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The Truth About White Farmers in South Africa

2018-08-23 | 🔗

What is the truth about white farmers in South Africa? Donald Trump instructed Pompeo to look into the issue after seeing a story on Fox news. Immediately the far left said this was just a conspiracy theory but is that true? What is actually going on in South Africa? Is it just more political posturing from either side or is there something really happening here? Is land expropriation actually happening and if it is, is it really about race?

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Donald Trump went and tweeted about the plight of the White Farmer in South Africa because of a story that cannot recently where the government has officially begun the process of seizing farms from white landowners. The issue who is about racial equality and that's how their framing in South Africa that the way german overwhelming minority of the country less than nine percent, I believe yet they own seventy two percent of the land, so the government wants to redistribute the land and there have been activists who have said that they need to seize the means of production and things to that effect. Lawrence other did a documentary on
but the question that everyone keeps talking about and it seems to dominate the conversation when it's not what the president was talking about, or what many conservatives are talking about is the question of white genocide. Is there a white genocide happening in South Africa? The answer is no, and that's not don't take my word for it locked Lauren Southern did a documentary called farmlands where she said everything she covered does not equal genocide but and here's the. But if they continue down this path, it is possible so sure- and I think a lot of people who are you know using the term by genocide are
they like sense, where they feel like there's build up to a potential race wars on the net effect, but listen if Lawrence otherness gonna say that what's going on South Africa does not yet mean what that is a genocide happening. Then I don't see how the right is going to argue against it. She probably did one of the most comprehensive documentaries on that subject matter, whether you like your politics or not, she covered it. Pretty indefinite interviewed ball. Donald Trump treated, that she said. I've asked Secretary of State Secretary com, pale decline, if we study the south african land and farm seizures and ex preparations, the large scale killings of farmers, south african government, now seizing land from white farmers, any tag, Tucker Carlsson and Fox NEWS, and when you go on Twitter you're, going to see a ton of people associate associated with the left and certain news outlets claiming it's not happening, but there's a couple things going on here for one
their claiming. The argument is entirely about white genocide which it's not, that is more extreme way to frame what's going on or their farm attacks. Yes, are they predominantly attacks on white people? Yes, but farmlands are also predominantly owned by white people. Those possible. That is really just about look. You get people living in the middle of nowhere and crime is really really bad in South Africa. Now, let's take a look at some of the articles, namely first we have votes trumps, tweet, echoing white nationalist propaganda, about south african farmers explained there is no evidence of a genocidal campaign against white farmers. Okay, this is two is so ridiculous. I tweeted about this. I said that I think
might be the issue that shows its proof of the letter that the divide between the left and the right in this country cannot be amended because even bringing up the issue that's happening in South Africa, which doesn't have to be racial. It is, but it doesn't have to be about like genocide. Its literally kind of like a socialist push to seize land in the name of equality. You can't talk about it because VOX is going to say you're, echoing white nationalists. Ok sure do white nationalist talk about the issue of South Africa. Of course they do. Does that mean? No one can talk about it. No, of course not. There are serious problems in South Africa. Of course we can talk about it. Let's take a look at this article. They say: there's no evidence of a genocidal campaign against white farmers. That is an opinion that is not fair calling us and explain her. However, if already injected a couple armies opinions to say the least did they need.
You say that tramples echoing what nationals, no, they could have said, trumps tweet about south african farmers. Let's start saying right here: this sentence totally pointless: there's no evidence of genocidal campaign against white farmers. Also an opinion, and this is what we are seeing from left wing media less Take a look at what we actually got here. So this is a story from bargaining Post Molina. We have not called for the killing of white people, at least for now. This is a Huffington post. I believe something. Can story Julius Molina says he has not called for the murder of white people quote at least for now which is to say that they may at some point, and there have been driven statements made by activists associated with the answer- the ruling party, that if they don't start expropriated, lands from white people, there will be blocked and that what they are doing now is an attempt to actually do without bloodshed, to beat to be common and reasonable,
So he said I'm saying to you: we ve not call for the killing of why people at least for now. I can't guarantee the future asked whether presenter, if the others there is some. This might sound like a genocidal call. Malino responded, cry: babies, cry babies. I can't give you a guarantee of the future. He repeated actually when things are going, the way they are if they there are going the way they are. There will be a revolution in this country. I can tell you now: there will be an unless revolution in this country and an unless revolution is the highest form of anarchy. This leads many people to play up the white genocide idea that they are facing this issue and there's a group called aside. Landers is all covered in Laurens others. Documentary and aside lands are preparing for potential race. War. So now some people like might say that there is no by genocide. I talked about this another channel little bit and I said I was wrong, so I want to show you a quick clip from Lawrence on its documentary and I can give you
or take on it. As someone who is more sympathetic to the cause and actually spent time in South Africa does this amount to genocide? Not yet, but according to organizations like genocide watch and taking into account everything I have seen and heard on the ground. South Africa is stepping closer to that reality every single day, so there's Lawrence. Take that what's going on is not yet white genocide or anything like that, and I think that's actually fare of her to say, because obviously, a lot of people who are associated with all light or even what it had to terrorism are gonna say it is a law in Southern was considered all light, saying that not yet right we're not there yet is
air of her. I would argue, but let's take a look at this tweet, so is where the top tweets in reference to South Africa Abbe De Philip, is a CNN White House correspondent. She said of tweets Trump sent last night. This one was perhaps the more revealing a straight from tv defence of white farmers in South Africa over non existent large scale, killings, a favorite, talking point of white nationalists, and this I take so much issue with this. Can we not talk about the proper forms of South Africa without being called white nationalists. Is it you know they're gonna, say I'm a white nationals simply because I'm bringing up that these things happen, and they do so. Let's take a look at this Wikipedia entry. South african farm attacks in attacks on south african farms predominant the white farmers and black farm workers- and they show us some numbers in November. Twenty seventeen
analysis of the BBC found that there is sufficient data to estimate a murder rate for south african farmers between one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and March two thousand and twelve. There had been three hundred and sixty one thousand murders in all of South Africa and between ninety ninety. In March twenty twelve there had been an estimated one thousand five hundred and forty four murders on south african farms, of which two hundred and eight of the victims were black. The data for former taxes self report into a commercial. Almost organization, Transvaal Agricultural Union possible motives. The south african government believes the chief motive for the attacks is robbery This position is shared by Africa, rights group after form, which does not believe Harris racial motive associated with most attacks and this, what bothers so much about the story, because the left identity, Arians are acting like nothing, is happening in some instances, actually supporting land expropriation and the right idea. Terry instantly white editorials are acting like it is white genocide when in reality the attacks are happening. Mostly people attacked our white, it could
just be because most landowners are white. It seems like the motivation is not racial. It is actually about just run People, and there is also an issue that if the government is talking about racial equality and the need to take land from white farmers which they are doing and then white farmers are killed. I think this is where you're going to see people concerned about the potential for racing. Or genocide. This is actually happening and it strange to see vocs say that there's no evidence suggests this will, of course, there's that's your opinion and that's my opinion.
But when someone a politician says they're not calling for the death, you know for the killing of our people, yet you, I think that is evidence, that's fair to say, be absurd not to, but I also want to point out Newsweek report down this south african white farmers, land to be seized and controversial, land redistribution claim and Newsweek is very left, leaning in many instances, far left. So if even Newsweek is going to report this, then I'm sorry to the people who are left wing editorials. Your incorrect vis is happening. They are taking farms from white people and their true. And to do it without compensation. So we have a huge problem. Now I tweeted a joke earlier in a bunch of trump supporters got mad because Trump is famous for his America First rhetoric, which is a typical, typical talking point among people associated with Republican Party or the right. The joke, the poor,
I'm trying to make is that there are many issues all over the world that we could be focusing on. Conservatives are very concerned about what's going on South Africa for several reasons for one you have what an editorial I'm differentiating them from conservative who are concerned about genocide. But you also conservatives who are concerned about racism and when a government would seize land from people based on the color of their skin, we saw what happened in Zimbabwe when they enacted land reforms it disrupted the economy. People are starving it was actually really bad and then recently they brought many of the white farmers back and there were videos of people cheering. If we can't agree that there is a problem in South Africa that needs to be dealt with, we're in trouble. Many people on the right are pointing out of the human rights issue and it's dangerous. It's going to result in a collapse of the south african economy like we saw in Zimbabwe. Some people argue it's a different circumstances
happen. That way. Personally, I think the government season land without compensation can only lead to bad results. If we take a look at what happened in China during the greatly for in the culture of culture revolution when they started, instructing uneducated farmers to make steel didn't work out so well, and seizing land from farmers to give to people who aren't educated, isn't going to work out because people who don't know how to work a farm aren't going to be able to their there are problems there. The aim is a terrible history of South Africa. They had a minority government, it didn't work, that's their words, not mine and it ended, but now we're seeing the problem of the majority oppressing on minority and no I'm not talking about my genocide but having the government come and take your land away, because you are a different
it is not right, and it's also important realise that some of these farms aren't long standing inheritances. Some people actually bought the farms, and what are we gonna look back in history to see who they bought them from? How did they come to own the land in the first place? And then, if someone bought a farm taking that farm away from them simply because they bought it from somebody else, because somebody else gotta from somebody else in the past, it's all a very confusing and complicated issue that won't stop. It will never stop, and this is the problem, in my opinion, with identity areas in our people who or what at attendance like the cause, because they say look what people are under attack. On the left and Syrians, like the cause, because our saying how look who's fighting back, in my opinion, you're just gonna targets on based on their race and on actually deal with the underlying issues of education and poverty, and that to me is the biggest problem. But let me know if you think of the comments: I'll keep a conversation going. Obviously I can't go through every single asp, about what's going on in South Africa, not an a short video like this. You have to do an hour and a half
documentary, perhaps something like Lawrence other made ass for her documentary What I will say is that I find it to be hyper partisan, but I dont think she's lying or wrong. I just think that after you watch your documentary, you do need to read and watch more because even even to to detriment. She can do the best job in the world trying to cover what you think is important, but you can't cover everything. So, ultimately, I think the fine lens documentary she did was to do the job. I mean look like I said at the end. She says it's not like genocide, you know it as it amounts to that and there are issues involved and personally I disagree with a lot of Laurens Politics and that's fine. I think you should take a look at her document area, but you should also. You should also take a look at other sources and try find the truth, that maybe closer the middle personally, if you got one side claiming that a white genocide and once I claiming it's a lie and Lauren saying no there's no by genocide, but we should look at it. I think she's being pretty fair about it, but it doesn't mean she's got the entire story, so you know that's all I can say
I don't want to act like you. Gonna learn the history of South Africa from her documentary, but I don't wanna say: don't watch it because I think she did a pretty good job but come at below, and let me know if you think about the issue of South Africa. We will keep the conversation going. You can follow me on twitter at cast new videos every day and this channel at four p m and I'll have new videos opponent. Can channel TIM cast news at six p m, so thanks for hang it up, and I was you all them.
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