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The Democratic Party's Collapse Has Become SAD, Democrats Request Biden Can SIT DOWN At Next Debate


The Democratic Party's Collapse Has Become SAD, Democrats Request Biden Can SIT DOWN At Next Debate. The Best the Democratic party has to offer us is Joe Biden, a man who can't talk and routinely speaks in incoherent gibberish.The DNC now needs him to be able to sit down during the next democratic debate and Bernie Sanders is livid calling them out for giving Biden favors.Biden's "gaffes" have gotten so bad that recently he said he was running for US senate and to "vote for the other Biden." Even Joe Rogan recently said that Biden can't be president after he failed to say the word god several times.Bernie is in a close second and while he is an insurgent candidate running against the establishment, his far left views are not popular and many predict he will drive swing voters to Trump.Biden seems poised to take the nomination which proves the democratic party is completely done. Trump is going to absolutely dominate Biden in the debates and we all know it.

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The collapse of the Democratic Party has become sad and hilarious. At the same time, it's actually pretty sad, but it's funny because of the things they are doing in desperation come on. You can have a sense of humor about these things, but if I ask you right now to think of a Democrat what're. You picture a woke far leftists complaining about bigotry, a dirt beg socialist, Complaining about the one percent or do picture now, see Pelosi Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, these groups of people we're not agree on, basically anything other than not liking, Donald Trump. So how could you claim there all part of the same party? In fact they are not or cause your court or a court has recently said, as much. She said in any other country. She and Joe Biden would not be in the same party and she is right. The only problem with that statement, the Republican Party is bad
Sickly unified, almost entirely unified behind Donald Trump, so it so at this point is fair to say: the Republican Party knows what they want and are unified, and the Democrats are a bunch of different groups that are fighting with each other. This fight, the internal civil war in the Democratic Party, has been coming to a head recently, as we recently saw many progressives, try to unseat Moor House Democrats through the primary process and failed, they tried to pull it EO, seeded back and twenty eighteen. For the most part, these primaries failed and twenty team, but a few people got through this time around it seems like they might not be making it. It may be, dare I say that the latest news bout. The moderate democrat victories in these primary races back on Super Tuesday, the Democratic Party is shoring up its defences. It is re gaining troll. It is taken back the reins. Well, I think fair to say that up until you the latest news all basically considering
Joe Biden is their last ditch effort to stop Bernie Sanders. Then I I, They have I'm gonna have to say now they may be. Defending cells from some progressives. What they are getting absolutely crushed across the board in every other way recently- and this is the big breaking knows- and I This is where we get sad and funny. Politicos reported that Joe Biden would like to sit down at the next democratic debate. I am not exist. Writing now. The binding campaign says that it wasn't. There idea was the Dnc. Ok, establishment Democrats are trying to put on a Oddy and an audience q and a style debate. Where Bernie and Joe Biden will be sitting down. Why well because they're, both really old men- seventy eight year old, a seventeen year old, had a heart attack and seventy seven year old, who just speaks in jibbering all day now, Bernie Sanders. Push back is my respect for the saying. No, keep the debate today.
Format the same way, I will stand of Joe Biden, Joe Biden too scared to stand up. I don't think so I'm scared to stand up. I don't think you can stand. You gotta understand in these debates. Joe Biden wasn't talking all the time he had often break into incoherent, rambling and then apologize for his time being up it's about time. We called this out for what it is. The democratic establishment has collapsed. The boy thing they can do, is take an old relic of a bygone era and put him in a chair, because I can't stand up while he might incoherently. That is not leadership. Is no leadership. There is no party, it is. A group is a bunch of different factions to believe a bunch of different things, all vying for the brand title Democrat, but let's get real Joe Biden is not gaffin. These are not gaffes and stop saying it. This is incoherent, gibberish. And I M not kidding when Joe Biden recently said. I'm running
the sun it, and if you don't like it vote for the other Biden, that's not a gaff, that's him losing it and why won't people call it out? Well, actually did I bet they will on the left and the right They have called it out. Sears. Ok, let limit. Let me slowdown, let's jump into the story, and I kid you not. They are calling. We're Joe Biden do sit down at the next debate. Can you imagine, what's gonna happen when Biden debates Trump, I'm sorry. If this was the best the party could do. They are a relic of a bygone era with nothing left to offer the american people other than an old man sitting in a chair, muttering incoherently that is now Even an exaggeration. I wish it was through the story from political, our before we get started, as per usual had over the TIM cast outcomes, lush, don't it if you'd like to support my work. There are many ways you can support me, but the best they can do share this share. This video, I think,
the Bernie Sanders Supporters MIKE get it get a kick out of this one too, so maybe will break some echo chambers, because Joe Biden should not be the candidate. I'm sorry look jumped Joe I'd and should announce the nominee Joe Biden is: is the front runner right now, maybe he'll when maybe he won't? But I look the Poles man. Does it look bad? It really does look bad, an intimacy, Gabert right there and she's, not gonna win, though gotta be EU seriously. If you think Bernie Sanders, seventy eight and Joe Biden Semi seven are the best picks when you got tolls. He gabardine late thirties, whose actually major the National guard. I don't tell him in fine whatever you do you value. I share the video to help support the channel. Also, if you haven't already, you should subscribe, hit the notification value that you to actually make sure you get the videos I make, because there have been suppressing political commentary like mine and many others. Let's read the story. Political reports- Bernie Sanders- wants to stand up at the next debate and, as campaign is
using Joe Biden of wanting to sit down during a private call Friday with sea and which is moderating. The large fifteenth debate with a democratic National Committee Sanders team baulked at a new proposed format debate. So it gives opponent Biden too much of a break in their first one on one face off bite camp. I that it was pressing for a sit down debate. The format for the next debate in Arizona, the first since Biden, blot super Tuesday victories would the candidates seated for the first time as election cycle and take multiple questions from the audience in the prior ten debates, the candle stood at Lecter. Nearly all questions were asked by professional moderators quote: why does Joe Biden not want
stand: total with Senator Sanderson, innovate stage March fifteenth and have an opportunity to defend his record and articulate his vision for the future: Ass Jeff Weaver Sandra Signor adviser buttons campaign and the Dnc. So the format for the debate was decided by the Party and CNN. The news network declined to comment and refer the questions to the Dnc we will participate in whatever debate CNN chose chooses to stage standing setting a party are sitting at proteins or in town hall buttons. Deputy campaign manager, Kate betting fell. Field said. The problem for the Sanders campaign is not the staging of the debate, but rather the weakness of Senator Sanders records and ideas. What a non answer- de and see and CNN know that oh Biden can't stand up and talk for two hours against one person, so they want to get the chair to sit down and are you kidding me and you're gonna put this. And up against Donald Trump. First,
This is sad. This I am offended by. Did you know that Barack Obama toll Joe Biden Joe? You don't have to do this. I feel bad for Joe Biden. I don't ally's doing this. I can only feel so bad form thought on trust, his foot when one is no one's career, but come on man at seventy seven, why you do in this man, you're you're you're his your legacy. Your career is nothing but incoherent. Gibraltar and they're gonna put you in a sea. Can you imagine what would happen if Joe Biden stood Next Donald Trump you ve gotta, be kidding me at least Bernie Sanders can stand up and speak job. I can't do it, but here we are because it's not just the Dnc man, it is the democratic voters unless of course, the media's lying, which I don't. I don't think all of these poles are line, but boy will. I tell him in the voters of the Democratic Party, are also propping up Joe Biden. Let me
ask you a sincere and serious question given all of the fault of every candidate, including Tulsa, Gabert wacky. Would you choose a seventy seven year old man who literally can't speak over Tulsa GAB hurt, I just don't get it seriously tall see you do it will lose people really I've told you derangement syndrome. What is she done to war? And this I think it's it's shocking, downright shocking that people are given a choice and there like well Biden, can't really speak English. He often speaks incoherent. You know he says incoherent, gibberish on stage. I want that guy, you think he's gonna be Trump are you out of your minds? Can only assume the answer is yes, you know the thing Biden, Boches Declaration of independence quote during campaign: stop Euro Joe Rogan recently set in a pod. Cast. I'm sorry, you can't be president in you know. I do
Joe Biden said this and I quote: we hold these truths to be self evident, all all men and women created by you know, go you know the thing go. You know, you know the thing no know Joe. I dont know the thing. Did you mean God I kid you not. This is. Is him just its incoherent gibberish? It really means nothing all, but there's more Joe Biden says he's running for United States, Senate and here's the quote here there is Joe Biden saying to the crowd in South Carolina that he is running for the United States Senate and then, if they don't like it Can vote for the other Biden. Are I mean a lot of power boy on the left, Bernie supporters have argued that the primaries been rigged. Literally reg, like votes, have been changed. Now I don't buy. I don't believe it, but I'll tell you what if there was anything to Vince me at the entire process is rigged and the Dnc is flipping votes. It would be this,
How did Joe Biden go to a crowd and SAM running for Senate, but when the presidential nomination majority in the end the nomination process, how does he go if you don't like it, but for the other Biden and still women. While people must really, eight Bernie Sanders yikes until see Gabert aghast used on the rice, but the rest of them. You know boot judge Club which are, are you kidding me? You chose that Barbuda, Judge Man, I thought Buddha judge was boring, but this takes I'll fix. The cake a whole new level of just complete insanity. Joe Biden, in my opinion, is suffering from. You know some kind of late. You know late in life, mantle son downing or something I'm trying to be nice man, I'm not gonna, say you know with particular work
AIDS or insinuated diagnosed or anything, but commanded. The cognitive decline of this man should be obvious to everyone. But let me reiterate the point of what I'm trying to make. What about this video? Because I have work and Tom and talk about Bernie too? Don't you? Don't you? Don't you fret you Bernie supporters are gonna get, madam, but hey is what it is there that this is the end of the day credit party, at least for now, in this current integration. Of course, the brand name will be adopted by someone else, but there's no party right now this was the best Dnc could muster this. Is it Joe Biden, Biden, Guph, Hales, You know I'm quoting O Biden Bomber Democrats during stub speech, o Biden hidden. We know its own name. You called himself bomber Biden all the himself bomber, the amazing in absolutely amazing, while politico takes note, in kind of what I would say is one of the funniest ways possible. Twenty twenty comes the dementia campaign Biden in tromp partisans, trade, chow
of senility in an era of aging candidates not gonna run. I know I'm not not, Norway, not sorry. They try me it seem like, because Trump has had some gas here. Anywhere near on par with Joe Biden, Biden messed up his own name on more than one occasion, everybody gaffes every He says the wrong word. When an anchor for Amazon Bc Sane Offensive were enacted by combining to sports, you know teens, then we don't call heard demented just because Donald Trump has had some gaffes doesn't mean you can compare him to Joe Biden now, of course politicos referring to supporters of the two and of course I've tried sling and mud from every direction at tromp. But I'm sorry it's just not not the same. Look I think trumps s, I'm done things for sure. What's it even try to compare that of well of bite, what Biden says is just wrong wrong wrong in a million ways. Now here's work it's kind of sad and scary.
Long crime says son, downing, front runner, activists, question Biden, cognitive decline, you know it. Son downing is its basically as its later. In the day, people who are, have early onset, Alzheimer's or other. You know cognitive decline start losing their ability to function properly, and a lot of people have speculated that Joe Biden, actually is experiencing son down syndrome? It's been reported on in the past year. Let me show you: a story is from Vanity Fair, Biden, allies float new anti gaff strategy talking less, he needs to be a strong force in a campaign. Trails had once or close to the Biden campaign, but he also has to pace himself. So strange, tromp ain't pace it himself,
flying around gone all these cities. While these debates are gone on and its primary states and he's pulling record g o p, voter turnout, Troms got energy. Joe Biden certainly does not. Some people believe that he is experiencing son doubting. So this is from medicine that they say Sundown. Also known as Sundown syndrome. A term used refer to the behavioral changes that often occur in the late afternoon or evening with people with Alzheimer's Disease and similar conditions. The behavioral change change may take the form of aggression, agitation, delusions, hallucinations, paranormal, pet paranoia, increase disorientation. Or wandering and pacing about. Experts are not sure why these changes occur. At this time of day, possible explanations include hormonal factors, reduce division due to lower lights, tiredness boredom and the
since of plant activities or stress innings idea of the caregiver that has communicated with a patient. Now, I think, its a bit hyperbolic to say he Sundown exit the direct reference to all timers, but what they basically insinuate is that Joe Biden on on the debate stage as it gets late in the day it's too tired to function properly. His eyes were glazed over he's at the podium. It's eleven p m now for these, like democratic debates, as matters any mutters incoherently there was one I think Julian Castro was like Joe you just contradicting self you a minute ago said: you know we will take it healthcare, nice and people can choose. Are you forgetting what you literally you just said a minute ago and Joe Biden a white guy side Rob with Germany's muttering standing. There incoherently was the best they had to offer now. I got I got to throw it to Ryan Grimm here, because he makes an excellent point: Ryan, Graham Journalist, with the intercepts as serious question for Biden supporters.
How do you counter this narrative in a general election? You dont, there's no defense. He that are really said? He was running for the? U S Senate and if you don't like it vote for the other Biden White, you mean the other candidates. He called himself Mamma the o Biden bomber. What do you know your own name? You want to call the gaff. You are wrong, he's expense, seeing massive and rapid cognitive decline, grimly on to say: what's fascinating? Is there in these replies not a single Biden supporter argued that he's not actually son downing and its being blown out of proportion, even an especial the supporters. No it's happening. This is frightening. I agree one hundred percent, I think Donald Trump says dumb things relatively often it is what it is, but you cannot compare trumps gaffes and
statements to Joe Biden when Donald Trump says something wrong. It's Tipp of typically because he's just ignorant about the issue and is overly confident. You know it's one of trumps biggest backs. Is that he's just so sure of himself and sometimes has things that are just wrong? What you can be wrong and you can be arrogant and in fact, as much as you want? Why do people voted for the guy because you so sure of himself, to put it mildly? I think Trump is extremely arrogant, but a lot of people like that president, whether is right or wrong. They know he's got a plan and he's gonna see it through for all of his faults. You cannot compare general ignorance on many issues. Combined with overconfidence and, of course, Trump as guests, with what we're seeing with Joe Biden and I think even the progressive, the left recognise that they're not now. Look you got me We who are calling out tromp saying well what about trumps cognitive decline, but the people who are pro Ernie right now, people the progressive on the left, but the intercept recognise whatever?
whatever is wrongly tromp a nothing compared to Joe Biden in that. Whether white bided will be crotched by Trump I'm telling you this right now. I think it's sad what's happening to Joe. I really do part it's in a sense, a lot of his gaps are funny come on have a sense of humor a bit, but it is kind of mean and sad to laugh at the guy. This is not him just accidently, saying something: dams guy who doesn't know where he is a modest you rating he often says in the wrong place. It happens too often, it's sad but I'll tell you what's gonna be funny, it's gonna be entertaining to see Joe Biden sitting down while Trump stands up and trot just roasts him went went. Would view can calm debate If Slash when Joe Biden makes it to the general debates against Trump, it will be like watching a comedy central most with Biden sitting there muttering to himself saying incoherent gibberish, while tromp just tears M apart, it will be the easiest
action we ve ever seen and Trump will landslide. I think, no matter what happens we are looking at Trop sweeping forty states will see. I could be wrong but let me let me let me make sure I remind you, no matter what happens. Tromp is going a landslide, because even Bernie has his faults. Vocs. Dot com wrote this Bernie Sanders looks electable in surveys, but it could be a mirage. New research suggests Sanders would do I've swing voters to Trump, and he, we need a youthful, a youth turn up miracle. To compensate, I mean it's fair to say, Bernie Sanders is a socialist he's, propose a lot of plans that he cannot explain how they will be paid for another. Maybe somebody Sandra supporters of watch this, because they appreciate me ragged on Biden but Jonathan Crescent Christendom coming. Norway Bernie, Sanders is the better of the two candidates right now, in my opinion, I think tolls Egon
bird, she stone the race she's better than both cause she's just young, but between Biden in Bernie Bernie should absolutely be the choice of the Democrats because bite it is just not there. But Bernie has his faults. Bernie as flit flooding, immigration and to aid and Bernie Sanders Licences the eight year old, who just had a heart attack. I dont think it would be fair for me to criticise the cognitive state of Joe Biden. If I didn't also criticized Bernie Sanders Health issues as well and its serious for someone his age. There was one article I think it was the daily beast. Of course we will not, because I have been vanity fair, I'm not sure I have pulled up so fast tracked me. Basically said the chances of him having a heart attack between now and the election. Actually, thirty, five percent again facts check on that. One I don't like to give our numbers and have the article. So I could be wrong, but it is high sea What is your heart attack has a decent chancellor occurring again, I think Bernie will do
infinitely better than Biden in a debate against tromp, actually look forward to that. I really really do because you know Donald Trump has said in the past there was a leak recording that he was concerned about going up against Bernie Sanders because burning got a trade guy and that's one of tromp strong points. I think that something good the american people could hear. I dont think Bernie would win, but Bernie should be the choice at this point now I gotta say I think the Democrats at an opportunity to pick neither of the two, but you know they begged they ve made their moves and now here's its left. The fact they're moving forward with Biden to me is just downright hilarious, but here's. What is it? You're, not gonna, get to Vocs says: Bernie is gonna drive swing, voters to tromp, and I agree with that. He'll need a youth are miracle. This is on February twenty fifth. Well, here's the bad news on more
sixth, and PR reported Bernie Sanders call for young voters isn't working out the way he planned, because the young youth about did not come out. You photos weren't there. The push that Bernie Sanders needed to beat Biden did not show up and here's what I said in the past couple of days: listen men when you try to convince people with no money to buy your product, don't be surprised when they literally don't buy your product young, Voters never come out about, and you tried courting I'm thinking. This is the time we're gonna hit that sweet mineral vein of gold. That's been on under utilised the youth but will finally come out, we will win and they did not. Youth voter turnout. My understand was actually good and some very obvious states, but not in the states, not in many others, the ones where Bernie one. I think it a decent turn out from your voters, the eight I believe harmony and he lost you thought in turn out. So what's the point of saying you can get, you can make it with the youth vote if they dont shop, where you need them too
and that's the sad truth about Bernie Sanders. Now the this story. Ok, I gotta. A little le correction for all the people who are sharing this Kazanovitch opportunities. Do Donald Trump retweeted edited version of Joe Biden Speech, mistakenly endorsing him for President Joe Biden said something like in its latest gaff you, we can't win reelection, we can't reelect, I'm sorry. We can only reelect Donald Trump. That's what everyone heard, and the video cuts out. He then says we can all as we can only real or Donald Trump pause. If we continue with the circular firing squad- and there was- but of course, that clip was taken by the trunk campaign out of context, I understand it's funny, but that is, in my opinion, deceptive Joe Biden did not say we could only reelect Trump. The full sentence was weak. We
only reelect him. If we engage actually have the quota year, he said we can only reelect Donald Trump if in fact, we engage in this circular firing squad here, I do not like it when people quotes out of context. Often we see fact checking of mean videos. I understand it's stupid like when Bloomberg made a video with crickets chirping there like it's a fake Video o calm down it was a joke, is different, People are saying me like do: did you hear him? Accidently say we're gonna reelect tromp and I was like that was a full sentence that was cut in half Of course, I'm not here. Just rag on trumped supports and withdraw somatic cell Bernie Sanders fans to in this clip. Where Joe rodents has bite in his efforts on the Bernie Sanders sublet. It weakens
that one of the moderator said: breaking Biden admits he can't win and trample be re elected, not even kidding, and they link to the cliff. Where Biden doesn't finish his sentence, so look the populist or coming for the establishment I get it. People are gonna play politics, I get it all that matters, regardless of who you support, be Bernie or tromp. If, if I'm no, if element as if your Biden supporter you to wake up seriously, got now maybe Bernie Sanders, we'll drive, swing, voters, Donald Trump- that could be the issue, but all I can really say is I'm pretty sure Joe Biden, man, job, I'm gonna get nothin. I mean we're going vote for the guy. You expect a moderate like you to support a guy who can't talk straight man. I am look out
It I'm one of the hardest people to convince to vote for you. So that's fair. My votes, might you know, might my opinion is polyglot, valuable and trying to figure out was gonna vote for you, but boy I'll, tell you what it is. Joe Biden is going nowhere, nor fast Bernie will get. The activist about Biden will get the begrudging you? No, I don't I'm blind partisan vote, but I think trumps sweep in this one clean in November. I ll leave it. There. Stick around neck segments coming up at six p m you did, that comes lashed him cats news and I will see you all there. This morning we have a culture, war hat trick. We social media censorship politic by us from a social media company and we have information about it. I a socialist who has it turns comes from an extremely wealthy family. Why us none than Carlos Maza. The man who, triggered a massive youtube. Add polyps, because here angry, that late night house even crowd or said not he words about him on you to this region,
that in tons of channels getting purged while the other day, John love of the New York Post at published a store. Exposing MOSS ass coming from an extremely wealthy family, having more Nepal homes, basically being a socialist with a silver spoon. Now, of course, people like Malta say, but I should use my privilege to fight for the working class. I love how these rights people who end up becoming socialists think the solution to help the working class is to take away the right of them too freely trade there. Sir. Yes, because under a socialist system, those poor working class people would literally not be allowed to determine how their label that their labor is distributed. So here's what happens next. Job being actually gets suspended from twitter for posting images, one of Mars, as is one of the home, of Carlos mosses family. Now you may a term that is completely warranted. John Levine published photos of a man's private home. You can't do that. Ok. Well,
we'll say this is censorship, and I will show you the biased. You know why I might actually take that claims seriously, that you shouldn't posts someone's home if Carlos Maza got suspended for doing the same thing last month. Why? Yes, Carlos my a published images of James Carville home and no cared. He had used carving if therefore wearing regular clothes well, let me tell you what a drifter really is: If there is someone like Carlos Maza, who grew up with extreme wealth, never knew how and tries claiming in its response to this that I too have known what it's like to struggle to make ends meet, in the same statement, he's like my family, pays my rent. He lives in New York. His family pays is right, not now hold on a second, so here's the thing I don't care if you're, rich and you want advocate for Social, is running, things. There's two issues here for one. I find it interesting that people like me, as so often have to defend this issue. Why a lot of
we'll rushed to his defence saying you can be rich and do this. Why would maza at all feel uncomfortable being exe supposed as a super wealthy individual as being, dare I say, the one percent, because it is hypocritical to not tell that to people in the first place to withhold information and keep it private. Well when extent, and it is difficult- and I do think it's ok for someone to be rich and do this, but it does seem hypocritical to me that he would be like by the way guys. You know I grew up and in its only when he gets exposed that he try making an excuse for not just come on, say, you're, rich, so what men, you know, I think the issue is that he's he eat. He wanted to have this air of being a downtrodden working class hero now. These expose you just another rich guy, but the thing is that the bigger problem this, and it's not the patriarch stuff. It's this idea that you as this while the individual web, who has never known struggle, never now hope play me dead. No, please let
now, when you're sleeping on a park bench and to try to figure out if he should, by the bandaid for yeah you're split thumb or the cheeseburger. You even a day you wanna talk about struggle as guys, never experienced that what is claimed fight on your behalf and and its solution is to take away your right to freely trade, your labour, that socialism, so I think these people have regrets, but let's, let's, let's get into the story. I wanna first read to you about the life of recalls, Maza lived and I'm gonna call as a hypocrite and completely out of touch. Ivory Tower Silver Spoon Elite who has no idea he's talking about and I loved. You know why there was that hidden tribes report where they said that deeper ass of left, tends to be upper class college educated with over a hundred thousand dollars per year. Salary wonder why that is because they don't know what it's like to actually have to struggle, and so they think, if the government just does anything everything will be ok. What's the story
and they will talk about John Levine getting suspended now I'll. Do this to give shouted to John, Twitter handle is at Levine Jonathan out AV, I and II. When a th ay and I'm giving them shot a cause, you got suspended over this and they are very journalists are willing to call out the they shenanigans. I know near poses pretty conservative, but I guess, if you if you're gonna get hit by this I'll shoot you out all Levine Rights, Carlos Maza doesn't like which people, the social media socialists with more than a hundred fifty thousand followers on Twitter and Youtube combined regular. Use this platform platforms to rail against the wealthy and powerful and urges his fans to be sceptical of their opinions quote, I just found out James Carville, who spend, time lecturing Democrats were being too far left lives in an absolutely obscene for storing mention. Maza in one such example. From February Black, in the long time, democratic, strategist and posting a photo of Carville home to his twitter account, dear God, can we see
taking political advice from the ultra wealthy bemoaned, you really have to say this guy's gripped consulate, dressing. A normal clothes on tv to faint stability while living This masterful con artist wow, couldn't have set it better myself, Carlos you just described yourself with your massive Boca returns and we mansions multiple properties and candles on the upper West side of new are now I get it. It's your family, but that family is is still a part of you. They pay you rent. Can we please stop taking political advice from the ultra wealthy to quote collar Maza take a look at this wearing normal close to feign relate ability literally, what Maza does because he should have added a caveat mind you. I am rich too, but I'm calling them out. Oh, please, spare us Carlos, didn't want anyone to notice? He is upset his exposed because he's a hypocrite just last month. He
all doubt James Carbon, for living at him. In an absurd seeing for storing mentioned, I love it. I've I'm pretty sure as family has more properties, then Carville. What could be wrong whenever the point? As he's rich, we should treat gay people the same where we treat straight people eating them when they get to read. She said another post like any good online Socialist Mazo raises money for his internet presence through a patron account where comrades award call us uses scribe. His supporters can find him in permits of two five thousand ten dollars a month, but if Maza wants to stop Even the Richie may have to begin with his own family. Now, first of all see no issue with Mouser raising money unpatriotic at all, even if he is rich. When I look at how the internet, rates, I think back to when Radiohead. I think I was radio, did the pay, what you well model for that one of their albums is a long time ago.
My mother could absolutely Sates ten bucks a month to get access to all my content, or you can say I'll, give it to you for free. Please contributes. I can keep working. I actually think it's a good model, so I have absolutely no problem with that. You can look at a time of high profile creators who have pre. You know successful careers and made a ton of money and have a patron or paypal. Mice included, my Youtube's do really well and I have a patron ever people or I'm sorry. I don't have a patron. I ate bedroom, but you know you you, you can looked a little everybody. I think I'll be hypocritical to call Maza for doing that. It's not hypocritical to call him out for claiming we shouldn't take advice from the rich when he literally produces political commentary and he's rich he's lying Carlos Malta is a drifter by their own definition by their own definition. That would make him a con artist telling you the rich, are bad, don't take their advice, but not telling you he's one of them. It's a paradox! Now here's work. It's fine He posted these images of James Carville, home and apparently that's ok, John Levy.
Did the same thing and he got suspended. Welcome to the political bias that eggs on social media. Just another grain of sand and the heap proving that it is real Carlos Maza can post images of someone he doesn't like of his home, but when John Levine does it, he gets suspended, isn't funny that works. When you exposed the con artist drifters on the left, well, you're out, he says you really have to respect this guy's Griffith. All. I really respect your grip Carlos constantly dressing, a normal clothes on tv to feign relate ability. While living like this masterful con artist. Wait till you see the pictures of key losses house through his clan. The millennial firebrand is correct. To multiple Florida Mega mentions a seven point: one million dollar pat on the Upper West side purchased on our LLC and a yacht by luxury maker boat, Don Mosses
their Vivian. Maza was one of the first employees at ultimate software. If Lorna based behemoth, which now employs more than five thousand people, starting in nineteen ninety an office manager, she ultimately rose to become the group's chief people officer and o four. In addition to her day, job Vivian, also developed a very close personal relationship with company founder Scott Share, so close and an independent us Many of the company in twenty sixteen cited the relation as a corporate corporate governance concern? The report says that they believe the pair to be more than just coworker, and if a familiar relationship, the two later became, engaged in the couple has lived together for years with share being a de facto stepfather to Carlos. Now I have no problem with that. If you're, rich and successful is our great company, Bravo, Mr Share, I trends respect, but Carlos Maza should absolutely disclose this and the reason he didn't, at least in my opinion, is because of the things he says about James Carville, for instance. Look at him he's rich, don't listen to him, because if Carlos Mazo ACT,
honest about his wealth, he comes off like a complete complete hypocrite public records, show Vivian Scott, Carlos and sister Isabel all registered to vote at a five bathroom, eight bathroom waterfront Thus in bulk over time the property sold and twenty is a book or a tone. The property sold in twenty four ten point: eight, million dollars. According to Zella, here also unloaded they for bad for bathroom and twenty fifteen mansion and west Western Florida. Now again, it is important to clarify this is his step dead. It's not Carlos mosses money personally, but he does benefit from it, and Malta admits that he benefits from it his family Strangely wealthy he registered to vote in this massive mansion worth nearly eleven billion dollars. So I understood I've item. I know a lot of people who are wealthy and I understand when there and are the ones with the money they have access to privileged, but
themselves. Don't have a lot of money to spend right, so I've known people have lived in massive New York condos in skyscrapers because their parents are rich and their parents not really give em I'm not I'm not gonna pretend like girls, Maza getting fat paycheck every month, like you know, he's literally getting millions of dollars, but it is important to point out. This is where he register devout, which should be his primary residence at least back then stands to reason that Carlos Maza lived for peered in a massive multi million dollar mansion. Let me tell you about privilege, because you want to talk about struggling to make ends meet Carlos. Let's talk with the people who never had the option to have their family pay the rent or to live in a fancy mansion, and I am also going to criticise your family for PAN European because I think it is bad for a person to grow up being handed things period, so so that there are some people. I know what I said: where rich nor parents don't give a money good, they shouldn't you, don't you gotta earlier, keep well sweet on sir
They also say that Vivian currently resides in a four point: four million dollar to bed, three Brett Bath Luxury Condo in Fort Fort Lauderdale, which she listened primary residents the same LLC which out what would I guess which owns it, purchase they seven million dollar condo on the Upper West side of Manhattan. Look at these photos, while serving as a sea of ultimate software share was one of most handsomely compensated, see used in the country and twenty fifteen. You took home thirty eight point: three million dollars. I got no beef, we share sounds like he's done it from an amazing job, as an amazing company had had the privilege, The the luck to meet somebody actually loved through his company and married him, and I've dramatic respect for that I don't take big issue with him wanting to provide for those in his peripheral. You know his family, including his new step, kids, the issue I take as the hypocrisy, the privilege the benefit and the deceit Carlos Maza isn't being
honest about his position- and I wonder if his family knew about this- you don't call out James Cargo for being rich, while you yourself benefit from all of them. Now. Some might say yes, but he's using his privilege to speak up. No, no, no, no, it's not if he was. He would have that as part of his identity, that he is a wealthy person doing it. He did this fact didn't want anyone to know, and only begrudgingly admitted it. Or this story came out. He actually that I have to address this before the smear hits. That's right because he knows it will look bad and it does because he's not honest about it. There are tons of rich people who advocate for socialism HU. As everyone knows, the region they talk about it, that's fine, but for him to then you know. Go after people like Carville shows a hypocrite. This is not clear how much Vivian and share actively support mothers, lifestyle, but evidence suggests the family has been happy to pitch and to help spread. His socialist message both share and Vivian Maza listed as comrades at the end of causes. Most recent Youtube video
and the younger Maza Self admitted in an interview with male magazine that is family. Was there to financially back him if he needed it. Vivian God of also pitched in on the rent for causes. Sheikh EAST village, pad just across from Tomkins Square Park. Friends tell the post rents for one bedrooms, like Carlos cost upward of three thousand dollars a month. I think a lot of these people are unhappy. I'm sure the sky is craving some attention, James Carville told the post. I don't a billion dollars, but whatever, but whatever Have my daddy didn't give me? I think I inherited. Like eleven thousand dollars. Maza did not respond to multiple enquiries from the post, but in a statement posted on Twitter in advance of publication, the foe shall list fast up to the silver spoons. Now now here's the thing I want our may try stress John living got suspended over this. Carlos Maza posted photos of cartels. House note no issues, John, the being posted publicly available photos, and he got suspended Fort double standard and censorship. Will Carlos Maza on Twitter issued a statement saying it looks like
he's gonna be an article on my family, their posts, so I figured I'd get out of it. There's a couple things I want to. I want to address really want to read everything he has to say about this again also lives. I can't make the smaller. So it is what it is. He says this My moment or fiance are very wealthy. Thanks to a software company, they started together when I was a kid as a result, I've got to live a life of tremendous privilege. I got to go to college without debt and take low pay. Internships when a graduate without worrying about rent or health insurance, his health care and his rent were paid for, but he then goes on to say that he stands what it's like to struggle to make ends meet. He says I know what it's like enjoy incredible wealth and I know like to struggle to make ends meet? No you don't you're a lawyer. That's a lie you're lying Yonah northwards like, struggle to make ends meet its mayo. You know it. Its sitting in your apartment, wondering whether or not you should pay rent this month or you should pay for food because you haven't eaten in a long time right, maybe even even a bear.
You and your like. I got a couple hundred bucks you, the landlord gotta eat, or there. Now you pay or Electric Bell or its whether or not you even have a place to sleep struggling to makes at make ends meet something you have never experience. Ok, maybe it's unfair. Maybe he has. I just really really do He's as I've spent my professional life trying to use that privilege to advocate for a better world that includes advocating for economic justice and specifically an economic system that would shift power away from the ultra wealthy and back to the working class. Now he's either really dumb or he's lying because socialist systems are command economies. That means that use centralized power immediately with a small group of people call us. Malta is not advocating for shifting power from the ultra wealthy to the poor, he's advocating for a system where the ultra wealthy will become an elite ruling class can't have their wealth challenged by a system that allows upward mobility in every single insight
that we have seen of socialism or communism. There will always be a command of forty reaping all of the benefits and maintaining that wealth by force as it stands right now. The ultra wealthy, are subject to rules and regulations. I certainly think we can tax rich people more. I certainly think regulations work. I certainly think, while wealth disparity is a serious problem, because it creates resentment and anger, but I do not if the answer would be too rapidly monopolize the entire system, so the people war already ultra wealthy party members like the Democratic Party, will now never be able to be challenged in the current system. You can freely choose to trade, your label labour, as you see fit, and that provides. Upward mobility, meaning you can be a homeless high school drop from the south side of Chicago and then calm, successful and have a decently size. You general make a good living like me. That's why I do not like these socialists. They would prefer people live
me stay in the gutter while they stay in their multi them, their massive multidimensional, of course, they'll say, but will give you a health care? No, I dont care, I prefer freedom over security always and they would prefer to strip you of your freedom, lock. You done a system where they will always be on top and can never be removed. He's as I am aware that I am advocating forces and that would shift power away from members of my family lie. It would not. People like him become the party elites and they maintain all that power, now, of course, as we know, when it comes to these grand revolutions, it is people Charles Maza, who are the first. You need to go cause they're the ones who format revolution. That's a fact when it comes to, like you know what I'm going to call any specific historical event, but the biggest threat to the revolution are those that started the first place so you'll see things like an hour. Robespierre gonna go knots and take it all the moderates, so really Amadou this, I'm nuts. I don't really care too much. He says nobody
bankrolling my Youtube channel, I was able to go into panic as I knew that if disaster struck, if nobody was in when I was creating that I'd have a safety net that I could count my family to make sure I wasn't out on the street, stand. That is a rare privilege. I work my bought off to create videos that that feel valuable enough to be funded by the people who support patriotic and, while I didn't ask for it, I am grateful for my mom's monthly ten dollar donation. Well, John Levine over at the post mentions that you're step. That is also contributor. How much does he give you you carefully excluded that from your statement. Is I dread having to talk about this, not because I am ashamed of my family or background because I am the least interesting part of my work. I've never wanted my videos to be about me. Yeah yeah, yeah, blah blah blah. Here's, my favorite favorite, in that Carlos Maza said. Ah, they published a home Address to address to unbelievable afternoon posts in every girl who works there. Let me just say that again I love it. He said they published
a home, address a madras not, I've only address a year. That means means he's got more than one. I love it. The ultra wealthy hypocrites who tell you to give up your to freely trade, your labour, as you see, fit to eat, twinkies all if you want and then have to pay for the health care for it, it's these people who say let the party be in charge of what you can say do and eat like my Bloomberg people that the older wealthy elites think they're smarter than you, and they should get to dictate what you can and cannot do in terms of your labour. So I can't stand about socialists is that they trick poor people in the thinking. That, under this system, the glorious resources of the ritual trickle down to them. It will not because all about labour and guess what here's some love with with all the news about the health concerns happening around the world are poverty demonetized for saying that
There was one that, while I was reading someone tweeted about how european contract out which one every one can take time off and the system will cover the costs of you know that the health we know issues what we're fine funny, as if every single person in the United States had to take off work of a quarantine. There is no money, it's the people who make the money and then give it to the government pool which is then used to pay for people who need go to the hospital. So if, everyone stopped working, there's no money to pay for healthcare. It just doesn't work that way. Reality, a socialist system means after you get home from your hard day's work. You have nothing in your hands. All you couldn't we get on your knees and begged the party elites, the ultra wealth. You have seized the system and say please can have a loaf of bread. I worked very hard today.
Look you in the face and say one bread per person per family, you got your bread move along they'll, go white and red lines that one loaf in our capitalist system, were capitalism truly means the right to freely trade. Your labour, as you see fit you get from work. You got your paycheck in your head. So today I think I'm going to buy a dozen beautiful roses. I know it's not exactly what my family needs, but it is our right to do as we see fit to trade freely amongst each other While you do have some people, I really really love like God. Is not a word. Is that someone posted that mean where it's like the peasant with those six on his back saying? I think we should improve society and a guy going yet you partners, paint in society. Ah, I'm so smart. These people are not very smart at all and that's why they vote for people like Bernie Sanders, Bernie Sanders and twenty sixteen very different from Bernie Sanders day. Mind you cause I was. I was very much in support of a lot of things. Barnett was talking about. He was more rational back then
but is also fair to say that I was probably wrong a lot of these issues too, and with Bernie Sanders proposals today, like the wealth tax, never even thought about it. How does the economics work out he doesn't know. In fact, Bernie does, even though, how much it's going to cost to implement all of these radical programmes. They just seem to think magical. Things exist, didn't realize that humans make stuff, and if human stop making stuff there's no stuff them too to use they don't get it on other personas twitter thread says. I too came from great privilege and that's why I advocate for this system. Yet it's called guilt. That's called you do not really to regular people. You do not know how they think, how they feel and you are pandering to people who are greedy and jealous, and that's what you are chaotic destructive forces. Parasitic entities that thank you with all of your vast wealth with no real world experience. No
better than the rest of us and want to take away our right to freely choose. So you know what I will say this. I have done very, very well for myself, coming from humble beginnings as a mixed race, high school drop out from the south side of Chicago, whose experienced very various periods of homelessness, and I worked hard and I fought hard, and I struggled- and I figured it out and have done very well myself and I've been living a pretty good life for the past couple years. So no, I will not bend and me to your entire life of privilege, where you ve, probably never lifted, done a day of hard labor in your life. To tell me what I should be allowed to do this system, while far from perfect, allows people like me and other people to fight and strive and gain that upward mobility. I will never Benda need to your system of hierarchical party control Everyone must ban the need to the system and have no opportunity for improving their lives
I've seen how those systems play out. We all have. We know what happens when people like you who grew up knowing nothing but wealth, who has never been a hard day of labour in their life, gain control and then don't seem to understand its the farmers who knew how to farm to what we see time and time again they take. Farms away from the landlords, because you shouldn't be able to own land and given to the people turns out to be.
Dont, not a farm and everyone runs out of food at system, doesn't make sense. Now, I'm a pretty left the individual. I actually think we do have problems with wealth disparity. The solutions they propose are not the answers. What we need to do is increased the bottom tier. We reduce poverty by creating opportunity, creating jobs and helping people rise up and produce and be better, be smarter know that doesn't mean trickled down economics. I'm not one of those guys. It means that we need to figure out how to improve our system and instil in our young people the ability to work hard and persevere so that they can succeed to its people like him who doesn't know what hard work is. Who is confused by how the system works? He is the kind of person who grows up knowing nothing but privilege and not realising. There are people who worked hard to have what they have so no surprise that it's the second generation of wealth that tend to be these socialist weirdos. Everything has always been handed to them,
and they say things like have the maid- do it doesn't hurt you further before I have made, do it that's how they the world when they look at someone, who's got no healthcare, they say we'll just but we'll have the government give it to you, not realising the government. The money is a portion of the of the resources of the entirety of our society. It is poor people, middle class people, an upper class people who are giving a portion of their labour to a system to then try and figure out ways to fix. Potholes took time. To give you a metaphor: what people like Maza are these the maid. Do it of political commentary. They don't understand the hardship, the struggle and the lack of resources that exists. I don't understand you can't just snap your fingers and give everyone healthcare. It doesn't make sense. Resources are finite. Things must be built, humans must do lay but when you leave your entire life in a world where literally everything around, he was free can only assume that it should be free for everyone reminds me.
Movie Elysium, ever see it basically up in space. There's a space colony, a kind of like a big ring and all the rich people live there and they have a device that can just cure all of their elements. Litter anything cancer whatever and the plot of the movie is basically for no reason they just won't give it to the poor people. It makes no sense, that's not how things actually work The reason why we dont give everyone healthcare is because health care requires human labour and we cannot take that by force, but people I calls Maza think we should give a like Bernie Sanders. Think we should they say healthcare as a human right limit limits. I some isn't. I want you to do. I'm saying as metaphorically on actually do this all up in this way. If you were in the middle of the Woods Buck Megan Bone there, you are welcome to the real world. You have nothing, you have no one. Let's talk about what rights you have you.
Say whatever you want. You can craft a weapon to protect yourself, you can build a home, you can walk around and say and do just about anything, but then you fall down and you break your ankle. Tell me about your right to health care. Now you have a right to pursue healthcare. You can scream for help. But is there anyone around you to give you your human right to healthcare? The answer is no and if a doctor happen to walk past, you in your ankle was broken, and you said it is I write that you come here and help me guess what they ll say. No, because you don't have to you, have no right to that individuals, time and energy now out of the goodness of their heart, because humans tend to be empathetic, he probably say. Let me help you fix your ankle to the best of my abilities and will help get you out here. Why? Because people tend to do right by each other, not always, but I do think it a tendency.
You cannot force them to do it when you want to talk about what you truly have access to as a right when you're in the middle of nowhere with no other humans around you, you must do the labour. If you're thirsty, you must find the water if you're hungry, you must find the food, but few free to say whatever you want go, stand. The mill, the woods and yell about health care is a human right with two broken legs and see how long it takes for someone actually come and fix your legs. There's not going any magical force. There will be no physical entity that just appears in front of you. So now I will fix your legs, because this is a right. You have not how things work I'll leave their stick around next technical, becoming up at one p m on this gentle, and I will see you all then. Italy is now instituting hard lock down hard quarantines, like we saw in China now in acting sixteen million people. Some of these stories are crazy People try to approach the barriers of the quarantine zones, while law enforcement in weapons at them. Things like that and our Austria
saying it's not just a matter of time before the rest of these european nation start law king down there's book their borders. Now, don't think it can't happen here because it is already starting. Seventy people from that nursing home in Washington are now sick in New York there it there, telling f elements, region headline F the issues order pulling back firefighters from calls this riding corona viruses. Symptoms says it is prioritizing responses that doesn't sound like prioritizing responses to me sounds like you're saying we can't have this effect. Our emergency personnel do not respond to corona virus cases. I think it's, I think it's gettin bed. I think it's gonna get real bad, we were not, but what people don't understand is that there are a lot of organisations. There are a lot of governments. Have a vested interest in trying to downplay things for sure. I think Donald Trump has certainly been downplaying this and I'll be
in saying that a panic would be really really bad. If trot came out and said, the end is not, of course, people freak out more than they already are exactly what happened. Australia, where people are fighting over toilet paper. I kid you not, so I get it rock and a hard place for any government official It's really easy for the left to smear and say it's his fault. It's his fault la screaming end as night, because they can always passed the buck onto him. But if he came out- and say this is gonna get bad, please bunker down, they'd be screaming, heeds even citing panic over Australia took us out, isn't mad MAX woman charged ever fight overtook, paper? I want to say something I say in all of these big at the Court of Arsenal revenues: it's not the apocalypse and calm down. Now many of you watch all my videos on this wondering why I keep saying and I'll tell you why, because spineless fake news, journalists will wait for the single moment where I don't mention something that that
and then try and use that against me, because this is serious, we ve seen how they're already accusing people of being fearmongering and all the stuff so listen. The end is not nigh. The people screaming arse are overreacting. The truth is closer to the middle. There's gonna be locked down, there's gotta be supply chain disruption and people will lose their lives it's getting worse by the day. This could end up becoming something global. Take it seriously and if you haven't already. You need to buy some supplies. You really really do. I just showed you that video of us another video with a view to the right, but I showed you the story, a what and was charged after fighting over toilet pay, in Sydney, almost don't blame her. This video, and it's kind of shocking, where one group family has like seven like individual toilet paper, bundles like so it's so whatever thirty five forty plus toilet paper roles, Phil their shopping cart with toilet paper. Somebody shows up late and
None left, have actually start british petitioning guards at stores and Australia over this, and the woman apparent that I just want one. They said. No. A fight breaks out did I say what happened two weeks ago that if you dont go and take care of yourself, it will be you and, Parking lot of Walmart fighting over the last canna beans. Agnes. Now, of course, my sort, the circumstances I described it wasn't one hundred percent accurate, but you get just what I was saying, because we are now seeing people fighting in stores. We saw some in ITALY, some backup punch in the face appeared that was about grown. A virus fears are not have anything to do shortages, but shortages are coming. We are already seeing till I didn't, I didn't know told they will be the first to go, but apparently is people are fighting over it ITALY is locking down sixteen million people and all DR saying it's a matter of time before Europe. Does the rest? How long do you think until the you, starts doing this. We ve seen of by Southwest cancelled Google io cancel face
Twitter Amazon. There there, there being impacted by this Facebook and Twitter, think, are top people work from home. It is over a matter of time. People are gonna, start limiting social interactions, people or not, go to, stores stores are going it rated supply chain will be disrupted. This could get bed I mean it already is, but it hit ITALY and they didn't expect this. What you need to understand a couple weeks ago, they had a few isolated cases and sad It's fine, we'll quarantine, it all of a sudden. Northern ITALY got hit so hard. They started implementing soft quarantines telling people stay home We are seeing that same thing. Now, in the: U S, soft quarantine, hey you know. We need everybody in King County two point: two million people in Washington does to work from home. Stay home, don't go out. If you over sixty don't got that now has just begun. Seeing soft quarantine in the. U S, in my opinion, is only a matter of time before we see hard quarantine, Now. I want to say hard quarantine and sounds like your door is locked shot because of what what China is doing. But it it's fair to say that earnestly checkpoints, you're gonna, see
You know limited access, supply chain disruption. I hate to say it, but I think we're getting to the point where it might be too late for many people. If you have not gone out and carefully bought moderate supplies like irregular old groceries, then you should do so as soon as you can. It might be too late for many people like in Seattle were seeing store shelves, be you know, just data- and we have one story- apparently saw I'm sorry- Seattle has shut down a Starbucks because someone who work there, I believe, had the crown of Irish. They say at an employed as it positive. That means mean somebody was working at that shop, had the krona virus and was handing out drinks or working with food, I've got but even scarier information. I do and then listen. Anybody who was trying to look. I'm I'm not gonna. Pretend legacy ball along. You know the world going to wiped out. It is going to have a serious impact on us
and am track has announced a suspension of of train rides from New York to DC, but this Antrim takes active measures to maintain safe environment. While there are no travel restrictions on Amtrak we understand customers may have concerns is a valid vow, valued customer, waving change fees on all existing or new Innovations Okays service adjustment. Here we go starting. Tuesday March tenth, a sullen nonstop service is suspended until Tuesday may twenty six My understanding is that this specifically non stop train from DC to New York, it's gonna start start It started. I'm sorry, it started daily wire Amtrak to halt nonstop train from Deasey to New York. So there you go. Don't panic! That's the worst thing you can. If you want to maximize you're comfortable Europe, your comfort, you want to maximize your honour, our ability to
stand the border that is about to ensue. Then you need to remain calm. I really don't think, for the most part were at risk of everyone, dropping Taoism, zombie plague or something now that silly. But the thing about this viruses that people don't have immunity, so it is spreading, it is spreading fast and it will spread further and faster. The other day reading, a tweet from a biologist who said we can see this heading billions of people if it's not checked and that's just doing basic epidemiology tracking up sequencing or whatever but I did see, I think, was from the American Hospital Association that their projecting a possible Ninety four million global infections by July. You have to wonder why these governments are freaking out, don't listen to what the Pandit class of Ivory tower leads mocking. You are saying, they're telling you don't get supplies. Who cares Noah some of them do what you do it's right near got the last thing. You should do those go by fifty Rosa toilet paper. That's insane! I let other people have twelve April.
Ok, calm down, but I look at the actions. Not the words and when I see China going insane, I set it, there going us for reason. It the under reacted. Now look where they are: let's riddled with a story from daily beast: ITALY locks down sixteen million people to contain corona virus Rome pass a decree that will stop all movement. In much of northern ITALY. Putting the cities of Venice and MILAN to try and halt the rapid spread of agriculture Barcelona geometers something I don't normally do, but I have to do it this story from writers: more countries will have to adopt ITALY style style virus steps. I'm gonna give a shout out to safe and ruddy meals, dot come again safe and ready meals, dot com, its emergency food supply. They are backlogs too ridiculous, great. If you go there, it is likely. You won't see these supplies for months. However, we don't
Oh, how long whatever is happening will happen. So if you don't care for the staff by all means ignore me, but I will tell you this right now: you should not panic. These are too weak food supplies. They have won wakes up. I think I've won with supplies for supplies at last. For a long time. I personally have some emergency food. I went shopping but think about this several weeks ago, when I said you should take this seriously, there were people who went out and did now we're seeing in Washington and New York, voluntary quarantines soft quarantines after Why is not responding to some cases but, more importantly, the people in Europe? Those of I gotta. I got an email from someone saying that they listened to my advice and I just bought some basic. Then we'd go shopping, those an
deal and now they're on lockdown another hop lockdown just became a hard quarantine. So if you didn't do it in, I don't you have to listen to me. I personally did do this. I have emerged a good little buckets and I have rice and beans and stuff and I do not think the word of command and I'm I'm pretty sure. I'm not gonna need it. That's the point. You hope to not need it, but I will mention you too busy. Monetizing, all corona virus related videos, they're going to save unready, males outcome. Does help support my channel and while they are backlogged, I I personally something it's a good idea. You notice I dont we do shots for companies. I dont do it. I take this Iceland, I really do mean it. I mean that sincerely so safe and ruddy males You can check it out, it's a major disco, their normal rights for this kind of stuff. It will be delayed for you most likely, but here's the point.
No matter what ends up happening, your likely need the stuff. At some point, people in Nashville just face a massive tornado. If they had this, many people would be better prepared. I'm not saying you want to prepare for the end of the world and by the bunker. That's ridiculous, but take your first aid kit get a five down thing. A water use put your closet and you keep it for emergencies. That's the point. We don't expect emergencies happen. All the time we prepare daily Be says: The italian government has approved an unprecedented decree that will block all unnecessary movement for nearly sixteen million people to try and stop the rapid spread of the Koran a virus. The decree appears applies to more than a dozen provinces and extended red zones in the north of the country. Anyone defying the order will be subject to criminal charges. This draconian measure comes after the italian civil protect
the authorities report and an increase in cases from forty six hundred to fifty eight hundred across the entire country in a twenty four hour period between Friday and Saturday, from in that twenty four hour period, they went from a hundred forty seven destitute under and thirty three do you do understand when they say it's not as bad as the flu that we don't see these kinds of rapid expansion. We don't see this dramatic increase. We don't see. Government officials coming down with it in IRAN govern officials actually dying. This is serious with a substantially higher mortality rate. The decree limits all movements, with very few exceptions, into and out of the northern region, northern region, which includes a city in the northern region, northern region, which includes a city of Venice, MILAN, Parma and Modena. It is unclear what will happen to foreign, decree was leaked to the italian press hours before Prime Minister, Giuseppe County Japan, County signed it.
In the early morning hours causing a mass exodus by road and rail from the affected areas. Several flies reportedly are allowed to leave from both MILAN in Venice, adding confusion to an already chaotic situation, though all those people were infected flagged because they're scared of quarantine therein something's posing an intern I've seen where people say that they're they're scared, they have it and their worried corn. If aid, if they go and try and actually get treatment, they'll be quarantined and they'll want to lose their freedom. That's people the best they can do. If you have, it is just go to go to the hospital and look if they continue for a couple weeks might be bad. They really might be, but think about other people. I tell you what watching Tv you know it's gonna be a boring couple months as this, as this keeps happening, a draft of the crew was leaked. Ok, we are facing an emergency. A national emergency counties, candy set at a press conference on to a I'm after an emergency cabinet meeting ended. This is the moment of self. Possibility
schools and many businesses have been closed in the north since February Twenty first, when the number of cases of covered nineteen in the country grew from just three in Rome to nearly one thousand in Lombardy and Vanessa provinces in under a week,
The decree also you know what to say to our people are like it's only a thousand people, the fluid facts, known ok, did listen! It's like in a couple weeks: it's because the people who are experts, the cdc these neatly, and these companies they no one person than in fact another person, those two people now, in fact, now you have four than eight, then sixteen thirty, two sixty four one point to be six, you get it. It keeps doubling. They keep infecting more and more people, but not even doubling it's more than that. These individuals couldn't could infect ten or so people. You might get it and smiled, that's true. They they they lied about Donald Trump, sad. He said some people get get this, they don't realize they go to work, coughing and their fine and then later and up just recovering from its trump, never said it is safe to go to work. If you haven't had some people, do it don't realize he's right, eighty plus percent, eighty percent of people will be fine, eighteen percent are being hospitalized and three point: four percent are dying. These are serious.
Numbers. We are looking at potential strains of resources, so now we can see that this. This is crazy to see ITALY do this. It really really is take a look at this, though it is only a matter of time until more european countries adopt this kind, the kind of aggressive steps that ITALY is taking to combat the spread of the corona virus. Australian chancellor Sebastian Curs, said on Sunday. Did you just see what what what ITALY is done? Austria
This is really an austrian. Do you see with what they're doing in ITALY, locking down sixteen million people chop, threatening them with criminal offences for leaving the red zones? Austrian did he's gonna hit more people? What makes you think it wouldn't come to United States. Now we have a constitution, but in certain emergencies, don't be surprised when quarantines take precedent, it's tough. I will always per prioritize freedom over security, so balance right. You want some security which what more freedom this to me when I'm looking at the AM track thing suspending the service when I'm looking at sea, you know Starbucks being shut down in Seattle, someone serving drinks are working in the store where they serve drinks. Having the kind of irish it's way worse than any of us realize I hope you're all taking it seriously enough. But now it's what's freaky is this that it that the Daily NEWS as the Evian wise pulling firefighters from answering medical, calls that described Symptoms associate with the krona virus, a department order issued for
Nice has nine one. One calls for asthma attacks fever coffin, difficult breathing will be handled by the emergency medical service, fire companies with certified Just one or training that would normally accompany ambulances are being told to stand down effective immediately. The following call types will temporarily not received a certified first response: response. Not, I believe, is called an ambulance. Assist the firefighters Julie come out. An ambulance comes out, looks like this. I don't do it. Firefighters, gotta, prioritize fire, but prioritize firefighting. They are. They gonna say, after my spokesman, Frank, Dwyer, defend the order as a move to prioritize resources amid the outbreak of covert nineteen firefighters continue to respond I as priority medical calls whether they are potential covet or not, including segment. One incidents, cardigan respiratory rests choking and from it incidents on every call type, additional firing M S, resources can be dispatched is needed segment. One refers to top priority calls the Friday
order referred to segment two calls. So it sounds like what they're saying is. If someone is sick, but it's not an emergency, or am I mean why in others are remarked. It isn't. I want one calls only read it. The mayor says EMS is different and this department order shows exactly how we stand apart. Yeah masses once again on the front lines as the city deals of the corona virus outbreak. Our members will go into the hot zone of people who might be infected. That is our job. Now we get it, we get it. There are priority one party to calls in their ship shifting not a priority one. But let me let me mention something I see a bunch of he's really annoying means where they take like a series of photos and ensure random comedian, and they put a fake quoted in those things annoys me. So much can eat a comedian, never said that support them in those means. It's like they're trying to use the image of the comedian and then make a point. That's like not legitimate
and one of em sad all we ve been there done that Sars, Mirza Swine Flu, though, do. Let me ask you a question that the iranian government to ten percent of its members of parliament infected and many members of his government dying Did ITALY issue are hard quarantine and sixty million people did China locked down the entire country when these things happened? No, you don't happen during Zika was flying around during Zika. They put up signs the airport and they sat eight. You might have z, go that's it. There were some during Ebola. They put up sign, saying: have you travel to these countries? Take this threat seriously now that they have neither locking down in the United States in Europe in Asia, in Australia, people are fighting overtook paper in the store, so the very least you can see the panic is going to have a serious effect. A train was just shut down its just starting. It is just starting if this contains get worse.
And it likely will listen to the experts. I can tell you whose writer was wrong. I can tell you not to panic, and I can tell you that there are any me I'll, just an experts that are saying this will get worse than we realise there was one guy that would in an interview a channel for UK either to cover this. He said that this is the most frightening disease has ever seen, because its ease the ease of transmission, it's a moderate, moderately low mortality rate, but still substantially higher than the flew like thirty four times higher, which means people are gonna, be spreading, surround not realising it being rather asymptomatic, and it's going up killing more people than the flu or bola or any other disease simply because it can be transmitted so easily. One reports at it can stand surfaces of the nine days. Income she could be could be as high as twenty seven days after two weeks, people or asymptomatic could be spreading this around apparently kids can be too now we're saying it wasn't escalation nursing
by krona viruses. Seventy workers are sick of federal, as a federal team arrived to help a spokes for a spokesman for the Kirkland Washington Centre said. Seventy staff members were out with symptoms. Tat resembled krona virus. What do you think happens? Next? It spreads people get sick. Most people will cause land, bad watch tv and then everything I'll be fine, so it will ripple cross many countries, but I think we're gonna end up seeing a desperate attempt to stem this to the best of our abilities and that's gonna call supply chain disruption. So I hope you take my advice seriously. You don't have to, though you're free to think I'm stupid or crazy. I dont care I'll, tell you what people in Australia right now fighting over toilet paper, people in Hawaii Seattle, New York, are rating Cassio Stores in Walmart, and things like that they are buying up everything.
And you're gonna sit there laughing, but how smart? You are up until the point when it gets bad enough to where you're like man, I gotta go to the store and there's nothing left, but don't panic, that's even worse. I can't believe, as a video of a woman was shopping, cart below twelve. It. That's insane. Did your single thing, a good one of em? Don't take it all. I can say that to put a guard and historic, Peck toilet paper, people are stupid, Oliver, their necks and we'll be at four p m. You d come slashed him cast Is it ever channel and I will see you all. Democrats are facing a serious threat coming into the November elections, and I know no one really thinks they can win with Joe Biden being the front runner, but there are some other considerations outside of the presidential race and it's the black vote. Now the rule apparently is if at any point or republican, can get twenty percent of the black vote. The Democrats can't win. I dont know if that pertains to local races or pertains to lie congressional district races, but the fact remains: that. We are seeing a movement in this country with figures.
I can't sullens in Congo West that represent a new voice, or maybe not a new voice, but a growing vote. Among conservative black individuals. I our necessarily noted means. Nor can I speak for them, but poles are showing that the black community is growing, maybe these to a certain degree, tired of the credit policies that have been in major cities and in their community communities for a long time, we are seeing now is stories like this quote: black Americans are waking up more african Africans exiting democratic party in blocks? It movement now this is, I believe this is Canada's Owens things. I'm I'm not entirely sure what we see oh Paul, showing that Donald Trump has around thirty plus percent support in the black community. I'm not! it's actually true, but there are several different pull sang it. One, just Emerson, which is considered to be one of the most accurate Paul's according to five. Thirty, eight, take it all with the grain of salt, because the pole have been wrong a lot, but we are
ring anecdotal evidence to back up the data which says to me. It isn't out of the Democrats came out with the best candidate in the world right now. Tromp He's, got an amazing economy behind him, we'll see our plays out, but three, the story. The christian person Dave CBS News reports, a recent poll found that fifty four percent of African Americans believe the Democratic Party isn't paying enough attention to their needs. It isn't that is a leading, a growing number of blacks to rethink their choices at the ballot box for decades the Americans have been a key voting block for Democrats in twenty sixteen eighty, nine percent of black black voters supported Hillary Clinton. Over Donald Trump Now a movement called blacks. It, which means. The exit of black Americans from the Democrat Party is courage in African Americans to abandon the status quo. Actually I pulled it up so very well. Made website, has expired, The movement of the Blacks movement aims to uplift empower minorities to realize the american dream sign up to receive
updates and explore ways to get involved. Now no I'll see you the founders. Are we Kansas, Owens and Brandon Tatum and I believe, that the two founders and our only but there are three the story I mean I think most of you are familiar with kindness, Owens, conserving Firebrand catasauqua started the organisation that now both chapters in several states, saying quote black our are waking up that's what you said on the my CUP of Huckabee show their realising they ve been sleep, at the wheel and really what I saying is just too embrace your future. You can be the driver's seat of you for your future on. I don't know exactly what their message is. I want to speak for them, but I can't say outside of whatever it may be, no matter who you are no matter. What group you're part of you should be criticising your own tribe, your own group and seeking better ways just because someone's into different political tribe doesn't mean that you're wrong, and just because, you, like your tribe, doesn't mean they're. Always right stand up for what
works and what makes sense be an individual debt. Robinson is an is the North Carolina director of blacks, it quote this- is not quiet time at all Robinson told CBS News. It's an all! in time and those that fighting this battle, those of us that are part of blacks. It we all in, because we ve got nothing to lose because we ve lost too much already Robinson was a devout. Christian recently became a republican She says she's, proud of specific inroads. President Trump has made into the black community. They include his Dorothy, low unemployment for African Americans prison reform and allocate a record amount of federal money to historically black colleges. Regard list of if you like him or not his wrist words are undeniable. Bravo Miss Robinson, you are correct. I never expected to have a president, liver in such a way. Some Liberals agree. Yes, I think if anyone listen, what
make someone a traditional liberal, a social liberal policy positions. What make someone tribal leftist, ignoring the facts in front of their faces. Absolutely cannot hate everything about Trump to the core of his being, but to pretend, like the occur Let me as bad is just a delusion you are lying you yourselves and that's. Man, I got it problem, saying I think trumps foreign policy is trash. I think Obama, trash foreign policy too. I have no problem, Criticising tromp and sang he's, not my choice of president, but I also absolutely no problem, recognising how good things are going. Why I'm not a crazy person, why it's so hard for people to say these things. If you know it its lesson, can't recognise your defeats? If you can't recognise your failures, can improve yourself If you want to know why you lose the trumpets, because you are not speaking to america- you're, not so into these black individuals who have found.
Some solace in that, in the end, the Republican Party alone, without Donald Trump, simply pointing to bull and calling them names will not solve any problems or convince anyone of anything, and you know what I know- I'm preacher the choir on this one, but it breaks my. Hard to see how many people have have left the left. I know the left left us is a better way to put it but it feels like the only alternative for people like me for saying, rational, moderate and liberal voices or individual people are even quiet is to just walk away, and I get it man. I really really get it. And and- and I have respect for that the issue I am concerned about, is Laddie lunatics take over your party to me. You know what you shouldn't. You should allow it stand up, but I get perhaps the better strategy is walking away, because Then you are left with. You know that the Democratic Party can just be a husk of of a withered husk shrivelling up in the dry, shell of what it used to be if everyone walks away, then perhaps
they'll realise they'll never went again, more and more individuals in the black communities are to walk away. It's a serious threat let's check out there. They have a quota year from Van never courtier from Van Jones following the dissidents. Recent state of union address see it and analysed Van Jones issued a warning. We ve got to wake up folks, there's a whole. Bull thing that goes on. We say: well he's asshole nations. Therefore obloquy we're gonna hate him forever that necessarily so I what you're going to see him do. You may not like my rhetoric, but look at my results and my record for black people if he never cast that it's going to be effective vets Its Van Jones has been spot on with a few of his comments recently, I am especially the stuff. His easy that is exactly what somebody's other people are saying that trumps a mean guy, but he works for you right trot my, be one of the worst people ever to sit in that office in terms of character and attitude, but boy: does he get the job done right?
I am not saying I think he gets the job done. I think it's fair to point out some things he has gotten the job done on happens in Saudi Arabia. Meet no fan, not offend now, none of it. Now, if we can pull off the afghan peace agreement, will while that'll be huge that listen, I'm I'm somebody travelled on the rural world. Government covering conflict and crisis, always been what much more focus on foreign policy issues up until the past several years when they started to dominate the new cycle, and I started getting mourns political commentary. So I absolutely start. Looking at domestic policy and start paying attention more to that, but I still a special place in my heart for the things we do around the World WAR is bad, now work and be for some people sometimes and work be an unnecessary arms, are a necessary evil in some capacities. You know if, if if, if war breaks, It's not always the fault of the people. Who are fighting in the war. We it it's a difficult. Circumstances need to understand how conflicts arise.
There is a nation that is on the brink of collapse due to a lack of resources and they fight for their survival. By He's trying to steal raises resources from someone else. Will you their stand right, given the opportune? The steel love of bread or lose your life. People are gonna, make the Hartman daring to make that bad choice. I'm not saying I agree I'm saying we need to solve this problem and end these things. I know that when it comes to conflict and international conflict, it's not so cut drive the boy and try to make us. I think we can do better. I think should do better. I think tromp has done better than a lot of presidents. I respect him for that, but come on. I can't exe Sorry about saudi arabian weapons. Deals are going to boost our economy that are great for Americans. That's just us. Sullen weapons taken the taken, the quick but not offend, but aside from that, Many people are more focus on domestic policy and its fair. Ok, you, you guys know. I look at foreign policy a lot more than look at domestic policy. I can't blame someone focused on the economy in Amerika, for looking at trumpet while he's nailing it, because I would agree when it comes to domestic.
Economic policy he's done it now you get the left comply That Trump is a socialist because he's unit jokingly, they say it because he's giving cities to farmers of the tariffs? Well, you know man. What what? What do you expect? We ve we give so much of our manufacturing, the China and Donald Trump. To figure out a way to to stop that their worthy. Hard ties to foreign countries that made it so we weren't producing what we need to produce Donald Trump implemented. Tariffs it her lot of farmers is a lot of problems there. So trunk tries lot rectifying it by issuing subsidies. I don't know exactly how they paid out in that regard, but I'm it's not perfect, and anybody who acts like Donald Trump has been a pervert president. Look, you did open your eyes, I'm not saying it's bad precedent. In fact, I'm saying he's got a pretty good job on the economy, but anyone who is gonna pretend like their person, is the perfect person o grow up man and even saying that. That's why respect about these blocks at individuals, theirs, I'm saying like
records of. If you like it or not, the results are undeniable. I completely respect that is exactly what look for insane rational dialogue, someone who can say here the problems the guy but the things that are good. I think the good outweighs the better, vice versa? That's a real political conversation, Now, right now what were seen in my opinion as Democrats, there all or nothing there if use, This man, you are the worst of the worst everything you know he does his bad, no matter what, and that is not appealing to people like me, I will admit, I am one of the worst people to try and convince because I'm a meltdown Spencer, so dont look at You like on the ban on Regular America and I'm gonna, be Europe Europe or a representation of who's gonna vote for what, but maybe maybe I think most people, you don't pay attention, you really real about. Maybe you can do it. Or maybe you line their pockets with gold, which is where it seems to be without trumpets doing regardless. I read this one up Joe Biden. Is what they have now. He did better than Bernie Sanders the black community in South Carolina. What you think,
nobody's gonna beat Trump, I'm sorry man, you ve, lost the plot leave their stick around next item is coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. You'll love to see it justice, Back against the fake news, media Donald as one of the most powerful men on the planet know it, and it has been for a very long time, in fact, is whole life. Basically. Getting a million dollar one for me dead! That's a big deal that gives your power more than most people on the planet. Donald Trump becomes a billionaire one, most powerful people on the planet. Now is the present of United States, one of the most powerful people on the planet, but even he has tried dealing with the fake news media now to an extent I like this. There are some good things here right, like a strong press wake up against one another, powerful people in the world. I absolutely respect man, we have an awesome country. Don't we think about this?
they can lie all day, not they get away with that. Maybe things are a little too good here for our press, I'm getting. I think it's great I'll, tell you what the system Hence to be a good one. If you lie you will be sued and the media has been relentlessly lying about tromp non stop. The latest things, they mate they lied about him there, Sir things. I can't talk about an Youtube other state, whatever they I'd about Donald Trump when he said that some people who go to work have the krona virus and don't realising get better and they publish all of these stories. Now where they then say that autopsy, it was ok to go to work. It's all lies men, Russia, gate for three years, tromp escalates fight its press with libel lawsuits excellent. He probably will not win, but at least he is fighting back, because too long, the media has been just lying. These people are disgusting, disgusting individuals. They lie
me, they lie about you. They lie about Tramell about Trump supporters. They lie about a rally in Virginia, they are liars, manipulators, deceivers and it's about time. People fighting back against them you know that really love you guys ever watch project very tosses, retract dough. Whence they do their bit song with retract o the a loved the song Great and I love watch. Put on the wall retraction from lawyers, these but rather so stupid. They can Google search and look up what actually happened, because their lazy as well, but some of them actively life and we'll get away with it. So I love it when people pushed back. I love. I love project. Where does as you got, that wall of all attractions, excellent, excellent finer than the finest italian pasta, I will tell you: Let's wait a story from the hill and see what's going on trumped campaigns, libel lawsuits against the New York Times, the washing an CNN a dramatic escalation in the president's long fight with the media legal.
Sports have said, the suits are dead. On arrival, failing to me the high bar to prove defamation on a public figure, but they fear environment, in which the plan which powerful elected officials try to use them words to intimidate the press. The concern here is now that one of these suits would went on and on and on the merits. It's the chilling effect that it has public discussion of political affairs, Jonathan Peters, the Columbia, journalism, reviews, press freedom, correspondent and University of Georgia, media law, professor told the hell. Let me stop you're right there and just point out: I know exactly how the legality works, but I'm pretty sure, if say, like I published a story. Someone tried suing me. I think I could then file a claim. Our legal fees. Maybe I'm wrong about this, so I get compensated. The chair, just whether or not so these organizations can actually muster illegal defence, but I'm sorry you mean to tell me that someone's going to use the legal system as it stands against you and that's a chilling effect. And unfair ah
Are you doing in this industry? It's not like creating special rules to go after you he's literally using the legal system as it stands. If you have not prepared for that then you got another thing: common when I worked for these other news organisations, their legal departments and lawyers to make sure everything is on the up and up- and it costs money, but guess what welcome to the news business if you want to claims about, someone don't be surprised, they file a lawsuit against you. Sometimes people I'll, frivolous suits those tend to get missed out right. It is very difficult to win a defamation case. It may be that Donald Trump Suits art and on arrival, but at least he is filing them and if it and if they are the What will this method and tromp will lose? Congratulations. That's literally how civil court works. Tromp has regularly attacked the press. Often referring reporters as the enemy of the people. By the way lawsuits targeting an opt out from the times, one from seeing two separate opinion: council post mortem,
this time he has sued news organisations as president after files. The complaint against the times. Tromp war, that more were coming yeah well see you recently settled with the Covington kids: they smeared them the law, its founding consecutive weeks alleged outlets knowingly published false information, but the president in opinion, pieces that touched on investigation into russian interference in the twenty sixteen election, the lawsuit father I will quote in Washington DC against the Post sites a June to nineteen peace from the Post opinion writer, Paul Waldman quote: The twenty twenty election will obviously be distinct and all kinds of ways we can yet and disappear. Waldman wrote, for instance, who knows what sort of aid Russia and North Korea will give to the Trump campaign. Now that here, invited them to offer the their assistance and the sentence wall, linked and ABC Interview in which Trop suggested he would accept pretence. Highly damaging information from a foreign government about a political opponent,
The campaign argues that statement was defamatory because now tromp associate, has made a statement inviting assistance from Russia or North Korea campaign also takes issue with an opinion article that said the russian Russia Profound found trumps. Teen quote tried inspire with and happily profited off of, Moscow efforts, the lawsuit against the time while the New York State Court alleges, the paper defamed Trump and eight march. Twenty nineteen up at their claim president and his associates had an over arching deal with Russia in twenty. Sixteen, the special council report from our mother didn't find evidence to conclude that troms campaign inspired or coordinated with Russia in twenty sixteen, but did find multiple links between campaign officials and russian government individuals, and you can say the same thing about Barack Obama, spare me just you know what I'm so tired of it the scene lawsuit filed are the ones. Are you going to know at night and they say
in lawsuit filed on Friday in Federal court Georgia cited but in which author Larry Noble a former federal Election Commission General Council wrote that the Tropic campaign says the potential risks and benefits of again seeking Russia's help in twenty twenty and has decided to leave that option on the table. Where did they get this from? They just make it up the time in Palestine, vowed to fight the suits which will have what you have to come stringent, free speech protections under pressure and from the landmark nineteen sixty four case New York. We Sullivan the court has held at a plaintive must prove defendants made statements at issue either knowing they were false or in reckless disregard for the truth. The court also grants wide for. For opinions dealing with matters of public knowledge first amendment ports that are more worry about the broader implications, noting at smaller news organisations may not have the resources to fight such complaints and that they may suppressed pinion pieces out of fear of retaliation. The time
in the pot. Well I'll tell you what man the media today is damaged by nothing but opinion pieces out I'll, take full responsibility to everything you watch for me. Just opinion pieces hate it what it is, but it's fair to say if people concern about putting up fake news or our opinion pieces could be threatened, then, maybe to get back to doing right now, our news- I don't sell you a smaller companies that there is a risk there. I can respect that absolutely, but the league system as it stands you the rules and its own for which people can do things. The Ets It's tough wolf, Wolf will figure things out the system as a perfect but it is what it is and we all know the rules. We got involved the times the pie have the resources to hire excellent legal counsel, who will die straight? Why these lawsuits are completely merit? Less Ryan, Hoss staff, money for the ACL? You speak technology, privacy project. All the Hill news publications or even in
visuals who don't have access to these resources are very naturally going to think twice before saying something criticising the president. If their worries The president's campaign team is going to be filing even a merit, less defamation lawsuit against them. Yellow these people are lying there, not just in their opinions. They are making things up, I'm just so sick of it. They talk about anti slap law, strategic lawsuits against part of public participation which per advocate say are followed, intent of silencing discussion on topics of public concern and drawing outlay, play financially burdensome court disputes. Won't viagra so they're, claiming that tromp is trying to actually gay trot engaging, called a slap lawsuit. I don't I don't. I disagree, Thank you. Have these new stories definitively may in things up so trot Zeus look there saying that Trump has put the option. On the table of taking help from Russia. He didn't say from Russia in the first place he didn't collude with Russia. You made that up the press made all of that up,
I'm glad he's fighting back the and they say as president as press drop us threats to take a closer look at the nations libel laws, Trump claimed in June where twenty Tina current libel laws where a sham and he sought to prevent publication of a book by writer, Michael Wolf. He has also threatened to sue the daily beasts and others while in office. It's no coincidence that a president, First, the press as the enemy of the people, as is out there filing merit list, defamation, suits, ha, said courts will see through these lawsuits, but the danger posed by them is that would be critics of the present well look at the suit and think twice before speaking their mind, there is a concern there. I believe in the fridge the press. But we have with a different problem here we have essentially freedom lie. It's gone point where the media, just pumps out, lies all day and they use weasel words to accomplish this. The courts are, in my opinion, being much too lenient on lies. I get it is a fine line and
because people want to err on freedom of speech, and I actually respect that. I dont where to draw the line, I am rather happy with things are what where things are to a certain degree. But what have when someone you that someone did to me, they wrote a story. Lied about me claim it up, This conspiracy theories, linked to an activist post which have complete bs and a bunch of other outlets just picked it up its recycling it and in the original guy pulled the source of the article. So now is a closed loop of a bunch. People, citing each other making things up and what, you do about it. You can't sillam. It was an opinion. They use weasel words. They'll say you know Trump, I'm out, you know what I'm I'm, I'm I'm I'm not getting. This was an example, but I'll just tell you. The claimed bought me, was that I pushed conspiracy theories. Define that what does that mean? Well, wages meant that it was talking about it, but the average person, here's that they think you were actually saying it was true, You make a video. If you could give a speech- and you say this is the case
this theory. It's not true. They'll claim you pushed it. By putting the idea out, thereby push that's how they play the game. We all words and you can't sue over it. But you know what they're doing and why they're doing it its mind. Numbing Ali I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes. I will see you all shortly. I did a Google search for Trump supporter attacked and attack Trump supporter, DA deal comes up, do a bunch of stories pop up words like up a roving band of tromp supporters, targeted a little old lady, a roving band of men in Margarets yelling. This is my country, smashed windows nope. What comes up is trot supporters who are victims of crimes from harassment to you know, just you know general harassment and also physical attacks, which raise the story girl for a man who attacked Magua, hat wearing bar patriot and restroom faces for years in prison, while for years
present. So I saw that I did a Google search and, of course, all the stories in recent history. Other our trump support is being victims and explain to you one one, quick thing that mention another videos, but I'm gonna get your attention. The beginning Do you know why all these big companies bend the need to the left, Google search attacks, political tromp or whatever and you'll see why the far left will beat. You they will smash your window set fires. So all these is bent over backwards and please I'm such a pathetic loser. I'm such a loser! Please don't hurt me I'll! Tell you what, when the fog, he wants to show up with a crowbar and threatened whack me with that I'll say just whack me whether you want you. Don't you don't believe me watch the video of me in Boston when the end of a guy got my face. I swing it at me and I stood my ground but too many of these people are pathetic and refused to do anything about it. Stand up for yourself for once grow spy in what ways we can see some consequences. This guy's facing for years in prison, Fox NEWS reporting, a cattle.
When you man faces for years in prison for attacking a bar patron, who was wearing a red, make Amerika great again hat and a restroom last year, David Delgado? Thirty two pleaded now contest to one count: a felony assault by means of force likely to produce right? Bodily injury The LOS Angeles district attorney's office, said in a news release. The attack happened on it. More seconds. Twenty nineteen at a restaurant in downtown Hermosa Beach. The victim was wearing a red hat with white lettering, written Russian, that translated to make Amerika great again the press, a prosecutor said Delgado, broached the man and asked him What was written on the hat police said after the victim responded. Police at the suspect, repeatedly punched him in the face. The victim fell to the ground and Delgado. Continue to punch before eventually, stealing his hat and fleeing from the restaurant according to police, what he said they use surveillance, footage, identify Delgado and arrest him at his home without Incident Delgado Scheduled to be sentenced, may twenty eight throw.
The book at this man now I'll be honest with all of you are looking for, yours is a long time are not going to solve any problems. I don't I don't like The idea of how our criminal justice system works. Donald Trump, in fact, had let the charge on bipartisan criminal justice reform and that generate a lot of support. The black me form so for years I don't know What I do know is on to see this guy was arrested, charged any blood. We ve been great to see and convicted by a jury of his peers. Buddy pledged no contest now so Riesling out that would no contest basically means you're giving up, but you don't admit guilt, it exists, so you say yadda replied guilty, but you know the prosecution basically wins. Typically, the you know. If you please not guilty, you'll get a really harsh plead not guilty. You'll get a really harsh penalties and my general understanding that a no contest play you get. It huh. Something called a trial tax or a jury tax, and that's if you please not guilty in any instance, the court typically will
I wish you much more harshly than if you plead guilty, because as most of us know, it's because they feel, like wasting their time, but the excuse they give is that they feel. Like you, learned your lesson by admitting dealt well. Ok, it's so it took to get to get off that tangent back to the main point I'll, never a big fan of locking people up and throwing away the key and giving him lengthy prison sentences. But I want you to think of the story is a man mining, his own business, wearing a hat and some crew they do, walked up to him and start repeated bashing him in the face locked that dude up on and even about reforming him to an extent I'm all about rehabilitation. But this dude is dangerous and violent attacks. Random people locked that dude up. I am rather freedom minded person. But, as a liberal, I think it's a good thing that we have criminal justice. English, common innocent until proven guilty, while this guy got not on camera. They saw doing it. He got arrested and now
he's gonna go away for a long time. You want to argue about the length of time I'm totally down, but it's time we start seeing justice in this regard, too often in our current political landscape, it, strong supporters getting beaten and knocked down, and you know but it's a challenge for the media, lies about this. It's how the meat places game, they ignore the stories they lie about. The stories isn't any surprise you that Fox NEWS, I'm rynason you! Bernie Sanders. Supporters are to come out and say: oh, what a horrible horrible thing or these distance, democrat types are gonna, come on talk about it, nope they'll, push fake news, though certain people, like Sean King, for instance, they'll push fake news, making false claims about fake victims, you'll see juicy small yea back. I tried to get the supreme I didn't think, was the Illinois Supreme Court dismisses case. They said no you're gonna do oh buddy, and then you got six new felony indictments, here's what you will get. When you, Google, search tromp supporters, tax or otherwise, you will find
stories, fake hate crimes. There was a recent story, a couple people ran some kids off the road. Some kids on bikes would trump flax, random off the road and currently on video said that if they try doing about it, they would claim at the kids were yelling racial slurs, hoax hate crime, Just a small at hoax hate crime, now ok innocent until proven guilty wolf to see what the court's decide on Justice Mallette, but most of us have basically are determined if such a thing it's dangerous. I certainly think Jesse's is guilty do think, there's an important reason why we have our justice system set up the way it is so. I look forward to hearing a court decreed that this man stage to this, the police. It seem to think they have the evidence of it. I'm gonna, wait and see the conviction. I think that's fair when it is fair to say, based on the events we ve seen so far come on. Man who believe that guy a couple dude shut up in the middle and yelling Magua country. Stories we hear from laughed about tromp supports attacking them are caricature of real life. Just like we see with you know, feminist movies, you out
We like birds of prey, member that I did a summer views on it. You basically have a plot. That's based upon he's perceived slights that don't exist, wanted Workers motivations is that this man promotion over me. That's that they live in this weird world that doesn't exist and that's exactly we see no laugh when a hoax, these hate crimes that what were they what was just a small thinking we having two guys scream modern country. He could have literally just said he's working on the street. And he saw a guy get out of a car with Trump bumper sticker and he started yelling stuff that Amanda got into a fight. People would be I have some political backdrop. Bumper sticker yet could happen, but two guys in modern kept Yon Mogg country who have and have a jar of a bleach. What are you thinking is insane now look at the story. A guy says, was wearing a hat and somewhat are appealing punching repeatedly punching interface entirely believable based in reality, is on a caricature of anything. We ve seen anti, but we see in the French far left smashing windows. So when you store like this you're. Like make sense, these are the two disparate realities
we'll find these. When you read all the news- and I have a you- know- I want to say I wonder why the meat it isn't cover it properly. I'm not surprised I get it its bias. We all know it's bias, for some reason, every single day we can see these and still no reaction. It was like July of Twenty Sixteen o came around San Jose and I, the guy walking on the sidewalk mining zone business in someone whacked him in the back of the head with what scribe as a bag of rocks and the guy started Bleed- and it was like what like you just came out of, the signs are spitting on an old stuff that was when I sorry to see how insane these people were so think about how this impact marketing commercial, social media, the rules- I do say it, but as long as these people aren't being charged and arrested as long as attacking people and getting away with it the more it will happen you ve, had some people say that anti. If I should be designated a tear organization, or something like that, Maybe I don't know it's
it's a banner, it's a loose net group kind of like in open rights, I guess not uncommon pirates make some sound too cool fine, whatever their buddy, whiny, weak little kids go around bashing skulls because they have emotion at their very emotionally disturbed, but what we will get away with it when the media won't call them out, they have absolutely no incentive to stop. But worse still, when big media companies and technocrats but is actually banned. The knee to these lunatics. They are encouraged to do it more. You have a media that will call tromp supporter all of the worst names in the book and because of that brands, are scared to associate with tromp supporters, but then you have these people who go round bashing. Skulls and brands have no problem aligning with these groups together Kay rolling recently put an apartment to get a one point: two metre high fence not very high, like four feet. What you want to put the security gate in front of the house, because
he's been getting a better the harsh business on Twitter for daring to stand up for a woman who said that men can't change into women. An opinion on the internet it was enough to incite threats against eight that this author, who now need to security gate as long as these people don't get by and the media on our society doesn't call them out. It will continue to get worse. I don't know. What what the answer is going to be, how do you make them? care when the media basically is full of people who like what's happening up. I can tell you that it doesn't stop. The system will continue to shake until it shakes enough Andy able eyes. I don't think anybody wants that to happen. Like I mean it, I guess except for them what you can see it here in these stories. Starting now to see some enforcement, ok I'll Fourteen Justice Mallette Face Justice. I look forward to seeing this guy justice, and hopefully this is a change where we can start. We can start putting an end to this kind of lunacy There's there's real challenges involved and where you draw the line at security,
you would get. We can argue these trump supporters to defend themselves and they should to a certain degree. But you know what. The way things are set up right now. These people have a an easy pass towards going around, attacking innocent people. This is a good start, lock him up like em all up member I block Basher in Berkeley that I got what probation not for years in prison. But you know what This guy might actually get probation not to me is is worrisome. If these people keep getting away with it, you know it'll happen I'll leave it there
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