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Trump Calls For National Guard To END Rioting In Portland, Chicago Mayor REFUSES Help Ending Riots


As the riots now reach 74 nights Portland has proven incapable of dealing with the chaos.Amid the ongoing rioting Trump has called for the National Guard to be deployed to end the chaos but so far Democrats have largely resisted federal offers of assistance even as their cities burn.Chicago's mayor rejected the idea of the National Guard helping after widespread looting struck the city last night and this morning.But the Democrat had previously rejected Trump assistance when offered. If only the Democrats had listened.It seems their hatred for Trump is so severe they would deny additional resources to protect their own cities.

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In the wake of mass rioting and looting throughout Chicago, mostly in downtown areas. Mayor Lorry Lightfoot is saying: no, we do not. Each National Guard help while Donald tromp is simultaneously saying it's time: call in the National Guard to Portland or seventy four nights of rioting Chicago kit. Pretty hard people were wrong, think about the downtown area. Moving to the MAC Mile near the gold coast, coasting up into some north side, neighborhoods, theirs, getting shot at returning fire security guards and critical condition in and video a man fire several gunshots into window is trying to rob Gucci store or video where do rams of vehicle into a window as looters cheer him on and many is looters are filming themselves doing it. These people not protest anything some of them pretending they are, but these are just opportunist. Taking advantage of the fact that law enforcement has been crippled in the Wake up these black lives matter riots. That's why
surprising to me that considering how many knights of riding with hadn't Portland that the mayor Chicago is saying no to National guard or federal assistance. Donald Trump, right now is saying that we need it to send the National Guard into Portland to quell the unrest. I find the story rather frost. Writing I want to get into the crux of what's going on in Chicago because a lot of updates here, but the point of this is to talk about the deployment of the National Guard and why it's probably appropriate. Now more than ever you see Donald Trump deployed. I will officers to the federal court house on the after the thirty nine nine of rioting in Portland, protesters extremists, what if column, broke into the building and set fires following this. They deployed federal law enforcement. To bolster the defensive cape, melodies of their court house- and that is all one here from the media that the media claim.
Tromp was sending out secret police. His gestapo to patrol the streets with unmarked vans vehicles and on identifiable officers beating people in the streets. It never happened, but I'll tell you this. If Trump did actually deploy federal law enforcement, guard up guard our city streets that this country, the writing Not have happened in Chicago, so perhaps Trop is right, but he's not just saying we, the National Guard, he sang local officials need to be held accountable for this. They think they claim all of these left us at the moment. Federal officer state inside the courthouse and deferred to local police, it all became peaceful and that's a lie. It wasn't true, then it's not true now Perhaps trap is correct. There was riding in Portland once again for the seventy fourth night wives, mass looting throughout Chicago Riots in Seattle, where they damage the destroyed a bunch of windows, awful assembly declared in Phoenix Arizona among them
The other protests that warrant, as notable because didn't you know, break out to full scale riots. At what point do we say this needs to be put under that? You know that we need control of these. Cities and the local officials are failing to actually do their jobs. I think at this point trump is correct, and we need some kind of federal law enforcement to help. Deal with what's going on any cities, otherwise it will get worse, which is why shocking to me that mayor Lorry Lightfoot is saying once again no two federal assistance. They aren't able to stop the violence which is getting worse and almost every single city Chicago, did deploy. By a couple new units which did see crime go down a little bit, but gun violence is still we really bad, our time these local officials swallow their pride and recognise they can't deal with this and they should take trumped up on his offer. Otherwise, their proving em right in cities that are run by Democrats, theirs,
mass looting riots, unrest and at the federal level trump is deploying law enforcement to guard federal jurisdiction, Other people are complaining that he's sending any secret police, but he's not I'm sure many local residents now wish that he did so. Let's do this, let's not waste any more. I won't. Let me show you exactly what trumps said and I want a beer. Down the lie about how Portland ever was peaceful talk about. What's going on in Chicago and why it's time to be a bit more proactive and even trumpet saying Trump should be set We, the National Guard in Chicago too, because the unrest is going on in Chicago. According to my family members, actually first stop. While we it see. Mass unrest last night and looting there has been an increase, in crime and smaller groups looting certain areas ever since the George Floyd right started. Let's read this first story: Trump urges Portland bring in national guard. Amid unrest warns officials they will be held responsible before we get started. However,
Had over the TIM cast dot com slashed done it. If you'd like to support my work as many ways, you can give the best thing you can do subscribe to my channel about half the people who watch aren't actually succeed and if you want to make sure that Youtube does let you know what my videos go up every day at four p m hit that subscribe button just below the video give little tap Videos are more likely to pop up in your feed. Also hit. These subscribe hit the eloi. Button and the notification? Well, let's revenues Fox, says President Trump on Monday. To Portland, to bring in the National guard after months of unrest, calling this the out of control and warning local officials that they will be held, sponsible, he said Portland, which is out of troll should. Finally, after almost three months bring in the National Guard, the mayor and governor, are putting people's lives at risk. They will be. Held responsible. The guard is right. To act immediately. The courthouse secured by homeland they like to claim at tromp as a dictator he's not
he's actually not forcing his way into any of these cities in places like Chicago he's, deployed, F yeah, I eighteen. Seventy eight to assist by doing desk work, allow owing police to actually go out onto the street and deal with real crime, but no trump is it Flying national guard or the military invoking insurrection ACT is not doing any. This he's letting these cities prove to their own residence at therein cable. All of dealing with the unrest, and maybe they I have listened to trump a long time ago. That's the one for Mayor Lorry Lightfoot, when she keeps saying over and over again, I I need help from tromp. She said at last month or the month before. Now she sang it again. You know it's gonna happen. The unrest will spark back up because people on the farm after our planning, these massive protests around election time, they say trumps tweets, home after a riot was declared in Portland Oregon on Sunday, as officers. Try
to quell Unwrast. That's our protesters march on a police union building, throw objects at officers, block a road and set dumpsters on fire live. You had showed multiple dumpster fires had been set near the building less than a half an hour after police tweeted criminal activity including, but not limited, to, vandalism, unlawful entry to the building or fire starting could be subject to arrest the use of dear guests, and or crowd control munitions. According to the AP, they say democratic Mayor TED Wheeler said violent, pro, masters are also serving as political props. For the president, while the president has called upon. The test, her sick and dangerous anarchists running wild in the city, streets, imaginative! the gas was used in Portland, the president has been denouncing the violent demonstrations important for weeks and his administration deployed federal agents, including some? U S, but Us Marshall special operations, see Bp Ice, etc to the federal property. All trump has done so far is guard federal jurisdiction and good for him
night in Portland, several officers were injured by mortar explosions. They were burned, but this is typical You know every morning I wake up. I say: oh, hey, look, you know the riots in Portland again, and most of you are probably tired of it. I'm tired of talking about it, we get more people, going bomb starting fires, but now there tat in residential homes, their vandalism, residential homes they had their attacking people at their property, In one video man is screaming, get off my property. They won't listen to him the riots, getting out of hand and something needs to be done about it. But what are we here? What are we hear from all these leftists that when trumps feds withdrew, it became Peaceful right will, then. Why are we here? Because it wasn't true then- and it's not true- now- take a look at this tweet from
Brooklyn dad this guy's a very prominent trump reply. Guy got hundreds of thousands of followers. He says there have been three straight knights of peaceful protests and trumpet goons left Portland. It's not a coincidence. Twenty thousand five hundred retreats except trumps de age- never left there still there to this date, and it was ever peaceful and I'll prove it. But there's more this tweet from Rhine Cooper, this who was arraigned Cooper as a national correspondent at the week he treated at a story from them. A street journal that set with now A federal agents on streets, Portland Protests turns turns largely peaceful, not true needs us, magic that sorry now I can respect the Wall Street no, but they got this one wrong. Here's a tweet from Ahmed Bobby says once it and Portland protests were peaceful ass night, since federal is art there, also Every single person in this clip was wearing a mask is why these protests haven't caused covered,
ten spikes like bars and other other gatherings. It was just not true now now that the the protests are sparking back up or should they riots? I'm sorry? Oh you know the riots are sparking back up. We see things like this pitching the think piece on Portland how trumps federal officers in Portland change the character of a city forever and may truly peaceful protest. Impossible even after the feds left. I love it of the narrative game there playing you see how, when trumps, what when the state claimed here is what happened. The states They would start policing these. These protests, these riots and the feds said okay, so the is deferred to the police, and around this time it was I would say more peaceful, simple, because the feds stopped engaging as people burned things in the street and beat people in the street, but they were still doing it, but because
we didn't see widespread imagery of the police attacking people, just the rioters, you know being violent. They report on it. I suppose, but now that the Violence has escalated, it's worse than its at its basically ever been there now saying well well, at its troops fault for simply being their paused to not not be able to be, Peaceful Bigelow, this with Washington, Post Trump, ordered federal forces to quell Portland protests, but the chaos ended as soon as they left it. Never did. I love this one without Feds Portland protests. Again, and peaceful just lies lie after lie after lie. Now it was true that many of the protesters stopped. Far left us from throwing explosives and starting fires for the most part. One the cease fire was agreed upon. I call it cease fire, but I want to quote what are we gonna call it? The governor of Oregon said the feds were withdrawn and that state police would be moving in.
It seems likely, in my opinion, that many of these new, no protest or types realize now they needed to look good for the cameras. Only problem While on the surface we did see it was less tense again, probably because the feds warrant actually stop them from being violent. They were still violent August. First, this article is written from courthouse news. Ok Well, here's an hour here. Here's a statement from the Hs on August. First they talk about stacks of pay. Does imply. Wood was set on fire at the corners fence in the vicinity. They say: oh espionage, gauged the group setting the fire right. Through objects at F, p S personnel as they responded to extinguish the fire, no use of Warsaw injuries were reported riders two windows, the Edith Green Federal building, but disappear before F P S could respond the ages the officers conducted zero arrests, federal officers or, I will be reported, any use of force or injuries two officers. So, ah, if the age ass, his,
boarding that there were window smash fire started. They did engage with them. What's up with all these stories and statements on the left propaganda, propaganda and lies because they don't want dropped to be correct. Now, saying sang the National Guard because it's worse than ever, he was right the whole time, What are they saying now? What well it's? Actually the feds fault that things are increasingly violent. Oh I'm sure Thirty, nine knights of rioting and the far left. You some kind of welding cutting tool to break into the courthouse vandals. Is everything and only ass, Thirty nine nights did feds, commend to up defend the courthouse and they say Trump caused this, I'm sorry, it's pattern. The absurd here's, a tweet from Andy no August second, one thirty one, a m from August- first overnight and you ve gathered in a residential area of Portland to attack of Portland Police building. They ve been pushed
back. They were rioting on the first into the second retreat from Andy this one from seven forty eight p m August first from the night prior where they said, was peaceful, be eleven, if a protesters beat up someone in their own camp at the park next to Portland Federal Court House, I recognise some of these people, as ones who started fires at night. Some have also been arrested and released mobile taught multiple times. We have this tweet from Andy three, fifty eight, August. First, from the night of July, thirty, first into the first anti the protesters and doubtless put down on Portland, have sorted burning american flag on the street and burning Bible. So no it never stopped it kept going on and on the night of the first. While this peaceful demonstration was occurring, at least according to these leftists on twitter. More than a hundred and fifty rounds were fired victim struck by bullet in Monti, villain, neighbourhood, Portland, police, announce. So no was never
he's and I'll say it again if Trump had actual they sent out federal law enforcement to Chicago to New York and in other places this riding would have stopped a long time ago. But he didn't trump, only use the feds to defend federal jurisdiction, I guess you know it's rather unfortunate, but I'm going to say it if, if Joe Biden gets elected Then you will not have this kind of response, Joe Biden we'll do it all of the other Democrats are doing and standing down and allowing this to happen, because here we go even after this ok mass, looting throughout downtown cargo into the north side neighborhoods they pulled the dry. Bridges around Chicago. So, there's a port Juno Chicago's downtown, which is basically a peninsula, yet the lake on one side, cognitive on the other- and it creates this large section where, if you lift all the bridges, Nobody is getting out of this area and the pull it's actually relatively easy to place where they did this to stop people from getting. In from the goal
Coast Mag Mile area north of the river. After all, this. According to some family members of mine, they weren't surprised to hear it. Because they ve sat out well the looting and the rioting and stuff. It's been ongoing nonstop since the end of may it never ended, and I But what will happen? But how can we are hearing about this? Here's what I'm old by me now some locals, to put it means, I guessed what had taken the grain of salt. There have been groups that have any that have been engaging and looting and smash and grabs. Since the riots started. It's just not that big, a handful of people here and there, but the crime seems to be up at least according to people. I know who I am Teddy. This wasn't surprisingly them, because it's just an escalation of it's already been going on people. Apparently someone pulled up to a store with a U Hall Van, like these people oh what's happening there prepared to start looting. There's no com, it's in the police to actually deal with the crime.
And that's why I showed you everything about Portland. Here's, the mayor of Chicago, We don't need national guard. Here's the mayor, June. Twenty six. I dont need leadership lessons from Donald Trump as our police office. Her street outreach workers and residents continued to work tiles tirelessly to keep our community safe. He's using the terms of gun, violence in our city, discordant, cheap political, get points, spew, racist rhetoric and ignore the impact of covert across the country is despicable, disgusting and all too typical, same old, tired playbook. How about some leadership, not steeped in the divide and conquer tactics. I stand with Governor Pritzker in providing for the safety. Well being of our residents only. She actually listened to the president and actually took in the help from federal, enforcement or the national guard. The looting and riding would not have happened last night in Chicago this is a fine.
EL, your of leadership, for political reasons, she rejected what tromp was saying, it is stupid. You don't have to like the man to recognize. You need help Portland is unable to stop a right after seventy four nights and she was given an opportunity months ago to accept federal assistance to stop the violence on the streets, and she said I don't need lessons from Trump and she saying it again. Here's my prediction: tromp was right. He was right, not in the sense tat he sat came out. There's gonna be more riding in Chicago. He was right in the sense that the police are struggle to deal with the unrest. You need federal help, whatever happens in the future. Well, now it's on them and it is So it s what the looting the writing happens. It's going on in Portland, happening in Seattle. You know see don't try to actually stop their police from using. I munitions against rioters and the
to put it a message saying we're not gonna be able to help you, because our hands are tied. A federal judge had to intervene once again the federal government helping to stop the unrest at the locals. Don't seem to care about. Well now. After all this mayor. Lorry Lightfoot is still saying I do not need your help swallow. Your pride men swallow that pride push your ego down and say anything, we can do to help the people of Chicago feel safe and secure. I am linked to accept any available resources to help secure our city are welcome. Why not? If the federal from it says all we're gonna do is take it. You know what a comment: I'm gonna help you out. What's the problem with this, Well here we go marrow lordly lorry Lightfoot rejected calls for the nation guard, a patrol Chicago in the wake of overnight looting downtown while defending her self. On Monday from criticism that her administration failed to protect the city. Lightfoot said she spoke with Illinois. Governor Jamie.
Pritzker and neither believes the National Guard is needed at this time. The city has been working with state police. She said life, but also preemptively, criticized President Trump, who had private they threaten to send in federal agents to intervene in Chicago Street crime. This is ridiculous. Fbi investigators not boots on the ground law enforcement It recently sent a bunch of agents to the city as part of operation legend, which Lightfoot said she supports as long as operate through you S, attorney John Lush. So what's the problem? Trump is doing what you he's he's. It's happening, Besides, look at all these fine, beautiful law enforcement. We have right here, let them what you need and they're here to accommodate and she's I'll need nothin from Trump, not only the National Guard, their they're they're going they're gonna, follow your lead. You tell them what you need they're here to help their giving you a dish, no resources, not telling you what to do. Why won't you accept this? Oh, I get it it'll make trump look good. I suppose
you know they want to make sure that they are saying Trump is failing this country, look at all the civil unrest trumpets offered. You support you rejected it, all trumpets failing uncovered Trump has offered you support you rejected. These are forcing anything on anybody look man, I got. A Chicago. This is annoying to me that you you, she said and she she's she supports operating legend, so long operates to the US attorney. So, what's wrong with the National Guard operating under your destruction. More resources is ridiculous. Pritzker said Monday. He reached out to Lightfoot overnight to offer the states help in Illinois. State power. These closed unwrap on ramps and off ramps where necessary for the city of Chicago Illinois, state police, director Brandon Kelly has been in Chicago police officials and we want to make sure that we're doing everything we can to support the city as we did back in in June. When looting and mayhem occurred back, then why were they not prepared for this did they think it was all over after that, the peak of the of the nation-
wide riots in June. Were they like? Well, that's it we're all done here, don't need any assistance when Trump said at the end of June federal. Assistance is ready and available, and she said we don't need support for trump. Why weren't they prepared for what happened last night and accounted for that matter What's going on in Portland. You don't know, I don't live in Portland. When she had gone, I left for raising Chicanos been horribly mismanaged for as long as I have been alive and longer as long as I I could tell the city was it was just awful, so I left not that I'm in a better way, This new Jersey is not doing too too well either. But I look at this and I'll tell you what met would bothers me about Chicago's eye of family members there. So I want to
get their act together? Otherwise, I'm gonna see to getting my family out whatever. Whatever ways I can, if you're stone the setting out. Now my family's, mostly in the suburbs, so at least that's better than being in these cities, but this is this- is this: is nuts men criminals need to hear the club criminals need to be held accountable? Pritzker said. I have, of course been an advocate for police accountability at its end for reforms. Sidney reforms. Having said that, these were criminals, people who broken and were shooting people. We had thirteen. I believe thirteen officers injured last night is criminal activity and those coming need to be held accountable, you're right. So why didn't you I was gonna happen. Luck if it in in the May? Twenty fifth, you know incident. You know which led to these I'd spread riots. I say you were all caught off guard we have least ruddy unavailable, and we want to protect our city streets and our communities, and sometimes these things happened happen and we're not ready for them. Well, it's been nonstop in Portland
So we know it's happening across the country. What made you think it was? It was over that Chicago who could just beggar pack it in boys? Everybody had back we're not to have a plan in place for this when I can have you think ready for widespread looting or riots like we did at last month. It's all done, even though the election is coming up, and now Tromp says National Guard or you will be held, out of order. They say no, no! No! No! We don't we don't need. You know what you are wrong than you're gonna be wrong. Now, mark my words, Lightfoot Face criticism, from Aldermen Brian Hopkins, who represents parts of downtown up said he was on Michigan Avenue from midnight to about, for I am and saw police very little apparent plan get overwhelmed by the crowds of looters. This is insane. They say that the aldermen are like the local politicians for certain areas in Chicago and they ve been button had the mayor for quite some time. This is a complete failure. It you now they're saying that, like you know from I guess ten until six, a m going me locking down parts of downtown, why,
Aren't you ready? You don't need have downtown locked down, but why and they have you know a higher presence of of police officers in certain areas. Why don't they have a plan for them? and now they at least the aldermen calling it out so good on him to say there was no plan in their getting overwhelmed. Hopkins criticise Lightfoot. For now. Being prepared after an earlier looting in May and June? Both merit is dude saying That's what I'm saying I defer to him I'll do for him. The real question today as well It was the strategy what Was the decision making at the highest levels? That means the police. Superintendent and the mayor, whose a very hands on marijuana, comes these kinds of this. As these decisions Hopkins put painted a bleak picture for the city. If Lightfoot CAT yet such criminal activity in and around downtown under control. So stop saying no, how many? national guard. Do you really need trumps? Ripe trump is right? mark my words, man, they're gonna, regret it somebody between
I remember what was I think it was Eliza Schaefer that Donald Trump can't hold his rallies because of covert, but hey, The widespread rioting may as well be campaign rallies for Trump, because he's not being a dictator he's not forcing these people to do anything. But he's warning you about what happens if you don't pay attention and you dont get your act together and they are not getting their act together and now, Skype, this guy Hopkins, not the mayor he's an alderman, so he has no problem sang it like it is. He says literally the future of cargo hangs in the balance. I don't think it's an overstatement to say that if this continues. How can Chicago survive? What will be left downtown? their water tower place, gets boarded up for sale signs go up on all the condos near Michigan Avenue people who live around there have had their sense of safety badly shaken. This is our tax base. By the way we count on time revenue from this area of the city to fund all
all number of other programmes we count on. I don't ask the plaza he now, it's gonna be buying up these empty properties, people are fleeing. The said: he's got a great opportunity, tanking property value. Maybe some purpose, maybe that's the real game. They don't care they don't actually want a plan. They want It would seem like they're trying, but does not really happening. I don't know man I'll. Tell you what, though the blog of New York has said it. They're, gonna, they're, gonna be buying up his empty buildings, and that to me is, is while below cut throat, blood thirsty opportunism. Now that people are suffering and being forced from their homes by chaos in the streets he's as well. By the property a discount and we're gonna turn into government programme. Housing amazing Chicago you probably should have the National Guard come in otherwise you're an end up, look like New York unless that's what they really really want. You know it's funny. Trumps been
all, but a lot of things. I wish she was out. He was a man of better preparedness and character, but at the I'll tell you what, if you think, You're gonna get me to vote for Joe Biden SIMPLE, because trumps got a potty mouth and and he's off the coffin. He doesn't know the system works properly ill prepared for the role of the presidency in presidency, and I'm Trump could be the the worst in terms of his professional behaviour, and at this point I don't care he sat at National Guard. What would you think it's gonna be like with national guard? I talked I'll. I live in Chicago I've been an error. Is the national guard? You it's fine. You walk out. You wave, you smiling, keep what about your business, but I'll tell you what Get national guardsman in here, no more riding, no more alluding. Why won't they listen to Trump? Why won't they take? is advice on federal resources. Why won't they take the help he has offered they hate the man so much they would read. Or their cities burned to the ground. Now I don't I don't and that's the thing. A lot of people are like items. Finally, you know talking, you know, jumping on the top train. No! No! No! I'm sorry! It's not true. I say this as much as I dont like the man
you have to be insane to do to sit back. You know and watch all of this happen and that their doing so I'll try break it down for you, tromp to me was always a candidate who was always a president. I just don't really his demeanor, any personal behaviour and their certain policies, let us agree on, and I certainly wouldn't buffer Hillary Clinton, and I don't care what now it's gotten real bad and its basically vote for Trump and the Republicans, otherwise These are the Democrats are doing today. Cities at this point on brown even like your policy or the way you talk tromp, but at least you're offering up resources. Think about what what what what we're looking at a president like Trump who bad diction. I think S argon says it bodies basically like this. I have got police, and assistance radium and available for any city that needs it and they say no, not as people are in I'll, take the pie,
Mouth guy who's gonna, send in law enforcement to keep my city safe and help make sure we can live peacefully. That makes way more sense, I'll leave it there. Time, coming up at six p m over at Youtube dot com. Him cast news check it out and I will see you all them last night wide spread looting and riding swept through Chicago the mag mile, the gold coast. These are near north side, neighborhoods just north of downtown security guard was shot using critical condition. We don't really know why people were rioting. We have a general idea, somebody got shot the confrontation with police, but they're not entirely sure. That's, what's really causing this. What videos are coming out about People downtown Chicago shooting guns into the windows of one star, Gucci store. China break and people run screaming. There's a video or people claims? Someone tried to run down some cops speeds off. People are getting hurt: and there's some videos of people getting arrested, but it's not just Chicago man. There was, ass riding in Seattle and of course there was.
Ass riding once again for night. I believe seventy four seventy two. Seventy four of Portland Riots, all across the country. Now I mean it's Chicago at Seattle to Portland Salient points you can expect what Chicago man. This is crazy was crazy about you, cargo? Is that the writing was for no reason it was people just it was opportunists, there's videos of car ramming into the windows of stores and everyone's cheering their filming themselves. Do this one woman's live streaming herself ass. She tries to find the device for cod. The security tags off clothes and then she yells, I can't breathe of everyone- believes you're actually doing this for black lives matter. Of course, they're videos of police arresting people. And there's reports according to Chicago Tribune, that people were are showing up with shopping bags and at least one you hall pulled up during the looting. So it seems people have at least plan something, but we don't what the writing was more than just a steel stuff, I'm willing to
but we're gonna see a puff peace from a bunch of news. Outlet sang the valiant looters defying gentrification are the other stupid nonsense. Bulimic one important point: before we start reading the store. Exactly I gotta tell you, then we got we are lot is huge. We see out, we got Portland the Washington Post. Did a puff peace photo shoot on run on the extremists? The rioters themselves important get like literally, follows you with them in praising them, but we also Yesterday, in the chop, the former chop worship, services, right wing groups coming out, define in the lock down and churches, holding their own events, but I will say one important thing: Donald Trump operation, legend This is not a campaign for the president to deploy armoured riot police across the country to stop writing. That's just not what he was planning with have you tried to make it seem like it was. They said that
tromp was this. Deploying a secret police across the country. Tromp was not doing that, if only he did, though, right, because, if Trump, Billy did deployed D just to stop right to secure the streets These rise in Chicago would not have happened, and the sick Pretty guard who is currently in critical condition would be healthy and safe. Today, maybe Donald Trump should have actually done something. I don't literally mean that I'm saying look it's up to the cities, the Democrats, politicians of the cities have failed completely thrust Seattle. They were robbing about smashing banks, they were smashing of the Amazon store. That was just reckless violence, Ireland. It was the same thing fighting with police, apparently some cops have now been injured Chicago. This seemed like as soon as rumours are flying. Apparently, someone told people are spreading false room of the copse shouted not didn't happen, and that was in and then people were like now our chance and they just
on page through wealthier air of Chicago stealing, over the main they broke into a Tesla building their broken up Castle Dealership and and and this one I know it's it's it's all and a bad, but they looted. Portillo was ok, do do you know it. Portela Portillo says hot dog shop. It's it's look it's little hot I had actually ordered some recently to get it. Do you know to get a good sampling of the old chick I go food. I've had a long time they actually I'll get us are deluding portfolios. That's what man These figures are not like that Gucci store. One you actually see the guy draws gone and start shooting he fired the glass everyone scatters he tries to kick at new fire, several shots he couldn't get in, but men it is That's the video the car rams the window. It was not seen Chicago last night right anyway. The point is We're wants to act like trumps, this dictator and he's not, but I'll tell you one thing trumped says
that this is biting America. If you vote for him, this is what you will get and they say, but Trump you the president. Now this is your America. It's happening here on your watch, yes, except when it comes to federal jurist, Jen, which tromp has you know, that's his jurisdiction he's not backing down, he deployed fads defend the core. House where he needed to he's. Guy he's got ads on call with his with his executive order, divine statues on federal property that that the it doesn't go into the states. What he is saying is that you look at all these cities where chaos, as is taking off and its democratic leadership. You take a look at a TED Wheeler in Portland, I mean it's all his fault. In my opinion, you look at Seattle. There actually are abolish the police, this we got one city councilman leading the rioters. The extremists have other council members houses the federal level, though Donald Trump ain't, battened, down now what would happen if you vote for Joe Biden, there would be no protection of federal jurisdictions, people
stop pretending, like the president or like owns or controls all these other cities. Now that's up to them. If they start TK, sing state lines. The feds can come on. Let's take a look: let's go the Chicago true. What what were the Tribune has two eggs? I got a and then I got a bunch of videos from you for you not from you for you, Chicago police Return fire as looters hit mag mile smashing windows in confronting officers. The Tribune reports, hundreds of people swept through the magnificent mile and other parts of down. I'm Chicago early Monday, smashing windows, looting, stores, confronting police and, at one point, exchange, Jeanne gunfire with officers. Bravo mayor, Mayor Lightfoot, you ve done a great job ragging, the president, when he offered up law enforcement assistance. This is on you. The officers had stopped arrow people, unlike street, near Michigan when shots were fired from a passing car on four thirty. I am new, five hours and the widespread vandalism according to the police to police spokesman Tommy. Her no but were shot, but a squad. Car tat. He said it was not
if anyone in the government's car was shot iron said other. The stars were injured through the night earlier officer, was seen slumped against a building by granted Wabash avenues, as other cops tended to him. It was unclear what had happened to him I had no details on the injuries the began shortly after midnight, as people darted through who can store windows and doors along Michigan Avenue, carrying shopping bags, full of merchandise, car is dropped off more people, as the crab grew. At least one you Hall Van was seen pulling up so that they were play. Heading for this man believes a lot of arrests and recover at least one gun official One woman was shopping bags and hence fell on the sidewalk. As an officer was chasing or another, woman appeared to have been pepper, sprayed rock was done. The squad car the living seem to be centered in St Urville and North Michigan Avenue, but some looting was reported on state street in the loop, and on the near north side by four, a M police appeared to be getting things under control
some vandalism continued into daylight hours and this, BT, suspended Frayne and bus service into downtown during the morning rush, while the Illinois state Please blocked off ramps from express ways bridges across the chicken I go river were raised, except for one on the South Street for emergency vehicles, what basically because that is when it where they raise the bridges, there's an area where they create this big bubble. The bigger picture the peninsula, essentially where your trapped? If they raise those register your your downtown trap. However, this writing was happening north of the bridges in Chicago. This means they raise the bridges to keep everyone out of the downtown area outside you. What man man I like these are tourist areas. These are but these are not they're going into these areas, so they can loot these these fancies stores, that's what they're doing they say, people were seen running out of a PNC bank, its windows smashed at Huron and state streets, down the block their stores, including a Sally beauty shop, had been cleaned by vandals. Other part, of downtown, including Europe,
The grand and Wabash avenues were littered with trash crowds. Repeatedly I do bash in the windows of the omega Watch, store at Delaware Place in Michigan Avenue. The watched one officers that they're gonna get it eventually agreed, people went in and out through broken window at the Louis Vuitton Storm olonnois. In place across the street from the Drake Hotel, a squad, car drove I and the group ran away with the car at least one person tried to go into the shop. The police returned go home, one cop shouted you go someone shouted back at the they don't care anymore. Did Chicago's lost control. Stores and on north machine where it by looters less than three months ago. So this this we all know in our, We wanted to get into the city that previous stuff, but check This out, I want to show you this is this. Is that the important part look as a serious Kaufman security, guarding critical can she shooting in the loop, so it was early this morning reported the loop is the downtown area where the trains, the train tracks, so Chicago's famous for
altering the elevated trains that run through downtown and there is an area where the tree Make a loop around downtown area. That's the loop. When you're you know your inside it use run about trains, you could walk in any direction and you'll find the train track or eventually a translation, so get a security guard man. I really do hope, he's. Ok, I think Chicago's. Indeed, sport need of help, and anybody whose denying it they just want that that these are the opportunities they like what's happening now. It is not good you, this people are gonna say only we only, we don't need trumps help we only the feds out, then I wonder what they're doing a night like this laughing joining in now regular people are probably saying we need help and we ve got in some of these tweets- but here that's crazy about this CBS Cbs News Reports- it wasn't immediately clear what led to the rest, which again shortly after Mitt after midnight, but Anti Polly. Graffiti was seen in the area is so what they always repaid: anti police stuff hours earlier, CBS
the Kok report of dozens of people have faced off with police and officers and place after officers shot and wanted a person Sunday in cities. These Inglewood neighborhood they got mention all this. Apparently somebody more spreading, rumours that the cops hedge, a child or something they say early, in the earlier shooting in Angolan police said responded about two thirty pm sign into a call about a person with a gun and tried to confront someone Acting as description? He fled from officers on foot and shot at officers, officers return, fire wounding him and a gun was recovered. He was taken to a hospital for treatment and three other officers involved also were taken to hospital for observation. Nobody died, nobody died. So what? What's? What? What's going on? more than a more than an hour after the shooting police, the witnesses set a crowd faced off with police after someone. Reportedly told people, police had shot and wounded a child. The crowd eventually dispersed, you know, may have happened opportunists
they they heard of some happen discharge spreading rumours yea. I was a kid. I was a kid they can a crowd all rowdy and then once the car start mobilizing they russian and take advantage of this Y gotta bunch I gotta bunch Eclipse magic us out from Frank Calibre, I don't know this guy yes, but he was including the start from CBS amnesia. Sir. Due to live in Chicago look at that is as their looting Portillo, hot dogs and walls. I called nine one one, but no the police at all hundreds of looters, I'm saying men if you're still in a city, you haven't bought yourself a gun. I mean I'm, not saying if your inner city go by what I'm saying you should leave the cities, you should be are yourself a again legally stored safely, get proper training and prepare to defend yourself, because the police will not be able to protect you when this goes on the most imports. I thing you all need to understand. There are not that many police officers
don't get it yeah millions of people. You got tens of thousands of cops. I don't know how many cops Chicago How about I e in New York, for instance, you ve got, I think, in the thirty to forty thousands of police. And you got in the entire metro, millions, ten million in Ireland alone, two million yucas the thought. For half a million laughed with. Those are the wealthier people. I tell you what's gonna happen You live in this area and they break into your building? You call nine one want all you want baby, they ain't common cause, they're gonna be done. We are dealing with the actual chaos workpeople rampaging to this he's, trying to hold the line somewhere. So when they come to your house and to come to Europe, urban building, smashup your store, your bank and your trapped inside and your call nine one one they're gonna be alike. What would you have us do that literally all ready happened. There was a woman, a camera Since this was both during the mass riots there was Virginia. She called nine one one I'm sorry, I'm sorry. This is New York New York, the
apparently during the looting the mass riots in two months ago. Now there was a group of people, broken apartment, building, something people were fighting and so the sky com nine one one- and he says hey, there's people fighting in my building or something and their response got from nine when one was the city is you know like we're? If we are fighting a war or something? What would you have us? Do also the store Virginia, the people jumping up on her car and she called them on one eleven they're like sorry. What do you think we can do about it? So here we go baby, there was a video that, when viral a pickup truck was trying to do down the street and a guy from the black eyes met. A group put pulled his gun, the low ready at his gun out, ready to go and an apparently there Two people armed and they told the gotta turn they got to go around the guy tried by nothing going around the screamin and run at rob to him turn them around. We're going to that point, man we're getting to that point look at their stores, looted, damaged and Chicago's.
With island neighbourhood. It was every Where it wasn't. Listen, man got Pallaby Google maps and take a look. This is all Chicago. You have the I mean it's centralized into that the downtown- and you know north side areas over this. This guy says we need the National Guard to help Chicago police, prevent our city from being overtaken by these lawless people. How much Nor can we endure this babe behaviour affects everyone up. This guy says I agree. The police that shot that men with other body cameras turned on should be punished. No one is above the law, not even the police, and there it is that's the excuse is at it. Nobody died. Chicago is: is this happens all the time? What now cops shouldn't, try and stop anybody whose you know seem committing a crime yeah the sweeter from Andy now a heavy set female lunar tries to escape from police, but trips and false black lives matter can play the videos where you know you were on Youtube, but we We have this year. This is a story from the daily Wire Portland,
police officers wounded and mortar attack. Sixteen arrested during violent anti for riot you know I don't care to read about Portland, to be honest, because Portland been goin on Non, stop for seventy four days in that's the opera that that's your problem opens up in Portland. You want you want you, you look, you would have offered People want support these people is what you get why that is only a little old lady came out. You know it you guys if in the video the little old lady in Portland standing up, splash with paint? I got really mad. Think about that Look I'm I recorded on it a segment. I said where it where's, where the strapping young men of Portland to protect this woman to protect these building sustainable these people nowhere to be seen. Apparently now I get it, you know they use, arrested, so it was a white wag involved. The police won't the rest animal cut him loose, but if you're trying to find em but I'll, tell you what? Where are the police, the common defendant, little old lady? What do you do? If you're not defending a little old lady man, you weren't you
gonna stand down because the mayor told you had to do it. I, wherever men I get it. I got it just out of Portland. I suppose we got. This are Andy NO says as Portland experiences more than seventy days of violent protests, rights, arson, attacks, soaring homicides in shootings, the Washington Post, actually publishes a glowing photo essay on anti for riot fashion. What is wrong with reporter Mirza J and the editors there? Well, this woman's Otto Porter, like you. Look at our profile, she's a protester gentrification all things for the washing our ocean. I guess she covers protest, gentrification and all things DC for the Washington wander lustre, whatever forever New Yorker she got picture off wearing black mass shields variant evil, but I get its budget to cover mask articulates. What's wrong. With her, I mean she supports the group sheet. She published this look at this! This is it's a glowing photo. I say where they actually did photo shoots with the p oh joining in the rioting, are an attack.
We like look their regular people or who are coming out engaging this writing, look, look how they stand. Impose these people this did they tell the do this. These people literally think their play again as people are, injured and explosions, the Washington Post, as insanely irresponsible, only noteth appearances. You cancel your subscription. Ah, I'm not gonna reactivated wash it both actually cancel it along time ago. Portland police, declare riot Sunday after small crowd marches. Police union, small grab, you just two hundred people. I believe that say a small, a small crowd of two hundred this insane man at so great, a small crowd of two hundred throwing borders explosions in whatever man. Ok, fine! You know it's really crazy. There's no articles about what happened in Seattle last, it took us out Andy no tweets anti far taking an Amazon story again in Seattle. They views their using sledge, hammers and I've been riding
Four hours and smashing businesses in and around Capitol Hill. We also have this one after breaking Starbucks and Chase Bank, and define Seattle, our smashing up the whole foods grocery store tonight. They use hammers to break one one by one knocking at the time of corn. This video I couldn't find a single article talking about anything having to do riots in Seattle. I guess we're pass this point. I guess we're at the point now. Where the Washington Post Gonna be like. Bravo, anti failure. Looking so cool in your fancy, clothes do do they want Donald Trump to win? It's the only thing. Thanks. I'll tell you what right now drop is offered up. He has offered up federal authorities to assist and ending all of this mayors. These governors he's locals just keep saying no build a blog, you have just announced the other day he wants, are, I believe, was on Friday that he wants to buy up buildings in New York City after their after their empty. So what.
Their destroying the cities on purpose, we snatch up all the properties and create public housing programmes. Maybe maybe, if you, if you vote for these, He's Democrats, let Us Mayor Lloyd, looking yet you got lorry Lightfoot trending right now, ten thousand nine hundred tweets. It's her fault! If you vote for these people. Well, then don't be surprised when you lose everything. Here's a people's, don't seem to understand about socialism. There is no circumstance in socialism where everybody gets lifted up you let these people too over every one gets pushed down as well. Explain to people. The goal is to create equality right. They want equality of outcome. What's the easy, you're thing to do, make everybody rich or make everybody poor one. You snap, your fingers, and you take everything away from people another equal. The other you ve got it, you gotta, create proper, you got a great resource. I too difficult to difficult when these be
all these socialist take over. They cut off the tallgrass. They make sure that everyone gets pushed down and all of these anti for people will live in horrid. Squalor were worse than they do now, because there, dumb kids revolutionary being propped up by the Washington, Post. The insanity must stop I'll. Tell you what, by in the Democrats sweepest November. This is it these people, one the Kennedy. The unhinged irresponsible, immature behaviour, the looting, the vandalism they're all clapping for you what they said about the losers in in in Ferguson, which was now just why I think for no six years ago you know they say they say looting- is fighting back You know it was that it was a form of protest. It's the Lange, of the unheard things like that. There was an local written by the far left, called in defence of looting at the time the Ferguson Riots and you know what the
of course, who lived in Ferguson, we're doing. There are linking arms to protect their stores from the looters who came from outside their neighborhoods. So now you get this lady, these loon attack on hinged people who are coming up pretending pretend do something. Now let look at the little lady, we should think you get started belt their larking. I would love these people to truly understand what the world is really like, but the gout and they never well, because they get pampered and protect. By the other morons who vote for these more on politicians, and then everything falls apart. You know what you live in these cities. You vote for these people. That's what happens so I'm That's why I'm about the middle of nowhere, you gotta, I'm, I'm not interested in being part of any these unhinged collective jurisdictions anymore. You at all people who live outside these cities and they ve blue, no matter who an anomaly burns down an essay? Why is this happening to me? Maybe should think about,
we voted for and what their supporting listen. I thought about policy not about policy. Never me. I never liked republican policy towards about its about I'm it supposed. What now it's about policy to be fair, it used to be like that Moreover, I would say something like YO eyebrow choice and there are problems on pro life and then you'd be like I, which what am I gonna vote for now, it's quite literally, republican sign, y know about all that, but I'm going to allow the police to stop the riots and the Democrats are but the rights of the language of the unheard and you're like yours, they're gone my my apartment got broken into and they burn down my coffee shop and are publicly. Sit there saying? Well, let's Let's forget to stop this. Let's, let's Victor Coffee Shop and the Democrats sang. Will you mean you ve, a problem? You think lives? Don't matter the writing is the language of the unheard. Is a video of young women cleaning off graffiti from a building
and a woman pulls up, and she says: why are you claim that up and there like which cleaning the building and she says you think black lives, don't matter, and the women the young girls are like oh, it's just were claiming graffiti now gotta leave the graffiti or else there is. Other viral video, where two people, Poland to their store. They just recently purchased a furniture repair shop and there's a bunch of lives matter, posters all over their building, the guy's, let's put them down and they ambush and with care. What are you doing? Why taking our posters down? Do you think black live don't matter, and these people are just like war yeah, that's what you will get once the Democrats when, because they are Supporting this, I am not exaggerating their literally supporting it and now occur. Security guards and critical condition. They're, not gonna, call it out. They bent their knee Nancy closely in the ransom, got on their knee. Where we are look. Look look at this. This unhinged individual carrying a leaf blower.
And wearing all these gloves and tv fashion. Love for this personal work on a farm for one day like too understand the work that goes into real planting crops. Yes, they can understand that life is an easy for everybody and you are the privileged elites. Just Oh, do one day of hard work like you know at at a coffee shop at a Mcdonald's, to understand what the working class really does go through they, don't they don't get it? The funny thing it is that these are the people who simultaneously say that the gulag, the intention was to teach the bourgeoisie. What hard work was all about making break rocks for a couple weeks. They figure out what will life was really like sure. Maybe You can start with yourself first, because you have no idea what hard work is only with their men. It saw that that there's someone so much more to go through, but I'll say it. You know, look at this pro police, proto funding group. Clashed and City Hall people world
this man, they are having their doing baptisms at the Chaz, where the Chaz used to be skin. It skins, while the other man I got an assignment coming up for you at one p, dot m. Probably nothing and all this we'll see how it plays out. Thanks for hanging out and I'll see you all, then up to his home began, and his property when he came to try and talk with them. They physically attacked him. He retreat it inside they went around backdoor. They fired a shot gun blast through it and they nearly killed this officer the story protesters tried to kill me, video shows shot fired outside home of wall a while we're Towser Officer Mensa? This is basically Milwaukee about ninety miles, north of Chicago where all those rights took place just the other night now this happened the night before, as I understand it, but it's in a similar area, and it seems to me that things are getting out of control and I set it many times that are to come your house, they are going to come to your house. Now this is an officer,
it's been suspended following the shooting of another individual, its being investigated. While the protesters are angry, their demanding justice or action, and it would appear They are demanding this man's life, the rule of law, breaking down riding sweeps across The country just over the pass out you just last night into this morning. The ride Chicago Cargo going on into daylight hours, and now we see stories like that. I mean the stories and that it before you to keep in mind, but this is this is the next. This is an excess of escalation. Men. They're not going to go protest in riot they're, not be demanding for demanding justice from the government the homes of people they don't like and they're gonna take matters their own hands as it were, is I've been saying over and over again you ve gotta go out of these cities. You really do well. Let's read this: Orient I've got more for you cause as it turns out there. Actually, some other rights last night in covering the first segment
and we also have a statement from Bill BAR who gave an interview last night. Talking about the left is trying to do, and this will this helps them. Protesters tried, kill me fox. Six Milwaukee reports police. Faster. Getting an incident that happened at the rest of suspended while, but also a police officer, Joseph Mensa, around eight p m on Saturday August Eighth, while They said it happened at the residents of the officer who was who has killed. Three people in the line of duty. In five years in a Facebook Post, Mensa said it happened as girlfriends house to house according to police, a group of approximately fifty Sixty people targeted and began to vandalized the home on one hundred street and Vienna Street a whole lot of police cars and taped off said, Rita Evans neighbour. I just couldn't get in to in front of my House copy editor guys. So I depart my car in the bow Video shared by a Fox viewer showed the chaotic seen officer meant. Attempted to communicate with the group but was fist?
really assaulted outside his home, according to release from wallet, so police around eleven am Sunday. I've got sons unjust. To have to tell my son to be very careful about going in and out said Evans has the officer made his way back into his home police, An armed protesters approach the rear door and a single shot gun round was discharged into the back door Investigation into this incident is ongoing police had Sunday morning, Fox NEWS. Reached out to mention his attorney. We expect to hear hear from him Monday. He really he released a statement on Sunday on Facebook, while we actually have statement which gives a more definitive response, so we'll move on. They say police set in the release Sunday morning were actively monitoring reports report plans for demonstrations later Sunday adding? all city of war, toast employees, support the right to peaceful protest. Further, incidents of vandalism or violent behaviour will be dealt with on ice. Is sick, donation by situation. Basis. Man says
but involved in the shooting down of three people in five years: twenty fifteen fatal. Cutting of Antonio Gonzalez was real justified as The twenty sixteen death of J Anderson Mensa suspension. By a unanimous vote of the wallet, tells a common council in July fifteenth stemmed from officer involve shooting death of seventeen year old, Alvin, coal and February second, that case is still under review by the Milwaukee County, different district attorney's office. Meanwhile, while it tells US mayor, has called for him to transition from the wall, which also police departments. Employment. Mensa spoke out for the first time since the shooting July, twenty Eightth telling radio house he fired his weapon in self defence. Adding. No one can explain why the Pfc voted to suspend him and indicate he believes it was done to appease protesters. Well, we have a statement from While Atossa Mayor Dennis Mcbride, which seems to confirm what happened. They showed
up to this man's house. They tried to kill him last night. Approximately fifty people assume the private residence of war, which was a police officer. Joseph Mensa engaged in a protest. Began to vandalized his home office are mentioned. Try to engage in a dialogue with them, but was physically assaulted, is retreated It was home armed protesters, opera, the rear door and why, fired, a shot gun round into his back door, the walls of police, Parliament received assistance in dispersing the, from numerous neighbouring neighbouring agencies. The w pities investigation in the incident is ongoing, in recent weeks, various groups have protested, and while we are demanding that officer meant to be fired, the city while which also has always supported and protected the right of peaceful protest, last night's event was not a peaceful protest, it was criminal behaviour, if the perpetrators of this criminal behaviour identified, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law. Quote tomorrow morning, I will be made
with the police chief, the city administrator, the city attorney and other city officials to determine which steps can be taken to ensure that officer Mensa is fully protected in the criminal behaviour This kind will not happen again in July. Fourteen common council issued a statement asking the police chief and the city administrator to facilitate the transition of officer amounts from W Pd employment. Nevertheless, every Common Council member and I support our police department, every cow Men, council, member and I support officer Months- is right to do process under the you and was content constitutions and as a police officer to the addition due process. Protections found in Wisconsin statutes under Wisconsin law. That decision as to whether he will be fired as D and any citizen complaint below solely to the wallaces, while because a police and Fire Commission and the commission must be given a full opportunity to carry out its deliberations during this difficult time. I ask all members of the community to reflect on their personal responsibility to engage in Russia
possible and civil behaviour, now more than ever. It is essential we all work together to heal a divided community. This will require patience and understanding that, though the instances, an officer engaging in wrong doing, which is why we need to have investigations. The problem arises when people feel the investigations are not legitimate and then it doesn't matter what's true or false, or right or wrong these far leftists these anti police individuals, although becoming angry mobs. Now, look man. I understand you got an officer involved shooting the problem. I see that there are many instances where cops need to be held accountable for wrong doing, but not ever instances an officer engaging in wrong doing, which is why we need to have investigations. Problem arises when people feel the investigations are not legitimate. And then it doesn't matter what's true or false, or right or wrong, matters is civil order breaks down. You got a larger budget
Well, there are showing up and I'm reticent, actually call them protesters their protesting for sure, but they're not far left, This sounds like a bunch of you know, I guess technically leftist based on what their protesting, but they are just angry people met at the police. The far left few does this bay? They post messages the media posts messages it it right, everybody up and makes them believe that everything is worse than it's ever been and these police are literally the worst. You know the worst people in our communities I wonder what really happened with this cop and the people that he ended up. Shooting you live the Chicago Land area. You live, nor the Chicago Milwaukee. There are dangerous criminals. Man there's there's this crime, it it exists. Last night in Chicago this morning in Chicago Mass riding swept through the city, cops were shot at cops fired back as apparently, some kind of gang war going on and people are on edge.
You gotta imagine now, there's gonna be cops going out in force in the law under the assumption that they may be shot at any moment because of the animal city. The far left is making every thing worse there escalating. Pensions now they'll argue the police are doing it and the police have been doing it. Miss a fair point. I would say to an extent We gotta make sure we held bad cops accountable and even if the cup, accidentally fires. We hold them accountable in an appropriate fashion right. Story going around about about a duty was playing video games with his eye. His girlfriend are mature, maybe his wife, somebody called it a domestic dispute. I believe them man's name was Ryan Whittaker itself. Sounds like a corner, then I want one call this person actually just angry. They were being noisy and playing video games late at night. So he calls into domestic dust pollutants as their slamming doors. There screaming and then and they asked me was if it was physical or something, and the guy says something like you know. If
I'll get the cops, your faster, I work in the morning or some of them, the cops show up and there's two cops and standing like this one here for the door one year to the side, this cop ox. The dude opens the door and an lunges out not like attacking, but like a jolt, I kind of like a Kramer kind, a move and he's got gun. The cops are young whoa, whoa, whoa whoa, so he puts the gun back in his waistband and the cot behind, and is this a gun you do with your hands up. He does cop shoots him several times in the back killing him that companies are held accountable, The caught the guy had a gun. I know what you came to his house. There are stories like these people are mad about stories like this, the accountability for officer is gonna, be like he loses his right to bear the weapon. He gets Papa and ask duty and he's taken off the job. Or or potentially, man saw now it is challenging because the dude was armed, but hey man. You come to my house, you knock on my door, you now you got expert that someone might be armed to leave a legal right in this country. I believe
tat in Arizona. So I bring the story up, not the note I bring it up just because listen sometimes cops do wrong. And you don't just say: oh well, someone's dad I'll keep the cop doing us they non. I look if you got a trigger happy up if you gotta scared, carbon, anxious cup and they dont not properly handled a weapon, they need. There needs to be some kind of accountability in that respect seems like baseness video in that regard for the cop on destiny permanently. He should not allowed to be going around the weapon if he can't properly handle himself. When dealing with an unarmed local who whose legally on his property and has done nothing wrong. That's why I think I under that? That's it. So I would say I understand a lot of what these protesters would complain about with police accountability. However, it's come to the point. Oh, where their showing up to people's homes, and this goes beyond any protest. You know why maybe this cop, this this guy and
and while we close our actual while what goes on proper pronouncing right, maybe a beggar maid is a bad guy who just wants to go round. He hates people. I really don't think that's the case. Think that's rare but possible. Ok, but maybe it's a bad guy and they can't get justice, so they take it in their own hands, find whatever. I don't think that's the case, but the point is we have escalated, now they have gone to people's homes, the Pacific Northwest they have gone too far. Central areas in Chicago with it. The aldermen complaining about it and now their goal into the homes of officers and saying we dont care about justice. This is it. This is absurd and say it now: I'm gonna go there now going on about Davis. We can't have it. You'll anti mobs, showing up and saying we don't care about the review. We don't care about the law. That's why it so important. We have quality under lock and confidence in our legal system, and I think a lot of cops in Chicago and their especially the get away with a lot. They really do now. You're gettin, this, it's gonna, spread
These are not the same as the annual far left us, but people are going to say you know what why bother with the court's they'll just show up now. We had riots in Chicago, Ed rise in sea level, rise in Portland actually also had rights in Arizona in downtown Phoenix. They say, eight people were arrested for your protest. The event began as a peaceful march until protesters and law enforcement clashed at peanut police headquarters. Demonstrate demonstrators organise the event to remember the six year anniversary of the death of Michael Brown, who was killed by police in Ferguson during the protests. Phoenix police department played audio over the crowding was unlawful. You do I I think this is really interesting. I'm pretty sure I could be wrong. I'm pretty sure that men who died was was in Arizona, Rhine Whittaker was shot, but still writing for Michael Brown, they are rioting for their or I should say you know, is it really a riot, maybe not and unlawful assembly? but they're getting rowdy over that happens six years ago, but it still happening today- and that says too
I know I know I'm not saying they should go and riot for forever. Four people. They should get justice, but it says that it isn't gonna slow down anytime soon it started under Obama is only getting worse. The anger and sentiment that started under the Obama administration has, as transport over now ensue you know this election year forever reason and it's gonna, resulting in real chaos, mean we don't know exactly what's gonna happen with this White House siege, you ve got far left people who are. Really angry. They ve been protesting nonstop for nearly a decade and now Gonna influenced the election in some capacity, and you know I think people at will end up getting physically in LOS Angeles, there was a up black eyes matter. Rally for police reform, which minors any was peaceful people sitting in a park. So that's I wanted to highlight this dimension that we had a lot of action happening yesterday. You know the anniversary of Michael brought stuff volume of you now to build billboard directly addressed
all of this what's going on with the far left, what's happening across his country, in an interview on Fox Agee Bill BAR says socialist black lives matter. Protesters have created urban guerrilla warfare in cities across the country because their desire for a left wing utopia, tensions with Interpol plugins and Democrats ratchet up significantly in recent months, as the? U S was hit with a swathe of protests, human rights. How does the November presidential election politicians? both sides of the I'll have hurled blame on each other for the for the civil unrest from this despite Americans, disillusioned by law enforcement and the federal government, but on Sunday age he bore levelled fresh attacks at black lives matter. Protests and Democrats in an interview on Fox NEWS Bar who has stripped announcing blacklist protests claims. The movement is cut comprised of bolsheviks. Focused on some form of socialism and communism, he would be correct. They are a revolutionary group that is it
did in some form of socialism, communism. There is Chile, Bolsheviks. Their tactics are fascistic. He added He believed the ongoing blacklist. Protests are a new form of urban guerrilla warfare. The way the gorilla hides out, among the people as a fish in the ocean what they do is there a centrally shielding themselves or shrouding themselves in first amendment activity? go into the demonstrations, which are exercising first, a moment activity and they in You wait themselves in there to show themselves: that's where they swim and what they do. Hi Jack these demonstrations and they provoke violence blacklist matter. Anti police protest first sparked with George, for we know since that a number of points departments, have seen their budgets to be funded and the Minneapolis Police Department for full out, abolished. Bart old Fox NEWS at the group's liberal leanings, though not liberal, their leftists, are parallel to the damn credit party. Suppose it far left shift in recent years. The left.
Pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergone the United States, and made a secular religion out of seeking complete political victory. According to bar this alleged ship began after President Tromp was elected in the office and from that point forward, there's been this resistance said bar who added that power has become a secular religion of the left. They were fine to impeach him from day one. They have done everything they can, and I think it's because of the desire for power the left wants. They want to run people's lives, so they can design utopia for all of us and if the lust for power and they weren't expecting trumps victory and an them later in the interview bar lashed out at the media for projecting a narrative and ITALY lying the american people about what's really happening, you don't yet on the networks. You don't see it on the other cable stations, and yet you hear about these peace will demonstrations. So it's you know, it's just a lie. It's just! It's a lie. The mare
can people are being pulled, a lie by the media. Oh bar nails it. You know seeing Bill BAR saying after wonder, if you actually watches my content, I mean that not literally, and what I mean to say is he's right. I see the exact same thing and I think right now your pay attention. What's going on in this country, you also eaten. You also know what's happening, I suppose from a friend they called Donald Trump evil What about it? This person has no idea what's happening across the country with the riots, the looting fish, the bigger the people showing up to this cops house shooting at him. And I thought to myself the only people who think job as evil are people who art paying attention to what is happening in this country cuts. Are you I absolutely do not believe Donald Trump as evil eye of issues. With his b If you're sure a lot of people do become on is not evil. I think you know especially Bill BAR there trying to do the right thing and they're, not perfect, that's about it, so why would someone assume their evil? Joe Biden? You know
I actually you know it is this. Is this the challenge? I would argue that immigrants are evil. The only difference between me and my friend when she sang tromp as evil. I'm saying it's actually. The Democrats is that I've been paying attention to the news and I debunking the lies and watching real content. A lot he's. Leftist activists are getting their information from bunk sources who say: peaceful protests, peaceful, peaceful, peaceful. You look at you look at the or organ live in Portland and they used Sixteen instances of the ward protester after the police had declared a riot people. China burned on a building with people inside they said protesters demonstrators and that's the narrative. You see peaceful protesters being viciously assaulted by trumps Gestapo, but there is no gestapo. We know this because they ride with impunity throughout Chicago all last night, security guards and the condition we know because they shop to a cops house and they nearly killed a man. There's no trumpet not it's the far
It's got around causing others damage. Destruction is the lies. You truly believe there was nothing but peaceful protests because of the fake news if we truly believe trumped up I'd federal forces nation wide to Pope police riots because a fake news. Well, then, you are wrong that isn't happening, but you're not paying attention, and so you think Trump is evil. Meanwhile? The Democrats have done everything in their power to support both There are these riots. These protests ongoing they ve, shut down the states. They ve crippled the economy. They tried to impeach the president. They have done everything in their power to stop Trump, and I wonder I've had some conversations recently with some high profile individuals who are not public, Trop supporters who dont really talk politics. Their famous in other areas and there talking about how their definitely voting for trumpet it made me wonder: men if these people, who are mainstream high profile. You know, musicians and athletes and and and actors and stuff like that
You would assume there on the left in the end these, in these places, the northwest and in New York and California, but they're they're, they're, secretly saying that for tromp I'll tell you what man you ve gotta, come out and just admit and tell people what you what you think help them realise its happening in this country. But if you just sit back. You don't say anything. You say to yourself: you're gonna go and vote. While I hope I hope everyone else knows it's happening, because if you sit back- and you don't say it- you don't tell people to push back against us, you dont tell them what's really happening, they won't know and a lot of people will just operative the assumption that Trump is evil and they must support Biden and I'm on it, one final thought on this crisis. Some conservative talkin about it trot says if you vote for Biden. This is what you're going to get this is, but we shall be islands, America and they say, wait a minute. Its trump America right now that's the leftist sang but Trump you're. The president This happened under your watch as couple important points for one
The right started under Obama. So, yes, it is safe to assume if you appoint Biden, you'll get more the same, however, you look at these jurisdictions and what do we see? We see? Dammit credit politicians unable to enforce the law. Donald Trump had no problem, sending the feds federal corners in Portland and dealing with dealing with no problem at all. You get jobs, at the federal level, you will see more widespread riots against courthouse against buildings and it will be very crippling to the US economy to our government. Maybe that's what they want. That's the plan, but I'll tell you. This tromp is right. If Biden gets elected he's stand up to these people he's gonna back down and apologize like Wheeler did and learning to your house like they do to this police officer like to the to the people in Portland you better use. You better stand up, speak up. I don't know I got it. Man. People are scared to take the risk. While can I say I can't blame them, but I hope people fi
courage. I got more segments coming up later today than actual be at four p m over at TIM, cast dot net check out the channel, and I will see Walter. I often sought. About how the media plays dirty games to protect people and skew the news so that they can claim. Things are false when there are actually true one example would be like you know: they'll be a star, they will come up and say: Donald Trump was seen eating chocolate ice cream, and then there will be a fact check by one of those famous fact: checking organizations. Then I'll, say something like did Donald Trump, really, each chocolate ice cream with sprinkles on top false in big old letters, but then fine and that'll give this big. Ascription will be alive. People often prefer chocolate. I scan with sprinkles you get off the bottom of the article and I'll say, while Trump did actually chocolate ice cream, he didn't have sprinkles on it. That's the name of the game so now that you understand here that they do the fact. Looking organisations when there's a story, they don't like, they will add contacts that is irrelevant to the post based on there.
Personal interpretation or as an excuse to label in nation false which brings me to this segment. What you are seeing here is opposed from defeat the media. They say journalism is dead when will asked ones left is rotting in jail, others have been car bombed, oft or simply censored, and you can see here this big, false information checked by independent fat checker, see why, well behind this little fact, check screen is a tweet from me where I said a former president The United States has been recorded in flight logs and now I by a victim as having been on Peter Island and is not, and it's not the top headline every major newspaper journalism died long ago. News outlets are just political advocacy groups at this point somewhat that it fades out becomes heartily now. How is that
information. I wonder somebody message to me and said: hey is one you know you're being censored. This is not my post someone's took a screen grab of one of my tweets. That's what Facebook is at this point. My Most is a combination of fact and opinion. I took my fax very seriously the context President Bill Clinton has been recorded in flight logs as being on Epstein Plain. That's all Why said he's been recorded in flight logs and now he's been idead by a victim as being on Epstein Island? The point I was trying to make and, unfortunately, only two hundred forty characters around the time of this post documents had been released, showing that one of the victims Idead Bill Clinton as having been on the island. I felt that because of these documents, which came out in response to a an investigative reporter at, I believe the moment, Miami Harold, I think it or Miami times- are much higher than
I thought that, because this was was coming out these documents, there should be a major headlines about Bill Clinton investigations into him, and I said journey some died a long time ago, its political advocacy. Now these secondary pinion, isn't necessarily only predicated on the first point I was making. However, they claim this was false. Here's my favorite part, here's the website led stories. In fact they claim they can farm. Every single thing I said was true, but they added context so what did I say a former President United States has been recorded in flight logs. Yes, he has and now I did ass by a victim as having been on people island. That is also true, and it's not the topic. Line on every major news by newspaper that is also true journalism. Died long ago. That's my opinion. News outlets are just political advocacy groups now also my opinion. Here's what they did do flight logs Joe former President Bill Clinton, visited
Pedo Island, but the media's ignoring it. No, that's not true. Congratulations. I didn't say that he interpreted it the way he wanted to interpret it to claim it was false. That'll be there. I understand why he read it that way or whatever this right. It that way a former president has recorded in flight logs. The point I was trying to make, which is this is factually true without his added context. Outside of what I was posting, is that your bill, Clinton and Epstein have deep connections he's been recorded in flight logs. That's a fact, I didn't say the number, because I was trying to avoid the ridiculous left versus right, arguing over nonsensical points. It is a fact that he was recorded in flight logs. It is a fact that doctor came out, and now he was I by a victim. Yes, because the court documents had come out what I meant by now, It was the news release, but I never said the logs show him going to the island. They add that
so. They can then say the whole post is false. Why? While the post was pretty similarly viral and it is factually correct now if he wanted to make a post that sad added context. I would be totally fine with that. If they wanted to say you know the partially true, I think it's on. Air, as well as common partially true, but if there was something they could say like context required to better understand this, I am one hundred percent in favour of this, but now these people live at Leeds stories. Have impute my credibility, based off the fact that they wanted to Turkey, in a certain way- or I could take a more negative view of what they're doing and they are trying to defend Bill Clinton because a story came out It wasn't being widely covered enough. So I'll tell you what I'm it. Let me really says there are no flight logs haddock Bill Clinton. The only former US president and in the logs her as landing at Epstein, Caribbean Island, didn't say you did yes as Epstein VIC that victim do
Tell led stores editor in Chief, Alan, Duke and yet what yes and obscene victim did, tell this to lead stores editor in Chief Alan, Duke in January. Twenty fifteen the other news outlets reported it, but flight logs that show Clinton flew twenty six times and eftsoons plain mode please during a highly publicized AIDS education towards Africa. Do not I commend him landing on the island. Congratulations, I didn't say that it doesn't say in my post. He took it up in a different context. That is not fair to me because he read it wrong. Well, tell you what I mean a phone oh, did us your fellow. I asked them to simply issuer retraction. He want. Me to go through some appeals process and I said no, and it was like its part, the rules you have to do it. I said. No, I don't I don't play the game by your rules because you chose to defame me as publishing false information. That is not true. And I will also add Facebook has
also decided to put a label of false information on my post. That is actually correct, so I hold them partially responsible for this will see how far it goes. I will absolutely be taking this in an illegal direction, because I am not ok with these new outlets trying to play games with what was actually said. Let's be objective, to be fair, a lot of people could interpret this a lot different ways, but some people interpreted mean different things in many different ways. You know if you take out the Oxford com, Are you can change a lot of sentences and make em sound really weird, even though your initial and intent was. You know one thing you: be familiar with thought. There's a funny joke post where it says you know we are not changed word, because eighty percent family friendly the the ice cream makers stolen the ice cream, make ice cream and comma stolen comma, and you know Donald Trump. All
tended a party and the image will then be an ice cream man, Stalin and Donald Trump. If you take out the Oxford, come up the ice, cream makers trump and you know and stolen. Then you see an image of trumpets on as the outcome and anyway I am confusion. The point which you may you may understand the mean. The point is how you read something when it's when it's, when its formulated precisely on purpose, it's not my fault and you D. Don't have the right to then incorrectly label when I set as false when it is in fact true where we need to get down to as whether This was true or false. Dare I say this post? In my opinion, too, it looks like malice actual,
Now I am not a lawyer, but here's the funny thing about what they did. My post has been labelled false by this organisation. That is, defamation that is libelous does not have its libel. Here's is important. This post they put up actually confirms. Every thing I said is true: they acknowledge twenty six times and Epstein planes. He isn't flight locks. Fact one a former present as their court. In this light logs, Yes, if you want to be really fair, I'm gonna be honest. It's it's I've. I M very precise in the language I use. You may notice untidily tweets when that what, when a language is imprecise, I use at languages vaguely as possible to avoid people trying to play dirty games. Like this, I was trying to highlight the connection between Clinton and Epstein flights, but you could literally say every every president's been recorded in any flight lug any time they flock they flung, but is a specific reference. Most people know they acknowledge this. Even goes on to say here: the flight logs
Why are you saying what I posted was false? If you then pose the flight logs, He then goes on to say in an interview obtained by radar Roberts claimed that former president visited the island in two thousand to so what about my post is incorrect. You dont, like my opinion that when these documents came out, every news- ah there it is, I'm leave. This shows the into the dual himself is offended that I criticise journalism. I said it died here angry, I said news outlets should be covering. Doesn't it just plug lavishly groups? I think he's personally upset by this, so I think he acknowledges he doesn't like the fact that I'm take. Dig a dig at the news industry in a very popular, prominent and widespread twitter post with tons of retreats hidden like it. He acknowledges in the post. He knows what I said is true, if you know What I said is true: why did you label it as false? Why did you call it a hoax, Does that mean he knew? What I was saying was true. He lay
both this house and yet a real reason to be upset about what I was saying. Welcomes you how the game is played and made a phone call. This man, I explained it- he agreed with me. I said: is it true that he was in these logs? Yes, is it true that he was I d by collective? Yes, and is the other states to statements just my opinion? Yes, thank you and he said if I wanna retraction, I have to go through some forms of some other process, There you go, he was yelling at me on the phone, it was even stop and I can say, listen, listen, listen! I have my lawyer Ruggedo Malloy reach out just caught like stop. Is I'm I'm? I'm not call is yelling at me and, unlike ok, do so I'll. Tell you what hopeful He takes it down issues an apology. Whatever I'm about to reach out to Facebook, because facebooks the one who slept the false information on it. In fact he called it a hoax, we'll see. Others look plays out, but anyway you get the point. I got a couple more segments coming up YO minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Chicago was slammed by widespread rioting all ass,
night and into this morning, and you probably know by now, because I've done several segments. You know at least talking about a little bit and I we this story check this out top Chicago prosecutor Kim Foxes Office has dismissed more than twenty five thousand felony cases, including murders, shooting assaults and the Just Smollett Hoax attack I wonder why all of these cities are doing this and I know said it over and over again. I wonder because there's no I can really say there just doing it. The district attorney in all of these differences are just letting criminals go. Why? Why did New York Dubell reform? You know the Bell reform thing you, you might be familiar with the ideas that we wouldn't be able to obtain people who are too poor to pay bail, so certain crimes they get released. I like the idea, I believe, in freedom over security and then you ve got a problem. Some of these people have been caught red handed and
police will testify to that fact, and the judge will say yeah. Well these crimes, we don't hold people force of their released and they go and commit more crimes and some of these people violent ones, that's the problem We need to actually figure out how to slowly implement proper reforms, not just snap. Our fingers and roll out programs that released criminals on your streets and it results in widespread riding a lot of the people, not not the government majority? But there are many people who got arrested during the riots, thought the country that had been previously released due to covet concerns. So what's than what? What's the game here, scar go They don't let it drop that I want to offer for assistance. Will here we go. The daily mail says Cook: County states attorney, I'm sorry state attorney can Fox has dismissed more than twenty five thousand felony cases Fox gained notoriety last year when she dropped Valley charges against justice, Mallette the empire actor accused of staging a racist, homophobic attacks on himself the Chicago Tribune on Monday, published an analysis of foxes overall record on dropping charges, revealing
he has done so a right. That's thirty, five percent higher than her present predecessors. Why this want more criminals on the street Chicago is seeing has seen their crime spike via lethal in level crime now Chicago. Recently implemented to new police unit. Switch resulted in a minor drop in crime, which is a good thing. But why is that the murders across the board, are going up in all these places. I wonder if you have a criminal who is prevented from doing something? You know over the line martyr, for instance, they can arrest Then they get cut loose for whatever reason by people like our undergone finish. The job we already all this. In one story that is brutal, A guy was accused by women of you know assaulting her to say the least, keep a family friendly note. I mean and was in prison, they release him out of covert concerns and he went and he shot the woman and he killed her
And then, apparently, the iron off he's still alive. He shot himself, it's it's it's it's truly nightmarish everything seems to be breaking down. We got mass riots, we got criminals being released. These people are just doing it. I I I think it only goes in one direction. You know, I think it leads to a danger, a dangerous I think it's gonna get a lot worse, because if you can just you D Lodge yourself, I'm going to say I'm not gonna, say anything because you did lodged yourself criminals being released, widespread, losing an inability of the police to operate the funding of the police, the DA's, releasing all these people. Where do you think that brings us just unrest endless and endless? They say. My computer, in the first three years after Fox, took over Ass cook, county top prosecutor, her office dismissed all charges against twenty nine point. Nine percent of felling defendants Tribune found by comparison, foxes, predecessor, Anita Alvarez, dropped charges against just nineteen point four percent folly defendants over her last three years and office, not fair to say maybe she's
doing the right thing in releasing innocent people. Maybe maybe considering evidence gone on considering what about justice at? I don't believe it. I really really don't a total of twenty five thousand one hundred and eighty three defendants had their felony charges dismissed under Fox up until November. Twenty nineteen cover, with eighteen thousand six hundred ninety four under Alvarez. During the same period, the Tribune said Fox, took over estate attorney and twenty sixteen with a promise to bring criminal justice reform and to reduce the popular mission of Cook County jail. Well, there you go she's done it, hey, there's an easy way to work to reduce the population of the present. Just let me we'll go you're freely. Thank you have a good day the Democrat now for reelection. In November, after being three challenges in a tight race. That was one of the most spends half of its kind fox defended her case dismissal record in an interview with the Tribune prior to the publication of its analysis. The newspaper reported that Fox did not dispute the findings but said that the high rate of dismissal gave an incomplete picture.
Our commitment to keeping the public safe, it is always eye opening to be able to look at our own data and compare it to my predecessors. Past Fox it. I can't, reconcile, what her decision making was and how they chose to dismiss cases in the past. But I will say that this administration has been clear, that our focus should be on violent crime making sure that our resources and attention would go to addressing violent crime. Fox asserted that are, so focused on dropping cases against low level. Nonviolent offenders, Tribunes analysis painted different picture. I will stop right here, and you say this: if she is loose people for like pot charges and stuff. I got no problem with that. None whatsoever, I think non violent offenders on marijuana related related charges should be pardon, should we should be released? There needs to be review to make sure there weren't, underlying or other you know in circumstances for sure, because maybe they were violently charges were dropped. I think truck should part at the federal level. Every single one of these people and issued executor.
Quarter, saying no more enforcement on Marilla Marijuana, blatant related charges, that's just my opinion. Actually, there is a lot of things. Truck should do in that similar vein as appertains to nonviolent offences, but for sure I think this is an obvious one. It would be great for Trump most peoples I agree with it. I don't understand is challenges there, so we have to have a review process, but by all means let these people go man not to get to libertarian on you, but lacking people in prison for growing a plant and putting their body that these nuts I understand some of you- may have been dealing in selling, but still, I think, there's an appropriate review. Like you sell the kids now, I'm sorry man, even if nonviolent many, what did they say
the Tribune found Fox, has consistently dismissed cases involving murder, shooting sex crimes and serious drug offences at a significantly higher rate than ever, as did how came and night not yet again the weird territory can it could be a lack of evidence, fine, but why the optic compared to somebody else if they mention on narcotics, does make up a large part under ok. So so narcotics is a large percentage of this. So I'm fine with that our commitment and made it clear. They say, homicide, eight point, one sex crimes, nine point, five aggravated battery seven percent and narcotics is fifty three point. Eight, that's probably pot charges, many ideas, I'm totally. Ok with that so, let's, let's make sure that's clear, but we can so criticise our view of it for a lot of other things, more portly, the violent defenders Fox had she encouraging. Assistance. They d attorney's office to openly discussed dismissing felony charges with cases that have legal problems. She said
fostering that kind of environment is important to our given Chicago's record of wrongful convictions and pulleys misconduct. Now our, I want to say this: listen, I do disagree and it it does call me cause me concern what she sang. The problem is she cut loose judges, Mallette and now she's lost any goodwill or any you no good faith assumptions. I could possibly make I'd I'd. They have she's just trying to play. I believe she's she's, getting political on all the stuff. I think Chicago's got assorted passed into the Gatt corrupt cops. I think they are wrong for prosecutions and I think we do need someone to come in and reform. This I think Trump should be supporting a lot of these non bond defenders. If she is, you know, dismissing felony charges for narcotics reasons I am also going to going to assume somewhat it's a positive thing. Now there are limits thou not overtly libertarian? There are certain issues is where she shouldn't be dismissing them, and so I don't know exactly what the cases are and it does cause me concern. We oughta be careful here, because if we do actually side on freedom,
over security. Then it may be that she has legitimate reasons to actually dismiss these cases, but do show that Oliver, as the predecessor across the board Kim Foxes Bill, has been dismissing more cases than her predecessor, and I want to point this out. Homicide cases, eight point one compared to five point: three: an increase crimes, an increase of three points, aggravated battery an increase of just about one point, and then we see violent. You know a lethal crime escalating in Chicago and many other cities. Here's the problem. You know what, if she's doing the right thing, and I can't ever the benefit benefit of the doubt because of Justice Mallette sorry, I can't do it, but if she has done the right thing while then, if you still got a problem, Chicago's insane gun laws. If you want to release people under the assumption that their innocent you're not gonna, see a big argument from me: but the city also as very strict gun laws, making it very difficult for regular people to actually defend themselves. I get it yeah gun crime like Crazy
What you need is legit legal done owners. Instead, all you have our criminals and gangs who are armed, so really cunning. These people loose giving M, the benefits it out after you know what you do with Justice Mallette and then the city is going to not allow people to carry weapons. I mean you can, but it's pretty crazy in Chicago to me, no mind you, I grew up there, it's if it's ridiculous there laws I mean, I don't know how we solve this problem, because it's not so simple, as just say, drop all these cases. What do you do when you do it it? It is rough Imagine that you, your criticism over justice, Mallette circumstance and I'll. Tell you what men here here think they give us some examples to paint a picture. They say: Niggro Howard Two counts of aggravated battery. They say how it was arrested in charge of two felony counts of aggravated battery. In January, twenty nineteen police accused Howard than six of kicking biting spitting on two officers? A video of Howard
the occasion with the officers, showed them tailoring her and dragging her down the stairway after they rustled to wrestled to her floor heard of the floor, the video and viral, smoking outrage from viewers who were whore I do see the officers use such intense force and a teenager foxes office ultimately decided. Drop the felony charges against Howard a month after her arrest, eliciting outrage from local police unions Apparently they knew she did it and that's the point. Look man Chicago's a rough place. You got somebody be in taser, I mean it happens, especially if you bite and spit kick kick officers. They got a bunch of other ones. Architects and resisting arrest this guy to say a video went viral attitude. So a robin was at times when we hit with charges of resisting arrest in narcotics afterward. Ugly share widely shared by or video showed him refusing to. Let police handcuff him before they open fire. He was shot uninjured injured,
police who try to arrest him for jumping between train cars. They ultimately decided drop the charges. I want to be fair ripe, but I do I do think it's ultimately a bad move. What she's doing and we're gonna see what we saw in New York, and we are, we are seeing, were saying people medium letters were also seeing widespread looting. At a time when people feel like the cops can't touch them you're doing this now man look, we got serious, complicated problems in this country, that's a fact, but we're still a good country and you dont do it. This way, you dont, whatever I'll, leave their necks segments coming up in a few minutes, and I will see you all shortly. Donald Trump claims there's gonna, be foreign interference in our election and maybe he's right, the blaze,
ports, nearly twenty thousand fake. U S, drivers, licences from China and other countries sees at Chicago Airport on other two thousand counterfeit. U S, drivers licences were intercepted at Dallas Fort Worth International airport. Oh boy, look at all these now, there's no connection I can make you know it and with any hard proof that this has anything to do with foreign interference. But it gets me thinking where the problems. We're gonna have right now. Democrats want universal mail in voting. Why they safer covet. Ok, I get it. Then the Democrats say they want to remove signature verification. What why why? Why? Why that. Then they want to remove voter idea. Thirty seven It's my understanding, have voter Idee laws, those are on the books, mail voting Merriman had happened. Voters
Nature is also on the books in some places, not all of them. So what could someone possibly do with fake ideas? Perhaps the idea idea has an image of a purse. But the name of somebody who is deceased or no longer lives in a certain area they can now go into it's a voter, Idee laws that can say this is me and they can vote that person. It allows them to bypass voter ideas that so It shows us that voter idea is not enough to secure our elections, but at a time when we are complaining about four Interference, whether its Russia, China or IRAN. According to you intelligent officials? Why would we get rid of signature very negation of the craziest thing. I've ever heard the Democrats coming out and sang remove signature. Verification is to me an admission that they are trying to cheat.
The one thing everyone's always says like well, but mail in voting works because they got a match. Your signature, sinister on file not need more or less a Democrats are trying to do that. To me is insane Well, let's see what is actually going on with these ideas, they say see Bp Office receives nearly twenty thousand counterfeit. U S driver's licence is its cargo traddles o Hare airport. This year the shipment of fake drivers licences were sent to the EU. And originated from China and other countries. According to the report from will you and why W Tv, when the first six months of the year BP. Reportedly sees nineteen thousand eight hundred and eighty eight counterfeit drivers, licences and other fake documents in one thousand five hundred and thirteen shipments at o hare internet, airport alone, federal customs officials, so the shipments arrived mostly from China and Hong Kong, there were some shipments from South Korea and Britain interesting see. Bp said most of the counterfeit drivers, licences were for college age, students many the same photo, but with different names. Ralph pitcher really see BP, it open.
Pitcher, really therapies, acting airport director and Chicago said. The ideas were very realistic. Sea be noted. The bar codes on fake Michigan driver's licence is actually worked. Wow you s, customs and border protection officers working of the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, also intercepted fake driver's licence is arriving through international cargo. I want, I want to be fair to be carefully irrational these could just be fake. Ideas were by an bows. That's why they're young people? The reason why many the same picture is because people like Joe Biden are racist. If you not, I mean Yelp right authority. U S car, comes in border protection officers working the douse you know said so they found these the last six months sea be off Sir, that idea of W intercepted nearly nine hundred counterfeit drivers licences that will deliver via international shipping services to the doubts area. A c b press release from April said approximately two thousand fake
These have been seized over the last eighteen months, what's most as current disconcerting about these interceptions. Besides the volume in which we are experiencing it, except rinsing is the ease in which so many young people freely share their personal information with counterfeiters abroad. C B. Port director, Timothy, emblem on airport of Dallas said, will continue to collaborate with local law enforcement to educate the public and anyway, was contemplating purchasing a counterfeit idea on line on the potential day: yours of sharing your personal identifiable information with the criminal element. Is he beat local area, law enforcement and local universities in the Dallas area to inform and adults. Dangers of providing their personal information, blah blah, so listen itself like what they're saying is. This is most silly related to people wanting to buy boughs and go part. I think it's fair, also possible one person, you send your photo and you get a bunch youtube. You order a bunch of different ideas
case, one gets seized or stolen by somebody. The barcodes work is early jet. Counterfeiting is getting crazy overseas we'll see other plays out, but I'll tell you what men there is a real fear and I think, if you to be honest, I think the Democrats are purposely trying to create chaos and our election process and that's actually me completely agreeing in quote with Orange, see chair the Orange chairwoman Rhonda Mcdaniel. We need to have a surety and our election she's right we re this for you to say when it comes to mail in voting, Democrats are purposefully trying to create chaos ahead of the November elections. Public and national committee. Chairman Ronnie Mcdaniel said Monday. The president and Republicans have been warning about possible voter fraud connected to mail in voting for months, while Democrats and the media have often pointed to a lack of evidence that it would lead to vote or fraud Zol coming from the Democrats, Mcdaniel said Monday on Fox in France, the present the saying keep a system in place that we have worked. We need to have surety and our elections. Democrats are saying
mass mailbox, let's not vera by the voters. Let's get rid of vote identification. Let's get rid of some. Mature verification. Let's have ballot harvesting, which has not to do with corona. Viruses is a huge problem. Please splain this to me. Anybody first of all, I think it's crazy enough and we're accounting counting bouts. They pull up your card. Ok, think about this, how many boats are coming how many belts we're gonna have one hundred and thirty million plus and how many are an email and bows, not all of them, but a lot of em right. You mean to tell me: that's a one million bouts, they're gonna pull up your bout, that an open it look at it and say: ok, John Smith, is voting for by here's a signature. Let me type in his information. Maitre have the correct individual, the correct address, and there is his signature and we're good you're gonna check every single name properly, not benaco properly. It's gonna be a mistake, it's gonna, be it's gonna, be chaotic, and that alone is a problem. Now there
get rid of it. So what they're saying There's gotta come in the mail and they're gonna, say John Smith forbidden good for me, you have no idea where it came from. You have no idea who signed it. There's no verification is no person in front of you Voting is is one of the most important civil rights we have in this country. To me this is nuts during collusive interview on Sunday with Mark Levin, general Attorney General Bill bar address the issues he said. Two ways we have in resolving disputes and a society in keeping the peace, our discussion and voting, and right now we re very divided country, politically bar told Livin, Our elections have been very close. They can turn on one state. They can turn on just a few districts, and people have to have confidence in outcome or we're going to have real problems in this country, and I think that people who want experiment, with different ways of voting right now, which can predictably create problems of integrity, are playing with fire and are grossly irresponsive
on Monday Mcdaniel noted there have been vetted systems with absentee voting party verification is actually requesting the bat so that you know it is going to the parson it is intended to go to. Instead of me Ass, a mailing sending bouts out to address, addresses they haven't been verified to voters who have been verified ass, a great point with an absentee ballot, you requested, They know you asked for it. They are prepared for this with mass melon belts, bow She's gonna fly around all over the place. I replied. Get some randomly the way of yours, it's like having a wedding for a hundred guests and having a hundred thousand people show up. Mcdaniel said: that the systems are not prepared for this deluge of mail and doubts, and she is correct. They don't have the counting machines? They don't have the personnel. That's why it took six six x to get results in New York. Could you imagine we have an election day two or three months to get the results. What that would do to the country when we are divided. As we are. Oh yeah, who's gonna be pressed
Come January, twenty that, if not obviously, they can on these through electronic machines, were voted for signature verification. I don't. I don't mean to literally apply everything about. Every single time is people just going back and forth. I was trying to make a point about how difficult it is already too to match signature spending to the point of making. Now two or three months you gotta, be kidding, there's a deadline December fourteenth. So this vote is moot it's impossible to calculate on time and what happens if they extended. Marco Rubio has extended weapons. They do January twenty thralls around. We don't know what is so Nancy Policy becomes.
MIKE, but who becomes president they say: tromp vacates jobs on January, twenty for the new president comes and there's no new present who's gonna, be maybe that's intentional. Maybe that's the plan burn it all down. Instead of losing, they claimed Trump couldn't handle the loss of twenty sixteen if you were to lose, but it's been them the whole time and in the past several years, everything they ve done. They ve projected on other people on Trump and everybody else. So what's what What's that, what's the game plan here, everything the Democrats are doing is leading to absolute chaos now, to beat to be fair, I dont know are the driver's licence is have anything to do with with voting or whatever
I just thought it was. You know weird and I think it's fair to say for the most part, probably just fake ideas for buying loose, to be honest, but think about it with ideas, flooding and they could theoretically even bypass. You no vote a voter Idee laws. It's a tough problem in, I think we're in very, very serious crisis come November. They most of you know it. I think the riots are gonna, get bad, there's gonna, be a fifty days. Siege starting September, seventeenth and just about a month in front of a White House will see if that actually plays out, but I think so men these people are our, but that is a blood lust in the air. You know you can feel it that the heiress charged the rise in Chicago people are are begging for a reason to get ready and, of course they want to get as much propaganda as possible out in the month, leading in the months leading up to the election. Will it matter. I don't know, but think about this way. If there's gonna be a fifty day, siege surrounding the wider
until November third and there won't be any real results. What happens then? Are the people going to storm the gates? Maybe I guess we'll see they rang out man I'll see you tomorrow at ten a m on this channel, or you can check out the IRA podcast tonight. Eight p m live over at Youtube COM, slashed him cast IRA dulcea them.
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