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Timcast - EP5 Facebook's "Hate Agent" List Targets Conservatives For Banning

2019-05-18 | 🔗

Facebook maintains a lit of "hate agents" including those recently banned, like Paul joseph Watson. The list apparently is now targeting Candace Owens.Other segments includeBill Maher Guests Cheer for threats against TrumpBurger King encourages political violenceCNN Reporter gets car bombed by Far leftDemocrats Lie ABout Being Mad At Trump as a Virtue SignalJournalists Acting as Activists EXPOSED

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Our first story comes from a bright barked exclusive facebook includes key, and ass, I went on hate agents list now because bright part is somewhat contentious in terms of media. I'm going to do this I have the news guard rating system, which is not perfect, and while they do right, bright bark with a red exclamation point, most importantly, they say bright. Bark does not repeatedly publish false content; they just don't think they clarify errors or handle the opinion tween opinion and news responsibly and so long as bipartisan repeatedly publishing false conduct. I think it's fair two to go through this and with the with an analytical approach, we can avoid any potential by its pitfalls. I will also add that the stories by Alum Bikari, who I know personally not particularly well, but I tend to find his stories decently credible, So, let's take a look at what's going out with Canada wins the story reads: Facebook maintains a list of hate agents for monitoring and potential Crimination according to a source inside the company,
among the names reportedly on the hate agent list, star pundit and black conservative activist Candice Owens according to the source of Facebook, employ who spoke exclusively to bright Bart news. The spreadsheet of hate agents that includes Owens was posted to an internal, employ discussion group, initially founded by Brian average. The former facebook engineer quit the company over concerns about political intolerance. The source claimed at the spreadsheet includes the names of prominent right wing what kind of media figures or recently banned from the platform apparently cannot someone's is included, is also included. The spreadsheet in a separate category marked extra credit, so I want to sit beside now in an mentioned. A few things for important context. According two former facebook employ my understanding, who did an interview with James or even project. Very us they that they need
The documents in this very house story showing that they d boost the during actually have the other story, pull up a face. What was a lower says that the staff de boost unwanted content and the same code was used on conservatives. People like Laurentian were considered to be. You know bad in some capacity people. Like Stephen prouder. So you know all of this seems to just point to what we already know that, yes, as absolutely advise against conservatives- and I also want to do something- before we move on and talk more about this issue of censorship and bias against conservatives, because I love when the left points to my content and asks why I focus on these issues, and I have a very simple explanation for this here s offer those that are listening. You can really see this, but we have here my moral foundations test right. This has to do with Jonathan Heights Research, on which moral founded Jens individuals are more likely to be following. You can see that Mr Mister Temple is less liberal.
In fairness, are my strongest moral foundations, but so is liberty and liberty. Exe lanes. Exactly why I take issue with censorship of conservatives. I do not believe in authoritarianism and the restriction of people or the censoring of individuals because you do not like their opinions and that to me is not fair and it is not free and so those issues make me more than I imagine that many of these people who are Favor of the censorship against Catasauqua, Stephen crowded and other conservatives must be more care. Harm authority focused not that my bet, but interestingly they always there is claimed to be anti authoritarian. Yet, for some reason are Kay or advocate for massive multinational billion dollar corporations of foreign investors to silence american citizens, but I d grass, let's continue on the story of Facebook spokeswoman, confirmed a bright part news that the list exists and did not deny that Owens name appears on it, but believes that there is,
not yet been an investigation into the spokeswoman, also confirmed the hate agents list, which was created in April, was related to the high profile bans on alternative media figures, including policies of Watson Laurel rumour that occurred on May. Second right, source was able to obtain a partial screenshot spreadsheet before the current owner of the discussion group began, locking people out in response to the internal leaked. Now I want to point something very important, sounds like what they're saying is. The list was created in April. We then saw the banning of several people. Like you know, Miley monopolised plug squats immoral, Kenneth always was not bad. However, she did receive a suspension for saying that is a serious problem with about what was actually said was actually said was poverty rate among blacks, poverty rate among lights. Poverty rate,
married blacks is seven percent and then she said do not let liberal supremacists convince you that white people are the problem. You know, then she goes on to say. That's father was house Households- and this was her. Account- was locked for this. They later said it was an accident, so just distress, Candice Owens does appear on this- that we have a screenshot here and you can see what appears today appears to say hate agent. Now you know that the image cuts off the full war, but we can see the bottom of the letters which does appear to say the words hate agent. We can then see extra credit. We should look into these after work done with the above designated analysis, and then it saw kindest, Owens, spreadsheet, affiliated hate entities still active yes or no Facebook, Instagram presence. This is freaky. It's really freaky that facebook- I mean look- we're were entering election season, we're about enter a world with a permanent election cycle, its core. It's getting crazy. Actually, I think everything's gonna collapse, and you know you know I don't know the everything's gonna go to
on one hand bag. I, I am somewhat fisheries when I say this, but I don't see how a society can survive if it's a constant political cycle with the tribes becoming more and more insane and extreme like I've, I I don't know where it goes, but I was talking to another personnel. You told me that based on the responses their seeing to its happening with these, these la pro life bills. In these various states, the responses do make. It seem like it's going net escalate into actual physical conflict, but let's lets me some more of the story. Right Bart source was able to obtain a partial strange out of the spreadsheet before the current owner that huh. People out. Yes, we read the part. The partial screenshot reveal that owns name is indeed on the list, along with the instruction for Facebook employees to look into her afterward done with the above designation analysis. The spreadsheet also appears a track with Owens a trap
twitter to track with islands has or is associated with any affiliate hate entities. The source agreed at the extra credit crick category. First to individuals at Facebook has not yet banned, but is likely to investigate for potential hate speech, violations and potential banning this x. The story was sent to bright partners on the same day that Owens mistakenly received a seven day suspension from Facebook for criticising liberal attitudes towards African Americans. A topic frequently raised by Owens in her public appearance proposed, called unlike Americans to wake up to the great liberal hoax and recognise that liberal supremacy is currently a greater threat to block Americans than white right for this Post Owens received a seven day banned from Facebook. Facebook has since reversed. The ban stated that there were some border posts and remove the lock into account. After confirming the content, didn't violate our policies and a common to write. What bright, Bart NEWS effects, but Facebook spokesman said As we said earlier today, we mistakenly applied a temporary blocked. The kindest Owens account that we have since
restored. We recently announced a group of people that we remove from our services for violating policies. Cannas Owens was not one of those people, but they also never really explained why someone like Paul Joseph Watson was banned, I received a message from this is actually rather surprising to me. I'm not going to reveal who reached out to me, but someone unofficially with politics started: ask any questions about politics of Watson getting band somebody who was not a particular fan of positive Watson. This is so so some, I guess. I'm just clarify somebody reached out to me and their very high profile individual and they said that kind of freaked them out and when I think happens, is I would almost be willing to. I often joke that what the regressive you know group, what everyone to call it that the authority and is doing is black propaganda for conservatives. So, let's, let's break, on the open. So they say when God closed the door opens Wendy, let's break down what are the open when
Isn't this circumstance well for one? I'm not sure if you guys are familiar with zombie, the wrapper he's the one who did the odd the dead lift, as you know, saying that he was identifying as a woman and the record and went viral and a bunch of other things. Besides, a rapport he's got some good sense and I want a pigeon hole in what he said, something about the easiest way to makes one. You know walk away from the laughter or become conservative as you just have them follows file some of these levies on twitter because I'll see how crazy they are? So low about what happens with the censorship for one facebooks censorship of Canada, Sullens has pushed it out in the press. This may have been just a simple post seen only by your fans, but now it's become newsworthy strike end effect. The other issue is that we want a things are often bring up. When you have two kids, you the analogy I used to kids and you you tell one you're not allowed of ice cream and the other one you can definitely of ice cream, then all Saddam. You know, you're Europe's economy and other walks up and sees one kid. Is smuggling clean
on the other cases covered an ice cream. They say we owe a debt kids, a disgusting mass. The reality is, if you only censor the wackos on the right. It makes the right look good because their cleaning up the right and Crete, like they're, making them presentable right and if you all the left to run wild and say he's crazy things than the left looks like their covered in mock and dirt in their dirty. So this is essentially a net benefit in the long run, Similarly, I, as someone who strongly believe and the right of liberty. Even for those who want that smart or who are you know off their rocker or have dumb opinions, do not appreciate regarding what the outcome as, but I say that as kind of you know, hey there's doesn't open window here. Perhaps they are destroying themselves when they do this and I have to say you know conversations I typically have as much as much as these these these wackos on Twitter would have you believe I hang out with a crazy right. Wingers actually do.
I only actually think how, with with with liberal left wing individuals who are not crazy and were rather normal and one of the conversations we often have, as we have no grounds to argue. Same left wing policies. You know we're socially liberal we're. Pro choice. We believe, like, like Democrats, are no. What ten years ago you know. Yes, we should have more security. Yes, we should have agencies. We. We shouldn't go to, for we should not have foreign wars. We should not now be empowering surveillance and and govern control and executive authority. These things should be curtailed. Many things, typically us with the left socially liberal policy, but there's ground for that anymore, because the left that is run wild because these platforms won't deal with it. Don't allow voices like mine, they
question why I would challenge there. Censorship of these conservatives. Well I'll. Give you two reasons for one, I believe in liberty, I believe in freedom, I believe, and the right to free expression. That is paramount. It is not fair for an attack about fairness. It is not fair for you'd have double standards. I do not like that. As my moral found agents test shows. So then what s happening is yes, I can stand on principle, but also point out the ridiculous result of cleaning up that the right and leaving the left a mess. You have two rooms, a room, a room called the right in a room called the left and a regular person has to decide which room we're gonna go and they look to the right a bunch of people, Wang suits drinking coffee, saying hey! You know spick and span sparkling. You look in the Latins one people I'm crazy s, clothes doing weird thing spreading their legs with little kids, your trip take off their clothes for money and there, like that's. Why you're hurt I'm gonna go of these people more more protection that not everybody. Obviously I do think we
seeing a weird conundrum of people who just half do identify has left wanting to be in the left wing room and its funding. She comments aimed at me with item him so desperate to be accepted by these people are absolutely not. Oh, please. I I am, I am a weird roguish hacker type person. Hang out by myself, I've always been a loner. I was a loner and I want to say- and I think I got, that high school but like high school years, I've skateboard skateboarding is very individualist. I like to be alone. I dont want to be in the end. You know well was surrounded by these crazy people who don't do research, who point the finger at everybody else and have you know just just do weird crazy things? That's not everybody on the left, but there being allowed to run wild. So I don't. I don't care for four who explorer? Doesn't I absolutely friends or transport something out them? I don't I don't. I give up principle and that should be obvious to everybody. Do I agree with Canada Owens somewhat? Yes, you makes a really good point about married married black families. Have a very low poverty rate, that's been
by many academics. Ok great can zones, I'm here, yeah, I'm listening why is she getting ban for that? I don't like it's crazy. The conversations I see around YO approaches and pulp pro life are not principled. Conversations coming from the left, the right at least on Twitter seems to have a cohesive argument and the real argument, as brought up by many people, is that, though, the real question is Is a foetus life or or isn't it the left says no, the right says yes and that's the real dividing line. However, I'll go back to my point about censorship. When you ban the crazy on the right, you are left with nothing. But intelligent suit, wearing individuals who say I'd like to point out on a principled position x y uneasy and that someone we hear that I say that's a really good point. I looked at it. I've been. What am I see also mulatto saying like nobody made love any bore, we're gonna go on strike and, unlike that is not an argument, and I have no idea what you're talking about, and this is one of the bigger per homes for somebody who holds liberal positions when it comes to censorship
so are all around us up when it we're gonna go too long on this segment Kansas. Owens is it you know on a list and she's she's staring down the barrel of complete and total ban, and now there you don't look, it might happen, they did a temporary suspension. You can clearly see their throttling restricting, but it's going backfire. You know, I don't know what's gonna happen, but I think Facebook is trash anyway. Follow me on mines at minds that comes lashed and gas, because two way better platform were also gonna be working alongside the sum of their people has ordered me Rex, showing a space. I just don't like you these big tack oligopoly that all end. This argument by saying we want to support my working go to TIM Cast outcome, Slash donate, you can donate monthly. I accept Crypto, CS. I have a physical address, you can just share these videos, but the light button thanks running hanging out, stick around more segments to come, and I will see you shortly. I feel like Bill MAR may be the I asked mainstream sane, liberal. Ok, that's not true,
because I think I'm saying, but in terms of big tv networks Bill MAR, has repeatedly pushed back on the social justice warriors. And he's actually defended the things develop things about trump that should be defended. Of course, Bill Mars. Very critical of chopped doesn't like him and has called. A recession, has repeatedly been put in a position where has to push back on how crazy many of these left wing people have gotten our story for the segment. Liberal author friend liebowitz sparks out after claiming that Trump deserves to be handed over to the Saudis like journalist, Jamal could show and then having to backtrack now before we get to the story, make sure you if you'd like to have retained, cast outcome, Slash donate. If you want to support my work as an option for monthly donations, I've Bitcoin, crypto currency and I do the physical address I'm gonna, be doing try to do better at being in a running a business as working to expand. So if you like is for me, you can do so there, but let's get back to the news and see what happened and
I was bill been once again put in this position. I do want to stress. I have the video pulled up and do something very important about this interaction. This woman, called for fears that ending the life of the President of United States and people in the audience, clap and cheer and, of course, Bill Mars, forced to push back. Stories as friendly boards has sparked outrage at for saying that President Trump deserve to handed over the Saudis to face the same treatment as Jamal Cash. Yogi who had his life brutally ended very, very, very, very terrifying way the liberal author and Vanity fair contribute. Editor was sixty eight. May the comments on Fridays Edition real time with Belarus. We discussed the Mulder Report and potential impeachment proceedings against the commander in chief, when asked
other she believes tromp should face impeachment liebowitz Liebowitz was responded. Impeachment would just be the beginning of what he deserves, not even scratching the surface of what he deserves. She continued whenever I think about this, and what Really deserves, I think we should turn him over to the Saudis, his buddies, the same Saudis who got rid of that reporter could show he may be. They could do the same for him. I am now going to play for you, the clap, and you can hear the audience response that what interests is what was actually most shocking to me. We can turn him where the Saudis you know his buddies the same salaries that wouldn't that rapporteur may think it is for him. I know I know it wasn't like. The entire audience was doing a standing ovation, ovation or anything, but you actually hear people hooting and clapping at the idea. That's
insane and, of course later on in the show bill more had to push back social media was erupting with people actually saying she should face charges for that, not all about them on a legal expert, but that's kind of cool. See that on a mainstream television programme, you have people calling to end the life of of the present. I can't believe, listen Is this not enough? Ok, when I tell people You know our one thousand Joe Rogan. I said I think this is going to result. In actual you, no serious conflict, its escalating and nothing is being done to stop it. A lot of Overall their eyes and say I, you know your doom Sayer, I don't care, I don't care if you think I'm a doom sayer when you have. A liberal writer for a major publication appear on HBO live with Bill Marr and say something like that about the President of the United States. If people are going to cheer for that, you see where the rhetoric is taking us to me the signs of unclear.
While street violence escalation, the rapid radicalization through social media. Only going to get worse. That is not, however, why I'm building the van a lot of people? I have you found me at Instagram, Anonymous Unintermittent, guess I've been posting vote of the Van, and it looks awesome for those I don't know. I am building event for mobile production so that we can go on the road and I can do more on them interviews which I'm going I've been doing a lot more on my TIM Pool Channel. That's! U! Tibet consolation guest because I don't like do the stodgy United presenter format anymore. It just the whole thing. There's gotta be changes on trying to figure out what to do, but there's gonna be a lot more on the ground connecting with real people and is partly due to things like this. Do I, but do let me ask you income it do. You think that the average American would agree with her, who are these people in the autumn sharing for something like this at an end which, what's crazy to me as I have never been a big fan of drop? I understood
the chaos about where people say you know they want to burn it down, so they vote for tromp. There are a lot of anarchists types that were advocating voting for tromp, because for one day hell areas, the machine that I want her to him, but the idea was that Trump would burn it all down. In fact, the economy doing really great sought an all about that, but the passport exists who are these people in the audience? Who are cheering for something like that's right, because even someone like like, I would never go chaos vote. I did vote for Hilary or or Trump I would have voted for Bernie, but in principle I agree with everything he stands for what it really is, a principle thing, then why I've been a big fan of tolls he gathered, and even more so as of late, and I want to end up too much of that stuff, but tolls Eve is very principled and Andrew Yang is very studious and prepared. I think you know on Fourchan the media is unlike either of them, but Yang is doing really well off. My point is I'm somebody who is looking for a toll, sea or Yang. I dont like tromp, but my God, how crazy hasn't gotten that
on HBO, someone would say something like this now, naturally they had to push back cause. I mean that's, that's crazy comment its bordering on illegal. They say liebowitz, swiftly backtrack on her comments. Later in the programme. After learning, she was receiving criticism on social media that I didn't really I said I had said that I had twelve cups of coffee. I regret sang it. I did not mean that and I regret sang it. No, I disagree. Listen I will always accept someone's apology. Be it a buzzfeed, like we saw recently, be it Joey salads. I will but we say I accept let's move on, but I absolutely have to point out in this instance. She thought of What she was saying, it's not something that just came up came up with it off the top of her head. She stood the idea about Saudis tromp. His his allegiance is what they did to cause Yogi, and she said that
to me it sounds like she harbours these feelings. Now, of course, I think this is good that she's realizing how she crossed the line and public pushed back is a really good thing in this circumstance. But I'd like to stress, I do feel like this sentiment. Is expanding its escalating, I'm about to stress it one more time I this is HBO Biltmore an end of vanity, fair writer said they want the president. You know harmed in this way. To me, that's that's insane. I mean look at what Cathy Griffin I fight? Why say like the rhetoric is escalating. Let me ask you something: trumpets: gonna win twenty twenty Not you know I was. I was planning on doing some kind of any. What the australian elections for those it haven't heard. The centre Right Party won what was considered to be an unwinnable election for them. It was supposed to go swiftly to to the left the Labour party people saying it's breaks it and trump all over again. Tromp is gonna win. Twenty twenty is possibly doesnt matter on that.
A seer or anything, I'm not Nostradamus, whether not working a thousand dumb analogy. Not the guy could actually do the figure, but unless someone who can predict the future absolutely at the evidence, I'm looking at the polls being wrong over and over and over again and trumpeting truncates winning. I'm sorry that the right, the Nationalists, the right of veto in China when the economy is doing really well, the poles are always wrong. What do you think these people are going to do when Trump wins another term. What you things could happen when certain long standing Supreme Court precedent gets overturned as these states pass more and more of these particular laws, and I gotta get to want to do that sort of allergies, but I do want to make a couple points voice sign off like like ok, so rapid that thought. Yes, I do think escalation is is coming. I am not going to Poland Alex Jones. You know, go Bognor Golden were prepared during our is none of that nonsense. I don't know you should do oh, how or when I just personally think that things are getting crazy. You know to see this unequal
it really is worrisome and I got to say But you know what I want I want. I said this a year ago like listen, the street battles are escalating, they're, getting crazy and a lot of Well said yeah, but it's you know it's! It's like we're inside baseball, it's been only only we really know about. This is beyond people audience work sharing for this so much my main point about bill art bill marking the last sane liberal right. So you know he eventually pushes Can he says you know really mean that? Did you and she's like not a will for one they had to arm of Nobel Martin pushed back at the moment. That was shocked. Me I do have a couple more story. I want to highlight, because you know, then I disagree with me. A lot of his stances, but I absolutely respect a few things, a lot of what what he's done, notably our last week when he said yeah. You cannot ignore the fact that tromp has got the economy booming. He says that sea admits in exchange the twinkling down. We can't ignore that fact
absolutely like good good anew bookmark. We also saw this bill more slams, Adam Schiffer, stalking Trump after molar cleared him he's if couldn't pigeon before how you'd impeach after that's, actually up a fairly reasonable position bill not like you, don't have the like tromp, but you can point out how absurd everything is, and, last but not least, the incessant I'm saying that somewhat facetiously bill more repeatedly criticizes the social justice warriors, calling them even a cancer, so tremendous back from Omar and capacity. Of course he said things I disagree with you called for a recession or that it. That is absurd. You know, but at least now? It knowledge in that trunk has got the economy booming, but I feel like with the latest this woman. You know you see Cathy Griffin without I want again to what she did. It's just. The rhetoric is not absolutely not. After coming ten, what what these journalists were tweeting about now, seeing, as you know, the mainstream vanity Fair, contributing editor saying this. I think at some point Mars gonna be like what is happening
because he's already he's like it's almost like he's kind of warming up to the idea that you can you don't like Trump would? You can still be critical of how crazy villains gun- and I think this might be a sign of how maybe mainstream liberals we feel in this country because think about it, Bill Mars had to say hey the economy's woman right. That's that's good for tromp right then. Yes, it has Besides the actually delegations to criticise Adam Schiff, eventually, I wonder I loved you know here s, thoughts, do you realize how crazy it has gotten? I feel like he definitely does, and I'd have to point this out. You like? How do you? How do you sit there right hearing someone say something like that. Hearing the odds cheer and not immediately say no stop. Ok, for me and someone so that about no? No, no, no, no, absolutely not not on my programme, but it happens, and Anne and its later in the programme, have to wonder if you'd, like a producer who was like you gotta, addressed that you know, because these people are being blinded by how radicalized it,
So what you know, what all leave it there? The next videos coming up at four p m on my main channel Youtube com slashed him guest. I mean we're talking about how you know I just felt fairly frequently journalists as act as activists There's a lot of stories as of recent, highlighting just how radicalized mainstream journalism has gotten for whatever reason. So I want to talk about how journalists are effectively laundering activist technique and and and goals through mainstream media. So stick around they'll be today comes lashed him gas at four p m and for those that are listening on the past, it will be up right at some point, go on putting it, but maybe next I'll see us using on extortion, twitter. It appears that burger king in the UK is calling for or at least encouraging political violence. As of late, there has been a spate of milk shaking where people are going to certain personalities they don't like their political rivals and throwing milkshakes at them well
It may seem silly to many people. You have to understand that we don't just have you know people showing up with weapons and bashing each other. You haven't escalation. Now, what we're seeing as people showing up to political events, throwing milkshakes at other people and it results in physical fights, it's going to escalate tensions because you are taking a physical action against own, also make no mistake. Throng milkshake at somebody is in fact a physical attack now again allowed people are saying it's silly, but consider off chance someone's. Logic to dairy product could seriously. Indra them the point as don't throw things that people they're going to retaliate So here you see onto another screen for those areas. Listening working Twitter says dear full of Scotland, where selling mill checks. All weekend have fun, love became hashtag. Just saying you may be wondering. How is that an encouragement to violence, while in fact we see this tweet here from Scott Mcdonald? I'm not.
This individual s, but the tweets got about two thousand retreats. Is it reads the Mcdonald's next to the fresh demo, someone clearly got wind in the window. There is a sign that reads: we will not be selling milkshakes or ice cream tonight. This is due to a police request. Given recent events, we then see workings tweet coming just the the following, morning so would appear that working is well aware that people are going to be. Milkshakes do throw at their political rivals in an act of very hello, scale, political violence, but of course the danger here is the escalation, not necessarily the milkshakes although you could still injure somewhat milkshake, but let's not us not play into any conjecture. What we have here is a tweet from out of town, and then a tweet from someone in James Hackett, a story from the guardian its police. Ask Mcdonald's to halt milkshakes sales during barrage rally is from the guardian and burning
UK responded with be thinking about you, so it would appear that they are well aware of the issue, but before we go over to that story, if you'd like to support my working with a tin cast outcome, Slash donate accept monthly. Don't hence crypto currency I've, a physical address and, as always, you can just share this video or click the like button, because that does really help, but I can definitely you definitely user support. You want to support I work as I do these videos doing about sex four days, sometimes seven. So I have everything is appreciated. But let's go back to the the guardian story. Now: police, ass, Mcdonald's, to halt milkshake sales during fries rally Ro branch also stop ice cream sales. After right wing politicians targeted with drinks, they say sign appeared on Friday in the window, Mcdonald's on new market road, which is less than twelve metres from the core in exchange for the campaign rally, was take place, sang wheel I'll, be selling milkshakes or ice cream tonight. This is due to a police request, so apparently burger king is
where the police have said. Please, you know, please don't sell these and burning thought would be funny to say they are going to be continuing song them anyway. Now I did reach out to working for comment. They did not respond. I asked: can you comment on your last week about milkshakes many people are taking it to mean that you encourage people to throw milkshakes at night Nigel for eyes. What was your intent? I Mcdonald's, spokesperson confirmed that had been asked to stop sales of its milkshake and MC flurry products on Friday evening, which is just Nicholas I mean, if you know what are you you. Do it's become a meme among those bone left to be politically violent. This is what they, what they do. He can servants walk out, milkshakes Thornwick people ripping their hats off. Now you have an actual trend among many people on the left to throw milkshakes at people get. This is violent right. It's not the most agreed violence is possibly the lowest level of violence, so short of what our spitting on someone the problem here is that what are you
someone's going to do when you throw milkshake at them. They're going to do just even start to fight your literally starting a fight. By doing this, and its only to go in one direction. Do you think that these people on the right are just going to say? Oh well, we're getting milkshake no they're going to shop with some kind of defence they're going to ethical it's going to escalate? everything and, for some reason, burger king is getting involved. I would like to take this moment to point out. Burking makes me sick, I don't like king, you know, I think, in terms of taste. It's kind of men, but they do have some things that are ok, but you no less than eight working. I got sick I gotta say burger king us. If I to be really upset about this, I would go I assume that we're going to see a potential get woke, go broke situation where barking has decided to embrace the derisory divisive politics and it's going to be very, very bad for them
Annulled, looks good in this situation and I will say to I actually think Mcdonald's is better than burger king, although I dont really did about ball either because when these is better than the both of them, I digress. They don't talk about it. Particular individual. I can't name because you too has already been punishing my Jennifer for doing so, but also some particular individuals are being it with milkshakes, but we also talk about the soul, but because we have over here a threat from Nick Monroe from a few days ago, where it talks about what's happening the milkshake stuff. He says the general escalation of political confrontations that has been way by the far left these past few weeks. How did it start well, this health posed article adds adds it in and at the end of it driving at president at the end of describing Tommy on the campaign trail adding that had been it with milkshakes,
he adds. Unfortunately, there is no video footage of the next incident. Only the word of the guardian journalist, Josh Halliday, but my what words, what what words they are having imposed is wrong. It was an hour to find either I'm going to tell them. They need a correction, so he posts we saw this image and I'm not sure it says, there's no video footage. There is video footage, I'm not sure what the words are he's referring to us, but we do See that here we have a video now. The reason why these videos is important is because this is exactly what I was talking about: the escalation of political violence in the video run the audio, but you can see that somebody throw us from very far away a milkshake and when it hits because it directly hit Tommy what he does get hit with some of the milk as coastline and what happens. Tommy and and crew go running full speed avenues
Visual. Some people are holding back saying, don't do it sure enough they go running after all. What do you think this will result in? Do you think the people strengthen Nigel Freitas Rally are not going to be prepared, especially after birth has broadcast they're going to make sure they can equip people to throw these things Let me ask we make bombarding him and his UKIP Abreks at Party Palace with milkshakes a thing please Richard Cosgrove, one of the first to encourage more attacks against political candidates in the UK and as an individual who, let's see you he's a freelance copy, editor and writer, I'm not sure where he where he works. When he is a verified twitter user, here we have a verified twitter. You are calling for, again, I stress, very low level, but still acts of violence. And, of course, twitter is probably not going to do anything about it. Nick ads, An idea of how self contained a social media reaction was. I considered good majority this into one photo. Pretty much people applauded it.
But the situation was still new to them. Plus the lack of readily shared video is a factor, so we do have more coverage now we did see many people laughing about it encouraging this, and I want to stress its like people shop with you know, like locks and crowbar, is no. They shut with milkshakes water bottles and it gets worse from. There must go back to Berkeley and see the reaction from people. A lot of people are laughing and saying it's funny well played time to lactose and intolerant working actually played it up someone's at working one, Mcdonald's and Sdn near the corn exchange zero and burking posts of a meme a wheel, fairly well feral. Yelling goal: not a good look burger king. If you understand Wendy's is really good at you know their to their social media campaigns and, following the really funny things Wendy's has posted. We ve seen a bunch of these cuts. Please try to become a g meme lords without crossing a certain line on social media. It appears that Bert.
King thinks it's socially acceptable to encourage violence against half of the population and local candidates I recognise that many of these people are Carl Benjamin friends and been had had milkshakes aren't them they're very popular Carl has Nearly a million farmers has more than more than a million across his network, two or three channels, but yes, he is very well known its. I do not think these people like to buy your products as well, but also define police request. It's kind of insane I and economic protection here burking is gonna get broke over. This is going to be able. There's gonna be attraction. Apology. I I'm I'm pretty sure someone said tweets excellent. I was waiting for the sweet and that's likely in response to working. Responding to a story about the police, sank, please don't do it and then putting the thinking face and that sure enough working response. It was worth the weight. In my opinion, it certainly was well.
Let me let me talk about some us all actual Algeria. This week, when someone said it seriously, you're good people using your food to attack political opponents, how tolerant how how intolerant but wouldn't expect any less from Working Wendy's shore wouldn't yeah. Wendy's is actually like butter, but think about the way. The rhetoric we ve seen. I've got another story coming up later about the dramatic escalation were seen. Actually, the next story is going to be about the dramatic escalation but think about it. Now, when you have mainstream massive corporations, laughing and clapping, along as tension, to escalate and vines increases. So when I say things are getting worse, I think it's fair to point out that when burger king joins in yeah. I don't think I'm wrong. Ok, I don't know what formats again, I want to stress, I want to be like. Oh no, the UN does not, but seriously when bill more has a show and people clapping and cheering for this stuff when burking is pulling on and laughing and clapping and
You are setting up the stage. The next story gets dramatically worse dramatically. Worse, stick around that that'll be up shortly. Greece has its troubles. Certainly, but this is a terrifying escalation. Admittedly it's in Greece, it's not answer the UK or in the U S, but still should be taken. Absolutely seriously as we move forward and talk about the dangers of escalation. This story from the committee to protect journalists grew CNN reporter Mina cow a meat rose car destroyed by bomb. Fortunately no one was hurt, they say
greek authorities must ensure the safety of pleasure, Porter MIRA Mina Karami true thoroughly, investigate the bombing of her car overnight and hold those responsible to account. The committee to protect journalists said today now I'm gonna be talking about the dramatic escalation attentions we're seeing and how this place and the rhetoric and is a reflection to an extent on what could come for us before Do that. If you want to support my working with a team cast our com, slash donate, I really do online. You guys tell me there's monthly donation options through Paypal. I have a bit coin: crypto currency while option physical address, course, you can just share the video and click the like button, because that really does help support the video. But let's read the story from Cp J, a makeshift explode device placed under the journalist car exploded at at two hundred and thirty a dot m this morning, while the car was parked outside the journalist home and the northern Athens suburb of Papago. According to local news reports, the car was destroyed, but no one
injured. According to reports, ports hear is a police reporter foreseen in greek addiction, a dick addition. When isn't it According to her author page, then it works website police have opened it. Restoration into the bombing according to the grease, the Greek NEWS website sky now they do say never statement from us. It has said so. Here's here's Cp J statement. We call on the greek authorities to conduct a swift and thorough investigation into the car bomb attack on reporter Mina guarantee. Trope said, though, knows said: the girl knows a c B Jays Europe and Central Asia Programme corn, internet in New York, journalist, safety and well being must be ensured and protective measures are often critical those who cover crime. In an interview this morning on the tv programme good Morning, Greece CARE meter said she believes the attack was related to a coverage of Demetrius Cooper Dnice, who is
having eleven life sentences for murders committed while he was affiliated with November seventeen anarchist group. According to news report, the far left an anarchist group planted a bomb on a car. The reason this is important people often talk about how well I should say it's: it's allegedly. They believe this to be the case. People often say you know here in the: U S at the far right is the biggest threat sure that fine. We can argue data. We can argue what make someone farmer or form or far left, but the anarchist groups in Greece are typically associated with more far left anarchy, more associate with antifraud types- and this was someone presumably trying to execute a journalist. Greece has their problems.
Have experienced a lot of anarchist violence, so let me just stress, while it isn't in the U S or in the UK, is still a terrifying escalation for the west. If I don't know if people consider, Greece in Greece is its turmoil, but it is a part of Europe in the European Union, I'm pretty sure seen in Greece. Condemn italian statement calling an attack on the entire journalistic world and they do have the article peer. This you can clearly see had seen in Greece in Greece, I e bravely. Able to translate it. But the statement is translated over on on sleepy J, the greek government spokesperson, Demetrius Zone Acropolis,
condemned the attack on Twitter, describing it as a targeting of freedom of the press and say the perpetrators should be held to account. The Hellenic police Department did not immediately replied to see PJ's emailed request for comment, so to stress it appears, or at least are our best assumption. This point, according to the journalist, is that an artist groups were trying to take out a journalist is, is this is kind of its kind of crazy? So when it comes to people that to tell it that they often tell you the far right is the biggest threat to talk on the far right in Europe, but for some years. They often overlook the far left in Europe, which absolutely is a problem. There are instances of chemicals and other substances being mailed to various buildings, central banks and things of this nature. Now My general understands the anarchists groups are more lined with the left, but certainly you can be a? U known, Arkell capitalist rightwing anarchist. We do have you know if you do a Google search anarchist, Greece, it typically talks about the far left
and, I can say, far left individual and intent in intensive care, and there have been a lot of odd police thwarted as anarchists targeted yours on Voice home, Greece, anarchist vandalized. U S, ambassadors on. If you wanna talk about far left vines endangers it's absolutely in Greece, but there still is far right considerations in in Greek in Greece. We ve seen many stories this from last year and may, but a year ago the far left and farmers are running right on greek streets are, let's go this back home. I wanna make sure I stress, you know something happening. Greece does not necessarily mean it's gonna happen here, but think about what's happening with their economy. It's getting really bad and there is still some relation between you know, Europe in the: U has allocated putting it like, I don't know Malaysia or something it's more close to home, albeit it's kind of different
we really have the same kind of dramatic escalation, but we have seen the far left the place departments we have seen explosives blighted planted recently at a place apartment in union organ. But let's talk about escalation. We have this tweet from Eric Lines, Weinstein's. Anyone notice a pattern. A mainstream commentators decide among themselves that right center positions are only held by a bad french vote. There is then lie to pollsters in response a vote is held. Same commentator. Switch to complaining about the dangers of populism is in response to the street from run at nearing. He said, number election night. Twenty. Sixteen! When all the commentators weren't disbelief when Hilary lost the unloosing election, that's what's up, tonight in Australia, centre right, liberal Australia appears on track to win incredible upset. This is a process by which the radicalization occurs in the last video
talked about a less. I talked about how Burger king was was joking at the idea buying milkshakes an ice to throw at their political opponents. This is a degradation of the conversation in our countries and our daddy. We are now looking at a story about far left extremists. Planting bomb on journalists, car for CNN. The rhetoric is absolutely terrifying, but people and media, partly because their activists, and partly because their desperate for clicks, lose their jobs, decide among themselves that some ideas- far right, whereas we ve seen from from from all of the data I presided over and over again. Ok, that right has only moved slightly to the right. The left has moved far left. Why? Because they are chasing a narrative to get clicks and the activists are leading the way. Weinstein's goes on to say personally, I think we are going to see farther farther right results- and it will be because the left took out the
reasonable centre right in painting it as bigoted is opening the door to right wing extremism. That is, we are in the process of creating the right. We fear into self fulfilling prophecy. Think about what happens, I really do believe, and it's gonna funny, it's kind of contradictory. I do believe we are going to see the rise of extreme far right in the west. I'll tell you why the leftist going crazy everything everything is bad. Everyone is evil and it's going to cause the left to lose their footing. They're not going to be able to win anymore. Donald Trump is going to win Let's talk about this, this tweet about what's happening in Australia, the pole said the left would when they said the left would win, would win the was looking at some of the poles, almost identical to Donald Trump approval. Writing right now, trumps favourable
has been pretty stable and higher than its bennets. Bandits, it's been an entity in a previous decent spot. Tromp is going to win in twenty twenty, partly because the left won't campaign on issues that the people actually care about. They'll then decry populism, but hold on. If president is talking about the true interests of the people, boosting the economy and doing right by them. Well, there you go, but what's going to happen, you need a reasonable left and right giving each other push back where they kind of come together around shared values, but disagree on certain issues were not getting that anymore. People like me would probably be concerned, more rational centre. Left types are being accused of not being left because of this, but How many times do I have to you? No alarm
but you know raised the alarm at something is happening that bad things are happening, that the far left is planted. A bomb on the carve, a journalist that the poles are wrong that Trump as one in that breaks it is winning at the breaks it party is pulling the highest in the UK for Emmi P elections, and they don't listen. They don't they gloat. They laugh, they don't care. Half of them just want clicks. The other half want to run everything off the road and burned down, and it's gonna happen about to tell you what there will not be the destruction of the system. There will be the emboldened of those and perhaps as part of their strategy. Perhaps the far left believes that if you really do create a far right, you can then recruit more people on the far left, but where you think it's gonna end do you think it's going to be the far left. You know soy boy types with you scrawny bodies who can take a punch, we're going to win. No NOME Chomsky sat in the arena of violence. It is not the left that wins. It is the right there. They are more likely to be. You know it look. You ve got people in rural areas who do labour daily
they're more likely to be armed, they are going to create the monster, they so fear, and perhaps some purpose- and perhaps it's it's emboldened by these weird male feminist is gonna get laid, so they perpetuate this narrative, its pushed by people who actually want the system and our engaging was called black propaganda and encouraged by media, who doesn't care and just It's the collects, but so long as the media keeps pushing this rhetoric, that right of centre, politics or even centrist moderates are fringe. Then you are telling people who don't know about politics, hey if their french and those who infringe them not actually be french. So somebody is a moderate, might now believe, they're the same political beliefs as someone who actually is on the far far right, you are giving them a space to come together their career. The monster they Sophia main story take away for the segment. When I see one I heard what happened with someone going after
you don't journalists, that's truly shocking and terrifying. Now, in the? U S, double left targeting the journalists, but I wouldn't be surprised they dont, like them made out now the mainstream left shore. They pretend to be far left, that's been taking. You know, gaining space in Congress who has been holding is mass protests, anti fouling show's over the streets. They feel the same way and what he thinks gonna happen. They someone planted at an improvised and I e a police department in union organ shortly after a far leftist was, was killed in a police confrontation who did it, we don't know about We can make an assumption. We see this in Greece and I gotta say it's pretty worrying. Stick around I've got one more very our more segment coming up shortly and I will Susan are less. Comes from T J media Study, many Democrats claiming mental destroyed. After a trump election were faking it. Why would people pretend to have prompted arrangement syndrome now? Of course they don't call. It dropped the arrangements under, but there have been some people who have referred to it as Trump anxiety disorder
why would people pretend to beginning anxiety, stress and be seeking therapy after Trump on the election? According to the study, because their virtue signalling they call it reverse cheerleading? Now there are some cut caveats to the store I'm going to go through that so but before we move on just take it with a grain of salt, and I want you to run. From the store thinking its absolute we're in a rate threat before you do you want to support my work, you can have a written yes to calm, slash, donate I've a month, monthly donation option through Paypal. There is crypto currency options, a physical address and of and of course, You can just share this video and put the like button if you dont want to do any of that. But let's get back to the story. A story says in this: We see Anna Devlin from planet taxes cries in the gallery of the House of representatives after the Electoral College voted at the state, Capitol and Austin Texas Monday December. Nineteen point: sixteen the ballots of three dozen Texas presidential electors Monday put Donald Trump over the two seventy electoral votes needed to formally when the White House,
they say in the wake of twenty sixteen election liberals nation wide were claiming significant mental emotional distress last month, so called comedian Chelsea Handler claims, trumps election drove her to drugs and to seek psychiatrist help for anxiety, if yadda yadda, but according to a new study published in Sage one and open access peer, reviewed at peer, reviewed academic journal, many registered Democrats were embellishing. There anguish as a means to back their party. It was just virtue signalling its it reads. Our research suggests that for many Democrats expressing mental distress, ethical actual, what was a after the election was a form of partisan, cheerleading rights. Researchers, Marcia Cuban can David Rothschild, under a hill and Isla Yom taught in their findings. Clearly many Democrats were and are upset about, the republican victory in twenty. Sixteen, these findings do now.
Invalidate those feelings, but put their deaths and related actions into perspective. The so called reverse cheerleading occurs. Person, Miss reports or exaggerates a condition publicly in order to show support for their affiliated group, or in this case their political party. The authors say that a person's actions in private reveal their true condition, however, and for the study that can be determined by evaluating private search terms. In other words, a person who might describe suffering psychological distress on social media or to their friends, but doesn't search for any type of health or relief, is more likely, showing a form of reverse cheerleading. Unless you some caveats, real quick, first point out so open where this was published on Wikipedia it's an open access, peer, reviewed, academic mega journal. Some people would criticise the saying open anyone can submit and just pay to be reviewed, so it may
b, as you know, what's up some people think this might not be as credible as other journals, but we do have the conclusions here published in sage open. We have the abstract. What will come back to this parliament to show that we we do have a sudden the introduction, I'm not saying that, simply because it's in an open mega journal. That means it's not credible and it was. It was the ice it looks like it was first published in March Twenty seventh of March, one seventh of this year. We do have the story here from study finds that Org Democrats are exaggerating. So I guess I point out that caviar, that you know it is coming from a mega journal. Take with the grain of salt. That is what it is. It's coming from, Peter which is a conservative whereby source, but on justice, by and be safe and make sure you know you don't go running off thinking its absolute though so that you know. What's, let's radon, they say we find while Democrats expressed serious mental distress about the election result on surveys on average, the Democrats in our sample did not show and incur
mental health related searches. After the election, the researchers wrote so it sounds like a lot of people might just be claiming they have some kind of press, but they don't act. We know if they do, they are just saying their distress while trying to claim they have real mental issues. For some reason, I dont know why they would want to legitimately claim to have some kind of You know anxiety, disorder or derangement syndrome, but apparently they did. That shows that there in alignment to assess the validity you have trouble stress, disorder, the researcher the researcher analysis analyzed over a million just by being users before and after the twenty sixteen elections to determine the change mental health, related searches among Democrats and Republicans. His changes were then compared to shifts in searches among spanish speaking, Latinos and United States, whom the researchers claimed were directly targeted by President Trump because of his opposition to deferred Action Dhaka. They say, whilst the speakers, both reported, significant stress after Donald Trump selection and showed him.
Increase in searches for mental health related terms. The same was not true. For Democrats, Democrats showed no difficulty significant changes in search. Democrats were no more likely to search for stress relief, nor mental illness, nor treatment for mental illness for after the election this subject, That's some Democrats report on mental health declines after trumps election as a form of reverse cheerleading, where partisans report evaluations there are more negative than their true valise. Terrific reflects badly on a president of the opposing parties, in other words, rift in these other people like to accuse other people of drifting away. The conservatives he's personalities are drifting they're lying there, pretending old certain views to make money when, in fact, it looks like we have some data to back up the claim, their pretending to be upset about trump there, really not. What? If an? Let's entertain this? What if these people dont really dislike from what? If all these personalities, dont care?
I'd be willing to, but none of them care I'd be willing willing to bet. They just want to join in and make sure they get followers and fans and make money, and they ve always felt safe on the left. So this is their play. Do they really care at the end of the day? I highly doubt it I really If we do, I mean they're celebrities think about how they got to where they are used height, like Chelsea Handler, for instance. There not you, know there, political activists, they're, not working for non profits that are going on the street. These are individually, entertain. So why, then, what they claim this distress their entertaining you, they're, telling you what you want to hear to confirm your bias of three, the less orbit Liberals were obviously upset at the result of twenty six sixteen election, just as Republicans works out at the results of the two thousand eight and twelve elections. That Democrats The other needs to embellish their anguish, to prove their liberal. Bona fides tells us just what pathetic snowflakes they are well. You ve certainly got some opinion in the story that should be called out. What's out. Let's move on because in the study fine section, they do make a point about this
here. At the end, they say, interestingly, the authors points to a twenty. Sixteen Gallup poll that shows Republican seem less interested in partisan cheerleading. That poor found Democrats reported higher levels of stress after the twenty sixth election Republicans didn't yet after that as an election of Brok Obama Republicans Syn. Elite, shouting no increase in stress. Despite the election of the young Democrat, the study is published in the journal Sage Open, so this the study I have here is actually. This is study finds report from yesterday on the Democrats faking it, but they do linked to this other study, which I have pulled up, Republicans see not to care about virtue signalling, and I wonder why that is there's also Indeed. I talked about the other day, how Republicans dont care I'm sorry, Republicans, don't trust the media in general. Liberals, tiny trust. Almost all the media. Conservatives trust only a few personalities, Fox NEWS and say right part, one
that is, I honestly, don't know, but I think it does give us some some insight into why there is this divide between left and right why they believe what they believe. Why isn't there? obligations are not so interested in virtue signalling, maybe it's because their sceptics, maybe because they tend to be distrustful and individualistic, they dont rely on the collective for their strength. Therefore they have no and thought you do end up. Seeing conservatives go after each other. You know some people have pointed out where the Coke brothers, in defining free speech, nowhere to be found. And there it there their long considered to be on the right, although probably libertarian types, unless we, this basic Democrats, maybe may become bigger, hands of each of the old children's tune. Rain remain go away thanks to a new study. It explains why Republicans fare better on election day when it's right and researchers at Dartmouth, College and yes The national university look at both weather patterns and a comprehensive data set of recent american electoral outcomes, hoping to learn more
or about a previously documented correlation between rain and republican party success at the polls they say Republicans. The recent resound saw a slight significance to yet yet significant statistical advantage about one percent of the Poles on rainy days which they attributed to an aversion to risk during implement weather conditions, in other words, voters who planned on picking a Democrat if the weather was pleasant instead opted for the republican candidates, because It was raining, that's weird, and I have no idea what did they linked it out? I thought this was a story and virtuous angrily, but still a funny data point, I might say our studies suggest other conditions may affect people's decisions on not only whether to vote but also who they vote. For again, or alleged benefiting Republicans on rainy days has long been documented by the study adds new inside. So I dont know
I the study, linked that that must be a mistake. I thought it was going to be a link directly to ok, so this is actual natural sunny and from about Democrats line. A thousand of linked to shout dumb Republicans want a virtue signal, but apparently republicans do but our many days. Well. That's that's interesting I'll leave it in unlocking taken out which was go with it. Susan, I've elegies. So this from a sage. Journals is titled, president tromp stress, disorder, partisanship, ethnicity and expressive report. Of mental distress added twenty. Sixteen elections and inadvertently concludes basically concludes what we ve already read that they believe it was in fact, virtue signalling and I'm gonna have to personally agree I'll, just say one more time. Their entertainers be selected they don't care about politics, they care about tribalism. They care about rallying a consumer base to sell products too. So don't be surprised when you find their political personalities dedicated to politics who are concerned,
and you end up with these journalists. I'll do air quotes claiming you are claiming to be journalists, but they push varlet policies its because they care more about tribalism and in group conservatives do, I would say only that their thanks rang out. That concludes today's segments and episodes the next video will be up tomorrow. On this, at ten a m and for those living on the pod cast. Of course, it's always seven p m every day, although I have been a bit late in the past few days for but but I will end by saying, if you'd like to support my work, TIM Casta COM, slash, donate its firstly does help get into the summer the summer months, where of your ship declines, and this means bad news in terms of revenue. So I do rely on your support, their month, donations, crypto currency physical address and, of course, curiously, sharing the video might be one of the most powerful ways to promote, because apparently that tells the Youtube algorithm that you know people are sharing. It must be good, so just consider it don't don't know. Do you think I wanna do click them
Whatever let us help thanks for hang out- and I will see you all next time, quite a while ago, I made a tweet about how These journalists are actually activists masquerading as journalists I'm going to comply, oh a decent list of recent news to show you that, yes, in fact, journalism is dying or dead completely and its being replaced by activism for a variety of reasons for one most of the people. Use twitter and are verified. Are journalists twitter knows at their driving the conversation and caters to them, then, because of of variety of issues pertaining to how to get. Followers social media addiction as well as activist infiltration. We then He journalists predominantly using the ability to produce news to target political enemies lesson Look at this first tweet from Rahim GSM he's the global editor in chief of human events. He says as feed news is meddling in the Uk Euro Parle elections by mass reporting pro breaks at accounts that they that they admit twitter.
As our real people they can cocked a story about this because activity as a cover for their mass banning campaign electoral com. Uk Uk should investigate includes this image where it says on Thursday Buzzfeed NEWS handed a sample of thirty of those accounts and twitter. The next morning, Twitter had to spend it seven for breaching its policies. Here we can see out the one directional nature of the activists in media work. They pretend to get quotes and that's their best, their way to get their political opponents banned as a lot more to go through before I do that. I want to ask you if you'd like to support me, go to TIM Cast, a council ashdown donate. There is a donation option. There's a crypto currency option address and if you want to, if you know what to do any of that, in just share this video and click. The like, like one, can apparently clicking like one really does help, but back to the original tweet here from our Abraham could some at the bottom of the image. It then says
based on its internal tools? Twitter is confident that the accounts flagged by Buzzfeed NEWS are those of real people in the UK, despite their seemingly suspicious activity. One on things that frequently happens is that you'll see? You know Oliver Darcy of CNN, where he says was media pressure that got Alex Jones Band. I do see CNN, targeting other outlets or other individuals for fake news. One of the points I have brought up in a rather comical fashion. If people want Alex Jones banned for being fake news, Why do they allow ancient aliens- and I do mean it's of a funny thought right. But if you not familiar with ancient aliens, it's a show where they no one lie because entertain about how the pyramids may have been built by aliens and its complete, absurd nonsense. We have known for a while how pyramids have been built, how certain ancient technologies were developed? There's a lot of lost ancient technology, because we ve improved and changed the ways we
The way we do things but ancient aliens is a fun show. I certainly don't think it should be removed or banned, and a lot of people really enjoy it. But how come they talk about flat earth on Youtube and say the date they need we banned but you don't talk about ancient aliens on cable television it shows that their bigger concern format. The bigger concern for many of these people is competition. We on Youtube our displacing them Thus they need a means to target their opponents. In this instance, highlight I wish him the issues. Actually political, targeting probe rex at accounts, they handed over a bunch of accounts date. They think should be banned. The implied threat here is that Buzzfeed can leverage their audience to give bad press to twitter. Unless twitter takes action, twitter then takes action, don't take my word for it. Oliver Darcy of CNN said it was media pressure that got twitter to ban Alex Jones
she and I ran a story about a group called mythic media mass media is half owned by roughly, which is funded by Russia. Today, the russian DA through the russian government, CNN, wrote the story and then waited until Facebook suspended method. Media even though method broke no rules and then wrote their story. Sang Facebook has suspended a Russia funded back to normal and you'll lose out what the question. I then opposite, why don't they target Al Jazeera Al Jazeera is funded by the government of cutter, so these these this makes it painfully obvious that its political, Now it's entirely possible at sea, and on did this because they want to get ratings and Russia is a hot topic. They ve been doing for years. Botswana. Some other examples. Here we have a tweet from just the other day. There's an image of a man making the ok hand, gesture David Macdougall,
there's a scottish journalist in Finland, editor of new found news now Finland's tweeted high. Listen, do you have a job? I wonder what you're employers think of you, making a sign that has been collected by the far right would be interested to find out or me A future employer is interested rather strange thing for a journalist to post threatening to contact an employer. Who cause harm to you because of something you're doing associate with politics Is this the normal behaviour of a journalist? No its? Not these are activists there. And soon ties, and they are working in media. Here we have someone put presenting a veiled threat that they will try and take your job away from you, because you ve done and just now in no way do I want to defend this weird guy doing. Ok, I just I don't know who this is apparently he's maybe a bad person. The issue isn't anything to do with the individuals, but most of the behaviour of the journalists. We can see another tweet from David Macdougall where he says I dont know. If these
we'll have jobs, but I wonder what their employers would think about them. Making signs that are closely associated with you know who what what? What what's? What's? What's? The point is trying to make another tweet a third tweet. You says, Ah, I wonder what his employers, I think, it's a longer treaties, has says a lot about Finland Buddy ends by wonder what is employers would think. Here's here's what I can only surmise high someone's job to them. Do you have a job? I wonder what your employer would think. Isn't that is that not avail threat when you as I wonder, what their employees and thanking the following tweet. It sounds like a call to action for his fourteen thousand followers to do something. So here we can see actual behaviour from a verified twitter user in encouraging some kind of behavior or actually making veiled threats, but will move on. I have many more examples of maybe along video this this, Article from Buzzfeed is misplaced will come back to it. The second is a story from pointer.
Best have purposefully enter journalism, knowing that they will have leverage over public spheres of interest Journalists are the largest most active, verified group on Twitter. There isn't a highlight. This is just a very quickly before we move on to show you the amount of leverage that journalists have over Twitter. I think this could lead to lend itself to the idea it's possible activists have purposefully enter journalism, knowing that they will have leverage over public spheres of influence. Its also more likely much much more likely my opinion. That is not so much a left wing, conspiratorial activists thing more. So these journalists are being radicalized by the spheres on twitter and took social media addiction, but also they found a quick path to follow as you know, by promoting more radical hot takes and far left propaganda. These ideas, you know targeting people like Dave, Reuben, etc. They gain followers from outraged groups, because there, the largest group of twitter users vacant, then pressure twitter to take action
they have in the story from the daily wire talking about the learned to code mean Talk about how NBC reporter Ben Collins suggested the mean was an ingenious cut, our story of highlighting journalistic softness with learned to code than expected cruelty underneath the issue here is actually that Ben Collins, personal friends NBC we're being targeted, so he quoted far left activist in the story as if its fact- and this is a common technique, we see among these individuals, they will act like far left activists are authorities on certain issues and platform them to give them credence, but also to shape a narrative. The narrative being that learn to code was some kind of extremely. No, I don't I'm the fairest, far right thing when in reality it was just kind of a meme. It wasn't necessarily conservative vote was used by many conservatives. Learn to code was meant to poke fun it. How journalists told disdain for the working class individuals, namely,
all minors who would lose their jobs, and then many stories were run saying, learn. Dakota John Levine said I am told by a person in the know that tweeting learned a code at any recently laid off journalist will be treated as abusive behaviour and is about, I should have twitters terms of service. However many journalists than jumped to the defence of twitter and claim this was fake news, but in fact it was true. Some of these tweets have since been deleted when it was uncovered actually admitted that Jack Dorsey said. Perhaps we were too aggressive, in banning some accounts. The point and bring up here is how factual information that people who are tweeting learn decode, were being removed. Wrongly journalists rushed to the defence of the activists and other journalists to protect them from criticism. Putting pressure on twitter- and I think this shows that they understand the power and influence they hold working
and they're, using it to personal personally advantage themselves, but us move on to another couple examples. Here: we have a tweet from market these to follow, highlighting the fact that Tommy, I'm not gonna, say these individuals name, because you too will absolutely just de rank my content, so I'm going to avoid saying too much, but Marty's to follow is targeting a certain personality in the UK and because of an end at the example. Here is how they claim to be journalists, but they repeat we repeatedly highlight specific actions vice by certain individuals and then demand action, and when they don't get it, they are actually rather outraged or angered. In one instance, posting a reaction, meme shrugging. Why aren't they doing what I want them to do and then quoting people sang Youtube, our complete disgrace. Clearly, we can see what they're trying to make happen. Next. We have the story of Joe Bernstein, who wrote a negative story about a fourteen year old on Youtube. Once again, Joe Bernstein has twice.
In the past. These apologize for I recognise that, but he shown himself to be aligned with the politically activists left. These are more simple examples, but will move on very quickly. We can see. Marquis soprano is very, very actively targeting specific Youtube ours, and I have to wonder why, if you're so, but he who covers specific topics. I can understand that, but to go after individuals and do this. They do this thing where You know Oliver Darcy, for instance, will move on to Oliver. He says something to the effect of I'm just asking questions. I'm just reporting on it and at a certain point, that's ok right. Yes, absolutely. There was an instance where I reached out to patron about a comment on and on and far left patron account and then immediately banned them. I realized the danger of giving out names of swimming accounts and I no longer do it. However, what what this uncovers
the absolute exploit in that these people in media no, by pointing this out, these people get banned, but they do it anyway. In fact, they will do it on purpose, We can then see the direction that Oliver Darcy takes is Oliver Darcy Report are absolutely not, though he may have been in past. He absolutely isn't it Trust is too, I don't think he ever really was. If you do a surgeon, Oliver Darcy sister you'll find that he was actually a staunch conservative who made gotcha videos they have since been deleted. He then went to work for business insider where he actually entered. We interviewed me about my position resisting censorship. Later he goes out to be one of the principal actors. Pushing for censorship sounds to me like he doesn't actually have principles he's looking for a quick exit. So he treated this two years ago. This week fox published its suffrage story after it fell apart Fox said it would investigate what happened. It's unclear, whatever became of that probe the
thoughts were never announced. Neither has neither was any disciplinary action for those responsible, seasoning, you're, gonna, say related and its link to Matthew Kurtz. Someone responds with pot kettle Oliver Darcy doesn't highlight wrongdoing and media. He specifically targets in for wars and Fox NEWS, and by all means, I repeat, Lee criticized in far worse, I have repeatedly you know, made light or made fun of Alex Jones is ranting about actual extra dimensional aliens or people doing drugs. And I have also reported on Fox NEWS, retracting conspiracies another and another other such things, but Various then why Oliver Darcy as a meteor, Porter, doesnt, focus on other scandals and other media outlets, namely the president of now this news, giving a presentation in California saying that they ve brought in Anti trump activists of the highest levels. Another example of journalism becoming activists Haven now. This news is generating met. A lotta hits on Facebook
the weather at now, but it's a well funded venture, and now this president said on the stage at big con that they brought an anti trump active. Curious. Why that's not an issue for Oliver Darcy in CNN curious? Why other big scandals and restrictions aren't a big, so another claim sometime Oh no, we do cover these things, not really only. Let me point this out. One of the things that I have repeatedly brought up. This is a good example. The hypocrisy of CNN as Well, as action taken by our rapporteur in activist means what you're looking now is a website called news gifts or for those that are looking aren't too only listening. What news dips does It shows you previous versions of articles that have been changed and how they ve been changed. Not Europe,
site is still active, but what we see here is a story called the life and death of such of the south rich conspiracy theory from the Washington Post change. Long we can see the story was originally published. May twenty? Fourth, twenty seventeen at ten, twenty four a m- but strangely, was edited in November of that year. What happened so that six months after the story was written They had to make changes. While the truth is, it would seem that the original story was fake. What the the writer David Waigel claimed was that he believed based on no evidence Kim dot com, the famous hacker and founder of Mega was trying to hack into the email account of South wretch to plant emails. Suffrage, of course, was a former deal. He staffer who lost his life. There was a conspiracy about him being source for Wikileaks, though it's very contentious with people saying it is where it isn't and the mainstream. You know,
narrative? There's no real evidence to suggest that, however, what you're, seeing Now- or I can explain to you- are the changes made the changes the change, so story alter it from being about hacker in New Zealand trying to break into a disease email to someone may be trying to do it. Essentially, what appears happened is that the story was published, it was, it was pushed. By many journalists, a narrative tat. Some one was trying to fake a conspiracy theory. Why curious why? Why did they need to write a fake? whose story making it seem like the south Rich can. Conspiracy theory was propped up by individuals faking but then several months later in November altered the article to remove much of the evidence. In fact, the article does not even see here take it up. Nowhere in the revision do see, update or career.
No, it was changed six months later. Think about what that means. Let's say you read the story. You share with your friends. You spread the lie. They all believed it. Six months later they cover up their tracks and they don't posed a correction notice. The average person would come back to this and just think maybe they got it wrong. There's no log fortunate. We have a website news death to prove, in fact, Washington Post altered story several months later, six months later and buried a lot of the evidence. In fact, I find this whole thing to be very, very strange, but indicative of the behaviour of people who work in media and how they seek to push political agendas, we have the story from Oliver Darcy, which I think we ve talked about. Oliver enough says Facebook, touts fight on fake news, but struggles to explain why Infoworld isn't banned at the same rate. I would I would ask why ancient aliens and other obviously fake news. You know videos aren't band. Who gets to be
the arbiter of truth. In this instance, it appears that Oliver Darcy, if I was to do like you, know, on analysis of of his actions. It's mostly uneasy target. He knows at his tribe, doesn't like info wars, so he can point the finger at them while ignoring stories like what the Washington Post it and yes, I'm pretty sure he knows about, many people know about what the Washington posted and I've actually gone. Some other journalists to apologize for it and correct the record after the fact not realising they had been duped. Journalism does still exists. Let me stress, but activists are taking a massive step in pushing forward now. What we have here is probably the most is the best and most recent example of how
divests are working in journalism specifically for political means. This is a twitter threat from Nick Monroe, far left media cowards de Platform, Dave Reuben from Buddha Judge Interview. While I certainly dont want to use the word cowards. You know, I think it's a bag robotic and unnecessary to convey the ideas. Essentially, what happened, however, is that Dave Reuben reached out to Chris Meagre, who is the, I believe, is the press, secretary or manager for people to judge who actually were spot responded today with DM me.
Would sound it. They were interested in doing interview on the ribbon report. However, a journalist from having an post medium that no media matters is an activist organizations I will skip over here, but we have the having imposed. We have the young Turks we have. This is just another activist. We have an individual who appears to be just another. Much of this person is a pop culture, and politics we have at present is an author occupied Democrats, so many of these people are in fact, actually actually activists, but we can see that got having imposed young Turks. We have then Collins once again popping up trying to de platform people yet from Dave Show, and then colleagues Collins works for NBC, now in no uncertain terms. Ben Collins is an activist. He produced a fake news, peace citing another, followed activists as a source. This is not journalism, if not how you you are forced to accurately report information- and here we have him tweeting negative information about about Dave Reuben, and this is a tactic
right. So this is this is something they do. That allows them to effectively mask their activities? He claims I'm just right, morning it, but in fact it's more slamming PETE. To judge for daring to consider this interview. I will also stress you know what eventually happened. Let me let me continue. We also have a vocs rapporteur, Carlos Maza, who also call the absolute madness that they would consider going on Dave Reuben Show here. We can see many people who work in media are actually aligned with followed activists and doing their best to put pressure on people for political ends. What's the problem, Dave Reuben interviews, people to judge and I'll stress people to judge apparently pulled out corn today, if PETE Buddha Judge can not take the heat from some activists on twitter than he
never be able to defeat Trump Ansari Tulsa Gabert, Andrew Yang Bernie Sanders have gone on Fox news. You know a young and tells you have have Rogan their willing to stand up and actually speak on principle. Of course, the machine there's an essentially like that, and if, if put a judge, went on some certain generals, then maybe the activists with media would cause him harm. This is people to judge bending the knee, and this is the power of activists in media and how its harmful to our discourse. Why should we care about of vocs reporter calling something absolute madness? In fact, why would journalists try to stop something happening. You'd, think journalists would encourage the interaction and then they could highlight information and carry out their stories. However, and ultimately ended up with Dave Reuben saying that, essentially it it's done, media matters vocs in post, they lobbied people to judge not to do is show, and it worked. I've got a couple of other tweets women.
But Bridget potassium making? The point made me the point I kind of sad, but I want to highlight her statement that if people judge thinks he can be Donald Trump, the emperor of all trolls but caves to pressure from random blue checks he's already toast. Now I want to move on to one s thought on the repercussions, hopefully what I've shown. You is not an exhaustive less, but we can see here how activists absolutely do work in media how they manipulate articles how they lie, how they cheat they smear over political means that for monetary means we can see how they would even go back and alter a story six months later to cover their tracks. This is the current state of media, but now we have this final final thought get confirmation for the guardian that assert individual has been banned from Facebook and surrender great to see the rules applied. I can't name is individual, unfortunately, because you too will absolutely just direct my channel for mentioning his name was from MIKE, such Mary, who is cheering for censorship.
We then later saw my such very shocked to find that an even he could talk about it and that's the end result of censorship. You create rules. The rules will be used against you, but I ll leave it at that. Ultimately, the point here and in our final thought on the matter is that yes, activists are in media. The greatest example is from our him costs on how what Buzzfeed did was they took accounts they wanted to get banned, brought them twitter inside. Why won't you ban these people and are enough many of them got banned. I don't see Busby NEWS doing the same for the far left. I dont see Busby NEWS targeting Anti fought or other accounts. In fact it is there There are many journalists completely aligned with Anti for who produce fake news and lie, and I know what they are, but you know what they're allowed the lie. They are the first amendment, it's just a huge problem for discourse and it's going to cause a complete fool, breakdowns all ended.
Under here, thanks for hang out I'll, have more videos on my second channel Youtube COM, slashed him cast new starting at six p m and six thirty than seven and all all of this content will be appearing. Presumably I'm not it will be on Itunes, Spotify, Google etc upon guest audio version. For those that are aware, if you want to support the video you can go to him. Casta com, slash donate, help, help me out donut monthly crypto currency, and I have this guy dress, share the video put the like one. There really helps or justice spread the word, I'm not really sure it promote pod casts, but on Youtube, it's very relied on the algorithm which, as is wise, very dangerous, to say certain named new certain worth that will leave it there, thanks wearing it out, and I will see All at six p m youtube com, slashed him CAS News, or if you listen to the body ass around more, thanks.
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