janitors, that you know, people who do low entry level, it get eight five hundred percent or some ridiculous raised by five hundred, but Maybe like a two hundred to three percent raised, I mean you're. Europe took the thinking like well, can you give me a bigger raise like
I am now going to pay the same as a due to mobs the floor. The problem with this isn't so much about whether or not someone is her isn't deserving of the money or whether or not you are being hurt me as other people are getting arrays. It's about morale. That's the big challenge, would you want to work at a come here. Here's the point and I will read the story because I also want to drop some shade on the sky. Apparently there was a there's, an investigation and twenty sixteen, it found the guy may have been lying. I guess so. The company made like Sixteen million dollars in in sales, their gross profit, was fourteen point, eight million in twenty fifteen and the Deuce compensation in twenty twelve was two million dropped to a million and then dropped afford sixteen twenty fifteen you ought to know. My assumption is not about.
Personally, because you know I want to avoid super wealthy, litigious people but its, but it's possible that when you see stories like this, they are cutting their salaries given themselves a bonus and then claiming their not getting paid a whole lot, because when the companies profit is for the proof, It is fourteen million. Where do you think that money goes? You think it just evaporates, it's called profit, some of that probably goes no corporate coffer account. You know they want to make sure they ve got money for a rainy day that I get, but you think the people when the best or like no profit. For me, you just go ends at that aside, I mean maybe some people to which they are the ones who the company survive but come on the point. The company is the profitable pocket when companies like silk, so a sea of accompany gets paid, a salary and if their an older, a shareholder stockholder whenever they get profits too low. Behold. This guy is minor, sending a stockholder as well. Let me read the story for you. They say it's been five years and stand price took a massive
I got so he could raises employees salaries and says he doesn't regret it at all, but he stopped short of calling it a success. Why? Well? He says because in the end, five years since we have implemented our living wage programme, income, equality, wealth inequality and just the disparity of power between the wealthiest and most powerful, and everybody else has continued to grow in an alarming way. First he did raise the salary of his employees that I can fully respect. What did he really take this massive pick up? Well, according to the story I say this. Let me actually do a search year for the word here. We go. Income magazine, reported in its in its November cover story that price told them he had quote sold all his stocks empty retirement accounts and mortgaged his two properties, including a one two million dollar home with a view of Puget sound and poured the three. Billion dollars. He raised into gravity. However, as geek wire, report in December no more
judges have been recorded on the properties in a subsequent court filing Dan Pray. Acknowledge that is homes haven't been mortgaged, saying that he attempted to more in my home and rental property, but for these loans have been denied. Based on the We lost its always being so it's a hold on you, you mean to tell me he said he mortgages properties and put their money into the company to help compensate people, I'm assuming right. From the company, but wait a minute later. We found out his properties worked, actually mortgaged to me sounds like another flood story: Warren Buffett, Zuckerberg and other soup wealthy people. I love this because they have done things where they ve pledged to give away their money bill gates, for instance, gave way and of his money two to the Bill Gates Foundation that he controls and then can pay himself a salary. I love it. I can remember the details, but I remember reading that Mark Zuckerberg pay himself. All money they reported. Then it turns out that he Well, there's money to an l, L see they reported and
allows him to avoid paying tax. It is isn't it funny how that works to see he was trying to avoid the estate tax, that's my understanding. I could be wrong. I'm gonna throw shaded somebody out of historic pulled up, but here's how here's? How works you get super rich ripe you get worried that Bernie Sanders insurgency has come in for the one percent and a bunch of budding young Robespierre are marching behind Mr Sanders, like we ve seen from the project, vartos videos, you then grow concerned. That as an a super, wealthy individual and in a society with a growing wealth disparity eventually, the pitchforks will come to your house. What do you do you defiantly red check? The pot. Six of the one percent and give away all your money and rally the people and say I refuse to be a part of this system. I am giving up all of my money mortgaging my homes, to make sure that there is a living wage for everybody and the pitchforks people cheer for you. They dropped their torches and they nature and is a yea and on yours
there with your hand behind your back saying. My salary is low, but you know in my my direct compensation, otherwise can remain very, very high I gave away all my money. Don't come for me, I'm not the one percent says the millionaire put our money in a non profit. He controls and now doesn't have to pay taxes on it, because it's in a nonprofit, five or one c. Three. Now here's Hang there there's some there. So there are many loopholes right people used to get away with not paying taxes on many, they dickens. Nor that money overseas. That's illegal logging, while the pending cotterets left me what to do. But if you put all your money into a charity, you control it, you can buy whatever you want. Here's the other, really funny thing about being the owner of a company. It's a ton of money. Yes, maybe he makes seventy thousand dollars. You are just like. Jeff basis makes eighty three thousand dollars here. You can still buy whatever you want on the company company card for the most part. What's that the company needs a new car. Well, we need a car for certain deliveries
I've decided that our company needs to buy a brand new high? Our company needs for a couple hundred thousand dollars and then I've been around for work, so works. I think No, I see all these stories about rich people claiming their giving everything going. I just don't buy it to be fair to Dan Price, for, like that? He raises salaries? Ok, you gotta, given that one that's actually pretty cool, and I agree with it. If the company has the means to do so, do it? but when he goes out and claims he puts a mortgage on his property and it turns out they really do it, I'm not buying it. I'm not buying
What this guy a sullen, I think what is really doing is trying to play to the politics of the towns- and, I believe, is in Seattle. He's got a property overlooking Puget sound, that's up near Seattle, I'm pretty sure I am somewhere around their whatever. So, what's the point of really doing it, he got a bunch of pr. It probably generated a ton of sales and a ton of profits, because my understanding as they have tripled there, therefore that the end of money they ve processed in the past from twenty fifteen, a twenty eightth after he announced this this this thing: what are we gonna call it? They tripled there there the amount of money they processes accompany, which means that revenues have probably gone up a great deal, which means it was a great pr stunt. Did he actually mortgage property? Apparently he didn't So what are we really do? He, wheat? You go to the marketing people and you go to the heads of the companies they listen. We ve got a hundred employees working to double their salaries, so our budget goes from. Other total costs was like a million dollars in costs per year. Look we have actual number shook it up. We can see that they were making.
Now, in this image sixteen million sales? For the most part, it looked like the only real costs, the gross profit wise too. Enters into the sea. Oh, so maybe I'm I'm uninterpreted this wrong, pre tax net income. What is that three point? Five million anyway. The point is, let's say your budget is a million bucks. You say: let's take our marketing budget of a million bucks, announce we're gonna, give Oliver staffers a big raise yet either that million bucks for the year. But here's. What happens? We get all of the press in the world. Everybody wants to work with us. We look like heroes, we're gonna make bank, that's the real game. Isn't it it's all about pr stunts? Now I'll tell you what it that's! That's cool that were the case. If all these big companies dumped a bunch of money from their marketing departments into doing good in a race to see who could do the most good to get publicity? That would be awesome. Think about a cool that would be instead of buying multi million dollar commercials. Its literally just like a different
items being like here, so we did this month. Our marketing budget is normally fit. Million bucks, we decided to build a series of houses. Do Ex wines ABC beat that burger king and then you generate press not with flashing multi million dollar commercials, but by literally putting that money to cool stuff that out, totally downfall. So anyway, here's what I want to say about this up electronic call, this guy bad person or anything it just business as usual and outside of him. These people these schemes like rich people, on giving my money away because they actually still control the money. The your salary can be a dollar and you can pay yourself a million dollars and say you're salaries, a dollar whatever I'll leave it. There when I got one more Simon coming up for a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly in a segment designed to me in trouble with feminists. A new study has come out showing that women become bad at math, based on taking birth control. Ok, it's a little harsh way to say, but We just tell you what they literally saith study, fine
these women on a hormonal contraceptives give up easier when they have use their brains for maths and problem. Solving yikes so is but control making women not want to solve problems and want to give up? The studies says so and like what, like every woman takes birth control, so that could be a problem suppose, what's Ray the story to free I what's going on, and I'm already sure that I've gotten a bunch of thumbs down from angry feminists or method. This thing exists by a science or model contraceptives. Does the pill. Could be sabotaging women success. A study suggests women were found to give up quicker than those who are not on contraceptives, when press presented with both simple and difficult problem, solving tasks yikes This in turn caused them to score worse and it could have implications for their performance at school college and work. The researchers, Jackson, Christian University said previously
search has shown a link between hormonal contraception and altered brain function in areas was possible for motivation, emotion and attention. However, experts stressed that contrasts She has allowed women to historically reach higher levels of success by avoiding pregnancy I'm gonna stop right. There are, I know of another way, to avoid pregnancy and not entertain side effects that can make you give up on math problems. This is going to be Baldwin, I'm just going to say it. Have you tried not having sex? If you might could be wrong about this calm down everybody, but I hear the murmuring already, but my understanding is that this maybe this may be controversial, but if you don't have sex, you can't get pregnant I'm not saying abstinence only or anything like that. I just think it's silly to think that women have to take drugs. I mean condoms also exist dude if you're experiences side effects that make use like not good at math and problem solving or at least give up. Maybe there
other ways you can engage in adult relations without sacrificing your brain Phd candidate Hannah Bradshaw. And colleagues that are to explore how hormonal contraceptive contraceptives affect perseverance. On tasks using the brain studies show the ability ability to persevere, even if a task is challenging can predict a person success in many areas of life. That's true, however, evidence is emerging that hormonal contraceptives may negatively affect the straight. Miss Bradshaw said: a growing body of research suggests that hormonal contraceptive conscious contraception, use may be associate with important structural and functional functional differences in brain areas, important for executive function and the cognitive control of behaviour ray. Search suggests that Hc use may also have effects on women's brain structure and function. The team recruited. College students from a university in southern? U s it compared women who have either been
using a hormonal contraception contraceptive for two months or off them for at least three months, the fur study ass, two hundred and forty nine women, of which seventy three were on H seas. To do a simple spot, the difference task using an image from the film frozen Naturally, cycling women, who are not analyses but significantly more time on the task than women on a eighty one seconds compared with sixty seven now hold onto they solve the puzzle, master. Maybe analyses show that women on HD is performed worse because they gave up quicker flout. The second study instead of a hundred seventy five female undergraduates, eighty nine of whom were on contraception involved more challenging tasks. First, women had assault eight mathematical tasks with the help of a calculator results show naturally cycling. Women spend ninety seven seconds on the task compared with women on a cheese who spent seventy eight seconds on it, who also performed worse likes to say the least neck.
Women, unscramble, jumbled, letters and anagram to make words somewhere fake because they were unsolvable in both the real and fake anagrams. Women who did not take h sees spend more time. Trying to figure out how interesting the recent Here's the researcher said timing. How long participants took on each task relative to how they scored with a measure of their perseverance, concluding their findings. The author wrote, the authors of these results suggest that hormonal contraceptive use may affect women's perseverance on simple and challenging tasks. The study did not attempt to uncover. Why h sees may alter cod of performance, but Miss Bradshaw and colleagues suggested some reasons based on previous research. Here. Here comes the controversy. I know I'm getting in trouble, whatever just yell at me on Twitter, like you always do feminist, ok,
listen anyway, hd users have been shown to have decreased connectivity in the brains, executive control network responsible for paying attention, organizing and planning initiating tasks, regulating emotions and keeping self control Ye Ike's, man, additionally o estrogen levels, which are generally lower for c users are found to play a key role in hippocampus function, all involved in emotion, control as well as motivation. The author said while additional research in humans is needed to evaluate these possible mechanisms. The current results provide compelling evidence that differences in perseverance during cognitive tasks exists, but to exist between women who take a cheese and those who then are naturally cycling, which can lead to deck deck romance
performance. It is, however, important to note that Hc use can also aid women and educational attainment by allowing them to prevent unintended pregnancies, which can be an insurmountable barriers, those who wish to further education, also condoms. So if your brain ain't, workin properties, maybe don't the pills at making your brain, not work. All that good. If you know what I'm saying since became widely available, nineteen sick, Is it is revolutionise the role of women in society by giving them control over when they have children? Although as potential side effects and risks such as weight gain and increased odds of blood clots. It is it's a very effective way of preventing pregnancy They got that I'm going to give us a little bit about how it was approved No, we have as other one. So so the ok man are, you know what we're doing it we're going all in Here comes the barrage of anger, women who take the pill. Three times more likely to have depression. Well, what do you want me to do about it?
that make up the science women who took the peerless teenagers more at risk of depression, a major study and twenty nineteen suggested scientists from University of British Columbia, analyze more than one thousand two hundred women who did and did not take oral contraceptives during their adolescence, they found the women who took the birth control pills work to three. Times more likely to develop depression compared to those who never took any the most commonly proscribed pill contains both estrogen to prevent population and progesterone to reduce the risk of a fertilized eggs, implanting Anita S wall Studies have suggested changing levels of these sex hormones, particularly progesterone impacts areas of the brain, the control, cognitive functioning and the processing of emotions taking the pillars, a teenager when the brain is still there hoping may influence later behaviour in an irreversible way. The research. Said. I gotta tell you what men, if we know
you are more likely to be depressed, alter your development and have cognitive. What's the right word, that's not gonna get me banned from Youtube COM, roadblocks, cognitive roadblocks. Why would you keep in the thing it seems to me very ah, it's it seems to me to be very odd that the argument is when on contraception, hormonal contraception, women can freely engage in adult activities that fear of pregnancy. I might do I get it like. I don't care what you do, I'm not some ultra tradition to think you gotta get married to any that stuff. I just think like. If someone told me here is a drug. That's gonna make your brain, not work that good and it's gonna, make it depressed or a very well could and make you gain weight. I'd be like you know what I'll just not take it, and if that means I got to, I don't know by condoms, like that's, not a big deal to me. It's also your the thing to you know guys, love it when their girlfriends take these to a certain degree like some guys, love it because the
no gotta, you know, no God take care that don't gotta wear rate where raincoat maybe feels a little butter right. We're getting worked, we're getting the adult section, the point as women are taking the brunt of the negative impacts of birth control, one hundred percent, but its being advocated, more fuck, advocated for by feminists I'll. Tell you what I don't care. If you take it or you, don't I really really don't I don't care if it's available to everybody, seems like an excellent development. In you know. Technology from the sixties lot omen really like it. So dear thing me personally, I think it's kind of crazy some will be willing to forego the ability to do math and solve problems because they want to hook up with somebody and then be irresponsible. I guess maybe you should just take responsibility for your life and your actions. You won't need drugs to replace what should some kind of responsibility, not everybody, must be going around woken up with everybody and risking getting pregnant. You don't have to hurt you're a beetle increase your like lives of depression or anything like that are all in this. By saying, you know again
iterating. I know they're gonna get mad at me and say you know. Whatever misogynist, I don't care to look. I don't care what you do. I'm a cabinet the bill, I'm just trying to talk about my opinion. That's all! But the way I see it that their there too many young people who are being taught they dont need to be responsible that someone else will come and take care of it for you. There will be something I'll take care of it for you, but this doesn't come without consequences. If it's true, the pill alters women's brains in negative ways. Maybe there's another way, maybe there's better technology, maybe there's something else we can do. Maybe we should be better parents and tell our kids that look. Not everyone is going to be completely equal when it comes to human rights. We want you to be, but when it comes to your height, your weight, your age, all the stuff, it's just not the case that you're gonna be equal, you're, a boy or a girl. Congratulations, you will experience different lives, and that means some things will be easier and thumped. Some things will be harder. Stop pretending, like you, don't need to be responsible for your own actions and stop relying on other people,
or orse these these kinds of solutions to problems, because they could potentially hold you back now. We're gonna see potentially based on this many women who are not going to be a successful, then getting angry that there aren't enough women in certain fields and they're gonna blame it on. Patriarchy is out of the fact that their cognitive function is being
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