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Trump And Bill Barr Go NUCLEAR Against China Over Hong Kong, Hollywood ON NOTICE For "Collaborating"


With the EO from Trump property can be blocked from anyone directly or indirectly involved in violating the rights of Hong Kong.Bill Barr put Hollywood and Big Tech on notice for "collaborating" with China and being pawns of Chinese influence.Under Trump's executive order the US could essentially seize property from US persons who collaborate and this could lead to a dramatic escalation in tensions.Unfortunately for us though one side of the political debate screams orange man bad while Trump calls out China.Democrats may be too weak and ineffective to deal with China and there's no guarantee Republicans would be better.

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A lot going on with Hong Kong and China and it's gonna very serious consequences for big tack, Hollywood and politics in this country. Donald Trump sign and executive order just a few days ago, which puts severe restrictions on people in China who may repressed those in Hong Kong, but this executive order goes far and wide is broad and could potentially seize the assets of individuals deemed to be indirectly or directly involved in any kind of repression of Hong Kong citizens. Right now, we are just months away from Don. Trumps potential, reelection, the November twenty twenty elections and We are seeing in the polls that tromp as in doing too well bindings. Doing great is raising tons of money, and maybe Donald Trump is scared. Defeat, but I'll tell you one place Trump would win in two seconds and that's probably Hong Kong. Ok, I'm joking, which may have seen these images take a look at this picture. President tromp, let's make Hong Kong great again.
Liberate. Hong Kong is another one. President Trump, please is liberate Hong Kong. There waving american flag There are singing the American national anthem. The people of Hong Kong are in desperate need of help because China is slowly taking over and stripping away their rights and now build. Or has made an announcement following the executive order from Donald Trump is basically during these big companies, big tech, Apple, Google and Hollywood it's time you stop. You stop playing. This game with the Chinese Communist Party. Otherwise, you'll have to register as foreign. Agents for lobbying purposes and potentially, if we keep seeing these American big Tech, companies basically gives. Communist China, whatever they want or the Chinese Communist Party. Maybe they too will be subject to trumps. Very broad executive order. Look this latest order from Trump is very, very serious. Imagine this. I mean
Nine has been buying property in the. U S, imagine now trump telling hey guess what would it take that away from you were to wipe the debt? when we owe you nothing and, at the same time I'm over in the UK there banning waterway a child he's cellular technology companies, so tensions are Escalating some people are calling ass, the new cold war and many are concerned. Could actually bubble into an actual hot war. Is it has something of brought up many many times, and it's called through cities too it's a reference to a rising power, challenging the dominant power and how it almost all these results in war members of media have been writing about through cities trap now for several years, maybe five or six years probably longer as China has become more and more powerful on the global stage, and I think You really are entering this point. What a crossroads where the very well may end up as a hot war. Listen man we're just
rather the day and be a band people from buying jerseys at free Hong Kong, we saw a high profile and gay players defend China, video game and tech companies, defend China propaganda being put essentially into Hollywood films in of in the film abominable this. This girl walked past a map. And there's a dotted line and South China Sea, that is propaganda for China. Their influence is far reaching and a stand now they'll just when, but perhaps some people are happy bout. This thinking, I at least, will avoid a hot war shore. The only problem China is currently operating concentration camps. These stories are horrific and something must be done to stop them. You do not want to live in a world where the Chinese Communist Party takes over and starts shipping people off. Two camps have their organs harvested. That is an exaggeration. It is literally happening today also getting reports that China
pressing on the boundary of India and with them. Try to seize the South China Sea. It looks like their acting very much like the Nazis did take land, they say: well it supposed to be our land. You weren't supposed to have it while locking people up in very horrifying ways. Well, today, we're gonna focus on. What's going on his executive, order and how it might actually sees a lot of the resources of China. China is calling out the. U S demands retaliation or threatening retaliation. Let's get started with what exactly is going on. Executive order from the South China not morning post, I chose the source on purpose. Mind you before we get started, however, had Overton guest outcome slashed donut. If you'd like to support my work as many wage can give The best thing you can do is share this video or just subscribe. Surprisingly, I noticed simple math. Most of you don't actually subscribe to my channel, but if you want it at least increase the likelihood you get what my video
delivered to you. Subscribing really really does help and getting the like button. Does your basically saying this is a good channel, the continent's good and all around just helps, I suppose now we just want to watch then still considering the like button bullets, revenues, trumps, executive order, revoking Hong Kong special status, we is it and who will be affected South China Morning Post says the United States can ban anyone deemed to be undermining freedom in the city from holding property in the country and refuse them and their family entry any one I want you to. Keep that in mind, because I want to show you what Bill bar had to say about Hollywood and these big tech companies, anyone existing punitive tariffs the? U S impose on mainland China will be applied to Hong Kong exports, so this was just the other day, but I move our too
Bill bar had to say just today, and man was its strong. He specifically call that a few examples of Hollywood bending the need to China I'll think about it, if the chinese government is repressing Hong Kong and trumpet secular border, says anyone indirectly assisting these people will be sanctioned as well. What does that mean of these big tat companies me, Maybe I'm region a little bit better really does sound like trot, might walk right up to the big tech companies houses. These executives and say You recently launched a project to help the Chinese Communist Party NEA. Under though this law passed to help us protect Hong Kong and my executive order, we're seizing your property, could that be. Maybe we'll go that far. Maybe not it's been extremely check out check outward bill bar had to say attorney. General bar accuses Hollywood, big tech, of collaborating with China. That's the important language, trumps gonna drop, some nukes baby. You
the attorney General William BAR, took aim Hollywood companies, including Disney on Thursday, as well as large tech firms, like Apple Google, Microsoft over company actions with China saying corporations. Just Google Michael Yahoo and Apple have shown themselves all too willing to collaborate with Chinese Communist Party Bill Bill said: I'm sorry bar set bill was his name anyway. He added that Hollywood has routinely caved in to pressure and censored their films. To appease the Chinese Communist Party. The compass he's in the chinese embassy in Washington did not immediately comment. Apple declined, I suspect Walt Disney would be disheartened. Does the other company he found it deals with the foreign dictatorships of our day bar said in his speech at the Gerald, our Ford Presidential Museum in Michigan BAR chided? U S companies for being too willing to take steps to ensure access to the large chinese market. The Chinese Communist Party thinks in terms of decades and central,
While we tend to focus on the next quarterly earnings Report BAR said, America's big tech companies have also allowed themselves to become pawns of chinese Influence BAR was the latest attack on China from President Donald Trump Administration before his November reelection bid in recent months? You western ties have dipped to their lowest ebb in decades strained over issues ranging from the global krona virus Pandemic and China's massive trade surpluses to Beijing suppression of pro democracy, protests in Hong Kong, its military, build up in the south, China, sea and treatment of minority Muslims bar suggested that apple iphones wouldn't be sold in China if they were impervious to penetration by chinese authorities. He suggested american tech companies we're imposing a double standard. Bar noted after China imposed a new national security lawn Hong Kong, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Linkedin announced that they would temporarily suspend compliance with governmental requests for user data. If they stand together, they will provide a worthy.
Example for other american companies in resisting the chinese communist parties, corrupt and dictatorial rule. Here here, Mr Bar, it's about time. We call out China that Citizens of Hong Kong are deserving of their human rights and so on. These are the people of China in General, but what they're doing to the weaker Muslims goes above and beyond. They like to say on the left. Think about you know what you would do if you were alive. You know any during World war, two, because you're dead right now- and they say this in reference to Donald Trump- they say then, Sir, this in reference to domestic policies that were put in place by Morocco bomber. But I'll ask you the same question, think about what you're doing now and what you'd think you'd be doing in world war. Two, because you are doing it now, because China, as we speak as operating concentration camps today, This there's a video of people being loaded onto trains going viral this videos from last year and people are bring up to now
we know there doing it and PETE more and more people are starting to speak up. Magic. No was founder of the quill. Both call him foundation has announced a hunger strike. Hunger strike, I'm gonna get to these tweets. Later, but he certainly putting his money where its mouth is or at the very least, not putting anything where its mouth is he's on a hunger strike, because he's too ending, we all come together, left and right to it to address the horrific actions being undertaken by China. We cannot allow them to do this. Sanctions may be the first step, but we really do need international support. We don't want a world war. Three, were this. Nobody should want this, but I don't know how we can sit by in just watch this happen and spin having for a long time, and unfortunately, in oak as across critic,
Some to myself included in this? Many of us are distracted over what's going on with these culture wars and with the upcoming elections, I mean for good reason. There is real fear that Joe Biden will go soft on China and ignore this, and Donald Trump has always talked about China. There's a compilation, video from twenty fifteen before tromp, became president. It's like ten minutes of him. Saying China, China, China, China, it's a Larry, it's what tromp was calling it out. The very least we need to pay attention to this. We need diplomatic solutions to force China to end these horrifying.
Practices but check this out, China's not gonna take this lying down. They say also says I'm sorry. This is bill bar warning. This is a second I want to mention, as I go to the store in chinese retaliation, they're gonna he's gonna force these companies to that they could be required to register. Under. U S lobbying laws, America's corporate leaders might not think of themselves, as lobbyists bar said, but you should be alert to how you might be used and how your efforts on behalf of a foreign company or government could implicate the foreign agents, registration now that is huge bars, issued a hard warning these companies by anyway, sorry to what China was saying. China vows to retaliate after Trump signs, Hong Kong sanctions, Bill Beijing, accused United States of gross interference in Hong Kong affairs and promised a response They say there. A pot response from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing promised to continue a pattern of tit for tat punishments that have occurred.
The sharp downward turn and relations between the two countries on a variety of fronts. From treasure technology to human rights. China was swift, criticised MR crumbs latest actions, which he announced at a rat. Bowling Whitehouse NEWS conference on Tuesday. I gotta stop right there really New York Times. Is this the time A rambling white us shut up now is not the time for this, Our relations with China are collapsing, and this week go lead us to a potential hot war if trade relations break apart and they have been especially with covered If we have demands from people across the world to end what they're doing to the weaker Muslims, then what do you think comes next now is the time to to drop in your your side, slams of Donald Trump, calling him a rambling. Whatever. Please talk about this verity and seriousness of what's happening. Look. We had a strike forces us a strike team from ah from four
China go around Taiwan, you know, you know China wants to seize Taiwan, that what we had an elephant walk where the? U S had bombers out in Guam and apparently there to retreat the? U S aunt in some some destroyers, the potential for conflict is real and its escalating. Now is the time to complain about Trump, talking the way he does. Those moves, along with his remarks, underscored the extent to which relations at Beijing have become intertwined. With the american presidential Election, MR trumped said he had issued an executive order, revoking the special training status, this we know and China. Of course, now. Officially already officials in Beijing had clearly anticipated the moose, but they erected harshly. Nonetheless, the act on the United States side maliciously dent rates, Hong Kong's national security legislation threatens to impose
sanctions on China and gravely violates international law and basic rules of international relations. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in his statement posted on Wednesday morning in China, not long after Mr Trump finish speaking. It is gross interfere, in Hong Kong affairs in China's internal affairs will I want to show you a bit from the actual executive order, this stuff's gonna blow your mind. What Trump announced is much more far reaching than the than it would actually seen by and these new stories. Let me read you this: I'm am not a lawyer about legal expert, protect us out section four of trumps executive order, all property and interests in property that are in the United States that hereafter come within the United States or that are or hereafter.
Within the possession or control of any United States. Person of the following persons are blocked and may not be transferred paid, exported, withdrawn or otherwise dealt and keep in mind. United States person keep in mind property. What is property stocks, companies, equity cash, a picture of your grandmother property, anything you my own and he's talking about? U S, persons as well. Now he starts off in a rather obvious way. Eight any person, any foreign person determined by sector estate in consultation with Secretary of the Treasury or the get out of the Treasury, in consultation with the Secretary of state to be or haven't involved, directly or indirectly, in the coercing, arresting, detaining or imprisoning of invaded individuals under the authority of or to be or have been responsible for or involved developing, adopting or implementing the law of the people of the Republic of China Yadda. We get government officials right, but
Go down and we start to see something interesting near foreign. Five too, materially, assisted sponsored or provided financial material or technological support for or goods or services to or in support of any person whose property and interests in property are blocked. Pursuit of this action you see a wide region, it is somebody maybe Google provides an email address. I dont know to the extent to which it can actually enforce this, but this seems to go very very far to be owned or controlled by or to have acted or purported to act. Now this is nuts purported to act for or on behalf of directly or indirectly, any person is properly or interests in property are blocked. Pursuant to the section it sounds like if you work a company that is Tik Tok, for instance, they gotta bite dance, has interests come on man. This is saying to have been purported to
This is I gotta say men. It sounds extreme, so what some one can accuse you of working at the behest of a company who has board members who are chinese communist meant, but that's that's how It sounds maybe I'm wrong about this. Look at me, I'm not a lawyer. But it really does sound like trumps. Executive order is insanely broad. Now we can see some physical. Like some some, no actual hard and obvious actions. This is from today you s, consent. Travel ban on millions of Chinese Communist Party members. Draft proposal could reportedly revoke you as visas for all party members amid growing rift, overweight, Hong Kong and trade lesson. There have been reports that large scale of land in the. U S were bought by China. I was recently looking at some property for those not familiar. We are expanding. The TIM cast network were to be binding, proper.
Would it be hiring were to be launching aka? In actual fact, second division? I've been talking about for some time we have a blog, would have a lot of fun in my pursuit of new properties, I was speaking with some agents. One agent told me that China has been buying up tons of property. He says They really crazy how much they ve been buying. You know those in the industry have seen this and its actually kind of worrying just like. Why is it happening wise, China, China doing this? Why they allowed to do it, well? Foreign entities are allowed to buy things in the? U S and a lot of people. Others which actually buy citizenship. It's really easy. Most countries have some kind of investment provision where you come with a certain amount of money and you get to buy your way in in the. U S like half a million dollars in investment in some company, and you can get citizenship a residency and not entirely sure, but they website explaining how you can this some smaller countries, like some islands, perhaps can offer you a passport and they have great trees for international travel and at something like fifty
do a hundred k, Bohme you're, a citizen. Here's your passport that simple, so what happens? People in China by a property assets real estate in this country will Donald Trump just said: if you're a. The Chinese Communist Party, which, basically they all are your property shall be hours or at least frozen you could have somebody hired to maintain that property, not even realising their working for chinese company. There are stories about this people who work for agencies to allow immigrants, ticket vision, stuff, not realising its actually funded by the Chinese Communist Party. Accordingly trumps executive order. It seems like your ass, should be frozen to, or they can at least come to you and say it's over. You no longer work here and here's. Why?
it seems, like we are preparing for a hot war or at the very least, walking towards one. Whether we want to or not. This is what makes me up and be a store says. Free Hong Kong was inadvertently prohibited from jerseys. Oh, was it if you go to the NBA store, you try to type in accustomed phrase: free Hong Kong was blocked. The level to which american companies are bending over backwards for China is scary, especially considering what's going on with the whip, Muslims and now Hong Kong. We have more, though, from the weak Amerika is already losing the new cold war with China says Matthew Walter in an opinion, peace. I hope not because if a cold war is being lost and what's next a hot war who wins that one now a lot of people have said, of course, the United States, while we're technologically superior
listen man we may be subverted from the inside the spread of inter sectionalism, critical race theory, critical gender theory all throughout our government. The fact that we spend most of our time fighting with each other. It might not be so easy united. We stand divided, we fall right well if we have factions within the federal government who oppose each other, If we have people in our own government who are in favour of China, and it won't be so easy now. Well it Walter says the relevant question about the prospect of a new cold war between United in China is not whether it is likely to happen or the. U S has both the internal cohesion and the diplomatic acumen.
To wage successfully defeating the genocidal tyrants in Beijing will require our politicians to have the same shared commitments and assumptions that made it possible for us to pursue and essentially unchanging containment strategy against the Soviet Union for four and a half decades. Despite changes in administration and a cultural revolution, nineteen sixties, there are good reasons to be pessimistic in the: U S, it is impossible for a present to consider even them basic steps in the direction of re, making our trade relations with an adversary, the destroyed our industrial capacity. Amidst all zero resistance. The honor stands made a nineteen nineties by organised Labour and Pat Buchanan, we'll be footnotes in the history of our decline. The band aid measures proposed by president too.
Which represent about one percent of what will have to happen if the? U S is to recover its textile farm. Textile pharmaceutical and heavy manufacturing have abilities were widely dismissed as a trade war by the China respect or man. Even if we assume, on the basis of no evidence that the american people are theoretically willing to alter their consumption habits such at an unlimited supply of chinese plastic junk is no longer a central to their daily lives. We would still face a journalistic accurate. Professional cultural and political elite who will serve Beijing's interest whirlpool that is spicy take from the week while men all of our energy in this country is internal. The great racial tragedy of our age is not there genocide being carried out against the weaker Muslims in the West and in West China, but the continued existence of beloved Sirop and Football Mascot the villains are not pulse they're, gonna. Miss Priscilla
pusillanimous collaborators at Disney and the NBA but american senators, who dare to suggest that the lives people in Hong Kong Matter, more than box office receipts and profits from exhibition games and the sailor. Marchandise in a country in whose law the concept of racial discrimination does not even exist on the one China is literally enslaving. The people of Eritrea, as I write this, on the other hand, the bad orange man over here said, come flew only why one of these countries, leaders is generally represented in domestic media as an authoritarian monster, and this guy is lightened things up. China's leaders understand the american propensity to make every crisis an empty exercise in tone. Police They know how to exploit our genuinely human impulses, which they not only do not share, but reject as a height of folly
they also recognise the vast swathes of our political and educational establishments, accept ideological commitments, it just a free trade that can happen to benefit China, as if they were undeniable scientific conclusions about the necessary conditions for afford decent human life. Look look. I think I think we get it. The culture war is the advantage of China. They have a word. A saint China bites la means White left, they mark us and while Donald Trump is saying, hey China's bad there saying: Orangemen, bad Orangemen dictator, while China, literally and slaves the people of Eritrea, while they allow or or arc complicit in this
a damning of the now River, which will negatively impact China. They ve tried to build the nicaraguan canal. They are engaging in oral exploration. They are pumping out carbon emissions like no other country, and they are a locking people in concentration camps to harvest their organs, and, while all this happens around us, we unfortunately have grown too weak. We were strong a hundred years ago and we fought two world wars and we defeated the Nazis in world war. Two and the Japanese Germany's imperialism for sure, but what's happening now, are we so distracted with culture? Where issues we can't see what's happening right before our eyes? It's happening again. We said it wouldn't, but it
is, and what can we do about it when we need to come together? I'll read the last paragraph from a Walter. He says this is to say nothing of the Houdini like Escape act. China has carried out in the last seven months when it briefly appeared as if we might be willing to hold Beijing to account for its blatant cover up of the emergence of covert instead, just as it did in the immediate post, cold war era of globalization, when it appealed successfully to corporate venality academic delusions and a shallow conception of human dignity. In order to capture western markets, China has managed to exploit the recent pandemic, among other things, Beijing manage to pit the World Health Organization which it all but controls against the president, whose first response was to propose a travel ban that was widely dismissed as xenophobic, overreaction, while Beijing marshalled all the awesome power of surveillance state against the illness. We argued about whether we were hurtling. The hurting the feelings of the world's most vicious and repressive regime by blame
in them for lying about whether this disease could even be transmitted by human beings. This will be. This will be more cried. There will be more crisis like the one present in the decades to come, as China expands its influence in Sub Saharan Africa, Latin America, the Gulf States and beyond. I do not expect more. Favourable outcomes earlier today I try to treat the story about magic was, and this has had a press. I, how do we sit back while this is going on, follow me, It didn't was who is currently undergoing a hunger strike due to the human rights violations in China, Twitter blocked it. The reason why I don't. I don't know I just try to tweet it out in support of magic was magic has has been, Asking many high profile people too, to help support him in this and that and the least I can do a special. I wanna be this hard on. Everybody else is to tweet out his efforts to bring attention. It was going to China. Willows block
said twitter is blocking me from Sheng as AP story calling out China's human rights violation. Here is an archive version. The reason they were blocking it is likely, because the hash code from the AP for some reason people assume Twitter was defending. China accused me of trot. I would not listen. I wanted to share this tweet. I couldn't I told people why it was, and I links to an archive magic was reached out with this tweet saying. Please do not ignore a Muslim, side for the second time in my life, I am already out of anger and no longer feel pain. I am asking for some love Brits signed this one for a parliament action non Brits, sign here You can follow. Imagine the laws at em, a J idea and a w aisy I'll put his twitter on the description below the very least we can do. I suppose the very least we can do is to highlight what marginalize is calling for and bring a tunnel
Thus, if we get wrapped up in more culture war issues more so that what happened with China than we lose in China knows it listen. I think it's fair to engage and civic debate. We have an election coming up, I get it so what I'll do is I want to do my thing? Ok, if you wanna talk politics, domestic politics, I get it, I get it MAGIC clauses, saying no to that. He sang he's. Gonna call this first and foremost, I'm gonna, do I'm an ado, better. To make sure I continually, I can you to continue to talk about. What's going on China more so than I have been and for the most part concerning an election is coming up. I do think we need to make sure we focus on this. For one reason: listen man, I'm not convinced Joe Biden going to do anything to stop China. I think Donald Trump has been as pointed out by the weak, and maybe that's why Donald Trump does need to when I'm not convinced he will will see others plays out. Please stay focus neck segments coming up at six p m at
you bet com slashed him CAS News, and I will see you all them. Last night, the twitter accounts for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Elon Musk Bill gates and many other high profile. Individuals and companies got hacked based tweeting out some stupid bitcoin. Scandinavia, send me Bitcoin I'll, send you back more Bitcoin and apparently some people bought it now at first many were orders were just simply saying it's a bitcoin scam after they are reporting, but many Other personality said no way. This is a bitcoin. Scam is easier ways to make money then use Brok Obama's twitter accounts to ask for Bitcoin, but now, according to a story from Vice The official narrative, where hearing is that somehow, Curse did want to engage in some kind of bitcoin scam. And they only realised later on that they had direct access to Barack Obama. On many, these verified accounts, twitter and up locking out,
Every blue check twitter users, including myself from tweeting, when our learning a couple a couple really important things for one in terms of breaking news inside job hackers convinced twitter employee to help them hijack accounts. Vice says after a wave of hacker take up of your you can't take overs screen shots of an internal twitter user administration tool are being shared in the hacking underground I have also received many images and and communications. I can't confront them for the most part, I'm going to show them, but vice does have many of these images, but let's just cut cut straight through all this will read the news, but let me tell you men: yesterday the TIM cast iron pot gas. We talked about the part, the possibility, this was a state sponsored attack a shot across the bows I've. Zeb stump. Communications. Purportedly from twitter users are twitter employees, and so people, I'm not gonna, pretend are confirmed.
But let me just say I'm seeing conversations where the question is being asked. We Don't necessarily know who these hackers are, how they were able to do they do other than they did what they did. All we know is that they got access to these accounts. Perhaps, because of an insight on inside job. That's the official reporting, but apparently they were able to to bypass to factor authentication. Which has led some to speculate that this was state sponsored because that's Pretend like bypassing to factor is the most is like the best hack you could do, but it is fairly impressive, fairly present, most of the time when we hear about a hack, it's just a trick. It does so till engineering scam, where in reality you weren't really hacked. You were just tricked into giving up your password, notably fishing scams, ripe, somebody well you'll get an email with email and it will look like it came from. You know, Gmail or something and you click it, and then you Certainly, given your password await their very soon,
located ways. They can actually do this. They can use Otto Phil Hacks and things like this, but a legit full on pack would be like breaching their database in gaining access to administrative tools which apparently they did. But again it looks like it was, with the help of a twitter employee, now We talked a lot about how this may be a state sponsored hacker. And so you know, or or attack and money People said, oh god, down. It's not that bad. This is not a state sponsored thing, we're not going to war chill chill chilled him, and I said you realize, if this wasn't a state sponsored attack. This is substantially worse if this was just some dumb, kids or young people who are ill I love score some bitcoin by taking over the current dammit. Riddick presidential nominees twitter account. You realize that worse rights. That is so much worse. Listen a state
a China or otherwise they have interests, they do want to watch the world burn, necessarily maybe their enemies. They would cause us harm, but they also can't do too much damage because of the international trade ties. We still do have There is money to be made in international trade and the wealthy, of all these countries. Dont want America destroyed, they just want to win, but what a joker like character. Some random young, angry dude in his basement, whose, like I just hate them world and I have nothing to lose. I've no ties to any community, I have no family, no friends or otherwise, and I could just take over whoever I want that is worse. What we are learning now guy we ve known since twenty thirteen with the Associated press hack. That cause a massive stock drop off, we ve known Twitter is a massive national security threat.
But now we're learning just the extent of how damaging and insane this is Twitter DE comes the direct messages Barack Obama, Elon Musk invited could have been stolen. Now, I'm not convinced, that's when it comes to Biden or Obama. That they're gonna. Have you no state secrets or anything, maybe maybe passive comments, but Elon Musk? You might say something privately about Tesla that could damage or boost their stock. Give me some individual, the ability to cause severe damage to a major international corporation. More importantly, though, what if they start putting out dms and they can start faking them and no one can tell if they're, real or fake and then try to deny it, and then it just creates confusion more important than all that. What if some dumb kid, some stupid twitter employ just decided to take over the accounts of some of the highest pro our political and world leaders and make them tweet shock,
really insane things which cause bedlam in the streets. Twitter, wasn't able to regain control for hours. The AP happened. Only thirteen lasted about three minutes. I believe, and that they found out was wet happen. They shut it down, but in those three minutes one hundred and thirtys six billion dollars had been transferred. Who made that money who had the short Sal who who had the by options? nothing, I'm not I'm, not a traders. I am against her terminals. You're, probably right, but you know the point: you get the point: what if people had set things up market hits they make they They make all the money they buy, it all up at a low price, massive transfer of wealth. Now what if this was a state? we would know how to reach out to retaliate how to defend ourselves. If this is a twitter employ its work,
We now have. We have to do something to to secure Facebook, Twitter, you tube, etc. We I do now but what use Youtube a bit different, because you ve got a video rio but deep? They technology now exists what what what could have happened if these people, Man, if this really was just some random get and they decided, tweets and crazy from Obama's account, twitter can do anything about it and then people believe you. Ve Obama said something crazy and then took to the streets rioting riding man- I don't know lemme region astronomer show this. So I'm also being told by a lot of people twitter lied to me in jail Rogan. Because they sat a you know. We don't bad. We want shadow ban people, we don't restrict this unit. For these reasons, that reasons and twitter is also put out a I'd. Twitters put out like a blog statement back and twenty eighteen saying they dont Shanna twinned about this.
Now it looks like they do and we have evidence if you tweet a screen shot of their admin panel, while Banion Hygiene, hackers convinced twitter employed to help them hijack accounts Vice says a twitter insider was responsible for a wave of high profile account takeovers on Wednesday, according screenshots obtained by motherboard and two sources who took over the accounts. I if they can confirm that these source really to take over the accounts that I am pressed, I'm impressed with the level of confirmation vice has on this, because typically news outlets will be like Rumor is from some random guy got an email from on Wednesday. A spike of high profile accounts, including Joe Biden, even more bill, Gates, Obama, Goober Apple and we're hacked quote. We used a right that literally done all the work for us, one of the sources told motherboard the second source added. They paid the twitter insider Motherboard, granted the sources anonymity to speak candidly, about the secured Incident, a twitter spokesperson, told Motherboard, the company is still in,
as to getting whether the employer hijacked the accounts themselves or gave hackers access to the tool. Twitter is straight up saying it would seem, if seemingly trust, vice the boy, you may have been the one who did it an inside job, somebody at listen, twitter is biased and we know it. Twitter as employees who hate Donald Trump, we ve seen the videos from project Berytus. There was a period. This happened a while ago, where Donald Trump Twitter account was deleted. A rogue twitter employ apparently on their way out, said dully deleting tromp. Why do they have that power? They cannot have that power that has gone into. This has gone too far. If some dumb kid employ young person, whoever can just have you no tedious trumped arrangement, syndrome and then hand over these this this power to random individuals they could literally destroy the world lifted Emma,
exaggerating the with Twitter big, knocking over the correct this for several hours. They could put out tweets from different accounts for different, listen, rock but on the tweets, then you know a few minutes go by and it's a seemingly innocuous sweet, nobody really notices and others. We decide from Joe Biden more serious than Elon Musk, confirming our. I can't believe, I'm seeing with my own eyes by the time Twitter realises and such like things down more verified account, start treating all of a sudden, a wave of verified accounts, are all confirming the same thing: a million incursion, as happened, you know, ah, of abundant in air Force base has just been bombed, whatever people's freaking out. They start rioting who knows the what I'm trying to tell you, as yesterday, because of the duration of the hack, that there could have been much more sophisticated, coordinate it assault in that's probably like Twitter stopped all verified accounts from tweeting, that's twitter.
They know that in their hand, vacant may have the power to literally destroy this country, potentially the world by triggering international incidents which can spiral out of control. The reason I'm saying again for the fifty million tonne out we have to lock twitter down. We Gotta do something if some dumb kid can take Obama take his twitter account. I think there's and talk about. Nationalizing Twitter, I don't know that's the appropriate answer, but I do know we cannot allow twitter to have this unilateral power which can cause so much damage. The accounts were taken over using an internal tool at twitter according to the sources as well as screenshots the tool obtained by motherboard, where the screenshots shows the panel and the account of violence. Violence is one of the accounts. The hackers took over tonight accorded a screenshot seen by motherboard. At least some of the accounts appear to have been compromise. By changing the email address associate with amusing. The tool in all For sources close to or inside the underground hacking community provided motherboard with screenshots of the user tool.
Two sources said the twitter panel was also used to change, ownership of some so called oh gee, accounts alone. Oji, that's these are their original accounts for a long time ago that have one or two letter names. Twitter has been deleting some strange shouts of the panel, and I suspended users who have treated them claiming the tweets violate the rules. Here is an example This tweet no longer is all our available because of violated the rules that to me confirms this image is real and there it is and take a look at this: it says you know: bounced inactive protected, compromised trends, blacklist search blacklist read only Someone sent me more screenshots that I can't confirmed, but a very similar, but our it seems could be legitimate, gonna show them again, because if I can confirm it, I'm not gonna put on its real, but it
It's very very much the same as these there's, not any real, any more information I get from them. But look at this trends blacklist search blacklist, interesting search blacklist. What does that mean? There was a point. I believe it was rather Mcdaniel Chairwoman for the Orange see. I could be wrong about a title whatever, but there was a High ranking republican National Committee, Individual, who wouldn't appear in search many people, said shadow ban. Twitter said no simple mistake twitter, came out and said we dont shadow ban. We don't do anything like that. They do. They actually do. Shadow Ben. I just tried change in the definition of a shadow band so that they could tell you we don't actually man. There is search blacklist data breach monitoring and prevention service under the breach obtained a similar screenshot for all the violence. When I believe and
and posted the image, but Twitter remove the tweet and suspended them. That's that's that's. Why tried showing you just now that middling to it, this is Internal, a screenshot from financed now action, we have very similar screenshots that are much more clear and easy to see. This looks legit screenshots, I have someone sent me, look legit and it seems like people at Twitter are actually talking about whether this could have been China. There's no evidence suggests for the time being who these people are where there are from and what their goal was, but I'm not gonna say I dont believe this right now can farms it was or was it a state level attack, and I thank you know just to be clear. All of the talk we had neither dates. Pure speculation literally, could just be a dubious basement. We have no idea.
A twitter spokesperson told motherboard in an email as per hour, rules we're taking action and any private personal information shared in tweets added publication of this peace, twitter, Twitter, set in a tweet. We detected what we believe to be, a coordinated social engineering attack by people who successfully targeted of our employees, with access to internal systems and tools, how is this possible. Why Is this possible lock it down? We need. We need better. Cyber security than this communications infrastructure is paramount for national security if we're replacing the town centre, the water cooler, the church, whatever the I swear we had these discussions if we're replacing the teller found in the post office, not completely, but of replacing it with social media for communications. Then we need more security YO politicians would send out mailers right. You get you
postcard in the mail and would say something my vote for me. Here's what I'm doing you're robot calls or campaign phone calls. But then social media got invented and twitter made much much more simple. You could very easily just type in a message. Press go and people can share it around them can see it. This ease and convenience lead people to start replacing the traditional means of communication? this is now replacing a large portion, what our telephones and our post office would do. Why is it not secured? Could you imagine if somebody was able to address the world as the pre resident in the oval office on Cameroon, people thought it was real. What's the difference if people look at the verified accounts of, these high ranking individuals? People, like one of Joe Biden, announced I'm droppin up completely drop it yet allowed people would be like wow. What's this a lot of you
believe it. A lot of people would hear the news late and not realise, and how many votes would that cost Joe Biden stop and think about it. If Joe Biden made an official camp and announce its aim due to failing health that he was dropping out and that the Democrats look forward to a point in our placement theres many people you know currently on the running people would believe that they'd absolute. We believe it now within minutes. They contact your by its people and its not true, but there'll, be a lot of people who would include here, Joe Biden isn't running anymore and then, if that shifts a thousand two thousand three thousand votes at game changer. That would seriously disrupt this can't stand. Here's where gets worse, twitter, dams of Obama, mosque and bite and could have been stolen in the hack exports. Worn could have been could have been. You think these people got access these accounts or, like I'm, not gonna check their dams. I'm worried about the
First thing they did once they realize they run was download every message these people had sent Before- maybe maybe not- maybe won't matter for Biden because Iraq, international national security stuff, but what about Elon Musk? Oh yeah were definitely moving forward on production in this date. We originally We just announced this because we're not cleared by the Yo Yo, the Assisi or wherever the EFTA easy to make his announcement, but here's our plans. What if you were expecting to talk privately another investor or someone who works with you, and you said I keep us under wraps because we're not legally loud shouts yet, but we do this in terms of all these things get published I'll. Take you back in time. I got two big story for you. Syrian hackers claim AP hack that Tipp stock market by a hundred thirty six billion dollars is it terrorism? Are you kidding, of course it is, and so was what happened yesterday. I don't care if I was a bitcoin scam in call whatever you want, but that was well that those that that was an attack on our country to have the former press.
That Barack Obama, the current presidential. Can it Joe Biden tweeting these things out whether was a scam or not? They have just told the world, we are vulnerable, we can take your account and we can change the game. Chinese hackers bypass to factor, authentication and tax spanning ten countries. From his motto, a chinese hacking group believe to operate on behalf of the Beijing government has learned how to bypass too Fact: authentication in attacks on government, insured targets, Zizi not reported Monday, won't just go to dvd net for their official le to venture the negation. Furthermore, familiar is when you want to login you ve gotta. Have you ve got you? Did you get a fault? You get a text message to your phone. This is clever because it makes it much more difficult to just steel and was password or try and do some kind of fishing, a scam, because even if you change the email, you know even it'll say I don't recognize your computer. You mustn't now get a text message. A lot of people noticed this.
She then posing a model SAM, I'm getting a bunch of messages from people try to break into my account when people try and breaking your account. You are getting a bunch of texts with the past with it with a codes and under the code there clever tricks hackers use to bypass this the phone call it'll be from twitter, literally, say twitter on your phone call a spoof and they ll say something like you know, we're trying to secure your account. Hackers are trying to break in we're going Send you a code to verify. Or who you are- and we need you to read us that code, then they try and break and you think you're talking to Twitter, You read the causes. I thank you and login other things like into a sim card spoofing where they can literally steal your phone number. Now we move onto a more clever to factor which is authentic, caters and cure you if they are things that exist on private systems, so you will have basically an app on a phone that they can't steal the phone number to that sinks with the clock and ITALY You are a little synchronize based on an algorithm and then own
you have that ever rotating passwords, very, very clever and don't ever given its information away, but bypassing to factor through technical work around is fairly sophisticated seeding. That reported this back in what was as December. Twenty third they say security researcher say they found evidence that the chinese government linked group has been bypassing to fact, authentication in a recent wave of attacks, tax have been attributed to the cyber security industry. It is tracking, as sue me, a pity, twenty believe to operate on the behest of the Beijing government. Dutch cybersecurity firm fox, I tease, have nor published last week.
The groups, primary targets, were government entities and manage services. Service providers like I'm espies, the government entities and Mps were active in fields like aviation, healthcare, finance, insurance, energy and even something as niches, gambling and physical locks. Now Edith point: let's talk about the Bitcoin scam that may have actually been a sophisticated attack, maybe not a scam think about it. Bitcoin international value, many different countries use it what if they were aid, to convince hundreds of thousands of millions of people to give up their cash. They are apparent able to get a hundred thousand or more dollars, but what, if one per cent of this of his country's said? Who I'll give some money and a tiny fraction of our economy just shifted to an adversary that would be like in the middle of a war? The? U s being like? We ve got this truck load, a missiles guy.
But the China but Sir, what war without Mono, when you transfer that wealth in those resources that Bitcoin they can then use that it's a resource imbalance I mean anyway, splendid, a kind of war simulator, Commander conquer Warcraft, understands the value of having this currency, Imagine you're playing one of these games and you know further familiar I'll, give an example world of work or not whether a regular all Warcraft old school game. I'm shooting something old in the hope that most of us, in the context, you have do they mine gold? When you have gold, you can buy more soldiers, imagining the middle, your game, all of your gold transfer to the opponent. You get it. They have the resources to buy whatever they want. Even if it's a tiny fraction, they can take power away from us. So what do we do? Well, considering that twitters lying about the amount of power they have and so random employees at Twitter, who have probably no security clearance, have the ability to
override the accounts of the present. We ve seen it before the vice president contenders high profile. Politicians, perhaps now twitter, but has become such an absurd national security threat. The federal government needs to intervene in some, passing. Perhaps any body whose running as administrative hassle panel needs to have some
kind of security clearance some at and we had a double down triple down quadruple down on how hard it is to access these systems are and have all the answers that I don't know for sure I can tell you is we can't just carry on like nothing's happening? This just showed us how fragile everything is and how we can be men. Look at the rights that erupted because of the the George Floyd Incident across the country. People were burning down their own cities. Imagine what could be said by Barack Obama by Donald Trump, by Joe Biden by TED Crews by Josh Holly by Elon, musk by Jo Rogan by me that could spark widespread chaos and panic. Now I think, to be fair, if my account tweed something in saying people might believe it, but not that not enough to trigger something chaotic. If Donald Trump Tweet
something it could. What if it took over his account and Donald Trump tweeted, you know the election is being shut down. I'm invoking presidential directive, fifty one to you, know, launch a new constitutional government under my coordination and then go by. Try, we ve been locked out of national security protocols. Then you get another politician, Saying Donald Trump is really doing it. He seized control is happening. We need action now. What will happen if just three or four accounts? Yeah people had got the streets they'd be riding in chaos, and what could they do? Jack Dorsey got locked out there. Locked out for hours and every journalist Scott locked out to ok the blue check ones, but then you have chaos from so so that the man this is crazy. I can think of the stuff at the top of my head, think about it. Donald Trump tweets out we're season the government's hours now directive, fifty one if it in order to fifty one is
that's when the president can actually override the government a new one. Then you get Biden saying your trap is making the move we'd help or calling on national military leaders to strike back Jack Door's locked out. He can't tweet all the journalists can't tweet. They share everything down, but the hackers are able to get a few verified tweets out, saying it's happening. A coup the United States is under siege are you know. Armed personnel just stormed the White House. People go crazy. The stock market crashes, then all of a sudden didn't just tat, verified accounts, Jack Dorsey, lockdown, verified accounts, but then both the unverified counts start twit crazy things like I'm here in DC, I'm seeing it, I can't believe, is happening. There's no journal just site. No one has any idea what's going on, but the twitter tweets are flying wild. That could be done. A matter of minutes, and we learned that yesterday we cannot play games. Lockdown alluded. Their Mexicans come up at one p I made you have more developments I'll, let you know- and I ll see you well, then- I have to issue a warning on this video. It's going to be extremely disturbing and based on the fact that
you ve liked to have seen the headline. You probably know what this is about and it's entirely possible Youtube just outright deletes this, but the story comes from the LOS Angeles times. It would seem according to a new lawsuit. That's the allay county juvenile hall system is experiment hang on young boys with some kind of twisted forest gender transition are injecting children with female hormones. I say children, but, as the teenagers ten years old, so I now some people might argue semantics. Now I say some kind of weird forced agenda transition, because doctors don't. Their stand why they are injecting female hormones into these young boys. It doesnt quite makes and it's not part of any medical treatment, it literally just doesn't make sense. What are the suit? It appears it's more than just this one boy. Now I want to pay doubt too because of the nature of the current political.
Course, and how media companies deal with issues of gender transition. We may be confused about what's really going on here and we're gonna It makes him assumptions the first, function will have to make. Is that when they say boy, they are talking about a human male, entirely possible the LOS Angeles Times, notably being LOS Angeles. There actually talk but a human female identifies as male, but by arise as a boy, but we'll get to that part of this discussion after the fact. Let's read the story under the presumption. They are talking about a juvenile hall full of young males and this lawsuit alleges therein jacking young boys with some kind of experimental forced gender transition treatment. The Alla time says boy. Sixteen was given estrogen for behavioral disorder while and allay Juvenile Hall Juvenile Hall Suit alleges. I want to point out. As a lawsuit. Ok, so we I don't know. I don't know the only time to confer.
The details it couldn't. You know allegations are often made maiden lawsuits and we don't know necessarily their true they're allegations, but here's the story, a six in your old boy being held at LOS Angeles County Juvenile Hall, developed enlarged breasts after he was prescribed estrogen to treat a behavioral disorder, a move that baffled doctors, who are the treatment defied a collage act according to a lawsuit followed this month the team would have is, withheld because of his age was diagnosed with oppositional, defiant disorder or odp two days after he was arrested and how's that eastward juvenile hall in June to nineteen the loss it set medical records reviewed by the times she, The teens testosterone levels were slightly high when the doktor would do diagnosed him proscribed daily doses of estrogen. So it would seem. The ehler times has confirmed this by viewing the medical records according, the loss of this young boy said they were not given it
choice that they were. They were threatened with him. Prisonment until the age potentially of eighteen, twenty three twenty six do is your tea. Old, or else he was told he could not views the injections. Three more, they say estrogen regulates the development of female sexual characteristics and reproduction men produce the hormone much lower levels ever taking approximately thirteen days they. Doses of hormones. Routine was diagnosed with Gonna come master. Defined as the enlargement or swelling of brass tissue in males whose Estrogen Love is too high medical. I could show it is based on that part of the story. I believe we, are literally talking about a young male who was forced to undergo some kind of gender transition therapy. And again. The reason why I am saying gender transition is because the doktor, hey, there's no medical reasons baffling them as to why they would be injecting tests to arms are injecting estrogen into a oh boy,
thriving them with estrogen. You know what that would do to him: o d d, a behavioral ah yes, behave rolled condition that is sometimes suffered by patients with attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder is normally trade with therapy said James MC off a professor of cod because psychiatry at use, yellow or Mc Gowan, rather pronounce it Mcculloch. James Mc Gough welcome the english estrogen, is not a treatment for oddity. I can't be more emphatic about that you well. Find a reference anywhere that supports the use of estrogen four o d d: why were they inject that there that they may have a fake reason? I've got the lawsuit, the law, also claims that they believe it's actually worse than that. Just this one boy, the lawsuit described it, movement as experimental? The doktor who prescribed the estrogen Danny Wang, could not be reached for comment.
LOS Angeles counties. Juvenile detention facilities are overseen by that by the probation department. Medical needs are I did by juvenile court health services, which falls under the county Men of health services in an email department of Health Services representative confirm that As has been employed by the counties and twelve but declined to comment on it, current status with the agency, describing it as a convent your personal matter. The department declined on the lawsuit the suit which names as defendants, the county, Wang and David out medical director of Juvenile court health services alleges medical battery and negligence, probation officials and the teens attorney Wesley Archie, Klein to say why he was in custody out. The boy now seventeen was released in April and will require surgery to treat the physical issues he developed as a result of the judge, estrogen treatment, Wang prescribed
daily regiment of two milligrams of action to be taken in pill form according to medical records, the boys pair. Were not aware that he had been diagnosed with Odp or was undergoing tree until late July. Twenty nineteen doktor said the tree. It should not have been carried out without the parents consent Once again, the Ella Times appears to have reviewed the medical records. They were giving this young boy asteroids Four, seemingly no reason, that's. Why again, I will cite some kind of twisted experimental gender transition forced upon a young boy. The parents didn't know about it and the boy was told he would not be allowed to refuse the boys father, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to protect his sons identity. So found out about the austrian pills when he visited the Juvenile Hall one weekend last July, when I found out they were in the pill. I was like. Why didn't they? Ask me when I found out what kind of pilot was what what kind of pill was it I was like this is terrible. He's only
sixteen and they were forcing him to take it. The father said he later confronted O the medical director over the phone. Oh admitted that Wang had made a mistake. The father said now Mrs representative declined to comment on owes alleged remark due to the ongoing litigation the treatment stopped. Last July after the teen began to plain of negative side effects and refuse medication record show prior to that out. You said his client felt compelled to take the pills because he feared that disobeying wing would have a detrimental effect on his pending criminal case reports. From probation officer is about a youth time in custody can carry significant white at sentencing, hearings and the teens case had I've been adjudicated at the time Wang prescribed in the estrogen out. She said. She also alleges the boy was bullied by other youths in custody, one He's gonna come ass, your symptoms developed as a teenager. He felt self conscious already going through these Changes made it a lot more traumatic for him. This to me sounds like
conducting some kind of experiment. They knew it would happen It gave him this if they gave him ass origin, they knew there. The other boys. It sound like they wanted to see the social and physical effects of what would happen if they force about somebody, maybe maybe they have criminally delinquent young young men- and maybe they are trying to experiment to see if forced gender transition, would reduce their severity. Their aggression reduce the symptom of this behaviour. It's not a medical treatment therapy is but look what they're doing so coffee, director of child and adolescent psychiatry, Old Oglala, State University said Ojo he is normally diagnosed in children between the age of six and twelve children die Now the disorder often struggle with authority in school or social settings, common treatments include family therapy or medications that have had success in aiding juveniles with ADHD, including when unnatural, using hormones to treat oddity might actually worsen. Donation. Coffee said now. It sounds to me like vainly
school to justify why they were conducting the strange experiment enforcing this child to take hormones. They say the other concern I have as a psychiatrist, is that we know hormones play a role in mood if his mood got disrupted. That could only further complicate things, ass region is normally stock to allay county juvenile facilities for use as part of hormone therapy for contraception and treatment of gender. This, for you according to the health services representative, the boys fathers, are the horn therapy. Has long hat has had a long term effect on his son who now scares easily and has become anti social he's like a different person, He just wants to be in his room and he don't come out for nothing. All Dana's room, the father said he was never like that. I have. The full complaint here was posted by witness allay I can't I can't tell you what what they, what they were workmen were trying to do what they are trying to do, but this too is is rather terrifying and I want
This has something to do with the pervasiveness of this far left fringe religion whenever you want to call it which, now infecting the military, the federal government, critical racing It is other ideologies they are putting. Actually destroying the fabric of our society. Now, listen. If somebody actually has you know, some kind of this warrior or something that needs to be treated with hormones. Will then, by all means that doctor should prescribe get em treatments that money from the story. The doktor thing: it's not. Why would they be doing it well accorded the family? They think it's an experiment. I wonder what for You won't know. Now in this lawsuit it looks like they're they're suing. The county of san jealous Danny Wang, Empty David, O emptied and doze won through one hundred. Because it wasn't just the doctors who are doing this. It was the medical staff. It was the nurses.
According to the suit he was in a room, and the nurse told him that it was just that treat a note on his chest. It was medicine to help him because something was wrong when he said. I want to take it the officer there at the juveniles, so you don't have a choice and he had to do it. These people conspired to inject a child Without his consent, oars parents consent with an experimental treatment for some reason and we don't know why, because Odp does not get treated. This way now met a doctor, but I'm just reading you the allay times another saying medical battery interferes with constitutional rights by right right to privacy, from intrusion of bodily integrity, negligence right to due process of bodily integrity, municipal and supervise is also provide supervise liability demand for jury trial. There may be other young men who have war going through. I think about that in the not saying anything, they're scared this
man apparently has to go through surgery. Now, when I tweeted This is about how shocking and an horrifying this, as some people made a very interesting point You may you, but you may be familiar with the Red headed Libertarian on twitter charities and twitter following and she said she wasn't or if they were firing to a person. I'll just simplify the language because I'm not gonna play games. Referring to a male or female, in meat We ve already seen this. If an individual identifies since in a certain way, the media will use the pronouns of how they identify not their actual biological sex and when this story is extremely important, we know think about this way. What if this young boy is actually born, was actually born female and identifies as male upon going to treatment the doktor real ices that this female has high testosterone, the
not in a fine as a boy is then forced to take estrogen. You see us how different the story is, but we don't know now. If they're gonna claimed gonna come ass, the up and the required for surgery. Then I think it's fair to say this is very likely to be a mail, but we don't know and that's how dangerous this this inter sectionalism is getting. Our understanding the world is going to be disrupted. If it turns out, this was actually a Trans child born fee the doktor was actually like, just disregarding that. It's an entirely different story. Nonetheless, It's still horrifying somewhat. Not being allowed to choose whether or not they can be for each other. Their forcing this. This medication on somebody, man. So they they talk about jurisdiction and venue, competition and damages parties and actors. Let scroll down facts common. Accounts. They say the minor was medically treaty by doctors without obtaining voluntary, informed consent, the mail you
Ok, so it is male. It is male was administered a female hormone estrogen without first obtaining voluntary, informed consent. The dough medical staff, did not Ah the male minor, to refuse to take female hormone, estrogen, actually gonna say the minor. This individual was scared. If he got a bad mark and he went to court, they would hold it against him. So he just it is. He was told it wasn't until I started getting mocked, belittled and started growing female breasts. Did he actually resist and say? No, he wouldn't you want more. But I'm going down to the most important part, as that mention earlier times they say the mail underdeveloped female breast tissue and suffered psychological and emotional damages the mine. I was given an experimental medical treatment which was administered to other minors at the juvenile hall, not as work. It's crazy plaintiffs. Their alleges that defend standing empty David, O empty endows won through one hundred prescribed the Astrogas
as an experimental treatment for plaintives oppositional. The fight before, though, order disorder in order to counter the elevated levels of pestering testosterone in his body, which may be associated with increased delinquency and male youth, plaintive further alleges that administering a female hormonal estrogen to a mail you that juvenile hall is not an accepted, safe or support a form of medical treatment for oppositional defined disorder, which we understand, I'm looking for the part where it looks like they're, they're doing to others, plaintive further alleges that is, experimental. Treatment has been, or is being given to male youth's within the county of LOS Angeles, juvenile courts, juvenile halls. Juvenile detention facilities without first obtaining their voluntary informed consent in order to address symptoms of odp criminality and delinquency, and there it is, I think we understand what's going on according to the suit their alleging, at least it sounds like it
this experiment as is, is being undertaken and many other young young males, and it seems like they're doing it as an experiment to see if it would reduce delinquency. Criminality, why may be one of the ways to stop young men from committing crimes and acting against authority is to inject them with female? amounts which forces some kind of weird gender transition or the hour. I should call it out of their sewing for and they then move on for the council, exciting medical battering stuff. What we're seeing across this country in these institutions seems to be some kind of weird internationalism now or I should say it is international imminent internationalism is weird part of is this kind of any
one can assert any identity. You no idea in this case it may just be perverse doctors with a weird, twisted idea on their right to conduct experiments on children. It may have nothing to do with us, But what I'm worried about is that these ideas that we see from critical race theory to you, no critical gender theory, all part of intersection wasn, are finding their way into the government and these people Have no no qualms but violating their rights in any capacity? If people don't speak up a few, don't start talking about it and calling this out. It's good it worse. This is the most frustrating story, it's not about the violation of your right to speak. This is not. Council culture,
about someone's child being forcefully injected with female hormones, and now his life is irrevocable is just permanently altered. Wrapped surgery can help, but this action has already permanently altered this individuals life their mind, their body. You think that you will be safe, I'll keep my head down. My children will be safe. We'll know I got arrested, leave your story, you're, worried about your kids, so you don't want to speak up and start calling these things out. Speaking out against them, you don't call out council culture or the fringe, her sectional than that, in fact, in the federal government of high levels, the military, because you want to stay safe one day, you twelve year old fourteen year old Son, is out playing with some friends and their trespassing just trespassing.
But the trespassing on some pretty serious property, maybe they're playing down by the bye bye, the railroad tracks. Kids, you know they they walk around. Maybe they and around some kind of government facility. The get arrested, immediately transferred to a juvenile facility awaiting judication, while they're there, the doctor decides. I don't know anything about this child, I'm not going to contact their parents, I'm going to inject them with estrogen and see what happens. You dont know, and then one day you found find out. It is your kid who now has to get surgery to undo the effects of this experimental psychotic medical battery. What are we gonna call? It was keeping your head down worth it was it worth it to say. I'd rather have food on the table, or is this the future that you want now? Look it's one. Story. Ok, keep in mind its one story. Boats disconcerting to me is the expansion of, inter sectionalism throughout the federal government. Take a look at this twitter thread: Christopher, F, roof, oh
critical race theory is spreading rapidly to the federal government last week, so. Blower sent me a trove of documents about a divisive diversity, training at the Treasury Department Ready, covered, is deeply disturbing and an affront to equality. He says the training is called difficult conversations about race and calls on white employees at TAT Three, the Federal Reserve, the F B. I see the sea F, P B, the and see you way to pledge ally ship. Amid the George Floyd tragedy, the goal is to convert every one in the federal government too, anti racism. Now I know racism and generous talked about the same thing. They fall under the same umbrella. The ass J, W as it were, the intersection analysts adhere to both of these theories, and we see it now at the federal government level, and we see it in the army. Army investigates hand us a handout suggesting trump campaign. Slogans are covert, white supremacy covert white supremacy saying things like denying white privilege, say:
things like Gom Housing, Crimination is, is: is white supremacy, what say a believing in meritocracy. That's it as theirs there's so much in this that just. But what about me, paying all lives matter: racial profiling, of course, as racist Neil of racism, tokenism angle, Only initiatives, self appointed white Ally There's literally nothing you can do exceptionalism you. So articulate cell abrasion of Columbus Day, that it I'm not gonna Montgomery me, worse, property taxes for education, yup property taxes, for education is white supremacy now to be fair, it is very. Very clear. Crazy things happen, and so what I want to make it seem like this is going to sweep the nation and take over and all our kids are gonna be libitum. I just I'm crazy thing like this. Know. What I'm saying is the story is one story in L, a county, it's one law,
sit there allegations to what extent is really going on. I don't know seems like the allay times has confirmed he was being given asteroid for no reason, and doctors are baffled. White light happened. Ok things like this happen: we call it out. We hold these people accountable and maybe not as bad as we think. My concern is that inter sectionalism is pervasive and its in every facet of government and these these belief these off. They overlap. That's why you need to speak out not because I'm trying to say that this right now is everywhere. Ed, Zono Non saying these things happen and they can get worse. Unless we demand accountability- and we say no to these things- The culture wars going on the culture wars being that it is being fought right now. My many people, I'm not saying, You don't need to go out there and and and scream as loud as you can. I'm just saying voice your opinions. That's it go on social media
when you're at work say no to these things, call them out talk about these stories inside. These are not good things. Otherwise,. Otherwise they can get worse, and when it comes to critic, rice theory. This stuff is really really become pervasive. If these ideas, critical gender theory become ass, pervasive not be surprised if it Justa reaches every level of government as well sit around next islands coming up at TIM, cast dot net. That's my main channel Olivetti up at four p m. And I will see you all them. I can't breathe Otto. I don't want to. I don't think it's fair, necessarily decided this guy is a black lives matter protester, but there is certainly a black lives matter, supporter suspect, wearing I can't breathe. T shirt wanted. Or shooting and killing a man in North EAST Dc. This does not do anything for the phrase black lives matter for the cause for the movement and only makes things worse, but I think
its things like this that are leading to another big part of the story, the massive optic and gun sales. But I want to lead with what this story is, what it represents. Does it really matter and we'll talk about This day just statement, I believe its secretary Acting Secretary Wolf condemns the rapid, long, lasting violence in Portland, and how this is leading to are ones doing to the american psyche. But first I just read the story is a search is underway. Tuesday, force us back to his wanted for the deadly shooting of a man a day ago in North EAST Washington photos released by investigator, your suspect, bring a mask and an I can't breathe t shirt with black pants and holding a gun off has responded to the report of a shooting Monday in the thirty nine hundred block of plate place police found. Twenty seven year old, sank, we're Whitley suffering from gunshot wounds, Whitley die at the scene of the shooting and was transported to the office of the chief medical examiner.
Spots and police or asking anyone with information on the shooting to call and live in more information. There's a photo. Here's a photo Fifthly, there, a lot of people going to share this around and they're gonna go a little bit more hyperbolic than I would with it lit why I've minutes, but not the right word, but they're gonna be like this is it. This is black eyes, met or stuff it, sir, a supporter. It certainly is. It doesn't look good and I think that says something to what people think when they went protest, what they really care about, and perhaps there are many people I don't know how many who don't actually care about what the cause is supposed to represent. They care about the power they gain from. It is an individual who, for whatever reasons, why EL somebody and his party reason I think, as ever any of that there is every good reason to kill somebody, but it shows
that this isn't just a movement of people who are out there demanding justice, there's exploiters and you have to make sure you call them out that's, but basically we want to do this, not as an overt hard condemnation. Try play some stupid game where my ah, that proves it now. It's to say: I'm not gonna. Let this one slight right! You want to have your protest movement. You want to fight for a good cause. I get it that's. Ok. Now, I think, is a lot of people who are trying to squeeze their way and and put some strange ideologies and essentially co opted black lives matter. That's that's for sure, but, unlike others, one slide, I'm I'm I'm gonna make sure you call out the, You know that that the bad people and not give an excuse to anybody, you got it, you got it. You gotta call it out, and I want to call it out to in Portland Acting Secretary, Wolf Condemn, the rapid, long, lasting violence in Portland wars. Forty seven straight days as a video, I just watched its in it's incredible officer.
Jackson, I believe he might be. It might be more a high ranking often that, but there is a point- police officer, a black man and he's talking about how how crazy it. You know he has this: this young come up to him and she's blackened she's. Ask him what he thinks and she says why don't you talk to us as a guide Tom. I tried every time I try talk a white person up and try us down and right when he says it, a white woman comes up and gets in the way our yelling and the black woman says He said he was that you gotta do this he's gonna happen. He is as you, these neighborhoods are they going riot in the first building that destroys a black own business. This right man, you gotta, call out the bad ones, and you know what I think to many people in high ranking mean a high profile positions within the black eyes matter. Movement won't call it out because they don't want to draw attention to the negative things that are happening because of their cause. We cannot do that man, you gotta call
check this out Sanctuary Wolf says the city of Portland has been under siege four forty, seven straight days by a violent mob, while local political leaders refuse who is to restore order to practise city each night. Lawless Anna, his destroy and desecrate property, including the federal Court House, and attack the brave law enforcement officers protecting it a federal court house is a symbol of justice to attack. It is to attack America instead of addressing criminals in their communities. Local and leaders are instead focusing on placing blame on law enforcement and requesting fewer officers in their community. This failed response has only emboldened the violent mob as it escalates violence day after day, and how does that help them It doesn't and why won't local leaders do anything about it because they don't care. That's why I talk about this stuff? The siege can end if state and local officials decided take appropriate action instead of refusing to an
or the law the age ass will not abdicate its solemn duty to protect federal facilities and those within them. Again. I reiterate the departments offered to assist local and state leaders to bring an end to the violence violence perpetrated by anarchists below is a snapshot of the lawless, destruct, and violence of the past several weeks, the Department of Homeland Security and its sub components of immigration and customs enforcement, customs and border protection and the federal effective service have faced this. I can, I can even read you the stuff. This is insane. You need to call this out, don't protected doubt defend it, don't let them co opt your movement. If you stand by
the way you say you do. As I say, look at all this, I love they keep saying violent anarchists over and over again, you know what I take. I take great offence to that. The idea of a violent anarchist is almost paradoxical. Now I get what they're trying to say, but in the true philosophy of anarchy, come on man right wing, anarchists, an caps, you know libertarian types. They are the non aggression principle they're, not gonna, get violent with you, maybe maybe in self defense. He can argue that donors response left, anarchists, in the truest sense, our hippies living on a farm with their bodies or in a commune innocent it in an abandoned building or something these people are violent, authoritarian, that's the different I don't. I don't wanna call commies whatever what they're doing as authoritarianism they ve banded together to subject other people to their well through force. You can't get more authoritarian than that, that's literally with their asserting their authority over you with violence. Call it up. So
I'm calling them anarchists. What you can see that the day gases is demanding is local leaders judgment they won't and that's an agenda throw back to this the story right here, that's literally wide open with us. I can't breathe. Call this man, I tell it, take off your shirt. Tell him you don't want this. Among the bat, none of the high profile black eyes met, his supporters would say something about it. I routinely talk about free speech for the left as much as I do for their well, maybe as much as I do for the right, because the story on the right are substantially more common, right. Wing people tend to gets censored way more than the left us, but I get frustrate whenever I see these people say where the free speech warriors to defend us as we condemn Israel and unlike right here, got no problem. Hey you. Free speech should not be violated for everybody. I'll tell you what happens now for now what the fourth or whoever straight month record
birds of Americans try to buy guns. Buyers and guns or honour cite the corona virus pandemic. George Floyd's killing and efforts to defend the police is what you get. You know I guns are flying off the shelves, because these people don't believe that you're in it for justice, I'm sorry they don't. Now the corona virus pandemic. I get people are like hey man, lawlessness and cast it entirely possible in a pat when a pandemic, its Mona comes a black lives matter. Do people think that you are a noble cause seeking to bring justice to save lives? This is your proof that the answer is no. Now. Of course, we had the economist yoga Paul with several other pole, showing that popular that most people view all lives matter positively and most people view all lives matter less well. I should say a plurality of people argue that our numbers, like forty something percent, say black eyes,
was positive and fifty three percent say all those matters positive. There isn't. I want to say most. We believe it is negative, because it's mostly neutral, that is a visitor numbers. You get The people of you all lives matter positively should tell you something that your your echo chamber on so the media for your activism is: not America, America, the people, rushing a gun stores in liberal districts and liberal jurisdictions to by God answer because when they see black lives matter, they see riots when they see a person going up the street, where I can't breathe the gun killing. Somebody they see people who don't actually care about true justice they, stories about people like David Doorn, retired police, abolition, captain who was shot and killed over some tvs because he was trying to use ie responding to a call about losing out about it as bodies pawnshop, as are the stories they see so long as as the black eyes matter. People don't outright condemn this level of violence, Portland, for instance, you're gonna get people who don't trust you and that's unfortunate. While I certainly think critical race theory is bad
The critical gender steering theory stuff is all bad as well. I think it's fine, if you want exercise your first man and rights and a if you speak up and you when there you know that's how democracy works right of people, don't want to speak up and speak out against this, and so be it. The problem now, though, is the violence. If they're not gonna call it out. Do I just assume they support it? Perhaps another is entirely fair to say they do, but I think we ve seen enough violence to recognise that at least ignore it or respect a diversity of tactics, as they would tell me all those years ago, but during direct by Wall Street. That's the case don't be surprised when Americans rushed to the gun, store and star buying up crazy numbers have guns. I know I did, and why did I do it, my reasoning, because with the defending of the police and with these violent mobs and council culture, I am not convinced that I'm gonna be safe in my own colt S, society in my own community, because you don't know what people are willing to stand up for or against. If a duty,
walk out the gun. Where can I can't breathe charge shoot somebody you, you think that I'm going to assume that wasn't that a violent matches with my house you're going to find me because it's just no you're, not you're, going to say I don't know, I don't know what that guy is. Don't bother me but to keep my head down. Let him do their thing. The people were going on, buying weapons are doing it because they recognize after forty seven straight days, Portland has been under siege and the news and cover it that these people recognise what's happening. Why aren't the leaders of black eyes matter coming out right now and condemning this saying it's time for people in Portland go home because the other dont care, or that I want to look bad? I guess what they look worse because of it. I'm not gonna blame them for the violence, but I'm the say you got at least speak up against it. Otherwise Americans will lose faith. They won't believe in your cause, and you know what I guess hey. If that's your cause is maybe a good thing or whatever he is a point I'll leave it I'll leave it there. I got a couple more segments in a few minutes stick around and I will see you all shortly: recently, Nick Cannon, the high profile, how
Then personality is on the that wasn't me. Asked singer he's on. Nineteen Nick or something here, went on a vile racist and anti semite asymmetric tirade on as you too podcast, following his most insane claims, he was severed from his Viacom CBS position. Net cannon, I'll stay on the massing or after issuing an apology for Anti Semitism wow why the story so shocking, because knit cannon sad that white people were last sir He said that they were vile, savages and a bunch of other things that would get anyone to when it from literally any position you could be. You could be. It Panhandler and you'd lose your job if he said those things, but any other race, but it can and will keep his job after apologizing over Anti Semitism way way way way way that ok, fine good! I'm glad! I apologise for that, What about all the other studies at about white people that
ok, wow, that's that's. That's mine blonde. At least I think she'd get banned from Facebook He said it is Youtube too, a bad him for saying it. Probably not. The best Molly knew, though again, how dare you go vanity, fair says, Nick, can and will remain the house the foxes, the massacre the network announced Wednesday one day after Viacom C D S ever ties with tv star from being anti semitic remarks on his podcast Canada I apologise to the jewish community on Wednesday, also issued a second statement, the same night apologizing for spreading hateful propaganda and stare typical rhetoric, I extend my deepest and most sincere apologies to my jewish sisters and brothers for the hurtful and divisive words that came out of me mouth. During my interview with Richard Griffin, he on Facebook and Twitter Fox issued a statement of its own
Nor did the network immediately began. A dialogue with Nick after his Anti semitic, remarked, went viral. You know it's funny. This is what's up what should happen to everybody, Anybody who makes an offensive or racist comment or joke should have this kind of apology moment, so we can all learn and move on. I don't do that, though. Roseanne lost her show, Megan Kelly got fired, Nick Cannon, apologizes saw us, have a single standard about that. He is clear and remorseful that his words were wrong and lacked both understanding in context and inadvertently promoted hate inadvertently. You know what men is important for us to observe. Nick. I sincerely apologise and quickly taken steps to educate himself and make amends on that basis. And given a belief that this this moment calls for dialogue. We will move forward with Nick and help. Advance. This important conversation broadly Fox condemns all
a form of hatred, of hate directed towards any community and we have and we will combat bigotry of any kind. You know what I called bs. I call B. S on this, let me show you what's really going down Charlemagne. The God says that Nick Cannons firing over anti semitic comments proves he thinks, while he does, it approves the enigmatic conspiracy theories. I'll put it that way. This is this. Is this I don't know man, I don't know what else to say about this, for those that are less they Charlemagne. The God believes that the anti semitic conspiracy There is a spouse by say, like the nation of Islam and black at an extremist black uber, Israel Israelites, he's ease is, argue that they must be true, because it can, I got fired over it. Let me tell you some new cannon: I'm sorry Charlemagne, he think it fired from Fox you're, stupid conspiracies are just are just that they're, stupid
but why are they allowed to just be overt overt for just overly hateful and bigoted and pushes gonna stuff with no repercussions in general? You know a man can Culture is real, but it's not about celebrities who have money and power. It's about small. You know us little smaller, profile lower profile individuals who were regular old jobs and they ll say something nonsense in your irrelevant and the loser job because of it. It's about people like Nick Cannon, getting to say what every wants and not get fired. So no Charlemagne, God you're wrong Canada is a house and executive producer on the massacre, a singing So that's probably the real issues, an executive producer. They probably can't get rid of him. He is. But the headline syndicated daytime talk, show Nick Cannon which, prior to caught the controversy which lead to you premier this September on CBS and Fox affiliates, is unclear. Many changes have been made in the wake of the scandal. Are you know a man as
vows gonna watch this guy in the first place. This is the purpose of the doublespeak entered in all of this stupid cancel culture, stuff knit cannons had some truly vile things. Remember, Sir John. She worked for the New York Times and she for years engaged in vile racist comments against white people. When people started calling up in your time for hiring her. They said- oh, you know, but these were made to tutor. You know, too were to reverse the hate or something that Twitter said. We would ban our you know. She's had these things before we had these rules. Ok, You gonna ban them now. You're gonna bandit cannons. You too channel for saying it now, you're, not gonna. Do it I really doubt, Elsie any kind of real repercussion. I guess Viacom CBS fired and they force into apologise, but I can't I can even read what he said. I I can't even read what he said I can't read, which are the main, the gods that you know why? Because I reckon
nice, it on Youtube. There are double standards. If I tell you what it can and said, I will probably be banned. If I tell you what Charlemagne the God said, if I read his quote, I probably get banned, and here we are how we How am I supposed to condemn their bigotry and their racism and anti semitism? If I can't even say it, I honestly don't know, but guess what I'm doing on Youtube and I fight every day to you know I work hard. I build up these channels in every day. There is a risk that Youtube just snap their fingers and fan out my channels bone gone. What are they do? They do whatever they want as power as a real powers. I walk on eggshells, so does every other Youtube were worried that one day you will get purged, Nick Cannon can say vile and semitic and racist comments, and he had to deal on fire
In fact as eyes. Good, you can say what every once that's the double standard in. That's the problem with council culture. I think most people are scared of cancer culture. This is trumps. Opportunity is what the cook Political said. I believe that have trump embraces. You know calls this stuff out right. People might actually respond to it, because this is what is worrisome. You can't allow this double standard persist when build applause. Yo says no protests allowed, except for black lives matter when you of forty seven days of anti, far far leftists attacking Portland and attacking law enforcement. But under the guise of black eyes better? No one calls them out. Something needs to be done right they're, not late, they mention advice, com cut him off. They said The second apology posts on Twitter and Facebook Cannon said he had spoken to. Which leaders like Rat Rabbi, Abraham Cooper of the of the Simon, wise and tall center. I mean Rights Organization,
but your experience encompasses more than five thousand years and there is so much I have yet to learn. I have at least a minor history lesson over the past few days and to say that That is, I opening, would be a vast understatement. I want oh sure, my jewish friends, Newman Old the zone the beginning of my education, I am committed to deeper connection more profound learning and strengthening the bond between our two cultures. Today and every day. Going forward. You know what, but I am. I am I'm so happy with that. You know why at least he is being exposed to ideas and to people who will break him from this weird conspiracy mindset maybe ah, he really will back away from these fringe ideologies in that's what we really need when you ve got some who believes anything, that's crazy, be at fringe enter factionalism or these weird intimate a conspiracy theories. You need to you,
who's the position therein to guide them right, given example, man. I talked about this way way back in the day when Sargon of COD got banned from patriotic, but when these companies put forth, rules, here's what is socially acceptable banning someone firing, someone cancelling someone is the last thing you should do can No culture ensures there. Only opportunity is to double down in having their sang and find a community somewhere else find some support somewhere else. If they sate and cannon dont, say the stuff ever again or you're out, he'll, say: ok and he won't say it ever again right. Congratulations. They ve one! That's the real strategy towards changing his his mind and his mentality if they fired him. What we do here our preaching to those who believe believed in what he was saying. He would find that audience and double down on his insane worldview. Only way to actually change. Things is to bring people together and that's the problem of council culture and why we need to keep calling it out
I'll call the double standard man, I'm not happy about it. I think wouldn't it can instead was gross. What needs to happen now is that anybody who makes a the state should be given the opportunity to have one of these learning moments like he did my only concern is that was gonna happen and they're gonna use these kind many moments as away to justify the fact that they can get away with, with being overtly, You didn't write that I mean the left left us can get you get away with us. But conservatives walk on eggshells every single day and on we moderates in intellectual, dark web types of publicly homeless George Petersen was smeared is all right for years and then it nothing all right, then, are like the guy. What does it It will do to you and they will well say whatever they want with impunity. Ok not Why don't you start to apologize, but the deeds rich, he's famous successful, do think people be inspired to actually believe would have to say if this is how the games played their people, There was once or I saw things from robberies, Robby, Soave, music, use,
museum curator, and it was ass, something it he said he was gonna collect art from white people, they fired him or he was forced to resign or something that's how insane all of this has become I got mixed emotions on this one. I'm sure you know deep down, love! To see Nick Kennedy fired for saying all these things have his channels banned for being racist, but I don't want that to happen. The only problem is they're at it. It's it's they're not going to ban the left and they do it. Creating a lopsided political discourse section two hundred and thirty Reforma put it that way: but we need a live there. I got one more segment coming up in a few minutes and I will see you all shortly. This may be the end of the elect Coral college, as we know it, a Supreme court ruling just about a week ago open the door for the National Popular vote coalition to go into effect in the majority opinion stating that if a state says yeah got a vote. The person we want make good shit, In the way, the electoral college functions as only one things standing in their way. They,
one simple act of Congress, so it would seem if the Democrats get the House and the Senate at the same time I lay system, a super majority or offering branches. They could pass congressional approval for the national popular vote. Interstate compact solidifying it and that's it. Now. You go the electoral colleges, just a figment, just a memory at that point check out the store for milk or politics. They say. High court opens the door to electoral college subversion. They want to mention that areas. The background most states appoint a state of electors selected by political party, whose candidate has won the states popular vote. Many states, in addition, have all that require the electrodes the electors to vote only for the can who won the states popular vote in twenty sixteen A handful of electors from both parties vowed not to vote for the candidate who won the pot my vote in their states. Leading to the conflict decided and she affair
Lovey Washington, its ruling? The high court said that states have the right require those electors to vote in the matter mandated by their legislatures seem simple enough, and lots of analysed on the right and left not just limber rush limbo. Maybe the unanimous decision as if it were innocuous rebuke of presumptuous electors who decide the thumb their noses Hillary Clinton, our trump, but was much more so never get than that and was not a defeat for the. Laughed as limber, originally surmised, but rather a huge victory for them, and a disaster for the constitution. Writing for the majority justice, Elinor, Kagan, said that the states may punish or remove such faithless electors on the base that they are not following the dictate dictates of the legislature. She base that argument. Article two to the: U S: Constitution, which says each state shall appoint. In such a manner as a legislator thereof, may direct number of electors equal to the whole.
Number of senators and representatives to which the state may be entitled in the Congress. According to cabins reasoning, the power to appoint neglect or in any manner includes power to condition is appointment, absent some other constitutional constraint. She argues, therefore, but a state can require that an elector live in the state or by a registered voters, for instance, and then adds but aid can add an associated condition of appointment. It can demand at the There. Actually live up to his pledge on pain of penalty, which is to say at the States appointment our boring some outside constraint, enables the enforcement of April it's like Washington's. This is typical of use of the plain language of the constitution that we have come to expect of the court. The power granted to the state is the power to appoint, not the power to dictate the vote. Who was appointed and the manner of that appointment are to be deterred, and by the state, but there is no
constitutional authority for restricting the vote of the electorate to be appointed yet with courts latest decision members of your Joe College are now nothing but a rubber stamp for state legislatures, the really it is not just about whether or not a few disgruntled electors. Could waved their middle finger at Kennedy. They don't like it changed the rules also the game and laid the groundwork. For the radical left to effectively eliminate the electoral college is a meaningful institution altogether. That's me as are they going to mention the national popular vote? Interstate compact I'll, give you a simple version. It's a bunch of states that have said Once we have enough people in this coalition that we were have to wonder and seventy electoral votes it goes into effect. We then only give our electoral of electoral votes to the popular vote winner. Ensuring the popular vote. Winter winds, the presidency What they're saying here is that this ruling by the Well, it isn't right, you're underwritten, they say the word,
There was much more dangerous. According to Kagan, a state's legislature made directly elected to vote for the winner of the state's popular vote. Using the same principle, there is The reason why a legislature cannot directly elector to vote for the wood of the nation's popular vote basin. The demographic trends over the past three DEC now, when almost ensure the Republican Party, would be locked out of the White House for the foreseeable future. Certainly no accident, that of the fifteen it's an the district of Columbia that have so far approve the compact. Not one of them has voted public in any of the last three presidential elections. Well, here's the current status, the national popular vote, Dotcom Lotus break down for you because of the ruling of a Supreme Court state legislatures who have supported the national popular vote. Intersect compact need only include in their language. Electoral electors of this state shall,
about for the National popular vote winner period and Supreme Court has said. Okay now that would technically fly in the face of what the electorate supposed to do. Support the winner of the state's popular vote. But there you go supreme. Court sets as of right? Now I believe there are a hundred and ninety four. They say it wont. Let me read: the National popular vote bill will take effect when acted into law by states possessing two hundred and seventy electoral votes. As of June July. Twenty twenty he's been enacted into law in sixteen jurisdictions possessing two hundred and ninety six electoral votes, including for small states, Delaware, Hawaii. Ireland and Vermont It medium saw a mockery of states us so the building, a fact when enacted by states possessing an additional seventy four electoral votes, so their close I don't know who else is willing to actually join, but I should say or not what The likelihood that willing to join, but there are many willing to join check this out. Let me let me
zoom in a little bit of gas economic green. Indicates that the national Our vote bill has been enacted into law and we can see all the states word as Illinois, California, washed in Oregon New York, New Jersey. Of course, the blue States Orange indicates passage by one legislative chamber, we can see that North Carolina Virginia obligatory and saw Oklahoma, Arizona, Minnesota Michigan. They ve already agreed at least one want one chamber. That means we are very very close to getting. This is national popular vote. Listen to this out, yellow indicates passage by both legislative chambers, so Nevadas on the verge of acts actually enacting. This and blue indicates a hearing by at least one legislative committee. So in many different places, many states have actually entertained this. Now it looks like we are very, very close.
I'm sorry, I missed main main is actually that's for aught rowboats. The electoral college is extremely important, If we lose this, I believe there would be nothing stopping the United States from dissolving. I really do mean it look at the European Union. They struggle to function properly, the electoral colleges I crafty it ensures that every state has a say in the president. If we got rid of electoral vote Only people would have any say in the in the actual election would be New York California and Illinois. Maybe full of maybe Florida made taxes, these big states, these may your metropolitan jurisdictions, and notably the big three New York, allay Chicago. Nobody's ever bother with Montana. While me again, you know main who cares it's funny ass? He rode island in there. You think anyone going to care about your politics, Rhode, island, your tiny, your four votes, Delaware, there
That's hilarious. They ve delawares microscopic ever look at em. Look look at a map go look how big! Delaware is Delaware, pay, their politics will become nothing. No one will ever came to them, they will have no say in the presidency. None whatsoever, none. There will be a footnote in terms of presidential elections, but isn't it great that we have? We have you know why I'm in Idaho, Iowa Northern out the coda they get their say they get their say there there they say that there are limits. Let me show you. This is a really really amazing, I'm so in favour of electoral college. This from protein con procreant dot, Org three reasons for and against electoral college problem the founding fathers enshrined electoral college in the? U S, because they thought it was the best method to choose. The president can number one the reason for which the founding fathers Cradle Europe, the electoral college.
Are no longer relevant. They say. Modern technology allows voters to get necessary information to make info. Decisions in a way that could not have been foreseen by the founding fathers full stop. Now it doesn't fake news is a very serious problem, so that is out the window using electors inside of the popular vote was intended to safeguard against uninformed and uneducated voters The final decision in the hands of electors They also mention it was. A compromise so so that you know those to prevent, stated law. Your populations from adding undue influence? That still is true to this day. So no, your your your your Conway's, it doesn't make sense. Pro to electoral college ensures that all parts of the country are involved in selecting the president of the United States, exactly con, Your college gives too much power to swing states and allows the press. Central election to be decided by a handful of states no swings its change, they say text maybe a swing state this time around. That's massive! That's how many thirty, eight thirty, eight electoral votes up for grabs, swing, states, change,
California wasn't always a blue state. It was republican up without the eighties up until the eighties and it wasn't always jam packed with electoral votes, used to be a big, empty state now its powerful. So this argument out the window pro three doubt your college guarantee certainly to the outcome of the presidential election, saying that in some votes it was just a popular vote. You get a plurality, that's not good! If we go by the popular vote, let's say you have ten candidates, and and nine of them yet nine and You end up with one with nineteen percent nineteenth they win the electoral vote, ensure that doesn't happen not perfect, but if no one gets a plurality of electoral college, it goes to the house delegations, it's bad. Is there nothing ripe? They say the electoral college ignores the will of the people know it doesn't. It does not ignore the will of the people.
California in New York are highly of dense and they are pursuing their blind to the perspectives of people live in other parts of the country. You cannot have city folk of never grown a plant, dictating what farmers do with their plants, and therein lies the problem. It doesn't ignore the will of the people guarantees that safeguards the true will of the people by ensuring a balance in perspective. Let me wrap this up. Maybe the point Supreme Court is paved though I know I've made a lot of arguments for the electoral college. I'll tell you this, we are very close to losing it all the matrix right now said. The Democrats are gonna, sweep everything, and I mean it everything all three branches, no joke, take a look at it. They're saying fund raising pulls the right of the house. The Senate and the presidency, and now what's to stop them from passing this and the Republicans never win again. They sprang.
Now I'll see you tomorrow at ten a m on this scale.
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