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The Migrant Crisis Is OVER, Trump Declares Victory As Yuma ENDS State of Emergency Praises President

2019-12-30 | 🔗

The Migrant Crisis Is OVER, Trump Declares Victory As Yuma ENDS State of Emergency Praises President. The Mayor of Yuma, Arizona has officially ended their state of emergency and largely credited the policies of the Trump administration.Acting Deputy Department of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli joined the mayor of Yuma to announce the policies involved in ending the crisis.Regardless of your support for President Trump it is fair to say he got exactly what he wanted. Unauthorized Immigration is down, border crossings are down, and across the board immigration, legal or otherwise, is down nearly 70%.There may be an interesting correlation between these policies and Trump's support from the african american community. A new story yesterday in the Chicago tribune highlights how many young black men are getting jobs following the ICE raids on poultry processing plants.This same story is reflected in an old story form 2007 that showed the exact same thing.Democrats may oppose Trump's policies on immigration but the fact is it does help american workers who can in turn legally vote for Trump in 2020.Regardless, as we watch the emergency declarations end and the number of migrants diminish, it is safe to say Trump has won this fight. There is still the issue of sanctuary cities and California, a sanctuary state, but for now it seems Trump will get his way.

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Fats. News might not want to say it, but the migrant Christ, For all intents and purposes is over, According to some of the latest data from the peak of the migrant crisis, illegal border crossings are down overwhelmingly and across the board since last year, general immigration, legal or otherwise is down around seventy percent. Huffington Post called it trump. Being his wall figuratively, but now, have another story, you Arizona has ended its state of emergency as migrant crisis, diminishing and the mayor has praised Trump forest policies. Now I don't act like literally everything's been resolved, but for the most part it seems that Trump got what he wanted because again, not just illegal immigration. General immigration across the board is down H, one be skilled, worker visas are down and those are being exploited by big big tech company. So we'll get to that
but I also think this might play into why trumps approval among the black community has actually gone up. While some people refute this. There are three poles showing that trump support may be in the around thirty or so percent thirty six percent, one of them from Emerson which are considered by five thirty two. We want the most accurate poles. I think this actually has something to do with trumps immigration policy and I've got some articles to back them up. But first, let's get started with what's happening with you, my Arizona why the migrant crisis is effectively over and why the mayors, trot before we get started had already TIM cast out consultation on it. If you like to support my work, there's a pay pal, optional, crypto option, a physical, add like physical address, this things do the best you can do, however, is share. This video Youtube has absolutely been propping up mainstream media. That includes Fox NEWS that the biggest recipient of the algorithmic changes its bad news for channels like mine. But if you can do a good job, then there's one thing that will absolutely that is actually more power.
Well, then, any algorithmic change as your ability to Egypt to just share the video sharing this word of mouth. It will absolutely trump any algorithmic changed. So if you like it, please consider sharing the three Fox NEWS reports. The mayor of the border city of Human Arizona has withdrawn his cities state of emergency that was declared in response to this year's migrant prices at the southern border, saying that the crisis has demur has diminished in recent months. What I'm grateful to be able to withdraw the proclamation of emergency due to the Trump administrations policy changes that diminish the flow of the migrant Flint family units to the Euro area and prevent releases into the human community. Mayor Douglas Nicholls said in his statement earlier this month. Nickel declared a state of emergency in April near the peak of the border crisis, when the number of migrants apprehended or turned away at the border sore over one hundred and nine thousand. The number one hit one hundred and forty four thousand and made, but then decline sharply in the months since then down to about forty two
thousand in November. At the time nickel said, the state of emergency was due to the migrant family. Release is overwhelming the local shelter system, fastness, was gonna, say the ministries and has created a slew of measures for bringing down the number of migrants approaching the border. Most significantly is the ramping up of the migrant protection protocols over the summer, which sees migrants returned to Mexico, as they await their hearings, breaking for second for those who are familiar with the remain in Mexico, pausing a lot of people were upset with it, but it basically says: if you apply for asylum, you can wait in Mexico. So far more than fifty three thousand migrants have been returned to Mexico under the m. P. P that, it. Has been coupled with asylum agreements with countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador that sees migrants sent there to claim asylum instead, while those policies have drawn significant criticism from pro migrant and humanitarian groups who wore that they could send migrants into dangerous areas and place them at risk of violence. The administration claims it is those policies that have helped slow the
This is an end, the pull factors that brought migrants north. They also mean that apprehended migrants can be processed quicker and, in many cases, be sent. Mexico or a central american country wrath then released into the: U S: Interior in a press, Release Nicholls, also credit those initiate initiatives. For leaving the crisis in Europe. In fact, what the border patrol has said is they ve ended, catch and release? I think that's actually, industry let me just let me read this up, he may be alongside acting Deputy Department of Homeland Security, can coochie who made the link. Between administration policies and relief in places such as Uma quote of central american family in its every hundred has decreased by eighty five percent since the height of the crisis in May, and thanks to a number of policies we implemented, we have ended catch and release and are returning removing and repatriating more aliens from the border than ever before. Now, communities like Uma are directly seeing the effect of our efforts, so I will show you this graphic.
Here again. I want to make sure this is clear if you're someone on the left- and you don't like what Trump is doing well, then pay attention, because this is happening, and I can tell you whether or not support will not support it. I just want to show you the details and say I really do think. Tromp has won this. I mean eighty five percent decline from the peak of the migrant crisis. It sounds like a major victory for the president now these numbers from sea BP, DOT, Gov and in September. So this is a bit off enough by a few months, but we can see that since May, the number of families being apprehended has dropped dramatically and, of course, we ve seen this news report
The board. The Wall Street Journal said in September that U S, border crossings continue to fall. As Mexico disrupts migrant flows, one of the things that Trump did was he organised an agreement with Mexico to secure their borders and make them take care of a lot of the migrant caravans that writing to the country, because Mexico took action that met less people actually making it to the? U S borders. So it's not just what Donald Trump has done, although you could argue it's his arrangement with Mexico, but Mexico has also taken action against many of the central american migrants who are coming. Then we have what was briefly mention the remain in Mexico policy, the story from the epoch times in November. Thousands of migrants our voluntarily going back home after being sent back to Mexico undertone policy? No initially, I was gonna use an MP our source, but the envy our source was very biased in framing it as though it was like an evil action or something, and I thought that was unfair. The best I could do was epoch times all private criticized for using it Let me read a little bit of the story and then I want to move
onto the Trump rates Donald Trump his administration, the more more importantly, are say, I'm sorry more specifically ice raided several chicken processing plants in response, many locals got jobs, but this is an echo, a mirror of what we saw back into that seven report of the Wall Street Journal that these raids resulted in local local, the black community getting new jobs and actually being happy about it. Perhaps this is why we were seeing that approval for trumpets going up now come to us, but love a little bit of a story about how their returning epoch times, reports thousands of migrants who have been set to Mexico to wait for ports to process. There are claims on a trumpet ministrations remaining export policy are starting to vote one terribly return home according to a report released by the Department of Homeland Security,
The trunk and ministries is wrapped up efforts in the past year to address the influx of illegal immigrants crossing into the: U S and restore integrity to the immigration system when it ministrations top priorities is to end loopholes from the current catch and release policy in which migrants are released into the interior of the country as they away A court hearing often never to be seen again, so I dont to rehash what our he, but I want to show you the story from Chicago Tribune Dick, Not only is doing really really well under trump most people, not even Democrats, can deny it one of the most interesting poles we ve seen recently was from you today that showed eighty percent of people believe that their life is going to get better in twenty twenty and they almost exclusively say it's the economy. In fact, many of them say it's whatever tromp is doing what it most interesting comments was was from someone in Boston who said yes, my life is, is better things are going well saving money, but climate change right
outside of all of those arguments about climate change or whether they actually support the present. We can see that even people who don't like the president because his you know, because he doesn't address our policies they want to see addressed, they can admit the economy is doing really really well. I believe one of the factors as to why the economy is doing well is because of trumps integration policy. Not many people have argued that there's no correlation between a lack of low skilled labour and immigrants, Andrew Yang, for instance, on the debate stage, said, take a look at these factories and you don't see migrants working in these factories. You robots, Andrea things right, but it's also true. There are some jobs that, as of today, can't be done by robots, and we have seen not just recent stories. The story from yesterday Chicago Tribune, but a story from twelve years ago, showing that after audibly that I feel a musical, but after their immigration rates, it was locals in the lead committee who were offered up these jobs and the companies that we're doing the chicken profiting Pulcher past pressing actually offered up in
in Greece, in the Bay salary to trying to attract local labour. That backs up a lot of the claims made by Donald Trump about immigration, and perhaps evidence to suggest It has Trop cracks down on illegal immigration and, admittedly, immigration across the board. That means there is going to be that the demand for jobs will remain the same, but the supply pool will be lower, even if only by a little bit in the story from Chicago Tribune. They highlight how people they got these jobs out, sweeping ice raids and Mississippi's chicken country opened up jobs for american workers. Some it's complicated, saying quote: it's like. I stole it only a little bit of a story, but the Tribune reports one grant strode into the coke foods to can processing plant for new job on Wednesday morning. Joining many other african Americans and a procession of rubber boots hair nets and last cigarettes before the ground at twenty grant? Was too young to remember the days of a merely all White Workforce and Mississippi's poultry industry or the civil rights boycott?
then protests that followed. He was too young to have seen how white workers largely moved on after that, leaving the business of killing cutting and packing to African Americans. He did not know the time before hispanic workers began arriving in the heart of chicken country by the thousands recruited by plant managers looking to fill low, paying jobs in expanding industry, but grant clearly remember August seventh the day the Trump administration
perform sweeping immigration, raids on seven chicken plants and central recipient. He remembered the news flashing on his phone six hundred and eighty hispanic workers arrested. You remember seeing an opportunity I figured there should be some jobs. You figured right. The raids were believed to be the largest statewide immigration, cracked and in recent history, and a partial fulfilment of President Donald Trump vowed to deport millions of workers living in the. U S illegally. The impact on Mississippi's immigration community has been devastating for non immigrant workers. The aftermath has forced them into a personal reckoning, with questions of morality and economic self interest, the raids brought suffering, but they also paid job openings. Some believe that the immigrant workers had coming quote. You're, someone who ain't supposed to be they're going to come get. You said a worker named Jamal, who declines to give his full name because Cupfuls had not authorize him to speak. That's only right. There is also a lotta Davis. Thirty five, a seventeen year veteran of the plant
She has seen many workers of all backgrounds come and go, but she was horrified that so many of his purse of our spanish colleagues were rounded up some of them. She said wanted to work so badly. They tried to return the next day. The stories from yesterday I've seen bits of it going around, but they highlight how many african american workers came in and replaced those who were deported or removed by ice. Now you can argue as as they showed here, those people weren't. Suppose you working here in the first place, I'm not going to put their responsibility on the immigrants or on the local african american workers or taking jobs. I think the responsibility falls in the company who is seeking to exploit cheap labour. This it was fascinating to me. It's always been alive. Swing position to oppose these companies, exploiting illegal immigrants. In fact, and twenty fifteen Bernie and are said open borders, was a Coke brothers proposal, noting that the coke industries is not the same outside the cope processing plant is not the coat brothers. That's my understanding. What you think,
Why would the cope brothers or other industrial industrialists want open borders? They can pay but low minimum wage to people who are here legally because they can't do anything about it, in fact there are some stories that some plants would hire. People offer them under the table cash and then, and then, at the end of the month, call him. I haven't deported now. Those are urban legend success stories I heard in the past, but you'd think it would be the left saying these companies should not be allowed to exploit the working class and these poor migrants with low wages, and no if it's you'd think they'd be saying that should be paying more local community instead. For some reason, the leaped seems to have abandoned this and its form and Donald Trump to call it out check this
I showed you the story from twenty nineteen. What if I took you back to two thousand and seven in fact January twenty seventeen times, I'm I'm sorry January, seventeenth, to than seven almost thirteen years ago, the Wall Street Journal reported this an immigration raid, AIDS, blacks, for a time they say after a wave of raids by federal immigration agents on Labour Day, a local chicken processing company called cried or ink lost. Seventy five percent of its mostly hispanic nine hundred member workforce, the crack down Britain to cripple the economic anchor of his fading rural town, but for local african Americans. The dramatic appearance of federal agents presented an annex. An opportunity cried or suddenly raised pay at the plant and advertisement in the weekly forest blade newspaper blared, increased wages, starting at seven dollars to nine dollars an hour a dollar above with the company, had paid many immigrant workers now and stop, and just remember
This is thirteen years ago, so the wages are very different. Today it probably be fourteen fifteen dollars an hour. The company began offering free. Transportation from near by towns and free rooms in a company owned dormitory near the plan. For the first time in years, local officials say Crater I simply sought workers from the areas state funded employment office, a key avenue for low skilled workers to find jobs of four hundred candidates centre cried her most of them black. The plant hired around two hundred, I say a cosmetic, mean, store and Douglas J told April pocket Parttime clerk recruiter was in town looking for workers miss pop past the word to her husband. Thirty two year old, germane royals, who had just been laid off in the latest but in a series of temporary jobs, both our african American less than a month after the raids on illegal immigrants. Mr Royals and three other workers met at a gas station parking lot and piled into a van sent by Peacock poultry ink. One of several contractors hired to fill the ranks of craters production lines to
years later. They pulled into an austere, complex of brown dormitories owned by crier less than three weeks earlier had teemed with Hispanics Mr Royal stashed, two small bags of belongings and a boom box in a dingy room and took his place the next morning on a production line in the chicken plant for the first time since significant numbers of Atinas arriving and still more. In the late nineteenth nineties, the plants processing lines were made up a predominantly african Americans. Now, thirteen years later, we hear the same story and what is the response from politico? tromp shocks- black voters by trying to get their votes really is either
then it's reelection team knows he's never going to win sizeable african american support. But that's not the point now. This story is just from a couple weeks ago, but take a look at the story from around the same time. Actually, from a week ago, awakening black voters abandoned by Democrats. Warm to Trump now has a story highlighted several times in the past few days. The vocs article that says the Democratic Party has become are increasingly becoming the party of the wealthy That's from twenty sixteen think about where we're at now. It used to be the industrialists wanting open borders and bringing in these migrant workers at low wages, displacing the local community and taking away low skilled jobs and intelligent seven that was under Bush. Now, it's Donald Trump Trot. Probably saw this, they knew what happened when they raided these. These these plants in and you know, deported he's undocumented workers, it resulted in locals getting these jobs. Take a look at this former NFL player Jack Brewer once raised camp money for Barack Obama now he's and now he's among
The increasing number of black voters who support President Trump quote theirs. Wakening going on right now in the country. Mister Bruce out of black voters who traditionally support Democrats undertake the guy who's actually putting in the policies that are going to make life better. For my young black son, a young black daughter versus somebody who gives me lip service, like, unfortunately, the Democrats have done for our community for years they go on to say that trot approval ranges. Uncharted approval rating has gone up dramatically from numerous poles. They say three poles in November showed Mr Trumps job approval rating among black voters and in a thirty to thirty, five percent range a signal, increase over other surveys that have generally shown black voter support of less than ten percent
I remind you. The present received eight percent of the lifeboat. Twenty sixteen said a senior Trump campaign official. Now I can't tell you specifically what MR brows, referring to in terms of policies. Tromp was going to enact that would help the black community. I can look at the latest story, just the other day from the Tribune that after the raids on documented workers are being displaced there being sent, and us must be legally work here in the first place and it's the local community, the african american community, there being given these jobs and a lot of these people are happy they're getting these jobs. You know what one that what the most important things and one of which is a barbarous me most about race, purity. It anywhere in the world is the assumption that people our racially driven due to some genetic fact or something to commit some kind of crime or to be criminally predisposed
The reality is data shows us. Poverty breeds crime, and this is why your you, your likely, seen comments like this from people like brewer. If the Democrats are going to be all about tacit open borders, not direct open borders but being welcoming of undocumented immigrants and protecting them in refusing to deport them, as many of them are set, it you're going to create people in communities, primarily african american communities who don't have jobs. Thus you will create more poverty surrounding the area and poverty breeds crime, not race. This is fuel for the racists as well. The most frustrating thinks in trying to explain how poverty does this if tromp is telling these factories. You cannot break the law. Unfortunately, there people were being certainly negatively affected by this. The immigrants do not support the undocumented immigrants ass. We working here in the first place, but it's going to help those who are american first, hence Donald trumps nationalism, but I want to end with a few more things because not just about you know support. I want to highlight this, I think, is very interesting.
But you have to understand that what Trump is doing is it just changing the face of illegal immigration, but also illegal practices, orse or sneaky practices by major corporations to skirt Imogen laws to bring about skilled labour from foreign countries when they should be doing it? First, Here's is well actually I'm not gonna get to this. This is a story. It says the radical immigration changes under Trump that went unnoticed. I was actually look at this. One is the court's India, Indian CEO always held for duping. U S, visa thought. Is to bring into under foreigners exploitation of the h one be take a look at this story. This is or a from what is this insight diets? Dice? Dotcom amounts are familiar with what I said, but this October is it not. Provide news guards source so just keep it in mind, but it's it's. One of the very few hours had actually talk about how Google and Amazon are exploiting each one bees. It will be a skilled labour visa into bringing people into this.
For what has been a story going around and either pulled up. So this will not affect me on that says. First, if you want to bring in skilled labour, you have to prove you couldn't find american labour to fill that role what they do. Is they take out jargon, laden, confusing articles and small town papers, and then what one response. They say it didn't work and then they stuff the H. One be lottery system, the trying as many work as possible. According to the story, we can access it Do you think of something else they use? can there be sub contractors to double up there? Each one bees take a look at this while Google is is in the mental facebook is not. The worst apple will offer up what will apply for eight hundred and thirty six primary ate one bees, but use contractors to apply for two thousand torrents and before so that apple can double up the visa. For the same essentially the same job. You can see. Google primarily uses their own that you no place for their own visas, but still use a secondary contractors, basically
speak, accused and I'll make sure as of right now I'll be there, but be that I will be very careful on this one. What I will I've been toys as it as it is, but, as it's been explained to me, is that Google and Amazon, Inter tech companies will just litter the delay. Racism with as many tickets as possible. You know Kaliko Raffles lottery system, and this makes it very very difficult for smaller companies medium sized companies to actually get the skilled labor. They can't find anywhere when it comes to an eight one b, the general ideas, No one in America can do the job and you can explain why they can't and you when the lottery, we will bring unskilled labour from a different country into the. U S: now trump minor thing is cut down each one bees and is everything to stop the exploitation or he's doing some things tat they were taken. But what I've heard from medium sized tech companies is that when they literally can't find developers in the U S, they still have trouble getting skilled labour from from off from foreign countries, because of how the system is split by big tech all end by saying this, you get the point the,
then take away from all of us. I think whether you like trumps policies or not, he is seeing growing support likely do, at least in some. Part two, these immigration policies, the economy is doing well likely in of immigration policies. Apprehensions way down you, but you, my has cleared there said emergency, I would say: Tromp has taken a victory on this front. It's like Why you're not really hearing about it a lot in the press? It's probably why their share thing to impeachment. Nobody wants to make story sang Trump. You know declares victory on this issue, or at least I should say it's not going to become a dominant new. Cycle story, because when do they ever talk about trumpet succeeding in something? But here you can see that it Trump got what he wanted is perfect. No did he get a big beautiful, thirty foot concrete. All from seed assurance to see the shining see no, but he is.
Building new fencing bothered fencing. They have secured key areas already and accordingly, having imposed or I covered several times, they said Trot got his wall figuratively, meaning migrate. Immigration across the board is just down. I think it's fair to say that what we are seeing now is the end of the migrant crisis of before Donald Trump as the state of emergency is clear. Limited thing the commons below will keep the conversation going. I think I'm gonna do something new for the new year says this is a heads up from this general. I want more videos coming up at Youtube COM slashed him cast a news at six p m six, fifteen and six thirty. However, I think starting next year I might put every single segment on this channel and I might turn my I can channel into a new life, show where everyday around eight p m Just do alive kind of cuban style thing, but also try and have a guest as we sort of river about subjects that don't make the main segments essentially waiting a whole new show on building a studio.
You ve gone to my Youtube Channel TIM cast. I r L, which is on the side You can see that we now we ve got the early early images of the construction, but it's going to be done very soon. Subatomic back home, it'll I'll, be there. And I think we're gonna try and now we get some work to do maybe design a small set, but I think the goal will be to do more of a general news, not super political podcast show with a consistent guest and will see what happens. I'm really excited for it. But again I've talked about about projects. Some of them have been false starts because the really difficult to get going, and, admittedly, if I start anew, show it can be very difficult to do a roadshow with the Van twenty one is coming up. Just keep it marked, ok it. It may be what happens, but I think regardless I already put my main segment: I'm sorry, are you put a second at ten, a m on my main channel. You may have noticed that's problem. Can be the case from now on, because certain algorithmic changes have made two channels redundant, but I leave their thanks rang it up,
around. I will see you all at six p m youtube com, slashed him cast news and again stay tuned was he would have the new year, but for those that are, I dont see again. New year's eve is tomorrow we have a good time and I will season. There's a reason why I like a couple of the Democrats, notably Andrew Yang and tolls he gabert, because it seems like out of all of the candidates there at least other at least honest and a kind of like that there's also Bernie Sanders was, bit honest and I'll. Show you some things. I think he's been honest about, but I've been very critical of burnings. I feel like he's, pandering to woke outrage and policies used to oppose If you look at Bernie Sanders track record in the past or the statements he made an twenty fifteen, it seems kind of weird because he's kind of flip flop on some issues, and he said some we are deeply offensive things to white working class voters, notably, and they don't know it's like to be port or take my word for it: the court and the twenties between sixty.
Like what you when he was on the debate stage. When we have a story about Andrew Yang Democrats are still in denial about why we lost twenty sixteen election is another reason. Why, like the guy, certainly don't think is perfect, want to make sure that clear beyond our people, gotta come out, be like all gang is wrong in this hour. I'll show you king, is wrong on some stuff, but I think it's fair to say at least he's self, reflecting that's something the Democrats aren't doing, and you always being honest. He saying it's not about Trump. In fact there there there's another article. I don't think I pulled up. Maybe this debt is quote where he sang they can't keep blaming Trump for everything and I'm send irritant. Thank you. Finally, please Andrea things. A quick loneliness Martin I can respect that. I don't think is right on everything, but let's see what he had to say before we get started,
going to let you am, I tell you you may notice this is an early morning, video on my main channel. I'm going to be doing this, probably for the new year, as were entering twenty twenty election cycle, so I can sort of differentiate between my big. Strong personal opinions and kind of just focus on stories where we look at what some of the democratic candidates are saying, I think it will be more useful. It probably will be less effective as like a business thing. You know because doing opinion tends to do better I do this. I want to show you what Andrew Yang said, and I want to show you some of his positions and I will talk about what it means truly work hard, and why- through Yang or some of the more for lefties support. Him are wrong. First, let's read from Town Hall, but again before we get started, go to TIM cast out consolation, don't it if you'd like to support my work by several, I can give the best you can do share This video, if you think it's a good video, you think it's our no otherwise just watch and you can help me find whatever, let's Reed Town Hall reports, twenty twenty demo
presidential candidate Andrew Yang joined ABC News as this week on Sunday, the very first question e I'm assuming this said he was asked to copy editor guys. I want to start with your campaign slogan. It's not left, not right, but forward. What does that mean Yang, said well, John to me, it's clear the reason why Donald Trump as our present today is that Honor mated away, four million manufacturing jobs that were primarily based in Michigan, Ohio Pennsylvania was Content Missouri and I were the swing stating needed to win and what we did to those jobs. We are now going to do to the retail jobs, the call center jobs, the fast food jobs and eventually the truck driving Jobs- and I don't have the aims timeline is correct. I think it's happening fast. Then you realize so. First we are absolutely automating away ton of jobs. That's gonna be a lot of people out of work. Along comes Donald, prompt and says: he's free trade agreements sent your jobs overseas or to other countries in order to bring them back now. Here's the thing trump right about that trunk got some of these factories to be read.
Belt and say, Michigan Andrew Gang is also right that some of the factors that exist dont higher as many people, because their automate automating away jobs, especially low skilled jobs. If you think it's bad now, I think it was you who talked of to take a look at the industrial revolution when people started losing their jobs, people got really really angry, because people like working and people need food, and if you have no secure, many shelter or food. You have no access to resources, that's one thing start like not I view Yang is kind of the actual response, Donald Trump, all of these Democrats that are running in my opinion, for the most part, a regressive- and I don't mean Like a buzzword, regressive, I mean like I like tools. He gathered right, I'm a big fat, I think is awesome, force closer. I don T see anything. I think they're great tolls. These principles Mission is ending this worn wars. The reason I agree with that is because the massive waste of our money that could go to literal anything I say, you're a conservative. Yet stop spending trillions of dollars on war. That's less taxes you have to pay
Let's say you're a Democrat or a liberal. Let's say we take them. Millions of dollars and we fix the pipes inflict it just it's. The first thing you have to do it belong to me that we have any people on stage at all running for president when the first position should be take. We have done a money, we're dumping it over there. I know I know into hold on hold on a lot of people on us It makes a lot of the economy works you right when we spend money on supplies that are an things for war that are manufactured here in the: U S, money does stay in the economy. But I'm talking about literally building roads and infrastructure and building bases overseas, sending drones and multi million dollar hellfire missiles. We wanted to do that. So, let's get back to the main point at aunt. Donald Trump solution to tat S. Actually, automation of loss of jobs was target the free trade agreements and these bad trade agreements, and that makes sense, Donald Trump, is a tradesman. He's got cared to defects, we'll sidestep that for now I know people left will be like, but the point is Donald Trump proposed solution,
spit his worldview business, he proposes business solutions. They work. Will they work forever, not necessarily andor. Gang is attacked, entrepreneur. His solutions are tech based willed. They also solve our problems. Not really that's why I think you need some kind of combination of. Do. We do recognise, when companies and jobs overseas that's taking jobs away from Americans. That's hurting our people, who are now with the way to access resources, wasn't recognise men, fastfood, rest France and businesses. They're gonna be cutting jobs as they put in key tasks, and factories are to build more and more robots and automate, and those jobs are going away self driving cars round the corner. Andrea is right.
But I'm sorry, I buried the lead on this one I want I want. I want to show you what he said about being in denial, so, let's ride on more of what Yang set according to the entrepreneur, how America deals with technological advancements should be something quote that works for all Americans, independent of your political affiliation. I agree these people are technological. These problems are technological and apply to us all. How followed by asking, if you believe the Democrats have been too idea, logical too far to the left and the Republicans have been too far to the right. He said I was an ambassador in the Obama administration, but to me the democratic- still not ask themselves the hard questions as to how Donald Trump one in twenty. Sixteen, if you'll, from the countries that thirty percent of stores and malls closing you see record high. Levels of stress financial insecurity, stooped loan, that even suicides and drug overdoses credit party, unfortunately, is acting like Donald Trump. Is the cause of all of our problems? He's a symptom- and we need to
or the underlying disease. There are two symptoms: I'm sorry there there there that the disease is not just these jobs being automate away, but I will say this: I do like the younger man, I gotta admit you know any first popped up on this, and I was sceptical because there were these weird internet campaigns and he's got this freedom. The freedom bucks thing that dividend which I am a bit sceptical on, but I do appreciate and talk about that, but its a bit refreshing to have. Someone finally say: stop blaming Trump, the conversation. I have all day I go to people in their alike, overdone from another man, you're wrong. Ok, Donald Trump did not create, what's happening, Donald Trump as a response to what is happening, and it's not just the jobs. Donald Trump is the perfect solution. For what ails so many people are, you might not want to hear- you might say no TIM Tropic born, man is evil is wrong as bad as crop. Don't care. As at the point. The point is you had a tradesman international business men who is telling you
he's been telling you since NAFTA was signed. This is bad, I'm gonna fix it. I know how to fix it. I got my name on buildings all around the world. Trust me in autumn doing people listen to that. Even if he's a bad person, you got someone who's more qualified to fix the trade problem. More importantly, trumps bad attitude played a major role. People are tired of being told what they can and cannot say. This is a fact: look at the polls. Look at sentiment. Nobody likes the idea they got as if their mouths shut and they're scared of talking the way they want. Donald Trump comes along and he calls people horse face. You know he insults people questions their professional credibility, and there are a lot of people on the left. Just think Trump is literally the worst incarnation of any leader ever with relatives. There were two big problems to really big problems: bad trade and there are lots of people on the left, who just think Trump is literally the war incarnation of any leader ever with relatives. There were two big problems to really big problems. Badge
which resulted in a lot of also these jobs, not just trade. I understand its loss of jobs in general, but trot solution was trade. It worked their opening factories in Michigan, ok, if you're on laughed, and you want to deny that fine was an end who Yang when he says you're in denial, about what got Donald Trump elected. It is the animation it is this: the trading away, our jobs to foreign countries, its tp, the transfers of a partnership which Trump finished off. He knocked it and burn you want to do the same thing. This is why people said Bernier boss. This is why so many people, twelve to eighteen percent, went from Bernie Trump we're not paying attention to lose. However, when asked if they went too far to the left, what did you say? Well, he said the Idiot really say yes or no, but I want to show you this because there are a lot of people, would like to claim that I'm right wing and fine, whatever Incommode every want your on what you're saying now is a graph. I've shown many times for those in the pot gas. Let me explain: we can see that the Democrats there's two lines of blue line and a red line there.
Line- shows the left and right swing of Republican Party, the blue, I chose the left and right wing of the Democratic Party in two thousand eight, the Democratic Party swung super far to the left and by twenty. Sixteen, the Democratic Party is now to the left of the average European Party Many european parties are more social listing, not socialist entirely, but their democratic that their social democracy, so they very, very massive welfare states. The Republicans have barely moved relative to the Democrats. If you find yourself where Brok Obama was, he was, he was actually decently. Far left many campaigned on Yugoslavia than yes, one hundred percent. The democratic party has swung to Fort the left. So let me add, to Andrew Yang statement that the Democrats are still in denial about why they lost in twenty sixteen, because in twenty sixteen they move. So far left they abandoned the Obama base number one.
This also lead to the rise of absurd authoritarian political correctness. Also as the Anti us with which we put the ash utopians ripe. This brought us a wave of you two generals of anti western values, of which I am lumped into to a certain degree and its because, while many of the people who oppose the what what what people really was Esther W were mostly I was a thought terrorism. Nobody cares. If you have, you know a lot of electing a female led for your movie. Just don't insult people as you do it. One of complaints about say, like Ghostbusters twice extend, was that they mocked men and belittled them in an effort to me When I look stronger, doesn't work, wonder woman does work because you just have a good strong character in the movie was fun and correspondence osment moved by the way, but this is that this is the point. Andrew Yang is correct when he says the Democrats, our denial, automation, bad trade medical correctness. Tromp was the solution to so much of that he came out separately.
We want to say heat. He did the trade deals that resulted in the factories coming back to Michigan. These jobs are coming back, trumpets, gonna, landslide twenty, and you know what the Democrats don't seem to care. But I like it, I like a step forward and talk about this idea for a tweet from a former vocs personality, Carl's Maza. This too has been making the rounds, and I think it's very important thing that needs to be addressed when dealing with issues of Andrew Yanks Freedom Dividend, which will talk about a second, but first I must own Regis programme also tweeted. I dont know who needs to hear this, but the whole point of having a developed economy is that we get to work less while still getting our basic needs met. The goal is to spend as little time as possible at work, so we actually get to enjoy being alive to get being alive on the plant together. This opposed on a separate called late stage. Capitalism, mocks capitalism minutes late stage, but calls Malta is one hundred percent wrong
I think, what you can see the rose in his account because I believe is a democratic socialist. I want to put his views on em, but is one hundred percent incorrect. The goal of a developed nations is not that we get to work less and reap the benefits, because you can you literally. Can you dont need an phone, you can get a cheap smartphone. You can do the bare minimum. You can work at a fast food restaurant. You can do you can do the bare minimum and the car standard of living is still increasing. You can see that stuff spending your money. You can save your money. That's what's crazy to me when I was when I was working for years ago, say like vice I saved all of my money. I save almost all of my money today. I don't just spend every single penny I get and even though it might seem like you can't afford, say a specific treatment. You that the fact of the treatment exists, the increase in the standard of living with so that, as the saying goes, ah John Rockefeller was it was ordered David. Whatever Rockefeller, you know, the guy with the oil you have better.
I don't care than he did back when he was alive and he was the oil baron. The point is poverty is relative. The reason we keep working, even though things are better is because there's always going to be a development that makes things better. The reality is as we oughta met automate away jobs, we are not going to work less you that that that that's like this like a false reality. I guess what people think if every job has been done by robot, you won't have to work. That's not true. Yours and of living will increase. Your access to resources will increase along with it, but you will see I'll do some kind of work, and this brings me back to that point about automation, Yang Trump. The reason I want to highlight this is because not about people wanting to work less people don't want to work less people. What purpose calls Maza? You might not want to work, but the reality is most people. Do people get depressed when they sit around doing nothing,
So as technology improves as our access to resources improves, the poverty line will always be relative to our economy and I'll. Tell you this somebody below the poverty line in United States within reason is still making substantially more money than many other countries in the world. Capitalism is still lifting people up. Let's move a little bit forward and I would highlight some of the, also Yang as well as the Democrats. Andrea has three big policies: the Freedom Dividend Medicare for all human centred capitalism for the sake of this summit to ignore the human centred capitalism. I think that's that's a push to be like we're, not socialist, both by the freedom dividend very quickly. I really want to talk about Medicare for all the freedom dividend basically is some people virtuous universal basic income? That's not necessarily true, but the general
ideas, there would be a value added tax, essentially a sales tax on major corporations, big tech companies, and that revenue would would then be dispersed to people who opt into the freedom dividend, meaning they opt out of governments of other government welfare programmes. The goal is to give you a thousand bucks a month. I am sceptical on the idea. It's a much better version of the stand. You be. I stick. Typically, when people talk about universal basic income, they talk about taxing everything and everyone, and then you know distributing wealth and on an evil. Even level for people to understand is that the minimum wage is not relevant. What's relevant is the value of labor at the lowest level it doesn't matter. If you give someone ten or twenty dollars an hour, because if you make the lowest level job more expensive than everything underneath it has to become more expensive. If somebody went to school for four years to be a doctor said so that way they could. You know by ten pizzas per day, and you now increase the cost of
there's a pizza that doctor can only produce five pieces per day, devaluing their labour and they're gonna want to raise. It would cause rapid inflation, but the freedom dividend is a bit different. He's only charging the biggest corporations vat tax, which will capture some of the revenue lost by say the retail you know these. These these businesses are closing balls are closing stores are closing the general ideas. It isn't a capture that back I'm sceptical, but I appreciate the idea was just talking about it. I'm gonna I'm gonna get to speed up now. It's all right this one up but Medicare for all this, a big policy push for from all of the Democrats. Basically, the problem is its too expensive, but Andrey hangs approach to it is much more intelligent than everything other Democrats have been proposing for one Elizabeth, worn, refused to admit they would raise your taxes they will endure Yang has no problem saying listen. If we can free up small business, do not have to worry about paying healthcare costs for their employees is benefits than workers receive easy,
start a business? That was the smartest thing I have ever heard out of any Democrat as to why Medicare for all make sense the problem probably too expensive. The other problem. Andrew Yang was one of the Democrats who pledged to give government healthcare to non citizens that doesn't work. I'm sorry They ve estimated something like what three trillion dollars a year, its thirty trillion over ten years, format of care for all we can already not afforded let alone add that, to the veto, add costs to say non citizens now getting access to that as well. It's just it's not affordable. While Andrew Yang as a really smart approach, if we can make it easier to start business, then more will emerge, they'll, be more tax revenue and the economy will flourish. He's right at that Absolute Lee. True, it should not be the burden of small business to pay healthcare benefits, because people need insurance. However, unfortunately, for today the car
are just too high. So for me personally, I fall into a more vague, like public option. Racket not because I want the public option or because I don't want Medicare for all, but because I dont think there is a clear path in the short term to actually get Medicare for all, because I say so like that people are than gonna criticised me, ass being, like you know, anti progressive. As you know it man you can. You can put your purity tests, you can try and say that any reasonable solution is a capitulation or giving up but you're wrong. The reality. Is there a lot of people who, like their private insurance, you can't take that away, and many people said they would a lot of people. I want to see their taxes go up because they do have a good health insurance programme through their employers, and they want that to go way either. So you can't step in and just say we're taking it away or changing the system. You get the Jews, I'm sorry, but the reality is their duty to choose and if the choice between losing insurance they like or are keeping the health insurance they like. There are no to the voting booth and the right to vote for the person is
I'm not gonna razor taxes- and you can keep your health insurance plan because you're stable, which set to me the most appropriate thing we can do as a compromise, is a single step in one direction you can buy into a public option now the public option may be subsidized there. A lot of problems. There are more things. Donald Trump has done, which I'm I'm I'm not hearing a lot about. It is making healthcare providers that disclose the prices. So you know it too many people are left in the rudder. I'm sorry too many people on the left are so concerned with the demeanor of the orange men and they blame him for everything as end being cited set of recognising Trump is doing right by a lot of people is doing wrong by some people. You gotta admit that the way he talks that you know the way behaves, but there What is if the Democrats remain in denial and refuse to accept the president has done the things you are not going to win I'm giving judgments Bernie Sanders. Does I think it's fair Bernie Sanders, Medicare will all Medicare for all will cost jobs. I really respect this is a story from the Boston, Harold
sanders, long Champion Medica Rural health system will cost people their jobs. He said quote: will there be jobless? Yes, there will be so who said in response to an audience audience question you had ended the Bernie Sanders. You really does believe in what is what is what is pushing, unfortunately, he's pandered too much he's given up the microphone, and I'm really let down by that. More importantly, I mean this with no disrespect, Bernie Sanders it just a bit too old, since a lot of reasons. Why have been turned off by him and its policies and the way has behaved politically and that's why I'm a much bigger fan of Yang until she gathered Andrew Yang did say some really offensive, but gross things about Trump being a slob and stuff. I don't think we need to play that game Yang Yoni to do that as a reason why many people dont like dropped because Trump is, is Cresson boorish, so don't play that game. The Democrats need to come out and recognise. Trump was right about a lot of things and then offer up a clean charismatic
alternative, but they don't want to do it. They don't I think Yang is the best is, is is at this point the best choice, while my first choice would be totally because the that the hard focus on in a foreign war makes more sense, don't talk about freedom, dividend and taxing companies by for you talk about the money we waste on war. I think Yang has done a tremendous job of maintaining Europe of boosting as poles raising money. You no kind of you noticed, bolstering get generally getting better. What he does, I think, it's fair to say, Trump- is going to win Republicans going to sweep and and ring is right, Democrats or denial. That's why? But I will end with one little snippet from just a few weeks ago from intercept a purity tests for raising middle class taxes would eliminate every democratic front. Runner listen. I know you might want Medicare for all, but let's be real, it's gonna be too expensive. You can't give it to non citizens.
Ok, you can't have a welfare state, but also open up your borders to more and more people to get access to that welfare state. It will collapse. It's just react. Bernie Sanders is being honest. I respect that saying. There's gonna be job losses. Even Warren said two million jobs will be lost through Medicare for all he said, he's gonna razor taxes. I try. I have absolute respect for that. Listen man, if you, if you like what he's, preaching, then you probably absolutely respect the man is being honest to you for the most part. Again like there's a much I say, Bernice Private, because this there's some stuff is really really peddled in pandered on. He said we need others too many people on the world. We can open the borders, then he's also said we need climate refugees. I think Bernice flipped love on on a lot issues and I think he's on what a lot of petitions have done say. One thing and one district cells well and then say something else and indifferent erika that sells well
and you can see what Cassio Cortez did in New York, where she banned the press from her events and that's why they do it. They don't want people to hear what their preaching, because they preach different things, never places. It is what politicians do. Donald Trump doesn't sumptuous as whatever, so I can respect them. For being honest about it, but let's be real: if you keep trying to push, our left policy and ideology you will lose. So let me read this video by showing you this chart again, and I know it's kind of you know redundant for many people. I've seen it before, but remind people of this chart when they, when I talk to you about radicalization or whatever The Republican Party is doing what it's always done. This is why my videos tend to point the direction they do. The Republican Party is the Republican Party, a group in Chicago. They never mattered to me than ever. Didn't think of me, I group under democratic super majorities, and now I can see the Democratic party leaving us all behind there.
Placidus they're, lying there going too far left and Andrew Yang said they are in denial. So you don't you get it Donald Trump, please wake up, but probably Yang Stick around. So so so from other listening. I think I'm gonna be doing more segments. Ten, a m on the on my main channel from now on will see how it works, and maybe it won't work- I don't know, but I'm the goal is to you but my main channels, always been about my personal life. What I think is the most important thing and how I feel about what's happening in mainstream politics, but with the elections coming up, I think it would be fair to actually make it my fault. Incitement will always be like you know, I'm cool. Only anger, the democratic just explained why and there's a lot of things they do that that you know my question, and that makes me angry, but I also think it important to start highlighting positions of actual Democrats what theirs because we're getting into Super Tuesday? I think that's a more. You know a better utility for a lot of people. I think
as most of us know, that the business decision that works, the best would be like you know, being outraged all the time and just making opinion yes, but I'm trying to do I'm trying to something better, so maybe maybe it'll work, maybe it won't, but stick around next technical becoming up at one p m you to death comes last TIM cast news. This is going to be more cultural, more off the cob. That's my second channel, if you, if not I will see you then again on this at four p m, so that ring it up. I wish you well than that which can be claimed with Evidence can be dismissed without evidence, scald Higgins Razor for the past several years. We ve heard this story about you. Two radicalization just today I did a long segment talking about you, two radicalization and also the difficulty of trying to classify what someone is politically one the most into doing things about this new use. Research on Youtube is that most people tend to be anti.
Something and not pro something. I found that interesting. I guess we're all gonna pessimists You heard the story. I told you yesterday, you tube actually steers people away from radical videos? Researchers say we now have to academic studies, providing evidence that Youtube is in fact not a radical evasion engine as the mainstream media has tried to report. However, strangely many journalists are actively trying to debunk the story without evidence having presented not in the first place, perhaps because it goes against them industry and perhaps because it because it goes against their politics, but what I want to show the story. First from PVC but for the longest time wasting stories like this how you tube serves the carbon dioxide, Youtube secret radicalization for the right, how you do better. Acclamation machine? None of this is true none of its true, and we now have two studies that we simply, I won't bury the lead, for he was actually they found that what's wrong
happening. Is its supply and demand market economics in terms of ideas, people choose to watch what they are a kind of agree with and then seek out what they want. People who, like pizza, tend to buy pizza people who, like Superman and to watch videos about Superman and people who are conservative are more likely to watch conservative content. But what all These stories, missed is one simple basic bit of math. Most content produced is either politically left or slightly to the left. That's just the way it is, and that means, if you look at you, took content you might watch someone like Jimmy Camel Jimmy Camel is not overtly political, but when he does tell jokes it is not conservative. That means, if you watch anything on Youtube because most content skews slightly in this direction. You are more likely to go towards the left than you are to the centre or to the right, but it served these.
What's in two ways? Look even notice it somebody's our opinion, opinion just thoughts. Just what someone thinks and expert opinion no real data. Is it There are two things being served here: the partisan politics. If somebody websites like motherboard, the daily Basin, Buzzfeed and Colombia, journalism, review war, overtly liberal and the New York Times, which leads to the left when they say Youtube is fuelling the far right. It benefits them politically. Because then, Youtube is scared into action. To ban takes action and they did everything it does. Is it protects the mainstream media? It forced Youtube and you did this to thence. Directing content to mainstream new channels, the greatest recipient, Fox NEWS. Now I know I'm just rehashing. I told you yesterday, but here's what I try. I find truly fascinating. First, in the story from CNBC, which basically tells you what I said, Youtube is actually steering people away from attic radical videos. We can see New York Times. Writer Kevin rose, saying the premise of this:
article study is so odd, studying the the tube algal of late twenty nineteen after you, two main so very well. Publicized elbow changes to reduce recommendations of extreme content doesn't say anything about what you two recommendations were like before them with interesting, is once again cabin roofs is presenting a point without evidence. I dont know if they do on purpose. In my opinion, journalism is just dead and nobody has any research. Well, if governors bothered to actually read the report these, they claim that much of the analysis of the latest. Recommendation algorithm, goes back to twenty eight teen well before the algorithm change. More importantly, sought a lot of the data active in because if it lists goes back to the beginning of the channel, look at us, the Jimmy Door show relevant daily views from twelve December twelve to nineteen December twenty nineteen substantially before the opera them change. Nurses fascinating in their effort to claim there was a great rhetoric
station engine. They have inadvertently forced Youtube to make major changes which, for some reason now makes it so that, if you watch Jimmy Door, who is a social Democrat, maybe socialist Jimmy autonomous label you but big Bernie fantasy fan. You watches channel you're, not gonna Fox news. How does it make sense Youtube? You might that you might say that proves its radicalization engine In fact it doesn't. It literally makes no sense why somebody would watch Jimmy door and then want to watch Fox news, yet that's what they created after the fact basin they're saying, but I bring you now to how the media responds- and you know I never like dragging people, certainly, but this was rather shocking to see from Julie, Alexander and Tailor runs. I think Julie has done some pretty good work in the past, I'm not superfluous. With a lot of what she's done. I know she's been criticized. Taylor runs been criticized before, but she actually tends to do better than most people and I've actually publicly praise some of the reporting she's done, because she. Voided alot of this fake narrative,
now. It seems like they're getting on board and saying this Julie, Alexander tweets, hey a quick request. Journalist, friends, don't write about the Youtube report going around But if you do please reach out to anyone who covers the space on a daily or regular basis and other echo next to understand whether data collection process is flawed. In fact, data collection process is not flawed, like any other economic paper. This paper from our lead, which and Anna I'm forget your name, its eye sites of sorry. I know I novel mark as follows. What before, but anyone like any economic paper lists its limitations, saying we use and anonymous account to go through each. You know, rabbit or to see what the recommendation would be and theirs two big arguments that make no sense. First, let me just say why, on gods, green earth the journalists to tell someone not to do journalism, that's so weird take a look at the report is criticising.
The CNBC story, which is reporting on the academic research, Paper actually shows criticism of it, which is what a good journalist would do. I think it's important to point out once again that which can be claimed without evidence can be a feeder refuted without events and as we already know, all of these stories were presented without evidence. It serve ache. Traditional corporate media narrative, its telling you to your bad and trying to scare advertisers you not. The big problem is you tube is buying less. The market is cheap media is changing people. Don't want to watch news. They want to watch me. Why would you send someone who watches me door or my channel two Fox NEWS when they clearly want to watch Jimmy door because they hold one of the most raising views of human beings, as noted by mark lead, which a lot of data are truly great stuff, but I think what one of my favorite things is this image right here? What you're seeing is the end
see me? Let me read a little bit up from his story so goes into the New York Times report about a man named Caleb came who claims have been rather lies, because that seriously, just as Caleb Kane was radicalized by far right, videos It was also then de radicalized by left wing ones overtime. He had quote successfully climbed out of a right wing. You, too radical only to jump into a left. You too radical cabin roost remarks that cover was marks that what is most surprising much Mr Kane new life on the surface, is how similar feels to his old one. He still watches dozens of Youtube videos every day and hangs on the words of his favorite craters. It is still difficult at times to tell where the Youtube algorithm stops and his personality begins Mark says in his own way, hey, look defines with a left, leaning legacy. Media sees at the as the archetypal actor in our media to media ties to post truth era, someone who completely lacks all critical thinking
zooms an endless stream of online information and dogmatically believes any political position. They are told it's hot. Not to notice how this mean is symmetrical to the end. Pc mean created by the online right and pc stands for non player character. And as someone who has no agency blindly believing left wing media propaganda, Penn State political scientists, Joseph Philips and Kevin Munger described says the zombie bite model of you to radicalization, which treats users who watch radical content as infected and that this infection spreads as they see it. The only reason this theory has any weight is that it implies an obvious policy solution, one which is flattering to the journalists. An academic studying the phenomenon rather than look for faults in the algorithm. Phillotson monger propose a supply and demand model of you, too. Radical ASEAN,
If there is a demand for radical right wing or left wing content, the demand will be met with supply, regardless of what the algorithm suggests. You, too, with its low barrier to entry and reliance on video, provides radical political communities with perfect platforms. To me. A pre existing demand, writers and old media, frequently misrepresent Youtube's, algorithm and to acknowledge that recommendations are only one of many factors determining what people watch and how they wrestle with the new information they consume I believe there fixation with algorithms and tat comes from subconsciously self serving motives, a mechanical understanding of radicalization, and they can condescending attitude towards the public. It works like this
If only you too would change their recommendation. Algorithm the alternative media, the racists cranks and conspiracy, theorists would diminish in power and we would regain our place as the authoritative gatekeepers of knowledge, old media's war. Decentralized media is not limited to misinformation about you devour them. I believe this motivation partially explains why this wild peace against free speech and this pit piece on junk Huger found their way into the paper of record their making a marketing. You reference now the gent younger, being accused of defending David Duke it's insane, but I think we are seeing now why progressive media needs to actually get on board with the fake news narrative, you know what, then they hate trot so much many people, even the young Turks, were more than happy to stand side by side and walk and locks up with people who would see them completely destroyed. Well, Donald Trump was a target. First, they came for drop me I'd. I'd think I, for my part, act on principle. So when I saw this belies the deceit
censorship called it out. Unfortunately, there are many people, like the young Turks who pirated the narrative, and when I confronted Genk Huger about showing a video with my name while trying to claim this radicalization engine was real, he yelled in my face. You start screaming at me, now surprised. I know the guy not like I'm good rather than anything, but I've been on a show couple times and he screamed at me and now he reaps what he is. What would he has sown by defending This narrative by using it thinking the enemy of my enemy is my friend. He has now become the target of the smear machine. Same as anyone else on Youtube, and you know what I still defended the guy because of the New York Times due to him is wrong. I can certainly disagree with the young Turks and junk you grow, pointing out simply because they are wrong
doesn't mean very. They should be smeared and lied about. I can tell you Jack was wrong to use that report. I disagree with his use of it. I disagree with its politics, but in no way do I think you would ever defend David. Do that's ridiculous and its unfair for me to lie about it. It was unfair for four jacked use the fake report, which, which was targeting Dave Reuben, which inadvertently ropes me it's. My name was right in the middle and its wrongful, your time to do the same to him, but here we can see what we get you see this journalists, they don't want you to do journalism and it's the strangest thing, but the savings that experienced when I was going to Sweden Donald Trump say at a rally or something last night in Sweden, as you would happen, so I announced I, go check it out and I got messages from journalists. I know saying: don't do the journalism don't do it don't go strange to me? Why not? Why? Wouldn't I go do journalism because perhaps it's bad for there
projects. I think we can see a combination of things here over the past several years decades, even news jobs have Ben centralized in major cities, especially with the expansion of the internet for some reason. Every time I try talking to someone about setting up a studio in the middle of nowhere where they have excellent internet, but there's like in a small town, everybody wants to live in a big city, journalists tend to be left, leaning, conservatives tend to be commentators, and therein lies a huge disparity between the power and what information is produced. More importantly, as these companies see a lot of people and journalism, dont want to work in rural areas, they say: let's open an office in New York City, a city that is deep blue, thus most would be higher are going to be left, leaning and then you're going to say we dont report on things adult support. Our narrative. Let me make one thing clear: the narrow-
you too radical, is agent, has never been proven. It has always been conjecture and opinion, and I will show you this again. We can see here in marks, peace, opinion, New York, Times, opinion New York Times. Their opinion is in fact one just asking the question yet its fact. Yet these journalists will say don't cover the academic research papers. They will target anybody who pushes back on their narrative because they have weapon eyes the media, to promote their personal ideologies and their industry. I'm sorry, I think you did was losing you to be so desperate to placate the media there actually giving up their core business to them, it makes no sense. Why would you to bend over backwards from for their competitors? Honestly can't tell you you tube controls at a massive amount of advertisements, they could simply say to Pepsi. When Patsy says hey, we heard the story, they can say its fate. John advertisements are not an Apache says. Well, we're not gonna do into a success, but by guess what now
Look, it's gonna be all over you too, and no one will ever see a Pepsi at again. But by what do you think patch he's gonna? Do? Ok, ok, ok, you advertise! If you instead, you to cower, is seeking a spook boots. Strangely, concerning the massive platform, but anyway, the main take away from this is that for some reason for some reason, you do tell me: journalists are trying to lie there, refusing to cover their arguing that people should stop covering an academic paper that disputes their personal political opinion. The reality is this: the data does I suggest you to radically changing the data actually suggests there are its nuanced, but this way most Democrats don't talk a whole lot about immigration to top up Medicare. There really care they really care about healthcare conservatives due to some extent, but there concerned with immigration. That means, if you are someone who is interested in healthcare, you'll, be a colleague left, if you're someone who can
learned about immigration, you'll be radicalized with right, the realities, it's not actually the case. If you go on Youtube and look up immigration videos, you have to choose watch those videos and you can choose to put immigration is good and that search bar the reality is that it simply a numbers game. Supply and demand will be met, communities that believe in certain things exist, and that is it. No one is being dragged in any particular. Extreme direction, because it literally makes no sense and the target would be that Youtube is quantifying what words are more extreme. In other words, the, whereas explain it imagine, he saw a bunch of Superman extremists walking round. You saw a group of people. Superman costumes with goods, walking around and praying to Clark Kent? nobody. Does that there's no extreme in Superman! You
see more Superman's content. The issue is supplying demand. Are their groups of Superman contests? No, so that no one goes on Youtube and becomes this. Otherwise, the argument would be the tiny fringe faction of Superman contests would be getting play because you watch too many deasey comics videos makes No sense, but it's easy narrative because I say radicalization: why are people becoming conservative party supporting drop the reality? Is there not Republicans? Lisbon been where they are. Democrats are viewing the far left and the Democrats in the media I understand their flying to the far left so as they on their train further and further away shore, it looks like the Republicans are moving, but they are. They are not reliable.
Look ends, are because actually where they ve always been. According to the New York Times of all outlets, salts aid us we're doomed in the sense that, as the media collapses, we're supposed to expect an alternative to arise. People like me, but in response to the decay and the collapse of this industry, you to bend over backwards to prop up that industry, so we're screwed, these people are becoming more depraved and corrupt, their becoming more inapt, the company's hiring less skilled journalists to accommodate the fact they are only money and, in the end, what happens you do promotes Youtube literally promotes the crappy misinformation as mark lead, which notes at the end of his article. He says we rely on, we might relent, authoritative sources to set the record straight, dispel falsehoods and explain the broader context for those who aren't aware. But in your times political correspondent in now corrected article fails to do
of these things they made no mention of context or the fact that it was our cassock. There are firmly jack. Uber junkie were sarcastically said David Dupe wasn't racist. He was like oh yeah right, but in your times framed it incorrectly, story went up. The lie travelled halfway around the world before the two before the truth could check on his boots and mark points out. Why should we trust them over literally anyone else? Don't get me wrong. There, certainly more authoritative voices, but when New York Times lies about radicalization literally in their own story. If you actually ready he'd, be like that's the opposite of what they claimed, somehow they still published a story. They are going to destroy channels like mine and that'll, be the end and if you think, that's not true you're, not paying attention so stay round, because these news agencies are gonna, be hiring crappy or in crap your writers, who do worse work than I do and then they're going to destroy my channel and prop up the bad writers. That's what they're building we are doomed seal. I have done all I mean, maybe we'll see what happens, but I want to tell you,
don't be surprised, but about this when journalists start arguing against reporting the facts, because it goes against their their political narrative. Yeah we're in Sofia I'll leave their stick around excitements coming up at four p m at Youtube COM slashed him cast. It is a different channel and I will see you all them. Tweet gone viral, saying that San Francisco is not in fact a leftist communist nightmare, but in fact a right wing technocratic to still be a nightmare. With the year of superficial progressive as I'm not so thinly? Veiling far right, ultra capitalist social Darwinism well well well. Damages hola, although, as A lot of people are looking at this sweetener laughing saying: are you not San Francisco a super far left? No, actually this tweets more correct. Then it isn't I wouldn't call San Francisco, far right ultra capitalist. I guess, depends on your understanding about left and right now.
Enzo there's no real shared understanding of what the word means anymore. Is left and right can mean everything or anything right could be. Cultural could be economic, but the point is Lydia Ecstasy Brown esquires, actually more correct than incorrect. California is in no way a leftist communist nightmare. It's something different. Now they do enact a lot of leftist policies. They do have a lot of leftist ideology, but I think what you actually see from California is a kind of degeneracy, a breakdown due to prosperity. It's almost like you know, there's a word. I want to use that Youtube. Will ban me for using ok, but basically it's kind of like a growth of exploitative individuals who put a veneer of superficial, progressive ism, not so thinly, veiling ultra capitalism and only gets fair to say far right, anything to people in San Francisco or like traditionally or
economically far. Right, California is actually, I would say, policy wise, leans alone to the left, but is mostly dominated by this. The responses we Chicago ends refer this refer this as lakes, Liberals supporting leftist causes as long as not in front of their conduct or Bmw. What California really is is the epitome, the the concentration of superficial social justice selfishness at what we see in a lot of countries. Actually, it's very similar rights on Sweden. They claim to not be racist That's pretty racist. They claim to want to fight for the poor, but not my backyard. I wouldn't call centres so communist. I would call it. It is still be a nightmare where all of the people who are drifters who exploit the system who sell snake oil used this place as their base to extract resource from them
the world and pretend like there, the good guys, but there actually more of a drain on our society. You have the massive vc function of the tech industries have escaped. You have a housing crisis, you're the homeless crises, piece of history of drug abuse. You have rampant taxes, its everybody longing to get whatever they can, there's no community. So I certainly what Woodcock Communist and I would call right, what it really is is selfishness and narcissism, a it's the people want to say whatever they have to say to get things from other people, but in no way do they care about anyone. Let me show you some stories to back up this claim. So so first I want to highlight: the swimming is funny. It's actually Lee towards the incorrect, because I guess you know far right left what I was an opinion. But now it's it's true There's a lot of progressive insanity in California, but think about this Bernie Sanders said open borders as a Coke brothers proposal. It used to be the Democrats who voted for border security, and it will
the industrialists who wanted open borders now, California, just because they claim to be progressive doesn't mean they really are, and I think it's fair to say or far right. What social Darwinism also kind like you think, they're doing anything for the poor, come on check this out from the intercept in August. Twitter help chinese govern, promote disinformation on regression of Wiggers twitter. You think Twitter cares nursing care. Twitter and ex policies that are buys against conserves fact. Are they doing it because the people on the company or leftist know their employees are probably twinning that leftist communist III and like ideologically left sure, but these people in California mostly do it, but the employees I dont think actually believe have the stuff we. My biggest criticism of the extra double use is that they pretend to to earn points and, though, and a lot of people that do push
suffer authoritarian, but the people it would run the business are doing it because I want this week. We green thing about cancer. As a dangerous. The media has dominated by you no progress Heaven and left destined tribalism narcissists. The real problem I see is that you take a look at the conservative. Canoe and there are more than willing to exercise the drifters, not all of them. There's a decent amount, I wrote my eyes, they say whatever they think conservatives want to say and online and they got millions of tonnes of followers. Ok, it's fact. Rightwing grippers are a thing, but when comes to the worst of the worst conservatives. Excised bad actors, racist bigots they do the left. Doesn't. As we see that you know chart I've got a million times now. The left has gone crazy. That's what happens you end up with purity test. Fake, tribal nonsense of a bunch. Reboots really want power, that's what it's all about.
It comes to our no calling out China over their mistreatment of illegals. What is twitter do twitter help. The chinese government promote disinformation, gal, wonderful, and now we can see the bigger story. President Trump tweets video to bash ass if homeless, crisis and see lawmakers. You see, California is a disaster zone, but you don't really scary. They say that California is our future. So the reason why I wanted to highlight that opening tweet is because is it has to be a nightmare. It's going to be our futuristic does topinambo. California is what is to come for the rest of us. Sorry, that's just a fact. Now. I want to read the story about what, said, but I would highlight California salon owner- welcomes a trump intervention on the growing homelessness crisis after the President accuse the state of incompetence and insist that they should politely ask for his help. California, isn't this communist, ok there's a lot of people there who pretend to be, and in this the important difference between what
really means been left and what it means to be whatever that wherever California is, is the big issue? I've taken with many of the law, This is why I like Yang, intimacy and white, criticized Bernie Sanders because Bernie Sanders pandering, Annie, let flopping any saying why people don't I don't know, I don't know what it's like to be poor. It seems like he's he's lying is playing this game now, of course, are a lot of people think Ernie is more honest than most politicians in that's true, but I dont like that idea. Tolls is split up a little bit on some issues, but for the most part I think she's been honest and Yang, I think, has been rather honest. I don't think right, but it's not so much an issue of policy. Its initial. What is an issue of on the conservative side? I see a lot of people who genuinely believe, they're right and genuinely want to do things for the good of their community. In California, there is no community its people, pretending to care about things, so they can earn, brownie points, one other person get em, but by a product, and I can walk away when you put it this way too. Weird paradox,
Servants are staunch individualist for the most part, but do believe in protecting the community, notably in America, for instance. California pretends to be communal, but they act with nothing but self interested. They claim to be collective, but come on a tear each other apart, and they don't care about any of the people sleeping in their own feces. On the streets of San Francisco, as F is an oligarchy. Is massive wealth, disparity the altar poor sleeping in the trash and the super ratchet up their ivory towers. Implementing the laws and using this weird progressive dogma took pretend to be the good guys, with no care about anybody like. I was well stockings, Jack Dorsey on the georgian past and they were in any use like. Oh you know, these people are at risk soaring to protect them. Unlike you, don't care about anybody else, there's tons of groups that are at risk. You only care
this one, because the media complained about it. You're only doing this to protect your bottom line, your worldview is built upon, whatever you have to do to get what you want and these people in media, then people me or narcissus I'll tell you. What and in San Fran use this idea of letters of leftism as a cudgel too but tat, anyone who dare oppose them, and you know what, for the longest time, a lot of the rest were more than happy to jump on, bore with them, and you report you so so I think it's funny that this this list- loot, Lydia individual, would say you know it's not really electors. Communist thing we're fine, but you have to recognise that there have been many people citizen socialists, who have sat back and allowed these oligarchy up, that the oligarchy of San Francisco to implement their insane corporatist policy which resulted in them helping China
You know it's mine blowing me that you have these big corporations. Yes, you wanna say far right. That's why they too! It's funny! You look at what Twitter and Facebook in Google does there not left wing they Davis, this thin veneer of progressive us up of Progressive ism, so they can trick the left into supporting them in saying, but the private business- and this is what really really frustrates me about the whole thing and why I like that we too is ripe, mostly own, caught far right, but here's the thing Twitter wants money. Google wants me, They use the left as a shield because they know the left is safer. They the media will side with them if they sat with the left and then they turn around and do this twitter help chinese government promote misinformation on repression of Wiggers Bank Twitter and what about Google? Google is is doing a bunch of things and centering political information, including the algae beady community and the left for too long stood side by side. It said, but but private business, maybe I should have done it maybe or supporting technocratic this,
don't be an oligarchy in a disgusting city, riddled with theses and perhaps truck, does need to go in and knock a few figuratively knock a few buildings them. You know a man I want to say something bold. If Donald Trump came out and said he was gone to antitrust all of these big dark companies. That would be the strongest case for me voting for the men. However, right now we got Elizabeth Warren. Neander Yang has taken the position that you know that sometimes because the monopolies and the issue like who wants to use Bing and he's got a good point, but these companies have too much power. I dont know the solution is a kind of feel like after they are banning. Journalism and are doing shit like that. There is a kind of swearing you too, as account I search, I did say the forward Army into trouble the point is I can even swear you see the problems, but not an eye. Sharing swearing is a choice. You now I'm trying to make this family friendly, but no
issues these companies will do whatever it takes to get money. You too will ban things that make no sense, because the scared, the press and this this shows you that's not about protecting any communities. It's about protecting their bottom line there, a bunch of authoritarian narcissists who pretend to be on the left, who pay tend to be for social justice. I don't necessarily trusses Lydia person, because a lot of people are left claimed to be for the left when they're, not the simple. The simple answer is this: their authoritarian and their narcissists, and they want power if our describe San Francisco, I would say it's actually like so enter, left, authoritarian kind of fishes. Stick giant corporations running rampant the government, taxing people to oblivion, ridiculous progressive was none of it adds up other than the fact. The kind that the key the state is a nightmarish does technocratic. This dopey up that flickers bowl, towards the pro corporate massive corporation and the insane progressive was. It is the worst of everything so I had cap of working up. I can't believe people of their men, I'm actually thing
moving to the to the sticks out the middle of nowhere, finding a good back all like to give it and to give it, is build a mild house whatever I want, but anyway that's the point on along with this. It is said that California is our future. I certainly hope not I think it is people say that you know everything. California does we do that the rest of the country swept up a few years later? It is fair to say, that's true, will see what happens, though they expect trumped up when anyone Trump Magna went again. Try Junior Parliament, twenty twenty four who knows well see, but California, nothing is fair to say it's, not communist man. It's the worst of everything. Its authoritarian narses who control whenever little fiefdom, they have an expanded to the worst possible ultimate outcome. The government is insane and the corporations are insane and they're both running rampant in doing in saying things. So it's the worst of everything call wherever you want. I will call it an oligarchy. Conduced opium die whatever a stick around. I got a couple more Simons coming up in a few minutes and I will see you. Walter
in episode. Eight hundred and forty six thousand of TIM pools disdain for Democrats. We take a look at what's wrong with the Democrats in this one, a Gallup poll shows us Trump and Obama tie is America's most admired man wow Trump and Obama, wow, that's actually pretty, and so they have a list, and I will explain to you why this is me pointing the finger at the Democrats. Once again, you see politically, I'm probably where o was undermist issues now actually on all of these issues, but rather it is because he was talking about ending worn out, He will be helpful but gets, but that's a different issue. The pointers in Amerika, the number two people are at the top number one people is both Obama and Trump. The only problem is the left, thinks Obama's conservative. So if a control are both conservatives that it stands to reason, there's no Democrat and the top of the list of Americans, like. Let me read for this, for the region and I will show you I will show you know the story. The system
axioms. They say President Trump and former prison oh bomber shared the honors as America's most admired man and twenty nineteen and galloped annual pull the big picture with both receiving the support of eighty percent of Americans, its Obama's twelve time. The top slot and trumps first Trump had previously come in second place to the last four years. The result skewed heavily along partisan lines as forty one percent Democrats in just three percent of Republicans Joseph Bomber, while forty five percent of it publicans and just two percent of Democrats chose trunk. Two percent of Democrats chose trumpets, amazing, former first lady Michelle Obama to the top spot is America's most admired woman. She was the only woman to pull in double digit, actually beat Maloney unwanted things number two. So that's! Basically it ok take us up if Obama is the overwhelming choice of the Democrats. Then I have not disdain for the democratic voter. The clear problem is,
ways, the democratic establishment and the weird the weirdos we're taking over the party, I'm not surprised, Donald Trump. Wisdom is also time for first place. It came in second last on the economy. Is a bowman people I'm getting cash poured in their making it rain in their own homes. People are happy about that knows a lot of cultural, issues that our people are mad about, but but Obama seemed look. The economics exe, we're, seeing started under Obama. So people are giving Obama credit for that its expanded dramatically under Trump, but certainly it start under Obama, there's a lot of reasons. People like them in foreign policy lies through actually kind of similar, so I am sitting here as somebody who was closer to european politics are and actually agree with about on a lot of issues, but I will explain to you what the democratic establishment is wrong. You see Obama's conservative. So let me explain something to hear this. Or Fox news. Videos, Yahoo, news carrying it November. Twenty six, but a month ago, has Obama become too conservative or the Democratic Party you see the Washington Post called Morocco by
a conservative. They say as the Washington Post declares former President Barack Obama. Conservative Democrats admit they are abandoning the broad coalition that led to his historic election, former Bernie Sanders. Ten. Sixteen campaigns Does Lynn Figaro reacts, Armagnac actually watch the video, but the point I covered this when it happened. What do you think happens when you have a gallop watch legally possible? when the number one person it while theirs number ones? But the time are two conservatives: do you think the Democrats will win? Do you think moving to the far left? this how you get your victory now, so that I have people saying I too, why irregular democrats? I was supporting Barack Obama each other, because I made one like Brok Obama's right I agree with a bomb men. How amazing that it can that with that we're in a place where I can say I dont, like Trump Obama, is right and they say that's right wing, because right like by today's standards,
Julie as our accuracy of gallop hazard analysis on this of relevant gallop says after tromp. No other man was mentioned by more than two percent of respondents. The remainder of the top ten four men this year includes you Carter, Elon Musk Bill Gates of Frances Bernie Sanders, Adams, Adam chef, the Dalai Lama and Warren Buffett. Eleven percent of Americans named a relative or friend as the man they admire most all it's gonna heartwarming, eighteen percent name some other living men and twenty four twenty five percent did not in any one. The incumbent president, typically been America's choice as the most admired men having either distinction in fifty eight of the seventy two prior gallop poles when the incumbent it is not. The choice is usually because he is unpopular politically, which was the case for trot between seventeen with a thirty six percent approval writing
Thomas more popular. Now then he was in the past two years. The forty five percent job approval rate among his best as President coincident coincidence, with the right of co incident with the rise in job approval, the eighty percent of Americans currently naming Trop as their most admired man is also up from thirty percent of twenty team and forty percent twenty seventeen increase mentions of Trump as the most admired man have come almost exclusively among his fellow Republicans Obama's eighteen percent mentions among US adults as there are my men are in line with twenty teen whenever figures ok good. I want Michelle Obama. I guess you get the point, maybe share this video with people- don't quite understand that Obama's a conservative that Washington sad Obama that can serve you know. There's a website called the as seriously Google, it as a conservative I'm gonna get up, it is and they track Obama's policy and accused of being a conservative if Obama's conservative and he is
EL, the most popular men in the country and trumpet conservative and he has just tied with Obama, sound, The reason is it sounds to me, the overall The georgian people in America must be conservative. Is that what the intent was, because trunk controls the executive branch and Republicans control the Senate, and now Republicans technically controls goes as technically, because Greece is not supposed to be part of that kind of are what is it that's gonna up what can happen due the people who, like Obama, who agree Obama. When he said you know tell tunnel left, stop beating itself, saying social justice and cancel cultures. I'd Activism We think the average American is gonna, be like I dont, like Obama, know their straight up saying they do like him, So when you come out and say Obama's a conservative, you know these people go to start thinking. If a bomb is a conservative, they must be conservative too, and if they're going about, they should probably vote conservative right. Not only that,
let us not pretend that voters are just mindless morons who go in check the box because they think they're, conservative, they're, gonna, look at your candidates and they're gonna, be well Obama. Deported a ton of people was in favour of border security, was very heavy handed a military policy. Why should we vote for any of your people at all kind of amazing that Obama such a popular figure, considering its theme basically got away with so much. You know like telling Americans and blown up cases whether sunlight, trop as it is better for the most part foreign policy. They say the post presidency popularity for Obama and Eisenhower allowed each to finished first as a right first, a record twelve times each and was named the most admired man in the year. He was elected president and all eight years was in office plus three additional years Obama's finished. First during the three years after he left office, while Eisenhower one once before, you ran for presently a you. It's funny the narrative about about being a conservative. It kind of started after I think, was a second
CNN Loretta story, saying when did Obama become a Republican, because all the Democrats on stage were attacking Joe Biden and attacking Obama's records, and he wasn't good enough think about what it means Obama, is extremely popular. Democrats still love him, but there they weren't debates, dates give your health care and on citizens and Obama is a bad man. That's amazing credible, so I think I think and I will take a look at Michelle Obama and why she beats Maloney. I think it's fair, but I think you get the point I was making about my problem. The Democrats, you see people like you, say it's right wing for me to criticise Democrats, but I'm criticising them in the same way. Obama is or Andrew Yang is that, despite the fact that I do it too much, I guess well too bad, but Democrats are insane Barack Obama is not a conservative. The Duke campaigned on Universal health care and free college, or actually than having the free college thing was in his second term. Yet now here we are, the left has gone so left they ve done so nuts. The Democrats have gone so crazy. There actually attacking Obama. The dude
incredibly popular. What are you thinking? I know the transporter ticket back and laugh about exerting a landslide and twenty twenty. They say. Yes, agriculture has been more common for a former first lady became the most admired woman, then a former president to be named the most unmarried men. Michelle Obama is the six former, firstly to win alone with Eleanor Roosevelt the ten percent naming Obama this year is down from fifteen last year between eighteen Paul was conducted shortly after she released her best selling autobiography current First Lady Maloney truck than a second mentioned by five percent. With former talk, show how post over when Free Clinton, anti and growth and gratitude, named at three percent. I should say I think it's it's actually pretty impressive today. Have a list. Here are three the obligations as they trumps popularity grew enough this year. To allow more time Brok Obama as the most admire men, but not to end Obama, streak of twelve first place finishes the results reflect this significant party divide in the: U S with Republicans overwhelmingly naming Trump and Democrats Obama and a few other men
muttering. Some significant mention. Meanwhile, Obama's wife Michel has been named as the most admired woman for the past two years after twenty five years saw that Hillary Clinton finished verse. Twenty two, times? I'm sorry, man, whites in fact, Obama it has had stronger finishes in the past two years than during her eight years as First lady, when no more than eight percent of Americans at major May. That's what I thought Hillary Clinton had in the bag. Maybe these the wrong Hillary Clinton finished. First, twenty Two times. I'm sorry I don't. I don't buy that that's weird anyway, the main point which I think all of you have gotten wrap. This up keeps on short. How can the Democrats expect to win the if, though, democratic voters low Obama. If non voters have general people generally just love the man that is one twelve years in a row. They're gonna, say when a smear most conservative, we're gonna attacking and then they think they're going to win. Now. Sorry, man, you're gonna, find
people like me who end up politically homeless, because my politics are closer where Obama was, and you can on a conservative, and I don't know where else to stand so yeah expect more of that I'll see you on the next time a segment in a few minutes. I don't think these leftist understand the concept of backfiring or shared power or you don't have the right. Unless everyone has our you're gonna be like they, they seem to think that they can enact certain things and there will never be a comments or backfire case in point. This story, Pelosi quote: has the right to submit tromp to an involuntary evaluation, Yale psychiatrist, Brandy, Lee here's the court. I am beginning to believe that a mental health hold will become inevitable. I've got for you if the speed, the house can hold the president for Mental for mental health evaluation. What's to stop any one else from doing the same to Nancy Policy in fact seen videos
first lying her words and drinking alcohol or t falling out much can be made. But if you're gonna point the finger at tromp for all his bombastic behaviour, then why can't the president do the same in in the inverse are in the rivers? I mean the branches are supposed to be equal right to the checks and balances to a certain degree. I understand there now I've read the story and maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she has the exclusive constitution, but it is not a constitutional scholar. Maybe only this. The house can say the president is mentally unfit, but a kind of feel like with checks and balances. There can be, you know a back and forth and maybe they could impeach her salon of all websites, of course, writes a yell psychiatrist who has repeatedly sounded the alarm about presidential terms. Mental health has cautioned speaker of the house. Nancy policy is not doing enough to respond to the danger. It poses Randy Ex leave a professor of psychiatry, the Yell University School of medicine, who serves as president of the World Mental Health coalition,
began warning about the dangers posed by the presents mental health before his election Lee than edited the book. The dangerous case of Donald Trump, twenty seven psychiatrist and mental health experts assess a president whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa. I seem to recall couple: LA physician, sang Hillary Clinton was sick and the media said that was a conspiracy. So you know what I mean. Oh the south debts were hanging out. It's a conspiracy, I'm not going to read it have a good day. Next, it I'm getting a treat the point as its hypocrisy and double standards. They say convened a conference on the President's mental health at Yale. Shortly after the presence in operation before he said anything come on, she was only joined by psychiatry across the country in calling for the Judiciary Committee too, Vienna panel of Mental health experts. Could you imagine if we had more hearings, we're a bunch of people came into the president to sit based on my external assessment from watching television. We also translate some trumps tweets on around Twitter feed translates which improves troops,
English, which you describe this alone as a public service least said she wants her translations. Help readers see past trumps efforts to muddle reality with as negative influence. She recently translated. They put in, quotes trumps score six page letter diplomacy, accusing her of trying to steal the election of the house vote to impeach Eminem, an immediate boss. You know I've been to articles like this. I'm gonna give a shudder to Jacob been that socialist magazine because they praised the hell. They praised Crystal Ball and cigar and shoddy who are like they're, really great personalities, but it's a perfect when a conservative and unlike Jacob Winds, been more fair and the past articles than salon ass. I tell you what men, when you play insane games like this. This is what causes the left the loose and I almost got a wonder if they wanted to happen like maybe there's a secret conspiracy of these establishment, left us to our like. We actually don't like trot, but they really do like tramping economy is doing well and their pretending not to
nothing in reality. They hate him so much in its really bad at what they do. They write articles like this where they live insane conspiratorial nonsense, accusing trump of being unfit or whatever it's like. We play that game with Hilary. Do you can't you know like? That's? That's! That's it! That's a chill out right now I mean Hilary actually was sick, her campaigns at yet pneumonia. But if you want you want to get out of the present, you don't do it this way, and so you look at what you know: Jacob Venice and get the actual socialist saying like the media law. People are doing with the letter effectively serves, as a confession least said that troms There was an example of the president projecting his own motives onto Pelosi, but Lee WAR policy has not done enough to respond to the President as a co worker. She has the right to have him submit to an involuntary evaluation, but she has not did that? Does that mean trumped can do this into her. Anyone can call nine what nine, when one to report someone who seems dangerous and family. First the most typical ones, do so, but so can all this is the stupidest
I have ever heard these people have lost their minds, coworkers and even a passer by on the street, the law dictate Suke into term and right to treatment or civil commitment and an off if the Eu S states. This includes a psychiatrist quote. The advantage of a co workers during this process is that a court can mandate a mental capacity evaluation before the dangerous person returns to work the committing for mission is preferably the patient's theater. I treat her but does not have to be. Do you seriously think the cocksucker rob the White House till the secret service a stand aside and say Trop Nancy? this year's styled mine, one woman said you're unwell. So, where involuntarily committing you in what do ranged reality do think anything anything like that could ever happen and if you're saying color, you're quite literally saying Devon. Nunez can call nine one, wants a Nancy policy, be acting crazy and needs to be locked up. No, that can happen urine
Dane Salon is nuts. What happened to this website? A kid you not Glenn involved used to work here, not the biggest span of the guy, but I lean towards more I've a more favourable opinion of especially now as we call it, the bs historically to cite the website it used to be this absolutely psychotic did they? Maybe they did. Maybe they got some really creepy articles they deleted in the path, but this takes the cake. This is this is beyond lesson in men. I've used it analogy right, scraping people's scraping the bottom of the barrel to reconstruct their food. You got a barrel and you scraping the bottom. So I've said there craven the bottom of the barrel, so hard wood chips are flying up, then I've been I've escalated at their scraping at the bar but the barrel, so hardly punched a hole in it. Will you not? This is their scrape bottom of the barrel, so hard their ripping up asphalt from the street underneath the barrel and they ve hit a sewage line and its exploded and springs. In which all over their face and then their writing about it
how in saying this is this is the bottom of the barrel of trash? There's literally nothing in this. That makes sense in any capacity and for some reason or writing about it I'm glad I found the article, though, because I get to make fun of it, isn't that funds are complaining about things, that's what I do for a living. They say a letter that policy strategy of withholding the articles of impeachment from us than it has been effective. She also warned that the delay risks, making trump even more dangerous. I am beginning to leave that a mental health hole which we have tried to avoid will become inevitable? Ok, that means quite literally at any. Point. Anyone working anywhere can file against anybody. So what like doesn't mean somebody who works for governance, where one of newness staffers can file a mental, helpful and Adam chef, because I got that crazy look on his face and he says crazy things. No, of course you can't do that, let alone to the President in a recent interview with salon, Lee discussed her translation of Trumps letter Pelosi this this reeks of like an
Hence cat ladylike scrawling, on paper being like raw lock up very here's the here, three little bitterness. Why go through the trouble of translating trumps lengthy letter? I said translating it but transiting and quote over and over again trumps tweets the public service sometime in the summer, because they could see, I could see his neck, have influence if he tries to reform others thoughts. Even for those who do not believe him, he pushes the needle the impressive in inefficacy of former special Council Robert Motorist Report, and then the impatient proceedings in changing people's minds should convince people of how powerful these mechanisms are. I intend to my translation to neutralize some of his effect. As well as to emulate, is putting quotes readers by arming them with the right interpretation, for example. They can
See that his severe symptoms make it right to decipher up as completely down and black as completely white or your insane act like you know, you can't Nancy plus it can't be IVO, coworker, trumps, crazy, commoner estimates, but never gonna happen. Without this. It is easy for people to get confused about what is reality and all will become of equal validity without being testable. I love the irony. It's like a perfect paradox. This article claiming their telling you the truth is while simultaneously sank completely insane psycho battle It is a fire truck on fire. Quite quite honestly, the perfect depiction of the word irony. I love it cycle. Endless will recognise the method is a very standard way of coming to understand someone. First, you arrive at a formulation of the person from detectable.
External patterns, and many commission say that they know more about Donald Trump than any patient they have ever had in their careers as these extremely transparent from his unfiltered tweets and from that over abundant high quality information that is available, including sworn testimonies. Basically, I don't want to read this. What you saying is the people who don't like Trump of a negative view of trump right about how they don't like trumpet, have a negative view of trumpets and they use that to compile a some, some kind of like
I go analysis dossier to accuse the present to being mentally unfit in which Nancy plus he can then call my one one and claim her coworker Donald Trump is mentally unwell and then she believes the police will actually come in a rest. The president, welcome to this. I caught a salon not come. What was Trump trying to tell policy with the letter. He was not telling her anything so much as telling himself and his base he senses, but let me see there, I'm not! I'm not gonna means. I know I don't trust the letter. You are the letter for public record, that's about it, I'm I'm! I'm I'm pretty much over this. This is this. This article is devolved into the most insane psychotic nonsense. Pelosi called the letter really SEC. No, it was trumps public record, refuting of impeachment that's what it was. The letter contained several key points:
want to make and wanted to exist in historical record. If Trump didn't respond, impeachment would have happened, and then, in a hundred years they would say here that set about impeachment by writing. The latter they'll say here that we set about impeachment here was the president's response. That's why tromp wrote the letter these people are insane. Do I think tromp is like this amazing genius? Nor do I think he has good people around them. Yes, do I think troubles general strategy. Forty does yes when I say that, because a genius, something, I think, is a moron clearly as an idea what he's doing, and he has good advisers who understand how the system works and they're giving him somewhat. You know, to a certain degree, good advice, but say this: if the left is gonna run rabbit with this, I caught a nonsense. Somebody's given, you bet advice well hope you enjoyed crazy conspiracy. Salon dot com stick around for next will be coming up at ten, a m you choose me you'd have accomplished TIM cast, I'm may be moving over my sentiments, I think in the next coming, a month or so this channel might be.
A new life show and try to do and then try to do more interviews of people bring on guests and do more conversations and stuff like an actual podcast like conversational podcast. And then my main channel will probably. There are others whether certain redundancies and algorithmic changes that make it pointless for me, do not have to channels. So I worked before. I think it might make sense to move most of my statements over to my mentioned. Will suit happens, but tomorrow ten, I am Youtube com. Slash TIM cast, it is a different channel. I will see you open.
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