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Trump Announces He Will INTERVENE In Texas SCOTUS Suit As Several States Vow To JOIN, THIS IS IT


Trump Announces He Will INTERVENE In Texas SCOTUS Suit As Several States Vow To JOIN, THIS IS IT. The big lawsuit is gaining steam as several states vow to join the lawsuit to overturn the election but will SCOTUS take the case?Democrats have been calling this suit crazy while Republicans cheer it on

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We are one day out from the safe harbour deadline and I am more convinced than ever that it is completely meaningless because the left had been saying if you don't challenged the their results before that I get it resolved, then the electors count and Joe Biden ones, but then many other pundits, many on the right said. No. If you dont resolve the dispute, you can't count the electors, because electors are currently indisputable, that one kind of makes sense. But this point it is a matter because now we got the Texas laws it moving through. A bunch of states have announced that they intend to legally support this loss it from taxes but full stop. They have not joined the lawsuit, they are not able to join the lawsuit so far, taxes
as requested permission to file a complaint, so there's no process by which other states are piling on now. My understanding I will chamberlain on the show last night is transporting lawyer, is rather pessimistic and all the stuff, but he said that Alito and Thomas do believe that the Supreme Court is obligated to hear this case. We don't know how the other justices Trump appointed will feel. So that's corset, that's Amy, Coney Barrett, that's bright cavenaugh. They could feel obligated as well, and the argument is Texas has standing in this loss it because of the vice president. Ok if commoners becomes vice president than she is. The Thai breaker Senate votes text is basically saying, while everyone's concern about the president were concerned about the vice president. These other states changed the rules,
in violation of the electors clause. They say we didn't that's, not fair. We will not allow them to change the rules, so they can get a favourable representation in violation of our rights. Now horse. Here we go again, the left is saying: oh no, you did never gonna work, it's crazy! The right in saying this. Is it and the Big NEWS right now, Donald Trump has treated this morning we will be in her in the Texas plus many other states case? This is the big one. Our country needs a victory. Well, another store on another Supreme Court case. The other Republicans in Pennsylvania file they lawsuit, challenging the constitutionality of act. Seventy seven no excuse mail in voting while they got denied. Let me just show you that what what the what the Supreme Court said, the application when junk debt relief presented to Justice Alito and by him referred to the court is denied, so the reply
begins in Pennsylvania, wanted to stop this ratification process or whatever process you just freeze everything basically injunction then they wanted to sue now. Scotus said: they're not gonna, providing jumped of relief and many people on the right, maybe Supporters are now saying well that just means suit is still pending they'll still here it on the merits, they're just not going to provide emergency inductive relief, now I'll, throw it back to the conversation with will last night where he said, if they're not going to provide emergency and junk debt relief- and this does get heard later on, but they ve already certified encountered the votes than what really if so, the Supreme Court possibly grant. Maybe they just say ok in the future. You know in the future, you can't use these mountain voting without it.
Constitutional amendment because it violates the electors calls or something better to do that affect shore. But that means it probably won't have a big impact on the election. Now we'll Trump has responded by saying this was not my case, as has been so correctly reported the case that everyone has been waiting for is the states case with Texas and numerous others joining. It is very strong. All criteria met. How can you have a presidency when a vast majority think the election was rigged? Now, that's a good point from Trump, but lament limit. Wouldn't let me so I was in no other states adjoining and technically they are in the capacity they can. So you know it. Ok, let's stop playing games, a bunch of other states have announced they will be supporting Texas in this lawsuit, and this is significant, and this is very serious, but are the heirs of as of right now,
There is no legal joining of that suit. I much Europe at matters because I think the people will bring it up. Our just saying all of these agencies are voicing their support for the suit and that's what matters, but you don't throwing it back to will. With a lawyer last night, you basically said the amount of people. You know a part of the amount of individuals party, the loss, it doesn't change the merits of the lawsuit, but does create a very, very interesting problem. If
We have, I believe, that the it's been report. Another eight states who have voiced support on signs are there seven states that a voice support for taxes, crating eight states that are moving in this direction if the Supreme Court refuses to hear the case from Texas refuses to grant, I guess you know, leave allowing them to file a complaint and then refuses to hear it. What do you think that means to the seventy four million Republicans trump voters who are watching this play out and then being told the Supreme Court cares not for your complaints. We won't even hear them I think that shatters everything you have eight states right now expressing concern. Ok, I say states, but officials within these dates for the most part expressing their concern over how the election played out long story short in places like Pennsylvania, the courts and the governors of the secretaries of state changed. The rules
as to how electors would be chosen in violation of the electors clause that the state legislature is ultimately the one who decides. Taxes has not helped about it. It it sounds like- and I think it's fair to say, I'm watching them break the rules to win an advantage in Senate decisions as a taxes. saying we're looking at with Georgia, run off race. A fifty fifty split of Democrats when, in which case the vice presidents, is extremely important and that's where taxes as they have standing Here's the actual latest news. I a lot of people are saying all this data are joining. Here's the latest news, Obama and Louisiana Ages wants to join Texas election lawsuit against battleground states. There are a few more states, but this role as it would have so far on them issue with transport, is rent, the attorney general of Alabama Louisiana, have expressed interest in possibly joining. I'll shoot filed by Texas Attorney General can Paxton to the Supreme Court in
allocate election result in four key: Battleground Sates, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The suit seeks to have each state's lawmakers decide their electors rather than how bring the electors reflect the will of their voting citizens. Technically, that's not true. You see on news. It play these framing games what taxes as saying that the electors have ultimate the ultimate right to appoint the I'm sorry. The legislature has the ultimate writer point electors, but there has been interfere. Undue interference, illegal, essentially unconstitutional by other parties in the state, and the electors should not reflect the will of the governor. They should reflect the will of the state legislature. That's the
argument. Now you can say that the election was free and fair. One of you wanna say that's not the point. Taxes is making you. Ok, you can argue their wrong. It's fun quote the unconstitutional actions and fraudulent votes and other states not only affect the citizens of those states. They affect the citizens of all states of the entire United States. Alabama attorney General Steve Marshals, had in a statement published Tuesday on Twitter. He pledged to join pact since case if the supply court takes it up. So this is big. In a separate statement, Louisiana attorney General Jeff, Landry wrote: some states appear to have conducted their elections with a disregard of: U S, constitution. Furthermore many Louisiana ones have become more free, straight, as some in media and the political class tried to sidestep legitimate issues for this of expediency. I completely agree with that. That's the media's doing admit it. Joe button is President Elect technically based on media. reactions legally, not until January sixth Landry claims that, because the constitutionally
is the power of deciding the time place and manner of holding elections to state legislatures the for ever mentioned. Battleground states made changes to their elections to prevent further spread of ongoing over nineteen pandemic. Without passing these changes through the legislature, thus Paxton suit claims. The changes were unconstitutional and the states election results should be invalidated. Louisiana citizens are damaged if elections and other states were conducted outside the confines of the constitution. While we owe the rules that is basically what taxes such as The legislature of the four Battleground states named Paxton lawsuits are all republican led. Thus, if the legislatures were allowed to choose who to cast thereby electoral bouts for its conceivable, they might choose to cast their electoral bouts for Trump their public. It incumbent, or they could say, we abstained because of the conflict, and then nobody gets to seventy contingent election.
Whence you see the play. Georgia has sixteen electoral votes which gonna sixteen Pennsylvania, twenty and Wisconsin S tongue the combat total of sixty two, if taken from President Elect Joe Biden's current total three hundred and six and applied a truck tritonal, two hundred and thirty two that would give Trump two hundred and ninety four electoral votes and effectively hand in the presidency, despite losing the popular vote by over seven million votes, YO welcome and civil war lives in German. However, the scenario require the Supreme Court take a packed in case, something that their recent rulings have suggested there not eager to do. On Tuesday, the court rejected an effort by Pennsylvania, Republicans to invalidate Pennsylvania's popular votes. The state legislature choose its electors while they they denied and jumped of relief, but I think it's fair to point out again If that, if they're going to deny the emergency and jumped of relief, what could the Republicans win? Even if they do here the case, because by the time a case actually brought up and ruled on? It may be too.
Maybe not honestly at this point, I dont think any of these deadlines, the constitution matter, because no one seems to think they do either and that's kind of freaky thing. I guess what I mean think about this. If we get a January sixth and then evidence comes like an old China printed vague balance or something ridiculous like something really shocking and absurd, then are we gonna sit here? Well, you know the rules of the roles reminds me of that sum. This episode ever watch tree ass of horror like way back in the day where king Elsa to aliens run for president as Bob Dole Billing and then in the end, when has revealed that both candidates are aliens there, you not one guys like, I believe all vote third party in their like go ahead, throw your vote away. I bring it up because it took its like the joke was even though they knew they were going to be walking into supporting an invading force there like like us. We have to do it now. I dont think that's how things
things to play out. If it turns out that we have substantial evidence of some kind of craziness you to get to shenanigans foreign interference like legit hard evidence, then come January 19th. Even there will probably be some like serious overhaul like. Could you imagine, on January twentieth, as Joe Biden like it's ready to put his hand on the Bible like hard documents in proof and witnesses, and just irrefutable evidence comes out that he is working. You know compromised by China whenever they just be like now. It's not we're. Not we're not doing this something that effect. I can imagine everybody. Oh no, now we have to swear in this guy who we know is going on there and I'm not saying Joe Biden literally had there was evidence against them. Although I personally think that the family is compromised because we ve heard it from his business associates, we ve heard it from China, chinese professor, who said in a video that they basically are
and DOT Joe Biden flew his son and heir forced to China, but I digress. Let's get back to the news about the Supreme Court. Long story short- I don't, I don't think it matters are these deadlines are, I think it matters. The american people will decide and if that's the case, it means Trump need as much legitimacy as popular as possible. They say the attorney general's of the four battleground states mentioned impact in lawsuits, condemned his legal filing as Anti democratic and without merit absent any action by the Supreme Court. The electoral colleges electors are set to meet on December fourteenth to cast their final votes after that. The final account will be approved by the? U about by the? U S Congress. On January Sixth, the last formal step to finalize the election results before Inauguration day on January twentieth. Ok, so the go dimension we ve got Alabama Louisiana Texas are right. We ve got Arkansas as well Agee Rutledge statement on recent Texas motion before you S Supreme Court, Agee Rutledge will legally support
this motion, Arkansas and Americans across the country have real concerns about the lack of integrity and our federal elections this year. After reviewing the motion file by Texas in the U S Supreme Court, I am determined that I will support the motion by the State of Texas in all legally a pro, it matters. The integrity of our elections is a critical part of our nation and must be upheld, attorney General Leslie Rutledge. We also have Eric Schmidt of Missouri saying election integrity is central to our republic and I will defend at every turn. As I have another cases, I will help lead the effort in support of Texas Scotus filing today. Missouri is in the fight. No there's a bunch of others limit. Let me pull up Ali on on Twitter. He said SARA States have now join the Lhasa, that's not corrected correctness but Louisiana Arkansas. Alabama Florida Kentucky Mississippi South Carolina and South Dakota. He says he I want to say in the end I gotta had a myself keep making those phone calls working. Big news will be public soon. What is before the court is a motion for,
leave. There is no procedural vehicle to join, yet if slash when the court takes it up, more states are ready to intervene in the meantime a meeting is Cummings. I'm not. I can't tell you think, though that means, but let's do this: let's just go to the Donald Duck and if you not familiar that out about when as quickly becoming one of the most prominent political websites in the country are not even exaggerating, their electoral rankings are through the roof, as Trump supporters flocked to this location to get access to information- and I will tell you this- it is an absolute echo chamber, but I will also add something really funny happened. The other day I woke up- and this alone we got news about Texas filing this- that the case filing that that the loss of essentially or permission for leave to Father complain the first place. It was only bright barked. That reported it, and there was nothing on the website from fibres like taxes, file suit, and there is nothing there, and so I reached out to
who bright Barton I was like. Do you have the filing, because I can't find the story anywhere, and so I need I like. Every right whenever I you know cover something of this significance. I want the evidence. Okay, so impatient to bribe part. Ask them if they had the filing available and the public, the filing to the website. I was unable to read and say there we go. I brought this up when I did my video, because I was like the only people reporting this our bright bark and that's kind of crazy. Something funny happened: the denial that, when people mentioned that people unread at our slash politics, which is far left, we're like how come only bright part, is reporting this shit. They didn't realize the mainstream media has been lying to them and covering up these stories. They don't get it. How insane is it? I wait up in the morning and no one has covered possibly the biggest story in the election. So far, that's crazy and it wasn't for several hours until
many. These never outlets are picking the story, because people noticed what was happening. I bring it up because, when you go to the doubt when they would show you that that happening, and so they may be hard core tromp supporters, biased and ECHO chamber, but you need to be able to you need to balance your news. Consumption diet. If you're on red it going to our slash politics, thinking you're getting a healthy view. What's going on, you are not you're getting leftist echo chamber propaganda and if you go to the Donald Thinking, you're getting the real truth well to be fair and you're, probably getting a better view of what's going on in the politics people, but you're still in a hyper, partisan, biased, ECHO Chamber, that's why What you do is you read both to be fair, though I lean towards look. You gotTA, Donald you're, more likely to find Their dogs, who are challenging the mainstream narrative and often fact checking a lot of what they say and that's the reality
to be a reasonable, is apt to try to be. You will also get me What kind of silly piper partisan comments and things like that, but take a look at this on the Donald not win. This is a massive trump supporter communities. straight up, say massive disinformation effort on the Donald Win ongoing. They are correcting the record, look at what they do. One no other state has joined the Texas lawsuit Alabama. Arkansas Louisiana, Missouri ages have released statements appreciating or supporting the loss it, but no state has yet joined the loss it. This could change, but for now Non has Scotus has not accepted the excess case. The case has been docketed, just like
Pierre case has been docketed. Scotus has yet to decide if they will hear the case, while I do expect them to they haven't done so yet as a three scope, as has not rejected the MIKE Kelly Pierre lawsuit, Genoa says a Supreme Court only denied emergency and jumped of relief in the order it did not deny CERT might Kelly. Pierre suit is still pending before the. U S a primordial, this means the merits of the case have not been rejected and the case not only is still active but can also be merged. before this access case. It can also not be, and the taxes case can be independent, no certainties hero up again I had will on and he is a lawyer. He said why would they merged? That makes no sense. That was those his opinion. We were talking about this, so I'm not I'm not look about a lawyer. I can't tell you exactly what to expect from this, but I can tell you you go to the devil got when they're gonna issue corrections. They're gonna, say it's not this! These craziness going on they also are very much into the dominion voting stuff. In my opinion, you may you may be
Billy with a hammer and scorecard independent Dominion, voting machine stuff. That was one of the worst things to ever happen to tromp during this cycle. I'm sorry also put in this month, where are these past months, so where Trump is fighting to win in the courts? The worst two possible thing that could happen to him was his supporters, was Sidney Powell and Linwood pushing all this dominion voting stuff- I don't love linwood- was but city pollen exporters will tell you why Trump needs legitimacy in this fight. Trump needs to convince people to hear him out the most important thing. If I've got hard evidence, I've got the murder weapon, I'm playing clue right. We know who did it, but if You start telling people there is big grandiose conspiracy originating with his venezuelan company. That was then we are run through the show
companies and others a grand conspiracy, it's called the cracking tromp loses legitimacy in the eyes of the public. I know many trump supporters, don't wanna hear it there absolutely convinced it's true and that's fine. If you are, but you can't go to Geller person and say dominion, voting, machine, blah, blah and hammer and scorecard because they're gonna be like you, sound, crazy, absolutely crazy, but stop and think What would happen if you want to someone said? Did you hear what going on with this law suit with Texas. Apparently I in the constitution it says the state legislatures, want decide, and so Taxes is suing because the others its changed voting rules without going through the legislature. That's crazy! That's a provable fact and a real argument. Now from there If you want to our introducing people to other bits of evidence, another big story you can but Trump needs legitimacy, he's not getting it when you yeah that there's an international conspiracy by you know,
I now or IRAN, or whatever, to alter votes and that Joe Biden in on it, I got no problem saying that I think Joe Biden compromised, I think, through his son. That's fine, we're the same thing about Russia's anything anywhere else. Anyone else have a problem with it either. Of course they probably well, but there is evidence behind that, and I understood and that going to someone and telling them that they're gonna be like what that's a huge leap forward. Normie, who doesn't know what's going on. Tromp needs people to make phone calls, he needs to come out and make demands, and if they think it's some is he crackpot? You know the moonlighting. Never happened, gonna conspiracy, nonsense, they won't do it. Regular people don't know about this. That's why it was bad news, but on a wrap up with something and I think This'Ll Subway into a segment for later. But let me let me ask you some. Let me limit. Let me just to gloat your version, remember out TIM Pool was all I you know us civil war and knew not starve. Then people were likes, never gonna happen and then John Podesta's suggests
Joe Biden should encourage the West Coast to secede from the union One sided still not gonna happen. No one's gonna, happen tat wild. You talk about it. I have a lot of people saying that, since the election to give him talk about support, as I have first, we are in fifth generational warfare in formation war, if you want to gain, can role of resources. You need to control people, and you don't do that with force these days. You can but these days its information war propaganda. The manipulation, by the media's lying about everything? And it's why there is hard courtroom supporting communities? This is the background of our political civil war. I'll give you one simple example: Judge Sullivan and Michael Flynn I know, maybe you don't you not super familiar that maybe it'll, but as a tear card follow Michael Flynn was coerced into pleading
guilty to something that made literally no sense line to the FBI, even though he wasn't under a formal investigation, and it was an informal conversation they threatened as family feed and plead guilty. So we did when, when Bill BAR came in when Trump finally got past, the Russia get stuff They tried to dismiss the case. The deal jaded bill bars at we're gonna, get rid of this Judge Sullivan said no well one that weird, that is, political, civil war, when you have an former national security advisor for Trompe acting national keeps here devise are, I believe you actually was at one point there trying to put in prison and he was he's a general. Let me just stop unexplained something very recently, brick, everything down one side. One faction was trying to put a former general in prison. one side was trying to keep him out. You see what this with says: they're, trying to lock someone up. It was completely arbitrary. What they're trying to do it? This is fifth generational warfare convey
can trumpet done something wrong, while locking up someone who dared oppose the establishment elites. My understanding is that Michael Flynn can I read it out. Oh boy Emma for supplying resources to really awful groups and in the Middle EAST upward that, where terror groups, and so they went after him and Trump defended him- that's bullshit civil war bologna plummet limit limit limit. Let me spell it out for you and I think, we're gonna do a bigger segment honest later today: When you have right now, officially one state filing soup and for more joining and now there are rumours that many more states will join as soon as the Supreme Court accepts this. What when you have twenty states challenging the presidential election we ve got, we are fighting in the streets. We ve got a supreme court that was Supreme Court boughs of election. You ve got many states lining up against other states. What happens if Texas File suit
Supreme Court says we accept it. Let's hear it and then all of a sudden, a wave of more states come in and they were joining the suit. And then what happens? bunch of other states join Pennsylvania was HANS and Michigan in Georgia and say we're defended word were joining them where or the other while file because breeze or whatever, how it works in defence of or rejecting we're, fine back or even suing, as other states medical civil war- not saying that taxes is gonna, send in the National Guard to other states. I'm saying the states are lining up again each other in fifth generate it'll warfare. Now. Let final thought on this last night, we'll Chamberlain told me that he didn't think the Supreme Court will take this up, because, possibly you know they wouldn't want to open the door to this kind of serious state against state tensions and and battle- and I said if you of eight states that are demanding to be heard
and seventy four million people who are lined up behind them and the Supreme Court says we refuse to hear what you have to say. You have done just disenfranchised those states and that could be substantially worse. People want to be heard, they want their complaints heard and, if you tell them know, they'll feel powerless and until seven, why bother? But if you hear them out even if they
it was at least I feel they had their chance. We'll see. Stick around excitements coming up at one p m on this channel. Thanks rang out- and I will see you all them. A democratic state representative recently published a video directly threatening trump supporters and calling on soldiers to quote make them pay saying that these soldiers know how to do it now. She didn't go as far as to direct a specific act, but I think we understand what this is: it's a threat and likely a threat of violence, The only way I can really interpret it, but of course it is vague and software it didn't get her banned on social media. As far as I can tell, this is another escalation in the ongoing conflict between the warring tribes in this country and in my appeal
in another sign that we are headed towards some kind of major conflict. Call it a civil war, call it what you will now. A lot of people have told me to him: there will never be a civil war. Bill, MAR put a segment where he said the Mason Dixon Line, would go through Nan as living room. It can't happen. There is no dividing line between states, not that? I think you need a dividing line between states for there to be a civil war, but hey have all been paying attention to, That Texas is trying to sue several other states in this federal election and now I believe, five or so other states have expressed their intended to join the lawsuit, although it may be more than that, we actually have about five states that instead of said, we are gonna, throw our full weight behind this. It doesn't mean it will happen. It does me.
that we are getting closer and closer to whatever it is. You want to call it when a democratic elected of a Democrat elected official says make them pay. When a Trump lawyer says Chris Grabs, a cyber secured official should be drawn out and shot. Don't you realize, where were headed now recently Youtube announced this policy change where they're going to delete videos band videos. If you claim that trot lost the elections due to widespread voter fraud or error, that is going to purge many large right wing channels with mass, followings. The ceo of acts, Yossi NEWS Organization, said the two America's are going to decouple and that's it. I think we're starting to see it when
who took comes out and says for four years you can scream at our elections were stolen because of Russia that they have the election. They changed. The rules or whatever they flicked votes, that's fine, but now tromp supporters have a complaint and they say shut your mouth. When you see calls, for direct violence. You start to realise that things are getting spicy to say the least. Now, when we see a handful of state starts to line up in a lawsuit against other states. You can see that the red and blue states are preparing for some kind of legal fight, but recently the Arizona GEO, P Republican Party Twitter account retreated a tweet that was asking people if they were ready to die in this fight and other media running with it. Are you ready to give up your life for I'll trump. That's how extreme things have gone, and let me just put our warning to everybody who thinks that enjoy this. They want some like this to happen. You will not enjoy it
really think money on the right understand the severity of what this means when people say these things, but I also think that people on the left- many of them, don't realize they're not going to be able to handle this. I think the right would be more equipped to handle this, but take a look at how the lines of communication are being suffered. It's the right that is suffering the most in terms of censorship. Now this woman, this democratic lawmaker, who is she this statement to make them pay. She didn't just randomly say it. She said it because she says she received an email and I believe we must her directly saying that her time would come. There have been threats that these politicians would hang in the gallows, and so it's a tit for tat at this point is going back and forth. I don't I'm I don't know what you believe, what you want to believe: you're entitled to believe it, but I can tell you none of it matters as to who is right or wrong. Now, certainly, you might think your site is right and that's why you know matters to you, that's fine! What matters is that
both sides think they're right and both sides are gearing up for a fight in some capacity at no, if it just ends here- and maybe it does- but let me just say this before we and everything I wanna go through a lot of stuff two years ago When I said I felt like we are heading towards a civil war. People say that's ridiculous. It's just anti for fighting the Prob boys. Ok. Now, where the point where several states are lining up in lawsuits against. Other states calls for vote have asked me to an extreme degree. Canyon now say that were dangerously close to whatever. That might be among its guaranteed to happen. I'm just saying, we're closer than we were two years ago. At the very least, I predicted that I guess we'll meet at us we will not going on autonomous zones, we ve got the states lining up against other states. We ve got calls for martial law. Let's read what this Michigan Dammit
lawmaker sad and why and then on the show you just how serious things are getting before we get started had over the TIM cast outcomes. Lush done it. If you'd like to support my work there. Many waging give that appeal. Botswana, send me some stop with the best thing you can do is share this video. Let people know it's going Maybe you think that you agree with what I'm saying, or at least you think people should hear and opposing opinion. Please consider showing the speed of sport. The channel dominant alike, subscribe hit that Notification Bell outweighed the first story. Michigan democratic lawmaker threatens Trop supporters, make them pay from Sarah Carter DOT come. I Detroit. Michigan lawmaker appeared to written supporters of President Donald Trump during a Tuesday live stream. Coming after she published a series of racist voicemail she had received with people calling her things, such as the inward and some saying she should be launched in the thirty eight second, video clip from a Facebook live session. State Rep, Cynthia Johnson urges her support
whom she referred to as soldiers to make them pay and them referring to Trump supporter sang quote. So this is just a warning to Trumpery be careful walk likely. We playing with you enough of the shenanigans enough is enough, and for those of you who are soldiers, you know how to do it. Do it right be in order make them pay in the video she also said I wish I could be talking to you on a private room, because I wish I could, but we are public. So Johnson has yet to publicly address her remarks. I do believe you should a statement later saying: she's time, not soldiers of Christ and talking about a more religious you know, connotation in her statement are not entirely convinced. That's what she meant now. As to the voicemail, she published of people saying horrifying an awful thing stir, I absolutely condemn all of them. I think all of us should that's that's a and ridiculous, and that's why she said what she said. I dont think she should
set it. This is it this? This shows you the problem of escalation, because people refused to back down. She gets a voice, males, saying here, robot horrible things, so she says Trump cards. She redirect the from a small handful of people towards everyone. I that's one thing I wanna make sure people don't do with this. Mrs one, lady is one state Democrat who was saying this: it does it mean all Democrats Again, I'm not here to say that either side is right or wrong. I'm here to point out both sides, whether you think you're, right or wrong, is not. The point feel adamant that they are and their refusing to back down and they're calling up those who would threaten them when a democratic state lawmaker says trumpeters, and points or throw at every Trop supporter. I'm not going to be surprised when they respond and say this is a democratic party is an individual remnants represents them she needs. to be sure to resign or be boot,
otherwise it absolutely does represent the rest of the party. I dont think what she saw. A planet supporters, but you went after him anyway and I dont think what she sang represents all of the democratic party. But I don't know how you stop the sentiment right went when people feel like they are being targeted, they're going to respond in kind. Take a look at the story from CNN Trump attorney issues call for violence against truth tat, former election Cyber security official. Now I'm not interested at all on CNN silly framing truth telling are you kidding me? This is part of the problem. See it and very clearly is a part of an ideological tribe, the truth telling former official sure. Now, let's see what happened and of course I condemn these threats as well. An attorney for the trunk campaign on Monday issued a call.
For violence against Chris Crabs, a former cybersecurity official who is unceremoniously ousted from his post by Donald Trump after he rejected the presents unfunded claims of widespread voter fraud, dough Deja Nova, the attorney for trumps campaign said during an appearance on the Howie Car show quote anybody who thinks the election went well like that Idiot Krebs, who used to be the head of cyber security, that guy is a class. A more he should be drawn and quartered taken out at dawn and shot a day later. Did you know that tried to walk back as are by partition of a joke for anyone lets them either how we car show it was views that my remarks were sarcastic and maiden just I, of course, Mitt wish. Mr crabs no harm. This is high pearl in a political discourse. Did you know that? Tuesday in a statement distracted by the trunk campaign. Of course, that's what we often hear, Someone will say something about that. I didn't mean it like that. That's fine, maybe he's peace, being ok, maybe everything's fine nothing's, getting bad or maybe just like the stem
credit state lawmaker who tried walking back sign in and then I just meant soldiers of Christ. People are going to hear you say these things and people are going to listen. Now, I'm not saying it's his fault. If someone goes in does on these, he did say: go, do it that that lady in Michigan literally said you know, make them pay it's a call to action, but the escalation of the escalation it exists. This is it. This is a crazy story. Writer Arizona, GEO P asks followers if their willing to die In an effort to overturn election results. Aisy central reports, the parties official twitter account on Monday night shared it opposed from Ali Alexander and activist with an all. Innovation called stop the steel. Let us protest at auction results quote. I am willing to give my life for this fight. Alexander wrote when sharing is common to the GNP asked followers he is. Are you
The party then posted a clip from the movie Rambo highlighting the quote. This is what we do, who we are live for nothing or die for something I am of users replied. They were indeed willing to give their lives to the cause, but the majority of respondents which included voters, lawmakers and pundits decry the post as the latest escalation in violence Frederick this campaign season? It's not something that only I'm noticing and I'm pointing it out, not because I want it to happen. Quite the opposite. All people to chill out stop saying these things, don't blanket every Trop supporter, because you got a bus, a few bad voicemail that we're ridiculous and disgusting, and a blanket every Democrat, because one Democrat Lady said something insane and stupid and other matters? I think People are going to say you don't understand. This is an existential threat. I understand I do. I think, in my personal opinion, Joe Biden, this compromise
They said that Donald Trump was compromised by Russia for a long time, but we didn't have the Hunter Biden emails. The Hunter Biden Report port and a former associate saying this is happening and, yes, he's compromised. That's how extreme things have gotten. That's just my opinion, and I'm not entirely sure exactly what that means for Joe Biden, but I do know the people of all ready started saying this Reuters reported Tromp supporter said: they're ready for action, they ve got weapons and those guns are getting polished and ready to go lubricated and stuff. We ve heard that people are willing to take up arms To defend Donald Trump, and now we see the bias the extreme by a so are you know? Look I either conversation with someone at Google. I was following on what is going on and asking for. You know, what's happening, what clarify these things for me doing journalism. You know I tweeted about it, and you know I told them listen
I dont know why you to be saying that tromp supporters aren't allowed to talk about widespread fraud and and and this or that, but I'll tell you. The one thing it's going to do is in its it's going to inflame tensions and make everyone go nuts, because for years the left has sad. Russia stole the election, they interfere, they even flipped about you. Two does nothing now they're saying Trump supporters, better, not say it. While these people are getting fed up with not being heard and being suppressed and oppressed, and yes, they are and they're going to snap, especially when you see things like this, of course, they're going to say that they willing to die for this fight One person said recently in a chat on either Podcast URL podcast. They said that They refused to allow a president who is compromised by China to be an office, while the left sad that Tromp was compromised by Russia, but the left didn't really do anything other than I guess riot and cause legal problems. Stoutly possible publicans do the same thing:
valley possible that doesn't go anywhere, but let me tell you how I feel. Okay, you want to buy field. I've been talkin about the possibility of civil war for a long time. Why? Because the Atlantic, I think it was the Atlantic or was New Yorker. I make some up, ran a story. that said the probability of a civil wars in this country. The next ten years was thirty five percent. It was because they asked a bunch of national security experts and international security researchers and they published the story, maybe they're wrong, but I saw that now like, while with the fighting between the factions in the streets. Now we ve got a trump support whose Stockton killed in port. another guy in Denver about shot the face. It seems like the violence is absolutely there. There's something but parliament's zone in Portland. It seems like the potential for clashes and violence. It's coming. Especially as the government issues these these draconian, lock downs. and the police are losing support from even conservatives. It feels like it's all coming then. I saw Well, I saw the latest calls
or martial law. And U S military oversight of new presidential election draws criticism. You wanna tell me that its absurdity figure civil wars possible all agree with few normalcy bias. Optimism buys it can happen here right, but I can't deny literally happening. So when I talked about this years ago, and peoples at your dams are talking about it or all these lucky's posted means saying I was stupid, we're talking about it. It's only escalated in that direction. To a more extreme degree. We have these locked downs. resistance, Democrats, mainstream, moderate corporate dams, we're gonna column the gold? I guess default liberal really know a whole lot about news, but they love Joe Biden, hatred supporting locked downs, sir, supporting violations of our constitutional rights and that's going to lead to a lot of people saying no to the government give the far left.
going around riding in smashing things and destroying small businesses. At a time when people are already under extreme arrest and the violence is escalating. Now we have calls for martial law come on. What do you think would happen if Trump actually did that? Now Probably won't. That's my normalcy bias. Optimism bias. It can't happen here right, while the other things weren't supposed to happen here either, and they did ok. A mass lock down of our economy is not supposed to happen here then it did. I remember that day and I'm watching the news and trot comes out says we're banning travel to Europe, and I was like wow never expecting on its expected anything like that. My left it it can't happen here. They said the pandemic happens, but a hundred years well We ve seen other things like that. You know well in terms of restrictions, but we ve all just grown complacent thinking. It can happen now. There are legitimate calls for military oversight and light martial law by prominent individuals, notably Michael.
Flynn published a tweet. Linking to this group who said Trot should declare martial law just like Abraham Lincoln Dead, and you say it can't happen here. I say to you: it can happen here as much as I dont want to believe it would or could it can I dont know the probability that it will, but people are literally calling for right now from the american prospect. The prop prosecuting trump is the only way to heal the letting him off the hook for multiple crimes would reinforce trumps own contempt for the rule of law amazing, remember when tromp was chant there had his crowd chanting lock her up in reference to Hillary Clinton and under debate, Did she said you'd be in jail to her when mentioning you know if he was present at while you'd be in jail. The media and the left screamed saying. We can't talk about jailing.
political rivals is crazy. Now they're saying we have to channel Donald Trump, it's the only way to heal the nation. We think would happen if Donald Trump on January, twenty first normal guy, get arrested. Some state attorneys general start prosecuting making claims because they have trumped arrangement syndrome and they arrested tromp the only way to heal the nation, of course, do think tromp support they're, going to sit back and be like well he's our favorite guy who fought for us, but we're going to do nothing or you think people going to snap and lose it yeah. I think if they arrested Trump, it would be an instant civil war. I think it's not declared martial law be an instant civil war and, quite honestly, I'm not too convent about what happens on the fourteenth, the sixth and the twentieth, because I know that there are people
War snapping like crazy, I mean I tell you this. The south is happening in this country is freaking out. A lot of people now could be. We are hyper political, but I don't think that's disqualifying. We have a state rep, a Democrat sang make them pay. We have this trump lawyer sang drawn quartered drawn and quarter. You know, drag down shot. We have states line up against each other. Mississippi joins Texas election lawsuit from W P, o k, dot com, a news guard certified local news outlets with a ninety two point: five out of a hundred score definitively silent, Mississippi, has joined the Texas election lawsuit. the state of Mississippi, has joined a lawsuit fought by taxes against several other states. In the grounds those states made unconstitutional. Changes to twenty twenty election laws, I'm sure you know most distort for the most part. We also have our
Emma and Louisiana. Arkansas has also issued a statement and I believe many other take Self Carolina South Dakota, where my forgetting um, I think Mississippi as Well- have issued statements in support. Now I believe, as local Moselle is incorrect. I dont think Mississippi as joint lawsuit, because, right now taxes has requested leave, meaning they want permission to file. This claim Supreme Court could say no outright. Let me tell you what happens in just my opinion. This is as a group, a few parent tree possibilities before we can look at all the other variables Supreme Court, says no conservatives roll over and say oh well or with eight states expressing discontent Supreme Court says no, we won't listen you and then all of these trump supporting conservative say we ve seen the evidence. We are angry, our voice is not being heard and the Supreme Court,
refusing to even listen to us enough and they snap or maybe the Supreme Court does take the case. Here's them out and then says we don't thank the merits. Warrant returning the election. I think that's the safest way out of all of this, because then Trump supporters say our voice was heard. We just didn't win in the court's bills: he'll be angry. Tensions will still be high, but at least they were listened to also possible. The Supreme Court takes the case says you know what you're right, overturns it in favour of trump and then the left erupts in to absolute psychosis, and then I think, we're headed towards year were added to this direction that ultimate, results in. I guess some kind of conflict or civil war which got understand about all the civil war talk is that killing people is not the most effective way of winning a war. It's not you tube, banning the ability of people to say that widespread voter fraud, you know, altered the outcome,
banning the speech eliminates the idea in the long run by the left opposes free speech there fighting a war. Conservatives are just defending themselves since the easiest way to put it think about it. If you're in information war and the best way to gain, role of resources, a country, a government, the world is by manipulating people into believing. What you want free speech is a problem. You tube restricts that speech to the best of their abilities, and so does many other social media I forms conservative say everybody has a right to speak. Free speech must be defended and then they allow the left to say crazy things by Russia get the left, on the other hand, says crazy things about Russia Trump, but then cause for concern as to shut up and to be banned. Networks For the most part. There are many left us to get banned as well, and there are many consumers who don't get banned, but most of the censorship is on the side of its targeting the conservatives and the right, if you're in it information war, and
egg tech companies control? What is allowed to be said, then you ve already lost for the most part you too wants to, exercise any and all ideas that oppose the establishment machine, international players and compromised individuals. Like Joe Biden, whose son was Joe Biden, fluted I not government property for sons, private equity do with China. I don't see how that's allowed. That's absolutely insane to me, but it happened. That person is on track to be. President tromp supporters reject this. and there being system systematically and slowly excised from the conversation. But I'll tell you the one thing that I think results and possibly he's comin down. Conservatives are frogs in a pot being boiled. If you tube came out all at once, Facebook, Twitter,
absolutely censored and banned anybody talking about Frampton, Trump, winning and other prominent trump supporters and channels like mine people. What's nap, it would be a revolt, but they ve done it ever so slowly couple years ago. I think it was. It was couple years ago right where they banned people like Paul Joseph Watson from Facebook and people like Alex Jones from Youtube to slowly get rid of these people, but just enough to where people would complain, but not really do anything else. Now they say: they've been eight thousand more channels this year. They ve just enacted new rules. The conservatives are the frogs in the pot slowly being brought to a boil who are aren't gonna do anything because its slow enough, what they're doing as I'll make a change conservatives com? Get it get angry, but then slowly calm down make a change concerned. Angry in then slowly calm down to keep doing it today with serious with you, too,
its rules against anybody who dare speak up about the election, but is it enough to ignite fervour? No people will complain of, then they'll slowly get accustomed to it and then we'll give up and it is happening. So it's entirely possible. All of this just gets washed away people finally lay down and say on the mat anymore? I give up there's. One reason to believe: that's not gonna happen, and it's this. The Donald out, when you see Republicans, I think, are being pushed too hard. Tromp supporters are being pushed too hard and so they're not effectively boiling the frogs, more importantly, the frogs or in the pot watching you turned out that the knob and increase the heat and getting angrier and angrier about it. But Donald DOT win I referring to the website where Trump supporters are able to gather and express their ideas and make sure these ideas do not get censored. You also have bit shoot minds, dot, com and places where people can express ideas without censorship,
It means that in the battle for ideas, fifth, generational warfare, we're not gonna, see people killing each other streets for the most part, working to see people doubt trying to fight over control of infrastructure and information, financial institutions etc. While the establishment controls many of these, the left controls, the cultural us I wish cultural institutions for the most part, but now we can see the down about when on Alexa dot com is ranked four hundred and six, the five in the United States, of course, not the biggest website in the country. I think websites like right. It are infinitely more influential, their read it I think, is right like number twenty or so, and it's almost exclusively left us. They banned the Donald four months after the Donald left for four bs reasons. Now there still are slash conservative and our slash trumped that try to be like the Donald but their nowhere near as influential the Donald is creating a space
where the ideas will not be stopped and they are absolutely saying that in a widespread fraud exists in all these and things like it, the reason why this is significant, if a Trump supporters have an organizing base And their sharing a shared narrative in they believe it than the sun. much of the left cannot stop them, and the propaganda and censorship will be ineffective trumpet There's can share ideas among themselves using alternative platforms and they are- and I think it's going to work out very well for them. I don't know the best thing for this country would yes, I'm sure many in the establishment in the left think what the most appropriate action would be silenced. These people shut them down so that they cannot effectively. Organizer communicate,
and then, in a year or two years three years you have a mainstream establishment and acceptable conservative movement. But that's what I've been doing. They ve been slowly eroding the right calling conservatives far right than centrists conservative and the we'll keep spending the Overton Window keeps shifting it's not about whose right, whose wrong? It's about. The fact that there are two factions, the left and the right. The Trump supporters are not far right. There not fringe right there, just conservatives, but the left is trying to exercise them to pull the Overton went over the far left as much. Possible now in the left bubble, their claiming the opposite is true, but it's not really isn't I'm very clearly by traditional standards in this country left leaning on many issues, yet they say I'm right wing or even trying to kill me being far right in some scientific studies- or I should say, scientific research studies clearly makes no sense, not true, but that's what's happening their power
the over to overturn windows, far left as possible and then trying to compare the? U S to Europe. I dont think people were just laid on an accepted, so they put it this way. tromp supporters have their areas to organise and that's the most important thing, communication and organizational power it substantially weaker than the left side, its have started to line up against each other. It doesn't mean, though, continue it does made it Alaska late to twenty five and twenty five states. It could be twenty states forces thirty, it could be eight states verses for, but this is the biggest Essex. play should we have seen in the past several years. If I were to tell you twenty eighteen when I said I fear this good possibility of civil war in this country that in two years eight states would be filing also to challenge the election. Results too took to help trump when people would say get out of here. never gonna happen. Nobody would believe that eight states would file federal laws to the Supreme Court,
saying they want the election overturned. Never gonna happen, that's ridiculous! Here we are where we were. Words were were entering that place right now, again, Trump has. Finally, a fur leave, meaning permission and other states have supported this, but when, at the point where the laws had actually been fault, it's been docketed will see out plays out. What? If I told you that two years ago I said in twenty twenty, there will be a handful of states issuing support for a lawsuit and the Supreme Court will shoot them down and say we refused to hear this well. Seventy four million people claim that there was a fraud in the election or that poles cannot showing that eighty plus percent republicans believe fraud affect the outcome of the election, and thirty percent of Democrats believe same thing: you'd say get out of here. No way that's, it sounds like Russia Gate nonsense, sure, but it happened. Maybe because of Russia, gay people say yeah. I certainly can believe it if Trump loses they're gonna claim all this crazy stuff, but ever think we would see the states stepping up
filing these suits themselves. You know in Portland during the anti for stuff that that that the hundred plus days of writing, The attorney general in Oregon suit the federal government to reject their ability to enforce the law, and I said This sounds like how the civil war starts. One state defying the federal government and many other states joining in while another right is doing the same thing. If not the first time the states have challenged federal. Authority, and it is not the last time was only what for five months ago. It could all end here. That's all I'm saying I have no idea what bothers me thou as it seems to be escalating. Maybe this will be the end of it. Maybe you know I I thought I could have ended a while ago, but it's just getting worse. I don't hear them aims to import.
so what potential for civil war. But let me just stresses, as I wrap this up fifth generational warfare: ok, just Google, it look it up. I ve talked about it before it means that it is more effective to manipulate people to control them through propaganda than it is. to actually forced them at gunpoint in the information age, war is based on what people think what they're allowed to think and what they know and if I feel like we're going to the right Now it's not just civil wars. It's almost world war, three fighting for controlling influence, using ideas in propaganda, it's better than chemical weapons and getting shot I'll, say that, but we're in it we're in it. There absolutely is a fight for control people going to prison, Donald Trump elected and then they went after him with these ridiculous claims of Russia and then arrested a bunch of the people who worked form to destroy his chance of being president, it's happening Kay hopefully that's all it is, but I don't think that's all there will be no leave it there
stick around for the next show. Coming up for the TIM cast iron Pakistan at eight p m will be alive. Youtube outcomes, I guess I'll I'll be talking with a progressive political candidate. Mental been instinct precision. So again you do but comes TIM guest I around. Maybe some of this stuff will come up thanks, rang out. And I will see you all tonight at eight p m. You tube has just announced that if you claim widespread fraud or error changed the outcome of the twenty twenty election, your content will be removed. Naturally, on twitter, this is blowing up. People are calling it to decode Ian despotic. I agree with these things, but let me just first start by saying in no uncertain terms, I do not believe widespread voter fraud or irregularity change. The outcome of the election is it possible shore. Has it been proven? No does evidence of
odd exist. Yes, as evidence of widespread fraud exist yes to what degree as widespread. That's an opinion is up for you to decide. Does error and of propriety exist? Yes, is it enough? change the outcome of the election that I do not believe so at this point, because no one's presented me enough evidence to make that claim. I also want to make sure people realise this. Is insane and draconian. What Europe is doing. People are entitled to their opinions based on how they assess information. but also want you to realise just just hold on a minute near me up. I believe what you tube is doing is gonna help Donald Trump. I really do mean it not. I don't. I don't think it's going to help him as much as he might want. I think Youtube is wrong. I think their legal assessment is wrong. I think they're, despotic and authoritarian, but I think Trump needs legitimacy to overturn the election. I know I cannot go to child support, saying we're not overturning anything if they planned because
they're, saying that dog. You know they actually one well well Donald Trump, actually himself tweeted overturn. guy sure I o know that means other than the overturn the election. Fine, but listen. I want to read this for you, break down what what's going on. They sent me an email, I'm going to debunk what they say we're going to challenge section two hundred and thirty, but let me just tell you right off the bat. I believe this does help Donald Trump. There are certain things that could help him build support, claims of fraud, France danced and sang it. It changed out, come out stuff could get a lot of people riled up behind them, but I believe that would isolate people and only get trump. His most ardent supporters, regular people, are watching the news are not as likely to understand or believe these claims about a hammer scorecard dominion over others of us, and I not a fan of them either, because for one they all outlandish
sure maybe there's some evidence. I've talked about. Some of the weird goings on like wikileaks are really from cable gate there. There are some weird things about these: these these voting machines and stuff, but its de legitimizing trumps legal challenges to victory. Let me just I can say this: Texas is suing right now. Taxes as lawsuit is not focus on fraud or regularity, its focus on definitive facts that four states change to the rules of their election outgoing for the state legislature in violation of the electors clause. That is a constitutional legally sound argument, but as many trump supporters cheering because it is legit, it is strong and many more states want to join in if you focus the conversation on the on provable the esoteric or took too many people what they would view it as absurd. You lose the argument not just because I think it's going to help Trump. Does it mean with what what they're doing is good
Youtube is doing, is insane and I'll. Tell you why they're doing it Youtube is trying to remove the likes of channels like mine and many others and they're trying to go about it. Slowly enough to where they dont destroy the floor out from under em. They our bleeding users. To many other platforms, that's a fact, but none of us can be enough to actually up and Europe's monopoly in in the space because the partner programme, but they want to be Netflix, they want to make a game of well. I should take a thrones that its at a time when Gamma Thrones was good. They want to make big, shows and good shows and they what a decentralized network to only a certain degree you tube, wants enough free and independent thought where they get good content rising the top, but not enough to where people are unknown, challenging and election. Let me read what they said and then I'm going to read you the email. They actually said to me: that's right. You got some real journalism. Ear Youtube rights over the past
six months we ve seen people coming to Youtube to learn more about where and how to vote or learning more about a candidate or an issue we see now, these organisations grow their audience and we ve seen I will turn to Youtube for the latest election results or simply to follow and historic event with the highest voting turnout in over a century in the U S Our main goal going into the election season was to make sure where connecting people with authoritative information, while also limiting the reach of misinformation and removing harmful content, the work here is ongoing and we want to provide an update, removing content that violates our policies and before it read this, I want to say you tube, in my opinion, has long since violated this- that the good samaritan provisions of section two thirty and should be able to be sued for defamation and be liable for this and I'll explain this and will go for section two thirty imagination or the lawn explained here. So they say our community guidelines private spam, skin
or other manipulated media, coordinate influence operations and any content that seeks to incite violence. Since September, we ve terminate over eight thousand channels and thousands of harmful and misleading elections related videos for violating our existing policies over seventy seven percent of those removed. Videos were taken down before they had a hundred views. We also work to make sure the line between what is removed and what is allowed is drawn in the right place. Our policies prohibit miss leading viewers about where and how to vote. We also disallow content, alleging widespread fraud or errors change the outcome of a historical. U S presidential election, however, in some way does, that has meant allowing controversial views on the outcome of process of counting bouts of a current election. Has elected officials have worked to finalize counts yesterday? Was the safe harbour deadline for the? U S presidential election
and enough states have certified their election results to determine a President Elect, given that we will start removing any piece of content uploaded today or any time after that, misleads people by alleging that widespread fraud or areas change the outcome of the twenty twenty. You US presidential election in line with our approach towards historical. U S! Presidential elections, for example, we will remove videos claiming that a presidential candidate won the election due to widespread software glitches accounting errors. We'll will begin enforcing this policy today and will ramp up in the weeks to come. As always, news coverage and commentary on these issues can remain on our sight. If there is sufficient education, documentary, scientific or artistic content. Ok, we can't say widespread fraud, areas, etc. You get the point
Well, I've not asserted that, although there have been theirs, it there's a research project that claims mostly, my content, fall in the category of other there's supporting trumps claims of widespread fraud and opposing them, and I mostly falling in other. Why? Because, if you're just reporting the facts, you're not asserting what is true without evidence. So when trumped says it was rigged, orders wide right, voter fraught. I say that has to be proven my position. The entire time has been there's more than enough evidence signs or indication something they occurred to ward and investigation short of an actual investigation. I dont know what you expect. I can't come here and tell you something: that's not been proven, soap other it is, but you and I can tell you Donald Trump lose the election due to changes made to the voting system over the past year or longer that is in violation of the electors clause, as per my opinion, and violates these.
Prima forty of the state legislatures in how they appoint electors. This evidenced by actual letters signed by state legislation saying they dispute the results and they seek to reclaim their right to appoint electors where's. It really mean I gave you a kind of a bombastic the way to describe it over and over again that Trump got oceans. Eleven people right now think that there was a grand heist of vote. Switching at all, stuff and people went in and it's like opponents sunglasses their palming. U S visas that then we ve seen some stuff like that. Like palming you speak, we don't know why it. It appears at summits, is to be illegal Does it mean the election was changed because of it does a video going around Tromp supporters say they heard a woman. something like we're probably going to get caught. They believe that's evidence that she was ringing or Thor the election or some like that, it's possible but come on. Unless you can do an investigation and get some evidence she might be saying the guy might have been like hey. You want to go sneak out and get some pizza. She goes we'll probably get caught
You don't know the context and that's why I don't make conclusions unless I get hard evidence. Of course. That means many people make predictions more often than I do, predictions to base on available evidence, and you educated guesses, but a lot of while definitively want to say one thing is true. I know it. I won't do that. If you don't like it, I'm sorry, that's just me. I'm the Maputo Spencer beget it partly by now. I hope you do, but here's what I can say if they start getting rid of all the videos that alleged fraud and like widespread, fraught an error? and all that remains is the Trump supporter saying things like these states violated the
actors claws and we can definitively state they did. We can definitely, I think at this point, it's a fact that there's there's no there's no factual basis to argue against it. If this, the Pennsylvania Republicans pass tax, seventy seven, no excuse mail in voting is currently being challenged. I'm not sure how far is going to go. They say here's what we expect. They later complained that the courts, the Secretary of State and the governor added more provisions like extending deadlines and ballot curing something they never intended us there is it there. You can clearly state the state legislator did not pass of those provisions and they were enacted anyway. In many states. We saw things like this where there was an executive order, say New Jersey, for instance, now that New Jersey matters could simply state. It's always gonna, be blue, Atley or I should say it's, predictably blue, very heavy blew the governor issued an executive order for male in voting. That would violate the alert
this clause, but I dont think the New Jersey State legislature actually cares all that much in probably would have agreed with them anyway. So that challenge it, but in some states a conflict, a democratic governor and you have a republican legislature, Well in that case the republican legislators are saying we have the right to choose that right was taken from us taxes is suing on those grounds, the strongest possible grounds to actually disqualify some states. It's not likely gonna happen, I'm not saying trumps, gonna win, I don't So when I will tell you what we're seeing right now is Youtube com. To isolate and cut off many prominent channels right side broadcasting network, for instance, broke a million subs. Well, there likely gonna get the acts. You have news max, for instance, who is just surpassed Fox NEWS in Kehl? It had been television ratings, they're gone, you see what they're doing their isolating and and getting rid of the hall
record trump supporting by forms on this website. I guess I can get by on the fact that I don't assert things for the most. I'm not perfect. I get things wrong all the time, but I try to avoid a certain things that I don't have definitive proof of when the voter integrity project came out and said here is a list of who vote in more than one state? I say: ok now we have evidence as definitive proof, but I'll pointed out if it exists and that Brainerd has tested, I believe it is given provide provided extra, extensive sworn testimony so under oath. That's, that's legit evidence plus hard data, very serious, not evidence that the results were changed because of it. But it's evidence that, in my opinion, warrants at investing We will see how close I'm getting to them. Saying they're gonna, ban your move, my content, but here's the email I received. We just shared an update on Youtube election efforts. including how we're handling community guidelines pertaining to election related misinformation. Our policies disallow content, alleging that widespread
fraud or errors change the outcome of the historical. U S, presidential election! Will we allow this type of commentary for current elections, so I did read this scope of his birth busy with airily said as such. Starting today we will remove nuke and uploaded honour after December, ninth alleging that widespread fraud or areas change the outcome of twenty percent election, for example, very much the same thing right, it's very somewhat already side, but here's the important part if you're continents impacted you'll, receive automated emails from our system. Regarding this content, as we ramp up our enforcement, we, initially remove violated videos without giving a strike. We will begin issues strikes for new content uploaded after inauguration day January twentieth, twenty twenty one? That is the most important, but here you will not get a strike there just removing any and all videos that make those claims, I'm not sure who is making those claims. To be completely honest. Maybe people like Stephen prouder, who I think has gone pretty heavily into these accusations,
but I also kind of you I haven't watch trotters videos were in an entirely I've. Seen some clips but also think he's he's not someone who would assert. Ah something to be true without you know nothing of the prove it. But again, the main issue here is that, for one Youtube is wrong: safe harbour deadline was playing this eight December aid for the Safe harbour deadline for the US presidential election and enough states have now certified their election results to determine a president elect. That is nonsensical than its opinion. If I want to have an opinion, why can't I have one you tube doesn't want to be you too it wants to be kind of a elite tube if you say the things they like. If you don't cross certain boundaries, then you're allowed to be on the platform that promote you or whatever certain platforms. They tumbled leg. Like our other, the amount of the bene. Views have been getting on clips of an airport,
just haven't, been doing as well, because we host people who you do isn't a big fan of you know that you do likes me because I know that a lot of reasons are basically talked about how I am able to capture enough of the audience that that is affected by this without crossing the line. And so they tolerate and in many instances of actually help promote and protect. My content on the IRA podcast. We have as soon as they don't like as much so. You know we ve been getting a little le knock down a beggar too. that's fine. What I've Rama do my thing about super concerned about me, o them promoting promoting me. I want to show you something: this is the off from Congress, not Gov. working on the election works January six, they say blah blah blah joint session, one p m, has the results. They say if one of the tickets has received forty of two hundred and seventy or more electoral votes, the vice present announces the results, which quote shall be deemed a so
patient declaration of the persons, if any elected president, and vice President price Vice President Elect President electorate urmand on January six, more importantly, I believe they're incorrect, because the Safe harbour provision says that if I if a state as an active procedures, to settle controversies and if these procedures have been applied and the results have been determined six days before the electors meetings, then these results are considered to be conclusive them problem right now is. You have state legislatures openly saying we dispute this, so you can argue what you can't definitively state the left, his saying they have the procedures they ve gone to the courts and they ve lost. The results are certified. Were the writer, saying you certified the results, but now after ratification there's a contest, oh that that the results are contested right,
There are many Republicans who are saying. I say this is illegally certified, so the argument there as they have not determined just because the governor of those states as this is true, does it make so because the electors clause states, the state legislatures, have ultimate say in how these things are determined. What it really means we're gonna be going to print. Maybe that's really what about what it means, and I look Donald Trump. I showed you recently tweeted overturn. which sounds like he's now saying that he didn't just be that nobody one, but that the results are in and its for Joe Biden any wants them overturned. Ok, maybe the the Supreme Court will hear taxes claim. I don't love his tricks. Hard, effective lotteries claims all ticket when assault that the Supreme Court has ordered these for states to respond by. I think Thursday. I dont think these deadlines matter because they're going to be
org, you'd and there'll, be probably some precedent set, maybe I'll, let alone what was it that a landmark cases. I was called a model where, but we'll see, I've long said over and over again. Ninety nine point, nine percent likely a Joe Biden becomes president earlier on. I said ninety ninety five I've maybe ninety and those because Trop hadn't, yet fatherly lawsuits challenging any their result in any these states and those like all these lawsuits out. Maybe someone can happen and then it just might might by protectionist the probability of Trump pulling off get slimmer and solar as data as it is go by community this Youtube's rule change, actually mates makes me think trumps chance of winning have picked up slightly granted it still like point one percent. I now say it's like point one: five percent. I don't think it's very likely. Trump pulls it off. There are trump supporting lawyers like wilt Chamberlain in the show last night said he doesn't think Trump will put off of the Supreme Court wants to hear it, but I think
The conversation is now focused around the electors clause. You have a constitution the real challenge to these states changing the rules, that's what I mean. by oceans eleven. You know trunk that oceans, eleven. The changes to the rules put forth months ago a year ago, in some instances afforded Democrats massive benefits we ve been talking about for quite some time. They were able to do a lot of things like mock receive in the park, which actual is illegal. Da that that you know these voter turnout programmes, but outside of the things we ve seen there are legal. I can't say that at that you know having a voter registration thing in a park. Convincing people devout would generate enough to actually change the outcome. I can say, they were legally going door to door and asking people did you vote yet, and that was enough when have no excuse mail and voting in many states and widespread absentee they go canvas knock Andorra and say: did you know that many people say Joe Biden have ground game, but other groups did political action groups were going
and they were doing this. I spoke in some people's democratic up their husbands at have you voted yet and that maximized Democrat turn up and it really help them. and I could explain why Joe Biden got votes, but no one voted down ticket because they did not work Erin dishonor without vote for Joe Biden again, because they know I've heard about Trump. So, like I look like I'm not gonna I'm not competent, to know exactly how things are in a platter. What's gonna happen, I do think. However, it is sparsely beneficial to Trump in the end in that. his supporters. Are now can be going on and on about constitutional legal challenges, which has merit ok, accepting the act. Seventy seven lawsuit has merit. The Texas lawsuit has merit. Will that When I really don't think so, forgive me for being a pessimist, but let me throw it to the most important bit here. You tube, has issued editorial guidelines about your opinions. Ok, if you the opinion, the sky is, is great,
and you say I can actually argue that the guy's green and everyone's like it's blue you're, allowed to be stupid. Ok, one of the things I have long since complained. With all the censorship on social media is they're telling people you not allowed to be dumb. Look, I'm not saying people who think there's forever I've done. I'm saying people see different things have different opinions, but in many instance, if they say this is the truth and someone's DOM doesn't know Now the skies green. Well, that's misinformation! So your band, that's a leading them from an offence. I like the idea of a free and open internet we're not there we are now at the era of elite ism. You can sign up for you to channel. You can apply for the partner programme, but if you not one of the established elites who produces something a valley before the establishment will, then they were remove you we're not a country
What we need is an ongoing battle between populism and led them to these people. They ve long viewed me as acceptable, but dot not good enough to be in in the inn in that big club and mostly because actually additive, ass wrong. They keep trying to get me in the club. Amendment can they ve asked me to play ball. I've worked for Disney and I care more about liberty, individualism and, and the will of the people being respected. You can respect the will of people while wealth telling people know a bunch of people can demand that we know that destroy the damn. It's like the water will tell you so we're not gonna. Do that? That's why we're a constitutional republic with representatives and not a direct democracy, but about direct direct, a mockery? This is where the valley town says blow up the dam, and then your life. Why would you do the water is gonna? Why don't you shut your crazy republic is when they electoral.
Tentative and they say we want the damned blown up anymore. I'm not gonna do that will die and they get all angry and rabble in protest. But then you to plug the damn, so I can understand why there is not absolute populism, but I can also tell you that you tube was given special protections. I read you now section two thirty sub section see protection for good Samaritan. Blocking inside meaning of offensive material, they say no provider or user of an interactive computer, we shall be treated as the publisher or speaker of any information provided by up another information content provider full stop right there, you too is protected period, as it were, no matter what I say, you can't see you too, however. civil liability, no provider or user of an interactive computer service shall be held liable on account of any action. voluntarily taken in good faith, to restrict access to or a viral availability of material that provide
or user, considers to be of lewd lascivious felt the excessively violent, harassing or otherwise objectionable. Whether or not such material is constitutionally protected or any action take to enable or make available to information providers or others the technical means to restrict access, blah blah blah long story short section. Two thirty provides protection in good faith. You can't be sued because someone else said something. However, what what happens when you tube is the publisher or speaker, I'm the speaker on Youtube, but I would argue right now that Youtube is the publisher, because you to bear issued hard editorial guidelines like a publisher, and if they are, then they are the ones responsible. The content, more importantly, Civil liability says they can't be held liable. account of our room action taken are taken to restrict content
Any action voluntary, taken in good faith to restrict access or availability to material at the provider considers to be blah blah blah, otherwise objectionable they're, not removing comments that otherwise objectionable under what good faith argument is an opinion about an election objectionable to the democratic we're not to the Republicans so of seventy four million people say one thing in eighty million say the otter. I think you can't just make a pop. You know I am majority area determine germination of well more people. Think one thing so. Therefore, it's a fact. No, I would argue that Youtube, has issued hard editorial guidelines about about something that has nothing to do with being objection
of all or lascivious or violent, or harassing literally just an opinion on politics, in which case they are telling you what they will be willing to publish outside of things that would shock what what what would be shocking or lewd or abstain, or whatever the point of us is a somebody, goes on Youtube in posts like really awful like really just a criminal act. goes they can remove it. We get that. But if someone goes on Youtube and says, here's my opinion and then you to remove it, you tube is the publisher. Youtube is choosing what to promote Youtube. Youtube is choosing who to give money to. In fact, there has been an attempt to make Youtube legally responsible as an employer that I don't agree with, but think about it. You tube says you can get paid and you can't, if you say the things we like
we all are you to make money now hold on their a minute. We are very, very much so in a publishing contract. Ok, if I may freelancer for the New York Times and I write something they agree to put on their website, they can't go what we didn't write it. That person did you pay them? You had an agreement with him about how much money they would make some websites actually do contingencies. Upon, add sales saying will give you a percentage that sells guess what the newspapers still get sued over this. There are the ones who published it. Will you to get sued by not, but it just one, more step in the ongoing insane censorship war. I guess I'll leave it there. Next segments coming up at four p M if you want to watch the video at four p m, though your address bar and type this this this this website it and press enter Youtube com. Slash TIM cast as soon as you presenter. You actually go to a different youtube. Gentle
a joke. I don't I don't ask me why you does it but give it a shot. That's rang out, and I will see you all them.
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